Aug 11 What's the top Ret Paladin 3v3 comp? I saw that there are a handful of Ret Paladins in the top 50 3v3 ladder. Can anyone give me some insight about what comp you think guys like Vanguards is currently running? Also, what comp have you had relatively good success with for 3v3? 50/50 success vs. RMX, and Cleave comps like TSG etc. Thanks!Mavv7 Aug 11
Aug 11 Where are all the Holy Beards? A quick shout out to my brother's and sister's of the mountain. Drop in, show off your transmogs. *Passes cups of ale around for everyone*. For the Light! For the Council of Three Hammers!Pârin2 Aug 11
Aug 11 Holy Grind So am I an idiot for leveling in Holy spec from 100? It's working I guess just really slow.Keeheen7 Aug 11
Aug 11 Why I Like the Paladin Class Mount Disclaimer: I don't usually praise Bizz's decisions to be honest, because I'm normally the big critic in the group. The Simon Cowell of your friend's list, so to speak. That being said... To the Angry Haters: It's OK to feel differently about it. Seriously. I'm not saying you're opinion doesn't matter or is wrong, because it's based off your own preferences. Just giving my 02 here. But hey, if you're going to hate, at least make it funny! :) HuGZ As a Female Tauren Paladin, I actually like the Paladin Class mount, and here are my reasons: 1 - It's a horse! THANK GOD! Now I don't have to ride the Headless horseman ALL THE TIME anymore. Hurray! -No I didn't want another Kodo. Those things are incredibly annoying. -No I didn't want a mammoth either, even worse than Kodo's and entry ways. -Honestly if you think at least one dev plays a tauren, you haven't been in Surumar as one. GOOD GOD! /slashwrists 2 - Soundless flight. Hurray! No annoying flapping while flying around. No, I don't like flapping noises. I like hearing for other things, especially on long flights. No, sorry, that crap is irritating. 3 - Armor Coloring. I like it. It's very heroic looking in my opinion. White and gold with blue highlights. I realize not many sets go with it, but there are ways to make it work very nicely. Look at my mog for an example. (I am SoooSexyHeroic - oh EM GEE) One complaint: (and I think the complaints about this are perfectly valid considering) 1 - Why only one color variation for all 3 specs? I thought it was odd that Holy doesn't have a white horse, and Ret with a black horse variation. I get the brown for prot, but the other two... no change? Why? What would I have wanted instead if I had a choice?: 1 - A flying armored Moose with sparkling gemmed golden antlers with little glinting things hanging from the antlers. You know, totally overkill on the gaudy vibe. Because the moose... well... they look 10x's better than frigging dumb kodos for Taurens. If you don't believe me, play one and mount a Grove Defiler and fall in love yourself! But I understand why they didn't make racial unique class mounts, and this wouldn't work for all races. I get it. I'm just saying, if you asked me, this is what I woulda said. But they, and you didn't, but incase you were thinking it, well here's your answer. LOL ;) PS> Why doesn't the Grove Defiler fly? It's a raid achievement mount. All the others fly, don't they? OK I'm out. Take care you rascals! =^)Lovepony33 Aug 11
Aug 10 What is JV's damage & heal in pvp Plz if anyone can help me. All the info out there are outdated. What's JV's dmg amplifier vs stunned target in pvp situation? I know it's definitely not 100%. Maybe 50%? 25%? And i guess the healing is exactly equal to the damage output according to my battle log. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone who knows plz give me a certain answer. Thanks in advance!Loveseason7 Aug 10
Aug 10 Pally or DH? Hello - after a several month break I have resubbed and see lots of tweaks/changes to each class. It seems that both communities (DH & Pally) are rather unhappy with current state of tanking. While my DH is slightly better geared - and I don't do much in the way of serious raiding - which class is offering a better tank (main spec) and dps (offspec) choice? Ret community seems unhappy with current state and DH dps still seems competitive but admittedly somewhat boring smashing the same key 50% or more of the time. I'd like to settle on just one char for a bit and I do enjoy tanking more than dps, but having some flexibility to mix things up is a nice benefit. Also, f bear tanks.Notforlong11 Aug 10
Aug 10 Haste over Vers? So i stacked haste like we prot pallies have been since the creation of time it seems...& i go to AskMrRobot to see if my set up is all cool. Get there & hit auto enchant my gear & it wants me to switch all my haste enchants over to vers...i mean gems,enchants,etc. Should i go thru all the switching over or just keep everything with haste?Alzzerwaz7 Aug 10
Aug 10 Lightforged warfrane ****Somewhat spoilers**** Paladins rejoice!!! The most epic paladin like mount of all time will be available by being exalted with army of the light in the next major patch, thank god it's not behind a mythic final boss cuz lol like I would ever get that! Anyone else excited? :)Strongguard10 Aug 10
Aug 9 New prot pal. Need Help with macros+ more I just boosted a pally to 100 and am planning to play protection. This will be my first tank. Im just looking for advice on macros and playstyle. Ive watched a few vids and played around with tanking at lower levels. Do you prot pallys tend to use your blessings and devensive stuff only on yourselves? Or do you actually use them a lot on your fellow party memebers? If you do use them on party members, what kind of macros do you have set up? I was wondering if there was a way to make a macro that does two things: Say im using the spell Blessing of Protection - If I have an enemy targeted (or nothing targeted at all) I want the spell to be casted on myself. - If I hover over a party members frame I want the spell to be casted on them. Is this possible?Reynnei4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Prot paladin or Prot warrior which one for now and in Argus?Arcaelyr4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Haven't played Ret in a while Never really cared for it, but I've played it for at least a bit in basically every expansion. Just picked it back up as a plate farming class for old raids and right now I just feel like I'm constantly behind on Crusader Strike and that my Holy Power is overflowing. Like I'll make progress to being on top of things, but then Blade of Justice will refresh or Wake of Ashes comes off CD and we're behind again. It seems like it's rather difficult to keep Crusader Strike from ever hitting 2 charges after the fight starts. I just got the talent ring, which gives me Divine Purpose, so I'm kind of thinking it's going to be a bigger problem. Mostly just wondering if that's normal or if I'm doing something wrong, such as perhaps having the wrong talents.Flaaffy0 Aug 9
Aug 8 So Paladins can no longer 1 hit? Which toon can one hit before they stop it and rotate to the next toon? I means since that is what they are doing right now.Inachu21 Aug 8
Aug 7 Prot paladins are too squishy They are way too soft without sotr up and being the squishiest tank in the game by a large margin against bosses like Kil'jaeden is not good. Other tanks keep getting buffed getting nice new traits and legendaries while prot pally stays the same. They carried by "utility" and have survivability below a hunter pet. When it comes to actually being a tank they are in a poor place right nowUnlivable88 Aug 7
Aug 7 holy pally help I've been practicing holy paladin and healing mostly lfr raids, a few normal nhs, and squeezed in also a couple heroic raid bosses also. My healing seems like it sucks. I see some paladins topping charts. How? I am missing a gem or enchant or two possibly. In raids should I focus more solely on the tank instead of trying to keep everyone alive ? I'm using grid & mouseover macros for everything that needs it. Can I get some tips, help, or holy pally advice by chance ? Thank youReignskream7 Aug 7
Aug 7 like my idea? Soooo, I have an idea for the next Warcraft expansion. It's called "Redemption" its when the goblins, the worgen, the trolls, and the blood elves all rebuild their home or build a new home, so EVERY race has a capital city. For example the goblins and worgens decide to build their new city in a new place in azeroth. And the trolls and gnomes also decide to build a new city. The blood elves however, rebuild silvermoon. You will still see wretched in the previous ruins, but there will be outrunners fighting them in endless duels (unless you help them). Heck there will even be silvermoon citizens, but they will be in their homes. If a wretched somehow finds a citizen, he/she will fight back to defend their children. So if you like my idea, leave that in the comments, and also leave how to suggest this to blizzard.Rennistus12 Aug 7
Aug 6 7.2 Paladin class mount.... It's literally nothing. Why can't we get something cool like the shamanLoomiess334 Aug 6
Aug 6 Monk Vs. Paladin I have my Brm and Paladin both at IL 910. I like both because they can do all 3 but for some reason I have an issue with BrM tanking vs Paladin Tanking. Can someone assist on which is more self sustaining if crap goes wrong in M+. Also, I have issues with Holy healing due to the lack of aoe which causes me to wipe in M+ while as a mist I am a best. Any tips on that end?Untouchable5 Aug 6
Aug 6 legion help? I would like to know if I could upgrade the silver hand to retribution because I went through soooooooooo much work to get it, and it has to be holy spec :(. Sometimes...blizzard is not fair. I could change my spec whenever I want, but I hate holy spec!! I want to take down demons in a flash! Retribution does so much damage...... And I want to know if anybody here is also high lord of the silver hand. I seem to be the only one in Draenor. PS. don't you all think the silver hand and other weapons should have a set to go with it, like the "silver hand set of armor"?Rennistus6 Aug 6
Aug 6 New Holy 4pc Item - Paladin T21 Holy 4P Bonus - Blessing of Sacrifice Reduction When a target with your Beacon of Light on them falls below 50% health, the cooldown of Blessing of Sacrifice is reduced by 20.0 sec. This can only occur once every 10 sec. NEW: Holy Shock has a 30% chance to increase the critical healing of your Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Light of Dawn by 100% for 10 sec. Doesn't seem bad at all. Better than it was before imo. Throughput increase and doesn't say "holy shock critical strikes" so even unlucky noncrit holy shocks can proc it.Taeldoriàn10 Aug 6
Aug 6 Holy Paladin Soooo healingon my Holy pally in bg's should I spam LOTM or Flash of lights and save the LOTM's for drastic moments ? I was once called a scrub for hard casting in a bg using Flash of Light as my main method of healing.Epikpro7 Aug 6
Aug 6 Pally PVP Hey guys, I've recently made a paladin and really want to do a lot of pvp with him when I'm higher lvl. I know ret paladins have low mobility but can they do good in pvp. Thanks for the help :)Sewain14 Aug 6
Aug 4 Raid Healing as Holy I've never posted in here but I have been playing for a long time, and I'm having a hard time finding real good data on healing as a Holy pally. I wanted to get some feedback from other Holy raid healers as I am the only one in my guild and circle of friends, so I figured I'd post here(first time ever...). From other(outdated) forum posts I have seen, no one else heals like me so I'd like some constructive criticism. I find that the heal that comes in first or second in most raid encounters is LOTM for me, and it competes with Light of Dawn... Now I look at this as sacrifice healing and I use the Ilterendi Ring and the Prydaz Neck to accomplish sac healing without really taking too much damage... The way I see it is, LOTM is instant, super cheap(I literally never run out of mana in raids), free when you have Prydaz on(most of the time), and its one of your most powerful heals. I admit to being turned off initially by a spell that does damage to me to heal someone else, but honestly, the damage is so negligible that I don't even pay attention to it anymore. The thing is, I don't see any other pallies really talking about this as a viable spell... but I have no issue with it, nor do I have issues with dying from sac healing. So I guess my question really is, what are your bread and butter heals(top 2 or 3) and what legends do you couple them with? I know there are far better Holy pallies out there, and I want their advice, thanks!Ironcladnuts14 Aug 4
Aug 4 Felclaws, will Holy Shield help? I'm not sure if Holy Shield, which I can get with our class ring the "Soul of the Highlord", will help reduce the damage. The talent it self says that our block chance is increased and we can block spells. Can we even block his attack ( Felclaws ), does it count as a spell since he casts it. Should I just go for the Shoulder Lego for lower CD on EoT, or will Soul help me put more? Thank youScylliana3 Aug 4
Aug 4 HUGE light nerf? Light of the protector tool tip now reads heals the target for 9% of missing health, wtf is this? Aug 4
Aug 3 trinkets/artefacts what ones should I go for to boost my dmgDarkhon1 Aug 3
Aug 3 How to deal with necrotic? This may come as a reaaaallly dumb question but i'm fairly new to M+ tanking and I was wondering if there's a better way to deal with necrotic stacks other than waiting after combat ends?Nairei4 Aug 3
Aug 3 Suggestion: Rename Holy Spec I can't be the first to think of this, but I wonder if Blizzard writers ever considered "Redemption" or "Absolution" for the name of the paladin healing spec. It'd better fit the theme set by "Retribution" and "Protection," differentiate from priest "Holy" spec better, and pushes the drama that's kind of in flavor for the class. When I'm playing my holy paladin alt and my head canon goes off, she describes herself as a "Hand of Redemption." Anyhoo, just a thought.Halowendy2 Aug 3
Aug 2 Which helm to use =( So, I mostly only do LFR, but I still want to use the best I can obtain. I have three pieces of the LFR tier that I use, I have the tier helm that I keep in my bags. I use Polished Felfury Helmet. Polished Felfury Helmet Item Level 900 Binds when picked up Head Plate 619 Armor +2,170 [Strength or Intellect] +3,255 Stamina +472 Critical Strike +1,180 Haste Durability 100 / 100 Requires Level 110 Sell Price: 44 84 98 Dropped by: Brutallus Radiant Lightbringer Crown Item Level 900 Binds when picked up Head Plate 619 Armor +2,170 [Strength or Intellect] +3,255 Stamina +543 Versatility +1,109 Mastery Durability 100 / 100 Classes: Paladin Requires Level 110 Radiant Lightbringer Armor (0/6) Radiant Lightbringer Breastplate Radiant Lightbringer Cape Radiant Lightbringer Gauntlets Radiant Lightbringer Crown Radiant Lightbringer Greaves Radiant Lightbringer Shoulderguards (2) Set (Holy): Reduces the cooldown of Light of Dawn by 2.0 sec. (2) Set (Protection): Judgment has a 30% chance to reset the cooldown of Avenger's Shield. (2) Set (Retribution): Judgment also increases the damage of Divine Hammer Divine Hammer Blade of Justice by 20% for 8 sec. (4) Set (Holy): For 5 sec after casting Light of Dawn, your healing spells will transfer an additional 40% to your Beacon of Light target. (4) Set (Protection): Enemies hit by Avenger's Shield deal 5% reduced damage to you for 10 sec. (4) Set (Retribution): Divine Hammer Divine Hammer Blade of Justice generates 1 additional Holy Power. I would gain my four piece if I swapped helms, but would it be worth it?Aerindae3 Aug 2
Aug 2 They're ditching Retribution damage buff The latest PTR notes are up and it looks like they're finally getting rid of the damage buff on the Retribution Passive. In lieu they're giving us a flat 13% buff. There are plenty of other changes as well, but I found this to be the most interesting as it will finally allow them to balance us around actual performance rather than scrubs dying to mechanics. From mmo-champion: Retribution Paladin Increases damage/healing of Blade of Justice, Consecration, Crusader Strike, Eye for an Eye, Judgment, Justicar's Vengeance, Wake of Ashes, Zeal by 27% 0%. Increases periodic damage/healing of Execution Sentence and Wake of Ashes by 27% 0%. Increases damage/healing of Flash of Light by 42%. Increases power cost of Flash of Light by 22%. Increases damage/healing of Crusader Strike and Judgment by 13% 44%. Increases damage/healing of Consecration by 100%. Paladin - Retribution Spec. 13%. Paladin - Retribution Spec.Eladin7 Aug 2
Aug 2 Need some champion advice on my 110 Pally Got my Pally to 110 quickly and took a break to level up other toons. Came back to my 110 Pally and noticed I still only have the original 2 champions and cannot figure out how I missed the other champions. Any advice on what quests or quest lines to get the next few champions would be appreciated. Thanks in advanceJesirix1 Aug 2
Aug 2 Ret DPS post buff Mythic overall: Mythic Maiden (ST): Mythic Mistress (AoE): As many of us argued, the buff was far too little.Carmageddon8 Aug 2
Aug 2 Brand new 100, help with Holy Paladin? Hello Everyone! As the title says, i just hit level 100 (a few hours ago, actually) and am now looking toward healing at max level PvE. I healed all of WotLK, but that was the last time i ever touched a holy paladin, actually World of Warcraft in general. As you all already know, the game has changed a lot since wrath days, and i'm pretty empty handed when it comes to knowledge, specifically healing as a holy paladin endgame. So if ya'll could give me some good advice to help me out that'd be great! Some of the specific questions I would like answered/addressed are: -What kind of key binds are you people using to heal? -What raid frames do most people use? Is Grid+Clique still a thing? (what i used in Wrath) -Where should I start? I noticed a solo-arena looking thing my class trainer can put me in, maybe that would help give me some experience healing? -Besides your raid frame add ons, what add ons are a key element to your healing as a paladin? I've probably forgotten some good questions to ask, so if anyone has something useful to add it would be much appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance and happy healing! ~ChestypullerChestypuller7 Aug 2
Aug 2 How does ret deal with movement fights? I'm elemental shaman, the spec that suffers the most from high movement encounters. I've never played a melee spec, so i'm not sure how they deal in general with movement or how ret in particular handles movementTzhary7 Aug 2
Aug 1 Anything I should know... For healing as a holy paladin? Is it any different than holy priest? (my main) Is there anything I (a newbie) should know?Kerold5 Aug 1
Aug 1 Ret loot specialization I am having a serious problem getting any haste gear. Every single drop I get is mastery heavy and it is utter rubbish. So my question is, what loot specialization do you all use to get some good haste gear?? Or maybe I am just looking in the wrong spots. Where can I get some good haste gear!?Crusadens2 Aug 1
Aug 1 Ret improvements that i would like to see WHo else hate this colussus smash thing for ret? or oue mastery? - so they should bring back WoD mastery. - Replace Holy wrath with seraphin - Make Divine Porpuse baseline and replace that talent slot with Zealotry or - something else. - Make Zeal Baseline and replace it with Final Veredict - Bring back Zeals!! (blood for single target and comand for AoE like WotlK)Lhyna32 Aug 1
Aug 1 Hpal iLvl vs. Crit discussion As my item level goes up and crit chance goes down with each upgrade, what is the minimum crit rating I should try to maintain for mid-hardcore raiding? If I have a 30 item level upgrade, but I lose 2000 crit rating and will dip below 30% crit, which is more valuable? Tl;Dr - how much crit does hpal NEED in mid-hardcore raidingOmníslash9 Aug 1
Aug 1 Which expansion was the best design For Retribution. In your opinion From Vanilla to WOD?Truerenegade37 Aug 1
Aug 1 bring back the old mastery! So am i the only one that wants the old mastery back or?Throgaan9 Aug 1
Aug 1 Best place to farm Holy Hidden Appearance? I've been farming a total of (currently) 13 hours of demon killing at the Soul Forge in Azsuna. I still have yet to see it drop. Is there a better place to farm this, because this is reaching the levels of ridiculous?Maizou7 Aug 1
Jul 31 Shield of Vengeance In pvp SoV only absorbs like 230k for me I feel as it's to low for a 1min+ CD. For a class that has very little mobility shouldn't our DCD's make up for it? Outside of Bubble rets flop over like a sack of potatoes and SoV being out only other DCD against magic and physical attacks shouldn't it absorb more? Just my thoughts on our supposive strong survivability.Zànios3 Jul 31
Jul 31 It has come to this... I'm sick of sitting at my computer, watching my Pally hover in WPL, waiting for the slime to spawn. I've logged into my desktop from my phone using Chrome Remote Desktop, keeping an eye on things, while I sit on my couch watching TV. Curse you and your crappy design Blizzard.Sungamnori20 Jul 31
Jul 31 Question about Legendaries Hey all, It's been about 3 weeks since my last legendary drop. I'm really gunning for Chain of Thrayn, but I was wondering if swapping to Holy and getting the Nethershard belt items was a good way to aim for that. Is Chain in the Holy Loot Table?Rhodopsin2 Jul 31
Jul 31 Divine Steed idea Hi Blizz Just was wanting to know if we could get a glyph for Divine Steed that changed it to a wheel chair. Would seem the fitting thing to do, and would help represent the disabled in wow. RegardsMalakin5 Jul 31
Jul 30 Anyone need vile slime? ok dead nvmEdgyasfel0 Jul 30
Jul 30 can Holy paladins heal monk tanks? Had a holy pally tell me cant heal monk tanks well cause they only take dot damage and he has only direct heals and no hots or absorbs.Rubmykeg4 Jul 30
Jul 30 CD Usage (Holy) Hey friends - I feel like my CD usage is a little clunky right now, and the articles and guides I'm reading aren't satisfying my curiosities. Would welcome your thoughts/theories/math... 1) Tyr's Deliverance/Holy Avenger: I've been told to use Tyr's Deliverance with Holy Avenger. Makes sense, if you're spamming Flash of Light on affected targets. However, since I'm running Crusader's Might, I'd rather save HA for another situation, so I can take advantage of the additional healing it gives to Holy Shock and use the extra haste to mix in more Crusader's Strikes to get more Holy Shocks in. If we just spam FoL during TD&HA, we're getting the FoL buff, but we're wasting the HS buff. So shouldn't we be separating these two CD's? 2) Tyr's Deliverance by itself: A general rule of thumb I've also heard is to not overlap healing CD's to avoid overhealing in some moments, then underhealing in others. However, because of how weak TD is, I have a hard time even using it "when I need it" because it doesn't even help that much. I'd barely even consider it a cool down (Maybe a 1/2 CD?). So maybe this is better with another CD? But for reasons above, I think I want it separate from HA. Then should I add it to Aura of Sacrifice - Aura Mastery (that's what I prefer to run)? Or still use it by itself? 3) Velen's Trinket: I tend to macro this with wings because my holy shock crits with wings almost always over heal because they're so powerful, so I see it as the best CD for the overflow. Then as a backup, I attach it to HA for the same reasons, on macro, since it's a shorter CD then wings. Do you guys macro it in to CD's? Should I macro it into another CD to be more effective? Or should I keep it separate? And if so, under what situations do you recommend using by itself? Bonus, sidebar question: I've been in some pug raids recently, and when enough bad players stand in bad mechanics, and I'm above 75% health, I tend to get wombo combo'd, and tend to either almost die or totally die on more than one occasion, and it not being my fault. I'm wondering if the passive from Aura of Sacrifice isn't worth the Aura Mastery buff for the risk of dying from other's mistakes. I've heard other Holy Pallies say this hasn't happened much to them, but I'm finding it happen more than I'm comfortable with. Thoughts? Thank you all of the support you offer. While I don't post often, I read often, and all of your contributions have added to the effectiveness and fun I enjoy as a Paladin. (/salute)Melkiah8 Jul 30
Jul 29 Name of set What is the name of the set that looks metallic light blue, like a knight, with wings on the helmet, and a black visor?Chrouno7 Jul 29
Jul 29 Vengeance Aura fail list Hi. I want to use this thread to keep track of all of the "FULL LOSS OF CONTROL" effects that don't trigger the pvp talent Vengeance Aura contrary to the wording of the ability. Anyone is welcome to add to this list. I will start. List of things that don't trigger vengeance aura (but probably should): -Intimidating Shout (Warrior fear)Rowtron2 Jul 29
Jul 29 935 heroic titanforge vs an LFR 885 T21 Hello all you lovely paladins out there. I have a question that could use some answering. So tonight, I downed Heroic Hartajen and ended up getting the chest peice off him, which upgraded to 935 but on Tuesday, I ended up getting out of LFR 885 tier chest. Both have haste on them, where as the chest I am wearing now has crit and the t21 chest only has mastery on it. So, the question is this-- Do I keep using the t21 and hope for my 4 pc, or stick with the higher ilvl and a little bit of extra haste and a ton of crit? For reference, my crit is at 17% Haste 22% Mastery 21% and Verse at 18% Prot pallyTymgunn2 Jul 29