Feb 7, 2012 Old SoC Proc?? It's been so long I can't remember what it used to do that caused folks to scream nerf. Was something like it hit for 3 times on every swing or something?? I just remember it being the first time that ret pallies were taken serious, but also looked at as easy mode until they nerf/changed it. And didn't divine storm used to bre extreamly good also? Phew, it's been so long I hardly remember what it was like when wow first came out and started going through changes. Was kind of like the good'ol days when shaman would put on a big 2h and if windfury proc'd, it would send ya packing.Xate4 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Help my dps! Hello all, i have recently put together a ret set and started dpsing again. I would love to know what i am doing wrong and how to fix it. im not sure if my armory shows is or not but i currently have the 403 gurthy. I am looking for constructive criticism. Look over my tree, gear, gems, chants, forges, and everything else you feel would be an issue and HELP ME! Just for an example, i am including a log Any help that anyone can offer is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance, HashHasheeshish3 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Are Paladins the worst tanks? My friends are saying from all the tank classes, paladins are the worst. I ask them why, and they responds that they takes the most damage ever, and I also asks the healers in my random heroics "am I hard to heal?" and they says "somewhat, but manageable". I know my gear sucks, but I was just wondering, are we the worst tanks?Iak25 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Eye for an Eye Vs. Ultraxion Does it work?Andokas11 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Holy Paladin PvP Guide? Is there a Holy Pally PvP Guide anywhere? My bro's about to hit 85 and tanked instances - but now doing a hard switch to being a Holy Pally in 3s and BGs.Azinnoth1 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Holy trinkets I just started to heal with my pally and i am having mana issues. With the ease of lfr should i invest in the dmc: tsunami or just hold out for the lfr trinkets and work on my spell prioritization and practice healing. Any advice would be great thank you. -Z-Beefsheild7 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 New Holy pally looking for PVP advice. New holy paladin here looking to get gear/skilled up for bgs and rbgs. Looking for some general info regarding: 1) Pvp armor- spirit or no spirit? 2) Best gems to use? 3) Spec? 4) Any addons I should be using to make my life easier? 5) Lastly, any tips or tricks? Thank you in advance for your constructive post and any help you can give!Grul5 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 PVP priority question.. I do ok in pvp, and actually really enjoy it. Now, I only do BGs at the moment for fun, but can't really figure a few things out. I've run across a few ret pallies that I've looked up after a BG, and they don't really have full pvp gear yet either. But, when I went up against them, they were able to just drop me a few swings like I was nothing. So I guess I'm asking, is pvp similar to pve wiht CLCRet, or do I ignore a few things? I've kind of been just popping TV with 3 HP instead of Inq, juts because I feel like I won't have enough time to get another 3 up in a fight. And I'm not real sure I'm timing my HoF right. I've also seen a few using hand of justice. I'm just so new to pvping on a pally that I'm just not sure when to use what yet. Any tips would be great. Thanks :)Xate4 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Would Rotting Skull help my DPS with my gear? Title says all. I feel like the burst component would help somewhat when I time it with AW & Zealotry.Elewood2 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Tips for Spine debuff healing We killed Spine today, 3healing (me, disc, druid). However, even though I was balls to the wall healing the whole time, the druid did about 1.7x as much healing as I did. (Adding up all non-overhealing + debuff-soaked amounts). We're normally about equal. (I did DPS during tendon phases tho). Currently I'm using DL for healing debuffed people , popping wings and DF on cooldown to speed this up. I'm spam healing continuously except for regen periods (DP+melee amalg or conc pot). We have 2x Hymn of Hope available which are used. Is there a better plan for healing debuffed people that I'm overlooking? I tried beaconing one debuffed person and healing another, but the continual beacon transfer onto the tank is actually pretty useful for this fight. NB. I'm using default raid frames + Bigwigs, which doesn't show how much of each player's debuff is remaining. I hear DBM does show that , should I install an addon to show this? (Don't want to fully swap to DBM) Lusignan12 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Sad...... Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Dungeon armor sets So im a wee bit new and i really wanted all of the armor sets but i hear that some stuff like the 1 and 2 dungeon sets are no longer available. is that true?Lildaddyo11 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Too Much haste + LF steam punky transmogs My haste is currently around 24% when Unbuffed, but In combat with procs and trinkets I hit around 40% Am I wasting a stat if 27% is the cap? if I dump some haste what shoudl I replace it with? Also I'm trying to create a steam punky engineering motif. can you guys recommend any shoulders with maybe steam pipes or stove pipes? To bad I cant transmog mage tier, it already has the gears I want.Jessmojr1 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Judgement Set First question what was the name of the purple version of this set? Second and more important question is can I get either version of that set still for transmogrification?Deyadrin5 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Pally...Nerf I guess after all these years of playing my pally, i have finally had enough. Blizz you managed to take a great class and nerf it into obliteration. By first person nerfs and by making almost every other class superior to the pally. The holy warrior has become the Hole, y warrior. We are full of holes after every pvp experience. OP the other classes and make the pally almost look like the guy that carries the water on a sports team. Lets stuns....more hunters now flying out of reach.....more blinks and rogues with ten times the stuns we have and now the advantage of our plate armor is compremised as well. Why not just take our armor away and have us use pretzels for weapons and a nice fish for a shield. Blizz your treatment of our class is terrible. Holy Warriors.......what a joke.Njblaise24 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Keep going OOM... suggestions? It seems that no matter how much I try to go up another step in doing dungeons, the fact that I'm going OOM on almost every single pull is what's deterring me from playing my holy paladin all together. I use HR x3 then WoG and shock on CD (I watched my HP like a hawk now) and Beacon my tank, but I'm still running out of mana. I'm using Judgement every minute for the JotP buff and refreshing, but I'm still struggling (even if I use DP and DF). What in the world could I be doing wrong??Doirlina14 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Could use a PvE Ret Pally's help please Right now i'm leveling a Ret Pally and iv had divine storm for a little bit and I never seem to use it. It's not that there's no where to use it, it's just that I think I'm doing basically the same damage with Crusader Strike and Seals of Command. I was just wondering if its worth the point to never use it. If Seals of Command and Crusader Strike do comparable damage. Or should I not be speced into it till maybe level 70-ish cus then mobs wont be dieing so fast and AoE is a tiny bit more critical. Can anyone give me some insight please?Lorewyn3 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Arenas: Holy pally or Disc Priest Hello, Iam trying to get some advice from experienced holy pallys in arena. I just picked WoW back up since the first season of wotlk and have not yet stepped into an arena. In TBC i got gladiator twice on my rogue, and I would like to know which class(disc priest or holy pally) would be the most viable option to get gladiator this season because I plan on rerollin. I understand certain comps have better synergy and player skill>class etc. But in general, which class has a better build to get gladiator in the 3s bracket?(with either a warlock or dk as 1 of the members on the team) Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanksSlammajama3 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 Flag Carrier for RBGs Hey guys, I was wondering if Paladins made good RBG Flag Carriers, I was thinking of getting some honor gear and starting to do RBGs as a flag carrier, I wanna know if it's worth it and people actually look for them. Also if they do, I have no idea what to gem/chant and all that jazz. Thanks.Palacow7 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 7, 2012 transmog sets? o.o hey guys! So I might be picking up my paladin after quite a break from it. I'm looking for some easy-ish transmog gear to find. I will add that im lvling via pvp,due to the gear i have on :PAmeryth1 Feb 7, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Rebuke Can rebuke silence without interrupting something first? I say no but my friend is pretty adamant about macro-ing Rebuke to Crusader Strike so I can silence when i hit...Rèssa9 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 PvP - What do you prefer? Ladies and gents! So , I came across a problem that bothers me a little here and there. My weapon , Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword which is very nice to have but , the damage on Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps when it procs the tentacle is also very nice. So , what do you prefer? What do I prefer? still can't make up my mind so I switch it off every now and then. TBH , I enjoy Gurthalak, Voice of the Deep in 2s , and myCataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword for BGS and such. The res is nice with the Cata sword, but the extra damage is also good. But then again (I lied) I really do like using the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword in 2s for the extra support. Thanks!Cocoàpuffs3 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 People suck. Healing sucks. I took a few month break a while back, so I don't get my Cataclysmic two hander until tomorrow. I decided to screw around as holy a bit, and now I remember why healing is lame in this game; Your success it at the whim of your terrible teammates. Granted this isn't an issue if you group up with some people, but since most people suck as people to begin with, there are only a couple people per server worth playing with, and they're not always online. This problem is compounded by holy paladin's offense being limited to moderately rude emotes toward the enemy. Nerdraaaaaage.Turaven5 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Prot. or Retr. for PvP? Currently im a Protection Pally and i aim in the future to PvP alot. What I'm wondering is what is more viable to do well in PvP? Any help would be appreciated.Angelforever26 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Facepalming moments... Looked for a thread like this but didn't see one... So.. has anyone ever had a facepalming moment... for example... I was carrying the flag in WSG earlier, pulled a noob move and accidentally hit my Divine Shield when I meant to hit repentance... so it dropped the flag and the Alliance ended up returning it. Pretty embarrassing. Everyone assumed I didn't know that you can't use DS while carrying the flag.Buhbuhdin1 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 With vengence gone. With vengence gone will prot pally's WoG be pointless to use? I don't thnk 3 holy power + cd is worth a 15k heal :(Fëzz6 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Make Hallowed Ground baseline There's practically no use for tanks to use Consecration right now. The talent doesn't make it much better, but it drops the mana cost down to something manageable. I don't see any reason why this talent shouldn't be rolled into Consecration and putting something worthwhile into the slot.Cornu11 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Which trinket for holy pally? Hi, should I get rid of core of ripeness for the trinket in Well of eternity? I've read mastery isn't that great for us. I've also read the sticky and it said to keep spirit about 3k then stack for haste but I find myself OOM fast in DS10m. I generally use holy radiance often for aoe heal with holy shock which burns my mana quick. Any tip would be useful. Thank you.Annefrankly5 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Why Ghostcrawler Hates Rets--The True Story! Many thanks to Eyliria (Sepsys) for his help with setting this up. Enjoy!Dswarden8 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 So things change...... So the last time I played was before Cata, and back then I seem to remember that Prot was being used for levelling because Ret took a hit (again). Which tree is used for levelling a Pally these days? Is it still Prot or is Ret viable even though it may not be top of the DPS chart?Blakagan6 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Holy help ok ignoring the obvious with gear what are the basics of healing in holy? ive been getting a proc the im uncertain of right now and have read my telents and im confused, my main is a prot/ret so i know enough about pallies to either play it well or screw upbadly. what should i be looking for with the healing and how do i cast enough heavy heals in large pulls not to wipe the group at this level? this is my first healer so id like to get it right or play well enough to keep my groups from dieing all the time. and when does it get fun? im either falling asleep or cant keep up enough heals theres no in betweenEariette3 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 I Feel My DPS Should Be Better I'm looking at my WoL and i feel my DPS is low, for my ilvl, and I just feel it should be better then what it currently is. I know to not use CS or Judgment when i have 3 HP and all that stuff so I guess I'm just wondering if my DPS is where it should be. Also if the 2h axe drops off of Yor'sha(AKA Ooze boss) should I roll against our DK tank or just wait for the sword off of Madness? Here's my WoL from last week. Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Heroic Sulfuras vs Norm Gurthalak for PvP Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Hello, I was wondering, due to the fact our weapon damage for TV isn't normalized (I think) wouldn't H-Sulfuras be a better choice for PvP burst than the normal gurthalak weapon from Deathwing? Removing the factor of the terrible RNG tentacle from the equation.Saxamaphonic8 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Holy Radiance Problem. Help please! Quick question. During times of heavvy AoE damage, like Warlord in DS, i tend to spam holy radiance and LoD to maximize healing. but i tend to run out of mana very qucikly and find myself with about 20,000 mana left after just one of his AoE's. Is there a way to fix this or am i doing something wrong. Because when i look at the other pally healers on recount, they are utilizing holy radiance more than I but still seem to have mana left over. thanks Skyze10 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 Best Potion/Elixar/Flask Ret Paladin PvP, whats are the best ones?Vertify2 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 [Word of Glory] 20 second cooldown is fine, but buff the heal produced because it is pretty much a complete waste of HP as it sits. This is my QQ. Thanks for listening.Roquen36 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 The pally moment... Has anyone had one? Where suddenly you get the urge to do something extremely paladin-like. Had mine a while back, when I was exploring Ghostlands, I passed by the scourge city-thing and this mob aggro'd and i just smacked it. One thing led to another and I ended up going on a killing spree of lowbie mobs until I got to light's hope in plaguelands. Has anyone ever gotten one of these? Or am I just too much of an rp freak?Solanar24 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 6, 2012 PvP Spec? I'm going to be rolling an alliance paladin, leveling up as a tank. Whats the best BG pvp spec?Shatterred9 Feb 6, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Is my gear alright? Feels like I'm always getting hit hard in heroics. am I doing something wrong?Whodatank3 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 MoP AoE I vaguely recall reading that Divine Storm is likely going to be moved to be a finisher for Ret in the next expansion. Just wondering what people thought about removing Seal of Righteousness and leaving DS the way it is and using Consecrate as a 0 mana finisher (with a slight damage buff since we're getting rid of the AoE seal with this method). To me that seems much more fluid in the case of fights like the Unsleeping. Rather than switch seals on black oozes, just switch to ds cons and change rotation priorities. Pretty much every class has a separate priority for AoE. Ours stays the same, just sub CS for DS.Reikoshea5 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 I was wondering. So, I rolled ret pally as soon as I hit level 10, and the dps for it so far has been par or even sub-par and I got sick of not doing well on the dps charts or having to struggle just to do well, so when I hit level 30 I dual specced with prot. Just recently I got so tired of Ret that I switched to Prot. I'm at the top of the dps charts in wotlk dungeons with ease, most times, and I tank most of them pretty easily. Yet every guide I read says to gem stamina, dodge and such. When I switched to Prot, I didn't change my strength gems, my dodge, block and parry seems decent enough and with a good healer and my hp, I survive nearly all my encounters. Is it acceptable to go with strength gems and attack power enchants for protection pallys?Thyrâ8 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Any prot pallies still doing Pvp? I just wondering how you are handling your pvp tanking after the veng nerf. I still do, as I like to defend and cap flags. I changed my aggressive glyphs to increase healing spell effectiveness, and usually roll with SoI. Though I do notice our self heals have been weakened... but dks haven't seemed to even been messed with from what I seen several times today. Anywho, so what are my brother and sister pvp tanks doing now?Redmuse23 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Two Handers for transmog Anyone have any suggestions for two-handers that match the look I have on now? particularly a 2h axeVelindis7 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Why are our minor glyphs unoriginal/useless? Avoiding necroing 2 similar threads in general when this is a Paladin specific topic anyway. Is it just me, or are our minor glyph "choices" at best boring, and at worse useless? I have the insight/truth ones for in case I get a battle-rez and need to apply them to myself to judge when I'm mana starved, but that isn't even all too useful or fun. It just is a precaution. The Might and Kings glyphs are just plain pointless in PvE. Assuming there's no druid to mark, and no other paladins that already buffed, you buff the party/raid. So the only times we are then using these spells are usually a.) start of an instance where people are getting their bearings or spec/gear switching, b.) after a wipe when people are going to need to refill mana anyway, and c.) after a battle-rez, which ret and prot in combat don't have any mana issues whatsoever, and healers have a big enough pool to not feel a dent when casting it. If any of our other minors have better usefulness in any way, please say so. Furthermore, all of our minor glyphs are of the family "Reduces the cost of X spell by Y %." That's like... glyph incest or something. There's no variety! There's nothing fun, cosmetic, or genuinely useful like other classes get. Are paladins supposed to be "Lawful Good" purveyors of justice and light and boringness? With Cataclysm, many "fun" abilities were also pruned like Divine Intervention. How does that spell make us overpowered? Are player's not allowed to hurt themselves? Is a fun way to expidite the trek back to the encounter and avoid a durability loss here and there forbidden? But then what about Warlocks' Hellfire and Life Tap? (Unless it's changed that warlocks hellfireing to zero don't take durability damamge) Vanish? Ice Block? Any engineer that lives through a wipe can rez. Unless some dev has a grudge against paladins... (Let's assume the "Nerf them to the ground" comment was in jest?) It's not just paladins either. Many things have slowly been taken out of the game, but this is most visible with the minor glyph options, or lack thereof, Paladins have. Maybe they ran out of ideas? I can help! You can too! C'mon everyone, maybe we'll get some cool glyphs in 4.2 if we make our plight known now! ? The Lay on Hands and Rubuke glyphs are too strong to be minor? ? You could always bring back the Sense Undead glyph... ? Glyph of Divine Shield - Reduces the cast time of your hearthstone by 3 seconds while Divine Shield is active. ? Glyph of Crusader Aura - Your crusader aura fills you and nearby party members with radiant light allowing its targets to walk on water. ? Glyph of Watery Fury - Your Righteous Fury grants waterbreathing. ? Glyph of the Hammer - A target afflicted by your Hammer of Justice takes on the appearance of a Hammer. ? Glyph of Holy Striking - The cooldown of your Holy Shock, Crusader's Strike and Hammer of Justice is reduced by X seconds (0.5?). ? Glyph of Holy Protection - Reduces the cooldown of your [Guardian] by X seconds (20?). ? Glyph of Glory - When your Word of Glory is used on yourself, it heals an additional 40% (this may tie in with the new nerf... plus it's in the same legue of the warrior minor). ? Glyph of Sealing - Increases the duration of your seals by 30 min. Paladins don't have much out of combat utility (I think crusader aura is all?) or "fun" spells on their own... :( Not to mentioned other classes get combat-relevant minor glyphs, so it's not very fair that we don't. The lack of interesting minor glyphs may well be a symptom of a bigger issue there. What say you? Edit: Fixed a few typo's and clarifications.Rucaria13 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Protection Paladin Stat Priority Basically Mastery => Stamina > Parry = Dodge > Expertise = Hit > Haste Then I came across (Perfect Avoidance) 102.4% = 5%(standard miss) + block% + parry% + dodge% which is more priority?Corebenik9 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Blizz. Is there an SoR nerf? Hello Tarkin here. Expert conspiracy theorist here. Jk. But this may be a theory. I used to have SoR proc gurth quite a bit. In a 3min fight with the target dummy, not a single tentacle procced today. Was there a gurth-SoR nerf liek the SoT nerf? Someone ele test it out to make sure its jsut not me having bad luck. Or if a CM could answer. It just doesnt feel right, especially after the SoT-gurth nerf/hotfix. Whichever u want to call it. I just hope its just my bad luck.Tarkin4 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Paladin Playstyle? Hello. I'm coming back to WoW after a long break, and decided I would try playing a healer class to complement my friend. I am choosing between a Shaman and a Paladin for my new character and I was wondering if anybody here could give me a rundown on the playstyle of the Paladin class both in PvE and PvP as Holy. How does it compare to Resto Shaman? Why do you like your Paladin/find it fun? If anybody could help me out I'd much appreciate it, and give me some input to help me make my decision, I'd greatly appreciate it. Veuji3 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 A General Ret Buff? So, as most of you should know, Ret is somehwat UP compared to other specs, especially other melee specs in PvP. I dont particuarly think that a single-ability buff would be a good idea, so what about a general buff, something like BoK for Rets? I propose that when under the effects of a DPS seal, (SoR, SoT, SoJ) Rets gain a bonus -4% damage taken, and a rather often-occuring proc to increase movement speed by 10% on a successful auto-attack hit. This sound reasonable?Delques14 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Levelling Holy Paly Hey Folks, Looking for a updated leveling PVP spec for Holy Paladin. I will do dungeons on the way up but mainly PVP. Not seeing any up to date advice on here :( I have a mixture of heirlooms so hopefully can help in the bgs Any help would be mucho appreciated.Redmint9 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Blood Knight Tabard can i still get it?Edasurc1 Feb 5, 2012