4d Mogging Mythic T17 what is the best 2h weapon you guys can come up with that actually matches this armor? i cannot for the life of me find one. any suggestions?Martanis2 4d
4d Mythic Plus Tank I really enjoy tanking and I am trying to do my best. I especially love Mythic + runs. I am working mother and I don't have have a lot of time to play, so Mythic dungeons are a perfect balance between time commitment and challenge. I ran a +14 Seat today that was terrible. It was admittedly the highest +keystone I have done and we were not able to complete it. My healer was a badass I just taking too much damage. I realize the trash in there can be tricky and hit hard, but I think this was a user error on my part. Questions: 1. How do I know where I am making mistakes? 2. How do I learn more about what I should be doing? I watch videos of both trash pulls and bosses before I do a dungeon to remind myself of the content. I've watched several videos on tanking and playing a protection paladin specifically. What else can I do to help learn how to play correctly?Lycenta2 4d
5d Large Vile Slime Blizzard can you plz fix the spawn rate on this to something better like idk 20mins -6hrs or or 20mins-4hrs, rather not sit around for up to 30hrsArdelanis3 5d
5d Make Word of Glory Glorious Again This one minute cooldown has got to go. Cataclysm WoG was it's best incarnation, IMO, one of the few things Cata did right with Ret, it was a strong ST heal with a short CD... As such, I'd propose making it single target, put the CD to ~15 seconds (lowered by haste), and increase it's healing by ~40%.Divenity10 5d
5d Friendly reminder that when BfA beta starts Please bombard Blizzard with requests to fix our mobility. We need to make it absolutely clear that we are not pleased with the state of our current mobility or we'll be stuck in a wheelchair for another expansion...Divenity30 5d
5d Weakauras for BoS/BoP I want a duration progress bar for BoP/BoS. I can do it if I have the buff, I've no idea how to track it when I put it on someone else. Possibly with the name of who has it on the bar too. Thank you.Vinastrasza0 5d
5d Paladin transmog competition! A friendly X-mog competiton starts here! Rate the previous post. And the next person will rate you. Hopefully you find this thread useful in the hunt for some new transmog items and sets from our fellow paladins. Enjoy!Irunyoudie2 5d
5d Holy Paladin Weakauras help Hello guys I am after some help regarding weakauras for holy paladins. Specifically, I want to create some simple weakauras which trigger a sound whenever a cooldown has expired (i.e. I can use the ability again). This would greatly help me in dungeon and raid healing, as my visual focus is often occupied with the action on screen. Specifically, I'm looking for help regarding the following abilities -Holy Shock -Judgement -Trinkets (Currently Kil'Jaden's and Velens) -Bestow Faith -Light of Dawn - Avenging Wrath - Tyr's deliverance - Holy Avenger - Sephuz haste/move proc (for dungeons) And probably a couple of others I've missed. I would prefer Weakauras which only appear on screen if they are available to use, I want the sound to trigger when they appear. Weakaura creation isn't really my forte, gives me a headache setting it up. So if someone more knowledgable than me can help out, would be greatly appreciated.Khezethar0 5d
5d Is there a good Prot Pally website? Like Silverhand.Net?Phelios2 5d
6d Divine Intervention P4 Argus bug Has anyone noticed divine shield doesn’t proc in P4 Argus? Is there a cooldown for that to only proc once per encounter or something? I noticed it a few times in a raid I just did. I don’t seem to recall having it proc beforehand, then on two different occasions I saw myself die and I look down and my divine shield is up and ready. What gives? I chose that talent because I rely on it as an “oh sh#t” during encounters to keep me swingin’.Varyk1 6d
6d Lightforged Draenei I'm really excited about this faction becoming a race option, but at the same time I'm filled with uncertainty. I've always loved my Draenei Paladin and he's been my primary character ever since Draenei first became available, but I'm worried that if I want to make a Lightforged Paladin, I'd have to give this guy up. Is it going to be possible to race change my Paladin over, or am I going to have to create an entirely separate character? I don't want to lose all of my progress on this guy:/Artarion18 6d
6d Grid & GridClickSets Help Hi All, Recently decided to try healing on this toon. I installed Grid & GridClicksSets. I like it, seems clean and simple. Unfortunately when I try and configure GridClickSets I am only able to configure "Left Mouse Button" options which is the default when I pull this addon menu up. I see options for "Right Moust Button" on another tab but I don't seem to be able to select that tab for some reason. Is there something simple I am missing here. Seems like I should be able to edit that tab as well. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.Tissuetank2 6d
6d The Mage Tower So I mostly main Blood and play Vengeance casually with no problems doing the tower. I love Protection Paladin for w/e reason, but this Challenge is the only thing in Legion that triggered me so far to the point I feel like destroying everything in my room. Kudos to those who completed it.Variyan1 6d
6d Unsure about rings ( ret pve ) So I recently got back into pve ( haven't raided since wrath of the lich king ) and I'm a bit lost. I think i've got stat preference down but as far as legendaries go... I'm not in that loop. Just downed Argus and got myself an Insignia of the Grand Army. I think it's better than Sephuz's Secret but I have honestly no idea. All help appreciated, thank you.Lauther4 6d
6d I am not having enough fun I guess tanking in MoP spoiled me. Also might be the fact that I'm not at level cap. But if I miss hitting my active mitigation cooldowns I basically melt like I'm a clothy. Probably doesnt help that I'm trying to tank entire rooms to keep the dps happy. I notice that healers have issues healing me, they don't go oom but they can't get the heals off fast enough to keep me alive. I'm supposed to be this unstoppable juggernaut of the light but I can't handle more then three mobs? *grumph* On another note, does Tidyplates still work or is there another add-on that changes the colors and sizes of the enemy nameplates based on aggro?Cowsade4 6d
6d living against sub in 2's Im kinda new to playing holy this xpac, so im rusty / a bit !@#$, but i was wondering if anyone had some advice on what i can do to help survive against sub rogues in 2v2, expecially if theyre with a priest. im walling early when their cds are up, im trying to fake but im generally getting forced into a bubble / bop in a stunlock / a kick if i mess up a cast.Terlinas0 6d
Dec 8 Just got 4 piece/Ret now plays like it should So i resubbed about 4 days ago after quitting immediately after nighthold released. I just finally got my 4 piece from LFR or whatever and grinded out the other 910 pieces of gear, and let me say, ret feels very smooth now that my Blade of Justice generates 3 HoPo instead of 2. Before this, the class had so much downtime i had time to legitimately contemplate suicide. That is allRabanastre30 Dec 8
Dec 7 Void Elves can't be Paladins So according to the Allied races page, VE's can't be Paladins. This sucks for me as I've wanted "Blood" Elf Paladins on the Alliance forever, so my guild got into a discussion about why they're not allowing VE's to be Paladins, and we can't come up with a good reason. If VE's are High elves, high elves worshipped the light so that should be fine, and if they abandoned the Light for the Void, why can they be Priests? (Granted, priests have a shadow spec, but still) It just seems like an arbitrary ham-fisted line drawn in the sand.Kharmageddon55 Dec 7
Dec 7 Retribution passive is lousy Go from top 3 on dps on fights that are a struggle, to bloody last place on attempts we do well on. Buff ret and delete this dumbass ability pls. Thx.Judgement5 Dec 7
Dec 7 Antorus - Holy Paladin Howdy Light Bulbs, New raid release so i had some questions, feel free to use this thread to ask questions, give advice, discuss bosses and loot. What are our BIS Legendaries this Tier? Can we only equip one of the Argus trinkets? And the legendary one being the best? Tier: Gloves, Back, Helm, Chest ? I notice there is lots of Crit/Haste gear is that always superior then Vers/Mast gear because of the Crit?Arnath24 Dec 7
Dec 7 Aura of Sac personal records As the title says What is the most you have ever gotten out of a Aura of sac? I broke my own personal record last night. Just curious as to what some of you have been getting. Cheers all.Nervous1 Dec 7
Dec 7 Divine Steed straight into mounted? Could we have this? Even if it doesn't work in PvP settings. Basically it would be just like how Druids have insta-cast travel forms, we could become mounted and keep riding our horse at the end of Divine Steed's duration if out of combat? Would make sense and be super fun.Chayil2 Dec 7
Dec 7 My Ret Mage Tower Advice Well, I finally did it. I broke my Ashbringer. Maybe I am a bit overgeared compared to a lot of the people who did this way back in April and May, but I came darn close back then as well and might have been able to get it with less gear if my strategy had been better and I'd been more calm. With all that in mind, I thought I'd share what I chose to do and why it helped me in the long run on this fight, so I can help some who haven't secured this fight yet. 1) Talents +Final Verdict - the simplest and best dps choice in my opinion. +The Fires of Justice - Getting cheaper spenders is great here, especially if you need to use Justicar's Vengeance for healing in a squeeze. +Repentance - This is mandatory for Sigryn for most of the fight. +Blade of Wrath - Divine Hammer may be good for cleaving, but breaking Sigryn out of her CC early is enough to ruin everything. Don't risk it. +Justicar's Vengeance - This fight is ultimately about survival, and JV can help you get health back quickly, especially if you have someone stunned (primarily Jarl) for the extra 100% damage and healing. +Cavalier - Let's face it. Ret pallies are slow. And if you want to get to those runes fast enough, this is nearly mandatory sometimes. +Crusade - The damage this gives you during your CD is great, and the added haste can give you quick Flash of Lights if you need more health back quickly. That said, Divine Purpose procs used on JV can heal you as well, and provide decent dps overall. But Crusade as a CD is so powerful. 2) Legendaries Overall, this fight is a marathon, and your health is the only thing that matters in the long run. DPS can make the fight quicker overall, thus making things easier because less attacks will come your way in the long run, but you cannot ignore the mechanics at all. That said, things that increase your speed and survival are key. Prydaz - I cannot recommend this necklace enough. If I had used this thing earlier, I would have been done a long time ago. The extra bubble it gives you every 30 seconds mitigates most of the unavoidable damage you will take, which are white damage and Shadow Bolts. This means you have more health for nasty mechanics, and sometimes enough to even survive a Val'kyr rush if you have enough Stamina. Less healing means more time dealing with mechanics and less panicking. Aggramar's/Sephuz's - Mobility is key here. Sephuz's little sprint is trickier to time right, but usually seems to happen right when you need it to. The boots are a fantastic passive movement speed that will usually carry you to safety without having to use Divine Steed. Either one of these and Prydaz are my highest recommendation. Soul of the Highlord - Divine Purpose and Crusade? More damage and more health if you make sure to use JV frequently with the Divine Purpose Procs. This is another great legendary for the fight. Aegisjalmur - The bracers of "cool, I'm not dead!" These can save your butt, but you better be quick to Lay on Hands or heal, because death is still coming if you aren't careful. Rethu's Courage - Hey, even the crafted one is good to help you stay alive! That 2% heal every 3 seconds, while not as good as Prydaz, can help you stay afloat in the long run. And best of all, this one isn't RNG to get. If you're strapped for legendaries, and having trouble living, this is a good start. All DPS legendaries are good as well, but this is about survival first and foremost. 3) General strategy -Get all your buffs, food, flasks, etc. Save drums for 50% when breaking the shield on the caster is your top priority and you need to end the fight fast. - Set up a macro for Sigryn to make your life easier. /cast [target=focus] Repentance Put this on your bar somewhere easy to hit in a pinch and set Sigryn as your focus. When Sigryn yells "My father's Blood flows through me!" Hit this button. This should Repentance her no problem and lock her down for a while. - Only repentance Sigryn when she is about to be empowered. I can't stress this enough. If you overindulge on Repentance, she will become Immune. And then you will die. Don't break her out early, either, because her not attacking and not putting puddles out will save your health bar immensely. - That said, after you hit phase 2, where Val'kyr and the shield are the only mechanics, Sigryn's melee and puddles can do some real damage. You can choose to Repentance her here every now and then to keep yourself alive if your health is dipping low. You don't want to be healing during this phase manually, because the clock is ticking. - "The Drekarjar Never Yeild!" When Jarl wants to do his little cyclone here, just slap him with your stun. Problem solved. If it's still on CD, just be sure not to get sucked in and keep your eyes out for Val'kyrs. -When dealing with Jarl's empowerment, Hand of Hiderance him first and drag the others away while you wait for him to close in. When he is upon you, stun him. By this time, he should be out of his enrage and you can safely stand near him. - Single Target the caster's shield. Divine Storm is not nearly as effective as Templar's for tearing down the shield in time. - ALWAYS watch Val'kyr placement. If they sneak up on you, it's game over. And make sure to get well into the middle of their clearance spot, because their hitboxes can be deceptively wide. - Runes are your top priority, always. There will be 1-2 moments (more if you have less gear) where Val'kyr and runes overlap, and this may be where you have to pop Divine Shield if placement is bad. But aside from that, even if it means waiting an extra second to repentance Sigryn, get the runes asap. - Remain calm. If you find yourself stressed, stop. You will make more mistakes if you are panicking, and you don't focus as well if you are angry. Come back with a clear head and try again later. -Mechanics > DPS. Yes, more gear and more DPS makes the fight easier, but mechanics are always going to be the most important part of this fight. If you're doing 2 million dps and die at 30%, you still lose. Even if you have to slow your DPS down at any point besides the shield phase to survive, do it. If anyone has any other tips they'd like to add to this, feel free to comment below. Good luck to anyone still trying this challenge. It's hard, but you can get through it if you practice!Karruum35 Dec 7
Dec 7 How do I "focus" on a stat today? Hi! It's been some years since I last played, and we had reforging back then. Today, how can I choose the stat I wanna focus on? Just by getting another drop with the stat I want?Demithelon3 Dec 7
Dec 7 Which Legendary ring for Prot? Hi - just curious as I haven't seen a definitive "this is better" - assuming everything else is equal (both ilvl 1000), prot tanking M+ and normal/heroic raid, which legendary ring performs better: - Soul of the Highlord (getting free talent Holy Shield) - Heathcliff's Immortality (4% damage reduction while in consecration) Heathcliff's is giving a lot of extra haste over Highlord, however when I'm running with Highlord I'm sitting at 26% haste and not really having an issue with SoTR. But what I'm not sure of is how beneficial the extra talent (Holy Shield) is both in terms of added dps and damage mitigation. The other legendary I rotate between is either Chain of Thrayn or Aggramar's Stride (which the more I use the more I am enjoying, that extra movement speed is pretty amazing). So what do you all suggest? I do like the free talent but would like some actual data to back up the talent is actually superior to 4% damage reduction. Thanks!Hugotime2 Dec 7
Dec 7 Aura of Sacrifice not hitting targets So noticed last night that Aura of Sac seems to pick and choose who it wants to cover. It doesn't matter if you are standing right on top of the person or not. This is especially true of tanks. I saw one bug report back in April but nothing else. Is this just a known issue?Seraco1 Dec 7
Dec 7 The Prot Paladin Mage Tower Challenge I can't justify it... Why are we getting cucked with the boss having literally double the HP? Is the aoe debuff around the boss really necessary? The Warlock challenge isn't a valid excuse because that encounter was ACTUALLY BALANCED AROUND THE WARLOCK'S TOOLKIT. you can do it naked. Why am i getting screwed over because i'm only ilvl 902 and not ilvl 930 with the perfect legendaries... or for not being a guardian druid? Hey, remember that block chance, parry chance, and armor that is the only thing to your class's name? Enjoy this magic damage encounter then. I just can't help but feel angry because i genuinely can't explain this... decision. Come on Velen, you're going to have to smite just a TAD harder than that. But don't worry, i'm just a trash tier 902 ilvl heroic raider who can't learn to git gud, because challenging content (doubly so for paladins for some reason, because we are the epitome of damage?) makes me cry. But hey, let's just not touch this until every single person is ilvl 925, then make fun of the prot paladins who can't do 500k dps because they need to learn their role. Ignore, downvote, and move on; i'm screaming down the hallway at this issue. Unreasonably angry paladin, out.Angeredpally68 Dec 7
Dec 7 Macro not working I'm trying to get this arena macro to work, but it's not, and I can't figure out why, for the life of me. #showtooltip Blessing of Protection /cast [@mouseover,exists] Blessing of Protection /cast [nomod] Blessing of Protection /cast [Mod:shift,target=party1] Blessing of Protection /cast [Mod:ctrl,target=party2] Blessing of Protection So basically what I want to do, is use the same macros for Arenas as I do for BGs. When in BGs, i mainly mouseover, it's just faster. But in Arenas, I want to use No mod, Shift mod and Ctrl mod to cast to my respective party members. Even when deleting the mouseover, it still didn't work. What am I doing wrong?Exeed3 Dec 7
Dec 6 Ignore Pain and Holy Pally Utility I never have come to the forums before to complain about something in the 6+ years I've played WoW, but I really want to know if I'm the only one who is feeling that holy paladins' utility in a raid comp is significantly reduced with protection warriors tanking. Ignore pain was nerfed hard just a year ago and it seems to me that it's completely out of control again. Over and over again recently our protection warrior is consistently beating most if not all of healers in healing just from one spell. It seems to me that when a tank can heal only themselves for nearly a million HPS and your beacon is healing the other tank for over twice as much, it really affects one of holy paladin's core functions in the raid and personally I find it to make healing a raid a lot less fun. I could be completely alone in this but this OP ability seems very at odds with the tier 21 holy paladin gear.Chanttelle8 Dec 6
Dec 6 Male Human Paladins only I was wondering if any of you guys miss the old Crusader Strike "jump and slam" animation?ín13 Dec 6
Dec 6 Rets need some serious love this is something i wanted to talk about for awhile. ret paladins need some serious work done were bottom in everything not just pvp but pve as well but at least pve ret is doing better then pvp your 14th overall dps while in pvp were 20 - 21 in overall ranking we lack mobility our divine steed is a joke being we can bet stuned and cc and slowed while using it forcing us to pop our other cd just to remove it and then we can still be stuned on top of it our slow is a joke hand of hindrance would be cool and all if it wasnt easy to remove or dispell compared to arms that can just spam the hell out of hamstring our damage isnt even top tier yet so many classes do our job better? blizzard what gives not only do we not have high damage we have low mobility? and average sustain it be different if we hit really hard but had the low mobility id be ok with that or have more mobility and have our current dps but half the time we cant even out walk our targets lol AND by the time we get to our targets were not even doing Great damage just Okay damage when every other class is toping our dpsJosephnuma23 Dec 6
Dec 6 relics i have 2 of the same type of holy relics equiped and im only getting the effect of 1 (wrath of the ashbringer) ideas as to why?Ragingsun0 Dec 6
Dec 5 Stuck on Shrine of the Truthguard quest! So I'm on the quest to get my artifact weapon (Prot Paladin) and I just went through the first door and killed the 3 guys shooting tornadoes at me. I read the placard next to the second door, but the door won't open! Orik Trueheart is not reading the placard and I can't get in! Can I get some help? Thanks for reading, -CorpakCorpak6 Dec 5
Dec 5 Where can I get the Silver Hand shield? Anyone know where to get the Silver Hand shield the NPCs in Light's Sanctum are wearing? Here is a pic: I thought I saw someone wearing it and link it on a Twitch stream once. But my Google search and in-game Transmog window doesn't show it anywhere?Andwín2 Dec 5
Dec 5 Ret tier for antorus boring Can ret paladin get a a fun an engaging tier set for once lol?Éntity13 Dec 5
Dec 5 Tips for Holy Paladin Resubbing after 7 year hiatus, I used up my 100 boost on a paladin. Aside from clicking flash heal on healbot, what are some things I should keep in mind when healing at 100?Cubcakes14 Dec 5
Dec 5 Prot Paladin solo ability How is Prot for solo stuff - mainly for taking on elites in Argus. I do it with my warrior (prot). I never really die to anything but it takes a while to kill elites. Similar situation with prot pally? Better survival/dmg or worse?Honsey13 Dec 5
Dec 5 Holy Shock Mouse-over Macro Ally/Enemy/Self Hi, i am having trouble using Holy Shock, i'm using a macro that mouse-over heal allies but that is all it can do, and i can't mouse-over myself. Can any expert in macros give me some help? I need a macro that mouse-over enemies allies and mouse-over myself too. Is it even possible to do?Valya6 Dec 5
Dec 5 About Holy's 100% damage to undead The artifact for Holy Paladin apparently does 100% bonus damage to undead frpm what I have read. My question is does this buff apply vs dungeon and raid bosses that are undead? I dont think there are any undead raid bosses in Legion besides the queen inside the spirit realm for desolate host. Also amalgam in BRH. Or does this not work for raids and dungeons, only open world?Meganada3 Dec 5
Dec 5 What Followers Do You Use? I could not find a good listing, but of all the followers you get, which do you deactivate?Fatheroflies3 Dec 5
Dec 4 Holy Paladin PvP help So I recently came back to the game and decided that i'd try and get into holy paladin pvp, but i've really been having trouble in arenas and am getting smoked in the higher (1900+) rbgs. Basically i'm wondering what you guys that are really into the pvp scene for hpallies use for research/resources for pvp, so i can try to improve upon my play. Tips, specs for each, anything would be appreciated.Kataclysm3 Dec 4
Dec 4 Prot pally hello blizzard! Can you please blizzard do a nice balance for prot pally overall? i mean,we have no dmg at single target.. In world pvp situations its even worst..i faced a Tank druid with my friend and if we havnt run we would both be soloed by it.. Same thing for Blood DK and warrior have some GREAT mitigations and some heals.. Why paladins have to suck so much against players? why the cds have such short duration?Lightsforce6 Dec 4
Dec 4 Holy Pally Mastery Sucks! I've have returned to wow about 3 weeks ago since quitting WoD shortly after HFC and I don't understand how Mastery is any good. It's terrible! It should be returned to giving us a temporary shield every heal if I remembered correctly. I have tested and played around with my talents countless times and I've tested how much I heal for depending on the distance I am between me and my target and even with 30+% Mastery I once had, it heals from the low 1000s to about a bit over 10000+ if I'm stacked on top of my target. Ok, maybe 20000... It's absolutely garbage! i don't understand why icy-vein has mastery as Holy Paladin's second best stat. It should be dead Last! As if I'll ever really hug party members that close 100% of the time. On the other hand, Versa is good all around and Haste isn't all that bad when the cast time for it with 0% Haste is atrocious and we need a good amount to even make Holy Light Useful. It also reduces global cooldown time so what's not to like? I LOVE Haste and I wished I had more! This is the first expansion I actually cared about Haste. So why is Haste so underrated? Edit** Opps my mistake, icy vein actually has Versa over MasterySpeckoh6 Dec 4
Dec 4 Miss range spells and healing So i mained an arcane mage most of the expainson and as always i usally go back to my old first main holy paladin. i like healing the most in raids and i want to main him again im bfa and the new raid but i noticed how much i miss standing in range and having some stuff like exorcism. I thought i might as well roll a priest but it sucks when youve mained a character ao long. do you ever miss the old style paladin healing? granted its not too different and maybe im just used to range now with my mage.Rainim2 Dec 4
Dec 3 Eye of Tyr Damage No Longer Shown On-Screen I thought maybe this was just temporary after 7.3, but it seems to still be happening. When using Eye of Tyr damage to enemies used to show on-screen but now I have to go back through the combat logs to see it. Not a huge deal, just a little inconvenient. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.Nycris3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Prot problems I recently got my Faith's Armor ability in my prot artifact to 70% increase when below 40% hp however when testing to see how much the increase puts me at the buff shows up as 0% and my armor does not increase on my stats panel. Has anyone else had this issue?Hëlga4 Dec 3
Dec 3 Truthseeker 'buff' always on Just on the off chance someone has had this problem and figured out how to fix it *fingers crossed*. I've already put in a bug report but this is the problem I've run into: For the past 2 days the Truthseeker 'buff' from Truthguard has been active on my Prot Pally. I have no extra action button for it and it doesn't appear as a true buff that can be clicked off on char. I logged out of the game and it was still there on login. Exited the game entirely - still there on login. I tried hearthing to Broken Isles Dalaran - no effect. Tried hearthing to Shrine and Garrison - still there. I have just spent most of this afternoon removing cache, WTF, Interface folders, no change. Then I ran the repair from BNET app, no files repaired and no change in game. I then proceeded to do a complete uninstall of WoW, removed the game, all pref and cleaned all reg entries and then rebooted comp before running the install for WoW from the BNET app. I had logged out in my Garrison and when logging into game in the Garrison after the clean install the 'buff' is still active. No addons installed, no old prefs hanging around just the default WoW installation. After all of the above there isn't anything left on my end that should be causing the issue. I even made sure Win7 64bit is fully updated and all drivers, especially gfx are updated - no change, other than a squeaky clean WoW install and fully updated computer. Having the constant sound and glow is very annoying. One would think that with the Legion xpac nearly done this bug would have been fixed long ago. Yet this 'buff' still gets 'stuck' on and we have to jump through hoops to fix it. Except this time it seems to be on permanently which is unacceptable. Thoughts on what else I should try? Incantations? Shake a rubber chicken at the computer?Kithhurrn2 Dec 3
Dec 3 Tanking Can a protection pally tank in retribution gear? I figure this is a dumb question but Reddit forums are all from years ago.Deeznutz5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Any Prot Pallys do Varimathras? I have a question about this boss and Prot Pallys cheesing the boss. The talent that changes your blessing of protection to block all magic damage instead of physical damage, this should prevent the debuff of receiving no healing right? If you use that talent vs Varimathras, will you lose aggro when tanking him because you are immune to all magic damage? If no then I think Prot Pallys might be pretty decent vs this boss. Anybody test this or know the answer?Hamoan5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Ret Gear Hey guys, since Antorus is out, and people are getting the T21 pieces... what do you guys think will be better? 4pT20+2pT21? Or 2pT20+4PT21? And about the new legendary ring, its good? Or should i keep using Soul of the Highlord?Tolmur8 Dec 3