3d HPally Stat soft/hard caps Any Info on this subject for 7.2 or 7.2.5 would be great :)Mijmirg1 3d
4d Nerus Moonfang - Undead Paladin An Undead Paladin NPC has been added to WoW. Nerus Moonfang, the ghost of the dead uncle of Delas Moonfang, the female night elf Paladin follower. Nerus Moonfang is the quest NPC of the Champions of Legionfall achievement quest chain that unlocks two more stages of Order Hall progression. Nerus is a ghost and can be found at the same altar in the main sanctuary of the Paladin class hall that he stood at during the quest. At the end of the quest chain, he becomes a ghost Retribution Paladin follower. Nerus carries a wow classic alliance PvP greatsword. Night Elf Paladins I could live with. In WoW, a ghost is considered undead. There are many reasons not to have undead Paladins, not the least of which is the undeads natural abhorrence to the light and to holy damage. What is next for the horde, forsaken Paladins? I hope the devs do not allow the Forsaken abominations to be Paladins. What is next for the alliance, Worgen Paladins? Like it or not, an undead paladin is now part of wow Paladin lore. Blizzard likes to drop hints about upcoming lore changes. This looks like a big hint to me.Blackweb181 4d
4d Soul of the highlord I haven't done any number crunching but my gut is telling me that it will be strong having DP and also crusade. Interactions with other legendaries will be tricky. I think paired with the cloak it could be SotH/cloak number 1/2 and belt pushed to number 3. especially if we are phasing out AW relics and trinkets that pair well with belt. any theorycrafters out there have any thoughts? I'm sort of just guessing.Rautha19 4d
4d Original Corrupted Ashbringer Now that Warglaives of Azzinoth are becoming a skin for Demon Hunters, wouldn't it be nice if Retribution Paladins got the Original Corrupted Ashbringer as an optional skin? I still think the Original CA is the best Ashbringer skin of them all. And with the growing trend of classic content coming back little by little, this should be strongly considered. And I would also love to get the Scarlet Monastery event back with the skin equipped. That was such an epic event (one of many great removed content), everyone should have the opportunity to experience this event.Galaford3 4d
4d Shard of Darkness Just wondering how many casts it took you guys to get Shard of Darkness, or if you don't have it yet, how many casts have you done so far? I've been fishing for the past 3 days and I have looted well over 7500 fish and I still don't have it. I've been keeping up with wowhead as well as seeing many people start fishing and actually get the shard in well under the amount of fish I've caught. I know "RNG is RNG" but at some point there is a static drop rate on this thing and the average has been between 400 and 2000 casts and I'm well beyond that. I'm starting to think something is bugged but I'm sure if I put a ticket in, Blizzard will only tell me "RNG is RNG" or "we're not allowed to give hints". Before anyone asks, yes I've killed the ooze, I've looted the phylactery, I've talked to the lich until he had nothing else to say and the phylactery disappeared from my inventory. I'm in the right spot because I'm fishing shoulder to shoulder with people walking away with it. Anyway, what has been your experience so far?Angelcrusher276 4d
4d Pally Luv So i just started playing again and i decided to main a ret pally couple days in i get my first legendary and its the "Chain of Thrayn" the gawds have blessed meHearthvaderz1 4d
4d Is Retribution good? Is retribution a good spec? I've just hit 110 on my paladin and I'll mainly be running mythic + with friends. Just curious if the class can pull good numbers and what kind of stats I need before I can put out some nice damage. Any recommended talent builds for M+?Lanesia3 4d
5d Paladin Movement Issues. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to post my thoughts about how I feel on Paladin Mobility. Please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas below :D So I have only played my Paladin since the release of Legion, I just feel like anytime I spend on another toon I could be making my main stronger with better gear and more AP. However lately I have been strongly thinking about swapping toons and playing an alt, now most people will say "why don't you just do that?" Well to that I reply, "I love my pally" I really do enjoy playing my Paladin, I feel like it's the best class that really portrays my refection of myself in this game and I don't want to feel like I should re-roll because I am not happy with one or two things with this class. The main issues I am having at the moment, 1) Judgement, I really don't like having basically colossal smash on my Ret and that the majority of my damage is down within it's 8 second window, However this is a topic for another time. 2) Mobility, I feel like this is what is bugging me the most about my pally, I feel....slow, sluggish and It's not fun, most of my friends (who play other classes) agree that pallys (next to DeathKnights) are on the lower end of mobility. Now we have a few options here, you can put on Aggramar's Stride and the crafted legendary belt (I was using a macro to change between sets for dps and movement speed) for mobility, but this can be tricky as you can't change sets in combat and if you forget to swap back or someone pulls a boss or trash early you are stuck in that set and will do significantly less damage (also not a good feeling). You could also change a talent (only one option here) and here is where I don't agree with the choices [Level 90 Talents]: [Divine Intervention], [Cavalier] or [Judgment of Light].... So our options are survivability, another charge of a ability on a 45sec CD with a 3s Affect OR extra group healing. Not much of a choice here for me, I personally take Divine Intervention as it lowers the CD of Divine Shield and heals you for 20% of your max HP, It has saved me from 1 shot's and Dot's and pulling threat in say skittish weeks and can be used when taunting a boss to stop a tank dying or blocking a charge on a range... the list goes on, having bubble on a lower CD plus a heal is just better, most of the time when fighting a boss Cavalier will be up and having 2 charges at the ready seams pointless to me (I am not saying it doesn't have it's moments, it does...just not as much as DI). I know some classes have more mobility because that's a key point in their Class Fantasy, for example Demon Hunters (and it's a little nuts, but still I get it) however when I am running a Mythic Plus Key and the Brew Master has 2x Rolled, the Resto Shaman is Ghost wolfing away, the Boomkin has Displacer beast and sprinted to the end of the map and the Windwalker has flying serpent kicked his way across the planet and little ol Ted is "Divine Steeding" his heart out...and is moving about as fast as a snail in EoA it's a pretty strong Feelsbadman. To recap: I am not saying that I want to be as fast as a Demon Hunter or be able to sprint side by side with a druid, I just want to be able to feel like a pally who walks with the light and not with lead boots. "Swift Justice" More like "Wait up guy's I am slow AF Justice"Tedastrasz22 5d
5d Holy Paladin Tips Hey guys, So I just used my boost on this new Paladin and so far I'm really liking it. I choose this class because I like to do all the roles in the game. One of the things I'm most excited for is healing as a pally. I hear that it's in a great spot, but i'm having a little trouble getting the rotation / mechanics down as it feels so different compared to my other healers ( Resto Druid / Shaman). I just did the artifact quest for the silver hand and while I passed the quest, I had a really hard time keeping up the health of the NPC's as they kept dropping one after another. Can someone help explain to me the best roation, use, and mechanics of the spec? Thanks in advance!Brandunn2 5d
5d Ret pvp skill question does anyone know where i can find a list of skills that are cleansed by cleanse toxinsWeebstarz1 5d
5d Bored I'm bored with this game. It seems to churn the same thing over and over again. I don't even feel like playing it anymore. I'm sure you all care about that fact.Thadros4 5d
5d Considering Ret/Druid Getting ideas on ret and feral druid for deciding on which one I want to play and I wanted to hear the communities thoughts on the matter. I get the play styles and I know it is about what I have fun with more, again.. just looking for pros/cons, numbers, etc. Any reliable sources. Just want to know if they are viable PVE/PVP. I understand 7.2.5 might change things so I get it's kind of awkward asking now but any information would be helpful!Niruptt1 5d
5d Prot trinket question Writhing heart of darkness or Orb of Torment? Both are only 880, but I'm wondering which is betterFålliz1 5d
5d Rate that weapon Rate the weapon from the person above you.Thadros0 5d
5d Retribution screenshot of a BG i joined late today Something drastic needs to be done to Ret paladin to balance it out because as it currently sits it is game breaking. The justification in 2004 for giving Paladins Lay on Hands and Bubbles was that they are intended to be an ASSIST class and would in turn have low damage output to balance out the high survivability. Also, they would be kept in check by Priests having the ability to dispel the bubble and Warrior's HAD Shattering Throw. <-- was a ranged spell with a short cast time that could break paladin bubbles to prevent them from free healing. They also HAD a decently long internal cooldown shared by the the two spells.... Blizzard has removed many spells from all classes, but somehow the two most overpowered spells are still here 13 years later... Those two spells are so overpowered in fact, that in TBC they gave horde the blood elf race so that they could have Paladins as well. This happened because PvP was unbalanced in Vanilla at the start, because only Alliance had Paladins. they gave alliance shamans in return to be fair, but it was all about bubbles and lay on hands as far as complaints in forums at the time which caused that to happen....Now back to legion... WHY does the class (non healer or tank) with the most survivability now also do the most damage output which they can NOW do inside their bubble?!?!?!?! On top of having an extra bubble which auto procs at 1% and the icd so short they can practically charge in with bubble up and by the time they get him low in hp they can already use lay on hands ... Does paladin really need to be this idiot proof? Please, return Shattering Throw to warriors at least or nerf this ASSIST class's damage output because they are ruining wow PvP. Look at how many subscribers you have lost since MOP (which by the way was when Shattering Throw was removed and Blizzard decided to make paladins super-saiyan... This is not a frustrated rant.. i joined that BG toward the end) its just a constant pattern in seeing in all battlegrounds the last few months and from other players complaints... Pop bubble and run into a group, pop all burst cds and smash face on keyboard... jokes aside though... nerf their damage while inside of bubble, and add more ways to remove that crap... With Love, Everyone who doesn't play ret paladin. --------------------------------------------------- Edited for language by Moderation team. We understand that there is a lot of passion and enthusiasm surrounding subjects like this, but we want to keep the conversation civil and constructive. Posting both clear and masked language still goes against the Forums Code of Conduct: 5d
5d Holy Spec getting dps trinkets never mind lol ...Jerksauce2 5d
6d Concordance of the Legionfall Hello Pallies, I now have 2 points in my Concordance of the Legionfall. So the rest of you know, you get 200 str per point into it, the proc is 1.3 PPM. I am wondering at this point if i really want to continue the grind of AP, Current point is 880M AP, Farming every AP mission every day and PvP, you are looking at 4ish days, and next point will be even harder. Seems like a lot of work for 200 Str. What do you guys think?Vigilance22 6d
6d 7.2 Paladin class mount.... It's literally nothing. Why can't we get something cool like the shamanLoomiess300 6d
6d How to find a Large Vile Slime fast. Hi folks, couple nights ago, after 6 days killing myself waiting for the Re spawn of this damn slime someone that had just killed in 5 minutes told me this. Many of you may have been using an Addon called Server Hop to try to find a slime without any luck. What this guy told me was to use the search box and type: "slime". this way the addon will find someone which is hosting a server with a slime up! It took me 5 minutes today in the morning ( 262 casts later, I guess I'm lucky) and I just tried tonight again twice and saw a group of people killing the slime once more ( I even explained to some folks on my server about it and they got in the same group in minutes) I hope it helps all of you to find and kill this damn slime. And believe me, There are MANY paladin out there that host group on server with the Slime up because they want to help. Thanks to them with can all enjoy our corrupted ashbringer.Daviix6 6d
6d Finally THX GOD! Clear Queen Fury, really thx god to RNG i got all the valkyr at a good spot right at the burn phase... 3 time the empty spot is just beside the caster...Mizeruka1 6d
6d Female space goats How do you like them as paladins? I'm going Alliance and I'm deciding between human and Draenei. I'm leaning Draenei, but I want other people's opinions. My biggest concern right now is that the new horse might look dumb on draenei (but that may just be the males).Fålliz12 6d
6d Prot Hidden Artifact Skin attempts Hey y'all, I'm just wanting to see what others have done for the withered training attempts to get the prot hidden skin. I've done around 200 runs now (best guestimation) and have not gotten the skin. Has there been any scuttlebut about upping the chance on receiving this? It's almost been a year since release, don't know if they're thinking about upping the % chances of getting the HA appearances for all the classes. Thanks y'all.Gabriël2 6d
May 20 Ret PvP 7.2.5 PTR Feedback Hello, I want to give some feedback on the PvP changes on PTR right now and suggest a couple more that could sneak in before it's live. New change i'm talking about on the PTR right now: When you or allies with your Greater Blessings take damage, you gain Reckoning. Consume 50 stacks of Reckoning to hurl a magical hammer that strikes an enemy for [ 1 + 700% of Spell Power ] Holy damage, and you gain Avenging Wrath for 6 sec. And the Lawbringer nerf for those who are not aware: Judgment now applies Lawbringer to initial targets hit for 30 sec. 7.2.5 Change feedback So I just wanted to say nerfing the talent that makes Ret damage a joke to pull off in PvP (Lawbringer) and buffing Hammer of Reckoning to give Wings for 6 seconds to setup some burst windows is a change in the right direction. The most common complaint about Ret PvP is the automatic buzzsaw-type damage and it's a big part of why the class is a joke to play. Anyone picking up the class can do near-max dps in PvP. This change will both stop a huge portion of the automatic damage and widen the gap between the bad and good players. This change will also drastically reduce divine storm damage because everyone in the arena won't have the debuff and henceforth putting more of an emphasis on single target and burst windows which is something everyone wants. Couple suggestions that could make it in for 7.2.5 PvP Tier 4 (replaces cleansing light): Blessing of Sacrifice (1.5 minute cooldown) Places a Blessing on a party or raid member, transferring 30% of damage taken to you for 12 sec, or until transferred damage would cause you to fall below 20% health. Holy and Prot have access to Sacrifice. It was pruned from Ret. Makes sense to balance raid cooldowns for PvE balance, but makes no sense for Ret not to have a classic tool in PvP. Bring this back via honor talents. It will help widen the gap between good and bad players. Add some skillcap back into the spec and make it less boring and automatic. Cleansing light is a dead waste of a talent spot. Luminescence is valuable against rot teams, sac is not valuable against rot teams. Makes sense for it to be here. Note: this is not the magic dispel sac from MoP or ultimate sacrifice.. just the regular sacrifice. Divine Intervention Change: Reduces your Divine Shield cooldown by 20%. In addition, any attack which would kill you instead reduces you to 20% of your maximum health and triggers Divine Shield. Cannot occur while Divine Shield is on cooldown or Forbearance is active. Cannot trigger from blows versus players. Paired with: Retribution template change: -10% crit, +10% versatility (or however it makes sense.. just give us versatility and keep the overall damage the same ) Reasoning: Makes (sort of) sense to be unable to change autobubble due to solo players and raiding balance but EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING FOR THIS SINCE ALPHA PLEASE FIX. Retribution dies through spam healing right now. If anyone noticed in Cup #2 we were forced to play with BM for the 15% dmg reduction into Prot Enh, otherwise I literally died through spam healing to a single enhance. This is really really bad and unfun gameplay when I cannot even survive a single DPS that kills me through eye for an eye on their cooldowns. No other spec in the game dies like this. If you noticed in GCD the tournament before I died through spam healing vs jungle as Marksman 2 games when Amne death'd every CC and played like a god. We came back and won as BM with Wild Protector because I didn't die through healing. To be forced to play with a BM hunter because we cannot survive is ridiculous. We have the lowest versatility template of any class and absolutely no passive damage reduction, just an autoproc bubble that's cancer to PvP. Remove it, give us proper survivability. This needs to happen. It has gone on too long. Holding onto bubble at 1% because it procs now is just dumb and removes more decision making. td;dr: remove autobubble from PvP give us some vers keep up the good changes disolving cancer auto aoe cleave dmg and widening the gap between good and bad players throw us sac again and MAKE RET GREAT AGAIN tyAvengelyne12 May 20
May 19 Bugs?! Ok, Not a rant or rave (I know, I know start of like that and it seems it will be just that). How many of you prot pallies out there and have had this happen? You get slowed, no worries you have Hallowed Ground and your not free (or your not free but your team mates are) so you pop Divine Steed (With Steed Of Glory), and your still slowed, only to be free by using BoF. Or, You use SoV and throw your shield out all game and no one get silenced even when they should have.Holyrack0 May 19
May 19 Racial Mount for Dwarf Paladins Hello everyone, I'll make this short and sweet. As a Dwarf and a proud member of the Paladin order I find it odd that no Rams have yet to be blessed into the Holy army. I've seen Horses, Elleks and I could have sworn I even saw a Holy Kodo! Me and the lads would really appreciate a holy charger that we have more experience with...and the Warrior clans have been mocking us for ages! They say we want to be humans! Thanks for your time.Magnus134 May 19
May 19 Open Libram CLVI: "Zen Intervention" Title formerly: "SEF" : Sanctify, Exorcise, and Flash Heal! You all get the monk for going 14 hours with no new libram :P ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": ____________________________________________________ Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid for anime of the year. That is all.Snufu273 May 19
May 19 Protection Paladin PvP Guide (7.1.5 to 7.2) Hello once again! I have returned from the weirdest hiatus that has not yet ended. This time I'll be changing a few talents and explain a bit more on why the change and everything due to the Protection Paladin changes and it's slight damage nerf it received! In this guide, I'll be showing what talents you should be using, examples of them (and explaining how to use them to maximum efficiency), and try to give you an idea of a few rotations that I use (Without burst and with it), including stats for WPvP. WARNING: I am not doing very well irl once again, allergies and sickness have kicked in. Bear with me, please. I will continue to edit this with more knowledge (including help from other paladins that I deem very good and such, including fixing this if it becomes a wall of messy text). I will also update it as I get new info as the Expansions go along, so I apologize if I necro it via updating the post from now on. Talents: Level 15: Holy Shield. Explanation: Holy Shield BLOCKS SPELLS, Increases your block chance by 15%, and additionally deals a set amount of damage back to your attacker based on your attack power (Strength) and every successful block.. Or when there are dots on you. This is very useful during PvP, as Blessed Hammer only reduces the next auto attack damage from the next enemy auto-attack by 15%. That doesn't reduce all damage. ..You could take Consecrated Hammer, but it isn't very good long-term unless nobody is attacking you and you can AoE (Area of Effect attack) to your heart's content without the fear of getting attacked. In my opinion, I don't like it due to it's weirdness. You can do the same thing and force other players into your consecration and have the same effect as Consecrated Hammer... Just better. Level 30: Bastion of Light OR Crusader's Judgment. Explanation: Bastion of Light gives back 3 charges of one of your core mitigating abilities: Shield of the Righteous. Crusader's Judgment gives 2 charges of Judgment and your Grand Crusader Proc grants a charge of judgment if it's on CD. Bastion of Light: Use only if you run out of charges for your SoTR. Reminder: It has a 3 minute cool-down. Use it wisely. Crusader's Judgment: You can use both charges to possibly gain a charge of SoTR back right away if you're missing a charge. You will have a 90% uptime to actually use SoTR, provided you have enough haste (above 24%). Level 45: Fist of Justice. Explanation: Your judgment reduces the cooldown on Hammer of Justice by 10 seconds. HoJ is a 1 minute cool-down. You can HoJ every 4 or 5 Judgments when using this. When in PvP, it's great to have a quick stun every 4-5 judgments. Note: This may be nerfed due to Crusader's Judgment having too much synergy with this and you can get your stun back even faster. Level 60: Blessing of Spellwarding, Cavalier, Retribution Aura. Explanation: Blessing of Spellwarding gives immunity to pesky spellcasters for a good 8 seconds and has a reduced cooldown of 3 minutes from 5 minutes (5 min CD due to the original spell: Blessing of Protection). Has good synergy with the Honor talent Sacred Duty. Cavalier gives you 2 charges of Divine Steed. This is worth it to catch up to other players that are either trying to run away from you or kite you. Has good synergy with the honor talent Steed of Glory. Retribution Aura applies to the paladin themself, also applying to anyone (tank or not) in your party and now reflects 1,060 holy damage in PvP and in PvE it reflects 1.7k holy damage. Useful against melee comps. Level 75: Knight Templar. Explanation: Knight Templar reduces the cool-down on Divine Steed by 50% (that's a 45 second cool-down reduced to 22.5 seconds, which means you can use this ability more often). This is also why I said for a level 60 talent to take Cavalier. Sure, getting both charges back with these two take about 45 seconds, but that's 2 charges in 45 seconds compared to 2 charges every 1 minute and 30 seconds without Knight Templar. Level 90: Judgment of Light or Consecrated Ground. Explanation: Judgment of Light procs on every attack on the judged enemy, healing the ally attacking that enemy for an estimate of 1.2k+ holy. Consecrated ground however heals depending on your gear and main-stat and level. It's proc is every 0.9 seconds which procs as fast as it's damaging counter-part (the original version of Consecration) AND it slows enemy movement by 50%. Level 100: Seraphim. Explanation: It increases your Crit, Haste, Mastery and Versatility by an absurd amount (5,500 if you want stat numbers and if you want percentages, it increases those stats by 10%-15%) at the cost of 2 charges of your Shield of the Righteous. You can use this when you have one charge of SoTR, too, but the duration is shorter. (1 charge = 8 seconds & 2 charges = 16 seconds) Don't fret, this is where I tell you that Bastion of Light and Seraphim have very good synergy as talents. Before I tell you the rotation, keep in mind that your rotation can and will change since we have very little buttons to press and continue using while we're waiting for our spells to come off of a cool-down, so you may have to face-roll until you can pull off a normal rotation again. Also, I will be using short-term references to spells. You should be able to connect the dots to what spells are what once you look at your spell book. Another reminder: Always keep consecration up and stay in it. Don't play their game, have them play yours since you get a bonus to some of your spells by being in it. Rotation without using your burst: Consecration > SoTR > Avenger's Shield > SoTR > Judgment > SoTR > HoTR x2. Rotation with your burst: Consecration > Avenging Wrath > Seraphim > SoTR > Bastion of Light > SoTR > Avenger's Shield > SoTR > Judgment > SoTR > HoTR x2. New Rotation with Crusader's Judgment: Consecration > SoTR > Judgment > SoTR > Avenger's Shield > SoTR > Judgment > HoTR x2 New Rotation while using burst: Consecration > Seraphim > Avenging Wrath > SoTR > Judgment > SoTR > Avenger's Shield > SoTR > Judgment > HoTR x2 Note: Use Eye of Tyr when someone is hitting you pretty hard, or when there's a big group on you. Eye of Tyr reduces damage they deal to you by 25% and deals damage. It's an AoE mitigation ability with truthguard, it's reach works like Blinding Light: 360 degrees. Also use Light of the Protector, it heals you instantly for 27% of your missing health (Increased while Standing in Consecration and with Truthguard's Artifact trait: Scatter the Shadows). All the rotations do seem very similar, but they are different in their own ways once used. The rotation with the burst can be pulled off within 4.7 seconds since SoTR does not share a global cool-down with your other spells. Also, the reason why you use your SoTR right after a different spell is because it's one of your hardest hitting abilities and it's best if you used it accordingly. Using the New Rotation can be done within 3 seconds but now that you actually have a good uptime on using SoTR, you can constantly have something to use if you're waiting for Judgment or HoTR to get off CD. Additional information: Don't fret about your level 110 honor talents at a low level. Only worry about them at max level, as they prove a lot of usefulness in PvP. Honor talents: Gladiator's Medallion (2 min CD, better than 3 minute CD). Relentless Assault or Inquisition (R.A. Gives a 3% damage increase per player attacking you. Stacks up to 5 times. Inquisiton now replaces Hand of Reckoning: With a reduced range, but causes the debuff called Intimidated/Intimidation to your enemy, increasing all of their damage taken by 5%, refreshing upon your melee attacks and stacks up to 5 times per unique player that hits that target.) Side note: I recommend Relentless Assault for BGs and Inquisition solely for Arenas. You can use Inquisition for BGs, too. Shield of Virtue (This is your silencing ability for Avenger's Shield. Usable spell. Always have it on the ready if you're playing against caster groups that tend to stack up. It silences ALL players within 8 yards of the primary target.) Pure of Heart or Luminescence (PoH cleanses your allies diseases and poisons within 15 yards of you upon use and it's a shorter cooldown as opposed to the 8 second single target version of cleanse toxins. Luminescence heals allies within 20 yards are healed for 30% of the amount when you are healed.) Hallowed Ground (Clears all Snares and Suppresses them (giving immunity to Snares) as long as you stand in your consecration) Steed of Glory (Gives an additional 4 second duration to Divine steed, making you invulnerable to Crowd Control effects like snares, and knocks-back enemy players if you go through them.) Stat priority for WPvP: Haste > Versatility = Haste > Mastery < Crit. It's a bit hard to come by haste in this patch, so if you get anything with haste at a higher item level, it's a better choice. If you don't have anything with Haste/Versatility or Haste/Mastery and you are forced to wear Haste/Crit, it's fine. (For those new guys out there that don't know what versatility does, it increases your damage done, healing done and gives you damage reduction from attacks) If you're wondering "What about instanced PvP?".. Don't ask about it. We all get a buff called "Principles of War", giving us predetermined stats according to our ilvl and removes Versatility from tanks, leaving us with base stats such as Stamina/Strength/Crit/Mastery/Haste. If you want more Protection Paladin info from me and you want to have a bit of fun with some training dummies or some duels to teach other protection paladins that are interested in PvP, add my battle-tag (Paragøn#1596) and I'll see if I can fit something into my calendar and we could share ideas and theories. Hope to see you on the battlefield! -Paragon Also, here's Liminara's guide on how to prot paladin and more explanations on spells and what they do, including their base cooldowns: I think mine's just more robust and clunkier than their's, but hey, if I can deal a lot of damage by doing it my way, so be it. Plus, the stat priority that Liminara and I say are both entirely different. You can use whichever guide that appeals to you. The original guide that I had made for this expansion will be linked below in the P.S. section, I figured nothing needed to be edited except a few spells, but it is still kinda outdated and I'd rather not necro it. If you guys do want me to continue with this guide, Support this thread and let's try to get it stickied for the Prot Paladins that PvP! All variations of Prot Paladins for PvP are welcomed here and are welcome to share ideas and theories (including Theorycraftings). I will also try my best to keep this thread updated as soon as possible and I will reply within an hour to a day or two. Let's make this the best thread for PvP Protection Paladins! P.S. Can someone please lock my original thread since I'll be working on this one instead: Thank you in advance, and thank YOU guys for giving this a read! (Little side note: If you're just going to be here to troll, don't bother coming to this thread. I'd like to keep this thread troll-free and without any flamers here. If you actually have Constructive criticism and would like to help with the thread and add a joke or two to the criticism, by all means go for it. Other than that, if you have nothing nice to say (I.E. Trolling, get out of here).Paragøn9 May 19
May 19 Legendary Rings It looks like each class is getting a new Legendary ring which unlocks a talent. For example Hunters get Lock'n'Load if they equip the ring. What talents should our ring have that would make them competitive with other legendaries?Capz23 May 19
May 19 Considering switching to Paladin Greetings, Paladin community! I normally play old SV hunter or WW Monk but with the changes to SV and WW's current performance I am considering trying out a ret pally. I am a pretty casual player. I mostly do random battlegrounds with the occasional rated 2s. I dabble in some normal raiding. Is paladin performing at an acceptable margin in those areas? I'm not aiming to be OP or anything like that. I would just prefer to not invest too much time in a character who could be a hindrance to those I play with. Is the paladin class difficult to pick up and use correctly? I have dabbled with warrior and demon hunter as well (leveling). However, I prefer the paladin aesthetic over those classes in a big way. There is just something really cool about the class fantasy of a paladin.. Thank you! I appreciate your input!Alison2 May 19
May 18 Spikey damage as prot? I've recently changed my paladin to prot from holy and while I'm enjoying the play style I've noticed that I will sometimes just get destroyed by taking a large spike of damage seemingly out of nowhere. To give an example of this, I was tanking a maw+13 last night and the first boss was destroying me with every hit. I blew all my cooldowns, just kept getting chunked. I eventually died, and when I came back he didnt damage me enough over the entire fight to require a single heal. Why? Similarly when fighting packs of mobs I will go from basically zero damage taken to 10% hp or dead instantly, and then if I survive that burst I'm fine and take no damgae again for a while. I am using SotR to soak the abilites that require an active defensive buff. These kinds of spikes happen even at low difficulties such as my daily heroic run. I cant figure this out and would love some feedback from experienced prot tanks.Stromgar8 May 18
May 18 Prot in RBG's So this was awesome. I'm in a rated last night, and it's at that Gilneas map with Lighthouse, Waterworks, Mines. I somehow get stuck capping Lighthouse while EVERYONE else takes water works. Right off the bat, I'm in a bad spot cause my aoe is going to waste! Lol So enter this Tauren Paladin coming over the hill from Mines solo. I'm like "Oh ok, we'll dance then let the best Ret win!" Suddenly this cheeky SoB is hurling shields at me, b**ch slapping me with it, and just all around not dying... "Uuuhh... Guys? This Pally is a Prot over here" At first I think I've got the edge in damage, and he'll just take awhile to burst down, but no, he's tanking me and dealing back a significant amount of damage with Avengers Shield procs especially just owning me. I barely manage to beat him as a teammate cones in, having broken off the assault to help. So wtf? Why are ranks doing this much damage and still being allowed to be so tanky? Was this Tauren built for it, or is Prot just this good vs certain classes? I have never had trouble with people " dumb enough" to play Tank specs in previous expacs, because you never saw them. Yet now it seems they've been worked into the meta. Discuss. Cause I missed this topic apparently.Maverick3 May 18
May 18 Help with paladin character name. Hello everyone. I want to make a Ret Pally for DPS because I love 2 hand weapons and I want to kind of role a Dwarf paladin who is more a Vindicator (yeah, that's my story). My only problem is the name. I have two of them to choose but I can't decide, and I really like to have a name who I like for my toon. My options are: - Dariof (My second name is Dario, I like this a lot but kind of sounds like Darion Morgraine). - Tobadin (My friends call me Tobo in RL, and I like this a lot to and I think that fits a dwarf, but the "din" in a paladin char could just sound lazy). What do you think? One or the other? Are both terrible? Any opinion helps.Ferebor5 May 18
May 18 Holy Paladin Questions Hello, I am looking at leveling up a 100 Paladin I have with the goal of doing Mythics as Prot/Holy depending on the day. I have heard great things about the current state of Prot but not much about Holy. How is it healing? Does it do well in Mythic+ content? PvP? Also, how much does the Mastery matter i.e., do I have to be within Melee range to heal effectively? Thanks!Urlsig3 May 18
May 18 How much does the DP leg ring break ret? Napkin math makes it seem like divine purpose + crusade will = lol wtf? Also: How soon until they nerf the class because of the ring? I'm guessing no more than 5 days.Jitka24 May 18
May 18 Class Hall Campaign I farmed dungs to 110 and lost where i was at with the campaign and i have no clue where to pick. I cant find any paladin quest anywhere. Any help?Cátdog2 May 18
May 18 Which spec is least like Blood DK? Hi, everyone. I made a Blood DK recently which I am having a blast with. I mostly do BG's with the ocassional dungeon run. I've been having the urge to make a Paladin (for mostly PvP) but I can't decide which spec to choose. As much as I love Blood DK, I would be bored with a similar playstyle. Excluding Holy (I have too many healers), is Ret or Proc least like Blood DK? I know Ret is DPS but we both use 2H and Blood seems much more like a DPS class anyway. On the other hand, I don't know how viable Prot is in PvP/BG's which I plan to play with this toon. Thanks for any advice!Armargis3 May 18
May 18 holy power/tell me when Was wondering if anyone uses Tell Me When...I'd like it to show when I have 3 holy power but can't seem to figure out how to get it to do that >_>Gerbïe12 May 18
May 17 Melee H paladin looking more and more viable With T20 modifying light of dawn and the new legendary ring giving H paladin divine purpose by default, it is appearing more and more likely that crusaders might will be our T1 talent of choice. What are your thoughts on H paladin possibly being thrown into crusaders might for optimal healing output and to keep the highest uptime on our new golden trait and 4 piece bonus? I personally got every wish I had for melee healer, and am shocked that they happened. It was like they read my mind. The only other thing I would had wanted was an increase in light of dawn's range, but I do mix up fights with lightbringer, so I'm ok with that.Healbotuser2 May 17
May 17 Scatter the Shadows I have a question about the protection paladin artifact tier, Scatter the Shadows. At tier 4, I believe this increases the healing of light/hand of the protector by 24%. Assuming that light/hand of the protector heals for 34%, and 20% while in consecration or using consecrated hammer, would the 24% extra healing of Scatter the Shadows increase healing to 54%/78% (in and out of consecration, or would it increase the healing by 24% of 34%/54% which would be 42.16%/66.96%. I could be wrong on the math. I guess I could ask the same question about the 20% consecration as well, in which case I believe it would be 48.96%. This is all confusing, but the gist is does the percent stack with the original heal, or does it increase based on a percent of the original heal.Spirithammer1 May 17
May 17 Convergence without Crusade Ok I was wondering if anyone had tested the viability of running Divine Purpose with Convergence rather than Crusade for Mythic+ Seems to have much higher uptime without crusade/convergence nerf in theory but wanted to know from first hand experience of someone else.Judgement10 May 17
May 17 Draenei pally for healing? So I am thinking of switching races for healing in raids and I am looking at going Draenei (spelling haha!) for the gift of the Naruu (spelling). Is it worth going Draenei for that racial or is it not even a big deal? ThanksHeìlìg4 May 17
May 17 I need advice So I main a hunter (the one I'm posting as) but have a couple alts I regularly play too. Recently I just got my ret pally to 110 and I'm not sure if I'm playing too risky cuz I'm just used to playing a hunter, or if I'm playing correctly and just not used to it. As a hunter I stand at a distance, keep my pet alive and taunting, and rarely ever lose any health. But now as a ret pally, I find myself at like half health most of the time when I pull more than 2 mobs. I don't die much but I still find it uneasy to always be at such low health. I know I have like 2 bubbles and plenty of heals but I always feel apprehensive to use them cuz then they're gone for the next fight. Any advice?Goopakoo2 May 17
May 17 New Legendary <Talent> ring from the latest PTR build the new legendary ring that gives passive talent based on spec Ret / Holy: Divine Purpose Prot : Holy Shield what you guys think about this? compare to other class i think it is decentPaypaladin3 May 17
May 17 Are Prot Palidan legendary's important? I know this may be an odd question but I really enjoy playing Prot Paladin but I also enjoy Ret so up to this point I have been going for strictly Ret legendary's. I currently have 5 of them and the ones I have are the belt, boots, bracers, ring(lind fury), and Kil'jaden. Would I be able to play at a decent level on the Prot Spec with these legendary's or should I level my 90 Paladin and transfer him over so I can strictly play Prot on him?Mabsant7 May 17
May 17 7.2 Paladin class mount info from PTR Hey guys, just did some testing on the PTR and wanted to share an overview of the class mount, how to get it, and how it looks in action. Keep in mind, none of this is final, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from the quest (also, needless to say, there will be spoilers). If you just want an idea of how it looks like, scroll down for the description and later on I'll see if I can add screenshots as well. Prereqs and Fetch Quests On the PTR, there's an NPC that gives you Broken Isles Pathfinder 1 and 2, as well as unlocks the questline for your class mount (which leads me to believe that you won't actually see the quest until you complete the new class campaign quests and get the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements). * *Edit 2/16/17: According to Templàr below there's a post saying that you may not need flying at all to unlock it. If I can find the blue post I'll put it here for confirmation. I do think you may still need to complete the new class campaign quests, however. Once that's started, you go to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, the guy next to the mission board. Human and Dwarf Paladins in Vanilla should remember him fondly (psh) as he's the one responsible for all the trouble they went through to get the original Charger. You're given a few fetch quests at this point, similar to the Vanilla questline though not nearly as painful. Your first item needed is to bring Lord Grayson a Stonehide Leather Barding from leatherworking. Second part requires you to take the barding to Dalaran's blacksmith and give him 50 Leystone Ore from Mining and a Saber's Eye from Jewelcrafting. This is easily the most expensive part of the quest so plan ahead accordingly. Once the Blacksmith has given you a Reinforced Barding from the mats you've given, speak to Lord Grayson again and go to Stratholme!Scenario The last part of the quest takes you to the service gate of Stratholme, where you get to start a scenario that basically has you run that part of the instance with new mobs, although you can have two Paladin NPCs with you of differing specializations (you can choose any combination of two from Ret, Prot, or Holy - as a Ret I went with the Prot and Holy NPCs) and you can mount as well. You start off at the chapel (the same one us bloody elves burned down in Burning Crusade, whoops), and Lord Grayson tasks you with getting 6 Stratholme Holy Water throughout the city, while also rescuing three of the scouts he sent ahead to investigate. They're conveniently held prisoner at the Ziggurat locations where the old bosses used to be (go figure), and each one is guarded by a boss NPC and an annoying dude who summons swarms of undead. Ret seems to be quite overpowered for this part of the scenario as Wake of Ashes stuns pretty much everything including bosses. Admittedly, I was also ilvl 890 so it's hard to gauge how difficult those three bosses are at lower gear levels, but tuning may not be final - at this point though, they're easy to deal with, and their damaging casts are stunnable and interruptible. Once the three scrubs, er, scouts are rescued and you have the 6 Holy Waters, you go back to Lord Grayson to give him the mats, who promptly tells you it's time to face the specter of Lord Rivendare himself for his mount -- only to find that his body isn't at final ziggurat! You then hear a voice yelling for you outside, and a Necromancer atop Rivendare's mount appears with a horde of undead, ready to pounce on you and your Paladin forces. Admittedly, this part of the scenario was a little tricky - while the boss could be CC'd, the trash seems to infinitely respawn. They also dealt a truckload of damage to my Paladin NPCs, who'd been holding their own up to that point. I was able to oneshot it with my gear, but if they tune it any harder expect a decent challenge. Again, Wake of Ashes was a lifesaver alongside Blinding Light - besides the swarms of undead, the necromancer did a decent chunk of damage on his own. Finally, once you down him, you capture Rivendare's mount! A fun cutscene occurs at the end where you bring the purified barding to Rivendare's mount in front of your altar and it purifies the steed, turning it into the Highlord's Golden Charger. It then does a cute little kneel animation to you as it basks in your awesomeness, and finally the mount is yours. Congrats! TLDR: Canonically, you are now the true owner of Baron Revindare's Charger as you corrupt it with your Light magics to do your bidding. What does it look like? The first mount you receive is the Highlord's Golden Charger variant, shown here: In my opinion, it's a beautiful mount in action - it has a unique summoning appearance and sound effect where it appears in a pillar of light with a distinct neigh. The tail and hooves glow, and while it doesn't have any wings, it leaves golden hoofprints in its wake, even in the air. Sadly I haven't figured out if there's any way to make it kneel like it did in the cutscene - its mountspecial is the standard rising on its hindlegs. I did mention that it's the first mount you receive, and there's actually a total of four. To unlock the other three color variants, currently you need to unlock all artifact traits of your respective spec's Artifact Weapon which includes the new 7.2 traits. Afterwards, Crusader Lord Dalfors, the Dwarf near Lord Grayson, will sell you the respective mount for 10,000 Order Resources each. Here's the list of mounts that go with each spec: Holy - Heraldic Reins of the Valorous Charger, the Silver/Blonde/Purple variant AKA the Jaina Horse - Prot - Stoic Reins of the Vigilent (sic) Charger, the Silver/Blue/Purple variant Ret - Harsh Reins of the Vengeful Charger, the Silver/Red/Angry variant may seem like much work to unlock all these additional colors, but on the plus side, for you crazy Paladin who have multiple Pally alts, they seem to work account wide as I was able to access the mount on a fresh Paladin copy that hadn't completed the quest. I'll update the post with more info/screenshots when I'm able. Hope this helps! Edit: For those wondering, no, it does not currently replace your Divine Steed graphic.Jackishi26 May 17
May 16 Initial targets hit The new ptr build uses this as the replacement text for lawbringer. Does this mean the interaction with greater judgement is a multiple lawbringer effect?Tenacius2 May 16
May 16 Holy paladin So I've decided to play a holy paladin. I've gotten into healing and am enjoying the lore of being a tanky melee ranged healer who heals with holy light. I know I only have 36% crit but should I shoot for 40 or 45%? Also I'm having trouble with rule of law. Do I use it when I use light of dawn or does it also affect aura of mercy?Tygerwoods2 May 16
May 16 Legion Ret Paladin Guide <PvP> Hey guys! Our channel released a pretty decent guide to pvping as a Ret Paladin. He's a regular 2.4k+ ranked Ret. If your new to Paladin please check it out! Maybe some of the points can help your game. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that know quite a bit about playing as ret, so if you have something to add please feel free! Just comment below or on the video. It may help out some people looking to get a better understanding of the spec. Thanks a lot!Cynni5 May 16
May 16 Problem with Judgment Window I was wondering if there's a way to improve the gameplay/rotation of the Ret Pally so that the Judgment window doesn't suck. Essentially most of your damage comes from holy power spenders during the judgment window. The problem I have is that I use a spender a fraction of a second too late and ends up hitting outside the window, causing my DPS to suffer. My Ret DPS is about 100k less than my Havoc Demon Hunter who is at the same ilvl. Hitting a holy power spender a fraction of a second outside the Judgment window feels really really bad. Is there a way to address this or to make it feel less punishing?Revlin103 May 16
May 16 Rate that x-mog 1-10 Rate the x-mog above you 1-10 . bored waiting for the servers to come back up :-pAnnasazi0 May 16