Jan 1, 2012 Inquisition for PVP? You lose a global and 3 holy power and often must refresh at the worst time. Does anyone use Inquisition for PVP?Agincourt12 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 So Ret sucks in PvP? I am doing more friggin damage as prot spec. Just to check, what is the best rotation for Ret? Just made the switch last week and still trying to hammer things out, but if this doesn't get better I am going to stay prot and try holy as my OS. ThanksPalatinus29 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 REAL ULTIMATE POWAH (or, some PvP questions) Been gearing up and learning the ropes from Vanguard's thread, and so far I'm really happy about my state in PvP right now. When our team's working together (and surprisingly, they do more often than not) we do pretty impressively, and I actually feel like I'm contributing something. Here was the last random I did: Problem is, I know the same can't be said for Rated BGs, let alone Arenas. I'm still gearing up and practicing so I can join some up, but for you PvP guys, got some questions: For RBGs, what should I be focusing more on? FC/objective guarding, pressuring healers, finishing off dps, or using my offheals whenever I can? Am I better off Crit/Last Word specced like I am right now or Mastery/HoJ specced? For Arenas, what comp would I benefit most, and what kinda tactics should I learn so I'm not effectively a glowing wet focus sponge? Any beginner tips would help, thanks!Jackishi15 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Quick Ret question This is my first Pally and I'm curious about something. So far I've ran prot and have a good handle on it but I decided to run a few dungeons as Ret last night. I found myself just auto attacking alot last night while waiting on cooldowns (divine storm, etc). Am I just missing something in my rotation or is it just my level and when I get higher I'll have abilities to fill the "dead zone" between main abilities. Here's an example (maybe i'm just way off) .. start the fight Judging Insight for mana regen, then divine storm, then holy wrath just to fill and of course Exorcism if Art of War procs. So once that initial round is done pretty much everything is on cooldown for 15 secs except Divine Storm and Judgement and they are 4.5 and 8 seconds respectively. So I find myself just sitting auto attacking and waiting for cool downs. Is this just something Pallys have to live with?Victarion6 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Need some advise on my H.Pally Hi, I ve been playing wow since vanilla but never i have took it seriously when it comes to end game content so I m still kinda inexperience in raids. Went for LFR and felt that i missed a lot of the bests of wow... I want to get serious and dirty with raiding so guys could u pls comment on my stats and build on what should i improve on and am i ready for the real deal? thanks.Rëtard1 Jan 1, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 Best beginner paly spec? My ladyfriend is going to start playing, and wants to roll a paly. What's the easiest spec to learn the game on in your opinion? Thanks guys.Tazzderp7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 My dps dropped real low since 4.3(ret pally) i upadated my glyphs and changed my spec from online sources. anyone have ne suggestions? or have a spec thats working for themWeezzyy19 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 2 piece Tier 13 for Ret PvP Hey I was wondering if it was worth sacraficing the resillience from ruthless gear to use 2 pieces of tier 13 for the set bonus. I have the gloves and legs atmAttik7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Valor point or LFR set? I just try a bit ret spec and i have 3 piece of the lfr tier set. Was wondering if anyone experience both and witch one you think got a better dps. I really like the boost the tier set give but does it do worse dps then the vp gear?Warhunters1 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 HEY! Its one of those how am I doing threads! I'm in the process of switching back and forth between Fireland Invasion Dailies and Tol Barad Dailies. I'm working on getting my gear, enchants, and gems up to par. It's a process. Any advice on what I currently have and what I can do to get better would be appreciated. I haven't ran any heroic dungeons in Cata yet, so keep that in mind. One other question, my Mastery is currently at 17.8 percent. What is my goal for mastery? Also dodge and parry are at 10 percent. What are my goals there?Cauto2 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 HPally haster or mastery? Just getting back into pve healing and am trying to figure out is it better to reforge for mastery or haste. I went haste before am in my pve gear I have around 1800. What is the haster hard cap in haste spi build or is mastery crit just better? Thnx in advance.Malagan10 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 [Ret] so what's your tentative MoP build? So, what's the retribution community's current build for Ret? Either PvP or PvE. My current PvP build is...!121111 If there's already a thread on this, please forgive me for that.Forde7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Everybody Transmog! Excited for the patch? I sure am! Cool new raid, new loots, new mounts, BG changes, VOID STORAGE, and perhaps the best thing: Transmogrification! SHOW ME YOUR TUESDAY TRANSMOG SETS, MY BEAUTIFUL PALADIN BRETHREN PS I'll sign out in my transmog gear as soon as I'm done farming. >_>;Lobster154 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 LFM nerds pally to run achivements/mounts Trolling but seriously Maharlau is currently looking for more people to run for achivements and mounts every day/week. Here is his profile: and here is his brother : You can easily look up on mine as well. So, I believe there's have to be another 7-8 maharlaus out there who nerd enough to get together and farm stuffs... Tuilapaladin0 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Prot PvP; versus Ret PvP Discuss.Sylaira10 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Holy pally in Arena Hey so im new to holy pally but ive gotten pretty well equiped. Just could use some advice on my glyphs and talents. Think i got them down pretty good but could use an expert opinion. Also, im a human so i dont really need the remove movement effect trinket so its a choice between the chance to increase spell power, and the increase health on use. ive found the health on use helpful when being teamed up on in arenas but im wondering if the spell power would do me better in general. Also any advice on enchants and gems for equips would be nice. also any macros u find helpful.Rocktscience3 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Help IDing some gear for Pally transmog... I forget where I found this pic, but I LOVE how his armor looks, especially the helm and shoulders... (Yes, it's a Vrykul. LOL ModelViewer.) Any idea what the names of the pieces in this set are, or at least some similar items to it? It looks like some sort of Wrath gear, maybe PVP stuff, but I have no clue about the names... I'd use ModelViewer myself to try looking it all up, but for some reason it doesn't work right on my computer and everything comes up garbled. Can someone lend a hand?Calberth2 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Is Ret Truly Dead? You read the title. Is Ret dead?Aeges47 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Paladins will strike faces in TBC. I miss the paladin forum being interesting. :|Turaven6 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Looking for Help. I need help with my rotationFlandim3 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Help me hit CTC Slow day at work. Thought I'd throw myself to the wolves... I'm currently around 99% CTC. Anything I can do with the gear I currently have to hit the cap? I use wowreforge and find it to be a good site for reforging advice. But I would really like to find some kind of website or addon that specifcally calculates and suggests CTC help.Colwynn7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 please before uyou bliizard come with your ideas of change of spells please tested first to make sure we are geting quality becasuse u have no idea how anoying is to be a dps runing around for a chiken healer on arenas or bg which is annoying for real since u have the oportunity gear every single chacter than figth each other to make sure you blizzard not doing what you doing now than u can see if is nesesary please give enoght stunds to every single dps no just mage, hunter rogue and warlocks Imbackk1 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 They call me the crystal bug. Aint i the most abominable orange hero you have ever seen! Paladin forum show me your super hero suits!Uchtryd26 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 In Pusuit of Retribution: Paladin Leveling In Pursuit of Retribution. A Paladin Leveling Guide. Written By Florencê of Fenris Table of contents Part 1. Intro Part 2. Talents Part 3. Attributes Glyphs and Strategy Abbreviation Index CS = Crusader Srike TV = Templars Verdict AoW = Art of War DS = Divine Storm WoG = Word of Glory HP= Holy Power Part 1 Intro Hello everyone I'm currently leveling my third pally.To be clear this guide was originally posted by ME on one of my other pallies, Silane from Drak'Thul, I have since switched servers and have decided to level a new pally. So if it looks familiar that is why =). With the new forums and no leveling guide currently posted I decided to re-post this. This is a short guide to help all aspiring pallies level quickly and easily. One major change with Cata talents is the introduction of Holy Power. Holy Power is sort of like a watered down version of a rogues combo point system. Certain abilities will produce it. While others spend it. Crusader Strike which is our MAIN ABILITY is the primary generator of HP in the ret tree. Some other abilities will have a chance to generate HP once we grab certain talents. One thing to note, you cannot save HP, it fades after a short while so just spend it once you have three stacks or one stack if you need a quick heal (WoG). This guide assumes that you level as Ret which is an extremely effective leveling tree. If you have access to Hierlooms great, but even without them you should still be able to level easily enough as the Paladin is a very forgiving class. Let's get down to business. You get your first talent at 10, then another at 11, and every second level after that until 79, Then you get them from 81-85. Below is the ideal talent choices as you level. Part 2 Talents 10,11,13. Crusade. Crusader strike will always be your primary offensive ability max this out. 15,17. Improved Judgements. Longer range on your Judgement is nice, and a precursor to our gap closer later on. 19,21,23. Rule of Law. More Crit for your CS 25,27. Pursuit of Justice. Faster movement speed both on and off a mount is a no brainer, the faster you get to a quest location, the faster you can start killing! 29,31,33. Art of War. Downright awesome. More damage faster killing, faster leveling. 35. Communion. More damage and replenishment. Awesome talent 37. Divine Storm. A little AoE. use this when you pull multiple mobs in conjunction with consecration and Holy Wrath for those AoE moments. 39. Sanctity of Battle. This talent rocks if you can get your hands on some haste. especially if you have the hierloom haste trinket. 41.Seals of Command. More damage! 43.Rebuke. Really nice against caster mobs. And very very handy in pvp. Speaking of pvp talents 45,47. Long arm of the law. Our gap closer. Even in PvE it's a nice ability to catch runners or to close distances on slowing mobs. 49. Repentance. Effective CC against everything except beasts and elementals. Grab it. 51,53. Divine Purpose. More Holy Power equals more insta heals or extra TV's 55,57. Sanctified Wrath. Go back to the fourth tier and put two points into this. We will finish it later. 59,61,63. Inquiry of Faith. A little more umph on your Seal of Truth. 65,67. Selfless healer. We need two points to get to Zealotry, take this if you group or instance alot. If you pvp frequently then Acts of Sacrifice(My Preference) or Guardian's Favor are both solid choices 69. Zealotry. DPS CD, decent but not great, its good for tough mobs and elites while leveling so we will grab it. We can now go into the other trees. 71,73,75. Judgements of the Pure. Go into Holy. Haste from Judgement equals awesometown. 77,79. Arbiter of the Light. More crit on two of our primary abilities. 81. Sanctified Wrath. All the way back in the fourth Tier of Ret. I told you we'd come back. 82,83 Blazing Light. Go back to holy, grab this, it makes AoW even better. 84. Seals of the Pure. Pick up this in the Prot tree. 85. Grats!! now go respec to the current PvE or PvP Spec. Whatever floats your boat. Part 3 Attributes and Glyphs 1A Attributes. Strength > Haste> Crit> Agi >Stamina. Strength will always be your primary stat, it makes you hit harder. Haste makes you hit faster and lowers the cooldown on CS which as I mentioned is your main ability. Crit is nice as well. Never gear gem or enchant for Stam or Agility as Ret. EVER, if it apears on some gear with superior stats fine. 1B Glyphs. Grab Crusader strike at 25, After that. Exorcism would probably be our next best as far as primes( For Leveling). I'll update this section as I level. I hope this guide helps all aspiring new pallies.Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. PLEASE REPORT for sticky. Florencê20 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 What is ret and holy paladin's weakness The title states it for pvp purpose. What is it exactly? I'm trying to figure out their weak spot like other class.Naarusii12 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Reforging question Want to know of y'all can take a look at my gear and see what you would do differently. I know EJ says reforge mastery, but when does it get to the point that its to much and its better to reforge into something else, or does it ever get to that point?Kenoya8 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Raid Finder Harsh On Duel Spec's ;/ I was wondering if anybody else agree's that with Raid finder it should be Not just que as the one spec for the week but have the opportunity to que as tank once a week, heals once a week and dps once a week when it comes to hybrid classes like paladins and druids etc it would be nice to see this occur so its not so harsh on gearing up both specs and waiting 1 week to do raid finder to gear up your other specs ;/Promethean13 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 holy paladin tips for healing madness We have lots of tools and tricks to use to make this encounter much more bearable. A lot of these abilities can also be used by ret or prot pallies as well Assuming the standard green, red, yellow, blue: Make sure you are alway in melee range of the arm/wing to melee them between heals Make use of hand of sacrifice as soon as the tank gets the impale debuff. This can be used every platform You can use hand of protection on the 2nd and 4th platform. Once the tank has the impale debuff, bop them, and have the tank cancel the effect right after. On the 4th platform u will need to bubble yourself or get leap of faithed itno the protective barrier or you will die Save aura master for the cataclysm phase of each plat form, the exception is the 4th platform where aura mastery makes the bolt do minimal damage Use avenging wrath with every cataclysm Use your first divine plea after the first tentacle is killed then try and use it between every platform afterwards Use goak on the last 10% of yellow limb so you will have it back up for P2 Make sure that all healing cooldowns are cycled and planned out for P2. If your group can save hero for P2, have them use it during the second set of addsHammerzilla0 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 What am I doing wrong? (Holy Healing) I've been grinding normals and honing my skills in healing, I used to heal in the Wrath days but things have changed dramatically or it seems so at least. I'm following Reforgeantor and doing as much as I can to increase all the appropriate stats. I use Heal Bot ( I find it very easy to use and very helpful). But I constantly find that my heals aren't hitting hard enough or I'm not using my proc's and spell in general right. No one dies but I'm almost always out of mana not to the point of having to drop every mob to eat/drink but to where I'm using divine plea on every CD. I read the Holy guide thread on here all the time but find that even though yes I need more spirit that I'm doing something wrong. My priority heals are usually FL seeing as my HL heals for nothing and the cast time is redunk. I use DL a lot, it might be because the tanks I have been getting are mostly DK's who come in tanking in almost all crit/haste gear and no dodge or parry and don't use Death Strike correctly. I never really understand when to use HR. So any and all advice would be awesome.Brovinelight19 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Gurthalak (390) vs Exp. Spec. Slicer (397) So I've run two tests so far (I know probably not very scientific) on raiding dummies just to see if I could see which of these weapons seemed better. The training dummies provided equal environments for each weapon and the only thing different was procs, which can't be controlled. On average with only swapping the weapons (which I happen to not have to reforge anything to be optimized) I went through the following cycles, which lasted about 6 mins: Start with Guardian of Ancient Kings, build up 3hp and pop Zealotry and Avenging Wrath. Then I'd work my rotation like it owes me money until the 2 min cooldown is up and I'd pop them again and get to work. Then I'd go until the 2 min cooldown is up but stop before popping them again. Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps averaged about 27.5K by the end of the test. Experimental Specimen Slicer averaged about 25.8K by the end of the test. I will note that even during peroids of a lack of Gurthalak procs the dps still remained right there above 25K just like the Slicer. So for a human Paladin the Gurth seems to be the better weapon based on the free expertise with swords. Even with the +66 strength and over 300 Mastery and Crit the Slicer just didn't quite keep up on a single target. Has anyone else noticed anything similar or different?Sarvan2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Ret DPS Hey guys I was just wondering if I'm doing something wrong with my gear, I'm pretty much just following what RAWR says to use. I sat on the boss target dummy for about 10 mins but I could only get aroud 19K DPS. I was only self buffed. Is this DPS normal or am I retarded? Thanks in advanceMutech22 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 LFR tanking questions. Hello wanting to get into tanking lfr and had some questions. First before anything is my gear ok enough to tank lfr? i realize i have some dps pieces been working on trying to get them replaced but no luck yet. Should i stay in heroics till i get them replaced? Now as far as tanking goes can someone give me the specifics to what i need to know about each boss in lfr in regards to tanking? I know on ultraxion tanks get fading light or something like that and the other tank taunts off when that happens yes? But as far as the other bosses im not sure ive tried looking it up on like youtube and cant find anything in regards to specificly what tanks do. Basicly ive never tanked lfr only ran it as heals and i dont want to be a bad tank. please help me out. thank you.Holyspells9 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Returning Tank: Quick Catch Up Hey, I took a quick break right before Firelands launched (had off and sometimes main tanked everything but Throne bosses). Is there anything important to jump into first to start catching back up. I was going to be doing the Firelands dailes just for the sake of seeing the content. Any help would be great. Thanks!Soulslinger2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 100k Off heal crit WoG's Its a beautiful thing, it really is :3Jordeewalsh2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 DPS drop with new computer Hi all, My hubby got me a new computer for Christmas (Acer Predator G3) since my old one would freeze when I went into an instance or major city. I'm excited, WoW runs like a dream and I never knew the spell effects looked so amazing!! What I have found however is that my DPS has taken a hit. I've gone from doing 23K+ easily (without the LFD bonuses) to having to work to get 16-18K. I haven't made any changes to my rotation and I didn't see any patch notes that would have had an impact so I'm thinking this is related to the PC change somehow. Does this make sense? If so, can I do something to compensate? ThanksCachrisany10 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Damage taken by Ret Paladin. hmmm... nvm, it was bad luck Shadowsbanë1 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 something is wrong well, not entirely just feels wrong when i heal. I think my gear is pretty okay and i tried to follow the gemming in guides, but when i am healing i feel like my mana is draining really fast and when i release my seal it doesn't replenish my mana as much as it used to. When a boss does an AOE attack i feel screwed because holy radiance is different now so and my teammates don't stand together so they die and i get kicked from the group. I haven't healed since the zul'aman patch, but it seems more difficult now any help? Also yes i know my trinkets are bad for PvE healing, but none drop in the twilights i do and i don't want to waste a bunch of JP on 359 ones, unless i have to then i guess i can also sorry if i'm in my tanking set i'm tanking dungeons right now to make up for lost valor, but i will be in my healing set when i logKittycrusher2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 My Ret Pally dps way too low imo My i336 Elemental Shaman pulls 13k DPS My fresh i326 MM Hunter pulls 9k DPS My i331 Feral Cat pulls 8.5k DPS My i346 Ret Pally sees 6k-7k DPS???? I've reforged according to AskMrRobot and got it up to about 7k now. I know I dont have any gems in, but neither do my other 3 listed. I usually get my Inquisition going asap then Judge whenever possible and Exorcism when it procs. Otherwise 3 CS then TV (unless TV procs then I hit that). What am I doing wrong? Only thing I can think is my 2h weapon holding me back cause its Blade of the Fearless. Cant seem to get the Axe from End Time, lolLocun8 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 why u blizzard ruin this game with your addds over adding stunds to some class and take away the stund from palys dont nerf the classes please and give back the seal of justice for 50% chance to stund for 3 sec to a player at mele atack crap blizzard stop. healers have a boost to run, and pallys cant keep runing at arenas for 30mins round tell me the true? di u guys really play the game before to come out with those ridiculos ideas? Imbackk9 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Holy PvP Trinket question Will try and make this short. My brother just recently got his holy pally to 85 and starting to gear up. Not planning on being the best, just randoms and 2's for points. However now he needs to buy new trinkets and I have no idea which ones he should be using. Tried looking it on on several forums but most of the information is outdated. Then we tried looking up good holy paladins but each one seems to be using different ones. Just wanted to see what you all thought would be good choices for general pvp. Thank you to all mature replies. Edit: Sorry forgot to add he is human so does not need the removing of stuns trinket.Dèxtér1 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Vengeance I know im most likely gonna get flamed for this and believe me i dont think it will ever happen but here i go Retribution means to strike back with viciousness stronger then the offender atleast in my book thats wat i get from it so doesnt vengeance the tank ability seem more like a ret pally skill? thoughts?Selroph5 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 AoE Tanking Question I have a quick question on what was done wrong in this instance so I don't mess up again. We were doing Ascendant Lord Obsidius in Blackrock Caverns. We killed him but it was hectic because the group couldn't pull the shadows off me for the majority of the fight (I actually just had to target myself and run in the opposite direction before I lost aggro). Anyways, you can see my spec in my profile. During the fight here is what registered on Ascendant Lord Obsidius, Censure Dot - 37.9% Melee - 35.9% Seal of Truth - 7.8% Crusader Strike - 5.7% Judgement of Truth - 5.6% Shield of the Righteous - 3.8% Censure - 1.2% Melee (Reckoning) - 1.1% Now, because the group couldn't get the adds off me, they accused me of AoEing the adds. If I'm not mistaken, none of those abilities contain on AoE component or Cleave component to them right? What was the issue that they couldn't be pulled off me for the majority of the fight? Is it because I'm sexy and they know it?Amenbrother2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Ret Paladin PVP thoughts All i gotta say is WoG heals is good and can heal partners 100k sometimes but as a dps class i want to burst and kill stuff so i dont want to heal other people i just want to dominate with my damage so buff ret damage nerf its heals .. take out LoH and bubble cuz idc i just want my wings undispellable and dont like Holy power cuz it takes to long. i like the old ret paladins set up in Lich King where it was fun.Levist2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 What should i do for heroics? Alright just got 85 last night and got a couple of epics, but tried one heroic and i am dieing fast...So what normals should i be running so i can upgradeLooy2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 Crusader strike Ret uses crusader strike, rogue dodges. Ret uses crusader strike, feral dodges. Ret has no holy power to heal, ret dies. am i the only one who hates how crusader strike gives nothing when it misses? if anything the cooldown should reset :(Eternalhope41 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 How do you add holy power to power auras? Title. I put into 'buff' 'holy power' but it doesn't even show up as a buff. I'll keep playing with PA but if someone knows what they did that would be greatly appreciated :D.Oldestguy5 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 102.4% now what? After hitting the 102.4% mark where should i be going from here? raising dodge and parry to replace some mastery while staying above mark? add threat stats? or stamina stack? Thanks for all repliesÂshbringer7 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 Tanking Advice: How to be an Alpha Tank Just a little friendly advice from the old Paladin in his rocking chair with his bubble-pipe. As a tank, many things that happen in a raid are central to you and your decisions. The tempo of the run, the positioning of people, even the well being of others and the enjoyment of the raiders are all sitting squarely on your shoulders. No worries, right? After all, you are the tank, and you did sign up for this role after all. One of the things that this old man believes is integral to being a raiding tank is the "Alpha Mentality". By no means does this mean that you think you're God's gift to tanking, and all others should bow before your greatness licking mud off of your boots. What this DOES mean is that you are not afraid to take responsibility for your actions (both good and bad), not afraid to make the call for a change to the plan if you see a better way, and not afraid to call out obvious mistakes and POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE them to be better raiders and players. The Alpha Tank is always vigilant against harm that would come to his/her fellow teammates, and anticipates the next move that needs to be made. Alpha Tanks get better at this the more they raid with the people they play with, so this is developed over time. Alpha Tanks develop a bond with their constituency: Know the people you protect, and you know how to do your job better. Understand their wants and likes, and they will respect your wishes and desires. Your co-tank is your right hand (wo)man. Make sure they are respected as you are, and that they respect your constituency. Your healers are your lifeblood. Treat them well, but pull the slackers back in line if they drift to La La Land or see a shiny something on the floor. If something goes bad with healing, ASK them what went wrong first, then make corrections ONLY after you have as much pertinent information as possible. Blaming first and then finding out later on that the blame was incorrectly placed will earn you a spot 6' under on the next pull or raid. Nothing is worse for a tank than a demotivated healer. Your DPS are what stops a fight from going on for hours on end. They all want to go trigger-happy at three on a countdown to zero. We all know dead DPS is no DPS, but they forget that sometimes when their steroid-induced, pre-potting, hyped-up-on-meter-topping mentality takes over the logic and reasoning portion of their brain. Do not be afraid to let them know that you've tailored yourself to avoidance and mitigation over threat generation. Call for the initial Tricks and the rolling Mis-Directions that would put you at a threat level appropriate for your consituency's level of DPS. Call target swaps as needed, but above all, remain cool when they do something wrong. Have your methods of saving someone on the ready. Intervene, Hand of Protection/Salvation/Sacrifice, Death Grip, ect, must always be on the ready, and a focus or focus macro for the person most likely needed to receive your safe keeping. If you want to inspire confidence in a raid that you are watching their back constantly, do this. They will go to bat for you once they realize this. Delegate when no one else is delegating: If the Raid Leader is tied up, and the Officers are slacking, you are the de facto person who people will automatically look to. Take the reigns and make sure healers and DPS are on the ready. When those in charge are available (and competent) to take control of the situation again, hand the reigns of power back over to them. You will be well respected for this. Concerning survival techniques via gear (plate tanks only): If you have X dodge and Y parry, you want to try to equalize them as much as possible. If Y is greater than X, reforge some Y into Mastery or X (depending on the gear). You want to keep your overall X and Y close to each other as your gear options allow. Stacking tons of Y at the expense of X is a waste of Y due to diminishing returns. Equalizing them, or trading the excess for Mastery is much better. Have multiple gear sets. Even some of the lower iLvl gear has some use for particular fights or for trash clearing efficiency. Utilize them. Do not be afraid to ask for help in understanding mechanics. Better to ask and perform well than fumble and be told what you did wrong. Proactive tanking is better than reactive tanking. Moving a boss: NEVER turn your back to a boss.. EVER! If you have to run, learn how to strafe and move to where you want to be. Position the boss to maximize both you and your raiders safety, as well as maximizing DPS performed. YOU are in full control of this as the Alpha Tank. Inform people where you will be moving the boss and plan ahead mentally for the next move. Victorious combatants win first, then go to battle. Defeated combatants go to battle, then seek victory. - Sun TsuOdenknight13 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 0 Haste, is Judgments of the Pure useless? So in my full PvP gear I have Zero haste, is the talent judgment of the Pure useless? Does it even increase my white swing at all? On my char screen it says +0.00% haste, when hovering the mouse over haste it reads, ... While Judgment of the Pure is active, it reads: ... At this point, is this talent 100% useless for me? I currently spec JotP over Protector of the Innocent (to get to Last Word) but I was wondering if there was any point in doing so anymore. Also, I know Protector of the Innocent isn't a good talent in itself, but it has to be better then a 100% useless talent, right? Thanks for any info! :)Jinix7 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 Trying to hit 1550+ in 2s and possibly 3s. Since I'm done with school until spring semester I decided to dedicate more time to pvp. I know I'm missing some enchants with several of my gear but due to the patch everything skyrocketed and can't afford everything although I'm in the process of getting the leg enchants. Should I replace all my vicious gear with S11 Ruthless in bgs or continue doing arenas? Is Eternal Glory worth replacing Seals of the pure? Any tips would be helpful thanks.Laura3 Dec 29, 2011