Mar 10, 2013 Assassination opener; tips vs monk? Hi all, Just wanted to run what I've found to be a pretty solid opener, generally speaking, by you and see what you think: CS, SnD, Mut, Rup, [Blindside] At this point, I'm sitting at about a third energy, auto-attacking, and waiting to do...what? This is where I am sort of a butter fingers and/or just "miss a beat". In dungeons I tend to Mut, Envenom here because the mobs die so fast. PvP is a different story. CS has worn off, and now it's "their turn" which often doesn't go too well. :( And secondly, I was wondering if anyone had any tips to share for 1v1 against monks. I'm not sure why, but I seem to have real problems with them. Thanks! edit: ah, I see from the sticky that I ought to be reversing the order of SnD and Rup in the sequence above.Andranael2 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Assassination PvP Finishers? How are you guys prioritizing finishers in PvP? Seems like Rupture is most important, followed by SnD? I don't know. Is Recuperate worth using anymore? Seems like with so much of our damage being passive now, and the battle exhaustion debuff, things have changed a bit... What's your take on all of this?Saînt6 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Dwarf and Maces Now in 5.2 you can xmog one hand and main hand with any other one hand should I get a mace for the 1% Exp and just transmog?Kelfalfin3 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Rogue Specs for Each Boss - Throne of Thunder Our guild just started ToT and we downed the first boss. As an Assassination Rogue I did 118k and feel Assassination spec is the best for that boss. Any recommendations for spec I should use for next few bosses? I switched between Combat and Assassination on Horridon and could not figure out which was better. Any advice is much appreciated. -BontchBontchimuz5 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 @ rogues supGhellscream20 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Both Malevolent Daggers for PvP? Just started gearing for PvP with 5.2. At first glance, it's easy to assume one ought to run both 470 Malevolent daggers, however I'm not so certain about that. Assuming the PvP power is unique and only received from one of them (please correct me if this is wrong, in which case my argument is incorrect), running just one Malev dagger in the OH with a weapon chain and the best current PvE dagger in the MH (I have a 484 atm) with Dancing Steel would likely be superior, no? Granted you lose out on a small amount of Resil, but surely the higher weapon damage justifies it?Preparuranus7 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Wound poison What is the percent healing reduction on it now? 25% or 15%?Killcraze2 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Poisons, weapon speeds and old mechanics... Hello there, Cata Rogue coming back from Warlock which I had been trying for the beginning of MoP. Getting back into the swing of things, not much has changed it seems, but I do have a few questions... First, are the old PPM poison mechanics still in or is everything percentage based? I can't seem to find 1.4 daggers on the PvP vendor anymore, so I was curious if having a fast off-hand was as much as a factor anymore. (I'm guessing not, especially since poisons are buffs and not weapon specific anymore...) Secondly, I've seen on a few posts people claiming that Sub now uses Mastery>Haste>Crit in PvE (Assuming proper hit/exp caps of course) and that Mut uses the same as well. The stickied guide seems to confirm this as well, but it is a 5.1 guide. If someone could just confirm this, it would be nice, but it's not a huge issue since Shadowcraft will just give me what I need when I run myself in a few days. (Not worrying a lot about reforge/gems/enchants atm as my next raid isn't supposed to be until Monday.) I'm also guessing that reaching the spell hit cap for PvP isn't an issue anymore for Mut either since Exp converts to spell hit now? Or are Envenom and other Mut abilities no longer bound by spell cap? Thirdly... How is Combat? I've seen some impressive damage being output by Combat in PvP and not so much in PvE. There doesn't seem to be much info on it either, most people are all about Mut or Sub especially it seems. (I'm a Mut Rogue myself) Thanks for your time and sorry if these have been answered somewhere else!Jokaste2 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Stun lock for flag steal During a bg about an hour ago I was eating out of stealth next to a flag in AB and a rogue somehow stunned me the entire duration it took to steal the flag, then vanished. Anyways, my question is what did he do to keep me stunned the entire (I think 10 seconds?) it took to cap the flag? I'm fairly new to playing a rogue, but I assume he used sap, but I know it only lasts 6 seconds. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance.Sillhouette4 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Brace Yourselves. 4 days until all the forums are is raging about rogues and monks. The only reason 'i ain't even mad' is because I've been getting owned by Warriors for the last 6 months and finally my rogue is viable. WoW Is never going to be 100% balanced, there will always be classes just a touch better. Wait your turn in the OP cycle, l2deal with OP classes and move on.Xenthegreat23 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Help! PvE Hii everyone, I need some help with maximizing dps in my current gear. I'm pulling about 55k dps on dummies right now as Combat -and- Assassination, and going to be dropped into the new raid tomarrow night. Are there any high progression rogues that can give some pointers about how to boost this?Vesti1 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Watchs your burst Rotation! What is your dance style like! ? :) ***TITLES MEANT TO SAY WHATS YOUR BURST ROTATION***Steveseagal4 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Shadowdance glitched. About 5% of the time I use SD it does not work... I get the buff, it goes on cooldown... But my stealth bar is never brought up. Why? Is anyone else experiencing this? ThxStayblazin4 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Shuriken Toss + Deadly Throw = ???? I'm curious, would deadly throw and shuriken toss actually be a good backup/combo for pvp? I, at the moment, use combat for pvp and it would seem logical to take it to quickly refresh KSpree and what not at a distance so you can pop back into action faster while actually providing something. Any insight on this?Drstabby11 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Assassination crit vs. haste So assassinations energy regen is based on rupture, so haste does not have the very beneficial effect that it does on the other specs. I went to ask mr robot and it told me to reforge out of crit into haste, that did not sound right to me but I did it anyways. The haste drops my attack speed .3 which means a bit faster poison proccing, but what I am wondering is if haste is actually better than crit for sin?Ripcage10 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Assassination Spec change I could have posted waaaay before 5.2, yet i did not. Not because i didnt want to... simply because it wouldnt have changed much. Yet i feel i must say what i think should be added to assassination. Since they changed assassination into a sustained damage spec (which i really like) giving us a burst a sustained and a half half spec. I must say that the energy system for assassination is prolly the worst. Yes it has been buffed for pvp with the pvp bonus, though all others have as well... Why is it the worst? Well combat has increased energy and AR. Sub can activate slice n dice and get energy... its not alot but its certain. !@#. has to bleed the target and still have a 75% chance of getting it... Yes its alot... but its not a fact... add that to the most expensive rogue ability, Mutilate and you can pretty much see the picture. the fact is, that even though the spec is really fun and i definetly wont change for a while, i still think it should be buffed a bit for bg and pve. My suggestion: is that crimson tempest (which adds a bleed in aoe) also serves as a venomous wounds procer. Even if the proc on this aoe is reduced to 60%. Still it would help us a great deal. We would be able to aoe a huge mob group and get venomous wounds proc from all mobs. Granting us 20-40? energy. Which would be awesome for a spec that uses as main ability a 55 energy skill... Fixxed6 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Who else tunnels a Hated Target? Your in a BG don't care if you win or lose because you see an Arch enemy or a race that you hate IE: Night Elves for me. Does anyone else just decide to write a virtual Mob Contract on that player for the entire BG?Paníc55 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Why I do not like sub Sub is the burst/control spec over assassination which is just sustained dps. Which works fine if you have cloak up and cloak first. But with addons like gladiatorlossa the _second_ I hit shadow dance and cloak happens to be on CD (no resetting it with prep anymore), it's fear fear fear stun stun blind fear stun blind. Which as sub rogues know means you just did less dps than a 2 month old banana peel. So for that reason no more sub for me, I will take my sustained damage.Ripcage21 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Shuriken Toss's broken? it deals most damage, most rogue just use shuriken toss, he can easily kill a hunter or a mage in range.Nolliflip26 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Blurred Speed Enchant doesn't do anything? Alright so the minor speed increase from the Blurred Speed boot enchant doesn't stack with Fleet Footed (the 15% increase,) sprint, or burst of speed. So why do pretty much all rogues take this enchant? Are there any better ones since you only gain the 140 agility.Glwarlock4 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 My macro wont work Hey guys, Im making a macro on my rogue that when I hit it, it will cast slice and dice but when I use a shift modifier it casts recupertate. I use a razer naga and its bound to one of the mouse buttons so that could be messing it up idk. Could anyone help me with this?Icywar6 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Rogue podcast with Rzn, Khuna and Akaishuichi Rogue podcast with Rzn, Khuna and Akaishuichi tonight at 10pm CET / 9pm London / 4pm NY / 1pm LA Stream Link: We're going to cover all new rogue changes and what we think about rogues for season 13. We will be taking questions from twitch chat, so We'll hope to see you all there! thanks :] follow me @ & Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 I Want to Transmog Swords Ok, so this thread is an idea I had on my way to work yesterday and it may be completely !@#$ty and impossible to make viable, but I'm going to say it anyways. =D I love using swords, I love the transmogs for my swords, but unfortunately the only spec you can use swords in is combat, which isn't my cup of tea (although I do keep the spec handy). My idea is to change around assassination a very small amount so that you will be able to use slow 1hs or daggers. First off you would have to take off the dagger requirements on mutilate and dispatch. While using a slow 1h would mean your mutilate and dispatch will hit harder, you will also have fewer poison procs, so if someone takes the time to do the math and tunes it properly, I think both could be made viable without being op. This would also have the possibility of creating more emphasis on your active damage rather than passive (harder hitting mutilates and dispatches but less passive poison procs. I wouldn't want this to be overpowered, simply viable, so proper tuning would be needed to make this work, using skills I personally don't have. This would effectively create two different play styles for assassination (similar to frost dk dualweild vs. two hand). Double daggers will have many more poison procs and favor mastery while 2 slow weapons may emphasize different stats so as to get off more mutilates and have the hit harder. Now I understand that the mutilate animation would look weird using maces or axes (there are plenty of maces and axes with spikes at the top in the real world though) so I will concede that if you want (for lore purposes) you could limit the slow weapons to fist weapons and swords for assassination (instead of taking off the dagger requirement for mutilate and dispatch you would just add on that fist weapons and swords could also be used). This idea will probably never come to pass, and it might be a really bad idea, but I figured I'd share it. Would make more sense to me if only one of our specs had a weapon requirement instead of two out of the three (still makes sense to keep daggers only with subtlety). My main motivation behind this is purely aesthetic.. I like my swords =D Thank you for reading and have a nice day =D.Naasia9 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 10, 2013 Daddy needs a new Transmog. My Rogue just hit 85. Hoping for 90 before Tuesday. I'd love to get him some Transmog gear. All of it. I'm just not sure *what* to get. So, I'd like some suggestions that aren't too unreasonably difficult to obtain. (My server is dead.) I'm thinking the Bloodfang set might be neat to get. Any other decent sets, or gear that looks great together?Hitenmaru17 Mar 10, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Matching weapons I'm looking for some good looking, matching dagger/sword combo. Any suggestions? P.S. not the Fang of Kalecgos.Uhlone0 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Subterfuge Bug With Subterfuge when you feint in stealth this will cause you to unstealth. This must be a bug because feint is neither dealing or recieving hostile actions (if anything, the opposite of hositle) and feint does not break stealth when not spec'd into Subterfuge. Not sure if this is due to also being spec'd into Elusiveness, but it seems like a bug that makes Subterfuge that much weaker of a choice...Valtýrael5 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Macroing Prep etc... I think I am trying to figure out the best way to do this without it being stupid.. How is everyone else doing it ?Perforate4 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Energy Question Hi all I have a low - mid level assassination rogue and I find that I am just constantly waiting for energy / combo points. Is this normal and will it improve in the future? Also, would a different spec be better? I am a bit spoilt because I mainly use casters and a DK and you are constantly doing something. Thanks for your help.Snuglebunny9 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 expertise? After leaving the game for over two years I just returned about two weeks ago. Now that im starting to get some gear and reforging, I'm noticing that reforge tools are completely ignoring expertise. I know when I left you were supposed to cap hit and expertise and then start stacking other stats. Should I be aiming for the expertise cap as assassination? Right now I'm sitting on next to none and it's messing up my rotations. Any responses are greatly appreciated.Mermaidman6 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Challenge Modes For those rogues who have or are going for gold completed challenge modes, what spec are you running? Right now I'm assassination since supposedly it performs better at lower gear levels but I was wondering if combat might not be a better option. Any surprising tips in regards to spec/glyphs from folks out there? Any particular difficulties rogues are having in CM's? Share your stories!Halflife1 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Shuriken toss makes soloing Rares to easy. So right now it is a bit broken that a rogue can solo a rare spawn meant for a group all by itself just by spamming shuriken toss over and over with crippling poison on it... seems exploitive to be able to do something that so far Ive seen no other class able to do.Stabbies12 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Marked for Death viability? So... playing around with the new talent and loving it sooo much. It just seems so rogue like, the faster you kill people the more damage you can do due to using MfD more often. Whats everyone else think on this? Will it be viable for arena or just for bg fun?Magehater9 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Paralytic poison....I'll have some So I've been playing around with different talent combos. Much to my surprise I am really into paralytic poison. The other talent choices and mind numbing don't seems to hold up against paralytic. I put up a circle counter in ice HUD to keep track of the stacks and timing. I'm able to throw up a kidney shot after a full 4 sec paralytic stun. Thats about 10 sec total of un-answered attacks. Why isn't this ability more commonplace? It doesn't seem like a hot-topic talent. Your thoughts please.....Rebane3 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Need help decideing I cant figure between combat or assassin.. Help please?Seireadan12 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Assassin's Resolve? In the hotfix on march 5th I saw it changed from 20% -> 25%... Is this live already or is the tooltip just not updated - still says 20%.Gameofrogues2 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Assassination or Sub for PvP Is assassination going to provide enough burst and control to be viable (yeah I said viable) for pvp this season or will sub still be king?Dajerk2 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Assassination PvP, Simple Questions What is my stat priority? Is it what Noxxic says? 3% expertise/hit, Crit > Mastery > Haste? And what should I gem for in each slot?Antiself5 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 how in the world to beat a good DEMO Full Malev vs Full Malev... How can you beat a demo lock 1v1? trying to go toe to toe and gouging, evasion the pet, and sticking to lock, he eventually just heals 100% and kills you while spamming instants and pet DPS on you. I've tried kiting with Stoss and Dthrow which actually worked better lol but still no where close. The amount of dps the pet does and the lock can do in 5-7 seconds, all they do is outlast your burst cds with regen. I keep Elusiv up as much as possible. ( I play Assassination if this has any influence) Any tips would be soooo much appreciated.Signmeupk14 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 If warrior Shockwave can hit for 100K.... Can you make my Kidney Shot do 100K or my cheap shot hit for 100K also? Thank you! I am in leather not plate. Hook a brother up please. KK thanks. Please don't forget about us here.Shiv26 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Second trinket For pvp purposes since I'm a human, I was thinking of replacing my ignisia of conquest with a bottle of infinite stars. I know in cata rogues did with some trinkets and I just wanted to know if this was still viableYummytummy7 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 wat? we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvP we also wanted to increase Rogue burst in PvPShootboyz9 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Is the change to Disarm Trap intended? MUCH MUCH shorter range than before and unstealth the rogue. I found it when I was soloing BWL. I used to be able to get to the 3rd or even the 4th boss from the 2nd before essence buff fell off. Now I have to waddle through the whole distance...Lecs8 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Is it a dps loss to... Refresh rupture when Vendetta is just about to fall off, even the rupture is still above 2 seconds?Repatriate2 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Premed/Ambush Macro Using this macro: #showtooltip ambush /cast premeditation /cast ambush But it does not work right in shadowdance. Any idea why?Nimand3 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Vanish Issue with Hunter's Mark While levelling my rogue through a few battlegrounds I've noticed that, even without Flare up, after vanishing and during the vanish effect Hunters are fully able to continue attacking me. This is something I hadn't experienced prior to patch 5.2 so I took a moment to check what exactly was happening. It seems that the mark is being applied through Vanish by Arcane Shot (something previously only available when glyphed) when the shot is still travelling at the moment I Vanish. For the record, the Hunters were of equal or lower level to me and in almost every case were at least 20 yards away. Is the application of mark through Arcane Shot intended to be able to nullify Vanish now? Or is there some bug I'm not aware of that is allowing it to occur - seems like quite a few slipped in with 5.2.Path5 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Do you all really have to deal with this? Up until level 68? Are PUGs that stupid? Wait, why am I asking. Just found this amusing.Hakuren18 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Even more buttons to use? Is it a bad thing? Man I thought I had it rough figuring out comfortable keyboard button placement before. We now have Prep in all specs which is awesome, but we've got more buttons to press now if you take Shadowstep and ST/MfD . Plus I really like the idea of CaD and will be trying it out, but it breaks my sweet one button cheapshot/premed macro so I'm having to put premed on yet another button. Do any other classes have as many buttons to press in PvP as us? I feel like a spaz sometimes trying to hit the right key.Sinemetu16 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Addon Request! Looking for an addon that tracks and displays combo points currently on a focus target. Can't find any. inb4 'search forums - I have. None of the mentioned addons have it. Preferred the WoW default combo point style attached to the focus target frame.Xenthegreat12 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Rogue Revamp - What do you think? SUBLETY We could have an ability called "Side shot" which is only available when used from the front and it would cause the target to be immobilized. This would be the positional spec, with use of backstab/ambush and shadow dance to either apply control or use ambush.Sublety could be based around coming from the 'shadows' and goin in and out of stealth to do its damage. This would make sublety more interesting. In short, sublety would focus around applying control with its openers, be more rewarded for backstab due to positional requirements, and then vanish to the shadows to repeat the control tactic in order to annihilate its foe. If the rogue is CC'd during this time, it has a trinket and since vanish cant be used during stun, thats it. Sub will not have stuns, but it will have roots. Due to the class being melee, the class being rooted will still be able to act, but the rogue will be rooting the target in order to meet its positional requirements. The side shot would be your root. When you rooted the target from the side for 4-6 seconds you could then fulfill your backstab positional requirements since subtlety no longer has a lot of control (Kidney shot) You would not have to use it since your 50% crippling may help you but a root is a nice tool to have now that this revamp would cause sub to lose the majority of its control as a trade off for a multitude of new tricks and high damage I mentioned above. *We would have the old backstab sound back!* Shadowstep will be usuable twice before going on cooldown and will scare the player, slowing them by 90% for 2 seconds. Shadow trap can be an ability you place where you feel needed and when activated, teleports you to where it was placed. This will fix our mobility issue. But due to its squishy nature, it can die in a stun or if control (Cheap shot/Garrote) is not applied. Prep would be a sub only tool. Kidney shot would be removed in order for a cheap shot to be rewarding when used as an opener or during Sdance. Blind could be used to go back into stealth or Blind a ranged foe to get up close or a restealth. There would be no shuriken toss. Your combo point ability could be 'Shadow Bond'. It binds the target to the ground, slowing its cast/weapon speed by 20%, slowing it by 30-50%, and applying 15% damage effectiveness. Backstab/Hem would be your main damage out of stealth. Sub would not have crippling or mind numbing. Shiv would root the target and paralytic poison (5 stacks) would cause the next ability used to miss. If it is a heal, it heals only for half to 3/4s it would have. This class would be very effective in pvp. You could also have an ability such as Shadow Trix, causing any enemies within 5 yrds to attack themselves with each ability they use thereafter, if it is a heal, it will heal you. This would last 4-6 seconds. Sublety would be made up of tricks/damage and the ability to reset a fight but it will lack in control and survivability. The point so far is to try and make a rogue have more flavor with each spec rather than a meer 2 or 3 abilities that are different with every spec and a bunch of passive abilities/auto attack. We are trying to get rid of auto attack being like 50% of our damage here. Also, we are trying to add more cool abilities to add to a rogues arsenal, all different depending on the spec, making each unique. ASSASSINATION The assassination spec could then focus around poisons and stuns. You would use poisons, stun your foe, the poisons would tick the target to its death, and then get to range and start shuriken tossing them. Shuriken toss would only be available to assassination. Either the poisons or toss damage could be toned down but the rogue could use ambush, apply poisons, and then back up, toss, get combo points and then reapply poisons. We could then get a couple new cool poisons besides rupture and crimson tempest to make the spec unique and wanted by anyone enjoying that specific play style. Kidney shot would be here. Toss would not slow the target, and our slow would be about 30-50%. Another possibility if you don't want to make Assassination shuriken toss based, you could make it where it is all about debuffs. You open the target, poison him with a variety of poisons that are effective at 2-3 combo points (which is 1 mutilate), and use debuffs such as poison effectiveness, slows, cast speed reduction to tick the life away from the enemy but keep the melee aspect of the class. ST would be removed. Assassination could have a variety of tools if it remains melee based. It could Sap, lay poison traps, and open. An ability could be "Assassin's Shade" It would be a trap and place a debuff on the target, so that if the target goes out of range, the rogue could activate his shade, to teleport to the target. Assassination would have high mobility and slows/stuns/debuffs but lack in survivability. COMBAT Combat could be the 'SMG' of the class. The GCD of a combat rogue could be lowered just a hair to allow sinister strike to cast much faster. This type of rogue has maybe one stun utility and its not that long. This rogue has mastered in speed. It uses slice and dice to have a faster attack speed/energy regen but its damage is NOT PASSIVE, it will use sinister strike and only get half a combo point. Due to the speed sinister strike is casted, it can wittle down the enemy extremely fast. You would spend combo points on recuperate or another type of bandaging of some sort to stay alive due to your lack of control. Or you could make sinister strike not so much as damaging but it applies a stacking armor decrease that makes your eviscerate (or a new damaging combo ability) much more powerful. A reset Vanish/Cloak will be available to your disposal, Im not sure about preparation, that may make this spec just a bit OP. A new damaging combo point ability could be "Deadly speed" or idk lol. But what it does is causes gushing wounds in the enemy due to such fast attacks that when used at 3-5 combo points, the next 3-5 sinister strikes do double the damage/cause a bleed/something of the sort. Adrenaline Rush could make the GCD a little less as well, and killing spree may have to be toned down but I think this would be a cool playstyle. Faint fingers beware. This will be a very fast paced, button pushing class. The lack of combats stuns/control, allows it to have heals and very quick attacks. AR would allow Deadly speed to happen more often, this would be our 'Shadow blades' and would be very effective. Combat would have high damage, little to no control, and survivability. I believe that if we have each class have its OWN set of tools and abilities, it would make the class less bland and more rewarding. It would add variety with each spec and let each persons own mini assassin to choose between: The shadows - your control is the ability to reset fights and get out if need be. Stuns would consist of Cheap Shot and SDance could let you have another but Kidney shot is removed for sublety. Poisoning the foe to death - your control is to stun the foe and due to its somewhat passive nature - bleeds/poisons/debuffs it is effective. Highly mobile and finally Beating the crap out of them at insane speeds to make the foe have to react very quickly to kill them. - your control is the ability to do damage quickly, you lack stuns (just cheapshot or some 2-3 second stun ONLY ONE), but you make up for it with survivability and damage. Prep would go to sub and every other class would have a type of preparation but it does not reset vanish and possibly cloak. I've loved rogues and been one forever. I have several rogues and love this class. Sadly, rogues are the same spec for all three. Due to lack of variety between all 3 specs, it makes each spec only slightly different from the other and thats no fun! We will remove passive damage and make it rewarding to use abilities. We could also remove a few CC abilities from certain specs and then balance each spec accordingly by each spec's purpose. You will have less control in some specs and more in others to allow a variety of assassin playstyles to be present.Dromonk14 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Cloak and Dagger Is anyone else absolutely loving this ability? I've never been very good with my shadowdances, so maybe thats why I'm so excited for this. I literally never waste a shadowdance now, and I feel like I can 1v1 any class. What are your thoughts?Venomn19 Mar 8, 2013