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1m leveling up is painful Leveling up as a Shaman in this expansion is not fun currently. Compared to most other dps specs I have played recently, including Affliction Warlock, MM and BM Hunter, Frost and Fire Mage, Unholy DK, Fury and Arms, Shaman takes the longest to kill mobs and are the squishiest. Elemental and Enhancement. MM feels so ridiculously powerful, I can literally 2-shot most mobs when Piercing Shot is off CD and have no problem with health while doing quests etc. Elemental I have to cast Healing Surge over and over until I'm out of mana after almost every fight. Anyone else feel like Shamans are just too squishy?Logrus0 1m
48m New Legendary Ring What do you guys think about the new legendary shaman ring, that gives us a free talent. Ele and resto get echo of elements. Enh is getting landslide. Personally I think ele is lack luster the other talents in that row kinda blow. Lava totem is okay for mythic+.Onionrng5 48m
1h Why is enhance being ignored...again? Jan 23 Hot fixes are up...Hope I am not the only pissed off enhance shaman. Clearly mages and warlocks were in horrible spots needing immediate attention. Thank you Blizzard clearly time to change mains, I only wasted a few months time NBD. Would still be nice to get some confirmation that you are aware of the balance issues and fixes coming..."soon". I miss G.C. 1h
1h Shaman state Hey just wondering how shamans are doing. I just picked the game back up and iv always wanted to take an enhancement to end game but I would try elemental as well if it rocks. I appreciate the Input.Ironlore2 1h
2h Elemental Changes in 7.2.5 Let's talk about these changes to our talents and spells coming in the new patch. Oh wait....Kargar25 2h
2h Lower ilvl Healers beat my HPS Hi! Is it normal for RShammies to not be on top during raids? There's a HolyPally in my previous guild who is like 5 ilvls below me and still beats my HPS. I pop all my CD's during appropriate moments but I still stay behind either a HolyP or a Monk.Qiuqiu8 2h
2h Cloudburst or Echo? I've been using Cloudburst, but I am also a fan of Tidal Waves trigger, and persistent Healing Stream with Echo is appealing. How do you guys compare the two?Pyremane8 2h
4h Seasoned Resto Shaman Looking for Help. Seasoned Resto Shaman help: I have been solely playing resto shaman since vanilla wow and I am not working on 3/10 mythic NH with my guild. Our guild runs a resto shaman, resto druid and holly pally in heroic and i am elemental shaman due to no need for the fourth healer. In mythic I am the fourth healer and when we run mythic im lower then the resto druid and other resto shammy on healing meters and throughput. I know i wont catch a resto druid. that is not my concern. but i slightly outgear our other resto shaman and my artifact weapon is 52 and i have concordance and it seems pointless. Im here asking for help. the build i run is AG CBT with high tide generally, i do switch talents depending on what the fight requires. I just feel inadequate. My logs are easily accessible. I take constructive criticism well. i figured it was becuase i was missing some riptides but upon my own analysis he has more chain heals but i feel having two resto shamans in a raid you over overlap and basically its who ever pushes the cast button first wins. Is this true?Haberle7 4h
5h What weapon to use.. As you can see, I am a low lvl Troll Shaman (played DKs and felt something missing but still love them). My question is, is it better to use a Staff or a 1h with Shield as a Resto Sham? I know intellect is the stat to focus on primarily.Beldaiir4 5h
5h Resto accidentaly got Ring Twisting Nether I had my loot spec on enhance for Elisande because I wanted a convergance of fate and forgot and ran an upper kara 10 and got the Ring eye of twisting nether. How good is this? I'm in my enhance gear right now i guess you could say, but should i be using this for enhance/ele. I have Lust helm, Sephuz, Roots legs, and a couple resto specific legs. Any thoughts on how to use this in a dps spec.?Munchmaquchi2 5h
6h Rate that Mog Sham Edition! Last one was capped and old! ( I wish i had dyes for all the non matching green on mine. Loots alot better color wise ingame with that lighting. Armory is so diff :( )Arahkan347 6h
6h Enh Shaman way too squishy! I love shaman and have done for many years but this makes me sad.... I have just started legion with my shaman and I decided to go from elemental to enhance because of the idea of having Doomhammer. I just completed the story of obtaining Doomhammer and have now begun questing in the Broken Isles. I am very disappointed how squishy enhancement is! I went from elemental to this ridiculous spec that cant even hold it own against a maximum of 2 - 3 enemies. Healing doesn't heal enough and costs way to much and I feel my attacks do barely any damage. I have played all classes in the game and this has by far the worst survival ability. Now I am stuck with Doomhammer till I can get the quest for the elemental artifact. Even with flying unlocked in broken isles, the leveling has been slow because I have died a few times. On my hunter, paladin, monk and druid I didn't die once for over the first 5 levels into Broken Isles. Yet I died on my shaman during the Doomhammer quest and so far twice in Val'sharah. It's such a shame because I love the concept of Shaman but I feel that it has lost blizzards attention and it needs some serious tweaking. Who else feels this way? I hope I am not the only one :(Wolfcry25 6h
7h 7.2.5 Enhancement Shaman No plz. I feel like the peasant in Warcraft 2. We started out the expac as awesome and useful. "Ready to work." Every patch blizzard keeps picking on us and our worth goes down. "Okay." By 7.2.5 Blizzard has picked and picked on us enough where we give the response of "Leave me alone!" I just want to stay mediocre instead your buffs are going to make us worse and more clunky to playDraeneisham17 7h
7h Skyfury totem question Does it affect physical damage? like hunters, warrs, etc? or only spell users like mage, ele, warlock etc Would appreciate some insight ty!Krewèlla2 7h
8h Resto Shaman Help I switched to resto shaman recently. Some fights I have high healing numbers, and other fights I do not. I have logs below. I was hoping that people could give me some tips that will boost my healing so I can be more effective. (Side note. I had bad healing numbers while healing Botanist. I was wondering if there were anything special for that fight or if it is just hard for resto shaman.) (The last two entries for 5/16 and 5/21.) ThanksPhoni2 8h
13h Shaman has no defence at all Why ele and enhance has only 1 def aability And some healing .... Shaman ffeels so squishy Compare to a mage block, barrier, absorbing shield.,spellsteal, cauterize... Not even mention a lock...Samiyam78 13h
17h Magatha needs to be fixed. In her Fall back mode its very annoying when she pops up cause she seems to fire 3 bolts that will target stuff that i'm not even fighting off in the distance and pull more to me. I like having her around but in suramar its extra annoying when i'm already fighting 8 enemies and for some reason her bolts will hit 2 enemies i'm not even near and pull them into the fight.Prasios5 17h
19h elemental shaman pvp still sucks it's been years of this. about the only thing i can do before i die is flame shock.Bornmad28 19h
20h For those stuck on Shaman Order Campaign Hello. This is for Shaman who cannot progress on their campaign, even after doing Quest to do the 30 world quests and the Fireland missions. I was having issues with the Shaman Order Hall Campaign. I had completed all the Worldmender quest (the 30 world quest quest). I completed all of the Firelands follower mission quests. Turns out, I forgot to take or got rid of the following quest: A Taste for Blood This quest is at the end of the Deepholm questline, given by Ma'haat the Indomitable, and requires 10 Blood of Sargeras. You should take the portal from the Shaman Hall to Deepholm to pick it up. The portal back doesn't exist at that point, so make sure you have your hearth off cooldown. Also as a note, when I went back to pick up this quest and turn it in, the yellow ! icon was not visible on my map. I don't remember if this guy gives a Cata daily, but, at least on this day, he did not have one. There was no mini-map icon. So, after you take the portal, he's on the right about 90-100 degrees from the direction you spawn in facing. Anyway, while wow-head is a great resource, it took me about a week of digging to figure this out, since it was buried on this quest page. The guide is not yet refined enough, at least for the Shaman Hall, for one to find the answer easily. If this is not the quest you are stuck on, I suggest going through the quest chains and seeing if you dropped or didn't pick up a quest. This seems to be the primary problem, and not a bug (which is what I had originally thought was my problem). I hope that this post can at least help others stuck on their class campaigns. Check the other quests in your campaign here: 20h
20h Who made R sham Art appearance This is a bit of a rant, with lots of complaining. So if thats something you dont want to read, leave now XD Why is R sham artifact challenge appearance so GARBAGE? It looks like a golf ball on a stick. theres next to no details on it, minimal amount of frost or wind or whatever you want to call it. It looks like they took something from Wod and added a different color golf ball to each different appearance. I had no desire to even try for this appearance. But my guildies were all getting theres and I didnt want to be the one person who didnt have theres.. so I broke down and got it after about 20ish attempts. As soon as I got it I was pretty happy just cus I could say I did it. Not even 5 minutes after I put it on I was disaapointed. This art skin compared to all the others is so underwhelming. It's frustrating to think that whoever made our skin put literally 0 effort into it. Considering the golf ball like look, I imagine he got his inspiration while tee-ing off on the 9th hole. The hidden artifact appearance looks way more bad !@#, and the totembearer looks WAY more to what a Sham would use. End rant.. let me know how some of you guys feel.. maybe im just not seeing something or missing something.Moshamsplz3 20h
21h I think t20 ele set is better than expected. So let's examine a log of the 2nd highest ele log on Elisandre On a 6:15 fight, or 415 seconds, his flame shock did 31.06 mil dmg. His elemental did 11.4 mil. With the way the tier piece works, he would have been able to use his elemental for a total of 4 mins during that fight, which is 240 seconds. During this time, his flame shock would have been hitting for 75% more damage AND they would have 100% crit rate. Over the course of the fight, his flame shock ticked 167 crits for avg 113,116 and hit 232 avg 43,525. The total dmg of flame shock was 31.06 mil dmg. Now let's assume that he had a 58% uptime on fire elemental (240 sec/416 sec). 58% would mean a base of 75% more dmg. So during this time, flame shock would tick for 76168 and crit for 197953. So let's see how this would have worked out in terms of flame shock damage. 167x58% = 96 crit ticks with fire elemental and 71 without fire elemental. 232x 58% = 134 normal hits with fire elemental and 98 without fire elemental. So crit damage ticks would be 96x197,953 + 71x113,116 = 27,034,724 The normal hits would be 134x197,953 + 98x43,525 = 31,385,011 So in other words, on a mostly single target fight, flame shock tick dmg would go from 29.57 mil to 58.42 mil. (I subtracted out the initial hit so FS dmg went from 31.06 mil to 29.57 mil). Then, we can add in one more round of fire elemental which would be another 2.76 million. Putting it all together, that would be another 31.61 total dmg during that fight, which be an increase of dps by 76,723. So basically, what I'm saying is instead of thinking it as a big buff to fire elemental, take into account what it really is which is a huge buff to FS. Of course, as there are more and more enemies, the dps increase starts to get bigger and bigger.Fligmos11 21h
1d Resto Legendary Help What are the ranking of the Resto Shaman Legendaries for 7.2?Desco8 1d
1d Frustrated Shaman needs help Hi everyone I won't pretend to be a veteran or a very good player because I am not either one of them (I don't raid or push Mythic+). But I've played rpg/arpg for around 15 years now on PC and have 7 lvl 110s. So I am somewhat not idiot when it comes to playing a class. However with an Enh Shaman, I am feeling like one. This class feels paper thin to play and damage seems exactly meh. Let me explain a bit more. I have a Frost DK, Sin Rogue, Havoc DH and a Ret Pally as melee. I felt confident while playing them that I can take on enemies and not die even if I pulled more than one. But when playing this Enh Shaman, I've died multiple times trying to do so. Not only that, it feels that a !@#$ty lvl 106 mob (same level as me) does more dmg per hit than I do. And mind you, this is not during dungeons but normal leveling. I've never felt this weak while playing any of my melee characters. I tried doing a Legion invasion to quickly level up and died basically half a dozen time doing every single invasion quest. I can't being to explain how frustrating that is. Not only this, but damage wise every skill seems just not upto the mark when compared to other classes. My resource generator (Rockbiter) is a hand cramp inducing skill and I have to spam it a lot to generate Maelstrom which my other spenders just chew through. I get Stormbringer proc but its very few and far between and doesn't seem very effective even when it does. Isn't it supposed to be a nuke skill ? I suppose this could be because of low points in my artifact and low level gear but I had the same situation on my other characters and it never felt bad like this is. I am losing my interest to play this class at all and no matter what rotation or build I try out, it is always the same result. I pull one enemy and then after killing it I spend my entire resource just to heal up. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and if it gets better at higher levels or if next patch improves our situation. Thanks and have a nice day y'allJhadphoonk1 1d
1d Enhancement Stats Wondering what everyones Hates to mastery stats are... Guild is currently progressing Mythic NH. I raid with a 908 ilvl I feel my dps is lacking due to low haste. 18% crit 18% Haste 74% Mastery 5% vers I know we are heavy on proc chances. I feel my shaman is bit to dependent on that. One pull I can top the dps charts the next be middle pack. Any suggestions from any Enchancement shamans currently progressing in mythic NHProwrestler12 1d
1d tauren lightning bolt animation small gripe i guess but... the lightning bolt comes out of the innermost part of a male taurens right hand when he casts and... he puts out both hands... can't we just center it?! drives me crazy, i wanted to make a tauren shaman but i can't get past this lol.Ursá3 1d
1d Maelstrom Pillar? I know people have asked, but I have not been able to find a proper answer... What is the point of this? As soon as you leave the order hall you lose the buffs, so its not for the open world? You can't even take it to Dalaran. Is it to try different stat weights out, like more haste/mastery? If so, then why does it give a Stam buff? I don't see shamans tanking anytime soon, so there is no need for a dummy to hit back. Can someone please work out what the hell this is for... it's doing my head it.Sarielleia3 1d
1d Soul of the Farseer Soul of the Farseer (New): Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: Elemental: Echo of the Elements Enhancement: Landslide Restoration: Echo of the Elements What do you guys think?Clarize18 1d
2d BiS Mythic + Trinkets? I primarily play Mythic + and I know the best trinket for Ele Shaman atm is Whispers in the Dark. But what are the best options for Trinkets exclusively from Mythic + dungeons?Àscern2 2d
2d [PvP] Resto & Ele Hi, I'm struggling as Resto in Battlegrounds/RBGs at the moment, I find that if I have 2 melee on me I am frequently killed in a stun. Rsham has great group heals, utility, mobility etc, but none of it helps when I get focused and obliterated in every fight I enter. Anyone else having this problem? I'm thinking of trying Ele as I'm seeing quite a few of those, anyone play Ele in RBGs and what do you have to say about it?Creeks7 2d
2d Mastery over Int ? Ran a stat weight on and came back wit something I've never seen before which was mastery over Int by almost a point. Is this correct ?Quallan4 2d
2d Its like I want to play but havent felt like much has changed since our nerfs still on bot? 2d
3d List of BIS Back in the day, like Vanilla and BC, I used to use a site that would list the BIS items. It did not just list a single item, it had a list of about the top 10 in each slot. This made it incredibly easy for me to gear, and know what I wanted to target from each Boss/Instance/Raid. Is there anything like that now? I am not just looking for a single BIS. Also, I find contradictions from say Icyveins to MrRobot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advanceChristoff11 3d
3d Elemental Shaman Stat Priority Hi, fellow Shaman. So, in the other topic, i have been informed that Icy Veins and Noxxic are not good sources to look for guides. So, as an Elemental Shaman, Ascendance build (sometimes Lightning Rod build in Fortified Mythic+), what kind of stats should i look for? Example: Mastery > Crit > Haste > Versatility Mastery = Crit > Haste > Versatility Mastery = Crit > Versatility > Haste Crit => Mastery > Versatility > Haste And i know now that Mastery cap is 86.5% or 76.5% with Totemic Mastery. Should i be looking to reach that cap or equalize mastery with crit? For example, hypothetically, should i try to have 85% mastery and 25% crit or 50% mastery and 50% crit?Antônioluiz2 3d
3d Back to Basics; First Time Logging Wanted some experts to nit pick at my first combat log. Finally took the time to download warcraft and get it up and running. Just a NH Normal to test it out, stupidly forgot to enable advanced combat logging, so I couldnt see my parse %age. Was hoping for advice for fights where I could improve, I think I died twice throughout the 10/10 run, due to greed (Quickly anhked). Also was wondering how the opening rotation for Elemental Shamans goes. Initially I start off with... - 5 seconds before prepull, Totem Mastery - 4 seconds Stormkeeper - 3 seconds prepot, bloodfury - 2 seconds Precast Elemental Bast - Start! Flame shock -> Lava Burst x2 -> Flame Shock (For buffed FS on longer duration) -> 3 SK Lightning bolts -> Lava Burst -> When around 110 -125 ES, but making sure I have Elemental Focus buff before using ES, unless I'm about to overcap. If during the 3 SK LB's, lava surge procs, I use it before finishing the remaining SK LB's to ensure they get the Elemental Focus buff. TL;DR - Need tips to improve, also recommendation for weak aura's for ele. ATM I'm basically Blizz ui, and looking at top corner of screen for ele focus buff and not really certain if FS gets buffed sometimes, which forces me to always use LvBurst b4 fs. Thanks in advance ^^Blvdsham2 3d
3d T20 traits and suggestions So, looking at the new PTR build today. I had an idea pop in my head that could make the T20 traits feel less lackluster. What if they made a simple change to the storm elemental talent to not replace FE and instead give you SE as a completely separate pet? I know lots of shamans have complained about us "turning into a pet class", but I mean come on! Shamans work WITH the elements in the first place. I'd be cool with it. What do you guys think about the small talent change?Rockea8 3d
4d Lightning rod best build with ring?? Looking at this link from storm earth and lava is suggesting that lightning rod is the build build to go for if you have eye of the twisted nether? There is a lot of conflicting info out there saying that icefury is the best build with this ring, but the graph seems to show that icefury is the worst build with it. Is this true? Also, which bosses in NH would i be better taking ascendence instead of lightning rod?Reynnei5 4d
4d Earthquake Issues I've been having an issue with Earthquake. I use a @cursor macro. The problem is in fights with a lot of graphics, I lose my cursor. Sometimes I'll yolo and cast it, and then find its in the middle of nowhere. Other times I'll look for it and take a 2-3 second dps loss. The other issue with the @cursor macro is I suspect its causing my target to drop. Every couple fights after casting it, I'll lose my target and can't reacquire it (I have to click on it instead of tabbing). My guess is this is from my cursor being on a melee when I cast it, but that's speculation. I'm considering going back to the old method, but @cursor is so much faster and despite these errors (which don't occur all the time) it still seems like the best way. Ideas?Roffleshocks1 4d
4d Crash Lightning Hit Box I don't know if I am misunderstanding the hit area of crash lightning but I can't for the life of me proc my legendary chest on fights like tich or spellblade without positioning some obscure pathing for crash lightning to land on 3+ adds etc. Am I the only one having this problem or just me?Aìúr1 4d
4d Elemental DPS Help. Asendence Build Hello strangers, Just recently I started playing my Shaman who I started off as Enhance but decided to move to Elemental because I had no range DPS class to play (Mained a Monk who played all 3 specs). I've looked at guides on stormearthandlava site and my stats are pretty much where they should be/ use to be. ~84 or 75% mastery (depending on talent) and then crit >> haste and vers. However, as a 895 ilvl I feel like I have booty dps (400-500k average, 700kish burst single target) compared to my 897 WW. Albeit I only have 1 tier piece so far. Below I have my logs of N NH. Anyone that knows how to read logs can give me some advise on what I'm doing wrong? I'm becoming better at Elemental And find good fun in it. 4d
4d 7.2 Enhancement Shaman PVP Guide I made a Video going over the best talents, pvp talents, and artifact path to take in order to boost your survivability , and damage just follow the link below 4d
4d PVE as Elemental Shaman Hi, i'm a total noob when it comes to actually using a shaman out in legion so I don't know how to deal with mobs without having to run and get hit. Is there something I am doing wrong because I don't like constantly healing after every mob-group or single mob. It makes me feel like I using my Elemental Shaman wrong. How would you usually start of when fighting any type of mob(s)? Any answers are appreciated.Spacion16 4d
4d (Ele) Should i always gear according to simc? Im just wondering if simc doesnt take any certain info into account when i sim my gear? Im wondering because i know mastery is suppose to be our go to stat, but simc is telling me my crit gear sims higher. Im currently at 57% mastery and 33% crit. I could get my mastery up to around 67% but simc is telling me not to do that. Also, what kind of encounters does simc account for (simgle target, cleave ect.)? And should i be changing my gear towards towards mastery or crit for single target fights like krosus? Thanks in advance. Also, i know my haste is really high, but unfortunately thats what all my current gear has.Amarra3 4d
4d 2v2 ele double dps arena.... My god... I can't believe how hard it is to do this. You go in, everyone just focuses you - I've tried using earth elemental for the damage reduction, I've tried kiting, but that doesn't work because you spend the whole match running around and healing yourself without putting out any dmg. Is elemental just not supposed to do 2v2 arena as double dps? My gosh, it's so frustrating! Can anyone give me some pointers on this?Fligmos6 4d
5d Elemental macros ? Hello fellow shamans i was just wondering what macros do you use for the elemental spec ? Thank you all shaman powerAsapshammy5 5d
5d Afraid to Heal Heroics...Tips? Hi I mained on this toon for years, black temple, molten core, into outlands and so forth. Then I left for my mage. This is my toon and am working on it now. I have read various guides and watched alot of videos but I am not feeling good about healing 5 mans yet. I heal LFR and seem to do well, but thats way different, someone can cover for my problems. When I did try a heroic I stood and spammed healing surge and just could not keep anyone up when things got bad, staying alive myself was a trick. So I am doing non-heroic dungeons to learn the fights and how to manage some cooldowns. I can heal those easily as you imagine. I saw a shaman with 890 gear heal and he seemed to just breeze through it. Then i talked to a guildie with 880 gear and she said even though she succeeded, healing mythic was tough. She said our HOTs are non existant and our casts take too long. Are there instances on heroic I should attempt. Look at my gear, I hope i logged out as heals. Any tips are great....which cooldowns to pick, best talents for my gear level, any heroics to avoid at my level? I am shocked they would let a 857 shaman enter Violet Hold heroic as a it must be possible. Thanks!Ayahuascas15 5d
5d Enhancement- melee burst? So, I recently made a monk and it was the first melee character I have ever played. It was insanely fun, and has opened my eyes to how fun melee can be. However, it stresses me out to play as it is quite complicated and mana management is frustrating when I am healing. I also miss having the option of ranged. I am looking at shaman now, but wanted to know if it has burst as melee. That's what I enjoyed most about monk, was the quick damage output of Windwalker which I hear is all melee classes' specialty. Is Enhancement like that? I'm not looking to be best DPS or anything, I just like playing melee when world questing and sometimes in dungeons. I hate melee in Raids and sometimes world bosses where the boss is running around all over the place, but being a shaman would give me options.Raynel4 5d
5d Indepth knowledge - Resto Good morning shamans. I come seeing aid and advice on the advance level I'm making this toon strictly for guild raid progression. Trying to push out the highest amount of hps that I can. That being said, and knowledge of stats, gear, rotation (even though healers are mainly about reaction)and everything else on the advance level that can be passed down to yours truely. Thank you in advance.Shagnbag18 5d
5d Does anyone else miss... .... having a badass animation for our maelstrom dump finisher?? I miss seeing that lightning bolt from the old fulmination spell that triggered on a high maelstrom earth shock. I for one feel like they should change lightning rod to some kind of arcing chain lightning type animation, and return that lightning bolt to earth shock!Atanius2 5d
5d Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook322 5d