Sep 5 Avenging Crusader Nerf's overshot their goal. Recently tried my old Hpal again to get a feeling for how Avenging Crusader feels after it got nerfed to shreds and it pretty much confirmed my fears. Mainly due to the cooldown reduction being nerfed from 50% to 30% it feels lackluster. You have to use fillers to not waste your globals in between and the overall healing output is not really competitive anymore. I do understand that the ability, in the right hands, caused too much Healing Output after 7.2.5. But the nerf rendered this ability a gimmick which is not viable in any competitive pvp setting anymore. Im not saying it has to be restored to its old power to be viable, but it needs to be altered on one of its ends. As of now we have: 25 sec. duration (was 30 sec. before) 1min. CD 30% dmg increase (was 50% before, then 40% now only 30%.) 30% cooldown reduction on Judgment/Crusader Strike (was 50% before.) 200% of dmg done converts into Healing (never touched by Blizz) I feel like an HPal shouldnt turn into a killing machine so i can stand behind the nerf to the dmg increase. The 30% CD reduction instead of 50% though makes the rotation during wings feel clunky. I highly recommend changing this back to 50% as the rotation felt a lot more fun before the change. If this (for whatever reason) is unwanted by Blizzard, then theres only one thing left: The amount of healing that gets generated through damage. There needs to be something done about this ability to make it just as viable as Blessed Hands. Its really sad that Holinkas Team seems to be unable to balance the Talent Choices decently even though now they got all the tools at hand they need to do so. Instead this ability now ended up in oblivion.Cruzqt1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Ret pve question is between 550-600k sustain dps good for my ilvl? sittin at 880 with 1 legendary and no set bonus'sAlaren2 Sep 5
Sep 4 Arator bodyguard disabled at the start of 7.3 Letting all pallys know that if you have Arator as your bodyguard that he's disabled once you meet Tura/Alleria for story purposes, but every other class gets their body guards... I find this being rough since as a Holydin I run around with Arator for extra damage in case of ganking. I understand why blizz did it but the so called "reuninon" was kind of weak as it was and definitely not worth the gankfest I jsut went through. Just wanted to warn everyoneBraylinhal18 Sep 4
Sep 4 Glyph of the Favored Charger? :D I don't want to ask for a mile after we have been given an inch with the Divine Steed glyphs added in 7.3... but... Could we get a glyph called "Glyph of The Favored Charger"? Something that will replace the divine steed with a random favorite mount? That would be pretty cool imho :DBovinedivine2 Sep 4
Sep 3 DPS Build as Prot Pally Hi Paladins, May the light be with you!. Just wondering if anybody has any tips on building a Protection Pally towards DPS rather than tanking. No I won't be tanking..not Dungeons and Raids Anyways. (Well not since you can't turn tanking spec on and off on a prot pally anymore! D: )This is purely for Ease of World Content. I'm already thinking that DPS Trinkets are gonna make probally the biggest difference, but I'm not enough of a umm...what are they called...Theorycrafter? to figure out the rest. Anyways. if anybody has any thoughts, Talent choices that would work well..etc. I appreciate them. ~MistsMistrogue5 Sep 3
Sep 3 That Mastery buff Anyone stacked a ton of mastery yet to check the numbers?Maverick7 Sep 3
Sep 3 Is Prot Pally as bad as they say? Want to make a Dwarf tank, and am trying to decide between Warrior or Paladin. While I like the mobility warrior has to offer, paladin has better lore, a cooler artifact, self healing, and deus vult. However there seems to be a lot of nay-saying around them, saying they are squishy. Is this the case?Droe21 Sep 3
Sep 3 My mental state toward my prot pally Ok I dont want this to be a whine post but I accept it most likly is. IM not the best player, I consider my self above average but far from the best, My limited mythic experience is on a frost dk pre tomb (I live in eu but kinda landed on US a long time due to friends and games we played, making mythic raiding just hard), but I adore, no love my prot paladin, Ive been prot since leveling in bc, raided all the way through bc to lich king, Life caught up with me I quit, I came back a little before WoD, I've almost always played the pally as a tank, I haven't done any tier in that time that I have not tanked to at least heroic completion anyways. Ive never before felt I was letting my friends down before because im playing the wrong class, Heroic avatar was hard at first but I just learned the Best way I can taunt swap, with movement maximized so I was never out of consecration , both bosses was always facing me. But KJ well damn, I knew he was gonna push my face in, But I could literally be have shield of the righteous active mitigation up for the duration of fel claws and he still smacked me in the face for 4.8 mil, I've worked out ill be able to shield wall, AD, Avenging wrath, and a external for fel claws but I still get battered (the in and out with the add just sucks for conc but that 12% on hammer is much better then non conc needed). And that doesn't even count the tank Armageddons, where its literally best for me to bubble and bop someone else as far as I can tell, I do not want to know what they hit me for in heroic as the normal ones hit me for 6mil. When tanking him im using the 5% mitgation leggo ring in conc, the double heal leggo helm (Ive got all the leggos and this seems the best defesive setup) and the 4p for the most reduction I can get and my haste is around 31%, Im using the darkmoon tank trinket, and , im only using 1 charge of shield of the rightoues ata time, so I can have 4-5 per fel claws, Im going to try bastion of light but I dont see that working as it appears I need sotr+another cd (and i have that already), its very rare my co tank taunts late. Im willing to learn if im doing somethign wrong, but some of the issues im having I just wont have if I reroll to my druid or my dk, the dk of which is 923, and just needs tank trinkets to be ready. I feel my health pool is just small, any mistake on KJ and im dead. I dont know hwo to fix this without literally asking for buffs, and im hesitant to do that but i love this paladin I dont want to stop playing it.But i dont want to hold my friends back either. Id suggest a few possible things a flat stam increase- this has pottential just to be too powerful though on none super hard hitting bosses a small buff for say 2-3 seconds that you keep the conscration buff when out of it elongated duration of shield of the righouteus and I think the 4p t21 is a attempted fix, we'll be able to have almost 100% mitigation with block, but to me this doesn't help me now :( cant help but think im best just getting 2 trinkets for my DK and just getting on with it and dropping the pally thanks for letting me vent! QQwertyleo10 Sep 3
Sep 3 Lord Darfos - mount glyph Hello, I was wonder where and how can I get the new mount glyph for our steed. I checked with lord Darfos at the order hall but his inventory appears empty. Is there a prerequisite I need to have? Thank you in advanceAgios2 Sep 3
Sep 3 Seraphim Change, why? Why would you do this? The nerf to uptime without buffing any aspect of it makes the other choices more valuable everytime now. It will never line up with Avenging Wrath now outside of first use. And worst of all, it was fun. This makes me sad.Jonathanne22 Sep 3
Sep 3 Turn all minor NPC's into ash. Hello?Believe3 Sep 3
Sep 2 Judgment? Should I ever be using an HP spender without Judgment up on the target? Even if it means capping on HP?Nimandor2 Sep 2
Sep 2 Ret aoe/DS (older content) Hello Everyone and good morning. I mainly run around and do older stuff or relaxed wandering and I am wondering if there is a better way to deal with aoe as ret? DS requires holy power to use, so I cant really just gather groups and DS them down:( have to built first whacking singles. Its not really a big deal I was just wondering if anyone had tips on faster/ on demand AOE when doing things. Thanks in advance :):)Ravendrkstar4 Sep 2
Sep 2 T19 4 set or T20 2 set? (Holy) Hey so ive come back since 3 months off and ive began to get t20 gear. ATM i have the 4 set of t19, but in my bag i have the chest and back for t20. Without the set bonus, the t19 chest and cloak is better than the t20 pieces, but is the t20 2 set any good or should i wait until i get the t20 4 set to switch my gear over? Cheers. P.S -If possible what t20 pieces are no good for hpallys?Diidy1 Sep 2
Sep 2 Worgen/Forsaken/Gnome/Goblin Paladins? I'm not understanding why Worgen/Forsaken/Gnomes/Goblins can't be paladins. If hey were paladins before the curse, since priests are still able to be priests, and worgen priests follow the same religion (theoretically) that paladins follow, and also there were Gilnean paladins! Similar arguments follow for the Forsaken. Now I know that some Forsaken have basically abandoned The Light™ because it seemed it had abandoned them, but not all Forsaken did. There are still those who are practitioners of The Light™ instead of being part of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow and basically using the priestly powers through sheer willpower/worship of the Void. So why can some Forsaken still use the real The Light™ but can't be paladins? Makes no sense. Gnomes I guess make more sense, because they didn't really seem to take to The Light™ until their living right alongside the dwarves influenced their culture to take to The Light™ worship. But if their culture was influenced enough for that, then why wouldn't some gnomes also become paladins? It was easy enough for gnomes to adopt the Pandaren and their beliefs despite having no cultural contact with them until very, very recently. And of course, any justification for goblins comes down to money. Goblins so believe in prosperity gospel and the divine power of The Light™ (totally not the collection plate, no never) that they too can channel priestly powers. So why wouldn't some goblins see paladins using those same principals, but in martial form, and adopt it themselves? If they did, then they could even more easily coerce others into following their prosperity gospel aligned with the teachings of The Light™ (*ahem* collection plate is right here)? The business opportunities basically write themselves. There's a reason goblins aren't druids or monks or demon hunters, and that's because there is no profit motive there. But if there was, you can be damned sure that goblins would start caring about the environment, their inner balance, but they still probably wouldn't be demon hunters, those guys are crazy and THEY DON'T EVEN GET PAID! At least The Light™ has a payout.....Also, that'll be 7500 gold for reading my trademark on The Light™ I can understand why Pandaren, troll and night elf paladins don't exist, as they all have lore specific martial priests that are very different from how a paladin would operate (Tyrande is a Priestess of Elune, and pretty martial and religious, but no paladin, and Shadow Hunters are the same for Trolls, and monks are basically the Pandaren version of a paladin from what I understand). So, aside from Blizz not wanting to implement it, is there a reason any of the races (besides orcs) can't be paladins?Antidoxia10 Sep 2
Sep 2 Are rets bad right now? Hey there! I have been leveling a paladin as Ret, and while fun is a fator I would like to know if he is viable for high lvl PvE, as a lot of the dps rankings I saw (although some can be unreliable) showed ret pally on the low end. So, can ret actually do comparable damage and be a desired spec in groups?Meinoitios5 Sep 2
Sep 2 Ret Hidden Artifact Hey guys. I've been trying to get the hidden artifact skin for my ret pally, and as I'm sure most know, you need to get that book from AV. Has anyone else had a hard time even getting into AV, much less getting the book? I've been queued all week for AV when I've been on, and just finally got into an AV match, but still didn't get the book. I've since queued again, but with no luck getting into a match. I have no clue where the game is getting the 32min average time from... Anyway, I read that it should drop at the end, just from doing an AV, but alas, I didn't get it, and now the wait continues again for me to hopefully get into another AV sometime in the next week. A book did drop off someone, but of course, someone else grabbed it before i could click it. lol In short, did anyone else have an issue here?Alehunter19 Sep 2
Sep 2 Idea: Shield of Vengeance no c/d I suggest this as I'm about to make a thread detailing why Retribution's defensives are negatively affecting the specialization, two culprits being Flash of Light / Greater Blessing of Kings. I won't go into detail at this point, but essentially Flash of Light is a fantastic off-healing spell, problem is that it's a terrible self-healing spell. Standing still, vulnerable to interrupts, requires constant recasting to heal effectively. Suffice to say the spell should be ally-cast only. This left open a gap, since GBoK is "meh" to begin with, altering GBoK to being ally cast only opens a way for altering Shield of Vengeance into being a not-so-mediocre defensive. Remove the cooldown, give it a mana cost (50% base mana?) halve the damage return, fixate it to a % of HP (15% HP). This way Rets can be proactive with their defensives. If you want supplementary healing, something minor like baseline Seal of Light will suffice. This could of course have a negative impact on PvE, but I think the idea is cool enough for discussion. Especially since Shield of Vengeance is such a damn cool spell and I'd love a good reason to use it often.Lorenso0 Sep 2
Sep 2 Divine Steed change? Where's the vendor that allows us to swap out our old divine steed model for our new class mount one? Saw it was a change in 7.3 but I can't find the mount vendor with the glyph. Help is appreciated!Gelandur8 Sep 2
Sep 1 Execution Sentence? Is anyone running this now after the buff? I really want it to be good but find in open world content, things die to quickly, and in PvP it can be dispelled. If you're using it, in what situations and why?Apsylar1 Sep 1
Sep 1 7.3 Argus Retribution Changes So interesting changes can be found here: In regards to ret , I have 2 questions: [Chains of Thrayn was not working properly this whole time? When they state " Chain of Thrayn now correctly, additively stacks with Crusade." how does that calculate keeping in mind wrath of the ashbringer took a hit? And Mastery can now be utilitized?Awwyeeah112 Sep 1
Sep 1 T20 model So...when did the t20 hands model change?Palliemikee14 Sep 1
Sep 1 Armor? Last night, doing KJ, I noticed that I'm taking the same amount of damage that I have been taking. It's as if there was no change at all. Even the, "8%," damage is a laugh. Here it is, almost every class, except for Druid tanks, not being able to with stand KJs mechanics. Look at the charts, of who killed what, and then take your assessments. Instead of worrying about pvp, and what kind of twitch followers you can get, and what kind of money you can take from them. Have you ever thought of it this way? If we please PVE and PVP, we will make money both ways? I brought this up in the past... Why not try it? PTR it if you like... The spell book doesn't change its arrangement. Everything from a visual perspective stays the same. EXCEPT, the spells abilities change between PVP and PVE. Let's say, you have Rebuke, a simple interrupt spell. It's set at its regular, "15 sec cooldown." Well, you decide, "We want this at 10 sec cooldown for PVP." You NOW can change that, but it will only take affect when you go PVP. Once you go back PVE, it will change back to 15 sec cooldown. Look, I'm just making sense... try and make it with your players.Trollsniffer0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ret Paladins and Mythic Tomb It's been a brutal raid tier, possibly the worst I've seen. To be concise, for the later bosses of Mythic ToS, it's a giant crutch for your raid to carry a Ret. The last 2 bosses especially are a master-class of all our weaknesses. A ton of movement. A strong need for displacers. The ability to minimize magic damage. Also, we simply don't do a lot of damage. Too dependent on a timely Ret buff, or a good Crusade window, in a dynamic environment. I would love to speak with a Blizzard representative regarding this, and why Retribution has slowly gotten phased out to very poor over the course of this expansion. The last tier is next, and I'd really like to end the expansion on a high note, in what I consider to be a great expansion. What I don't want is Mythic Avatar and Kil'Jaedan. A brutal, constantly moving soak-a-thon where the displacer, movement, and short magic damage reduction cooldowns are king.Gabrielor1 Sep 1
Sep 1 The ret changes I'm dying to see 1.) Our animation game is disgustingly weak. The Legion melee animations look awesome, but ret got the low end of the deal here (imo). - Replace Templar's Verdict with the OLD ANIMATION (MOP/WOD). This was unique, and felt satisfying to use. Or at least, allow it as a glyph, pleaseeee!! - Replace Justicar's Vengeance with the "Death Strike" (i.e. jump up and overhead slam them. Again, this would feel much more satisfying to use. Another plus would be if a small beam of light appeared on the paladin temporarily to identify that we are being healed by this move. - Replace the sound effects of Temps Verdict and Justicar's Vengeance to something more appealing, because the current sound effects sound like a cardboard box being thrown at drywall and it doesn't sound cool at all. 2.) Bring back Seals Empowered seals was arguably the single most brilliant talent Ret has ever seen. Please, this needs to be re-implemented somehow. My only request would be that seal swapping is off the GCD, as it made the talent a little clunky. 3.) Rework Crusade I strongly feel like this talent should modify our gameplay at all times instead of only when we have wings up, similar to alacrity for rogues. 4.) Replace Word of Glory This talent should be baked in to our core spec and should not require a talent. It should be swapped out with another talent. 5.) Replace Execution Sentence Again, I feel like this move should be part of the core spec and should not require a talent. I think it would be a lot cooler to switch it out for a passive in that particular talent spot (i.e. can use it as a heal or cooldown is reset after it deals final damage) I truly believe that simply making these changes would turn ret into a fun, faster paced spec, rather than the boring braindead spec we have now. EDIT: ALSOOOOOO, please, PLEASE, switch out our 2 charges of Divine Steed for 2 charges of Speed of Light (the old speed talent that DIDNT put you on a stupid horse). This would be such a huge improvement to the spell!!!!Tsolake5 Sep 1
Sep 1 Paladin class campaign I hit 110 and i've still yet to get any quests for my class hall campaign. I only have 2 followers so far. Am i missing something, i remember doing alot of things throughout leveling my druid and haven't had any missions show up on my pally yet.Gregorovitch43 Sep 1
Sep 1 Holy Artifact Book Clipping? So, between Draenei and Dwarf for Holy Paladin, I went with Dwarf because...well they're dwarves. However, I am wondering if the book that comes along with the artifact weapon (which I think is super cool, having a 2hander and a offhand...well belt) will clip into my dwarves arms. Or if it won't have any clipping issues.Luyten2 Sep 1
Sep 1 Okay ret paladins. Let's be honest. Does anyone truly enjoy this legion ret to the ret of previous xpacs? I just feel like they made the spec as slow and boring as possible. Removed all flavor, and chopped away our best features (dope off heals and cool unique support spells) I've been leveling this warrior and the movement and speed of the spec reminds me of older ret. much more fun :(Bliztz141 Sep 1
Sep 1 ret memes I'll go first: Sep 1
Aug 31 Sigh. Execution sentence. Does anyone else dislike being forced to use execution sentence to maximize single target dps? Why can't they make the ability fun to play, or more rewarding, or give ret some form of synergy with the play style. I feel like they tried to make us similar to arms warriors but a gimped version.Cbegs19 Aug 31
Aug 31 Attention All Ret and Prot Paladins... I would like to make it known for all those that doubt or don't understand the gap closer issue. GO PLAY THE NEW PVP BRAWL. Its called Warsong Scramble but that isn't important. In the game you want to look for rainbow colored cubes. These are power ups. You want 1 power up in particular. The Grapple Chain. It acts like a death grip and it gives us a gap closer. get it and test it out. You will literally see your mobility issues cease to exist. it is what we need so sorely and badly. IT ACTUALLY MADE PVP FUN AGAIN. Seriously We need a gap closer. Play the brawl and get the power up. It will blow your mind when you get that one skill to cover your mobility. It makes everything in our kit seem reasonable and sensible. We need to as a community let blizzard know that we need a gap closer. it will fix a lot with the class.Omegademon12 Aug 31
Aug 31 Why Ret Utility is worthless It's because the player base is dead set on the Tank/Healer/DPS mentality. This past week, as an example, because I'm always using my utility, I saved us a huge amount of trouble on phase 3 Mistress during a very bad Hydra Shot. I bubbled myself and BoP'd another person and spared the raid considerable damage, allowing us to escape a tornado because DPS could focus. On any given fight I'm watching tanks and healers during heavy damage times for when the group might split up wrong. I'll pop Lay on Hands and bring a crucial raid member back from the bring. I'm always switching around GBoK to the tank that is tanking, and monitoring healer mana to switch Wisdom. I spec Word of Glory I use Flash of Light to supplement healing during mechanics like with Sisters of the Moon. SOMETIMES my damage suffers because of it. Which is the reason for my post. I got booted after the fight on too many of these occasions for "low DPS" despite staying alive and keeping the raid alive at pivotal moments of a fight! Make it one or the other Blizzard. Because people, expect a DPS class to do good numbers. They don't see or comprehend our utility, and they don't care because it doesn't do big DPS numbers. I'm playing Ret how you seem to want it to play and losing out because of it.Xandrious10 Aug 31
Aug 31 Does anyone actually spec Holy Shield? I'd imagine its based on whether or not the fight has high spell damage instead of physical damage. But with Blessed Hammer's additional charge, the constant rolling debuff on its hit and the irritation of being in consecrate to get the most out of Hammer of the Righteous when not specced into BH... is it ever worth it? As much as I love the skill (the concept was why I became a paladin tank way back in the day when it was implemented, strangely enough) ... I think the only way I'll get to use it is if I ever find the legendary ring.Ecclesiarch2 Aug 31
Aug 31 (Prot) Avengers shield bug So I am noticing, that since 7.3 our avenger shield procs can randomly fire off on its own, I am not sure if this is tied to the tier 20 2p or from our normal procs. Anyone else noticing this?Draelon8 Aug 31
Aug 31 Glyph for Divine Steed. What's the glyph called? So I could, make my casual generic horse look cool.Truerenegade4 Aug 31
Aug 30 Doing Argus and Legion content? When it comes to doing quest which is more fun and fluid in your opinion. Prot or Holy?Feelzbrah1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Arator The Redeemer Bodyguard He's too big with his flying mount taking half of the screen. Any time you want to do a world quest, and you see anyone in pvp, or you want to get a chest, or you want to click on a rope on the Broken Shore, or you want to do anything, you can't click through him, and he takes up half of the screen. He also mounts up on this flying mount randomly when on the ground, when you jump from one rock to another or simply jump off a cliff. On the second picture, anything in the read area is inaccessible because he is there, and after a min of clicking on stuff, he starts lecturing about how much he hates you for clicking too much. At least, unlike Khadgar, he doesn't have to change his robes.Neana2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Execution Sentence I was wondering if anyone has tried Execution Sentence on the PTR. With the upcoming 17% buff to the damage it deals, will it possibly out perform Final Verdict?Skarmac7 Aug 30
Aug 30 holy shock mouse over macro so i need help with my holy shock mouse over macro. it works on a freindly but is there a way to make it so if moused over an enemy it works as well?Slothman2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Lost Edicts of the Watcher? (Part Two!) Noticed that the last thread was capped (found here: Please continue the discussion to figure out where to find the hidden Holy artifact skin! Last point of discussion was that Molten Core/Firelands was a bust, but keep looking. As a reminder, Ret and Prot's appearances have been found as well. Ret involves a lengthy quest involving the Nat Pagle books from the AV bg and Dire Maul, and is theorized to need a minimum of 10 Artifact Knowledge. Prot is a lucky drop from the Withered Training scenario in Suramar. Good luck!Jackishi206 Aug 30
Aug 30 Prot pally changes How beneficial has the 15 percent armor been? Did it close the gap between pally and top tanks?Azòkk1 Aug 30
Aug 29 Blood Knights and Transmogrification So, I as you can see, am a Blood Knight. I am proud to be a Blood Knight and when I see my trainers and leaders, they are wearing a uniform. I have said many times in the past that I wish to be able to wear that uniform also. However... it's MAIL. I've thought this was strange ever since Burning Crusade, and now that Transmogrificaton is coming, I thought I'd finally be able to have my Blood Knight uniform. But, alas, you cant make plate look like mail. So, anyone else a fellow Blood Knight agree that either they need to change the transmogrification restrictions, or finally give us Blood Knight Plate?Rayla14 Aug 29
Aug 29 Ret PVP question Hello, Been playing a bunch of casual BG and it feels like i do pretty much no damage. Target could be at last 5%, i judge, stun, wing, HoJ and.... target still lives. 2 seconds later they are at full health, beating the stuffing out of me. I easily get rolled by DK and WAR if i don't pop every cooldown known to man (including LoH). So, is this because i suck or is our PVP capabilities subpar to most other classes and we are just a good buffbuddy to have?Wover9 Aug 29
Aug 29 Can't buy the holy mount I just got Silver Hand up to 52 today, but it didn't unlock for me. Do I have to wait for the Netherlight Crucible?Braniel4 Aug 29
Aug 29 Prot Paladin: Dwarf or Draenei Male draenei btw. Way to many female ones alreadyDroe11 Aug 29
Aug 29 Large Vile Slime timer Hey guys do we know exactly how long it takes per spawn? Its been about 13hours on my server and it hasnt spawned, should i stay up and wait another couple hours or is the spawn timer 24hours or so? Cheers :)Diidy11 Aug 29
Aug 28 At a loss this is my 7th alt and the only one of 8 toons that can't seem to open my 3rd relic slot. Also can't find more than my first 4 followers.Galendrial6 Aug 28
Aug 28 Gap-Closer I made a post earlier about how I thought every class ought to have at least one ranged damage ability with no cooldown for convenience, and most of the replies I got were about getting a gap closer, instead. We've suggested unique gap-closers for paladins before in this forum, but it hasn't gone the way we wanted---back around 2008, our idea went to Death Knights as Death Grip, and back around 2011, our idea went to Brewmaster Monks as Clash... Oh, well; time to roll the dice again. Here's another idea for a kind of a gap-closer that I'd like feedback on. It's meant to be uniquely flavored for paladins: Tribunal: Uses the power of the Light to draw out a fragment of the target's soul to stand trial in front of your feet as a Defendant for X seconds. Any damage the paladin does to the Defendant is copied against the target, but the target can defend itself: abilities that the original target uses on you that have range or line-of-sight requirements can be used on you if you are within range or within line-of-sight of the Defendant, and any heals that the Defendant receives are copied to the original target, as well. It's meant to go with the whole "trial" theme that several paladin abilities have had over the years, and it's different from what other classes have. I added those "Defendant can defend itself" caveats partly because I figured that this ability shouldn't be OP, and partly because...well, that's how trials work. Please let me know what you think of this; it's nothing like Charge or Fel Rush, but it helps against enemies who are trying to escape.Longwriter43 Aug 28
Aug 28 Should I play paladin for these reasons? First off, Is the class still fun? Ret Paladin in particular? My first class i ever dinged to max level was paladin in BC 2 weeks before lich came out.... I love the Ret artifact... I like being able to switch to a healing spec when I feel like healing some BG's, and can even tank if my heart desires it... That being said, Is ret what it once was? Last time I played paladin was back when our divine storm was completely and utterly broken (When the spell was first released)... Back then I had a great time running around with good mobility nice heals, oh **** bubbles etc... while still having top notch damage.. Now, even if we arent strong, what I mainly want to know is, are we still fun? and is it a class I can turn into my main? All I am looking for is pure fun , and its one of the few classes that offers a variety of options like druid... For instance I really enjoyed warrior, but its really a melee only class, so If i want to heal a BG, I'd have to play another class...Mákjuice4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Prot Pally Artifact Challenge- Am I ready? Well just hit iLevel 900, I have heard the prot pally artifact challenge is a a real pain. Anyone who has completed it, gear wise do I look like I am in good shape to have a decent chance of succeeding? I know I am still little off stat wise. Any suggestion on where to look at swapping stuff out would be appreciated.Assimar11 Aug 28