Jun 30 Large Vile Slime (corrupted Ashbringer skin) I know Blizzard loves making things hard, and it's totally cool, but there are 24/7 15+ paladins spamming consecration at his respawn location. Considering a very long respawn timer, 1 respawn spot, and the amount of people trying to kill it, it would be quite logical to assume people will try using bots. And, when you try to compete with bots and other people in pressing one button every 8 sec for 5+ hours straight, you stand very little, if any chance. Thoughts?Toundra26 Jun 30
Jun 30 Legendary Question I don't run PvE at all, but if I do end up doing it, what should my Legendaries be? I have Liadrin's, Chain, Whispers, Kil'Jaeden's, and Justice Gaze (lol).Helfdan10 Jun 30
Jun 30 T19, T20, & Legendaries. Anyone else having a minor stroke trying to figure all this stuff out? 1. Pally discord says don't break T19 four piece bonus for 2pc T20. I sort of figured that would be worth breaking? The stats are such a huge upgrade. 2. I've seen people running the Mistress trinket + Map in favor of the two rings. I'm struggling with my intellect as it is. Is this really worth it? My druid and shammy cohealers all rock 52-55k intellect I'm at about 45k. 3. Man. The legendaries. I'm rocking velens and jewel right now. I have the new pally ring, and prydaz as well. Discord shows all of those as top. 4. Bleh.Vartonis6 Jun 30
Jun 30 Highlord's Charger as Divine Steed as a new glyph, of course!Ataxario2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Holy in 5-Mans Hello, I've been tanking for some time on this Paladin but I would like to try Holy for 5-Mans. I've off healed a few times in WoD/Legion but never have I really stepped into dungeons as Holy. So I have a few basic questions: 1) How is holy for Mythic+ content? 2) What is my build like? I assume BoV? 3) Which legendaries should I look for? 4) Stat priority? 5) Spell Priority, should focus be on LoD or Direct heals; HS, FoL, etc? I know for raiding you want 40%+ Crit and as of now I have like 47% Crit (no tier). But is the same for Mythic+ or does the focus switch to mastery? And for legendaries I have !@#$ luck in holy. So far (haven't played much into it) I have the Belt and Cloak.... which I also have a 905 Drape of Shame so I pretty much just have the Belt for legendaries. Thanks for any and all input!Malakhor3 Jun 30
Jun 30 Ret is obscene When you talk about specs, each spec has an identity. Rets spec identity is basically, "meh" across the board right now. 1) Does ret have good aoe? Average at best. 2) Does ret have good burst? Average with a long ramp time. 3) Does ret have good mobility? Its a complete joke. 4) Does ret offer utility? Yes, in the form of a meager absorb shield and mana return for healers. The spec has nothing that it excels at to warrant it being bad at overall dps. Literally nothing a ret can do cant be done better by another class or spec and this is a huge design issue. The problem with ret being sub par on DPS is that paladins have no damage dealing alternatives. If ret spec is bottom tier dps, paladins are bottom tier dps. If a fire mage is bottom tier dps, a mage can always roll frost to be top tier. Its unacceptable to have ret spec as the bottom tier spec without alternatives for paladins to choose. Im extremely close to quitting. It just isnt fun to play when you think the class you love gets ignored. I know the forums dont give a rats butt about if i quit or not, so this is directed towards blizzard as a company.Judgement22 Jun 30
Jun 30 healing and mastery is there a way to make good use of a high mastery with paladin healing?Finnikian1 Jun 30
Jun 29 Preview of pally tier 21 sets 7.3 PTR of course it's nowhere near as amazing as the armor turalyon is wearing, which IMO should have been the pally tier 21: Jun 29
Jun 29 Do Raidleaders prefer Prot or Holy ThanksSnoramare5 Jun 29
Jun 29 HPally - Analyze my Logs! Hey Guys, I feel very weak now in TOS. Was wondering if anyone can give me an idea where I'm going wrong: Those are the guild logs. Here's my profile page: I do my wow analyzer, I'm just not really sure where I'm going super wrong.Vartonis1 Jun 29
Jun 29 need some advice on a relic I currentlyhave 3 relics with wrath trait holy are 895 and 870, got a 920 upgrade last night and just got a 900 holy but without wrath trait. I know wrath is op trait but is the level increase of 30 worth using, it has righteous verdict trait.Eviscerator2 Jun 29
Jun 29 It's time to stop, Blizzard. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am with this patch so far. While other classes get buffed and actually see results, we see "buffs" on our overall damage output, but we end up at the near bottom of the rankings. Please give us some single target buffs in another hotfix that actually work. I'm already being instantly rejected from Mythic + groups under +9 despite being an appropriate Ilvl.Xenith16 Jun 29
Jun 29 Light's Hammer Looks like it is the top talent on Tier 1 on most fights right now for H pal, excluding Kil'jaeden and Avatar.Healbotuser4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Holy pala trinket nerf Sea Star of the Depthmother's Ocean's Embrace now has an 8 second internal cooldown. The proc chance has been reduced slightly for Holy Paladins and Holy Priests.Winrtop8 Jun 29
Jun 29 Hpally Tier 20 effect on talents With the tier 20 set buffing Light of dawn and Beacon of the Lightbringer also buffing Light of Dawn is it now better in most cases to use BotL instead of BoF for raids? Im pretty new to Holy Paladin, was a Resto druid for raids before Tos. Im having trouble understanding the theorycraft behing BoF being the default talent for raids, since it seems like it makes you more position dependent and heals the priorith tank for less than BotL or am I reading how these talents work wrong? My raidgroup is usually 14 people, downed normal the first week and did it again in one night on tuesday, will work on herioc thur and monday. Our other main healer is a mistweaver and I switched partially due to druid nerfs and more tank dmg in tos. my paladin is 915 now with cloak and valens as holy legendaries so far. crit is around 41% with food buffs and avg bonus from 900 ilvl deck of varying crit bonus (hellfire i think). hps was around 575k on kil'jaeden with 45% of heals going to tanks. Our tanks are a gaurdian druid and a DH right now. stat priority has been int > crit until 50%, > all others close to equal i have the tier 20 2 piece bonus atm running crusader's might, unbreakable spirit, aura of mercy, divine purpose, judgement of light, and Botl would appreciate any adviceNocturnos5 Jun 29
Jun 29 [Quest] Allies of the Light Rescuing the 15 allies has been the worst part of any quest i've done in the expansion. It's part of the pally quest line after you do Black Rook Hold. Before you do it, i recommend trying to do it on an off hour. Having 50+ pallies running around doing the quest makes every NPC get rescued almost instantly. Blizz needs to make the NPCs individual the way they did mining nodes or make the respawn timer better. Absolutely horrible experience... Good luck to everyone! -BubblesBubblesoncd7 Jun 29
Jun 29 Best Paladin Names Thread? Who has the best paladin name?Strike232 Jun 29
Jun 29 Our Demands As Paladins - PVP I make this thread in the hope we all work together to keep it high up and collectively know what we need as paladins to remain viable along with what can be done to make us an interesting class to play again. 1. Change the nature of kings or add talents to support it like making it indispensable or increased healing while its up. It's really an incredibly boring ability thats basically useless in almost all the comps higher up. Only 1 in about 5 games will i come across a comp that cannot dispel it instantly, where it is actually useful. 2. Make JV baseline and redesign the 75 talents. (Do the 60 talents and the whole lumen honor line too while you're at it). JV is a nice heals on the go ability where we dont have to worry about being kicked and it provides extra synergy with our abilities. It's not even very powerful so there isnt really anything to lose by giving this to us but a whole lot of gain during a match. 3. Holy wrath, it's pathetic. Theres a whole world filled with imagination how you can change this final talent to swap up our gameplay and how we play our class. 4. Divine steed, it's rubbish. For the main reason someone can just root us or put a slow and our only mobility cd is gone. Even using it with hand of freedom, its so easy for a mage or shammy to insta dispel than root you. We shouldnt be forced to use two cd's just to move around like that. Here's an idea, give us falling sword from diablo 3 without much of the damage, add some holy animation than there ya go, holy heroic leap that's actually viable and still lets us make good use out of freedom. 5. Passive defensive capabilities or a decent wall, especially for magic, Don't even pretend vengeance is a decent defensive, it's like a slight bump in the road for anyone looking to train you, especially since we soak up damage than fall apart like a very frail sponge. I'm not saying everything here is necessary, and it's clear from the "Pvp with the dev's" they aren't the most fantastic of players and dont really have much of a clue what's going on in a arena. But if they really do take in player feed back, than if we all get together right here and make ourselves heard, we could finally get some love to make us great again or at the very least, force a blue to acknowledge our downfalls so they can start getting along the right track with our design.Gâtékëêper18 Jun 29
Jun 29 Infernal contract vs. Feverish Carapace Has anyone simmed yet in terms of tanking which would be better for ToS? I was running Infernal contract and Feverish Carapace up till I got Leviathan's Hunger today. So, should I be running the FC as my second trinket or would it better in terms of tanking and suvivability to go back to the 885 IC trinket?Tymgunn2 Jun 29
Jun 28 PvP Tuning Changes Coming Soon for pallys Retribution PvP template Versatility increased by 50%. PvP template Haste decreased by 10%. PvP template Critical Strike decreased by 20%. What u guys think about that? Virtue's Blade is a dead talent for sure.. time to blizz change this talent?Highpowerled12 Jun 28
Jun 28 size counts i am lvling a female holy paly im a guy and my question is is there any way that they can allow the size of the hammer to change no offense but my chick is small and she looks so retarded up close with that hammer being the same size as her wonder if they can make it a transmog or something but just add like 2 more different sizes to the hammer cause that is definately to largeAliila7 Jun 28
Jun 28 Ret Help alright im a huge newb and am not entirely certain if i am simming my character properly. and am in a bit of a dillemma in reagrds to which 2nd legendary i have to upgrade. 1. I have heroic tier cloak in my bag and normal tier shoulders (2 piece bonus) and then can equip liadrins fury. orrrrrrrrrr 2. keep what i have on now and upgrade my legendary back and not legendary ringSupperior4 Jun 28
Jun 28 Which trinket would better as ret? These are the trinkets I have. 860 unstable arcanacrystal 880 stalwart crest 855 claw of the crystalline scorpid 885 nightmare eggshell 890 vial of ceaseless toxins Thanks in advance. I'm thinking the vial and the eggshell or arcanacrystal but i cant figure out if an 860 arcano is still better than an 885 eggshell.Cofrancesco3 Jun 28
Jun 28 Template change pls Can we get some versa on our template for pvp pls, turn our crit/haste down a bit and give us something to stay alive since our defensives are complet trash Sry for typos typing on phoneBordae15 Jun 28
Jun 28 What is BiS Ret looking like? (RAID WISE) I know silver hand has the trinkets set up but trying to figure out the set up. I heard that Belt Ring will become best? Is that only if you can get a high ilvl 2pc t19? need a bit of help.Nineworld5 Jun 28
Jun 28 Which ToS trinkets look best for holy? I got a 945 Deceiver's, but I'm not sure if it's as good as it looks, considering the 4set.Ciryn8 Jun 28
Jun 28 Archives of Fate? How are people liking this trinket. I got one to play with 905, warforfged. I messed around a little with it. What are your thoughts?Vartonis0 Jun 28
Jun 28 If you could make a Shockadin... I'm talking it's own unique spec. What would you call it, and how would you design it? I'd call it the "Shocky Shocky Hammer Throw" spec. No but asking for fun. If they made Shockadin a thing tomorrow, how would you want it to be?Maverick10 Jun 28
Jun 28 healadin tips can i get some tips about how to healadin better, i could really use it.Finnikian4 Jun 28
Jun 27 Haste vs Vers Hello. Since 7.2.5, Mr Robot is telling me to swap my Haste Gems / Enchants for Vers. Doing so would reduce my Haste by approx 4% and increase my Vers approx 4%. Thoughts? Jun 27
Jun 27 Hpals in PvP need to be spiced up. Here's a solution, remove the honor talent Spreading word. It's useless. Replace it with a talent that makes wings a 1.5 min cd with 50% increased healing. This talent is on the same tier as double blessing/melee wings. The new talent gives more options for hpals. Then remove another honor talent "Avenging Light" and replace it with instant word of glory. This would be on the same tier as ulti sac and possibly have it replace light of the martyr but do less healing. Essentially cookie cutter builds for honor talents would be cut down as well as hpals could heal diversely. Conclusion, hpals would be more fun to play as well as have more options for people to choose. Choice is what is lacking. Not every hpal wants to melee wings and not every hpal wants to heal like a generic healer. In current of the game, both double blessings and melee seem very weak. However, it is important to take into account how OP hpals could get it if not properly looked at.Dreathhammer3 Jun 27
Jun 27 Divine Punisher Ok, so I'm not much of a pvp'er, but I tried Divine Punisher for the first time last night, and I was only getting the bonus holy power every second judgement. I interpret the tooltip as being every judgement after the first. Is this bugged or is that how it always worked?Sharpanguss3 Jun 27
Jun 27 The Topless Tower This legendary is horrible. The proc chance is too low and there needs to be more control over when it does proc. It rarely procs and when it does its barley ever at a time that id want it to. I was excited because I thought this legendary could be good, but no, its awful. If you're going to add in new legendaries and give me less of a chance to get the one I want, at least make the new ones good. Until then 90% of my legendaries will continue to sit where they've been since I got them-in my bankZopyros0 Jun 27
Jun 27 Dev AMA today - any ret info? I read some of it, but its a big wall of text Anyone have a TLDR version of ret answers?Tenacius20 Jun 27
Jun 27 Judgment of Light Judgment of Light (edit: For Ret) Talent Requires Paladin Requires level 90 Judgment now applies Judgment of Light to the target, causing the next 40 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker for [ 20% of Spell Power ]. This is a dead talent, and its an absolute shame that it survived the 7.2.5 "class patch" This should definitely be replaced. I'm thinking that Divine protection would be a good replacement. We really need a dependable wall ability. Have it replace shield of vengeance and give it a shorter cd. I think that giving up the damage portion of shield of vengeance, and opting not to take Divine Intervention or Crusade warrants a decent damage reduction on a much shorter CDTenacius3 Jun 27
Jun 27 Obsidian Stone Spaulders and T20 Icy Vein holy paladin guide rated those as BIS legendary since the start of the expansion. With the 7.2.5 update however they dropped them to 7. The explanation given is that they synergies badly with the t20 4p bonus : "Obsidian Stone Spaulders are weak when you have the Tier 20 Set Bonuses, as these interfere with the added Beacon healing, greatly reducing the effectiveness of this item." However they also say that the T20 4p is not worth getting over higher ilvl gear. So why the drop on the shoulders then?Ivrae7 Jun 27
Jun 27 Prot Mythic+ Legendaries So I was wanting to get an idea on what legendaries I should be using for Mythic+ keystone pushing. I currently have: Chest, belt, and trinket. I was thinking of swapping trinket out for either Helm or Heathcliffs ring to be used alongside Chest, when I get them. I know everyone says shoulders are great but I'm not impressed with them from a strictly survival stand point. I'm not worried about maxizing my dps at this point. As for my trinkets I'll be using: 905 Nerubian Husk & 915 Feverish Carapace (that Haste is just too good on Husk for me. I know Darkmoon Deck has better armor)Malakhor2 Jun 27
Jun 27 Prot Paladin having problems with Kil'Jaeden Hi. Last night my guild reach kil'jaeden and i start having some problems with the fight , the thing is that i cant survive the 5 stacks of Felclaws , and even taking 3 stacks his melee attacks hit me like 2m or even 5m hp (using SotR) I just want some opionions about people that already did the fight and how because i dont understand how to do it or what im doing wrong. Logs : That was our best pull so any help is welcome.Schíx9 Jun 27
Jun 27 Mana Problems Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice for mana management.Bubkush1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Class Mount Glyphs? Mixed feelings about the class mount (What I really wanted was big shiny light wings...) but could we at least get glyphs to make our Divine Steed use these models? I think a lot of us unenthused because we have more interesting flying mounts would at least be more endeared to the horses if we could get better use out of them.Lofyn1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Torn between Ret Pally and DK.... i want to level one of these two but im not to sure which one is one....with all the changes, just came back from months away. Any input by those who have leveled both classes would be helpfulPeestings7 Jun 27
Jun 27 Am I screwed (legendary question) So I just got my 4th legendary (Liadrin's) and I'm kinda worried. I'm afraid I won't get the newer legendaries that will come out on tuesday. Is it still possible to get more legendaries after this? Another question what 2 legendaries should I equip? I have Shoulders, Belt, Back, Ring. Thanks, AshenbelAshenbel8 Jun 27
Jun 26 What legendary to upgrade first? Zeal? Ring? Ret here. I have all the legendaries but the two new ones. I upgraded the belt to 970. In your opinion, what pairs better - cloak or ring? Also, I read you should use the ring with zeal? Thoughts? Thanks.Cherrie1 Jun 26
Jun 26 The Topless Tower Had this drop last night. My first thought is it is garbage even thought I havent tried it out. Anyone use this at all or have any thoughts?Shockym7 Jun 26
Jun 26 Talents and Holy Wrath? Holy Wrath was a problem even in beta, keeping the talent on a 3 minute CD means it can only be OP if its useful or it can be worthless on the 100 talent tier. IMO change the talent to a 20 sec CD in its current state, still wouldnt be great but maybe it could be used in pvp. I do not believe any talent revolving around you being low hp to do dps is going to work in raids. Maybe change it to where if you die, you return as a HOLY spirit to bring your WRATH upon your foes. Allowing you to fight for another 8-10 seconds with the old hammer of wrath ability. Still not good for pve but possibly useful in pvp. (think beginning of wrath unholy DK ghoul form but holy with wings and !@#$) Change it to Exorcism / Hammer of Wrath(old one, not the fake one we have now) and put it on the level 30 tier instead of greater judgement. Or the easiest option would be to remove it and let us be special having only 2 talents on our last tier. Nice bigger boxes to pick crusade easier. While we are at it remove the HP cost from execution sentence and make consecration baseline (holy even gets it baseline, its not that useful but it can be there) Talents should enhance your playstyle in the end and have minimal affect on dps when using different builds properly. Having 3 different ways to play the same spec that is competitive with each other is better than having 1 talent on each row that is mandatory. This goes for every class in the game. Also why should AoE talents have to compete on the same row as single target talents? aka divine hammer, using a tome every fight to swap 1 talent back and fourth is not fun gameplay or starting a fight being like "%^-* i didnt change talents after last boss I will now perform worse because of it" We have defeated Kil'Jaeden and are proceeding to Argus so we can stop the legion entirely I assume by facing Sargeras somehow, yet most of our characters had a wider array of skills and abilities when the Lich King was current. Why is my character so forgetful on what she can do >:( #endrantSephka25 Jun 26
Jun 26 Holy Paladins So, I'm contemplating what to do here. Today we ran N ToS with a healing composition of 2 Holy Paladins, 1 Holy Priest and 1 Mistweaver Monk. I have the highest ilvl out of the group of healers, yet I was doing the lowest output of healing. I eventually ended up swapping to my Mistweaver with about 10 ilvl difference and ended up being 2nd or so. With that being said, are there any tips/pointers on my spec or gear for H Paladins that could help relate to a higher healing output? I ended up on one fight with less than 300k HPS. Thanks!Yayitsme6 Jun 26
Jun 26 Ret SimCraft Question I can't find a definitive answer anywhere so I'll try asking here. Sorry if this was covered in another post. For Simulationcraft users, what fight style are you guys simming under? For the most part I'm using Light Movement, but I can see that a few Bosses would fall under HelterSkelter. Obviously not all the fights fall under the same category but I'm wondering if anyone has some success with a default goto for the majority.Idranel4 Jun 26
Jun 25 dps decrease? am i the only one that has seemed like their dps have dropped some? i pulled around 650-700k now its seems like im in the low 600's if not going to the high 500k, the only thing ive changed so far is my trinket from skorp to the one from eli. i saw we got a 3.5% buff but it just seems like that hasnt done anything but make it worse?Cinamonjackz17 Jun 25
Jun 25 macro problem With the bonus of Tier 20, holy pally now have a perfect cast sequence (judgement-holy shock-light of dawn-light of the martyr or flash of light-crusader strike X2). So I m thinking about useing a macro to complete this sequence when I only pick a tank as my target in the raid team. Is it possible to cast judgement & crusader strike on the target of a friendly target and cast healing abilities on a friendly one? Simply say, I do only need to target a tank then cast abilities in sequence and on right target. I know castsequence command, but it dosen't work for multi-targets which contains enemy and teammate in one macro.Molixiaoyu2 Jun 25
Jun 25 You could easily improve Ret by moving talent If you moved a couple talents so they better matched the other talents in their tiers you could easily improve Retribution. Swap Justicar's Vengeance with Divine Intervention so the Defensive Cooldowns are all in one tier, and the "good in any situation" talents are in another tier. Swap Consecration with Greater Judgement, so that the Mastery affected talents are all in Tier 1, and the basic damage increases are all Tier 2. Making talents compete with similar talents tends to improve choice selection because non-DPS talents then don't have to compete with the obligatory DPS talent selection, and it also allows talents to better specialize, like AoE vs. Single, Physical Armor vs Magic armor, etc. It also helps prevent one talent from overshadowing others, like Justicar's Vengeance vs E4AE and WoG.Lorenso11 Jun 25