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33m Lightning Bolt I was just wondering if anyone noticed that lightning bolt hits twice as hard in resto spec as it does in elemental spec. I was wondering what the justification behind this was? Would it really hurt to double the damage on elemental spec to make them slightly less crappy than they already are? Edit: I'm not talking about PvE DPS, I'm talking about killing power for PVP.Ihateelves2 33m
2h Is anyone still having fun playing Enhance? Just curious, as I have not touched my shaman much since the BF/HS nerfs. The FoA + spamming BF has just made me totally lose interested in what was previously my favorite spec to play.Checkitout11 2h
2h Fix enhance and buff ele I am sick and tired of blizz and their stupid favoritism. Ele needs a buff. They are too weak overall but enhance? Enhance is an absolute garbage spec that is completely useless. Fix the class you moronsWaterstone12 2h
3h Enhancement feels like they wear cloth Anyone feel like they are way squishier than any other melee right now?Usutu17 3h
3h RIP Resto Shamans. HPS on Krosus it is the US realms' HPS ranking for mythic Krosus encounter. thoughts?Dwq54 3h
3h To Blizzard: Akainu's Absolute Justice Hello Blizzard, PLEASE READ THIS! I want to thank you for finally recognising Akainu's Absolute (In)Justice is in need of a buff / rework. However I don't understand why we need to wait till 7.2 for a fix/change, as it's months away. Especially considering you fixed and tweaked most legendaries in 7.1.5, ignored this one and simultaneously essentially made this one useless as you nerfed hailstorm. I don't know what your future plans for this item are, however I would propose a very simple and effective way to make this legendary at the very least relevant. That change would be to remove Frostbrand from the requirement. Ie. "Lava Lash deals 30% increased damage while your weapon's are enhanced by Flametongue". After some rough theorycrafting, based around my own high end character, with the current 4pc meta build this would equate to a 2-4% DPS increase (based on rng) which is in line with most other legendaries. It would in fact become a fairly favorable one! from 0 to hero with a simple tweak, but by no means overpowered. It could also make other builds (with hot hands) more viable, as currently we still have a cookie cutter spec that still shines far above the rest, even after all the tweaks. Problem's solved (for now), and surely this would take one of the game coders five minutes to achieve and make tens of thousands of Enhancement Shamans around the world feel much better about getting, having or receiving this item in the future! Thanks for reading AsgorathAsgorath8 3h
4h enh pvp buffs don't make a difference So obviously our damage isn't that bad especially in arena. I don't think anyone was complaining about that. However our survivability is atrocious. So what does Blizzard do? buff our hp by 5%. woooo. still dying 100-0 in a orc relentless stunScyllu27 4h
5h is there a website like shadowcraft for shamans? or any other class?Fåòlin10 5h
5h Is killjaden´s burning wish, The best? i just got this trinket for enhancement, any suggestion?Sighin14 5h
6h Rate that Mog Sham Edition! Last one was capped and old! ( I wish i had dyes for all the non matching green on mine. Loots alot better color wise ingame with that lighting. Armory is so diff :( )Arahkan130 6h
8h Male or female pandaren shaman? Im looking to create a new toon to level, do you guys think male or female pandaren elemental shaman is better in animations and transmogSpatub5 8h
8h Resto in arenas? Hey guys I really dont get it. I play with a friend and I literally get destroyed in super fast burst where I cant absolutely do nothing! I mean 2 stuns couple of interrupts and even if I have totems on grounds trying to save my !@# ill die.. I literally watch my self get cc and die with no chance to do anything. What should I do? is there any secret talent that will save my $%^? Cant find it.Spinnax2 8h
10h Legendary/four piece questions So I play ele shaman (yay mid tier dps) and recently got the legendary ring that I've been craving for so so long Up sides to this ring: 4.5% increased dmg at its peak Down sides: basically have to play icefury (I was ascendance before) 2. I have some questions about it I also received my fourth tier piece this week, which also leads to some questions SO, my questions are this Should I be breaking rotation to micromanage the legendary ring buff? I.E. holding elemental blast to give me the ice bonus, spreading ice fury buffed ice shocks out to maximize time, calling on lava burst stacks to cast a lightning bolt, etc etc Ice fury elemental shamans in general have no real "rotation" like a fury warrior, it's mostly cast what would deal the most damage, so would this change that? My next question is about the four piece. Should I break rotation to the get elemental focus buff? (Lotta questions about what to cast as you can see) this is an interesting question because one way to maintain the buff from the ring was to cap on LB to cast lightning bolt... which gains priority? Casting LB for elemental focus? Or casting lightning bolt for 1.5% dmg? This expansion seems to be a lot of min/maxing... this is just another min/max questionDitzarnzul4 10h
10h Enhance's variance effects on me The variance in enhance is outrageous, we have rng stacked upon rng upon rng. I've played enh since BC and I'll be honest this is the first time I have ever considered leaving the spec. I consider myself to be skilled at the game, but when I check rankings I have 40 less stromstrikes, 2/3's the feral spirit dmg (getting double lightning), and 25 more lava lashes. The spec does not feel rewarding through play. I'm no longer weaving perfectly cast lighting bolts with perfect totem up times, dot uptimes and ability usage. I am staring at a boss, hitting 2 abilities over and over, praying for a proc. Having stromstrikes do a full cool down 4 times in a row makes me want to kill myself. The 7.1.5 changes feel like you have taken away a core mechanic (hailstorm) and given us a stormbringer drought to replace it with. Please do something with my favorite spec. I know I'll never go back to the halcyon days of when enhance was fun but at least my favorite spec can be good while it's bad to play. I should have rolled survival like I said I was going toCalgrok10 10h
11h Is resto 4 piece worth dropping cbt? So, is it worth dropping cloudburst for echo? I also have legendary hands. So the question really is, will a super powered, almost 100% uptime hst be worth dropping cloudburst?Thelws22 11h
12h Ranged dps class I am looking at getting into DPS after tanking for years. I am at a loss trying to choose a class as they all look like so much fun. Between Ele Shaman, BM Hunter, Mage or Lock which would be better for someone with very little DPS experience and be fun to play at the same time. Thank you for your help and advise.Dabanuke19 12h
13h Resto Shaman Random BGs Just wondering if anyone else loves Resto, like me, in Random BGs? I only get to play for am hour or so a day- with a needy GF. So trying to find a Rated is kinda hard for me right now- as I can jump right in to as a merc and have a team in 2 min...Also, does 880 gear randomly drop anymore? I took some time off and remember i had a couple 880 drops pre 7.1.5- just curious to know if that can still happenFroglicker3 13h
13h Do you use frost brand? I got the legendary ring where you get a damage buff, is it worth using frost brand now?Plutorium3 13h
13h Ele or Enh spec for solo PVE? I don't raid, don't PvP, and don't even group much recently (though I've tanked, healed and dps'd hundreds of dungeon runs in the past). I'm leveling several classes in Legion by solo questing. I've played both Ele and Enh (before Legion) and like both. With their new Legion specs, how are each of these for solo questing in Legion? Thanks for your ideas, comments, opinions.Pawanda1 13h
13h New ele sham So i saw on icy veins that their are 3 specs. What do you guys reccommended? Pros and cons of the specs tooMonkmyjunk1 13h
15h AoE Enhancement - Thoughts? I know there's been a bit of discussion on our aoe at the moment, and I've been fighting with the last tier of enhancement for awhile (I think it's lackluster since Landslide is fairly hands-down #1 except in burst situations where you take Ascendance). PvP Talent - Ride the Lightning When you use Stormstrike you also cast a Chain Lightning on the target. Chain Lightning Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing (200% of Spell power) Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. I love this talent. Even if it was garbage damage I love the visual on it, it's so much fun. I think this should become a final tier option for the enhancement tree. This could replace either Landslide (bake it in because it's not an exciting talent) or Ascendance (since this has been baseline for a long time and is much more situational). Thoughts?Aephyll1 15h
16h Tip With Juking This may be common knowledge to some or already well known, but as I was playing last night, an old idea and trick that I used to use came to mind. This is something that I used to use to help avoid interrupts but it didn't really seem as important and helpful as it might now. Don't flame me if you think its dumb or already know to do it. :) What I was doing, and it was working very, very effectively, was on my first cast I would cast a heal, ie: healing wave/healing surge, I would cancel this cast and on my second cast I would cast Lava Burst on a target. Most people are anticipating this second cast and are looking to kick it super early. At around 2400 mmr last night, just about every one I faced was baited into kicking this Lava Burst. This should work really well against 2 melee being on you as well, because by the time you cast your 3rd heal, if you're playing Calming Waters, you may just end up eating a .5 second interrupt, if that. How I do this is, I have macros set to cast Lava Burst on my Arena 1-3 frames, so it makes it especially easy to get that off in the middle of being trained. Since a lot of people may not play with Arena target macros, you could make a Lava Burst focus macro. The reason for this is not only to increase the speed in which you can cast between two different targets, but it will also be less noticeable for them to see that they are now targeted, possibly realizing you're casting on them. Hopefully this helps someone else, I know I am regretting having played the last 3 months without even thinking about it, haha.Sebaceouss0 16h
17h Help With Resto Hey guys! I am a new healer (new to wow in general, too) and never healed before. I tried shaman's restoration spec and I love it! I've been watching video and written guides online to be at least be somewhat decent at being a healer. I've only done lower mythic+ and a few pug raids. I run with Echo & Crashing waves (and torrent but planning to try higher mythic+ with undulation) esp when doing mythic dungeons. However I tend to switch to cloudburst and ancestral G when raiding. I got the legendary teinket, Velen's Future Sight, which kinda goes well with CBT and ancestral G. I'm doing okay so far, almost always 2nd top HPS unless there's a surplus of healers, but like I said only on wimpy dungeons and raids. My problem is, I don't know which to pop first in order esp during high burst moments(I try dropping CBT when my Healing Rain cast bar hits 95%). I don't know if I should cast CBT or AG first and when to use it (like whether to drop it after the first one right away or wait for it to almost finish its duration). Thanks! PS. Also at what percentage should I bring my stats to?Qiuqiu4 17h
21h Racial Glyphs Let's be honest- Trolls get a lot of cosmetic attention for Shaman. Spirit Raptors instead of spirit wolves, Ghost Raptor form instead of ghost wolf, and Hex: Compy, on top of a couple heavily troll-themed transmog sets and two out of the three available hidden Artifact appearances being for trolls (Ele and Enh). Where's the love for the other shaman races? Where's Glyph of the Ghost Ram (Dwarf), Glyph of the Ghost Talbuk (Draenei), or Glyph of the Ghost Tiger (Pandaren)? What about Spirit Eagles (Tauren) attacking a target instead of spirit wolves?Cantaloupe9 21h
21h Ele and Nighthold Sorry for my ignorance in Shamans, I haven't really been looking at ranged vs. ranged, but mostly ranged vs. melee and mage vs. mage How do Ele shamans fare throughout the Nighthold raid in terms of DPS? Great on Cleave, AoE? Low on ST? Looking for a new ranged DPS spec that can also heal or tank, I kind of hate my Balance and don't mind Priest but also don't enjoy it terribly much - I just really hate keeping track of so many DoTs - especially since the Void Bolt nerf. Flame Shock seems rather easy to keep up and helps the Lava Surge procs flow But I am coming from Firemage where our ST is pretty bad but our Cleave is decent and our burst AoE can be amazing. I'd rather not just have a second ranged character who also loses to melee in almost every NH fightPawjob1 21h
22h Thoughts on the Cake for Restoration? Hello Shamans, I am currently running Ephemeral Paradox (Normal) & Velen's Future Sight trinket wise. I raid with a very "casual" guild to put it into perspective we are working on Normal Tichondrius. It works for us, we are all adults without much time to invest into the game. I try weekly putting pug groups together but unfortunately haven't been lucky enough to snag an urn. I was reading a forum post on Icy Veins about a Mythic progression restoration shaman who said that Perfectly Persevered Cake was one of the BiS trinkets for Nighthold. I was always told it was between Ephemeral Paradox & Etraeus' Celestial Map. I recently picked up myself a Heroic version of the Perfectly Preserved Cake and was curious to ask if it was better to replace it for my Paradox or keep Paradox. Appreciate the help, CoreyKóri7 22h
22h Elemental Maelstrom Priority I think one of the aspects I struggle with right now is prioritizing my maelstrom dumps. If Icefury is off cooldown, and I'm sitting around 80 Maelstrom, I feel compelled to get that and my 4 Frost Shocks off. But, I have the Legendary boots that have a chance to refund Maelstrom on Earth Shock, which might be more beneficial. I'm wondering if I should even switch to Ascendance instead of Icefury, since I don't have a legendary that would effect either build at the moment, and it would eliminate the dilemma of what to spend it on. Can anyone give some insight?Nitram4 22h
23h Shamans are not well made. Here is my pointless suggestion. Ill be brief, since we know no one important will ever read this. Enhancement is my favorite. Its word implies enhancing weapons. +1% damage is not an enhancement worthy of a specialization. Thats about what Flametongue does. Better idea: Flametongue, Frostbrand and Rockbiter are now enhancements. 15 sec duration 30 second cooldown. Make their effects attractive to stack but not optimal to do so. Idea! Maelstorm is only generated while enhanced. If you stacked all 3, youd have a large generation downtime. Each effects abilities in some improving way. Not necessarily flat damage. Windfury should not be roughly 5% of our damage. Windfury is the iconic Enh Burst. Idea! Stormstrikes gives you windfury briefly. Please return the old tornado animation. Windfury could be the strong white damage aftermath of a stormstrikes. Ascension should be part of the class. Shamans general theme is elemental communion, becoming a raw conduit of primal forces is the pinnacle of that. Possible redesign, Ascension working like Demo used to with Maelstrom being spent to have periods of ascension? Or ascension could retain its regular cooldown status and pause maelstrom loss Shadow Priest style? Either way, maelstrom needs a redesign. I dont want a rage bar, I am not a warrior. It behaves in no way different than a rage bar at present. 2 handers return please? Lava Lash isnt an excuse to make us dual wield, it can just hit with the main hand. Dual wield shamans got their way for the past near-decade despite our 2 hander roots. Give me a manly weapon. Missed opportunity; One of the artifact skins could have had a 2 hander animation in stead of the offhand. Can be done later. Specialize totems. Right now totems are rare AND useless, this is a very bad combination if you insist on retaining totems. Totems are a sketchy subject. I dont know if I want them or not. But if you keep them, make them worth keeping. I vote make them optional talents, not part of the core class. Thats it folks. I know my idea isnt as well thought out as some, but a blizzard GM told me to post constructive feedback on the forums if I wanted things to get better. So here. Its constructive. Our class is designed terribly, no one can claim we are wielding elements. Spirit dogs is not 'elements'. Even if I set them on fire. I just want to feel like Im wielding the elements and Enhancing my attacks. That is now what the class is doing now. Stormstrikes just does its own thing, none of my abilities interact with all the spells im spamming, my mastery is boring. Windfury shouldnt just be a maelstrom generator to stormstrike more if I get lucky. With the above idea, skill could return to the Enh rotation. Proper use of enhancements and timing of attacks would be what gives us damage, as our specs name implies. I dont have any ideas for resto or ele. This is a selfish post by an Enh shaman loyalist. I want ghost talbuk form.Vonvulviln10 23h
1d can someone review my dps? I would appreciate if some experienced people can review my dps: I think I was pretty bad on Tichondrious and can improve on Krosus and Spellblade. Here are the logs: Tichondrious logs: Krosus Logs: Spellblade Kill 1d
1d Elemental Legendary Analysis I've run a number of simulations regarding the value of our various legendaries. The gear set is a mythic set using almost entirely Nighthold items, including tier. There's 5 sims - ascendance, LR, icefury, beastlord, and AoE(5T); each sim uses each possible legendary combination, and shows the values of the legendary effects and the items themselves. Here's the formatted data: And here's my commentary on each Legendary based on the results: Uncertain Reminder ( This new legendary is pretty good. It is a high-value slot (helmet), with a great stat combination of crit/mastery. Additionally, it has a decent legendary effect that will scale depending on kill time. This is one of the better legendaries you could get. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus ( After the patch, this item is actually over stat budget. That in addition to the shield it gives makes it not a bad legendary to have. Echoes of the Great Sundering ( This legendary is not great on single-target, but does have some added value on multi-target (up to a certain number of targets). Additionally, it has the potential for some synergy with the Blood Pact boots. The main downside for this legendary is that it has very little value if you choose Icefury. This legendary is middle-of-the-pack, you shouldn't feel let down unless your preferred build is IF. Al'Akir's Acrimony ( This is our first "AoE" legendary, only having any value in such situations. That said, it is actually very weak, despite its limited use-case. It would be reasonable to at least slightly increase the value of these. Unfortunately, despite CL being a large portion of our AoE damage, the low effect value in addition to the item being in a low-value slot makes this a pretty weak legendary. Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle ( Similar to Uncertain Reminder, this is another legendary that has both good stats and a good effect on it. Additionally, it has some positive synergy with Uncertain Reminder (increased ticks from haste), if you can manage to get that combination. This is one of the stronger legendaries you can get, regardless of build. Roots of Shaladrassil ( With pants being a high-value slot, these legendaries aren't horrible. Considering they have a legendary effect worth a good bit chunk of healing, these aren't nearly as unlucky as they would have been to get last patch. The Deceiver's Blood Pact ( This strictly-single target legendary has a very clearly low value. The nerf it got in 7.1.5 in addition to the reduced maelstrom we are gaining with the new builds hit it pretty hard. Also, as said with the Great Sundering shoulders, these work pretty poorly with Icefury. As it is now, this is one of the weakest legendaries you can get. Sephuz's Secret ( These don't sim very well, but the effect is really strong when you can proc it. If you frequently run dungeons or will have the ability to be on interrupt duty in a fight, these will be a strong choice. Eye of the Twisting Nether ( This legendary's effect value is very high, especially now that we're running elemental blast on single target. Not to mention, the legendary's effect works in all situations, making it one of the best you could get. Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish ( On a single target, there are definitely better options, especially if you are replacing a powerful trinket for it. That said, if it can be smartly used with add phases during a boss fight, this legendary will pull towards the top. This is a good legendary to have, but not necessarily to always have equipped (however, if you can't get a hold of multiple high ilvl trinkets, this will save you a lot of headache). Alright, well there's my wall of text. If I have missed something, go ahead and point it out. tl;dr: Bracers and boots seem to be overly weak, other legendaries are pretty decently balanced or at least situationally usable. The pants and prydaz are actually decent, despite being utility legendaries. If you can get some combination of UR, Belt, or Twisting Nether, you'll be well-off.Omajarn19 1d
1d Healing Mythic+ is More Stressful than Fun. I think I need some advice on healing mythic plus dungeons. I find them really stressful and in general not that fun to do – does anyone else share that opinion? I can heal them and generally have no one die except for gigantic pulls or totally botched mechanics, but I feel like I should have the throughput to heal through the mistakes of the people in my group – that I should be able to keep everyone topped off pretty much no matter what, but I really struggle to meet that goal and it stresses me out and makes me feel like I’m not doing my job correctly. Is keeping people topped off all the time an unrealistic goal? As far as my talents go, I use: Undulation: Because I feel like I don’t have strong enough single-target healing. Graceful Spirit: I like being able to keep healing during a high-movement phase of a boss fight. Lightning Surge Totem: Because stuns are awesome, although in practice I don’t use it much. Crashing Waves: My healing style depends on having Tidal Waves up almost all the time, this has great synergy with Echo of the Elements. Ancestral Vigor: 10% extra health can keep people from dying, but I wonder its effect on mastery: If a person with 1000 health gets hit with this buff, they wind up with 1,100 health. Cool. But if they take 100 damage, they’re at 90.9% health vs 90% health, and thus my mastery will affect the total volume of the next heal less than it would otherwise. Echo of the Elements: Two riptides (so I always have Crashing Waves up) and two healing stream totems is really useful. High Tide: I have the legendary Focuser of Jonat (the +50% chain heal one) and I feel like this synergizes well, a fully charged chain heal is an awesome burst heal for when the group is half-ish dead. My general healing strategy: Start every fight (when the tank stands still) with a healing rain (positioned so that I can get the as many people under it as possible) and a healing stream totem, followed by a riptide on the tank. I feel the passive healing from all three combined takes a lot of single-target healing pressure off. I keep healing rain, healing stream totem, and RT HOT up as often as possible, as time/healing pressure permits. My general healing rotation for low group damage is is RT -> HW -> HW -> RT -> HW -> HW, spread over different targets as required. For medium group damage I do the same as my low damage rotation, but with chain heals sprinkled in as the average health in my group drops below 60ish percent (most of the bars are yellow) but stays above 30ish percent; then I switch to heavy damage rotation. My heavy damage rotation is RT -> HS -> HS -> RT -> HS -> HS with chain heals mixed in when I’m at 5 Jonat stacks (provided my group is stacked(ish) or that I can bridge the chain heal jump gap between the melee and the ranged DPS by standing between them). I target the players closest to death first so no one dies, but in ambiguous circumstances (i.e. we’re all gunna die) I prioritize myself first, the tank second, then the DPS in order of who is doing the most DPS. If the lowest DPS and the highest DPS are both about to die, sorry lowest DPS, you get the second heal and I hope you don’t die while I heal the better DPS. I use healing tide when we’re all really low on health and spirit link totem when one of the melee dps or the tank is about to die. I don’t use Gift of the Queen (or whatever the artifact AOE healing spell is called) often, this may be an issue. I think the issue may be my gear, I have very low mastery at the moment because I can’t catch a break with any decent higher ilvl mastery gear. My crit is 32%, my haste about 15%, and my mastery is at 64%, so I crit often and have lots of mana from resurgence but lose throughput on low health targets (i.e. when I need it most). Is there anything obvious I’m doing wrong? Any advice on how to do this better? Or are my expectations of my own performance not in alignment with reality? Tldr: Resto sham feels stressed out because he can’t keep everyone topped off at all times on mythic plus.Shamboner16 1d
1d Looking to invest in shaman alt Hey guys, I have had my shaman sitting at 100 every since legion hit. I always loved to play ele because of how awesome the spells were and just the general gameplay of the spec. I'm not a big raider so that's off the table but I do a lot of m+ so I was wondering how they're performing currently.Ekkó0 1d
1d Help: Enhancement Starting Area Good morning all, I skipped a Pandaria and Draenar and came back for the latest Expansion. I raided as Resto and used Enhancement for questing / grinding etc. I decided to boost the shaman and get rolling through the new zones as Enhancement and pick up my Resto gear once at max level. I made it through the Artifact Weapon line fairly easily then went and looked (here) for a leveling spec / rotation and made my way to Azsura. What I found there was a little frustrating. I found that I can solo single mobs there but have to drink / eat after every pull. If I get 2 mobs at a time I die rather quickly even with healing mid fight etc. I am not too proud to say that I am rusty and it isn't user error, but I would love to know if it is just me or if the boost gear really is that poor of quality that it's going to make it extremely difficult until I get some quest gear under my belt. I appreciate any guidance you all are willing to impart. Even the whole "Learn to play, noob" comments as long as they're constructive? :) Thanks in advance y'all.Dishisan4 1d
1d Lava Burst spam, or Chain Lightning? Still new-ish to shaman class, and I found 2 specs that are fun in their own way. The Path of Flame spec where Lava Burst spreads flame shock, which procs lava burst very frequently to near spammable levels. Or spamming chain lightning to build maelstrom to keep EQ's up. Which is better for Mythics? Does the constant burst from LB prove better DPS than the light but spread dmg from CL? Seeking suggestions/help. Thanks!Dmonhunter2 1d
2d A Modest Proposal for Fixing Shamans Hello all, My name is kassehl, or kass for short. I have been a shaman since cata, id like to have a conversation about the current state of shamans and where we think blizz should take it next. As a disclaimer id like to first to state that my intentions are pure i simply want a real, authentic community discussion. Shamans appear to be the most neglected class on the forums, this accusation is not baseless. For one, shamans have not had a blue post since 2017 started, not one.... I stopped looking after that milestone, but i am sure that it goes furher back than that, whereas Warlocks and druids have had blue posts. Furthermore, most class forums have pinned blue posts that are guides and well developed suggestions, shamans have nothing of the sort. It is difficult to separate the issues that wow suffers from from the overall state of shamans. I believe that they both are a result of the similar type of neglect and indifference. That aside, lets have a real conversation without any barbaric attacks or accusations. I have not enjoyed shamans since WoD. I feel that the play style was changed when the simple mechanics were changed (I.E. Lightning bolt being a standing cast) these little changes made the class what it was, and imo one of the most fun classes to play even though they were not strongest class. Fast forward to Legion, Shamans received a complete overhaul. Although i appreciated the effort and the attention i feel that shamans have lost more and more of their identity. From a lore aspect it makes no sense that shamans are so squishy and weak, seeing as thrall has always been one of the strongest heros in WoW. Additionally, id like to suggest that the feeling of the corroding shaman class comes from two causes. The first has been stated, the second is the baseless buffing of other classes and other specs. by sharing similar abilities classes polarize into a hierarchy. where certain classes are chosen over others, the biggest example is Hex Poly morph, and Cyclone and Fear. In terms of PvP Fear and Clone are much better, even though in essence, these are all the same ability. The classes are too nuanced. This is actually an easy fix, there just needs to be more creativity and ideas at the Dev table.. These are my thoughts, what are yours?Goehl34 2d
2d Elemental lvl 100 talents (Aimed for PvP) Hello, I hope you are having a good day. The elemental shaman is really fun and I have very few things against class design (Right now it's my main and I enjoy every damn minute of my elemental) The only thing I have problems right now is the level 100 talents Let's start with Lightning rod: It really does not hurt! It did not exceed 3% of my total damage .... It's totally useless (Unless you're lucky to be activated with the artifact weapon, which never happened to me) Icefury: Just about the 6% of my Frost Shock hits were critical ... My best crit was around 380k with skyfury totem and orc racial ... Average crit 210k Normal hit 174k I think ice fury is decent but I think a buff in the amount of critical Frost Shock hits ... or maybe a buff to normal hits The best of the 3 talents right now for bgs and 1v1. Still think this talent need some love. Ascendance: Really good if you have Flame shock in multiple targets. (I think its not that good for 1v1 ... Lets say you are facing DH need the mobility of icefury ...) As almost every spec has a big damage coldown like Icy Veins or Combustion, Battle cry, Vendetta, and so on ... Ascendance should be an ability instead of a talent. Also rotation feels really "Empty" without Icefury (Remember ascendance has a 3min cd) Thanks I want to know your opinion and sorry about my bad english im taco.Teø3 2d
2d Tier 20 Been looking at Tier 20 for Resto shamans and it makes me almost want to swap to my Druid as my main. The set bonus at 4piece feels weak (same with tier 19...), buff to healing rain by 50%. The play style of them already feels boring. But this tier set just seems to push me over the edge every time I think about it! Hopefully it's just a place holder or will be revised! If they did one that played into CH that would be fun. Like tier 17, double ch procs were beautifulRazrohk4 2d
2d 7.1.5 Earthen Spike? Now that in 7.1.5 Earthen Spike is having it's Maelstrom cost taken away would it be a good choice to use before Stormstrike after getting the Stormbringer proc? or would the +8% agility from Landslide still be the best choice? I could see this working better in PvP rather than in PvEVikjin5 2d
2d Touch of Karma Symbol Missing? In PVP, I've recently noticed that I am not seeing the Touch of Karma symbol appear above the head of monks when I fight them. I know that they have it up because GladiatorlosSA is saying, "Karma", and because they take no damage when I attack them... yet, no symbol is over their character's head. I have Elvui and KuiNameplates installed. Could either of these add-ons be causing an issue? Is this a simple config issue I'm missing? Any help is appreciated.Dakhari1 2d
2d Touch of Karma Symbol Missing? In PVP, I've recently noticed that I am not seeing the Touch of Karma symbol appear above the head of monks when I fight them. I know that they have it up because GladiatorlosSA is saying, "Karma", and because they take no damage when I attack them... yet, no symbol is over their character's head. I have Elvui and KuiNameplates installed. Could either of these add-ons be causing an issue? Is this a simple config issue I'm missing? Any help is appreciated.Dakhari0 2d
2d Any other enhancement shamans hate maelstrom? I hate the ramp up time before you can start doing damage Boulderfirst, get flame and frost up, boulderfist, dont have enough to stormstrike, wait, boulderfist, stormstrike, and pray like hell that you get a windfury proc I hate it so much and kind of regret getting my shaman to 110. The story in this expac is so good and I don't even feel like questing anymore because killing things is such a chore Sidenote, any suggestions for what class to reroll?Stormtotem43 2d
2d Take GW off gcd Especially for enhance. Then we can get to where we want to go. Right now we lack mobility and this would really help imo. Instant ghost wolf instead of using a global to switch by that time its too late.Waterstone1 2d
2d Enhance purge Hello shamans. Does anyone know where I can find a list of defensives enhance can purge in arena? Or if someone can let me know some of the major abilities they can purge. Any responses will be appreciated.Blindweebs3 2d
2d Please, change Akainu's Absolute Justice Akainu's Absolute Justice is bad. We've known that since the hailstorm nerf. The fundamental problem with the legendary is that our take a dps loss in order to actually take advantage of the effect. Why should the use of a legendary lead to dps loss? Other classes have bad legendaries, but their effects don't decrease output. All I ask is that you change the effect. Maybe just a flat 30% increase to LL damage. Maybe just flametongue for the increase. Or you can change the scope entirely. You could make it SS increases the damage of your next LL by 10%, stacking up to 3 times. Please, just make it viable. Nobody should have to feel massive disappointment as a result of obtaining a rare and (what is supposed to be) powerful item.Bissafiyah0 2d
3d Enhancement Concerns and Feedback I'm not one to complain much about my class, however it's come to a point where I feel like enhancement - the spec I've played and loved since vanilla wow- has become the Dan Hibiki of WoW. While this has not been the lowest for the spec, when you compare it to the current competitive environment and class balance it is rather disappointing. At this point the spec is mid-pack when it comes competitive raid dps, and this is fine, however it fails to shine in any other aspect which makes it lack any contributive value. Enhancement AoE is by far one of the weakest in the game; so weak that even using our only 2 minute cooldown fails in helping us keep up with other classes performing their normal aoe rotation. Our aoe output is very limited to our single target dps and moderately increases with more mob numbers, unlike other classes which damage seems to multiply (note: mages/demonhunters/DKs/warlocks). We are also one of the squishiest specs in the game. We might actually be the weakest spec in game when it comes to survivrability and this is one of the issues that affects me the most in my day-to-day gameplay. We have no "osh*t" passive, no massive recovery, no reset, no "reliable" defensive. We literally have a 1.5minute CD 8second duration, 40% dmg reduction cooldown and the ability to heal about 5 times in a row for about 200k before going out of mana. Playing enhancement is extremely unforgiving. In mythic+ I feel like I die alot more often to random RNG or AoE than other classes/specs, not because of bad luck, but because other classes have ways of mitigating that damage passively or are able to recover from it alot more often. Now I'd like to think of myself as a competent enhancement player and my guild really gives me credit for it, however outside of my guild it is extremely hard to do any content without being judged as an enhancement player. No matter how high my item level is, no matter if i have the right achievements, I'm always the last pick when it comes to relevant LFG content like mythic+. In fact I've once been told that my spec is detrimental to progression when I tried to apply to a high ranked mythic+. I... dislike the current enhancement alot. We've been weaker in the past, however we've always had a niche. Currently that is completely gone and we're just an under-performing, generic, filler spec. I understand this is being addressed with the tier 20 set bonus, but how is it fair for this spec to have a whole tier dedicated to hotfixing a rooted problem? It would only bring us up to par with other classes mechanically. I'm never going to give up on this spec since it is the only thing I've known for years, however I'd like it to see some love and have our aoe and survivrability be considered for improvement from blizz. <3 P.S. I really hope this does not get swept under the rug. Plz reply blue :/Blitzwerk4 3d
3d Good Orc Shaman Names. Hardmode: no alt codes (my laptop doesn't have a numpad)Thujon63 3d
3d Whats our Ele Doing Wrong? DPS Hey Guys, Im GM of a 2 Night Mythic Guild and I am looking to improve some of our DPS. Could you help me understand what our Ele Sham Vaerlyn can work on to improve his DPS? Stats/Talents/Rotation etc? Logs: Armory: Appreciate the help!Vvheelchair6 3d
3d Do You Miss Totems? When I first started playing WoW I went with a troll shaman because I LOVED the Warcraft 3 witchdoctor unit. I loved dropping the wards/totems and their voodoo vibe in general. So the huge variety of totems I had in WoW was awesome to me. Totems have changed a lot over time of WoW. Some for the better and some for the worse. I wish I could've been around during days of having to do new totem questlines. I get sad when I'm running old content or leveling and alt and see an npc drop a totem I used to have but don't anymore. Don't get me wrong, there are flaws. No path available is incredibly frustating as is having my utility countered by an auto-attack in pvp. I love that elementals are no longer bound to totems. However, despite the flaws I can't help but missing the wide variety of totems we used to have. Depending on my talents, the most I have is 2 as ele or enh. Luckily resto has a few more but still... I miss my little searing totem buddy. I miss the wide variety of things we could do. Whether it be buffs, heals, or utility I feel totems are what made us unique as a class and some how in the name of "class fantasy" we lost almost all of them. To me at least, they were the pinch of spice for our class. Like demons for warlocks or shapeshifting for druids. What totems do you miss, if any? When do you think totems were at their best in WoW? What changes would you like to see in totems?Shelldin21 3d
3d So I got a new legendary Akainu's Absolute Garbage.. It's bad even for stats. Thanks Blizzard for ignoring broken shaman's legendaries.Kiamato17 3d