Dec 5, 2011 Tauren paladin gear for 4.3? Anyone know any paladin gear that looks good on tauren? After looking at everything, I am probably just going to go full tier 12 except the helmet. Anyone have any other ideas?Moomaul10 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Tier 13 for pvp? Anyone notice the 2 piece bonus for the ret set for Tier 13? It grants you a holy power when you use judgement. sounds pretty amazing to me. Anyone think this is a good idea to use for arenas?Jojoboskiez1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Need prot advice Well, yesterday i did the last 2 bosses in siege (raid finder). Though I know 25 man bosses hit hard, I couldn't help but feel squishy, constantly worrying when the next heal will come. But I think the problem is not gear wise, but rather stat wise. Reforging some items may fix this, So im asking if someone could tell me what should I aim for? right now im sitting at 48.74% block 15.12% dodge 18.15% parry What should my stats look like in comparison? Thanks in advance Junemarquis1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Any help please would be appreciated ^^ I was wondering if any of the pro prot paladins could look over my gear and tell me if im reforging/stating/gemming right. I feel really squishy and just wanna make sure im getting this down right cause I really enjoying tanking. I can hold threat fine, I just feel like I die REALLY easy.Klútch4 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Ret Pallys Whats a good ret spec and whats the stat priorty for rets as well? Trying to do some ret dps on my pally but not sure what to reforge into and what the start pr's areShadownova12 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Looking for matching cloak for Transmog Currently grinding for the Paladin Vengeful Gladiator set to have the red version of Lightbringer for dps spec but looking for a cloak to match up with it. On my Lightbringer set I use Night's End which color tones match near perfect to the armor. Sadly no Red verision of it. Any suggestions?Mexz0 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Pvp ret question about duelin and priority I can't win any duel as a ret paladin because I never have an opportunity to zealotry because im usually needing to spend my holy power charges on word of glory. Another question or two is; 1) What do you spend your first 3 holy charges on during a fight, putting inquistion up, zealotry or templar verdict right off the bat? 2) What damaging spell do I use as a filler well crusader strike and judgement are on cooldown? I currently am using Holy wrath. Should I change this? What do you use? Auyu1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Holy Paladin PvP questions Hey I was wondering what would better ? Heartsong or Powertorrent for rbgs and arena? Another one I was curiosu about was 54 Int + 3 % crit or the 54 Int + 10 Silence less duration? Also what is our main stats for this patch ? would be stackin crit like before or maybe haste ? or are we gonna stack a lot of spirit due our new mechanic with judgement once a minuteEzkieo2 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Judgement Timer #showtooltip /cast [@focus, exists, nodead] [] Judgement /stopwatch 60; /script Stopwatch_Play() Judges focus, or current target if no focus, and starts a 1 minute timer that you can move around on your screen. Hope it helps someone.Stompadin1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Switching to Ret Paladin for PVP I'm thinking about switching from holy to ret for PVP, so I'll have some diversity between pve and pvp. I don't have ANY ret gear or know anything about ret in the least, because while I've done both holy and prot a decent bit, I've never once specced ret. 1.How the heck do I play ret in pvp 2. What do I spec 3. What kind of gear am I even looking for 4. And how should I acquire starting gear? I've got about 2k honor and 2k gold, some holy pve/pvp gear that's alright, and I think a set of crafted 346 prot gear in my bank, although I'm not positive. I'd rather not spend ages grinding in holy but instead get started with ret now-ish. Know what I mean?Aberuk33 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 playstyle of a paladin. Im thinking of making a ret pally or a prot pally. How does their rotation work in pvp and pve alike? What skills wouldi open up with and chain with? Assuming im around level 30 or 40.Rizadon8 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 ctc help Allright guys, in this gear with 90 mastery food im sitting at 93.32 ctc. Can i gem to hit ctc cap? I have a brawler trink too but it only raises my ctc by 1 point and I like to look cool sitting on 183,000 health while standing around in org. Advice?Skintintin2 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Auto Assist help I main a holy pally and before the patch I would be targeting the tank and then use Judgement and it would automatically hit the target he was attacking. Now it doesn't work, I use Judgement and it just stays on the tank. I can't figure out how to change it back, can anyone help?Banewulf0 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 To my fellow paladins I know bliz gives us a hard time.I played the horridness of a retpally during BC when ouer PVP gear was the only spec with no res and less str/stam then wars.Ouer burst nerf sucks and we still have no roots/snares.Overall tho i still have a great deal of fun playing this toon and if you are really down aboout your toon just go look at the state of warriors now.Join a BG or LF 1 around Tolebarad and LOL beat him down without even trying.In short we do have ouer flaws but there are worse classes out there.So go out there and enjoy what you have.GLThanose4 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 blood knight rank? so i was reading the WoWWiki about blood knights and it says the first rank (initiate) starts at lvl 12... so i lvled to 12 and was wondering, do i have to talk to someone to start a quest or there's no quest? Thank you.Diversebelf1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 I Lost Control And Learned To Love Freedom As the saying goes we do not know what we got until it is gone and it is the same case with me concerning the Holy Radiance change. As with most of you, I am still adjusting to the recent changes. I did not realize until 4.3 how much I used HR as a speed boost and instant heal for my group in PVP. What I have come to terms with is my loss for this speed boost. I have always used HR as a way to catch my enemies. Now I only have Long Arm of the Law to help me catch up. This is seriously problematic in BGs and I find myself on the "outskirts" of the combat zone healing more than I should be Retributin'. Here is my problem: I attack a hunter. In this time I tend to try and do a stun/burst for maximized damage on the initial attack. What happens with any good hunter is he stuns me. I use Every Man for Himself to escape. He slows me. I cast Hand of Freedom and judgement to catch up. Now at this point I either kill him OR the most likely scenario is he stuns me again and escapes, only to slow me and kill me as all my "freedom options" are on cooldown. Help Me I absolutely love playing as a retribution paladin. What I absolutely despise is the lack of movement control. I have one short "sprint" option, one freedom of movement option, and one freedom of stun option all tied to different cooldowns. So for each scenario I have the ability to escape, but just once. This is a problem when most classes have multiple slow/stun options. Can anyone advise me on optimal strategies to getting my paladin around? Once I am on someone I can hit like a truck, but getting there seems to be most cases of my death.Dazarek2 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Reforge around trinket proc's? Ok, so I have been looking and wonder, Is it worth my while to reforge around a trinket proc? Here is my character link. With the trinkets I have equip when the mastery proc goes off I am so far over the 102.4% CTC that its not even funny, so much wasted stat. Is it more "valuable" for me to gem/reforge more avoidance and bank on the proc? Currently with the mastery proc alone I'm sitting around 130%ish CTC Any thought's or theory craft input would be nice. ThanksDecus3 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 shoulder upgrade? currentley im using Immolation Shoulderguards i just got my tier token from normal DS and was thinking about getting Shoulderguards of Radiant Glory but i loose a TON of mastery which would take me below CTC cap (with buffs of course) should i just hang on to it till i get a two piece or just use those as is? OR just use the token to upgrade my ret shoulders (ilvl 359)Kahn1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 ret trinks broach vs essence? So I just picked up the Varo'then's Brooch, and I was wondering 2 things. 1st is it better than the essence? On one hand its passive str and a mastery proc, on the other I wouldn't be able to line it up with my CDs like I do with the essence. So which is better? Also, does the on use effect do any damage? Or is it just for show?Darthelmet0 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 @ Lobster Since your one of the VERY few rets I agree with 95%ish of the time how do you feel ret is at this point in time? BTW your PVP gear looks sexy as I stalk your armory :PTerman21 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 2pc pve is LOVELY. But kinda sucks! For pvp. Because I have to give up ~400 or so resil JUST to be viable. Make it baseline. Get rid of hammer of wings (leave it only for execution only).Oldestguy3 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Apparatus: Crit or Mastery 4.3 PVP? I really liked this trinket in 4.2 and had it chained to my Ruthless on use trinket for massive burst. Once the stacks built I was getting 68K crits on Exo and in the 55K range on HoW and TV if I could stay on the target. The one issue with Apparatus was that it did take awhile to build up those 5 stacks With 4.3 I dont know what to think. -Should I still be chaining it for massive burst with a Crit bias spec? -Should I reforge to a Mastery bias and keep it chained? -Should I leave it in my burst down macro and use the static Ruthless on use trinket I had become so reliant on HoW in PVP, now I can't finish off anyone and am not seeing the big hits on TV and CS or even J Very confused as there is a matrix of optionsAgincourt5 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 New trinket questions Not sure how many of us got a hold of Rosary of Light or Varo'then's Brooch but, Was gonna ask how we felt about these trinkets, and if they were upgrades at all to t12 raid trinkets, like Essence, or Apparatus (I have both of those, and picked up the Rosary last night) Comments, suggestions, taco?Duskdagger9 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Open Libram VIII: Turkey Edition ... Open Libram I: Paladin Weekend Edition - Open Libram II: Seal of Hairflip - Open Libram III: Clad in the Light - Open Libram IV: Edge (Word) of Glory- Open Libram V: Of Flipping Tables and Hair - Open Libram VI: My Little Pally - Open Libram VII: Hammer of What - Libram Ponydins as drawn by Lobster: I had to do it. HAD TO REMIND YA'LL WHO'S PAPA. But seriously, very good news coming up soon.Practical500 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Maybe it's just the Radiohead and the rain I've never really had a chance to play endgame BC or raid in Wrath, so the Blood Elf lore is only found from the various wikis. But Blood Elf Paladins just totally destroyed what it means to be a Paladin as the traditional stereotype of goodie twoshoes etc etc yay! They're priests in plate that will wreck your *%@#. Blood Elves didn't have warriors; their warriors were Paladins. (It is just the Spinning Plates) I've rolled a Blood Elf rogue and it's just not...feeling right. I want a shield and I want Quel'Serrar and I want the Triptych Shield of the Ancients and I want some Exorcism in your effing face. Hell call me a masochistic but I leveled 1-83ish as shockadin. I'm Ret now and hell I love being an elf girl that throws a hammer that cracks your spine and tops the damage charts. RAAAAAA And come on. Let's face it. Although elves have always been the chick ranger types (yay female empowerment?) the shooting animation for Belf Hunters is....well. I don't like it. Maybe you have different opinions. Casters? PSAH Blood Elves, healing casting animation in full plate with shield > any of your ball tickling! What I originally mean to say is: When I think Blood Elf, I think Paladin. And I'm alright with that. No other class has such a unique history with the race. Do you guys support the Blood Elf Paladin thing? What other classes do you see defining the different races of Warcraft? ps blizz gifs us droodsThaala12 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Levitate + Crusader Strike = very silly Levitate seems bugged right now. When somebody is levitated their legs don't move. It's making some really weird animations. o_ODemocles5 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Reforging question I'm almost ready to his DS, the only thing holding me back is reforging. I don't confident that I have done this correctly or how to do so correctly. I can say that I am at about how much haste that feels comfortable, though I could stand to lose some. Any suggestions?Dawnbringer5 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Seal of Insight for tanking? Recently, I have been looking into using Seal of Insight while tanking. My threat is more than far enough ahead of the dps to worry about them pulling, so I was wondering if the extra healing would be significant enough to swap to this seal. Am I looking over anything drastic or would this be an okay switch?Fáce3 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Manna Issues and SoI Hello All, I'm a noob tankadin and I'm looking for some answers on something. When I was first researching and learning how to tank I got this impression that using Seal of Insight was frowned upon, but I couldn't really figure out why. So far I've used it almost exclusively, primarily because of the mana it provides. But now 4.3 has seriously nerfed SoI, removing the 15% mana judgement provides, so I'm forced to figure this out. Why should I not have been using SoI? And how do tankadins have enough mana without it? (Last night was the first time I played since 4.3, and I was running oom every few minutes). Any help/info would really be appreciated. If you need more info from me to help me out just let me know; thanks. MikeHieron9 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 need help could all of you grade me and give me some advice i dont know how to link and dont be shy about given me and fGrasher1 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Enchanting on a Budget Hi folks! I'm in the process of bringing this l85 to raid-worthiness, and I need some opinions. I have little to no enchantments on my gear right now... and that's primarily because with the patch the AH on my server has gone nuts. I don't know if it's a game-wide phenomenon, but the price of enchants has spiked tremendously - anywhere from 25-100% on some things. Landslides' going for 3k these days. With prices as they are, where do you think I can go for cheap enchants? What's the "next best" enchants that might be affordable for a ret paladin? I'm still pushing my way out of quest greens, and with prices as they are I don't dare enchant anything without a play life of at least a week. Any opinions? Guess it's time to level up the mining skill to get the gold I need....Valhir3 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Holy PVE Guide (current)? The "guide" on here (stickied) isn't current. The EJ guide is very old. Any suggestions for a decent guide for pve holy? Thanks mucho!Jonesadin9 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 To whoever said... That paladins weren't meant to be raid healers. Pfft~ What a load! I came in second and didn't even try! This new Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn combo is just wonderful AoE healing, I feel I can heal so much more efficiently in AoE Situations than before! And I still kept mana up! How are people having problems, this is great! I think people are still getting used to new HR but man I am in love with it now. And all this Dragonsoul gear is wonderful too, I can't wait until next week when I can wear my raid shoulders and stack my valor gear. I have fallen in love with my paladin again. Today is a good day.Liliam3 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 just getting back into it hello all, I haven't played WoW in almost a year and just started playing again a few days ago. since im playing RET I want to make my toon the best he can be. since cataclysm and new patches have come out, what stats do I want to focus on now? i have heard that I don't need to focus on haste so much anymore, is that true?Sedwin5 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Trinket Question I Have heroic AoK and reg Vessel. I just picked up Creche of the Final Dragon. I know the Creche is suspected to be on of our BiS but what I'm wondering is would I replace the vessel with it now or not. Reason i ask this is because while the Creche proc is up if i went to hit AoK it would proc crit instead of mastery. I'm going to run some simcraft later but I'm in the middle of raid right now just on break and was hoping to maybe get a reply from someone who has had this issue already. ThanksFunkymonk0 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 LFR loot question So I had won the roll for the tier shoulders in LFR but they did not drop the bag. In my excitement I had left the raid to enchant said shoulder but sadly they weren't there. I had made sure my bags were not full so I don't know the reason why I didn't get the shoulders. That being said anyone have any experience with this? I've opened a ticket but I don't know if the GMs will be able to do something. I did take a ss of me winning the roll~Marsharina1 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Whats better for ret? hast vs crit Been hearing conflicting results i would assume haste would be a bit better but not sure. what about 5 man vs raid? i could see crit being better in a 5 man while haste would pull ahead in longer fights.Razumihin8 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Ardent Defender bug? was in the deathmatch ring at the dark moon faire and AD was up and the heal didn't proc when i had three people beating on me. is something wrong or is this how it is supposed to be?Genalon1 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Wanting to get back into pally tanking.. I've not tanked since early Cata where BoT, BWD, and To4W was it. Well 4.3 is out and I'm wanting to jump back into it. Problem is I'm not sure of all the changes over the time. I'm guessing dimishing returns still sit at 102.75%? Wondering what I should have for in avoidance and health unbuffed from raids. Edit: I also remember being hit and expertise capped was important. Though I notice those days have passed. Just making sure I'm correct on this. Nikadin7 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 so how do rets feel? how do rets feel with the buffs and the nerf? pvp that isDrumman17 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Making a Pally, a few Ret questions. I'm thinking about remaking a Paladin, as I deleted mine a while ago because I though Ret sucked. Has Ret improved since 4.2 and is there more than 3 or 4 attacking spells to use?Zyrtec2 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Wait a second.. Am I the only one that felt heartbroken when they made Seal of Insight less useful? I might YEAH there is a CHANCE of mana return, but only 4% instead of the 15% we had like what..less than a week ago?Dávid4 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Ret pallys time to QQ Anyone whos looked at the new talent system and ret abilities knows the next expansion is going to be alot worse for us. Dont really know if it will help, but crying in the mist of pandaria forum cant hurt i guess, the devs might actaully look there. Some treats in store for us... Divine storm still does 100% weapon damage, but get useable at the simple cost of only 3 holy power! who wants to use TV / WoG anyways... An AoE disorient! well we havent been asking for a gap closer or anything, so we must want an ability that makes people run away from us. Wings still dispellable... mages gotta have somthing better then us right? Fun on a bun tier 90 talents include... Divine purpose...zealotry attached to our gaurdian for 10 seconds... and avenging wrath allowing us to use HoW... Best part is we only get to choose 1! Its gets even better, i think zealotry is on a 5 min cd now or somthing, alot of other stuff. The only improvements we got were some of the talents like AoW are passively in ret, but i guess you only get like 5 choices to make now so w/e... and holy power is a bit easier to gain... whenever AoW procs exo gives us 1 HP, so thats liek 2 times in a fight? and Hammer of wrath gives us holy power...becuase we really need that 1 HP after avenging wrath gets dispelled or when the target is already dead...Infamøs53 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 DK Death Strike VS Pally Crusader Strike "Death Strike now heals the death knight whether or not the attack misses, or is dodged/parried." - Patch 4.3 Patch notes "Crusader Strike no longer grants Holy Power if the target is missed, dodged, or parried." - Cant remember which patch did this So why do DK get rewarded for misses/dodges/parries and a ret pally does not? My point is either all abilities grant their effects whether or not the attack is missed/dodged/parried or none of them do. I always never understood this change to Crusader Strike in the first place, even if the attack misses/dodged/parried, the character still preformed the "Crusader Strike" which should in turn grant a charge of holy power as it says in the tooltip. Damarus41 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Need help? Ok well i just got to 85 on my pally my pve spec is prot but i want a pvp off spec but i can't figure out if i wanna go holy or ret i've heard holy got nerfed and ret just sucks so im not sure i've also been thinking about prot in pvp but i think thats pointless but can i have someone that knows the call well help me?Nadenn0 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Question about haste/spirit vs. Mastery Since 4.2 I have been stacking haste/spirit to be able to go a long time but also cast my heals quickly. Now with the holy radiance illumated mastery applying to people... Would it be beneficial to stack mastery now?Jàden3 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Please remove the visual of Avenging Wrath! It's bad enough that one of our most useful pvp abilities can be taken away by multiple classes. So atleast make those classes actually have to use their brain and know when it's active by looking at our buffs or something and take away the visual effect of the wings. If there is a pally in the area, mages will just sit there with there fingers on the button waiting for us to pop wings.Abefròman25 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Please stop with Mastery on healing plate. Seriously. Stop. It's a terrible stat. It amounts to typically less than 9% of all healing on an average fight. Often closer to 3-5%. If you want to fix it, fine, but in the meantime stop trying to force us to use something that just plain sucks. That is all.Rhyas26 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Utgarde Keep For leveling, I don't remember ever getting UK so Damn much lol. I just <uncapped> this toon, going to 85. But on my lock I never had so many uk queues. Are there any good dungeons I should specifically shoot for for gear? Side note, I also have a holy pally at 70 so that I could learn healing 101 to off spec this toon as holy (aggronn). So gear at this level for holy in dungeons could be mentioned too :).Rhydun2 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Healing as A Paladin Is it fun for PvP and PvE? As much fun as Disc would you say?! Answers! Can't decide if I want to roll a Rogue/warrior or holy paladin.Raknaritou2 Dec 3, 2011