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24m Fond memories of Shaman Here I will list all the things that made Shaman awesome since Vanilla. Agree, disagree, list your own. - Skill Tree - I think in Vanilla, the Shaman skill tree was one of the most versatile elements of our class. - Shocks - Insta-cast spells while smashing someone with a 2hander ? Yes! - Cast as you move - OMG this was the BEST! - Ghost Wolf - I just really, really like this. - Pets - Love the elementals and wolves.Poozik6 24m
27m Why Shaman are made to suffer this Expansion Now, this is only a conspiracy theory, but hear me out. According to lore, the first warlocks were shaman who wanted more power. I think Blizzard is making the shaman class closer to lore. We will all re-roll warlocks or something, the next expansion we may see a small buff, but it'll really be all about Warlocks and Paladins duking it out. Expansion after that, if there is an expansion after that, Shaman and Warriors will shine. Am i rite?Poozik0 27m
53m Elemental single target is #1 Was doing 600k to 700k single target on bosses like Avatar, would get frequently kicked from groups, and than finally a miracle happened. The 4th set piece of tier dropped and I am now pulling 1.3 million single target dps. Well, my hope in elemental is restored.Balshazar5 53m
1h Elemental Shaman Nerfs for 7.3 They nerfed elemental LOL 1h
1h Shammy newb New to Shammy's.. what's the best spec to level?? I want to do one but never tried.Deathmancer0 1h
2h Ascendance glyph please? I'm going to make this very small and simple. Can we plz get the glyph for ascendance back? I hated the original graphic for it and was finally happy when they made the glyph... and now it's gone... I hadn't mind all that much before as ascendance was pretty much un-usabled, but right not, it's pretty competitive from what I can see... So please, can we get the glyph back?Kalarm10 2h
2h Bring back [Glyph of Ascendance] for Legion Seems like this option is now gone for Shamans? Please bring this back because the current default Ascendance model is a joke. It can't even hold weapons correctly, and let's not even get started on how stupid it is to become a Twilight Cultist Ascendant lookalike.Amak50 2h
2h My enhance dps is low with respect to my ilvl Hey guys! I have been very pleased with the 7.2.5 buffs enhancements have received and have seen my dps go up a bunch, but looking at the logs from last night (, it looks like I am in the very low percentile for enhancement shamans of my ilvl. According to askmrrobot, my heroic Goroth dps should be just over 1 mil, and on normal last night I was just under that. It does say that my stormstrike should be doing more dmg, but I dont know how I can do that. What was troubling was that I was in the 23rd percentile for dps at that ilvl on normal Goroth and some of the other fights are even worse, even though I am still towards the top in dps in my guild. I may not have potted twice and used augment runes last night, but I don't think that is what is doing it. Is it my legendary selection? Any help is sorely needed so I can start doing more ilvl appropriate dps. Thanks!Manntasticc17 2h
6h Resto t19 and t20 Im gearing my shaman right now and am wodering how good the t19 is currently and if i should be equipping at least the two piece still? Also, how is the t20 two piece currently? I can gain like 10% more mastery without equiping any tier pieces, bringing my mastery to around 120%, or I could equip either the tier 19 or tier 20 two piece, but my mastery goes down to around 110%. Equiping the tier 19 also brings my intellect down around 400. What should I do? Edit: I could also equip the entire tier 19 4pc but the only peieces ive obtained are ilvl 890, which seems like too big of a loss of intellectReynnei0 6h
8h legendaries thing i found with elemental unless we have optimal legendaries our damage isnt overly great and i just read that they are somewhat nerfing our mastery making harder to cap and weaker main thing is do we just push though and hope to get BiS or just be use to never toping dpsAdryxi1 8h
8h Since other classes got Hero/Lust... I keep listening to people cheer when a warlock joins the group nowadays, but shaman lost their sole uniqueness when hero/lust went to multiple different classes... Voodoo Ceremony (or better name for it) Summon party member. That party member will be called and hexed into a random skin (like the area 52 wormhole). Can be cancelled if desired... thoughts?Mephos7 8h
10h Good news!! Still no improvements and it is July 18th! I guess we can never get a blue post AND completely fall behind in every aspect of the game? YAAAAAY *kermit the frog arms*Gremmjow5 10h
11h I'm excited the Mythic Race is over. Maybe now after the mythic race is finished, blizzard can check the statistics and see how badly we're performing in ST and finally tune/fix us for the farm stage of the expansion. A man can dream.Àscern9 11h
20h Shaman stat priority? Hello all! New shaman here. Just curious out my stat priority. Should I be stacking mastery for any talent build or do I focus on crit > mastery > haste? Idk if I can trust Icy-veins for every class so I like to get other players opinions on how I should be stating.Rektified8 20h
21h CoS + Arcway set Should i invest time farming the wrists+shoulder that procs 3000crit or should i just go for ilvl in these slots? (referring to Gambling build ofc)Audit8 21h
21h Earthquake macro randomly stops working So i use this macro ... and have it keybinded to T, like 4 times this patch it just randomly stopped working, i have 125 Maelstrom and it acts like theres nothing on the keybind. Then i create a new macro with the exact same thing copy and pasted and it works again. Anyone else had this happen?Kwizzlix6 21h
1d Where's the Lightening Shield for Shamans? What happened to the Lightening Shield spell that Shaman's used to have I don't see it anymore?Sylvvanass5 1d
1d Need help deciding on resto trinket Idk which two would be best, here's what I have: Barbaric Mindslaver ilvl 925 +2604 intellect Equip: Your healing effects have a chance to do an additional 287,454 healing. This occurs more often while you are at low mana. Sea Star of the Depthmother ilvl 900 +1180 Versatility Equip: Your chain heal has a chance to grant you Ocean's Embrace, healing your nearest injured ally within 15 yds for 37,285 every 0.25 seconds for 8 seconds. Mote of Sanctification ilvl 915 +1248 Mastery Use: Radiate a burst of light that heals up to 5 injured allies within 20 yards for 267,095. (1 min 30 sec Cooldown) Perfectly Preserved cake ilvl 890 +1137 Mastery Use: Creates a magical feast for 20 sec. Up to 5 allies who partake in the feast absorb 660,080 damage for 12 sec. (2 min cooldown) Archive of Faith ilvl 915 +1248 Critical Strike Use: Channel a cleansing matrix into an ally, healing them for 3 million over 2.6 sec. Fully completing the channel also grants the ally a shield that prevents 744,953 damage for 10 sec. (1 min cooldown) And an 865 Unstable Arcanocrystal. Thoughts? I can't really tell.Phumbles6 1d
1d Magatha Grimtotem As a tauren shaman...I hated working with this individual. I feel like a tauren would never forgive her, and a shaman would never respect her. Being both, this is torture. Hopefully someday we can "take her out". I do see the story potential in it..maybe she'll play a role with the old gods coming back or doing something evil to us we'll regret in the end. I suppose it's the enemy of my enemy sort of situation. p.s. Buff enhancement.Whitemilk25 1d
1d Enhancement PVP Why is enhancement one of the least played PVP classes?Zirgestu11 1d
1d Healing Heroic KJ Resto How do you guys do it? My HPS has been quite a bit lower on Heroic KJ compared to any other fight, mainly due to the amount of running around I have been doing, and then sometimes being stuck in no mans land for a far Armageddon. Just wondering what you guys do to keep the performance up. Do your guilds let you take the closer armageddons so that you dont have to be way out of range, and not have to run so far? Do you just drop heals off on people before you go do that? Is our HPS just going to be lower in the first half of the fight? Give your tips please!Chazzwozzer6 1d
1d Looking for some DPS help (Ele) This is my most recent log from heroic TOS. My ilvl is pretty high for our content - I've been pretty fortunate with gear lately. I'm parsing pretty low, though, which isn't really normal for me. I'm typically in the 60-80% range, but since tomb came out i'm consistently in the single digits to low 20s (looking at ilvl bracket percentage). Can anyone tell anything glaring that i'm doing wrong? I realize I'm a bit high on mastery - definitely working to correct that. I also need the lego gloves, but I realize neither gear issue is going to fix things completely. I'm guessing it's something with my rotation. Any log-analysts who wouldn't mind taking a look would be greatly appreciated.Likmytotem9 1d
1d Wellspring-Can it work? So I have been toying around with the idea of taking wellspring for certain fights in tomb (hjarj, maiden, sisters, mistress) simply because it seems like I am doing burst damage control more than throughput anyway. In my head it plays out like this -Preemptive CB totem -Stack some heals into it for a bit -Right before the burst damage comes out GoTQ with AG at the end of the cast -Wellspring -Pop CBT This would be a lot of Burst healing if you can nail the timing correctly but I dont know if it would be worth the throughput loss of High Tide. Does anyone else think there may be a way to make this talent work? I honestly just really like the spell and wish it was more viable =/ Edit Update: So I tried out Wellspring in a normal 25 man tomb and I felt mixed about it. Because it was only normal I feel like the raid damage was a little low so it wasnt as useful as it could have been. Not taking High Tide almost made chain heal feel USELESS. It seriously only did like 8% of my healing which felt really between Wellspring CD's I felt a little like I didnt have much to do and I also felt like it filled the same role in my Healing priorites as GoTQ did-which is big AOE all in all I would like to test it on heroic but im a little nervous to do it!Kazarack7 1d
1d Any possibility That we can get a voodoo lookin set that doesn't have a kilt or dress? I feel Like blizzard gives classes a dress because it means they don't have to work on making the entire set look good. "This way we only have to worry about the shoulders and helm boys" Voodoo type transmog or gtfo and I want a new one. The old ones are lazy and just wooden planks. I want high class voodoo. I am talking holly wood hills, lots of tusks, 9 man baine outfit stuff my guy.Gremmjow5 1d
1d gloves/wrist vs. gloves/soul or eton i been playing with both and noticed i do more dps with the gloves/wrists combo and i sustain dps better too. Plus makes it feel like i'm using an actual rotation instead of just mashing one key. O yeah almost forgot... the wrists are also entertaining when i see a 5 mil LL happen.Vondoo2 1d
1d Still getting kicked for bad heals :-( Wondering if I should focus on my Druid or something. I know I've posted on here before, but I'm still having the same issues. I'm getting so frustrated! Idk if it's just me, or the fact that I'm up against Druids and HPally's every time (ugh). I know part of it is I'm taking time to soak and do other mechanics that the dps is failing to do, simply because I know that we'd otherwise wipe. Just really down about it right now. Finally got the kids quiet for the night and wanna jump on and do stuff, but not sure if I should even bother trying anymore.Ihealupeel26 1d
1d CBT setup in 'Tell me When' help I am just now switching from Echo of Elements to Cloudburst Totem trait. I just got the 'Tell me When' add-on and am hoping someone can explain how they set theirs up to track the cool down and duration. Any help is greatly appreciated.Shämpagne2 1d
1d Stormlash how good is this passive in raid scenarios? because it's doing next to 0 in pvpZulubar1 1d
1d So when do we hit the panic button? TOS has been out for a few weeks now and both of our DPS specs look to be bottom tier. I am not a mythic raider but I do follow the mythic raiding scene and both of our specs are performing laughably bad at this point. This is the time when it matters most for a lot of people and we just aren't very competitive. It gets a little bit better for heroic raiding but still even mid to bottom tier on it as well. Elemental has always been my first love but i've had to switch to enhance full time because of how movement heavy almost all of the TOS fights are. I know this isn't new to a lot of you who have been raiding for awhile seems elemental always gets ignored until about the end of the raid tier then we get buffed to A competitive spot until the new raid tier comes out rinse and repeat. Very frustrating for me just wanted to see what the overall community perception is at this point. I have started to move over to alts have a 907 ilvl rogue but just can't get into like I can with my shaman. (mythic logs) (heroic logs) (healing logs where resto is even on bottom for it)Excell29 1d
2d smoldering heart is awesome. sucks for all my shammys who dont have it yet.Beezlebubba9 2d
2d Rate that Mog Sham Edition! Last one was capped and old! ( I wish i had dyes for all the non matching green on mine. Loots alot better color wise ingame with that lighting. Armory is so diff :( )Arahkan484 2d
2d Seals of Broken fate research? Does this exist anymore? I have the research but i have not had a work order proc for about 3 weeks. Has this been changed?Banymir4 2d
2d Elemental Shaman in 2v2 It's ridiculous that I have to play with a healer to have a decent 2v2 match as an elemental shaman. If I try to play with my dps friends in 2's, I die before getting any abilities off because of the insane amount of interrupts and gap closers. I can literally start flame shocking targets, throw an earthbind, summon elemental, astral shift because they are to me at this point, and then hope counterstrike totem kills them. Elementals rotation is really fun in my opinion, but what's the point if you are just a shock and totem bot in pvp. Battlegrounds are the only place where you can attempt your rotation. Idk just frustrated.Hookahboo13 2d
2d Lighting Surge Totem Macro Have to click the bound button , stop moving, and then click with my mouse seems very clunky to cast. Does anyone know any macros for the totem? Would a macro to drop it on myself be good or maybe one so it drops at the mouse cursor? Either way I dont really know how to macro so any help would be appreciated :) Thank you anyone who offers any helpful advice!Jelwanu12 2d
2d What are the best necklace enchantments? I play as an elemental shaman and as a restoration shaman; and i always wanted to understand which would be the best necklace enchantments and why. Ask Mr. Robot keeps suggesting me to use Mark of Hidden Satyr, but i can't simply trust AMR without a second opinion or without doing my own tests first. And how does Mark of the Trained Soldier and Mark of the Claw compare with each other? Mark of the Ancient Priestess Mark of the Trained Soldier Mark of the Hidden Satyr Mark of the Claw (Notice that i use different neck pieces for Elemental and Restoration specs, so i don't need to apply Mark of Trained Soldier for both) What do you guys think? Which are the best neck enchantments for you? Can someone give me some light in this matter?Antônioluiz4 2d
2d New to Shaman Recently made this character and want to go Elemental! I love the Orc/Shaman lore combination as well as the Elemental aspect to top it all off. I understand, after doing research, that Elemental is rough because of the 'ramp up time'. Should this steer me away? Does it get better as I level?Oraka2 2d
2d Anyone else find most Shammy transmogs ugly? There's a few good ones, but so many of them are just too busy. The chainmail rarely looks good and the legs never look good with any chest piece. And being resto, having to use a shield makes things weird. I have so many pieces but only handful of matching sets. Even looking through my uncollected appearances I can't find anything that appealing.Phumbles35 2d
2d Elemental vs Enhancement I'm trying to decide between these two specs. I enjoy both immensely but I don't know which to choose. I know Elemental is very good at AoE and cleave and mediocre on single target and bad at movement. I don't know much about enhancement but according to icy veins they have solid ST damage. I don't know anything else.\ Which is better for casual raiding (Not Mythic) Solo play, world quests etc. I don't want to hear about PvP because i don't play it. Tell me your thoughts.Blázêr9 2d
3d Reincarnation for soak mechanics We see a bunch of fights involving soak mechanics and almost every range has one, why not allow reincarnation to be a 10 min passive CD that resets on boss attempts, so that when we take a fatal damage instead we are immune for maybe 3 seconds? That would help in terms of utility for us and make us not lose buffs when reincarnation occurs. I know the ability to come back from death is nice and all but it's currently a 30 minute cool down and isn't very practical from a progression standpoint. Are there even any other classes with a powerful cooldowm that doesn't reset after boss attempts?Flashdecaf5 3d
3d Best DPS spec for PvE Good afternoon everyone, I am currently leveling my shaman and looking to make that my PvE character. As far as a DPS, is enha or ele more desirable for Mythics and raids? Any info helps! Cheers!Choggun6 3d
3d New Macros for Totems and EQ! I haven't seen anyone discussing the new macro commands, so I figured I'd make a thread. You can now have ground targeted spells cast on your cursor, or directly on your character. This is useful for totems, as well as for earthquake. /cast [@cursor] Earthquake /cast [@player] Earthquake The following is my current macro for earthquake. It defaults to casting EQ on my cursor, but if I still want the reticle, I can hold shift and cast it. #showtooltip Earthquake /cast [mod:shift] Earthquake; [@cursor] Earthquake For the enhance people out there, being able to cast lightning surge on top of you with one click may be useful. For elemental shaman spamming EQ on large AoE pulls, being able to cast EQ with just one click feels a lot better. I am not really an expert on macros, but if you have questions, I'm sure other people can help answer them.Whitewood3 3d
3d Making specs viable again! Making specs viable, meaning making our two dps classes wanted in raid groups rather than a fill in position. As of right now if you want a "raid spot" you pretty much need to be resto. Back in the day we had a utility (even with mediocre dps) that everyone wanted with Bloodlust. Now other classes can use a version in turn takes that away from us. We are just a fill spot anymore if your wanting to dps it's disappointing. Sure our dps specs are "fun" or whatever but it isn't really FUN if you cant get to play the content because your not viable anymore.Lavashox5 3d
3d Lava Lash Hey all. Quick question. Icy veins says to use lava lash over 40 maelstrom. That sounds low to me. Is this right? Thx.Stormdowner1 3d
3d blessed blade of the windseeker Quest Good morning everyone, I recently got stuck on the quest to retrieve the blessed blade of the windseeker, it is bugged, so I put in a ticket to a GM and the auto completed the quest for me. Just a heads up if anyone else is stuck. Cheers!Choggun0 3d
3d Resto Shaman Mastery cap? Is there any soft cap for Mastery on Resto? At any point should I start prioritizing the other stats?Gadgetpants32 3d
4d T21 Resto Sham Tier Bonus.???HR Obsession?? Can someone explain to me why putting healing rain "buffs" on 2 consecutive tier bonus's makes sense? Its like they cant find a good way to work anything else into the spec so they throw healing rain a hand ( which it doesn't need what-so-ever). Also in my opinion its extremely bland bonus. it can be effective for a handful of fights in ToS, but also not so effective on a handful. Not saying its BAD im just saying there could be a bit of variance, switch something up a bit more.Crazytides7 4d
4d [Logs] help with KJ hero Anything you see i could improve? Some times i screw up because i use Stormkeeper on boss and not on adds, but the times i do it correctly still my performance seems to be very low. I think the best i ever did was 27 overall and 47 for my level. We are doing progression so i only have logs of wipes, not sure if that influences the dps on logs but i can't see myself doing 800K sustained dps (75 percentile)Tzhary2 4d
4d Enhance V Rogue Hello folks, Is there anyway that an enhance can win (pvp template not world) 1v1 encounters vs rogue (particularly subtlety)? I'd even be happy if they won but it cost them a reasonable amount. Currently if a sub rogue opens on me i get totally destroyed. If i don't trinket i am nearly (or totally) dead in the initial stun. If i trinket it just prolongs the total destruction. I can't really get any damage into them. My defensives seem to do next to nothing and/or they just have a very good response to them. Maybe this is my own learn to play issue... so please help me. Its also possible that sub rogue (and the rest) just counter us hard right now and so the only answer is that we need our teammates to help out. what say ye?Ensô8 4d
4d Legendary question Recently starting maining my resto shaman, I got 2 x Resto legos, gloves and Ring (chain heal ring). My question is. There are a couple legionaries that are no spec dependent. If I now loot spec to say, elemental. Is it a fair assumption that as I have no "hybrid" legendary my chance to get another lego, as ele loot spec is at the highest, as if I have none? Like, I want "Roots of the Shaladrassil" , this is a hybrid, I have no hybrids, only resto ones. Make sense or have I bottled it?Jóhnó3 4d