Nov 12 Enhancement shamans glowing white? What's the spells that I see that when a enhancement shaman is fighting they turn glowing white ethealeal? Not the pvp talent because they are still attackingHps8 Nov 12
Nov 12 Enhance High APM? I like to hit buttons I like procs I have been know to have friends laugh in discord as my mechanical keyboard stars to sound like a machine gun I hate waiting for the GCD I hate cast bars I have been know to fall nod off while fishing Could enhance Shaman be for me? Logs or M+ invites. I’m in a normal guild with a casual vibeBull6 Nov 12
Nov 11 Enhancement New Talent Idea. After playing Survival Hunter it gave me a great Idea that Enhancement Shaman could use as a talent and maybe to even greater effect. Now I am by no means a developer of any kind but this is more a concept if anyone was interested in it below is my talent idea for Elemental Infusion and you guessed it it is very similar to Wildfire Infusion. Now for tuning and balancing i would leave that to my betters as I said this was just to get the concept out there. Let me know what you think. Elemental Infusion: When pressed a random totem out of 3 spawns empowering and ability. Molten totem: Empowers Lava Lash it becomes Molten Lava Lash during this time each lava lash does additional damage and it becomes a dual strike ability hitting with both weapons. Each strike leaves a stacking dot on target up to 3 dealing fire damage over time (12 second duration seems good?) Storm totem: Empowers stormstrike becoming StormFury during this time StormFury requires twice as much maelstrom but it now becomes a multi hit ability similiar to warrior rampage. Also during this time if the target has 3 of the Molten dot from Molten Lava Lash it will expunge this dot for more dmg and Storm Fury will deal both Fire and Nature damage. Then revert back to standard storm fury multi hit once target is expunged. Earthen Totem: Empowers Crash Lightning morphing it into Earthquake during this time shaman hits the ground sending tremors out dealing damage over time while Rockbiter will also now cleave in this window generating more maelstrom for each additional target it hits.Khovuu6 Nov 11
Nov 11 Enh shaman changes "beyond the scope of a hotfix?" when you tell me you need something more than a hotfix... I EXPECT MORE THAN JUST % AND TIMING CHANGES. so... you are telling me all these % talent nerfs/buffs couldnt be hotfixed in? its not like you changed the core rotation like you said you were going to. guess i still have 15 secs of being 100 mealstrom then 5 secs later i have 0 and nothing to cast.Dranosh1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Static cling removed. Another pvp talent for enhance bites the dust. So glad I decided to make shaman my alt/sarcasm.Mofuggaz24 Nov 11
Nov 11 Leveling Elemental Shaman For The 1st Time Hello, I am returning to the game after a 6 year absence. I want to try an elemntal shaman for the first time. Can Elemental shaman level efficiently? I am concerned about getting adds and being squishy, all my other casters have pets to tank. Should I just level enhancement then switch? ty in advanceIuzz9 Nov 11
Nov 11 Enhance ptr changes What do they really do for us? So maybe I pick boulderfist instead of nerfed Lshield, maybe I just deal with the nerf. I think forceful winds will still be the go to 2nd row talent, especially with the maelstrom nerf to Lshield, Landslide is still too rng to be reliable and totem mastery seems meh. Totems might be ok for lower gear lvls until haste catches up The 60 row improved and might see choice depending on stat weights. Fitting 2 OC bolts in a spike window might be good tho The 90 talents got a nice buff but don’t know if enough. Fury of air needs to lose the inconsequential movement slow and have something like slows enemy attack/cast speed or increases your own haste while active Would love to have seen earth shield not have stacks and reduce damage taken instead of self heal bonus(keeping the heal when damage taken) and Feral Lunge baseline replaced with something that makes astral shift better, like useable while stunned and an increase to its damage reduction.Cogblocker1 Nov 11
Nov 11 The Niches because blizzard doesn’t seem to know atm, let’s spitball some ideas Enhancement spec should have more party/raid buffs than any other 1 class, it’s in the name, every class that brings more group enhancing utility is a disservice to Enhancement’s bread and butter should have multiple 2-3m CD totems that enhance basic combat as baseline abilities a warrior brings battleshout to the table, we should have something that adds 5% on top of it’s effect for 15 seconds to boost his buff while 1upping him, you feel me?Rakruwah0 Nov 11
Nov 10 Enhance's overall thoughts, ptr and more I played enhance high levelish (at the line of gladiator) for years in pvp. I raided normal raids and a few higher difficulty ones. Only going a few bosses in. I have always enjoyed enhance. I played non stop up to WoD. Didnt play WoD. Then I played one month of Legion. I was surprised what they had done to Enhance. They had completely changed the class. So i stopped played for different reasons. I haven't missed but 2 days of BFA. I really like it. The "problems" that BFA has. Or so I read, the problems that BFA is having. I haven't experienced it to the degree the community is making out to be. Ya i am experiencing them. However it isn't as game breaking as they are leading it to be. Okay back to Enhance. I am having a great time playing it in arena and a tad of raiding. I just finished leveling my second 120. I really like the spec. I don't like it, like i did in all the other expansions I played enhance in. Its different and took a little getting use to. But, I have to say, I still like it a lot right now. Don't get me wrong there is a ton i want changed. Like; I want my identity back! Overcapping - Feast/famine game play is sucky, but its really only for a short duration until lightning shield fully charges. (Them taking that away is silly. I like that talent. I love passive talents. More on this later) Thats about to change. The over capping, i get it looks bad. I don't mind it especially in pvp. I want to know i have resources waiting on me when i need them. I must also play different then everyone else in raids. I read icy-veins and my rotation tends to be a hair different. Most the time I get into a press Stormstrike, then lava lash, rock biter, lava lash, rock biter, then Stormstrike, other stuff. but it always tunnels into rock biter and lava lash back and forth. They seem to go together. I feel starved normally only the beginning of every encounter (boss or elites) when i don't have feral spirits. I feel the over capping concern falls from OCD people and not liking the look of it. I do understand gathering the resource and not having a "fun" way of spending it. Lava lash atm seems to be Blizzards rage dump, i mean maelstrom dump. I have always hated resource gathering and dumping builds. I don't want to think I am playing for a progress bar to then have to dump it as filler. I mean elemental atm with earth shock that does a lot of damage when you hit 60 maelstrom (pvp talent earth shock with 100 even better ;} ). I like this mechanic. Feels rewarding. To sum up. I don't mind the over capping. Starving and hoping on Stormbringer procs, sucks. Lava Lash - I remember it being introduced. Was sold as a huge dmg move. I mean you are smacking folks, with a weapon that is lava coated! Whoa, ya that sounded amazing. When we got to play with it, it was. Now lava lash is our maelstrom dump??? Does pitiful damage. I feel i could go every fight and never use it. In fact, a lot of pvp matches I hardly ever use it. Okay I think I have laid some decent ground work. I apologize if it didn't make sense. I am trying, lol. First tier- the maelstrom generating tier, right? Boulderfist, only makes sense if you pick landslide (tier 2). I am sure this isnt going to solve the maelstrom problem with a dmg increase. This seems to be a pvp change, I welcome tbh. This in no means helps raiding. Hot hands is retarded. There i said it. I explained the rotation and Lava lash is a button I hate using. I feel nothing that i use to when I pressed lava lash, even with this dmg increase proc. Gimme back my old lava lash. I can give a suggestion; make something else a dump and make this the earth shock, if you will, at 60 maelstrom. This would give use a cool talent for pvp, in place of something that you just took. A big dmg and a useful reason to pick this talent. I mean i always like waiting on procs for big dmg. Lightning Shield. Not only is it the best, its also something that has been in the game since the beginning. I want to use it for nothing more than, I have always refreshed my lightning shield. If i don't have it, i would feel naked. LOL. This type of ability is where enhance feels different. I mean; a ball of lightning rotating around your toon, thats pretty neat. - Its an awesome mechanic, I notice this hitting 20 stacks a lot. I am starved for maelstrom and before i know it i am in the plethora randomly. Much better design then the other two. -Taking away the maelstrom to me says... (well let me tell you about this store that is in my small town. Everyone was so excited for them to open. They advertised as a meat sandwich shop. They was going to sell rib eye sandwiches. They opened and was awesome. Well one day about two weeks into the business they stopped selling the sandwiches. The owner said he was tired of making them because he made other sandwiches and no one else wanted them. He was tired of constantly reliable money, and the business bankrupted pretty soon after.) You are making this sandwich worse to make the other sandwiches better. You doing better then the business owner i was talking about, but this is still not a great way to sell unwanted things. Geez this is a long post.... Second Tier... Landslide -is only makes sense if picked with Boulderfist (tier 1). In both sections seem more for pvp then pve. Forceful winds - don't seem like a bad nerf pre-say. Probably needed, but with a 5% dmg increase... kinda seems redundant tbh. (nerf then buff is it?) Totem mastery - I really like the idea of this talent. I have always loved totem management. Some times tedious. A lot of prep time. I don't understand why we moved away from them. I cant say this should be a talent, but as a baseline ability. This talent should extra buff the baseline ability imo. Infact i would rework this whole tier as the totem enhance tier... Third Tier... the tier that is for??? random things? JK a survivalish build Spirit Wolf - I love it, i don't use it a lot. Seems more for pve encounters. Earth Shield - whoa enhance gets earth shield. I love this talent! Static Charge - imo useless. Maybe in top tier mythics+... but where is an enhance we can ask about that? So this tier is summed up like this. go ghost wolf and survive better after 4 seconds, earth shield for softing damage, or something to reduce cd on damage to you every 40secs for 3 secs? Forth Tier... this whole tier is boring, someone had to say it. Its the enhance weak ability tier Searing assualt is fun... just underwhelming Hailstorm... why is this pvp talent in here? NO the buff is needed, but i like fire more then ice... Now when it comes to fire and ice. Lets look at this talents like that. I am more interested in this talent doing something like searing assault. Does cold damage as a dot and have some effect like ray of frost. Slowing them more as the dot progresses. OR! make it like frost shock use to be. IF they are, what was it. 20 yds it roots them. That was cool! I miss this with a passion!!! Overcharge- i don't want something else to be a bump of resources. Plus i lose my long range puller. Fifth Tier... I mean Feral Lunge to death tier Nature's Gaurdian - another pvp only talent... could be used in raids, but up time is the only way to dps... Feral Lunge - should be baseline ability. I cant use it in pvp. I mean i could, but its not worth it. I would rather spec surviving then closing the distance. Windwalker totem - it could be useful... This is something on paper looks good, but not as a talent. Ferals and hunters can already do this. This doesn't help shammys with anything. This is a pointless talent, especially where it is. Sixth Tier... Aoe tier Crashing Storm - awesome sounding talent. I want it to be worth picking though. When there isn't trash, it isn't enough dps. I like the idea of adding crash lightning into my single target dps and leaving a lightning pool that lingers. This is neat, just this needs number changes for sure. Pvp it just wouldn't be used. Nobody is going to stand in stuff long enough. Fury of Air - I just don't want to use something that drains my resources. Especially when its ether i have to much or none at all. I would rather see that its like lightning shield that is always on when in combat. It makes other moves cost more, but not draining me starved. Sundering - I have no complaints, just wish it was natural (dmg multiplier mainly.)not fire, or a combination of both. The animation to me looks like earth spikes is the main culprit not the line of fire that is left... just my observation. Seventh Tier... Elemental Spirits - I love the idea of this talent. Could you just entertain the idea of bring a third wolf out and adding all the other effects this talent already does. The randomness of this talent hurts my heart. Earthen Spike - I have gotten use to it. I like it enough. Good flat damage increase and another longer range attack. Ascendance - Way to long of a cd. In pvp its to much or never able to use from being cced. There is so many ways to go with this. I like the idea of Making it a passive. When you cap maelstrom and it puts you in ascendance. You get three stormstrikes (or w.e stormstrike becomes when in ascendance) and you are out of ascendance with 0 maelstrom. You know something like that. Whew... thanks for the read. These are my thoughts. I love this spec. I may miss the mark on somethings. I am interested in what ya'll think.Omegazion2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Stat weights in Uldir I have 26+ % crit Base as resto. but with reorigination array/buffs I’m at 36% crit. should I maybe reorganize my stats a bit ? Is there a cap on crit where it’s no longer as valuable ? Perhaps I should trade some crit for verse or haste ?Cittron4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Resto Shaman mana I'm new to healing and i run out of mana really fast, idk if im just dumb or yeahhh any tips to not run out of mana fastCorannix4 Nov 10
Nov 10 What's wrong with Enh in BfA So after playing Surv Hunter for a bit and taking a look at Enh Shaman I finally realized what was so wrong about Enh Shaman this expac: The devs didn't bother to integrate Enh into the BfA mechanics. When you play SV you'll notice that on each talent tier you get different, competitive choices, there's an optimal one on paper, sure, but each choice lends itself to a different playstyle, rotation and priority order. A Hunter going with Alpha/Mongoose/Birds is centering his gameplay around optimization of large burst windows, while one going Viper/Tip/Wildfire is constantly reacting to procs to keep stable, high dps. So what Talents do Hunters choose? whatever works better with their azerite traits. Surv Hunter Azerite traits are really strong, unique and they each favor a different talent build. What this ends up to is that, certain pieces of Azerite make you change your talents and go into a completely different rotation, it's very fun. This is a spec that they actually gave some thought to before shipping it to BfA. Now let's look back at Enh Shaman. Utility tiers aside you get exactly one meaningful dps talent choice: The last talent tier. This is literally the only thing in our entire tree with different options worth picking and that changes our rotation in any way at all. This is bad, this feels bad, but at least the choices mesh well with different Azerite talents? Not at all, really, no. The best traits for Enh Shaman are literally generic traits. The class-specific traits go from mediocre to bad, and even then, they don't affect the rotation in the slightest. This is a class that they gave exactly 0 thoughts about before shipping it to BfA. This isn't even an incomplete spec like they claimed in the interview, this is literally a spec for a different game from what everyone else is playing. I believe that nothing short of a whole talent rework, including azerite traits, will make the class any good. And since I don't see it happening in 8.2 (lul at this class getting fixed in a month before 8.1) I really think this will be the state of the class until 9.0. Even if they DO manage to make it numerically strong, it'll still feel rushed and disconnected from what everyone else is doing.Orangesilk4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Balance Lightning Shield, Don't Change Effect With the upcoming PTR changes, lighting shield is losing its maelstrom generation. While I agree that the talent rows should be balanced (and I am quite happy with the other talent changes) and that lighting shield is more powerful than the other two, the balancing should not change the core functionality of lightning shield. The coolest thing about lightning shield is that it alters gameplay when it overcharges. It breaks the monotony and adds a period of high resource gaining and spending that can be planned around and played with. With the new changes, lightning shield will no longer have a noticeable gameplay change and will simply become a passive talent that has no meaningful interaction with the rotation. Instead of removing the maelstrom generation all together, why not simply nerf the damage from 10% to 5% (or whatever) and nerf the generation from 100 over 10 seconds to 80 over 10 seconds (or whatever)? That way the row can be balanced while still maintaining the interactivity of the talent.Thorandric4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Blizzards enhance ptr changes are lazy. I don't even know what more to say then the title says. nerf our best talents that play into our new azrite... Buff !@#$ter talents we still wont use. OC isnt a CD thing, its a damage thing. Hailstorm aint ever popped off no matter what you ever did to it. Put that on the curb for the garbage truck to pick up blizzard. You missed the mark blizzard, we talk about being competitive in raids and you think we ment in our talent choices. Go back try it again.Hoodwinks7 Nov 10
Nov 10 New Glyph: Manasaber Best new glyph for Shammies would be a Manasaber Just like in Legion when we where in Suramar City. It was wonderful.Audrella4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Jokes over who hurt enhance teams feelings? I dunno where your head is at blizzard with these changes. We complained about not being competitive enough in raids. I know you say we are only 2% behind, but there is a lot of people struggle to min max those numbers to stay competitive. Not min max for top guilds I mean just to try and compete in their own guilds. Truthfully I was excited to see new traits for enhancement but I feel like we just got nerfed in them since we got nerfs to ffw and LS. Our talents felt fluid, my opinion. I honestly felt like this fast paced proc based spec felt fluid with the current talent setup, I dunno why you would nerf those talents. These buffs to the other spells, I get it you want more choices but honestly I been playing this game along time and I do not really feel that ever gets accomplished a lot. It misses more then it hits. People tend to stick to a cookie cutter spec and lately its just a cookie cutter spec for aoe or single target. I get it, options are good on paper. We were in a solid spot talents we just needed alittle oof. Like when I use my current talents I seem to be low end on target dummies practicing my rotation, I turn on pvp talents and now suddenly Im at what all my friends are at. Now Im not saying make pvp talents pve but Im just trying to give an idea how that extra oof of damage puts me on par. Mix and matching is not gonna fix any of the things we are complaining about.Hoodwinks0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Enhancement PvP Montage Hey All, so I put this PvP Montage together the other day. It's mainly group fighting in BGs while I gear up my under-geared Shaman. Music is mellow trance and video was captured in 4K. First thoughts on Enhancement... I'm liking the new animations, but still figuring out the rotations that work for me. Looking forward to seeing what the damage output is once I'm geared. Enjoy! :-) Youtube - Warcraft Movies - Nov 10
Nov 9 PVE Resto Mana issues? Anyone else seem to be having serious mana woes this expansion? I feel like in PVE Raids or Myth+ runs I go oom about 2/3 if not 1/2 of the way through fights. Then its just trickling along with occasional riptides or little heals... I feel like rsham mana sucks.Mimics14 Nov 9
Nov 9 8.1 buffs Am I the only one reading that in 8.1 we're (FINALLY) getting buffed ? Well, this is obviously on PTR and will be subject to changes but pheeewwww it feels good. ...Dorsha11 Nov 9
Nov 9 How to Make Shamans Exciting I think that the biggest problem shamans of all specs currently face is a lack of class identity or any feeling of value or uniqueness. I think that totems are the most unique part of the Shamans' arsenal, and the key to making them exciting and fun. Failing a class redesign, I would prefer to see every spec of Shaman have a totem-centric talent build. This should be the area where the creative juices are allowed to run wild. Part of that means the re-introduction or perhaps redesign of older totem ideas. Take Searing Totem for example. Here's a very simple, basic idea for a totem. You put it down and it deals direct damage to your enemies, unless they move out of range. I can imagine how it felt weak and limiting, seeing the totem undone from a single attack, only attacking one target, not even doing much damage, feeling like a required part of the dps rotation... But what if it were different? Here's an idea: How about giving it multiple charges. This is an idea that was taboo back in old school WoW because you were limited to only having 1 of any element out at a time, but now? What's stopping you from having a talent where you can lay down a grid of 3 or more Searing Totems just to create a field of attrition that your opponents have to be worn down by? While we're on the subject of totems with multiple charges, how about putting down two or three air totems that create a static field that dramatically slow and damage any characters that pass through the field? Here's something for Resto: How about a water totem that creates a cloud of steam with an identical function to the rogue's smoke ability? Think about it: The resto shaman places a water totem down that is immune to AoE that generates a cloud of steam that makes any players inside that steam untargetable for a few seconds. The trade off is that if more than a few players use that at once then they suddenly make themselves really vulnerable to AoE abilities. And if that sounds too powerful for dungeons and raiding, then just make it a PvP talent and call it a day. Perhaps even you could have totem mixing. Like how in Kirby Star Allies (or Kirby 64), if you harness the powers of 2 different kind of abilities the two would mix and create a unique hybrid effect of some kind. What if you had a static shock totem that functioned much like the searing totem in that it dps's a nearby enemy, but instead of having multiple charges it turns any healing rain you put down into a thunder storm dealing dps to all enemies while it heals all allies? What if the totem stood there for a minute allowing you to just continue to recast the rain to maintain the effect? Imagine combining Earthquake with your Liquid Magma totem to cause pools of lava or fire to erupt at the feet of any enemy players in area of the earthquake, forcing them to keep moving or taking significantly higher damage? Think about how that would feel? YOU'D be the raid boss! NPCs and enemy players would have to stay out of YOUR fire! The possibilities are endless! This is the sort of direction that would make me excited to play a Shaman again, and I can't emphasize enough that the modern Shaman feels uninspired and needs sweeping changes.Juxu1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Wolf theme somewhat dated? Am I the only one who feels a bit out of place playing a shaman as any race other than Orc (or Troll with appropriate glyphs)? Two of a shaman's most prominent abilities, Ghost Wolf and Feral Spirit were obviously made with an Orc shaman in mind. I'd be happy with a simple glyph that replaces the Ghost Wolf visual with an ethereal form of my actual character, like a WC3 spirit walker or something. At least then I'd feel comfortable playing Elemental or Resto. I can't think of a solution for Feral Spirit unfortunately.Shennong17 Nov 9
Nov 9 Primal Elementalist Bug? Currently I’m specced to Primal Elementalist, as it’s the best option for elemental shaman right now (Your mileage may vary), but I have noticed what might be a bug. Whenever I summon one, it just stands there; I have to command it to attack. This is odd, because before, they attacked automatically; all I had to do was command the fire elemental to use meteor. What’s even stranger is the attack command is flashing red, and they still stand there until ordered otherwise. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?Kromtarn7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Azerothian Champion Spaulders Is there a way to upgrade these? According to bloodmallet they are BIS for addcleave and I specifically try and gear for mythic+. Also wtb weapons thanks.Swiiftfeet0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Elemental at 120? Is Elemental any good for PVP at 120? I've been queuing battle grounds the past few days and this spec seems to struggle in literally every aspect. It does little to no damage and gets shut down as soon as you get trained. Any suggestions? What talent builds work best for you guys?Bestinclass4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Kultirans: mage vs shaman Hi Since kultirans will be able to be shamans, I am thinking about to level one. Now I am stuck between mage and shaman. I do not mind healing (I like to do it for convenience) I would like to listen your opinions about which class is/has better: 1.Pve 2.Pvp 3. Fun (engaging rotation, look and feel) 4.Mogs 5.Fantasy Please consider the changes that both classes Will receive in 8.1. ThanksMandrix4 Nov 9
Nov 9 QoL improvement for Stormkeeper Hey while Stormkeeper is being changed, can we make one positive change that will just help using it effectively? I'd like to compare it to Presence of Mind: It makes the nest 2 Arcane Blasts instant, much like Stormkeeper. (Draw) It is baseline, Stormkeeper is talented. (Pom wins) It lasts until all charges are used, Stormkeeper lasts only 15 seconds. (Pom wins) Baseline ability beats out a talent, yes there is the overload element of Stormkeeper but i'd hardly say that warrants the 15 second duration. While Stormkeeper is already being changes, can it be made to last until all charges are used like Pom? I've had many times i've been capped on maelstrom and run out of time on my second charge.Shenxiao0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Shaman WAura Bars by ZerkinUI creator Hey guys. Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know that I've updated and improved lots of my WeakAuras in the past week or two. --Resto bars included are Tidal Waves [also tracks Flash Flood via dynamic coloring of bar], Riptide(s) & CD, Undulation, Healing Stream Totems & CD, and more. --Enhance includes bars for the following: COLOR-SCALING MAELSTROM [i love it] Flametongue/Frostbrand, Lightning Shield, and more. ZerkinUI's Primary SHA WA Bars -- I have heard a that the a top US 15 guild currently has all their shamans using my primary WeakAura pack :], heard directly from a friend i've had since the Sunwell spirit realm who is in their guild and was in their Discord to witness the convo! The purpose of sharing this is not to brag, but to aid those who need help discerning -- this is not merely another cluster f*** of ragtag junk, but pre-meditated and custom-coded to be intituive (also utilizes a couple sound FX for important notifications, such as 0 Tidal Wave stacks = tmog zap). I've spent a few years casually adding to, improving, changing, etc. this Primary WA pack for Shamans. I am glad that at least some of the competitive community is appreciating and getting some use out of my work! After all, they were the primary intended audience for all my UI stuff, haha. PS. Thank you all for making ZerkinUI Competitive the #5 most-viewed ElvUI Profile for ALL/ANY categories! You can check it out here: ZerkinUI Competitive -- Nov 9
Nov 9 For an Orc Shaman: Green or Mag'har? This question is for those of you who: 1) enjoy playing the Shaman class and 2) prefer to play as an Orc. Is there a reason why one type of Orc would edge out the other? I currently have two low-lvl Orc Shamans: a lvl-13 green and a lvl-35 Mag'har. I honestly prefer looking at the Mag'har, as I think that they're even more fierce looking; still, I wonder if there's any good reason why a green Orc would edge out a Mag'har in terms of playing a Shaman.Roqtan14 Nov 9
Nov 8 Heroic Uldir Tonight Hey all, Gonna be doing Heroic Uldir as RSham for first time tonight. Havent been much into PvE over my career, just bottom of the barrel PvP Challenger stuff. Any tips? Plan is to do Taloc->Mother->Fetid->Vectis tonight. Thanks in advance. I read the guides on Ancestral Guidance so far and they make sense. Thanks, RyanTybx7 Nov 8
Nov 8 Azerite Fortification Removed So, I logged onto the PTR to look at the changes for myself and noticed two additional changes I hadn't realized before: Azerite Fortification (the defensive trait that heals you on stun, immobolize, or knockback) has been removed and replaced with the new ankh trait that lowers cd on ankh and gives a small amount of health. This means that pieces with one of the best (if not the best) defensive trait for shaman in pvp has been replaced with a worthless one for pvp (you can't ankh in rated pvp and the health gain is small). So any gear where azerite fortification was the only good defensive is trash now. At least as far as defensives for pvp goes. The new ancestral resonance that extends bloodlust duration by 50% doesn't work on the 10 second pvp version. It's still 10 seconds. So, I guess ancestral resonance is now really a pve only trait.Zezu2 Nov 8
Nov 8 am I doing something wrong? (ele) where did the instant lava burst proc go? is it gone? I see lava burst light up like it wants me to use it and there's still cast time? what am I missing here?Zahruk6 Nov 8
Nov 8 Why is Blizz removing Rippling Waters? Seriously, this change is so drastic and such a huge nerf that it has caused me to come out of lurking land and make my first post. Why are you removing Rippling Waters? This not only removes a whole charge, but also the additional heal for the remaining charge we have left. It won't be our main source of healing anymore, it'll only be an emergency button with the trait. Without the trait, this spell will be so bad it won't even be worth casting. That leaves us with healing surge and healing wave, and that's not going to keep anyone alive. I don't think that I've ever kept anyone alive spamming healing surge. I need to fill in with riptide+riptide bubble to have ANY chance of keeping anyone alive. Thoughts, anyone?Fleyva11 Nov 8
Nov 8 8.1 next month. Still no Enhance changes? How do they plan on implementing and testing enhancement changes when 8.1 launches in 6 weeks? Weren't we told to wait for 8.1 for some good changes?Coleslaw11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Does Enhancement feel awful to anyone else? And if so, is there anyway to fix it? I used to play Enhancement Shaman in the past, specifically maining one in Cataclysm. It's also always a class/spec combo that I go back too because I've always enjoyed the play style. This is the first time in 11 years that I've hated it. Rockbiter, Flametongue and Frostbiter being anything other than passive enhancement's feels horrible. I have 6 or so abilities that absolutely need to be pressed every encounter so far at level 48 and 5 of them hit like a wet noodle and feel bad to use. The only one that still feels good is Stormstrike. I don't even know why Lava Lash is a thing in it's current iteration. Rockbiter and Flametongue feel so bad I can't even stress it. Why are they active abilities that are a part of my regular rotation? Does this change? I can only see myself getting even more things. I'm the kind of person that mained Warlock in BC because I enjoyed having 40 abilities on my bars even though half of them were trash. I relished the idea of being able to use things more often than other warlocks simply because I put more time into memorizing the random !@# CTRL-V-type keybinds since there were so many abilities. But this just doesn't even feel close to that. This just feels excessive even though it somehow has less. It feels bad. Does anyone else agree? Can someone help me or tell me it gets better. I love this character already, I want to main Shaman again, but Enhancement was my baby. :(Kogor2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Gust of Wind I am sure everyone has had ample experience without Gust of Wind by this point. I will admit, I do notice it as much anymore in simply questing or even dungeon encounters and have adjusted. However, currently I have been trying to do some of the newer secrets recently found (such as the Waist of Time and Uuna), and my god it feels awful not having it anymore. As I am writing this, I am currently stuck in an area in Atal'Dazar because I fell but have not enough jump to get out. I realize other classes would suffer from this as well, but it felt good to be able to get out of sticky situations without having to hearth/Teleport to GY/ or just flat out give up. I have been stuck trying to reach areas due to terrain being unclimbable by normal means and have found myself running 2 minutes more to work around the terrain. 2 minutes is not terrible too much, but when you have to do it multiple times that time ramps up. I have had to take rez sickness multiple times from my body being in unreachable locations as I have tried risky jumps I otherwise could have made with Gust of Wind. Yes other classes can struggle too, but as I shaman it felt good to be able to use the elements to perform these little tricks to cross terrain others could not. I could go on and on but probably not get anywhere other threads have already. Point of my experience here is I have noticed a steep decline in traversing the world and exploring that I use to have with Gust of Wind. I will not go into attacking what other classes have as I hope no class loses features that make it feel fun or interesting. I as a shaman having an interesting ability does not take away from the class fantasy of others, it makes my class fantasy and experience better. Semi-rant over, I will just keep hoping 8.1 will see the return of gust of wind in some fashion as this was the single best ability in my opinion for shamans to traverse the world and I can sorely feel it being gone while doing just that.Thunderçatz28 Nov 8
Nov 8 Enhancement between 8.0-8.1 So all we get is pvp/open world nerfs, no talent revisions whatsoever, and a slight blanket % buff that really doesn’t address any concerns. Am I missing anything?Cogblocker4 Nov 8
Nov 8 Eleshaman DPS help? Hi! Newer Elesham here just trying to learn the DPS. I currently run Echo/Totem mastery, with liquid magma and ascendance. And im having a hard time understanding when it would be good to use Exposed Elements, Master of the Elements, stormkeeper, and other talents. if there's an elesham discord id love to check it out. Or if anyone has general advice here im more than open to the help. *Ive been to icy-veins but they dont suggest Exposed Elements, and ive seen others on warcraft logs running with it, hence why im here. Just trying to see what has worked and how its worked.*Freyjá17 Nov 8
Nov 8 What does a shaman bring? Hi, so I’m thinking of leveling my shaman here, I was wondering what does a shaman healer bring to a raid that any other healer can’t bring?Kurumî20 Nov 8
Nov 8 HTT should get 100% boost in dungeons also I'm looking at a different healing class and right now I have my eyes on Resto Druid. As I was researching more about their spells and utilities I couldn't help but wonder: Why don't Shaman spells function similar to this? I'm mainly focusing on the big healing cooldowns for Druids, Shamans and Priests. Tranquility v.s. Healing Tide Totem: Tranquility has its healing increased by 100% in a non-raid setting. Holy cow would that be awesome for HTT. Resto Shamans have been talking forever about how weak HTT is in a non-raid setting because it is balanced around a raid setting where there would be way more than 5 people within range of it. Sure would be nice to buff HTT in non-raid settings like Tranquility. Divine Hymn v.s. Healing Tide Totem: Again, 3 minute cooldown healing spell that is increased by 100% in a non-raid setting. Shamans don't get the same benefit from their 3-minute healing cooldown. Why doesn't HTT function similar to Divine Hymn or Tranquility in a dungeon setting?Tikishock4 Nov 8
Nov 7 8.1 Death Of Resto Shaman just looked at 8.1 class changes and once again nothing for resto shaman... sorry to say the class will be dead when 8.1 hits as resto shaman are already boycotted by everyone in raids and mythic + as noone seems to stack anymore we are not wanted or needed as resto shaman can't keep up on heals because of this fact.. my main is resto shaman i can pull 16k hps on a raid boss and thats me doing everything to the millsecond perfect and after fight sitting back thinking wow that was tough how did i do against other healers.... and sit there with nearly tears in my eyes seeing priests and druids and monks 10k more hps then me and thats them not even trying hard.. i've played for 13 years and mained resto shaman sinced BC shame i now have to quit the game as theres no point me paying for it as all i get to do is grind rep and dailies, i can't get mythic+runs so i don't get weekly chests ,my guild leader keeps telling me i have to pick my performance up as i'm so far behind and i ask him wtf am i suppose to do? unless my raid leader makes everyone stand on my healing rain i can't get the numbers needed for raids.. even druids mushroom aoe heals more and lasts longer then shamans healing rain.. it makes no sense so this is the death of resto shaman.. i really don't know why blizzard will not buff us as i said i think theres like 2 occassions in all Uldir that raid stacks.. how are we supposed to heal? blizzard designed our class that we can only heal if raid stacks.. i shouldn't have to reroll and i don't want to as i used to love healing as shaman so i either sit around level alts continuesly grind rep and dailies while everyone else has fun and raids or i do the sane thing and quit, which blizzard seems to want to all shamans.. so with everything i've said and everything blizz refuses to do i have no option and after 13 years i have cancelled my subscription, i'll really miss the game but i shouldn't be made to play a game where i can't play it or get equal oppertunity to see content just like everyone else regardless of what toon they playVanquish92 Nov 7
Nov 7 [Suggestion] Elemental Changes post 8.1 Currently Elemental feels rough around the edges since the changes that occurred in bfa. The big thing I feel is the spec feels much slower, and as a result the randomness of our Mastery: Elemental Overload really hurts because it feels very inconsistent. In Legion, the speed of the spec and maelstrom generation meant the impact of our mastery wasn't as serious as we went through our rotation so quickly that those extra procs did not feel as integral to success. It also fair to say that our mastery levels could reach much higher levels than bfa because it was before the stat squish which was a necessary process to keep numbers from getting too high; because of the stat squish the numbers on our main spells really hurt when the raw damage is about 50% of the value of those very spells as Resto Shamans, the over-reliance on mastery has crippled our dps and the stat squish it has proven to be disastrous. Also in PvP, because our damage speed is slower and the loss of the PvP talent Fire and Ice, our maelstrom generation is terrible is we're unable to freecast (which always the case vs. any melee class). We need to be able to do on-demand burst when the opportunity opens up, not when the stars choose to align and we get our lucky procs. WHAT CHANGES I THINK WE NEED: More reliable damage On-Demand Burst More Mobility or Durability in PvP vs. Melee Better Maelstrom Generation for PvP To achieve the first two changes, I propose a rework to how our mastery Mastery: Elemental Overload works. Instead of being a random proc that causes your spells to hit a second time, it will instead proc and give the player a 15 second buff that will cause there next spellcast to hit a 2nd time; up to 3 of these buffs can be stored at a time. The talent High Voltage would increase that cap to 5 and also cause you to get 2 stacks of the buff at the cost of less damage from the 2nd attacks. With this change in mind, the player would have more control over when and how they do burst damage which will make DPS more reliable while also giving the option of on-demand burst in PvP. Extra mastery points would increase the proc chance for this to occur like how it is currently on live. ------------- The 3rd change that we need would either be about durability or mobility as the bullet point states. For Mobility it would be as simple as adding Gust of Wind back in as a PvP talent, since it was removed at the start of bfa. Not having the disengage to put distance between you and the melee target really hurts shamans as they need that distance to have time to free cast either heals, CC, or damage. If Durability is the route taken understand this, in the past your armor class mattered a lot and the fact shamans wield shield and mail armor is no small thing. A baseline physical damage reduction called something like "Strength of the Earth" would not be that much of stretch as it also fits in with their lore too. Barring that, I'd suggest bring back the Stone Bulwark totem that was introduced in MoP as a pvp talent with it only affecting physical damage ( Another possibility might be to change Astral Shift to usable while stunned as that damage reduction is many times not usable when we need it most from say a Feral Druid's or a Rogue's opener. Another thing to consider for durability is boosting our mana regeneration from taking greater than a certain percentage of our hp so we can cast more heals without going oom; we might not necessarily need beefiness if we can just cast more healing spells before running out of mana. ------------- Finally the 4th bullet point, better maelstrom generation in PvP. I'd suggest bring back the PvP talent Fire and Ice from Legion causes flame shock to generate maelstrom from doing damage, would not even need to buff Frost Shock either. Another possibility would make Lightning bolt castable while moving either with something like Spiritwalker's Grace or with a pvp talent like the old glyph called "Unleashed Lightning" ( ------------- These are the change that I believe will most help elemental Shamans feel much better to play as well as actually perform better overall. I've always loved the gameplay of Shaman slinging bolts of lightning and shooting molten lava in the face of my enemy. The feels playing the spec, the lore surrounding shamans; it all feels so true. While I do lament losing totems so long ago, I still think the class has gotten better with time. BFA's launch has been a rough patch no doubt but with changes I suggest I very much think the spec will reach a point where it can be competitive while still preserving the true feel of elemental shamans.Blackguarde9 Nov 7
Nov 7 should i make a sham for 8.1? finally got mag'har orcs unlocked and was thinking of either making either a sham or monk with the race but remembered that the sham class in general wasn't doing well right now. will 8.1 fix make them usable or should i just make a monk with the raceSanies57 Nov 7
Nov 7 Rippling Water REMOVED As of the latest PTR update Rippling Water is getting removed entirely. This is such a MASSIVE blow to resto shaman. We lose not only an extra charge, but also the extra healing. How the heck are we supposed to heal in PvP now!?Shaldrik7 Nov 7
Nov 7 Whelp here they go again Ancestral Resonance- Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Mastery by 107 for 20 sec(easily over 1000 mastery with old version). Heroism's duration is increased to 60 seconds on you, and Ancestral Resonance's chance to activate is greatly increased during Heroism. Static Cling- removed Being a bad !@# melee with lighting flying everywhere......removed. But hey we can use 2handed weapons...... what joy. Glad we try to play differently then they intend and we get bum wrecked.Multhrak3 Nov 7
Nov 7 Big Enh PvP Nerf On It's Way ____________________________________ PvP Talents (3) Forked Lightning When you use Stormstrike, you conjure bolts of lightning to up to two furthest enemies within 40 yards dealing (50% of Spell power) Nature damage. Removed Ride the Lightning When you use Stormstrike you also cast a Chain Lightning on the target. Chain Lightning Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing (50% of Spell power) Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. Removed NEW Ride the Lightning If there is more than one enemy nearby within 8 yards when you cast Stormstrike, you also cast a Chain Lightning on the target. Otherwise, you conjure bolts of lightning to up to two furthest enemies within 40 yards dealing (50% of Spell power) Nature damage. _____________________________ If I'm reading this right, the new talent won't cast chain lightning if there is only one enemy. Not only that, but it's either you storm strike and also hit with lightning on zero targets, chain lightning on your main target along with close people or lightning on enemies that are only 9+ yards away. I guess Enh shaman were doing too much damage.Fligmos37 Nov 7
Nov 7 Resto feels decidedly underwhelming Hi guys, I've been playing this guy in tandem with one of my druids who is similar ivl (also resto). I mained this guy second half of last expac and really enjoyed healing on him, including in M+ even if I felt very squishy compared to my druids. This expac feels very different. My singe target heals on a tank, even specced into ES, feel very weak. M+ I feel as or even more squishy as last expac, and here again, single target healing feels very low. HT seems to also heal for less than tranq, with a longer CD now (assuming specced for raiding as druid). HR also seems less powerful, to say nothing of totem... what am I missing? Did we get a nerf bat that I missed somewhere or did I just stop knowing how to resto? We made competent tank healers and did fine in M+_ so long as we were \'t targeted or stood in bad, but now...Dondar7 Nov 7
Nov 7 2H Enhancement The title speaks for itself. I’ve collected and used most of my two handed axes and maces on my shaman, and now I can’t even use my abilities if I equip one.Valgorr14 Nov 7
Nov 7 A shamans plea. This post is just a plea to the Blizzard class developers asking for a comprehensive post about what their plans are for the shaman, all three specs. Please keep bumping this post till Blizzard gives us something. As far as i know the state of the shaman was not really or at all discussed at blizzcon. Thank you.Pastload2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Kul'Tiran Shaman Totem What do you think? I'd like to think so.Caspery6 Nov 7
Nov 6 DOT update! The following spells now have a 6 second cooldown: Curse of Agony Corruption Unstable affliction Moonfire Sunfire Shadow word: Pain Vampiric Embrace Fire mages can only proc ignite once every six seconds. Chaos Bolt changed to have 100% critical strike chance only when immolate is on the target Immolate now has a 6 second cooldown hopefully druids locks priests and mages won’t be too mad but I guess it makes sense but I would have rather seen them just remove the CD to flame shock.Tekvenge8 Nov 6