Jul 9, 2012 Crit vs Mastery Ret Pallies This video explains the arguments for both sides so you can choose the best thing to reforge for PvP!Vanguards2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 why does my dps fluctuate? i got the enchants and gems. i got my trinket macro'd to crusader strike. but sometimes i do 26k and other times i only hit 14k. it's weird. feel free to inspect my toon. any tips will be appreciated. thanks ahead of time.Xcalizorz6 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Ret trinket question May have or may not have been discussed, if it was i am unable to find it and apologize. But i was just wondering on ret trinkets. While it is my OS and i rarely get to go ret i do like to try and be up to date on it, so here it is. I recently got 3 different trinkets, Normal mode eye (str stacking), Herioc Creche of the Final Dragon (crit proc), and Normal mode Bone-Link Fetish. Which would be considered the better combo of those 3 for ret use? And if it helps making a decision easier i reforge to crit instead of haste.Velhart3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Ret & spellweave I have seen a few posts about this but nothing that seemed like reliable info.. Do rets just get less spellweave than other melee? I'm talking about when using best strat for the kill, not going for meter-cheesing ranking attempts. I haven't done H Madness as ret, but the ret in our guild has very low spellweave figures (under 2M, when the other melee have 4-5M). He is using DS / seal of cleave on bloods of both type.Lusignan6 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Traditional Paladin Xmog I've been playing around with the thought in my head for a while now, but I just can't seem to think of enough pieces to fill the role, probably because I have the worst memory in the history of the human race. But as the title says, I'm trying to form a traditional WoW Paladin transmog set, something similar to Arthas in Strat maybe? idk, any help would be greatly appreciated<333Rabanastre23 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Need a WoL lookover Howdy folks. I'm hoping you'll be able to take a quick look at this paladin and Armory and tell me if there's anything in there that could be improved. I'm not concerned about the log I posted, as it's just H Ultrax. But I figure it's the best 'Patchwerk' fight out there currently. My real concern is that the raid's dps will be where it should be (which is as high as possible) for H Spine. I want to guarantee that we can get each plate in no more than 2 lifts. So I need your expertise on anything the paladin in question could do to squeeze out every last bit of dps possible. Thanks for any and all help.Adun15 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Level 90 Arena Mists of Pandaria Ret Clip Showing 1 match of my level 90 arena experience. Lots of healing!Vanguards3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 A little confusion with Holy Hi, I'm pretty new to the Paladin scene. I'm trying to play Holy because I think they are pretty B.A. but I am having trouble with gear. At my level there is not much plate armor that drops with int. and or spirit. So should I gear in all plate even though some of it has Strength and Stam? or use mail that has Stam, Int, and/or Spirit?Andunn3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 prot pally tank dps i am having issues get past 25k single target dps and according to world of logs the top dps for a prot pally Licmyseal Electric Ice US-Jubei'Thos with a dps of 195277 so wondering how he did those dps figures on 10 man Warlord Zon'ozz. atm i run in pop avngers shield then crusader stike then holy wrath then pop avenging wrath then use consecration then judgment then back to crusader stike then avengers shield and then crusader strike once more then shield of righteous at 3 holy power stacks. then using exorcism inbetween cds. and at 20% using hammer of wrath what would you recommend to boost my dps and do you know how the hell he pulled 195277 dps? any feed back would be good thanksIammhax11 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 PVP weapon... Please rank the PVP weapons according to your opinion: LFR Gurthalak Gurthalak Heroic Gurthalak Cataclysmic 2hander Elite Cataclysmic 2hander I gotta know which one I should use... (at the moment I have the non-elite 2hander and I just got Gurthalak on LFR) And who knows what I might get in the future...Alduen4 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Night Elf Paladins Early on in my WoW career, I was REALLY confused on why night elves couldn't be paladins. Paladins are arguably the most religious of classes, and nigh elves are arguably the most religious of races. Not to mention the whole reason Tauren became paladins was because of An'she. An'she is Elune's brother and it seems like, if An'she could teach the Tauren the way of the sunwalker, that Elune could teach the Night Elves a similar path. Also, as far as game-play goes, the Echo of Tyrande drops and few very good Holy Paladin weapons, such as Crescent Moon. Being a one handed axe, it's only usable by Death Knights, Hunters, Shamans, Paladins, Warriors, and Rouges. Now if you take into account that it's a caster axe, it's only usable (practically) by shamans and paladins. Night Elves, the only race that this axe was basically made for, can't use it. Also, you can look at it as a balance issue. There are 4 races for shaman on the Horde and 2 on the Alliance. There are only 3 races on the Alliance and 2 on the Horde. In Mists of Pandaria, there will be 5 shamans on the Horde, and 3 on the Alliance, but nothing will change for Paladins. It really just doesn't make ANY sense to me why there aren't Night Elf Paladins. And if you can tell me a reason, I'd love to hear it. Thanks you for taking the time to reads this and another thank you if you reply.Matadee14 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Does it really matter? Im a retribution paladin and i get cursed at when im wearing a shield and a 1 hand sword instead of a 2 hand weapon, does it matter though?Selyndeva31 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Best updated guide for pally tanking? I need a updated guide for pally tanking cause right now its nasty for me especially in HoTs aggro getting pulled off me, squishy and etc. The tanking stickies seems a bit outdated and I know things change quickly. I need an ultimate guide to fix my tanking skills and so forth. So what are some good guides?Swiifty2 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Regearing hard at higher levels? This is most likely a stupid question, but I'll hand it out anyway. I won't know until I get trolled. I recently got back into playing (quit just a a bit before WotLK came out, had to start a new account because my old one got hacked and deleted.) and needless to say, I'm confused with most things, such as dual speccing and etc. Those are questions for other places, though, back then when the level cap was 70 I maxed out on my Fury Warrior, after a few awful runs I respecced for tanking and didn't really have much of an issue when it came to re-gearing (There was a lot of decent accessible gear in AH that I used until I get better gear, didn't have issues with tanking). Right now I'm not remarkably close to lvl85 (I'm in the mid 60s) so it's not much of an issue, but what I'm asking is, is gearing going to be difficult when I hit 80 and decide I want to switch out for Holy spec? Or at that point, should I just roll a new character for Holy? I'm enjoying Ret right now (recently hopped out of Prot spec), but if I have as bad an experience in the 80s bracket, whose to say I won't decide I suddenly want a job change? And looking at AH prices, I'm not sure if thrift gearing for decent items will work out. And while I'm here, what are some good points for a Ret pally to focus on? Strength, Agility, and what else? Thank you for your help, I feel like a newbie again.Koravin6 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Blood Elf Female - Light of Dawn Does this piss anyone else off? I'm trying to cast Light of Dawn on the crap in front of me, but no. It decides it wants to go at a 45 degree angle away from the front. Like, what the hell? This has gone on too long, sisters! Let us rise up and get our hands fixed! Because its annoying. And that's all.Tibli13 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Help with Spec I'm planning on making a Ret pally for PvP and I was wondering how tanking and healing is for PvE as a pally. What are the positives and negatives? And if I enjoy Holy, how is it for PvP? Thanks in advance.Graton2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 cataclysmic gladiators mog set help! hey just finished grabbing my cataclysmic armor, now i need help with the shield, mace, and back... my current ones dont go together all too well, so im looking for anything that could help, thanksJarshie4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 DS10 Am I ready gear wise?Codin2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Hpally Trinkets for Hspine Which trinkets should be used for H spine? I currently have the seal and windward heroic version but only the LFR HoU. Which are best for this fight?Epicon6 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 More kinetic combat for all classes I think that the combat for all mellee classes should be more kinetic nuff Said.Wildclaw8 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 My gear, good or bad for arenas and duels? I've been hearing a lot of people saying my gems aren't correct. Is this true? Also, could you tell me which I should pick, Cataclysmic Gladiator's Girdle of Cruelty or Cataclysmic Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess? Thank you for your time.Brotime3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 I want to tank raids Aside from the fact that I need to spend more money (than I have) on some higher quality gems and an enchant or two, am I doing anything wrong, or is this toon on the right track to tank raids? Should CTC be capped, or do I have enough to get by?Bakarius7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Open Libram XXXI: For Great Justice ... Previous Libram: Open Libram on Pageface: Libram Ponydins as drawn by Lobster: Libram Archive: hope this thread title is acceptable! :DMartana500 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Favorite place to... ...fall off of your flying mount and bubble-not-die? For me, I like the pillar of light above ShattrathLueur2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Rets in MoP im just trying to figure based off the beta so far how we are going to gear/gem/chant i mean so far it goes str/mastery but ive been reading that next xpac it might go to str/haste.... whats everyone thinkin... im talking about PVECantbtouched12 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 prot pally old raid solo guides What content can prot pallies solo? Are there any really good guides and resources to direct me to so i can learn more about this?Reliç0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 True trinket trouble for a ret... Alliteration aside, I'm having trouble decidng on my trinket set up to get the most out of my DPS after a new piece last night in normal DS. Basically, these are my options right now: 1.) Bone-Link Fetish 2.) Eye of Unmaking 3.) Creche of the Final Dragon 4.) Rotting Skull I had the first two, and got the third last night. Realized the fourth was an option after research today. Basically, it seems like the raid finder Eye is better overall than the Creche IF I can get the full stacks ramped up and sustained, but I'm not sure if random proc of critical bonus changes that assessment. However, the Bone does some decent damage at random. And now I've thrown in that I can get some macros and burst strength from the Skull if I chose to (can it be macroed to Crusader Strike so that it will pretty much always get used once cooldown is up since I'll be CSing all day?). Can't figure out what will give me the most bang for my buck. Thoughts?Theothoristu11 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Settings for ClcRet? Does anyone have the setttings for the rotation pre-t13 and post-t13? Much appreciated :)Vague15 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Hpally Gear/talent/glyph check Okay so normally i play a dps class, healing is very new to me, i was just wondering if i was doing this right as far as the basics. Is my spec, glyphs, gear going in the right direction? If so i wanna start trying some hm stuff. Any advice for reforging/enchanting would be appreciated tooTaurseye3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Holy Pally PvP Trinkets I have the 410 Windward Heart and the 390 Heart of Unliving, but i am not sure which to use for PvP. I much prefer BGs to arena, but i dont know whether i want the output of the WWH or the regen of the HoU. Any input would be appreciated, /discuss.Nòro1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Ret Trinket combos for max dps I just recently aquired the heroic version of [item="Bone Link Fetish" /], I already have the raid finder [item="Creche of the Final Dragon" /] and [item="Eye of Unmaking" /] as well as the [item="Rotting Skull" /] and the 378 ilvl [item="Apparatus of Khaz'goroth" /]. I know that the skull is used only for spine and heroic hagara. I was curious, which of these are the best trink combo for fights like ultraxion and madness which demands more sustained dps?Wilm1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Can you check my spec and... Will you advise me on how to spec? The sticky seems kind of iffy, seeing as to how non of the paladins on my realm use it. Also, I can't seem to work reforgelite, I just reset all my reforges even though it doesnt show that i did yet, so will you tell me how to reforge and which pieces to reforgePriestofwar4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 What's your highest Judgement crit? I just crit 56k with judgement on a lvl 85 target dummy. I'm just curious on what everyone else has got.Morgraine8 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Why are Tauren Paladins so awesome? No seriously, why are we so awesome?Cornu82 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Need some advice about gearing up. Alright, so I was ret and holy around the start of Cataclysm and just the other day I decided I'd give prot a shot. I tried tanking in WOTLK, but the responsibility intimidated me so I never got in to it. Basically, I got whatever BOE items I could, and what I'm wearing is what I've got. I've been going up the normal path of obtaining gear, like doing normal cataclysm dungeons and such. My issue is that we're coming up on the end of Cataclysm and dps have more hp than I do at the moment. I mean, the other day I was running with a priest healer that had 178k hp while I only have 140k hp (about 162k with kings and fortitude). It's time for me to start running heroics but every time I do, I get crap from dps or healers about my hp. Like, "Oh hur durr you're still wearing your dps gear" or "Huehehue is the priest our tank?". So I guess my big question is: Should I run heroics as Ret or Holy and roll on tank gear/save up JPs that way? Or should I just suck it up and run the heroics? Thanks for the pointers. P.S. If you spot anything wrong with my gear, please let me know.Vicissitude1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Oprah Winfrey Holy Radiance Picture! I'm sure one of you lovely Paladin's have this picture saved somewhere! Would anyone be able to give me a link to said picture?Korasi3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 T6 Matching Boots RNG I have to vent. I've been farming either the Pear Inlaid Boots or Tide-Stomper's Greaves and they just seem to never drop off High Warlord Naj'entus. How long did it take you guys to have the boots drop for you? Between farming the T7.5 glove tokens (which also haven't dropped after 3 runs of Sarth), and the T5 tokens, this hasn't been a good stretch.Perceptor2 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Just started tanking help I was holy/ret. Made the change to prot. What do i need help on reforging and gem wise. Be brutal please. Thanks much!!!Flapjax3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Prot pally tanking problem? Whenever I pull a group of mobs my health always decreases at crap ton and the healers are spamming buttons to keep me up. I dont know why my amour reduces damage by 58% with DA on, but still my health spikes too much. I know my gear is bad but im trying to run normals but its the stupid health that messes me up. I would run heroics but that will kill me in like 2 hits. I know my dodge and parry are low but come on im a tank im supposed to take heavy damage and survive not die. Am I doing something wrong?Swiifty2 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Ret "Oh Crap" Macros to Salvage Encounter Ok, so in most cases, if one or both tanks die, an encounter is toast and that is that, but last night I was in a LFR that had the 3rd and final amal (9 stacks) to 17% when tank died (OT had rage quit when MT wouldn't let him tank amal....yay LFR :P ). I hit HoR and kept him in place on the plate but didn't get much in the way of heals and we wiped anyways. All rezzed, finished fall... no further incident After I was back in Org, it occurred to me that prior to the last couple expansions, it was pretty common for ret pallies to have a shield swap macro, and lately, I have been in a couple encounters where having an emergency tank even for 20 seconds could possibly salvage a wipe; so I started looking online and found there wasn't much in terms of a useful shield swap macro and what was there was either pretty cumbersome or non functional, so I played around and made some macros that I thought other pallies might find useful: #showtooltip 16 /equipslot [equipped:two-hand] 16 Gavel of Peroth'arn /equipslot 17 Corrupted Carapace /equipslot 16 Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps /cast [equipped:two-hand] Righteous Fury /cancelaura [equipped:shield] Righteous Fury It took me a while to find the correct order. The old archived macros would generate 'cannot equip item with 2h weapon' errors and the RF part was counter-intuitive, but after a number of attempts and changes, I have tested the above macro and it actually works great. It swaps between 2h wep and 1h/shield and turns on righteous fury when a shield is equipped and turns it off when you swap back to 2h. I wanted to include the RF functionality for when you use this just long enough for a tank to get brezzed, so you don't forget to turn off RF on your swap back to 2h wep. Simply replace the weapons/shield I have listed with what you have in your inventory to customize it to your character. The macro also shows which weapon you have equipped in the icon and on the tooltip so you don't forget which you have in. So that gets us in gear, but it's likely that if things have gone this far south, you will still be scrambling so I made a second macro that should help insure that you capture threat and live long enough for raid to get the tank up or to finish the encounter in a 5man: /cast Hand of Reckoning /cast Divine Protection /run local p,c="player" if UnitInRaid(p) then c="RAID" elseif GetNumPartyMembers()>0 then c="PARTY" end SendChatMessage("TANK DOWN - Shield Equipped - Heals on me!",c) This macro casts Hand of Reckoning on your target, casts Divine Protection on yourself, and tells your raid or party about the MT's misfortune and alerts them to heal you. Between this macro and the first one, you should have bought your raid at least 10 - 15 seconds even if no one is paying attention. Not too bad for a 1.5 sec GCD :) Unfortunately, since Devotion Aura and Seal of Insight are on the GCD, they can't be macroed into either, so my guess on attack priority would be Macro1 > Marco2 > Crusader Strike (Single Target) / Consecration (Multi Target) > Devotion Aura > Crusader Strike (ST) / Holy Wrath (MT) > Seal of Insight > Crusader Strike > Word of Glory; though I am not sure if SoI and DA should be swapped, I am thinking it would depend on how much of the damage you are taking is physical. Anyways... I just thought I would share in case anyone else thinks they'd be useful :) Disclaimer: Yes I know my gear sucks, Yes I know this toon has only run LFR and never been in a real DS. He is just 1 of 10 lvl 85s I am casually playing following an 8 month hiatus from WoW ;)Prëttyboy13 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Why is dmg so different btwn these 2 rets? I was watching triple dps games from Braindeadly and Squanky and noticed that in Braindeadly's team, Jimos is almost always on top of dmg (by a alot). But in Squanky's team, their ret is lowest? Is this due to skill, gear, etc? Or are there different playstyles for ret within triple dps? Like maybe Jimos plays a little more offensively?Tethel2 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Ret Paladins....Good at Rbg's? Hello everyone this is my first time posting on the forums but I need some various input from everyone that knows how to play a retribution paladin. My main question is, Are Ret pallies a good addition to an Rbg team? I see so many different conflicting opinions on this matter and the opinion that seems to win out all the time is that they are not good for rbg's. It's ok if you agree or disagree, but can anyone explain in detail why or why not they are good for an rbg team? Thanks!Syinger3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Thinking of making a Pally. Hey there everyone, I'm thinking of making a pally but I have some concerns/questions about them. How are they doing in pve? Are they competitive in pve at all? How about pvp, how are they in pvp? Reason I ask is because I don't want to take the time to level one and gear them up and not be taken into raids or be taken into arenas and rbg's. Pallies look extremely fun which is why I'm asking all these questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my post :3 Edit: In pve I will be dps. I don't really like healing or taking.Celesaber29 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Macros What are some pally macros to use? I use only basic stuff right now, because I don't know how to create anything with more complexity than target=focus and mod:shift I use the modifier macro for switching between CS and HotR. I think I'll do that for ShotR/WoG, too. I set my healer as my focus and use my focus macros for RD and HoP. I also heard of a macro that will cast WoG on myself or my focus target, but how do I get it to switch? I tried this one, but it won't work. Heck, you macro people are probably laughing at my stupidity. ... I'm mainly looking for Prot macros, but if you have any Holy macros for me, then I'll take 'em! =)Lueur7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Glyph of Focused Shield...Yay or Nay This prot pally is my first tanking toon. I am wondering whether or not I should use this glyph or not. At first glance it doesn't seem like the single target threat is worth giving up the bounce. But, I am a tank noob and would really appreciate any advice on this subject. Thanks in advance :)Pattoñ7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 help please I am looking for advice on making Pally Tank. And advice would be helpful.Neonbaby8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Can Ret solo nax? Hey guys just wondering what my chances are of soloing nax? If you guys could check out my armory and such and see if it's good enough to do the majority of nax.Zavala5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 are DK's the biggest melee threat to a pally? Seriously I jut ran a a couple of BG's with several DK's opposing....I have 4.4k resil and they were able to DPS me down in well under 5 seconds. Their gear was nothing their range to ours and theirs hits for double It's freakin cray I tells yaZavala10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Concerning MoP Lights Hammer talent. Just pondering how to make level 90 talents more exciting/useful. In this case it's lights hammer. So for lights hammer I thought what if it had a rooting effect for say 4-7 secs (don't want it to be OP or too underpowered). I would like to think this has both PvE and PvP aspects, meaning I feel it would be a nice skill cap for raid tanks or dps/heals w/e to position mobs in a certain spot and vise versa for pvp peels swaps anything. What do you guys think? I've been trying to find a topic like this but no success; so I made my own lol... PS. This sounds like it might make it mandatory for ret pvp :/ and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes I'm on my iPhone and it likes to think it's smarter than me!Klassics2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Paladin in battlegrounds Which spec is best? Prot was all the rage in Wrath, Holy was good, and Ret was terrible, from what I've heard. I'm still getting used to the Cata changes. It seems like Holy has gotten major buffs, I know Prot was nerfed slightly, and I hear that Ret is in a really good place, actually. So are all of them great? If so, how would I play Ret and Holy? I'm a beast with Prot, but I won't deny that I could use the advice =)Lueur8 Jul 4, 2012