Aug 22, 2011 Pally gear sets ideas? So when 4.3 goes live I won't be able to morg this tunic due to being cloth. I was curious what sets are still in the game that would fit. All I really need is a tunic and pants, preferably something that looks fiery. I'm open to other ideas of course but for now I thought I'd try to atleast have a main set ready.Raheya0 Aug 22, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 BiS pvp trinkets (Human) Well, latly I have be theorycrafting trinkets and would like other inputs. atm messing around with DMC:hurricane but debating on buying a apparatus, any ret currently using AoK that can leave some imput would be nice. Another trinket I'm interested in is the insignia(+resil,+str proc) but feel 3850 resil is already high enough to not want to lose +str of DMC for a mere 2% damage reduction. Also feel free to post any other trinket you feel should be used other than DMC,AoK along side of X gladiators badge of victory (+resil,+str 2 min CD).Criticism0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Quick question: Ret Paladin Damage Output Are abilities listed as inflicting Holy damage affected by the +8% Magic damage provided by Warlocks/Boomkins/etc? ThanksCritrocket3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 talking about tiers... SO when im reading about patch 4.3 i read about this tier thing and this confuses me.. what is this and how do you get it? im guessing it's a set but im pretty clouded about this.Akosimalakas0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Greater Sunwalker Kodo Is this bugged or what? This kodo is designed for tauren, yet my face is cut off by the top of the saddle.Lanaya7 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 lookin for a little help with my build my paladin was my first toon and he only made it to lvl 56. now i want to lvl him to 85 but i wanna make sure im doin his spec the right way. can anyone help me with a dps build and rotation plzVedara0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Can A Pally Solo 10M Naxx?? If so do you need to be Prot, Ret or either is fine? If not, which encounters require a second player? Thanks for the help!Specialized1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 A couple questions about ret Can Repentence be used in combat? If so, can it be used as a second interrupt if Rebuke is on cooldown? Also I feel that there is a big gaping hole in my rotation. What are you supposed to do when Crusader Strike is refreshing? I feel as if I can cast CS once, go make a sandwich, come back in time to hit CS again, go take the trash out, then come back and now I can do some DPS. Its like dead air on a radio station, it only last a few seconds but it feels like forever.Azorixa1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Inquisition I recently turned Ret for PvE and have been enjoying myself. One complaint I have so far though is how inquisition works. I hate having to pass up a Templar's Verdict to use this ability and would like to see it either activated differently or reworked to do something else. Two ideas I have is to give this ability it's own trigger like exorcism has with Art of War. Or instead of making it increase damage by a % make it double the chance to trigger Divine Purpose. i would prefer that.Brotherdale7 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 How is my ret gear (reforging / gemming)? I just replaced my prot spec for ret to try it out and I'm seeing that it's fun. I know I need to replace the blues (and temporary PvP gear as well) but how are my epic gemming and reforging?Elewood3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Need Holy Help So, backstory time: I was in ZG to get some of my random valor since I don't raid much right now, and the run goes relatively smoothly, though I do die from the breath once on the first boss (which was total situation awareness fail on my part, I admit) but nobody else died until the cat boss. They decide to pull 2 of the kitty groups at a time with an average geared tank, and I have to spam Divine Light to keep him up and quickly go oom, which results in my dying and the rest of the group shortly after. And then follows the first time I've ever been kicked from a group. =\ I admit, I wasn't at my best then, but I felt rather hopeless when I couldn't seem to do anything to keep myself from dying. I also feel that recently my mana's been in the toilet, though just a week ago I was doing fine in the Zul'roics and rarely ever dropping below 50% mana. So I ask you experts here in asking if there's anything I could change to make myself more efficient because I'm feeling like I don't want to go into another heroic for a while until I fix whatever I've messed up. I don't know, I'm just a tad bothered by being kicked. TL;DR: Help me fail less, please.Flaire2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 The best tank All my pallies out there, I need some help. I want to be a better tank. I need help with my spec and gems mainly. I don't need help with enchants. I know my back should be enchanted, long story. I want to run ZA, ZG, and 10 man raids and be the best tank possible. I'm not ready for Firelands but any advice about that would help. Thank you for your help. A Antaine2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Inquisition I see a lot of Ret Paladins not spec'd into Inquiry of Faith, which makes sense since we're still capped at 80. But once we can level, are we gonna be speccing into it? It seems like a nice talent. My initial thought was to simply take two points from Selfless Healer and one from Acts of Sacrifice to fill out the talent. But since, I'm no theory crafter, I just wanted to see what other people were thinking. Do I want to make sure I have 2 points in Acts of Sacrifice? Which second tier talents, if any, should I be aiming for in the other trees? This is all from a PvP perspective (yes, as Ret). I shall continue my search until the servers are up. Thanks for any help.Scirøn2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Paladin tier. What is the paladin gear that the guy has on the picture with the human with suluras the right hand of ragnoros and the armor. Bman1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Just wondering Didnt they make it to where Spriest couldnt dispell our wings anymore or am i dreamin that? Pàthology2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Crit Rate on Templar's Verdict - broken? Went ape sh&t on a target dummy forever last night up the the point of where I got 200+ TV's off Checking my recount at the end showed my crit rate on TV's was at roughly 9% Now I have about 8% crit from straight stats and am talented to have 12% increase crit chance on TV's See my dilemma? I'm clearly getting less than half of the TV crits that I theoretically should be (Mu judgment crit #'s were 19% or so, what I would expect from 20% chance to crit) I'm not russel crow from a beautiful mind or anything and have never put much thought into the "numbers" game that goes on behind the scene when dps'ing, but what am I seeing? Just the unlucky results of the RNG system in place, or is there a bug in possibly the talent thats supposed to be increasing TV crit chances? Anyone else getting these results?Fizticuffs14 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Word of Glory nerf Friend sent me's kind of exactly how I feel about this. What's going to happen to us Paladins if that goes live? :(Malakk11 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Paladin Healing = Aneurysm At first I really liked the changes made to Paladin Healing. It added more strategy to it and I find myself actually enjoying healing instead of being bored to death and struggling to stay awake while spamming the same spell over and over again. BUT then you had to go and ruin it by turning nearly every dungeon into a booby trap infested swamp where you have to run around like a chicken with your head cutt off dodging fire, lighting, poison and God knows what else constantly popping up on the floor trying to one shot you. IMHO this sucks all the fun out of healing on this game. It's just not fun trying to heal people while constantly having to play dodge ball running around the room, wondering if you have time to cast this heal before moving off the poison cloud that just magically appeared underneath you. Some players may enjoy this but I don't, and I can promise you many healers are simply going to quit or change to a dps class, that way they can have fun again. I can understand adding this type of game play element to a dps class to make fights a little more challenging and interesting, as it's not near as bad having to dodge things every few seconds as a dps class because you have only yourself to worry about. But forcing healers to participate in this as well is a mistake, and is probably a big contributing factor to why subscriptions have gone down. I bet you 90% of them were healers who decided the game had just become more stress than fun. The challenge of healing should be about using the right heals at the right moments, managing your mana properly and using your cool downs wisely. This you accomplished pretty good with the changes your made in cataclysm, as the actual act of healing took skill and wise decesion making. It shouldn't be about dodging w/e new deadly texture just popped on the ground beneath you. You are busy watching HP bars afterall, and expecting us to have to watch the floor constantly as well is just more trouble than it's worth.Brotherdale9 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 [Holy] Core of Ripeness v.s. Jar of Ancient I have access to both. Our guild is going to start Heroic firelands in a few weeks. Most theorycrafting sites have told me that Jar > Core but at the moment I have 2790 spirit and perhaps the theorycrafting websites value spirit highly but can't take into account if you have enough spirit already. So the question is do I need the extra regen from the Jar or would it be more beneficial to have the static int for more SP during aoe healing phasesUbutanker3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 What's up with the lack of Holy Pally BOA's? There's a PvP shoulder piece and a PvP weapon from Wrath, but unfortunately other than those, and caster cloaks and rings, the game lacks BOA gear for Holy Paladins. Am I the only person who wants to level Holy (PvP and Dungeons), or has Blizzard been neglectful?Jessima5 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Who already has their Transmogrifier rdy? I have everything but gloves and a mace.Kimikaro13 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Best sets to get for Transmogrify! Please share yours! I'm looking into getting a different set for different specs... I'm working on the Lightforge and/or Lightforge Recolor for Holy. I can't seem to figure out a weapon/shield combo :( What are yours? I'm so excited!Berkell1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Calling All Prot Paladins I have some questions for you, out of curiosity. I have a paladin alt that I recently switched from prot/ret to holy/ret. I hated protection, and this is coming from someone who enjoys tanking the most in this game. One of every tank at 85. It's just fun. ...Except the paladin. Now I understand fun is subjective, but I'm mostly curious why you guys play your protadins and why you enjoy them when I, personally, can't understand the draw. Maybe I'm missing something. This isn't meant to talk about paladins vs. other tanks, gearing/speccing/gemming/reforging your protadin, and it certainly isn't meant to be a QQ thread. Please keep your posts on-topic and neutral. Copy/paste: 1. How long have you been playing your paladin as protection? 2. What originally got you into tanking on your paladin? 3. Why do you tank currently?Baenhoof3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 The Turalyon armor You guys remember? The stuff from Dalaran? Is it still worth it pre cata quest gear? I just need 2729 jp for a full set...Acery4 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Ret Aura?? Why does anyone even use this in 5 mans or raids? It's effect is sooo insignificant and shouldn't matter to most of the group because only the tank should be getting hit. Yet in over 80% of the groups I'm in with another pally they have ret aura up. Am I missing something? What can I tell these players to make them use another aura? Thank you.Holygreyel21 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 OMG my boots will actually match! Hell yeah our ret arena set will finally match with the new trans thing <3Iblamethelag8 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 What gear will you be wearing in 4.3? I'm sure everyone will be going for Judgement and Wrathful, but they are the best x.x I'll probably end up with S10 or ... Well, Wrathful.Rylanodory2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 I need better dice Even before the new patch notes came out I have been farming Judgement gear, but with the patch ppl have been a lot more will to go with me. And a little note here when I run a vanity raid run it is all open rolls to be fair to everyone. So doing BWL with myself, a couple guildies (70ish) and another paladin, every possible judgement piece drops....I lose every roll. Ok dust myself off because someone started a black temple run. Great I want the shield and the cursed vision headband thing. The raid has open rolls again and we clear it, both items I want drop ....and I lose... ok maybe my DK will have better luck. hop on him as another B Temple run is forming. Run though no problem, clear it and (OMG!!!!) warglaive drops... ok at this part I have to point out I am the only DK, no rogues, 1 warrior. so we roll and he gets a 12 ..(yes!) I get a 4 (what!?!?! are you kidding me?) ok so beaten and bruised I decide I need to blow off some steam, hunter pvp time, run a few bgs and I'm feeling good washing horde blood out of my cat's claws. Oh look a sunwell run. sure why not...... Do I even need to say it? so recap in 3 hours I lost: 90% of a teir set epic looking shield and head piece Legendary sword & Legendary bow (fyi bow was won by a rogue) after I lost the bow I had to literally go vomit.Soulrage1 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Is this a joke? (PvE Retribution) Yesterday I had quite the unique experience in WoW. I waited 43 minutes for a heroic queue to pop. Nothing out of the ordinary 'till then. When it pops, I get into a group with: A Feral Druid, Protection Warrior, Holy Priest and Fire Mage. The random was Halls of Origination. We do a few trash pulls and get to the boss. Now! Bear in mind that I have little to almost no PvE gear at all, however, I fare pretty decently when it comes down to boss fights. So, the two DPS (Druid and Mage) stood in the fire for so long that they drained our healer's mana pretty much completely. They eventually died. Our healer OOM'd, she eventually died as well. So, I'm left with a tank and a boss that is slightly over 50% health. Since I was in my PvP build (Fully Spec'd/Glyphed into WoG) and RNG for once decided to be on my side for a change, I managed to keep both of us up(Focus WoG FTW) and we downed the boss by ourselves (nobody bothered to release and try to come back to help). Ok, cool. I rez everyone and we keep on pulling trash. About two trash pulls later, I get a loading screen. I was like "WTF!?!?". It actually took me about 10 seconds to believe what had just happened. They kicked me. Why? Apparently my DPS was too low for trash. Like... ok... my DPS on single target hovers around 9-12k (depending on RNG and CDs), it's by no means GREAT but I am pretty sure it's acceptable for a heroic (even if I am wearing PvP gear mostly). I don't mean to sound conceited at all, but I think I pulled off a pretty good stunt on that boss fight. Do I not deserve ANY credit for that, because my DPS on trash is low? (No Divine Storm, PvP support build). I nerd raged so bad, I think my guildies wanted to gkick me so I would STFU. Now I ask you guys. Is PvE a complete joke for Retribution for the time being? Or do I just completely suck and am not worthy of PvE content?Valcrist46 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 WoG nerf was uncalled for Well I guess my forum bann has worn off so I will try this again ^^ Out of all the things in PvP, Fear spamming, mana burn, arcane blast, endless CC - and w/e Blizzard designer is currently in charge of PvP thinks Word of Glory is what needs to be nerfed? Really? A heal that takes 3 holy power to be any good on a 20 second recast for Protection Paladins? Sorry but that's just silly. If anything is Over Powered it's a preist being able to nuke our mana in seconds. Word of Glory was fine as is. Stop picking on Protection Paladins in PvP. It's getting old. We have endured enough nerfs. Brotherdale10 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Tauren paladin hate? Ive noticed a severe amount of hate directed to Tauren paladins. And I find most of it come from blood elves. I for one have no problem with Tauren paladins I am actually going to role one very soon. Does anyone know why Tauren paladins are so hated?Sokainla69 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Long break, ? about heroics I stopped playing shortly after I hit 85 and my schedule is allowing me to get back into it. After I run Normals for awhile and get back to where I was in terms of knowing the instances what are the mins for tanking Heroics and which Heroics are easier to start out with? I just don't want to jump in one just because it lets me que and not be prepared. i still need to look up all the changes to the class and in general but I'm not one of those people that goes in unprepared. Thanks PS if my spec needs adjusting because of any recent changes please let me know.Styelz2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Prot or Ret for Soloing Old Content? Im wondering which spec is best for soloing old content. Ret seems to have good heals and probably clear quicker, but are there encounters where I will need the dodge/parry/block to survive??Specialized3 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Lay on hands issue There are times when i'm pvping I cannot use lay on hand on myself, it says you can't use that right now, but then i target some one else and it works. Is this a known bug with lay on hands? Narulia2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 DPS Expectations (FL Bosses) This is not a thread to complain about my expectations of Ret or how it has changed since WotLK. Looking at my item level, and with your knowledge of the fights and retribution paladins, either yourself or your guildmates, what are the numbers you would expect to be pulled on (with the correct clcret rotation). Shannox Beth (Drone Duty) Rhyo Bale Alys (No Flying) Majordomo Thanks for the help pally forumsAladron2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Apparatus trink on which FL fights as Ret pal I got my ret pally that is 5/7 and currently just hit revered last night with my first alysrazor kill. So I can now get the revered trinket. Currently I am using Heart of Rage and License to Slay I want to replace my LtS with Essence of the Eternal Flame and spend the gold on Apparatus of Khaz'goroth. I've been reading that it takes awhile to build stacks on this trinket and delaying your AW + zealotry for 5 stack usage is a DPS loss. Is it worth it to use it at 2-3 stacks? Which fights are ideal for using the AoK? I'm thinking Baleroc, Beth'tilac, and shannox (once rageface is down i stay on shannox). With the alysrazor tornado phase, I don't think I could maintain the stack long enough to use it when she lands during the burn phase. I start majordomo tonight so I got no idea about that one.Gza4 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Parry vs. Dodge Can one of you professional Protadins take a look at my reforging and make suggestions? Bottom line question is what is better, Parry or Dodge, or should I strive to balance the two? I've going with the general plan of Dodge-->Mastery. Are there any considerations for Parry-->Mastery to preserve more Dodge? Thanks!Freqopally4 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Ret trinket help Hello, I don't play ret too often so I'm not 100% sure of what to use for trinkets and the ret sticky hasn't been updated with 4.2 trinkets. I won Fury of the Angerforge last night and already had license to slay. After today's dailies I will have Dwyer's caber available. For casual raiding/5 mans, which trinkets should I be using? I really like the constant str from Dwyer and the on use of Fury since I can time it with cooldowns but I see so many people still using LtS even in much higher ilevel than me that I figure it's probably hard to replace all that hit from other pieces without reforging. Any help is appreciated.Namcap2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Is your raids drops as bad as mine? Raids been clearing since 1st week and not one pally tier helm or shoulder drop. Boom! Headshot!Rhadamir1 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Next xpac In the next xpac can we get rid of holy power please? This mechanic is stupid, and not fun. I liked it better in wrath just managing mana. Thanks! Oh and can you just fix our class in general? This rollercoaster ride is just getting old.Serovin12 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 What's a Ret to do Against Hunters? Before I get started, I'd like everyone to be under advisement that this is NOT a QQ thread. With that aside, I'm at my wit's end. Whenever there is a hunter in any group I'm fighting, I just get kited to death, because I'm perpetually slowed by a hunter I can never reach. If I have the available CD's, popping my bubble and DPS CD's helps me keep the distance closed between myself and the hunter or my target for the duration. Unless there's a healer, that's usually enough to take at least one down (hopefully the hunter). Sometimes I have to use Hand of Freedom as well to make the final push to kill them. But if I'm still on CD for my bubble, I don't know what do to other than my best to keeping my judgment up to keep my running speed as fast as possible and chasing the hunter or at least closest possible target. I use HoJ and Repentance as well to try to help keep distances close, but those are usually on CD from controlling healers. And of course Every Man for Himself whenever it comes up. So am I missing something? Is Ret vs. Hunter just that broken? I don't have issues with any other class, but if there's a hunter, I will always lose. Thanks for any help or advice any of you may have.Baradier27 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Pally Awesomeness in MC Run Hey all, The RNG gods favored our class today, at least on a personal level for me. I was running MC for some T1 pickups for mogging in the future and I scored as follows: T1 Shoulders, Helm, Gauntlets, Legs T2 Legs Ingot Eye of Sulfuras :D It was insane. <3 Pally PowerTyvar4 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 How to deal with DK's at my level? Honestly this is the only class I have trouble with in BG's, whatever I do my DPS doesn't do ANYTHING. What's a good rotation to use or just tips surviving against them.......Clips3 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Holy paladin- need a bit of advice Let me start saying that I have been healing a long time in my paladin. As of late I have noticed that when I look at the logs of our kills and attempts my healing appears to lag behind the other healers in our team. I also compare it to other paladins in WoL logs and it seems that my output as a healer is very low. I understand that meters aren't the true measure of a good healer, but they are the only resource we have to pick up tips and ways to improve. I am not very good at looking at logs and seeing bad or even good things. I am gonna post our most recent logs and would love some constructive criticism. Thanks in advance<Dozz0 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Which is more important: armor or strength? I found some new leg armor, that gives me 100 more armor, but -10 strength. Is it worth it? If it is, how much strength loss would make it not worth it?Sebalon3 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Holy PVP question What are some good tradeskills for a Holy Paladin in PVP? Can anyone suggest a good starter guide on Paladin PVP? What Horde race would you choose?Abigail1 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 19, 2011 Continuing to gear (Holy and Valor Points) I have saved up 2200 valor points and planned to get pants. Just wondering what you guys think the best way to gear up using valor. Please comment on how i could improve my gear/spec/gemming/enchants as well. I don't have shoulder enchants due to hated rep still and the pvp wrists seem to be the best short of firelands gear. Edit: I am currently gathering mats for the lightforged elementium hammer too.Uthadrix0 Aug 19, 2011
Aug 19, 2011 Horde Tribal Band Tattoo - Paladin Edition! Do your Ret Paladin frustrations frustrate you? Lay waste to your shiny golden frustrations by permanently marking yourself as part of the IRL Glamorous Horde War Machine! You'll notice an immediate increase in Hair Volume, Shininess, Glitter, and General Beauty! What's more, the ladies will love you even more than they do now! Simply head down to your local tattoo parlour and have them give you Propulsion's Patented Particularly Powerful Horde Tribal Band Tattoo - Paladin Edition! Based on our success with our General Horde model, this Powerful Charm has been specially developed just for you! Just remember to let them know I sent you so they'll give you the Real Deal! Propulsion0 Aug 19, 2011
Aug 19, 2011 Beacon Placement in PvP I've read many threads and seen even more posts all saying pretty much the same thing about who to place the Beacon on. My general understanding of everyone's idea of the best placement is either on yourself or on whichever target is taking the most damage. I know there are different options, but those are the two most popular that I've run across. I seem to do my Beacon placement much differently and was wanting to get some feedback and see if anyone else does it like I do. I have my Glyph of Beacon and I always put my Beacon of Light on whichever target is taking the second most amount of damage; I always focus heal the target taking the most damage. When it gets too hectic I usually don't switch targets unless the incoming damage is easily predictable and I can spare a GCD. So I basically focus heal those that need it the most and place my Beacon on those that aren't as critical at that moment. So my question is, does anyone else do it like that? Are there any negatives to that style of Beacon placement?Deminthus4 Aug 19, 2011
Aug 19, 2011 Fresh 85 Holy Paladin looking for PvE tips Hi Paladins! This is mainly a 'how do i raid as a holy pally' question. Anyway so here's my story - ive raided and arenad on a high level as a warlock and a DK(dps+blood) so I decided because ive played the tank + dps role it's time to roll a healer! Now I find myself being very efficient on my warlock and dk but I have no idea about how to be an EXCEPTIONAL player on my paladin. So my questions, What's the easiest way to target party members - clicking(anything) really feels inferior and i'm not sure about binding keys to targets especially in a raiding scenario. Do addons like healbot/vuhdo/etc help? (I've never used them.) How do Hpall fair in raids right now compared to other healing classes? (I ask this because as a warlock I feel very stable and at times very superior to other classes just because of lock mechanics) What are some mechanics that make pallies stand out from other healers? What are some 'clutch' type moves paladins can do in a pve encounter? (as a lock a good port can save precious time/dps+mana) What healing rotation is usually used? WHY IS RET TERRIBLE? THANKS!Penor4 Aug 19, 2011