Sep 3, 2011 In need of a addon for my paladin - help Im looking for something that does what Roguepowerbars does for rogues to do for my paladin. movable, scalable buff and debuff bars with timers for all my paladin abilities. Please excuse my noobiness in finding such a mod. I have searched curse a little bit but cant seem to find anything, most of its just holy power trackers. please help thanksRëhk3 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 VP / Stonecore Prot Solo? Is this still possible after the WoG nerf? I don't play prot much but I'm wondering if it's still feasible to solo the mount bosses in these zones.Aus4 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Why no holy paladin BOA? There is only 1 Plate BOA for Holy Paladin and that is a PvP BOA with Resilience > Pristine Lightforge Spaulders This is upsetting to me as I was just about to make a Paladin Alt. Why should Paladin be the only class who MUST use BOA gear that was created for other classes? Not to mention that Paladins who have all PLATE equipped are buffed: ... YES I know > Holy Paly could wear mail, or leather, or cloth, but thats a horrible argument, just like a shaman could use leather or cloth, but yet they have a BOA set for them > as does every other class/spec that I know of. Not to mention with Cataclysm comes more BOA plate > unfortunately its all useless to a Holy Paladin. I dont expect a Blue to respond to this, because what could be their excuse for this other than lack of care? How hard would it have been to throw some caster stats on 2 pieces of armor? Lostwind22 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Who has better self heals Ret or Enhance? At max level of course. I'm leveling up both and like the thought of being able to heal myself in pvp. Thanks.Jeraziah3 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Ret A Chance? I have a 85 of all the plate classes and this character is my main. But, this toon has started to become boring to me lately. I am looking for another class to try or gear out. I was wondering how Ret is now? Any better? How much dps can you hold in raids? Are they worth the time? This is in terms of full PvE. Thanks!Drakoniz3 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 @ holy pallys whats it feel like to be a holy pally?Ghellscream7 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 weapon enchant visuals maybe this isn't the place for this since it would effect every spec, but what spec is more concerned with looks than a pally? anyways, i would like an option to turn off the visual effect of an enchant you have on a weapon. the falling dirt aura from landslide takes away from the look of the weapon IMO. and maybe others feel the same way about PT/windwalk etc. thoughts?Hastega4 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Dodge dodge dodge Ok, this is REALLY annoying. Our 3v3 setup is to burst a dps down and CC the healer and its really important for me to get 3 holy power so we can try to drop someone. This happend with me against a warrior last night in 3v3. My first 4 crusader strikes was parried and I see this more with feral druids and rouges. Something NEEDS to be done about this, I have the glyph and 10 expertise from my gear, so I have 20 expertise for pvp. I find it kind of ridiculous that I only have less then a 1% chance to get parried on a boss but a level 85 I get parried/dodged all the time. This is not even exaggerating, 3-4 dodge/parry happens WAY to often. If you are a ret paladin go duel a feral druid and you will feel like you are level 10 sometimes, if you get a proc then you have a good chance at owning the feral, but if you don't goodluck. The feral I tested this against last night I got dodged on my crusader strike 33% and the holy power I had forced me to heal because I was doing nothing to him and he was eating me alive. Who else finds that this needs to change, this is way to annoying.Bubblewrath9 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 tanking help Can someone help me to improve my tank. I am so confused right now with pretty much everything. I know i need enchants but im just confused on the gemsPerseüs3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Holy stats? Reading over the sticky and elitist jerks, I want to make sure I have the priority correct. Int, Spirit, Haste, Mastery and Crit at the same level? So my question is, when is a good time to stop grabbing gear with spirit? Like if I come across a decision for a ring with spirit and haste vs a ring with crit and haste, I should always grab the spirit one right?Zelik7 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Gear help please! I'm trying to decide if the VP bracers Gigantiform Bracers are better then the ones i'm wearing now. Ricket's Gun Show. Just with reforge to dodge on the gigantiform with a 40 mastery gem in them, additionally, can anyone point the way to a website that might help me do this? I've heard of one for reforging but not one for this type of situation, Thanks! d(^.^)bPhilure1 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 10m Majordomo (Normal and Heroic) Healing Hey all, I used to heal on my disc priest, but have moved to holy paladin as our guild moves to heroic bosses. This is not meant to be a comparison between disc and hpally, nor is it a discussion of the merits of either in regards to heroic content, but it suffices to say that I wanted to heal on my paladin, and perhaps coming from a disc priest might give yall some idea how I am trying to heal. We currently 2 heal all bosses with me and a resto druid. However, coming to Majordomo, I've been kind of at a loss on what to do. For normals, we 3 heal with a resto shaman because of having to eat the scorpion cleaves. During that phase, I don't really know how to effectively aoe heal. I pop radiance on the 2nd and beyond cleaves, and 3 hopo LoD. Beacon is on the tank. What do I do in between? So far, I have been divine/holy lighting things while holy shocking on cd. This however, provides crappy raid coverage. On the later stacks (6+, or so), I pop GoAK for AoE splash, and throw out 5 divines. Further down around 9-10, I wings and divine/flash low things while the other healers put out aoe healing. However, this results in a very uneven raid health totals, and I feel like I am wasting their aoe heals, while not providing enough key output to keep people from dying occasionally. Our druid has to tree form and generally tranq if we attempt to stack up 10-12 cleaves on the first phase. I aura mastery around 8+ stacks to help with incoming damage, but it doesn't seem to reduce much, and the lower duration as opposed to barrier leaves me disappointed. My main problem is that radiance puts out so much overhealing somehow (is it pets? Does it hit pets?) without seeming to help with output significantly, and LoD is only up every 2-3 cleaves depending on how lucky I am with daybreak procs. Should I be flash/divining the tank to generate hopo faster? I could do that, as my mana is generally fine, but this is a huge efficiency loss and overhealing on the tank. We pulled through, but much on much shakier ground than when I could just bubble and/or spam PoH. I understand that priest is much better suited to AoE heals, but I was wondering how other paladins might handle such high, predictable incoming raid damage. My hps wasn't bad, and actually 1.5k higher than my disc priest did, but obviously much more focused on tank and single target heals than raid heals/prevention. For HM...we have the tank eat every other cleave with ardent defender, and we skip every other cleave. We have no trouble with dps moving out of fire spots...everyone is very good at keeping concentration stacks...except me. I can't seem to move out, even when I start moving at 100, pop radiance for sprint, etc. It is not a huge problem, but somewhat annoying. What do other people do? Is it possibly related to latency? Is it not possible for some classes? I have lavawalker, but no 15% from the ret talent. Our problem is the fire orbs. We currently have a 3 person rotation on orbs, each person taking about 6 stacks. This is fine, and I can heal it. Until one person inevitably gets leaped on. How does your guild handle this? Am I (we) just not geared enough for this? What avg ilvl did you down him with?Alcy3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Drowning in trinkets, help (holy) Fall of Mortality Vibrant Alchemist's Stone (+40 int) Jaws of Defeat Rune of Zeth Fiery Quintessence These are all of the trinkets available to me at the moment. Which two are the best? The setup I've been running with up until now was Fall of Mortality + Vibrant Alchemist's Stone. I was swimming in my mana pool, then I replaced FoM with the Jaws and I started running into mana issues. I think a Fiery Quintessence may help, but I'll lose 340-ish intellect and a nice bunch of haste and that +40% to potions thing. I'm also terrible with cooldowns... Should I buy both of the Avengers rep trinkets and play around?Jadoth0 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Problem with threat/rf broken? Is anyone else having an issue cause ive been doing my pulls the same no matter what and my tps has plummeted. Is my gear not optimized? I know im missing the few tank enchants head/shoulder. But that wouldn't improve my tps at all. my rotation is: Divine plea(if off cd)>Inq>Aw>as>hw>cs>cons>cs. Then I go off procs and such and hopo. Please help Im trying to cap vp and im having a horendous issue.Divinityx3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Paladin Lore. Hello fellow paladins, I was wondering if anyone would be able to share some links of either threads on the WoW website, or any other websites which really give a whole lot of information on Paladin lore. Mainly for RP purposes and the like. Thanks :DNeutrayui2 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 What will your Transmogrification look be? Edit: Damn didn't see the huge thread at bottom already targeting same topic :/ I believe I will be going real old school (I mean ages ago!) and rolling the Lightsworn, ICC look again. I think it is one of the most best that Blizzard has done for any class, ever. Already have the T4 set look complete too - T6 is another I'm considering to rock. What will your look be? Either log out in the gear and post in thread, link items in your post, etc. Thanks! Illuminatic61 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 is ret that bad? I keep hearing that ret is really bad for pvp is that true?Krattoss5 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Healing or Tanking? Hi all, Well I want to start leveling my pally again. Thing is he is my Blacksmith and I need to get him to 85 and make some of my other toons some weapons and other goodies. Ok so I know I am going to have to do instances to get orbs eventually. I just wanted to know what you guys think is eaiser, tanking or healing? Which one would be eaiser to get gear for while leveling? I really just want to run heroics. Lol I don't know which one I would like more, I just know I have to do it to get some orbs. Thanks.Nagasadow0 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Tack HP generation onto Judgement. Now you have one extra way to get holy power other than sitting and waiting for procs. Ret = fixed?Oldestguy1 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 healer plate for pally It is really disappointing how little healer plate there is in game. but what is the worst is that there is no BoA PvE healer plate.I really wish this would change due to the fact holy pally's are either stuck using mail BoA til they reach lvl 80 or losing the bonus experience gain. As far as i know and can tell all other classes have BoA gear options for lvl 1- 80Natasia5 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Ret Crusader Strike I was just thinking.. lower the cooldown to 3 seconds? Protectron14 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 [PvP] Have i rolled the wrong class? I started a Paladin (dont know why it doesnt show on my icon) and we quickly leveled it to 34 in two days. Main reason for this was that i am getting sick of playing a lock which is nothing else than a fear bot and SUPPORT class - so in my naivety i thought paladin is great because i can tear s up and at the same time heal etc. (Ret) Now here on the forum is the same QQ about rets being a support class only in arena - so i am wondering whether i rolled the wrong toon and whether i should continue leveling my druid instead. Right now, in random lowbie BGs i have quite some fun..but i really need to know how rets will be in PvP once comes level 85...especially in arena.Flexyana13 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Driving Rhyolith My guild currently farms 10 man BH, Shannox and Beth without any trouble but tonight we're making attempts on Rhyolith. I'm the only melee in our raid comp listed below: Hunter - MM Mage - Fire Lock - Aff Pally - Ret (me) Priest - Shad Shaman x2 - Both resto Pally - Holy Pally - Prot DK - Blood ... and was wondering if there are any rets out there who've had experience driving this guy and if there are any pally specific tips to doing so. I know the strat, watched the videos and spoke with other guilds that generally have rogues/warriors drive him but I've never done it before, nor have I heard of other Paladins performing this either. Thanks in advance for any advice I may get.Baeladeth10 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Staghelm...... Hi guys, me and my guild will be attemting Majordomo Staghelm & I was looking for any advice for using my cds to get the most use outta them. Thus far we are switching at 7 stacks of adrenaline. Also any other advice is much aprecciated. God BlessXimm3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Justice point armour I was wondering, The Polished Spaulders of Valor in the Justice Heirloom shop is in red for me, does this mean, If I buy them I wont be able to equip them? I'm a Retribution Paladin. Thanks.Kharik3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 HELP Noob Cow Pally Hey, and thanks. I've played warrior and hunter and wanted to try pally. Possibly because I could never kill a pally (ok, sometimes it was possible as a hunter) in either of those specs. I pretty much plan to spend all my time in bgs with the occasional instance run tossed in. So - I have NO interest in tanking. None. Zero. Moo. I have NO interest in being a designated healer. None. Zero. Moo. My impression is that Holy Pallys melt face in bgs. But a buddy of mine used to play retadin and he was pretty good at dishing out dps. What's the best pally spec for bg dps and survivability? Thanks, and moo. Bigcigar7 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 heroic skullstealer vs. heroic zoid's which is putting out better numbers? i can't seem to find anything comparing the 2 for ret. more mastery on axe, but with socket bonus on zoids, you get 10 strength, and if you dont go for socket bonus (like i did) you get 20+ strength. thoughts?Hastega2 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Average DPS for a 366 Geared pally? Title says it all. BUT im in my Holy OS at the moment. Just curious what other pallys feel is a good dps to be hitting in 366. At the moment im 26k burst and around 18k sustained. However i do only hit around 13-14k on shannox cause of the movment required on Rageface. ThanxDeathshift3 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 2, 2011 Parry or Dodge? I skimmed through the tanking thread, and did not find an answer to my question. For tanking, which is better? Parry or Dodge? Mînèrvä18 Sep 2, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Ret- am I doing something wrong? So I've been working on my ret offspec because on 1 tank fights our other tank's DPS OS isn't all that great, so I've spent today trying to update some of my gear, gems, and enchants, but I seem to just be not getting good numbers. After updating all my gear, plus food, flasks, and prepotting golemblood potions, I'm only able to sustain about 15-17K on a dummy depending on procs. This is in the gear you see now which equipped is 368. Now, this is a bit more than our other tank's OS, but compared to my frost DK alt, which is only 363, it seems low. My DK alt does a sustained 18-20k on the target dummies... without food or flask. So looking at my reforging/gemming, is there anything I'm doing drastically wrong that fixing would bring up my DPS? or is this difference just a matter of balance between the 2 classes?Darthelmet4 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Dwyer's Caber and ret What is the general consensus now on Dwyer's Caber? I remember back when the patch first came out people were saying it was simming lower than License to Slay, but that more research needed to be done because there were conflicting reports on its actual effectiveness. Well, at this point I have so much excess hit leaking out of all my gear that I can easily switch to the Caber without having to reforge any hit. So is Caber better, or is LiS still on top of it?Silverbolt5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 How do I manage cds as ret alysrazor? I normally heal but since my dps is alright my guild insisted on making me go dps because all the heals spots were filled. The problem I have on this fight is timing my cd's right so that I can maximize my dps to help burn the adds down all while on inturrupts. For most of the dps it seems like they burn the druids in 2 cast; I usually see 3. any tips or is this just a growing problim? of pally's failing because alot of their dps comes from cd's? also i cant seem to get time to run over and pick up feathersSight6 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Need a bit of pally info On my main's raid team, we have 2 pally healers, one as a main member, one being on standby (10man group). I've noticed that both of them, at times when i look at either of them, they aren't casting but i'm getting the big heals they dish out while i'm tanking. Is this some casting bug or something a paladin actually does? there is no problem with either of their healing its just that the raid leader, our healer leader/coordinator, and i have noticed this and are very curious. Can anyone shine some light on the situation?(pun intended :D)Immabiteyou3 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Ret 2p t11 vs 2p t12 - Some Guidance Like so many other paladins, I'm at a point in my gear where I have to choose between having 2p t11 or 2p t12. While I've done BoT and BWD extensively, I have been unlucky enough to never get the shoulder or head tier 11 tokens forcing me to work with only tier gloves, legs and chest, hence my situation. I've looked through forums working on finding the answer but nothing really definitive seems available. I'm sure that this decision is also probably dependant on the current gear of the person in question as well, so to the point.... Would anyone be able to provide me with some direction on the 2p bonuses and maybe what you've done to determine you're own selection if forced with the same situation? I appreciate any help and please don't hesitate to be detailed or critique. I typically do ok with dps data, etc... but this element is eluding me still.Baeladeth4 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Reforging Hi, need some advice on how to reforge my current gear, I dont plan to use the vicious for a long period of time till Ruthless which is why I havent waisted the gold on enchanting this gear. However Reforging is cheap. I've checked google and none of the guides are really helpful.. so if anyone could help me out that would really put a smile on my face :DRishira1 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Another Ret fix idea. Yeah yeah. I know there's 50 of these. Anyway. -Divine Storm revamped: An instant attack that strikes all targets in 8 yards for 75% weapon damage. Generates 1 charge of Holy Power. If the attack strikes more than 4 targets it causes a Wave of Reckoning, dealing 75% weapon damage to all targets in 8 yards. This attack does -not- share a cool down with Crusader Strike. -The Art of War revamped: Your autoattacks have a 33/66/100% chance to make your next Exorcism instant, free, and deal 100% more damage. This effect cannot happen more than once every 15/10/5 seconds. -Iffy Sanctity of Battle suggestion: Your Divine Storm and Crusader Strike's cooldowns are reduced by 125-150% of your Haste rating. Some idle reasoning would be to help get rid of the RNG dependency. With Divine Storm and Crusader Strike being off the same cool downs, there's now one more button to press (Hooray player rotations!) Plus Haste might become a slightly more appealing stat seeing as it will reduce two different cool downs. Allowing you generate Holy Power faster and thus get those nice big attacks out. Though there might be a slight damage nerf to help deal with this. If they do it'll probably be anywhere from 5-10%, either overall, or just to Templar's Verdict seeing as it'll be thrown out more often.Hospitalier3 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Ret Addons I check the stickies ect but could not find what i need. I am not one to spend time on making my interface "perfect" I just grab what i need to function. I am looking for a mod to basicly help track Inquisition since the bliz buff UI completely fails at it. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.Mamìf4 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 The sad Truth First off: I'm a Cata-baby: I started a year ago on this toon (my first toon and current main) and feel as though I have progressed nicely. Since 4.0 came out, friends and guildies have bashed my ret-ness, and I have defended it with every breath I had (other than the clunkieness factor, because lets be honest: it is) Why I rolled a pally: 1) The idea of being able to heal myself, do damage, and wear plate armor seemed to be the best combination of survivability, self-healing, and damage. 2) It seemed easy to learn (even post cata, the rotation seemed very accessible and after 4.06 changes, it seemed funner than ever). This accessibility allowed me to do marginal to excellent dps (proc dependent) while learning fights. Thus my dps wouldn't totally blow on new fights. This was because I could focus on not dying to mechanics, knowing I had my priority list down pat. 3) The Hair 4/5/6 I always thought I could get into pally tanking, healing or ret PvP if I ever got bored. Why I'm going to shelve my paladin: 1) Ret pally sucks. I mean, its not the worst spec, and I love it for questing. However, with Cata I got into raiding and now the things that made questing so easy seem trivial or useless PvE. 2) Ret Pally PvE just isnt fun anymore: I've progressed as a player and can handle a more complicated rotation and just don't need the crutch of a simple class while learning a new fight. Besides, now that I don't need this crutch anymore, why not go for a better dps class anyways? 3) hair is still awesome (I will turn my helmet off when I log back in) 4) Pally tanking: currently my favorite Pally PvE spec. However: it doesn't hold a candle to Blood Tanking (probably my new main). That's not to say that Blood>Prot (in honesty, Prot is probably better than Blood) , it's just I feel Blood is more active (ie to me: fun), that it's more directly responsible for my survival. And until the new mitigation changes are announced/go live in 4.3, I don't find a compelling reason to Prot tank other than valor cap for bracers (either to sell or to gear other toons) when I can tank on my DK. 5) Holy Healing: I've tried it: it didn't go well. My guild pretty much doesn't trust me anymore in holy spec (for good reason) 6) PvP: the only compelling reason to log on once in awhile (i might do it from time to time.) TL;DR Good bye my fabulously dressed friends, I'm sacrificing fabulousness for a playable class!Blankers47 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 [PvP Ret] A Quick Question About Burst I started to PvP again just after the start of this season, but as Holy. My guild does at most 4 RBGs a week, so my rating isn't great. I do 2s with a guildie for points/fun, nothing serious. However, last night we kept facing off against other Healer+DPS teams, and one of them with a HPally+Warrior was drawn out beyond 30 minutes. I don't know if he was having a bad day, but he finally said that he was done running Healer+DPS. Now I'm using my Ret gear I collected over the season. I read through the stickied guide, and I was a little disappointed. I went from being a healer, who's sole role is to keep my partner (and I of course) alive and support him, to being a DPS who's sole keep my partner alive and support him? As I understand it, until a point comes to use my "20 seconds of fame" where I use all my CDs. Here's my question: is this the "20 seconds of fame" macro? ... I'm really disappointed that Ret is nothing more than a support role with the occasional threat of harm every couple minutes. However, I'm willing to get over that with some practice.Tikaru5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Suggestions to Blizzard for Paladins. I would like to suggest to Blizzard: 1. Ret and Prot Paladins have a resistance to 'Fear' and 'Cyclone' attached to Cleanse or Freedom. This is fair considering that it appears we will never get any proper CC for ourselves. Especially Protection spec. And getting spammed with these 2 CC`s effectively takes us completely out of the game, especially in Arena. 2. The proc chance of Art of War increased to 50%. At the moment it is '20%', however as we all know it is incredibly random and Rets can go for minutes without it proccing. This would help to address the fact that when on cooldowns Rets damage is extremely low, and is the most common reason we are excluded for RBGs and are not a popular choice for Arena. 3. Please give Protection spec a damage increase in Avenger's shield and or Shield of the Righteous. I feel that a 10% increase is not unreasonable. I do not believe that these changes would give any unfair advantage. Thank you.Anthoneo3 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 I Fixed Ret Give Art of War Exo procs the ability to generate a charge of holy power. there..Arthais24 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 so once I hit 104.2% avoidance... I am currently sitting on 99.25% 15.3% dodge 16.11% parry and 62.8% Block, and I am not full firelands geared. So what I want to know is, what should I look into for reforging? should i boost my dodge/parry and lower my mastery, or should I look to stam / hit rating?Doograwr11 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Why is Master > Dodge/parry? I was wondering why a pally should socket mastery over socketing dodge/parry. I currently have on my pally dodge/parry sockets and reforged mastery into either dodge or parry trying to get all the tanking stats to about equal. Right now i currently have 35% block, 18% parry, and 16.75% dodge (when windwalk procs i have 19% dodge). So i was hoping that someone could tell me why having a lot of mastery (block chance) is so much better then having defensive stats in all. I don't see how blocking 30% of incoming damage is better then completely avoiding damage with parry/dodge. Plz someone help i have yet to find someone that has made me change my mind on this. Plz CommentShieldalots11 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Pally t12 For all the people who complained about our dress.Maxibonbits0 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 So Blizzard, WHAT is the new 4 set range? Perhaps I have missed it but the hotfix says the range on the tier 12 holy 4 set has been increased but how can it POSSIBLY seem reasonable to only say increase and not tell us the range. Anyone know?Jacobmullins5 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Tanking Gear... So I recently started tanking, and I read through some of the guide...However, I feel like I am taking on a lot of damage still just in normal heriocs. I think my gear is pretty decent, minus my head piece and trinket...anyhow... Just wondering if anyone can look at my gear and stats....maybe give me some input with choices? I know I am missing a few enchants...working on getting the ones the guide suggested...Darremercy4 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Question about how ret paladins. I just started to gear my paladin up after I quit playing him. Are we actually decent dmg or should I keep to my Enh shaman?Vadernoso6 Sep 1, 2011
Sep 1, 2011 Holy pally macro help I'm trying to create a macro that casts Judgement on a target then just Holy Shock's heal on a friendly target when using it on Healbot frames. I don't necessarily care which enemy target is judged, but I'm running into the problem of doing the damage spell of Holy Shock after I've targeted the enemy but not being able to cast the heal version even if I'm clicking a friendly's unit frame on Healbot. What I have so far: #showtooltip /castsequence Judgement, Holy Shock --> This casts Judgement then Holy Shock damage spell on the target. What I thought would work but doesn't: #showtooltip /castsequence Judgement; [help,nodead] Holy Shock Thoughts? Cheezburgerz2 Sep 1, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Question about acceptable PLD healer gear. I am a warrior, today I was in Zul Aman, now I know Zandi runs tend to be bad at times and well this was a bad run, the bad part about it was the paladin healer. I noticed that immediately upon me pulling the first boss in Zul Aman, the Paladin's mana dropped extremely fast, like the whole mana bar dropped to empty and it was low the majority of the fight. Also we wiped. Second attempt we did pass. Then we ran across to go to the second boss, fought partly up the hill and then I left the group. (mostly just didn't want to do zandis this early in the morning. Before I left the group, I popped open Playerscore on the Paladin healer. The Paladin's Gear Score was 7294 and the PVP score was 9916. The Paladin was in full pvp gear. Now I understand healers are healers and in high demand but is it acceptable to run around in Full (not partial!) but full PVP gear as a healer? Player score said heroic 85s were impossible.Leepefox6 Aug 31, 2011
Aug 31, 2011 Prot t12 4 set question Iv been looking for a thread that states if the prot 4 set is good or not. I have been wondering if I should just get my tier chest and get rid of my chest from spider boss. The other option I was looking at was to get the shoulders from Rag and keep my off set chest. Whats the better option and if there is another thread for this, some one link plz.Cristoff13 Aug 31, 2011