Nov 6, 2012 If ur a holy paladin this thread is for you. How come we have plate dps spell boots and stuff with no spirit on it, From what i recall us holy paladins or warriors / DK and Ret paladins do not need str8 Intellect gear, How come blizzard is putting "Spell dps" plate boots for us when we need spirit as a paladin, its almost not worth getting Valor items, Maybe I'm playing my class wrong but last time i checked i thought spirit was good. I hate having to reforge my items to get as much spirit as i can out of haste or mastery they put on it, ( ( Ect. Ect. Any responses?Suicidè17 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Holy numbers I am starting raiding next weekend. I have been raiding on this toon since Firelands. I understand the general "rotation" of being a Holy pally. - Use LoD and HR for AoE and throw down Light's Hammer (I took it cause I feel pally AE is lacking). - Don't use FoL unless it's an absolute emergency. - Spam HL and only use DL if you need a major heal (I could spam DL in my raids, but now that I am in crappy gear again, this isn't an option until I get better gear) - HS on cooldown, always use HS after casting HR - Keep EF up on targets when I have three HP (I always try to aim for three, though I do cast on two if I feel it's needed. - Use LoD if AE healing is needed instead of EF - I took Holy Avenger instead of Divine Purpose, but I might switch this My HPS in this not-so-good gear is only 25k HPS on average. I can make the numbers go to 30k if I pop CD's and the like. My raid lead is informing me I need to be at least 40k, but preferably 50k+ or we won't even down first boss. I am being compared to a Disc Priest and a Resto druid if that means anything (which I feel it should). I do have mana issues, but that's mostly a gear problem I am working on as quickly as I can. Anyway, advice as to how I can achieve this seemingly impossible number? If I try to do any more, I go OOM pretty damn fast. Pretty much at a loss as to what to do. EDIT: Also, melee. Should I be doing this to get mana back?Kardwel9 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 My Inquisition Change. This is my personal change to the mechanics of Inquisition. We all know a lot of people are lazy. We all know Inq is boring even if you aren't lazy. Since Shaman and DK's get weapon enchants Paladins could get one, too. So here we go. Inquisition is now a weapon enchant or passive buff. Holy: All spell casting is increased by 10%. Holy Shock has a chance to reset it's cooldown when it is a critical. *Remove the haste buff from Seal of Light. Prot: Judgement's chance to critically strike is increased by 15%. When ever a Judgement critical strikes your next Holy Wrath or Consecrate does 8% more damage. Ret: Your critical strike chance is increased by 25% with attacks that increase your Holy Power. When ever your Exorcism critically strikes it does 40% of that damage over 6 secs. Now to replace those 1-3 HP you were using every 30 seconds. Holy Strike 1-3 Holy Power A divine strike of Holy damage that does 75%, 100%, 155% of your spell power. Increases all Holy damage you do by 20% for 7, 14, 20 secs after a successful Holy Strike. 12 Sec Cooldown. Sheath of Light should still work like this.Meladee37 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Help, I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE SUGGESTIONS Look; I know AskMrRobot sucks. Still I used it because I can't find anywhere else to go, and it was giving me uncomfortable gem suggestions. Like Expertise/Hit gems to match socket bonuses. I get it; I have like 6.15% hit but with my racial that's 7.15%, and I have 4.XX% expertise. I'm not capped.. But I remember in WLK when I gemmed Straight strength in every socket and ripped the DPS charts in Ulduar no problems and wasn't hit or expertise capped. We crushed that raid, for what little I got to experience before real life/school/being in a dorm with no internet happened. It's telling me to go straight 360 haste in my yellow sockets and all this weird stuff. I reforged all my crit into Hit/Expertise to get as much as I could; and I -guess- I will gem for it too if I must but something inside is resisting like a mothersucker. Can anyone help me figure out what shinies to put in my gear sockets and if my reforge is right? Halp! D:Adainaal9 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 What res? Am i the only one who feels like when i'm fighting a melee class i'm being hit like i'm wearing no armor at all, let alone full pvp gear to some extent?Toonchi1 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Prot stat priority I haven't really played my prot pally since 5.0.4 came out. What were the changes to stat priority? I was noticing that it was a bit harder to keep threat so I put myself to 7.5% for expertise/hit. Is this a good thing to do now? I didn't need to be hit capped before. Also - do parry and dodge still have different diminishing returns?Kirisa11 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 when will ret be fixed.... now ive always been a fan of retribution paladins. dont get me wrong i do think my burst is always a little overpowered or over the top. but that seems to be the ONLY time i can do efficient damage..when is blizzard gonna fix us? now every class can heal as much as me or close or get away or cc..and they can do ALOT more damage without thier basic cooldowns. now i do some damage but without cooldowns i just seem downright worthless..blizzard had fixed us before the end of cataclysm where we even stood a chance without cooldowns now we suck again without them. plz blizzard look into this and fix our damage.Archlucifer52 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Is a paladin a good class to play? Are they? I keep on hearing people saying that holy paladin's can 3-hit kill someone. And I want to 3- hit kill someone.Warregory6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Darkmoon Card and LoD Ok I am sure we have all seen that the Christmas lights have come a bit early this season. At first I was like, oh wow that's funny har har har. But now I'm like, ok enough is enough, it needs to be fixed! But, you know Blizzard, this Trinket could be irrelevant by the time they "worry" about it, despite the fact that it has potential to wipe Raids and cancelaura macro'ing the proc off is highly inconvenient. Which brings me to my question. Is there ANY way to lower the burst of eye searing flash? Possibly in my Video settings? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!Codez3 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 bug report on glyph of the battle healer Can you fix seal of insight with glyph of the battle healer, sometimes this won't even heal my teammates that take damage and alot of times it will choose to heal a pet over a player. either way i tested this out on a target dummy and invited a priest to take fall damage and it did'nt even heal him at all or anyone around him. i've notice it bugs out sometimes (also in bg's, and yes i made sure seal of insight was active.), i really like this glyph and would like it to work properly thx.Avrand6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 T13 + T14 (normal) are the same models Dear blizzard... thank you for being lazy, during beta i just assumed you hadn't got around to pally tier... i was wrong... let me just transmog last expansion's tier and i'll look like a decked pally... Lets get this straight... i don't mind re-hash's... i dont mind using the same model... but two tiers in a row... why dont you at least make it look like Tier 1 or 2, as they're a !@#$% to farm for transmog because the loot table is so huge. (on that note: you should have a "Transmog mode" so you can go into old instances and they wont drop trinkets, necks and rings!) Also, i don't really think the normal mode shoulders match the rest of the set, they're too dark, can you either lighten them up, or tint the rest of the set. kthnx.Cammz7 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Light's Hammer feels like a forced choice Some of you have probably noticed, I've been crusading for Blizzard to give Holy paladins some kind of viable AoE damage. There's loads of ways they can: make Consecration and/or Holy Wrath available to Holy again, make Holy Radiance castable on enemies, add a new AoE damage spell, link Denounce up to Seals so that it deals AoE damage when SoR is active---the list goes on. I'm actually surprised they let MoP go live when Holy had no AoE. I've been hoping that Blizzard would release a patch a few weeks after launch to fix minor bugs, like Mantid turning around away from me when they case Caustic Spray, the lime-green floors on the minimap in the Temple of the Ox, or little things like that. And I've been hoping that, when they release this minor-bug-fix patch, they also slip in a change that gives Holy back Consecration or Holy Wrath. Indeed, I've been reporting every bug I see, and when I do, if there are characters left over in the bug-report window, I slip in a note telling the devs that the holy paladin leveling experience is severely hurt by the Holy paladin lack of AoE damage. And I usually use that wording. (Admitting this here is a gambit, mind: if a blue poster comes in and yells at me for using their bug-report feature in a way they "didn't intend" without actually coming out and telling us what Blizzard thinks of this issue, they'll be looking like jerks. Ha.) But the minor fix patch hasn't come, and neither has any AoE for Holy. And while I've been saying that having no AoE has hurt the leveling experience (and it has), it's also hurting the solo play experience at level 90. Grinding materials to get your professions maxed out is another part of the soloing experience in WoW, and to do that, you really need AoE damage. And the only AoE damage I have as a level 90 holy paladin are Seal of Rigtheousness (which is only good for tagging enemies) and Light's Hammer, ergo I'm pretty much forced into choosing Light's Hammer for solo play. The idea behind talents is that they're supposed to be playstyle choices, and if I had some other form of AoE (I've particularly got my eye on the Denounce + Seals idea I have above), then I'd be able to choose Holy Prism or Execution Sentence, instead, and I think I might like those choices better---if I can call them "choices", at this point. So really, this lack of AoE damage is hurting just about everything. And they've released a bunch of patch notes for patch 5.1, with no mention of correcting this problem for Holy. Here's hoping they announce something soon; I'd hate to think Blizzard is turning a blind eye to this problem.Longwriter16 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Retribution Dreadful Health? Just curious, I have the full dreadful set along with the t1 weapon, yet I feel my health is low. I am sitting at 329khp and I feel like I'm lacking compared to my Warrior and DK. My resil sits at 60% and PvP Power is at 40%. Is there anything wrong with my gear currently? or anything I should be worried about?Ais2 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Damage Increase Hello, I am new to wow and leveling up my first toon. He's a Human Holy Paladin, and when I hit level 58 earlier today, my damage dealing seems to have doubled. i saw damage increases incrementally as I leveled, but the difference between level 57 and 58 seems huge. I was just wondering if this is normal? Not that I'm complaining! Thanks for any replies.Chimi2 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 So I hear Ret is pretty bad in PvE but....... How are we in PvP? I was never a fan of PvE melee unless Im tanking (Which i love) so i dont care too much about ret PvE. How are we in PvP? Still bad? :(Mçßeefy29 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Id like to see hands or wog have a lower GCD i don't think it would be overpowered. I find sometimes i focus to much on doing damage that i cant support my team in bgs/arena. The opposite sometimes happens for me too and i feel like i'm not putting out enough dps. When my cooldowns are popped, i like to be able to put out as much dps as i can. it frustrates me when i'm spending full GCDs casting sacrifice/freedom/wog. I think it would be great and not overpowered to see the GCD for hand spells reduced, maybe cut in half. I could see this really benefitting Hand of Sacrifice (for me anyway), as i find i always want to use it, but i just don't see it worth the GCD, because i will probably replace it with a protection or a freedom soon after. Overall i'd like to see ret pvp as a decent dps, with strong heals from wog and support from hands. I feel like it's very close to being there, and still alot of fun, but the GCD from wog and hands is sometimes limiting me in going into only one of a support, or a dps role. wondered what you guys thought about this? I know my ratings are low, still think this is a valid point that could be argued.Garnaw2 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Ret is missing something There is always a 2 second gap in my rotation where everything is on the GCD & I use the suggested rotation from Noxxic.Draconova7 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 "Free cleave damage is bad" Remember when Blizzard justified removing divine storm from the single target rotation because paladins had too much "free" cleave damage? It's a good thing they still care about that promise, otherwise we'd have things like Frost DKs passively cleaving just by using howling blast (part of their single target rotation) Hunters cleaving with glaive as part of their single target rotation Mages cleaving with talent tier 5 (nether tempest etc.) in their single target rotation Enh shamans applying flame shock to a second target automatically in their rotation Windwalkers hitting extra targets with fists of fury in their single target rotation etc. Phew, good thing all those things were never added and ret still has no free cleaving!Aristeia17 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Why can paladins heal themselves without Withouth having to click on their Icon to heal themselves.Pallysrus6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 How is holy pvp atm? In terms of survivability, healing and a general scaling to other healing classes?Lental8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Question with Holy Talents (Tier 3) Selfless Healer vs Sacred Shield vs Eternal Flame. I've heard most choose either SS or EF. The former for a "bubble" of sorts (to play like Disc Priests I guess?), and the latter for an extra HoT with their WoG. Then again, considering that we get close to enemies and we can heal with Focus and the like, I thought about using Selfless Healer; especially with the Glyph of Flash of Light to improve our healing. Eternal Flame still feels like the winner (especially since at least the initial heal can be used with Protector of the Innocent Glyph), but I'd like to ask for opinions from others on this before I make a solid decision. This is mostly in regards to PvE, but I might as well ask for future PvP reference too when I feel like playing Holy instead of Ret.Bassm7 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 My issues since MoP started I don't think I've been doing anything wrong (but I could be and not realize it), but I've noticed some things while leveling til 90 on my pally: 1. I'm taking waaaaay more damage than I should be. 1 mob I lose about 1/4 of my health - no biggie. 2-3 mobs I'm dragged way down to the point I'm dead or almost dead even after using my Flash of Light (both procced and non-procced). It's like I'm wearing cloth or no armor whatsoever. 2. Damage output is sucking bad - especially in AoE. Glyphed WoG is not providing the damage output it should (just from looking at mobs health when I use it with 3 HP I can see very little damage being done) is at a point I'm ready to change out that glyph. With the issue of #1, I've noticed this in areas where you can't help but pull 2-3 mobs at once no matter what (the mantids in Townlong Steppes and in Dread Wastes are the 2 main problem). Anyone else notice this or am I just a bad pally - which I don't think I am as I've been playing one for a while now.Hammahtime21 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Begginner Pally help plz So, I finally hit 90 on my rogue, and while i still love him as my first and only character, I really need a new class. I really don't have a RDPS mindset and warriors got the whole flavor of the month thing going. I got my heirlooms except for the weapon. I want to know if I should go prot or ret for more PVP viability. And, any knowledge/tips/videos of advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much.Dench3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Help a noob out, will ya? So if you take a look at my gear, you might giggle a bit. I know, it's horribad. But that's just because this is my first attempt at learning Ret, coming from holy [: So, this gear isn't serious business. My arena partner bought it for me so I can simply start learning the spec, but here is one thing I'm wondering. (You're gonna lol) I'm not sure what type of weapon I should be using, since I've always used a shield and mace. Should I be using a two handed sword, mace, or axe? Ty for the help {:Màevina6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Does Eternal Flame HoT scale? Does the HoT from EF also scale with the holy power spent to cast as well as the instant heal? Because I have noticed that I have varying ticks from EF that range from 1-4k all non crits, I will look at the buff and it always says "502 healing per 2.88 seconds" and that person has 1k ticks, then I will look at say the tank, the buff reads the same but they are ticking for 4k in the same time period? And if it does that brings me to my second point, does that mean that if I heal someone with a 3 charge EF then heal them later with a 2 charge EF does the refreshed buff get weaker? Thanks for any info on thisHurrakane3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 new to ret pally-ing I have a pally which I've always enjoyed healing with, but I'd rather level as ret than holy. So I went ret, got some ret gearz and did the starter quests for MoP. I didn't have trouble killing anything - certainly a lot faster than holy, and health wasn't an issue at all, between the occasional WoG, and occasional Flash, I was never in any trouble. The thing is that I feel like I'm missing A LOT on how to ret. Judge -> Crusader Strike -> ??? -> ??? -> Judge -> Crusader Strike -> Inquisition-> hey, look, templar's verdict (and divine storm and inquisition) are all lit up, yay! -> Templar's Verdict -> Templar's Verdict -> Judge -> Crusader Strike -> ??? -> ??? -> &c. &c. So, my question is what's ??? Nothing's lit up, I have one holy power, and it seems like there's nothing I can do except wait for crusader strike & judgement to come off cd.Williame5 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Ret 4pc nerf 65 Secs off as compared to 85...I heard this will be a 23% HA>SW now? My main concern i guess is how well will ret perform later on, IE in t14 now as compared to before? Did we just drop from middle of the pack to high low end of the pack? :\.. PS GC im starting to think you never removed the hybrid tax on us rets :(Sheephappens14 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Ret PVP is fine. It sucks giant balls until you are able to get some gear. After that point it feels quite balanced to me. This is in the context of random BG's only. I havent played any RBG's this xpac yet. Just wanted to give my opinion on all the "qq ret sucks threads" . And i was right there with you for the first few weeks, dont get me wrong. So this is basically just to let all the new guys struggling with Ret, that it does get exponentially better with gear.Gorjax43 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Holy PVP w/4 piece ret anyone doing it? How is it working out for you?Maxsteiner6 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Dwarf Paladin Mount's a little bit overdue by now right? Instead of a ram....I'm feeling a sick decked out armored bear. MMMMM sexy.Pallygraph8 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Open Libram LIII: The Righteous Retreat ... Previous Libram: Libram Archive: Paladin Social Networking: My Little Ponydins by Lobster: "Maid" by the Light by Lobster: "Bunny" Chaz by Lobster: Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash": Stealing the Libram, just cause.Paladinchaz500 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 execution sentence not so good so iv'e been testing holy prism and execution sentence and just for a 1min cd thats suppose to be a heavy damage burst towards the end turns out to be just as much if not less compared to holy prism besides the dot damage of execution sentence. i done this for awhile testing both out, getting 60-80k crits with holy prism instant cast and being able to use holy pirsm more better with my burst moves unlike execution sentence, not to metion a big falling hammer coming from the sky is pretty obvious it's a burst on them, i think execution sentence should always be a 100% crit chance towards the end just like dragon roar, since execution sentence is a longer cd than holy prism, it's also obvious and takes longer to set up your burst, either way kinda disappointed with this ability that should sum up to more damage towards the final burst.Avrand1 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 ret spriest vs disc priest ret so on a happy note today was my first day of arena. Holy !@#$ this is fun. When you're a noob and all this stuff is going on it's like running through traffic surrounded by naked women. I can't think. I digress... despite the talk at how disc priests are not so good they are way tankier than I thought. We had a bit more success going on the ret but not without me going super low. Is there a particular strategy or simple-as-hell cc chain we could go back to again and again so that we can train one guy? Or strats in general with the comp.Hyosun0 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Wotlk holy pally vs MoP holy pally Which do you think is beter, and a overall stronger healer. I personaly believe Wotlk pally was I was probably one of the only pallys back then that used flash of light as my main healing move back then. I used to beable to place sacred shield on the tank then flash of light him and the sacred shield would make it double heal. Also holy shock would add tons of haste to my next flash of light. That move was cheap cheap back then and my mana pool would last forever. Whats odd is i feel like flash of light now heals for just as much as back then but its so much more expensive now.Seraphím26 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 execution sentence not so good so i've been testing holy prism and execution sentence out, and just for a 1min cd thats suppose to be a heavy damage burst towards the end turns out to be just as much if not less compared to holy prism besides the dot damage of execution sentence. I've done this for awhile testing both out, getting 60-80k crits with holy prism instant cast and being able to use holy pirsm much more better with my burst moves unlike execution sentence, not to metion a big falling hammer coming from the sky is pretty obvious it's a burst, I think execution sentence should always be a 100% crit chance towards the end just like dragon roar, since execution sentence is a longer cd than holy prism, it's also obvious and takes longer to set up your burst, either way kinda disappointed with this ability that should sum up to more damage towards the final burst. either way i'm wandering if i could get some info about these two since i still see some pallys using this in bg's or if they're doing the same as me testing execution sentence out.Avrand0 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 PvP Holy Pally - PvP Power or Int? This is a pretty straightforward question: Should I use my Relic of Chi Ji or my Badge of Dominance? I've tried testing it out but I don't really see that much of a difference either way.Tibli2 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Is Shockadin still feasible or no? Hello All - I'd heard early in MoP that a shockadin spec was again viable even for PvE. I'm just now getting around to messing around w/ it just for fun, and from what I can tell it's been nerfed somewhat. I was just wondering if anyone is still doing it and just how nerfed it is? Should I even bother? Thanks for any info; have a good one.Hieron9 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Hammer of the Righteous should be baseline The main reason HotR should be baseline is to give Holy an AOE attack. That's about it really... Thoughts?Gabath2 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Hammer of the Righteous...when? Totally newb pally. When should I be using Hammer of the Righteous? (PvE and PvP)Luvok7 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 PvP Ret - 1h and Shield, which ones? Do I use healing 1h and shield or strength ones? I recall from Lich King that most rets used the healing stuff because they would try to proc art of war with the faster swing speed and heal themselves with slightly buffed flash of lights from the SP. Now healing weapons have less swing damage and I feel like ret's heals don't benefit nearly as much from SP as they used to. So is it better to use strength 1h and shield when going defensive?Lazah34 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 It doesn't make sense that we have to... Kite every melee class in the game 1v1 (except Enhancement Shaman). Can't really kite a Feral Druid so forget that. That said, that means there is something wrong with Ret if that is the case. You can not really kite other melee in arenas or rbgs, and since we don't have any physical protection so to say (don't even give me that plate BS), other melee just dish out so much damage to us. Warriors can parry every attack while they have Retaliation popped. So you have to time your "stun" right to do damage to them which is highly unlikely because they have a dispeller. I love how Warriors can crit me for 120 - 130k with heroic strike and I'm in Full PvP gear, While I hit them back for baby arm damage.Iziren15 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Ret Spell Request: Holy Bomb Ok, hear me out. This would be for Ret Paladins: Holy Bomb: Creates an holy dome with a 10 yard radius around the Paladin for 5 seconds. Enemy Heals into the dome are split between between the Paladin and his allies. 3 min cooldown. Instant. Differences from smokebomb: - Enemies can still target the Paladin and his allies. This would only effect healing. Thoughts?Jonhenry6 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 4, 2012 Hit Cap not really cap If hit cap is supposed to be 7.5% why is my prot paladin missing occasionally on white damage and holy damage when I am at 7.52% hit and 11.79% Expertise? I shouldn't be missing at all against the boss but I see I missed a little under 1% of the time against the raid boss. A case of the tool tip not lining up with reality?Redpriest10 Nov 4, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Buff retribution paladins. Seriously. Me at level 88 was able to faceroll a lvl90 ,lvl89, and two lvl86 paladins without barely getting touched. I felt kinda bad for hurting the guys ego that I let the guy hit me a couple times and kill me.Kazmius46 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Garalon Pheromones & Blessing of Protection If you BoP'd someone who had pheromones if it would cause the boss to deaggro? I am wondering because the aggro is technically from the pheromone debuff that the BoP would not remove. Apologies if there is some mechanic I am not taking account for! Thank you.Jovana2 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Question regarding Holy PvP trinket Hello, I recently leveled my alchemy to max and got the Zen Alchemist Stone trinket ( and was wondering if this would be a good trinket to replace one of the PvP trinkets? The proc rate seems rather consistent and increased intellect is always nice but the fact that I would lose alot of PvP power and Resil from the PvP trinket makes me iffy. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance.Suprrpoopr0 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Valor Point spendage I have the rep/coin for GL shoulders but someone on here once advised me to go for the malevolent shoulders? Tough time deciding as they are the only thing I can not upgrade in MSV... Pointers? thankyouAbcremix2 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Nothing to see here, Just an undergeared Ret Heres a PvP video of what I can do even as Undergeared as I am. I love ret this Xpac. Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Expertise or hit rating? Which stats are more important for a ret , pvp?Pallysrus1 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Gear Design Question I thought I read from blizzard a while back that they were thinking about making gear that changed with your spec. Example: Ret pally=Strength based / Holy Pally=Intellect based. So if you are ret with strength gear and change to holy, the gear becomes intellect based. Was there a discussion of this or am I making this up? I am very busy and am not always on the forums so go easy on me here. It came to mind because with the new system where you can upgrade your current gear through valor/conquest points, the thought of keeping up with two sets of PvP gear (ret/holy) seemed a bit much. Don't get me wrong. I think this is a wonderful system, but take the warrior for example. You can go arms, furry or tank using the same set of gear which is great. The pally on the other hand seems like it's such a grind to gear both specs because they require such different stats. I love ret and holy and want to experience other parts of the game without always feeling like I have to spend all my time upgrading two sets of PvP gear(I'm not even thinking about two additional sets of PvE gear). These are just thoughts and I haven't really formed a solid opinion. I just wanted to know if there was a discussion of this going on and if not that's cool. No trolling please. Like I said, I'm not able to keep up with the forums as often as I'd like and wondered if you guys who are more knowledgeable than myself had any ideas or thoughts on the matter.Magdalum3 Nov 3, 2012