Jan 10, 2012 Resilience or Crit Gems? Made a thread of how to gem for my Holy Paladin and was going to gem Intellect/Critical for my Yellow Gems. However, there is a really good Holy Paladin in my guild that gems pure Resilience in his Yellow Sockets. I don't think gemming pure Resilience in Yellow Sockets makes sense. However, I am always the focus on BGs and I am going to be doing Rated BGs as well as Arenas. I want to get 2200 Rating one day LOL. Wouldnt Intellect/Resilience make more sense? And is it always based on individual style and preference? Any opinions or examples of how you all gemmed for PVP would be appreciated.Stryper4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Running Prot in Arenas? Is it viable anymore, can it be done? Please enlighten me.Hyperdub5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Judgements of the Wise gone? I recently resubscribed, and the first thing I noticed was that I was having a hard time getting back mana. It wasn't long until I realised that my judgements weren't returning mana. Is it truly gone? Did they even give us a good reason why they removed it? I have a lot more hard time playing my role as hybrid damage dealer and healer in BGs and Arenas since if I do one or two FoLs I run out of mana and basically become a free HK.Sepaticaus7 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Threat help I recently came back from a break and Im having threat issues like I've never had before. I've gone to the stickys for help but I cant seem to figure out the problem. Righteous defense seems to stay on cooldown on every AOE pull. Especially with warriors or DKs in the group. Any suggestions or do I just suck now?Kessar2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Reforging Whenever I reforge on my pvp gear the only stat option I have to reforge to is spirit? Can someone please explain why this is? There is no stat penalty for Reforging to spirit as well so should I take the free stat?Marlox3 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Ret Itemization I just recently started making a ret set and after reading the Elitist Jerks forum post on how to play ret i had a pretty simple question. Elitist jerks says that our stat weights are str > hit to cap > exp to cap > mastery > crit = mastery. My question is what are the ret paladins choosing when it comes to deciding between crit and haste? EJ says that its a personal choice because they have gotten different results when testing whether crit or haste has more value. I would think that haste would have more of an impact on our dps because of our Sanctity of Battle talent (Haste effects lower the cooldown of your Crusader Stirke and Divine Storm), but that is just a guess. Can anyone tell me if they choose haste over crit or crit over haste and why? Thanks for your time!Sheochilan6 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Why change the mana cost of HR? 35->40%, why? If it's because of the 4 piece T13 I will be really disappointed.Erupted28 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Tanking DS - Trinket help Hey guys. I'm going to tank DS 10 Normal this week, but I need some trinket advice. I know that I have to swap trinkets for each encounter, so here they are: Mirror of Broken Images - 321 mastery, on use 400 resist all schools for 10 seconds (1min cd) Essence of Eternal Flame - 383 mastery, on use 1277 str for 15 seconds (1min cd) Moonwell Phial - 510 stamina, on use 1700 dodge for 20 seconds (2min cd) Stay of Execution - 383 dodge, on use absorb 20% incoming damage, up to 56980 (2min cd) Which combo should I use on each boss fight? I know they are not great trinkets, but thats what I got. Lemmer3 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Pally Tank tier 13 2piece Bonus Since our bubble isnt really that big do you guys think that the Prime Glyph of Judgement might be more useful now to help increase the size of the bubble. I know keep like Seal of truth cause 10 expertise is aways nice but either the Crusader strike or even shield of rightous can prob be switched to help outJemez4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Ret DPS Check Hello, I've been playing WoW for roughly a few months now and I started recently raiding Dragon Souls with a group of people. During most of the raids I am usually placed 3rd in DPS behind our Rogue and Druid, I was doing about 44k on Madness of Deathwing with the druid somehow managing to pull a constant 50-52k (don't forget about all the buffs they give you during that encounter). I really wanna be top DPS as much as I can and I'm wanting to know if my rotation is incorrect in anyway what-so-ever. With GoAK's I always use Zealotry with it as much as I can, I also never pop Zealotry with Avenging Wrath at the same time, as I like to spread out my special moves as much as I can. I remember reading somewhere people were saying you should use Zealotry and Avenging Wrath at the same time, but why would you do that? If you were to get cc'd during that 15 seconds, you would be screwed, you would also have no abilities for the next 2 minutes to use. SO if there are any experienced ret pallys out there please lend me some tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank YouMàxwell9 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Holy pvp trinkets Should I go with the pvp trinkets with resil on them or crit or spirit?? What is a good resil number I should be at or does resil not matter that much for a holy paladin?Zorbing5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Recommended VuhDo setup I haven't found anything too useful for googling Can anyone share a setup for hpaladin that they find suits all their needs? Things I don't like about the default: * no class colours * Doesn't show me who I've cast Hands on * Doesn't show who is in range of my existing HRs * Mouseover macros don't work if you mouseover the VuhDo frame and try to use them * It's annoying to expand the Blizzard raid leader panel and it overlaps the VuhDo frame I'm sure I can fix all these one by one but would rather start from a good setup , instead of reinventing the wheel.Lusignan6 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Asking for advice the dumbest way... Anyway I could talk some Paladins into telling me how to kill you guys in a way that doesn't take 2 minutes or more?Leuts4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Holy pally.. Wanting some tips? Hi all. Not sure about haste cap, or how much spirit needed, etc etc. Please be as harsh as possible, IDC :) I just want the most out of my toon ^_^ Thank you!!!Bùbblèosèvèn4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 4.3 Seal of Insight good for Holy Pally PVP? Hello all, I'm rather new to playing as a holy pally for PVP - Arenas, BGs. It has come to my attention that Judging Seal of Insight now does not give us any direct mana returns due to the recent patch. I was thinking that if this is the case, should holy paladins start considering Seal of Truth instead in PVP? I mean, it might be more useful to help your DPS fellows down the opponent ASAP, getting 5 stacks on censure on the opponent and judge him constantly for extra damage, since Judgement for Censure is also buffed to a 20% multiplier. Moreover, our talent - Judgements of the Pure gives us an extra 30% spirit regen no matter which seal we use. Could I hear your thoughts on this (: Perhaps an alternative idea is to only switch to Insight when our mana is getting low?Lockhart5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Effective Avoidance Am i miss reading this , but are the avoidance stats on our character sheet in game and on the armory represent our Avoidance( dodge and parry ) before diminishing returns ? Both state prior to , and I do understand diminishing returns. My question is if these are the stats prior to diminishing returns, then what is our effective avoidance after it ? Am I missing something here, tool tip error or what ? Mcwolf2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 I'm block capped... Now what? Hey all, I'm looking for some advice. There are some differing opinions on this, and I was looking for yours. I'm in a progression guild, and trying to help out the most that I can. Right now I'm at block cap (when my dodge trinket is @10stacks + mastery elixer + feast... all of which I have every raid). So... I don't need any more "block". At this point the point of views are: #1- Stack stam #2- Start changing mastery into dodge / parry Right now I have followed path #2 and have been stacking more dodge / parry (keeping them balanced when my dodge trinket is stacked to 10) What is your opinion? Do you stack stam or more avoidance once you are block capped? What would be better for a progressing guild?Xylene12 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 2's comp HELP ME ok what is the best current 2's comp with an h pally i rlly nead help pleaseWidikoo1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Thank god they nerfed Vengeance now... instead of a week from now, after I would have purchased my Cata 1h/shield. I will go Ret in PvP and I'm sure I'll quickly realize Blizzard just did me a huge favor. Prot in arenas was such an uphill climb. Ret burst and off-heals FTW! :)Reckoner4 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Poor Luck I have the poorest luck when it comes to helms farmed FL a lot and still no helm drop from gatekeeper(or rag). Is there any in the new dungeons?Whodatank10 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 2pc T13 ret question I just got the 2pc T13 ret. The problem is that I find myself taking advantage of it less than I should. Does anyone know how to configure CLCret to give the 2pc priority? Or if not, some other addon that could help with the timing?Darthelmet3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Prot Pally Losing Mana Fast...Need Help I need some advise with keeping my mana up. I am going though mana so fast At alot of points during the boss fight I am out of mana. So I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but need some help. I am using the rotation as stated in the guide here and using my CD's when need to but I just seem to go mana up fast.Hulksmashyou8 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Patch 4.3.2 PTR Notes: No Vengeance in PvP ... Source: Current patch notes. Also see MMO champion front page. Stax2 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Rebuke your best strategies How and when do you use it most effectively?Agincourt13 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Coming back to WOW/Paladin Been away since late October/November wanting to get into playing ret instead of tanking. Was curious if anyone had any suggestions to gear up quickly for ret ideally I'd like to waste as little time/money as possible.Pallyhoe0 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Holy Assessment Just wanted to check, pre-DS and excluding LFR, what are the best trinkets for Holy pallys?Chromë13 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Holy PvP Im looking for a Holy PvP build. Any Help?Milkbubblez5 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Retribution Cleave + Warmaster What would be a good cleave rotation for handling the two adds up? Or would single target be prefered for my Retribution paladin on this fight?Trizo5 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Turn Evil Macro PVP hey guys i need help with this macro basically i want to stun any undead that are attacking me with [Holy Wrath] then use the same button to fear them with [Turn Evil] but i cant get this one working are you able to help? /cast [nomodifier]Holy Wrath /cast [modifier:Crtl]Turn EvilJohassa1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Arena Question I've been doing 2v2 w/ a sub rog and we can't get past 1626. We hover around 1600. The teams we can't kill are ones w/ disc priests usually. We can *almost* kill them, but have trouble finishing them off. I have been putting together a PvP holy set and wondered what a good teammate would be. I appreciate your help. Kaleb3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 So how are ret paladins these days? I'm going to be hitting 85 on my new paladin by tomorrow and I need to decide on what spec I want to be. So far I've leveled entirely as prot, I've also had years of experience with paladins so prot is almost second nature to me now. And I enjoy tanking, but ret seems interesting to me. Anyways I haven't played Ret at all during Cata because of the reviews I heard about them being "slow or clunky" when it comes to the rotation. Is this still true? What do you think about them? Thanks :) Edit: This is strictly for PvE btw.Evalyn3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Holy PvP Do we still go for crit on our gear in 4.3? Did the change to judgement and our regen change this? Not sure if I should be reforging out of spirit.Kiark2 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 What talents are you going for in MoP? In case anyone isn't aware of them, or can't find them:! I'm really liking how Mists of Pandaria is shaping up. It's nearly inarguable that WoW is in the worst state is has ever been in, but the new talent system is giving me hope for the future. It looks like it actually offers some tough choices, with certain tiers not appearing to have a clear cut best talent, meaning you can actually have some diversity in your spec and have it play differently! Huzzah! So anyways, what talent do you think you're going for in each tier and why? I'd like to see other people's thought processes on their talent choice. I'm mostly wanting to see what talents you'd pick for a retribution PVP spec, since it seems to be where the largest gray area is. As for what I'm thinking about choosing... Tier 1: Pursuit of Justice I'm assuming the tooltip for speed of light is bugged, and that ret is going to get the 10% damage bonus while active and not the healing shenanigans. 10% seems pretty weak, although combined with Avenging Wrath and Berserking could provide some purdy numbers. The minute cooldown on the effect though and only having 6 seconds of sprinting looks too weak to me compared to the massive mobility increases offered by the other two talents. Long Arm of the Law is extremely temping, especially with the deadzone removed and the cooldown on Judgement being lowered. But since you can talent Judgement later on to snare targets, it doesn't seem as necessary as it is now. You're also going to be losing your passive run speed bonus by not selecting pursuit of justice. Once it gets stacked up you're going to have a passive 40% run speed (until you dump the holy power of course). It's a really tough choice that is even tougher to make without actually getting to use the talent and see how it feels. Pursuit of Justice also has some synergy with Blessed Life if that talent is chosen later. Tier 2 Burden of Guilt 30 yard snare? Delicious. Makes Long Arm of the Law in the previous tier less appetizing, while also making Pursuit of Justice more viable. Having a snare rolled into Judgement also allows use of Seal of Truth at all times, which is a pretty substantial damage increase versus Seal of Justice. Repentance is on a cast time now, which makes it MUCH less appealing for a melee class. Maybe if it is buffed up to a 10 second CC like every other CC to compensate for the cast time put on it then maybe it'll be tempting. If you're going to be running with an organized group though, Fist of Justice looks great. The 20 yard range and 30 second cooldown means that it could be an effective gap closer, and if Long Arm of the Law is chosen then a snare isn't as necessary. Also if you're running with a class consistently that can keep up a snare easily (like a DK or rogue) then you could go for Fist of Justice or Repentance for the extra CC. Tier 3 Blessed Life... maybe? Sacred Shield vs Blessed life is a tough choice for me. Sacred Shield is great, but the extra holy power gains from Blessed Life works well with Pursuit of Justice. A free passively applied shield is very tempting though.Turaven5 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Holy Paladin end game gearing I'm going ot be hitting level cap with in the next 10 days (College makes for slow leveling..), and I need some good gear ideas to add to my wish list. I have 25k to dump on gear and Justice and Honor gear are easy items for me to get (As long as i don't have to be rated). I plan on playing all PvE with as little PvP as possible. Spec to Gear: Holy Paladin Price range: Up to 25k cash, endless Honor/Justice. Play Style: PvE dungeons Thanks in advance for any tips, ForemanForeman3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 What's in better shape atm Pally or DK? My bro is coming back to the game he has a 80 pally and 80 dk wondering what to level. I only heal as my pally so I told him it is rough now but I think tanking is good and dps can be ok with gear. Which class would you tell him to level? Anyone have a DK and Pally?Bazok10 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 If they dont want us to use Holy Radiance Change the 4piece bonus. It seems to me that the unintended effect of changing holy radiance to a target/cast buff, was making pally healers beast at AoE healing. They reduce the amount gained by the 4piece bonus and increase its mana cost even more. 40% of base mana to do a cast thats is best with 3 going.... Give us a 4piece bonus you dont mind us using.Entegra2 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Why is there ANOTHER Holy Pally nerf? Whats up with the increase to Holy Radiance cost? Does blizzard not want us to use it?Todesmeister1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Blinding Shield Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen a thread filled with excitement for this spell. So I'm starting one. I, for one, am super stoked about it; and was disappointed when we didn't get it the first time it was brought up.Ancagalon8 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 ultraxion green crystal Running in a 25man and I've been assigned to green for whatever reason I know that it takes half of the heal cast, cuts it in half and splits it among the raid Is it more efficiant to use holy radiance and light of dawn or possibly wog OR spam divine light?Hammerzilla12 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Need help with PvP gear I normally PvE only but since I only do raids tuesday - thursday I get bored, so I'm gonna start doing BG's but I was wondering to keep my 2piece T13 bonus which Tier armor do I use? I was thinking Chest/Leggings but not sure. Any suggestions?Zetrov3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Retribution Paladin Currently leveling my paladin and was wondering what weapon is best for ret? Like 2 handed, dual wielding, one hand and shield, etc? ThanksObligation3 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 MoP Ret Nerf I predict that ret will be OP at the beginning of MoP like we have at the beginning of every expansion and then just like before, we'll get nerfed within the first month to stay !@#$ty until the next expansion after MoP where there will be a 8month intermission time in which our problems aren't solved but rather we're told to just keep waiting. Who's with me?Religion10 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 realm x-fer can you move from a pve to a pvp server?Cvn2 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Ret Pallys in Cata I used to enjoy Ret in BC back when their burst was out of this world but pretty random. I ran 3s with an Arms Warrior and Resto Shaman for windfury which was the extra attack version back then. Im thinking about leveling and playing it again but it seems like Ret is not like it used to be. That's ok as long as it's fun... but is it? I'd probably mostly PvP.Pewps10 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 shadowmourne Is Shadowmourne good for pallies at 80 or should i just get the heroic 2h off of Lich King?Ðeathlight8 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 prot pvp gemming reforge help What stats should i be focusing on for gemming and reforging for prot pvp? I keep getting and seeing diff answers of go stam/str gems or like go srt/res gems. Would love some clarity on where to focus. Thanks guys.Chaosbear1 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Help with my ret spec/gear Hi, I've been tanking for most of the expansion, and for a while ret has just been an offspec for 1 tank fights, and while I wasn't terrible, I didn't really make the best effort to play everything 110%. But recently I switched my MS to ret, so now I really need to be able to refine my gameplay and gear to be on the top of my game for H progression. I've read through the sticky, but I have a few questions. 1st: Taking a look at my gearing and spec, do you see any areas for improvement? (As far as reforging, gemming, a few spec points ect) I think I have most of it covered, just wanted to make sure that I'm not missing anything obvious. 2nd: I'm wondering about CD usage. I know at the start you pop them together in a certain order to maximize the effect of GoAK, but how do you manage them after that on a long fight? Obviously on a fight that's 5 minutes or less I'd just pop AW/Z on CD, but what about a fight that lasts long enough to effectively use a 2nd GoAK? Do I delay using AW/Z for a minute to use it with GoAK? or do I just pop them off CD? Also, what about on fights with damage increase phases such as zonoz, hagarah, and madness? Do I still want to use my CDs at the start and then off CD? or do I want to be timing them with these phases even if it means less CDs used over the course of the encounter? Thanks.Darthelmet3 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Heals pers second as a holy Did some of the firelands bosses tonight, and I felt as though my heals were inadequate. I don't have a log or parse (how do you get those things anyways?), and I consistently hovered around 10k-12k heals per second. Does this reflect my ilvl/secondary stats? Also, if you would pick at my gear and reforging that would be great, always looking for ways to improve. *Things I am aware of: (alchemy trinket not socketed, been grinding for the 378 HoT trinket (my horribad blue shoulders and 359 shield, nothing else has dropped yetDaron4 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Cool mechanic for ret maybe? I was thinking about a pretty interesting ret mechanic. It would actually make Ret Aura useful, and desired. It would remove consecration as a usable ability, and make it interact like the Death knights desercration. How the mechanic would work is, ret aura would no long strike an attacking enemy target for X amount of holy damage, but instead proc a consecration which would then damage all enemies within it for the amount consecration would normally deal. Just an idea. DISCUSS!Notadjacent6 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 Gurthalak or pvp weapon I know this question has probably been addressed and if so I apologize. I just picked up the raid finder Gurth and i heard the proc was nerfed, so i was wondering should I be using it or my pvp weapon for pveChypher7 Jan 8, 2012