Jan 7, 2013 If you could have any one ability... From any other class in the game, what would it be? I'd have to go with Recklessness from Warriors.Tim56 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Rogue keybinds /w naga mouse So I was wanting a little input on keybinding rogue abilitys with the razor naga mouse. It can get pretty complicated lol. The reason for bot prep and step being in there is I have been doing PTR. Movement keys: E,S,F: forward, strafe left, strafe right Mouse keys: 1-3:Main attacking: hemo,backstab, evis 4-6: Interupt/buff: gouge, kidney, SandD 7-9: Defenses: vanish, Cloak, smoke bomb 10-12: stealth, evasion, dismantle mouse wheel: shuriken toss Keyboard keys: W: rupture R: blind A: shadow step Q: sprint G: recup D: FoK C: shadow dance V: shadow blades T: kick 3: prep If any experienced rogues could give me some pointers or changes to this to make it easier/better that would be great. Thanks guys.Soulshadow4 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 I Encourage You All To City Fight City Fighting is a noble and rewarding play-style that I encourage everyone to try out. There are those that will say it's a cowardly act of griefing, these people have got it all wrong. City Fighting may be for you if you... 1) Play a stealthing class. 2) Like the idea of developing a notorious reputation with the opposite faction on your server. 3) Don't mind the learning curve that comes with all the difficulties involved. Now I will go through the list of pros and cons involved... Pros: 1) Truely being able to surprise your victim. BGs and Arena are filled with alert players that are just waiting to be jumped by stealthers. In turn, these pvp environments do not allow you to take full advantage of your stealth... being able to truely surprise your target is priceless. 2) Excitement! Nothing gets the adrenaline running faster that right before going in to attack a player in their own capital city. Can I kill him before other players kill me? Can I get away after I do? 3) Server Community returns! The old vannila days of WoW are gone and with it a feeling a server community. You are bring it back by developing a reputation as the guy that will not letting the opposite faction go afk, even in the cities they "should" feel the safest in. Cons: 1) NPCs in these capital cities will summon guards to attack you if you get within line of sight. The guards are tough and will not break agro on re-stealthing. They will net you, stun you, hit hard, and most of all give enemy players more time to train their sights on you. 2) You NEED to kill quick. If you don't burst your target down quick enough, it will of course increase the chances of other enemy players joining in the battle. This pvp enviornment is not condusive to long drawn out battles. 3) Be Prepared To Die... A Lot. Well die a lot at first that is. City Fighting requires a big learning curve. When you do get good at it you will kill them more than they kill you, which amounts to fun and success in my book. Things You Need To Know To City Fight Successfully 1) Kill Quickly/ Escape Quickly 2) Be aware of NPC locations and their LOS ranges to avoid guards being called on you. 3) Maximize your burst damage. The State of City Fighting Today: With MoP came a lot of changes to help and encourage City Fighting. Here is a list of some of them... 1) The new capital Pandarian cities ( Shrine of the Two Moons: Horde and Shrine of the Seven Stars : Alliance ) are NOT sanctuary cities! 2) These cities do NOThave roaming guards inside. They do however have roaming npcs that will in turn yell of guards ( Peacekeepers ) if you see you. 3) These cities are in contested territory! This is huge. In the old days of City Fighting you had to find a target with a PvP flag on them, because all the major cities were located in enemy territory. How To Handle Your Critics: " You're a real coward. I was AFK when you killed me". " Oh I'm sorry, I have no way of telling if you are afk. Next time I'll hop on with a character from your faction and ask you if you are ready before I attack you. " " All you do is attack people in here, do you ever leave, get a life!" " Sorry maybe I do need a life, but then again you making a character on my faction to smack talk is very rewarding to me and is all the encouragement I need to continue doing this. Thanks for restoring my faith. " " You're really bad at this, I've killed you tons of times." " Oh really, what is your name?" " You don't need to know my name." " That's what I thought, now go back to being afraid of me." If anyone has any questions about City Fighting or would like to start a "respectful" and "civilized" conversation about it.... the floor is open.Bigcity5 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Question about arena finishers 1) If I have garrote up, do I necessarily need hemo/rupture to be up on target as well? 2) Does recup still give energy? If so, should the rotation (non burst) be SnD, recup, then whatever? 3) 3% expertise or 6% expertise? Home ms is usally 30-60ms; world ms (in bgs) usually 50-80ms 4) For neck , wrist, and back I notice people (pros) get differing items. Ultimately does it just matter if it hits your hit and expertise requirements you set for yourself? This is sub pvp btwPoison11 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Blizzard: "Rogues aren't broken." I truly enjoy that companies like Riot will admit their faults and fix them accordingly in a timely fashion but Blizzard is like naw rogues you don't need Prep or SStep baseline. Naw you guys have good talents. We stay broken for two patches and then, "Oh rogues could use a bit of touching up I mean its not like there are less rogues than ret paladins.....oh wait...." TL;DR: Blizzard sucks at taking the blame when they mess crap up and now there are less rogues than one spec of one class. /endrantKerv39 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Seriously, Ghostcrawler? We need more soapyness, we're already too slippery. This has gone too far, the slipperyness is too damn high!Foxed6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 early levels rogue dungeon rotation I am leveling as assassination, and it seems after i put down the first all out of energy for the rest of the group..and have to rely on my SnD auto i doing this right? im only level 23, any pointers would be appreciative:).Voku2 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 A Few "Focksy" Vids! For your viewing pleasure(hopefully)! Not edited but not horrible so i hope yall enjoy some rogue pvp fun.. just some good ole fashioned random fun for the communityFocksy4 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 PVP: Combat going Sub Hey. So I bought my weapons back in the day before everyone figured out Sub would become viable with gear. So I have swords. Because Combat lulz. Anyway... as I'm going sub now... what do I stand to lose by PVPing as Sub with swords as opposed to sinking close to 4k conquest into a new pair of daggers?Alvaro13 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 as a sub rogue i want CnD Both for pvp and for PVE Ive been playing sub and enjoying it immensely lately. But I always find it annoying walkign up in stealthy, premed, get into position, ambush! with CnD i can just hit ambush and BAM im behind the target, not a big deal, but an ice quality of life change. in pvp i like hte option to "dig deep" and expend more CD's in exchange for more gap closers when i need it, instead of once every 24 seconds. its the same reason i kinda like preperation, allows you to "dig deep" and expend CD's more then youd be normally able to do.Sappey11 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 I could use some help! So, i've been wanting to level another rogue for a while. I have an 85 rogue on another server i no longer care to play on. I have quite a few questions i would love to have answered. (please no trolling). i've looked at many websites and asked a couple of high end players on my server. For PvE: 1. What spec is the best? 2. What weapons should i use for that spec? i.e. double daggers, slow MH & 1.8 OH, both slow weapons... ect. 3. Stat priority? 4. Best glyphs for different situations? 5. Rotation to maintain high dps? 6. Best talent choices? 7. Explain what poisons i need and how the new poisons work. (i haven't played a rogue since mid-cata) Thanks in advance for feedback! Yes, a lot of questions.. i know >.<Adrianä4 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Stealth issues I've experienced a few problems with stealth, as of tuesday. Me and my friend are sharing the same problems. We've been dueling to practice and get used to the new spec system, as well as doing battlegrounds. While in stealth, we will randomly get taken out. Granted, we're spec'ed into subterfuge, and sometimes that randomly pops and takes us out (Which is also a glitch problem, I'm assuming, seeing that we don't use abilities when this happens). But, the biggest issue I'm having, is that when I'm running around in stealth trying to find him in a duel, or randomly in a BG, the stealth buff fades, and I become exposed to any and all possibly attackers. I don't get why I'm being taken out of stealth for no reason. It's quite ridiculous, and I hope this is resolved soon. Now, another thing I dislike, and I hope this is a glitch as well, is that when I use Shadow Walk, it pops subterfuge, and I'm taken out of stealth. The way I look at this, is that subterfuge pops you 3 seconds after using an ability in stealth, but the description reads "after dealing or receiving hostile actions". How is Shadow Walk considered a "hostile action". It's a 6 second buff that increases my stealth so I have a better chance of finding an enemy rogue stealthed.Kriøse14 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 I want to break it down for you Give MY opinion on a few things. Just wanted to throw it out there that PVP is piss poor in general this season. Probably the worst yet (for amusement and I play show priest for pvp main by the way lol but rogue seems to be the least fun to play by far). The game ISN'T fun for rogue because of its mechanics. Ridiculous size of most AOE and classes which uncover stealth (hunter) have stealth? - Reduce the area of effect and make camo require complete stillness for the sake of stealth pvp. People being able to see stealth behind them if you pass too close - Retarded benefits such as blood worms getting parry? The spam of CC by every class. Same crap in every match below 1800. Mash all CDs, and try to blow one enemy up in 5 seconds or less! Movement impairing effects WRECKING this class - Try adding a new form of DR & something involving SHIV to remove the DR of crippling poison for us? Yes that would affect crippling poison... but I mean, the warrior and melee you're going to be in melee range with and they'll charge and death grip and kite /earth-bind you anyway as needed. Not to mention cripp psn doesn't affect charge/heroic leap/druids/monk rolls/ Casters slow is probably better than yours... and when you catch them they'll just pop a shield of sorts and wait for the next blink/stun/slow/fear etc. to come off CD. Straight up in over 4000+ duels over countless characters I've gotta say 1v1 class advantages have never been so glaring and obvious. (Yes I am aware the "game isn't balanced for 1v1" but this situation happens in arenas and battlegrounds, sorry for offending your ears my elitest highnesses.) I am not QQing or anything, but I feel that modifying these would give rogues and other weaker classes a boost WHILE removing a lot of annoyance from pvp.Chabee2 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 What are some good add-ons for Rogues? I have the basic add-ons like DBM, Recount, etc. But what are some good rogue specific mods? Thanks in advance. Edit: I meant pvp.Aêon8 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 5.2 Ranged Rogue pvp idk if its good for arenas/rbg but man is it fun as hell in bgs atm on ptr. some of the most 'fun' ive had on my rogue in awhile 170 energy assassin burst of speed shuriken toss deadly throw baseline prep its silly fun atmNailbomb7 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Pro tips but specifics :) (pvp) Just want some advice..... Do you swap out poisons depending on who you are facing ? What poisons do you generally use... When getting trained on... I use feint and combat readiness and try and get away with some abilties... gouges..etc... but id love some thoughts on how to get away from a warrior or DK... because once they open on you it's pretty much over because I can't toe to toe or get away too easily... Also advice on healers Just some tips... I am getting better just by playing.. but some general strategy would be great..Perforate6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Too many CPs too easily during SB. Help! When I cast my cooldown macro. /cast Lifeblood /cast Vendetta /cast Shadow Blades /use Virmen's bite I have rupture up, 5 combo point's ready, and I'm pooling waiting for the Envenom. I use Envenom, I mutilate twice Vanish, mutilate Blindside up to 3 times depending on the proc during this whole process I still have envenom buff, but I've generated at least 2 finishers worth of CPs, maybe even three All during a single envenom buff. Is it a DPS lose for me to not use Envenom when I have the CPs or should I stick to this fluid rotation because I still have the envenom buff up? If I want to, I can even prep and vanish again for another free mutilate. Resulting in 4 mutilates with a possible 4 blindsides. If this is true I would have used envenom before the second vanish to refresh the buff. So my question about clipping envenom still exists.Armament10 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Request transmog help here Since they're clogging up the rating thread, I thought maybe I'd try to split these kinds of topics off and consolidate them. Can't find that pair of shoulders to complete your look? Need a dagger to go with your theme? Turn it over to the rogue community and see what the power of the forums can do. Use this topic to look for help, or to give help to someone else. I'll go first... Since the boots that went with this armor were killed in the Lich King patch, where can I find some boots that will compliment it, or at least not horribly clash? I've been sidelined so I haven't been able to look in game for about a week, but maybe you guys have some ideas.Ryssia4 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Would you rather have Prep or lowered CDs? Looking for feedback.Wowthinker25 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 worth it?... Hey guys i know im only level 89 and i hear a lot of people complaining about rogues at lvl 90 i also know they are tweaking them in 5.2 basically will it be worth investing my time gearing up my rogue for 5.2?Urbanambush6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 LF advice on handling adds in Brawler fight. Hey, so I've been stuck on Dominika Illusionist lady for too long. I feel like I've been trying every strat I can think of with the whole CoS--->Prep--->CoS thing and all. But I am struggling to kill enough adds to keep from being overwhelmed without losing concentration on the main boss. I've tried nuking her from the start, I've tried backing her into a corner and popping blade flurry, and using smoke bomb to lure in the adds. But no matter what, the adds keep spawning in faster than I can kill them. Is there any other way I can handle the adds, without losing much on the boss?Vardyn1 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Hunters just got more interesting to fight ... ... ...Matoshooter6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Does mongoose still double buff?? If i enchant both weapons with mongoose will it still apply 2 buffs?Pmg6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Smoke Bomb. Can somebody confirm this because Im not actually 100% sure. Say Im DPS a target, stunlock target etc.. I chuck a smoke bomb down, does this mean, that healers, and other enemies are unable to; 1) Target myself and any party member inside the Smoke Bomb, (Does target / focus target drop?) 2) Are enemy players able to target and heal there party members if they are locked down inside the Smoke Bomb? And this is a question for you guys in relation to Smoke Bombs use in PvP. When do you use it in regards too; i) Vanishing/Restealthing? (Is it possible? and is there enough time to achieve this?) ii) What useful teamwork traits can this ability provide? Thanks.Kãhn7 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 QoL vanish change If it's gonna keep bugging out on us, could you make it like the priests fade thing where we just can't be targeted by ranged (and melee) attacks? Or would that have some other consequences or w/eSinzx4 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 is rogues going to be op in 5.2 hey my currently playing a warrior atm they going to nerf warrior soon and umm I was thinking umm of making a rogue since I heard umm they may be op ?Micheljföx6 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 sub slow offhand? Greetings fellow rogues! Just coming back from a hiatus and my guildies ran me through normal MSV, the dagger and the fist weapon dropped, is there any advantage in duel weilding daggers? Or is it entirely feasible to wear Mainhand dagger/offhand fist weapon? Ive done a general search on the topic but I havent found anything. Thanks!Apathey17 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Rogues... so whats the deal? PvP I have logged onto my rogue twice since the beginning of MoP. Where do we stand currently in comparison to other classes as far as PvP is concerned? Are rogues wanted in RBGs/Arena? I have been snooping around the arena rankings and it seems as though rogues are almost no where to be found on top teams. Do you think things will change with the release of patch 5.2? Thank you all for the feedback and I will be keeping a close eye on this thread!Swaggerqt5 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 glyph of poison smoke Smoke bomb applies all poisons to anyone who enter.Kealrix16 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Rogue PvP I have just decided to make a rogue for PvP, I have BoA and everything. As far as leveling so far I am doing fine, I was just wondering from other "expert" rogues if its really as nerfed as they say during PvP :P As of now, I seem to leveling as well as any other class I have createdBigchill7 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 A trick with HnR I know its going away but in case you didnt know if you HnR to a place then get CCed right after you can manually cancel the buff to port back to your original location even though you cannot click the actual skill.Timat5 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Para-Para-Paralytic Poison Have you guys given paralytic a shot? I just recently hit 90 due to my computer being broken down, and I've decided to give it a shot and so far I'm loving it. Being glyphed for Dirty Tricks and having a free crippling poison, it's only competitors are leeching and Prey on the Weak. And let's face it, leeching poison... sucks. Sure 10% extra damage is during our stunlock is nice and all, but this paralytic poison thing procs way more often that I thought it would. And the rooting, ugh, genius. So what'dya guys think of it? edit: I don't find it to be very viable in arena, with all the switching and peeling and bla bla. But for wpvp and bgs, it's fun.Stab18 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 WHOA!!! What's up with Shiruken Toss?!?!?! I got torn up by a couple of rogues today, enough that i remembered to ask this. I mean ...i was FCing and I could just not get away, usually i get away from everything. Did something change or did I just run into a very clever usage ..or what? It's not like that happens all the time. My main is a rogue but I shelved him after I got him to 90 after being sick of being energy starved all the time. This was awesome usage ...although i guess it wasn't really good for me at the time.Hulagirl17 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 DPS? Alright, so I'm not really one to start threads but this is an exception. I feel, yes, that we have been nerf'd. I've been scouring websites looking at ways to increase my DPS when I realized something: I have no idea what the common DPS is this expansion. Sometimes I'm at the top of tank fights, and sometimes I'm dead last. So, I ask all of you who are generous enough to peruse the forums and care to answer: What's your DPS/ilevel at? I'm a 460 combat rogue that can pull anywhere from 36-46k depending on buffs and such. I've seen boomkins and fury warriors annihilate me in dps, pulling around 75k. Are they the exception or the standard? While I would love to start another rogue crying thread (trust me, I've been sobbing myself over my class), I'd like to keep it relatively on topic, staying positive.Joyia16 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Anyone who can clarify what's going on here? I'm being serious too, not trying to be funny or sarcastic. I have played this game since it first came out, back when I was in high school. You know, the time when it felt like playing a certain class actually FELT like that class. So let me try to spell out what I'm asking for. What does Blizzard think makes us a "Rogue" class now days? Well, first we have our stealth, where it no longer matters to even be in stealth anymore half the time to do proper DPS ( f you can call it proper). We no longer get any buffs from 1stealth (only through a talent) and a handful of other classes also have a stealth now too, so I don't feel all that sneaky anymore. Our poisons that we use have been reduced to only 4 types (understanding that they are better/different versions now) but are still counted as magic damage and can easily be cleaned up after all our hard work of applying and keeping them up. Other classes have much better dots, some of which don't even have to be chosen over the other's, but oh well. How about those awesome bleeds we get from our attacks. My Rputure tells me at 5 CP's it will tick for almost 3k damage. A dot from a warrior I had today told me i was suffering 200 bleed damage a second when i was being hit for 4k (7k when it crit). what about our awesome escapes we have? What, you mean vanish and cloak of shadows. well every 2 mins we can vanish for 3 seconds before being exposed from dots, and if you happened to pop cloak to try to save yourself, too bad, there was a bleed too that keeps you from getting away. Our "Amazing" control is all to easily broken by ANY damage source and can't even be used in combat half the time due to stupid people AoEing everyone. (Sap can't hit targets in combat). That leaves Blind (which you have to make remove all DoTs (since other classes don't have to :/) and Gouge (which can't even remove DoTs). Heaven forbid you receive help from a team in a 2 on 1 fight, right Blizzard? At this point I don't even care about the damage I do to players, and being able to kill anything I want to, but I feel as a rogue I should be more slippery then something you ignore because they don't do anything to you can you can burst down last. All in all, I just don't feel like a rogue anymore. I dont need to stealth, I'm not very mobile, terrible survivability, and sub par escapes. It defeats the purpose of putting me in stealth and chaingin stuns to lock down someone if any other class can hit a button and stun for just as long, not break due to damage, crit me for over half my health, and Im sitting in the middle of a BG with nothing to do but wait and die. Where's the sneaky rogue here Blizzard, why does this even make you think for a second this is what a stealth character should be like?Jimmyfalcon1 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Can anyone confirm... (PvE question) So I'm a combat rogue, but looking to go to Assassination or Subtelty, which is two daggers. Unfortunately, I don't have any daggers (and don't want to buy it off the auction house/not exalted with Klaxxi). Can anyone confirm if I go in as combat, on the first boss of Mogu'Shan Vaults (the Stone Guard), am I eligible for the dagger there as combat? Or do I have to be in subtelty/Assassination spec?Nabbs9 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Need help boosting Rogue Dps Okay i'm a SEMI new player (i started playing around august). Every time I get in a dungeon, the healer has a higher DPS than I do. I really need some good advice to boost my Dps greatly! I'm an assassination rogue and my usual rotation is that I open with Cheap shot, use Vendetta, use Ambush, then I use Rupture, Expose Armor, Mutilate twice, Then I use Slice and Dice, Then use Dispatch, Mutilate twice again, Then Envenom and repeat......Sneakysalad6 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Questions for the Arena Rogue I have recently started doing arenas and having huge fun with it. I always want to be better at it. Could you guys give me some pointers? My 3s guys ask me to use Tricks of the trade. I havent been and we have been doing ok. Should I? I would have to macro it out, do you guys know how to do that? Also, wound poison, worth using at all or depends on the fight? I am usually rolling with and Deadly. 2 more questions lol I use blind quite often to get someone off my back. Since I dont know other classes very well I RARELY use gouge. Do you guys use it for an interupt? Is there an addon that could help with that? thanks for the help guysArlandis4 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Question: Gear & Gemming for Arenas I was hoping someone with substantial pvp experience in MoP could go over my armory page and tell me whether I'm optimized properly for arenas in terms of stat priorities, and gemming.Orphello0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Combat Rogue Question I am currently working on a new rogue (haven't played rogue since early LK) and I noticed that nearly all combat rogues are using a fast offhand dagger. With [Combat Potency] I thought it would be better to have a slow offhand weapon? Is this not true?Italiancolpo22 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 I can pick locks damit! So my rogue has picked the lock to Kara, the HFP citadel, the one instance over there at the Dranari spaceship Tempest keep what ever, and other fortresses both seemingly magical and/or technological, but my rouge can't pick the lock on some homemade cage? I mean really lock picking isn't good for much anymore, in all fairness rogues should be able to, and should have always been able to use lock picking to complete the "free x of y from a cage quests". It is totally in line with the class, seeing as we have LOCK PICKING as an ability.Hanson10 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 we think of random things for rogues. Just for fun, of course. Subtlety rogues should be able to put combo points on all enemies. Not all at one time, of course. As in switching from target to target, and each one retaining a separate combo-point score. And they could have an ability specific to them to use them all in a killing spree/mass eviscerate ability. Glyph turns it from from mass eviscerate to mass rupture. Glyph of Disguise let's you keep the disguise in combat, but for shorter time frame. Say, 2 minutes. Combat spec should have an ability to grow a pirate hat out of nowhere, and your weapons turn into swords. Rogues die in an explosion of poison, that causes people's cornflakes to be stepped in, coating them in a tracking thingy that let's rogues find them easier. Rogues could summon other rogues for instant gankage.Sneakattakk1 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 For sub rogues. I find that to burst someone this is very effective. Prem SnD < Cheapshot < rupture < ShD < ambush and eviscerate. You can pop your pvp trinket with it, but I would say not going with Shadowed Blades, cause that's better seperate IMO. Once again, I find this is the best way to burst, and you can blind/sap while doing it as well as using garrote and cheapshot for added control. What's your way of bursting?Aêon1 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Rogue or Hunter? I don't know which class to play when 5.2 releases. Can anyone help me decide?Bartimes4 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Shouldn't sub be about poisons? Assassination is the main poison spec, but shouldn't subtetly be? I mean think about it. What is an assassin? Is it really somebody who runs around smashing poison vials into peoples faces screaming, "EAT THAT YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!" It is somebody who dispatches a target quickly and silently. Fast effecient kills, and clean get away tactics. Vendetta is good indication of this, you focus your target, and you proceed to kill the marked man, and vanish out of sight. Now Subtetly is all about being.. subtle.. unseen, unknown. You poison the corrupt dictators meal without being noticed, because you don't want to comprimise your plan. If you charged in there and force fed your target poison, well of course you're going to be seen, known, and alerted to. You use guerilla warfare to jab at a target, and run away, watching them stumble around as they bleed to death. (Although sub's bleed damage is so low, druid rip ticks hit harder at 80) I honestly think that these two specs should swap, assasination should be more about burst, and sub about sustained. Sub should have venemous wound energy regen procs from rupture and garrote (Shadowdance allows garrote more frequently, and Sang Vein makes using rupture more attractive), and eviscerate should refresh rupture on the target. Assasin should have SnD recovery, with their ability to refresh SnD after every envenom, allowing for more constant, and reliable energy regen. Then, swap masteries for poison damage > finisher. Also, add bleed damage increase to poison damage as well. Better yet, just roll it intoSurrent17 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Rogue Specs (PvE/PvP) Hello all. Just recently started leveling my rogue again after 2 years of not playing her, and I found myself to be completely confused. I'm trying to level her up ASAP (solo, questing.) and when she gets 90, she will probably be a PvP character. My main questions are... what do you find to be the best rogue spec for PvP? Rotations? what about PvE? Rotations?Blimpers5 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Shadowdance bar Is there a way to set-up the 'dance' bar so that is not just my current 'stealth' bar? is Woundmans post on AJ telling how to do it, but I cannot seem to get that to work -_- What are the rest of you doing for Shadowdance bars?Biits3 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 5.2 PTR Transmog Restriction laxed. With all the talk of the new talents this one seems to have been overlooked. You can now transmog Swords / axes / maces. Unfortunately, as we suspected. Fist weapons are not a part of these new rules which sucks for us combat Rogues as all we've got are fists to work with. Also Legendaries are not allowed to/from. Tried with my TF.Zushiba7 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Whats wrong with rogues? So I am a pretty big fan of rogue pvp (It comes second only to warrior) and I have done some serious rogue playing in cata but when mop came out I decided to level my other stuff first because well all the other classes were getting new shiny stuff and rogues were staying pretty much the same as usual. ( not to complain about it. I love rogues even without the changes ) Now I'm thinking of getting back around to my rogue and I see that they are getting a lot of attention from devs and players. I hear a lot of players complain about rogue these days. I hear things like WAAA!! We never change!! ( which i dont mind ) and also things like All I do is tickle people all day long then vanish away when I find that I can't make them pee themselves or I'm more squishy than rotten banana. When it comes to survivability, well OF COURSE OUR SURVIVABILITY WAS NERFED FROM CATAS! recup was fricking rediculous in cata ( though very fun ). As far as damage goes I really don't know how they're doing these days but I assume they keep up in the raids. So what is the deal? Why so many QQ? Yes we did get a lame dps cooldown move as our cap ability but we also got the rarely useful shroud of concealment with it. Yes some rogue talents do fall short of where they should have been but the new talent/glyph/poison interraction and customization is amazing. Yes we are generally the same but with so many improvements. What is the problem?Kealrix17 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Which poisons for mutilate PvP I'm actually, quite liking my rogue in 85-90 bg's. I'm Assassination right now and the damage is pretty good (taking into account though my mastery's about 90% or something so a bit out of whack i'd guess). Two questions, What does mastery sit around at 90? Do we use Deadly/MN with the 4 set? So no wound poison again for mut?Hwii18 Jan 6, 2013