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39m best way to gear up now? i just dinged 110 and i was planning on doing broken shore and farm nethershards to buy reliquished gear but i just found out the vendor got moved. i haven't played since 7.2 im not even 800 ilvl right now so im not planning to hit argus especially since i am having a hard time surviving on broken shore. i do have flying. does the current vendor on broken shore offer the gear that the reliquished guy did? i don't remember if it was 850 gear or not that he offered but that is all that vendor offers. currently new to the class so im not trying to run mythic+ just yet. going to practice on heorics first but outside of dungeons what is the best way to gear up? don't think im ready for LFR's either but i will try to get them done next week and wq's of course.Astura2 39m
1h Enhancement survivabilty? I have been leveling a shaman recently and find it fun but have heard terrible things about survivability as enhancement asking from a mainly m+/raid stand point is their survivabilty really that badTeufelin19 1h
2h Help increasing Enhancement heals I like to mess around healing as Enh sometimes. What I'm looking for is tips or ideas on more ways I can add healing or mana regen. I can do ~ 340k hps that I've seen so far, I think I can do a little more. Looking for any ideas of a trinket or item or anything that can increase my HPS. I used the cake from Nighthold for a bit but the longer cooldown doesn't make it worth it. I've got some 2nd place Enh shaman healing parses :P Does anyone know of any good items or anything else I can use?Phumbles8 2h
2h resto stat help i am wondering what are the stats to stack and up to what %? leveling my shaman currently at 104 right now but looking at different guides and the builds are somewhat confusing me like chainheal shows 3 different builds but they don't state what % to stack the stats at. one person said crit to 15% and not above since resto doesn't benefit from crit much. but 2 of the builds are crit/haste crit/vers. maybe he meant haste idk i might have to look back at it. currently my stats are Mastery>crit>haste>vers idk the percentages but they will eventually fluctuate since im still low level and gearing. could i please get some help? im looking to do mythic+ and raiding if there are different stat builds fopr those. im a bit confused on this specs stat buildAstura4 2h
4h Yellow Lightning There should be a glyph/quest to change the color of your lightning to yellow. Blue just feels like it belongs to ice/water abilities.Zafrebur4 4h
4h Do i use crash lightning for single target? Someone halp. getting conflicting info online.Winrawr6 4h
6h Ele Shaman: Requesting DPS Help I am coming back to WoW after a break started during WoD - in returning I have main changed to an elemental shaman. This is my first time to raid progression content in a DPS role (I was healing before). I am having some trouble and would like help to improve my dps. Can someone please review my logs from Friday and provide tips on what I am doing wrong? I am using the ascendance build and following (trying to) the rotation guide from Storm, Earth, and Lava blog. How can I maximize my dps with my current gear? Should I be using a different build? Are there any huge mistakes that stand out in my rotation that I should change? Any constructive feedback is appreciated. Thank you.Xanqt2 6h
8h Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss150 8h
9h Enh/Resto questions Hi, hope all is well. I came back to wow a few weeks ago. I mostly play enh and resto. My question is with regards to secondary stats. What should I be looking for? Mastery? Any help will help. Thank you!Valok3 9h
10h Shaman should have tank spec With totems in the game that resto shaman has I don't understand why we can't get a tank mitigation totem and an aoe defensive totem as well as their own minor totems similar to healing stream from resto. I mean I'm not a lore person, but is there ever a story in wow lore that has a shaman almost appear as a tank?Deptisaurus13 10h
11h Shaman utility: Earth Elemental rework It's known that we currently bring no utility to raids. We lost all of our totems, we can't reasonably talent into more raid utility, we don't have out of combat utility (TP, food...), we don't have immunity which god knows is vital in ToS. I have an idea that could kill multiple birds with one stone. Let's rework Earth Elemental when in a raid group. Make it so that the Earth Elemental no longer aggro, and make it buff the tank in some way. It could... -Increase Armor -Decrease damage taken by X% -Take damage in place of the tank If tuned properly, this would... -Be very useful. You could pop it at the right time and really help out your tank. -Be unique. No one currently does that except healers (Like Resto Shaman who increases health by %). -Doesn't require a new spell. Blizz has been TERRIFIED of adding new spells in Legion since 7.1.5 . Obviously asking for more utility from brand new totems is scary, but reworking an existing spell that's ready with a model is much smoother. -Very simple. It's not some ridiculous totem with new mechanics. It's an easy effective buff I think, if tuned properly, this could give us an edge in utility, which we cruelly needElëda8 11h
12h i miss totems does everyone else spam totems to pull everything and bug abuse the game or is that just meHaneth8 12h
16h When does Elemental get better? So I've been working on this Ele shaman for the past few weeks and I feel like I'm at an ilvl where I should be doing a decent amount of dps/feel considerably strong. I have 5-6 other characters around this ilvl or slightly above/below and for the most part, they feel strong (outside of maybe my Rogue, in the solo survivability department). I was taken aback earlier when I was on the broken shore and I needed some elites for the class hall mount questline and got straight up stomped by several different elites. This was utilizing the earth elemental as well. My other classes in this range, namely Hunter, Warlock, Frost Mage, Feral Druid and Ret Paladin pretty much killed any elite on broken shore without too much work. This Ele Shaman managed to get 30-40% of their health down before earth ele died/wore off and I got eaten. I absolutely love this specs look and feel. I've made the commitment to make this my main (which was a very hard decision). The rotation is fun, I love how my character looks but I just feel weak and squishy. Is there a threshold or breakpoint in ilvl where the Ele Shaman starts to shine or is this what I'm looking at for the foreseeable future?Baelseru41 16h
17h Is Draenei a good race for Shaman? I'm thinking of a race change, but I want to make sure if Draeneis are still good so I won't have to change it ;pUkuleleninja24 17h
18h Raptor Form different colours? I really like my raptor form but having it limited to only spectral kinda sucks, if we can get even just a non-spectral one that would be great or some other colour variations of it that would be awesome :OAlpine1 18h
20h Can't get 2nd artifact wep Ok, I give up searching for this one and hope someone can help me. I leveled up and having been playing ele shaman but I want to get my other artifact weps now, unfortunately I must've abandoned them or something. Now, I cannot find it anywhere. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction?Nazaza2 20h
23h Resto sham arena comps Just picked up my shaman again, what are the best resto sham arena comps for 3's right now? I don't care about 2's. Thanks!Depechemøde0 23h
1d followers/forums. 1. so i boosted my shaman and im going to main resto so im playing strictly resto atm to dump all my AP into my weapon until i get better gear and better at the spec. however i just got my first 2 followers and was wondering if it's worth taking 1 as a follower to help quest/lvl it up at the same time or would it be more beneficial for me to just keep putting them on missions? im only lvl 101 will be questing to 110 then spamming other content like wq's and what not. 2. is there any other forums that is well known for shaman discussions that is more in depth on information? i know there is the shaman discord but wondering if there is something more simplistic like an actual website. went the the discord and i just see a bunch of random topics in the feed when im looking for more specific topics like stats or BiS gear or something. basically like a shaman alternative to the mages time-warped website.Astura2 1d
1d OK with being sub-par I mean, lets face it. For a long time now, enhance has not been one of those OP specs outside those burty moments where we shine. As I was BGing today, I realized that a dual-weilding enhancement shaman shooting out crackling lightning spikes and unleashing firey spikes and what not, is one of the best sights to behold in this game; I would hate to see the FotM kinds spam this class creating an overabundance of enh-shamans ruining the appeal of this spec. we may be few, but enh showcases a persona that majority of the class spec cannot simply achieve. just a thought I wanted to share. peace. btw, bring back old-school WF proc animation. those were the best.Indirani11 1d
1d Question about ascendants (troop) 1. How long does it take to create one? 2. How many order resources does it take? 3. How much vitality does one troop have? 4. How many of this troop can you have at once? 5. Do you think it's worth it? Thank you!Totemkamun2 1d
1d resto worth boosting? new to resto shaman/shamans in general but not healers. im currently lvl 56 but leveling extremely slowly because i don't play as much on work days. i am wondering if it is worth boosting at this level and also will i have a hard time learning to play it at 100? for the most part i feel okay but when i get the last 4 talents i might have trouble then. some of them are easy to use/deal with only one i can think of is cbt if i plan to take it. any suggestions? if i level it up manually it will take me another 2-3 weeks to hit 110 or at least 100. by then i could have made back my $60. just wanted opinions and also does the profession stuff still happen at lvl 60 or is that at any level now if u buy a boost?Astura6 1d
1d resto okay in bg's? just did some bg's to lvl up quickly at 50 bracket and my healing isn't very good compared to others. ontop of that i feel like it takes forever for me to cast so i end up just getting silenced more easily and i can't even heal through someone that is 1v1 me. wondering at end game are they okay? i played a hpaly and did fine most recently. my healing done is extremely low though it's not even breaking 300k while other healers are 450k-500k. idk if it's my gear, talent choices or just the class. i understand it's low lvl so im not too concerned but at end game i do want to do rated pvpAstura0 1d
1d How is enhance doing? I basically only have a couple upgrades to get on my warrior so I'm thinking about going back to enhance shaman. I stopped playing him when they got nerfed and really clunky. Is it more fun now, and is dps competitive at the top for heroic raids/mythic+?Broxiz43 1d
1d ELE PVP Nerf inc Overload insta cast CL QQ inc. insta gibbing 2-3 playersMadalynn19 1d
1d When to break T20 (Enh/Resto) When is it worth breaking T20 for both Enhancement and Resto? I have all pieces at 885-890 ilvl, but have gear at much higher ilvl and better stats for each slot. Is there a rule of thumb or should I bite the bullet and just sim every possible gear combination?Shanawdithit1 1d
2d elemental hotfix? did elemental just get nerfed yesterday? I didn't play tuesday but just got on recently. Lava burst was hitting for 500k crits consistently and now they are at 280-300k consistent crits. I went from snapping mongo melee in half to getting bent over. Did something happen or whatOatman14 2d
2d Fierce Glad Helm Anyone know if they plan on fixing the Fierce Gladiators helm for certain races? On Male/Female Taurens, Male/Female Worgen (not that they can use it.), and Male Orcs the helm shows the feathers as blue. Every other class they are orange and match the gloves and the cape. I love the set, but the blue feathers don't match and it's annoying the crap outta me.Zeeruss2 2d
2d How is ele in 7.3? Coming break from a long break and trying to decide between an ele or a destruction warlock, how does the rotation feel? does it feel rewarding once your gear starts coming together?Submarine12 2d
2d Enh what talents are people running for BGs and raids?Aevirent4 2d
3d Leveling as elemental in dungeons sucks. Here's my damage totals for 1 dungeon run at level 66. The main problem is that enemies die so fast that once I get flame shock onto the entire trash pack, they're dead already. The majority of the lava burst damage is from the instant cast proc. Lightning bolt takes too long to cast, so I only got 17 casts off. Same with chain lightning, though I only got to cast that 7 times. I literally couldn't save up enough maelstrom to cast earthquake once, so that's fun. I got 3 earth shocks off, once on each boss. I got to cast Fire Elemental once, since the dungeon was shorter than 5 minutes. It's impossible to save up maelstrom between trash packs to get off an earthquake on an undamaged trash pack, because using flame shock to get the initial DoT onto the enemies drains your entire maelstrom pool without adding ANY dps (since enemies die in less than 15 seconds anyways.) So at this point, I think it would be best to not cast flame shock at all. But then, I'm not getting any procs or crits for my lava burst.Zafrebur13 3d
3d orc/tauren better racials/xmog? going to try and main resto and os ele but i am wondering for someone who wants to push everything mythic raiding, 3's , rbg's, mythic+ etc.. which of the 2 would have better racials and look good in xmog? i never had a shaman before so idk how either look in xmog nor a tauren. i only got a max lvl orc hunter it looks okay in mail gear but there hunch back kind of kills the xmog for me. taurens it's just there racials a 3s stun and more HP isn't really great but idk haven't done end game content to these levels i would assume the SP buff would be more beneficial though.Astura2 3d
3d Need Shaman Tank spec I'd like a shaman tank spec please. As long as you keep making expansions I'll keep asking blizzard.Oakstone29 3d
3d Fierce Gladiator Set I am missing 3 pieces the chest, gloves, and shoulders. The set viewer says I have to do a quest for them? I was just wondering there is a specific PVP quest for them? Any help would be appreciated.Bloodfang1 3d
3d Easy high dps macro for Ele Shaman ? Wondering if there any decent macro's out there for elemental shaman to level up in WoD even use for dungeons and maybe raids ?Drakism21 3d
3d Healing Desolate Hoste Resto Sham ok just got back into the game and im struggling to understand the Heroic Desolate host. going to be healing from the corporeal side I've never had a fight in all these years that I just didnt understand. so much going on and Fatboss guide and raid explanation arent working for me. need some help from a fellow shaman who has this on lock downHelliax2 3d
3d Rehgar's Legacy What transmog goes well with the mage tower appearance?Boredmann1 3d
3d Low DPS Ele Shaman I really don't know why I got low dps for my gear. I read and watch all guide and I think im doing the rotation right, can someone please help me?Kilroark9 3d
4d Question about resto sham totems can you lay multiple totems as same time, and still get effects from both? for instance laying healing tide and healing stream at the same timeKréwélla4 4d
4d I need help with Enhancement spec For some time, i have been told Enhancement is the "go to" Shaman Spec for Single Target, so i started investing Artifact Power in it until i was in artifact lvl 66. Also, i managed to get my hands on 915 fire and iron relic and a 935 storm relic. I am also using a 915 Craddle of Anguish and a 905 Convergence of Fates (although AMR tells me to change it to a 910 agility/haste + socket stat stick). Problem is: my dps is still lower than the elemental spec. And i find to rotation to be really hard to master. Can someone give me some advice? Is Enhancement really more powerful than Elemental in Single Target? How can i truly master the rotation? Is there any friendly-user addon to help me?Antônioluiz5 4d
4d Stormbringer STILL bugged during Ascendance Blizzard, its been over a year of this trash, when are you going to fix this spec breaking bug?Mafek8 4d
4d Show Artifact Off-Hand While Sheathed? I noticed a dwarf about 15 minutes back in Dal that had his artifact-skinned off-hand AT HIS SIDE, sheathed (Enhancement). The first thing that I thought was, "YES!" after having xmogged weapons myself for the entire expansion (to have two weapons on my sides). Well, surely enough, I removed my xmogs only to find that a single artifact weapon appeared on one of my sides. Is there some trick that I need to know in order to show the fancy off-hand artifact weapon skin? I've wanted this for the entire expansion. It sucks that I'll have to waste another 500+ gold to re-xmog my weapons if there's no way to make it work. Thanks in advance.Tokamak1 4d
4d Shaman spell animations Just finished some quests in High Mountain and the sheer amount of impressive spells player Shamans should have made me sad. The quest "Nursing the wounds" has players toss tornadoes! Mob lightning effects are leagues better than player Shamans, ugh sad day.Nexcoyotl1 4d
4d Hit me with tips Yo. So I feel like I've been doing a good job with selecting the proper gear and such. My DPS sits comfy around 650k (high movement) to 800k. These numbers from recent HToS. I'm not sure if at ~920 I should be doing more. If so, might be my rotation or gear. Hit me with your knowledge!Yvala3 4d
4d AotC!! I understand I'm extremely late to the party but it feels good to finally get KJ down with my small family/couple guild. I'm just beaming right now! PS: I know there are many much "better" guilds than mine but I like where I am and if it means coming in late to the party then so be it. (Not looking for flame just super happy and wanted to share!!) -OldOldboltsides9 4d
5d Artifact Challenge Sigryn Done! Sat down tonight and did it. Only took about two dozen attempts (maybe less). I only had to spend around 800g on repairs. 905 item level (at the time). Had to put on a 850 crafted chest so I could use my neck legendary. : / Not having DBM installed sucked. I would recommend installing it for those to are going to attempt it. /highfiveZsigmond0 5d
6d Stuck on Order Hall campaign I think my order hall campaign broke somewhere, but am not sure where. I hit 110 on this shaman 2 and a half weeks ago. The situation: I still only have access to 2 followers I completed all quests marked in my quest log as "Order Hall". I can find no additional order hall quests to complete. The final Order Hall quest I completed was the one where you pilot Illidan in Black Temple. The only unfinished quest available at the Order Hall is the one get the Enhancement artifact weapon. I do not have credit for completing the Order Hall campaign I do not think I ever visited the 4 elemental realms as part of the order hall campaign. None of the portals are up in the order hall for me except the one to Dalaran. I tried a support ticket but got a useless response saying I had to complete the shaman quest in my quest log. The one unfinished shaman quest in my log was an old quest to find Thunderfury. I do not think it was from this expansion and it was not marked "Order Hall". I tried hoofing it to Deepholm to see if I could visit the NPCs there to turn in the blood of sargeras quest. But the relevant NPCs and quest were not present. Looks like I never got and cannot get the "There will be Blood" quest. I tried manually talking to every single NPC in the Order hall to see if any had a quest that wasn't showing up on the minimap, but found nothing. My concern: Since I can't complete the Order Hall campaign I can't get the class mount I can't run any follower missions with only 2 followers. I can't complete the final 2 levels of Order Hall research without getting all the followers. This is very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas? Looks to me like the campaign broke, but I don't know what I can do to fix it. If I'm missing some quest, I have no idea what.Coryantha3 6d
6d Resto Thinking of making a resto shaman. How does it compare with holy priest? How is it different?Holygron8 6d
6d Change Chain Heal Animation. Okay. I LOVE Shamans. I think all the animations are cool. Now, many of my friends laugh at me for focusing on the animations, but I think its part of what makes this game fun. Anyway, to the point. The chain heal animation just doesnt make any sense. It has the paladin/priest casting ring animation. Now, dont get me wrong, I love Priests, but this just completely destroyes the Shaman feel. The casting animation should be water casting, like the others. In my opinion, its very shamanic. The green beam effect is not too bad, however I would also like it to be a more blue coloured beam. (The thunder/stormy sound effect is awesome, but would be 10 times better if it was a light blue beam). But the main problem is the casting animation, it completely throws off the shamanic feel to the healing spells. Now, I know that in the Restoration discription it says something like "calls upon spirits and the cleansing power of water". I understand how this could lead to a casting animation like the priests/paladins, but it would work better if it was still water casting, or some kinda light blue/white casting, not the way it currently is. So, please blizzard, see what you can do. Other than that, I think the shaman class is great, and I love everything about it. Reply with your opinions, as well as other ideas for shaman animations.Liyathriel19 6d
6d Chain Heal Glyph is now default so... So yeah, those new 7.3 spell animations. Pretty cool. Okay. But I couldn't help but notice that chain heal now looks like it has a watery appearance by default, which has been a glyph for a while. Now I know Blizz has been phasing out anything not strictly element related in the class for a while, but I at least really enjoyed the old 'spirit-y' green stuff and I was wondering if anyone had any word/speculation on whether or not we'd now be able to glyph for NON-watery chain heal? I hadn't seen anything about it but I've been spotty on keeping up with literally everything since my work schedule shifted to hell mode.Hargrand18 6d