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41m Ele PVP - Heal or Damage When Being Trained? As the title states, I’m interested in what the best course of action is when all cc/escapes have been exhausted and a melee is on me. I find this typically happens against Demon Hunters, and Feral Druids to a lesser extent. I sometimes will try to kite while spamming frost shock but I think this is a losing strategy and I’m looking for alternatives. I think during these times it’s best for me to just stand and hardcast. Should I try to heal through the damage until I have a cc/escape up or try to out-damage the melee?Silvenon5 41m
1h High Rated Ele's perspective on BFA pvp Ele shaman development in bfa has come a long way in just a few months. I went from complete dread and considering what I would re roll. To hesitantly "going with the flow". I have two primary complaints and many small complaints. As well as some excitement. Attention community managers Gust of Wind Ele Shaman in legion's best defensive was to kite and avoid damage, gust of wind was an integral part of this. Admittedly, objectively speaking pvp currently has far too much mobility in it. (Looking at you Arcane, monks and Prot warriors) So on paper it makes sense to tune a little bit of mobility down across the board. However, gust of wind was the most fun ability I've had as Ele and I've played it since burning crusade. It had the potential for an extremely high skill cap in high end arenas and to make really flashy plays. Losing gust of wind is losing fun, as well as a big nerf. Icefury or Echo of the Elements As it stands, these two talents are in the same row. As a pvper this feels choosing which to cut off your right hand or your left hand? You can get by with only one, but ideally you'd probably like to keep both your hands. (to clarify icefury is whichever your dominant hand is in this analogy) Lvl 90 talent tier I could consider not selecting one of these talents as a form of protest. Primal Elementalist has been around for 3 expansions now I think? I've personally never liked it and honestly whenever I see another ele shaman playing it, I know I'm going to win. High Voltage = ZzzZzz Master of the Elements = every two minutes my initial icefury cast will be 20% better? I mean cool but honestly don't really care. Earth Shock What on earth (lel) is going on with earth shock in bfa? I don't know where you're going with this blizz. Also I'm assuming earthfury stun will be an honor talent. Small complaints: Spirit wolf is the only real choice in the 30 tier. Stormkeeper needed a nerf, but maybe a little less hard. Stop trying to make us like lighting bolt. Good things spirit wolf is extremely strong natures guardian is back tremor totem earthquake changes feel decent as long as it actually does damage, a bit part of its legion viability was seismic lightning.Aitex13 1h
2h Gust... Again I was just curious about one thing... If they think Blink for mages is an impressive, class defining spell; then I can understand the removal of displacer beast. But a shaman that has full control over the elements should definitely be able to push a little wind behind them to leap farther. That just seems silly to remove based on the Blink premise. If that were truly the case, Monks and warlocks portals should be removed from one of them to define class individuality as well. It seems like moving a slight amount of air to push you forward would be a simple task for shaman who can generate lightning, fire, manipulate stone, and send whipping tempest winds to decimate targets. I'm expecting its re-entrance in another form, like honor talents etc. Though it makes the most sense to see it baseline since it became a defining part of elemental play this expansion. Basically irremovably so.Vigr12 2h
3h how is earthen shield in alpha I was curious how much the earthen shield help in the squishy stages of leveling for elemental and enhancment.Kollapsed8 3h
4h Question about Enhance Hidden Artifact Is it possible to keep farming Helya for the skin to drop or do I only get to try once a week?Zanini2 4h
6h Best Shaman names? Hey I was making a Shaman and I thought I needed some really super awesome name that is clever :D. Anyways, I wanted to share some that I have either thought of or seen and wanted to see what you guys thought were cool and funny Shaman names :) 1. Shamikaze 2. Shambulance 3. Shampoo 4. Cowwolf 5. Skywolf 6. Thunderduck 7. Thor What are some of your favorites?Skywolf496 6h
7h Smoldering Heart, why do you hate me so? So, it's been about a month and a half since I've been getting my leggos for my shaman, possibly almost 2 months. I have gotten the crappy legs, prydaz (not bad), the head, eye of the twisting nether (awesome), and today the crummy akainus...STILL no smoldering heart. *Feelsletdownman* I the realized I could potentially get 6 other vomit-inducing Legendaries "for my spec" before I get my Smoldering Heart leggo...seriously this is silly. It's almost the end of the expansion. Blizzard, yeah I'm calling you out-you should either raise the amount of essences we get, raise the number of ways to earn essences, lower the cost down to say, 800 essences (or less), or give us an option to target a specific slot for our leggos. The legendary system was trash in legion due to the ridiculous rng but now at the end if we want to get certain Legendaries we still have to go through the same painful process of crossing our fingers and HOPING we get something good? It's just a disappointment every time as week after week I spend running dungeons on my lunch break, coming home doing world quests, PvP bus AND brawls, 2v2 or 3v3 or BOTH, running the weekly raid, and doing my mythic plus, week in, week farm for stupid essences which take ALL WEEK TO GET...only to get a stupid pair of pants that heal me while I stand still - (which, btw, are a TOTAL cop out as how the FANDANGO is that an enhancement item!!!!!) only to do it all over again the next week, and to get my hopes up only to have them dashed again and again and again...and then when it randomly pops up, rng hates me and gives me a trinket I can't use because it was nerfed in to a stupid stat stick (kjbw which no shaman uses unless is his only leggo). I keep hoping and praying I will finally get the legendary I've been waiting for...and everyone around me gets their bis it seems, and then BAM!! A crappy head I won't ever use!!! Thank you rng gods!!!!!!.... /sarcasm... I just want my Smoldering Heart legendary. I mean really is that so much to ask? I am so sorry for those of you like me that still are waiting for that one day for your bis leggo bc Blizzards crappy rng machine still in full affect smacks us around like a wet rag doll as if we didn't deserve nice things. For those that went the entire expansion only getting their bis leggos when it basically seemed useless as the paradigm shifted and they were no longer relevant (what I feel may just happen), I truly hope you get something nice. It really, really sucks some of us can't enjoy the really nice toys, and others get lucky and get it on their first go around.......the rng in this game truly needs to be toned down about 3-4 notches. Ok, /endrant...see you soon, Smoldering Heart, you slippery minx...Wolfgar6 7h
7h Enh shaman feels very squishy. More than any other class/spec I play, the enhance shaman's health bar just melts regardless of what im fighting. I had hoped that artifact power into its healing would mitigate the problem like it did with elemental but its just taken my healing from being insignificant to bad. Enhance used to be an incredibly durable spec, but I feel like legion has made it into a paper tiger. I suppose I wouldnt have a problem if it was in line with other dps specs but on both my rogue and my mage I feel very durable/able to mitigate damage. Its just frustrating as every fight I feel that im getting in a race with GCD's to get my health bar back up. Since heals are basically worthless I have to spam them to get any impact, and since they suck up a lot of mana you have to spam them early so if you need a burst of heals later in the fight you have replenished the mana bar. It just feels bad and ineffective.Anjin76 7h
9h Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss437 9h
11h Enhancement Legendaries for M+ & Raiding I'm looking for some input on what other enhance shamans use for legendaries when it comes to Mythic+ and Raiding. My trinket isn't the best which is why KJ's is almost a necessity right now but once I get a new trinket I plan to put that on the backburner. Currently I have: Akainu's Absolute Justice Smoldering Heart Eye of the Twisting Nether Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish Soul of the Farseer Emalon's Charged Core Uncertain Reminder Storm Tempests Mythic+ My ideal choices here would be Emalon's Charged Core and Storm Tempests since they both provide an AoE damage boost which would help for clearing much faster. I'm curious to know if the damage from Storm Tempests is actually worth using over the use effect from KJ's burning wish? Does anybody have a more effective option for running mythic+? Raiding My ideal choices for single target are Akainu's and Twisting Nether. Has anybody had better luck with other combinations? Before getting Akainu's I was using either KJ's Burning Wish or Uncertain Reminder with Twisting Nether. Just depended on how long the fight would be and if I could fully utilize the 70s Heroism.Ahuvati9 11h
14h How are Resto Shamans in PvP? I mostly plan to do M+ (yes I know that other healers would be better for that but I really like the fantasy of Orc Shaman and the gameplay as well) and raid if possible (which afaik Shamans are great for) but I want to try PvP. Both because it would be a new experience for me and I will want all the Artifact Appearances. So again, I know that another healer would probably be better for PvP than Resto Shaman but will I be able to successful participate in it? Thanks!Clawmaster5 14h
14h Changes I Want (not a complaint post) TLDR: Earth spells, more buff totems, different pet skins for " Wolves" I have been playing a Restoration shaman since cataclysm, I have always liked their play style and have thought about some changes that i would enjoy. We all know that they use mostly "water" type spells. But what happen to earth? shields, or buffs would be nice. I understand Earth shield may not have been a great fit but it was nice to have earth spells. With totems I like the different ones. (i don't want them to just be a buff class. but being a buff class with actual healing ability would be nice.) But again the main totems are all water based. giving some wind totem for haste buff They have a earth shield totem, maybe damage buff from fire totem. To make them more versatile in a buff way but still keeping them balanced with other classes as well. More spirit shape shifts for pets. We have wolves and raptors. a few more choices would be nice. They aren't hunter pets i understand but they are not out as much as well. Well that's what i got for now. Edit 1: Clarified It was for Restoration.Aairmed1 14h
14h I Don't Get Restoration Shaman Healing and I have 1 of every healing class. I like to think that I excel at Healing and that my knowledge of healing dungeons and raids in general is pretty good. My biggest beef with Restoration Shaman Healing is that there seems to be, at least on the surface, a number of spells that that seem to do pretty much the same thing. Healing Wave and Healing Surge, for example, in practice seem to be healing the exact same amount no matter the circumstances. The same seems to be true for Healing Tide and Healing Stream Totems. I've read the guide for Resto Shaman on Icy Veins and it still doesn't make anything clear as to why any of these spells are more useful then others. Also, the in game feedback visualizations for spells and procs seems to need a major overhaul. The best indication I have a proc is active is when I'm healing is for Lava Burst. Yet there's nothing for Tidal Wave, seemingly the most important proc for resto shaman. o.OPreelixx13 14h
1d I'm confused about the elemental rotation. All the guides say that I have to cast earth shock at 117 maelstorm, but I only have max 100? I'm very confused about this and haven't been able to find anything to help me on the internet about it. Does anyone know what they mean by this?Flashhx2 1d
1d BFA Windfury Is it still going to have the crap hardly visible animation it has in legion or does anyone know if they changed to actually look good like it used toHayesfield6 1d
1d I'm confused about elemental rotation. All the guides say I have to cast earth shock at 117 maelstrom, but I only have a max of 100? I have looked all over the internet and haven't found anything that says how to increase max maelstrom.Flashhx0 1d
1d How does Ele play? I'm thinking of using my boost on an Ele Shaman, but I've never even played a caster; just looks cool and want to give it a shot. What's the play style like? Does it have a relatively easy rotation or is there a lot of micro management?Xristo4 1d
1d 940 ilvl but pulling low dps. So.. it's as the title says. I'm averaging about 1mil at lvl 940.. I feel like it's low for 940. I follow a rotation as close as I can to Rockbiter > Flametongue > Earthen Spike > Frostbrand > Stormstrike > Lava Lash to spend extra malestrom... Popping Doomwinds and blood fury on cd. Anyone have any advice? :/Escád2 1d
1d Doom winds in Battle for Azeroth Are we keeping doom winds for Battle for Azeroth. If not, why? It is a great cooldown.Chitarch7 1d
1d Shaman Or Mage? Hey, so.... I'm having a hard time deciding which class (Shaman or Mage) to get to 110 and gear out. I have played both before and have loved them in past expansions. ~ Is one better over the other, dps wise? ~ Which has better survivability? ~ Which is better at 110 in raids? ~ Who is better in PVP? ~ Can either one solo stuff in Argus? ~ Next expansion which would be preferred in groups/raids? ~ What are the cons of the classes? Thanks in advanced!Hime12 1d
1d What happened to the order hall shaman chef? I'm almost out of bottled maelstrom and rockbiter cookies and it seems like the npc that sold said items no longer appears in the order hall. I've read that he spawns randomly but I've been trying to find him for a week now and he has never appeared. Anyone know if he was removed for some reason or do I just have bad luck?Dergendorp3 1d
1d Looking to boost Shaman, convince me not too The reason I am holding off is because while I like what I see from Shammies in Legion I am worried about BfA. So with what you know about the class and what is coming in BfA convince me that Shammy is a terrible choice to boostHabskilla12 1d
2d Purple rain, purple rain. Dear Dev Gods, It's been over a year since the passing of the Purple one and you still haven't taken the time to pay homeage to him. I feel like you're missing a golden opportunity to just give Shamans something they need. Please, give us a glyph to make Healing Rain purple. I promise, I'll stop !@#$%ing over the loss of Mana Tide and Cleaning Totem. I'll throw away my dev related voodoo dolls. Give this to me! Sincerely, A Resto Shaman P.S. C'mon the guy is probably responsible for half the player base with his mood music. He's easier to pay homeage to than Lionel Richie.Dyâmi5 2d
2d Elemental is just a ghetto Fire Mage This is how it feels to me, at least. I used to main Elemental. Ever since Burning Crusade on my old original vanilla account, I played Elemental as my main class, and dual specced into Resto. Since Legion, it just wasn't the same for me. Elemental feels less like a master of lightning like we used to be, and now more like someone throwing out lava bursts and filling in with lightning bolts. Sure, in AOE pulls, you still throw out CL and EQ, and it feels....okay, but as soon as a single target fight starts, it's just throwing out lava and filling with lightning. And now, in BfA cinematic, one of the unquestionable stars was Zappyboi, and that's what I miss. That feeling of I'm channelling the wrath of nature itself, of the destructive forces of air. There's already a fire based caster, mage. They're much better at it than we are, let it stay their niche. I want my Zapps back. Anyone agree?Vashaati4 2d
2d BFA ele is awful. ...Shoots10 2d
2d I miss my 4 totems I would like the 4 totems brought back, they offered a variation in game play and added options on choices/placement. Plus it helped with immersion on my character ( I felt more Shaman) Please bring my little buddies back :)Gundam3 2d
2d Reawaken Ele in BfA Ele needs serious Lava Burst damage, Lightining Bolt on the move, Flame Shock spell protection, and Totems back. And all baseline, Blizzards theory doesnt work. It doesnt make sense to be like "oh they want all of this back because Ele was smooth and fun" Lets give them all that stuff in talents, its not smooth as a whole with bits and pieces via through talents. Now if you can get everything with talents then fine but its always a contradicting option; Example - Ghost Wolf or Lightining Bolt while moving. Without either wouldnt be smooth. A class/spec should be designed nicely, THEN numbers be balanced, damage/healing, cooldown, duration ect. It seems they do numbers first then they are like "Well they cant have this baseline because this with this would be too strong"Spòöky2 2d
2d Low leveling Shaman [updated below] I tried a level 100 class trial for shaman a few months ago as an audition for making my third character a shaman. Being new and tossed into level 100 content (my first two characters hadn't reached Legion yet) I did OK but the trial ended when I got my Ele artifact weapon. I've seen some fun-looking game play footage and I Iike the animations for all specs and having ranged dps, melee dps, and healer options. But at times low level play seems especially slow and weak. Granted that can happen with all classes but it seems exaggerated with Shaman. When I use the Troll ability Beserk for a haste boost the dps specs flow better and seem more fun. Stats are small at lower levels, but my Monk was a little stronger and faster than Enhancement Shaman at lower levels and my Priest burned down single targets faster than Elemental. Is Shaman one of those classes that ramp up more while leveling? If so, when do they blossom? If not, any tips for approaches as a low level Shaman? I picked up a few heirloom pieces to help keep the gear even, but what is a reasonable expectation for pulling mobs in the open world or contributing in dungeons before the levels where Shaman hits its stride? Thanks for reading. Moreso for replying. UPDATE: Not sure about Ele yet, but noticed a big difference in Enh at lvl 40 with a passive that lets you get more Maelstrom faster ("Maelstrom Weapon") and also a passive that gives you a chance for a few extra attacks ("Windfury"). So lvl 40 seems to be a noticeable tick up in effectivness and gameplay :) Plus as per a comment below, if you accept that sometimes you wait a second or two rather than always feeling like you should be hitting a button, combat is better. And, I was used to my WW Monk where you were always using the next ability right away so it made Enh feel slower/less effective.Jaifon3 2d
3d I feel like I do no damage in pvp (Ele help) I have not been playing Ele that long. But I mostly just do 3s or battlegrounds. I feel like my damage is really bad. I managed to get to 1900cr, but I felt somewhat carried there. My damage just seems so low. Can anyone pass along advice?Raikiri6 3d
3d Is Enhance Fun? (Also Resto Question) So, I am making an Orc because I am going to be playing Horde in BFA. I was going to make him a tank or a healer for 2 reasons. Firstly, for queue times as I hate hate hate long queues. Secondly, I find DPS (as in Boomkin bc I hate energy) boring. For my current class it's literally just Dot, Solar Wrath/Lunar Strike, Starsurge/Starfall, repeat. Quite boring. So, I was looking more at Prot Warrior or Resto Shaman or that kind of thing. But...I really really like the way Enhancement looks. Orcs wielding doomhammer look awesome, enhancing melee attacks with the power of the elements seems really cool. So I am wondering if it is as mind numbing to play as I found Boomkin or if it's engaging. As a side note, if Enhancement is not all the engaging, how is resto to play? I always avoided them because wielding the elements but only using water seemed kinda stupid but in makes sense. Although I don't think the artifact looks all that great.Cythil8 3d
3d Totems too OP! Wake up people, totems need immediate nerfs.Can't even wait until tomorrow, the time is now!Nerf all totems and possibly just totally strip them all away.Air totem is the only one I want shamans to have because they need to be punished for having blatantly broken totems.Each totem has 1.2 billion HP and totally makes the expansion much worse.It's why everyone dislikes Legion, only because of shaman OP totems. #GitGudOPShamansMihaliz11 3d
3d Ascendance model. I recently main swapped to an elemental shaman due to loving the class fantasy. Bending and manipulating elements to damage or heal others. It's sad to say that my least favorite part of the class is a spell animation that could be incredibly cool if executed well. Ascendance is a potent and powerful ability as we all know, but with all that power we get a model that can't even wield our artifact weapon correctly. It looks like we are wielding it with a broken wrist/hand. I personally think it would be awesome to look similar to Thor when he goes full God of Thunder (lightning infused eyes and electricity traveling around our character). In 6.2 Blizzard did a great thing and gave us a glyph that made us look like we were imbued with the elements while in Ascendance. Unfortunately that glyph was removed sometime around 7.0.3. Yet druids still have a glyph tailored towards the people who can't bare the thought of being a feather covered, solar powered, arcane shooting chicken. I think it would be a great thing for the shaman community if we could get an updated Ascendance form, the glyph back, or at the very least a fix for the current Ascendance form so we wield weapons correctly.Exetie3 3d
3d A cc for elementals for elemental shamans. A cc for elemental for elemental shamans.Banishing might sound like a warlock but some sort of pacify makes sense In fact i would argue it doesn't make sense for a warlock to cc an elemental since they are in charge of demons. doing Aggrmar i could only use my rooting totem. I feel fights like that it would be useful to have my old elemental cc back.Kagethunder1 3d
3d Can’t Quit the Shaman I only recently started playing WoW. As of this posting I haven’t yet purchased my second month of playtime. My first character was a Draenei shaman that I eventually got tired of for no discernible reason. I’ve settled into my Gnome and am making a couple of alts so I can trade resources for crafting and whatnot, and I keep inevitably drifting back to shaman. So I decided to go ahead and make one and settled on a Dwarf. I decided to hold off on really leveling him for a while because all of my characters have been Alliance and I wasn’t sure I wanted to waste the time on a Dwarf if I decided to be a Tauren instead. So, aside from the bias each faction has, what makes a better shaman? Dwarf or Tauren? I know Tauren are more naturalistic and in tune with the elements, and a massive starting boost to herbalism certainly makes since for a shaman from my point of view. But I keep gravitating back to Dwarf. The fact that they can literally turn to stone and are resistant to cold really speaks to me. Of course it helps that both of them get that bonus critical for damage and healing, so... Any thoughts? Thanks.Nephanee35 3d
3d Enhance Shaman - 3's Turbocleave Hello friends, I re-subbed to the game 3 weeks ago after a 3 year break. I thought I'd make a video for anyone thats interested in enhance, I relearned the spec and am currently playing at semi-decent high rating. Here is some Turbocleave footage at around 2.6-2.7mmr with Vinkz & Giland. - 3d
3d Earthen Shield totem macro I dont want to use the targeting reticle, is there a way to target it yourself? I tried #showtooltip Earthen Shield Totem /cast [@self] Earthen Shield Totem but that doesnt work.Meirá3 3d
3d Mage vs Shaman Hey everyone! I currently play a frost mage but am pondering switching to a shaman. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with both and if they could tell me what they liked and didn't like about each. In short, I don't think i have time to play 3 characters and I think I want to play a character that can DPS and heal as opposed to just DPS. I think I want to PvP more and have the option to heal, but I'm curious if elemental shaman feels gimp when compared to mage in PvP. I.e. I want to understand what I'm sacrificing info switch.Spaycemage1 3d
3d Resto Healing Tips Resto Healing Tips I'm new to healing as resto, and just wanted to get some advice and tips on healing in raids and m+. What is a typical healing rotation for raids? What ability’s should I actively use and actively avoid? (I want to make sure I’m not blowing through mana in incounters) How does the above differ when doing mythic + dungeons? When in LFR/premade groups, if not specified, should I be single target healing or just raid/aoe healing whoever needs it? Talents—should I be changing my talents when doing mythic plus vs raids or is it ok to leave them the same? Any tips/advise would be appreciated!Restosterone5 3d
3d Enhancement Shaman PvP still not fixed11/29 Not sure why no one is pointing it out. but its annoying. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ascendance: Transfer your Auto att and StormStrike into Wind attack for 15 sec. Now since StromStrike now called WindStrike... Some PvP Talents that effect StromStrike WILL NOT WORK for example; [Ride the Lightning][Static Cling][Leader of the Clan] Tho its not the case for Traits that effecting Stromstrike in your weapon (traits) its just another example pvp devs being lazy and not caring for pvp. EDIT: [Forked Lightning]PvP talent same raw as the one mentioned above, seems to be the only talent that work with StromStrike ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ethereal Form: replace Astral Shift, now you turn into Ethereal making you immune to all physical Damage. 45 sec cd If you use Ghost Wolf then Ethereal Form then you cancel E-Form right away, Ethereal Form stays on cooldown and never come back again, unless you die. U f have no idea how many times i died because of it. Also If you use Ghost Wolf then Ethereal Form you will never be able to attack again unless you make a macro or do it manually /cancelaura Ghost Wolf /cancelaura Ethereal Form(Honor Talent) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Ascendance] transform Ur StormStrike to WindStrike. when you press Ascendance it reset the cd on stormstrike and make it Windstrike, BUT sometimes if you press StromStrike and [Ascendance] somewhate together WindStrike goes on 10 sec Cooldown, which kill [Ascendance] since it only last for 15 sec.. Jesus i played enh for 3 weeks and i discovered all of that. ...... Sorry for my englinoHolinca8 3d
3d Flame Shock in BfA Has blizzard come out and stated why they are destroying flame shock? trying to find any information on what the reasoning behind this change is and I dont see any.Anncilla22 3d
4d Why can't Lightforged roll Shaman? Topic. I'm really illiterate when it comes to WoW lore, so I'm just wondering why Draenei can roll Shaman, but Lightforged cannot?Ramzi12 4d
4d Ascendance model It would be nice if we could glyph this to look like something else. I personally think it's ugly (when used for this purpose,) and we should either have variety in how it looks based on spec more than it is now and a new model. Something more interesting, anyway.Onuris22 4d
4d Ele Shaman or Moonkin? Hi guys. I want to use my 110 boost on a caster. I've narrowed it down to a balance druid, or an elemental shaman. I' have little experience with either, so I'm curious if anyone who has played both has any recommendations? I'm not really worried about raiding, I'll just be doing a little pvp and playing for fun. Thanks!Survilius24 4d
4d What is Enh rotation now? Been quite a while since I last played Enh(played at the start of Legion which was crap for Enh). What is the rotation now? Fury of Air and Earthen Spike are good? Thanks!Nommi3 4d
4d Lava Surge proc spell alert/animation help When lava surge procs is the spell alert animation supposed to show 2 fire rings one on each side of your character or just one on your left side. Cause some videos show the proc properly showing 2 fire rings. How do i fix thisChronok1 4d
4d Enhancement Relics Hey guys, just returned three weeks ago and pretty happy with my experience so far. I did some searching on the forums but couldnt find much information and most of the posts were several months or patches old. Saw a few dps percentage increases listed, + ilvl dps increase, etc. Does anyone the current numbers? I have been using askmrrobot and pawn to determine which gear are upgrades. I get the upgrade arrow on some relics in my bag but i dont know if pawn is accurate when it comes to relics. Also since I am here, how do i determine which trinkets to use? Do i have to just sim the different ones I have? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! p.s I miss my totems.Tazok0 4d
5d Returning to WoW after 5 years! Getting back into WoW after 5 years off. Looking for some help & advise to get my Elemental Shaman up & running again. Deathscythee2 5d
5d Can we get castable while moving LB back? We need mobility with the very little of it already going to be taken away. I saw that we're going to get a trait from the new artifact about something like 77% of haste will be added as movement speed. It's not much, but it's something... It also adds a little flavor to the already dull shaman "class fantasy" (budget mages for ele, can't even make portals smh)Zraux7 5d
5d "Enhancement" name = zero class fantasy :( WoW is awesome. Been playing since 2004 I think. I have a 110 of each class and of all classes and all specs, "Enhancement" is the weakest spec name and has, in my opinion, zero class fantasy. I mean, see below... Protection, Arms, Fury - fitting, militaristic, no nonsense, soldier like. Guardian, Restoration, Feral, Balance - very fitting, one of the best sets of spec names Discipline, Holy, Shadow - makes perfect sense Destruction, Demonology, Affliction - dark, sinister and dangerous Marksman, Beastmastery, Survival - highest marks for class fantasy spec names Protection, Retribution, Holy - can't argue with this, particularly Retribution Frost, Arcane, Fire - basic but on point, academic sounding like mages should be Unholy, Blood, Frost - sinister, unfeeling and unnerving Assassination, Subtelty, Outlaw - right up there with hunter names Mistweaver, Brewmaster, Windwalker - come on, excellent Havoc, Vengeance - brimming with rage, ready to strike, solid Restoration, Elemental .... Enhancement? What does that even mean? Enhancement is terrible and has no connection whatsoever to one of the most conceptually striking specs in the game. Think of Ang from Avatar The Last Air Bender. Imagine him being called Enhancement... They raise their voices and battle and summon torrential rains, the stomp their feet and the earth erupts beneath them, they swing hammer and axe, leaving arcs of lightning in their weapons wake, they extend their hand and lightning arcs from their fingertips to strike their foes. They chill or burn their foes with at will with frost and LAVA and summon canine spirits to aid them in battle. In my mind this is one of the more fearsome classes from a fantasy (not gameplay) perspective and it has the least imaginative name. I think the name should be changed and should have been changed long ago. Does anyone else feel this way?Xanthuus11 5d