Sep 13 My Stats I know that I have the wrg legos {praying to the rng gods that I get the right ones} That being said: Can a pro Ret pally look at my stats and tell me if I am going in the right directionPyrìél2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Thoughts on Prot legendary builds for M+? I have: Pants (5 targets for Avenger's Shield and +20% extra damage) Heathcliff's Immortality (4% less damage in Consecration) Soul of the Highlord (Holy Shield) Sephuz's Secret "Archimonde" something or other trink that gives you a shield equal to 30% of max HP Aggramar's Stride (run speed +75% of highest secondary stat) Chest (1 sec off your big tank cooldown, ordinarily 5 mins, for each mob Avenger's Shield hits) The only ones that seem really useless are the boots (Prot doesn't roll with super high secondary stats %s, so the run speed gain is pretty low) and the chest, even despite synergy with the pants. The pants, however, seem invaluable, especially when taking First Avenger. I can quickly build a huge bubble and pump out 1-2 million DPS from constant shield resets on packs of five or more mobs, and it's helpful for collecting mobs spread across a room that the DPS always try to grab before you can get there. For the other slot I'm generally torn between Sephuz, Heathcliff, and Soul of the Highlord. Having both Holy Shield and Blessed Hammer seems really appealing—I always wished I could take Holy Shield but just couldn't justify giving up the add-grabbing potential of Blessed Hammer. Sephuz also seems quite good, since it procs on your first Avenger's Shield for the 70% haste bonus when all your moves are up and the mobs are grouped, giving you an enormous bubble. Not sure how useful Heathcliff's Immortality is—even when I run that with Soul of the Highlord for what seems like it should be the (theoretically) most defensive build, I feel squishy without the pants and the huge shields they generate on trash packs. Whatchu guys think?Bioniclaw2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Judge unworthy effect? So I got this passive and it says: When you deal damage to a target afflicted by Judgment, it has a 50% chance to spread to a nearby target. So I was left saying...spread what? does it make that attack bounce? because I have never seen it make judgment bounce to other targets so what the hell does this spell do?Liongrin3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Prot in Mythic+ Hello! So i only do mythic+ content: +15s/17s being max atm. And i normally heal on this paladin and then tank on my Brewmaster. I love both classes but i was also considering playing just one toon and pushing hard that one class. How is prot in mythic+? I use to tank on prot but that was before 7.2. How are they now for mythic+? For example im worried because my monk rarely ever takes big hits because of stagger. I healed some prot pallies this last week in +10s and even through SoTR they took big hits. Is this normal? And ive heard theres a bigger gap now between SoTR uptime. Is this hard to deal with (like when SoTR isnt up do prots just get wrecked?) Also how hard will it be for netherlight crucible if farming AP isnt a big part of my game time. Thanks!Malakhor12 Sep 13
Sep 13 Night Elf Paladins Order of the Crescent Blade Order of the Moon Shield Order of the Full Moon Order of the Blue Moon (NE Paladins! but hurry!! only for a limited time :P) The Moonwalkers The Moonborne Crescent Sentinels Moonglow Sentinels Knights of the Silver Crescent Lunar Knights Moonwardens Moonstriders Templars of Elune etcAncihcaor18 Sep 13
Sep 13 Almighty Ashbringer Why cant we the great hero god champion chosen one, could use the power of the light to help Xe'ra @**@*!*# Illidan?Believe58 Sep 13
Sep 12 T20 4 piece ilvl equivalent? Is there any guideline for how many ilvls the T20 4 piece bonus is worth? I'm trying to decide which slot to get next for relinquished vendor gear, so far I've been just replacing the gear that I share between ret and holy but the only shared pieces I have left to replace where its a guaranteed ilvl increase are the set pieces. Considering once I break the 4 piece I should just go to 2 piece that would let me replace an 885 and 895 with 910+. So I'm trying to decide if I should do this or focus on gear for just one spec and go for relics/trinket instead (I know I need new relics, I'm mostly just stashing those all away in my bank for now until I find out more about how the netherlight forge will work).Retfyre2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Stonehide Leather Barding? Seriously? So I finally force myself to slog through all the Broken Isles quests just so I can get my new Paladin class mount. Then it turns out I need a Stonehide Leather Barding. Trouble is ... none are for sale at the auction house, no one in my guild is a leather worker and my inquiries in trade chat go unanswered. What am I to do? I wouldn't be wild about farming 100 of this or 200 of that, but at least that would be something I could accomplish. Sure, I could switch my trade skill from blacksmithing to leatherworking and start leveling it up, but that seems like an awfully big ask just for a class mount. Do other class mount quests have tasks that can't be accomplished? This just strikes me as poor game design.Wärangel9 Sep 12
Sep 12 Pally v Shammy v Priest - BG survivability Similar thread to what I made earlier, but a bit different. I have a 110 druid and monk healer, and love both of them. But they (in large part) work via trying to escape from damage. I'm looking for my next healer as one that can stand in the pocket as long as possible, taking (or avoiding) damage as long as possible without going down. I would guess, on average, that would be Pallies, with their plate and ample "bubbles" of protection. But I could be wrong! Other than druids and monks (if they can), which of the three can stand in the pocket longest staying alive and ripping off heals? Thanks!PlayerVQCPYK9 Sep 12
Sep 12 Stuck on Shrine of the Truthguard quest! So I'm on the quest to get my artifact weapon (Prot Paladin) and I just went through the first door and killed the 3 guys shooting tornadoes at me. I read the placard next to the second door, but the door won't open! Orik Trueheart is not reading the placard and I can't get in! Can I get some help? Thanks for reading, -CorpakCorpak3 Sep 12
Sep 11 thinking about ret I am just coming back to the game and am thinking of either trying out the ret paladin or arms warrior both seem like pretty good plate dps anyone with some pros or cons either pve or pvp thank youAzedine17 Sep 11
Sep 11 Steed of Glory not functioning in 7.3? I jumped into RBGs in Prot today in order to try getting some wins for my flail color that I want, and I ended up running Steed of Glory. The knockback effect doesn't seem to be taking effect for me both out in the world and in instanced PvP- but the extra 2 seconds on Steed still does apply. Is anybody else running into this issue? I do have Vengeful Bridle applied to my steed, so that might be a factor.Hildira5 Sep 11
Sep 10 Prot Pally Mage Tower Has anyone done this since the change to Seraphim? Is there a new talent build to use on the fight? Did it become harder?Lùnà8 Sep 10
Sep 10 Holy Wrath replacement idea. I know we're stuck with the god-awful holy wrath until the next expansion finally drops, so there's no hope of anything getting implemented currently, but just wanted to throw an idea out there and see what people think of it. (Aspiring computer game programmer so good to know if my ideas are actually decent or just another equally horrible version of the current Holy Wrath) (Insert holy lawful sounding name here, such as Judgement Delivered!) - Removes the CD on judgement. Using judgement refreshes all current judgement effects on all enemies within 40 yards. Every time an enemy with the judgement debuff is hit by a holy power spender, a stack of sentencing is gained, up to 10 stacks. Sentencing activates once the judgement debuff on a mob expires. Sentencing - Deals x damage per stack (numbers are obviously adjustable, lets say 500k) and adds a DOT effect that lasts 1 second per stack used. Dot damage is equal to the damage of 1/2 a stack of sentencing, done every 2 seconds, so in this case, a 250k dam dot that ticks every 2 seconds. Considerations - Weak for burst AOE? Perhaps allow each cast of judgement to update the stacks of sentencing to every mob, instead of just making those hit by spenders accrue stacks. I've heard lots of people complain about the judgement window being annoying to deal with (personally I'm fine with it), but I think this would allow people to reverse the idea of the judgement window, now playing around making it expire at the right time to maximize dps and not lose stacks of sentencing, while spreading it to as many enemies as possible.Vaerume9 Sep 10
Sep 10 Where to get 2nd and 3rd Artifact weapons? So when you start off you are asked which of the three artifact weapons you want. I chose truth-guard since i wanted to roll prot. In retrospect I should have rolled with Ret for leveling purposes but. whatever. On other toons at 102 you can find the quests to get the other two artifact weapons in your class hall. the quests just showed up there. didnt have to do anything to trigger them. they just... showed up. but with paladin i am at 104 and still nothing is showing up to get the other two. I have been all over the class hall and dalaran and idk why but it isnt showing up anywhere. what the frack is going on? I want me some ASHBRINGER!!!Lázârùs2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Anyone play ret and frost dk? if so could you give me pros and cons of each? trying to decide between the 2 thanks!Lothen19 Sep 10
Sep 10 Holy DPS What's the best DPS that Holy Paladins can put out? Can it be possible to dps build a holy paladin to be competent in dungeons and raids? I just love holy shock a lot and want the versatility to be able to heal myself when I go solo exploring but also heal my team in PvP+PvE and deal damage...Shokk9 Sep 10
Sep 10 The Highlord's Return Prot Pallies done? I find this so dam hard as a protection pally.. is there anybody out there that has done it without bugging it like druids !!Biggerkef77 Sep 10
Sep 9 7.2.5 Protection Paladin PVP Guide (2.4k!) Edit: This guide has been edited for Patch 7.2.5 Patch 7.2.5 nerfs Will have to test how the HOTP nerf impacts overall sustain in 2v2. Hand of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%). Light of the Protector's healing is reduced by 60% in PvP (was 45%). Luminesence now heals for 20% of healing taken (was 30%). Mana regeneration reduced by 25%. Hello fellow PvPers, This is a guide for any Protection Paladin looking to achieve high rating in Legion PVP. With the builds mentioned below I achieved 2400+CR (Legion Season 2 and 3) in the 2v2 Bracket and 2000+CR (Legion Season 2 & 3) in the 3v3 Bracket. Potential Partners: 2s Partner: Unholy or Frost DK, Havoc DH, Enhance Shaman, Arms or Fury Warrior. 3s Partner: Disc Priest, (Enhance Shaman/BM Hunter) Talent Setup *The below list is for 2v2 Arena, additional changes for other brackets listed at bottom. Regular Talents: - Holy Shield (Spell Comps) / Blessed Hammer (Melee Comps) - Crusader's Judgment - Fist of Justice - Cavalier (Melee Comps) or Blessing of Spellwarding (Magic Comps). - Hand of the Protector - Consecrated Ground - Righteous Protector PVP Talents: - Adaptation (if Human), Gladiator’s Medallion (any other race) - Softened Blows - Shield of Virtue - Holy Ritual - Sacred Duty - Judgments of the Pure Substitutes for 3v3 Luminescence over Holy Ritual Inquisition over Softened Blows Guardian of the Forgotten Queen/Steed of Glory over Judgments of the Pure Kill Setup: Because of the Crusader's Judgment / Fist of Justice Talents your Hammer of Justice becomes a 20 second cooldown, 6 second stun. noting that the DR on stuns is about 20 seconds you can essentially sit someone in a full stun every time the spell is available. On top of this we have a 15 second cd kick, and a 25 sec cd 4 second aoe silence. How to Survive: Talents such as Hand of the Protector, Holy Ritual, Judgments of the Pure (With Crusader's Judgment) and the odd Flash of Light are more than sufficient to keep a player alive until the depths of dampening. Protection Paladins have an arsenal of different immunity options that can be rotated for enemy burst setups, these include Blessing of Spellwarding (1.5 min cd) or Protection (3 min cd), Guardian of the Forgotten Queen (3 min cd) and Divine Shield (5 min cd). It is worth mentioning that any CC effect placed on the Guardian directly will break the immunity, if teams are aware of its weakness try running another talent. The Protection Paladin counter-strike mechanic Painful truths will also more than often catch an unsuspecting dps off guard. Avenging Wrath is also on an ~1 minute cooldown allowing for a regular healing catch-up as the fight progresses. Tips and Tricks: Track stun DR and stun removals on targets, this can lead to an easy kill setup. Blessings are not on the GCD, they can be stacked on a target. (Macro for freedom / sac combined is useful) Don't be afraid to run and kite, in-between immunities / wings you're a sitting duck. Have the DK move in the opposite direction and death grip the threat off you. Splitting targets and hard swapping during immunities in dampening is also a viable way to win Make sure you're aware who is interrupting and when it is happening. Use Mouse over/targetting macros for all heals / blessings. Macros and Addons Heal-other Hand of the Protector #showtooltip /cast [@focus] Hand of the Protector /targetlastenemy [help][noexists] Armory Links: Video Links: If you’re interested to see the build in action, I have created a few videos showing off the builds in high rated Arena. 2v2: 3v3: Here is a link to Venruki's twitch video where we played three matches. The games are at 35:02, 1:04:00 and 1:29:30 Thanks for your time, happy to answer any questions.Rsmal44 Sep 9
Sep 9 Anyone know how the crit stats work? So there is a relic that increase crit chances. There are also normal crit chances. You also have holy damges attack. I recalled that crits can only happen an x amount of time in a minute. So Question 1: Are the Holy Damage and Physical damage on the same crit timer cool down? Question 2: Does Crit chance for Crusader strike, i can possibly get 24% stack with the base crit of my stats which is at 28%?Phelios6 Sep 9
Sep 9 How do I fix this holy power bar bug? Uhh how do I fix this? my holy power bar seems to be bugged or something? Sep 9
Sep 9 Should shockadins be a thing again? Well the title speaks for itself. But more importantly i want a dps ranged holy caster. I tried playing a disc priest and while its good in pve in pvp it goes back to being what its suppose to be a healer. While i dont think they should get rid of holy paladin as a healer, i do think it would be nice to have talents available so u cam play them as a caster dps. What do you all think?Zulatalai12 Sep 9
Sep 9 Help with Prot Pally Legendaries I am looking at my legendaries and trying to decide which two are the best combo to use going into the prot pally challange appearance from the mage tower. I currently have Pillars of Inmost light Heathcliffs Immortality - (Equiped) Tyelca, Ferren Marcus's Stature - (Equiped) Pydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Take a look at my profile and other gear and let me know if you see a better combo I might be missing based on the above items. Thanks.Assimar3 Sep 9
Sep 8 Suramarian Sapphire So after waiting a week for a brokenshore quest to pop on my paladin so I can get the achievement for breaking the tomb and start the paladin quest to get the mount I got stuck on the quest "A Few Things First" wich it requires me to buy a Suramarian Sapphire from an NPC wich is only interactable if you completed the masquerade quest in suramar, wich obviously I dont, because this is and alt! There is no way in hell I'm going trought the sarumar questline ever again, this means im screwed and I wont be able to get the mount? like ever? what kind of quest design is this? I mean i got the mount super fast with my Hunter (main) and my DK(alt)Haldír14 Sep 8
Sep 8 Ratest Thy Transmog! +2 Another mog rating thread capped. Let's keep it going!Evatruelight500 Sep 8
Sep 8 Timewarped Rings- Primary Stat? If this has already been answered, please, by all means, tell me I'm an idiot. Just curious though, are the Timewarped rings, despite being item level 880 best in slot due to the fact that they have strength (for ret)? For the two that I am able to buy with badges, I am getting an extra 2,026 strength at the cost of some secondary stats (haste being the hardest hit with -2000). Was just curious if the added strength was worth the loss of secondary stats. Thanks!Bobvance6 Sep 8
Sep 8 New Holy Pally. Advice Needed I am a new to healing on my Holy Pally. I went with my grp on Tuesday and got a few pieces. I would like any feedback to help me with healing as I have increased Ilvl and now have my set bonuses. Log: from Tuesday Sep 8
Sep 8 Coming back after a year break so like the title says I'm back after about a year and I want to level all the classes to 110 I've got a shaman and a hunter now I'm doing pally I'm leveling as prot and probably gonna stay prot I would like to know what addon's/macro's I can use to help me be an efficient tank Current addon's set up -Tidy plates -Weak Auras -Shadowed Unit Frams -Bartender4 -Grid + Clique -Move anything -Recount -skinner -sexy map -Decursive Some of those are obviously QoL addon's but a lot needed for the way I there anything else I can use or take advantage of ...any help would be appreciated thxScorpinator0 Sep 8
Sep 7 I feel like Blizzard is just taunting now. They've even given Turalyon himself a leap attack now, yet we had ours taken away in beta because it doesn't "fit the fantasy" or some such nonsense.Divenity47 Sep 7
Sep 7 New Heal Sounds Flash of Light, Holy Shock, Light of the Martyr, Bestow Faith, all have new sound effects this patch. Thought this was worth mentioning, maybe it's a bug? Maybe it's a sign that they have already started working on our caster rework? I don't play other classes so i can't tell if they are brand new unique to Paladins, or if they are the same sound as Priest spells. Hopefully our rework is coming next patch with Warlocks, until then these new sounds are at least something different.Arnath14 Sep 7
Sep 7 How Accurate is Mr. Robot. How accurate is it? I just got a warforged 835 breastplate from one of the new world bosses, but it's going to break up my two set (albeit allow me to upgrade my legs by 25 item levels). Fundamentally that one item takes me up 4 item levels, but I forgo the 20% boost to blade of Justice which is a fairly decent constituent of my total output. Simcraft is too convoluted for my liking but I'm not sure as to Mr. Robot's accuracy Can anyone advise?Zepar4 Sep 7
Sep 7 ret dps help so i just got done with a pug N kil'jaiden kill and ended with 641.9k dps and 334 M damage done total. should my dps be this low? i have the lego belt and cape and im ilvl 916 and no tier bonuses but it just doesn't seem right. any help would be appreciatedGulrand10 Sep 7
Sep 7 Do Rets? Do well in 1v1 and 2v2? Is the mobility really that bad?Ophinarian5 Sep 7
Sep 7 How is BG healing with plate? I've got a mid-level Holy Pally that I've played around with from time to time. Also have a 110 Druid (had basically since the game started) and 110 Monk (very recent), both healer spec. They are both fun, but very squishy. I've always wanted to play a pally seriously because I love the idea of heals with the protection of plate. Both my Druid and Monk are squishy - once I run out of room to run/hide I get burned down REAL quick. I would imagine the plate would add some protection there? I know that stun/locks/etc will eat my lunch, plate be darned. But if I'm getting hammered by DPS, and not stunned, will the plate allow me to heal through the DPS a good bit, whereas the leather on my druid and monk might not? Thanks!PlayerVQCPYK2 Sep 7
Sep 6 Holy Prism Selfcast Macro? I've been googling and i can't seem to find one that works. I'm after a macro that will self cast holy prism on me if i hold alt, or fire as normal with no mod. note: the inbuilt selfcast feature doesn't seem to work with holy prism if you are targeting an enemy! it will still fire at the enemy. however if u are targeting an ally and hold alt, it will selfcast. i think this is because targeting an enemy its a damage spell so u cant selfcast it with normal means. macro's i have tried, which do NOT work: #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt,@Player] Holy Prism; Holy Prism [and another similar one i cant find or remember anymore....] /target [mod:alt] yourname /cast [mod:alt] Holy Prism /targetlasttarget [mod:alt] /cast [nomod:alt] holy prism That second longer one ALMOST works. if you just use the first 3 lines, it will selfcast while holding alt, and do nothing if not holding alt. but as soon as i add in the last line to fire as normal when NOT holding alt, it refuses to selftarget under any mod. help plz!Skulduggery6 Sep 6
Sep 6 September 5th Hotfixes = Ret Nerfs included Player versus Player Players have a 30% reduced chance to Dodge and Parry attacks while in PvP situations (was 20%). Stealth effects should no longer be removed when Dalaran Sewers starts. Death Knight Unholy Crypt Fever damage reduced by 25%. PvP template Strength reduced by 2%. Frost PvP template Strength reduced by 3%. Demon Hunter Havoc PvP template Agility reduced by 3%. Druid Balance Circadian Invocation will no longer keep the Druid and target in combat for an extended time. Feral Brutal Slash now deals 40% less damage in PvP situations. PvP template Agility reduced by 3%. PvP template Armor increased by 15%. PvP template Versatility increased by 20%. PvP template Stamina increased by 5%. Feral Instinct increases damage you deal by 2.5% per rank in PvP situations (was 5%). Monk Windwalker Serenity increases your damage deal by 16% in PvP situations (was 22%). Paladin Holy Avenging Crusader healing should now properly scale with Versatility. Retribution Templar's Verdict deals 7% less damage in PvP situations. Divine Storm deals 7% less damage in PvP situations. Rogue Subtlety PvP template Agility reduced by 3%. Symbols of Death increases your damage by 10% in PvP situations (was 15%). Catlike Reflexes increases Dodge chance by 5% in PvP situations (was 20%). Warrior Arms PvP template Strength reduced by 2%.Truerenegade11 Sep 6
Sep 6 Why do I have a Warhorse Hey guys, I rolled a Paladin for the first time, for some reason my Draenei can use the Warhorse (Along side his Elekk's) but for some reason not the Charger? I found another Draenei paladin at 110 who had access to both the Warhorse and charger as well as his Elekks. Is this something I will unlock or is there a bug in-game giving Draenei access to both sets of mounts ?Torgais2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Holy PvP Questions How viable is Holy in Arena and general pvp compared to other healing specs? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Best comps?Wao4 Sep 6
Sep 6 How to make Maximillian not talk! Triple EDIT: To save folks the hassle of creating these .OGG files I uploaded them to curseforge as an addon. Read the directions, don't unzip it to the interface folder, it goes into the main warcraft folder as directed in the description and in a post below Double EDIT: Scroll down a few posts and I have the exact file names and simple directions to remove the annoying voice over lines for Maximillian. EDIT: Fixed it, sound file location changed since I did this last, works perfectly to shut up a noisy bodyguard. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post Does anyone know the location for the sound files for all of Maximillian's voice over during combat. -I SHALL SLAY THEE WITH MY MIGHTY SWORD! -WHAT A STRANGE LOOKING DRAGON? NO MATTER! -GRAAAWWWWWWWWW! -ETC I want to make a blank audio file like mages do for the water elemental to replace all of the "annoying" sounds that Max makes.Thalerion14 Sep 6
Sep 6 Contemplation Contemplation only lasts for 8 seconds. That's not enough time for contemplating. Would ask that Blizzard makes the effect last longer, or even indefinite.Duintonsus2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Who is the real light daddy? Will we ever learn the true nature of the light? Will we ever find the light lords? Or is uncle Turalyon and windchime mommy as close as we will get?Believe4 Sep 6
Sep 6 Ret question if i decide to main ret and take divine purpose instead of crusade how much lower would my dps be?Lothen4 Sep 6
Sep 5 New Brawl + Melee wings Holy pally + Melee wings + NPC boss = God mode.Vaerume0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Execution sentence, yay or nay? Execution sentence worth it for PvP? what is everyone's thoughts!?Liveloveslay2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Why am I hitting with limp noodles? I would like a non-sarcastic reply to this thread, because I honestly don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'll admit this right off of the bat - it wasn't until just recently that I started PvPing, so I'm still trying to get the hang of things. I tried (Read: Tried) to build my character in a way to be viable for battlegrounds, albeit missing a few things here and there. My problem comes from the time it takes me to kill things. Even against classes that have some survivability I shouldn't be struggling to at least make a dent in players' health. Any kills that I do get is either extremely lucky, due to the opponent's incompetence, or the person's already at low enough health that just a few Blades of Justice up their butts would take them out. What am I doing wrong? Is this normal for Ret Paladins?Andrette2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Low HPS H-ToS Hey there, I've been playing HPally since the beginning of Nighthold and so far I've really enjoyed it and it's been something i'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at. However, in the last couple of weeks my HPS have dropped considerably. Obviously you can only Heal as much as there is damage being taken, however my guild has reached a point in progression where I believe healing is an issue. I've spent a lot of time researching HPally's and am part of the Paladin Discord, icyveins, try an min-max and do my best to scrutinize my logs each raid night. The Holy priest in my guild was pretty good in normal ToS, but has literally doubled her HPS in the last couple of weeks, outhealing me by several hundred thousand HPS in many cases, despite being several iLvl's lower than me. Additionally on logs I've gone from blue and purple parses to green and even grey. The only thing that's changed besides my iLvl and it being heroic is my Crit has taken a 5% hit since nothing I'm getting has Crit on it. I don't mind being outhealed - progression trumps competition, but it is a little hard on my ego to go from top heals to green/grey parses despite having a higher iLvl. On top of that, Heroic Mistress is hindering our progression as a guild. Any and all advice would be very appreciated. Logs from Heroic Wed: Logs from Heroic Thur: Sep 5
Sep 5 Lay on Hands unavailable? Probably 50% of the time or more when I really need Lay on Hands it's greyed out without a cooldown timer. What causes that spell to become unavailable?Shìne2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Help with Holy healing? I'm just trying to get used to healing on Holy, I used to play Resto but I'm not sure if I'm understanding what I should be doing. On Resto I knew to keep Hots on tank and then hots on whoever would need it, but because I'm reacting to damage on this character it feels a lot more hectic My main three spells are holy shock whenever I can, keep Bestow Faith on the tank or whoever needs it, then flash of light spam with light of dawn thrown in sometimes. It feels particularly crazy in 5 mans if lots of people take damage, I just hit Beacon of Virtue and spam heal whoever I can with Holy Shot/FoL spam, using cooldowns as needed. Does anyone have any tips or useful combos? For example. Sotf wild growth was very strong in dungeons on my Resto Druid I just feel like there's something I'm missing, or some obvious combos EDIT: Right now I'm mostly asking about 5mans and eventually MythicsDugongs10 Sep 5
Sep 5 Mastery buff Maybe NOW is the time to replace Holy Wrath with that altered Crusade that was scrapped in 7.1 that focused on judgment as the main DPS?Xandrious0 Sep 5