Aug 4, 2011 Blizz should have modeled Ret after Arms... ...instead of Rogues/Feral Druids. Does anyone actually enjoy playing as Ret? Its mildly entertaining when popping zealotry, wings, inquisition, and guardian simultaneously, but that's really all the spec has going for it in the fun department. Ret should not revolve around waiting anxiously for holy power/procs and whoring cool downs. The spec just doesn't have any synergy.Thunderbutt2 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 What makes use of Holy Power? I am a protection pally and i like the talent: Eternal Glory... But word of glory is the only spell that is affected by holy power, and it has a 20 sec cooldown. So theres not a great deal of use for me to have 30% chance of not using any holy power to cast it (effect of Eternal Glory), because i can just stack my holy power up again in 20 secs. I guess my question is, are there more spells later that would benefit from this talent? or should i leave it alone for now and go for healing and dps talentsHølyreaper2 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Retripally for Dummies Ok, I'm the dummy. My main is a resto/boomie and I heal most of the time. I started this pally because I wanted to try melee dps. I would say I'm doing ok. In dungeons I'm alright, not huge damage but now awful either. I just don't feel that I have the rotation down. I've researched, printed stuff, created a binder with info for Pete's sake and I still don't really understand what the rotation is supposed to be. A lot of the info I find is for raiding situations which I don't plan to do as Ret. I will eventually go Holy but for now I want to conquer Ret. What is the normal rotation for solo questing or just dungeon runs? I see a lot of Hammer of Wrath figured into the rotation but it's not available until the mob is below 20% health. Also, Inquisition. I thought Crusader Strike was more important to get the 3 Holy Power but I see Inquisition being mentioned as more important than CS. And there are times when something procs (for the life of me I can't tell what) when a whole lot of buttons light up, Zealotry and Inq and Word of Glory and I'm not sure which is more important (k, I know it's not WoG if I'm meleeing). I'm clear on gems, stats and glyphs for when I hit 85. I know I should change out a few gems and will. I really just want to make sure I'm doing the general rotation the right way. I'm not going to post what my rotation is because I don't really have one. Right now it's a mish mash to see what works best but to be honest I still can't tell. I know I sound awfully terribad. I will keep researching the issue in forums and what-not but like I said everything I find is for advanced situations and goes right over my head. Any kind hearted pallies out want to share your wisdom and advice? Something simple for an inexperienced melee-er who's just plain used to healing. I'd greatly appreciate it. TIA Nestina14 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Holy Paladin PvP: What am I doing wrong? Hello. This is my first season playing Arenas aside from maybe a handful of point games towards the end of Wrath. I've done a fair amount of both 2s and 3s, with a sprinkling of 5s, and I seem to be having a few major problems, the most pressing of which is dealing with the damage output of the other team. I don't know if this stems from my inexperience in PvP, or me just being bad. I know 2s isn't a very balanced bracket, but I'm having problems surviving Frost Death Knights and Warriors for extended periods of time, and this extends to 3s. I've dueled my Warrior partner, and a decently ranked Warrior in my guild, and can stand against them for a fair amount of time. I'm assuming that the combination of the Warrior/DK and his partner's disables is what is causing my woes, but I feel like I'm taking more damage than other Holy Paladins when we face a mirror in 2s. I'm Freedoming myself when able(when my Warrior isn't in dire need of it), and using Holy Radiance to sprint around pillars, and using Divine Protection to mitigate/sprint when I can. We seem to have peaked at around 1700 or so MMR, and I think it might be because I can't either keep my warrior up through some of the damage put out, or I just seem to get blown up quickly. This problem gets worse in 3s. I seem to be able to withstand a bit of damage, but after bubble and Aura Mastery, I can't get a hard cast off and get slowly whittled to death. We've tried several comps, with both DK/War/Pally and Hunter/War/Pally ending with either the hunter or the DK getting blown up. We had a little more success with War/War/Pally hitting almost 1800 rating, but even then I had the same problem of trying to keep people up with instants, and eventually having to resort to hard casting constantly. This leads to me getting pummeled, and us losing the match. I try to juke the cast, and I'm steadly getting better at it, but under pressure I feel that I cannot afford to stop casting or my partners will die. Overall, it just seems like I have problems coping with damage being thrown my way, mostly from melee. When it comes to casters, I'm not too good at using the pillar, especially against mages, but I can manage, whereas melee seem to chew me up. Aside from this, I have problems with CC and LoSing, and some general concerns about gemming/spec/trinket choices, but I think the first two will come in time, and the third I'll pick up eventually. Any help at all is appreciated, I feel as if I'm missing something obvious, and am taking tons of damage because of it. I appreciate any help in relation to both this, and any general advice for playing Holy Paladin in either Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds. Thanks.Imoen4 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 All this gear has so much expertise! HELP!! I need some ideas for gear upgrades that don't have expertise on them. I am over expertise cap without any expertise gems or reforging. I have reforged out of expertise and I am still over cap! Wow!Propulsion0 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Need help badly. I know paladins may seem easy for some, and foreign to others and I would like to think that I have a grasp on my toon but something tells me I dont. I am never really sure if I glyphed, or spent talent points properly. Can anyone help me out?Orhak2 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Backwards with the boots and Weapon? Normal conquest boots and weapon are blue while the rest of the gear is red. 2200 boots and weapon and red...while the rest of the gear is blue. Blizz hire a female when creating gear that matches.Goldenforce0 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Ret. 4.2 PVE spec and actual DPS stats? help Well Im sick of tanking and healing so i decided to only go ret for pvp and pve. Well for pvp I have the spec that lowers the stun times but I need a good PVE spec. Also to all those ret pallys out there what are you getting in a za or zg group. ? on average im about 10k but want to get 13k or more any help? i know the rotation but dont really know the small things that add the extra hundred or so dps..Pvpchamp2 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 4, 2011 Resto shaman or Holy pally? Arena. Pros and cons? /activate elitist magnetDullbobby1 Aug 4, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Most Survivability in BGs At 85, which class/spec has the most survivability in BGs and rBGs? I played an ele shaman throughout BC and Wrath, and with their state now I thought healing would provide a decent amount of survivability. I get trained constantly it seems, and even fakecasting doesn't help because there's usually a number of enemies on me. Anyway, I was wondering if a prot spec would provide more survivability while at the same time still being useful? That or a different healing class that doesn't have to hardcast everything except riptide? Or maybe even a dps class/spec that would give more survivability? I've narrowed it to: Pally (all three specs), DK, Aff lock, hunter, priest (disc or shadow), or druid. Overall, I want to know a) Which class/spec has the most survivability in BGs, and b) which class/spec would be easiest to get to 100k hks? Vindal2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Paladin or Rogue? Greetings, Just looking for an outsiders opinion on whether to make a Rogue or Paladin for my first player. I value survivability above all else, tend to annoy/shut down my opponents, & it's nice to have a deathblow thrown in there sometimes. For Paladin I would more than likely be playing the Holy spec & as for Rogue it would be a toss up between Sub and Assassination. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Grimsters.Grimsters4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 2200 valor what to buy My armory isn't showing the helm from zul gurub but i have that was thinking t12 chest since it would be the biggest int upgrade, just wondering if there's any better choice before I blow this valorWât4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Valor Purchase for Prot? I am wondering what item to get. I was able to pick up the bracers on my ALT and sent them over. I was thinking maybe chest, since i can get the legs and hands from BH.Résií3 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Are you guys still reforging hit? (prot) Hey pallies. I'm the main tank for my guild. I recently read a tank guide on Prot and in the gear section it said something to the tune of "if it has hit, great, if not go for mastery". Now I realize how awesome mastery is, I gem it, enchant it, use my Elixer of the Master. However, given that we need holy power to be effective, and we can't gain it if we are missing... I pretty much exclusively reforge hit to make the 8.00% raid cap. I'm also at the expertise soft cap of 26. I never reforge mastery, but pretty much every other stat is fair game. I really don't have any problems tanking, my ilvl is 360 (sorry forgot to logout in my prot gear). I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time reforging hit if I can be getting more mitigation without losing too much threat and holy power. Thanks in advance for the posts.Baltard11 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 [Essence of the Eternal Flame] question. Is this better than the darkmoon card?Rhadamir2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 HOP and WOG arena macros Doing 2s with my partner last night and i tried to BOP him with HOP. He said he didn't get it and I didnt use it on myself nor Divine Shield. Can someone give me the correct macro for both :) Agincourt0 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Hand Macro? DO you guys use a hand of salvation macro? I was trying to make one last night, and where I'm at now is like this: /target focus /cast Righteous Defense /cast Hand of Salvation /targetlastenemy Is there a better way to do this? My ideal is to set focus target on the healer so I can taunt off him in one click. Or would i be better off hot-keying party members by numbers and leaving out the first line? Then I'd just hit the party number, then the macro and it would take me back to my main target? Any other suggestions for something with this functionality would be greatly appreciated.Givortak6 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Patch Notes for Dummies What do paladins need to have changed? Here's my take: *When Crusader Strike gets blocked, dodged or parried, it no longer triggers the cooldown. *Divine Protection Reworked - Reduces damage taken by 20% and makes the paladin immune to dispel mechanics for the duration. *Long Arm of the Laws 'dead zone' has been reduced to 5 yards. I believe that this is all ret paladins need at the moment. I cant speak for holy or prot because I play neither. Whats your take? **Please try to keep comments on topic and constructive**Brizzadin0 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Holy pvp/leveling questions Is holy viable 80-85 (through questing) and how is holy in pvp atm compared to ret? Any answers would be appreciated.Sublicious0 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Wow lv 85 pally newbie question Hi guys. I just hit lv 85 recently and start to gear up for heroics. But I am still totally new to wow and cata dungeons are huge challenge to me (ya, I think I got kicked a lot of times as a tank cause I dont know boss fight well or we got wiped) I've read the pally tanking guide and I have a question. I've seen lots of 85 people have enchantment and socket status on their gears; HOW DO THEY GET THAT? I ignore profession while leveling so I dont have a single clue about those things. Madhorn8 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Axe or Sword? omg! got both!! So, im in a dilema, I got the sword today on a drop, but im not sure if the sword is that big upgrade than the axe from Firelands... Any idea on which is better for BE ret pally? otherwise ill give the sword to the tank DK that rolled against me... The Sword is Zoid's Firelit Greatsword and the Axe is Skullstealer Greataxe, both normal versions, no heroic yet.... Should I keep the sword? or give it away?Direwolf14 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Paladin Kilts Everybody has mixed opinions about them. I think that Holy Paladins should have the kilt for their class set and the legplates should be for the dps and tanking sets. Any other ideas?Jellibeenz21 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Ret pvp gemming/reforging I've picked up some pretty decent gear for ret, and I want to know what to gem/reforge for.Immaholycow1 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 GbtL bubbles Can we get our guarded by the light tooltips to list the absorb amount instead of just saying "absorbs damage" please?Holycrít5 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Ret ideas and a little QQ :). Lots of people know, especially the people that are rets, that ret is not totally on par with other dps specs. Yes we are hybrid, but as blizz stated, a hybrid is a class that can be differnet roles, not a class that can perform every role at all times. So we should not have to be able to be okay at everything. We should be great at our sole purpose of ret, dps (its not dps anymore) and in PvP our dps and self survival (its now cleanse/freedom/WoG OTHER people). I would suggest tweaking Judgment dmg a littlle and maybe making our SELF heals better, considering the fact that our WoG (our main heal) only heals a large amount on OTHER players and our hard-casts can holy be casts a few times. Casting a few FoL or DL will cause us to go oom, so that we are unable to dmg until our Judgment can replenish our mana. Maybe mastery could increase our SoT or exo dmg. If anyone has a good suggestion i would like to hear it (in this case, read it). Edit: If our self heals are increased, our party member heals could be nerfed.Tarkin2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Hpal socket bonuses following? Should you follow every socket bonus as a HpalHoomanlol4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 What's the min amount of haste I need As holy, how much haste do you need before it's sort of pointless, my holy lights are 1.8 after my own buffs. Any point trying to lower this?Mycal1 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Paladin pvp utility idea. Add consecration as an aoe ground effect from hitting an every day ability. Let's say CS. And give it a slowing effect. Suddenly, we have a peel and can stay on target!Knilb1 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Ret PvP - The Endless Chase (AKA) CleanseSpam Would it be a game breaking implementation to give Retribution Paladins a decent snare? I mean, sure! There's Seal of Justice, but even thinking about using it makes me want to scratch my eyes out. The only time I ever think about pressing that button, is in Strand of the Ancients for Demo-killing. Something even as simple as an Exorcism putting a 50% movement speed debuff would be phenomenal, giving our spec more time on target, or even Judgement. There are plenty of you that will say "Oh, well we have Long Arm of the Law", but imo it's just a really strange way to let us charge, but when we are cc'd, it does no good. I hate cleanse spamming, and i miss Retribution in the beginning of Wrath >.> WTB Divine Storm OFF THE CD OF Crusader Strike. That is all, :) But other than that I don't think there are a lot of issues with Ret, I consistently beat my DK friend in Battlegrounds, KB's, Damage, and Healing. But...maybe he's a horrible DK :DJaygon1 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Your preferred S10 Ret Two-Hander? I tried all 3, and decided on the sword despite it being quite small. The mace is pretty funny looking though(in a ridiculous sort of way) and the axe looks sort of plain. All in all I think this season's weapons are probably the worst I've seen, topping S7's(oddly enough, with another small puny sword model.)Lawlbringer6 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 High end ret players. First of all I am coming here for help and tips. I have never done Arena as ret, have done plenty of BG's and have come to the conclusion I wish to do some competetive PvP. As I know there is a few very high end ret players. How do you get to high end? Do you have some special tips you would like to share macros etc? I use one particular macro I enjoy to use when bursting particular players. /cast Avenging Wrath /use Impatience of Youth /cast Hammer of Wrath Thank you to all those who take the time to read this and help me out. Termanology25 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Looking for Advice on Gear Order Trying to figure out what order to get my t12 pieces in, considering my set of circumstances, and would appreciate any insight. I was thinking of going 2 pc t11 (chest and shoulders) and 2pc t12 (head and pants) with s10 gloves. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a reliable raid spot at the moment and pugs are pretty herp derp here on Azjol-Nerub. So, getting a 359 shoulder token may take a bit. In the meantime, should I just go t11 gloves and chest, t12 pants and head, and nix using the s10 gloves until I can get 2pc t11 and 2pc t12 ? Essentially, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how the 5% CS and notable STR increase on the s10 gloves stacks up to 2pc t11. Thanks.Durael0 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Holy Pally as Raid Heals, how? I was running BWD last night and we were 3 healing it, 2 holy pallies and 1 resto druid. Well the druid was doing 9.2k HPS and i was doing 8.6k HPS as raid heals. And we hadn't wiped but after we downed maloriak, one of the dps started critizing my healing and i was like "holy paladins aren't meant for raid healing", and then 4 other people were saying now in cata they were the 2nd best raid healers behind shamans. Then after chimaeron being killed, an item dropped that i needed and i won the roll but the leader said that there was no way, he would give a piece to a healer noob like myself. I waited a little bit to see if he was joking but he took it and d/e it and i was like WTF and left. Pretty much, was that bullsh!t or do i need to get better geared and work on my healing rotation before trying to do raids? Plus who would d/e an item when someone in the raid needed it?Persseus7 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Calling all Retribution Paladins (I need you) Ok, I am seeing alot of post about Retribution Paladins not being viable for PvP (mainly arena and need change). I think it is ridiculous that our main source of damage (Wings) can be dispelled instantly. I am always getting kited way too easily, the problem is when I'm getting kited its just that I'm like a foot back off getting a hit on the target so I can't get the judgement speed proc or judgement is on CD. Here are my ideas for Retribution.... - Give us a talent in the retributioin tree that makes it so wings can not be dispelled/taken - Make WoG either no CD or cost no holy power and keep the CD to increase our survivability - Give us a SLOW! GIVE US A SLOW! COME ON BLIZZARD! SLOW PLOX! Or even how we use to have the 3 judgements to either slow our target or get mana/health - I understand Ret is about burst as in CD's but please give us a bit more sustained DPS after our CDs (Maybe giving us pure Holy damage) Request sticky this post please so Blizzard can hear us Retribution Paladins!Graycen10 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Quick question to you pallies. For a ret PvP paladin, what would be the expertise cap and best stat to reforge to? ( if it's expertise, then what's the second best? )Shyv2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Possible fix for Avenging Wrath and HoW Make Avenging Wrath undispelable, but make Hammer of Wrath no longer benefit from the damage increase of Avenging Wrath. This would stop the ease of dispelling Avenging Wrath but also keep paladins from becoming "Gods" in bgs Also make double Holy Wraths damage when used on a single target. Like it dislike it i don't care just throwin out some ideas. Báldur4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Starting my Pally again,but doesnt feel right Hey so I expect to get flamed for this. That's fine. I am an odd person, and I have an odd problem. I haven't really played my Paladin in years really and it was alliance. My friends started up again and have 85's and I wanted to play with them. So I faction changed my Pally and deleted my low level Pally I was leveling. Anyway...I love Paladins'. It's my favorite class and it's awesome. But when I played my Pally here it doesn't really feel like mine. It's been so long that it barely feels mine. I don't even remember leveling it, and my achievements say it took years to even get to level 70. It just feels weird, and it's a mess, and I feel like an ebay scrub. I'm wondering if this would be cured by playing it a lot again. Or if it would be better just to start a new Pally. I don't really know how else to describe what I'm feeling. Just feels kinda wrong. I enjoyed my low level Pally and unlocking achievements with it. But for some reason I don't know what I'm doing with this guy. Can't even remember leveling through the cata zones with it. Anyway sorry for the novel. Just curious about what people may think, even if it's only one person.Lunas3 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Ret PvP troubles... I don't believe it's fair that we're the only class without a slow or MS of some sort. It's incredibly frustrating that our sustained damage is awful and we only deal good damage when our CDs are up. In arena, 9/10 times my wings are dispelled instantly, I don't even get a single hammer off, they're just gone and yes I do salv before I pop them. I don't like that our class is so dependent on cooldowns to kill things, and I think it's long overdue that we received a slow or MS-effect of some sort. Most of the time I'm running around waiting for CDs in arena to kill something, most of the other melee classes are capable of killing healer or at least applying serious pressure without using any CDs. Our target is constantly running at full speed, and is constantly healing for their normal amount, without my CDs up I'm usually hitting them for 3-9k, it's absolutely awful. Sometimes I get lucky with a string of procs and I can apply some pressure, but it's nowhere near enough to kill anything. Also, holy power is generated much too slow. Assuming my CS doesn't get dodged, parried or absorbed I can get one TV off every 15 seconds, also assuming I have 100% uptime on my target which is next to never. We are too reliant on holy power for it to be gained at such a slow pace, perhaps our sustained damage should be adjusted, or the rate at which we acquire holy power. tl;dr - Ret needs a snare or MS to be up to par with other melee classes, there's no reason anyone would want to do 2s or 3s with a Ret right now, when other classes offer so much more offensive and CC capabilities.Seifer46 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Potential Fix To Ret Instead of Rets' guardian being a non-controllable pet, Allow Rets' use of this cd to be a TRANSFORMATION into the guardian that does the following when used: - transform into the guardian - still gain stacks of str from attacking - all enemies within 40 yds are forced into combat (because u wouldn't have a pet to stay on rogues) - all attacks used in this form slow your target (seal of righteousness would allow cleave slow) - guardian form is not usable with avenging wrath - duration reduced to 20 sec - this form would also cause forbearance to avoid OPness (or at least block off bubble use until duration ends or aura is cancelled) - possible perma freedom during this cd Edit: i guess a 10-15% dmg buff in this form would also be in order to make up for lost pet auto attacks Posted this in pally forums with little success and didn't get the feedback i feel it deserves thoughts?Deathstrika11 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Why all the paladin hate? I love my holy pally right now. The healing feels fluid and fun and the mechanics seem to work organically together. Is there something i'm missing? Do pallys get worse at 85 or something? I really like healing as it stands (lvl 82) is there something that changes drastically at 85 (other than gear selection) that somehow ruins this?Dingys11 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Arena healing, avoiding cc's Hello, i just started getting into pvp more this last week or so and decided to have a friend come do 2's with me for points. now my gear and his gear are not optimal this is not what this is about, and im in no way complaining about holy paladins. But some advice on how to avoid specific CC's you know are coming. ie:counter spells, deepfreezes, cyclones, bashes, polys, stuns, strangulates, etc. Mostly the situation with a druid healer on the opposing side. its frustrating to know that i have to eat 3 cyclones into a bear bash, into the interrupt. what do i trinket here? the last cyclone? the bash? (if bubble cant be used).Marical2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 New tank: got gear need gem/reforge help I'm going to start tanking for my guild, I've done warrior tanking before but never as a paly. I want to make sure that I am maximizing threat/agro when I first start and then as I get better at tanking I'll change my build makeup. I think I got the gear (got VP and JP points as dps OS) but after reading wow forums, elitist jerks, ten-ton hammer etc I'm confused on a few things that I need the forums help with: (1) Do I need expertise? I currently have 13 and would need to get to 26 (right?). If I do need to get to 26 what do I sacrifice on reforge or regemming. (2) I reforged parry to max block-is that right? (3) I gemmed stamina to be at around 150K minimum so I could max stacking mastery. Is that right? (4) Do I care about hit rating? Please take a look at the gear and let me know what I should regem or reforge. Please tell me the reasons for your recommendations. Thanks for your help-I really appreciate it!Saintdrew3 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Prot or Ret? I have reactivated my character after 4 years on the shelf. One spec for me is Holy for PvE. Right now I am ret for soloing. I don't know about the many changes since I've been gone but is ret a viable spec for anything besides just leveling/soloing? What would you do when you hit 85? I pretty much zero prot gear and crappy ret gear at that...and I have been hearing a lot of venting on ret...I have seen some tank pallys in the random dungeons I do but really no dps. I do some PvP as well so that is why I picked ret...but I hear that holy can be fun for bg too....although I don't understand how you can spec and play for PvP as holy. I'm mixed up...I want to make my class more fun that it is....Andrais1 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Prot pally PVP how should I gem/ench well with the season 10 PVP gear trying to get full gear :) but need some advice please on how to gem and enchant this set thanks Micmore9 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Paladin or Warrior? Hello Paladins*, It's very rare that I make a thread asking for help or advice when I usually try to find it myself, and I did but I'm still undecided. I'm planning on starting either a Paladin or Warrior in the very near future and I would really appreciate your opinions on how these two classes differ from one another. It's likely going to be my main or close to it so I'll be spending a lot of time with it. As either of these two classes I'm looking for how: much better/fluid to play/and fun to play each of them are as tanks in PVE/ DPS in PVE and in PVP. I'd like to do a combination of dungeons, raids and battlegrounds, maybe even some arenas with my brother. So if you've had experience with both in the above situations, your input would be great. If you don't think there's much difference in performance, or perhaps you haven't had a lot of experience with Warrior, than please tell me why you enjoy playing Paladin. Thanks in advanceMethanos9 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Awesome Ret Idea Instead of Rets' guardian being a non-controllable pet, Allow Rets' use of this cd to be a TRANSFORMATION into the guardian that does the following when used: - transform into the guardian - still gain stacks of str from attacking - all enemies within 40 yds are forced into combat (because u wouldn't have a pet to stay on rogues) - all attacks used in this form slow your target (seal of righteousness would allow cleave slow) - guardian form is not usable with avenging wrath - duration reduced to 20 sec - this form would also cause forbearance to avoid OPness (or at least block off bubble use until duration ends or aura is cancelled) - possible perma freedom during this cd Edit: i guess a 10-15% dmg buff in this form would also be in order to make up for lost pet auto attacks thoughts?Deathstrika2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 How am i to hold threat for Death Knights? i mean seriously im having a problem here....always has to do with Death Knights and Shadow Priest threats......i tried so hard in controlling the threat...i did everything piss holy power on the ground, single mob taunt, 3 mob taunts i literally spammed all the taunts i can think off but it just wont hold....can somebody anybody any pro tankadins help me here because i love tanking and such tbh but i dont think it can work out properly if i cant even hold a DKs outburst of OPnessPerce42 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Where is our "PEEL" The word peel is now used a lot in arena. Just wondering when the Ret Paladin will have a peel. Please don't say HoJ or Repent is a peel.Speedlot4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Are Holy Paladins not supposed to exist.. Under level 85? I'm really trying the get ready for my Plate Specialization when I hit 50, but it's starting to seem like I'm not meant to. I mean I can only have so much strength and stam pieces. Has anyone else leveled as Holy that has any tips?Chronicle8 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Question about the Pally Tabard. So over the course of the two years this account has been open, through the many main switches and the hackings I received, three times, I lost my Blood Knight Tabard along the way. I loved the tabard and was wondering if there is a way to get a new one or anything. I miss that thing :(Forthejim6 Aug 2, 2011