Jan 12, 2012 Dk Anti-Magic shell question OK... CS and TV are considered "Holy Spell Damage" as it relates to this DK ability? I get immuniyt messages for everything but auto-swing when I am fighting these players, and the shell is only supposed to be a magic damage reducer not an invulnerability. Ideas, or answers please? Also, how do you comrades while away the time against a DK waiting for this thing to lift? ...oh, and if I am using WoG too much, why am I out-healed by Warriors, DKs, and sometimes rogues every BG?Luccullus19 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Fillers in Pally T13 2piece rotation? So I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing any moments during boss fights (fully buffed) when there is a good two to three seconds of basically not being able to do anything short of dropping an extremely mana burning consecrate. I've been hardcasting exo during these extremely short periods without having any mana problems, but this seems inherently wrong to me and I'm wondering if there's something (anything!) else i should be doing, and whether or not I should be stacking more haste instead of crit in order to avoid this. Appreciate any feedback!Yossariann6 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 So im like bored.... Yeah holy was fun for a season but feels abit dull now, and ret is sorta numb also. Not sure what i wanna pvp dps as, i mean, hunters are fun but then i lose duels to locks and good various other classes. I like my dk but i cant really get around to sticking with it. I wanna level a rogue and play one at 85 but i cannot for the life of me bear to level one, its soooooo boring sadly. Not many other classes that i wanna pick out past those. Im really stuck on trying to find things that interest me and keep me going, and with my subscription running out at the end of the month im wondering if ill come across something that will keep me in the game. I dont really like PvE that much so yeah, anybody feel like i do, or anybody have any advice??? Angelsdecent7 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 How are paladin's now? My main was a paladin for 3 years. I quit wow cause i lost my job in 2009 so i gave all my gold to a friend and deleted all my toons. I came back in 2010 and started playing again but haven't given paladin's a try cause i remember how much my main used to piss me off. Ever since then i vowed never to play a paladin again. But now it's starting to peak my interest, how are paladin's with dps and tanking now? Might have to bring back Hellgast (my paladin's name).Orcreaper3 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Ive heard Talk 4pc H Pally On my server. When they get their 4pc Holy, to start reforging to Crit vs Haste. To help with Illuminated Healing? Thoughts?Archaelin3 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Holy Paladins NEED to be nerfed Ive been doing pvp on my dk and my warrior latley and not just do paladin heals heal for a large amount, plus infusion of light PLUS bubble, their armor makes it impossible to kill as a dk/warr and they also have a crap load of magic dmg reduction so my mage cant do anything against them either. They NEED to be nerfed.Desiredpain21 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Spirit plate gloves missing Any of the powers that be want to answer this please... why there are dps gloves and tanking gloves but no healer plate gloves in the new 5 man dungeons (ie: End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight) nor may I add in any of the quests in said dungeons.Sorrelon6 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Ret set bonus question Hey all, I just picked up my 4th tier 13 piece in raid finder last night. I'm wondering if it's better to go with the 4 piece t13 bonus or stick with my 2 piece t12+t13 bonuses? The stat upgrade is minimal, since it's raid finder gear. I feel like my DPS is more even throughout the course of a fight with the t12+t13, but I would have higher spikes with the 4 piece t13. Thoughts? Or any links to where this is discussed would be helpful as well. Thanks!Skinnbag4 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Did I miss some kind of memo? Last I checked, MotW and Kings didn't stack, so... why are they stacking? o.OValethria4 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Holy Paladin Tier 13 Four-set Thoughts I Thought it was bad before the necessary/needed nerf, but now i am avoiding getting it all together. This a good set it does not make. Couldn't it be possible to replace it with something less lame? Heres a few ideas that i had! (4) Abilities that consume/use holy power reduce the cool down of Avenging wrath and Divine Favor by X seconds for each holy power used. Wouldn't have to be anything extravagant But 1 or 2 seconds per holy power to give it something dynamic. (4) Avenging Wrath doubles mastery for it's duration. (4) While [Judgments of the Pure] is active, the paladin receives twice the benefit from Spirit based mana regen. I mean seriously guys, at this point ANYTHING is better then boring 5% improvement to a spell that is good enough with out it already! Does anyone have any constructive Criticism or thoughts in this regard?Carll19 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Ret Paladin Hello Paladin community! I am just wondering how do ret pallys fare in PvP and PvE by this I mean damage output and how they cope against other classes in PvP. Thank you Rebound3 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 LFR gurthalak or experimental specimen slicer Not sure which one is better for pallies anyone played with both? Punkbusta5 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Trinket Advice - Prot Hello all, I have three trinkets I like, but I'm having a hard time choosing just two. I have: Which combination would you go with? I know I'd have to re-gem and reforge to more mastery if I opt not to use Fire of the Deep. Odlum2 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Builds. Hey guys, I am rolling a Paladin to tank with after changing to DPS on my warrior, i want to level as prot however i realize to begin with it is not viable, so can anyone path me the build to use and link me to a prot build to change to at a certain level. Thanks fellas..Belonging3 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Dual Wielding for pallies Yeah, it was just a thought, but i always wondered, why can't Paladins dual wield. Every other melee class in the game can, I'm sure even if most people prefer to wield a 2 hand weapon, it would be nice, in my opinion, just to have the option to dual wield. I'm sure bliz would be able to fit some talents into ret that increase offhand effectiveness like they did with warriors and death knights or give Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict a chance to hit with offhand. Anyway, just a thought, what do you guys think?Evaldi53 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 The Official Sword and Board dps thread Greetings Paladins! It has come to my attention that there is a part of the community that would like to vouch for Ret to have an option for a legitimate One handed weapon and Shield Dps spec. I personaly feel this is very doable in the way they have given warriors Titans grip/SMF. I feel as if we could have such a split within our tree as well, boosting one handed weapon damage and if needed reduceing defensive bonuses to turn them into offensive to keep the dps class dps and not a defensive pvp owning machine. Sword and Shield would be a Unique and interesting new way to DPS that is something that only a paladin could do properly! Come one come all paladins, discuss your ideas and lets see if we can work something out.Gilley23 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Soloing raids for gold. Need help setting up So, I been away for a year, sucks cuz I had to go away a week after LK was unlocked, we lamost had him down, never got acheive :( anyway back then id solo stuff like Mag terrace, the guy outside BT, kara(the whole thing) ZG(for mounts, which i neve got either and now cant get) and other things. Being 85, and with the mass raise in Strength and being my toon has like 90% chnace of atleast blocking 30%(with holy sheild more, then all other colldowns regulated right dmg is reduced A LOT in old raids I assume) So I fiqure soling almost ALL BC raids shouldnt be a problem(not trying to take down illidan or his counsil but maybe some BT bosses, hyjal bosses, TK bosses(sunstrder would be nice) ANYWAY, I was away for over a year, got my gear up very nicly. Almost EVERY peice is 378, bracers are 397 belt is 353 res 378. So im thinking on buying the 378 belt but dont wanna do tht then the 397 belt drops in raid, so im holding off. Either way I got the 397 peice and the 353 peice, evened out with everything else being 378, I am average at 378. Thats all tank gear, for soloing I can throw on Rosary of Light(378 STR, and chance for 1149 crit for 20 sec) SOOOOO. I wanna solo the hardest stuff possible, I was thinking on getting somedoubles of 378 epics from the 3 new gheroics to gem with strength, but still keep the regular avoid sttas, maybe reforge a little into crit and stuff like that to take things down faster but still keep myself solid. Or is it better just to keep my best tank stuff on, and maybe just the one strength trinket, maybe a DPS flask? or even just a peice or 2 of tank gear socketed with DPS stuff and reforged a little? I am going for second spec ret but not yet, so my second spec is open. Is there a spec build best for soling these raids? Or is my build for tanking good. Having read that, Id like a few tips: A. 1. Leave Gear 2. get doubles of 5 man 378 tank gear and partially DPS stat it, and if so how far should I go? B. Should I build a new second tanking spec for this soloing? If so what changes? C. What raids would be best for making money quick, I know TK bosses drop 250 gold each, so if I can take a couple down there fast thats 500 plus drops. then whatever bosses possible in SSC, BT, and at 80 I could duo Magtheridon, so I assume I can solo now...not suyre tho cuz the healer was very nice. But with seal of insight and regulating cooldowns and lots o huge sheild slams and the right gear and spec setup I see it happening, and he drops a lot of crap plus like 500 gold, so if quick enuff hell yea. Im just looking to raid as many 70 raid bosses as possible weekly, fast for somwe thousands of gold a week. I can make tons of money playing th e market but its just boring. Takea look at my gear please give me some pointers, I could fiqure it out myself but it would take longer and I know others are doing it so itwould be appreciated. Aside from the gold I just love taking down a boss that used to PAWN THE !@#$ outta 25 of us heh. Thanks, ill be monitoring this thread hping for insight. again, mainly wanna know what bosses are quickest and easiest in all BC raids, and what prot build i best, and what gear setup is best. Even if not quick, bosses such as kael for the mount in the eye ill spend an hour fighting him weekly if tats what it takes to get a chance at the mount every week. TY, Divine Ðivinee10 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Open Libram XIII - The Rowdy Ret Boys! ... Inception of OL Post, better known as the "grandpa" thread: Open Libram I: Paladin Weekend Edition - Open Libram II: Seal of Hairflip - Open Libram III: Clad in the Light - Open Libram IV: Edge (Word) of Glory- Open Libram V: Of Flipping Tables and Hair - Open Libram VI: My Little Pally - Open Libram VII: Hammer of What - Open Libram VIII: Turkey Edition: Open Libram IX: Go Go Pally Rangers!: Open Libram X: Tirion Fordring Broke My Heart: Open Libram XI: Deck the Halls with Tentacles: Open Libram XII: The Pally Puff Girls!: Libram Ponydins as drawn by Lobster: Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 I'm absolutely bored As the title says I am bored, I have moved on to a DK and a Huntard, but I still often find myself gazing endlessly at my Paladin, he was my first to level; and I don't want to let go. But I absolutely hate tanking, I want to start fresh. But I don't like healing, and not to sound like a straight-minded fool Ret seems a bit complecated, and on the offside, I haven't made it past 7k. Once. So, anyone got any idea's for a revamp of Ret and what to do to go from being a Protadin to a Retadin? I want to see if I can respark the holy-light of enjoying being a Paladin?Daarthu1 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Prot Stat Weights (HELP) Mr Robot has recently updated and now offers different stat weights and options. I am not sure what is considered the default. I am ready for DS tanking. Do i go 102.4% avoidance, then parry/dodge or 102.4% avoidance, then stamina I have completely ignored the (102.4% avoidance, then expertise/hit) option as i have no threat issues what so ever Arthâs3 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 I Feel Squishy As Holy I am about done getting all my ruthless season 11 gear and have nearly all my enchants save my pvp mace and ring, I have about 4200 resil so why do I feel so squishy compared to playing on my resto shaman. I thought pallies would be a little better against melee, but dks who don't even have pvp gear are tearing me up with dmg and i barely have time ( and am usually a second from dieing) to drop any heals on me. When I get silenced around then after the opening stun, its pretty much gg unless I bubble. Whats going on?Erisdar5 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Open Libram XII: The Pally Puff Girls! ... Inception of OL Post, better known as the "grandpa" thread: Open Libram I: Paladin Weekend Edition - Open Libram II: Seal of Hairflip - Open Libram III: Clad in the Light - Open Libram IV: Edge (Word) of Glory- Open Libram V: Of Flipping Tables and Hair - Open Libram VI: My Little Pally - Open Libram VII: Hammer of What - Open Libram VIII: Turkey Edition: Open Libram IX: Go Go Pally Rangers!: Open Libram X: Tirion Fordring Broke My Heart: Open Libram XI: Deck the Halls with Tentacles: Libram Ponydins as drawn by Lobster: Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Are you happy with ret in PvP? So, I just level capped a warrior and decided to hop on over to their forums to read up on PvP when I noticed a "more than usual" QQ about arms in PvP. It kind of put me out of the mood to even gear my warrior. I do have this toon which has been shelved for awhile, so I'm thinking of gearing her for arena instead of my warrior. Paladins seem to be in a good spot right now.......Confirm/Deny? Are you happy with ret in PvP? If you were me, would you pick ret or an arms warrior for arena and bg's?Booklet5 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Letter to Ret Paladins Concerning DPS in 4.3 Dear Fellow Retribution Paladins, I would like to take this moment to state that retribution paladin DPS is doing just fine and is on a competitive level. Yes, yes, the Gurthalak is intensely powerful. With the recent hotfix's nerfing of our proc chance via making censure not a proc-able source, Gurthalak's power has been brought down to a much more fair and competitive level. Aside from this, two piece tier 13 provides a much less sluggish rotation, and the stats/itemization of current gear make dealing damage not only easy, but enjoyable. (Unlike the headache stat/gear/rating number crunch nuclear holocaust that was patch 4.2. ) With the addition of the trinket and proc effects (whirling maw, tentacle of the old gods), haste has become an even more valuable stat; more weapon swings, more procs! The transition from the start of Cataclysm to the glory of 4.3 has shifted the Paladin DPS rotation from clunky to relatively smooth. My only suggestion/thing irking me is possibly making the tier 13 two-piece a permanent talent/ability of some sort. It's the perfect solution to our clunkiness, and other ret paladins can certainly agree that the two-piece bonus made their dps much more fast paced and enjoyable. P.S. If you are still whining/mad at how bad your dps is, perhaps you should visit the paladin dps section on elitistjerks and figure out what you're doing wrong.Jurahad10 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Retribution 2pc - Priority System Changed Hello all. Just got my ret 2pc and i was wondering if our priority system changes. Im sure it has to seeing as our judge generates HP now. If someone could confrim this and tell me what the new priority system is i would be very grateful! Thanks for your timeSheochilan4 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 What a bored paladin player did at work... As the title says I was bored at work and decided I wanted to help ret and this is what I came up with for MOP: Divine Retribution-Target is stunned in place for 8 seconds or until damage is done. If target is damaged by the paladin then the target is stunned for 3 seconds. 1 min 30 second cooldown(dispellable) CS 4 sec CD(original 4.5) Seals persist through death Ret Aura-When someone in party or raid is damaged the paladin is granted a charge of Holy Power 8-10 internal CD(would require Blessed Life talent change) Sanctity of Battle has a slightly higher haste multiplier in regards to CS Blessed Life(change)-WoG applies a heal over time effect of 50% of original heal over 15-20 seconds. Exorcism-castable while moving but only gains the extra damage and grants holy power on proc costs 23% base mana Inquisition x-min CD-Consumes stacks of censure instead of Holy Power and applies the following debuff-Holy Damage taken increased by 30% for 3 minutes. If dispelled target is immobilized for 3 seconds. Righteous Vengence-3HP consumer 3 HP to place of 5 stacks of censure on a target. 3min cd Divine Protection-20%melee and ranged dmg reduced and 40% magic dmg reduced for 10 seconds Punishing Strike 10 second CD-deals 47.5% weapon damage and deals an additional 10% damage per stack of censure as additional holy damage. Somethings may be unneeded or numbers need to change or whatever the case may be, but I think these ideas would help across the board to help Ret Bigstiffrod0 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Solo-ing old raids, help? Leveled this gal with the main intent being able to solo some old content, was really looking forward to Hyjal... Has anyone need able to solo Rage Winterchill since 4.3 came out? Any tips? Read on WoWHead that it seems the icebolt has been majorly buffed, and I got my rear handed to me when I tried tonight. Got him maybe to 70% before I was toast. Seems like I spent most of my time frozen, I was able to get out of DnD fairly quickly, but in my "prot" set even with WoG, I don't have enough mana to keep myself above 30-50%. Any advice from anyone who has solo'd him since the patch?Simarra6 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Question about HoSac and bubble Hey people, I don't play a paladin but wanted to know something about the hos bubble macros. My main question is do they still work? On madness could it be used to negate tank damage during an impale or a ele bolt? Also if it does work, how does the stipulation that you cannot receive more than 100% of your health work (because you will be bubbled and not taking any damage). Thanks for the help!Gardiff16 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 ret pallies and valor heya been working on my ret paladin, got enough valor to buy something, in what order should I buy what, or what items are the best in slot that should be gotten asap?Steve8 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Resilience or Crit Gems? Made a thread of how to gem for my Holy Paladin and was going to gem Intellect/Critical for my Yellow Gems. However, there is a really good Holy Paladin in my guild that gems pure Resilience in his Yellow Sockets. I don't think gemming pure Resilience in Yellow Sockets makes sense. However, I am always the focus on BGs and I am going to be doing Rated BGs as well as Arenas. I want to get 2200 Rating one day LOL. Wouldnt Intellect/Resilience make more sense? And is it always based on individual style and preference? Any opinions or examples of how you all gemmed for PVP would be appreciated.Stryper4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Running Prot in Arenas? Is it viable anymore, can it be done? Please enlighten me.Hyperdub5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Judgements of the Wise gone? I recently resubscribed, and the first thing I noticed was that I was having a hard time getting back mana. It wasn't long until I realised that my judgements weren't returning mana. Is it truly gone? Did they even give us a good reason why they removed it? I have a lot more hard time playing my role as hybrid damage dealer and healer in BGs and Arenas since if I do one or two FoLs I run out of mana and basically become a free HK.Sepaticaus7 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Threat help I recently came back from a break and Im having threat issues like I've never had before. I've gone to the stickys for help but I cant seem to figure out the problem. Righteous defense seems to stay on cooldown on every AOE pull. Especially with warriors or DKs in the group. Any suggestions or do I just suck now?Kessar2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Reforging Whenever I reforge on my pvp gear the only stat option I have to reforge to is spirit? Can someone please explain why this is? There is no stat penalty for Reforging to spirit as well so should I take the free stat?Marlox3 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Ret Itemization I just recently started making a ret set and after reading the Elitist Jerks forum post on how to play ret i had a pretty simple question. Elitist jerks says that our stat weights are str > hit to cap > exp to cap > mastery > crit = mastery. My question is what are the ret paladins choosing when it comes to deciding between crit and haste? EJ says that its a personal choice because they have gotten different results when testing whether crit or haste has more value. I would think that haste would have more of an impact on our dps because of our Sanctity of Battle talent (Haste effects lower the cooldown of your Crusader Stirke and Divine Storm), but that is just a guess. Can anyone tell me if they choose haste over crit or crit over haste and why? Thanks for your time!Sheochilan6 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Why change the mana cost of HR? 35->40%, why? If it's because of the 4 piece T13 I will be really disappointed.Erupted28 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Tanking DS - Trinket help Hey guys. I'm going to tank DS 10 Normal this week, but I need some trinket advice. I know that I have to swap trinkets for each encounter, so here they are: Mirror of Broken Images - 321 mastery, on use 400 resist all schools for 10 seconds (1min cd) Essence of Eternal Flame - 383 mastery, on use 1277 str for 15 seconds (1min cd) Moonwell Phial - 510 stamina, on use 1700 dodge for 20 seconds (2min cd) Stay of Execution - 383 dodge, on use absorb 20% incoming damage, up to 56980 (2min cd) Which combo should I use on each boss fight? I know they are not great trinkets, but thats what I got. Lemmer3 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Pally Tank tier 13 2piece Bonus Since our bubble isnt really that big do you guys think that the Prime Glyph of Judgement might be more useful now to help increase the size of the bubble. I know keep like Seal of truth cause 10 expertise is aways nice but either the Crusader strike or even shield of rightous can prob be switched to help outJemez4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Ret DPS Check Hello, I've been playing WoW for roughly a few months now and I started recently raiding Dragon Souls with a group of people. During most of the raids I am usually placed 3rd in DPS behind our Rogue and Druid, I was doing about 44k on Madness of Deathwing with the druid somehow managing to pull a constant 50-52k (don't forget about all the buffs they give you during that encounter). I really wanna be top DPS as much as I can and I'm wanting to know if my rotation is incorrect in anyway what-so-ever. With GoAK's I always use Zealotry with it as much as I can, I also never pop Zealotry with Avenging Wrath at the same time, as I like to spread out my special moves as much as I can. I remember reading somewhere people were saying you should use Zealotry and Avenging Wrath at the same time, but why would you do that? If you were to get cc'd during that 15 seconds, you would be screwed, you would also have no abilities for the next 2 minutes to use. SO if there are any experienced ret pallys out there please lend me some tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank YouMàxwell9 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Holy pvp trinkets Should I go with the pvp trinkets with resil on them or crit or spirit?? What is a good resil number I should be at or does resil not matter that much for a holy paladin?Zorbing5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Recommended VuhDo setup I haven't found anything too useful for googling Can anyone share a setup for hpaladin that they find suits all their needs? Things I don't like about the default: * no class colours * Doesn't show me who I've cast Hands on * Doesn't show who is in range of my existing HRs * Mouseover macros don't work if you mouseover the VuhDo frame and try to use them * It's annoying to expand the Blizzard raid leader panel and it overlaps the VuhDo frame I'm sure I can fix all these one by one but would rather start from a good setup , instead of reinventing the wheel.Lusignan6 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Asking for advice the dumbest way... Anyway I could talk some Paladins into telling me how to kill you guys in a way that doesn't take 2 minutes or more?Leuts4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Holy pally.. Wanting some tips? Hi all. Not sure about haste cap, or how much spirit needed, etc etc. Please be as harsh as possible, IDC :) I just want the most out of my toon ^_^ Thank you!!!Bùbblèosèvèn4 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 4.3 Seal of Insight good for Holy Pally PVP? Hello all, I'm rather new to playing as a holy pally for PVP - Arenas, BGs. It has come to my attention that Judging Seal of Insight now does not give us any direct mana returns due to the recent patch. I was thinking that if this is the case, should holy paladins start considering Seal of Truth instead in PVP? I mean, it might be more useful to help your DPS fellows down the opponent ASAP, getting 5 stacks on censure on the opponent and judge him constantly for extra damage, since Judgement for Censure is also buffed to a 20% multiplier. Moreover, our talent - Judgements of the Pure gives us an extra 30% spirit regen no matter which seal we use. Could I hear your thoughts on this (: Perhaps an alternative idea is to only switch to Insight when our mana is getting low?Lockhart5 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Effective Avoidance Am i miss reading this , but are the avoidance stats on our character sheet in game and on the armory represent our Avoidance( dodge and parry ) before diminishing returns ? Both state prior to , and I do understand diminishing returns. My question is if these are the stats prior to diminishing returns, then what is our effective avoidance after it ? Am I missing something here, tool tip error or what ? Mcwolf2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 I'm block capped... Now what? Hey all, I'm looking for some advice. There are some differing opinions on this, and I was looking for yours. I'm in a progression guild, and trying to help out the most that I can. Right now I'm at block cap (when my dodge trinket is @10stacks + mastery elixer + feast... all of which I have every raid). So... I don't need any more "block". At this point the point of views are: #1- Stack stam #2- Start changing mastery into dodge / parry Right now I have followed path #2 and have been stacking more dodge / parry (keeping them balanced when my dodge trinket is stacked to 10) What is your opinion? Do you stack stam or more avoidance once you are block capped? What would be better for a progressing guild?Xylene12 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 2's comp HELP ME ok what is the best current 2's comp with an h pally i rlly nead help pleaseWidikoo1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Thank god they nerfed Vengeance now... instead of a week from now, after I would have purchased my Cata 1h/shield. I will go Ret in PvP and I'm sure I'll quickly realize Blizzard just did me a huge favor. Prot in arenas was such an uphill climb. Ret burst and off-heals FTW! :)Reckoner4 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Poor Luck I have the poorest luck when it comes to helms farmed FL a lot and still no helm drop from gatekeeper(or rag). Is there any in the new dungeons?Whodatank10 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 2pc T13 ret question I just got the 2pc T13 ret. The problem is that I find myself taking advantage of it less than I should. Does anyone know how to configure CLCret to give the 2pc priority? Or if not, some other addon that could help with the timing?Darthelmet3 Jan 9, 2012