Dec 20, 2012 Dear Greatfather Winter Dear Greatfather Winter, Please fix Rogues. -- Love, Everyone that has the mental capacity to look beyond 4.3 P.S, I hear Boomkins need some love, too. Tis the season?Viridian1 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Im done Im not here to complain about the class. Im quitting because even tho my gear is not bad, people seem not to want rogues for !@#$. I join rbgs and they take me at 1st cuz they got no one, but after they get the heals i get kicked. In 2s only ppl that wanna cap join my team then leave. In 3s im not given a chance at all. Reguardless of the class problems the worst part is not being able to be social the way i use to in BC, Wrath, and Cata. My last remaining source of fun is solo bging and pickpocketing once in a while. Can anyone tell me how can something like this go live? Do they only do math testing? This is my only class and wtf am i supposed to do now? Sure pro's can work way harder and still make it but im just a regular guy trying to have some ninja fun, but now im afraid to attack anything, cuz i know everyone will instantly look at me and fight over who gets my Killing blow first :(Jonathonsky2 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Rogues Aren't Dead Proofåpér9 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Unguloxx <The Murderaffe> Tips, please? I'm stuck on this stupid giraffe. My record is only about 31%. I've tried just about everything I can think of. Evasion only seems to avoid half of his attacks (as it should), and my stuns and blind are reduced. Yet, he hits for 81k. Am I just under-geared? I don't know if my armory has it yet, but I got some new gloves in LFR that brought my ilvl to 482. Any tips are appreciated, thanks! Edit: Oh, if my armory shows that I have Shuriken Toss learned, it is because I'm trying something a bit off-the-wall for a couple attempts only. I typically have Anticipation learned.Quicksting9 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Why do rogues still have a posion duration? Basically the title. If you want to take them off to switch or change around just right click. Seems like just an annoying feature now.Clarol13 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Leeching Poison in Raids I could see it being more appreciated in PvP/non-raid PvE. But during raids, Shiv is generally too high of an opportunity cost. Does anybody ever feel glad they have Leeching in a raid environment? You know.. "Yes! LP made X mechanic less of a pain!" Because it seems to me that Leeching Poison is just the go-to talent when the other two aren't applicable. EDIT: I will admit that it's nice for damage modifier fights (Elegon, Garalon (feint > LP here though), Amber Shaper)Mcsertion23 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 do rogues need a damage buff? Before you all comment to stop complaining this isnt a complaint, im simple curious about what other rogues think about our damage without cooldowns? do you think our constant damage needs a buff? or should they leave it as it is?Keradow6 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Stats for pvp Can someone help me with what stats too lean towards, I just now got full deadly and am wondering If I made the right picks and what I should reforge too. I am sub btw. Which main stats too look for? and what is the hit/exp I need for pvp Thank you!Akono2 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 ST is better than Anticipation When using ST in PVE, I find ST vastly superior than anticipation for the following reasons. I'm a SIN rogue and in my opinion ST is better than Anticipation. You can use ST to make a 4cp Envenom or Rupture into a 5cp one, it will actually give you a slight overall dps increase if you always do that throughout the fight. I realize that when fighting a pure tank and spank Boss fight that you can achieve the same thing with Anticipation but the difference is in not waiting for E build up to hit your next Mut, its extremely fast as well if you need to keep SnD or Rupture from falling off. But since the majority of Boss fights in MOP involve moving away from the Boss for various reasons, ST means that you can almost always be doing damage while keeping poisons up. Using a 5cp recoup when using ST from a distance can help alleviate the healing needed from your healers as well while not wasting your up time of any abilities since you can't envenom or rupture at that point. It also means no having SnD fall off, or means that you have a 5cp rupture rdy to go when on the Boss again. I find it alot more valuable then then the other choices on the talent tier. In PVP I use it as well. I get alot more KB's using it then I do trying to close the gap with our limited mobility as compared to other classes. I love having it for when I get knocked out of stealth before my opener and still at a distance, I get cp's up while I'm closing the gap. What does anyone else think about ST vs Anticipation?Behemouth28 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Ideas for rogue abilities. Not trying to start a "fixroguesplz" thread, just interested in hearing other peoples ideas for the class, and to share a few thoughts of my own. Of course, some of these will sounds OP but I don't believe they would be if all the numbers were balanced. Okay, maybe a few of these ideas are a little over the top lol Abilties: -Evasion: 2 min cd. -Recuperate: Heals for more, more quickly depending on the amount of combo pts used. For example, 1 cp = 1% per sec over 10 sec and 5 cp = 5% per sec over 5. Possibly adjust the numbers to make it a little more powerful by attaching a short cd to it. -Distract: Usable on target in combat -New-Blood splatter: Spreads your bleeds and poisons to all targets in an area. -Expose armor: Either something similar to tiger palm for monks or a debuff that only applies to the rogue but doesn't have to stack for the full 30%. -Kidney Shot: Does dmg in addition to the stun, or get rid of all dmg on cc's. Could do alot of dmg to enemies immune to stun. -Gouge: Same as kidney shot. -Feint: Usable while cc'd and has elusiveness built in but at a lower % dmg reduction. -Cloak of shadows: 1.5 min cd. -Shadow walk: Applies a buff similar to vanish(cant be broken out of stealth). -Combat readiness baseline. -New-Shadowshift: phases you and the target into a shadow world where you can only see and attack each other. Would probably need a high cd and short duration to be balanced. -Deadly Throw baseline with a cd and changed to interrup based on how many cp spent. 1 sec per cp if theyre casting, possibly silence at 5 cps. Specs: Assassination: -New- Throw a flask of sticky poison at target location causing everyone in the area to be slowed and/or take dmg. -New- A trail of poison follows you for a duration, causing damage to all enemies in its path. -Venomous wounds: 100% chance to proc with a short cd. Possibly double proc if both rupture and garrote are on the target -New-Deadly brew: ~20 yard range. Either target on ground aoe or single target cast on enemy, applies every poison to the target(deadly, wound, crip, mn, w/e talented poison) either short cd or somewhat high energy cost. Combat: I haven't played combat since TBC, but I'd like to see it become kinda tanky like the description says, "stand toe-to-toe with enemies." If it is already like this, disregard what I've said lol. -Give combat the old Ghostly Strike and Riposte without the disarm effect, maybe + parry % or something effective against casters. Subtlety: -Backstab renamed to Stab: No positional requrement, but rewards players for staying behind their targets. Perhaps a stackable buff increasing the dmg that's lost after stabbing from the front, increasing the dmg and refunding some of the cost, or increasing crit chance, etc. -Hemo: Does no initial dmg but causes a stackable bleed similar to ignite for mages up to a cap and interacts with your bleeds on the target. Causing them to tick when cast, increasing duration per hit up to a cap, or increasing their dmg per tick, etc. -Shadow dance: Let it have its own bar again. Use the interface similar to our poisons to place the skills on the bar. -Eviscerate refreshes rupture to a duration based on how many cps were spent on the eviscerate. Talents: Tier 1: Stealth -Nightstalker: Also increase the effect of our stealth abilities(longer silence on garrote, longer stun on cheapshot, shadow dmg on ambush) with a cd. -Subterfuge: Incorporate overkill into the talent(increased energy regen in stealth and for a short duration afterwards). Shadow Focus: Abilities in stealth also daze the target. Tier 2: Poisons -New-A poison that has a chance to give energy or combo pts. Shiv effect possibly gives addition resources(if proc is energy, it gives a cp or vice versa). -Paralytic Poison is good, maybe +5% proc rate or dispel protection of some sort. -Leeching Poison is fine. Tier 3: Defense -Cheat Death: Also applies a 5 cp recuperate. -Nerve Strike: Possibly applied by gouge also, but decreased effect or duration. Could also affect healing, but just one or the other, not both at the same time. -Preperation- Gives sprint, vanish, and evasion 2 charges and possibly lowers the cds Tier 4: Mobility -New- Movement speed increased by x% per cp used from finishers and while the buff is active you may not be slowed below a certain speed. -Shadowstep: Usable while rooted but doesn't break the root. Maybe a little shorter cd or reduces the cd more if used to jump to a friendly target. -Burst of speed: Temporary immunity to movement impairing effects but also gives a small movement speed increase for the duration. Tier 5: Damage -Prey on the weak: Could apply a debuff to targets immune to cc for whatever the duration of the cc would have been. -Shadow Clone: Summons a shadow clone that does x% of your dmg, has x% of your life, and splits damage taken and cc duration with you(4 sec stun = each stunned for 2 secs). -Dirty tricks baseline -Cold blood- 100% crit for next ability, critical strikes reduce the cd by 1 sec Tier 6: -Shuriken toss is cool, could use something tho -Versatility: Also removes the energy cost of damaging finishing moves. -Anticipation: Charges build every x seconds or gain all 5 when you stealth.Stricken12 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 [PvP] proper way to fix rogue survivability Recuperate. 30% of health over 30 seconds is stupid, and useless in pvp especially since we have to sacrifice damage for it. Every single class has better heals than us, most without sacrificing damage for it. Hunters - exhilaration, readiness, exhilaration, for a 60% instant heal Dks - lichborne death coil, and ghoul sac Druids - healing touch and rejuv Warriors - second wind, which doesn't even need activation, it just straight up heals 3 times as fast as rogues healing, without cost. mages - temporal shield, and cauterize monks - expel harm and healing spheres, healing elixers, zen sphere (not sure how effective monk heals are, played one) paladins - flash of light, word of glory, seal of insight increases these heals warlock - Dark regeneration, drain life, glyphed healthstone priest - desperate prayer, flash heal, renew, binding heal, prayer of mending shaman - healing tide totem, healing surge, healing stream totem, chain heal, healing rain These are all heals available to DPS specs, not healing specs recuperate healing is far too low, for how much it costs. leeching poison helps a little, but to use it you have to sacrifice some utility, since its a poison, and damage mitigation, since its a talent. out damage mitigation is fine, we're leather wearers, we are supposed to be a little squishier than plate wearers and such, but if they were to return recup to its former state, i truly believe rogue survivability would be fixed.Smallblind3 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 @my fellow rogues. It's been fun, Good times. enjoyed having long drawn out conversations with a lot of you over skype/mumble/aim . Good luck in your future. May the old gods shine upon you, and the loot rain from the heavens. /farewell edit: OH! how could I forget... /cast VanishTeqnik5 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Rogue pvp I'm having a hard time killing anyone in PVP and was wondering if any other rogues are having the same issue. My PVP power is low, hovering around 20% but i don't see it raising to much more after i am fully geared. Is there something I'm missing?Kianthus17 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 super invisible cloak thing we need something that makes us invisible for a short time while attacking so no one can see us, and we won't be kited. Kind of like what subterfuge does, but longer and isnt counted as being stealthed. It wouldn't be op at all.Panakamanana0 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 your thoughts. ability vs ability: Heres a list of abilities rogues have, similar to those of a warrior. There is also a few below i cant really grab a comparble to that hasnt been listed already. Lets hear which you think is better, and a reason why. If you have a comparable to those unmatched abilities at the bottom, that have not already been listed as a counter, please let us know. Colossal smash vs Expose Armor Avatar vs Vendetta & Dance Heroic Leap vs Shadowstep Die by the Sword vs Evasion TfB + Mastery vs VW/SV + Mastery Deep Wounds vs Rupture Mortal Strike vs Wound Poison Overpower vs Shiv Bloodbath/Howl/Hamstring vs Crippling Spell/Mass reflect vs Cloak Plate Specialization vs Leather spec Fear vs Blind Shockwave vs KS 2nd Wind vs Cheat Death (or recoup) Execute vs Dispatch Shattering Throw vs ? Zerk rage vs ? Victory Rush vs ? Recklessness + Banner vs ? Defensive Stance vs ? Shield Wall vs Combat Readiness Deadly Calm vs ? Thanks for taking the time.Griev54 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Thoughts on Rupture.. was wondering how it would be if Rupture's duration was doubled with no increase in dmg. At least for pvp I think this would make bliz forcing this ability down our throats more palatable.Hairyhoudini5 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 PVP weapon upgrade cost Is this correct? To upgrade both weapon it will cost 2800 conquest pts but for 2h weapons it'll only cost 1400?Charicee4 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Helm transmog question I was wondering if there was ne leather head piece similiar to Burnished Helm of Might as i really like the way it looks.Shankarific1 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Rogue 5 dot damage not working right Ok so im a rogue combat spc and when im in stealth and i first use expose armor with i got glyph witch makes it +3 in one hit then you use it then i use cheap shot with that add 2 CP witch that make it 3 CP and i get behind him and hit him with ambush. Witch is +2 more CP then as i get energy back i use Eviscerate with 5 CP and says when i got 5 CP i do 3209-3535 at lvl 61. Then with 4 dots 2600-2926 but when i use it it does damage as if i had 4 cp. witch is like 2300 even tho i got 5 CP. but when i use any skill thats gives one more CP even tho i got 5 then it does the full 5 CP damage witch is about 3300. btw i got subterfuge witch make me stay in stealth mode for 3 sec from when i start combat so if anyone knows what the heck is up or has same problem please post thank you :)Whispnight24 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 survivability plz Hey rogues. anyone else getting torn apart with every single possible defensive CD up? Warrior/DK/Lock/Drood chunks through my health bar with feint (talent), cbt readiness, evasion, and cloak all up. And im gemmed into pure resil. anyone else having this problem. ive resorted to, in 2's, sap, open, pop shadow dance, soon as it runs out i pop vanish and let them try and get my warr partner down for a while. lol @ their efforts. It seems like we are the only class where the pro's are gemming for pure resil, while everyone else is gemming for power, even though they can smack much hader than we can anyways. anyways i am just looking for some agreements, or tips on how to stay alive longer in an arena with 2 dps focusing me.Moxiea22 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Give assassins some love! We're 26th place (aka last place) on the rankings of all dps specs... cmon blizzard, it sucks to do 50k in 480ilvl gear :(Ahlstrom11 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 PVP weapons t1 daggers or 504 ilvl Spiritsever + Dagger of the Seven Stars?Dinthhatesu5 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Tenebron....WTH! So I'm soloing Sartharion for the quick mount, and I get him down to 50% before Tenebron comes down. But when Tenebron melee's me I take 45-60k a hit...Is this right? Is there something I'm missing that I should be doing to not let him hit me that hard? I evasion and CR but...I still die around 5-10% remaining lol..Anyone got any info?Trevorkahn4 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 PvP OH weapons for sub and combat ? What are the cons of using a 2.6 OH as sub, and a 1.8 dagger OH as combat? i'd like to be able to switch between combat and sub by just buying the 2.6 1h and a dagger, and flipping them around depending on spec. How badly does this gimp me?Lilý3 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 On the subject of burst.. All rogues should invest in: Virmen's Bite That is allAlayssaelia10 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Rogues - Agility & Haste All the gear calculators tell me to gem haste over agility. Is agility not better as an overall stat than haste? Haste: Faster Agility: AP & Crit I dont understand, can anyone shed some light on the situationActioncenter27 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 US 5th Rogue streaming HM Sha/Terrace/MV (Rogue PoV) Sha dead. Heading to Heart of Fear.Vigilate0 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 should I switch my pve spec? Should i switch my pve spec from combat to mut/assassin? good idea with my lame gear? i am mostly working on pvp but realized its probably easier to get pve daggers until i get enough conquest points. I want to maximize my damage/ survivability. TBH I dont like combat and I actually wouldnt mind a mindless bore some say assassin can be. thoughts?Arlandis3 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 Let's talk about raid gemming. Hey there. I was doing some math and used EP values based off of Shadowcraft to come up with the best gemming for pre-raid geared Rogues. I use the EP (equivalence points) system to decide which strategy is best. This is for COMBAT. Here are the current EP values for the stats we get from gems: Agility: 2.77 Yellow Hit Rating: 2.4953 Expertise Rating: 2.3198 Haste Rating: 1.6345 Mastery Rating: 1.1867 Crit Rating: 1.0759 White Hit Rating: 0.9348 With that math 2 Haste is greater than one Agility by 0.499 EP. So, I did three different gemming strategies based off of having five slots. Here they are. Gem EP values: Agility based optimization (plus one haste required for gem slot optimization to acquire the socket bonus) 5 +160 Agility/1 80 Agility 160 Haste: 2269.12 EP Haste based optimization (+80 Agility +160 Haste) (If you are not a Blacksmith and/or do not have an excessive amount of yellow sockets this will be the best.) All +80 Agility + 160 Haste: 2898.12 EP Haste+ based optimization using +320 haste in optimal slots with +160 Agility in red slots 3 +160 Agility/3 +360 Haste: 2964.1 EP Haste++ based optimization (Best gemming for pre-raid Rogues patch 5.0.4): 4 +360 Haste gems/2 +80 Agility +160 Haste = 3319.92 EP The last option is the best choice if you are a blacksmith which provides two sockets that will fit any gem, or if you have an excessive amount of yellow sockets. The Haste++ Based optimization is the best gemming method by 335.92 EP. I'm going to update this soon with other methods of gemming, this isn't set in stone yet, just a foundation. There are a few things I didn't add in and I'm going to do so when I finalize my math. I'm going to update this soon with other methods of gemming, this isn't set in stone yet, just a foundation. There are a few things I didn't add in and I'm going to do so when I finalize my math.Simplify3 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 3 simple things To make rogues up to par. 1) Recuperate needs a redesign. Now maybe I'm just a scrub, but I have an very difficult time maintaining Recuperate, Slice and Dice, Rupture, Kidney Shot, and Eviscerate. The issue with Recuperate, to me, isn't so much the healing (although it is pretty terrible) it is the cost involved in using it. 5 combo points, 30 energy (25 refunded, sill have to have 30 to use it) and it is almost inevitable that either Rupture or Slice and Dice will fall off as a result of using it. All of this for a HoT that ticks for a miniscule amount every 3 seconds. I would love to see Recuperate simply not be a finishing move anymore, put a cooldown on it, play with the energy cost/duration if you must, make it break stealth if you really think that is necessary. 2) Evasion needs a redesign. Evasion simply put is a terrible Defensive Cooldown, certainly doesn't warrant a 3 minute cooldown. The 15 second duration is almost an insult because you will like be dead before it ever expires. It has become a even more underpowered ability with the nerfs to dodge from agility. Increase the dodge % at expense of duration, make it useful against casters perhaps make it miss % instead of Dodge, lower the cooldown or maybe put a damage reduction on it. Any of these would bring it up to other Def CD effectiveness 3) A mobility buff. Our Pvp set bonuses are absolute garbage, something like Spring breaks a root would be a great 2/4 set bonus on the pvp gear. This is only one of many possible cures to the problem without having ot make sweeping changes.Newkie2 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 mix&match honor/conquest gear for set bonus? IIRC back before my hiatus, you could mix & match honor/badge gear to get the set bonuses. So, if you have exactly 4 pieces of dreadful gear & then replace one w/ malevolent gear, you still get all bonuses. Is this still the case? ThxPhryman5 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Blackguard Trying to pick sword xmog. I really like weapons with black glow, but there don't seem to be any swords listed on the references noted in the sticky. However, the screenshot on wowhead of Blackguard looks like there might be a black glow (looking closely at it, but I am an old fart and my eyes don't work as well as they once did). Can't tell for sure, and there is only the one screenshot. Does anyone know before I go ahead and get the mats together? Thanks!Vaelarrus4 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Anyone else feel stronger? I dunno did a battleground, did a 160k eviscerate crit with no zerker.. We buffed?Huiyounju26 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Call me slow.. But I discovered that beastial wrath clears stuns. I find this rather dumb, not only is it an offensive cooldown with increase to damage and focus benefits, on 1 minute, but is also a defensive cooldown that clears movement impairing and stuns. It annoyed me especially after I cheapshotted a hunter, and presumed to beastial wrath break it, so I blinded immediately in which he responded with his trinket.Huiyounju2 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 (Renamed) Becoming a better raider Even though I have not done a single non LFR raid in all of MoP. I have good experience from the prev expansions doing raids. It seems that a lot of ppl want logs or parses from current content, but I do not have any to offer. Even in the last tier my guild did not use WoL until the last little bit of DS. All I feel like I can do is tell someone what I have accomplished and show them my armory page with last expansions raid progress. But it seems that ppl want numbers. They want proof. They do not want to let anyone into a raid without proof. They don't want to give someone like me an opportunity to prove myself. How can I show proof to someone?Hebhes29 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Lament of an Old Gnome It is with a heavy heart and a grim determination that I make this post. Many of you may have wondered where I have been these past 2 months or so, and many of you probably don't even know of me. I am a rogue, so the latter isn't exactly a bad thing. For those that do know me, or know of me, I regret to inform you that my rogue-ly tasks require me to leave for a time. However long, I cannot say, but you shall forever be in my thoughts. It may take a few months, like my last rogueish adventure, or it may take years. My time is running out, so I must make my departure. Take care my friends and colleagues, and may the shadows forever be your ally. -GyroscopeGyroscope7 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Aedrik signing off So my lovelies as some of you know after today I will no longer be able to post in these forums as today is the last day of my sub. After years of enjoyment and my most recent activity over the last year on this forum making friends and starting fights with you all I am sad to say goodbye. We had a great run, I know that personally I had a blast with the All Rogue BG Sundays and other random shenanigans I found myself a part of because of you fine people (and Haileaus) so thank you. While my time on the forum was short and maybe not that many know who I am I did enjoy all the random conversations and new friends I made here. I will miss you folks. Cloaked your new name saddens me, I would almost prefer calling you Tony, ugh. Had a blast with you and all of the forum randomness!! I hope to see more "Cloaked V. Random Boss videos on youtube with terrible anime soundtracks... Tanto my former fellow gnome rogue, one of 2 on this forum that made things awesome I will miss you sir! Though since you only live like 2 miles away from me I guess we could still have that BBQ we had talked about. Gyro the other side of the gnomeness your posts were always entertaining thank you. Disappointed we never got you into some Rogue BGs. Thanks for getting the TooT thing going, it changed our community I think. Caera, your attention to detail and the helpful and well thought out nature of your posts always stood out. I really enjoyed reading your posts and following your work here on the forum, especially some of the jaded gtfo type posts directed at trolls. :P Mr. Blacksad! You made the coolest UI evar for Rogues (not just my opinion, it is a fact. Those who disagree just don't have eyes that see) and a really cool person. Enjoyed talking with you and appreciate you taking the time to export a personal UI made to fit your needs and recreating it for everyone when I wouldn't stop bugging you about it ;) Relikar all the Random BGs over the last xpac were great. You made it to all the All Rogue BG nights I put together and together we definitely pissed off a lot of people. What fun! There are a ton of you so this wont get to everyone I'm afraid but all of you forum regs I really did enjoy the time spent bull!@#$ting with you. Weran, Rfeann, Verelyse, Heartcrusher, Leitka, Sheevah, and soooo many more I can't think of right now. Thanks everyone for the good times! I may be back someday but for now goodbye. Hope you all continue to achieve the things you are after both in game and out. I may pop in every now and then on GW2 for those playing. I have a few characters in the Rouge Legion Guild there. For those who play on Xbox Live my gamertag is RH Mobilejake and those on the PSN find me on gamertag Mobilejake, I still find time to get in a little Halo 4 time or COD Black Ops 2. Farewell my fellow Rogues!! - Jake I leave you with a link to my favortie xmas song! Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Rogue tweaks to help PvP performance Many would argue that the rogue class is a bit weak this season. One of the major complaints is that the class is extremely fragile. I would like to address this aspect of the class in order to reduce frustrations when playing in competitive pvp (especially arena). ***This may be a side effect of burst damage being too high in general in competitive pvp. If resilience isn't being buffed accross the board, or if CD's aren't toned down, a few minor tweaks need to be made to make rogues a tad bit more surviveable.*** These are just brainstorming ideas to hopefully further discussion of simple things that could give the class a nudge in the right direction. Possible directions: A. Buff Recuperate to 4% and add back the 6% damage reduction it used to provide via a cata talent. or B. Buff Recuperate to 4% and add a new effect that reduces damage taken while stunned by 15% if recuperate is active. or C. When Recuperate is active the rogue receives 20% more healing from other sources and 6% less damage. or D. Feint glyph change - Feint is now useable under effects that cause loss of control but the damage reduction is reduced to 20% or (Radical change!!!) E. Glyph of Vanish (redesigned) - Your Vanish ability now has a 1 min CD but you leave stealth after the effect ends and puts your Stealth ability on a 7 sec CD. Option E would take a lot of testing but it would be a 3 sec invis defensive CD, or you could use it offensively to put up the Expose Weakness debuff when Shadow Dance is on CD)Peegs3 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Expertise/ Okay, I'm kind of curious here ... According to, I should be reforging to cap (7.5%) Hit and Expertise. However, when I plug this rogue into, it has me reforging everything into Haste instead of Expertise. Unfortunately, I don't know enough theorycrafting to know what weights I should be plugging in there instead of the defaults wowreforge has. Also, I can' help noticing that none of my gear has any +Expertise on it to begin with, and I don't recall seeing much Exp on quest gear as I was leveling. Which makes me question noxxic's statement that it's my most important secondary stat after +Hit (if Blizzard doesn't see fit to give me any +Exp). What's going on here?Thelois14 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Man Deadly Throw sucks I did a Scarlet Halls challenge mode recently and decided to pick up Shuriken Toss and Deadly Throw so I could keep dpsing during the tornado on the second boss so we could hopefully kill him without having to wait through two tornado phases..... I did five 5 point Deadly Throws on him and in total it added up to 125k. That is just sad >_>Desukà6 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Best Rogue Professions? I know that it doesn't necessarily "matter" what professions you pick. I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is for the most profitable and "fun" profession for rogue.Kavarek5 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Is Combat PvE That Poor? I know mut edges out in single target, and @ the start of the xpac I was combat for awhile before changing over. I recently got terrace fist weapon, which was considering better than one of my daggers. I swapped back to combat, reforged, regemmed etc. I did 2 lfrs and dummy tests and my single target was consistently ~12-15k less. Is combat single target really in such a poor state?Secondtime6 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Hunter Lock and Mage pets. We LoS casters to get a stealth off. too bad if u have a pet on you it doesnt work that way. Demo and Bm hunters are the worst because their pet does all the work for them. Make pets unapplicable to entering combat maybe? Make it to where if the player is LoS'd the pet returns to his side? Fix vanish so it works on pets too? any way it goes we are already squishy enough, with vanish down and LoS'ing being useless, and not being able to re-stealth, Rogues are effectively just punching bags. Please fix this, ive died behind a pillar with the player on the other side of the map /dancing far too many times.Moxiea1 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Really considering a Rogue Hey Rogues! I've been playing since Vanilla and I've tried every class but the Rogue. I've become bored with my Hunter and Shaman. I was thinking about leveling a Rogue for end game PVE and PVP (mostly PVP). So my question for you guys; do you enjoy Rogues for PVE and PVP? I really enjoyed playing my feral druid and I figured a Rogue might be a step in the right direction. I know rogues aren't the best state they have been in but I don't play a class to OP. If the fun factor is there I'll play it! Thanks in advance!Attorn13 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 On the new talent system so, the new talents are supposed to remove the "cookie cutter" talent system of cata right? T1: you pick subterfuge or shadow focus T2: you pick cbt readiness T3: you pick elusiveness/ cheat death (gratz on a useless poison blizz) T4: you pick Shadowstep T5: you pick dirty tricks (GJ on another useless poison blizz) T6: you pick anticipation The only thing these new talents have done make us choose between some of our key necessary moves like SS and prep, cheat death, i really liked deadly throw, killed alot of people in cata with it (too bad combat readiness is necessary with our inability to escape anything and miniscule survivability), subterfuge is interesting, but with the energy regen in the toilet it just results in 0 energy when stealth breaks. So great work on the new system blizz, i think alot of your rogue's are really happy with the new way they "play" how they want and be different than the other rogues. Different, in the way that, if you dont pick the cookie cutter spec, you are useless and die even faster than you would normally. GG devs, really thought this one out wellMoxiea2 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Angry Purchase... So I got pissed off about something and made a rage purchase.. I ordered some new shoes, and they have some of the same colors of my rogues tabard. Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 Rogue Wish list! I want more poisons... Having two poisons as a talent choice is ridiculous. "lethal and non-lethal" I prefer to use any poison I want for any dagger, regardless if it is lethal or not. Shadow Blades needs to be at least 15 seconds and if you truly love rogues, 20 seconds. Increase Ambush damage across all specs. (Or at least Subtlety) Increase rupture damage. Thaaanks :DGrishmak2 Dec 18, 2012
Dec 18, 2012 What specialization do you run? It seems like sub is the most used in rogue PVP although I feel like assassination/combat has more potential, would I be running a disadvantage for my team in arena if I am running something other than sub? I see why sub is good because of shadow dance but I really enjoy having constant SnD reset as assassination and with killing spree in combat has a lot of burst. Is it just personal preference or should I be going with the "norm" by going sub. Just wanting to see the rogue communities take on specific specializations.Tricktrick8 Dec 18, 2012