Nov 18 7.2 Class Mount Is it too late for us to try and get Blizzard to change this awful thing to something resembling being cool? I don't care that it's a horse but it's one of the most lame looking armored horses I've ever seen. It looks like it was done by an artist on a tight schedule as one of the last class mounts developed, so they rushed it through the door with some generic armor.Danerik1 Nov 18
Nov 18 Nub Holy looking for tips Feels like my hps is low balls. I have not healed in many a moon (dps at heart), so any and all tips (preferably a beast of a guide) are appreciated.Serbo9 Nov 18
Nov 18 ToV fight-specific advice for Holy? I was wondering if there's any specific talent setups or strats that are helpful on the first two fights. Anyone have anything? Any general holy-specific advice for Odyn and Guarm?Norideyn3 Nov 18
Nov 18 Prot - prolonged power? How good is prolonged power for non progression raid fights? Also for =<6 mythic+ mythic? They're affordable compared to the armor potions.Prakas0 Nov 18
Nov 18 Hide the book on belt You know how mages are able to hide the orbs created by their artifact weapon, is there a possible way to hide our silly book for hpals. Would really like to show my belt buckle without that book in the way.Avarice2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Divine Steed... Should be Speed of Light instead.Venko3 Nov 18
Nov 18 Ret 7.1 updated BiS trinket list? Trying to get the best trinkets I can find, just want to know if theres a place I can see a list. I currently have: Equipped: 865 Rending Paw 850 Faulty Countermeasure Banked: 840 Chrono Shard 840 Horn of ValorTyrsian1 Nov 18
Nov 18 7.1.5, a good time to rework bad PvP talents. Dear Blizzard, Ret currently has an issue with our final row PvP talents, everyone and their mother takes Lawbringer, not because it's OP, it isn't, but because the other two choices are awful by comparison... Please, look into making some changes to this talent row... and please don't do it by unjustly nerfing Lawbringer, do it by buffing, redesigning, or replacing Divine Punisher and Hammer of Reckoning. I'd personally like to recommend putting Steed of Glory in place of either Divine Punisher or Hammer of Reckoning (and buffing/reworking the other). Yes, this would give us a quite decent buff to our mobility, which is supposed to be our weakness, but it would require us to choose between doing more damage and being more mobile, which seems fairly balanced. Sincerely, a Ret who likes PvP PS: It's also a good time to remove Greater Blessing of Might ;DDivenity3 Nov 18
Nov 18 RET hidden skin tint tracking script Hey anybody got a ret version of the tint tracking script for a friend? (the 1k kills/200 wq/100 dungeon)Molyporphx1 Nov 18
Nov 18 Opinion RE: PvP trinket Hey folks so I got a PvP trinket the other day and I'm conflicted if I should be using it or not. it's ilvl 880 base stats: 1631 STR 2.5k Versatility on use (1 Min ) The base str is really really nice; however that use effect is kind of lacking, wondering if its better than my Angerboda (850 w/ 1242 str )Kained4 Nov 18
Nov 18 Help with dps Hey guys. I was wondering if you guys could help me maximize my dps. I currently am not sure what haste is necessary to maximize my efficiency. Right now I am at about 27 crit 26 haste and 27 mastery. I have gear that could change that to 31 crit 21 haste and 30 mastery. I really need some help. Would be really appreciated.Aêr0 Nov 18
Nov 17 Holy Paladin pvp Hey y'all. I've been wanting to maybe try out a new healer (I play monk) and paladin caught my interest. How does holy fare in pvp? I'm talking casual bg's and maybe some not serious arena? Strengths/weaknesses? Thanks for any info.Leg41 Nov 17
Nov 17 Master or hast for Holy So this isnt a basic stat priority question. i know the class very well done a lot of research. I have taken a little bit of haste because i like to have the option of spamming FoL in mythics if i have to. im not a fan of our mastery and dont really want to rely on it. but overall i guess mastery is better to take over haste? Obv Crit>vers...but then mastery=haste?Coehabamba14 Nov 17
Nov 17 Mastery on everything..... Anyone else find it pretty annoying that mastery is on the majority of our drops :SXerô5 Nov 17
Nov 17 Does anyone heal WITHOUT Addons? Just curious, does anyone raid heal without Addons and just using Mouseover macros? It seems like everyone says it's required....but I personally do not really like WeakAuras it still possible to heal ok?Alvarin20 Nov 17
Nov 17 DPS - Retribution 7.1 With my gear at ilvl 851 I'm only pulling 225k on average. Of course I bump up on demons... What do your numbers look like? iLvl DPSRunmfrun12 Nov 17
Nov 17 [Padawsen's Unlucky Charm] Any opinions between these 2 trinkets: [Padawsen's Unlucky Charm] Ilvl 860 1353 intellect 322 crit 322 haste 322 mastery vs. [Vial of Nightmare Fog] ilvl 865 986 crit socket for 150 crit equip chance for 169,264 absorb lasting 15 sec I was exactly at 50.05% crit with the lowest darkmoon proc and food buff before Padawen's dropped. With it I drop to ~47.5%. Is the 2.5% loss in crit and absorb worth it?Healbotuser3 Nov 17
Nov 17 Trinket help I have a few trinks to choose from and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a few extra pieces of gear so even without haste on my trinks I can be 20-22% so keep this in mind I have a 855 fcm so that is getting a spot no question as for the other I have a few to choose from. -875 ursocs paw -840 momento -850 stat stick (haste) I lve used all of them just to test them out and can't rrally see a difference dps wise. Any recommendations? And would it be worth farming maw for a higher momento?Grallan6 Nov 17
Nov 17 Legendary Cloak/Haste So, looted Whisper from a MoS +3. Currently, my stats are something like this: Crit:24% Haste:27% Mastery:28% I've seen a lot of Rets claim to only need around 20% haste. Even before I had the cloak I felt I definitely needed more. After the cloak, obviously haste needs to be at a point to get finishers within 4 seconds. Right now, 27% is working very well to do this. So my question is, at this point, should I try to get more crit, while leaving haste and mastery as is? I'm not sure if more haste will benefit much more, and for me, I feel like our secondaries are somewhat of a balancing act. If anyone could share with me how they feel performing with either higher or lower haste with the cloak, it would be much appreciated. I can link logs if neccesary, but I seem to be averaging around the 300k mark. I feel fine with my damage and rotation, but I always want to get better, and I just don't know where to go with stats at this point. Any ideas or advice is very appreciated, thank you!Dbutta3 Nov 17
Nov 17 Ret pally dispel bug on Nythendra trash? Hey guys, so pretty much I have to sit outside of raid till my group kills all the trash before nythenra. I am somehow dispelling the knockback/aoe damage as soon as it comes up. After calling out one of the trial healers we had, one of the other core members pointed out I had 15 dispels. My cleanse is not going on CD, I am not hitting my cleanse keybind, and I am not targeting other raid members. This has happened for the last 3 weeks, almost as if the honor talent that cleanses everyone whenever I am healed is active or something. If anyone has an explanation please help Thank youReanimation9 Nov 17
Nov 17 Legendary cloak dropped. Whisper of the Nath Just dropped the legendary cloak on my ret. Had not played it in a few days, i main a warlock. Had 2 emmissarys lined up. Nightfallen emmissary cache dropped it, 21hrs 50min played on this toon.Was ilvl 828-830 now im 839. Feel almost bad not making this my main but also got legendary affliction lock helm .Gabrîèl23 Nov 17
Nov 17 Shard of Darkness drop rate theory Yesterday, a guildie and I killed the slime together in the same group, and we started fishing together and took breaks. He got the shard after roughly 800+, I got it today after 1760+ casts. One difference between us was that I had prot and holy hidden skins with the extra color variation from 200 WQ while he only had holy (which we both got on the same day within hours of each other) So I am wondering if that had any impact on the drop rate. to that end, I would you guys who fished up the shard of darkness to post your number of casts and which hidden skins / colors you had unlocked. I would like to see if there is a relation between them.Lîghtbrînger22 Nov 17
Nov 17 860 Angerboda or 830 Spiked Counterweight? I've beat the stuffing out of the training dummy in the Order Hall to parse them, and flipped between the two for pretty much all the content I get into. For the life of me I can't see an appreciable difference between the I just expecting too much out of a swap between two fairly good trinkets?Vafarre11 Nov 17
Nov 17 Dissappointed with 7.1.5 Speaking as a ret, I must say Im pretty dissappointed with what I see so far on the PTR. I know, this is the first iteration but aside from some numbers tuning this is likely what were going to get. While people are rationalizing that ret got out of 7.1.5 without too many nerfs (sorry MM, fire), the fact is that a great number of our talents remain noncompetitive. When I heard that Blizz was going to focus on making more talents viable I was honestly excited at the prospect of being able to use the talents I enjoyed playing but could never justify in serious content. I imagined talents like Execution Sentence and Divine Purpose finally being fixed to become competitive, or something being done about Holy Wrath. What we got instead was a fairly significant nerf to Divine Intervention, a reworking of Fist of Justice (was anyone actually complaining about this?), yet another pvp nerf of Holy Wrath, and swapping our seldom used Seal of Light with a copy-pasted talent of questionable utility from Prot/ Holy. These changes seem, frankly, out of touch with the player base. Rets talent build remains stagnant and glaring problems that the community has voiced concern over for months (GBoM) go on unchanged. Yes, rets may have gotten out of this PTR build relatively unscathed compared to others but this new build offers us almost nothing. Im honestly just baffled.Lyriks2 Nov 17
Nov 17 DPS suggestions? Okay so I'm iLevel 842, and I'm trying my hardest to get the gear that's best for my spec. Only problem is, I believe I have the correct talents, but my rotation is where I suffer the most. I know I need at least 20% haste, but beyond that I'm lost. My goal is to be able to pull a competent amount of DPS so I may continue to do mythics, mythic+ and what have you. Is there any suggestions for addons, rotations or general tips anyone would be able to assist me with?Daeltroth2 Nov 17
Nov 17 Ret Paladin talent question Why would anyone use Crusaders strike (and effectively Fires of Justice talent) over Zeal talent? CS = 230% + 10% for FOJ = 243% + 15% (1.5 in 10 chance) for reduce HP cost by 1 Makes CS 3.5 sec cooldown Zeal = 320% + chain to 2nd for 192% dmg. 4.5 sec cooldown I guess if 15% fishing chance of HP proc but cant see how it could be equal or more damage overall than Zeal. Especially when you add in the 2nd and 3rd chain target when applicable. Am I missing something?Shadè6 Nov 17
Nov 17 Tips/Questions from a new hpal o/s? This is my alt character that I've been playing as prot. I've played resto druid in previous expansions, so healing isn't completely new. I never played holy paladin and to be honest, I'm very intimidated :(. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but it seems very complicated to learn. I'll primarily be using it for raids, maybe some 5 mans once I'm comfortable with it. I know the stat weights, and understand it's mostly a direct healing class and should be using a spell (i think it's beacon) on the tank. I've read icy veins and single target healing seems straight forward, raid healing is a little more complicated. I plan to do some lfr with it for practice today but have a couple questions maybe an experienced holy paladin can help before I fubar :P. -Any healing tips for a raid encounter? Is there a certain spell that will be the majority of my casts? -In a raid setting, what are you doing from the start of a pull, especially when there's little damage to heal? -If I'm not healing for a small amount of time in the middle of a boss fight, what spell(s) should I be using for dps?Prakas2 Nov 17
Nov 17 7.2 Class Mount + Divine Steed ??? Think about it... I know another horse isn't what many of my fellow Paladins was hoping for, myself included, even if we did half expect it to be a horse. However, if you let the new Class Mount be summoned with Divine Steed and be fully capable of flying* in those brief seconds then my god... You give us that and I'll take back all complaints and not say another word against how it should have been something other than a horse. I will love our new horse if you do this, I swear it. * Obviously we can't be allowed to fly in places we're not supposed to be flying. In those particular scenarios, just be sure to give us immunity to fall damage because we'd be capable of potentially avoiding fall damage if it -could- fly. PS: If I can't summon my shiney new horse with Divine Steed even as a ground mount, I'm going to be very disappointed that you gave us a shiny new horse and then prevent us from using it with our well flavoured emergency steed ability.Jaethar2 Nov 17
Nov 17 Retribution - Stat Enhancement Dream Hey ALL! So every wondered what would you choose if you got to distribute your own stats? Well this is your chance! This is just a fun thread to see what people want in their own 'dream paladin world' So how it works - add up all your secondary stat percentage numbers then redistribute in the way you want for example this is mine: Current: Critical Strike - 41% Haste - 20% Versatility - 6% Mastery - 19% Total - 86% Dream: Critical Strike - 30% Haste - 20% Versatility - 20% Mastery - 16% Post your results below!!!Johwa1 Nov 17
Nov 17 Tank for Legion - Paladin vs DK I am wanting a tank, purely for pve, however I want to be able to still stand my ground if ganked while pulling mobs. I was originally leveling up a warrior.. I love their mobility, however I hate that they dont have good self heals. My options now are between paladin and dk. I got on the ptr, I like them both. DK feels more tankier and never got below 75% life.. paladin, was still tanky but took a lot more dmg it felt like with heals, but also has another spec for healing if I chose to do so. I don't know which one to choose. Again, I'm wanting a good tank to do farming with. What would you suggest out of the two classes?Sfjka5 Nov 17
Nov 17 Can TV animation get changed? I'm missing tf out of the old final verdict animation, and think it should replace the current TV animation that looks like an autoattack lol.Deplorus5 Nov 17
Nov 17 Paladin or Demon Hunter tank? So, I've asked this of the Demon Hunter forums, the dungeon/raid forum and now I'd like to ask you guys this question. I came back to the game a few days ago and my guild has convinced me to go tank for Legion and I used my free boost on this Pally since my guild already had a DK tank. I eventually caved into temptation and gave Demon Hunter tanking a try and I'm kinda really liking it. I don't mind pally tanking, but I really like the self healing that Demon Hunter has and I can't help but feel that I'm less at risk of dying as a DH than a Pally. So I'm here to ask you guys who have far more tanking experience than me, since I've played dps my whole mmo life until now, which would be better overall from soloing old raids all the way to mythic raids? One thing to note though is that while I'm asking for the best overall of the two, my guild is somewhat casual so while we do raids and stuff, we aren't super focused on progression and more into just having fun and doing raids as friends.Renryuu6 Nov 17
Nov 17 Prot paladin pvp? any good? Any insight on this would be great, im interested in getting the hidden artifact flail #2 for prot paladin, any chance the spec is good at pvp and not just a punching bag?Dreadwing7 Nov 17
Nov 17 prot traits - sacrifice of the just I doubt most people have this yet. Does anyone use hand of sacrifice while tanking? What are some good times to use hand of sacrifice. On your co-tank?Serra2 Nov 17
Nov 17 How much dps do Prot pallies do? Grouped with one who did about 500k dps overall in BRH 8. He was basically a 4th dps and easily keeping up with me in overall damage.Onepunch1 Nov 17
Nov 16 Chain of Thrayn changes for 7.1.5 So I was reading some of the PTR patch notes for 7.1.5, and read the changes to Chain of Thrayn. That is, for retribution (and maybe prot too) increases healing done by 70% and dmg by 35% during wings. Did chain just go to BIS for ret if that change sticks? How about it for holy? I love the prospective change for it right now (mainly because I have it :P)Barero4 Nov 16
Nov 16 assist View Ceniarus, Xav, ursoc. Don't think I potted twice, or at all on a few of them because heroic. So don't tell me "should be potting twice". For this academic exercise well pretend that doesn't exist. why do I suck? why cant I increase my dps? why cant I find my issue? (still) Dissect it and tell me whats wrong people. Why does the other pally beat me despite lower haste and no cloak.Khastle0 Nov 16
Nov 16 Prot Gear / Trinket Strategy - AMR vs Wowhead The main question comes down to, which gearing / trinket strategy should I follow? AMR seems to suggest Mastery. Wowhead suggests Versatility/Haste. This character is an alt for me, with the primary task of having fun and running friends and family through content (mythic dungeons, low mythic+ dungeons (up to +5 right now), normal raids soon™). As an alt, I would like a relatively simple gearing strategy to follow as I don't usually take the time to SIM an alt. Until Legion, my basic rule had been follow AMR (AskMrRobot) until you know why you shouldn't. In this expansion, I find myself questioning their suggestions on most of my characters, including my main. Wowhead seems to be vastly improving their character suggestions, and I find myself following their suggestions for alts these days, but I am not sure if that makes sense for Prot Paladin. In addition to the main question, I would appreciate suggestions on trinkets for my current gear. I ventured into mythics the last two weeks and I am now able to carry easy mythic+ instances as a tank (for example I was able to 3 chest Maw +2 as tank fairly easily yesterday). My current trinkets are: 870 Horn of Valor (got really lucky in my first mythic) 850 Talisman of the Cragshaper (I tend to like clickable tank trinkets) 850 Phantasmal Echo (Used this for the haste and low health protection) I know I still need gems and enchants, but what I do with those depends on the main question of overall gearing strategy. Quite frankly, I replaced most of my gear in the last 2 weeks and I got the legendary on yesterday's Maw +2 run. Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions!Pasodoble13 Nov 16
Nov 16 Slime Is there a certain spawn timer for the Large Vile Slime? i camped since yesterday til 4 am, woke up, got on and still not there. And realm hopping hasent workedItazurana11 Nov 16
Nov 16 Guilt of putting AP into all 3 specs So I originally intended to only tank on this character when I made him.. once I decided to try pvp and had AK to 10 I started putting points into ret as well.. everything I got from pvp went to ret and everything else I to prot. Ret is 21 prot is 23 now.. also almost all of my gear including legend pants are prot spec.. Like when would It be ok for me to want to try holy out? My AK is 12 now so I feel I could level it relatively fast but I don't have my 3rd gold trait in either spec and all my gear is prot. Should I just wait till I have 3rd traits or AK is like 20 so I can level it in like few hours or just start now so I don't get to far behind with holy if I plan to raid as holy eventually?Scriptz12 Nov 16
Nov 16 drop rate resets after relog? Does the drop rate reset once you logout or relog ? iv been trying to fish the shard of darkness and i want to know if i can farm for an hour before sleep and try my luck or HAVE to fish it for hours and hours to affect the drop rate ?Ráyn6 Nov 16
Nov 16 Boros' Aggro Terribly amazing or amazingly terrible?Towely12 Nov 16
Nov 16 Aegis of Light Can we talk about how bad this talent is? 5 min CD, 20% DR for people standing behind me, 6 sec channel. Also I'm not sure what keeps breaking the channel as I've been messing with it while questing, does it break on damage? I'm not moving or casting anything but it will randomly break. The animation is cool tho.Trif0 Nov 16
Nov 16 Paladin protection in Mythic+ Hi guys, some questions about our spec. We are a great option for mythic+ or not? I really want focus in that kind of content. 1) Sometimes i feel our rotation counterintuitive. When i want maximize the damage i need use SoR, buts sometimes is waste my def cd. Or wait my Avenger shield for interrupt, and waste my chance of proc and do a better dps. What you think about that. 2) Sometimes i feel a lack of heal pool, if soem moob stun or silence me and i cant press my big reductions or auto heal i can be deleted. Im doing mythic+ 4 and not have great problems, my healer is allways a druid, but sometimes we are at limit. 3) I want a make me an alter for try other tank, what you recommend me for mythic+ DK, Warrior or Brewmaster? I want him for mythic+ too. Ty my friends and sorry for my englishHoderick5 Nov 16
Nov 16 Guarded by the Light Important for Prot PVP? On the PTR they removed the "Reduces the mana cost of your Flash of Light by 50%" part the of talent. I was going to start pvping on my prot paladin. Is this a major change to the viability of prot pvp or not?Takeno1 Nov 16
Nov 16 Potential Shard of Darkness bug. So I managed to fish up a shard of darkness, and instead of entering my inventory when I clicked on it, the game told me, "You can't loot that right now." It may have been a combination of auto loot and clicking it too quickly while the game was trying to put it into my bags, but just to be safe, you might want to turn auto loot off for this. Been over an hour and I haven't received it in the mail. Trying a ticket, but I doubt they'll be able to help. So just be careful.Gwuran17 Nov 16
Nov 16 Spark of the Fallen Exarch So i have seen a lot of bad RNG on my first two hidden artifacts, but in general how much is there with this? Like are people doing this thing for ages and not getting it or is the drop rate reasonable and if you get 30 or so runs in you will get it?Ahndariel10 Nov 16
Nov 16 Holy Heals pvp so in pvp im finding it hard to keep people up escpecially in team. my flash of light barely moves my healing targets health bar during casts . light of the martyr heals for more than holy shock. ive mained a hpally for a long time and it's begininng to feel just unenjoyable i tried a MW monk and i have a lower level rsham who feel 100x more engageing to play. i know you all are really digging the idea for a melee healer but mechanically it just doesnt work. it would seem blizz was going to make it a thing but kinda just gave up on it probably less than halfway through the decision makeing process. either way to me this class has never felt more clunky even with holy power and thats saying a lot. things i consider to be a hinderance in pvp 1. our mastery isnt ideal at all for big battles and team fights in rbgs and even random bgs it actually hurts us more than helps us which brings me to my next thing. 2. i feel like beacon of light is such an outdated mechanic and either needs to be taken off the gcd to make beacon swapping efficient or just remove it all together 3. the templates they gave us for pvp we just don't have enough haste at all and now since we can't stack it we're kinda boned im just not feeling it anymore healing isnt fun for me on the paladin it feels outdated personally we need more crit and haste in our templates to make holy shock effective again so we can atleast get more of infusion procs please for the love of god rework our mastery i mean we're not a melee healer at all you failed in this regard blizzard if our "class fantasy " is to be a half ased melee healer then i suppose you did a fantastic job. just my 2centsLavetio15 Nov 16
Nov 16 Holy Paladin Suramar Questing? Hi All, So I really want to do Holy Paladin, like fully. However I just got into doing Suramar....and honestly I did it before as a Blood DK and it was a breeze. However Holy Pally kills things VERY VERY slowly, but then again I hadn't really put much into my artifact at that point. So how is leveling Suramar with a Holy Paladin? Same with World Quests? Is it painful....or doable and not too bad.Alvarin20 Nov 16
Nov 16 Healers What is the most traditional group healer atm in WOW? The one where you keep every one topped off, play whack a mole with health bars while trying not to stand in stuff. I think I have aged out of the skill level it takes to be holy pally. I cant seem to dps, heal, not stand in bad (so much bad sometimes. that is when you need your group heals the most because everyone else is standing in bad), aim my group heal, wait for the other group heal (bov) to come off its 15 second cooldown so i can use 3 GCDs to set it up, is loh off cooldown? bop? Am i close enough to the tank so he gets aura? You guys are crazy good. Maybe it is time to just start smashing things.Ardan4 Nov 16