Mar 6, 2012 Who's your favorite paladin? Besides myself, my favorite paladin has got to be Ringman from The Intercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters (c.f ). Sure, he's a wimpy 9th-level by-the-book paladin, but he led a billion centaurs to freedom in the 2nd sequel!Bedevere39 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Are we paladins screwed in Mists of Pandaria? While some of the stuff paladins get in the new talent calculator-thing-a-ma-jig, are kinda neat but I feel compared to what Warlocks might be getting. and with the new Rogue poison that stuns at 5 stacks and god (and or) Blizz, knows whatever the other classes are getting. It seems like the paladins have taken a kick to the groin in the next expansion. Though I am speaking from a PvP point of view and the talent calculator-thing-a-ma-jigs might be changed and such, I still fear the worst. And yet people continue to say we're a faceroll class (and i always disagree with that but I'm not going into anymore detail than that). I fear this will screw paladins over. "Skill determines how good a player is at pvp" but since it's been unbalanced as hell its hard to develop skill against Rogues, Frost mages, or anything that brings you down to half health in 2 seconds. Now you might be thinking, "Great, another noob wanting to be op cause he sucks". No, i'd like things to be balanced but since that isn't happening for quite some time... I'd at least would like to stand a better chance at fighting a Rogue with endless stuns and a Frost Mage that can cc the hell out of you, or any other class that can bring me down to half health in 2 seconds forcing me to waste my bubble or lay on hands (the abilities everyone hates...). Give me your honest opinions about this thread, whether you agree with me or not doesn't bother me. And if some of you don't care trolls are also welcome to troll your hearts out... Btw, Congrats on reading this far, trolololol.Xalefor15 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 2pc T13. Totally different ball game, chief. So, this was my gear progression for my Paladin. Dinged 85, left him alone for a couple weeks. Full S11 Ruthless/Cataclysmic in 5 days. Bored for a couple days. Decided to do Hour of Twilight heroics, dabble in some PvE. Maxed Valor points after a few hours. Got bored, queued for LFR. Picked up 2pc T13 and some boots the first time through, no wipes. Aaaaand I'm never taking this 2pc T13 off. Until MoP gets here and Judgement granting Holy Power is baseline. Seriously, WHY IS THIS NOT BASELINE NOW? Best thing ever. /coolstoryProjectiletv13 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Holy Radience Why nerf it to a 2 seconds? I can understand why they removed that gay little holy sprint with it but why 2 seconds for a almost 3 second cast? lolBrutalmaz2 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Switching to holy at 85 I have been going ret this entire time but I want to heal at 85 what is the best way to get holy gear besides buying on ah?Azarious3 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Venoma's Prot Pally PVP Guide This guide contains alot of information from the now famous 'Taugrim's Prot Pally PVP Guide' and highlights the most important parts of that guide and contains some changes and additions. First off - hold the flames. Some credentials: I have reached 2200 on my Enhancement Shaman and Feral Druid last season - I stopped playing those toons and leveled up and focused on my Pally this season. Contrary to popular belief, I have reached ~1900 as Prot this season. Disclaimer: Prot PVP has issues. You will NOT be reaching 2200 or above. You may get mocked by many for trying. You are not an ideal RBG FC. The good news: 1850 is possible by experienced players and 1700 should be possible by average players. Melting faces in normal BGs and duels is almost guaranteed. First let's clear up some misconceptions: 1. "I only tickle healers and can't put out any serious damage or burst" Wrong. With the offensive spec [discussed later] you can put out serious damage and with the right macro and timing you can dish out some serious burst [discussed later]. 2. "Prot has !@#$ survivability" Wrong. Prot has very decent defensive cooldowns and many of them. It's healing capabilities are average - you will not be offhealing as much as a Ret, but WoG can still be a very powerful heal. I strongly recommend reading the Taugrim's original guide - I will not be rewriting all of it. I will now highlight the most important parts as well as the changes I've made in order to adapt to the WoG nerf. -Mechanics- One of the common reasons Prot Pally's complain about their lackluster dps is because they use Hammer of the Righteous as their main Holy Power (HP) builder. Even with the glyph it is light-years behind Crusader Strike. Use Crusader Strike as your main HP builder - only use Hammer of the Righteous to stop people from capping flags. Use Avenger's Shield whenever it's not on CD - Taugrim discusses this and gives ample explanation as to why. To summarize: it procs Sacred Duty {100% chance for Shield of the Righteous to proc} and is a significant part of our dps, as well as only having a less than 15sec CD - I haven't worked this out but Crusader Strike has a 20% chance to reset the CD so I'm estimating that the average CD on Avenger's Shield would be somewhere around 13seconds. Shield of the Righteous (SotR) is our HP consuming dps ability - when used with Sacred Duty buff it hits for significant damage. There is an issue here: do you use SotR without Sacred Duty buff or not? Sacred Duty will be up ALOT - your Judgement and Avenger's Shield have a chance to proc this - however, you may still find yourself with 3 HP and the buff missing. First off, make sure to have Power Auras [discussed later] so you can actually track the buff without too much hassle. Let's discuss a few scenarios: 1. You have 3 HP. You have Sacred Duty buff. Use SotR. 2. You have 3 HP. You don't have Sacred Duty buff. You've just hit Crusader Strike. You don't have Grand Crusader buff {Reset's CD on Avenger's Shield and causes it to generate 1 HP}. Judgement and/or Avenger's Shield is off CD. Don't use SotR. Use Judgement and/or Avenger's Shield and between the two you have a very high chance of getting Sacred Duty up (If both are off CD then 75% chance in fact. Both have a 0.5 probability of generating or not-generating the buff and they occur independently. So the chance that neither will proc the buff is 0.5*0.5=0.25) 3. You have 3 HP. You don't have Sacred Duty buff. Crusader Strike is off CD. Grand Crusader buff is up. Use SotR. It still has a chance to crit and even if it doesn't it will pump out decent damage. Because Crusader Strike and Grand Crusader buff are up you will regain those HP back very quickly. Word of Glory - yes, the 20sec CD sucks and is severely limiting. Use WoG whenever it's not on CD and you or your partner needs a heal. In fact, even when you are on 90-95% health and WoG is up use it because of the Guarded by the Light talent {WoG overheals create a protective bubble on you}. That + Eternal Glory {30% chance for WoG HP to be refunded} means there is no reason not to use it whenever it's up. Holy Radiance is a nice 'mitigation' heal - as Prot you have fantastic mana regen so once again, there is no reason not to use this whenever you are below 90% health. Do NOT forget to use Hand of Sacrifice, Divine Guardian, Hand of Protection on your partners / teammates. Paladins have and always will be a support class in arena (holy excluded of course). Taugrim's guide goes into alot of the other mechanics in much more detail and I strongly recommend you read his entire guide.Venoma46 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 SOS!!! Name help! Hello, I, being the altoholic i am, was strolling around Orgrimmar on my hunter when suddenly. BAM! It hit me, I want a Blood Elf Paladin. So i am rather stuck on thinking of names for my hero of the light. I was brainstorming and came up with the name Sethirios, but i'm not really sure if that's the name i want to be known as or not. So i came to the delightful forums of the paladins to seek help in my ongoing crusade against bad names. So please lend a helping hand in the war effort by posting some good names or some methods that you use to come up with names. Thank you in advance!Leoriç4 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 I want Panda Paladins! Panda-dins!!Tankhealplz4 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 The Ultimate Paladin Song There could be no better song for a Paladin. check the cod peices they wear on the album cover on one of the links :D Cod Peices MUST come back into fashion soon ... PLEEEASEAstiionix6 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 How are my talents? What should I change/improve?Sunburst14 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Shield of templar Is there a certain way to get shield of templar to proc?Sammye6 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 So avenging wrath... All of the paladin spec's have a talent to make the cd 2 minutes, why is the cd even 3 minutes? It's just an excuse to make up a spec and from what I've seen in MoP it is still 3 minutes. Seriously? Y u no make any sense!Insolence20 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Tanking trinket question.... So i just got resolve of undying from raid finder and I'm curious as to which other tanking trinket i should try to be grabbing to pair with it soul shifter vortex or the other one that i can't remember lol thanks in advanceStonebody7 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 6, 2012 Need help Can some look at my holy spec/ gear and tell me what i need to change i feel like im not getting the hps that i need to pull, i pull around 19k-34khpsHotgottie1 Mar 6, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Seal of Justice Why doesn't it apply the Debuff on judgment? It seems like it would be a lot more useful that way.Rakatee18 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Ret Pally or Dk I recently started playing again and I would love to play a DK or a Pally, pretty much PvP only. How do they stack up now in pvp? Does one hit harder than the other?Aquemìnì11 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 For the Light! For the Light! ... So my question is, exactly what does everyone think/assume that the "Light" is, a deity, a idea of will/inner strength, or something more? By asking this, I am mainly asking what do you feel/think it is supposed to be, and what Blizzard really means for it to be, if you have any lore within a link that actually goes into description of the light, (more official like wowhead or so, not some random small time link) please by all means post it.Jakosta14 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Solo Healing Heroic Ultraxion 10 Man I see it being done in quite a few logs, so I brought it up to my GM for a shot at it. I get 5 wipes worth - SO - I want to be prepared. I know the basics: Grab red, skip green, grab blue. I've been sitting at the 777 haste and favoring mastery over crit after that. I'll probably be swapping to Tsunami over my Eye of Blazing Power or Heart of Unliving We'll be lusting at the start and I'll solely have the blue buff later. What I'd like to know from you: Do I grab the blue buff right away. Does it matter where I stand (Where blue buff spawns?) Tanks. How badly do I really have to focus on them. Can I arguably require Dark Intent/Focus Magic >.> When is the best time to use Guardian of Ancient Kings? (Red vs Blue buff) Does lust during Blue buff matter, or can we continue with our lust at start strat.Marici21 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Can pally be main tank end game ? Right what title says.. iv recently started a pally and im having so much fun. after geting a mage to 85 i didnt really find it as much fun as i do pally atm... anyways iv been told pallys are only used as backup tanks :/ and warriors will allways be main tank is this true because i found a new love of tanking in this game soo fun and i wana know if pallys can be a main tank end game aswell much <3 p.s i only started this game back in october and im prity new noone the less :D xxBarapappa23 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Random ret mana issues? on longer fights or heavy AoE fights I tend to some random mana issues. I'm judging on CD unless TV procs or I need to refresh Inquis. I've noticed this a lot on a specific fight, Mannoroth and Varo'then. Any ideas to what I may be doing wrong, rather it's spec or gear? I also have no problem admitting that I use FCFS Mod to help with my rotation so not sure if following that exactly is causing an issue. ThanksVadican4 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Are holy pallies the worse type of healer? Don't get me wrong, I love my holy pally, but our AoE healing and instant cast healing are lacking compared to the other healers.Holysoldier15 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Since when can Hunters Dispell wings? I don't get how or why they can dispell wings and for that matter I don't understand why our only burst is dispellable in the first place but whateverBloodmistx4 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Why are we hated? Why are we hated...? That is all.Xalefor29 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Solo Healing H:Ultraxion my guild is letting me take a shot at it next week. any help/tips would be much appreciated.Aphroditë5 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Vuhdo question How do i get it to show the hand of sac icon on the persons frame i put it on so i know it is actually on them? Hasheeshish6 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Where are the gnome paladins? Where are they?! I'd like to see little midget glowing things running around wacking at shins!Interactive5 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 pvp? Are pally's any good at pvp? like if i have a pally and a dk... i wanna tank and pvp and dps.. who should i play?Haelim5 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Help: Spec for clearing old content! I've gotten tired with pvp as of lately, and I'd like to go back and do the achievements of 10 mans prior to Dragon Soul. I just need advice of what would be easier to do, go tank and lead the group through content, or just stay dps and carry the group. I think I already know the answer to this, going tank will probably be better because good tanks are few are far inbetween it seems. I just want to farm out raiding/heroic achievements! Thoughts? Thanks :)Etudes0 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Hammer of Wrath twink dmg... This is not a QQ thread. I'm genuinely curious as to how exactly this can be achieved. I just faced a lvl 72 Paladin on the BG's, and was hit with a 14k Hammer of Wrath, 3 times. needless to say, I got one-shotted. Back when I was leveling my own paladin, I don't remember critting for nearly as much. I checked the armory and she has decent gear, mostly the 70 epics and some enginnering stuff. About 2300 AP. Are these numbers normal at 72 ? If so, how does it look at 85? And is there a warrior analogue that would allow me to one-shot people if spec'd and geared for? Right now i see some 5k Raging blow crits, tops. maybe 7k with Death wish up. Seemed almost as absurd as my rogue's 11k Ambushes back in the 70s bracket in 3.3.5 ~ 4.0.Kharagan27 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Might or Kings in PVP Since 4.3 what is your preference for PVP: Might or KingsAgincourt11 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Best spec for solo raid content I'm assuming prot, but I don't know where to start. Any advice? What kind of gear should I be aiming for?Rockrock2 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 twink gear? Hello holyhammersmashers, Im looking for some good twink gear for my 19 pali <----- over there. In wrath I played as ret but it wasnt really fun besides escaping everything so Im wondering if you guys have any insight how prot and holy would be at 19. Ive got all the WotLK heirloom gear but no Cata gear yet. Any pointers?Xceed2 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Another Name Help Thread Hey, I want to try my hand with a human paladin and I'm down to these three names Tyrious Heracules Bayne Please help pick the best one. Thanks :)Bonezy2 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 5, 2012 Proc rate for Insignia of Victory? Anyone know how often this procs? I have been using 384 Bone Link Fetish and a friend is telling me that this PVP trinket at 403 procs enough to make it a better choice plus I would pick up 4% resilience. Anyone compared them and what do you think?Agincourt3 Mar 5, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Holy Power, does it stack? Hi, whenever I use abilities that create Holy Power, I only ever have ONE charge at a time. Is Holy Power supposed to stack and have 2, 3, or more charges? Does it stack at later levels or is something wrong? ThanxTritonpower5 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Auras in MoP So based on the stat changes the devs are talking about, we lose Resistance Aura. And the Heart of the Crusader passive would hint that we also lose Crusader Aura. So that would leave us with Devotion, Retribution, and Concentration Aura... one for each spec. I suppose my question for the devs is two fold: Are my assumptions accurate? And is Retribution Aura ever going to be buffed into usefulness?Foritaine6 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 does race really matter? i'm trying to consolidate all my alts from two different servers to one. one is alliance, the other horde. i'm biased towards horde because that's where i started and simply stated, i like Blood Elves. However, i switched my NE rogue to this Human and realized the racial of EMFH is pretty powerful. seemed like most of the top rated paladins are human. advice or opinions would be helpful.Scizofrantic18 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 How is my ret pally so far? (pvp) Besides the enchants (Getting them now), how is the glyphs, talents and gear wise? and reforging tips? (crit or mastery? Thanks Armory: Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Rate my Prot build That's my dream prot build. I was also wondering what the best possible rotation is.Caegartou5 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Help Wanted: Choosing a Specialization [PvP] As the title suggests, I'm stuck between two choices. My paladin has been 85 for quite some time now and, in that time, he's been holy. I've already bought two pieces of the mainset S12 Holy Gear (Helm/Shoulders = 3850 Conquest) but I'm strongly considering changing specs to Ret. I'm asking now because I have 9k season total earned and I'm sitting on 5250 conquest points. I can afford to pick up the 397 weapon and relic and be fully specced and enchanted to properly play Ret tomorrow morning. (If I grind out a big more honour for the 390 Ret Pieces) This question mostly goes out to those of you who have tried both specs. I know the answers are subjective, but I would like to hear your opinions anyway. Which spec did you find more fun? More satisfying? Which makes you feel like you have greater control over the sway of a fight - Ret with its strong burst potential for killing heals and great offheals, or Holy with its wide array of defensive abilities and strong healing throughput? Which did you find easier to succeed with? Was either of them notably harder (Not challenging, but frustrating difficulty) than the other? Did you find it any easier to find Arena teams as Ret than you did as Holy? The other way around? Thanks in advance for all of your answers!Schleichend4 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Leveling Holy PvP So, I was looking through some stuff planning my gear for the future as I level and noticed a BAD lack of int plate, specifically in the lvl 60 range, with resil. Are there any other options or am I just screwed til I get to 70?Ezest0 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 PvE 2-piece in PvP What are the best 2 pieces of the pve set to wear in pvp. Right now im doing Chest/legs because of the amount of strength I'm getting.Rakatee1 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Need some tips for healing I've been away from wow for awhile and I'm starting to gear up for raids but I'm having trouble keeping my healing consistent. Any tips or rotations are welcomeKippysmith2 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 First Three Bosses In Sunwell P. Soloable?? Just wondering if the first three bosses in Sunwell can be dropped by a pally, and if so which spec would be best to attempt with?? Ret or Prot. Thanks for the insight.Specialized6 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Holy paladins change Something I'd like to see in mop is a change in holy pallys. Not the way they play don't get me wrong i think its an interesting play style but i was thinking more along the lines of changing Int on them. Because of so many retardadins out there who think int helps their dps in ret or they need the mana in ret it really needs to change so that guy is removed. I was thinking add like an ability that you get when you spec into holy called "Wisdom through Strength" or something along those lines that essentialy converts 1 str to 1int. so that they don't have the advantage on loot. If an int plate piece drops in a raid we all know who gets it. This also removes the noobs who think they need it for ret. And the spirit isue can be resolved by reversing Enlightened judgements to do, Hit rating grants 50%/100% spirit rating from any items or effects. This would smooth out loot and prevent noobs. This is my opinion id like to see this in MoP to remove more noobs and bring in better players or send noobs in the right direction to becoming a better player.Effigia7 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Prot Spec/Gear Critique Hi everyone, I am usually a healer on this toon, but decided to give tanking a try again on pally after a pretty long haitus. I know the pvp shoulders suck, but I can't get anything else to drop for me yet. If you see any other glaring mistakes, please post so I can fix this guy up. I'm sure I'm doing some things badly, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps ^-^Mahler3 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Protection's Unlisted Passive This has been bothering me for a long time. Retribution's cooldown on Crusader Strike is 4.5 seconds. Protection's cooldown on Crusader Strike is 3 seconds. I must be blind, because I cannot find the passive or the talent that reduces the cooldown on Crusader Strike down to 3 seconds. Why?Wahru7 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 To INQ or not to INQ? Random BG/Duels What say you fellow paladins? I know Inq is priority in PVE for DPS, but when you are doing bg's and/or duels is the 30% bonus worth it or is it better to just spend that HP on TVs and WoGs? I've tried doing both and it's hard to get a good read on it. I do have a few questions however. -Since our mastery is Holy damage does it increase the amount of damage our mastery does? I am currently reforged for crit, so maybe if someone was mastery stacking it would be more worth while to drop your HPs on Inq to keep it up? -I have a Last Word/Judgement build/glyphs, so I like the crit for my WoGs however Inq probably beefs up an already considerably hard hitting ability in Judgement.(It surprised me actually, Judgement frequently hits harder than my hardest hitting warrior abilities and my war is in almost full Cataclysmic) -I always use it with Wings+Zealotry. -I always use Inq if I get a DP proc and I am either out of reach to use a TV before the proc will fade or there is no one around who needs a WoG heal. What do you BG hero/Dueling masters tend to do?Aulë8 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 How to find Stat Weights? Hey. So I'm going to start reforging/gemming/enchanting some of my gear soon on my Ret set, but how do I find the decimal number of my stat weights? I'm asking cause they are asked in Reforgelite so it can work. For example I know the stat priority is: Hit > Exp > Mastery > Crit > Haste or Hit > Exp > Mastery > Haste > Crit, but what are the actual "weights?" (I took these priorities from Elitist Jerks). Ty.Icytitan8 Mar 4, 2012
Mar 4, 2012 Holy Radiance Hello fellow paladins, I was just wondering if someone could help me figure out what's the amount of Haste needed for a fifth tick in Holy Radiance. Thanks whoever may answer my question.Skadir2 Mar 4, 2012