Sep 30, 2012 Which spec is better for PvP, Ret or Prot? Thanks!Skarmory0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Ret damage (and its ability to dps at range) So I fight a ret paladin on my warlock, he was 90 and I was 89. I checked armory and my gear was actually a good bit better than his. He never once got in range to autoattack me or use crusader/TV, but he still managed to kill me in about 6-8 seconds using exclusively ranged abilities. Annihilated my twilight ward like I didnt even put it up, the hits for 80k+ kept rolling in. Ranged abilities hitting for 80k from a melee class that wears plate and can heal. I know he blew every cooldown he had, and probably some he didn't, but the fact he was able to put up so much dps so quickly, using purely ranged abilities, is without question, overpowered and imbalanced. How do other ret paladins feel about their damage in pvp currently?Aecheon27 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 which one do i use? for ret pvp? Execution sentence or holy prism?Ravenhul3 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Word of Glory technical issue First, I want to say that NO i do NOT have Glyph of Harsh Words. Now, the problem i'm having with WoG is that whenever i have an enemy targeted, if the enemy is not in my LoS or beyond the 40 yard range, i can NOT cast WoG to heal myself unless i target myself. I always thought that (without Glyph of Harsh Words) whenever you're in a fight with an enemy, you never have to target yourself to heal yourself. You should be able to hit WoG and heal yourself with the enemy still targeted. I'm aware that i can make a macro of something like /target Mathiias /cast Word of Glory, but what if I want to use it on someone else? So now i need 2 buttons for WoG? I'm almost positive it shouldn't work like that, but maybe I'm doing something wrong here. Just wondering if it's working as Blizz intended it to.Mathiias9 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Is ret the best pvp spec in all of wow? You guys seem unstoppable. Do you also feel that way about your spec?Rají20 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Where's my DPS? Hey all, Simple question for anyone reading this: As a 30 something Paladin, how is your DPS post MoP? I was doing around 10% of the total damage on random dungeons. This is down from around 18% pre-MoP. Yes, I realize this is low level play, yes I realize that my gear isn't top of the line (though it isn't bad either) and yes I realize things will get a bit better later when I have more options. The biggest thing is a complete lack of speed. Monks blaze ahead pull everything and have done mass damage before I even get a single swing. I'm doing the same DPS as I was pre-MoP, but the Monks' mobility and speed is causing me to not even get to the mobs before they're half dead. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, is there a solution besides wait till I get better abilities? Thanks. Edit: Ok, update: Finally got into a party without any Monks and my DPS went right back up to 18.5%. This could become problematic. I like the class, but when they have that much mobility, it becomes very easy to leave others in the dust (both literally and figuratively).Arizaia2 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 I'm a bit confused. Just yesterday I hit level 90 and haven't done any bgs yet. But the day before that I dueled a level 87 blood dk and I was 89 at the time and the ret pvp feels just... strange. I feel like a caster more than a melee. For example... Without using wings Templar's verdict's damage feels... lacking. I'm using Word of Glory more frequently than Templar's verdict. And I'm usually Kiting melee rather than fighting them up close. It feels like without using wings our damage is like trying to damage a car with a wet twig. But when we use wings our damage is INSANE! It goes from hitting a car with a twig to Smashing the car with a tank. Ret feels a bit strange for these reasons and I want to know... Am I doing something horribly wrong? If so, what is it? Should I start asking people around for tips to help me? What am I doing wrong? And I am speaking from a PvP perspective, not PvE.Xalefor2 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Anyone find a Gear Guide for MoP? Is there a gear guide for MoP around that anyone knows of?<br/>Mostly interested in seeing what weapons we're going to be going for in Mists. (sorry if this gets posted twice. my browser's actin' funny)Benevor5 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 A few things I've noticed Just want to list a few issues I've noticed while levelling, as I'd like to see if anyone else has encountered any of these as well. Some are paladin-specific, some are not. I will occasionally receive a "not enough holy power" error when attempting to use Templar's Verdict when I do in fact have 3 to 5 holy power When I have an enemy player targeted, but am out of range of hitting them and I cast Word of Glory, I get an error message that tells me I'm too far away. I am NOT using Glyph of Harsh Words; the intent of the Word of Glory is to heal myself, not attack my target. On occasion I have gotten an error message "can't do that while stunned" when I have no debuffs or cc's of any kind on me. Cleanse will randomly not incur its cooldown when used, allowing me to spam it WHEN I DO ACTUALLY DISPELL SOMETHING. (Not that I have a problem with this, but methinks it's not supposed to happen). I use a WoW Legendary Edition gaming mouse, and since the 5.0.4 patch my client will randomly stop registering my extra buttons mid-combat. I have to either reload or open the interface menu, uncheck "detect world of warcraft gaming mouse," then recheck it to make my mouse work again.Cerylidae0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Holy Paladin Talents for PvE Which talents are you choosing for holy in PvE? I'm confused on the third tier. I mostly play ret and selfless healer is like amazing but I'm debating on that or Eternal Flame. I don't really know which one is better in the long run. Also, how about the fourth tier? Hand of Purity might be useful in some situations.Electrøflux5 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Why no sticky for Prot Pallies in Mist? It seems all the top prot pallies have quit the game? I am looking at the armory for those who created Prot Stickies, and they are all at level 85.Gloredhel4 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 tankin - combat table coverage yoooo paladins - okay so im 90, hit > parry > mastery > Dodge > haste > Expertise, 450s ilvl just wondering if there is a new panda Combat table coverage macro, or perhaps what i have to add up to see my total mitigation %, is it the same ? PS - I macroed Holy Prism and Taunt together... works pretty cool., also Divine purpose is way betterimo than holy avenger for prot and ret atm.Taiji10 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Is it just me or... is the PvP piece better for PvE than the PvE piece? PvE: PvP: Sep 30, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Shockadin Status Back in BC, there was the Shockadin, a rather underplayed holy pvp spec that was surrounded by 3 things that made it semi viable. 1. Dealing burst dmg. As plate with caster stats, they could make spells actually do semi ok dmg and would put it into a burst. Holy Shock, judgement, high seal of righteousness dmg and maybe a few others, . (they also had the +10% holy dmg aura back then. 2. Armor, back then other than the moonkin, they had the highest armor of any caster 3. They would heal at any opportunity as well and get great heals - as of course they were holy spec. Now, I look at the talents for Cata, and it looks like a shockadin's dream. The spec actually kinda looks like it's catered more towards shockadin pvp with all of it's damage dealing talents than regular pve healing. I haven't been able to really tell yet, have people been taking advantage of this in this way? Mmwhachasayy29 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Holy PVP I had a few questions and having a hard time finding a comprehensive guide/source. If you could point me to one that'd be great. However, I was wondering with the current talents what is best, and what is the stat priority for Holy Paladins? I've always tanked or DPS'd but I want to switch it up a bit.Hanyolo1 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Shockadin Hi all, I usually run as a ret pally whilst levelling and a holy pally in runs as healer, i have come across the term shockadin , a holy way to level , can anyone advise what this is? Many thanks in advance.Grimslight2 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Holy Retribution Protection? What should i do Hey just avquestion on what each of these spec do and do best. Is any of these specs doing Really good right now & Any help you can give me in general..Cruusader0 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Inquisition Addon anyone know a good addon to use that helps keep inquisition up? I use to play a rogue and if you've ever used rogue power bars I'm looking for something similar. Something that makes it more noticeable to keep track of it.Toonlink13 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Burden of Guilt not working Is anyone having issues when the snare fails to apply? From my experience it seems to not activate when judgement is absorbed such as on a mages ice barrier. A snare should activate no matter if the ability does damage or not.Purplefun2 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Heroic dungeons i hit 90 some hours ago and im having a bad time trying to reach 440ilvl (yes i do have some items just to get ilvl up) to be available to enter heroics. Ive been doing some reserch and cant find a way to bring up that ilvl. So the question is, if i craft the "pvp" set from BS which is ilvl 450 and equipped it to enter heroics, or this is not available anymore?Jujîs8 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Hammer of Wrath on Weakauras I'm currently figuring out weakauras mainly because I've given up on power auras to update for MoP. However, I actually really like it. My problem is that hammer of wrath will always show off cd and useable even when the target is above 20%. When I use avenging wrath or the target is below 20% is acts normal by the icon going away when its off cd and reappearing when it's available for use. My guess is that even tho the target is above 20% and hammer of wrath is unusable its technically off cd. Anyone know how to set up weakauras to only show when its off cd and available for use?Pillopants1 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 MoP Prot Gear Guide Welcome. With MoP coming up many of us tanks are now worried about what gear will you need to enter heroics/LFR/Raids/ect. In order to reduce the strain on you i compiled this handy dandy gear guide! In it i tried to list all gear that i believe you will be interested in from item level 450-500. In it i have listed all gear that contains any of the following tank stats: Hit/exp/mastery/doge/parry. NOTE that i included some haste and crit items. Currently Haste is a WEAK tanking stat. So getting a piece of gear with Haste on it can be a nice booby prize for a tank who just cant get that tanking item to drop. So any time haste shows with any of the above stats i included it. Crit is nearly worthless, but can be reforged. As such only crit items with mastery are included. Once again consider them carefully and dont roll on them over a str based dps. PLEASE do NOT take this to mean its okay to roll on a piece of haste or crit gear over a RET pally. Its not. But if no one needs it, haste items can be a decent upgrade for a tank and mastery even with crit is amazing. I also am only listing raid items at the LFR level. Realize there are Normal raid, and heroic raid versions of these items. First three posts are by Armor Slot. Helms/shoulders/chests/wrists/gloves/ and waists in this first post! Legs/boots/capes/Shields/weapons/necks/and rings- Trinkets- Crafted item- Reputation items- Quests items- Dungeons/Raids/World Bosses/BoEs- PVP Gear (coming soon) - Item enhancements/links/conclusion- Quick run down of the item level dropping from the following sources: Item Level Chart Content/ item level range Looking For Raid 476-483 Raid-489-496 Heroic raid-502-509 Protector Kaolan-503 norm 516 heroic Heroic 5man-463 (rare)/476 (epic from final boss) Normal 5mans 450 and below BREAKDOWN BY GEAR SLOT Helms Pre heroic 5mans Quality Temple Guardian Helm-quest- Masterwork Spiritguard Helm-crafted-12 (Ghost Iron Bar)+1 (Trillium Bar) Contender's Revenant Helm-crafted-12 (Ghost Iron Bar) Pre-Raid Quality Helm of Rising Flame-Boss Drop- Brother Korloff in Scarlet Monestary/Cathedral Greenstone Helm-Random Drop and effect Dreadful Gladiator's Scaled Helm-Honor Vendor Sightfinder Helm-Boss Drop -Commander Vo'jak -Siege of Niuzao Temple Raiding Quality Reinforced Retinal Armor-crafted by engineering-6(Living Steel)+12(Ghost Iron Bolts) White Tiger Faceguard-Raid-Tier Garalon's Hollow Skull-Raid-Garalon-Heart of Fear Yi's Least Favorite Helmet-Reputation- Shado-Pan REVERED Giantfoot Headguard-Boss Drop-From Chief Salyis/Galleon in Valley of the Four Winds Malevolent Gladiator's Scaled Helm-Conquest Vendor Shoulders Pre-heroic 5mans Masterwork Spiritguard Shoulders-crafted item-7(Ghost Iron Bar)+(Trillium Bar) Bladesworn Shoulders-quest- Contender's Revenant Shoulders-Crafted-7 (Ghost Iron Bar) Pre-raid Spaulders of Immovable Stone-Boss Drop-Wing Leader Ner'onok in Siege of Niuzao Temple Vigorsteel Spaulders-Boss Drop-Darkmaster Gandling-Scholomance Greenstone Pauldrons-Random Drop and Enchantment Dreadful Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders-Honor Vendor Serpentstrike Shoulderpads-Liu Flameheart - Temple of the Jade Serpent Raid Shoulderguards of the Unflanked-Random Boss Drop-Meng the Demented/Qiang The Merciless/Subetai the Swift/Zian of the endless Shadow-Mogu'shan Vaults Spaulders of the Scorned-BoE White Tiger Shoulderguards-Raid-Tier Shoulderpads of Misshapen Life-Boss Drop - Amber-Shaper Un'sok/Amber Monstrosity - Heart of Fear Pauldrons of the Broken Blade-Boss Drop-Blade Lord Ta'yak Shoulders of Autumnlight-Reputation-Golden Lotus-REVERED Malevolent Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders-Conquest Vendor Chest Pre-heroic 5mans Temple Guardian Chestpiece-quest- Masterwork Spiritguard Breastplate-crafted-12(Ghost Iron Bar)+1(Trillium Bar) Chestplate of the Stone Lion-Reputation-Klaxxi-HONORED Contender's Revenant Breastplate-Crafted-12 (Ghost Iron Bar) Pre-Raid Hateshatter Chestplate-Boss Drop-Taran Zhu- Shado-Pan Monastery Canine Commander's Breastplate-Boss Drop-Houndmaster Braun-Scarlet Halls Breastplate of Wracking Souls-Boss Drop-Instructor Chillheart-Scholomance Greenstone Breastplate-Random Drop and effect Durable Plate of the Golden Lotus-Quest- Raid Breastplate of Ancient Steel-crafted-8(Living Steel)+8(Spirit of Harmony) Breastplate of the Kings' Guard-Random Boss Drop-Meng/Qiang/Subetai/Zian-Mogu'shan Vaults Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance-Boss Drop-Jan-xi/Qin-Xi -Mogu'shan Vaults Boblet's Bouncing Hauberk-Random Drop White Tiger Chestguard-Raid-tier Cuirass of the Animated Protector-Boss Drop- Lei Shi -terrace of Endless Spring Dawnblade's Chestguard-Reputation - Golden Lotus-REVERED Cuirass of the Twin Monoliths-Reputation -Golden Lotus-REVERED Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance-Boss Drop-jan-xi/qin-xi Mogu'shan Vaults Ornate Battleplate of the Master-Crafted-8(Living Steel)+8(Blood Spirit)+8(Spirit of Harmony) Unyielding Bloodplate-Crafted-8(Living Steel)+8(Blood Spirit)+8(Spirit of Harmony) Ravaging Warrior's Chestplate-Boss Drop-Chief Salyis/Galleon in the Valley of the Four Winds Carapace of Crushed Conviction-Boss Drop-Chief Salyis/Galleon in the Valley of the Four Winds Bracers Pre-Heroic 5mans Masterwork Spiritguard Bracers-crafted-5(Ghost Iron Bar)+1(Trillium Bar) Serrated Forearm Guards-Reputation-Golden Lotus-Honored Contender's Revenant Bracers-Crafted-5 (Ghost Iron Bar) Pre-Raid Bubble-Breaker Bracers-Boss Drop-Hoptallus in Stormstout Brewery Ri'mok's Shattered Scale-Boss Drop-Commander Ri'mok in Gate of the Setting Sun Greenstone Vambraces-Random Drop and effect Dreadful Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity-Honor Vendor Raid Bracers of Six Oxen-Boss Drop-Feng the Accused in Mogu'shan Vault Bonded Soul Bracers-Boss Drop-Gara'jal The Spiritbinder-Mogu'shan Vaults Serrated Wasp Bracers-Zone Drop-BoE Bracers of Defiled Earth-Boss Drop-Elder Asani/Elder Regail/ Protector Kaolan- Terrace of endless spring Battle Shadow Bracers-Reputation-The August Celestials-REVERED Malevolent Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity-Conquest Vendor Gloves Pre-Heroic 5mans Hive Protector's Gauntlets-Boss Drop-Raigonn-Gate of the Setting Sun (normal) Masterwork Spiritguard Gauntlets-Crafted-7(Ghost Iron Bar)+1(Trillium Bar) Axebreaker Gauntlets-Boss Drop-Xin the Weaponmaster-Mogu'shan Palace (normal) Wall Breaker Gauntlets-Reputation-Shado-Pan HONORED Contender's Revenant Gauntlets-Crafted-7 (Ghost Iron Bar) Pre-Raid Hive Protector's Gauntlets-Boss Drop-Raigonn-Gate of the Setting Sun Gauntlets of Resolute Fury-Boss Drop-Master Snowdrift- Shado-Pan Monastery Axebreaker Gauntlets-Boss Drop-Xin the Weaponmaster-Mogu'shan Palace Greenstone Gauntlets-Random Drop and effect Raiding Ghost Reaver's Gauntlets-Crafted-5(item="72104" /])+8(Spirit of Harmony) Gauntlets of Ancient Steel-Crafted-5(Living Steel)+8(Spirit of Harmony) Starcrusher Gauntlets-Raid-Elegon-Mogu'shan vault White Tiger Handguards-Raid-Tier Windblade Talons-Raid-Blade Lord Ta'yak-Heart of Fear Gauntlets of Battle Command-Crafted-6(Living Steel)+6(Blood Spirit)+2 (Spirit of Harmony) Grasps of Serpentine Might-Boss Drop-Tsulong-Terrace of Endless Spring Waist Pre-Heroic 5mans Bladesworn Girdle-quest- Coldbite Girdle-Quest- Unbreakable Waistplate-BoE Masterwork Spiritguard Belt-Crafted-7(Ghost Iron Bar)+1(Trillium Bar) Contender's Revenant BeltCrafted-7 (Ghost Iron Bar) Binding of Broken Dreams-Boss Drop-Sha of Doubt - Temple of the Jade Serpent Pre-Raid Sparkbreath Girdle-Boss Drop-Azure Serpent/Gu Cloudstrike-Shado-Pan Monastery Waistplate of Imminent Resurrection-Boss Drop-High Inquisitor Whitemane- SM/Cathedral Greenstone Girdle-Random Drop and effect Dreadful Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess-Honor Vendor Dreadful Gladiator's Girdle of Accuracy-Honor Vendor Raiding Star-Stealer Waistguard-Raid-Amethyst/Cobalt/Jade/Jasper Guardians- Mogu'shan Vaults Waistplate of Overwhelming Assault-Raid-Blade Lord Ta'yak-Heart of Fear Protector's Girdle of Endless Spring-Raid-LeiShi/Tsulong- Terrace of Endless Spring Klaxxi Lash of the Consumer-Rep-The Klaxxi-REVERED Klaxxi Lash of the Rescinder-Rep-The Klaxxi-REVERED Greatbelt of Livid Fury-Boss Drop-Chief Salyis/Galleon Valley of the Four Winds Cord of Crazed Strength-Boss Drop-Chief Salyis/Galleon Valley of the Four Winds Malevolent Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess-Conquest Vendor Malevolent Gladiator's Girdle of Accuracy-Conquest VendorCelyndrashad32 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Anyone else miss Auras? Pains me a little that Crusader Aura is gone (and that tanks no longer remind me to remove it in a dungeon because I mistakenly forgot to change it.) Am I the only one lamenting Auras a little bit?Skyelaar4 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Aggro Seems Iffy? In before "l2p". Does aggro seem to be super sensitive? I tend to lose aggro easier these days.Blaximus25 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Best Alliance Pally Class Here in a few days I'm going to faction change to alliance to play with some IRL friends, and the fact is, I have no clue what race to pick. I've almost exclusively played Horde for as long as I've played WoW. My question is, what is the best Alliance race to play as a pally and why? Here's what I've got so far: Dwarf Stoneform might be interesting, and Explorer would be nice if I ever decide to do Arch I don't see many dwarfs, so just their rarity in that respect is appealing Human All of the racials sound good, with the rep bonus sounding amazing I see humans everywhere and I'm not that fond of their models Draenai Gift of the Naaru for a free heal could be useful, and Heroic Presence sounds interesting Giant Blueberries, what's not to love? Any advice?Salathdran14 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Lights Hammer Radius Animation Please I have one complaint about Lights Hammer at the time being. That is that most tanks and DPS that I have gotten in the past 2-3 days are complaining about not knowing the radius. Anyone else having that issue. If there could be one thing changed about this ability maybe ad a glowing area effect holy circle or something to help people know where the spell ends.... Just one thing throwing the idea out there.Schnappi0 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Selfless Healer for healers Had to dust off this pally once again in order to help the guild with some Main Healing and was starting to get a little frustrated with early mana management. Felt myself slipping into old habits of Divine Lighting and Holy Radiancing ALL the time to keep up with the idiots standing in the bad and was finding myself drinking all the time, literally IRL and in game. So I spent past couple days wondering wtf was up, checked out a lot of what other pallies were taking talent and glyph wise and kind of stumbled upon the Selfless healer tier. Now I was taking the shield, cause I wasnt going to give up my WoG for a Hot, and who knows maybe its nice, but I think i can speak for the community and say we love our WoG. But reading back over the selfless healer talent, it seemed very intriguing; every time you judge you gain a 35% increase in cast time and efficiency of healing OTHER players with Flash of Light stacking up to 3 times, and therefore after 3 judges, its a FREE cast that heals for a TON. And even if you dont want to stack it to 3, its still our Flash heal, the fastest cast heal we have, even one stack or two of this wonderful talent is amazing. Now I was one of those pallies that never minded judging ALL the time, too me, I just got used to it, and when DS hit and they reworked it so you only had to do it once a minute, I still found myself doing it ALL the time out of habit. My toolbar says Judge these days is at a 5.4 cd for me, so in between shocking peeps to build my Holy powers, I'm also back to judging and loving it, always have many stacks of power for the occasional free AOE heal or our powerful wog, and in case some other idiot is being, well, an idiot, i have a free or nearly Free fast and POWERFUL Flash Heal. just my $.02, but i think its a wonderful talent and if you want to try it out, I think you'll like it.Pisd2 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 blessing for ret pallies When you guys are soloing/questing, which blessing are you using?Handera3 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Is it just me or... ret damage crap? I'm pulling the same, if not less than I was at 85, yet ive seen monk tanks pull 2-3x what I can, and a frost mage pushing 60k single target, 120k aoe.... I'm by no means a bad player, so I'm thinking i'm either missing something, or pallies are just not in a good place right now...Braydrel11 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Stat weight question for Ret So I was playing around with askmrrobot while the servers are down for fun and decided to look at what it says would be optimum gems/enchants/reforges currently. I was shocked to see that it put hybrid str+haste gems in red gem slots and pure haste in yellow gem slots. So I guess my question is, is 2 haste > 1 str at 90?Tarwth12 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Ret heals need to be adjusted Title says it all. They heal way too much and effortlessly. Supposed to be balanced at 90 and its not. Still broke and needs fixedKaiju2 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 CLCinfo Prot Setup As the title suggests, I am after anyone that maybe able to help my setup CLCinfo for Prot (Before you start saying "needing a rotation helper for prot, LOL! etc etc" YES, I am a noob to tanking First time EVER this xpac actually :-), so just going to use this to start while I lvl. I am currently using Requitals Ret setup and am thinking of just using the same layout, However the rotation Priority/CD strings are where I get a little lost. Any help while be awesome thank you guys/galsLotzablocks1 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Holy Paladin Heals - Divine Light is garbage. Has anyone realized at level 90 How much mana Divine light costs... to how much it heals for? At least at 440 ilvl for heroics Holy Light uses about 1/3 of the mana and heals for 1/2 as much. To me, this is just awful and pointless to use Divine Light at all, since Flash uses about the same amount and casts faster for those "i need a big heal" Just my two cents.Rew11 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 RET QUESTION So Im a ret newb. I lvled as prot, but wanna Ret PvP. What aura do I want on? Im currently using the glyph for my Judgement to slow by 50% So I was gonna use the DoT. Or do I want to drop that glyph, and use the 50% slow aura?Mortival3 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Protection is ruined I already have a level 85 paladin and I leveled mostly through prot on him. During that time, I was easily having more fun as prot, mainly because the damage was there and everything overall felt a lot better. Shield of the Righteous right now is absolutely ruined. The stupid 3 second damage reduction it gives you is almost near useless because it runs out by the time your ready for your next attack. Secondly, it looks ugly as crap. Before it had this epic flash that actually made you feel like you were doing something significant, also the damage was substantially better and I relied on this ability for even PvP just because of how hard it can hit. Also, I'm pretty sure you could line up crits too with judgment, now that is gone. I'm leveling this guy right now and it's been mayhem. I feel like I take way more damage then I ever have as tank and I'm wearing the same exact gear as I did on my other paladin while leveling. This class has gone seriously down the tubes. Protection is not fun, at all. I have no idea what Blizzard was thinking by changing everything to it to make it far less appealing, as if tanking is that exciting as it is... Everything was stripped from Prot and they toss you some boring dumb spells and tells you to have at it. They took everything away that was originally fun, here I'll list a couple things: 1. Shield of Righteous is atrocious and is extremely ugly to use now, also you can't line up crits 2. Avengers Shield doesn't hit nearly as hard and has basically became useless in PvP as well, at least prot is viable while leveling through bgs, well.. "WAS" viable 3. Devotion Aura and what not appears to be stripped. Maybe they added it to a higher level, I didn't check but taking it away while leveling is ridiculous and I think that contributes to #4 4. Survivability is way low. Even with heirlooms, I still take stupid amounts of damage 5. Everything requires 3 holy power now. before, spells pretty much required 3 holy power anyway to be effective but sometimes you don't necessarily need 3 holy power every time you're trying to charge up a shield of the righteous and what not That's just a summary off the top of my head at the moment. I'm very disappointed in the direction Blizzard went with not only Paladins in general, but what they did to Protection. Not too many impacted Protection as a spec significantly specifically...but the playstyle and fun-factor that was originally there throughout cata is now missing and turned into a bleak boring tanking experience.Shocklight21 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Exo refresh timer? Did they increase Exo refresh timer?Palastorm1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Holy Paladin Needs So i have had this toon since wrath, I got him to 80 and then never played him, got him to 85 never played him, now he his my main in MoP and I will be healing for my guild's raids. I honestly have no clue what is the most importent stats to a holy pally and what stats aren't as useful. Could someone fill me in on a holy pally needs or give me a website that would help me figure out how to maximize my gears effectiveness?Apologies2 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Why are there so many Paladins? I don't want to roll another pally, they're so overpopulated on every server. I rolled one and I felt like a clone trooper. Worst thing is, I rolled generic human pally # 219820102837282112823 :/ I felt so.... insignificant :/ lolFennris26 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Healing vs DPS Hi all, I recently dinged 90, and purchased a few (Well, the only pieces in the AH) to try and get ahead for when arena hits. I've got the 4 set bonus, but still I feel like I'm putting in double the effort to stay alive or keep someone alive. It just seems my heals do nothing at all, is it seriously my gear? I wasn't holy when Cata came out, so I can't compare it unfortunately, so could someone have a peek and tell me if my gear is the reason my heals are pretty crappy? If it's like this when S12 starts, then well, at least games will be quick, haha!Reclusionx1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Glyph of harsh word? So leveling my paladin I've been checking out some the glyph's and it seems that glyph of harsh word. Then using word of glory seems to Do a large amount of dmg, If not double what my TV seems to be doing. Is this always going to be the case or will at some point my TV out scale word of glory? Has any one tested this? Just curious because I do Like templer's verdic and it just seems silly that word of glory out dmg's templer's verdict when its one of our classes main staples.Wolkrye4 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Open Libram XLVII:Thanks for all the Waffles Open Libram XLVII:So Long and Thanks for all the Waffles ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: "Maid" by the Light by Lobster: "Bunny" Chaz by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 I miss Holy Shock hitting like a truck! I know it was unfair in PvP lol..But it was awfully fun ya gotta admit! Well...Unless you don't like facerolling people or if your the one getting hit by those Holy Shocks lol...It was fun though...Good times!Ancienthero1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Hand of Purity vs. Clemency for PvP? I just wanted to see what other rets thought about this tier of talents. I like having Hand of Purity for DoT classes (Shadow Priests, Warlocks, Feral Druids, Death Knights, heck even mages). However, most of those classes (if they are competent players) can remove Hand of Purity. Clemency like it has potential but only double Hand of Freedom seems useful. Nowadays with all the way to bypass Hand of Protection, it seems useless. What are you guys thoughts on this?Iziren16 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Templar's Verdict And Ret Damage. Things are turning out as I speculated recently. As we level we see our self healing drop. (Which was expected and acceptable.) The problem being is our damage is losing steam as well which is causing a bit of instability in the class. As of MOP live and during the 5.0 pre patch our Holy Power ramp ups are making our finisher 'Templar's Verdict' look pretty sad. I could understand this if our consistent damage was compared to most of our other fellow DPS, and I honestly do think TV needs a decent Buff. In all actuality we are forced it seems to take Holy Avenger to make up for most of our damage loss, and if we did skip this talent I believe it would make a fool out of all of us. I do think we need a discussion about Ret damage in a PvP/PvE state and I hope to hear some good ideas and decent conversations about this.Elolence24 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Levelling to 90 as holy may be even slower With the removal of some of our attacking spells I guess levelling as Holy is out. Holy shock will probably reduce significantly in damage as we level.Emerelf10 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Sacred Shield Still Bugged? Sacred shield used to absorb immediately when cast. Now it isn't up till 5 seconds after cast - Bug or as intended?Elolence4 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 T14 Hpally 4set Anybody else disappointed with the t14 hpally 4set (reduces cooldown on holy shock by 1 sec.!) wow thanks blizzard while prot pallies get 10% increased healing to word of glory and ret gets a 85 sec cd reductionFatalwish4 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 Wanna help me out? I haven't played this paladin at level cap, and when I'm leveling up and doing instancing my deeps is a little... under satisfactory. Any pro pallys wanna take a look at my character and maybe give some helps? Thanks guys! :D edit: maybe its my rotation? I didn't think pallys were hard, i kinda just stuck my face on the keyboard.Kaìtlyn3 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 Glyphs for Ret PvP I was wondering what glyphs people are getting for ret pvp. I was thinking of taking up the Immediate Truth glyph because it seems like ret is based around setting up bursts and this will help with that at the sacrifice of some damage over time. Also, maybe pick up the avenging wrath glyph that heals you while active? I'm really torn here.Shocklight6 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 MOP Heroic Tanking So I've never mained a Paladin in WoW, I just thought I'd do it to keep the game fresh and try something new. I did a lot of Warrior Protection tanking and was very familiar with the stat/gemming for maximum results (i.e. Mastery being their best stat, etc.) How does it stand with Paladins as far as stat/gem priority? I'll be getting a bit of nice extra stats from Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting as well.Hanyolo1 Sep 27, 2012