Feb 24 PvP Holy Paladin Help Alright guys, I have recently taken up healing this expansion. My first healer was this MW monk, and now I am wanting to start a Holy Paladin. I have one at 110, no gear, but at 110. I just had a few questions. I know in arena its a lot about rotating through your CD's, but my question is. When do you use which CD's? I know this is something you learn to do over time, but If there are some general tips it would help. Such as when should I save an ally with SAC over BOP? When should I activate my Aura? Basically what are some good general tips on rotating through your defensive CD's. I know not to use them al at once thats simple, but in general when should I be using certain moves, and what moves should I hold on to for as long as possible?Jartho4 Feb 24
Feb 24 Considering Ret for PvP... Hello fellow followers of the lite! I am considering rolling Ret Paladin for PvP. Recently I saw a Ret take on 4 people simultaneously and I said to myself "HELLLL YEAHH!" I wanna do that! I whispered the gentlemen who was controlling the paladin character and asked him a few questions. Basically found out he recently broke his hand so he was limited to what he could play (mained a Feral but said you can't play Feral with 1 hand) so he rolled to his Alt where he can do it all with his mouse. Was curious about a few things: - How long does it take to get used to ret? Can I pick it up quickly? - What classes give you the hardest time? - What legendaries are the best? If I don't get the first one I want I'll probably level another to get it. The bracers seem like the best ever. Any input is appreciated! BEHOLD THE LITE!Lewlewlelw24 Feb 24
Feb 24 Class Hall Champion - No Dwarf... So when I got to my class hall and viewed all the champions, I was like alright, this mostly seems OK. But there was no DWARF, yet there is a NIGHT ELF paladin..... Now I just went to Wowhead and searched the night elf (delas moonfang) and apparently she's a former priest who wanted to be a holy paladin. So I'm not quite as enraged by this as I was before, but still, night elf characters can't be paladins, so it still makes very little to no sense to me. But if she wants to be a pally, fine, but why on earth is there not at least 1 dwarf paladin???? In vanilla they were one of the only 2 races that could be paladins, and of the 8 pally champions we can't have ONE dwarf? I seriously thought about quitting wow over that. I won't, but this really bothers me and I hope it bothers other people too. A lot of people love nelfs, especially the females *rolls eyes* but can we please change/add one dwarf paladin to our champion list? Are there future plans in legion to add more champions? If so, can it pleaseeee be a dwarf? Sorry to rant but this is just so frickin' ridiculous to me.... ugh!!Asagio9 Feb 24
Feb 24 Two Aura of Mercy in raid? In my core have another pally holly, both of us can use Aura of Mercy?!Mälek3 Feb 24
Feb 24 Why Don't Paladins Have Bres? I'm just curious. It only makes sense based off of lore, the warcraft rts history, and just straight up class concept. So I'm just curious why we don't have a Bres as Paladins?Jamessualty8 Feb 24
Feb 24 DPS falling behind lower ilvel players My first time posting on anything, so go easy on me. Here is my problem, I've was tanking for a few months and found out I much rather do DPS. I switched to ret and begin working on my relic and gear but after maxing out my relic and getting my Ret ilevel up, I see that I'm no where near the dps other players are doing (I ave about 290 in nighthold). I've reviewed my rotation from icy viens and I seem to be doing things right, my gear seems ok (except for my tank legends), and I'm using pots and flasks. I cant figure out what the deal is.Cleaverogers17 Feb 24
Feb 24 Best trinkets for tanking? Not really sure what the best trinkets for tanking are atm, i think the ones i have are decent. Just wondering if there is better?Aequitess4 Feb 24
Feb 23 Fresh 110 Pally Tank I have been going through the guides and such and I am wondering if hand of the protector is better than the bubble and taunt ability for gearing up? Is my spec a mess?Saturnine9 Feb 23
Feb 23 Blessing question/raiding. Who do you think benefits the most from blessings in a raid environment? Thanks for your time.Waterboy5 Feb 23
Feb 23 Liadrin's Fury Unleashed Still Bugged Hey guys, I posted a while back on Bug and pally forums, made a rerlatively long winded post on each. I'll avoid that here, because I made another one in class dev forums. Basically the HP regen from Liadrin's has been bugged for a while, the post and video I included will explain it all. Head over there and show it some love. Blizz has shoved legendaries down our throats, they ought to work right.Socomm3 Feb 23
Feb 23 Hey Paladin Developer I feel like this has been somewhat of a long time coming. Dwarves riding horses looks ridiculous. Will Dwarf paladins be getting a Ram paladin mount? I remember when I finally got my pristine black diamond and finished the quest. That was amazing. But humans and BE's on horses looks great, I imagine BE's probably prefer the charger over a chocobo. Tauren daywalkers get their kodos. I'm just sayin - is this a possibility for dwarves to get some love here? I believe that this rough mockup should help with designing our Ram:îghtower2 Feb 23
Feb 23 What Ashbringer skin do you prefer? Ive been looking at all of the ashbringer skins and im still the biggest fan of the original one that we start off with. Its the one ive grown used to seeing over the years and fantasized about having one day. Im interested to hear what u guys think is ur fav one?Hordok44 Feb 23
Feb 23 Haste/Critical Soft/Hard Caps For 7.1.5 is there a Haste and Critical Strike cap for Retribution Paladins? I've read people say that 30% haste then stack critical strike. I don't know if this is accurate.Grandcrusade13 Feb 23
Feb 23 Holy Pally VuhDo I use VuhDo raid frames for healing and I have no problems with it on my shaman main. However i haven't played holy paladin enough to know the ends and outs of what I should set up and track. I was a prot/ret paladin in WOTLK but i love healing now and that's all i want to do. I was wondering really about more advanced setups.. Does vuhdo's range finder take account for whenever you cast Rule of Law? someone who would have been greyed out for being out of range +40 yards but is now within 60 yards would they show up? I don't currently use Rule of Law but I know in Raids that would be the go to talent for that tier. Can you set up VuhDo to show who is included in your mastery? Do any of you track LoD healing any sort of way? I have it set up to just put a LoD icon on my frame whenever it will heal for a large amount. (don't recall what that is set at currently) I currently use HoT tracking for Beacon Forbearance debuff Tyr's Buff Bestow Faith I don't know... Feel free to school this holy paladin on UI enhancements. What makes your life easier?Passivefist7 Feb 23
Feb 23 whats better DoS or 4piece read aboveKani5 Feb 23
Feb 23 Ret Paladin Tier 20 Bonuses Item - Paladin T20 Retribution 2P Bonus (New) Blade of Justice generates 1 additional Holy Power. Item - Paladin T20 Retribution 4P Bonus (New) Judgment also increases the damage of Blade of Justice. I hope Tomb of Sargeras is a bunch of single target fights else I'm sitting here wondering what Blizzard's love for Blade of Justice is this patch.Jovey17 Feb 23
Feb 23 Highlord Title Hey fellow Paladins! So I've been looking here and on Wow-Head and various other sites, but i cant get a good breakdown and order of the class hall quests i need to complete and at what level etc to get the awesome Highlord title, anyone have a really good link? Many Thanks!Telrinne8 Feb 23
Feb 23 A lot of blood elf paladins Hi, I see a lot of belf pallies and it seems to be in contrast to the paladin lore and founding heritage so to speak. The order was created by humans and the most notable pally's were humans until recently when the last one was killed off, Tirion. Now we have a belf leader and a ton of belf paladins. Im not sure what Blizz is doing and why but im not a huge fan of where we are. Im sure the numbers of players that are belf have something to do with the racial advantages that belfs bring to the class and it seems to be counter-intuitive to the lore. It seems like paladins are a class that has stopped being dominated by alliance and is becoming very horde dominated and my guess is that its blizzards fault based on the racial advantages that belfs give out to the class. Did i die inside a bit when a belf became tirion's successor - yes. XD That doesnt mean im against horde having pally class options. I'm wondering what my fellow paladins think about this and whether you're happy which way the paladin storyline is going.Stevas7 Feb 23
Feb 23 ELVUI configuration Hi guys I just came back temporarily after 2 years not being able to play. I cant see myself taking the game as seriously as I used to but I do want to know what is going on as I play. I decided to try out elvui and I cant figure out how to get it to show me my holy power charges. If someone would give me some tips on how to configure it I would appreciate it.Harrypally6 Feb 23
Feb 22 Ret: Just got 4p Zeal or TFoJ? Just got my 4p tonight, this is mainly a offspec set, but sitting at about 23% Haste are people finding they gen too much hopo with TFoJ?Jahronie8 Feb 22
Feb 22 Maraad's Dying Breath? I know they said "testing was still needed" as to which is better - but: Legendary Cloak vs. Drape of Shame iLevel 865? I think it's still the cloak, but I just had this drop today, I really wanted the trinket :( Anyway here's my legendaries: Iterendi - use always Prydaz - use in Raid Belt - use in Mythic + because I use Sanc. Wrath in Mythic + Cloak - Unsure Hands - pretty much never use Thoughts?Vartonis6 Feb 22
Feb 22 Ret - Best 3s partners w/ Rdruid (not SV) Hey Retino's... What, besides Survival, works with Ret/Resto in 3v3 apart from Survival? I have friends playing both specs. I have shaman (ele/enh), DH, DK (frost/unholy), warrior (arms/fury) and monk (ww). I feel like none of these classes gel particularly well. I know I should roll a survival hunter - but at this stage I'm melee'd out. If none of these classes work. Does -anything- else work with ret/resto?Raybanz4 Feb 22
Feb 22 Question about stats. At the moment I'm sitting at Crit 26% - Haste 25% - Mastery 28% - Vers 3%. I am running all Haste enchants and gems - but I have been questioning whether or not I should swap them out for Vers enchants and gems - Current trinkets are 900 Chrono Shard - 900 Might of Krosus. Cheers.Hektø3 Feb 22
Feb 22 8 Casts am I right Paladins? Glory to my life right now o.oAvele2 Feb 22
Feb 22 RNGesus, why have you forsaken me??? Just got the worst-in-slot legendary (Uther's Guard) for my main spec (Prot), after having already gotten Aggramar's Stride before that. Is there another Prot pally in here who regularly wears Uther's that can give me some glimmer of hope that it might be worth wearing in raids? If not, I think I am going to go back to Sephuz's Secret (meh, not the worst, but not particularly great for raiding) plus Heathcliff's Immortality (my only decent legendary for my spec). Any advise/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Balpho4 Feb 22
Feb 22 Retri Holy Relic Hi guys, yesterday i got the Holy Relic 885 Flickering Timespark from Chronomatic(Increase Crusade duration by 2.5s). The point is..... should i use this instead of any of my other 895 Holy Relics?, they are Archaic Nathrezim Keepsake(Increase Judgement Damage 8%) and Glistening Meteorite Shard ( Increase Divine Hammer Damage 8%) Does it matter losing the ilvl to equip the Flickering? should i continue with both 895, or equip the new one?Thecalibre6 Feb 22
Feb 22 joining the paladin ranks good afternoon paladins, I have thought long and hard about this and im gonna work on a paladin for my toon 1-110. I just wanted to know how things looked for them at cap is ret doing decent dps in nh and how things look in pvp.. i know everyone will say ret has little mobility but DS isnt as bad as WW. as I lvl im gonna try tanking and healing so if you have any insight on those two specs please feel free to drop a reply. thanksCarakon19 Feb 22
Feb 22 Holy Paladin raid healing question So I just had a question, after searching through logs and analyzing top performing paladins i am noticing there number one heal is often Beacon... and they run Faith... I run faith too but most of the time my number one heal will be flash followed by beacon then shock.... I figure this is from me often having to dump big heals into the tanks (who are my beacon targets) detracting from my overall beacon healing... so im wondering... are these other people just spot healing t he raid and letting the beacon handle the tanks? i fear my tanks would die if i did this... but it all comes down to the comp i suppose and what your guild is running... lately we have been running a small raid with 1 resto druid and myself.... i do well and i feel like im really improving but i feel like i could be improving... the few folks that ran logs unfortunately took a break from WoW so i dont have logs :( is there a way i can get solo logs for my own viewing? i know they are huge in analyzing performance... but any insight you have on my question here id appreciate! tyHolydiver8 Feb 22
Feb 22 Paladin Leveling Build So I just got this pally to 100 and I've leveled her as prot the whole time with pretty good success, but now that I'm in the broken isles it's seems infuriatingly slow. Any tips or advice on how to make it a little more tolerable? I was planning on healing with this toon once she gets to 110. Any advice is much appriciated!Cambridge12 Feb 22
Feb 22 Battleplate of the Highlord - diff colors Hi, Ive noticed on wowhead that there are several versions of the Battleplate of the Highlord that can drop. I got mine today from LFR Krosos but it was a purple/green color (best way i could describe it). It wasnt the one that pally's usually want which is the golden one. Can someone explain what the different colors represent and if i can get the golden battleplate of the highlord from lfr Krosos? Thank you.Stevas5 Feb 22
Feb 22 Getting kited pretty hard sometimes. I suppose being kite-able is our "weakness" right? Sure, I may need to L2P a bit, but I do struggle sometimes to stay on targets such as: Mages Hunters Druids What do you think? Should we hvae a little more mobility in some way? Am I supposed to spec in to Cavalier? Any advice or comments welcome.Sacagawea13 Feb 22
Feb 22 The days useless thread: '13 Lincoln MKZ Howdy. As a huge car enthusiast I like looking at cars. For a few years now I always thought the front grille of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ looked like pally wings. Reminds me of T13, 14, 16 pve. Am I the only one who see's this? Google "2013 lincoln MKZ" and tell me I'm not crazy. Sorry for the random thought. Carry on.Whaps3 Feb 22
Feb 22 How to increase dps? I usually do 300 to 350 k dps, when i saw a paladin with 10 ilvl higher then me doing 600k dps, I didn't know what to do, plz give me some advice for increasing my dps.Sunseer14 Feb 22
Feb 22 7.1.5 Divine Hammer Well, with the buff to Divine Hammer in 7.1.5, it's honestly now looking like something that will be able to see a lot more use... I've done a couple ST runs at the boss target dummy in Ironforge (pretty much the only one where it's impossible to accidentally cleave other dummies) on the PTR, and the damage difference between it and Blade of Wrath is minimal on my end, I'm talking like, under 5k... Now, the rotation still felt wonky, even with over 30% haste, but with the damage loss on ST being so little, I'm gonna have to start making this my go-to talent for mythic+... It's turned out to be pretty nice, not a change we necessarily needed, but it's welcomed.Divenity21 Feb 22
Feb 22 Zeal Talent with 4 piece bonus Why is zeal better then crusader strike talent with the 4 piece set? Please explain.Daganth12 Feb 22
Feb 21 Is Prydaz underrated for Hpal? Great stats and the shield is accounting for 6.5-7% of my total healing. It is amazing for survivable and has saved my life a few times when I screw up. But the guides all list it towards bottom. How much better are the ring, belt and shoulders compared to the neck?Crispercake10 Feb 21
Feb 21 Neck Enchant for Holy? I've been running with the mark of the trained soldier neck enchant, but I started looking at some of the higher parsing hpals and majority of them use the mark of the ancient priestess enchant. What do you guys think?Epicxo5 Feb 21
Feb 21 Worst RNG 5t LEGENDARY Hello I try so hard to not complain about life. But after yestarday for me it's over. Why this system's so bad? My legendary drops are horrible. I am holy paladin and i have: AGRAMMAR BOOTS SEPHUZ TYR HANDS UTHER BRACERS CHAIN THRAIN Blizzard should listen their community and fix this rng drops. Doesnt make sense play 50 days and have this "Luck"Fufu25 Feb 21
Feb 21 Trinket Simming So hard to figure out what to use since so many of our trinkets are close in damage. Right now its not my 875 socketed CoF and 880 socketed DoS that sim's highest, its not 870 FCM and 870 SoC, it is 890 Krosus and 875 SCW. Which makes me sad lol.Vigilance12 Feb 21
Feb 21 7.2 Paladin class mount info from PTR Hey guys, just did some testing on the PTR and wanted to share an overview of the class mount, how to get it, and how it looks in action. Keep in mind, none of this is final, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from the quest (also, needless to say, there will be spoilers). If you just want an idea of how it looks like, scroll down for the description and later on I'll see if I can add screenshots as well. Prereqs and Fetch Quests On the PTR, there's an NPC that gives you Broken Isles Pathfinder 1 and 2, as well as unlocks the questline for your class mount (which leads me to believe that you won't actually see the quest until you complete the new class campaign quests and get the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements). * *Edit 2/16/17: According to Templàr below there's a post saying that you may not need flying at all to unlock it. If I can find the blue post I'll put it here for confirmation. I do think you may still need to complete the new class campaign quests, however. Once that's started, you go to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, the guy next to the mission board. Human and Dwarf Paladins in Vanilla should remember him fondly (psh) as he's the one responsible for all the trouble they went through to get the original Charger. You're given a few fetch quests at this point, similar to the Vanilla questline though not nearly as painful. Your first item needed is to bring Lord Grayson a Stonehide Leather Barding from leatherworking. Second part requires you to take the barding to Dalaran's blacksmith and give him 50 Leystone Ore from Mining and a Saber's Eye from Jewelcrafting. This is easily the most expensive part of the quest so plan ahead accordingly. Once the Blacksmith has given you a Reinforced Barding from the mats you've given, speak to Lord Grayson again and go to Stratholme!Scenario The last part of the quest takes you to the service gate of Stratholme, where you get to start a scenario that basically has you run that part of the instance with new mobs, although you can have two Paladin NPCs with you of differing specializations (you can choose any combination of two from Ret, Prot, or Holy - as a Ret I went with the Prot and Holy NPCs) and you can mount as well. You start off at the chapel (the same one us bloody elves burned down in Burning Crusade, whoops), and Lord Grayson tasks you with getting 6 Stratholme Holy Water throughout the city, while also rescuing three of the scouts he sent ahead to investigate. They're conveniently held prisoner at the Ziggurat locations where the old bosses used to be (go figure), and each one is guarded by a boss NPC and an annoying dude who summons swarms of undead. Ret seems to be quite overpowered for this part of the scenario as Wake of Ashes stuns pretty much everything including bosses. Admittedly, I was also ilvl 890 so it's hard to gauge how difficult those three bosses are at lower gear levels, but tuning may not be final - at this point though, they're easy to deal with, and their damaging casts are stunnable and interruptible. Once the three scrubs, er, scouts are rescued and you have the 6 Holy Waters, you go back to Lord Grayson to give him the mats, who promptly tells you it's time to face the specter of Lord Rivendare himself for his mount -- only to find that his body isn't at final ziggurat! You then hear a voice yelling for you outside, and a Necromancer atop Rivendare's mount appears with a horde of undead, ready to pounce on you and your Paladin forces. Admittedly, this part of the scenario was a little tricky - while the boss could be CC'd, the trash seems to infinitely respawn. They also dealt a truckload of damage to my Paladin NPCs, who'd been holding their own up to that point. I was able to oneshot it with my gear, but if they tune it any harder expect a decent challenge. Again, Wake of Ashes was a lifesaver alongside Blinding Light - besides the swarms of undead, the necromancer did a decent chunk of damage on his own. Finally, once you down him, you capture Rivendare's mount! A fun cutscene occurs at the end where you bring the purified barding to Rivendare's mount in front of your altar and it purifies the steed, turning it into the Highlord's Golden Charger. It then does a cute little kneel animation to you as it basks in your awesomeness, and finally the mount is yours. Congrats! TLDR: Canonically, you are now the true owner of Baron Revindare's Charger as you corrupt it with your Light magics to do your bidding. What does it look like? The first mount you receive is the Highlord's Golden Charger variant, shown here: In my opinion, it's a beautiful mount in action - it has a unique summoning appearance and sound effect where it appears in a pillar of light with a distinct neigh. The tail and hooves glow, and while it doesn't have any wings, it leaves golden hoofprints in its wake, even in the air. Sadly I haven't figured out if there's any way to make it kneel like it did in the cutscene - its mountspecial is the standard rising on its hindlegs. I did mention that it's the first mount you receive, and there's actually a total of four. To unlock the other three color variants, currently you need to unlock all artifact traits of your respective spec's Artifact Weapon which includes the new 7.2 traits. Afterwards, Crusader Lord Dalfors, the Dwarf near Lord Grayson, will sell you the respective mount for 10,000 Order Resources each. Here's the list of mounts that go with each spec: Holy - Heraldic Reins of the Valorous Charger, the Silver/Blonde/Purple variant AKA the Jaina Horse - Prot - Stoic Reins of the Vigilent (sic) Charger, the Silver/Blue/Purple variant Ret - Harsh Reins of the Vengeful Charger, the Silver/Red/Angry variant may seem like much work to unlock all these additional colors, but on the plus side, for you crazy Paladin who have multiple Pally alts, they seem to work account wide as I was able to access the mount on a fresh Paladin copy that hadn't completed the quest. I'll update the post with more info/screenshots when I'm able. Hope this helps! Edit: For those wondering, no, it does not currently replace your Divine Steed graphic.Jackishi25 Feb 21
Feb 21 Tier 19 2 piece + Consecrated Hammer When using consecrated hammer as a talent, while standing in Consecrate (or when not standing in Consecrate, since the talent says it always gives the bonus), the tooltips for SOTR and HOTP do not update to reflect the 10% bonus from the 2-piece. Is this simply a tooltip error or does the tier 19 2 piece not work with Consecrated Hammer?Assura12 Feb 21
Feb 21 Paladin Raid Healing! Hi, i am torn on how to heal as a pally in a raid setting? I am told I am to only focus %100 on tank healing and let the others handle the rest? but then im told to not only focus tank but to heal all over with Martyr. If anyone could help that would be absolutely great!Xanonymous8 Feb 21
Feb 21 How would you fix Fervent Martyr? So let's look at the undeniably worst holy paladin talent and see if we can find a better way to make it work that puts it on a competitive level with JoL and Sanctified Wrath. My idea: Fervent Martyr: Damage received through damage transfer mechanics (Sac aura and LotM) apply a heal over time equal to x% (50, 75, 100%?) of the damage taken over 5 (10?) seconds.Pallymcbeal5 Feb 21
Feb 21 Consecration vs Execution Sentence Thoughts? I use ES but someone from guild had mentioned maybe swapping it out for consecration but have not had the time to test it.Gavinx13 Feb 21
Feb 21 Maraad's Drape of wasted bag slot Can this thing be made less garbage please. The only situation that I have found this legendary to be potentially useful (overflowing beaconing yourself) is rendered useless by the fact that the damage from martyr is applied AFTER the beacon transfer heal. Change it so that LoD makes martyr transfer 20% less damage per stack (up to 5 stack) for 5 seconds. Basically you get 3 free martyrs in, with the tradeoff that they don't beacon transfer still. Still wouldn't make it BiS, but it might make it worth equipping over drape of Shame once in a while.Pallymcbeal12 Feb 21
Feb 21 Question about my stats please read. At the moment I'm sitting at Crit 26% - Haste 25% - Mastery 28% - Vers 3% I am running all Haste enchants and gems - but I have been questioning whether or not I should swap them out for Vers enchants and gems - Current trinkets are 900 Chrono Shard - 900 Might of Krosus. Cheers.Hektø0 Feb 21
Feb 21 Which are the most needed Mouseover Heals Im new Paladin and new to healer as well so using Vuhdo but would like to know as a leveling Paladin which are the most needed heals and on what kind of situation are they used. Ex. AOE Heal Emergency Heal Tank Heal Heal DPS tyvmXaofeng7 Feb 21
Feb 20 [A]: Mythic+ All Paladin group Looking for knock out some M+ after work tonight if anyone is interested in a /ALL/ Paladin group? I've been wanting to do this for a while now; however I've had a very hectic schedule with work lately, so I figure do or die now that I have a few hours after work. Time: 9:00 PM ( Pacific Time ) Goals: - Mythic +15 Timer - Bad puns and jokes - Something something justice Requirements: - Ilvl 885 or higher ( Equipped ) - be able to handle yourself or learn - Alliance - No ragers please, only good times here If you're interested shoot me a friend request ( Aztec#1290 ) or drop a post here on this thread so I can reach out to you. We could use the Paladin discord in case anyone else wants to hang out who couldn't get in to first group or we can use my personal Nicolas Cage themed Discord.Dominguez19 Feb 20
Feb 20 Considered BiS prot legends for raiding I recently just got the ring that reduces 4% damage now for strictly raiding to me the other BiS legendary would be the helm with 2 charges of light and reduced cd per charge would I be correct? I'm sticking to the ring over the legendary that increases avenging wrath and hoping and praying I'll get the helm sometime soon..Thulmor4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Protection relic choices Hey just trying to get an understanding what relics would be considered # 1 and # 2 choice for artifact relic choice?Thulmor5 Feb 20