Oct 24, 2012 Pally vs Warrior soloing Hi was wondering which class can solo more old raids and dungouns. Also what is the highest content the two class (pally or warrior) can solo up to. ThanksMöngöl0 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Seal of Righteousness I'm hoping Blizzard forgot a zero on the modifier. I was wondering why my aoe damage was so horrible compared to other DPS, and then I looked at the tooltip for this seal. It deals 6% weapon damage to all targets within 8 yards. So basically Seal of Righteousness is MoP's version of Retribution Aura. Why even give us this seal? I seriously do double the dps when I have seal of Truth on rather than Righteousness. This really needs to be ramped up.Retsteel2 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Need Some Help Alright we have currently a 3 healer combo in MV we have the first two bosses down one shot stone guards yesterday and wiped once on the second boss killed it the second time. Were working on the third boss now. we run Resto Shaman - Me Holy Paladin Resto Druid we have dps that are a bit lacking so we 'd like to go to 2 healers on this the raid leader wants to keep the paladin even though he's consistently doing about 25-29K hps and the druid and I are about 35-40K hps average over the course of the fight. My question is i haven't played a holy paladin since Cataclysm and it wasn't very extensive then anyway. what has changed what is the general strategy for you guys how do you handle healing and your stat choices so i can provide some advice and hopefully a little helpShambulaance6 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 5.1 Turn Evil Changes *Turn Evil now also works on Aberrations. So, What are considered as "Aberrations"?, can't find anything related to it. Are Psyfiends and those Priest Things considered Aberrations?, If true, it will be Huge buff for that spell in PvP.Faeria8 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 PvP healing I've recently hit 90 and i'm planning on healing for the first time ever, i was wondering if i should make all my heals mouse over macros? Or should i just target and heal, or does it depend on what i'm doing? if it does depend what should i do for the following? World PvP RBGs/BGs Arenas if you could just list those and put what is best for each it would be much appreciated. Thank You :DMohawkrock2 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Holy Pally mana Regen. Anybody having issues with mana? no matter how i conserve if i try to keep up with other heal class i run outa mana no matter what. Raid healing not heroics.Decìsive8 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Having problems holding threat. I have been playing Prot for a long time now. Since before wrath. I have never really had much problems holding threat as long as people are not being stupid. Now it seems like anyone can just rip threat right off me. Please take a look at my gears/spec/glyphs and tell me if I am doing something wrong. I am very open to constructive criticism. Thanks!Jacyn2 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 power auras help Hello paladins, I have looked for some power auras for paladin. Most of them look to be really old and i haven't found any after MOP launch. I am using some modified ones from some ultimate ret powa thing. What i am not quite sure how to do is how to get my sacred shield talent working. I know, i know, SH is better anyway... BUT i want to know how to set this up regardless. What i want to do is to have a WARNING when SS is 6 seconds or less to fall off. I want something that will pop up on the screen at this time... anyone got any helps pls? Also if you know of any great power aura stuffs for paladins that is more current i would love to look at it thanks.Reliç6 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Ret is horrible. Honestly not trying to troll but damn, have they always been this bad for pve or is this new as of mop? I tore through 85-90 in 2 days on both my DK and my Warrior. My main spec for my pally is holy and I healed to 89. Now, 89-90 is a nightmare as I've been *trying* to quest. No survivability, you get hit like a schoolyard nerd. AoE is nerfed and hardly existent. Heals are meh. I've died more times than I can count to those small packs of scorpians in the dread wastes. The rotation is clumsy, damage output is laughable. It's just horrible.Öutbreak49 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Holy paladin AoE of any sort? O_o Do we not have anything now? I can't shake a rogue for a few seconds by dropping consecration, and I can't aoe stun/dmg Army or pets with Holy Wrath? Can't just jump into a large fray with Holy Wrath then start healing? Knowing a rogue is coming at me and only being able to sit there and take their opening combo is kind of a big deal since that's where they are strongest. Am I missing something here? Totally possible as I'm often a little slow.Brethlorn12 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012 Sacred Shield buffs I'm not sure if posting here will ensure that a blue will read/reply, but I have to give it a shot, and hopefully get some feedback from everyone else as well. From my experience using certain buff addons (ClassTimer) and from what I've read around forums for other addons (like Healbot), the 6-second Sacred Shield buff and the 30-second Sacred Shield buff tend to mess some things up. Has anyone had this issue with any addons? Wouldn't it make sense to rename one of them something unique instead of both buffs having the same name?Askanii4 Oct 24, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Plate Specialization Does not exist. We lose ~600 int in ilvl 470 gear because of it. We can put on any other piece of armor and not lose the 5% int that everyone else would get by using the wrong armor. Also, it's not in any paladin spell book.Lodesia4 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Holy PvP Advice? So I have just reached 90 recently and I have started gearing up to go back to holy (ret was just for leveling) I mainly PvP as holy and although I haven't tried it out all that much yet it has been really fun so far. The only problem I have is with which talents to choose, and so all I'm asking is for you to tell me what combinations of talents you use and why, I don't really care about a guide telling me that Talent X does this much more and you would be an idiot not to use it, because I can see potential in most of the talent choices to go with different play styles. So please comment and add in what talent or talents you find useful and how you use them effectively, and if they include macro's I would be very appreciative if you included them. Thanks in advance.Hurrakane9 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Fix Paladin tier 14 model skin Tier 14 looks like Tier 13 for the chest, gloves and legs fix this blizzard it looks dumb as !@#$Bubblelancer1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 What stats should I want as a healing pally? Some have told me to focus on intel, while other have told me to focus on spirit. I have always healed before on my druid, so this is totally new to me :)Morgos2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Any replacement for Righteous Defense? Just finally coming back... did we just lose Righteous Defense or was it renamed/replaced.Indirect6 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 so am i raid ready???? really need to know if you have any advice i would really appreciate it :-) .....flame if you must...just make it a constructive flame *one does not simply flame a thread*Holyscythe2 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 I need an Inquisition timer! What do you guys use? Anything that will yell at you when it falls off in combat? I'm terrible at watching buffs.Ohgodfleas9 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Emancipate Supposed to remove 1 impairing movement for 9k mana. OK.....which movement impairing effect? I havent found 1 that it works on. Lil Help pleaseEnyö13 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Newb pally questions Stupid question, but going to start a paladin, wanted to know as far as Ret ones what seal should I use for pve? And for pvp?Sikosis1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 @Lobster What talent setup did you use for challenge modes as Ret? Also, why no Klaxxi neck? D:Fenryz7 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Ret Healing is too strong I understand that Ret pvp is problematic atm to say the least but the healing output needs to be re-evaluated. Up the dmg, give them a better slow or even another survivability cooldown, but the endless WoG's are infuriating and absurdly strong. Remember DK's back when they could spam Death Strike and do more healing than actual healers? That's how absurd Ret healing is atm. Yes, i understand it's probably one of the few positives for Ret atm, but come on, even you guys realize it's too strong. Please Dev's don't overlook this or push it off to another patch. Give Ret's what they need to compete, while toning down the heals.Ledenx31 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 How to max sacred shield uptime? I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for how to remind yourself to keep up Sacred Shield. I think a big issue with the spell's competitiveness is that there is a tendency to let it fall off and forget to refresh it immediately. Or, to go the other direction and spam, wasting gcds. I was thinking I could create a power aura for having it up on the tank, but then I'm not sure how it would work if I wanted to put it up on a different target. Maybe I could create a /focus macro to set whomever I cast it on as my focus, and have the power aura keep track of the focus target. That would be a problem if I didn't want to have an arbitrary focus target, though. Has anyone come up with something better?Newfie1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Holy Paladin Musings What are some things you've noted as a Holy Paladin you want to share with us? You never know who might find it useful. I feel like I'm a decent healer in 5 man heroics and raids. I find healing at this moment in MoP much more challenging that in Dragon Soul. I'm currently using a Mastery build and while casts sometimes seem slow I find I don't have to cast as often. Overall though I don't notice much of a difference. I notice a huge difference in how I avoid going oom now that I have a ton of spirit (not in Holy spec right now but if I recall it's almost 8K base whereas it was about 5K or so a few weeks ago). I really find Holy Light to be worthless. It just heals for such a small amount. It's great for healing anyone but the tank so the tank also gets the slight heal but the cast time is so long and the heal so small it's only a topper in my book. I seem to mostly use Holy Shock, Holy Prism, Divine Light and Word of Glory. I don't see much use from my aoe heals as much as I did but maybe it's because I'm not healing 25 man right now. I'll still get tanks that die in certain 5 mans. I think the two I struggle with the most are Shadow Pan and Scarlet Monestary. Sometimes it seems like the tank just loses too much health in the time I can cast a Divine Light or Flash of Light. I suppose that will happen but sometimes I wonder... I do tend to forget about my cooldowns (maybe that's the cause of the above). It seems like when I need it the tank is dropping so fast I tend to tunnel vision on casting heals rather than cooldowns. I need to get better at that. I find when I'm getting lower on mana I need to be able to melee the boss and that really does seem to help but it's also more frantic as I then have to switch targets to heal. I don't use any healing addons. Should I? I just click the party frame on the left and move down and click the spell at the bottom of my screen. This feels really inefficient but I guess I'm used to it. It's hard to watch the action on screen though. Healing on my Disc Priest was easier in Dragon Soul. I haven't tried it yet in MoP. Having to melee for mana seems like a bunch of BS. Back in DS we had to judge. Why? It doesn't seem even, or "fair."Sarvan1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Might vs Kings, let me get this clear again.. So I've been taking might for awhile now but a good guide by another pally ( another forum ) recommended taking kings. Seeing as how a pally in dreadful gladiator fully gemmed has roughly 10k str, kings gives them 200 strength. Now 3k mastery would give us something like 9% increased damage ( as holy ) whenever we CS, TV, HotR, HoW, and DS Seeing as how HotR does !@#$ damage, HoW isnt so high on our priority list even when we do use wings, and DS is a pve ability, you've got CS and TV to look at. So in summary, is 9% increased damage whenever you CS / TV worth the 200 str ( 400 attack power / 200 spell power ) on everything else we do?Hyosun1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Information for level 90 ret paladins Thought I would go over the ret paladin a bit. Some of this is my view, other parts are no brainers. If anyone has stuff to add not counting trolling then go ahead and toss it up. mostly doing this because for the last few days I have been having to reteach paladins how their class works now. Strength and stamina are basic stuff that comes on all ret gear. The main stuff to look for above strength and stamina is Haste, Mastery, and Critical Strike, crit is the less important of those 3 simply because inquisition gives us 10% crit. Haste is important because it reduces the cool of all our primary spells due to a passive talent called Sanctity of battle. Due to this talent the global cooldown of judgments, Crusader strike, hammer of the righteous, Exorcism, and hammer of wrath are reduced. I have close to 10% hast and my crusader strike is down to 4 sec, Judgments 5.47, Exorcism 13.7. Mastery gives us a percent boost to damage of all of our damage dealing abilities, oddly more effective than strength that just increases our attack power. Critical strike: I make this a third choice simply because Inquisition will give 10% to crit when activated so it is nice to find items with crit on it but I still prefer crit paired with the two stats mentioned before. Gear: Early gear I am sure many players starve for hit and expertise, in regards to that if you play a human and use a sword or mace you get 1% expertise. I would not go out of your way to enchant those stats simply because you can cap both of them fairly fast. Pvp you only need around 3% for both because your target is to have lvl 90 at 0% miss and dodge chance. For pvp if you just grab the honor set you will have that needed chance capped off. For pve when you grab your heroic or rep items your hit and expertise will probably be around 8-10% which is around what you need for raid bosses, pretty much blizzard will have stacked those stats on to our gear because we share gear with duel wielding classes that need a lot of hit. Spells there is not much I can say for damage doing other than using Inquisition at 3 stacks of holy power because in order for us to do anything we need it up sadly. Blizzard needs to make it last 1 min at 3 stacks in my opinion because spending holy point on keeping it up does do a dent to out constant damage output. Sadly blizzard has created our class very dependent on buffs to really matter in anything, this makes us rather annoying to play so most people opt out for a different class when it comes to playing a damage class. Flash of light: for a ret paladin it pretty much does nothing at lvl 90 unless it crits, I personally whish blizzard would give ret one big heal spell vs a quick costly spell that heals for !@#$ as a ret. Emancipate I have really gotten to like due to the ability to spam, sad thin though is blizzard also made every class be able to spam their slowing abilities so other than snares you are not going to see any good effect other than for pve. Cleanse: in its current state is a waste of mana with no real effect that other healer and caster classes have much better versions of. Devotion Aura I am not even sure blizzard knew what they were thinking with a 3-minute cool on a spell that lasts 6 sec that cannot be cast if you are already silenced. Divine shield used to be great, now I just see it as either an extra CC break or delaying a death that is soon to come; I tend to use Lay on Hands over it as do many other paladins. Lay on Hands is currently the only heal that is effective for us other than word of glory or Eternal flame. Sadly it is connected to our Divine shield so if we use one we cannot use the other yet the cools are completely different so I do not see the point of doing this anymore. Word of glory and Eternal Flame: are usable with 1 holy power, most effective with 3, this plays off of the Divine Purpose Talent which if you are not using this as a ret paladin then you are definitely doing something wrong. Because of divine purpose I make sure to use these heals even if there is just 1 holy power in hopes of getting the divine purpose proc that will refresh it and have it cast again as a 3 holy power version, plus the proc can happen over and over again sometime up to 10 times in a row. Divine Purpose: is much better for ret simply because it is a passive with no cool that can proc off of any ability that costs holy power to give us another round of that spell that will hit like it has 3 holy power. Divine purpose translates into making Templar’s Verdict, Divine Storm, Inquisition, and word of glory or eternal flame spammable especially if it keeps procing. Seals: Seal of truth and Seal of Justice tend to be the better for pvp and pve unless you are grinding mobs then seal of insight works better because you can heal almost as fast as you take damage. Divine Protection: I am split between the normal and glyphed version because either way it will reduce damage taken for 10 seconds. Sadly I forget to use it half the time because I am distracted with my other spells. Holy prism: I find to be the better of spells for ret because it only has a 20 sec cool, can both heal and do damage either way you cast it, makes a damn good AoE ability for both healing and damage. Light’s Hammer: if you are a ret and have this talent then you should delete your paladin now because it has too long of a cool for how little damage it does and looks more like a prot pally spell for agro. Execution Sentence: I find it needs buff overall, not enough damage and healing for the cool and the fact it takes 10 sec from start to finish. Tested it a few times and still find holy prism is several times better.Luneder28 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Open Libram LI: I Have a Pumpkin On My Head! ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: "Maid" by the Light by Lobster: "Bunny" Chaz by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": ...Or I would have if I'd remembered to check my bank before logging.Grôgnárd500 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Am I Doing it Right?(Protection) I went tank cause my raaid group needed a OT and just started a few days ago but got a tanking set together pretty easy, I mainly do 10m and with the way my schedule has been i don't see myself doing 25m. I am gearing out for Hit/expert capped/master/haste so I figured with that reforging in mind wouldn't it be better to gem mastery?Zetrov3 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Thoughts on ret so far? Now that we've seen several weeks of live raiding including 2 weeks of HMs, what are everyone's thoughts on how ret turned out? I can personally only offer PvE experience as the only pvp I've done so far has been the few 2v2s needed to get the shoulders, but PvP opinions are welcome as well. DPS: It's always a little hard to tell at this point in the expansion where everyone's gear varies so much and where optimization heavily depends on what the crafters on the sever have available, but overall I feel like we're in an "ok" position. Beta BiS sims put us almost dead center middle of the pack, but from what I've seen, me and my co-ret tend to vie for spots in the upper middle section. It feels like a small, 1-5% dps buff wouldn't be completely out of order, but at the same time I don't think it's entirely necessary to keep us as a competitive in raids. Flow of rotation: Absolutely love the feel of the new rotation, but because of how fast things move now, it's starting to create some jarring problems that will probably only worsen as we get more haste: Some abilities, such as hands, heals, and even our T90 talents aren't affected by the haste GCD reduction from SoB, which just makes them feel really weird to use. In the past it wasn't such an issue since we were locked to a 1.5s gcd and had a lot of dead spaces anyway, but with haste scaling fast gameplay that has fewer and fewer empty gcds, these spells are getting increasingly more noticeable. Maybe I'm just crazy and this really isn't an issue, but it's just something that I've noticed since the expansion launched. EDIT: GCD on heals/lv 90 talents were just in my imagination, hand spells still annoying though. As a side note, does anyone else think that having DS be a DPS increase at 2 enemies while HoTR not being a DPS increase until 4 is kind of weird? I'm not sure whether I like it or not, I guess that gives us a cleave when we need a cleave and AoE when we need AoE, but it still feels off to have that gray area at 2-3 targets where you want to be using all single target abilities except for an AoE as a finisher. Utility: Even if our DPS isn't at the top, we bring some really nice utility. Every ret brings 2 tank CDs, a raid CD, a threat reducer for start of expansion tank threat issues, and reasonable off heals when you really need it and can be creative with it. (For instance, I use LoH or cookie + SH FoL for spirit realm on Garajal so healers have one less person to split their heals on) Talents/glyphs 1. I should probably be adventurous and try more of these out, but I've pretty much just been defaulting to PoJ, I like the passive speed increase and haven't found a fight yet where I thought I'd get a significant benefit from one of the other 2. I did use LAoTL for Elegon since it seemed most movement was back and forth between 2 targets, but it wasn't hugely different from using PoJ. I feel like SoL is just going to be one of those talents where it's only going to come up on specific fights where it's OP, but I think that's ok. 2. Been defaulting to FoJ since it's most useful for questing, but really will just depend on fight mechanics. Need a slow? Use BoG. Need to stun things? Use FoJ. Need to CC something? Use Rep. Simple, but ok. 3. Don't really like any of them, they all feel kind of awkward to use in most situations. I think the 1st 2 are ok and each at least have their place, but the worst one atm is SS, because it's a maintenance buff, and the gcd, and the 6s activation, and the fact that the absorb really isn't going to save you, just save healers a bit of mana over time, just makes it feel kind of crappy, and there are plenty of fights where I forget to use it entirely. I've found use for it in 5 mans where bad healer died, but the other 2 options probably would have worked just as well for those purposes. 4. All have uses, US and Clem seem like general winners with HoP for specific fights with DoT damage. Nice mix of versatility based on fight and personal choice. 5. I think they should have gone for a slightly different theme for this tier. Currently it seems to be "things that generate extra HP over the fight." The problem is, it's currently split between 2 CDs and something that smooths out your rotation. I really don't like the feeling of giving up DP for either of the other talents really. I don't like the idea of making the rest of my rotation bland for 18-30s of power every 2/3m. Also the fact that one of the CD talents is directly boosted by our set bonus means it's going to end up being the obvious choice, meaning at that point it wont even really be an option to pick DP for a better rotation. I'd like to see them make DP baseline, (either it or our overall damage would have to be adjusted to compensate for the effective buff this would be) then replace it's spot with some other neat cooldown. Maybe something that specifically buffs our AoE abilities like : xm CD, xs Durration, increases the damage dealt by HoTR and DS (And possibly glyph of exo) by X%. Or something more interesting than that, but you get the idea. Some ability that solidifies the idea that this tier is all about picking the right CD for the job rather than making a choice between sustained and 2 extra burst options that don't have well defined roles to begin with. (Not to mention the fact that they're all within a few %s of each other anyway, so it's not even really a choice of that.) 6. Cool effects, EDIT: old thoughts based on old inaccurate info. Glyphs: I've found a use for a lot of them somewhere or another. Overall, there are a few tweaks that could be made, but I like the new ret.Darthelmet4 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Stupid question time! -Ret Edition Can't decide between using Hatred's Vise or Ghostheart. My DPS seems virtually the same with both, and I remember reading somewhere that Agi is only slightly less useful than Str on ret... Opinions/flaming/proof supporting either side?Hongkongfury1 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012 Been wanting to try Holy Paladin! And i was just curious how holy is at endgame healing. Is it good? Is it viable? Will I have fun healing randoms? :D Any posts and replies would be much appreciated! Thx ^_^Liufang4 Oct 23, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Brace Yourselves Anyone see all the amazing changes headed toward Paladins next patch?Barbadös9 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Why inquisition is just terrible gameplay 20% of Retribution's cooldowns are spent just to keep a low duration, extremely important buff up. In the 4 global cooldowns I'm spending to put inquisition up, other classes are already putting me at half health. Crusader Strike does low damage, Judgement does low damage, Exorcism does decent damage. My one hard hitting ability doesn't come into play until at the very least my 8th global cooldown. I don't rez with any holy power to put up inquisition before heading out into battle, and even if I did it would be wearing off as I got there. I really wish Blizzard had listened at all during beta to the glyph feedback. I'm interested to know now what the % of lvl 90 paladins using the glyph that hands down handicaps damage out paladins, so that after they spend 4 globals on applying such an important buff, it reduces to required globals to 10%. The double investment of getting to be able to hit hard is too high. I'm sure that if I was able to stay alive long enough to chain inquisitions together it would be much more effective, and i would almost get to that awesome only 20% mark, but as it is, it's probably more at about 50%. I hardly ever live long enough to get off a Templar's Verdict with inquisition up. Spending 20% of global cooldowns just to keep a buff active isn't "deep, rewarding gameplay", it's just stupid, annoying, and restrictive. I want to spend my global cooldowns and holy power actually doing something, not standing around maintaining dps. Isn't this the entire reason Hunger for Blood was removed from the game altogether? I played a rogue when HfB was around, and it was nowhere near as retarded as the inquisition design is. Is spending so much time just to keep a buff that is such a big % of our dps up really what you consider good gameplay design, because to me it's just annoying and makes me not want to play my original class once again. The paladin gameplay from the beginning of Wrath was the best it's ever been, and you just completely trashed it by giving us a 2nd resource, everything you have in holy power could have just as easily been done with a mana bar. You just continue to complicate the game for the sake of complicating it, without the blizzard trademark "deep gameplay design that's easy and simple to understand, yet complex to master". It's just becoming more complex for the sake of complexity. At least feral druid's retarded savage roar buff can be applied without combo points....Vodius101 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Holy Paladin Discrepancy I play Holy Paladin. I notice with the Panda Xpac Blizzard made an effort to make it possible for Holy Paladins to perform (at least marginally) in the dps role (glyph of holy shock, glyph of harsh word, glyph of word of glory, etc) which initially made me very excited to be playing Holy Paladin. I also recognized that approximately a week after Panda released the damage of Holy Paladins was significantly nerfed to the point that dps is out of the questions and the glyphs seem pointless (I can spend an entire BG doing nothing but denounce, holy shock and harsh word and end up last to second to last on damage done even under other healers who actually spent their time healing). This seems to have created a discrepancy to the extent that the description in Holy Shock says it does over twice as much damage as it actually does. Not to mention effort wasted on blizzards part in making those glyphs available. Are there plans to reconcile this discrepancy?Pallymcfly20 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Holy: Haste & Mastery I've seen many posts extolling the virtues of mastery over haste for MoP. In Cata Mastery was described by many to be favorable only in the 25 man raids. Does that stand in MoP, or is Mastery preferred in both 10 & 25 man raids? Currently my Holy spec is Haste > Mastery, but that's largely because I haven't reforged any of my raid gear from Cata (I level in this ret spec but intend to raid as Holy). ThanksLohengrin4 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 How are Paladin's I have not played my paladin and took a break from the game at level 70. I had a great time with the class before Mop hit and only played with ret spec. I do have a mage or a warlock but always liked the ability to heal and dps. Thanks for any info. Oh and what i care about more then dps and numbers is fun factor of a class. Can a skilled Paladin do decent in pvp?Hellbovine5 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Ret need some work. Ret haves crazy burst atm and better sustained dps then cata, however we are still pretty much useless without are cooldowns.Very cc prone(cds or not)this is a really big issue scene are burst window is 15-20 seconds. I can just about global someone from 100%-0% in a fist of justice its crazy. This burst easily negated tho by most classes and there is not much we can do about it shockwave fear disarm, getting feared 2-3 times then a mortal coil, or a priest getting a good 6 sec fear off and having to run back really sucks. We only have a trinket and bubble to get out are heals are not what they used to be % wise so we have to pretty much save it for when we get low. Not having sacred shield to save are butts anymore is another reason to save it. I know you guys wanted to make it a tough choice between talents but not having repentance really sucks focus repent on the healer won me so many games last season.The only cc's most rets have right now is fist of justice and blinding light its only 2. healers can heal from up to 40yrds away making blinding light ineffective when it comes down to that crucial part in arena where a player is low and u need to cc the healer to get that Kb. in conclusion ret feels sluggish low cc very high burst but cc prone low pressure with no cooldowns and self healing is not what it used to . How many of you other rets feel the same way.Móóimatauren12 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Help me ret better on Elegon and beyond Hello Paladin forums! I have spent a lot of time trying to get things in order to be a better ret paladin but it just seems like I am underpeforming by a significant degree. As my guild is working through elegon and its dps-race-esque qualities I find it necessary to do better than I presently am. I understand that my gear is lacking whatwith the availability of pvp gear at 483, but have started a team so hopefully I can start accumulating that. However my ilevel is still 473 and up until phase 4 I believe I should be able to do more than 75-80k. Here is a link to a log with my best showing over our raid last night where we wiped upon reaching phase 4. My cd usage with execution sentence and trinkets seems abysmal so I was wondering if anyone could outline where they would use cds, or if just hitting them as soon as they are up is a valid idea. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot :).Bubblezorz1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Going Prot-Holy - How slow will I kill? I'm primary spec'd Prot for PVE and secondary spec Ret PVP. However im aware that although Ret does have some good burst its outclassed by other classes in RBG's that are able to perform what Ret can do. This isnt a matter of whats not fun and fun. I find both holy and ret very fun. However I guess my main issue is that when I do dailies, or quests, when the situation rises and I feel that Prot AOE tanking multiple mobs ( which can be quite dangerous with CRZ and being in a PVP server! ) is not as effecient I switch to Ret to get certain quests done faster. However when I do change to Holy im afraid that every form of PVE i do outside of groups will be insanely slow. How is Holy when it comes to single target questing? I'd just like to know before I jump the gun and spend time farming pieces. Ever since BC I always had Ret as an offspec so I never came across this issue. TL;DR - How slow is Holy pve/questing?Aeminence7 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 On use trink or auto - PVP RET So I tried out both of the pvp trinkets that grant you Str whether it be on use or on an ICD. I hear people say "get the on use one for controlled burst" Well it has a 2 minute cooldown, which to me (in bgs and eventually RBGs) is good, BUT at the same time, the other trink (on proc chance one) only has a ICD of 1 minute. It lasts 20 seconds. So really it seems like it is up quite often. Now it only has a 15% proc chance but I never see it take more than 5 seconds to pop up under my buffs. What are some of your opinions on which trinket is better? Does it depend on your playstyle? do you like not having to worry about another button to push?Hêarthledger3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 What UI mods do you use? (Ret Paladin) Hey folks, I just switched to ret from holy, and I'm wondering what UI you find most beneficial (both PvE and PvP). Right now I'm just use a ghetto rigged Power Auras, but I would like something a little more fancy, especially for maintaining Inquisition.Vatikus4 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Holy Transmog Are there any sets that you really like? I am currently using Immolation set (firelands) it gives me that healer look, but I was wondering, are there any recolors of this set? Or how about another set that makes gives us that healer look?Lodesia16 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 How to beat shadow priests? Seems no matter what I do they have a counter for everything :( Is fear is ridiculously OP or do I need to just L2p?Vathius3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Am I doing Retribution Paladin wrong? First thread, (be gentle) Tried a bunch of classes, enjoying Paladin. Played other MMO's, so I tried to troubleshoot on my own. I went Ret Paladin once I hit 10, stayed there till 20. Only two abilities abilities that I see that generate Holy Power is Crusader Strike, and Hammer of the Righteous. But they are on the same timer/cooldown, so you cant use them together. under core abilities for Retribution, it says that Judment also raises Holy Power but that isnt the case. (abilities/core abilities/Retribution) This is the only place it says it generates HP So because I have to wait for one ability to recycle (Crusader Strike) I am never able to launch Templars Verdict (which is kinda important at low level as it does the most damage. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, because when I respeced and went Holy Paladin, I am doing TWICE the DPS (with JUST the casts) that I did as a Ret Paladin. I would greatly appreciate any help/advice/opinions on the matter.Eikou6 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Macroing SotR Hey, since Shield of the Righteous is off the GCD is it ok to macro it to all/most of our abilities so we never have to press it? Or is there ever a reason to pool some of our Holy Power for a couple of back to back SotR's. I can't think of a reason to pool it and it would be convenient to just macro it into our other abilities so it's not an extra button press. Let me know. Thanks.Testforecho3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Prot Pally Addons Just wondering, is there a good addon to track Sacred Shield and our Weakened Blows debuff on the target? I'm getting back into playing my pally and I find that those 2 things seem to not be easy for me to keep track of while I'm trying to relearn my rotation on top of it. I also was trying CLCPROT and I don't really like it because it's a bit much on my screen lol, I just want to track the debuffs. Any suggestions?Booter9 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Eternal Flame HoT I am really curious as to how effective the HoT on Eternal Flame really is. Seems like I am spamming it so much that it does not have enough time to really work. I could be wrong, but it almost seems like I would be better off going with Selfless Healer even as a tank.Anduilin5 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Exorcism and Holy Shock could use an update Anyone else think the graphics for Holy Shock and Exorcism are pretty lame? I mean all they do is a little flash of light on the enemy and that's it. Holy shock is the signature Holy ability. Shouldn't it look flashy? I mean why not give Holy shock a graphic like chain heal? the golden beam of light or something.Kylethetrue4 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Ret doen't make sense .. to me I have tried it so many times and my dps/survivability is crap. I only pull about 11k dps with a ilvl 410 ish set. I try to keep inqisition? up on trash. Worth it? I pull 11-14k holy, and if I pull 4-6 mobs then prot dps is good too. Any advice. I think I just don't understand itBoß14 Oct 22, 2012