Nov 12, 2011 Prot pally? Hey guys i just recently started playing again and i'm leveling up to 85 and i was just wondering whats my best bet to hold most aggro possible as prot? & Maybe a couple comments on what stats i should stack up on more would be great as well. Thanks for the help greatly appreciated!Yourajerk2 Nov 12, 2011
Nov 12, 2011 Paladins, what do we know about 5.0? Paladins, what do we know about 5.0? This is to help aid in questions that may be asked in future Q&A with developers. I saw a lot of questions on the Q&A of 11/9/2011 that could have been answered by doing a little research and discerning some of the information that has already been given. I will try to keep this up to date as new information presents itself. Talents of 5.0 Presented at Blizzcon Level 15 (Mobility) Options -Speed of Light, Instant, 1 min CD Increases your movement speed by 60% for 6 sec. During this time, you radiate healing to nearby allies. -Long Arm of the Law A successful judgment increases your movement speed by 45% for 4 sec. -Pursuit of Justice You gain 10% movement speed for each current charge of Holy Power. Level 30 (CC/Snare) Options -Fist of Justice, 960 Mana, Instant, 20yd Range, 30 sec CD Stuns the target for 6 sec. (This is ability upgrades and replaces the base ability Hammer of Justice) -Repentance, 2880 Mana, 1.5 sec Cast, 30yd Range Puts the enemy into a state of meditation, incapacitating them for up to 1 min. Any damage from sources other than Censure will awaken the target. Usable against Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids and Undead. -Seal of Justice, 4480 Mana, Instant Fills the Paladin with Holy Light causing direct attacks to reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 5 second deal 87 additional Holy Damage. Level 45 (Defense) Options -Blessed Life You have a 100% Chance to gain a charge of Holy Power whenever you take direct damage or are stunned, feared or immobilized. This effect cannot occur more than once every 8 sec. -Sacred Shield When reduced below 30% health, you gain the Sacred Shield effect. The Sacred Shield absorbs 18005 damage and increases healing received by 20%. Lasts 15 sec. this effect cannot occur more that once every 60 sec. -Ardent Defender, Instant, 3min CD Reduces damage taken by 20% for 10 sec. While Ardent Defender is active, the next attack that would otherwise kill you will instead cause you to be healed for 15% of your maximum health. Level 60 (Healing) Options -Selfless Healer Your successful Judgments reduce the mana cost of you next Flash of Light by 50% and improve its effectiveness by 50% when used to heal others. Stacks up to 2 times. -Eternal Glory Your Word of Glory and Light of Dawn have a 30% chance to not consume Holy Power. -Holy Shield, Holy Power, Instant, 40 yd Range Shields a friendly target, absorbing 1507 damage per charge of Holy Power for 10 sec. Level 75 (Utility) Options -Veneration Your Consecration causes the Veneration effect on party or raid members within its area. Veneration – You are immune to movement impairing effects for 6 sec. -Acts of Sacrifice Reduces the cooldown by 20% and mana cost by 20% of your Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection and Hand of Sacrifice. In addition, your Cleanse will remove one movement impairing effect if cast on yourself. -Clemency, Instant, 5 min CD When activated, immediately finishes the cooldown on your Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection and Hand of Sacrifice. Level 90 (Improved CD’s/RNG) Options -Holy Avenger Summoning your Guardian of Ancient Kings also imbues you with the power of a Holy Avenger. Holy Avenger – none of you abilities consume Holy Power and cast as if 3 holy Power were consumed. Lasts 10 sec. -Sanctified Wrath You gain more frequent access to one of your abilities during Avenging Wrath. Holy -Holy Shock has no cooldown. Protection -Judgment has no cooldown. Retribution –You can use Hammer of Wrath. -Divine Purpose Abilities that cost Holy Power have a 15% chance to cause the Divine Purpose effect. Divine Purpose – Your next Holy Power ability will consume no Holy Power and casts as if 3 Holy Power were consumed. Hitch26 Nov 12, 2011
Nov 12, 2011 New sound effect for SotR While blizzard is changing the TV animation maybe they could change SotR to not sound like i'm hitting someone with a popsicle stick. Is it just me or does it just feel underwhelming compared to its damage. Hammer of the Righteous sounds deadly. I like using it just for how it sounds sometimes. Am I alone on this?Crios4 Nov 12, 2011
Nov 12, 2011 Help Reforging.. hey guys! just got back to being ret pve. I need help with refording. Can you guys help please? did i reforge correctly?Abolishier3 Nov 12, 2011
Nov 12, 2011 Mail vs Leather/Cloth Ok, since I am only 10, there isn't many mail with Intellect or Spirit, so should I just get leather and cloth with those stats?Creseli3 Nov 12, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Can anyone identify this weapon? Please. It's the weapon from the bada$$ Judgement paladin figure. any ideas to the name of the weapon? Hopefully it is attainable and transmognifiable.Jakosta2 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Remember when.... Judgements use to hit like a truck........anyway, I think it's about time that seals came off the GCD. What do you think? Taking two GCD's to switch between an aoe seal and a single target seal is just booty.Klypso11 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Gear check For Tanking I left WOW a few months after Cataclysm hit and I've gotten my gear up to snuff (sorta). Just curious if some gear snobs here wanna check my gear out and make fun of me or give me some tips. PS Yes I know I'm playing Holy/Ret now - I know how to spec - gear is my biggest problem really. Vaydra9 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Fed up with boots/belt not matching! Hi guys, this is not a rant thread at all simply a suggestion to solve the boots/belt mismatch issue plaguing dk's/war's/and pally's everywhere. How about when you buy a pvp belt/pair of boots they automaticly no matter wich of the 3 plate options you pick change design to match your class? I am tierd of wearing boots and belt that look like a dk or a warr, its like I have this hugely badass pally set all righteuos and RAWR then some random black boots with skulls on them...Anyone with me?Empyrion8 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 4pc tier 11 and 2pc tier 12 So, I bought the tier 12 holy hands and disenchanted my tier 11 hands which broke my 4 pc cause I'm a dummy... atleast I think so. Is it worth it to rebuy the justice hands to get my 4pc bonus spirit regen back and wait for the 2pc set of tier 12 for holy? Or am I good enough? I just hate that I made that mistake of losing that spirit buff to soon. Thoughts and opinions? Without the Spirit I feel like it might hinder me some. P.S. I don't have my PvE gear on sadly when I logged out, but I have roughly 2350 spirit before heartsong or any buffs.Quitehealthy4 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Buffs yay. Who's ready for all the sick shockadin buffs incomming in the next patch, I know I am. # Seal of Insight, when Judged, no longer returns 15% base mana to the paladin. Judging Seal of Insight still causes damage, and melee attacks will still restore 4% of base mana. # Seal of Truth, when Judged, now benefits from a multiplier of 20% per stack of Censure, up from 10%. # In addition to providing haste, the effect from Judgements of the Pure now increases mana regeneration from Spirit by 10/20/30% for 60 seconds. Lennis3 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 healing rag, 10m normal hi, the tanks i run with have ~375 ilvls. we use 3 heals, one druid, one disc priest, and myself. im constantly doing 45-50% of heals and finding that i have to spam divine light in order to keep the tanks with burning wound up. this is leaving my mana pool dwindling as we enter phase two. ive watched many holy paladin pov's on rag and im seeing that they are able to use holy light much more often and therefore, have much more mana throughout the course of the fight. this is an alt run for the guild i run with, but the ilvl's of the people in the group are suited for FL and we knocked out all the bosses in 1 shot. the guild i run with are 3/7H on their mains, so this is obviously a fight that they are all very familiar with. the only explanation i can come up with is the healer ilvls and possibly the druids output. the druid sits at 361, im sitting at 365, and the priest is at 367. the druid seems to be lacking in heals every fight; doing only 15 to 20% of total healing on almost any given boss. i consider myself to be a decent healer and im having a hard time understanding why the need for divine light spam is necessary for me. this is certainly an unsustainable method as the burning wound persists throughout the course of the fight.Kallani10 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 when to use cooldowns OK, so when should I use my cooldowns like, Ardent Defender or Guardian of Ancient Kings.Blite2 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Season 11 Paladin Arena Gear Win...Dayoen7 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Pally changes on MMO •Word of Glory does not need a cooldown in 5.0. Prot can choose whether to use it for healing, Holy Shield for absorption, or Shield of the Righteous for block. rets can wog for 50k+ who the !@#$ cares. prots need to self heal. there not tanks or anything who should be "taking damage" not having to Heal damage.Fashaa10 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Noob question about Ret spec I decided on trying to level this guy back up again after a long break and was thinking, which is the best seal to use in Ret spec? I been using insight cuz it refills my mana up to do my attacks but others are saying use other ones.Ryderprime9 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Things to consider Hi blizz, I have played paladins ever since vanilla (back when seals was 30sec and removes everytime you judgement). Was pretty happy that when WOTLK hit, the duration was then further buffed to 2mins and no need to reapply. Anyways back to the point, now in cataclysm, seals are 30mins buffs to paladins, is it justifiable to make it into a buff like righteous fury, where it will be active until cancelled or seals switch. I forsee that this will not be groundbreaking, but it will increase the quality of life of paladin gameplay. In addition to this, this would further help raiding paladins after a brezz to get into combat much easily as there is no need to spend 1 extra gcd on recasting a seal. It is just an idea, but I would hope if you will look into the possibility in doing this. Thanks :PCaralyn7 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 check my gear please Messin with my stats a bit and im trying reforging gear without spirit for spirit and with spirit for crit. i gemmed crit but im probably gonna change that to another gem just because 20 crit is barely effecting my stat. Armory me please i have 2-3 pieces of gear not yet reforged ill get that done after i get some gold lols. im probably gonna sit at 1500 something spirit will a spirit trinket help? i was thinkin either core of ripeness, heart of blood heroic or darkmoon tsunami but i dont got the gold for that lol. name any other spirit trinkets that help please. Also please tell me when my spirit is decent enough not to buff anymore. im pretty sure its somewhere 1700-1900 but idk. If i am building completely wrong tell me how i should build. im getting the heartsong enchant when i get gold also ... (btw i know my grammar is terrible im tired and i dont feel like doing good grammar atm)Bloodstriker0 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 [PvP] Hpally Race BE or Tauren Which one is better?Stickyougood8 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Shield of the Righteous/holy shield in 5.0. So i was really happy when i came back to my prot pally and blizzard had given them holy shield back, even if as a 30 minute cooldown...but these 5.0 changes, i just wanted to provide my feedback on from what i've read. So far it looks like we'll have 3 holy power users, shield of the righteous, for block, Holy shield for absorption, and word of glory for healing. personally i dont like this 3 option mechanic, i think 1-2 options works fine the way it is now except that nasty cooldown on word of glory. But my big issue is... Shield of the righteous sounds like its being made into a defensive ability, IDK about you, but i like it being an offensive one. Nothing is more satisfying on my prot paladin then seeing him slam his shield into a mob for a massive crit. if they take that away im just going to feel nerfed and be sad =(. probably should have posted on my paladin tank but oops. im interested in seeing how this flesh's out, but please blizzard, please dont take my shield slam away =(Exekias8 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Divine Storm x Art of War x Acts of Sacrifice OKay so we all know that ret pallies usually don't take divine storm for arenas. They put the points in something else like art of war and acts of sacrifice. What I want to question is: is art of war THAT required? I was wondering, since exorcism is not that big of a deal at level 85, if a build with one point in each of these talents is viable for arena. Like, getting divine storm without !@#$ing all the build up.Pharma9 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Screenshot of winged guardian with male drae? Hey, thanks for clicking. As per my topic, I was wondering if anyone could share or point me in the direction of screenshots of male draenei on winged guardians. I looked on the intarwebz and could find nothing. I am thinking about purchasing the mount for my draenadin, but I need to know how it scales since he looks ridiculous on so many other mounts. Honestly, this is a service Blizzard should provide if they really want my $25, but that's a thread for another forum. My sincere thanks for any assistance.Divide4 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 5.0 Paladin Suggestions Class: Paladin Experience: 2004 - present (granted nearly 6-9 paladin's met death/deletion before I stuck with one) Categories: Skills / Talents (MoP) Goal: Increase enjoyment, depth, and overall feel Skills: Judgement, Crusader Strike, Inquisition, Seal of Justice, New Ability Judgement: There are no suggestions that I can make in light of the newest (proposed) changes to the ability. Reducing the cooldown to 6 seconds, allowing it to serve as an alternative (or more likely) / additional source of Holy Power, and the effects added by Judgement of the Bold, Wise, and Pure the ability has become quite exciting and not one skipped in rotation easily (as opposed to before). Crusader Strike: Crusader Strike in all honesty can only be referred to as bland. Don't get me wrong I love it...but only because it generates holy power so that I can use other abilities, and because it does decent damage. However, this ability has always had the potential to be a very enjoyable one with great utility rather than just a means to get resources for more fun abilities. For my Crusader Strike suggestion refer to Mist of Pandaria Talents section (substitute tier). Inquisition: I love inquisition because it increases my holy damage done by 30%, and I personally have no issue with it's duration or refreshing it aside from the minor annoyance that causes me. Because I am completely opposed to the Glyph idea proposed that suggested "increase the duration of inquisition, but decrease the effect" (all though the numbers may work out in the long run I'd feel nerfed =p) I will make a constructive suggestion. Roll the 20% two-handed weapon specialization ability for retribution into this, and make this new Inquisition (20% 2hder + 30% holy) a benefit of being retribution. That or make it a talent that allows us to glow with the light ^_^. Seal of Justice: Remove really, that was my suggestion. The only thing about it that I ever found enjoyable was when its judgement effect reduced the speed of opponents (especially druid opponents, heh heh). In it's current form, it'll only continue to collect dust, and the idea put into it will be wasted. For my suggestion on Seal of Justice (effect) refer to the "New Ability" below. New Ability: I suggest adding another melee strike to the paladin arsenal. One that uses Holy Power, and has some beneficial effect such as "reducing the movement speed of opponents by 25-75% (based on HP charges) for 6-10 seconds and causing x damage for the duration (stacking up to y times). That gives paladin's a sensible snare that costs, is not a complete dps loss, and in fact can become a dps gain as stacks of the DOT builds. In the event that the crusader strike tier is implemented then I'd maintain the DOT portion of this ability and change the primary utility to increasing damage taken by some percentage. Verithis3 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 11, 2011 Seal of Justice idea for 5.0 Seal of Justice Your judgements apply the Justice effect reducing the target's movement speed by 50%. Works with all seals. In the current tier and the current seal of justice in the 5.0 talent tree, Fist of Justice wins hands down for pvp. What do you guys think about a seal of justice like that or perhaps giving the effect to ret as a passive ability?Klypso4 Nov 11, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Pally my whole life I have leveled a holy pally since lvl 1 and i always though healing was the best till cata you give us a bad mastery that shields for like 3k damage. and now in 4.3 you are taking our holy radiance away. could you give us something i see all the other classes getting buffed up and holly pallies are being decreasedTylanneru4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 2v2 Holy Paladin Question Quick question about gear reforging for a holy paladin that focuses almost exclusively on 2v2 arena (teammate=frost dk). What should I be stacking (aside from Intellect). I've heard crit for various reasons, but have always seem to go with spirit and haste.Asun1 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 I messed him up please help me fix him Hi all I messed my tank all up, my gear is a mash of dps, pvp and tanking. my gems are a mess also so could you please take a look and help me fix him. I know his hp are very low for a tank also.Arkanu8 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 NAKED holy pally owns check it out,öseidon4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 A possible fix for Avenging Wrath dispel I was thinking about it and was wondering what would happen if they changed Avenging Wrath to work like Evangelism/Archangel. Let it build up and provide the buff but give it a cooldown and effect based on spec. For Holy let it increase healing 20%, Protection can get light reinforcement to reduce damage 20%, and Retribution can get the +20% dmg buff. Like Archangel has a different cooldown for light or dark it paladins can have different cooldown based on spec. As Ret relies heavily on the buff have the cooldown changed to maybe last less time but has a shorter cooldown, Prot could last longer but have a longer cooldown, and sicne Holy is good at healing as it is then it can have the current cooldown. What do you think? Would this be overpowered?Lostdemoness3 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Am I ready to tank FL? This is my 5th 85 (my only tank)... I have done 7/7 on all 4 of my other toons and 2/7 HM on my main. I hit 85 on this toon late sunday night, and wondering if I'm FL ready? I think I am... just need to enchant some things and respec... advice?Tydrissal12 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Current ideas to make ret more interesting Ghostcrawler: "In 5.0 we moved Divine Purpose to a talent, so if you skip that one then the main source of RNG will just be Art of War procs, which should be a lot less random than today if that suits your play style." I'm a little confused. Can those that enjoy the RNG of ret currently give me a quick thumbs up and those that hate it thumbs down. I don't see many paladins that like the current situation. I thought we agreed on this style of dps as being bad.Lysium4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 New Ability Idea: "Unleash Auras" I like the idea behind Paladins having auras, but right now they seem outdated and somewhat useless, (Ret Aura), especially since Blizzard is saying they want to move away from boring stat increases. This ability would probably be a blatant rip-off of the Shaman "Unleash Elements" ability, but I think it can also fit the Paladin well and perhaps fix some problems with the class. The ability would work exactly like Unleash Elements; 15 second cooldown, 40 yard range, and gives some effect depending on the aura the Paladin is currently using. As an example: Devotion Aura, when the ability is used, would hit a target for 100% weapon damage, cause a high amount of threat, and decrease damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds. For Prot Paladins, this would mean they would be refreshing this to keep up the reduction and also use it as something similar to the warrior ability Heroic Throw. For Retribution Aura, you could have something like, "Hits the target for 100% weapon damage and grants a charge of holy power." This would mean that anyone using this ability could get a charge of holy power every 15 seconds if they chose to be in Retribution Aura. Suddenly, Ret Paladins are actually in Ret aura and I think it would help the problem of Rets thinking an ability is missing from their rotation. The ability could even work for Crusader Aura, giving some utility to the specs. Actually seeing Crusader Aura used in combat as something other than someone forgetting to switch auras could be kind of fun. You could have it do something to the effect of a mild snare if used on an enemy target, or a burst of speed if used on a friendly target. Something like a 30% decrease or increase to speed lasting 6 seconds, nothing too crazy as it is a ranged move. It seems like Blizzard wanted to stay away from Holy Paladins sprinting around everywhere, so the Crusader Aura speed boost probably shouldn't work on the Paladin casting it and only on others. I couldn't really think of anything that seemed balanced for the 2 remaining Auras (Conc and Resis), but maybe having them both create deffensive effects or the conc aura increasing the next heal used could work well. So what would this all mean for paladins in general? Well, casual players may not notice a huge difference except for a new ability for whatever aura they like to be in. For more experienced and dedicated Paladins, I think this ability could give us some great utility, and you would have Paladins running around twisting auras like crazed badasses. So, tell me what you think. I tried to make this seem as balanced as possible and something unique and new that could solve some of the Paladin's problems and I'd love to hear some feedback from the community.Luke5 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Cover It Live Pally Stuff WoG Cooldown Removed across all specs. Hammer of the Righteous baseline for Ret/Prot. Divine Storm now a finisher. TV getting similar animation to DS. ... Judgment to have 6 sec cd and generate a HP. ... on dispels... ... on inquisition... ...Judiscpriest13 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Help plz So I took some time off and now I'm back..... just wanted to know what should I do/change next.... I want to start raiding so what raids can I tank atm and what pieces of gear should I change..... thanks... :DSunfist1 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Continueing QQfest from other thread Thoney As Hitch said that thread wasn't meant for our convo, so I made this to simply continue it without bothering others. ... If you don't know how to cleanse everything off then yeah, and they are making dispells/spell steal much more decisive by giving them CDs. I have yet to get kited by being slow, our class is just missing the gap closer. If played right with those 5.0 changes, it should be easy, let alone CDless WoG + long range holy power = instant heals while distanced, which helps loads more as well.Jakosta0 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Repentance visual change Is anyone else tired of ccing a mob and the tank breaks the cc because he can't see the visual effects of Repentance very well? I wish that blizzard would change the effects of repentance to make it more noticeable for everyone in the group.Jessadin8 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Keybind/Macro suggestions please Wow. Ret Paladins have a lot of crap... and a lot of crap that procs. When I start slamming keys, my abilities light up like a pinball machine. Having played a disc priest in pvp for some time, I've grown accustomed to key-binding every single ability in my toolkit (for both pve and pvp). Can anyone give me some helpful suggestions, perhaps even macros to help reduce the clutter on my keys, to help simplify rotations, and make procs (hammer of wrath, art of war ) and other commonly used CDs easier to manage; more accessible? (Is their a way to macro exorcism and hammer of wrath into judgment, or crusader strike, without having to use a modifier?)Hyperlink1 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Let me be honest. Ret PvP & my subscription. I've been playing WoW since 2007 and playing Retribution casually as an alt. I have five 85 all pvp geared. I've had my share of eight hour plus sessions for months on end. As I'm sure most of you have. I'm not a gladiator, never been much of an arena player. In fact I just started goofing around this season about two months ago on a casual basis and now I want to PvP in arena and rbgs. I've seen my share of successes as Retribution. Just the other day I beat an Arena Master Holy Paladin paired with an Arena Master Feral Druid in twos. I had a Grand Marshal Discipline Priest healing me. However from what I've experienced Retribution has been in a terrible position for a long time. I can not name one expansion/patch or where Retribution has been "wanted" for everything the game has to offer as entertainment. I am to the point where I want to play my Retribution full-time. However I will probably call it quits if 4.3 does not fix Retribution to the point where Retribution is "wanted and useful" and I can actually partake in all this game has to offer with out having to struggle or beg for a team. As I've been waiting since vanilla for Blizzard to actually get a clue while I keep giving them money. Forced to play other classes while I dream of Retribution. I feel like I've been lead around by the nose for too long (five years) and I'm not going to buy another expansion under the confidence game of "Oh we're fixing it". I don't know how you other Retribution lovers feel but this is where I'm at. ~ SmashSmash41 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Holy PvP 4.3 Well, I'm in the process of level this toon for arena's. However, I was just wanting to know if paladins will still be in a good place come 4.3? :DPhose7 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 HoW nerf on PTR 4.3 - Retribution Feedback ... Dear Blizzard, That is a huge, huge game play difference. I assume that our burst is going to suffer and make us solely dependent on TV?! ~ Smash ====================================================== EDIT 10/06/2011: I've taken the concerns I've noticed, the suggestions and thanks and put them in the op. AW = Avenging Wrath TV = Templars Verdict CS = crusader Strike DS = Divine Storm Appreciation Thank you for our damage boosts not being proc reliant. Thank you for the cool S11 gear. Thank you for taking the time to work on Retribution. Thank you for not making us press a seal before we judge. Concerns Blizzard will ignore the customer suggestions and concerns given on this thread. Ret does not want to be the lowest represented class/spec utilized in RBGs, High End Arena or PvE. Any HoW nerf will negatively affect PvP Ret paladins, while only being a convenience PvE Rets. A 54% crit reduction will cause a common %50 damage reduction in HoW. Retribution will even be more unwanted in arena and rbgs. Suggestions Make AW undispellable. - Suggested by multiple players. Allow Retribution to generate HP with judgement. Deliver an alternate tier set bonus. Make Art of War proc on all attacks, not just melee. Add 100% movement speed limit debuff(old Judgement of Justice effect) onto Long Arm of the Law talent when used on successful Judgement. Make Acts of Sacrifice not allow movement impairing effects to reduce you below a certain % movement speed, or give a "Sacred Cleansing" type effect that makes you immune to snares for a few seconds. Make Inquisition similar to our old "Vengeance" buff that stacked through dealing damage, and make it increase both physical and holy damage by a certain % Have another melee strike. Change DS to be an extra melee strike and do more damage. Give us a 5 second daze on holy wrath use. 15 second cooldown. Make art of war work like grand crusader by giving exorcism a cd and make it instant like it once was, nice spell to replace holy wrath in single target fightSmash240 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 holy pally 4 set q okay so last night i got 3 pieces of gear, heroic tier legs, which won't change anything, heroic chest, and heroic helm. the question i have is would wearing non tier heroic helm/gloves be better than the normal tier with 4 peice bonus. (i got the gloves last week) i also got the heroic non tier chest while pretty good, would even break my 2 set bonus which im thinking is a big no no, or am i just overvaluing the mana regen from our 2 set bonus? basically, should i wear the heroic non tier gear, even though it breaks my 4 piece. edit: through the 2 peices i gain -92 intelect -288 spirit -137 stam -242 mastery (which will be reforged to haste later) i lose 449 haste, though after i reforged crit on the gloves and helm i only increase my hl cast time by .03Derindel3 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 4.3 BiS List for norm? So while i was sitting for my raid i got bored and was looking through loot for 4.3 dragon soul... Besides Tier peices this is what i came up with Don't know how to link items that havnt been put into the wow database so links to wowhead instead :P, taking suggestions too so feel free :DIdpsutank0 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Qn reguarding judgement changes Hi guys, I have been searching to find how much spirit I will need to make up for the change to judgement. I know I have seen the number here on the forum in the past but have had no luck finding it. Is anyone able to provide the number?Nayoe4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 4.3 Judgment Changes - Spirit Trinkets Great? With the 30% spirit regen as opposed to 15% base - are spirit based trinkets (proc or otherwise) going to become superior for us, since we get 80% of the regen?Anilon5 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Forcing paladins to play holy for pvp I understand many will view this as a qq post. Thats fine, but I have given blizz enough money over the past few years that I'll give my opinion anyway. This post is only about pvp. I am not a gladiator by any means, Ive been 2200 all of once in my 3 seasons playing and it wasn't even on my paladin, was as arms warrior in season 9. I don't like holy and I am not a reroll to the fotm class type of person. I have had my paladin for 2 expansions now. I like playing ret, rather I like the idea of playing ret. Actually playing ret is very frustrating. i am not naive enough to think we should have our party utility and off heals and hit like a warrior, but I do think we should at least be a viable choice in 3s and rbgs. Right now and when the patch hits we just won't be. Rbgs taking any other melee dps is a better idea than taking along a ret paladin. Taking any other FC is preferable as well. I would love to be able to go prot for rbgs, but the problem is we just don't make very good fcs when compared to the other tanks. The argument could be said that inside a smokebomb we help bring down the flag carrier better than any other melee and that will shortly be taken from us as well. What other class has its largest damage cooldown so easily removed? I am really wondering because I honestly can't think of one. I see that blizzard is trying to give rets more sustained damage, that's great. I like that direction, but imo pvp (not including duels) is about control and burst. I am just wondering where our burst will come from in 4.3. If we are going to not be critting during wings I don't see how we'll be viable in any comp in arena outside of 2s which as we all know counts for nothing more than getting your points for the week. Ideas: I have seen most of these ideas in other posts, but I don't feel that giving an opinion without a way to resolve issues is worth it. Give wings some sort of dispel protection or add a daze/silence if they are removed. Kind of like the TOC boss who had the blinding light. Take divine storm off of shared cooldown with cs. With pvp we don't use haste so there are times when you just sit there a global sometimes even 2 without anything to do if you aren't using a utility spell. From what I understand this even happens in pve as well. Change divine protection glyph to still let us have some reduction against melee. Unless you are going into the queue against the same team over and over having no damage on a short CD means once they force bubble its gg. I am not saying magic and physical should both be 40% but 40%/20% doesn't seem that bad considering the tools other melee classes are given. I am sure this is all for not but I wanted to give my opinion on the state and future state of ret. I realize saying xyz has this ability I want one like that just takes the uniqueness out of picking classes. However, right now the only unique thing about ret is that we just aren't viable. Hybrid classes that are viable: Druids: While not the best healer this season resto and feral are both viable. Boomkin is the weak link for them but still viable in certain comps. Shaman: Resto is top heals for most setups, ele was great in wotlk and starting to see them make a comeback. Enh likely the weak link but still has better interrupt and can snare and has a 30sec cc. Next patch would much rather have an enh shaman than ret because their offheals will be increased. Paladin: Holy has been strong and will continue to be strong. Most rbg groups almost require one. I think we know my opinion on rets, and prot is the least viable fc. Priest: disc is a strong healer for many setups, and shadow is extremely powerful in most wizard cleaves.Quaizar0 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Going to try my hand at healing with my pally I logged out in my heal spec to hopefully get any advice. I normally tank on this guy and want to transition into healing so I can swap with my holy priest that I normally raid on. (6/7 normals) I am waiting on mats to make my crafted shield/hammer, so no power torrent on the hammer and also waiting for a friend to make me a haste ench for bracer. I haven't healed a thing yet so I am still reading up on rotations etc. I'm hoping the switch from holy priest to holy pally will go smooth, I was thinking of starting in za/zg with a group of guildies. Any suggestions? (gear, spec. etc)Bragnix1 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Do you tab-target in PVE as ret... order to spread around the 5 stacks of Censure? I find I do more DPS this way, but A) it's no fun and B) I pull more aggro because I'm attacking everything instead of focusing on the tanks target. Even then, with my current gear, I'm only pulling 11-12K in ZA/ZG.... I know, I suck. I just don't know how to get more DPS out of this guy. I do everything from popping cool downs at opportune times to keeping up Inq, but 11-12K is pretty much my max. My Hunter, with the same gear level does 13 to 15K easy and it's a lot more fun to boot. They need to make it to where DS spreads Censure to all targets it hits and lower the ridiculous 4 target HP thing to 2 or 3 targets. It would make it a lot more viable.Versiroth2 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Q&A: Class Design & Balance I was able to make this and I saw quite a few changes coming to Rets in 5.0. I will post the comments below. Also the developers want to know how we would feel about a glyph that reduces the damage of Inquisition slightly but increases it's duration per holy power quite a bit. I personally think as long as the damage reduction is not greater than 6-7%, I'd take a glyph like that. Hopefully I wouldn't have to worry about refreshing Inquisition too often. Anyway here are some responses to people's questions. Please know that this stuff is not set in stone and can change but they seem to be aware of Ret's condition. I'm not so sure they know the full extent of the PvP condition though lol. Anyway. Check it out...... back to work for me, enjoy. Celestalon: We currently plan for Judgment in 5.0 to have a 6sec cooldown, 30yd range, and to generate 1 Holy Power. In 4.3, the set bonus should be fairly accessible, to get the Holy Power generation. Ghostcrawler: We know Retadins love their Divine Storm, so we want to make TV use a similar graphic (perhaps just one spinny hammer) so both finishers will have the same feel. DS goes back to a finisher in 5.0 since Ret and Prot both have Hammer of the Righteous. We are looking a lot at spell effects for melee in 5.0 since their attacks just aren't as flashy as the casters'. Ghostcrawler: Word of Glory does not need a cooldown in 5.0. Prot can choose whether to use it for healing, Holy Shield for absorption, or Shield of the Righteous for block. Ghostcrawler: That's always a hard decision to make (when to overhaul a class). Demo and Destro locks for example are gettign a bit of that in 5.0. We like the Holy Power model for Retribution (and all paladins) and aren't going to dramatically overhaul it. We are fixing some issues with it that players have brought up. We understand some players liked the LK version of the Ret paladin, but we worry they liked it either because it was very simple to play or because it did too much damage, neither of which is great for the long term of the game. We think classes need a resource of some form to be interesting. Ghostcrawler: In 5.0 we moved Divine Purpose to a talent, so if you skip that one then the main source of RNG will just be Art of War procs, which should be a lot less random than today if that suits your play style.Klypso7 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Crit/Haste/Mastery - Focus on one? As a Ret Pally, I know we gear/reforge/gem first for hit and expertise cap. From what I've read, mastery takes 2nd place behind strength for stat bonuses, and crit / haste are more or less a toss up depending on your personal taste. My question for the expert Rets out there is this: Is there any mathematical reason why focusing on one of these stats (between mastery, haste, and crit) is superior to having a little bit in all of them? In other words, does a Ret with tons of haste but no crit or mastery beat a Ret with a little of all three? Personally, I'm inclined to just worry about strength and look at these three stats as just icing on the cake.Euthyphro10 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Anyone else going to Transmog with.... ...some Lightsworn gear? I always liked the look of it in Wraith and you can get a full set for 3- 4K JP now in Dalaran. Also, doesn't anyone know if any of the other tiers are available via JP? If so, where are the vendors?Versiroth7 Nov 9, 2011