Sep 21 Sub Artifact Hidden Effect Has anyone figured out the subtlety hidden artifact effect yet? I cant find anything so far.Helora21 Sep 21
Sep 21 Embrace of darkness artifact talent Is there anyway to get rid of the sound/visual of this with an addon or something? It's really quite annoying.Skywarp1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Request for S&D Why lock it at a 100 talent? it completely outweighs rtb in my opinion and makes leveling an outlaw a painstaking processGrïhm3 Sep 21
Sep 21 idiot rogue streaming rbgsøwvanish5 Sep 21
Sep 21 PTR Update So, it's been basically confirmed that this is how it's going to be going into Antorus, and what was widely believed (and touted) as the tuning pass that 7.3.5 was supposed to be, instead they've scrapped it as I guess everything is ok as it is. #7 - 2017/09/21 12:08:00 AM 09/20/2017 04:56 PM Posted by Thecheat Wait, so does this mean that there won't be a 7.3.5 balance patch prior to Antorus release? There are so many problems that various specs need addressing; leaving them in their current ToS state would be borderline insulting. I'd say we're highly likely to make at least some tuning changes surrounding the raid's release, but that would be via hotfix, not as part of this patch] The bolded is a quote from Lore on Essentially what's being said is "they'll probably make some tuning changes SURROUNDING the raids release, meaning we're going to be treated to what happened in tomb where sub/arms got nerfed early on. They're going to release it AS IS and wing it from there. Absolutely ignorant. Further, the only changes for rogues were a completely new 2p for Sub and a PVP NERF for outlul. Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus Name changed from "Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus - Combo Points Spent Buffs Backstab" to "Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus". Backstab damage increased by 30%. Each Combo Point spent reduces the cooldown of Symbols of Death by 0.2 sec. Dirty Tricks Gouge, Blind, Cheap Shot Cheap Shot, Gouge, and Sap no longer cost Energy. Outlaw Rogue - Level 75 Talent. I'm tired of this "lol maybe we'll fix your problems maybe we won't" these devs are approaching dumpster fire status.Worgandonor15 Sep 21
Sep 21 Worgen or Nelf rogue? what do you guys think makes the cooler looking rogue?Critine21 Sep 21
Sep 21 Mantle of the Master Assassin Hey all, Outlaw Rogue here- So after getting "Lucky" with a Prydaz and Will of Valeera, I finally got a dps Legendary drop this morning- Mantle of the Master Assassin. I also got 3/4 raid set pcs -Shoulder, Cloak and legs and I guess it's wise to at least keep 2 on equipped to get the 2 pc buff. Question is: - use Will of Valeera and Shoulders but lose the 2/4 on the set - use Prydaz and Shoulders and keep cloak and legs 2/4 I didnt get the chance to test these combos out yet since I am at work but any feedback would be great. Thanks!Harara27 Sep 21
Sep 21 Shadow Techniques I don't see this info being widely spread among the rogue community so I'd thought I'd post it here. From the Shadow Techniques tooltip, "Your auto attacks have a chance to generate a combo point", one would think that every auto atk has a 50% chance to proc a combo point(s) but that is completely wrong. Here's how Shadow techniques work: The extra combo point(s) has a 50% chance to proc on your 4th auto atk swing and if it fails then on the 5th auto atk swing it will be 100% chance to proc, then it will go on an internal cd of 3 auto atks. meaning your 1st 3 auto attacks can never proc shadow techniques. All this can still be delayed by parries, dodges, and blocks. Bear in mind that with the artifact trait (Fortune's Bite) or relics you can receive 2 combo points from shadow techniques. So how can you apply this into your gameplay? Simple, Weakauras 2 is your answer. With weakauras you can track this mechanic. I will post the weakauras string down below but you must know this, the string is out of date and will give you lua errors. You can hide these lua errors with the following addons: -BugGrabber -BugSack -ErrorFilter Shadow Techniques Weakauras string: For anyone confused on how the weakauras work, each box represents your auto atks. The 1st 3 green boxes will never proc shadow techniques. The 4th yellow box has a 50% chance to proc, and the 5th red box is 100% chance to proc. If the boxes reset it means that your auto atk was blocked, parried, or dodged. With this weakaura you don't have to guess when your next free combo point(s) will come, hence saving energy or not wasting combo points. learning and applying this into your gameplay is night and day in my opinion. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and hope this has helped you.Rekkaa0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Please tell me why I suck Aside from the obvious... fat, lazy, dumb, etc., I am trying to ascertain why my DPS sucks. Here is a Sisters parse from me: Here is a parse from a buddy who just picked up SUB a couple of weeks ago: What am I doing wrong?Corve9 Sep 21
Sep 21 outlaw rogue dead last in dps here it is 7.3 tos outlaw DEAD LAST in dps remove rtb.Lusent18 Sep 21
Sep 20 outlaw rogue buff/rework idea -take away RtB -bring back garrote? (idk, but a rogue without a dot: bleed or poison....) -make SnD baseline -buff Run Through -when Opportunity triggers also increases Pistol Shot damage by 50%Mooky24 Sep 20
Sep 20 Forget BoS, Lets bring back premeditation. Or two evasions would be cool.. I guess it doesn't matter now we have like 50% passive dodge. I do miss double sprinting though. Double cloak of shadows would be cool.. Lol the cooldown feels too long.Onepunchlady3 Sep 20
Sep 20 What's my damage? I don't want to read spread sheets or sift through logs. Just looking for an easy way to get a base idea of how I am doing on damage. Another option being stating it hear for you to comment and advise. I appreciate your input. Casual Outlaw Rogue (because I like it). I started LFR and have begun to dip my toe in normal which is exciting for me. All I know is when I run my rotation and I have 5 combo points I can do 1.2 to 1.7 million damage on a single run through. But all my other attacks are not like that (unless I pop CoTD and Adrenaline) in which point I can do 1.2 to 1.7 million each strike. Im average ilvl 901. I have two legendaries but honestly only take gear at the highest ilevel. Is this good? Without getting crazy, anything I can do to tweak it up a bit? Or after this point is when I have to decide to change and raid seriously? Thanks fellow Rogues!Scrilla9 Sep 20
Sep 20 Outlaw Class Fantasy Suggestion I feel like we have somewhat of a Pirate vibe with our gun and grappling hook. But, I would like to see a lot more troll abilities. Because my perception of a pirate is the troll of their time. They were cunning tricksters who would use anything to gain advantage over their enemies. I'd like to see the class evolve into that. Something that doesn't do a lot of damage, but has CC out of this world and super high mobility. My idea of Outlaw would be a class that wouldn't burst you down but Slow, Root, Stun, and Buff his way to victory. All while having a lot of mobility and defensive, but lacking a lot in damage. PvP This would help put us in with a lot of comps because of our massive utility and mobility. Give us an honor Talent that makes Ghostly Strike an MS and that will balance out the lack of damage we carry. Raiding We would be another really good choice for soaking damage, taking debuffs, or giving short buffs to party members. Community I'd like to hear some other suggestions from the Rogue Community on what you think would be the Ideal Outlaw. The reason for me not going into a lot of detail on what spells and abilities I think we should have is because I have seen a lot of good ideas on the forums; and I want to hear about the ideas other have for the class.Defaces7 Sep 20
Sep 20 PSA: The Vault and Marin Noggenfogger TL;DR You have to turn a Vault Ticket in before you turn a Lucky Coin in every single day. Once a ticket has been turned in you can turn in as many coins as you can find and receive a chance to loot the vault every single time. If you turn in a coin before turning in a Vault Ticket that day then the coin will be lost, and you will not get the option to loot anything. It looks like nothing happens because in fact nothing is happening. This resets every day with the dailies reset. When you turn in your ticket pay attention to the loot options you have. Those are static and will be the same thing for every coin you turn in that day. These loot options reset every day when the vault resets at daily resets. This means, if you are hunting for the SUB hidden artifact appearance, if the keys appear when you turn in your Vault Ticket you will want to go farm all the Lucky Coins you can get your hands on. Remember the coins are unique. So as soon as you get one go turn it in since you can only have 1 in your bags at a time. ONE MORE THING: Marin will NOT be in the vault for you to turn in a coin if you have him out on a mission. He will however appear if you have a vault ticket to turn in. Make sure to coordinate your coin turn ins while he isn't on a mission. Also, if you are planning on doing a lot of coin farming don't send him out on a mission so you can turn in coins as soon as you find them. I wanted to make a post detailing the vault. There is a lot of confusion around how it works, and blizzard made some changes which have further confused people. The vault is an area inside the rogue order hall. It's Marin Noggenfogger's vault to be precise. You can loot items from the vault. Some are utility items that you can use out in the world, as well as cosmetic items, toys, and even hidden artifact appearances. This post will explain how the vault works, and what you need to do to get the most out of the vault. When you have Marin Noggenfogger active as a follower he gains an ability called Sticky Fingers. This gives a chance when you succeed with a mission, which Marin is present on, for him to return with a Vault Ticket. The ticket begins a quest. You turn the vault ticket in to Marin, and he lets you loot an item from his vault. When you complete this quest a number of things will become active with in the vault allowing you to open them, and loot an item from them. The possibilities are: Poisoned Throwing Knives - Acts as a second blind. Has 8 charges. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Pack of Battle Potions - Gives you a random buff which lasts for 30 mins. Suppose to be multiple options, I've only ever gotten +10% Crit. Smoke Powder - Acts as a second vanish. Does not share cooldown with your Vanish ability. 10 charges and no cooldown. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Smoky Boots - Single charge item, increases movement in stealth by 15%. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Sticky Bombs - Toss a bomb on your target that explodes after 5 secs. Causes damage equal to 1500% of AP to all enemies within 5 yards. Thistle Tea - On use item, restores 100 energy. You can also have a 'Large Sack of Plundered Goods' appear. I've seen this twice. The first time it contained just gold. The second time it contained the Uncrowned Shadowcraft Cap (solid purple recolor of the Shadowcraft hood) cosmetic item. A box can also appear, which when looted awards the Suspicious Crate toy (turns you into a box like the Metal Gear disguise, complete with the audible alert/detection noise from the Metal Gear games) I have yet to receive this item; personal experience excluded from this write up. The final option is a set of keys on one of the pillars can appear. This awards 'Key to the Palace of Lei Shen'. This is the exact same scenario as MoP. The process is the same as MoP. Once the scenario ends you use the looted keys to open Burial Trove. The trove has a chance to contain the hidden artifact appearance for sub. NOW, for the part which has confused everyone, and how the vault works. As mentioned Marin has an ability to award a vault ticket when he returns from a successful mission. You can also research the tier 2 Order Advancement: The Vault. This gives you the chance to get a ticket from every successful mission, even if Marin isn't present. And gives you increased chance for a ticket with him present. If you research The Vault, you are also given the unpublished ability to pick pocket 'Marin Noggenfogger's Lucky Coin'. This item allows you to loot the vault if you turn it in to Marin. Here is the part where everyone loses their mind and calls the whole thing bugged. It's not bugged, it's just not documented in any way from Blizzard at how it works. Blizzard recently buffed it as well, but still offered no real documentation at all. You have to turn in a vault ticket, and loot your items before you can turn in a Lucky Coin. This resets daily. Previously it reset weekly. This means you use to turn in a vault ticket on Tuesday, and you could turn in coins all week long and be given an option to loot the vault. The reason this changed is the loot is static. So on reset it is determined what the loot will be. So the options you are given on your first vault ticket turn in will be the same options when you turn in a coin. With a weekly reset it meant if you didn't get the key option this week you had to wait an entire week before you had a chance again. Now with the daily reset change it means the loot spawns in the vault will be different every day. The negative bit of this, and the confusion with the coin turn ins; The daily reset means you have to turn in a vault ticket every single day, before you can start turning in coins. If you turn in a coin without first turning in a Vault Ticket then nothing happens and you have lost your coin.Psipress17 Sep 20
Sep 20 To those who pvp as a rogue. What gives you the most joy? Mine is sapping a single target for ever... and murdering them after they rage. Just like IT with fear it makes the kill 10x better.Corvûs36 Sep 20
Sep 19 Relic question 9 item level higher Relic but it's a sprint reduction as opposed to the one I have now which is Rupture crit chance. Unsure if it's worth switching.Sixfootgiant1 Sep 19
Sep 19 PLEASE BRING BACK BURST OF SPEED I've played a rogue for a lot of my time playing World of Warcraft and burst of speed was most likely my favorite move in the entire game, when Blizzard took it out I was heart broken, I'm sure a lot of other people want it back as well, you can even replace sprint for all we care haha! please bring it back.Bøøpster41 Sep 19
Sep 19 What were rogues like in vanilla? To preface, I started when Cata came out. The current state of rogues is all that I know. So I'm curious for those of you who have been around that long, what was the class like back in the day? What kind of specs were there? What stat priorities and gear did you go for? What were the main abilities (CP builders and finishers)? What wasn't available? Is it true that healers wouldn't heal you much as you were to rely on bandages? That kind of stuff. I've only really gotten a glimps of this kind of stuff through digging in the forums. I was hoping someone just might want to lay it all out for a younger rogue that doesn't know any better.Farcolfy66 Sep 19
Sep 19 A ticket for Marin.. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I think it would be nice if the dev team could increase the stack size of items we get from Marin after we turn in the ticket to him. I find some of the stuff we get really useful from him, just having so many that dont stack up together that take up bag space is annoying. If the stack size was increased to eliminate this it would be really nice. Yes, I do keep some in the bank to get past this, but running back and forth to get them is a pita sometimes. Just a thought.Eugorym2 Sep 19
Sep 19 symbols of death tool tip says 9% in instanced pvp, shouldn't it be 10%?Taylorgangxo2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Buffing outlaw pt.2 -Make the additional saber slash strike do arcane damage instead of physical -Have ghostly strike, main gauche, and cannonball barrage do some form of magic damage -have greed do arcane damage -Make ambush bypass armourKage38 Sep 19
Sep 19 Pirate Day! What better day to give Outlaw some actual attention and/or buffs? (and nah, buffs to offset NLC don't count) Playing your heart out to end up sub-par is not a very pirate-y fantasy. Also, Sin and Outlaw could be propped up without nerfing Sub... But anyway, it's pirate day. So there's that.Elegies1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Rogue.... Unable to play a race you enjoy. Best rogue no argument is Orc. The tenacity is broken + burst. If you want to be second tier play undead, anything else is not gladiator capable. On alliance human is the only thing you can play. It would be nice if rogues could pick another race and still remain competitive in pvp.Nenthus32 Sep 19
Sep 19 Holy !@#$ Priest don't die! Anyone please clue me in as to how to go about killing a holy priest? I play mostly Assassination Rogue and Holy Priest just positively will NOT die!Verminator9 Sep 19
Sep 18 Problem with sin... I have a deep problem with Sin. Sin is super fun and engaging but there is no way a assasin would leave this much blood. Hes leaving a room after a kill and it looks like a kid had a paint ball fight.Corvûs4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Outlaw dead last again X-post from class development. Assassination is at the top, and immediately received a compensatory buff for the Kingsbane hotfix. What about Outlaw, which has been sitting at the bottom for quite some time? Outlaw is dead last in Mythic Nighthold by a significant margin, even at the highest percentiles and the best RNG. And it's not just mythic. We are also third last in both heroic and normal, significantly behind for the latter. If you peruse the logs in a fight by fight basis, you will notice that we don't do particularly well in any of them. Unlike other classis such as Boomkin and Shadow Priest, we do not have a niche where we excel. Here, let's look: Burst AOE/adds - bottom. (Scorp, Chronomatic, Spellblade, etc) Sustained Cleave - bottom. (Botanist) Single Target - bottom. (Star Augur) On fights where ranged-specific mechanics force them to do less (Trilliax, Krosus, Gul'dan), Outlaw is performing near the bottom of all melee classes. Overall, there's simply nothing we do well. It is approaching two weeks for Mythic, and three for Normal and Heroic Nighthold. The logs clearly show Outlaw needs some love again. Options include reverting the nerfs to Blade Flurry, Fate's Thirst, and Greenskin's bracers. We could buff Thraxi's Treads, which, sadly, are performing below baseline for the spec. We could simply give Outlaw an increase across the board. Something. Anything.Zzat44 Sep 18
Sep 18 arena comp question hey guys what comps work best with a assassin or sub rogue in arena? thanksDivinedeath6 Sep 18
Sep 18 #feelsbadman@PvP I'm not a 'numbers' guy; I don't go digging around patch notes and hot fixes to see all the changes. (Not that I trust Bliz to openly list everything they tweak anyway). All I know is that my damage isn't enough to land a straight up kill anymore, and I'm going from 100-0 in like 5-6 seconds WITH Feint up! WTF?!?!? Either I need better damage to land a kill, or I need an ability to let me run away and kite (like WW Monks have) OR I need some solid defensive tools to help me survive. Right now I'm getting butt raped by DH, DK's, Ret's, Mages, Ferals, Warriors, ect ect PvP now feels like !@#$ again as a rogue!! #feelsbadmanVerminator16 Sep 18
Sep 18 Remove RTB press 1Defaces68 Sep 18
Sep 18 Today I tried Sub after maining Outlaw Jesus, it feels like I've been gimping myself this entire time. I love Outlaw, but after a few days of playing with it Subtlety feels like I can put out more damage more consistently. It's a breath of fresh air not having to rely on Roll the Bones nonsense and yet somehow doing more DPS than I would do with all my buffs up. I'm finding it hard to go back to Outlaw, and honestly, I don't think I will. Sub just feels so much better. But at the same time, it makes me kind of sad, like... what does Outlaw have over either of the other specs right now? Slightly better AoE, I guess? Also, any tips for Sub would be appreciated ^^Anneliesse19 Sep 18
Sep 18 How Does RTB Make You Feel? I want you to, for a second, forget about DPS charts, how you do in PvP match-ups, and mechanical balance. How does RTB make you feel when you use it? Some of you may be scoffing right now, but how the players feel is a critical part of game design. It is arguably THE most important aspect. But I digress. So what do you like and dislike about Roll The Bones? For instance: Personally, I feel like I lose more than I win with it. Getting just 1 buff is disappointing, and I don't feel like I "win big" often enough to make-up for the losses. It's especially disappointing to "waste" full combo points on a single buff. Additionally, some of the buffs, while they do have a mechanical effect, don't really "show" a visual or kinesthetic difference. Slice and Dice, by contrast, means more energy, meaning you're using Saber Slash more often and you see and hear your autoattacks striking much more frequently. I switched back to it recently and was surprised at how much more I was enjoying it. Though I will say that the rolling dice animation and the neat buff icons did eventually grow on me. Anyway. The reason I bring it up is because if the ability is (apparently) so unpopular, regardless of how it is balanced, it should probably be changed to something else or removed. I'd prefer change over removal, personally, because I believe there are salvageable aspects to it. Remember: - Being over-powered does not automatically make a class/spec/ability fun, and being under-powered does not automatically make a class/sprc/ability boring. - RNG is neither inherently good nor bad; it can be well-designed, it can be poorly-designed.Kasskeelhaul20 Sep 18
Sep 18 Can we change the rogue class mount to... A flying pirate ship?Shizuka26 Sep 18
Sep 18 Sub Legendaries (cloak, belt) For those and have and use the cloak, how do you use it on single target? I've been waiting for about 25-30 stacks to use (depending on buffs), is this the best way to effectively use it? Haven't seen much information on it. Generally for aoe I try to get 2 stacks, sometimes 1. And for the belt, I've seen some conflicting things. Icy veins puts the belt low on the "tier" list, but ravenholdt lists it as very high. Currently looking at belt, cloak, and insignia and been working on which 2 are the best together (as there seems to be maybe some small conflict on how cloak and insignia work)Grafty1 Sep 18
Sep 18 The new trinket Just got a "void stalker`s contract" 930 from argunite and was testing the damage, i was capable of doing with dance and symbols up 3.25M damage, the damage is almost insta and can be AoE so im here to ask the opnion of ppl who test cuz im bad doing dat if this new trinket is even , worst or better then specter betrailBreadknife2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Pickpocket items - what can we do with them? Specifically, the blue, green and purple soulbound items we lift from orcs and others around Draenor? Vendors won't take them and we can't sell them via the AH because soulbound so what else can we do with them besides allowing them to clutter our bags/bank space or deleting them?Trelle8 Sep 18
Sep 18 The Raven's Eye Outlaw Quest Did anyone else get stuck on this quest? I can't complete it because Valeera doesn't have a way for me to listen to the story. I've tried abandoning the quest the quest over and over, relogging, zoning into a different zone and coming back, but every time I click on her she won't talk. I submitted a ticket but no response yet. Anybody have thoughts about what I could do next?Ejacandevac2 Sep 18
Sep 18 New to class could use some advice I boosted a new rogue at end of wod never got around to messing with him. I really don't know the specs that well, esp with changes coming into legion from wod. I'm not worried bout what best x dps etc, I am just curious which would be a good entry to the class to learn it, less noobish mistakes. I do love stealth gameplay, and all 3 specs seem like fun, but in terms of leveling/soloing, maybe dungeons to a gear threshold to get me started on the gear journey. I haven't got my first weapon yet, so I figured before I did, to get some advice.Xeridon8 Sep 18
Sep 17 Dealing with demon hunters my and a friend of mine gave been doing rated 2's as rogue/destrolock and we ran into a double demon hunter comp and the fight was over before it started, I've never gotten so destroyed by a team before. I was just curious to see how you guys handle demon hunters in general. Arenas bg's etc. ty in advanceDoughbetch3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Should I race change my rogue to goblin? He's 105 should I do it or rerollXelovath16 Sep 17
Sep 17 Grappling hook pain? Anyone else playing outlaw suddenly notice their grappling hook is good for nothing? I used to hook between the entrance way in the wine shop, to the mission board - can't do it anymore. Decided to test it out on a few other things, and all of it was broken. Couldn't even grapple from the bank down the steps. I've been noticing its pretty much useless to the point of having to have a flat, clear surface line to use. Wasn't like this yesterday - what happened, and is it just me?Joyia40 Sep 17
Sep 17 Cannonball Barrage In this video I demonstrate what I believe is an effective use case for this talentëpo5 Sep 17
Sep 17 How long for a fight to be ejoyable? Exactly what the title says. How long does a fight have to last for you in pvp in order for it to be enjoyable? For me it has to be around 7-10ish seconds. Enough time for both fighters to have time to try to counter and re-counter each other but short enough to be finished before most help can get involved. Anything faster is a curbstomp and just boring. Longer can be fun if it's still a 1v1 by then. But I'm curious about you other rogues. What do you prefer?Shukir2 Sep 17
Sep 17 Only Sub Rogues at M+ tourny I haven't been pveing on Rogue for quite a while so I'm still figuring out whats good. But wasn't Outlaw historically the best M+ spec? What happened?Spoobypls4 Sep 17
Sep 17 How Blizz could buff Outlaw This is how I envision it for them to buff PVP damage performance. Two Blizzard developers walk down into the dark musky basement of the WoW control center. They calmly walk over to the Outlaw damage output knob, as they gaze into each other's eyes out comes their special key to access the controls dials. They both simultaneously enter the key and engage the system. Dev 1 smiles as he places his hand on the knob, Dev 2 blushes and puts his hand over Dev 1's. They both take a deep breath and turn Outlaws damage knob up a few percent. The end. Gball.Gball2 Sep 17
Sep 16 Sad that !@# Rogue is bad. Buff Poison Bomb (Meant Assassination Rogue, Title wouldn't let me fit it all) Most of all I want Poison Bomb to get buffed so it procs more frequently in all situations. I notice when Poison Bomb Procs ONCE, my DPS can match others. When it procs Twice back to back I end up passing everyone up for a short while. When it doesn't proc at all my DPS is on the low side. Can we just buff Poison Bomb's Procrate by a substantial amount so that I can feel as though I can contribute meaningfully? I'm a rogue, I want good dps. I shouldn't have to switch to sub to achieve that.Feralflame29 Sep 16
Sep 16 WTB Heavy Junkboxes (Dalaran) DeletedTalifmo0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Yo Wahs hannin playa?Exile0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Buffing outlaw Increase the damage on auto attacks, main gauche, and all combo point generatorsKage31 Sep 16
Sep 16 bring back the old combat spec what do you guys think if blizz killed the rng of rtb and just make slice and dice good dps spec should depend on a rng mechanic.rtb needs to be removed from outlaw and it needs a dps buff. dont get me wrong i like the pistol shots and ranged stun ect..but the spec depending on a rng buff isnt a good idea and is what makes the spec bad imo. i feel they should keep the spec the way it is and remove the rtb mechanic and either make slice and dice good again or do something new. make slice and dice great again.Lusent57 Sep 16