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45m Elemental Shaman identity Hate to join in the various choruses of elemental shaman talk, but there was something that's confused me somewhat with how the elemental spec has been themed (meaning this isn't a thread to discuss numbers, or to do any hyperbolic bashing), and this stretches back into Legion. What exactly is the theme of elemental shamans? Based on their artifact in Legion, I figured they were supposed to be centered around air/storms, but then they get the fire elemental version of the class mount, and their Ascendance turns them into a Fire Ascendant. That suggests fire. But then, again, the artifact was air-themed. Is it supposed to be all four elements? If that's the case, the representation of all four should be more equal I would think, but it's not, it's about two fire, three air, and two earth. I figured the idea was that shamans were themed around all four elements, and each specialization, though still wielding all four, focused around one or two a bit more so. So does that mean fire and air? Which seems a somewhat odd choice, but then why is the big Maelstrom spender earth-based? And for that matter, what is Enhancement based around? Because it sort of has the same problem; fire-based weapon in Legion, air-based mount and ascendant, so... what's it based around? If fire and air again, then we have a bit of a problem, because it's not very unique to have two specs with the same theme. Fire and earth? That would make more sense, by again, air elemental mount and ascendant.Dathrel7 45m
1h Blizzard's Modus Operandi Completely disregard communtiy feedback on the glaring issues with all specs of Shaman. Launch an expansion while admitting the class is unfinished. Currently the class is objectively the worst class in pve. Oh? What's that? Enhancement Shaman is good in pvp? People who aren't Enhancement complain? Immediately nerf Enhancement Shaman. The king is dead. Demon Hunters, you are the new kings of the Arena. Long live the king.Drtotemz0 1h
1h Rate That Xmog Rate the person above youTormun87 1h
1h New traits on PTR ... ... ... They do look fun!Cynalessa2 1h
2h Healing Rain, Chain heal feels bad man Just returned to WoW for the xpac (sub runs out in a week), and have been leveling up 4 heals for funzies on a new server: sham, druid, monk, priest. I'm almost lvl 98 on all of them, and discovered that healing rain is utter junk compared to what the other classes have for that tool slot. 10 sec duration 1.7 CAST TIME plus 10 sec COOL DOWN feels really bad. Compare it to for example druid's similar spell: insta cast with 30 sec duration. Movement needed? NP, just insta cast the flower thing again under the group. Holy priest? NP, your spammable aoe ignores movement and is much faster to cast than chain heal (2.2 secs for chain heal feels awful for what it does). Monk no problem, you can talent an insta spammable aoe hot, along with essence font that you can channel while moving. TLDR: Healing Rain and Chain Heal feel bad and need an upgrade compared to what the other classes have in the tool kit (not talking about endgame, haven't got there yet).Zendojo2 2h
3h Can we make enh a strength spec again? Just taking a looking at the basic distribution of the main stat of dps specs: Agi: 10 (havoc dh, ww monk, enh sham, feral druid, all rogue and hunter specs) Int: 9 (ele sham, spriest, boomie, all warlock and mage specs) Str: 5 (fury/arms war, UH/frost dk, ret pala) Enhancement was effectively a strength class in vanilla, then got some changes to get attack power from agility when Burning Crusade hit. The idea was that since enh became dual wield at this time, the two could coincide. (Really it was for itemization purposes, so that enh could use the same gear that hunters did, but that's besides the point.) I honestly don't feel enh plays like an agility spec although I suppose that's not very objective. Nothing in the specs toolkit screams 'agility' to me. We don't require precision with our strikes, or inherent speed of attacks because we're augmenting ourselves with wind and lightning to do that for us. None of that really requires agility. We're inherently not very mobile which you generally associate with agility specs/classes, the only mobility we have is through ghost wolf which again is basically using magic to give us the attribute of speed that we're lacking. There's nothing that this would really affect gameplay-wise and it would require adding in the ability for mail gear to morph to strength so I fully expect it to never happen, but that stat switch was, personally, something I was never happy about when we switched from a 2h spec to a dual wield spec in burning crusade. I could go on, but at the end of the day it's all pretty subjective and opinion oriented, and more importantly doesn't affect gameplay, so I understand it's a pipe dream. However I'd like to close this out by going back to the first point I brought up, the distribution of the different primary stat dps specs. If enh was changed to a strength based class, the distribution of dps specs based on primary stat would be this: Agi: 9 / Int: 9 / Str: 6 And this pleases my apparent OCD to no end. I know there are much more pressing matters for the shaman class, but I still wanted to make my case as the imminent coming of classic servers causes me to pine for the old days.Zenkai6 3h
3h WTF blizzard??? I should NOT be running out of mana during a 1 on 1 fight out in the wild. Literally inside of a minute. This is disgusting. Who is leading the show over there interns?!?!Squeaktoy5 3h
3h Enhance shaman 8.1 changes didn't happen:( Why is no one complainig about this? Why hasn't there been an uproar for changes? It's frustrating to see one of my favorite specs be in such a horrible state for me. I've mained most of legion and this spec as of right now is a shell of itself. I'ts beyond frustrating to have more than 5 talents be completely useless and have most of the talents offer no class fantasy, just passive buffs. Almost all of our talent tree sucks - Not only does it feel like an unfinished spec but it also plays like one with a casino rng built in proc via stormstrikes. How is this even fun? To me that's the most important question to ask about an entire spec. I really want to offer changes for the spec down below. 1. boulderfist and landslide - lets get these out of the way. Delete them. Both not fun and offer no class fantasy whatsoever. To make it worse they are beyond subpar in both % and fun factor vs the other 2 talents. 2. totem mastery - Altho it offers decent buffs. It doesn't do anything for engagement with our totems. I would like them to react when things happen around the shaman. For example green totem reacts when our hp low, wind totem reacts when we do 3 consecutive stormstrikes and so on. 3. Hailstorm- Should be baked into flametongue opening up a cd and also having a new visual to go with it. Buffing our weapons in both frost and fire. 4. Searing Assault- Give us flameshock back over this and let us spread flameshock dot via lava lash like we used to. We desperately need AoE sustain and here we can have that option. 5. overcharge- This ability should to exactly what it says. We overcharge and get a button to press that explodes our lightning overcharge into enemies for bursty AoE. 6. Fury of Air- This ability should be exactly like remorseless winter from frost dks and have a new visual that expresses the fury of air. decent cd with AoE damage. Maybe procs windfury to enemies? 7. Crashing Storm- A tuning change would do wonders and having a stack that keeps buffing crashing storm would be great. A builder AoE for long fights. Remove the random consecration perhaps. 8. Elemental Spirits- This should be our baseline main cd. removing the RNG wolves and having the option to choose which wolves comes out completely opens up the entire spec. Lava lash build, SS build or something in between. 9. Earthen Spike- This talent feels lackluster to use. it always did but now it's just a 20% damage buffer. I personally dislike talents like this that don't really offer me anything else. This one is quite a nit pick for me. 10. Doomwinds- This replacing elemental spirits would be awesome. The potential of having this and forceful winds talent opens up the windfury fantasy we have lacked for so long. I wouldn't mind having minor nerfs to forceful winds talent if it was more consistent and also played with doomwinds. These are just ideas I hope they reach them and perhaps you guys like em too. If you're frustrated as I am please spam them via tweets. We literally have a QnA today. Make your voices heard on this. I love this spec, I love this class but right now I have to shelve it. I can't stand feeling like this could have been so much better. Knowing that 8.1 will ignore changes they even said where coming is depressing af to me.Kalgromash23 3h
6h We need to talk about shaman Thing is simple: we gotta make ourselves be heard. How could we organize the shaman comunity in order to receive a direct reply from blizzard regarding the constant !@#$ being forced upon us? A petition, maybe? Hope u guys can help me and yourselves here in these weird times. Please, no trolling or salty commentsKorvag11 6h
7h Bg clips video- Ele shaman Some new footage with new editing, hanging up Arenas for now its a little too difficult in this climate. All the ele shammies who are better then me tanked rating then went Enhance in the past few weeks and I am being stubborn. If any new ele shamans are scouring the forums check out what Ele is like @120 in pvp here! Thanksà8 7h
10h Shaman mastery It actually comes to mind that a large reason for shaman imbalance is due to our mastery. Enhancement increases ALL sources of elemental damage. Elemental ramps up both damage and maelstrom generation. Restoration ramps up the more people dip or stay low So there needs to be new masteries if they want to balance us properly. For enhancement, I propose Imbued Weapons: Every damaging attack has a chance to empower your weapons with a stack of building nature/frost/fire of its corresponding school. At 15 stacks, you gain an elemental charge up of that element, increasing your damage of that school by % and giving your attacks a chance to deal extra damage of that school for 6s. Elemental: Elemental Flow: Every cast increases the damage of your other spellschools for 10s by #%. This stacks but each stack has its individual expiry duration. Eg casting flame shock gives a stack to increasing nature/frost damage, and casting earthshock gives a stack to your fire and frost damage. Resto : Just change how deep healing works. Deep Healing: Increases your healing by #%. This bonus doubles based on targets missing health. This weakens mastery on lower health targets, but makes it more reliable for all other situations. There balanced for future patches too.Chihao1 10h
11h 370 Enhance not knowing what to do This is a mini rant, but a serious issue. I came back after downing arthas back in WOTLK, quit for a long time. Finally got a good gaming PC and hopped back on like a crackhead on foodstamps day. My entire experience in this game has felt like a Me Vs Everyone else. I dont mean competitive or anything, im saying from the point of view of a shaman who has grinded alot in a short amount of time, There is no possible way to strive to be the best. The gear I have isn't Haste based, I take what I can get, because my gear stat priority is !@#$ed so is my already struggling dps, and to add more insult to injury, the first raid is almost completely movement based. My problem is this, If I dont go out of my way to start raids, ill never get gear. I can't join m10+s for the obvious reason, aka whats a shammy, we need a 2nd healer before we need you ect, I cant get into a heroic ghuun kill because obviously, who the %^-* needs an enhance shaman standing in the middle? So needless to say, my end game content is capped. It took my 2 weeks to go from 363 to 369, and not from lack of effort or time. I had the week off, was playing about 8+ hours a day, and honestly, in the end, I did better grinding WQ and getting a couple of upgrades over the trying to PUG the high end of Uldir with people who dont necessarily give the same !@#$s. I've hit 369.5 and have been refused for 2 days straight from any mythics that could benefit me, even 6-9s ill get auto declined at 15 ilvl or better over the group im trying to join. So M+ is a no go. Dont say grind a key either, because who the %^-* wants to run in the shamans group thats gonna look like he is getting carried. Albeit, im normally not bottom dps, and am top on trash, that doesnt mean !@#$ when i got to chase a boss and SS is always out of range haha. I cant grind mythic uldir because well.....tbh the only guilds that mythic raid with shamans are probably 1/8 and taking anything they can to fill 20. Seriously, no guild needs an enhance shaman, and to say you need me to come dps for your mythic raid already makes me suspect as %^-* of ya, yes I know thats negative, ect ect. but its true, no one is the game thats capable of pushing you towards the 400ilvl mark is going to take a shaman, especially dps shaman, when their personal parse ect is on the line. The guild I applied for said to me the other day that is 7/8 H told me i can join, but i need to know that someone having an offday is still going to ourperform me, so joining would be benchwarmer until 8.1, and even then thats a maybe. Rant over, what I guess im asking/need to know is how dps shammys make it past the plateau im at. and please for the love of god dont say Titanforge, get gud, or any of that mess. I want a serious answer from a shammy who didnt sell his soul to masta by playing resto just so he could raid ( no offense, im not about to regear and already almost impossible class to gear) and is far enough in the game to understand my pain hahaJustgotbaked25 11h
12h Ion's response to resto shaman + SLT Devs keep mentioning SLT as our trump-card but it is INCREDIBLY circumstantial and very limited in its capacity. It requires the raid to be clumped up in a small circle and right now the pattern of raiding is to be spread out. Make the AOE larger or hell treat it like Essence Font's where it can cover the *entire* raid if the healer is close enough -- this shouldn't be OP when other healer raid cooldowns cover a larger range. If this is the ace up our sleeve, it seriously needs to be more useful in more situations (not necessarily more powerful, just have a broader circumstance use). We don't take AV, not because it doesn't show up in HPS, because it just generally really doesn't do much of anything at all for the raid. It falls off pretty fast and not many people get it because again, our healing design is centered around stacked groups, which so far is not a thing in current raiding. Healing utility: doesn't really matter when other healers just out-heal whatever the shaman healing utility might do. Other utility: dps/tanks can cover this while still producing competitive numbers and you bring in a healer with higher throughput. You can't say HPS doesn't matter when WoW is a numbers game. Darkani sums it up pretty well: "Resto Shaman are decent stacked healers and abysmal spread healers, while other healers excel at both." We're not even the best where we are at our strongest. Also this is a personal gripe but it feels like compared to other healers we have WAY too many healing spells. Instead of balanced set of good spells, we have a ton of mediocre spells. Like would you rather have a small menu of great items or a huge menu of paltry unfulfilling dishes? More spells does not equal good, or even fun, healing. PS nerfing disc priest isn't going to fix shaman.Stosys29 12h
12h I miss old shaman play style. I miss the days of the old dirty windfury tornado. The rng numbers. I swapped to a lock because I felt they took the boom out of it. Granted I will hear it’s so much better now and there is nothing wrong. But there was something so cool about that 2h vs dual wield. Feels bland and boring nowEkstatik3 12h
13h should I try Resto Shaman? thinking of moving on from my druid, hows resto in pvp? Whats the skill capp compared to other healers? also, whats the best leveling spec?Derrickhenry1 13h
14h Why we got the nerf bat ***salty shaman warning*** Because shamans are a small fraction of the population. Thats really all it is, we are the lowest played class this expansion. . So when we were “OP” for 2 weeks and the plebs saw enhance in the arena tournament being played well, by the highest skill capped players in the game,.... they started complaining. And guess what!? Blizz over reacted and gutted our class identity. Dont get me wrong, the 5% damage reduction is fine, hybrids shouldn’t be top damage in pvp. However, the healing nerf and mana nerf killed our playstyle and class identity. We will not be getting any buffs until after blizzcon. They want all the edgy teenagers to be happy when they see the tournament being mostly demonhunters and rogues cause they are their mains too! Wow so exciting! Time for an old fashion shaman main vacation. Nothing new with a recently released expansion. Just shame on me for thinking it would be different this time.Qüø26 14h
15h Help with Resto Shaman I have an ilvl 345ish resto shaman and I am struggling in mythic content. For example, I had to leave a group because I could not keep the DH tank up. Granted, I think he was there as a carry (saw some green gear on him in a M2 Waycrest), but still was spamming every heal I could and still he died. I went elemental for awhile, but really want to heal. Was the whole reason I made the Shaman. Any pointers on Shaman healing? Not sure if I am just terrible at the class or what. The long cast times for pretty much everything is making it hard when everyone is taking damage so quickly in M+ stuff (yes, I use the spirit totem and wish it had a shorter CD).Nïtestälker4 15h
15h Resto Shaman and Mastery What happened to it? At the end of Legion, I was sitting on roughly 75% Mastery. With that, I could heal a target damn near from 25% health to full in a good crit or a decent combo (I.E riptide + UL + healing wave/surge). Now with even 65% Mastery, I’m finding it difficult to put out those big heals when someone drops low. Having to spam heals to top someone off. I’m not looking for handouts or for easy heals. I love the way Resto plays, I’m just curious at happened. If I’m better off with high Crit and praying, so be it.Vindicative1 15h
18h Ele or Enh at 120? I'm loving my shaman and trying hard to not get discouraged by all the shaman hate I've been hearing (Not from the forum, this is my first time posting in months, maybe years?) I'm leveling as ele, which I know has been super weak the last couple expansions, but I enjoy it for nostalgic reasons. I'm curious though, at 120, which spec am I better of maining, ele or enh? I want to also offspec resto, I like healing but don't want to main it. So I'd like if my gear stats work for both specs. Thanks bros Edit: Super sorry, didn't even post what I plan to be doing haha. In order: m+ Raiding PvP Also open world is kind of important, but obviously it becomes less important with ilvl.Fiddlerx10 18h
19h Casual shaman healer So i have tryed all the healers and i find shaman to be the most fun i dont really raid but i like the idea of mythic plus. I dont plan to push super high maybe get a +10 under my belt how are shamans holding up or will i have a hard time getting into groups?Bringhate6 19h
21h Shaman population dwindling? I must be going crazy but I've been noticing a massive decline in Shaman population on at least my server. Ever since 8.0 and all the negative stigma and issues the Shaman are having, the population for them have been dwindling like mad. I barely see one and when I'm surrounded by hundreds of players I may see like 1 or 2 in the masses that are shaman. The only thing I can think of is the following: 1) People are waiting for the 8.1 buffs to Shaman (if it even fixes them) 2) People have given up on the Shaman and have rerolled to Monk (which seems to be the class most Shaman convert too) or something else. 3) People have given up on the Shaman altogether because it seems to get shafted every expansion? 4) People are not playing them because they are seeing all the bad reputation and stigma associated with Shaman right now. This is kinda sad and I do hope Blizzard is aware of the damage they have done the class at this point. I'm hoping things roll around for the Shaman but it's looking pretty gloom so far. Anyone else have this issue on their server or at least have seen the same thing?Xruptor63 21h
1d Has there ever been?? Just wondering if there has ever been this big of a nerf like what happened to the enc shamans in one hotfix without a complete rework of the class? 5% Flat Dmg 33% Healing 30% mana Regen and an other Dmg nerf in the form of ararite trait. So DMG Nerf, Healing Nerf And utility nerf do to lack of mana.. I've played since vanilla and do not recall any nerfs this heavy handed could anyone find one?Sathein2 1d
1d Control of Earth Elemental Hi guys, Is the Earth Elemental supposed to have a pet bar? I'm using Elvui and there isnt one, I have no method of control at all. I cant tell what he's doing. This is my first shammy so I don't have a clue what kind of abilities he has, other than the taunt - which I cant easily tell if he is using. I'm resto if it matters. Also Vuhdo doesn't pick him up for easy heals. I could set him as focus for private tank panel, but I like to have a squishy there (looking at you mages) for better HP monitoring, also its usually pretty hectic when I think of calling him. What do you guys do to solve this?Marek9 1d
1d Not desirable in pug's When I asked why I get denied for higher keys even with a decent score and iLvl this is what i get- "Shaman are far from best class in the game right now. I had a multitude of better classes apply so i chose them." WTB class balance/utility....something. We dont bring anything else to the table that other classes dont already bring plus better dps/aoe/cleave. I effing love playing enh....but its absolutely no fun spending HOURS trying to find a pug that is actually willing to take you. Im a pretty darn good player too but i digress.Roeks7 1d
1d Can I see your Orc Shamans? Thinking about switching to Horde. Leaning towards a female Orc (armor looks so good on them) or male not sure. Let me see what you got!Scudetto77 1d
1d Ele got ninja buffed/nerfed? So i switched my shaman to a Dark Iron today and while testing the DI racial i saw that Lighting Bolt has more base damage now that Lava Burst. I know Ele got a solid buff last week with the 15% in 3 abilities, but even with that Lighting Bolt was close to Lava Burst base damage but not over it. Did i miss something or it's just me seing this?Pacog6 1d
1d Staff or 1H/Shield? (Ele) Sorry for the dumb question. Is one better than the other or should you just go with whatever will get you the best stats? Is 1H/shield ideal for pvp?Nharzul2 1d
1d Minor Encouragement I'm sure you're all aware of adverse changes that have been made to Shamans over time. It's understandable to be angry, upset, to feel betrayed. Some of us have been playing since our childhood, or have grown a bond with Shaman itself as years went by. We may not be in the best spot right now, but I do encourage some to keep pushing through these troubled times. Even though the nerfs have came, still try to find a way to enjoy your class. Find a reason to log onto your Shaman. I've been upset with the devs and their decisions, but I've decided to use the hand I was dealt. Even though my class has been pushed to the dirt; I'll still try to find a way to get back up. It's difficult, but we can make it possible. Just don't give up, we will get our moment to shine once again.Çarbømb2 1d
1d Mana regen nerf Literally took me 3 heals to be oomShockula3 1d
1d Anyone digging enhance in pvp? I do think we could use a but more help on our rotation and talents but I seem to be doing ok as long as I run into the opposing faction as a group, when I get focused or notice I'm taking quite bit damage initially I spirit wolf out of there and heal myself. I saw a video where swift dueled en enhance and swifty is like ilvl 374 and the enhance had 88k hp and he was having trouble taking him down and taking a lot of damage. Like I said I think our rotation could be a tad different and talents could be worked with but other than that In pvp if played right we could be deadly. Now in pve not to sure, I usually just heal in mythic and raids so not sure the current situation with dps in raids. I am currently ilvl 350 and hit 2.2k in 3s.but as resto so I have some experience. Been gearing my ret and lvling a mage so ilvl is lacking a bit on enhance.Rekcobaine15 1d
1d Dark Shaman Set So... been farming the set for 15 weeks (no drop still obviously) and opened a ticket to a GM about it. They told me: "However, from what I can find, that item does indeed still have a chance to drop from each difficulty (Normal/Heroic/Mythic) so you can try for that 3 times each week if you farm each difficulty." So... I thought it only had a chance to drop once a week, no matter the difficulty. Anyone have any info about this? PS: Wowhead says that it only has 1 chance to drop a week, no matter the difficulty.Tozekos8 1d
1d The shaman "niche" fail. I mained shaman from Wrath to the beginning of Mists where i switched to priest because i went a bit more casual, and high end healing on a shaman is not for casuals. I remember even back then being told we are a clumped up healing specialist and even given more tools in that area with no real thought to our toolbox outside of those situations. The problem back then that still persists today is that boss mechanics have evolved, especially in the hardmode/mythic fights, is that our niche isn't really relevant. Don't get me wrong, every once in a while comes a fight where everyone clumps up. But for about 95% of bosses now a day there is to much going on and to many mechanics that make you move and stay spread which severely effects our toolkit. Not complaining that the fights have evolved like this, but its cut into our niche since at least Cata. And yet, they don't seem to want to address that aspect. Just my two cents.Escka0 1d
1d Why isn't earth shield baseline? Would solve a lot of Rsham healing issues.Justthegrip4 1d
1d Feral lunge should be baseline for Enh It should be replaced by another utility option for your party. Shammies need a good way to bridge the gap with kitey classes like huntards and frost mages. Both can keep snares on you for days and you only have one sprint to remove them. Other than that, I think enh is in a pretty good spot for pvp from what I've experienced so far.Spiritmaster16 1d
1d Haste: what am I missing Every site I see that gives a stat breakdown has haste as a good stat. It is not as good as crit, but better than mastery. My logs that I keep looking at say a different thing. Haste is my worst performing stat for hps. Even mastery shines more in heroic and mythic uldir from the logs I have looked at. Why would that be? What am I missing in this?Neonjoe6 1d
1d Why is stun totem On a 2 second delay and only lasts 3 secs with a minute cooldown. No other class stun is delayed and they all last 4 secs plus with a shorter cooldownWeatherhead15 1d
2d Time to buff ENH survival now... Ok so you wanted to GUT Enhance's healing without any consideration to the class's survivability as a whole... They literally only have 1 defensive, which is a pathetic 40% wall that they can easily die through in this meta. What other class only has 1 defensive? The whole point of Enhance's strong healing was that it was that class's main survivability. Its not like they are druids who can self heal, immune to poly, immune to snares, 2 walls, like give me a break. If you want to balance a class then actually balance it. If you remove its only survivability then you need to replace it with something else. Give them a stronger wall, bring back shamanistic rage, or do something that gives this class fair defensives on par with other classes so that way it can still be played...Flûx15 2d
2d Resto Shaman - by the numbers Seen a lot of posts on here about how we fair on the PVE HPS meters. Generally not good! I personally do okay in my guild runs, both in Raid and M+, but was interested to see what the actual numbers look like when ranked. I put the table below together by running sims on AMR using their 'default' character specs, set ilevel and the same settings for both Raid and M+ Healing across all specs. There's probably some tuning that could be done around talents and traits but it's a baseline. Seems there is some truth to what people are saying about the deficiency. iLevel Class Raid M+ 370 H Priest 33,324.00 14,490.00 371 H Pally 30,997.00 14,776.00 370 R Druid 29,655.00 14,446.00 370 D Priest 26,465.00 14,769.00 369 M Monk 26,309.00 14,205.00 370 R Sham 26,263.00 13,584.00Döc20 2d
2d Where is GoW? As I've played the Shaman since the start of BfA, I realized something.. we have no mobility. Sure, we have a talent that lets us move -slightly- faster if we choose it; a 4% increase isn't the same as a 'get out of !@#$ button'. Nearly all other classes have an ability that allows for them to quickly avoid a potential threat. Shaman used to, but that is no longer the case. My question is this: Why? Gust of Wind was limited, and had more pitfalls/potential to kill you than blink does (I say that as I mained a mage during all my time prior to playing Shaman). And Gust was only really safe to use on flat terrain, any sort of small object in the terrain could interfere. It could only propel you forward, and had something like a 30 second cooldown. But it's supposedly takes away from the class fantasy of mages? Really? Only mages have their class fantasy lessened because of this? They clearly aren't the only ones who have an ability that not only provides mobility, but is also thematic in it's animation. What the hell was the point of removing the Blink Glyph (allowing you to teleport in the direction you were running) only to put it back in after people complained? Regardless if you do PVP or PVE, classes have a way of dealing with a potential hazard, most of which is giving them immediate avoidance. I know DK's have an ability that prevent them from being slowed down. It isn't quite the same as other classes, but it is similar in a sense. They are also able to take more damage. Meanwhile, a ghost wolf can still be slowed so that 4% extra movement talent you took? It's %^-*, your movement can still be reduced by other spells/abilities. It can also be dispelled. So what about our class fantasy? Why do Shamans not matter? I've not seen anything about Gust of Wind returning, so if someone knows something I don't, please share. I'm simply frustrated that we (the shaman class) lost any real mobility at all.Uhdon12 2d
2d Roiling storms trait broken? I hopped on today to find a 385 azerite chest in my weekly cache, Got really excited, started a sim to see what trait (if any) were going to be an upgrade to my Archive of the Titans trait. Roiling storms sims higher so locked it in and went out into the world to test it out. After checking my damage logs it's not hitting anywhere close to the close to 20k bonus damage it states on the buff. I honestly can't really see or feel much of a difference even with the trait fully stacked up to 20. Is this working as intended with a broken tooltip? Is this trait broken in general? Could be missing something in plain sight here, but really just looking for answers. TL;DR Roiling storms isn't doing what the tooltip saysKekunbound15 2d
2d Kul'Tiran Shaman Is it safe to assume this combination won't happen? Pretty much everything has been datamined for months now and there is no sign of KT totems. I'm bummed because I think they'd fit with the Tidesage lore. As long as KT totems aren't something stupid like little anchors (rofl who am I kidding, they prob would be), I'd consider swapping.Caspery11 2d
2d lol 1 hour til more non answers im sure he will put another carrot in front of your face.Beezlebubba7 2d
2d Time to Roll ret Guys lets be honest what made this class fun was the self healing made this shaman in BC but I think its finally time. I played enhs when no one else was like run in and die repeatedly in BGs back in the day. Our survivability has always been terrible this was a small batch of hope. I just have to accept our fate and roll ret for more survive.Statiç0 2d
2d Shorter Thunderstorm CD I just wanted to suggest this and let the experienced players discuss about having a 30sec baseline cd (15sec with honor talent) or maybe having 2 charges with the current cd. I just don't see why not. I'm aware that with the talent rework in 8.1 we are getting a ranged root but honestly i dont think thats really what we need, it will be a nice thing to have but there its just something off with it. So in legion ele was one of the best casters in pvp back when we had Gust of Wind and it proved that elemental shamans need some form of mobility/on demand CC, and honestly i didnt like that ability, it didnt feel right to have a mage blink, even tho it was really what we needed. And btw it was pure evil to take away earthgrab totem to ele, im not asking to give it back, but it was pure. Evil. Ty for reading.Endalor1 2d
2d 145K Damage in under 7 seconds as ELE Experienced this on the PTR Earth Shock (13925) Lightning bolt (4668) + Overload (3968) Stormkeeper Lightning Bolt (16338) + Overload (13887) Lightning Bolt (16338) + Overload (13887) + Overload (34717) Lightning Bolt (11670) + Overload (3968) + Overload (3968) Lightning Bolt (4668) + Overload (3968) Did it multiple times, Every time ranging 110K-145K in 5-7 Seconds. Highest LB crit i saw was 42K on one lightning bolt. Imagine if EARTH SHOCK crit, I've seen a 51K ES in current arena, If we even get a 30K crit that will be a lot of damage. Every one min we will do insane dmg. I am happy with the changes. They achieved what they wanted, I feel like a lightning turret.Boujeeaf44 2d
2d Counterstrike Totem? Been trying this in Bg's… it bugged or just not working as described?Klatu13 2d
2d Ele Survivability in PVP Seeing all the proposed changes and class reworks etc, one small thing i saw posted that clearly shows a difference in the PVP ability of Enh and Ele is instant maelstrom heals. One poster suggested Ele have the same and honestly i'd be happy if that was the only change for Ele in 8.1. The other changes look very juicy and i am looking forward to trying them out but instant maelstrom heals immediately addresses one major flaw in Ele pvp which is the insane amount of interrupts a 'turret caster' has to endure. When you're being trained you do still need to pop off some casts to generate maelstrom as we have zero passive generation, but it will immensely help when being trained by melee which is essentially always a loss atm. A reduction in maelstrom cost would be fair due to the very slow maelstrom generation of Ele but would anyone agree/disagree to this?Shenxiao8 2d
2d Enh seems fun, what's the catch? I main a high DPS Survival Hunter and a...not so high DPS feral. I started up a shaman for class lore and, honestly, they look fun. It's my hunter with an on-demand pet and a feral with better AOE. I dusted off my 110 shaman (Tshombe - Trollbane) and the rotation is satisfying and versatile for ST and AOE. Lots of cool tricks, great animation, alot of utility. So, what's the rub here? Seems folks are salty, but the dps seems good and the class is fun? Does something happen later in the class maturity to cause it to suck? There's got to be a reason people are grumpy, right? When does the other shoe drop? Otherwise, cool class. I'd love to hear the opinion of veteran Shaman. T.Throknar10 2d
2d pvp changes I can't help but think that the changes are misguided, the %5 buff was very careful ... these new changes are the complete opposite of that. It looks like people trying to get revenge for vanilla windfury all over again. I pvp a little, and I'm no crazy pvp juggernaut, I get stunned and bursted down just like everyone else. Or in the case of hybrids like pallys and druids I can get worn down. I have run into good rogues in pickup arena, they can simply keep me in total stunlock while they kill the other player. The severity and speed of these changes is way off base. This isn't a numbers problem it's a class problem. Is shaman pvp burst a little strong? yes is shaman pve weirdly underperforming? yes solution? take an ability out of the PVP talents and stick it in PVE baseline. or how about an incremental change for gods sake? The combination of the pvp nerfs synergistically is insanely huge. That kind of drastic change is bad for any class. Clearly it wasn't thought out, sub 120 shamans have negative mana gain in pvp get it together Blizzard, you aren't an indie company and you shouldn't have people making class changes that clearly have axes to grind.Zahruk5 2d