Jun 15 Tauren Paladin Xmogs Hey guys I'm having trouble finding any decent tauren paly transmogs. Most plate on tauren looks too brutish, and helmets are pretty much neck scarves or odd looking masks. Any tauren palys here care to share their looks?Corlem13 Jun 15
Jun 15 Please fix Retribution paladins I don't think I need to tell anyone what the state of Retribution is in PVP right now; lackluster. It feels as if the developers simply don't know what to do with us. We have had our mobility gutted. We can be effectively kited and shut down by almost any spec; meaning we are doing no damage. Our defensive's which are meant to make up for this are unimpressive when we have such little HP and armor that we are brought to a bubble in a few global CDs, which means 8 seconds of invulnerability (during which, we are still slow as a turtle) is negligible, and also dispelable in a 1.5 second cast! Not to mention Shield of Vengeance, which is laughable. Our utility is no longer existent, our blessings reduced to being little more than small bonuses. Our ability to bubble (melee attacks only) and Blessing of Freedom allies is only useful situationally, and 90% of the time we need those CDs for ourselves to stay alive and stay on target. Up until now, our damage (somewhat) made up for this poor class design except a warrior or any number of other specs can now out damage us as well as having twice the utility and mobility baked in. I am tired of playing catch up with other DPS who can already do what I can, better, and easier! I am not saying this spec is useless, or by any means noncompetitive, but I am saying Blizzard needs to take a serious look at how this class plays and how it can be improved. Blizzard, if necessary please re-design this class from the top up. Make it fun and rewarding to play, make it feel like I am doing something. When I am winning, it feels like I survived through clumsy defensive CD's long enough to be able to hammer my enemy to death. It does not feel rewarding in it's current state at all. I want to feel like a real Light-slinging vindicator of Justice! Thank you.Roderek6 Jun 15
Jun 15 Prot - Haste vs. Versatility balance Based on your experiences, at what point do you feel it's worth swapping haste for versatility? Right now I'm sitting at 12.7k haste rating (34%) and 4.4k versatility rating (9%). My focus is mythic +. Right now I want to stay alive with my friends new alt healer who hasn't geared as aggressively as I have.Asaira5 Jun 15
Jun 15 PvP - Where the hell did my damage go? Call me a noob, crazy or just plain rtard of a player. How the hell is an arms warrior doing more damage than me, with twice the survivability? How have i've been out dps by a frost mage & an afflock, with none of the control or suitability? There is only 1 build i swear i can get my damage off with and thats 42 second long crusade. Now hey, that burst, still is amazing. But i'm a wet noodle in both strength & consistency outside of that 24/7. I am literally spending every second outside of wings, kiting a god damn arms warrior or hiding from an aff lock. You know what is retarded? Double sp, i actually had hope this aids of a comp would get demolished. But apparently the new meta is triple priest with a holy. Me, a uh dk and my own disc, had to LINE the entire game. Holy !@#$ we couldnt even go out for burst because the damage was just that insane. My overall point being is, what in the absolute %^-* happaned? How did these changes go through? I'm literally just as squish in melee as a standing mage, i swear i take even more damage than before and i'm getting beated by arms warriors..... Warriors like, are we no longer the counter???? What if every ret started to demolish mages? I'm not even anti melee at this moment. I'm anti nuthing. The decoy if your glad mates wanna !@#$ around and needed that fill in they didnt give a %^-* about.Gâtékëêper12 Jun 15
Jun 15 Holy PVP: Avenging Crusader Recovery Rate --Template Intellect increased from 135% to 145%. --Avenging Crusader's mana cost has increased by 30%. --Avenging Crusader's cooldown recovery rate on Judgment and Crusader Strike decreased to 30% (was 50%). --Avenging Crusader's bonus damage decreased to 30% (was 50%). I agree with these changes mainly the damage decreased to 30% (was 50%). However, the cooldown recovery rate on Judgement and Crusader Strike seem a little much. Prior to this patch we dealt quite some damage in Arena, thus making our swings heal more. With this change in place, we can now AT MOST get 3 judgements off in a 25 second. This of course is if we are absolutely using that on CD, but that is not always the case. This cooldown for judgement feels a bit long as it is our main healing ability during this cooldown. This also nerfs our fist of justice talent taking more time to recover the cooldown. Our recovery rate did not seem like an issue last patch but the damage did. Maybe 50% was a bit much for what you guys had in mind but 30% feels a bit slow for this big of a cooldown. Sorry if this is not as constructive as you might want.. its pretty late where I reside.Covfefed1 Jun 15
Jun 15 ret..... the one time i actually play ret and its fun, now its been...... GUTTED! that can NOT be argued. ret is terrabad atm.Azshauanna5 Jun 15
Jun 15 SOLVED "Avenging Wrath" ability as ret pally? So I'm sure there's an explanation for this, but I'm thoroughly confused. I'm looking at quest rewards and I see that one artifact relic extends the duration of Avenging Wrath. However, I don't see this ability anywhere in my spellbook, or anywhere else under perhaps secondary abilities or anything. Am I being dense, or is this just an unused relic? Jun 15
Jun 15 Ret Pally Stat priority and Caps? Good afternoon everyone just a quick questions here. What is the stat priority for Ret Pallys and what are the caps if any. I have looked at both noxxic and Icy viens but wanted to here from the community also. Thanks!Chrollor47 Jun 15
Jun 15 Best Heirloom set for a Ret Pally? Title says it all.Vaticus13 Jun 15
Jun 14 Mount graphic requirements I get that pallies get an extra mount graphic. That's great. But why are we the only class that has to unlock EVERY SINGLE Artifact trait in order to get the other graphics for our class mount? 1. That seems incredibly extreme 2. No other class has to unlock anything to get their graphics I don't mind doing a little extra work to get the extra graphic, but the amount of work required is incredibly unnecessary and honestly, a little infuriating. I may be alone in my line of thinking, but I really feel like Blizz needs to reevaluate the way they have set this up.Caidi8 Jun 14
Jun 14 Veteran paladin All the players who play other classes are passing complaining that the paladins are overpower to give us a nerf and harm the class, which I also played other classes like the rogue and warrior and with all I do good work that is in That the player has a lot of exp also know that the gear is important but also the player who handles it and another thing that gives paladin advantage over other classes is not that it is more overpower as much of the complainers says, if it is not for That paladin class is one of the easiest classes to play which gives you advantage over other classes and it is not because it was OP for them to do the damage to give you an nelf and harm the class, I as a wow veteran for 11 Years and as a pvp player since 2006 you can say that the rogues and druid and other classes are more difficult to play than the paladin and for that reason the paladin player has a slight advantage over other classes that is my personal opinionHolyanvenger0 Jun 14
Jun 14 7.2.5 Official Patch notes are out Paladin Repentance and Blinding Light no longer deal damage. Holy Fervent Martyr no longer has a Beacon of Light requirement, now reduces health as well as mana cost of Light of the Martyr, and now reduces mana cost by 25% per stack (was 50%). Light's Hammer cost reduced by 20%. Protection Ardent Defender will not absorb a killing blow of more than 200% of the player’s maximum health. Shield of the Righteous can only be extended to a maximum of three times its base duration. Retribution All damage increased by 3.5%. Blessing of the Ashbringer now grants 4% strength (was 2000 strength). Divine Hammer damage reduced by 25%. Paladin – Battleplate of the Highlord Protection 4-piece: Shield of the Righteous has a 25% chance to reset the cooldown on Light of the Protector (was 35%). Retribution 2-piece: Your Holy Power spending attacks deal 7% more damage (was 10%). Paladin Holy Template Intellect increased from 135% to 145%. Avenging Crusader's mana cost has increased by 30%. Avenging Crusader's cooldown recovery rate on Judgment and Crusader Strike decreased to 30% (was 50%). Avenging Crusader's bonus damage decreased to 30% (was 50%). Protection Hand of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%). Light of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%). Luminesence now heals for 20% of healing taken (was 30%). Mana regeneration reduced by 25%. Retribution Template Strength reduced from 85% to 80%. Blessing of Sanctuary's cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 30 seconds). Lawbringer's duration increased to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds). Divine Punisher now grants 3 Holy Power (was 2). Luminesence now heals for 20% of healing taken (was 30%). Templar's Verdict now deals full damage in PvP situations (was a 30% reduction). I don't know about you guys but I get the feeling the missed a few things? DH nerf and Single target buff are not in here for some reason. Edit: Updated patch notes after changes.Vigilance49 Jun 14
Jun 14 Ret dps is 7.25 vs other classes Really don't care if we get nerfed or buffed what really matters is how we are adjusted vs other classes. We are currently in a good spot we aren't top dps but we can certainly hold our own. In 7.25 we receive a slight nerf and a 3.5% buff so for most people will be a buff of around 1-2% increasing slightly as we get better gear. I am far from an expert and have only raided ret and prot this xpac but skimming through the patch notes it seems almost all classes are getting some pretty huge buffs even classes that clearly don't need buffs (DK's). My question to people more familiarly with other classes is. Am i reading it right and we will be left pretty much where we are now while most other classes get buffed leaving us at the bottom of the heap. Or are the changes to other classes going to leave them in about the same spot they are now as well?Crazyscorp25 Jun 14
Jun 14 Tauren Paladin Problems Why can't we have nice things?Nobuo32 Jun 14
Jun 14 Why are you a paladin? I just started to play for the first time, and can't decide if I should go paladin or warrior, so I want to know, why are you a paladin?Bopi56 Jun 14
Jun 14 My only problem with the mount Originally i hated this mount, but with it's questline being a throwback to the original mount questline it grew on me. My issue is its flying animation. I wish they would have given it giant golden wings instead of it just galloping on air.Comojo5 Jun 14
Jun 13 Fervent Martyr change They changed the Fervent Martyr talent in the lvl 90 row of talents. I see that Icy Veins has it listed as useless as it only stacks up to 2 times. After testing this out in game, it can stack up to 4 times. I still think the other two are more powerful in a raid setting, without any doubt. However, I feel that the talent now gives LoM a slight place in dungeon runs. I have healed a few dungeons using it now, and it feels pretty useful.Gartheus1 Jun 13
Jun 13 Is Holy really gear dependant? I mainly play a Resto Shaman/Mistweaver Monk. I really like the Paladin fantasy and really want to like it but am having a really hard time healing. I have read the icy-veins. wowhead, misc guides but the sections on burst AoE are lacking. I just hit 110 a week ago so I haven't had my time put in to gear up (need higher crit I know) but I remember at similar item levels on my other heals able to keep up. I just did a +3 Kara on my 880 shaman and knew throughout that my paladin would not be able to deal with everyone taking massive spike AoE damage. How do you guys deal with this and will better gear make a world of difference? Any help would be very much appreciated!Cobblestone6 Jun 13
Jun 13 Professions decision What's up guys I could use some advice . I've decided I want to switch professions, but can't decide on what to pick . I'll either go herbalism/alchemy...enchanting/mining.....enchanting/tailoring.... or enchanting/herbalism. I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations or advice for which would be a better option ?Durnheldrum4 Jun 13
Jun 13 Return to Raiding Hey I just recently came back from a long break, been nolifing mythics and WQ/broken shore to gear up for raids. I love tanking and mainly play prot, currently at 890 and anything below +9 is easy. I want to start looking for raiding guild and get back into the whole scene as I really miss the camaraderie and general atmosphere. The problem is whenever I look for guilds I very rarely see anyone who needs tanks, and if they do it's always 910+ or something I can't seem to reach by pugging keystones. Do I have a chance finding a guild as a main/off tank this late in the expansion or should i shift my focus into ret/holy? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!Jayarche4 Jun 13
Jun 13 Retribution Question Hey all, I just resubbed to WoW and was thinking about using my boost on a paladin. I like the lore and the role versatility it offers. My only concern is about retribution. Is it smooth/satisfying for you to play? Everybody seems to think it's slow and passive. Thanks in advance!Malet4 Jun 13
Jun 13 New Paladin class mount *POSSIBLE SPOILER THREAD* Post here if you were expecting disappointment but were pleasantly surprised! i was a huge naysayer previously in the other megathread leading up to 7.2 but after doing the quest and getting the mount... I am happy with the new mount plus we get 4 total eventually, making paladins still the top class for mount collectors. In game it does not look like a plastic pony like online pictures make it look like. (i'm on full ultra graphics) It looks like a real horse with nice armor additions. The light shining down from the hands and the sky around the paladin when summoning the horse looks great. typically I don't like it when land mammals magically fly with psychic powers and no wings but the glowing hoofprints make it look really great and reminds me of the headless horseman's mount which I do not have and have typically always liked. PS: I see now why they chose cleansing baron's charger instead of invinsible. I still think cleansing invincible would have been cooler but maybe that would have been too much since we have both corrupt and purified ashbringer already. Thanks blizz for a cool new mount! Looking forward to maxing out my weapons for the rest :DRautha44 Jun 13
Jun 13 first ret legendary upgrade? what legendary should i upgrade first tomorrow when 7.2.5 goes live? i have both the back and the belt for ret and I'm just wondering what one my fellow pallys would choose to upgrade first?Perquisite6 Jun 13
Jun 13 Mounts Highlords charger is awesome. The amount of detail etc. Sucks for some Tauren apparently tho... But seriously - Tauren were brought in in Cata and given a kodo paladin mount, Blood elves got a recolor but it at least looks better than their birds, Drenai got paladin elekks, Dwarves are some of the originals but still no holy ram? Is there any reason dwarves don't have one?Hîghtower3 Jun 13
Jun 13 The Silver Hand's sheathed position? I want to use the hidden purple skin so badly, but as a holy paladin I constantly have to see this hideous sheath placement on my back while casting heals. Does anyone actually like this? I mean the handle almost doubles our height and the mace head clips through arms... I would like it so much more if it would sheath like a sword of equivalent size, but an option for weapons out while casting would be very welcome at least (the animations are in the game already, they happen when I cast an instant with the weapon out) Jun 13
Jun 13 Paladin class mount? I know Im posting this as a rogue but I main a paladin & I have to say blizzard is being very in-game racist to all races but humans with this new paladin class mount, I mean do we really expect a Tauren, Dwarf, or Blood Elf or Space goat to ride it? it's made for the humans & that isnt right. There could of been a much better choice for the paladins & I think WoW devs got lazy.Demonsap32 Jun 13
Jun 13 Highlord's Golden Charger Is anyone else totally and utterly disappointed with this mount? It looks somewhat ok when standing still on the ground, but if you dare take flight...and worse, choose to float in the air WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THOSE LEGS. Oh man, this makes me sad I play a paladin, especially after seeing the rogue and DK class mounts. I feel like whoever designed those mounts put a lot of time and effort into it, but whoever designed the pally class mount was like..."eh, we'll put some gold stuff on a horse, make it's eyes and feet gold and call it a day, I got better things to do." I know, this is mostly a rant, but I'm SO disappointed :( I will never use this mount.Klaer34 Jun 13
Jun 13 Prot leggos/trinkets?(Raiding) What's up my friends! Bringing up my Pali as an alt or maybe even to replace my DH tank because I love cheesing mechanics with prot and well, it was my first ever main back in BC... <3 So as the title says, what are my best bets in terms of leggos and trinkets? Too the naked eye, the belt, the ring and of course Prydaz/Archi seem to be the best bets for raid survivability. What is the consensus among most high-end Tankadins? Trinkets don't seem so obvious. Darkmoon is always fantastic for phys damage and I plan on picking one up - but outside of that I'm not so sure. I personally love the Gul'dan trinket, the ability can be absurdly powerful if used properly(and its really not that hard) so I'm hoping for one of them but all of the other NH trinkets kind of suck. Arcanocrystal perhaps(as boring as it is)? Maybe a highly rolled Writhing Heart from DHT? Goblet from EN? Help me out oh glorious Paladin tanks!Uncleslam1 Jun 13
Jun 13 Why Are the items in the statues hands in the opposite hands of the loading screen for the paladin order hall than in-game?Unholyjerk4 Jun 13
Jun 12 That RNG is rough in the Mage Tower After many, many bad RNG moments I finally completed the Mage Tower Challenge! The Leg Bracers really helped me out. I dropped my Pydaz in favor of the Sephuz's Secret. The extra haste really helped out when I was trying to run from the wall just after a shield. I defiantly got lucky on some shields that I didn't think I was going to break but in the end i completed it. I think I was on attempted number 25ish. Stay thirsty Highlords.Eldunari9 Jun 12
Jun 12 Pls make Argent Charger acct wide I have it on other paladin, but I can't use it on anyone but her. P lame!Zhula5 Jun 12
Jun 12 Enchants I searched the forum and checked profiles. It seems everyone is pretty much all over the map as far as their enchants go. I got my first purple (cloak) and went to pick an enchant. The guide rated versatility then haste. However I am seeing more strength enchants on the Cloak than anything else. Are there any enchanting guides out there? As far as the cloak goes, which enchant will be best as I start my gear grind on my protection paladin? ThanksTorfoehammer5 Jun 12
Jun 12 Gear at 877. Where to now I've been in the 870s for a bit now. Where should I go to find better gear? I've been running raids, dungeons and BGs but have hit a wall. Thanks!Shrak5 Jun 12
Jun 12 heroic DPS questions EDIT: so i applied what you guys said, and i was able to almost double my dps. One of the big things that was bad was i had an addon that was showing me my rotation and it was lowering my dps by quite a bit. As well i stopped tunnel visioning on haste after i got 20% and on saterday i downed heroic gul'dan and got my 4 set and a 3rd legendary. Thanks for all the help. I'll leave this up in case other paladins have similar wuestions Hey I've been pulling low numbers in raids, (like 480k dps and 380k on gul'dan) and figured out based on research that i need to improve my 2nd stats and i need to finish my 4 teir set, and if poasible replace my legendaries with better ones, but i omly gpt 2 right now. so my main question is mainly based on the fine tuning on items and stuff so i just wanna ask questions. So i know stat priority is Str-haste-vers=crit-mast So I'm trying to replace all my mast gear and up my shoulders. 0. How much haste should a 900 pally be at? I'm at 22% but i can sacrifice some other stats and get it 30% but i think the stat loss might not be worth it. 1. But i do wondering when should i replace haste gear. For example recently I've had to make a choice between 1300 haste/1400vers or an "up" of 2100 vers and 1600 crit and it hurt because i loat haste, but the crit/vers was really good increase so i'm switchingbetween them to test dps. 2. Is there a way to replace my legendariea faster other than doin legendary drop stuff and hoping for the 1% drop rate? I've seen all sorts of things saying that you get no legendary bonus after your 2nd or that you do get a bonus but its incredible smaller than the first two or that time doing that stuff plays a factor so it's been 3 months simce my 2nd so I'm close. 3. Are there any big problems that retadins make when they make the jump from normal to heroic that i could be making based on my profile? (My talants aren't what i normally use gor single target, I've been experimenting to try to max out dps)Dramaege8 Jun 12
Jun 12 Totally stuck: Order Hall. So, I left my main for a while to play an alt, and now I've come back feeling fresh about Paladin again, and I seem to have badly lost my place in the order hall campaign. I got the character up to 110, have geared it significantly around broken Isle, thinking all the while something would become apparent about where I should go next in order hall (hell). I still only have the original 2 champions, obviously just 2 artifacts, I deleted all the quests hoping something would appear in order hall but it didn't. Khadigar has one quest for me that doesn't appear on the campaign list, nor do any of the other available quests around broken Isles appear on the "paladin order hall campaign" quest list on wowhead, or wowdb. I'm about stumped, and pretty frusterated here. Can anyone help me get back on track here?Besdamyreva8 Jun 12
Jun 12 Highlord's Vengeful Charger has blue FX? I am not referring to the colours of the bardings, but the base horse model and its effects Horse/effect colours for the chargers are as follows: Regular: Gold Protection: Purple Holy: Blue Ret: Blue, but clearly supposed to be red? It looks like this was going to be red, but they didn't nail the aesthetic and copied the holy horse FX, while accidentally not noticing the blue tail still has red particle effects. Looks like a right fluff up if I'm honest.Hadier24 Jun 12
Jun 12 Holy: Avenging Crusader nerf ... I guess Holy was too strong compared to other healers and deserved a nerf, right?Andorius6 Jun 12
Jun 12 What are the bis ToS trinkets for ret? Anyone have an idea of what the BIS trinkets for ret will be once tomb comes out? Not really sure what to go for. Thanks =)Pizzapally2 Jun 12
Jun 12 Tanking help? Hey there, I am only a few weeks into playing wow, I was a console gamer and have played mmos in the past but wanted some help on setting up my tank. I want to play the protection and tank dungeons and eventually raids, but I am unsure of which talents to use and how to set up my bar so I can practice the rotation while Im questing. If anyone can help me figure things out I would really appreciate it!Billwmusic2 Jun 12
Jun 11 Suramar Rep for Class Mount? Let me start by saying, i have 7 level 110. I've completed the new class mount quest on my hunter and monk, it took about 15 minutes respectively. There was no rep gating. I decided to get my paladin's mount next, and on the second quest you are required to get a 'Suramarian Sapphire' which can only be purchased if you are on the quest and have done the masquerade quest in suramar. I did the Suramar quest chain on 3 of my characters, my paladin was not one of them. I was doing this quest with a friend. She tried to purchase the item and trade it to me, it is not tradable. So this item is only atainable if you've done close to half of the Suramar questline. WHY? Why wasn't my hunter or monk rep gated like this? How is this fair to paladins? Please hotfix this rep gate out of the game.Bugattí4 Jun 11
Jun 11 Secondary Stats for a Casual What would be a general ordering to secondary stats for: Prot Ret Holy That can be considered, if not ideal, at least safe guideline to follow when gearing up a paladin? I don't intend to do much on her beyond WQs, rare pvp, and at most probably normal raids in the course of unlocking weapon skins.Medeoan2 Jun 11
Jun 11 Paladin viability Ive been playing as horde for all of eternity and I have a 93 human pally on a different server that Ive always been itching to play. I absolutely love the atmosphere and lore a human paladin provides and I would like to play him as my main as ret from now on. My issue is that i recently subbed back up from a year break and Im a notoriously casual player so my question is how difficult would it be for me to be productive/successful as a ret pally in this day and age?Doôm7 Jun 11
Jun 11 Concordance only giving me 2k strength happening to anyone else? this was while doing WQ's in my ret spec and ashbringer has concordance unlocked. Intended or bug? the tooltip on the legionfall buff icon only says 2k and when the buff wore off I only lost 2k strength instead of 4k.Rautha2 Jun 11
Jun 11 Looking for a change hello people of the light! as the title says im looking for a change, how is paladins looking for 7.2.5? im a healer at heart but i would also like to dps. i will be mainly playing pve on all content m+ and raids. i would love to hear what your thoughts areJasmirana3 Jun 11
Jun 10 A legendary! Tyr's Hand of Faith! *question* So I'm very happy rngesus finally shed his light on me... As someone who doesn't really raid and has primarily focused on five man content I think i definitely could have done worse... So what do you guys think of the gloves? And my question do these make unbreakable spirit worth taking over rule of law? For the extra decrease of loh? Thanks everyone as always! Edit : had big typoHolydiver14 Jun 10
Jun 10 7.2.5 Ret 3v3 Comps (PVP) So, with the nerfs incoming next patch, any high rated rets have any idea what we will be able to run and stay at a competitive level?Bordae1 Jun 10
Jun 10 Returning to PvE for ToS (holy) I've been queueing a ton of arena since 7.2 and with the season ending and a new raid coming out I was just curious what legendaries are meta and if people are still running sac aura and if there's anything I should be looking for before I start trying to find a progression guild again (I have Sephuz belt shoulders bracers)Laughtracks0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Dont hoard your Nethershards While I figured this is the way it would work (why waste time updating a old loot table) but for those that have been stockpiling. Is there a point in hoarding nethershards right now? Will they be usable for tomb gear once the tomb releases? Relinquished items purchased with Nethershards are not being updated with Tomb of Sargeras or Patch 7.2.5 and there's no need to hoard them. (WarcraftDevs) But they will be able to proc the new legendaries right? Legendary items that are being added to the game in Patch 7.2.5 will not be obtainable from Relinquished tokens. (WarcraftDevs)Vigilance18 Jun 10