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13m Trouble healing green slimes maraudon I am pretty new to wow, about 2 months and even newer to healing. I was in a random group and they died twice so they kicked me, which is understandable. Is there a trick to healing through Noxious Slimes? The slow moving green ones in Maraudon? Edit: Was on my resto shammy at the time ofc, which was level 42.Lilgrr3 13m
54m RIP sentry totem ?Cruel6 54m
1h So how squishy are shamans? when it comes to class fantasy and lore I think of shamans and how iconic and unique they feel in the warcraft lore. My main issues though stopping me from jumping fully in that when i think of a shaman I don't think of someone where a light wind will blow them over and I hear shamans have huge survivability issues. I'm wondering how much of a issue this is in say dungeons, raids, and general leveling. I want to feel powerful and also not be a burden to the group i'm playing with. How is damage in dungeons and raids anyways like can you be great at avoiding mechanics and not worry about taking damage that will kill you that would require say using a defensive cooldown to save you? Or is there certain fights that will 100% kill shamans every time just due to the damage they can't avoid taking? Also in general how much fun are they to play they seem to me to be the most interesting healer how is their talent selection like do you have build choice or is it a ret pally situation where your basically forced into getting crusade?Reyntime11 1h
2h (PVP) Ele Shaman or Rogue? Wondering what class to main for Legion (returned this month). Got a 40 Warrior and 60 Priest but meh. Trying to decide between going elemental shaman or subtlety rogue. Anyone care to help me decide?Khagreth2 2h
2h Give shamans ritual of summoning And call it Spirit Altar or something. Locks shouldn't be the only class capable of summoning players in BFA. Plus given that we have astral recall, it works out lorewise why we should be able to pull other people through different planes (albeit with the assistance of others).Laveau10 2h
2h Can't level as Enh Shaman. Help. I tried leveling an Enhancement Shaman to around lvl 43, but after Western Plaguelands (starting at 40) I can't survive anymore. Healing Rain kept me alive for many levels while fighting 2+ mobs, which is already bad to depend so much on one talent, but then after lvl 40 it's not enough, and a pull of 3+ is pretty much death. Then I tried to go back to Duskwood to do the Abercrombie questline I have missed before, and of course I couldn't kill Stiches, so I quit. After that I played a few other characters: Retribution Paladin, MM Hunter, Affliction Warlock, and Frost Mage. OMG. It's a world of difference. Ranged and pet classes and of course naturally easier, but Paladin is also melee, yet in this case you have so many defensive cooldowns that you can survive any bad pull or eleite, while Shaman has zero defensive cooldowns. IMO, the new scaling is pretty much making evident survivability flaws on some classes, and Shaman is probably the top one. How you guys level with Enh Shaman? Any tips against multiple mobs (other then trying to engage only 1-2 mobs at a time)? And what about elites, such as Stitches?Axmor4 2h
3h Rerolling next xpac I know one of those posts....but hear me out. I've waited awhile to make this post because i wanted to be fully informed before i made my final conclusion on the class as a hole. I've played a shaman all through vanilla,bc, and wotlk and now came back to legion....and played alot this past way more than i should've, but i had free time so yea. I would like to think im a pretty accomplished shaman ive been 2k+ in legion multiple times (all three specs), i dabbled in mythic raiding(all three specs), and have run some pretty high m+ keys (once again with all three specs) so i feel like i have a good idea of what shamans are made of. My main grievances are with world pvp, m+, and world content. I just generally feel weak..... and i know i feel weak because when i play other classes (i have all 12 at 110 with gear) i feel much stronger. I'm 972 ilvl on my shaman..... i was the highest on my server for a few weeks( i don't know where im at now). What i do know is that i'm clearing mobs much faster on argus on my 930 ret paly(than my sham)...i'm more confident dueling people on my 940 warrior than i am my shaman....i do muchhh more aoe damage on my 950 demon hunter in m+ (whos main spec is vengeance) and muchhh more aoe on my windwalker monk who's also around 950 (than my sham). Like if my toon is the pinnacle of what an enh shaman is...970 ilvl, bis legendaries, 4 set.....i'm severely disappointed. I feel like it has something to do with our kit because just increasing damage doesn't fix these problems. The whole idea of a glass cannon in wow doesn't apply to most situations in the game..especially for a melee. Most glaringly being high mythic plus keystones. There's a reason why you won't find 1 enh shaman in the top 500 m+ players. Our survivability is a joke, and our burst aoe is nonexistent. Only with spirit wolves do we even have any chance of doing decent numbers and even with that two minute cd you won't do anything closeeee to a windwalker monk who has big aoe damage every 20 afflic lock simply casting seed of corruption....or a balance druid who once again has 0 cds for their big enh shaman doesn't really have aoe its all cleave damage if mobs are all over the place which they often are in m+ (example the first big pull in maw of souls before boss) you're extra screwed. Survival hunters have a bigger health pool and a complete immunity.... arms warriors have a complete immunity (only physical but that's 99 percent of trash packs) and can attack through it....fury warriors have upwards of 9 million health....paladins have 2 immunities and can attack through them...don't get me started on rogues who have two immunities and a cheat death. The only other melee who has about the same in terms of survivability is a windwalker monk but they have sooooo much more damage it doesn't matter. A windwalker monk can burst up to 10-15 million on a decent sized trash pack, while with spirit wolves i can maybe do 5 million and then it will sustain around 3 million. I also was waiting to give my review of shamans in wpvp once i got the legendary pants a short time ago......not impressed still at 970 ilvl and all dis skill can barely kill 2 950 players at the same time. Meanwhile a fury warrior with the same ilvl as me would be able to once shot them both at the same time. A rogue with the same ilvl and skill level as me would be able to take on 3-4 940's. Watch ziqo's stream as an arcane mage he literally was fighting 5 people at the same time yesterday, and just blinking around constantly getting a huge shield and being able to do almost all his damage without having to cast once.... simply by spamming arcane explosion and blinking around. I personally have a 960 resto druid and it takes 4-5 players to kill me....if they kill me. All my healing is instant cast, i can't be slowed, and i literally don't ever have to leave bear form if a melee or even two melee are beating on me. All those classes i mentioned that's what it should feel like at a high ilvl and skill as your class...powerful. i could go on and on but before you go on and say i'm just butthurt or bad or w/e you wan't it's fine. At the end of the day there are real problems with some classes and talking about it shouldn't be a big deal especially before a new expansion. Savix a ret paladin has stated if they don't do anything to ret mobility for BFA he's gonna reroll and guess what....he's right. While ret's are doing just "fine" in all content. They have the worst mobility out of any melee in the game and it makes the class unfun and against some classes like ele sham or frost mage you literally have 0 chance of winning in a 1 v 1 situation. Shadow priests are another who have 0 chance in the open world and in the arena are getting constantly shut down because of their toolkit and where they get their damage from. My point is just looking at the very top arena players or the very top parses in antorus doesn't tell the full story of a class. There's more the game than that and especially with a focus on world pvp and the emergence of m+ in the next expansion shamans (mostly enh) are gonna fall wayyyy behind.Zaddÿ15 3h
3h Enhance should have Gust of Wind over Lunge It doesn't make sense that this is the only shaman spec without access to this ability. Enhancement should just have gust of wind rather than feral lunge. Here's why: Feral lunge over all, is not great. The damage is a laughably bad, the cooldown is fairly long at 30 seconds and you must have a target to use the ability, which means is can only be used offensively as a gap-closer and not as a potential defensive gap- creator. This sucks given how squishy enhance can be. This would be an easy fix for a lot of enhancements current pvp problems, providing both a little more mobility and if used tactically, a bit of defensive value too (at least from melee). What do you guys think?Cloudbash11 3h
5h 2H ENH Bring back 2handers for enhancement please... that’s my two cents!Zap21 5h
10h Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss360 10h
14h Low lvl healing is tough.... I know the patch made things a bit tougher (I like it) all around but man, I'm really hurting here. I'm wondering if it's just my lvl or what. My heals are relatively weak to be honest. I keep riptide up at all times and drop healing rain and my healing totem every chance i get but I'm still just barely getting by to be honest. Healing rain is tough to get off because I'm spamming the hell out of healing surge on the tank and don't have the time to cast healing rain. Healing wave is decent but most the time the tank is tanking way too much dmg for the long cast time. So for the most part I'm just going crazy with healing surge... So yea, if I'm doing it wrong let me know.Shokuo11 14h
14h Frost Shock needs a CD in arena Hi Shamans, For any of you that may also play paladin, you know how insanely limited our mobility is. Yes, we hit like trucks, but we can probably be kited by a 4 year old behind a keyboard playing an ele shaman. It is insane that you guys can sit there and just spam frost shock on me, and I can't do anything about it other than hope that you're bad as I wait for my 25 second cooldown on freedom. The worst part: after freedom falls off a few seconds later, I have to run back behind a pillar (which is next to impossible on the open map arenas) and wait for it to come back up otherwise you will just kite me to death with frost shock, till the point that my healer can't keep up. I understand you're going to get defensive because you play a shaman, I get it. When people want to change things about paladins I get ticked off a bit too. But if Blizzard refuses to acknowledge the fact that paladin mobility is TRASH, then they should be making an effort to make sure there isn't a spell that can be cast on us 100% of the time that slows us.Motìve13 14h
17h Wielding the Doomhammer while Elemental If you use the toy [Ai-Li's Skymirror] and capture the image of your off spec (off spec transmog included) you too can wield the Doomhammer while Elemental spec'd. It's a nice way to bridge the divide between Elemental and Enhance and I truly felt like Thrall. I recommend it to all my fellow Shamans.Alyuzandro5 17h
17h Enhancement Discussion I've wanted to engage in a discussion about the future of the Enhancement Shaman spec. This is more of a theoretical topic because I know they won't make sweeping changes to the classes anytime soon. Smoldering Heart and Doom Winds really have me thinking about how different our talents could/should be. Here are my questions: ... Pull out your crystal ball for this one: ...Arbitus10 17h
17h Give Elemental Permanent Pets Elementals biggest issues summed up: 1. Sustained ST Damage 2. DPS while Moving 3. World PVE Content Making elemental pets permanent would solve all of these problems to a certain extent. Permanent Earth Elemental would be a great change for questing, allowing you to free cast without face tanking everything. Permanent fire elemental (obviously with reduced damage from the cooldown version) would improve sustained DPS, and allow the Shaman to continue to contribute a portion of their DPS during movement phases. Allowing fire elemental casts to generate Maelstrom would also allow Elemental to cast Earth Shocks (even small ones) while on the move. Plus you are an ELEMENTAL Shaman. Pets already last a very long time. Making them permanent wouldn't alter "class fantasy" much at all.Aeskir35 17h
18h glass cannon heals 5.8M hp in pvp 301K healing surge it shouldn't cost 2 full resource bars and 5 globals to get 20% healing, I'd like to see the mana cost gone when using maelstrom for instant healing surges no reason to double dip on resources, and a 100% buff to healing surge with a 150% increase to maelstrom cost. something like: 600k healing surge 50 maelstrom, no mana cost This would offer a fair bit more survivability and depth without any major changes: 1. allows better burst healing per global without losing the punishment on our damage resource for utility/healing 2. allows abilities like doom winds/ feral spirits/ shamanism to have a defensive use without changing them ( maelstrom generation = more healing) It would be nice to have a little bit of that hybrid feel back in the class, doesn't feel great wasting a full maelstrom bar on heals that don't really heal along with the lack of mitigation the spec has nowRßk8 18h
20h Elemental Design and Review While I put this in the Class development forums, I felt it should be in here as well. With Legion coming to a close I wanted to give a write up on Elemental Shamans, the spec I have mained all expansion and class I have played since Burning Crusade. There is so much to cover with this moving into BfA and I know that a lot of the decisions are fleshed out but I feel like there is a large amount of improvement needed for Elemental. (TLDR provided at bottom for the lazy.) Let’s start out by saying Elemental was a blast to play this entire expansion. It was a very unique in playstyle and kept fights active. Cooldowns such as Ascendance, Fire Elemental, and Stormkeeper felt impactful and it was clear when and where you were able to throw down big damage. While these moments were amazing, it would often feel outshined by multiple flaws. I would like to focus more on the ideology of the playstyle’s problems within the spec. Design: If you have played Elemental for a bit, you will quickly realize we shine in two areas, burst and AoE. The question is whether or not we really shine. No class should be good at everything, but on the other hand no class should be inherently bad on most things at well. Elemental falls into this weird category due to the design of this class. Its lack of consistency can cause nightmares when playing. Consistency/RNG/Mastery- With the change to mastery, we were put into a RNG nightmare. I think this might have been the single biggest complaint throughout the entire expansion. Having some RNG is great because it creates new situations and allows for variance in play. It can bring lively hood to a boring playstyle. The problem lies when there is far too much RNG. Mastery now increases our chance to overload instead of it being a flat number. With our class having the passive trait Elemental Fury, balancing out numbers becomes a little more tricky due to our specialization doing more crit damage than any other spec. If we are casting to many spells and critting too much, we will get out of hand. But if we don’t crit enough or overload enough we don’t do much damage. On top of that most of our damage comes from overloading in various ways. More overloads means more Maelstrom generation, more Maelstrom means more Earthshock. More overloads means more free spells casted. We turn into a gatling gun if we have high mastery. The difference between 30% mastery and 70% mastery is night and day. The worst part is when the optimal builds do not value mastery. It feels like we are missing out on a fundamental part of our class due to the fact that stat scaling isn’t in favor of this key element. On top of mastery we are then plagued with a variety of different ways to overload or proc various damage effects: Volcanic Inferno, Power of the Maelstrom, Seismic Storm, Elementalist, Lava Surge just to name a few.. It is overwhelming to have so many underwhelming effects due to the inconsistent nature of these traits. Setting overload back to a flat number and having mastery scale the overloads damage means we can focus more on the extra fun traits we get rather than worrying about a fundamental part of class working. Talent choices- While I will break down talents in its own section below I wanted to bring attention to what I believe every class should have, choices. The problem I see here is that the talent layout is conflicting. Classes should have talent layouts in 1 of 2 manners. Either you put competing talents on the same tier so you are forced into making a choice on what is better for the same situation, or you provide the ability to spec into a overarching playstyle (i.e. Aoe build, burst/cd build, single target build). While there will always be guides that provide the most optimal set of talents, what Elemental has is a bunch of dead talents that are clearly overshined by others. The Level 75 talent row is a great example. Elemental Fusion is completely overshadowed by its two competitors. Both Primal Elementalist and Elemental Blast provide great benefits for Aoe/burst/single target. Elemental Fusion however only works between 1-4 targets and at that is overshadowed. Ideally for Elemental if there is 5 or more targets you go pure AoE, if less then single target. That being said this talent only will work if there is fewer than 5 targets because you won’t be using Lavaburst. With the low proc chance being put aside, this is a talent that provides far less in almost all situations. Reworking the tree to force players into making a choice (outside of scaling) is what the Elemental talent tree needs.Cryotic13 20h
1d Cryptic lauguage in patch notes. Shaman• Liquid Magma Totem, Healing Stream Totem, and Healing Tide Totem slightly changed to inherit stats properly. wut?Supra7 1d
1d Astral Shift Why am i not allowed to use astral shift during a stun from a rogue. You have to sit there for 4 seconds stunned and take full damage and then again hes most likely going to kidney shot. our only defense against it is thunderstorm and even then depending where you are they can jump to you, shadowdance to you, and all you can hope is that you can get a lightning totem off all while probably being stunned again. I swear at one point we could use it while stunned.Sanítyfalls11 1d
1d Gust of Wind - one of the best abilities Gust of Wind is such a kick-@ss ability. Soaring from cliff side to cliff side on Argus is too fun. I love how useful it is in Argus for getting to spots. I have escaped multiple gankers by just using GoW to get to a ledge they cant get to. I also like that as an Ele, I can jump off high spots and just GoW when I get close to landing for a no damage fall. Truly of the best, maybe the BEST movement ability in the game!Halfthor8 1d
1d A little disgusted By how bad elemental is to level in legion, new to 110 this guy(DH) was blasting packs of mobs and healing to full during, new to 110 my aff lock was pulling multiple mobs and staying alive no probs. Ele shaman, new to 110 forced to run or die when you pull more than 1 mob ;/ Am i doing something wrong?Sindle2 1d
1d More Lightning, Less Fire In BFA can we please return to elemental being primarily focused on lightning? Fire has slowly crept into elemental over the years since Lava Burst was introduced and it has become more pervasive with each expansion. There are already 3 classes that heavily use fire and 2 classes that heavily use frost. Were the only class that uses lightning and that is the sole reason I rolled a shammy back in BC, for my love of lightning. But with the encroachment of the other elements lightning is becoming eclipsed. I'd very much love a way to exclude the other elements even if it's just a cosmetic glyph. It's made me sad to see how far my ele shammy has fallen :(Wardonis21 1d
1d delete DeleteShamcrow0 1d
1d shaman best racial Im going to guess orc is by far the best shaman race when it comes to pvp due to orc stun reduction? I like trolls better aesthetically but i know their racial is not that great for arenaAllvegas9 1d
1d Are Enhancement Shamans still viable? ***TL;DR at bottom*** This isn't a troll question. I mained a shaman a long time ago back when I first played WoW and it was the only class I truly fell "in love" with. It is fun, to me, and I like the enhancement burst and if I get bored with smacking things I can heal. So my question is this: If I re-roll my shaman, as my old one is gone :(, will I regret it, hate myself or etc? I really enjoy shaman, and I know they're not "top of the board" right now, but can I at least do some PvP/PvE as Enhancement and get some enjoyment? Also, does anyone have a "build" for Enhancement, know the rotation(s) or can you point me to a guide for it please? I checked WoWhead and haven't seen too much as far as an "absolute" guide for it. Thank you all in advance for reading this and helping me out. TL;DR - Want to re-roll shaman. Is Enhancement good for PvE/PvP still and what's a good URL for a build/guide for them. Thanks. I found this post on rotations: Rotations: Is that accurate?Gamliel11 1d
1d Enhance SimCraft Msfrizzle1 1d
1d Enhancement? Or Elemental? Hello there community, I am trying to make Shaman my alt and I had a question. I have a fair balance of PvE and PvP so I'm not looking for anything specific to bring to the table but I do simply ask. Which one do you prefer? Which do you think is better? I just want some ideas to help my decision since I'm lvl 108. Thank you guys so much in advance!Jackedcloset2 1d
1d Storm Elemental Is it ever a good talent choice compared to the other options? I've read all the guides I could find and nothing suggests it or mentions a time when it is ideal. Is it super terrible, or just somewhat behind the other options? I'd like to run PE and SE, but only if it won't completely wreck my DPS. Thank you for any insight!Shockypewpew3 1d
1d What does Ele bring to Raid? Utility-wise, what does an Ele shaman bring to raid? I’m interested in playing one but am concerned there’s little “extra” that the class brings. I enjoy doing the little extra tasks in a raid group and am looking at Shaman as a main in BfA. Thanks!Grast7 1d
2d Help with enhancement I recently benched my warrior and picked up my shaman. Elemental is awesome... cool experience so far and tons of utility it brings to the game. I have tried enhancement many times... sat by a pvp dummy target practicing and getting a comfortable rotation down packed but and that’s why I mentioned I benched my warrior... compared to him enhancement shaman’s rotation feels clunky, too crowded with cds and just crappy. Have to keep track of many things (which I don’t mind) but then it feels awkward at the end Was wondering if anyone had a build/rotation that felt fluid and fun wonplay with... all this is for pvp and random bgs at that. The class is great and love resto and elen but in the long run if I can’t fogire out enhancement I think it won’t last. Help!Killdavid11 2d
2d If you can keep 1 thing... If you can keep 1 thing for shaman from Legion to be part of Battle going forward, what would it be? Personally I'd love to keep Ride The Lightning, but as an actual talent option instead of just an Honor Talent. It provides a nice boost to aoe, has a beautiful graphic, and hits like a truck. I, love, RTL. How about you?Rend22 2d
2d Class Mount Quests Unbalanced Now So I recently came back to the game to clean up some quests and went through the ordeal of doing the class mount quest. At least tried to. ***Enhancement : To my surprise the easy to kill bosses are now level 112 elites who damage you so hard you cant even possibly imagine clearing them. Outputting 2.1m DPS on the 3 adds for enhancement and I can barely get them to 30% hp before they melt me. Using all cool downs including Bloodlust and I am dead. ***Restoration : Simple heal and clear right? No...your allies are not scaled to reflect the scaling that changed to the enemies in the recent update. They hit them like a wet noodle and take damage like they have 0 armor. Spamming heals is not enough and pulls aggro from which only a few shots kill me. All I am saying is other people should check their characters who have not gotten their artifact mounts so see that the scaling has effected it big time and would love to hear other people whom are having the same issues. I am fully geared this should not be more difficult than soloing a rare spawns in the world.Amullishan4 2d
2d Legendary Advice Hello, I found the Shaman class to be extremely fun to the point that I switch specs quite often (except for resto because I feel pressured if the entire raid/dungeon's success is dependent on me). So far, I got Smoldering Heart and Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle which are both strong for Elemental Shaman. For my Enhance, Smoldering Heart is also good but I have to equip things like Burning Wish for my second slot. So, I'd like some advice since legendaries are now purchasable and thus, much easier to grind (in a way). Should I try to maximize my Ele legendaries (e.g. get The Deceiver's Blood Pact), or is my combo already good for Ele and thus, I should try to get a good spec specific for Enha? Thanks for your thoughts!Valdrath0 2d
2d Healing Tide Totem Has Healing Tide Totem been nerfed in 7.3.5? It feels like it is doing a lot less than it was previous to this patch... It may just be me though.Lione3 2d
3d iLvl upgrades? i just went though the whole shaman class hall quest line to get the mount (Because its one of my favorites) but im on the last part where i have to do one 850 broken shore mission, but im having alot of trouble finding enough iLvl upgrades to do so. i seem to only be able to get them from random mission drops, and fighting that guy in the class hall. are there any other ways?Furiosah5 3d
3d Enh shaman talents for pvp. I can't decide between Hothand vs landslide and Tempest vs overcharge. Wanted to ask the community what they use in Bgs?Stormhulk4 3d
3d Leveling as Ele sham Hello. Has anyone lvl an ele shaman fron 100 to 110? Any talent and strategy recommendation?Zamiaa9 3d
3d Im in love with my shaman. Elemental shaman feels like a bazooka.. i hope ele stays like this in bfa cause it will probably be my new main.Feroxs8 3d
4d Why the move away from totems?? I like my Shaman and all but I don't get why Blizzard has moved away from the class's dependence on totems. Back in the day it's really what separated the class, it's what made the shaman a shaman imo. Now we seem like a mage with a healing and melee spec. I just don't get it.Shokuo11 4d
4d Elemental Shaman PVP Videoà2 4d
4d Leveling help Just started leveling my 101 elemental shaman and Im looking for some guidance. It seems rather slow and I'm not sure if I my going about it right. Looking online I see guides on rotations and builds for 110. Can someone share a build to use for leveling with a basic single and multi target rotation please. I appreciate any guidance and tips given.Wrëkt3 4d
4d Reblancers on Elemental Just got another legendary for my elemental shaman The part i don't get is why i got these on my elemental. The proc is people who stand in my healing rain receive 10% additional healing from my other healing spells. I don't have healing rainDevestation3 4d
5d Hidden Satyr vs Trained Soldier Any1 test/sim these neck enchants recently? Not sure if there's a stat breakpoint where 600 mastery is better than hidden satyr. I'm currently sitting at 50% haste 58% mastery and my neck enchant been looking at me strange xd.Pksubban1 5d
5d Drop 4 totems toy? Hello, I'm back from a one year+ pause of WoW and I've got a question. Is there a way today (Legion) to drop 4 (dummy) totems like in the past just for flavor reasons? Like with a toy... Something like the legacy Glyph of Totemic Encirclement but that would drop 4 dummy at once. I've been solely playing Shaman since Vanilla and I'm fond of the totems I used so many times... Totems are what made Shaman unique during all those years (yes it had it's bad sides too) and I find somewhat odd today that we so rarely use them (if at all for some specs).Vlkodlak3 5d
5d Looking for Elemental advice Long time Elemental main. Some tiers my DPS is fine, sometimes it's bad (like now). I read all the guides, I'm a big fan of I research and sim and my DPS is a joke right now. I've tried Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle and Eye of the Twisting Nether as my Legendaries and I've tried the The Gambling Build using Smoldering Heart and The Deceiver's Blood Pact equipped. For example, I sim for around 1.55 million on Heroic Garthi, but only do 1.28. Not sure what I'm screwing up, any advice would be be appreciatedNayaga7 5d
5d Arena comp - enh or ele Heya! Leveling to play arena. Will be playing with a ww/mage depending who is on and holy paladin. Would ele/enh work for both mage/ww or would I need to role different spec when playing with each respectively? I.e. enh/ww & Enh/mage Or does it need to be enh/ww & ele/mage? Thanks for your advice!Shamertime2 5d
5d Enhancement PVP is dead in Legion. Unless they do something drastic, soon. No real gap closers, no way to stick to a target if we get there, a single pathetic defensive CD, heals are hardly worth casting ( at the expense of our offensive resource). Damage isn't being done when you're more or less gibbed the second you make contact. I don't know how Holinka has managed to keep his job. This is ridiculous.Orig116 5d
6d Has Ele improved PvP wise last 6 months? I've been away for a bit, needed a mental reset, and been thinking about coming back but of all the classes i prefer Shaman and Druids the most being ranged hybrids. I'm curious of the status quo has changed at all for Ele in the last 6 months or so PvP wise or is the melee train still rolling along? A few details on any changes that suggest improvement would be appreciatedMulconroi11 6d
6d Most Efficient way to Gear Followers I'm having a hard time getting my followers to 900 as a shaman. As a paladin it's very easy because you can queue up work orders for armor upgrades and follower items. All I notice with the shaman is the mission board and the occasional quest in the class hall where you duel the guy for an item. Is there a more efficient way to gear followers as a shaman?Òni11 6d