Nov 4 Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 7.3 Retribution Paladin Guide This guide is written mainly for players new to playing retribution in arena / PvP. Guide is also posted in a different format on: Talents In the talent picture I selected talents that I use as default in arena. Talents should be changed every arena match depending on what composition you're playing, what you're up against, and what strategy you and your opponent might execute. Read below for a more detailed explanation on talent choices. Level 15: Highly Recommended: Final Verdict This increases your Final Verdict damage by 20%. Currently the other 2 talents just don't beat out the damage you can gain from Final Verdict in a PvP scenario. Level 30 Recommended: Zeal Crusader strike is rarely used on CD in PvP, this makes Fires of Justice a bit more lackluster. Rarely do Rets run out of globals for things to do in PvP, making the longer CD on Zeal not much of a problem allowing it to buff our Crusader Strike damage significantly without a big cost. Due to this, Zeal will almost always do more damage than the other talents on this tier other than extremely specific situations. Greater Judgment is useful in fast games but keep in mind Crits have reduced effect in PvP. Over a long-game unless the other team was above 50% HP the entire game and you were getting kited a lot Zeal will be superior. Level 45 Recommended: Fist of Justice Logic here for Fist is very similar to WoD, the other 2 talents are mostly used if you want to strategize around them. Repentance is somewhat improved in the fact that it doesn't use the CD if you cast it on a Beast, but you'll require a lot of effort to land it especially on Druids. Blind is essentially the same as before, not very useful unless you want to rush a game. Level 60 Recommended: Blade of Wrath or Divine Hammer Blade of Wrath provides the best consistent damage and also good holy power generation. Crits are also 150% in PvP, making Virtue's Blade much worse than it would be in PvE. Divine Hammer is used if you play in a composition where AOE damage is useful. It should be used against any teams that you believe will generally be stacked such as melee cleaves. As long as Divine Hammer can occasionally hit 2+ targets it will beat out Blade of Wrath in terms of overall damage. Level 75 Recommended: Any Justicar's Vengeance has a lot of synergy with Divine Purpose. Basically, you use it with the proc or when the target is stunned. This talent is excellent especially in 2v2, when you hit healers a lot during stuns. Eye for an Eye should be picked against any kind of physical damage team that will focus you. Word of Glory is an okay choice against DOT cleaves that has a no physical damage component to it. Generally used when the other 2 is useless due to taking Crusade and no physical damage taken. Level 90 Recommended: Divine Intervention and Divine Steed Divine Intervention is an increase to our survivability. Not having to press Bubble when we get low is like a large indirect increase to our health-pool pre-bubble. This is generally my default talent. However, our Mobility is horrible, and having at least one talent to help it is nice. If you plan to for example, chase a Mistweaver Monk in 2v2 you should use the mobility talents instead. Level 100 Recommended: Divine Purpose or Crusade Holy Wrath now does 35% of your missing HP as damage. This is still decent burst, but with the long CD mixed in Divine Purpose will almost always be superior outside of 2v2 Skirmishes or Duels. Crusade requires a ramp up time but is our highest damage burst talent in this tier. If you don't expect to get CC'd too much during your wings choose Crusade. Glyphs Removed Artifact Traits 1. Wake of Ashes 2. Blade of Light 3-5. Righteous Blade x3 6. Unbreakable Will 7. Protector of the Ashen Blade 8. Ashes to Ashes 9-11. Deliver the Justice x3 12-14. Sharpened Edge x3 15-17. Deflection x3 18. Echo of the Highlord 19-21. Wrath of the Ashbringer x3 22-24. Highlord's Judgment x3 25-26. Embrace the Light x3 27. Divine Tempest 28. Healing Storm 29-32. Might of the Templar x3 33. Endless Resolve 34. Ashbringer's Light 35. Ferocity of the Silver Hand 36-39. Righteous Verdict 40. Blessing of the Ashbringer 41. Judge Unworthy 42. Wrath of the Ashbringer (4th point) 43-44. Might of the Templar and Righteous Blade (4th points) 45-etc. Any of the (4th points) until ConcordanceVanguardy580 Nov 4
Apr 11 [Legion] Protection Paladin Guide Welcome to Prot Paladin Guide for Legion. Full guide in proper formatting available here : Mini TL;DR ...To Skip to Discussion : ... Abilities Offensive Shield of the Righteous Charges: Somewhat reskinned Holy Power since we can still consume it with seraphim (if talented) and it’s still the only ~resource~ we actively generate. Shield of the Righteous: 16 sec CD, reduced by haste and Judgment. Active Mitigation (AM) of protection paladins. Starting with legion it also works in reducing magical damage so it somewhat makes up for loss of of divine protection. SotR also interacts with level 100 Seraphim talent, which consumes charges (including partial) for short term buff. Avenger’s Shield: 15 sec CD, reduced by haste and reset by Grand Crusader procs. One of the key dps abilities we have, going to Legion from WoD we lose the 2 extra bounces (until we obtain legendary for it), but with an artifact trait, it can also do a small aoe pulse around each target hit; therefore we can safely pick up adds from range. Furthermore it interrupts initial target, making caster npcs come to us. Hammer of the Righteous: 4.5 sec CD, reduced by haste. Our filler ability; does extra aoe when we’re standing in consecration and has a chance to trigger Grand Crusader to reset Avenger’s Shield cooldown. When talented into Consecrated Hammer it always AoEs and when talented into Blessed Hammer, it always summons a hammer which does two full spins around us, being able to hit targets multiple times. Judgment: 6 sec CD, reduced by haste. Each cast reduces cooldown on SotR, thus making Judgment our “resource generator”. Critical hits reduce the CD by twice as much. Consecration: 9 sec CD, reduced by haste. AoE pulse ability which does not follow us, furthermore increases our SotR and Light of the Protector by 20% when we are standing in it. It’s important to note that this is multiplicative x1.2 not flat 20% increase, so 35% healing will go to 42% instead of 55%. Avenging Wrath: 2 min CD - 20 sec duration, increases damage and healing by 35%. Blessings Blessing of Protection: 5 min CD. Prevents all physical damage for 10 seconds, while also dropping threat from the target. Does not prevent target from attacking. Blessing of Sacrifice: 2.5 min CD. Redirects 30% of the damage taken by target to you for 12 seconds. Blessing of Spellwarding: (Talent) 3 min CD. Replaces Blessing of Protection, prevents all magical dmg to the target for 10 seconds, does not drop threat from target. Defensive Light of the Protector: 15 sec cd, reduced by haste. Key defensive ability along with SotR. Heals us for 25% of Missing health. Further buffed by standing in consecration and artifact abilities. Ardent Defender: 2 min CD. Reduces all damage by 20% for 8 sec. If you are to die during it’s duration it prevents the killing blow and brings you up to 12% health. Cooldown further reduced by artifact traits, making it one of more frequently used defensives. Guardian of Ancient Kings: 5 min CD. Reduces all damage by 50% for 8 sec. Due to increased CD one of the more tactical cooldowns, yet still one of the strongest. Lay on Hands: 10 min CD. Heals for your maximum health. Longest cooldown of all defensive abilities, making it generally a last resort spell. Can also be cast on allies to prevent death. Eye of Tyr: 1 min CD. Artifact ability, causes damage around you, and reduces damage taken from those enemies by 25% for 9 seconds. Important to make sure that the dmg you want to reduce is cast by the target being affected and it’s not too far away. Divine Shield: 5 min CD. Prevents all damage for 8 seconds, but removes all threat for the duration. Important to taunt the target right before casting in order to get 3 sec of aggro on the boss in single target situations, dangerous to use in AoE without final stand. Flash of Light: 16% max mana, 1.5 sec cast time no cd. Heal to top yourself off while questing, has little use while in combat outside of possibly healing yourself when out of range of healers or sitting in Divine Shield. Talents Level 15 - Tier 1 Holy Shield: (Passive) Increases your block chance, allows you to block spells, and your successful blocks deal Holy damage to your attacker. Mostly used for defensive reasons, especially against dots. Problematic to use against magic nuke’s as you can not rely on it activating. Blessed Hammer: Throws a Blessed Hammer that spirals outward, dealing Holy damage to enemies that it hits, and causing them to deal 15% less damage to you on their next auto attack. Highest DPS talent in the row, and the best one for survival vs physical damage. Can hit same target multiple times, applying damage reduction each time. Spins Clockwise. Consecrated Hammer: (Passive) Hammer of the Righteous has no cooldown. Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous, and Light of the Protector now always gain the benefit of Consecration. Not particularly useful unless you want a faster rotation, or experience issues picking up mobs with baseline abilities. Level 30 - Tier 2 First Avenger: : (Passive) Increases the damage of Avenger's Shield by 50% to the first target, and increases the chance for its remaining cooldown to be reset by abilities and talents by 10%. With 7.1 you no longer suffer the penalty of not hitting other targets, and more frequent grand crusader procs will help you be competitive with Bastion of Light on dps in multi-target encounter. Bastion Of Light: 2 min CD - Immediately grants 3 charges of Shield of the Righteous. Good synergy for burst set up, especially if used with Seraphim. With the recent changes, it no longer gets de-sync'd from our other cooldowns, which drastically increases it's single target dps value. Crusader’s Judgment: (Passive) Completely re-designed in 7.1 : Judgment has two charges, and each Grand Crusader adds one charge back. This is good for our survival on big pulls, however, the gameplay is somewhat problematic, as we have to spend a lot more globals on using single target ability, in a multi-target setting. Level 45 - Tier 3 Fist of Justice: (Passive) Judgment reduces the remaining cooldown on Hammer of Justice by 10 sec. Can be useful if encounter has stunnable adds. Repentance: Forces an enemy target to meditate, incapacitating the target and dealing up to a maximum of 25% of the target's health in damage over 1 min. Soft Crowd Control (CC) that slowly deals damage. Doesn’t have a lot of use. Blinding Light: Emits dazzling light in all directions, blinding enemies within 10 yards, dealing Holy damage and causing them to wander disoriented for 6 sec. Non-Holy damage will break the disorient effect. Instant damage and AoE CC. Due to most abilities (Except Auto Attacks and primary target HotR) dealing holy damage, can keep mobs CCed for the entire duration, while you continue to do damage. Level 60 - Tier 4 Blessing of Spellwarding: Places a blessing on a party or raid member, protecting them from all magical attacks for 10 sec. Similar to Hand of Protection, which it replaces, except instead of Physical damage it prevents Magical damage. Cavalier: (Passive) Divine Steed has 2 charges. Fairly good for mobility. Retribution Aura: You deal Holy damage to any enemy whose melee attack strikes a party or raid member within 60 yards. With 7.1 changes to remove tank restriction, this is now the only talent in the row that gives us damage. Level 75 - Tier 5 Hand of the Protector: Calls down the Light to heal a friendly target for 25% of the target's missing health. Reduces CD and allows you to cast LotP on other players. Knight Templar: (Passive) Reduces the cooldown of Divine Steed by 50% and reduces all damage taken while mounted on your Divine Steed by 20%. Good if you require extra mobility, or if you need a 20% DR cooldown with frequent access. Final Stand: (Passive) When you use Divine Shield, you also taunt all targets within 15 yards for 8 sec. Questionably usable talent, which is likely only to be needed if you need AoE taunt. Level 90 - Tier 6 Aegis of Light: 5 Min CD - Channels an Aegis of Light that protects you and all allies standing within 10 yards behind you for 6 sec, reducing all damage taken by 20%. Awkward placement and long CD, but can be useful in some fights. Judgment of Light: (Passive) Judgment now applies Judgment of Light to the target, causing the next 40 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker. Low healing, but can help people not tick down from weakest dmg. Generally the go to talent in tier. Consecrated Ground: (Passive) Up to 6 allies standing within your Consecration receive healing every sec, and enemies within your Consecration have 50% reduced movement speed. Even lower healing than JoL, and only works on melee, but can be useful if you need to kite adds on a fight. Level 100 - Tier 7 Righteous Protector: (Passive) Shield of the Righteous reduces the remaining cooldown on Light of the Protector and Avenging Wrath by 3 sec. Default talent on ST fights, or anything with adds not lasting a long time. Also works with HotP, which allows you to use it very frequently. Seraphim:The Light temporarily magnifies your power, increasing your Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, and Versatility. Consumes up to 2 charges of Shield of the Righteous, and lasts 8 sec per charge. Extremely useful for dps, but not that effective for survival. Can be used with partial SotR charges. Last Defender: (Passive) Each enemy within 8 yards reduces the damage that you take and increases the damage that you deal by 3%. Good on multi-target fights, or anything with large packs of adds that are clumped together.Liminara205 Apr 11
Jan 10 Retribution (7.0.3) - Updated 8/4/16 ____________________________________________________________________ Retribution, an In-Depth Guide for PvE (7.0.3) Most recent update: 8/4/2016 ____________________________________________________________________ NOTICE - 8/11/16: I will not be supporting this guide throughout the Legion expansion due to time-consuming developments in school & career requiring most of my focus. After maintaining this thread for so long, it's difficult to just stop, but I will not have time to stay on top of everything that happens in the Retribution community for a while. I will continue to lurk on the forums and be around in-game (and in the Paladin Discord!) to answer questions, but perhaps not quite as often. Thankfully, this is far from the only Retribution Paladin resource! I greatly suggest following Rebdull's Retribution guide on Wowhead, which is updated for level 110 ( Thete's video guides are also a good source of information for those who prefer that format ( Furthermore, you should make use of the Paladin Discord. All of the information you'll need for that can be located here: Fight on, my beautiful /hairflipping Paladin brothers and sisters. (╯°□°)╯ ____________________________________________________________________ ... This is a Retribution Paladin DPS guide focused on providing a thorough understanding of the spec. This guide is a constant WIP and is being edited regularly. Check back often for updates. This guide is made possible by the collective efforts of the Paladin theorycrafting community, especially Solsacra and mserrano. While generally accepted as correct, much of the information provided here is ultimately theoretical and should be taken as suggestion, not gospel. Changes are noted in the change log (post 11). Thank you and have a nice day. :) ____________________________________________________________________ Author Information I am currently playing as Chrissinger (formerly: Svayne, Qris) @ US-Area 52. Paladin since Wrath, Retribution since Cataclysm. I maintained this guide since March 2011, but am not currently supporting it for Legion. The easiest way to get my attention is via Twitter @mfwchris. ____________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents ____________________________________________________________________ • X ... Glossary • 1 ... What's new in Legion? • 2 ... Talents • 3 ... Rotation - 3.1 ... Single Target - 3.2 ... Multiple Target - 3.3 ... Cooldown Usage • 4 ... Greater Blessings • 5 ... Utility - 5.1 ... Defensive - 5.2 ... Healing Spells - 5.3 ... Blessings - 5.4 ... Miscellaneous • 6 ... Tier Set Bonuses • 7 ... Gearing - 7.1 ... Stat Priority - 7.2 ... Gems - 7.3 ... Enchants • 8 ... Consumables • 9 ... Races - 9.1 ... Alliance - 9.2 ... Horde • 10 .. Mechanics • 11 .. Addons & Macros - 11.1 .. Addons - 11.2 .. WeakAuras • 12 .. Frequently Asked ?s • 13 .. Other Resources • 14 .. Change Log ____________________________________________________________________ Glossary ____________________________________________________________________ AtA .... Ashes to Ashes AW .... Avenging Wrath BoF .... Blessing of Freedom BoJ .... Blade of Justice BoP .... Blessing of Protection BoW .... Blade of Wrath CD .... Cooldown CS .... Crusader Strike DI .... Divine Intervention DP .... Divine Purpose DS .... Divine Storm (or Divine Shield) EfaE .... Eye for an Eye EotH .... Echo of the Highlord ES .... Execution Sentence FoJ .... Fist of Justice FoL .... Flash of Light FV .... Final Verdict GBoK .... Greater Blessing of Kings GBoM .... Greater Blessing of Might GBoW .... Greater Blessing of Wisdom GCD .... Global Cooldown GJ .... Greater Judgment HoJ .... Hammer of Justice HoPo .... Holy Power HW .... Holy Wrath JV .... Justicar's Vengeance LoH .... Lay on Hands SoL .... Seal of Light SoV .... Shield of Vengeance TFoJ .... The Fires of Justice TV .... Templar's Verdict WoA .... Wake of Ashes WoG .... Word of Glory ____________________________________________________________________Svayne783 Jan 10
Oct 20 Complete Paladin Transmogrifier Gear Guide <><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><> What is Transmogrification? "The Ethereals, emerging from the nether, will bring with them a new technology they call Transmogrification. They’re heading to the capital cities of Azeroth to set up shop and to offer adventurers a unique service -- copying the appearance of one magical item onto another. They only ask for a modest gold donation to recoup their costs." From what we have been told, an item can be re-skinned into an older, maybe cooler looking, piece of equipment. Example: "Tier 12 to look like Tier 2" What can be Transmogrified? "Placing an item into the Transmogrifier interface will offer a preview of how the item will appear once the change is applied. However, not all item pairings are compatible with Transmogrification. In general, only items that have stats can be used in the transmogrification process. You must also be able to wear both items when using this service. Ethereals don’t have much in the way of ethics, but allowing someone to appear as if they’re equipping unusable items crosses the line." Example: Plate to Plate; Mace to Mace; Staff to Staff; etc, etc. Wait! We can not modify Immolation Faceguard to Crown of Destruction? No. It is a safe assumption that the designers do not want cloth casters to appear as plate wearers or vice versa. This also includes set items such as "Warlock," "Hunter," "Mage," and "Shaman." Example: As a Paladin we can not wear Death Knight armor sets, but we can find same model items to transmogrify to. That is why this thread is being created - after all. A Short Note: Items will be required to have stats as well, Ethereals will not waste their time on Frost-Rimed Cloth Hat or Weather Beaten Buckler. This could be changed down the road, if business looks promising. A Short Note: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Shadowmourne, or Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros will not be able to be transmogrified at initial launch. The complexity of these magical items currently surpass the knowledge held by the Ethereals. A Short Note: Tired of leveling in that old dusty Bind on Account gear? Well do not worry, BoA gear can be transmogrified! It is important to understand that transmogrified gear is character side only. You can not transmogrify your gear, mail it to an alt and look like you're in Tier 12 at level 10. But you are more than welcome to collect quest items, build an outfit, and transmogrify at your hearts content! A Short Note: Weapon art will be the only thing that is transmogrified. If you have a weapon with Power Torrent and transmogrify it to another weapon with, say crusader, the transmogrified weapon will show up with Power Torrent. <><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><> ... <><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><> All ideas, armor sets, and unique weapons are welcome! Start bragging about your favorite armor configurations! A Short Note: The Dark Moon will be bringing back some novelty items in 4.3; so get ready for some skee ball and collect those tickets! PvP Gear and Tier 3 is likely returning.[/i] Duplicate skins shared on two or more items will be listed in order of ease to acquire. <><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><> Ðj326 Oct 20
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Paladins: Please Read! Welcome to the Paladin forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the paladin class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
3h Possible Blood Knight exclusive set in BfA Look at his armor in 3D. Are the pieces datamined? I hope this is our Blood Knight set, more points if Blood Elf only. Looks so gorgeousDawnsong10 3h
5h Zandalari paladins We need more forums like this. With the recent talks about how blizz is oaying close attention on the forums and how they hear all those caped high elfs thread, i feel the need to bring back the hype for good old zandalari paladins. As a horde we dont get alot of chances to get a race that can be paladins. With the way its looking future allied races will prob be along the lines of other trolls, tauren and so forth. Zandalari fit the bill we know rhe lore works the culture works. We need them it would work so well. The only thing im nervouse about is one race being a druid, shaman, and paladin. Other then that i see no problem. Give alliance whatever they want. Give them wildhammers who can be druid, shaman and pally and then we good. Anyone else want zandalari paladin tell me why!Dawnsworn33 5h
5h I commend you for doing Prot pally Mage Tower No seriously, I commend you and especially if you did it in less than 920 because wow. I've got several of the MT's down on various toons and did Kruul the first time on my Guardian druid without any of the good leggos at 915 GS with a metric ton of luck, due to the complete RNG and bug-fest that is the Kruul fight. I probably wouldn't still have it on my druid if the stars didn't align granting me less bugs on that last attempt. Granted this is just an alt of a alt and I'm probably not as focused to get it and I also don't have a ton of experience with the pally so a lot of the abilities are not on twitch level yet. um..wheres that hand of Ardent defender button again... lol oh yeah there it is... I pushed this toon to even 945 gs and still can only manage at best 5-7% on Kruul because mainly .... Rngesus and the bugfest that seems to be there catches me off guard (insta smash casting infernals, twisting reflections going off even if i've used rebuke or avenger shield) I'll give a few examples 1. Kruul down to 8%, all mobs are clear, focusing the boss. The mobs are respawning and I just used last defense to counter Annihilate... I need Velens heal.. ah there it is, Velen poped it all the way across the map inside a green considerate rngesus. 2. Kruul down to 5%, all is well, kiting mobs, doing great, Velens has a heal up and ready ...BAM.. blown off the map because infernal respawned and did a insta-smash , no warning, no animation just Bam and glider has 10 seconds cool down left as i go over the edge. 3. Kruul down to 8%, i get the warning that twisting nether is getting cast, I have kruul targeted, i have crusaders shield. He begins the cast and I see the silence animation after the shield hits .... However..twisting nether still shows up and he ends up killing me with 21% health remaining. Neat bug. (this happened a few times with both rebuke and shield either working or not) 4. Kruul down to 7% all is well and wtf... one of those bumper lines that go across the screen seems to have me glitched.. i cant jump over it, cavalier wont let me ride through it, and hand of salvation either... it's literally dragging me over 3/4 of the map the map. Honestly that was the last straw. I know it's totally doable even if I just seem to be having the worst luck that increases exponentially the closer he gets to death. I'll try again of course but doing Kruul a second time reminded me how i hated it on the tank the first time in comparison to the other challenges.. rng, rng, rng, bug, rng, bug and repeat.Tyraxsus4 5h
18h Ret Paladin Feedback Making the same post here for those who don't have access to Alpha forums. Ok so now that I have got a good feeling of how Ret is playing on BFA atm, I wanted to chime in with some of my feelings of how the class plays and also how the talents feel in comparison to one another. Also will provide some suggestions of how to improve them as well. Lets start of with the gameplay and feel. Positives: - Rotation feels smoother. With having judgement now providing 1HP and having talent options of HoW and Consecration having HP generation as well definitely smooths our rotation out. I feel like there is less down time even when not having tons of haste. - New mastery feels so much better then the colossus smash mastery we had during Legion. The old mastery just made the spec feel super clunky and unfun. The mastery might be simple and straightforward but it feels better! - Hammer of Wrath is back! This was something that never should have been taken but I am very happy its back. Just wish it wasn't a talent and I will explain why later. - Crusade isn't the only go to talent now which is awesome! Having choice is great! Even though I love the feel of crusade having inquisition back as an option is great! - Still have decent defensives. I do like that SoV is a flat 30% of our HP instead of being variable and also able to crit Negatives: - The Legion pruning was still to heavy on Ret, we lost so many of our abilities and I still feel like we are still missing so much. Its great we got some back but as talents, but not baseline :( - Wake of Ashes being a talent and not baseline. Feels really bad when we have these awesome abilities that were baseline in legion become talents instead in BFA. - Mobility still feels incredibly weak and is even worse that Blessing of Freedom and Divine Steed are on a longer CD. - Defensives are decent, but still having Shield of Vengeance reflecting damage still makes it too important to use offensively in PvE. - Retribution still has a dps component to it. I love the idea thematically just hate having our dps be hurt because of this passive. Overall, I am pretty happy so far with how Ret is playing in BFA. It feels like a mix of Legion and WoD Ret. Gameplay feels so much smoother and having old abilities back has been nice. The new mastery feels so much better and the feeling of doing more holy damage is great! Talent choices also feel a bit more meaningful compared to Legion...HOWEVER...there are still a few concerns I have with having so many abilities once baseline now as talents and of course some of the talents themselves.Arakain9 18h
23h Pally Race - I want YOUR reason. Just what the title says. What race do you play and why? Did you pick it for min-max reasons? Lore / Culture? RP-ing a certain build? No preference on Horde or Ally. I mainly play horde but a piece of me still thinks pallys should be alliance only =). I always find it helps to ask people's personal reasoning than the simple "WELL WHICH RACE IS BESTEST?" I'll mostly be playing casual ret / prot. Not power leveling, I like to enjoy the zones. And mostly Pug pve raids once I'm max.Xanatoss82 23h
1d Holy paladin feels weak ! Playing with druid (resto) and i put the 3 hots on my tank and that is enough, i spent the rest of time spreading my dots. My tanks never die. Druids have a good stabilizer with a short cooldown right at level 15 - Swiftmend. I tried holy paladin past week and i feel so weak. I use beacon of faith and holy shock when available and spam frantically holy light but every spells heals for 3% of health. Every single battle seems so hard, i was draenai and used my racial even so it was so hard. When my team defeated the boss and the tank was with 10% health i spent much time bringing him to full life. And the mobility is annoying, the worst mobility of all healers. Mobility is essential for healers because tanks always aggro everything you must babycare them.Nelfshame50 1d
1d Can a Fury Warrior beat a Ret Paladin? Can a Fury Warrior beat a Ret Paladin in 1v1? (Arena, Bg)Parizattor7 1d
1d Rate the Xmog above you! Title says it all. Other topic reached the limit. Rate that mog Paladin edition!Bastionn249 1d
1d Paladin Vs Warrior Hey All, Im fresh back after not playing for a about a year. Im looking to RP, and was debating between a paladin and a warrior. Any opinions about which one is more fun to play? I plan on maining this toon which is why im doing as much research as I can. Thanks!Alvankjr3 1d
1d Soul of the Highlord-For Prot I looked around and dont really see too much discussion on this ring. Unless I missed the good discussions. Whats the word on this ring? In particulary compared to Prydaz. I know it depends on the fight. I just want more specifics. The bigger the hits the better the ring becomes right? I see discord has the magic/melee damage ratio of the fights in Tomb so that is helpful. Second question is to me it looks like magic blocks show as absorbs in Warcraft Logs? I am having a hard time seeing how much magic damage I am actualy blocking. Thank you.Borrgar7 1d
1d Light of the Martyr: The Respect it Deserves (I'd like to coin the term "Blood-Healing" for this type of healing ^_^ ) I feel like this ability isn't receiving the attention it deserves. Recently when I run low on mana, I've begun spamming Light of the Martyr as my main heal, and using HS+Maybe 1 FoL to top myself back up for more LotM spam. Even better, after getting my Legendary (Obsidian Shoulders) The monk healer on my team has realized he can cast Renewing Mist on me almost indefinitely with both my beacons on the tank to keep them almost perma healed outside of large spike damage and I can nearly solo heal the entire raid myself, while not having to worry about healing myself. Just hoping to get the word out there if anyone isn't using this ability to it's full potential, it seems to be the most potent heal we have (At least at my currently Ilvl, it didn't seem as useful until I hit 860-870.) Currently 6/7 H EN and I've cleared up to +11 DHT EDIT - 11-23-2016 : I've played around with this ability quite a bit since posting this, before I was just "Using it" now I'm experimenting with it in multiple situations. I've toned it down a bit with the "Spamming" I mentioned above, however I still pull between 30-70% of my heals from this ability depending on the situation. Too often I'd find myself in a situation (In non raid settings) where I would put myself too low and panic a bit trying to get myself up, and then my HS doesn't crit (It usually does, but when it doesn't if I was counting on it, it's problematic) For me, I prefer to cast Holy Light > LotM > FoL, as my "Rotation" in between HS/LoD. I also want to mention, that I use Aura of Mercy, which helps a bit with recovering from the LotM damage, and that I also use the Second Beacon on myself (in non raid settings) to help offset the damage to myself. I'd also like to make a shout out to Sunlust for putting out so much useful information. I'd also like to take a moment to ask Vartonis to stop being a downer. This thread was created to discuss this ability and you are just... Telling people to "Stop Talking" and that they are "Stupid" and "Giving you Cancer". Your welcome to have a negative opinion of LotM, and to disagree with the views of other people, but please stop acting like a child. EDIT 2: The best way I can possibly define this ability, is that it allows you to re-distribute damage from your raid team, to yourself for half of the damage. Couple that, with the absurdly high Hpal Health Pool, and Aura of Mercy (Combined with my Legendary Shoulder, which (By the way, DOES spread your aura of mercy) and you've got an interesting way to handle incoming damage.Iole145 1d
1d #MakeHammer(ica)BaseAgain I think I speak for every Paladin when I say 'thank you' for bringing Hammer of Wrath back into our tool-kits. Sadly, in its current form, I predict the talent will never be selected over Blade of Wrath. Many BfA Alpha testers currently share this opinion. PLEASE, Blizzard, consider tuning Hammer of Wrath back into our spell-books, where it belongs. As Blade of Wrath is simply a rework of Exorcism, allowing us to use Hammer of Wrath alongside it, simultaneously, will re-inject the element of fun that Retribution has so senselessly lacked through Legion. I understand we are a popular class; as such, simplicity in design is undoubtedly advantageous, given the likelihood that a new or inexperienced player may select a class based on what they've heard is 'cool'. Nonetheless, I plea to you, Blizzard... I beg of you..! #MakeHammer(ica)BaselineAgainNephilite0 1d
2d Rank 1 transmog - paladin. It feels great to be rank 1 again. I'm the,... Ladies and gentlemen and everything inbetween of all ages click my profile and wheep for your eyes will not be able to handle such a composed confident stallion.... Thanks for your time!Irunyoudie31 2d
2d Silver hand charger in bfa? Silver hand charger in bfa? What will become of my steed? How will I ride down my foes in wpvp?Serravatar0 2d
3d Rule of Law/Stronger spell effect Would anyone else like a small QoL change of Rule of Law? There are plenty of spells in the game which do not cast when you already have the same effect, or a similar/stronger effect buff in place. I would love to see this on Rule of Law. There are times when I'll accidently hit my button for RoL twice, and then I'll waste another charge of it. I know the facetious answer is "git gud nub" but is there any reason why Rule of Law can't be treated like those other spells so we can't waste charges?Daleorn0 3d
3d Dwarf Paladin Ram From what I have seen on MMO champ, congrats to you Dwarfadins. The ram looks amazing. Hope is renewed that I'll get a Palachicken someday.Ralanthel8 3d
3d Protection Paladins are too Squishy Protection Paladins are too Squishy. Every time I get a Paladin Tank I have to work overtime on heals to keep him up. Warriors and Death knights are a Breeze. I checked their gear and it looked fine but they take a lot of damageFireandlace13 3d
3d MoP recolors When are we going to get the recolors of the MoP CM sets? They all look pretty cool and I need them. I am also very sad I never collected the original version and will never have it. /sadZealtwo7 3d
3d Plea or Vim? Hey guys! New to Hpal and was looking through the honor talents and not sure if I should be running Vim and Vigor vs Plea? I've been running Plea only and didn't know if I'm missing out on a ton of bonus healing. Not sure what the high end guys are running in arena, but any insight would be great! More than willing to watch any helpful vids if you have suggestions also. Thanks everyone!Massivemike1 3d
3d Difficulty holding aggro on skitterish Hey fellow Paladins, I'm having some troubles holding aggro against mobs on skitterish week and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on a change in talents to specifically combat skitterish.Sanguiñius5 3d
3d How do I use Divine Steed? It seems pointless, but it has to be a lack of understanding, right? What good will it do prot?Kuulhaine3 3d
3d Paladin or Death Knight for BFA? I have been agonizing for months over making a new main for BFA and have narrowed it down to Paladin and DK. I'm looking for a good pro/con comparison between the 2 as they stand going into BFA. Some things affecting my decision: - I do everything I can solo and will be in Tank spec for 90% of my playtime (so Prot/Blood) - In dungeons or other group content I like to DPS, most likely in Ret/Frost (I've not played long enough to be comfortable setting the pace of the group) - I prefer ranged over melee (I realize both of these choices are melee, but paladin has a few abilities that work at range) - I would like to be virtually unkillable while simultaneously not taking 15min to kill a rare (not AMAZING dps, but at least adequate) - I LOVE the self healing of DK but hate having to manage runes - I like that paladin has a few ranged abilities and like the class fantasy a bit more than DK. Plus Paladin utility is amazing. - I never PvP and dislike it with great intensity - I have never healed nor do I have any interest in it From what I've found, Paladins have lower health than every other tank and aren't amazing at self healing (compared to DK) but make up for it in damage mitigation and shielding. Ret is supposedly very mediocre, but gets the job done. Blood DKs are supposedly the self-sustain solo kings and have been since WotLK while Frost is in the same boat as Ret. I'm currently leveling a Lightforged Draenei Paladin and already have a Night Elf DK at max level. My question is: Which of these 2 classes would be best suited to my endeavors? And, with the removal of artifact traits (I realize some of these will be making a reappearance in Azerite gear, but I'm planning for a worst-case scenario), which of these classes rely the least on their artifact weapon to be efficient? Thanks you guys!Ashantos22 3d
3d Holy paladin in BfA. 2H or 1H and offhand? Holy paladin in BfA. 2H or 1H and offhand? Personally I loved running around with a massive 2H as a healer. I felt more like Uther. I hope in BfA holy remains a 2H weapon spec. Thoughts?Vilfork12 3d
3d Templar Verdict animation Is anyone else interested in having an actual spell visual for our main damage dealer? I mean the gold swing is fairly lame. However in WoD the animation for Final Verdict was amazing. It really felt like I was unleashing a massive amount of holy damage in a deveststing weapon swing. Thoughts?Vilert5 3d
4d Holy Paladin in BfA I just wanted to have a discussion about how Holy will work as a spec in BfA and put forth some concerns I have and things I would like to see. First off I will say that somehow I always manage to main something else at the beginning of an expansion, but end up back on one of the paladins playing catch-up by the end because I always have fun on them. So this time I'm just going to skip the other class part. In Legion, so far I have enjoyed playing Holy. I like that they can contribute some damage and provide some pretty good buffs such as devotion aura in 5 mans. Obviously we currently have a 2handed weapon in Legion, which lets crusader strike actually do some damage. My main concern in BfA is less that we may have to use a 1hand + shield (because I like the extra armor in pvp, and the aesthetic is really good) and more that if we do end up having to go back to sns that we will lose out on a lot of our damage contribution. However, there was recently an alpha change where they are making abilities scale off attack power instead of weapon damage, so maybe whichever weapon they force upon us will still be able to do comparable damage. As someone who does like to pvp, Avenging Crusader is probably the coolest and most flavorful talent in the game. Ret is basically a bad warrior right now, but popping Avenging Crusader as Holy gets the paladin all up in the enemy's face, and lets you kind of lead the charge in combat and rally your allies. With that basically being the fantasy of the paladin even back to the RTS games, it makes so much sense for Avenging Crusader to be either a baseline ability that shares a cooldown with Avenging Wrath, or as a regular non-pvp talent. There are clear tradeoffs to using either, and I don't think it would completely warp pve because it's not like it is up 100% of the time. I think trying to argue about whether our mastery or whatever should be changed won't be terribly effective, as we may just end up like Demonology or Survival in Legion, and I would like us to remain functional rather than an 11th hour spec rework that won't be fixed until the expansion after BfA. I think focusing on changes or improvements to our current configuration would be more beneficial than that potential disaster. If we have to be the melee healer, at least let us be in the fray healing/supporting with the option of doing damage, rather than just being a priest in plate standing in melee so the tank can get devo aura. Also, Light of the Martyr needs to have synergy with anything else in the spec instead of just existing. TLDR: Let us keep our damage if they are taking away our 2handers, and make Avenging Crusader baseline/a talent. Post your thoughts and opinions, and let's keep it civil. :)Arezu25 4d
4d Tauren Paladins Let’s talk about them. They’re an abomination.Lightswourn61 4d
4d New Holy Paladin Just picking up Holy paladin, used my lvl 100 boost I had from last xpac on it, so little experience. Any useful youtubers/guides I can look at? Can someone recommend what add-ons I need to be using? I've not done much healing before but want to learn.Shamtestr1 4d
4d Light of the Martyr Rework Idea With 'Light of the Martyr' being so problematic, and becoming more so with the loss of the legendary cloak 'Maraad's Dying Breath', i would like to propose a rework that has been floating around in my head recently. The Silver Hand has this trait: Power of the Silver Hand - Holy Light and Flash of Light have a chance to unlock the power of The Silver Hand, increasing the healing of your next Holy Shock by 10% of all damage and effective healing you do within the next 10 sec. My rework looks like this: Light of the Martyr - Heals the target for X amount of all damage and effective healing you do. Caps at X. Instant. X mana. No cooldown. Does not cause your Beacon of Light to be healed. Cannot be cast on yourself. Unable to be used out of combat, but as soon as we enter combat a hidden effect is immediately triggered that functions just like the current Power of the Silver Hand trait, except this is always active in combat, not triggered. You can use Light of the Martyr at anytime providing your in combat and have done some damage/healing. Or you can wait till it caps, an overlay alert will show to tell the player "you might as well use the spell now since it can't charge any further". The player can decide if they want to use the spell early and pad the raid, or wait to use it as a second Holy Shock type burst heal. This also brings back a type of healing seen in Cataclysm with Word of Glory and Holy Power, but this time there is no Holy Power. Light of the Martyr is currently balanced around our health and the damage it does to us. This rework is balanced around our time in combat and how fast it charges. This rework allows Light of the Martyr to shine as our filler heal, exactly like it does on live, but without the annoying and problematic self damage mechanic that always made us second guess using the spell in a way that wasn't fun. Lastly, and purely cosmetically, this rework allows us to keep that Holy glow effect that appears when the Power of the Silver Hand currently procs on live.Arnath2 4d
4d Ret Keybinds I have been playing my ret paladin since I started this game in 2012. I started off as a clicker, I was so afraid of using keybinds! Then I slowly worked my way out of the clicking world and into keybinds, but eventually started using the Razer Orbweaver keypad. That finally gave out on me (the analog stick wouldn't go forward anymore) and now I have decided to work on just using my keyboard to play (and mouse to move and stuff). I am currently using E,R,T and shift+ E,R,T for judge, zeal(cs), the ashbringer ability (when we have it) and the shift+ abilities are TV, BoJ, and DS. my utility, stuns, and other CC are all bound to my mouse and my CDs and other special abilities are 1-5. I am having more problems than ever with strafing. I can strafe left just fine for days, but I cannot seem to find a good set of bind to strafe right and still be able to use my damage keybinds. What do I do? Can someone please help me figure out the best set of keybinds for a pvp ret pally? The lack of strafe is really killing me and I don't really know what to do now..Missbolton20 4d
5d Log Comparison Help If this link works can one of the experts here tell me how this person did so many more Templar's Verdict than I did? Thx,1&source=17,9&type=summaryIoconas1 5d
5d Being Holy and wearing shields. Inspect my character, you see the mog i wore throughout WoD, i want to use this shield again, to me, the shield is iconic to being a holy paladin, to me using a 2-hand just isn't what i signed up for, i understand a lot of people LIKE the 2-hand which is fine but i know there is about a 50/50 split in people who want the old 1-hand and shield back, maybe we can have a choice?Wixzyten9 5d
5d Anyone still farming Hidden Ashbringer? I feel I just missed it by a few hours today , if anyone else is farming do they know if the spawn times have changed at all from the 2-30 hours? I can only find posts from 2016/2017 just want to know if anything has changed or anyone has any tips that may helpZerstiren3 5d
5d Crusade strike in BFA i see the skill will have 2 charges again....please dont, thats not what we want, you gave us 2 charges at the cost of a RETARDED cooldown on Judgment , thats why i left RET... just take away a charge from Crusade strike ( that no one wants) and give us back the old Judgment :D thank youZarkasm4 5d
5d Large Vile Slime (corrupted Ashbringer skin) I know Blizzard loves making things hard, and it's totally cool, but there are 24/7 15+ paladins spamming consecration at his respawn location. Considering a very long respawn timer, 1 respawn spot, and the amount of people trying to kill it, it would be quite logical to assume people will try using bots. And, when you try to compete with bots and other people in pressing one button every 8 sec for 5+ hours straight, you stand very little, if any chance. Thoughts?Toundra34 5d
6d Hand of the Protector GCD What's up pally friends- Looks like I'll be on a prot paladin in BfA and I'm real excited for it. I know this GCD change sucks in general, but I just saw that they added Light/Hand of the protector onto the GCD. How bad is this change? Are any of you really upset about it? Probably won't change my mind because I'm a huge fan of pally play style anyways but it sounds kind of ridiculous to me, I thought the entire purpose of the GCD change was to put non-reactive spells on it, not really reactive ones such as Hand of the Protector. Let me know what you guys think!Redbeard4 6d
6d Aura of Sacrifice gutted? Aura of Sacrifice While you are above 75% health, 10% of all damage taken by allies within 10 yds is redirected to you and reduced by half. While Aura Mastery is active, 30% of damage is redirected and reduced by 75%. From the patch notes for Alpha recently released. Am I reading this right? Holy paladins are losing their only real raid heal ability (which we already had to talent for), and Sacrifice is essentially being gutted to the point of near uselessness for raid content unless you tie it to bubble so you don't get 1-shotted by it? Why is this necessary? I'm not thrilled being pigeonholed into one talent for every situation because it out-performs all the others, but I'm even -less- thrilled about being forced even further into a niche than holy already is. Am I missing something here?Merrcy8 6d
6d Holy - Build 26433 The more noticeable changes: Aura of Sacrifice - While you are above 75% health, 10% of all damage taken by allies within 10 yds is redirected to you and reduced by half. While Aura Mastery is active, 30% of damage is redirected and reduced by 75%. Avenging Crusader now costs 50% base mana. Cooldown increased from 1.5 to 2 minutes. Judgment causes the target to take 30% increased damage from your next Crusader Strike or Holy Shock. They butchered the game-play surrounding Aura of Sacrifice. They are butchering what made Avenging Crusader fun. They are butchering our damage via Judgment.Arnath22 6d
6d Paladins in BFA Hi guys! I put down my paladin for legion because i thought it was a bit clunky in ret, a bit weird in Holy with the beacons and stuff, and i never tanked. I know that when i went to antorus in 890 gear i got wrecked by EVERYTHING. So, curious how things are looking for BFA? I love my hunter, feeling like i can solo almost anything, but i do want to play a class in PVP that relies a bit less on kiting and a bit more on SMASH FACE. Basically, what i'm asking is if the pallies are in a decent place come BFA? Please cover ALL specs for PVE and PVP :DSailon3 6d
Apr 15 Ret Lvl 75 Talent Row Overhaul I believe that the Level 75 talent row for Retribution needs a serious overhaul. Currently, it has a Self-Heal Attack talent, Damage Reduction talent, and Party Heal talent. It's a survival row. The proposed changes so far for Battle for Azeroth turn it into a utility row. It has a Ability Charge talent, Cool-Down Reduction talent, and Damage Reduction talent. Our survival row is now our level 90 talents. Unfortunately, in my opinion only one of those talents will ever be taken: Cavalier. Given the choice between doubling the usage of our sole mobility talent, reducing an infrequent large heal or semi-frequent shield(s), or gaining a limited damage reduction cool-down, mobility wins every time. The (new) Talents: Cavalier: This is the only decent talent on the row. Why? Because it makes our terrible cool-down for mobility... half as terrible. Or twice as likely to be terrible? Either way, the faster you get to the mob, or out of the danger zones, the quicker you can get to doing your *only* job. DPS. Unbreakable Spirit: Unbreakable Spirit reduces Lay on Hand, Divine Shield, and Shield of Vengeance by 30%. It's nice, but... Lay on Hands is a once-per fight ability. 10 minutes, 7 minutes? It's still once-per fight. Divine Shield? Amazing. And... practically pointless to use more than once a fight. If you can use it twice with a 3.5 minute cool-down to ignore/soak a mechanic, this talent is great. Otherwise it's very 'meh'. And signs have pointed towards immunity soaks being less and less reliable. It's almost like they don't *want* people to ignore mechanics. With Shield of Vengeance being affected by this talent, it becomes *slightly* better. And only slightly, because Shield of Vengeance has some major issues. Mainly that the *WHOLE* shield needs to be broken to do damage. As a defensive? It's nice. As an offensive defensive cool-down, which is what it tries to be, it's terrible. If we got Blessing of Sacrifice back, with a 45 second cool-down to (almost) match Shield of Vengeance post-Unbreakable Spirit, this would be awesome. Unless your assuming the best case scenario, an 8 minute fight, with a use for LoH at the start and end, and two mechanics within four minutes to soak, this talent is still sub-par. In my opinion, straight cool-down reductions on limited use abilities won't ever match up to true utility abilities. Eye for an Eye: I like this ability. I'd have liked it more if it had worked on Spellblade Aluriel's Annihilate, but hey, why would it do exactly what it says it should do? That being said, it's extremely situational in a raid or dungeon environment. If your tank is letting you get smacked in the face by mobs, this is wonderful. If they're actually doing their job, this is terrible. Perhaps in PvP this becomes a much better pick, but... not for PvE, by a long-shot. The Change: What I'd like to see, is for it to turn into a Mobility row. Paladins are, in-combat anyway, extremely limited for mobility. You want to get to that mob? Walk. The Holy Light didn't empower you to run around the battlefield all the time, it wants you to make your enemies fear your slow, inevitable, approach. The Talents: Remove Unbreakable Spirit and Eye for an Eye completely, and replace them with a passive movement increase, and a Blessing of Freedom modifier ala Unbound Freedom, that gives it an active movement speed boost and a shorter cool-down. Heck, the passive talent could just add onto Heart of the Crusader, though likely not 20% movement. Wouldn't double-dip for mounted speed, gives us a nice passive source of movement, lets us use Divine Steed when we *really* need to be moving. Now, I do really like Eye for an Eye, and here's where I think it should go: into our retribution passive, Retribution. Instead of 'Deal 20% more damage, and take 30% less', give us Eye for an Eye for 10 seconds every time a party member dies. It ties in thematically FAR better than just "You do more damage as your companions fall". Now it would be "You strike every foe who damages you, as your companions fall around you". Less 'angsty teen/darth vader' screaming "NOOO!" and more "I am vengeance, I am the night!". Well, perhaps not "I am the night!". A second reason I'd like to see Eye for an Eye as our passive, is that (to my knowledge) we've never gotten an answer on whether it counts towards our DPS budget or not. As much as I'd like to get the final, firm word on the subject, I'd also just like to see a passive that makes me think of ways to kill fellow raiders for a DPS boost gone. No, seriously. I was thinking how to get a better parse by having melee taunt the boss on pull, and using shaman totems to get them back up, then popping heroism/bloodlust/timewarp. I get my retribution damage increase, they lose their food buff. What's *really* more important, anyway... Views On Mobility: Unfortunately in Battle for Azeroth, our mobility is... not getting buffed. Divine Steed, our only movement increase, is getting a 33% increase in it's cool-down. 45 seconds was, well, bearable. It wasn't great, but Cavalier meant that it was usually available when you needed it. Now, I know we shouldn't compare ourselves to the other melee, like warriors (Charge, Heroic Leap), or Rogues (Sprint, Shadowstep/Grappling Hook, passive movement), or druids (Travel Form, passive movement, party movement, Dash, Cat form), or Demon Hunters (*Do I even need to list these?*), or shamans (Ghost Wolf, Spirit Walk), or Monks (Roll, Flying Serpent Kick, passive party movement, Transcendence[kinda]). Oh, and survival hunters too, with Disengage, Harpoon, and Aspect of the Cheetah. Instead, we should compare ourselves to... Death Knights! Because all the other melee classes have it better than us, so... *ahem*. Anyway, Death Knights, like us, get 20% mounted speed, and, like us, get one ability to increase movement speed for 3 seconds. In fact, they have it *worse* than us. Frost has NO talents for mobility, and Unholy has only one, which makes their Wraith Walk slightly better than Divine Steed for movement, with a 30 second cool-down. And... Um... where was I going with this? Oh, right. We shouldn't compare ourselves with (almost) all the other melee, who have super useful abilities, passives, and talents for movement. Instead, we should thank our lucky stars we have movement at all! Apparently, 20% mounted movement speed is so much better than in-combat movement, that paladins and death knights get *heavily* penalized for it. Honestly, it smells like a PvP related adjustment. I have no idea how mounted movement in PvP relates to the various classes. For all I know, it could be incredibly important. But it sure sucks not being able to move around in PvE.Qithulien0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Holy Paly Mythic Plus Healing Guide A little late in the expansion, but I posted a couple youtube videos on my channel about Holy Paladin healing in mythic plus dungeons if anyone is interested. My channel is Odett the Priest. I'll be hitting up BFA pretty hard so look for additional guides coming your way!Ödett0 Apr 15
Apr 14 BFA: Protector's Judgment tmog Request Would be nice if in BFA we can transmog Protector's Judgment to be used for ret as well. This weapon skin with judgment armor is just epic! And really builds to the ret fantasy. Apr 14
Apr 14 Avengers Shield and CC ? Avengers Shield, now I remember when for sure this did NOT break cc on off targets. I had some dude who allegedly had a better geared prot pally than mine acting crazy like I didn't know what I was doing when i threw my shield in the midst of cc'd mobs. So my question does Avengers shield still not effect cc if not directly targeted and I am right or did they change that I am made myself look like a dummy? lol Thanks in advance.Guylädouchë5 Apr 14
Apr 13 [Suggestion] to make Holy melee heals viable Some of my ideas that I think if added can make melee healing viable Make consecration heal or Light's Hammer baseline Make Self-less Healer or a similar ability a passive and that it works with crusader strike as well but affecting Holy Light instead of Flash. (needs to be undispellable) All heals done to the any1 within the paladin's aura heals injured allies within the aura for 20-50% of the initial heal. (making auras a more important part of the paladin than just some passive thing that sits there) When beacon target receives healing from the abilities effects it heals those around them as well for 20% of the initial heal. Crusader strike & Judgement off the Global Cooldown (needs to do this so fighting does not interfere with healing) Just some of my ideas, what do you guys think and what Ideas do you guys have. Hope this catches blizzards attention so they can either implement these or something similar so melee healing will actually be viable for raids.Toushin0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Shockadin BfA and shockadins. Is it going to happen?Smcgoochie2 Apr 13
Apr 13 Bring Back the Old Divine Storm Animation Couldn't you guys have just updated the old Divine Storm animation with more particles? It would've looked way better than the one we have now. I hate it. RIP Divine Storm -- the spell that made me roll a ret pally.Retaissance30 Apr 13