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1m Enhancement Shaman in CTF Battlegrounds I've been carrying the flag in WSG and Twin Peaks lately and have won numerous games in 7-8 minutes in a clean 3-0. I wanted to share my experience and see if anyone is doing something similar. I'm using a defensive Ghost Wolf spec to help me carry. I'm pretty fast but also surprisingly tanky. Spirit Wolf (45 Talent), Nature's Guardian (75 Talent), Fury of Air (90 Talent), Spectral Recovery (PVP Talent), Longstrider (Azerite Trait), Pack Spirit (Azerite Trait) I use Swiftness Potions for extra speed when there are no enemies around. If there are enemies nearby, I am ready to use Spirit Walk to break snares or slows. I also frequently use the Battleground consumables. Note: I always say "I can run flag if no one else wants to" so my team is aware at the start. There are better FC classes, but sometimes they want to fight instead of being on flag duty.Haeleros0 1m
15m So... how 'bout them hotfixes? ... Okay... so here we are. I'm not saying I've lost what little hope I dared to have already... actually, I definitely have. We get a fix for Tremor Totem taking too much damage in PVP, which shows they've looked at the spec in some capacity, and we missed out on any sort of tuning, while Arcane Mages are getting a +3% buff. Destro Warlocks are also getting some decent +10%s to a few of their abilities. Balance Druids are getting 15% to Starsurge and Starfall. Wanna throw a BM buff in there, as well? I know other specs are getting some of their Azerite traits tuned down a bit as well, so I guess these buffs are intended to offset those? I really wish Ele Shaman had any traits worth half a !@#$, so they could be tuned down so we could qualify for some buffs. Please stop buffing the specs I'm in direct competition with for a raid spot. You're not making it any easier, Blizz. Raids have been the only thing worth subbing for this expansion, so if my raid spot ends up being in question, guess I'm out.Aadris9 15m
16m Weirdly positive mythic + experience. So obviously everyone knows shamans are !@#$ etc etc. I've had people straight up whisper me saying Shaman LUL and booting me from groups. Tonight I did a mythic +6 or 7(yeah 6/7 keys are a joke) when I applied for the group the guy asked which spec I was. I said elemental he whispered me back saying can I do more than 5k overall dps because a shaman in his last group tanked their key by just being bad. I said obviously yes. Now I like to think i'm not a %^-* player I'm more of a soloish guy and I casually raid but I did average like 12-13k for the dungeon. At the end the guy whispered me thanking me for redeeming shamans for him and his group wanted to add me to run mythics with them. I declined because I like rolling solo even though that means random !@#$ters and annoying groups. What I gathered from that is that it's not just shamans being in a bad spot that give the class a bad rep right now it's also bad players coupled with a weak spec.Bogwater0 16m
20m We're bad numerically and Mechanically However, we still have the best class fantasy and the best visual effects. I'm really pissed off at Blizzard, but I thought the forums could use a little positivity.Drtotemz0 20m
34m Does thunderstorm do anything? 90% of the time I cast it someone moves a good 0.1cm away from me like they got stuck on an invisible twig sticking out the groundNyalico6 34m
57m Latest DPS Rankings - Enh/Ele at bottom Out of 24 DPS specs, we are #21 and #22. Zoinks!Auriga45 57m
1h 8.1 Death Of Resto Shaman just looked at 8.1 class changes and once again nothing for resto shaman... sorry to say the class will be dead when 8.1 hits as resto shaman are already boycotted by everyone in raids and mythic + as noone seems to stack anymore we are not wanted or needed as resto shaman can't keep up on heals because of this fact.. my main is resto shaman i can pull 16k hps on a raid boss and thats me doing everything to the millsecond perfect and after fight sitting back thinking wow that was tough how did i do against other healers.... and sit there with nearly tears in my eyes seeing priests and druids and monks 10k more hps then me and thats them not even trying hard.. i've played for 13 years and mained resto shaman sinced BC shame i now have to quit the game as theres no point me paying for it as all i get to do is grind rep and dailies, i can't get mythic+runs so i don't get weekly chests ,my guild leader keeps telling me i have to pick my performance up as i'm so far behind and i ask him wtf am i suppose to do? unless my raid leader makes everyone stand on my healing rain i can't get the numbers needed for raids.. even druids mushroom aoe heals more and lasts longer then shamans healing rain.. it makes no sense so this is the death of resto shaman.. i really don't know why blizzard will not buff us as i said i think theres like 2 occassions in all Uldir that raid stacks.. how are we supposed to heal? blizzard designed our class that we can only heal if raid stacks.. i shouldn't have to reroll and i don't want to as i used to love healing as shaman so i either sit around level alts continuesly grind rep and dailies while everyone else has fun and raids or i do the sane thing and quit, which blizzard seems to want to all shamans.. so with everything i've said and everything blizz refuses to do i have no option and after 13 years i have cancelled my subscription, i'll really miss the game but i shouldn't be made to play a game where i can't play it or get equal oppertunity to see content just like everyone else regardless of what toon they playVanquish13 1h
1h Enhance really that bad Mythic+ and PVP I have a Shaman and DH that are both 120. Enhance has more variety down in playstyle but everyone seems to be doom and gloom. Is this just because they're not good or not FOTW? I know they're not perfect, i just want to be competitive.Trulore9 1h
2h Just shave half a second Devs just shave 0.5 seconds off the cast time for lightning bolt and lava burst. It will fix a lot of issues. More single target dps from more spell casts. More maelstrom generation and less punishment for mobility. It will feel better and we’ll have less dependence on haste. Seriously go hotfix it.Grimmbeard0 2h
2h Shaman is dead thanks to blizzard No matter the spec 8.0.1 to 8.1 every spec is dead last for shaman there is no reason to take any spec of shaman to any raid mythic progression at all. Blizzard has completely killed an entire class for an entire expac so far. They don't care at all as usual. Ele and enhance are last 5 dps spots in 8.0.1 and 8.1 even with ele buffs. Resto shaman as usual is last in through put for healing with only being used for utility. Wake the !@#$ up and fix something on either spec. It's obvious none of the blizzard team plays any shaman spec.Sugmádic0 2h
2h Ele is Uplayable I can't experience the content I paid for. Blizzard? Do you have any clue at all how frustrating it is to to level and gear and grind rep for a character then hit an accceptable ilvl to join mythic+ dungeons and normal to heroic raids to be turned down over and over and over again all day long? Then if you get lucky you get accepted and then kicked for for doing half the amount of the lesser geared rogue in the group?? Can I get a refund for bfa please? and my sub fee back aswell? I feel like i was tricked into buying this garbage.Hokeypokey10 2h
3h Enhancement or Elemental??? I feel both are decent atm, I'm looking into both raiding Heroic and Mythics so whats everyone think I should go?Giakis5 3h
3h What is the new Elemental meta for arena? Still running Lava Shock in 3s? What about Igneous Potential?Guyfaerie4 3h
4h Another week of no buffs... A month and a half in and yet again no hotfixes for elemental. Like at this point i'd be happy with a small buff to Lava Burst alone.... Imagine buying a product and the product came broken and you asked for them to fix it on a warranty and they essentially told you to !@#$ off until 5 months down the line...Bogwater7 4h
4h Can someone explain the buffs to me? So did we get buffed? are all 3 specs still worthless? I have currently been leveling my DH because Shaman is the worst class in the game but heard about the hotfix today. Is it worth it to go back to shaman. Will i get accepted into raid groups finally. lolDankthunda7 4h
4h Resto shaman pvp talents Now that rippling waters is nerfed, what are some other good talents to run? Is rippling still one of the better ones to take? Anyone have any thoughts of purifying waters or electro?Metaphora1 4h
4h Earthbind? Place earthbind totem Enemy runs through it after 1-3 seconds Nothing happens at all Does the totem need to be placed literally on top of the enemies for it to trigger the slow? It doesnt work at all if they just run through the 10yd radius the totem claims to have in the tooltip? edit: could it be a pvp talent adaptation? SighSkillpoint1 4h
4h Shaman Healing? I first found my love for healing at the end of BC/beginning of Wrath with druids. I found them super fun, super mobile and was super trolly in PVP. My love for healing shifted when the MW monk came out and I haven't looked back since. I still love my monk and it'll be my main indefinitely. But thats not to say I'm not curious about some other potential healing classes to pick up as alts when I'm starting to feel a bit burnt out and wanting to try something new. So for those of you who play/main Resto Shaman, what are your thoughts on them on both a PvE and PvP aspect? I think I lean more towards the PVP aspect (World pvp, casual BGs and RBGs instead of arenas as those are insanely infuriating) but also do enjoy my PvE time as well.Käyn6 4h
5h Nerfing earth shock 40% nerf feels bad man. adding 20% to lightning bolt doesnt make that up . they are also nerfing the trait at the same time .Kagethunder11 5h
5h Is Rolling Storm applying damage? I have gear with this trait, and I am interested in using it in PvP. I tested it previously on a PvP Target Dummy and it did not seem to apply the damage according to combat logs. Can anyone confirm that the damage is being applied in PvP? And of course... buff ele, buff enh, dont destroy resto blizz kthxbyeMeadamemnon6 5h
5h How to play ele shaman I haven’t played since MoP where I mained an Ele Shaman but it’s changed so much since. I have a warrior and mage at max level now and am working on my shaman he’s at 105. I’ve been playing enhance and it’s been pretty fun and good in battlegrounds but I wanna do ele again. However when I play ele I feel like I have no clue what to do or press half the time and I have to take mobs 1 at a time when I can kill 6 no problem as enhance. Can someone tell me the rotation I’ve looked it up but it doesn’t help. How do you play ele sham especially pvp ?Lovesik6 5h
6h Dear shamans: To all those shamans out there. I'm truly sorry. Today I pugged heroic Zek to reroll for a weapon and I heard the raid leader multiple times saying how he is declining shamans. It's pretty shameful that one class can be singled out by something that could so easily be fixed. The sad truth is with the skill level in heroic pugs i'm sure a vast majority of you could top dps charts. I really hope that you're buffed soon. Sincerely, The small percentage of players who wouldn't single you out because the current state of your class.Weary33 6h
8h Rerolling from Ele What are the two closest non-shaman specs to Ele? Are they both Mage specs? Just looking at options that capture the feel of what once was.Thundahstahm6 8h
8h We all have to reroll tonight If we don't, they aren't going to take us seriously. As a famous political operative once said "If you register with a party, we'll never speak to you because we know where you're voting" - only the independents get facetime because they are free agents. If we deplete the game of Shaman, when it's noticeable, only then are they going to say "Either buff or delete this class" and frankly, what are the downsides. I've been playing Shaman since I came back 10 or so days ago, but only because of achievements. At this point I'm starting to say that achievements mean nothing, and that having fun is why I play this game. What's the downside? They keep screwing over the Shaman and we dodge the never-ending bullets by playing something else? In the early days of Vanilla, the Warrior community crashed servers until their needs were addressed. Things were so bad for them that someone posted a viral (for the time) picture of an MS Paint warrior attacking a snake critter, with the words "miss" written all around him. We need to engage in a non-violent resistance. Stop playing your Shaman. We keep saying we're a !@#$ version of another class. Go play that class until the needs are met. Everytime you log in with your Shaman, Blizzard says it isn't that bad. To paraphrase a civil rights leader: "Any time Blizzard makes promises to you at patch time, and they continue to buff other classes and not yours, and you're dumb enough to continue walking around, believing in Blizzard you're not only a chump but you're a traitor to your class." Reroll, brothers. There is no downside.Thundahstahm13 8h
11h Pointless "Buff" is Pointless Enhancement Strength of Earth damage increased by 60%. Roiling Storm damage increased by 100% against non-players. Restoration Soothing Waters healing increased by 10%. Whoopedy-frelling-doo Two traits that are still utterly worthless! SoE doesn't benefit from our mastery, and the damage increase is so incredibly negligible its basically non-existent. Roiling Storm? Please. Another negligible trait considering stormbringer procs. This effect really only makes any different for your opening Stormstrike, and not much else after. Most other azerite traits still trump these two by a pretty massive margin.Benjimar11 11h
11h Fear Totem How do I know when to deploy the fear totem during PvE ? This is my first ever character so sorry for the newbie question .Dosao3 11h
12h Spirit Link PVP talent It was nerfed overnight to have a cast requirement. 1.3 second cast time now instead of instant. Its seen many previous nerfs like increased mana cost and reduced effectiveness. I'd be ok with the cast if I could use it while Spiritwalker's Grace is active, but the spell cannot be cast while moving despite Spiritwalker's being active, further reducing its effectiveness. The 100% chain heal and healing raid potency is still very nice. But i'm not able to keep up with the buff like I used to. I'm not begging for a buff its just sudden and sneaky. No notes or anything. So who knows what else got hit. Ok found the notes Spirit Link (PvP Talent) mana cost increased by 50%. Spirit Link (PvP Talent) now has a 1.5 second cast time. Spirit Link (PvP Talent) redistributes 25% damage, down from 35%. Severe nerf considering it cant even be cast with Spiritwalker's Grace.Vanhorn2 12h
12h Landslide broken? Just noticed I had a landslide proc that it hit for 7.5k. My tooltip shows the normal damage to be 8072. I was attacking a glacier hunter, a bird, in the Waning glacier. Anyone else had issues? I guess I'll be switching back to Forceful Winds, if the ability doesn't even work.Trollapse6 12h
12h So many reasons to pick Shaman! As well all know, Shamans are the most desired Class to have in current WoW. Raid leaders are just BEGGING us to join their groups where our heals always bust the healing charts, leaving us laughing at those silly priests, druids and monks. This is why guilds are recruiting us by the dozens. In PvP, elemental is BLASTING the competition away (Like it always has). It seems to me you can't even find a top rated arena team that doesn't have an Ele shaman present! And why wouldn't they? Elemental shamans insane mobility and plethora of defensive abilities are crucial in fending off attackers and preventing interruptions in this melee dominate meta! But recently, it has come to my attention that shamans don't excel at one niche category! In 3v3 arenas, restoration shamans were slightly to essy to kill and sometimes lose. This can't stand! Shamans ne to be moved back to their rock solid #1 spot! Thankfully, Blizzard saw this trouble and issued an update! ""Lava Shock (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% --Rippling Waters healing reduced by 33%. --Riptide healing reduced by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players. --Spirit Link mana increased by 50%. --Spirit Link now has a 1.5 second cast time and redistributes 25% damage (was 35%). Surging Tide (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 25%" I'm greatful Blizzard was quick to resolve the ONE THING shamans were bad at, instead of focusing on balancing every other category that makes us quite literally the most played class of this expansion!Cabejin7 12h
13h Regretting BFA as Enh Shaman I wouldn't play WoW if I didn't play shaman, but I don't feel as if blizzard wants us to play shaman. I am now having major regrets about wasting my time with this spec, class, and game for this expansion. There is essentially no viability in pvp and the deeper I get into pve the more problems and functionality issues begin to arise. The spec feels gutted, incomplete, and neglected. None of the Enh Azerite traits bring any kind of complexity or usefulness to the spec. Totems are complete garbage in pvp as any player with a brain can counter your best setup. Even the changes to Ele seem lackluster and effortless with a couple of talent and tuning changes that don't address the core issues but yet had to wait until the next content patch before players could even enjoy the spec again. Restos pvp viability was snatched from us before they even fixed the rest of the specs. Feeling very disappointed overall and my will to continue WoW is fleeting FAST.Sentor5 13h
13h Was cloudburst too hard? Hello everyone, I'd like to discuss a potential reason as to why the Resto shaman changes occurred. In Legion, there was a glaring difference between a Resto Shaman who knew how to use Cloudburst, and one that didn't. Cloudburst timing / stacking was the heart of the spec and the key to competitive HPS as a raid healer. However, it was also a huge gate for beginner Resto healers, as it required intense knowledge of the fight as well coordination of multiple spells/CDs to be effective. And oh, was it effective. I understand that this was a definitive reason as to why Resto Shamans were in short supply -- nobody wanted to put in the time to understand these mechanics when they could do the same thing on other healers without all the nuance and complexity that Cloudburst provided. I feel that, in respect to Blizzard's design philosophy, Cloudburst was essentially gutted to allow a more straightforward and less complicated play style. Build tidal waves, spend them, put down a healing rain and HST and repeat. Gone are the days of maximizing Cloudburst potential because Blizzard deemed to "too hard" for the casual playerbase, allowing for lesser skilled players to keep up and heal with much less effort/understanding. Unfortunately, that left many top tier Shamans feeling that the core of their spec has practically been removed with no replacement. It feels really bad that Blizzard so far has no plans to change or revert anything. How do you guys feel about this theory?Astronaut4 13h
13h Enhancement going into October of BFA I'm a 372 enhancement shaman w/ 2/8 Mythic. I raided Mythic EN and quit mid nighthold progression. I started back up with BFA, and have had a pretty ruff time.There have been a lot of elemental concerns, but not a lot of advocates for Enhancement. A link to my logs and IO: Shaman overall do best: -Low cooldown ranged interrupt with wind shear -AOE fear ward/dispel on 1min CD with Tremor Stuff Enhancement does best: -2-target cleave -Single target increase in aoe situations(Example Zul; Our damage on single target can remain steady while pumping out aoe as well) Overall Problems: -Damage is abysmal in single-target and 3+ enemy situations without Sundering and stormstrike pocs. 10-20ilvl are required to be comparable to other specs. This is not hyberbole. -If you're not in range to stormstrike, you're worthless. The addition to ranged rockbiter does help alleviate this, but in early BFA, melee is getting the shaft. Obvious, but a factor. Rotational Problems: -Lava Lash takes 40-malestrom and a gcd to hit like a limp wrist -Stormbringer procs can easily cap maelstrom and cost overall efficiency -Low skill ceiling on maelstrom management due to the low cap. This also means we can't actively manage our resources depending on the fight's mechanics/phases. -We have no reason to ever cast frostbrand/maintain the buff Utility and Survivability Problems: -Ghost Wolf does not build or allow for the accumulation of maelstrom/resources, so it can be a net negative on survivability. The speed increase is so minimal that it will most-likely not help you at all. Every GCD you're here, you will fall farther behind on damage. -Astral is 40% damage reduction on a minute and a half CD, and constitutes 50% of our survivability; strong as abilities go, but weak when it constitutes 50% of your survivability. -Instant Healing Surge is the other 50%. Very nice in pvp, but extremely expensive, and incredibily lack-lust in pve. This costs 20% of our maelstrom, 25% of our mana, a GCD, and a pvp talent to make it good (swelling) If you're casting this in pve, someone screwed up, and you're just falling behind in damage even more. -30min ankh "defensive". This ability should not be balanced around at all, or should have a massive CD reduction. It might be relevant if I had it every fight. -There are almost no roots to make spirit walk viable. Even the rats in freehold completely counter it. -Purge isn't relevant; slight uses in some dungeons, but the blood elf racial totally invalidates it on all but very niche pulls. -Tremor one of our main strengths has almost no uses. It is nice against Rezan/Siege Giants for more throughput; Counters Tol Dagor Howlis, minions of Zul in King's/Uldir, and faceless in Underrot. You can los 2 out of 3 of those abilities and purge minions. Minions of Zul are totally countered by BE racial/mass dispel. It can remove the fear if someone gets hit, but so can the healer, so it's costing us a GCD/damage, and we really don't have the damage numbers to be throwing away GCDs. It does nothing if we're the ones hit unless we preemptively cast it, but why wouldn't I just move out of the way if I can predict the fear. It doesn't break a lot of MC's like the Zek'voz trash. Low range in pvp. Azerite Problems: -Our shaman specific traits are just lackluster. Natural Harmony might be good if we had a reason to frostbrand/hailstorm. Our damage is really bad, and utilizing our "survivability" only serves to make it even more inconsequential. We don't bring anything unique to dungeons, and what niche abilities we have are outclassed by other classes/races. Some people have mentioned talent problems as well, but I'm not really proficient enough to talk about those in detail. We are in desperate need of a damage increase, or massive tweak to our utility and survivability Suggestions: -Flat number increases -Increase in Maelstrom cap -Massively increased survivability if our damage is where it should be. -Small utility tweaks. Thanks.Inbredmule13 13h
15h Strength of Earth So the azerite trait for enhance, Strength of Earth, just got buffed, and it's looking pretty good. I always liked the idea of the trait, it always felt like it had the most impact because you can see a big separate number hitting from it that otherwise wouldn't be there. I always thought the damage was a little mediocre, so seeing it get buffed twice really made me happy. Upon trying it though, I noticed two key things: The trait does 15% less damage than is stated on the tooltip. My 370 chest with the trait states it will do 2511 nature damage, but it only does 2153. Not a huge difference, still probably a good trait. But why the discrepancy? It's not the first time I've seen azerite tooltips belying the actual damage values of the trait. The second key thing, is that it explicitly states nature damage yet does not benefit from our mastery. But to be fair, none of our azerite traits that meet the requirements of benefiting from actually benefit from mastery. So this second part is more a general observation and grievance, that azerite traits dont gain damage bonuses from mastery (at least for enh shaman, I've tried on my frost dk and I'm pretty sure their frost damage azerite traits benefit from mastery.) So what gives? I get that some of these traits might be a bit too strong if you just tack 40% damage from mastery on to them, then in their current state they'd be too strong. But all you have to do is nerf the base trait to compensate. 30% reduction to damage on strength of earth and primal primer, but they now benefit from mastery. Doesn't sound too unreasonable to me, just let my gear actually influence the damage of my azerite traits. It's already working for frost dk and god knows who else, so might as well include us. Please and thank you :)Zenkai2 15h
15h New PTR notes and not a single change to ENH Honestly I'm a little disheartened here. I feel like all the focus in on ele and us melee shammys are getting completely overlooked. I know the notes aren't final but it really feels like blizz doesn't know what to do or doesn't care about enhancement.Kekunbound20 15h
15h Extra flame shock charge Echo of the Elements Echo of the Elements feels lackluster for elemental compared to restoration. I understand that because it is in the first talent row, it will naturally be a weaker talent compared to others, but I believe it could be made more attractive. Adding an extra charge to flame shock will not improve the single target damage, keeping its power checked, but alleviate some of the pain of having a cooldown on flame shock. This will give players the option of being able to multi-dot more, and keep it competitive with the new re-worked talents.Gravvf3 15h
16h please make ilvl superior to haste I thought (perhaps incorrectly) you guys were trying to decrease the importance of secondary stats I'm a little tired of being haste schwanned (screwed by haste)Zahruk12 16h
16h What PvP Azerite Traits for Enh shamans? How good are: Battlefield Focus? Strength of Earth? Ancestral Resonance (with shamanism)?Azbolgz4 16h
18h Elemental Strengths in 8.1 What are the strengths that Blizzard seem to think they're giving us in 8.1? There was so much hype surrounding the rework but it turned out to be nothing more than 2 new talents, a LB buff, and a ES nerf. We're going in the direction of a immobile caster even though our history is the exact opposite with things like, Castable while moving LB, and Spirit Walker's. If we're going to be immobile they really need to hone down on the few things we do cast. A 40% buff to LB is nice but when it hits 3k to begin with it'll look more like 4.2k instead. I don't see the "class envy" that we're suppose to have over other classes. All we really bring is Tremor and Cap, but I don't see the entire spec being centered around it when other specs have a AoE stun, and the 2 other Shaman specs have Tremor (It's a class ability but hopefully my point gets across). Blizzard, what makes people want to bring a Elemental Shaman over say a Warlock, or Mage. You said that you want to express what classes strengths and weaknesses were in the post going through Elemental but you didn't tell us what our strength was, you only went over our weakness.Elefusion10 18h
18h Swelling Stream Nerfs From mmo-champion: Swelling Stream Every 3 sec your Healing Stream Cloudburst Totem releases a lesser chain heal, restoring 169 55 health to up to 3 injured allies. Healing is reduced by 30% after each jump. Does this wording imply that Swelling Stream will only work with Clouburst Totem now, making it completely horrible? Even numerically, stacking 3x Swelling Stream on the ptr build won't even equal 1 live version according to base numbers. Is this correct? Why gut Swelling Stream so much?Voxe3 18h
18h Healing Advice I'm still developing, having only hit lvl 40 this weekend. For the most part, I've done reasonably well healing with few issues. The one issue I had was RFK. Aggem Thorncurse's enrage near the end of the fight positively disintegrated the tank. I understand I'm the stepchild of healing, and sustained single target healing in particular is my kryptonite. I'm just wondering if there's something I could have done better. In the encounter, the tank had Earth Shield, I popped Riptide, Unleash Life, Healing Wave, and before the second Wave could cast the tank was already dead. Is spamming Surge the only option? Would even that have worked? At this level I can probably cast it forever, but at higher level I expect the inefficiency to be catastrophic. Just looking for tips and/or advice. Thanks for your input.Motara1 18h
19h Blizzard ignored us and buffed other specs Alongside these changes, we plan to increase the damage output of a few affected specs: Arcane Mage: all damage increased by 3%. Balance Druid: Starsurge and Starfall damage increased by 15%. Destruction Warlock: Incinerate, Conflagrate, and Immolate damage increased by 10%. Fury Warrior: all damage increased by 6%. Where is the fire mage buff? Where is the Elemental buff? Where is the Demonology Warlock buff? It actually seems like they are just spitting in the face of everyone who plays these specs. Demonology and Elemental went from a top tier pvp comp and two specs that could hold their own to bottom of the barrel trash.Bogwater10 19h
19h The sins of the father... 19h
21h How to ACTUALLY fix Ele Mobile Lightning Bolt. Done. The End. And it really is that simple. Do that and the only thing that needs fixing is tuning numbers. I'm going to be blunt here on an issue I've been critical of since WOD: The concept of the Immobile Turret is garbage. It's stupid. Forcing that is stupid. It's bad design. It's OUTDATED, more outdated than spell reagents and those were pruned. Players enjoyed many specs in MOP, including all Warlocks and Ele Shaman, and enjoyed them then FAR more than any time before or since. Why? Because MOP's design of reasonable mobility to most ranged dps specs was the NATURAL PROGRESSION OF CLASS DESIGN. Encounter mechanics grow progressively more involved and demanding, more complicated, they ask more of players than they ever have before. IT IS ONLY NATURAL THAT CLASS PERFORMANCE EVOLVE TO MATCH, and this is something seen in the massive abundance of mobility and QOL tools given to melee recently, especially during Legion. These things are fine, it's the natural evolution of class and encounter design. Whoever thought "Hey, let's completely abandon all design evolution since the game's launch and go back to outdated boring bad immobile turrets" should really be given a different job, not necessarily fired but definitely given a different job. That's literally regression. It's stupid. No one should've ever been on board with such foolishness. You can fix Elemental Shamans and Warlocks both with 1 change, simply bringing the classes back up to MOP's design level. Immobile turrets are lazy outdated garbage design. Encounter design isn't going to stop evolving to accommodate bad class design. No more immobile turrets. It's garbage. It's outdated. It has less of a place in the game than spell reagents, class trainers, and other features which have been cut/streamlined over time as well. Take that trash and flush it down the maelstrom.Chromey22 21h
22h Don't bother posting ideas The devs won't consider any of them let alone even read the post. Take Elemental for example. So many ideas and good suggestions were given yet none of them were implemented in the PTR. The changes they made while not inherently bad, were not anything close to what the class needed and the community suggested. It does not help with the major problems of the spec. They are going to do what they want to make it seem like they know best, not the players. Edit: Yes, I understand some of you post ideas as a "fan fiction" but I think most are actually trying catch the devs attention.Rãijin14 22h
1d Censorship is bad I wrote a well articulated S h aman thread regarding the upcoming changes to our class in 8 point 0ne. It wouldn't let me submit the post. Seems like the spam filter kept eating it. It appears that my thread it censored contained key phrases like sha man eight. 1 and is triggering an automated spam filter. Is this happening to anyone else? Good lord they are even nerfing our ability to discuss.....Hokeypokey2 1d
1d Torn and dissapointed Been playing since TBC and I have never, ever, felt so weak... I am torn and disappointed as Shamans have always been my favorite. I rolled a Survival Hunter and the difference is astronomical. I literally have NO downtime between mobs. As a Shaman, even popping Earth Elemental and/or Astral Shift I can barely hold my own against 2+ mobs (popping heals and CD's during fights). Shamans have it really bad this time, and I'd really hate playing another class. But at this rate, I think I have no other choice. Have you guys done the same? What are your thoughts?Grümm10 1d
1d enh shaman=battle mage do you guys think an enh shaman is more of a classic battle mage who casts spells and smashes with an axis or a warrior with magic axes? as a returning player after 10 years the whole abilities restricted to spec thing took me by surprise esp with the death knight. also is it possible to have a fully clothed female char? I want this to be on a friends server but I cannot stand the terrible posture of Male horde characters.Hanatremes12 1d
1d not logical? All nerfs, 0 buffs, I don't understand blizzard. Like can't get invited to anything as it is, and you just nerfed us more without any compensation. I wish I could get a refund or a pause on my recent 6 month subscription purchase.Gromstar0 1d
1d No proper re-work of Shaman Just nerfs' Feels good bro, feels great bottom of the chart's lets nerf them! lolMimics5 1d