3d How is 7.1.5 dps for you? Maybe it's just me, but after the patch my dps feels a bit weaker.. Interested to know if the patch has increased your dps, reduced it or no difference?Exorth41 3d
3d Justice Gaze and the Paladin So my Paladin is my alt. I main Frost/Unholy ( I swap based on boss) DK for my raid group. I had the misfortune of my first legendary dropping on my Paladin and I got Justice Gaze. Does this make Hammer of Justice a part of my rotation? I haven't really had a chance to try it, but most bosses are immune to HoJ's stun, does the damage still go through even if the stun is resisted? I know my gear is all over the place, it's basically all just random drops.. I haven't even stepped into a mythic yet. I was going to focus on healing with my PLD, his Silver Hand is higher ilevel than his Ashbringer.Meibatsu72 3d
3d Relic's Hello All, I am wondering what you are using for Relic's and which you think are BIS. I feel we need atleast 1 Avenging Wrath relic to keep Crusade at 30 seconds then I use 2 TV relics. With Nighthold coming out my guess is Avenging Wrath will push rather head due to the trinket we will all be after.Vigilance5 3d
3d simcraft and pawn for holy? so I got simcraft and pawn for myself and I was told that simcraft is not the best way to get a pawn string for healers and tanks and I was wondering if one is that true and two if it is true what is the best way to get a pawn string for a holy pally?Xandela3 3d
4d Hunters need attention!!!! Snipezy6 4d
4d Holy Paladin Mastery = not fun The holy paladin mastery is not fun. No other healer is forced to be in close proximity to the target they are healing in order to be effective. Can we get a rework of our mastery into something that isn't retarded and limiting?Apothus83 4d
4d Teach me, oh wise, mighty ones. How do I play the ret paladin? I want damage while having mobility....blizzard cut the damage part out of my class...Now I need to join uBattlezone8 4d
4d Darkmoon Deck vs Chrono Shard Im looking to maximize my dps as tank in mythic + and im trying to figure out if Darkmoon Deck Immortality is a viable dps tank trinket due to the static strength. I would be replacing ethereal urn.Mariha1 4d
4d Ret Paladin changes Thank you for the changes. The improvements are awesome.Amyr7 4d
4d On screen proc change for BoW and DP is very annoying. They did not need to change. Irrationally bothered by this change.Wetrobrute1 4d
4d Retribution Passive not activating I noticed on mythic odyn just 10 minutes ago (~1030 EST) that my retribution passive was not triggering on raider death. It may have been a range issue (did the range get reduced?). Anyone else notice anything? edit: worked fine on guarm, dunno what was happening on odynAmorisse2 4d
4d Ret is so stupid Im tired of pallys being so op please nerf them, its kind of ridiculous that a pally at 70k hp can bubble and be at full hp in like 2 seconds. Its also stupid that they are the only class that can like deal damage and heal while in a bubble. Like if pallys get to do that why dont hunters get to do that in turtle. so stupid. you have no idea how many times ive killed a pally and they just bubble and then 2 shot me. like atleast nerf their freaking damage or something. pretty dumb that any retard can easily win by playing a pally lol.Mookeris40 4d
4d Nefarian's Head for Corrupted Ashbringer Are you allowed to reloot Nefarian's Head from blackwing lair for the Corrupted Ashbringer? I wasn't thinking and turned in the quest for the head instead of keeping it in my bag... So I am worried I wont be able to get the hidden skin now. Are you able to reloot it once the instance resets the next week?Paldrom2 4d
4d 5 man beacon of choice? for m+ and karazhan type stuff are folks still rolling with Virtue? ive pretty much used it exclusively to this point in m+/kara... but i benched this character for a while.... i think im gonna bring it back now :) are you guys running Faith or BotL in 5s? or is virtue still pretty solid.... and how did the patch hit us? are talent choices still the same for the most part? still trying to strive for 40+ crit while equipping our highest ilvl armor pieces?Holydiver10 4d
4d Aggramar's stride hpally Combo this with sephuz's secret. You now move just as fast as a ground speed mount. I can finally dodge mechanics with ease. I mean it's not a heal increase but man you can literally avoid everything if your clever. Wondering how you guys rate it for raids and dungeons? Holy paladins of course. Running at 42% critRàh5 4d
4d How to stop the tanks from dying in LFR On Odyn and the spider boss in Emerald Nightmare, the tanks always get destroyed and blame my 830 ilvl healing at the bottom of the meters. Are they not taunting off at the right time or what? I can't heal fast enough even standing right on top of them.Beluur5 4d
4d How bad did the legendary nerf hurt? Hey guys. Not to start a !@#$storm or flaming or anything, I just can't find it being discussed anywhere. How badly did the cloak and ring nerf hurt those of us with the two? I'm still at work so I can't really compare or find updated sims.Gordrakus10 4d
4d Paladins under power After the patch the paladins are very loose. Today I was playing a couple of hours and I realized that the diffence is enough. I know that they were a little strong but I think that with modifying the divine shield was fine but lowered the damage and other things more and right now they are lazy I have an 880 ilv and could not kill anyone who was under my ilv gear and I been 11 years in wow and I know when a class is far below damage when the gear is high they passed the hand to those who made the changesHolyanvenger17 4d
4d Sim still doing "Might"?? I've downloaded the newest one on the website however when i look into it it still has Greater Blessing of might procs which is making me sim SPH higher than it actually should. Anyone know how to remove it or set it up for the new 7.1.5?Varpopn3 4d
4d Template STR reduction and Flash of Light So... I have to ask, Does blizzard take into account selfhealing when nerfing a hybrid's primary stat on the PvP template? Our strength was reduced so that we wouldn't do too much damage after the buff, and as a consequence Flash of Light became about 20% weaker... This feels like an entirely unnecessary nerf to our sustainability.Divenity5 4d
4d Tanking Help Just wondering I just turned level 75 and decided to become a tank, I don't really have much of a strategy and just wondering for some tips. When I tank I can't seem to keep the attention of my enemy's, I'm not sure if it's because my attacks arent doing enough damage or maybe I just can't tank :/. Thanks!Volcarion1 4d
4d Cons vs FV So with the new changes I've been playing around with a M+ build. Now I'm not much into simming DPS however, I was looking to get a general opinion on what Tier 1 talent you chose for Mythic +'s. Does Cons out perform FV with just 2 targets or am I going crazy?Beladric3 4d
4d Patch notes are out for 7.1.5 Paladin Holy Beacon of Faith no longer has a cooldown. Beacon of Light no longer has a cooldown. Beacon of Virtue now costs 10% of base mana (was 15%). Holy Shock now damages for 280% of spell power (was 350%). Retribution The damage done by most Retribution abilities has been increased by 12%. Greater Blessing of Might removed. Greater Blessing of Wisdom/Kings can be cast in combat. Greater Blessing of Wisdom restores 0.2% health/mana every 2 seconds (was 3 seconds). Greater Blessing of Kings absorbs 270% of spellpower (was 180%). Fist of Justice now reduces the remaining cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 2.5 seconds per Holy Power spent. Divine Intervention now reduces the cooldown of Divine Shield by 20% (was 50%). Seal of Light replaced with Judgment of Light. The damage done by most Retribution abilities has been increased by 12%. This is the line I am worried about, I dont know about you guys but I have a very bad feeling that TV is not one of them.Vigilance35 4d
4d Beacon of Virtue needs to be fixed As title says. You cannot pre-emptively beacon your 5man group (4 to be effected) if some do not have damage. it will literally only apply injured people. It should always apply to 4, preferring to hit injured, but random choosing healthy allys if you do not have 4 injured peeps.Veredyn5 4d
4d Prot Pally Hidden Artifact Skin Just went and did the withered training scenario, got a 648 score, had 28 leftover withered, looted end treasure chest, cleared every mob in the place -- nothing any ideas?Cambríaa41 4d
4d Ret Talents What are the go to m+ talents now? Did anything change? Is ES Now better than FV for Single TargetJahronie7 4d
5d holy leveling rotation I have never played holy, thinking of leveling as holy just to change it up. What would be the rotation so I could do some damage? Read somewhere : Judgement > Holy Shock > Consecrate > Crusader Strike does that sound right? Any suggestions how to maximize damage would be appreciated.Riikiitan5 5d
5d Not getting Class Hall Campaign quests Just hit 110 nd noticed I don't have the option to start the part of my class campaign that I should have received at 103. The last part I did was to unlock the order advancement tree for the second legendary slot. Possible bug? Anyone else having this problem?Stephncurry1 5d
5d Ret DPS the same,while all else gets buffed? Hey All! Serious thread, not trying to troll or complain; legitimately trying to understand the notes. As we all know, ret is getting a 12% buff to rotation abilities to compensate for the removal of GBoM. The consensus seems to be that this roughly keeps our DPS the same or give us a 3% DPS increase. However, after going through the notes, it looks like most other DPS classes are getting anywhere from 8-25% increase on rotational abilities. Doesn't this mean that ret's DPS is staying the same while others are getting a pretty significant DPS buff? Again please correct me if I am wrong or am missing something, just trying to understand.Eínar36 5d
5d Divine Hammer? In my limited testing, the new DH seems to be almost the same ST as BoW, but significantly increased AoE. Anyone else have any comments/data on this?Salranas7 5d
5d Shoutout to blizz for scaling seraphim I'm guna be completely honest, I was not excpecting blizz to scale seraphim with the stat rework, but they did it! It felt really good to wake up and still be able to do the same numbers as I would pre patch. Thanks blizz! This is the kinda stuff that keeps me shoveling my bank account to you guys.Zôp2 5d
5d Legendary bad luck Hello Pallies, I am wondering what your bad luck has been with Legendaries so far. I have played this game a lot this xpac. certainly more then is healthy lol. How many Legendaries do you have and which? I finally got my 4th this weekend, I know have Justice Gaze, Sephuz's Secret, Aegisjalmur and now Aggramar's Stride. None really being DPS legendaries other then Secret and which the upcoming changes I will likely switch to using it. I am not saying I dont like them Aergis is a lot of fun in world PVP and great for mythic + . Even Stride seems to be a lot of fun with you have crusade and Secret proc up I running faster then when I am mounted. But at this point I have 4 of the 5 none DPS legendaries. But hey it happens. The only upside is that the others are being brought down a little more make the dps gap less. Being 5th in DPS on the server for Ret and only 20k DPS behind #1 is solely because everyone else has both BIS legendaries, after patch I should pass them even without. How lucky or unlucky have you guys been?Vigilance40 5d
5d Holy Pally and the Naglfar trinket. Would Aura of Mercy proc the benefit off the trinket?? it's a heal, but an auto heal and I'm just unsure about that.Dmonhunter4 5d
5d Divine Steed Hello, Blizzard peoples, Please fix Divine Steed. As a draenei the fact that my mobility talent is called Divine Steed and I mount an elekk when I use this ability is unbearable. Please rename this talent to Divine Elekk. Thanks. In all seriousness... I'm so tired of seeing my elekk's fat rear when I use this ability, and tired of not fitting through doors, etc. The elekk is the worst racial / class mount in the game. I'm pretty sure that's fact and not opinion, based on the number of paladins seen willingly riding elekks since BC (I kept count, it's 3). It's been suggested there could be a glyph to change this to the charger, but why is this even a mount? If I turned into Tyrael (ok... that's so cool every other class would complain)... ahem... a Valkyr... with glowing wings, leaving a trail of light, with my movement speed buffed the same, that would be cool. Of course, you'd be forced to nerf a couple 10's of % speed boost to account for the coolness factor. I understand. So can we at least get a speed boost of, like, another 50% for this talent if we're a draenei? Seems reasonable. Insta-spawning a mount simply looks terrible, it's a jarring transition when your character pops up higher, and jarring again when you're suddenly back on the floor (again, all far worse on my draenei paladin than my human paladin). This is even worse since Seal of Light was replaced with Judgement of Light in 7.1.5. With Aggramar's Stride and 28% haste I could keep 140+% speed up nearly 100% of the time when doing solo PVE content. Now that you've replaced Seal of Light with an even more useless skill, I'm going to have to start looking at elekk rump twice as often. Meaningful choices, indeed.Justas2 5d
5d New Legendary Cloak Tonight the new legendary holy cloak dropped for me. Any opinions on his usefulness?Ragaron5 5d
5d Prot: Tier 1 choice I'm sure those that bother reading these forums are aware that the Tier 1 choice for Protection changed a bit with 7.1.5. I decided to try out the changes and I'm underwhelmed. I humbly request my brothers/sisters/transgenders/attack helicopters of the light for their opinion between Holy Shield & Blessed Hammer. Holy Shield: I want to like this. It's passive, +block chance, blocking spells, and a damage reflect. Set it and forget it. Having this spell is a significant damage output boost for a Protection Paladin. Blessed Hammer: 12% (was 15%) reduction of enemies auto attack on you. Serious damage mitigation over a long raid boss fight. It's AoE, regardless of Consecration, but the damage output is significantly lower than Hammer of the Righteous. Which one do y'all chose?Fyddy1 5d
5d Have a few overall dps questions, need advice Hi all, I'll get right to it. There are a few major questions I have right now regarding my ret pally dps. As I work on gearing up my prot spec, I have been using Ret to do higher level Mythic+ than my tank can handle, so I need to be sure I'm keeping my dps up. 1) I know that Ret's main stat is haste, until at least 20%, but preferably 23% to help maintain the rotation without dead periods. But is it better to forego other stats on slightly higher level gear, in favor of gear that has haste? I imagine rerolling could help mitigate this, but I've been borrowing some gear from my prot spec thats 5-10 ilvls higher than what I'm getting for Ret. But it doesn't have haste. Sometimes I'll sacrifice like 300 higher crit and 50 higher strength/stam for like 400 or 500 more haste to get me up above the 20% mark. 2) Need advice on talent builds, especially in deciding between multi/single target focus. I went into BRH +3 with FV, FoJ, BoW, Eye for an Eye, and Crusade, and did kinda meh damage from what I was expecting. That being said my haste was only 18%, and my gear is far from optimal, and I was pulling between 170-230k depending on the fight. Felt pretty low. On targeting dummies where I was running ES, FoJ, BoW and Crusade, I was pulling 350-400k dps, but I know that live fights are very different. What do you usually do for talents in single/multi target, and how do you decide on tough calls like Mythic+, where spec'ing for mutli target might mean sacrificing some boss DPS Thanks all, I really appreciate any help you can provide! Until I get my tank spec to 870 or so, I'll be running mostly DPS and it's important I figure this stuff out so I can run with my better guild groups.Smashbrowns1 5d
5d Forbearant Faithful Is this artifact trait any good? How does it work exactly, say I cast bubble, then I cast Blessing of Spellwarding, then LoH. All while Bubble is still on CD does that mean my bubbles 5 minute cooldown will be reduced to 2.5 minutes for blessing of spellwarding, then 1.25 minutes for LoH cast???Scóre3 5d
5d Grand Crusade - Class Hall Advancement 7.1.5 patch day! opened my mobile app at work and found the option to create a work order for the Grand Crusade token (Silver Hand Orders) is just gone. the whole section is missing as if I didn't have that option completed yet. mildly concerning until I get home to check in game and find I can pick up my work order from yesterday, but the NPC to place the work orders with is just gone... I checked the class hall advancement dude and its still there and selected as completed. I could use the token in my bag to complete a quest today and pick up what appears to be the final orders, but that seems to be the end of it. I looked over the patch notes and didn't see anything pertaining to class hall changes at all. Anyone know where he went? did they just move him somewhere else? Thanks for any info ye can share note: after checking my mage, found same thing for Might of DalaranSizzor3 5d
5d Open Libram CLV: "Sweet Winter's Veil" ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": ____________________________________________________ Title theme: Kind of glad world quest objectives pile up over time, I've been binging the hell out of Luke Cage this weekend.Snozberries500 5d
5d Is Secret's worth using now? Ret BIS Legen. Hello Pallys, I wanted to start a discussion of BIS Legendaries in general. I believe BIS currently should be belt/cloak. While i feel the Ring has fallen off a cliff if your sitting at 30 second crusade that is 7 holy power now. Secret's with its buff's (25% haste and now works of interrupts, dispelles) we have several different options to proc this even in raids now, though still situational. I am thinking the list will look like as of 7.1.5: Chain of Thrayn Whisper of the Nathrezim Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish Ashes to Dust = Sephuz's Secret's What do you guys think?Vigilance17 5d
5d Why did they remove might? Why did they remove blessing of might? I liked using it. the other two buffs are still there, too.Sussíe15 5d
5d Ret on a fast track to nerfs? Obviously 7.1.5 is going to be exciting for Ret Paladins that PvE due to the removal of GBoM. However, even though I'm super excited by most of the changes, I can't help but feel we're going down a path that we can't stray from without being gutted to death, or nerfed into the ground. I recently have been running World of Glory over the other two talents in the tier, simply because the on use heal is very clutch in certain M+/raid situations. My point is, looking at the patch notes, we seem to be getting a significant buff to our passive healing output. Word of Glory - Heal yourself and up to 5 friendly targets within 15 yards for (900%[1200%] of Spell power). Maximum 2 charges. Greater Blessing of Kings - Places a blessing on an ally that grants them an absorption shield. It absorbs up to (1.8[2.7 *] Spell power) damage, and will be refreshed to full strength every 6 sec, even if fully consumed. Judgement of the Light - Judgment now applies Judgment of Light to the target, causing the next 40 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker for (20% of Spell power). This effect can only occur once per 1 sec on each target. Paired with our strong, consistent DPS and what looks to be a fairly solid healing output, does anyone else feel as though this is, at the very least, going to cause some controversy? Maybe I'm just making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I was considering this myself, and wondered what other people make of it. Side Note: Assuming this does make it to live, which I believe it will with how soon 7.1.5 is, Disc Priest may be pretty strong paired with Ret for M+.Øblivion21 5d
5d Which Legendary is Better I got four Legendaries as a prot pally which one is currently better for raiding and dungeon content I currently got [Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus] [Chain of Thrayn] [Heathcliff's Immortality] [Uther's Guard] Just wanting a second opinionArthilmorn0 5d
5d What's going on with proc animations? I have Divine Purpose. The old proc animation is gone and now there are some other things going on, and not all of them seem to be related to Divine Purpose?Helfdan4 5d
5d Corrupted Ash Brigner Is upside down since patch. Anyone else having this issue?Ivrae3 5d
5d Chain + crusade Hello fellow highlords, Did anyone check and test the new belt effect specially for crusade? Even though tool-tip does say 20% boost for crusade on the item, I tested the same 3.5% x15 stacks with or with out the belt. There were specific mentions of crusade boosts in past ptr builds but there isn't any for the live one. Are benefits removed for crusade? (I reset'd interface, the regular wing does get the 20% buff aka 35%to 55%) Thanks!Cursedwrath3 5d
5d Divine Hammer is now a thing. Try it.Catchy5 5d
5d What helms look best on taurens? Ok, so I'm sooort-of-rerolling onto a paladin(I really liked chain-heal spam with Jonat the elder. and it's anemic now). And I want awesome short-term burst and mana efficiency still. And general storyline badassery...and I'm honestly not a huge fan of shamans and I only really rocked one cuz we had 0 bloodlusters) And I got the name Indomnitabull So overall, I'm stoked But I need to look kickass on the xmogs. I've had years of mogging on mail, leather, and cloth wearers. But no history on plate taurens. And I gotta look good What helms are there that don't clip on taurens? P.S. Holy pallies get a melee immunity on stuff, so no vines on cenarius, or lick on guarm, ya?Joltron1 5d
5d leveling as holy in legion is it possible to level strictly as holy from level 100 to 110 in legion content, thanks! im thinking of leveling a paladin ty!Killcified8 5d