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46s Rate the shaman name above you On a scale of 1-10!Eli26 46s
17m i dont like the BFA ele changes... messed with the alpha a little this morning and i have to say i was hugely underwhelmed. Loss of Gust, Bad talent arrangement forcing me to choose between things that really shouldn't even be talent such as Elemental Blast. In the end it felt like all i was doing was standing around spamming lightning bolt waiting for a proc. If thats what its going to b e... i think ill pass.Mulconroi7 17m
47m Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss474 47m
5h Years of the Squish I was looking back and it seems like years.... people have played the class they love and many have mentioned that defensively shaman are in a bad place. I didn't want to pile on to the already tons of older posts about it but it is a "There" there when it comes to being squishy... and yet it doesn't appear to be a blip on the Blizz radar? Its frustrating that any "oops" or "Ads" increase the likelihood that you will be dead before you can respond in some cases.Taozen12 5h
9h Resto BfA. I’ve been following monk (my main) disc and Resto druid for BfA changes. I’m wondering what BfA has for Resto shaman as I’m looking to swap my main but still heal. Aside from that and getting back into my shaman, back in NH I read that 100-125% mastery was a must as well as 30% haste. I know there’s no “magic numbers” but now I’m reading ~30% crit and haste to QOL is a must while 100% mastery isn’t really true anymore. Can anyone shed some light on what I’m trying to aim for? Really looking to level my monk and a side healer in BfA Incase I wanna swap out. Thanks in advance. Also, I’m sorry if I should have posted this in class development, but it just seemed more fitting to post here.Bigmonk9 9h
9h Cloudburst Do shamans actually like Cloudburst totem? Serious question. To me it just feels like a chore to manage. But I don't play shaman serious mode so I am honestly curious.Mizzcleo2 9h
9h Enchantments and tips to help with squish? I've been thinking about leveling an enhancement shaman for a while now but the horror stories of how squishy they are kinda puts me off of leveling one for a bit.Roisto5 9h
12h 2Hand Enh? What is the possibility of this returning do you all think? When vanilla comes out i wanna play Enhancement just to relive that feeling again. Does anybody want 2Hand back anyway, cause i know i'd love it.Stormhulk5 12h
12h Feral Lunge Disappointing Animation Hello my fellow shaman community. I wanted to express my overall disappointment with the enhancement shaman feral lunge animation. This spell should be a very fun and intuitive ability. However, I just don't enjoy or gain any excitement from using this ability as opposed to using some other mobility abilities on some of my other classes. The main culprit to my disappointment really lies with the animation of the ability, which I feel is rather tame and unimaginative. I feel no impact or intensity from this ability and it just looks and feels tame and bland. So I ask my fellow shaman community what is your overall impression of the feral lunge animation. Do you guys feel the same way as I do? Hopefully the devs may see this post and reconsider updating this animation for "Battle for Azeroth" expansion. This is my goal for this post. Is to bring attention to this ability and hopefully bring some fun and exciting new animation to feral lunge. P.S. On a side note I also think the talent sundering could also use a much needed animation update as I too feel the same way about this ability. It could be a lot of fun, but the animation is so bland and boring it takes away from the overall enjoyment of casting it.Klaypex7 12h
12h New Shaman Hey all, so I'm a brand new 110. Level'd this guy to 60, then used my token. I'm enjoying the class so far, and absolutely love enhancement, but I am getting steam rolled in any open world content I do. Am I spec'd correctly for my talents? I usually start off an attack with FT, then RB x2 or SS if it proc's or I have enough maelstrom for it. Always keep doom winds up when it pops too, and use CL when I have multiple targets. But !@#$, I'm on Argus right now and I can only do one target at a time. Any suggestions would be nice.Eardy5 12h
13h Future Elemental Abilities (BFA+) - Would be nice if Ascendance replaced Lava Burst and gave it its own spell, for example Storm Blast. This would allow Dev's to boost the damage of Ascendance without boosting overall dps of the spec outside of Ascendance. - Earth Shock needs to either be a buffing utility or needs a 100% crit mechanic to make it consistent. Felt really bad in the situation where your Lava Burst + Overload did more damage than Non Crit Earthshock which happened all too often. - Possible Bad luck Crit prevention on Earthshock, causing Earthshock crit chance to go up if it doesn't crit, would help with the overall consistency of Earthshock which it what it seems they have tried to push in Legion as well as possibly BFA?Streetsham2 13h
19h What is Enh rotation now? Been quite a while since I last played Enh(played at the start of Legion which was crap for Enh). What is the rotation now? Fury of Air and Earthen Spike are good? Thanks!Nommi9 19h
19h Question about legendaries Hey all, I had a question about the legendaries. So far, I have what I believe are the BiS for both Elemental and Enhancement (the gloves, boots and ring). I play mainly Elemental but am starting to dabble a bit in Enhancement. With that, is there a legendary considered to be the next important? I am not sure which spec to spend my essences on.Kiljin1 19h
19h Stormbringer proc graphic removable? The one that shows up above your character when Stormstrike can activate with no cooldown for 50% less maelstrom. I want to experiment with it gone.Senjaro1 19h
22h Enh Shaman way too squishy! I love shaman and have done for many years but this makes me sad.... I have just started legion with my shaman and I decided to go from elemental to enhance because of the idea of having Doomhammer. I just completed the story of obtaining Doomhammer and have now begun questing in the Broken Isles. I am very disappointed how squishy enhancement is! I went from elemental to this ridiculous spec that cant even hold it own against a maximum of 2 - 3 enemies. Healing doesn't heal enough and costs way to much and I feel my attacks do barely any damage. I have played all classes in the game and this has by far the worst survival ability. Now I am stuck with Doomhammer till I can get the quest for the elemental artifact. Even with flying unlocked in broken isles, the leveling has been slow because I have died a few times. On my hunter, paladin, monk and druid I didn't die once for over the first 5 levels into Broken Isles. Yet I died on my shaman during the Doomhammer quest and so far twice in Val'sharah. It's such a shame because I love the concept of Shaman but I feel that it has lost blizzards attention and it needs some serious tweaking. Who else feels this way? I hope I am not the only one :(Wolfcry49 22h
22h Why can't Enhancement be a more unique spec? The changes Enhancement got in legion were great, made it feel like it wasn't an awkward Elemental shaman. Although, you'd think a spec called Enhancement would have more enhancements for being called Enhancement.Myluan8 22h
1d sephuz vs uncertain reminder hello i was wondering if i should equip sephuz's secret or uncertain reminder. replacing sephuz's secret takes my haste down by 10% and crit by 7%, but my mastery goes up by 20%.Realistream3 1d
1d Healing wave vs surge in pvp I hear multiple people saying wave heals for more then surge in arena but i read the tool tip and they both heal for the same amount? Am i missing some talent or is there an artifact trait that makes it heal for more or something? Other then mana costs it says they heal for the same...Za2 1d
1d Restoration Pruning in BfA So since we are losing every minor CD >3min that we have (AG gone, gift gone, Cloudburst will be unusable) it looks like we are going to be a chain heal/ healing wave turret. Given this, I'd like to hear from all you RShamans what type of console controller you're going to use in BfA! :) EDIT: "New build: - "CloudBurst Totem now collects overhealing again, but still replaces Healing Stream Totem" Well, well, well....... good thing I didn't voice my opinion about this! /s"Watergoon49 1d
1d Why can't Lightforged roll Shaman? Topic. I'm really illiterate when it comes to WoW lore, so I'm just wondering why Draenei can roll Shaman, but Lightforged cannot?Ramzi19 1d
1d Dopefriendx 3 released 3rd little movie. Been very busy with school. Clips are from Dominant season/first week of demonic. Finally playing fun comps rather than thunder. 1d
1d State of Shaman(BFA) - Wowhead. As the title suggests, I'm linking a Wowhead article where they compiled some renowned players from each class in WoW and talked about BfA class design changes implemented thus far in Alpha. Obviously much will change yet, but I wanted to know the opinions of others. I switched to Resto Shaman when I decided to make a HM Tauren, and I have to say, I think I love it more than anything I've played in WoW yet. Which is also why I'm scared, and making this post as well. It appears the design team may really ruin how enjoyable this class/spec is to play right now, and I'm wondering if maybe the guys in this article are over reacting? But I also wouldn't put it past Blizz to ignore the player base and "fix"(see also:break) something that wasn't broken. I really hope they don't change the play-style of this too significantly, I'm absolutely loving Resto Shammy, and hate to think they will screw up the feel of it in BfA. 1d
2d Dark Shamans set. Can anyone clarify what are the rules for it dropping? I see people saying you only get 1 chance a week , in all difficulties (exactly like the argus trinkets) I also see people saying you can do all difficulties (including LFR) and still get it. Has anyone ever dropped it from LFR? Can anyone confirm if you have more than 1 chance a week? Thanks in advance.Vülgrïm6 2d
2d Enhancement PVP/PVE How gear dependent are enhancement shamans in pvp, such as random bgs. I'm seeing my health at around 5.2 mil which seems alright and I hit fairly hard, but I feel like a wet napkin after about 2-3 seconds. Does it get better? What works for you? Will better gear help? As for PVE, similar feeling, squish and not hurting things as much as I like -- with gear does that get better? Sitting on like 873 ilvl right now.Adundi2 2d
3d Dh or sham Shaman or demon hunter? Which should I reroll for a mainTruêblood27 3d
4d Searing Totem So.. we used to have a totem that shot baby firebolts at bad guys. Totems are pretty much a shamans trademark. Given the above, why do we have a talent that shoots rocks at bad guys instead of just having searing totem still? I get that Earthen rage is the talent form of what used to be our mastery. I get that searing totem was removed because people felt it was a boring and upkeepy source of damage. I am aware that earthen rage is nature dmg and searing totem is fire damage. I get that having a stationary totem and costing a gcd is less versatile than a passive. Yet still.. they literally do the same thing and it used to be a totem but now it isn't and totems are supposed to be our thing. Why? I just don't get it.Gobbheavy15 4d
4d Wife getting frustrated leveling Enh shaman Hey guys, I just wanted to ask about leveling enhance shamans. My wife is playing one as her first real character, and frankly she is getting very frustrated with how limited both her damage and survivablity is. I’ve played WoW off and on for over ten years now (I play rogues and little else) and I’m pretty shocked with how limited her damage is around level 40 so far, especially when compared to mine. She’s getting to the point where it’s so bad she doesn’t really want to play anymore - she really thought the Enh shaman would be a little bit more bursty and tough, but alas. Does it get any better from here, or should she just roll a death knight and drop the shaman. Thank you!Apeescape33 4d
5d Initial amount of Maelstrom From my experience, I feel like it would go a long way towards making Ele and Enh feels faster/better if they both started with some initial maelstrom at the beginning of combat. If you recall, Warlocks also had the same exact complaints at the beginning of the expansion, that Shamans have now. This is because Warlocks started combat with one soul shard. Blizz buffed the Warlocks to start with three soul shards, and their dps feels great now. Lets say that Blizz gave Ele/Enh 60 maelstrom as a base, outside of combat. This means that you can lead with a full Earth Shock, and drain all your maelstrom. Give Earth shock a 6 second cooldown or something to compensate. Or you could go for the long running flame shock for more sustained damage. Our survivability would also increase because thats less time you have to spend face tanking a mob while you build maelstrom. What do you guys think?Hexic0 5d
5d Is the Mage Tower faceroll now? Topic. Even with un-optimized, no tier gear?Kiljin15 5d
5d resto shaman pvp help My fury friend and I had a terrible time in arena tonight. I understand there are a bunch of high rated players with low ratings at the moment because of the new season but we were getting our butts handed to us over and over. I have many questions about resto shaman pvp but lets start with this: How does a shaman pull off huge heals? I've seen resto shaman heal for half their life over and over, but I can't seem to do it. My warrior partner was sparring with a frost dk and I couldn't top him off at all. I was not getting interrupted and casting riptide>unleash life>healing surge>healing surge>riptide>healing surge etc. all while earth shield was on him to no avail. My healing surges are healing for 230,000? does that sound right? Sometimes it would take around 9 surge casts to cap my heath bar if I wasn't being trained. Also, I ran out of mana on so many fights whereas the other healer was sitting at 1/2 mana and both of their team mates were at full health. By the way, I don't have spirit link yet, however I don't know that would help and brings me to my next question. How do you heal both yourself and arena partner at the same time? Chain heals get interrupted, or I don't dare get that close to my partner, and riptide barely seems to do anything. I really can't seem to handle split pressure at all. A bm hunter had his pets sit on me while he killed my warrior and i couldnt' keep up with the damage. Last question, does the ilvl increase really make a huge difference? Most people we were fighting we around 900 ilvl and we are at 880. I didn't think it mattered that much. thank you very much!Stumblin6 5d
5d Enhancement Dps help Hey guys, Yesterday was my first normal run with a guild and the first time i had access to world of warcraft logs. Some talk among the guild about what dps percentile the logs say you are in. I am ranked in the 30ish percentile for my ilvl. Here is the link for my logs ( I use raid bots to optimize my gear and legendaries, i use the hekill addon for my rotation. I dont know what I am doing wrong. If anyone could take a look at my logs or gear and give me some pointers to improve? How accurate are those logs? Thanks in advance for any help!Tazok5 5d
5d Healing a LFR for first time restoration shaman here. ok... I am pretty darn good at 5 man healing yet I've never healed in a raid before. any guides, tips. how to? layouts of UI, tools? basically I have mouse over macros and elv ui, key bindings thats all I use. is the role of the healer in a raid to heal the group they are assigned to, plus anything else they can help with? thanks for help hereSilvaris13 5d
5d Void elf shaman Hate me if you must...I think it's a good idea. Ally needs more options.Anlionadh35 5d
6d For those stuck on Shaman Order Campaign Hello. This is for Shaman who cannot progress on their campaign, even after doing Quest to do the 30 world quests and the Fireland missions. I was having issues with the Shaman Order Hall Campaign. I had completed all the Worldmender quest (the 30 world quest quest). I completed all of the Firelands follower mission quests. Turns out, I forgot to take or got rid of the following quest: A Taste for Blood This quest is at the end of the Deepholm questline, given by Ma'haat the Indomitable, and requires 10 Blood of Sargeras. You should take the portal from the Shaman Hall to Deepholm to pick it up. The portal back doesn't exist at that point, so make sure you have your hearth off cooldown. Also as a note, when I went back to pick up this quest and turn it in, the yellow ! icon was not visible on my map. I don't remember if this guy gives a Cata daily, but, at least on this day, he did not have one. There was no mini-map icon. So, after you take the portal, he's on the right about 90-100 degrees from the direction you spawn in facing. Anyway, while wow-head is a great resource, it took me about a week of digging to figure this out, since it was buried on this quest page. The guide is not yet refined enough, at least for the Shaman Hall, for one to find the answer easily. If this is not the quest you are stuck on, I suggest going through the quest chains and seeing if you dropped or didn't pick up a quest. This seems to be the primary problem, and not a bug (which is what I had originally thought was my problem). I hope that this post can at least help others stuck on their class campaigns. Check the other quests in your campaign here: 6d
6d Help with healing I need some advice on how to improve my healing. I have a link below to some logs. I use to heal all the time, then I shifted to Ele, and now I am back to healing some fights. I am probably out of practice, but I gather that my secondary stats are off since a lot of gear is shared with my dps gear. Any advice would help. Thank you.ösa2 6d
6d Healing Rain is annoying to maintain i love healing on my shaman, but does anyone else think that Healing rain is just a pain to cast and keep refreshed? maybe I'm using it wrong, but... it takes 2 seconds to cast, it lasts for 10 seconds, and has a 10 second cooldown. It also requires the cursor to be placed on the battlefield to aim it. this means, every 10-12 seconds, I have to take my mouse off my raid bars and choose where to replace this thing, which is often in the exact same place. it just gets really annoying to maintain. so, i'm hoping in BFA they can either: 1. double the duration (and reduce the healing if needed) so we don't have to keep refreshing it so much 2. eliminate the cast time to at least make it feel smoother 3. double the cooldown and healing, so its more of a bursty aoe dot What do you all think?Futsukayoi18 6d
6d Shaman Aesthetics I think its cool the new casting animations put in the game. they definitely make being ranged more fun. Im just hoping that in Bfa shamans can get some type of build up animation for maelstrom. Looks kind of plain us just shooting off all these spells capping out and looking the exact same. Idk maybe lighting starts to surround your body as you reach max or you start to see more elements surround you as you reach each tier in sets of 25. maybe be u start with fire then you get water and so on and at max you have all four elements of your totem.Maskedoff0 6d
Apr 15 Restoration Shaman Mythic Plus Healing Guide A little late in the expansion, but I posted a couple youtube videos on my channel about Restoration Shaman healing in mythic plus dungeons if anyone is interested. My channel is Odett the Priest. I'll be hitting up BFA pretty hard so look for additional guides coming your way!Ödett1 Apr 15
Apr 15 Return Totems Just wanted to see who else likes the idea of bringing back the simple buff totems and 4 totem drop to shaman. I include grounding totem, searing, stoneskin, healing stream, zephyr, cleansing totem, sentry, magma, and wrath of air. I think these buffs do JUST enough to be useful and feel like you understand the class. All totems are killable and in the past that's what let them make totems stronger to compensate for being "purged" by killing them. I think they should be re-added and left with the no-cooldown style because it was probably the coolest part of shaman in the past expansions before MoP removed them.Vigr8 Apr 15
Apr 15 2 handed enhance xmog. Who would love the ability to xmog two 1-handers into a 2-hander? I'm excited for elemental in BfA just so I can use a 2h for xmog again.Executioner2 Apr 15
Apr 15 Hidden Secret of BFA ELE talents right now if I press storm keeper I will have 200% increased damage on three LB 3 isntant LB artifact ability to have LB multi strike an additional time. No talents required. In order to do that in BFA I will need to dedicate about 40% of my talents for the same move but weakened. Exposed elements: the 200% high voltage: the extra multristrike LB stormkeeper: the instant casts. BUT you only get 1 200% LB IF you cast ES first... BUT you only get two LB instant... That is just the definition of not fun; changes like this really just make me not want to play the game anymore.Stubbedtotem4 Apr 15
Apr 15 Healing Surge on BfA Alpha Hello, all. A while ago, Healing Surge was buffed to heal for 185% of spell power on the Alpha (it was less before that). Can anyone give feedback on it? Does it feel any more like a meaningful heal now, or is it still sub-par? Thank you.Shocknorris3 Apr 15
Apr 15 Ele shaman vs. afflock/spriest in RBGs Hey guys, I’ve recently dinged 110 on this guy and have been gearing up and heading towards prestige 2 for the appearance unlock. Still have a ways to go, but I’m no longer a squishy ilvl 840 mess at least. Anyway, I can hold my own against a lot of opponents in BGs, but afflocks, spriests, and to a lesser extent destro locks eat me alive. Any tips? Are ele shamans just weak against these opponents?Farthanis7 Apr 15
Apr 15 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Set Have you gotten it yet? How long did it take you? I've been farming the Korkron Dark Shaman set on two shamans every week for about 6 weeks now and no drops thus far. Any tips or hints? I hear the drop rate is the same for any difficulty. Is this true?Fyrith11 Apr 15
Apr 15 Gust of Wind Infringes on Mage's blink..and we want mage's to feel special and unique. But its ok. Every single void elf is getting their own version of a blink ability. Void Elf needs "pre planning" and takes "a second or two" to use. It is not instant. So its ok. Because we all know that gust of wind was instant, and required no pre planning.Akston29 Apr 15
Apr 14 Getting my weapons I just hit 110 on my shaman, and I am trying to get my other weapons. The issue is I can't seem to find where to get the quest. I did just transfer this toon and I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not, but I want to see if I'm missing something before I ask a GM.Moperx0 Apr 14
Apr 14 Questing Talent Choices for Elemental Hello fellow Shamans! I'm currently leveling a Shaman and have gone back and forth between Enhancement and Elemental for questing. Both are great fun but I have been sticking more so to Elemental because I prefer to heal dungeons and I figure gear is easier to share between Elemental and Restoration. I have looked online but really haven't found an answer to my question and I'm wondering what your thoughts/opinions are on the matter. What are your preferred talent choices for open world PvE (questing) content for the Elemental Shaman? Myself, I like my current build for questing. I like it because with IF I can nuke mobs extremely quick. One of my gripes with the build is it feels as if there are TOO many abilities and cooldowns to look after. Particularly when compared to the Enhancement spec.Shamatastic0 Apr 14
Apr 14 What stat %s should we aim for as Resto? The title is the question.Healionairee4 Apr 14
Apr 14 Will Resto be a thing in RBGs? Will resto shaman be a thing in rbgs for BFA? I thought every class was in a good spot in MoP for rbgs, but since then, resto shamans are only ever used in arenas. I like arenas, but I also miss actually being decent in rbgs as well.Huskêr0 Apr 14