Nov 11 Hpally or Resto Shaman for PvP? Wanting an ‘easy’ healer class to play for PvP. I play with a FDK friend in 2 most often.Aulrin0 Nov 11
Nov 11 Shockadins in 8.0 Another expansion, another thread. Please please please make Shockadins viable in Battle for Azeroth!Økamí10 Nov 11
Nov 11 Unbreakable Spirit With this talent being worked into the Ret talent tree in the next xpac, does that mean we'll be getting Divine Protection?Sunwings0 Nov 11
Nov 11 Spec questions Really on the verge of making a paladin, but I actually have no idea what spec to jump into. I've never really jumped into retribution, but they always seemed cool to me, what do you guys think of them? I've only played Prot when leveling, and I liked it a lot, probably out of all the specs, to me it feels the most "paladin" but I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to the idea of tanking raids or anything at end game. More or less the same thing, I played holy pally while leveling, but more or less I don't get those nerves while healing, I just find their animations to be lacking, and I'm not sure how most view them right now.Vaesaridor1 Nov 11
Nov 10 Pandaren Paladins I know this will likely get me flames but I’d like to advocate for Pandaren Paladins. Currently, the only plate class available for Pandaren is warrior, which is fine, but a little variety might be in order. I know that wasn’t going to come for this expansion, but perhaps in a future one. Blood Elves got warriors in Cataclysm, so this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Similarly, Pandaren have priests so schools of holy magic are not unknown to them. And yes, I have a personal bias towards the Pandaren. I enjoy their animations. For melee, they’re really well done. I’d just like to expand on this for them.Brewmistress5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Arator/Turalyon Leap There is any chance for us to get that Arator leap ability? we lost all our cool mobility skills that we had in WoD, and we get that horse. What do you guys think about that ability ? I think that should be nice to improve our mobility.Aegonstrog19 Nov 10
Nov 10 WoW "Classic" and Paladins This question is for those of us who were around during the original launch of WoW: How do you feel about the impending launch of WoW "Classic"? I have mixed emotions. I loved the game, and surged into it when it first launched. Anyone who joined one or more expansions into it can't really relate to the experience of what it was like to play through the starting quest lines, when the original zones were "new" and "fresh." It would certainly be a walk down memory lane. On the other hand, I can't help but think about how Blizzard's early attempts at paladin design failed. Badly. Scrapping a much more interactive, melee-centric playstyle at the last second for one that put the "active" emphasis on healing, cleansing, and buffing (and rebuffing, and rebuffing - every five minutes - raid member by raid member). It will be interesting to see if/how they reconcile nostalgia with those realities.Vaelin71 Nov 10
Nov 10 Concerned for Holy Paladins future Anyone else concerned about Holy Paladins next expansion? The only reason this spec is even slightly fun to play is because of our Artifact traits and weapon. The thought of going back to a mace and shield after swinging a meaty mighty hammer around all expansion is majorly depressing. While our class fantasy wasn't very strong in Legion there are some aspects of it that need to stay, if we are forced back into mace and shield we will be the only spec to have a part of our fantasy stripped from us. I have hopes that Holy Paladins will receive a minor rework next expansion to solidify our fantasy and game-play, the blizzcon demo talent calculator on wowhead currently has protection talents (besides one) instead of the current holy - a bug? - or a sign of "work in development"? I'm not expecting anything huge, but adjustments like the following would be great: - A passive ability that increases our armor by 30% while wielding a two handed weapon. - 'Avenging Crusader' talent made baseline or moved to PvE talents. - 'Light of the Martyr' reworked to not take our health, something more interesting than blood magic. - A new Mastery, the proximity thing is clunky, confusing and punishing. - Artifact talents made baseline passives, 'The Light Saves', 'Power of the Silver Hand', 'Second Sunrise', 'Sacred Dawn'. - Existing talents made useful, eg. Holy Prism - New spell effects and casting animations Legion introduced a half baked melee healer fantasy and i would like Blizzard to complete it in BfA, not scrap it and force us back into shields.Arnath22 Nov 10
Nov 10 What makes you special? As a play both Priests and Mistweaver only, I have very little knowledge about Holy Paladins. I was just wondering what makes paladins (along with druids) the usual choice for groups that one to push 20ish keys in Mythic+? What kind of tools do you have and how does your healing style make you so optimal for that kind of content? I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me understand that :-)Avedostra11 Nov 10
Nov 10 Current Blizzcon Paladin Stuff Ilvl and stat squish Prot/Holy - Didn't notice any changes to Prot or Holy Ret - Wake of Ashes replaced Holy Wrath, CD increased to 45. No DoT component. - Devotion Aura baseline for Ret. - Talent tree was shook up a little /82ab3d85bc648229bfe9cfd0c0992e6e.png - Unbreakable is 30% off DS, SoV, and LoH - Judgement doesn't cleave baseline - Didn't look like any artifact traits are baked in either (so no Divine Tempest)Arrent29 Nov 10
Nov 10 Garothi Xmog... hey guys, I'm trying as hard as I can to get the Garothi xmog, but the Unsullied tokens keep proccing Praetorian gear. Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought to reduce my IL down to 800 by taking off gear. That didn't work. I took all my gear off...that didn't work either. I've spent easily 20 tokens on my missing slots, and no Garothi gear. Help!!!Avaedis4 Nov 10
Nov 9 A question about Prot. Paladins Greetings everyone. I've been playing a Ret Paladin since I decided to play WoW for real(back in january this year) played before but never could get into the game. Anyways, I decided to try out Prot Paladin recently and I fell in love with the spec, everything is great about it(at least in PvP). I also love raiding, I wanna try raiding as a tank. So my question is: Is blessed hammer mandatory for raiding? The spell is useful but I hate the hammers floating away and the sound it makes, however I love consecrated hammer, I love using the sword to actually hit my enemy and not to create light hammers that give me some protection.Laudrian2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Charger Question Ok, I’ve recently returned to the game and I noticed something about my charger and couldn’t find an answer as to why. I completed the charger quest back in TBC. I was disappointed when the system changed so Draenei had the elephant instead of the horse, as I’m not a fan. I noticed when I came back that I now have both the horse and the elekk(so 4 total paladin mounts). Is this just because I completed the charger quest? I can’t imagine there being a thing where only Draenei paladins get an extra mount.Akinna3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Tier 19 bug? So I was changing my mog because I liked the nighthold paladin set, But it seems like all the variants minus the mythic versions are now missing a disk in the back. Any idea when this happened?Ghostoflight0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Pally discord Hey friends - looking for a good pally discord if anyone knows of one? Thanks!Palabyrr2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Returning... how is prot? Hey all, returning to the game doing RAF with 3 newbies, most likely going to be tanking for them. Although legion is in its final stretch, how are prot pallys currently in endgame? Thanks!Fél22 Nov 8
Nov 8 Ret arena help Hello paladins. My friends and I are bored and are going to run some triple DPS in 3s. My friend who usually plays holy paladin is going to run ret with us. Granted she has never played ret before so we don't have a clue on talents to run. Would any high rated rets want to give us advice on what would be a good ret spec for triple DPS? Maybe even a decent rotation. Thanks for any input.Blindweebs1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Where to find Ashbringer Relics Hi All, I’ve researched a lot and I believe my stats and talents seem to be okay although I would like a bit more crit. I do have both BIS trinkets which is awesome but my dps is still lacking. I’m thinking the biggest reason by far is my relics as I have a couple 830’s still. I just cant seem to get any drops or any WQ that offer ret relics. Does anyone know which mythic or raid boss drops these for us so I can farm this week. Also any tips on my gear, stats or talents is appreciated. Thanks!Bwin12 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sword+shield for Garothi transmog I recently got the Venerated Triumvirate Battleplate set, which looks like the Garothi set, and was looking for a matching sword and shield to go with it. Any ideas? As close as possible to the scheme of the armour. The Lustrous Daybreak Sword/Aegis would go well with it, but the acheev needed to acquire those items might take a while. If there's something else I can use, whether temporarily or permanently, that'd be great.Adrathian1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Ret Paladin PVE guide 7.3 Can anyone point me in the direction of a good pve guide for stat values, gems/enchants/stuff like that? What i see on icy-veins and noxxic is not the same as i see when i look up the stat priority of some of the top parsing rets on world of logs. What are our breakpoints when it comes to haste? and i see a lot of rets gemming/enchanting for versatility, is that something i should be doing? thank youCoolguyjames2 Nov 8
Nov 8 No paladins In the horde allied faction races. I want a Nightborn paladins so much. Nov 8
Nov 7 Battle for Lordaeron Diorama ... Guess who's in the big Blood Knight section of the diorama IT'S ME: Video of the section was shot at an angle so I have no idea WHICH model is Lobster but HE'S IN THERE and that's good enough for me lmao. I'm glad my paladin could make it to Blizzcon even if I couldn't. :P Any other pallies in here?? check the diorama website!Lobster3 Nov 7
Nov 7 Prot: Human or Draenei? So, apparently Prot Pally is the class/spec I have been looking for. However, I don't know which race to be. Draenei could look cool with some purple crystal armor and the hidden truthguard appearance. Humans pretty much always look cool in plate. However, they also are more cliche.Sproach7 Nov 7
Nov 7 HoW return maybe? Am I one of the few who miss the glorious feeling of finishing a low health enemy with a beautiful hammer of wrath toss? Would it be too much to ask if blizzard could possibly reconsider this ‘class fantasy’ garbage and give back one of the coolest spells in paladin history.Tarthal6 Nov 7
Nov 6 @Human Paladins Any other human mains disturbed that we aren't using our iconic jump attack for any animation? The 2-handed special attack, remember? Some races get their old ones back to animate certain abilities, but we get the generic side slash. Just posting this to see if it bothers anyone else and if anyone wants the old 2h jump attack back for Crusader Strike, as an example.Karzerus15 Nov 6
Nov 6 RetPaladins gotta get heard Flash of Light can't be our (self) heal anymore. We gotta get somethin' more reliable than Blessing of Freedom. Give us something that doesn't look like we farted out a horse for a speed boost. Blessing of Protection is nice. But we need it replaced with a real (self) defensive. We either need more mobility, or more pvp damage mitigation. We should not be good focus targets, especially against physical attackers.Trelkor8 Nov 6
Nov 6 No Highmountain Paladins? Anyone else kind of upset that Highmountain Tauren are not slated to be Paladins? I was so looking forward to those big moose antlers. Wonder why they chose not to let them be pallies.Ironsaint8 Nov 6
Nov 6 Expansion Changes for Pally I can't tell if the changes to Light of the Protector and Shield of the Righteous are a nerf or not.Bimpie10 Nov 6
Nov 6 Legendary drop out of spec Just got my first legendary drop on my prot pally, and it was the Ret shoulders =\ Checked my loot setting after it dropped, and indeed I had it set on prot so not sure what went wrong. Or is this typical? At least it has haste on it! It's not the biggest deal in the world as it's a part-time alt I play along with my wife who's even more casual than I. Nice toolkit to help her out, and keep myself up and tanking while she casts away on her boomkin. I guess my last question is are they worth equipping? Certainly a boost in ilvl and stats, but getting these out of loot specialization setting has me worried I'll jinx getting a decent prot legendary at some point. Probably a stupid concern; just a little bummed despite having them drop.Leyrrine3 Nov 6
Nov 6 A new paladin in the crew Welcome Anduin!!! Im happy he rerolled, priest wasn't cool IMO.Epøhx6 Nov 6
Nov 6 Prot Pal Healing Concern (WPVP flagged) Light/Hand of the protector heals for 1/3rd as much when flagged for PVP. I understand the nerf in instanced pvp, but why is it this way in world PVP? The main concern is: if I am killing argus rare/elites and a opposite faction player manages to come help, I flag for pvp with the consecrate etc. Then suddenly my self sustainability drops so hard that I am forced to pop major cooldowns to survive the minor cleave from pvp or the elite itself. There seems to be some serious misinterpretation between the devs and the community on what world pvp is supposed to be... no templates, some abilities nerfed/buffed, honor talents activated, trinkets that half shot people, legendaries activated etc.... Why even have spells/abilities with adjusted values in world pvp to begin with if this is the design and result? Even at full healing value in world pvp, I doubt it would dethrone rogues/other tanks... If you are going to tell me to play on a PVE server, then please give me a server transfer, I will happily move. Once upon a time I played wow for world pvp. Legion is not that time.Vm1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Paladin Ram Mount Grab your pots and pans and start clamoring! Dwarves have looked awkward long enough and should get a ram paladin mount for next xpatch. My standards are low so slapping the charger textures onto a ram would be a horrifying solution to my ram requirement. Otherwise, I still stand by my current dodgy ram design suggestion: RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!Hîghtower0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Ret Pally any good? Looking for some help from my fellow paladins! I recently just come back to WoW since quitting just after Cata and was wanting to do Legion with my Ret Paladin, but I'm not 100% sure on the DPS - I absolutely love the play style and definitely looking at making her my main, but is it worth putting in the massive time and effort with AP for a spec that sits at the bottom?Lillisara17 Nov 6
Nov 6 Divine Intervention Gone in 8.0 Looks like Divine Intervention is being replaced Unbreakable Spirit Talent Requires Paladin (Holy) Requires level 30 Reduces the cooldown of your Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Lay on Hands by 30%. Nov 6
Nov 6 Ret Paladin RBG Guide Hey! I am a long time retribution Paladin player in RBGs and I decided to write a guide finally! I hope this can help out some of the beginning rets and maybe some other classes if possible! is the link to the google doc I wrote the guide in, I hope you can enjoy! <3Jeiut11 Nov 6
Nov 5 What is a good talent build - ret paladin For World Questing and just general purpose.Avelise1 Nov 5
Nov 5 I'm loving Holy I heal on 3 other toons and none of them feel as powerful tool-kit wise as this little paladin. My main is 946 (Holy Priest) and if I was anywhere near her ilvl wise, I'd most likely bench her for this pally. Just wish I could run faster ;pRubelee3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Argus the Unmaker/Retribution Anyone see the fatboss video of Argus the Unmaker? In phase 4 you're going to have raid members dying constantly, and looks like our retribution passive will be up nearly 100% of the time there. Think we'll see a guild finally stacking ret pallies for a world first? (I may be wrong and perhaps guilds have stacked ret pallies before, but not to my very limited knowledge)Vaerume7 Nov 5
Nov 5 Class hall quicksand Anyone ever notice that in the middle of the paladin class hall, near the guy who speed buffs you, that the quicksand floor exists? Noticed it ever since legion launch. Our feet just sink under the the ground ever so slightly. Doesn't happen anywhere else in there.Chronôkiller4 Nov 5
Nov 5 Worlds & Warcraft 5e I have a problem. Over the years, I've burnt out on WoW's gameplay. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Instead, I've picked up 5th edition D&D, and gotten really into it. The problem is that I still love WoW's universe and lore, moreso than D&D's. The solution? FULL HOMEBREW CONVERSION, MOTHERFLUXER. I've been working on and off for a long while now on homebrewing a WoW -> D&D conversion, complete with rebuilds of WoW's classes from the ground up for 5e's rules and mechanics. However, my familiarity with each class in the game isn't quite up to the task. To that end, I'm asking around for players of each class to answer some questions to help me figure out how to capture the core of each class and spec. I'm especially eager to hear from longtime players who may remember older versions of their class. What I'm looking for: * Defining themes... * Iconic abilities... * Defining mechanics... * Personal favorite aspects... * ...for the class overall... * ...for each spec individually... * ...both past and present.Lokka3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Sanity prevails.. No forsaken paladins this xpac :)Stevas4 Nov 5
Nov 4 Addon for Shield of the Righteous+Holy Power Hey all! I made a small addon that tracks Shield of the Righteous using the Holy Power bar. In Retribution spec, it also can show your Holy Power. Curse Link: The motivation for this addon was how Seraphim works in Legion. Since Seraphim can consume "partial charges" of SotR, it's important to know how many you have at any given time, and it's a lot easier to see that on an animated bar than it is using the typical SotR cooldown icon. Leave a comment here or on the Curse page if you have any feedback!Enchanting0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Holy paladins, healing in raids I'm curious to ask ever since blizzard disabled addons from affecting friendly nameplates in instances have you guys had a harder time healing? One of our main abilities light of dawn requires you to actually aim the heal at injured players. I was so used to using kui nameplates to show me what targets were injured to show up.Paudric7 Nov 4
Nov 4 Best Heirloom set for a Ret Pally? Title says it all.Vaticus14 Nov 4
Nov 4 TellMeWhen for Judgment of Light Can anyone give me some pointers on setting up TellMeWhen for tracking the Judgment of Light debuff on the boss? I'm currently using ElvUI for my frames and TMW for my monitor. I don't use a click healing addon though, so my target isn't the boss. My first thought was just to set the boss as my focus, there are so many multi-add fights in ToS now that I wouldn't want the icon showing up non stop every time the target changed. Just set it up for target of target? Any input would be helpful. ThanksVeinn6 Nov 4
Nov 4 10 straight arena wins with 2xret combo Just finished the weekly quest with another fellow ret and we had won 10 in a row. I dont know if we r OP or not but it was a great feeling. Retired undefeated :)Hordok4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Switching Over Thinking about making a hpal toon. I've only ever played holy priest so far, and as such, I'd like to know how the two playstyles stack up. Thanks, FijiFjorlinskarm2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Can Avenging Crusader be a PvE talent too? Thanks.Zish10 Nov 3
Nov 3 Relic Stacking, does it work? Do relic abilities stack? If I have two separate relics that say +12 seconds to crusade, is that +24 seconds, or just +12, and I should use a different relic in one of the 2 slots instead?Kröw5 Nov 3