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2h Elemental- BFA Gripes and Suggestions 1. Losing Gust of Wind This sucks... something about mage class fantasy, OP in pvp, ok no problem. This ability, however, always reminded me of the air totem quest in 1kneedles where you make a leap of faith but the "air" bring you back up to where you jumped from- GoW was like taking a bit of that quest with me. Suggestion: Give it back as baseline, increase CD, add a cast time, AND either make it castable while moving or make it instant while not in combat. This way it feels a bit different, requires more planning to use in pvp, and can still be used for traversing the world and jumping off big things. 2. Flame Shock I'm fine with having it on a cd and agree with the reasoning. I didn't mind when all 3 shocks shared a 6sec cd. What i don't like is that it's duration is lower than it used to be and it feels very upkeepy to keep it rolling. Also, you have to refresh it during ascendance which does not feel good. Suggestion: Increase the duration a bit, maybe another 6-8 seconds. 3. Maelstrom Generation Seems too slow and too random all at the same time. I don't mind random if the randomness ranges from low to high but right now maelstrom generation is mostly slow, sometimes abysmal, and sometimes ok- it doesn't ever reach that happy exciting place. Additionally, I dont like that earth shock has a static cost now. I don't feel like i'm building up to casting earth shock but, rather, than i'm waiting for it to come off cooldown but the cd timer is very inaccurate. Suggestion: I'd say increase the normal maelstrom generation of each spell by 1 to make generation feel better. Also make earth shock like it was, scale up based on maelstrom spent- you can hit an 80 maelstrom ES and think it was maelstrom well spent or you could hit that sweet 98 maelstrom ES and know you did near max damage with 0 waste. 4. Talent Synergy I'm not sure if they did a great job or a terrible job on arranging the talents because the choices i would most love to take together are on the same tier. There are a lot of talents that seem like they would have good synergy but, at the same time, it seems like your early choices will either railroad you into lightning bolt builds or steering you away from lightning talents and dictate your final talent. 5. Other changes I actually love a lot of the changes and can live with the ones i don't like. I LOVE the new primal elementalist abilities and will probably take that talent for the sheer utility of it. I love lightning bolt and will certainly be playing a build that emphasizes it. I also really dig earth shield and spirit wolf talents and i'm happy that i'm finally free to take wind rush totem.Gobbheavy0 2h
2h Give us class fantasy back We need totems back. Totems have always been the core of the Shaman class, up until recently. Even Hearthstone, totems are core to the shaman, but for some reason we've been stripped of our identity.Yoomers3 2h
3h Elemental Shaman Fundamental Issues BFA Beta Lavallama touched on some of these issues in another post. And a special thanks to Raden, a friend of mine that helped write this post. So I know this thread has a lot of constructive criticism in it but I do want to point out that we do like some of the changes. Coming into BFA we do appreciate the changes in our survivability and self preservation as a spec. Allowing us to be viable in high end mythic + content. Flame Shock Duration and Cooldown Issues: * The duration of Flame Shock doesn't compliment the duration of the ascendance buff. * Duration is almost impossible to keep up on 3 targets * Target switching is a pain like in Warlords. * Cant use it anymore as an "on the move" spell. * Makes PvP priority target switching even worse than PVE and the debuff can just be dispelled in PVP with no reproccusion Possible Solutions: * Have a interaction with lava surge LvB casts to have a Path of Flame Mechanic to spread flameshock. * Lower CD by 50%, Duration of Flame shock isn't as bad of an issue. * Have a reprocussion for Flame Shock Dispells in pvp. * Have 2 Stacks of FLame Shock | Maybe even have a simliar interaction to reset the CD of Flameshock like Lava Surge. Maelstrom Generation Issues Issues: * Forcing Cookie Cutter Build to fill the void of mealstrom gap with such talents: Echo of the Elements, Aftershock, Storm Elemental/High Voltage (If high voltage isn't bugged), Primal Elementalist cus (Icefury isn't worth the maelstrom cost of FrostShocks), Storm Keeper (To eliminate AOE build up). * Chain Lightning Generating low maelstrom, having to cast 4-6 times before earthquake can be casted. * Earthquake Costs too much maelstrom, causing 3 target situations to continue using Earthshock instead. Possible Solutions: * Increase Maelstrom generated by Chainlightning to eliminate slow build up for aoe. * Increase Maelstrom generation scaling from elemental overloads thus not overpowering Mastery proc chance. * Reduce cost of Earthquake to 50 so we can cast twice at full maelstrom. Eliminating aoe buildup. Start of Expansion and Late Expansion Scaling * Elemental Scaling has been an issue and a reputation with the class, we would prefer to be adjusted later in the expansion when the gear comes in then to start out weak and unviable in high end content for the first raid tier. Mobility issues Coming from Legion Issues: * Gust of wind Removed leaving us with low combat mobility and a sour taste in our mouths. And nothing in return for the removal of the talent. * We have no spells to use while moving aside from instant cast spells, though they are either gated behind maelstrom costs or long CD's. Outside of RNG with lava surge procs we don't have the "stutter step capabilities" like other casters do. Possible Solutions: * Gust of Wind was a "baseline talent" in which it was so good that we took it in almost every situation. So making it baseline would be preffered. Other casters have at least 2 mobility spells while we are stuck with ghost wolf. * Allow Lightning Bolt to be castable while moving, or give us back Spirit Walkers grace as a baseline ability. We know that numbers adjustments are still to come and we know that elemental still has some bugs to fix but we hope that these points will help or the existence of the said issues are already known.Barokoshama41 3h
6h Bring back totems! A shaman's core mechanic should be based around totems again. They're a major factor in choosing a race for playing a shaman. Currently resto pretty much just uses water totems, ele sometimes has totems if you take the talent. This could also be a way to make shamans a bit more unique and provide more utility to a group. Bring back the totem management and summoning a sets of totems based on the requirements of the encounter. Did anyone like this mechanic? and want to see it re-imagined into the current state of the game?Dairu11 6h
7h Are shamans so bad? I'm back to WoW after a few years \o/ I need a new class for restart. Shamans for me: - Nice lore - Nice specs (in theory) (m/r dps, healer) - elements are so cool :) But i see alot of people saying ''worst class ever, blizz doesn't care, low popularity..." most than other classes. Is really bad? Considering competitive pvp or mythic mode...Allasa23 7h
16h Elemental better in bfa now? Friend was telling me earth shock hits like a truck now and had been improving, but I can't really find any info on this myself and no one is talking about it in the beta forum atm. Can anyone confirm?Jackofdemons4 16h
17h Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss498 17h
17h Male Tauren lightning bolt animation The chain lightning and and the bolt appears to generate from both its hand and the awkwardly leaves from the taurens right hand when its almost back at the hip. Is this a bug? or intended? Looks so awkward.Alurie1 17h
17h Shaman Bfa Ascendance. I love shaman and I've played it a really long time, since vanilla. I was sitting in beta looking at my talents and it dawned on me how great ascendance is and how most of the time I never take it as elemental and even less as enhancement. Its a really good concept for the class. What about baking Ascendance into the core mechanic of the class. Just a big cd we can pop every 3mins and taking the talent and switching it up to act more like the legendary gloves Smoldering Heart and then tune the numbers on both the ability and talent. Just wanna edit my post abit here: I think the change would beef up our last talent row. Give Enhancement with the CD and talent a bit more flex in movement fights. Elemental it gives us the option for slinging meatballs again or you can try the sparkly fingers build with unlimited power or go aoe with storm keeper. Resto it just follows the same suit as the rest.Hoodwinks8 17h
21h At least, Enhance has the earth elemental.. Without it, any quest that requires killing an elite or any end-series boss would be impossible to solo given our DPS and squishiness..Fugubar9 21h
23h BFA Earthquake Hi everyone! So, I feel the new Earthquake needs a little more attention. 75 maelstrom is pretty expensive and earthquake is one of shaman's most iconic moves. This spell can be SO much more fun. It would be hard to make it move and follow targets, because that means you have a movable damage meter capable of following players in pvp. How about making it about 4 CL casts (3 targets) worth of maelstrom and giving it these effects: -----a cast time (give it one of the huge "im pulling from the earth both hand" cast animations) -----a channel doing CL damage to everyone in radius (can overload) have 3 ignition effects (where the button lights up and you have to press it), this will activate a stun, if you miss it you don't get the stun. -----if you get all three stuns the last tick of damage overloads on everyone in radius. (overloads are diplayed by lightening) it needs to do enough damage where it compensates for no CL spam with the earthquake. You have your brand new legion animations for it being used again. You have a button that feels like its worth decent maelstrom. Not sure of the channel time, but have the cast animation the whole time). Now THAT is a fun spell to press! You still have your sith lord CL spam for maelstrom, but now you can play a mini-game with earthquake as well every other pull or something like that. Thoughts?Stubbedtotem2 23h
1d Bfa ele pvp is... Unplayable, monotonous, dismal, slow-paced, a shell of its former self, chore of a spec. You generate maelstrom so slow its brain numbing. Remember all that fun you had using gust of wind to make plays? Remember how you actually got to be involved in the game? Remember how ele shamans could actually compete in 2s? Well your enjoyment comes at the cost of some 12 year old who thinks that makes his mage with 8 blinks feel less unique :( Earthquakes (which you never get to use because no maelstrom) are boring without seismic lightning and cost way too much resource. Icefury can't use it no maelstrom to afford frost shock Earthfury stun, might as well be gone, no maelstrom. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME USE LIGHTNING BOLT I'd offer you really well thought out, intelligent suggestions on how you can improve the spec in a balanced way, but you'd just ignore them @community manager whoever you areAitex20 1d
1d BFA Earthquake change Everybody knows the new earthquake is dog. So here's my dream scenario of what I want from the ability. Costs 35 maelstrom initially and drains 3 maelstrom per second. And it stays active in the area until you toggle it off. The numbers 35 and 3 can be tweaked for balance. The goal being something you can realistically put down for a medium-long amount of time. I think this is fair since you would only be able to put down one quake at a time with this change. Similar to fury of air Extremely early on in alpha there existed a talent called seismic armor. I propose reintroducing the talent as "Seismic Warrior" Seismic Warrior would grant your earthquakes the seismic lightning effect from legion and make you take 10% reduced dmg from enemies within your earthquake.Aitex10 1d
1d Why Is Enhancement So Squishy? I love enhancement, but it's almost unplayable in progression. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I feel way too squishy. I'm dying way more than I did with rogue, demon hunter, or feral and those are leather classes. Is this just how it is, or is there some strategy to not dying?Vaccinathan2 1d
1d Not worth coming back to enh for BFA right? Struggling to decide between this guy, my Hunter or my Old enhance main to push for BFA. I really enjoy the aesthetic of shaman and the theme but reading the beta forums it seems like I should probably avoid it if I'm not attached to it? I haven't mained my sham since start of xpac so I don't mind not coming back if it's not worth it. Thoughts? Should I just stick with DH or MM Hunter instead?Boogiloo17 1d
1d master of the four elements? If I'm the shaman of air, fire, water and earth. why can't I fly? what about even move faster along the ground with earth sliding. swift swim? rocket my way up with fire?Edinia1 1d
2d Fixes this week? Comment below if you think they're coming. I'm being positive and going with the side of changesÖrcshaman2 2d
2d What Expansion you enjoyed Enhance most? Mine is PandariaPröblems37 2d
2d Help a newbie to know shaman hi guys I'm really new in mmos in general and completely new in wow at all, i've been playing elemental shaman to level up in normalg game quests and changing to ress when I want to do some dungeons, and i'm enjoying it untill now, but sometimes i fell like i'm not doing everything entirely right, could you give some help please, like what to do? what are the combos? somethings you wish you knew when you started playing shamanGustagay3 2d
3d help me out plz! which alliance race feels like the best fit to you guys for a shaman? just from a glance none of them really seem to scream shaman like the orcs and trolls do on the horde.Darius6 3d
3d Elemental PvP Advice Current Patch 7.3.5 Looking for some Elemental Shaman advice on a specific set of issues, so, thanks in advance... With PvP in mind, World or BG: 1) Am I supposed to burst off of Icefury Shock Charges? 2) Do I take Elemental Blast? 3) Do I run and frost shock to kite or is there another method? 4) Am I supposed to try to cap Maelstrom at all times in order to stun with earth shock, or am I free to spam shocks for slows and spreading rot through flame shock?Skrall4 3d
3d How About Open World 5 Minute Exhaustion? Obviously, I'm far from an accomplished Shaman but one change that would be incredibly welcome for BFA would be giving Shaman a 5-minute exhaustion just for open world content. It could remain 10-minutes like everyone else for Dungeon/Raid/Arena/BG content, but considering that BL/Hero are on a 5-minute cooldown it would be a nice to be able to use the skill whenever it is up in the open world. I realize this doesn't change any of the broader design issues that weren't addressed in the beta, but it would be a very nice semi-QoL type of change!Kvaldun0 3d
3d Enhancement in BGs Hey all, looking for some advice here. I have been trying out my enhance shaman in bgs and this spec honestly just feels like a cluttered mess to me. It seems like I have to spend 15 globals just to get my damage properly set up and rolling (for example: landslide, flametongue, windfury totem, BL, earthen spike, wolves, crash lightning etc etc) while other classes two shot me with a few abilities before i can even get a few of these buffs up. Am i doing something drastically wrong here or? I absolutely love the idea of an enhancement shaman class fantasy so it's really disheartening that the game play feels so clunky to me. Thanks in advance. Talents I have been trying are 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3Alerzhul6 3d
3d Wf underwhelming Why is windfury graphic so meh and my trinket proc ( golganneth's vitality) Tornado so cool looking. Blizz please buff WF graphic.Joanis0 3d
3d Classic WoW Question pertaining to Windfury My fondest memories of vanilla was when Windfury proc'd and a waterfall of damage numbers showered by screen But WF's proc chance and second hit chance was Nerf'd at some point IIRC. Does anyone know if 1.12 is before or after the WF Nerf.Huffette7 3d
3d How are Enhancement doing in BGs? How do they contribute to fights? Enhancement seems to be the most interesting spec to me, but I want to find ways to utilize the spec to its full potential. What niche do Enhancement fill in that Warriors, Demon Hunter, and other melees can't do?Feelzbrah2 3d
3d Enhance WeakAura help Can someone help me set up some weakauras to track things like, say, Flametongue? Last time I did this I just got a set off the internet that worked pretty well, having no luck doing that this time and this addon seems very confusing. I can make the icon come up when the duration is under a certain amount, but I want it to show the duration counting down on the icon and tell me when I don't have the buff at all and have no idea how to do that.Newoopee3 3d
3d Maining Enhance for BFA? TL;DR at the bottom! I've never had a shaman higher than level 35 before. Always been interested in a "battlemage" style of character but never really found it in this game compared to others. I normally have a hard time giving up stealth in some form, but from what I've seen of Enhance it looks pretty cool. Tried it for a little bit in Beta and noticed that they seem to have some good stuff going for them. Tremor totem, Earth Shield, Cap totem baseline, Hex, Sundering for a potential incap all seem like cool team utility that is further enhanced in pvp by having access to Skyfury totem, grounding totem and things like that. Also looks like Shamans have a kinda sorta cheat death mechanic in Nature's Guardian. It seems like a lot of people are complaining and saying the class is doomed in BFA, but tbh that seems like every class forums currently and since I haven't played max level enhance in legion I really can't tell myself, but it feels fun and the rotation feels nice and fluid which is a bonus compared to a lot of other classes I've tested on Beta. I was really thinking about maining hunter, but MM just feels sooo bad and SV feels pretty cool but doesn't mesh with itself like Enhance or Sub seems to do. TL;DR: What do you guys really think about Enhance for someone who has never played it, wants to be useful in PvE with some cool utility, and mess around in bgs.Severest13 3d
3d Shaman Needs. I am really disappointed in the direction all 3 specs have taken. Here are some things I would think brings Shaman specs back into the realm of possibility. At the moment I have no plans on continuing to play shaman in BFA and I wish that wasn't the case :( For all 3 specs, Spirit Wolf Talent is not acceptable. This is a movement ability not a defensive. We are masters of the elements and should be able to raise an earthen shield to protect ourselves. At this point I admit you probably won't give us any other defensives worth while so let's just make Spirit Wolf - Gain 15% DR after 1 seconds and keep this DR for 1 second after leaving ghost wolf or just a flat % DR while in ghost wolf. I'm fine keeping the ramp up speed increase as is. Update our shield appearances. Lightning shield and Earth Shield need to look spiffy! Make Earth Shield Baseline. Change the Earth Shield Talent to increase it's effectiveness. At least for enhancement and resto shamans! Enhancement - Stormstrike is not physical damage. Fire whoever made this change. Get rid of the RNG Spirits and give us back doom winds. Elemental - I'm fine with losing Gust of Wind. However I think Elemental needs Spiritwalker's Grace in return at least. Also, drop the cost of Earthquake back to 50 maelstrom cost. Replace the earth shield talent on elemental with Earthgrab Totem. Being an elemental shaman they shouldn't get an enhanced earth shield like resto or enhancement. Resto - Chain Heal/Healing Rain needs to be changed fundamentally and Deluge/High Tide need to be reworked. These are only used in stacked fight raid situations and severely damage the resto shaman playstyle in all other content. Devolving us to just casting Riptide/Healing Wave/Surge. Remove chain heals dependence on healing rain. Here's what I suggest. Deluge - Changes Healing Rain into passive 40 yard radius that follows the shaman and heals for a minuscule amount a'la aura of mercy. Or doubles the size of Healing Rain. Or Makes healing rain insta-cast. If you can't tell I hate healing rain current state. Going up against Echo of the Elements + Earth Shield this talent has to be extreme or it will NEVER be taken. High Tide - Current state + increases bounce distance of chain heal to 15yds from 12.5yds. Then just give chain heal a small % increase to compensate for not having +20% on deluge anymore. Make it so we want to weave in chain heals to break the monotony of Riptide/Wave/Surge in all content outside of raids. I don't want to be OP. I just want my class to be fun and viable. Please feel free to add to anything I've said here. Thanks :)Ripples1 3d
3d Dull Enhancement Spec in BfA This post is for people who know about enhancement. The topic is about how bad and boring Enhancement will be in Battle for Azeroth in comparison with Legion. 1- No Burst The real good point in Enhancement is the single target damage and the good switch-target they have. This is basically due to the Doom Winds Artifact ability, which primarily function is to guarantee some Stormstrike and Windfury into the new target. Feral Spirits are also a burst cooldown but even there is very low dmg overall for such a long cooldown, considering that currently that ability is boosted with a golden trait in the Doomhammer. Also, it's an ability with no interaction with your rotation or gameplay. Even in PvP, Enhancement will lose its primary source of damage with the lose of Doom Winds. Without that, you are pure RNG damage output. 2- Specific PvP Totem gone. We all know that your only choice in totems for PvP is the Windfury Totem. Maybe sometime agains heavy melee comps you can go with Counterstrike Totem. In the last build, that is gone. Counterstrike is a defensive totem most of the time and Skyfury Totem gives almost no benefit to Enhancement because our critical strike rating is never above 20%. 3- Weak AoE. Enhancement has weaker Aoe than most of other classes. This is having in mind the Alpha Wolf trait in that makes the Feral spirits attack in AoE. If Enhancement AoE is weak now, in Battle for Azeroth will be weaker. Keep in mind that AoE is very important for high levels of Mythic+ and Enhancement is losing a big chunk of it. Conclusion: This means that in PvP, you dont have your Doom Winds ability for burst, and neither you will have your totem for dps. In simple, you are just hitting in base of RNG Stromstrike procs with no way of align cooldowns or burst to get kills. In PvE, this means your strong single-target burst damage is gone, which used to be your mojo in raid progression. Also, your AoE is weaker than before. So, no good single target and no good multi target. What we bring to the table? A full RNG spec with high variance in damage output, with no priority burst and poor multitarget damage. Add to that the flimsy nature of Enhancement. - Astral Shift no longer heals you over time. - The new defensive talent has a 4 sec ramp up time to get 20% damage reduction. That also means you lose 4 sec of damage. That has to be addressed, because no one wants that Enhancement become the new Demonology/Survival in the new expansion. Regards.Krenna21 3d
4d Are shamans... Any good in BFA I really wanted to main either enhancement or restoration shaman but in the forums I see a lot of people saying the're going to quit shaman because the're bad. I don't know what to do, on one hand I want to pick a different class for better dps, on the other I want to stay on my shaman and level him up for BFA because I just find enhancement and restoration so much fun. I don't care for elemental that much because I hear it's going to be REALLY bad in BFA but i don't really know why? Anyway thanks for the help in advance :)Calerin15 4d
4d Enhancement PvP Montage Hey All, So I put this montage together of me and my daughter doing Arena 2v2s (first player down), me on Enhancement and she on Holy Priest. I see a lot of damage potential, once geared and Enhancement Shaman is way to much fun. Video was captured in 4K and music is trance/dubstep taken from Beatport. Youtube - Warcraft Movies - Another video with my daughter player her Enhancement Shaman and me on Resto Druid Youtube - Enjoy!!!Kayumi6 4d
4d Pack it up boys, we're SOL... .The team doesn't want to make major changes that won't have time for feedback this close to release. .The focus needs to shift to basic balance and tuning changes for launch. .Feel, pacing, complexity and other rotation feedback is ongoing, but soon the target will shift to changes being put in Patch 8.1. .Enhancement Shaman, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest have been talked about recently. .It's frustrating, but any more major changes will probably have to wait for a patch.Dithus22 4d
4d Give us Shaman tanks please ***This is a game suggestion and I am not sure if this is the right forum for this post. The only 2 forums I could find that made sense to me for this post were Class: Shaman and General Discussion.*** We do not have a mail or a cloth tank as of yet, but we have plate and leather tanks. I think a mail tank makes perfect sense. I also know that creating a whole new class is a lot harder than modifying an already existing class. Please give shamans a 4th tree, tank spec, so they can be all 4 roles just like druids. Have them use a single 2-handed weapon (i.e. 2-handed axes / maces which they can already wear). -----Possibly give them the ability to main hand a 2-hander and to still wear a shield? This may be a bit much though. Give their tank spec get a boost to the damage reduction of rockbiter weapon which already ups threat generation by 30% and reduces damage taken by 5%, probably upwards of a 15% reduction? -----Or, do not modify Rockbiter Weapon, instead give them another self buff which applies stone over their armor increasing their damage reduction to use in conjunction with rockbiter weapon. Possibly give them a talent that allows them to combine rockbiter and windfury (sandstorm weapon) or some name. Possibly let them have access to Thunder Storm but have their version suck enemies in rather than knockback.Restomagus12 4d
5d The time is nigh Reddit post about methods enhance sham leaving as well. Beta class forum is starting to erupt. Looks like we need to get out our pitchforks. We all in?Örcshaman9 5d
5d what buffs will elemental bring in bfa? Im wondering what buffs will a shaman bring to the party now that mages have ai back. i hear i may lose gust of wind as well because its like a mages blink, but they still keep our lust?Kagethunder14 5d
6d Elemental vs. Enhancement For years, since I created this character (back in Wrath) the only two specs I played her on were Elemental and Restoration. It wasn't until this expansion I tried out Enhancement. Why did I do it? Well, I found that leveling as an elemental was a pain in the butt. It wasn't difficult per say, but mobs interrupting my casting made burning them down take longer than it should have. So, to try out something different (and to see if it was fun), I went Enhancement. I should have tried it out long ago. It's easy to pick up, the cds are pretty fast, and I don't get interrupted. On top of that, wielding a pair of axes is pretty gnarly. So, which brings me up to a bit of a dilemma: Which spec is best for raiding? I'll always have my healing to fall back on, but when it comes to getting the most out of my shaman as a dps, it seems as though Enhancement may give me more bang for my buck. I'll always have fun playing Elemental, but I've noticed the rise in dps as I gear up seems to grow faster as an Enhance as opposed to Elemental. I do intend to look into this further (kinda silly, given two months are left of the expansion), but I would appreciate thoughts from other shaman players who have already gone through the growing pains. Thank you in advance!Draccaria4 6d
6d Blizz Should Consider Giving Enh/Ele SLT I know this sounds weird, but hear me out on this. Historically shamans have been the closest thing to a support class in the game with things like windfury totem, mana tide, and insane off healing. However, ele/enh shamans have lost all of that and now provide very little utility (if you already have a bl class then basically none) to raids. Restoration on the other hand, was brought by all high level guilds for EVERY boss in Legion, because on top of having LITERALLY ALL of ele/enh's utility, they also have Spirit Link and Anc Totem. This has 2 effects: 1) It restricts the healing spots by requiring a resto shaman. 2) Because there is already a guaranteed resto shaman, enh/ele's already limited utility is further devalued. On top of this, Blizzard has already stated that they are looking to make utility more class-based rather than spec-based in BFA, and SLT sticks out as going against this. I know some people consider SLT a healing cd since it has been restricted to resto, but with the removal of the resto artifact it doesn't do any healing. I think its effect is much more similar to warriors' rallying cry and demon hunters' darkness, which are both already given to dps secs. Giving enh/ele Spirit Link would help bring back some of their initial class fantasy of being a supportive dps and give them actual useful raid utility. It would also allowing higher-end guilds more flexibility with their healing spots, as SLT wouldn't be strictly limited to the healing role. I think resto would still be powerful since it would still have things like Anc totem, cloud burst, etc... Thoughts?Cloudÿ1 6d
Jun 13 BiS Legendary Hey all, what viable site gives you which legendary is the BiS?Grangar0 Jun 13
Jun 13 Hot Hand in BfA I know we just entered Beta but how is the Hot Hand talent looking so far? Lava Lash costs more maelstrom and deals more damage which should make Hot Hand procs much more valuable. Does it stack up well against Lightning Shield?Shocknorris5 Jun 13
Jun 13 Overcharge talent When you take the overcharge talent it should change the LB animation to the old stormblast animation from mop asecndance. ThoughtsSyraak4 Jun 13
Jun 12 Finding love for the shaman Okay guys, this will seem weird from a 110 shaman, but. I got every class to 110 during Legion and finished all the campaigns and class mounts, because I was a completionist, but shaman is one of my least-favorite classes to play. Maybe shaman's just not for me, but I wonder if I'm missing something great about the class. Here's how I feel: If I play Elemental, I think "why don't I play a mage or a warlock instead." Yes, I can self-heal, but the rotation feels very slow and immobile (I play Arcane and Affliction on those classes). If I play Enhancement, I think "why don't I play Frost DK, or Fury, or Ret instead". Those have pretty good sustain and feel much more durable. And of course, they can switch to tank specs too. Or a rogue, where I can't tank but stealth gets one past a lot of mobs. I don't enjoy healing much, so Resto is out, but that doesn't prevent me enjoying the DPS specs on most healing classes. The big thing I felt like Shaman brought to the table years ago -- totem utility -- has been pruned so much. Is there something I'm missing, some way of thinking of the character or approach to playing the DPS specs, which might invigorate the class for me? Or am I just not a shaman and that's okay? :)Iskaya2 Jun 12
Jun 12 should i use hailstorm with my legendaries? Im currently using smouldering heart and eye of the twisting nether. should i be using hailstorm to get the frost buff? Edit: found my answer also, is EOTN that much higher of a dps upgrade over SOTF? I kind of enjoy SOTF playstyle moreWindrar0 Jun 12
Jun 12 Ghost Wolf/Spirit Walk macro I was looking through my macros and thought I'd share this useful one. Press key once for GW, and again for Spirit Walk speed boost. /cast [noform] Ghost Wolf; Spirit WalkFugubar0 Jun 12
Jun 11 all Enh abilities 20 yd range Rockbiter, Flametongue, and Frostbrand all have 15 yd range on live, which is becoming 20 yd range on BfA. I think it would be cool if Enh shamans had lava lash, stormstrike, and crash lightning on 20 yd range aswell. It would be really cool and interesting to play a ranged melee spec and help shamans with surviabilityJerlbays12 Jun 11
Jun 11 Earthbind Totem Macro Hello, I am on my resto shaman today and I am trying to make a macro for earthbind totem. The macro I am using is #showtooltip Earthbind Totem /cast [@cursor] Earthbind Totem Now this macro works for every other totem that I have without any problems, but for some reason when I use this macro with the Earthbind Totem it keeps telling me that I have no target. In the description of the spell, it says to place the totem in the target location, so in theory the @cursor should be placing it down automatically without me having to double click, just like the rest of the totems do and all my other spells that I have @cursor macro'd into. Can anyone provide me with some feedback as to what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!Shamrockg3 Jun 11
Jun 11 Ele Tier 90 ideas Hello fellow Shaman! I enjoy thinking about what I would do if I were a Dev to change the spec. While I realize there is a minute chance that they will listen to what I have to say, I am still interested in hearing what you guys think of my ideas! So first off, I think that our elementals should be updated to the versions we see in our class Hall and on the Broken Shore. Imo they are a lot cooler and the current ones are a little dated. I also think that primal elementalist should either be baseline or just removed from the tree, because I don't know anyone who actually enjoys it. Anyways, on to the Tier 90 talents. I like the idea of Icefury, and I think the whole tier should be built around that kind of spell. Icefury, Earthfury, Flamefury. Icefury - should stay the same. Ideal for fights where we need to move. Flamefury - 30 second CD, 2 second cast. For the next 15 seconds, flame shock has no cooldown, and targets that have FS applied within 30 yards of each other are linked by fire, dealing additional damage to both. Best for 2-3 target cleave, which in the current state of beta we are weak at. Earthfury - 30 second CD, 2 second cast. Replaces Earth Shock. For the next 20 seconds, or until MS is depleted, MS drains at an increasing rate to damage your targeted enemy, allowing for target swapping. Uses the current Earthen Rage animation, which I personally really enjoy. Not the spell lol, just the animation. This would allow us to build MS, then spam casts, trying to maintain the buff. Then, after 20 seconds when the MS drain stops but Earthfury is still on CD, that would allow us to build our MS back to 100 before casting it once again. I think this would be a very engaging playstyle which rewards the players skilled enough to keep it going for the whole 20 seconds, while not punishing newer or less skilled players since it is only on a 30 second CD, unlike something like Breath for fdk, which is very stressful and punishing. Good for minimal movement fights and ST. I also have a little problem with EQ, but one that I believe is easily fixed. Instead of a target area, I think it should be cast on a target, haveing the same area as before and the same dmg, but also applies a debuff to the target casted on, let's call it Tectonic Shift, where the EQ follows the target around. This would be helpful for when the tank has to kite, especially with how high EQ cost is currently. I realize some people may not like this, so maybe have it as a talent option in place of Echo, because everyone and their mom knows echo should be baseline. Finally, I have always noticed that when a spell is removed, there is always a debate. Some people hate it, some people don't mind. However small the minority, either way, there has always been an opposing voice. However, through all the posts I have read, there has not been A. Single. Person. Who agrees with the Gist of Wind removal. Please return it to our toolkit. Thanks for reading guys :) looking forward to what you thinkDemanz1 Jun 11
Jun 11 Flame Shock Cooldown I'm really enjoying playing the Resto Shaman at the moment, but I'm kinda confused about something. Why does Flame Shock have a cooldown on the Resto Shaman? I mean, even if we didn't have the cooldown, we still wouldn't be able to compete with the Elemental Shaman damage, or come even close. Is it because the single-target damage would go through the roof? Or would the RNG of Lava Surge prevent too much of that?Zaemon6 Jun 11
Jun 11 Challenge tower skin variation Do I need to beat heroic KJ with that particular spec, or do I just need to beat him?Kiljin1 Jun 11