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35s Azurite traits stack? Hey guys, Am I able to have 2 pieces of gear with natural harmony selected on both and have them stack?Maphan7 35s
1m Enhance is a crap ton of fun I hadnt played it since BC, but i have to admit im enjoying the heck out of itMulconroi2 1m
9m Seriously ele nukes less than resto? I'm really having a hard time understanding why ele needs to overload to do as much damage as resto I'm sitting at 26% mastery and clueless as to why aside from earth and frost shock what makes ele special? Overloads are supposed to make you feel like the spellcaster powerhouse spec not a crutch to keep up with the *healing* specRakeem21 9m
20m Shaman worst dungeon class? All 3 specs seem like Trash Resto is the worst 5 man healer. Best utility can be bought off the AH and only average at best healing if people not stacked. Enhance is weak AOE dps and terrible survival with poor defences. Worst melee dps Ele damage is not that good right now and survival is average at best. Prolly will get better with scaling but is probably the weakest ranged dps atm.Rubmykeg8 20m
26m How bad is ele really? Just came back, I haven't played in forever. I heard elemental is awful, but this is my launch character and I've resisted switching to lame melee for 14 years.. Is Ele really that bad, or will i be serviceable for someone who isn't going to be super hardcore?Jakensama11 26m
26m Enhancement feels clunky. i leveled to 120 and the spec needs a rework.i dont use any macros or gseq i have just the abilities on the bar and it feels bad to much recharg time on our abilities such as storm strike and rockbiter. elemental felt so much better then enhancement as far a mechanics at least until blizzard messed up ele 8.1 cant come soon enough.Thanen0 26m
1h Tidal Surge and Natural Harmony I tried the Natural Harmony trait with the Tidal Surge trait but the frost damage from it doesn't proc the mastery buff from NH. Does anyone know if it's intended or not? Because NH reads as ''Dealing Frost damage grants...'' so it should works but instead it works like ''Dealing Frost damage with one of your abilities grants...''Ronnir0 1h
1h Stealth nerf to Sundering in PvP? Not confirmed, Sundering just felt extremely weak in BG's at 120 tonight. Used to chunk people at 110 but I suppose it just evened out at 120 possibly? I'm 336 equipped and it was barely moving anyone's health.. Regardless, Static Cling/Forked/Ride in BG's puts you thousands above everyone else. Also, Enhance is actually really good atm in both PvP and Dungeons. AoE is monstrous too with double fire or lightning wolves.. Sundering probably deserved a nerf in PvP if it did get nerfed. :( Edit: Addressed my opinion on Enhance's viability in PvE because everyone says it's awful lol.. I'm neck and neck if not higher than Frost Mages and Outlaw Rogues that are 333+ and I have cleared all Mythic dungeons with not very many deaths this week.. I apologize if it seems like I'm bragging but all I ever see is complaints about Enhance (Ele is a totally different story and should be complained about).. Between defensive Azerite traits, Nature's Guardian, Earth Shield, and how much Healing Surge is healing for right now I don't understand how anyone could complain while we also are literally simming like top 3 in PvE dps. We have strong AoE imo, not god tier but still strong.. Something that couldn't be said in Legion.Somatics1 1h
2h Enhancement shaman Is it me, or does Enhancement Shaman feel really good this expansion? I don't know as I am new to the spec, if my skill is increasing and I am seeing the versatility of this spec, or they made changes from Legion that made Enhancement "feel right". Either way its a lot of fun to play and I am not struggling nearly as much as i did in legionGhanuruk7 2h
3h Enhance weapons... So the dungeons are loaded with int only maces, and only 3 dungeons drop a weapon enhance can use.... why is this a thing? What happened to the multi-stat weapons? its painful trying to get a weapon... all my wq's only offer int only variations too... Also all but 1 of the weapons are fist weapons which still cant be mogged over...Shirati6 3h
3h Totem Timers and Primal Elementalist Elemental Shaman have had Primal Elementalist as a talent since Mists of Pandaria, but the elementals summoned have never had corresponding timers appear on the UI. The base elementals all have totem timers, and even the new Ember Elemental from the Echo of the Elementals Azerite trait has a timer in BfA. Is it possible for the Primals to have totem timers to keep track of as well, or is that too hard because they're considered to be pets, even though they are temporary?Yggdrasilor1 3h
3h Elemental is fine to play The numbers are there, just in a !@#$ty way. If you are worried about all the doom and gloom and its stopping you from playing the spec you enjoy, block out the hate. No issues with competing on the meters, just a slow cast based spec. Will get attention in 8.1 as it isnt something that can be hotfixed easily. Ignore the neetsTotemboyswag17 3h
4h Enhance at 120 Been grinding some dungeons tonight at 120 at 300ilvl. I just wanted to drop in and say it's been solid. Usually topping the damage meter on bosses and most AOE fights. There's azerite trait recommendations on icy veins which I'd suggest looking into.Moofetus23 4h
4h Resto damage higher than Ele...? So, I've been a shaman main for a long time. Like many others I don't think Ele is in a good spot as a whole, but that's not what this post is about. I'm maining Resto this expansion and as I've transitioned into doing solo content as Resto (although I levelled as Ele) and I feel stronger, and that's odd to me. So today I tested a bit and I found my Lava Burst and Lightning bolt hit harder (about 3k more for each) than they do when I swap into Ele and use the same spells and same gear. I didn't try with Chain Lightning, but I'm sure I would see the same effect. I have a set of gear for each spec, so I interchanged them to test as well. Same thing: resto producing 3k more damage. Playing resto in prior expansion, I don't recall it being stronger, and when I reached out to tech support I got the equivalent of "you should learn to play your class." I'm sure there's some glaring reason why, but is anyone else experiencing the same issue?Ruein7 4h
5h Bfa ele pvp is... Unplayable, monotonous, dismal, slow-paced, a shell of its former self, chore of a spec. You generate maelstrom so slow its brain numbing. Remember all that fun you had using gust of wind to make plays? Remember how you actually got to be involved in the game? Remember how ele shamans could actually compete in 2s? Well your enjoyment comes at the cost of some 12 year old who thinks that makes his mage with 8 blinks feel less unique :( Earthquakes (which you never get to use because no maelstrom) are boring without seismic lightning and cost way too much resource. Icefury can't use it no maelstrom to afford frost shock Earthfury stun, might as well be gone, no maelstrom. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME USE LIGHTNING BOLT I'd offer you really well thought out, intelligent suggestions on how you can improve the spec in a balanced way, but you'd just ignore them @community manager whoever you areAitex59 5h
5h I love ele in mythics I see a lot of posts about disliking how ele shaman plays, and I do understand it feels slow and clunky at times with a lot of RNG. I just don’t think it is as bad peoples think. One of the problems I have noticed is how people are building and prioritizing stats. And people are being baited into taking ele blast when it is actually really bad. We will improve when we get better with haste, and choosing the right Azerite traits and talents.Eutheria1 5h
10h Shamans in vanilla were OP, period. If you don't think shamans were OP in vanilla it's because of one of the following. You didn't play vanilla. You had no experience fighting even a decent shaman, at level cap. You were a bad enhance shaman that cried when you didn't get WF procs, so therefore you proclaim shaman to not be OP. Even though elemental is vastly superior in vanilla and primarily what is being referred to when people say they're OP. Let's just say something has reminded me recently of how absurdly OP they were. Oh and BFA is garbage and I wish I could get a refund. When is classic coming out.Namelessape18 10h
11h Dismiss Earth Elemental? Is there a way to dismiss this stupid thing as soon as I'm done with him so that he doesn't aggro every hostile AND neutral mob within 20 yards?Shanawdithit2 11h
12h Whats the issues with Elemental? Hey noob here, wanna know whats wrong with elemental, i know that it apparently sucks now, but no one has told me why it sucks.Reallyhappy31 12h
12h Enhancement azerite traits Which traits are you flocking too? I've notice a couple that seem like they could do good damage such as thunderous blast if it procs and gets to 4 stacks but so far I've been doing roiling storm and the lava lash one. I honestly hate the water one where you have to pick up the glob of water. I get it boosts your main stat hut you have to stop dps to gain dps. What're you're guys thoughts so far?Sanítyfalls0 12h
12h So resto flame shock... Lasts 4 seconds longer than Ele... Is there a reason why? I mean Resto Lava burst already crits 4k harder than ele. yea it might seem like another thing to QQ about but it just makes you wonder. It also matters since Ele can barely keep 3 targets flame shocked but a 4s longer duration and it'd be more feasible not to mention the extra time is less GCDs refreshing it. Ele honestly had to be unfinished and halfway done when bfa launched cus this jus seems like an oversight from when maelstrom affected FS durationRakeem6 12h
12h Using Earth Elemental for ele dps cooldown Given Earth Ele does some decent damage now, especially with the Rumbling Tremors azerite trait, should we be using it on cooldown in dungeons as well? And if so, does it matter all that much if we toggle off the taunt spam ability it has? I haven't had a tank complain yet...but i feel its going to happen pretty soon. (if we should toggle the taunt off, is there a macro that can be used to easily control that instead of just clicking it off? I have noticed if you toggle off that ability for the Earth Ele, when you summon your Fire Ele again, its Fire Blast ability will also be toggled off and the fire ele will not attack.)Valaktus2 12h
13h Elemental PVP One thing I can’t understand is why elemental lost roots and gust of wind. Now it’s almost impossible to get away from melee. Even if you thunderstorm into a frost shock, a warrior can charge/leap back. Monk roll, Demon hunter dash, ret can horse back with freedom (which freedom can purged but who knows if you’re on GDC at the point by the time they close the gap to stun or slow you). I’ve been playing shaman since vanilla and I have always felt that our 1v1 skills have lacked. We need roots to get off those extra cast to burst or getting off crucial heals. Same with gust of wind to get extra distance to burst or heal.... anyone else feel my pain? I mean mage has a million blinks and roots lol. I’ve also felt elemental has always been squishy in pvp situations. It’s usually “go the ele” now I understand we do have an analogy “glass cannon” but I wish I could 1v1 most classes and lose by skill. Not by (insert class always beats elemental). I can’t even remember the last time I could win a 1v1 with a rogue. Anyways I just want roots and gust back lol... that’s my 2 cents.Jinukia10 13h
16h Lava Burst instant cast? So I’m curious as to what I’m missing, I was in a dungeon as elemental getting my LB procs and they were instant cast. I came out of the dungeon fighting a rare and all my LB were hard cast only. I read all my spells and abilities and can’t figure out why this is happening. It’s hard enough not having roots and gust to kite but not being able to instant cast LBs on the move is making me frustrated. What am I missing? Why are my LB not instant cast? Why did they work in the dungeon and not outside?Jinukia9 16h
18h Don't be afraid of elemental We need people to play it so blizzard has data on what is wrong. The more we play it the faster it gets fixed..... Hopefully ;) Im hopeful. I love elemental. I'm not ready to give up on it.Skaptimus24 18h
19h DPS setup for Resto? OK so i have this crazy idea, someone help me figure out if this is actually viable or true. I'm seeing all these posts about how flame shock lasts longer or lave burst hits harder on resto, and it occured to me, why not just spec resto and go full dps talents/traits wherever possible for leveling? Where is the downside? I get it, missing earthquake and earth shock but with maelstrom being what it is, meh. Its a crazy idea i know but seriously it has basically the exact same primary toolkit as ele with better survivability. What would the actual dps difference be? someone has to have tested this i assume?Maolconaire6 19h
21h Shamans self roasting humor (as a note, I'm leveling a shaman from level 1 to 120 and plan to main it. Simply cause I literally havent seen one shaman as I leveled 100-110 in legion since coming back for pre-patch lol. They must be rarest class in the onto the self roasting) And yeah some if not all the jokes are bad :P I never said I was a comedian 1. Shamans would die in a pillow fight 2. An elemental shaman went to fight an elwynn forest squirrel...the squirrel did more damage 3. Why do I get kicked out of 100% of all groups as a Shaman? The WoW dev told all shamans their mechanic is to die. So I run in like leeroy jenkins and die...I'm only playing shamans as the dev told me they should be played 4. If Shamans ever get buffed, its because there will one day be a dev that finds the shaman folder in the trashbin on the 1990s computer in the basement, and will go "oh forgot Shamans existed. Someone tried deleting them. I should restore the file and do something for the 100 shamans that play them" and then Shamans get nerfed 5. Shamans ARE the joke 6. Shamans are built like antiques in a china shop, fragile and the slightest touch will destroy them. 7. Even cloth wearing mages survive better than Shamans (source for joke #3 (I removed his name in the joke, some forums have a rule about naming people so didn't want to take the chance): Feel free to add yours :) And this isn't meant really as a hate post so try to keep the roasting as actual roasting and not hate on the players themselves of shamans. Even I plan to main a shaman :P But they definitely seem the hardmode masochist class with less survivability than a mage lolSylandras0 21h
22h Forked Lightning? Sup everyone! I was trying some stuff with my talents, then noticed that forked lightning was too good to pass. After some Wpvp and rares, i noticed that the skill wasn't in the list of my details dmg output, and after some testing and using some addons to track my dmg source, the talent proc at very low rate. My problem is that idk if im wrong with this, but it's supose that the skill should proc 100% of the time? the description says nothing about a "chance" and in the guides they talk about the talent in the same line that "ride the lightning" talent (wich has 100% of "proc" chance). Is this a bug or i'm missreading the talent?Khronostorm0 22h
23h why do hunters get an instant full heal? but we get interrupted? substitute hunter with deathknight if you want. hell even rogue healing is better than our crap in a lot of situations.Beezlebubba1 23h
23h New-ish player, made a Shaman So I haven’t played WoW in 7 years, and even then it was only up until around 60 something on a Paladin before I got into the closed beta for SWTOR. Well with the recent change to the subscription model, my wife and I decided to get back to Azeroth. I went with a Panderan Shaman, not really knowing much about the class or if it is any good, but the possibility of mixing melee and spell casting seemed alluring. So far, it has been quite fun... I find it a little odd that restoration does better damage than elemental (at least early on). My guess is, they boosted restoration base damage to compensate for the lack of other damage dealing skills. So, last night I decided to try my first ever dungeon in WoW. I queued up for some sort of Chasm place as a healer with no real knowledge of what to do while in there. Now, I’m no stranger to group content in MMO’s, but healing isn’t something I have done before. Nevertheless, we got through the instance with no deaths. I’ll attribute the victory to the tank, he was fantastic. The only damage anyone took seemed to be unavoidable aoe. So with his skill, it made my job as a healer much easier. Now I’m sure the dungeons will get much more challenging as I progress, but for now I am quite happy with my choice of class. I would like to see a nice aoe or group heal thoughTishi6 23h
1d Resto thoughts Hi all. Before anything this has nothing to do with if Resto is good or not in BfA. It's more of a flavor/idea post and what it is to be a shaman. I have not played Resto since BC. I was Enh when I was a troll and Ele when I race changed to a goblin, not that this is really important. What I wanted to bring up was that currently, resto essentially only uses 2 of the elements to heal, if I recall correctly. (Please correct me if I am wrong. Maybe the cauterize wounds with fire?) I always wondered how they have not also used the Shamans connection to the spirit realm to heal or protect. We are a class that talks directly with ancestors and the spirits of loved ones. Could we, or should we not have the ability to use that connection to help the living in some way shape or form along with the healing waters and protective earth?Jarlil2 1d
1d Already tuning warriors And ignoring shamans. What gives? 1d
1d Real elemental is around the corner! It's been 3 days and I have not touched BFA just due to not having settled on a main. All the classes look blah to me except for shaman...specifically ele, what kept me away from that class and spec was people observations of it but I am deciding to main ele AMD keep Hope's that 8.1 will be a new horizon for elemental players. A new day is on the horizon!!!!!Dakkian3 1d
1d Frost shock = damage as Lightning bolt So, why shouldn't I just use frost shock instead of lightning bolt? It's instant, high crit rate, mobile, and I can get 2 of them off in the time it takes to get 1 lightning bolt off... but just cause it doesn't generate maelstrom should i even bother? I mean, lava burst procs are what really generate it most of the time so...Zivern5 1d
1d Chain Heal Is the golden beam gone? Was it a holy spell that wasn't affected by nature school being locked?Smoochum0 1d
1d Ele shaman is not that bad. I was worried about all the doom and gloom surrounding elemental shaman. Since beta i was following the feedback on the spec and i was very nervous. From what everyone was saying, the class was just horrid. Some had it right, though. The damage is kind of mediocre and the maelstrom generation is nothing like it was before. However, though i havent been able to play for longer than a few hours (launch is always a !@#$ show and real life doesnt allow for me to stay up till 4am) i have to say its not BAD. Atleast not the questing part. Sure the CD on flame shock slows down my ability to grab a lot of mobs quickly, but our aoe with 3+ mobs is still very good. I can mow down packs and finish quests just as easily as a rogue one-two shotting a single mob. With the CD on the fire elemental reduced we have the burst. Its just a matter of using the tools we have. Sure i have to heal a bit between pack pulls and despite having a shield we are very squish. And i am one of many who miss gust of wind for extra movement. We arent helpless though. Sure, ghost wolf is kind of a useless defense since we cannot cast in that form, but the earth elemental shield is a great defense in sticky situations especially when i pull a few too many. I guess what im trying to say is, if you know the class and how to utilize all your spells, it isnt as bad as i had originally thought. I will still be maining it (mostly cuz my guild actually wants an ele shaman in our raid group), and honestly, it could be far worse.Shooie30 1d
1d *IDEA Element Shaman Attunement Mechanic I think changing the maelstrom mechanic to an attunement mechanic makes a lot sense for Elemental class fantasy. The idea is you get attuned to the certain element by the elemental spell you cast. Casting Lava Burst/Flame Shock/ETC gets you attuned to the fire element and gain certain buffs. Once you are attuned to all elements, you can spend all attunement to cast elemental blast to do big damage. There is something similar in game already, I'm just hoping this could become the main mechanic. What do you guys think?Tazlowe8 1d
1d My Elemental Review Based on my first hand experience in leveling, heroics, mythics, and PvP at level 120. Single Target DPS in a boss fight feels pretty good, not over the top but fair. Movement sucks a lot, and cold opening without DPS CDs feels really bad. You sit there for a bit not really doing much damage until Earth Shock comes around. Once you get earth shocks going your DPS is fine, but until then, it's sad. Burst AoE feels really bad outside of Stormkeeper. Stormkeeper is a fantastic AoE tool, but when it's down trying to AoE something down quickly is a huge drag. Sustained AoE feels really good, after everything starts rolling. Once you get the first 60 maelstrom the game feels to move faster. I'd say the play style of Elemental would benefit massively if we started at 60 maelstrom rather than 0. It wouldn't really affect damage overall but would be a massive quality of life change. Also reducing Flame Shock CD would make life feel a lot better. As far as talents go, I think most of the talents are fine, but I think a few of them could use adjustments. Tier 15 Echo Baseline, Replaced with Lightning Shield, taking direct hit grants 5 maelstrom. After X Earth Shocks, granted 100 maelstrom over 10 seconds, like the enhance version. Elemental Blast now cleave all targets, gives it the identity of a burst AoE nuke. I dislike Exposed Elements just because it adds more to the RNG factor of Ele Damage, with so many RNG factors already at play, if the 75% damage comes at a time when it crits and procs mastery yay lots of damage, if it comes when no crit, no mastery, boo mediocre damage. This might not matter over a long fight, but in a burst situation or a PvP situation this kind of thing matters a lot. Tier 30 My only complaint is that Master of the Elements is a very boring talent. Tier 45 Fine talents. Tier 60 I wish Storm Ele retained the Fire Ele's passive maelstrom generation Tier 75 Fine talents again. Tier 90 Icefury feels bad because unless you are moving, it feels bad not generating maelstrom. I find the Primal Fire ele AI really dumb. I've had times where it runs around for 5+ seconds instead of attacking or just standing around. Using Primal Earth Ele while Fire Ele is up just triggers the CD and nothing happens. Finally Earthen Rage, still poorly designed autoattack, give it something like Maelstrom generation, or anything, I don't like it. Tier 100 Ascendance being on the GCD feels icky, but I understand a lot of DPS cds went on the GCD. Unlimited Power requires a decent amount of mastery to get value out of, feels bad at lower gear levels. Stormkeeper is a fantastic AoE tool, it's single target value feels really bad though, the fact it's a hypothetical DPS loss in some scenarios is a poor design. Hypothetically, if both of the Stormkeeper lightning bolts were to proc mastery when hardcasted, then you'd be spend 3, 1.5 second casts to deal the same as 2, 2 second casts. Wasting .5 seconds of DPS. Not huge, but it's just to show the value of the talent is rather poor single target outside of movement. As for Azerite Traits. I like the Lava Surge one. Earth Shock one feels kinda meh, but godly in PvP. Earth Ele one feels bad as well on a 5 minute CD. Haven't gotten one with the Fire Ele. Natural Harmony seems to encourage picking Icefury or Elemental Blast, or in a higher movement fight when you frost shock on the run, but don't like the feel of it. I'll be maining Ele for Mythic Raiding and pushing Gladiator in arena. I know there are a lot of complaints about Ele, but it's far from useless, just could use some minor adjustments to make the class feel better.Suolis1 1d
1d primal elmentalist still bugged why is our lvl 90 talent still bugged?(cant have both up at same time) also why is thunderstorm totally useless in pvp half the time?Beezlebubba3 1d
1d Enhance v Ele for Uldir I’ve made the plunge, got my horde shaman up to 120 yesterday and I’m committed to not rerolling no matter how bad the public opinion gets. having said that, its time to start preparing for Uldir and I need to decide on a spec to gear for. I was leaning Elemental (because ranged) but it’s looking like Enhancment is going to be the much stronger pick until 8.1. Anyone with any Uldir test knowledge able to weigh in? I enjoy both specs so I don’t mind I just want a competitive Shaman. Cheers!Novara2 1d
1d The Best Honor Talents in the Game Enhancement's strongest offensive honor talents — Forked Lightning, Ride the Lightning, and (yes!) Counterstrike Totem — make leveling both easy and fun. CS is fantastic against elite mobs: they melt themselves. It's often my 2nd or 3rd ability for overall dps in a fight of any length. The other two talents blow up mobs and look fantastic. (Way better than Unholy's honor talents, which are also very good.) This is the most fun I've had leveling my shaman. I can pull large mobs, drop my elemental or the CS totem, and never die. And I mean never. (Ok, not never. I've died once over seven levels, pulling rares and large groups with ease. It was against a five-man elite and my elemental was on CD.) Random BGs are an exercise in face-melting. (It amazes me that CS is still so effective after two+ years.) I play Rockbiter/Landslide for the faster, more active gameplay. Might be a dps hit, but it gives me more control, particularly in PvP. If you aren't leveling with War Mode on, using those three talents, you are missing out on a very good time as an enhancement shaman.Zaclinric7 1d
1d PvP healing Hello all. I am wanting to get some rest shammys perspective on pvp healing so far. How are we doing this expansion?Blacksky1 1d
1d Ele leveling made easy OK I know leveling is easy but if you follow these simple steps ele is ridonculusly easy and is an leveling machine. If you have access to; Roots of Shaladrassil and Soul of the Farseer You are money. If not it just isnt as easy. Now for your Azarite gear you want as many pieces with the following trait: Natural Harmony With Soul of the Farseer you get EotE so Choose Ele Blast. If you dont have SotF then just take ele blast Natural Harmony Azerite Power Requires Shaman (Elemental, Enhancement) Dealing Fire damage grants 44 critical strike for 12 sec. Dealing Frost damage grants 44 mastery for 12 sec. Dealing Nature damage grants 44 haste for 12 sec. Casting Ele Blast gives you all buffs. If you have multiple pieces they stack. it isnt a straight stack. Mine says 45 on one and 42 on the other though I get 87 total. With this setup you dont have to run Totem Mastery and unlimited power. You can play whatever you like and it is still crazy. I pull every mob in site Hit astral shift drop cap totem cast eleblast Spam chain lightning spam EQ I have been straight up mowing through mobs. Single target with Icefury and ele blast i am able to keep the buffs up indefinite Hope this helps peopleMadalynn11 1d
1d Unusually high number of Shaman? Anyone else noticed that? Seeing a lot of Shaman everywhere. Not as prolific as Rogues right now, but they often outnumber most other classes in BGs. I had always assumed Shaman were toward the bottom in terms of class population.Lovesmuffins22 1d
1d Let Enh. Shamans use 2h weapons Let Enh. Shamans use 2h weapons! There's no reason not to let players have some choice and let them choose Dual Wielding or 2h! Or a weapon and shield for that matter!Vextin2 1d
1d Elemental Shaman Suggestions Provide more interesting ways to interact with our Maelstrom generation. Our baseline passives, Lava Surge, Elemental Overload, and Elemental Fury, do not offer enough engaging substance to the spec. These just happen with very little player interaction, provided you keep everything on cooldown and are always casting. Increase Maelstrom generation, see below, to offer access to Earthshock more often. In doing so, reduce the baseline damage a bit to compensate for the increased number of Earthshock casts over an encounter. Flame Shock could generate Maelstrom on cast or on each tic, letting flame elemental increase it’s generation rate. Lvl 15 talent row could incorporate Maelstrom generation into each of its options. -Expose Elements: In consuming the buff, let LBolt generate double Maelstrom -Echo of the Elements: Either, increase Lava Surge proc rate, or increase LBurst Maelstrom generation. -Elemental Blast: Generate Maelstrom on cast, or trickle generate while buffed. As a bonus and movement aid, Frost Shock baseline could generate a bit of Maelstrom per cast, maybe ½ to 2/3 of what LBolt does; and allow it’s generation increased to something between LBolt and LBurst while buffed with Icefury (obviously if talented). I main Resto/Enh, but I do stay current with Ele’s gear and rotation for a ranged option. That said, I’ve played Ele enough to see some obvious places for improvement. I’m sure there is more places for improvement, these were just a few I was spit-balling over a few forum posts. I’d love to hear what some Ele Shamans think about the above. Thank you!Bèndèr0 1d
1d Let Enh Shamans use a weapon and shield! Let Enhancement Shamans use a weapon and shield! I have a mace and shield equipped and I can't use Stormstrike or Lava Lash because "Requires One-handed melee weapon" and I HAVE that on!Vextin0 1d
1d Tip for ele shaman Switch to enh. I thought I was progressing pretty well on my sham. Now level 117 and while I knew I was behind mages / hunters... etc. I felt ok about it. I just tried enh last night and I feel like I wasted a lot of time playing elemental. I don't even have proper gear for enh. My trinkets are for spell casting and all of my azerite is tuned for elem or resto but I still hit for a truck as enh. If elemental is your jam then totally understandable but if getting things done quickly and dealing a decent amount of dps is what you're after just go enh. Even without proper gear it's a vast improvement.Carriage5 1d
1d shaman vs anything leveling was so gruesome then i get max level to feel like i still do nothing. Ele feels terrible and to put the cherry on top if theres any melee alliance that start to fight me its a done deal might as well take my hands off the keyboard. Maby im doing it wrong in dungeons i cant seem to do anything and in pvp i cant seem to do anything as ele or enh.Thunderfnk6 1d