Aug 9, 2012 What kind of Paladin should I make? I'm thinking about making a paladin but for some odd reason when I reach a character to level 20, I suddenly get bored of it. So what kind of paladin should I make to keep me interested in the class?Valendle6 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Extreme RNG woes... After 33 LFR kills, 12 Reg, and 1 heroic,(46 total) I still am rocking my 378 healing shield and have only seen the version lfr 2x... Doesn't look like I'm going to get my upgrade before MoP drops...haha Anyone else have an experience going an entire raid tier having one darned hold out upgrade that just never happened? (i remember hearing about some raider who never got a bryntroll off marrowgar after something like 30 clears...haha)Decore3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Valorous Aegis question I'm not sure what tier this is, 7 or 8 I think. I know the tokens come from the Keepers and Yogg in Ulduar 10man. But can anyone tell me what belt would go with this set? One belt I found looks like it would go with the Ulduar 25man version of this set(reddy-brown-grayish) where the 10man version is more white with goldish trim.Nyssa5 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 make pally tanking like it was in wrath pally tanking in wrath was amazing and now... it blows.Fappuccino8 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Ret is soooooo boring I have to say out of every character archetype in wow, Paladin is by far my favorite. The defender of the weak, avenger of the fallen, blessed by light etc. Having useful skills to help your friends in pvp... Only problem is: Ret is incredibly boring. Sure you pop wings and inquisition and GoAK and yeah you do alot of damage. The ranged judgement is nice even without the snare but the rotation and the holy power generation being slow? Its awfully clunky and offers little in terms of being interesting and effective. I leveled my pally in BC(as prot, to boot! Had to drink more often than healers lol) so im kind of used to it, abandoned my pally many times. I just hope maybe with MoP things might get better?Zealiek37 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 holy paladin, or priest? I've got an 85 priest and an 85 paladin. I've never tried healing groups before but I want to try. Any insight/opinions of which is more fun, useful, interesting?Riddle2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Why is Prot dps bad? Ok so I like the look of the sheild and one hand weapon. So I went prot. Now that I am geting into higher lvls why do people get mad about it? I am new to this game keep that in mind. And in dungs I'm normaly 1 or 2 on dps chart. I would like some help please. And don't comment a be a d bag about it either. Thank you.Irollu13 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Looking for traditional paladin gloves Hello there fellow paladins, basically i've been working on my transmog set for a while (what it is atm) and i've currently only got one major thing I have a problem with, the gloves. I don't mind the current ones but what I am really after is some decent leathery looking plate gloves. Something that might look somewhat like this Right now it feels bloody hopeless but if someone on the forum could point me in the right direction here would love you <3 and my transmog set would be just perfect (in my opinion) Thanks youSamieul1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Going to roll a Pally for MoP, quick question Hey, So I'm going to roll a Paladin for MoP and I will primarily heal at later levels but I will probably begin doing dungeons as Prot for faster queues early on. My first question is about the tanking weapon. I have heirlooms for Holy but not so much for Prot. I have the one handed int mace that I will use for Holy and I am wondering if I could use that for Prot. I know back in the day Prot Pallies used spell weapons. So should I use the mace (called like the venerable mace of something or other) or just use the best tanking weapon I can find at the time? Also I'm curious about the style and feel of Paladin healing. I'm used to Shaman healing the most and I liked it the most compared to Disc Priest (which are the two I've played). Lastly, I feel like Paladin really is my calling as it fits just about all my preferences (versatility, plate, shields, light, knights, two handed weapons) but I'm wondering if the overpopulation of Paladins has made it really difficult to PuG or find groups for you guys. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it :)Shichibukai2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Mop Paladins This goes out to beta people and peopel who have done there research on Mop or whatever. How are paladins gonna be in MOP, i know they're loosing alot of there procs and alot of !@#$ is getting added, but are they gonna be good?Kremo2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Switching from Ret to Prot. I normally judge the armor I'm about to buy based off the + and - stats at the bottom. If it seems to help me the most, I use it. Now, when I was looking into buying a shield for a Prot Pally, I noticed it always brought down my strength by at least -300. I guess what I'm asking is, are shields known to not cary many strength stats or anything like that? Cause I look at all these EXPENSIVE shields and notice they only give me a couple + stats and a million - ones. Do all the stats I need come from the 1h weapon I buy after my shield? It is comparing the shield to my 2h mace everytime afterall. I just don't want to start buying a shield and end up having something that gives me stuff i dont need like + spirit or +int (unless I DO need it, for prot. I thought I would for Holy but I wasn't sure what prot would require.)Ragnah2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Holy paladins and holy power I've been thinking a lot about issues holy paladins have on beta and on live, and I have some ideas about how they could become more balanced. My computer was doing a hardware test, so I couldn't use it and had plenty of time to brainstorm. I don't play on beta, but have read anything I can find about paladin changes, especially holy. I don't know beta numbers exactly, so this will all be based on what I've read about it. •Inquisition is a class spell again, and changes depending on spec. –Holy: Increases healing by 15% for 15 seconds per charge of holy power. –Prot: Reduces damage taken by 15% for 15 seconds per charge of holy power. –Ret: Stay the same as on beta. As I normally don't play prot, I'm not sure how useful this would be to them. If it turned out to be annoying and useless, Inquisition could remain the way it is now on beta, and holy would get a new talent that would be similar to the above: Increases healing by 15% for 45 seconds. Requires 3 holy power. •Light of Dawn is nerfed some, heals everyone within a 30 yard range, has a 40% of base mana cost instead of a holy power cost. 30 second cooldown. •Glyph of Light of Dawn would then be changed to only heal 6 nearby allies, but for 25% more. –If this turned out to be OP, LoD could remain the same as it is on beta, but with a 35% mana cost, and 20 second cooldown. (Glyph would stay the same as on beta.) •Holy radiance no longer grants a charge of holy power, but buffed some from beta. •Beacon of Light transfers 5% of healing from Light of Dawn and 10% of healing from Holy Radiance. (Beacon would transfer 10% of LoD if second version is better.) •Mana cost of Holy Radiance and Divine Light reduced by 2-4% of base mana. (numbers on this would have to be adjusted a lot I'm guessing...) •If mana is a problem, cooldown of Divine Plea reduced to 1.5 minutes. •Passive class ability that generates one holy power every 15 seconds •If AOE healing is too low, Word of Glory heals five nearby injured allies for 10% of the amount healed on the primary target. (Numbers would probably need adjusting, possibly heals one or two nearby injured allies if it seems OP.) •Word of Glory buffed some. (I don't know numbers on beta, so this would have to be adjusted) •Holy Prism generates one holy power. •Holy Insight changed to additionally increase the chance of Holy Prism to hit by 15%. •Light's Hammer and Execution Sentence generate two holy power. Thanks for reading, I was bored. :)Revanchîst6 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Prot Paladin PVP? So I've gotten bored of ret playing it and holy all of Cata so i want to try out port. I know it sucks !@# but Ive tried it before and I really liked it. Does anyone know a good paladin to copy a spec off of, thx for any helpHoojmstrmark0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 What should my stats look like? I'm assuming you guys can see my stats on my profile or something (or so I hear. If not I'll post them or something). I'm having a hard time figuring out what I need when looking for armor. I know I need strength and hit rating and such but where are my stats REALLY lacking? Is my speed too slow, is my crit chance not high enough. I just want to know what I need to look for in armor so I don't waste all my gold on the wrong stuff D: Or worse. Take the wrong armor from someone in a dungeon.Ragnah8 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Holy PvP Macros Hey Guys, I just came back from about an 8 month break from WoW and I wanted to start healing Arenas on this guy again. I was wondering what some useful Macros were for Hpallys in arenas in 4.3. Mainly i was looking for the Judgement Assist Macro, The Holy Shock Taunt Macro, and the Rebuke/HoJ Macro. Thanks in advance for the help!Wìngs0 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 What is Censure Cleave? Anyone know? I'm reading Yata's Retribution Paladin vs Dragon Soul [4.3 GUIDE] on ( and he frequently mentions the phrase "Censure Cleave". For example, when talking about the Morchok fight he says "If you start on the copy, make sure to Censure cleave the real one with a focus target judgment macro for as long as you can since it will have 5 stacks on it after they split anyway." He gives instructions to censure cleave many times in his guide. He also says to 'stack censure': "What you want to do is stack censure on as much targets as possible and keep them up." Can anyone explain how to censure cleave? And how to stack censure? Doesn't this automatically happen with Seal of Truth?I've looked all over the web (well... google) and can't find an answer.Benevor6 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Arena Retadins: Blessings? Auras? I play 2s with a Disc Priest. I cannot find a definitive answer to this question. Does it really matter which blessing I use? Is one significantly better than the other for 2s? Why? Edit: Another question. Devotion vs. Resistance. Obviously, if there are no mages/whatever, I'll run Devotion. If there are only casters, I'll run Resistance. What if there's both? What about Concentration Aura? Should I ever bother, considering my partner is a Disc Priest? Thanks in advance. I apologize for the ten-thousand questions.Svayne2 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Low dps? I pulled about 37k on normal Ultra today, that to me, seemed a little low. Now aside from a few non epic gems and some upgradable enchants (I swear, i'm working on it.) Is there anything flawed from a gear stand point? Or is that right around where I should be, thanks.Photas7 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Ret Pally Rotation What is a good ret pally pve/pvp rotation?Gatsby3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Holy in MoP. Lately I've seen topics about ret in MoP, but nobody seems to be talking about holy. So how is holy doing on the beta so far? Will holy still be a viable pvp healer?Feroz6 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Best race for Alliance holy paladin? Hey guys saw some old threads they kinda look out of date, so with MoP coming i found a perfect reroll guild, now my question is Human vs Draenei for a holy pally with ret offspec, mostly pve raiding maybe will be doing some Rbg's 1-2 a week, so with that info provided help me decide please!Gilvernous3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Tanking Problems. I have been successfully holding my aggro with almost no problem up to 42, 43 or so, but recently it has been getting harder. Is this natural? Or am I choosing the wrong gear for the job? I do like more stamina over strength, but now I think I have too much stamina, and not much strength to do the damage I could potentially be doing. I keep Righteous Fury up, Consecration when I take on 4+ mobs, Holy wrath whenever the cooldown is up when fighting 2+ mobs. I use seal of insight. I use the move that shares the same cooldown with Crusador Strike ( I can't remember the name) whenever I fight 2+ mobs, CS for 1. Tanking used to be a breeze, but in my last dungeon we wiped twice because I couldn't hold the aggro... tips?Voltevo10 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Paladins! You've all forgotten yourselves! Have we forgotten? Have we let things pass so far that we've lost all sake of identity? What's this "MoP" nonsense and why be so obsessed with it? Did we not stand(or erm...sit?) at this very spot years ago and agree upon one thing? Brothers and sisters of the light I ask you to band together and remember WHY it is that you play a paladin today! Never forget the true reason for this class! OUR HAIR!!!!!!!! For our class may always be broken, but our hair may always be beautiful!Hertacia26 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Macro help... I need a good macro for turn evil in pvp. Is there anyway to click turn evil and it target the undead and fear it?? Preferably gargoyle....Sopro1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 [Videos] MoP Shockadin Back? These videos are a couple weeks to 2 months old so I'm not sure if the builds are still viable. Anyone testing out if they accidentally or intentionally let shockadin back into wow?Wharrgarrbl12 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 End time Murozond how do I increase my dps Is there anything I can do to increase my dps on him? I popped my CD's during snap shot so I had an extra 20~ seconds for my burn phase on him and had my on use strength trinket and Golemblood up after every hour glass reset. Any suggestions for him or any of the other Hour of Twillight Bosses? I would like to keep up with hunters and other classes on Mannoroth and Baine as well. Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 seeking advice if anyone good raiding ret pallys could take a look at my pally and tell me some times on what im doin wrong with my toon as far as stats go i would appreciate it i just came back after a year of not playing and im completely lost hahaBlueshasta1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Classic class question :/ Im back to the game im a pre bc guy and im torn between pally and hunter ive had a 70 hunter before love hunters i love em and i excel in them im no huntard and i love pvp more than raiding :P and now this is my first pally not so bad with it either but ive just been hearing so much qqing from all these pallies since MoP is rolling around the corner so with that said i love pvp and i do see pallies are more support as for hunters are more straight damage please help and sorry for this cliched questionDanchii1 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Block Cap in PvP What is the effect, if any, of the Block Cap in PvP?Kimberlite2 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Paladin Trouble I'm am a new 85 paladin. My ilvl is 374 but having trouble getting high dps so i need someone to explain how to get good as a paladin. In dungeons i do appromiately 10k-11dps. Im retribution and offspec is protection. I farely need a new rotation but my problem is some guides say that to start off a rotation is you need inq but how do you get inq at the start of the rotation. SOME PLEASE HELP ME!! :(((Braud6 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 zealotry and situations with lots of haste There are a few situations in current dungeon or raid fights where a static haste buff is applied to the group (eg, madness, murozond). If someone hero/lusts during that time, I'm in a spot where I only have time to use one ability in between crusader strikes. When I have zealotry up, is the highest dps just to cs - tv - cs - tv? (while keeping up inquisition) If I have hammer available or aow procs, should I be trying to lace in how/exo or just ignoring them for the duration of zealotry?Anston2 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Spec in MoP - Holy, Ret, and Tank I wanted a thread were we could talk about the pros and cons of each talent for PvP and PvE on all 3 trees, for a quick reference for people who are still undecided on certain things. One good thing to note is the spec most likely will translate well between PvP and PvE since Bliz tried hard and did pretty well at giving options based on play style or opinion. I'm loving this because I want to go ret again as my secondary spec, but I especially want to easily go between PvE and PvP healing. So, I'll kick things off with what I'm planning to use and abuse in PvP Holy. But, I would like some input on a few of these. Please feel free to talk about ret and prot all you want as well. Holy PvP w/ Long Arm of the Law - Since we're losing the little mini-sprint from Divine protection that's only on a 30 sec timer, I feel like I'll get more use out of a more constant, but smaller form of burst speed. But 70% run speed is rogue fast and, with Pursuit of Justice, you could technically sit at a constant 40% increase, but that will ebb and flow and I think would be to hard to control and not easily relied upon. But this is a talent that's very preferential, so I'd love input, especially from Ret on what they're going to be using. Since generating HP will be even easier for ret than for Holy, will rets be using PoJ at all? Also, I'm assuming most people with go with LAL PvE simply because easily controlled short duration movement bursts tend to be the demand. In the event that a sprint like ability is REQUIRED (which is rare because only a few classes can do it) I'm assuming again that a short burst would work just fine since the long and fast SoL has too long of a cooldown. Please, input peeps! Repentance - Duh. This is a no brainer for Holy (maybe not for Ret). What holy lacks currently is offensive utility, primarily in the form of cc. To emphasize, we have always needed more offensive capabilities, which is especially noticeable in 2s and 3s arena against Priests, but anything like an offensive dispel, more burst damage, cc, etc would be just as effective, since it fills the hole. But cc is clearly the best and, with repentance providing TWO things to fill that hole (Blinding Light). For ret, since Repentance is for ret only right now, the cc isn't the missing link for ret. As a melee, ret would be even more effective with a movement impairing effect and we're getting that too, no matter what in MoP. I still expect that most rets will grab either Repentance or FoJ as Seal of Justice will now reduce movement speed. For certain 2s comps, obviously, the extra damage from Seal of Truth will be necessary and they may go for BoG, but I'm thinking that should be rare. As for PvE, movement impairing is useless so, again, most likely Repentance. Selfless Healer - Again, this is a talent that is completely up for grabs imo. All three seem powerful in both PvP and PvE and the HoT fills a definite hole in paladin healing capabilities. I'm going with the added control on FoL for PvP as having more instant cast heals is vital (see my healing PvP guide for more info on that). WoG also can become a damaging ability, filling more of that offensive hole (I think its full and overflowing. We all know that Holy DPS will be nerf into the ground by 5.1, but...enjoy it while you can! =D) I think the FoL control will be a ret choice for PvP and PvE, but...who knows? This is a very powerful tier. I'll need lots of input on this.Sunlust10 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Emblem or Insignia for healadin pvp? Context: unrated BGs, the odd duel. I'm thinking the Insignia. What do you think?Antorius0 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Level 90 talents, which will you take? All three of these abilities sound pretty interesting to me but I’m not sure what their primary designs are. I’m not the greatest theory crafter so I don’t know which ones are best for each spec or how you would really use them. If anyone has had some experience with them in the beta I’d love your imput. Holy Prism- Since this has a shortish cooldown I’m going to assume it is meant to be worked into a regular rotation. It doesn’t generate HP though so its probably a low priority unless it is dealing a huge amount of damage or healing. I don’t know what your average Judgment or Holy Shock will be dealing at level 90 compared to this. For Holy this would provide some useful AoE healing which they kind of lack. You would have pretty high spell power and might actually deal some pretty good damage if used on a single target. Since its instant that could make it good for single target healing as well. Prot could use this on themselves to get a heal and then deal AoE Holy damage for threat. I doubt they would use it to damage a single enemy and heal a group though. With ret I’m guessing it would be purely to damage an opponent while you have Inquisition up. The extra healing would be good if you are trying to be a side healer with talents like Selfless Healer. Light’s Hammer This is the most interesting ability to me since we don’t have any targetable AoE. As Holy you’d once again get some AoE healing, but since its stationary it wouldn’t be useful in high mobility fights. I believe shammans have an ability like this as well but can’t remember the name. Something to do with rain. A Prot pally would love this for AoE threat as well as the ability to aim it unlike Concecrate. And it will provide some healing for himself and his melee allies as well. Ret may want it purely for the damage since they seems to be still have some issues with AoE. Once again I have no idea how the damage or healing would compare with your other level 90 abilities. Execution Sentence This is the inverse of Light’s Hammer since it has the same cooldown, but is single target instead of AoE. I heard early on that you need to keep the target or yourself stationary for the effect to build, and if you move out from under it will disappear. I’m also not clear on whether the final burst of damage or healing is still single target or an AoE. Holy would love the heal aspect of this for when they know a huge damage spike is in coming. Use it a little before and when it really hits it will have ramped up. I doubt prot would have much of a use for it though unless they were really desperate to gain single target threat, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. Ret would love it for the damage and the cooldown is still short enough to use several times a fight.Rehl3 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Paladin stats... I just started this paly last week and love it. I spec'd prot and intend on dual specing holy once I get around to it. I haven't read any guides on paladins yet because most of them are outdated and don't provide the relevant information i'm looking for. I do have significant experience with many other classes and how stats work. This all being said, the paladin class is interesting cause I can see use in almost all stats, so I have had a hard time figuring out what is best from my own experience. STR is obviously good for my melee dps and threat; AGI is good for more defense; INT is for more mana. These are the three stats I figured are what I should be aiming for. Problem is gear seems to either have typically just one of these 3 stats. So I have been switching out stats as I go AGI to STR and back and forth again cause at this point I'm just grabbing whatever offers overall higher item level with those stats. I'm aproaching midgame and I want to start focusing the specific (if any) stats for being PROT. I also am curious how different the gear stats are when I want to dual spec HOLY. To sum this all up simply, what is the basic stat priority for PROT and HOLY? lastly, I'm sure at 85 I will have 3 sets of gear for tanking, healing, and pvp.... but as a general purpose leveling should I have a hybrid set or 2 specific sets?Zerbrista7 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Holy Paladin Haste Cap Confusion in 4.3 Hello Everyone, Firstly everyones input is greatly appreciated as I am mildly confused from all the different numbers Ive seen floating around. Ive been reading around that the ultimate haste cap is 3,500, but thats only available in 410 gear. beneath that the haste cap is 24,93, which is easily attainable with a 390+ ilvl. However Ive read in some forums here that you only need about 900 or 8% haste to hit that cap in a raid. Sitting around in Org my haste is at 2,555 or 23.55% unbuffed with no potions or judgements. My main concern is that I am wasting a large amount of stats if these lower figures are true. Can anyone help me put a definitive end to my confusion? Thank You Armory Link - Drrunkadin19 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Difficult Macro Question I don't know if this is doable, but I have to ask: Is it possible to macro my Turn Evil to automatically target the nearest undead or demon target? I currently have it macroed in as an alt mod with my CS and have to manually (tab) target the pets to fear them. #showtooltip crusader strike /startattack /cast [nomod] crusader strike /cast [mod:alt, @(what can i put here)] turn evil Above is my current macro setup minus the target modifier. I know that I can set it to be @focus but that prevents me from putting a healer as the focus.Nicolerichie11 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Open Libram XXXVI: On The Wings of a Naaru ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": Editz: I was feeling dramatic, hence the title. Also I totally stole this from Jadoth. :x I wanted to make the next Libram! <_<Cadenbrie500 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Raid Why when I try to go into BT after only killing 4 bosses with a different group it says You are already locked to BT (25 man)? I thought that if you still had bosses to kill you could go back and kill them?Beldaris2 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Why they removed the bubble from WoG in MoP? Why? They want prot wasting holy power with overheals? :(Stvc8 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 MoP Holy Radiance: Is it getting nerfed? Its hard to tell before playing something how all the mechanics will turn out just by looking at the numbers and not actually playing. So I'm not sure if I'm right, but that's obviously why I'm asking. In MoP, how will paladin AoE healing capabilies turn out? First off, if this is a nerf, it feels like WAY too much. We all know that Holy Radiance is stronger than any other AoE heal in the game. I posted on a different thread that I NEVER lose on heal meters, largely because of effective Holy Radiance usage/abusage. I know that it is op, BUT I LIKE IT LIKE THAT!!!!! Every other healing class complains about it a lot, so maybe it is time... But, lets look at the healing. Currently, Holy Radiance heals the primary target for about 50% of a Holy Light heal, plus about an additional 50% as a little hot. The way I'm geared, Holy Light heals for 12-14k, and Holy Radiance heals for 6-7k with the hots ticking at 900-1100 all of this non-crit of course. In MoP, Holy Radiance will still heal the main target for about 50% of a Holy Light, but heals everyone else for only 50% of the heal on the main component AND THERE'S NO HOT AT ALL...WTF!? But now, it allows Holy Shock, which seems considerably more powerful than it is now albeit on a slightly longer cooldown, to be an AoE that is DIVIDED between everyone. So, on a 25 man stack up that AoE heal with be absolutely worthless, obviously. Even with 5 or 10 people, it will be super weak. So, in summary, it looks as if Holy Radiance is getting about a 60% overall healing nerf (did I mention that it still diminishes past 6 peeps?). The Holy Shock thing sounds useless too. But, like I said, its hard to tell for absolute sure until we actually start trying out heroics. Does anyone who got invited to the beta have input on this? Please post if you know anything for sure because I am very worried that my favorite and most abused ability seems to be being nerfed into the ground... Also, will we really have 5x the mana that other casters do? And is there really no more mana burn? Thanks for all your info!!Sunlust28 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Rate the paladin above you! Hygeia.... The goddess of healing (MS is holy :D)Hygeia93 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 How can a Ret Paladin defeat a Mage? In before "This game isn't balanced around 1v1." I am aware of that, and I am fine with it. I just want to know how I could better myself to be able to stand a very slight chance against beating a mage, I feel it is unrealistic to say I can beat a mage of equal skill and gear or even lower skill and gear. Even fire crushes me with it's retarded tool kit. It's just not a fun thing to know that if one of my friends challenges me to a duel on his mage I am always always going to lose no matter what. It makes it to the point of me not even wanting to duel him because I know I will lose. I feel no matter how well I play, I get destroyed by mages with absolutely no effort. Even on my mage I know there is no way I could lose to a ret Paladin because my Kit counters everything a Ret Paladin can throw at me. I can blink out of every HoJ no problem, because Blink has a shorter CD than HoJ. The only thing I can get hit by is repentance, and I know that after that wears off, I can instantly reopen the gap with blink if I have to, and if he follows with HoJ I can ice block it IF I find myself to be in a bad situation. Putting SoJ up to keep him from running away from me with blazing speed hinders my damage so much it isn't even worth it, because I find that even while slamming my finger into the G key aka cleanse (GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, get it?) I still can't get close enough to do damage to the mage, and when I throw up freedom it is gone thanks to no CD spell steal. I have Divine prot glyphed, and I use my 2p t13 as well so I can keep myself with for as long as I can when WoG is off CD and I can drag up the 3HoP to use it using only Judgement because that is the only source of HoP I have against a mage since I will never be able to get close enough to use crusader strike. Not to mention I am understand I am just handing my life over if I pop avenging wrath. Is there ANYTHING I am missing here? Do I honestly stand NO chance against a Mage? I know frost is just 100% over, but I am feeling the same against Fire now, just knowing the tools the mage and the ret have, there is no logical way a Ret can beat the mage. I haven't seen a good arcane mage in forever, but I know since they have to actually stand still to cast they can't just run around and spam lolscorchscorchscorch. Which leads to instant pyroblast procs and all other kinds of good stuff, like impact. I don't understand why mages are allowed to be so powerful without hard casting. The only other class that is so strong and mobile is UA locks, and they still have to stand still to cast UA/haunt. Help me fellow Paladins. tl;dr how do i beat a mage?Raikari61 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Hard time finding groups to do normal DS with Hey guys, just looking for some advice. I'm having a hard time finding any groups in my realm that will accept me for their normal DS runs. I'm @ ilvl 390, which I didn't think was bad for what I want to do. I know fight mechanics and all that jazz. Is it just because people don't like ret paladins? That's the feel I'm getting from a lot of people and I don't really know why since I've seen plenty of ret paladins at the top of the dps chart. Or perhaps it's the realm. Or my gear really is that terrible since I can't seem to find a group to get better gear with. :'D Idk. Any thoughts?Xquizt7 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Low Dps Help? My dps is low for my gear level. I am really not sure why. I spend countless hours and gold a day reforging and tweaking my rotation. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Pvp Leveling Holy Howdy! I slowly been leveling my pally through PvP. Quick question, I just got to where I can opt to use beacon of light. I was really excited because I thought between the Protector of the Innocent and the 50% heals from beacon(holy shock, word of glory, and flash heals at this point), it would allow me to not have to pause and heal myself while in tough bg battles. I didn't really notice the difference to be honest. So is it worth having beacon of light for the later talent down the tree?Doldak2 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Trinket help please.. Hello, sort of new hpal here. Im currently using a blue trinket with 285 spirit and an on use 1.4k spell power. Im not sure if I should be using this or a 383 int+equip 1149 mastery bonus. The int is definitely more stats and is nice but I think the on equip mastery bonus would be hard to make use out of. Do you guys think I should make the swap or keep using Sea Star? Also..Do you guys think the belt for my next VP purchase would be a good idea?Indie1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Ret Damage in MoP I'm seriously concerned about our damage in MoP are we still going to be actually viable in damage and not have to rely on our cds anymore?Killage34 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Beautiful macro I"m sure many many many holy paladins use it, and I'm also sure many many many don't. It just occurred to me, so thought I'd post it. Assuming you have Speed of Light (dur): #showtooltip Divine Protection /cast Divine Protection /cast Hand of Freedom Enjoy. :)Antorius2 Aug 4, 2012