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5m Resto 2-Piece question. "Your healing spells have a chance to increase the Critical Strike chance of Riptide by 100%". Is this just the initial hit, or is it the entire HoT? Would somebody mind testing this out for me? Seems like it would be a very lackluster 2-piece if it's just the initial hit, but I haven't really had a chance to try it out so I wouldn't know.Tilly1 5m
9m ele PVE tuning question So I have been following the forums and other wow news channels across the board. The common verbiage I see about elemental shamans, as far as PVE is concerned, is [elemental is in a decent spot, unless you are in mythic progression raiding}. I'm paraphrasing of course. Yes, some things you have to farm or hope the RNG gods bless you with the appropriate gear i.e current BiS legendary Smoldering Heart, but I don't see myself performing poorly in other areas such as normal/heroic, mythic plus, or world content. Thus, at least for myself, I feel I am in a good place because I don't ever do mythic progression raiding. Most people have simple suggestions to make us "competitive" in mythic progression raiding. Others have suggested a complete rework of our play-style mechanics, which there are things I completely agree with! My question is, what is the defining difference from Heroic ToS to Mythic that creates such a huge gap in performance for us elemental shaman?Rockea27 9m
35m *URGENT* Ele Shams Need Changes *Please note this is from a PvP point of view and not a PvE PoV* This spec feels insanely slow (maelstrom wise) and on top of feeling slow in dps rotation we also just die. The amount of times I've died through wall after pressing it at at high health (60-100% hp) is insane. Any good team that knows what to kick against an Ele sham can kill them insanely fast because we lack defensives (and with the nerf to Swelling Waves we die through healing as well). Recommended Defensive Changes? Buff Astral Shift from 40% to AT LEAST 70%. 40% dmg reduction for 8seconds is terrible. That's one polymorph. Meaning I can pre-wall a set up and still die because they'll be CC'd for more than 8seconds guaranteed. Make Astral Shift Useable while stunned. We can already die through wall so this will at least offer a little more help that way we can time wall to slow down dmg exactly when needed instead of hoping you can pre wall dmg, hoping the other team uses burst into wall and you don't die, or hoping you have trinket up. Make Astral Shift a slightly shorter CD and last 10 seconds instead of 8seconds. Maybe a 1min to 1min 15sec CD. Buff Shamanistic Healing (Artifact Trait) and make it like Nature's Guardian back in WoD ( (Cdew as well has a video on this. Get rid of Swelling Waves. Insanely strong vs rot comps and insanely bad vs any good team with cc and single target (Rog/Mage, Warr/DK, Feral/Warr, etc). Our defensive should NOT be revolved around whether or not we can spam Healing Surge with Swelling Waves and top ourselves. Frustrating to play with and against. Bring back Lightning Shield and make it similar to Earth shield. Make it useable only on the Ele sham, gives them a 10%+ damage reduction, give it stacks (5-9) so it can fall off. The stacks will give it skill cap meaning the Ele has to manage it and reapply it to himself before the other team is about to set up on him. To make sure it doesn't make Dble shaman the new op meta, make Earth Shield and Lightning Shield not stack. For example, if the Ele has Earth Shield on himself and he uses Lightning Shield, Earth Shield will now will off and vice versa. Ele Sham DMG Ele will never be a WELL balanced dps wise either because our Mastery ( will ALWAYS make us either A. hit too hard in 1 global or B. hit for absolutely nothing. The only way you can actually balance this is to make it a HUGE % (80%+) or a super small % (15%-) so that a single Lava Burst does good dmg and a overloaded Lava Burst doesn't do too much dmg, which at that point its basically a pointless "mechanic". Pls reconsider redoing Ele shams like you did to Sub Rogues. Not a lot needs to change but the stuff that does need changed, really needs it soon. Comment below some changes you'd like to see or any disagreements you have with something I stated above! :D #ChangesForEleProcket11 35m
51m Question on Tempest talent Okay I picked Tempest as a talent but it doesn't show up in my Spellbook as a passive it doesn't say in the log that I learned a new passive spell but when I click on the other two talents it shows that I learned them. is Tempest a Hidden passive how exactly does it work?Emortalize4 51m
58m Does Fire in the Deep need some tweaks? So just got this last night - figured I would do some testing with it, since the effect has potential to be a power house on certain boss fights (harjetan, maiden im looking at you!). Threw it on and jumped in some Mythic's for a) the weekly quest and b) so i dont have to worry about being mana efficient. In 3 Mythic runs I had a grand total of 8 Ascendance Proc's off it. EIGHT. For reference - I made sure not to use my Ascendance cooldown so I proc wouldnt go unnoticed, and I made sure to cast healing rain every cooldown. I understand that the proc has a chance to be super powerful - but this seems incredibly low, even given the relatively small sample size. Has anyone else noticed that it seems to have possibly too low of a proc chance for it to be useful?Aondail1 58m
2h Enhancement is really good. Maybe not numbers wise, but as far as play style I really think Blizzard nailed it. From even the beginning of Legion Enhancement was in a good place. Stormstrike is fun to use, especially with all the neat procs piled onto it (like the lighting/fire spikes), wolves are even more satisfying now that they come in many flavors, and there was a great flow when using Blouderfist. There were two issues: How Boulderfist was basically required for a decent flow, and how Lava Lash was only used to avoid capping Maelstrom. Now both of these are fixed. Lava Lash is common in the rotation, a Rockbiter works like old Boulderfist, so we get that nice flow without being forced into a talent. The spec is fast, it does not feel clunky, there is no sense of 'waste' (getting procs you cant use etc.) and the effects and animations are very satisfying. All that and we even got Ascendance back! Very enjoyable spec at the moment. I know I don't need to be worried about Blizz changing anything, because Shaman almost never gets changes, but I regardless I would be more than happy if Enh stayed like this for a while. The one tiny issue is that Crash Lightning is tied to our tier bonus, when it should be frequently used even without tier. There might also be pvp issues, I dont know since I don't pvp, but it seems like it would at least be fun in pvp if not successful. PS: Elemental is quite fun too, but I've not played it nearly as much in the past so I dont have much to compare it to. Also, again, neither spec may be up there numbers wise. Not really watching that, and not really concerned with it since that's not my point.Ayanama1 2h
2h Ele stat weights vs AMR I use AMR as a start point for my gearing setup. It's occasionally done some weird things to me historically so I treat it with caution. Prior to getting a couple of pieces of ToS gear yesterday, and still today, it switched off telling me to get more Crit. RIght now it's telling me to move hard towards Versatility, dump the Heroism Legendary Helm for Burning Wish, and some other things I find a little dubious. I've followed half of its advice to give it a go, gemming for Vers, but haven't re-enchanted yet. But since I've only done ToS in this config I don't have a baseline to compare against and I'm really unsure this is the right direction. Anyone know anything about a stat priority swing in the past few days?Mattrik5 2h
3h Rate that Mog Sham Edition! Last one was capped and old! ( I wish i had dyes for all the non matching green on mine. Loots alot better color wise ingame with that lighting. Armory is so diff :( )Arahkan435 3h
3h Elemental in 2s/3s arenas I tried some ele back in 7.1 with Lock/druid at it was all fine but now that im back on my ele i want to get better at arenas even tho its not as good as enh. With !@# it was pretty much rot comp and hit who i can hit. What comp is best with ele? I considered playing with a boomy but dont know what healer to grab. What is the role(dps obviously)of an ele sham when it comes 3v3? Chuck LBs, Purge, Off-heal, hex? i need some insight on what i need to focus mostly on and what to get the hang of to succeed in 3v3. Dont even want to talk about melee specs just walking all over me....Electriik1 3h
4h Soul of the Farseer (Ele) I got this ring last night. Which talent on the tier is better (Liquid Magma Totem vs Storm Elemental)? They both kind of suck in my opinion, wish we had better options, but it is what it is. Is it simply, LMT for M+ and SE for ST? Or does one option highly outweigh the other? Thanks in advance!Kodrun4 4h
5h Resto Stat Priorities Now I do very well in raid both normal and heroic so far. I am just wondering how I can optimize better. Currently I have 4,232,160 HEALTH 1,100,000 MANA 46,835 INTELLECT 70,536 STAMINA 26% CRITICAL STRIKE 9% HASTE 143% MASTERY 1% VERSATILITY Is this optimal or should I sack some mastery for crit?Streets3 5h
5h Your weekly "Shamans should TANK!" thread I miss these. They used to plaster the Shaman forums. Lets bring it back guys. BLIZZ WE DEMAND SHAMAN TANKERS!Uncleslam8 5h
6h Haven't Played Enhancement since WoD I was a decent to very good enhancement shaman from Vanilla to WoD and i have not touched Enhancement since. I want to know how to play it again, it has changed drastically. What do I do now in a PvE setting attack wise, in PvP, I don't even know where to begin. Thanks!Naturesclaws1 6h
7h Smoldering Heart question For those of you lucky enough to already have the new BiS Ele gloves, I had a question I hope you can answer. When the gloves proc during an ascendance opener, does it refresh your original ascendance for the full minute? Does it add an extra ten seconds to it? Or does it do nothing if it procs when you are already in ascendance form? Just curious.Rockea15 7h
7h Lava Beam + Lightning Rod Now that I've got the Smoldering Heart legendary gloves that can trigger Ascendance, I have a chance to experience Lava Beam and Lightning Rod at the same time. Has anyone noticed whether or not Lava Beam will count for the bonus damage with Lightning Rod, or is it only Chain Lightning/Lightning Bolt that works? Seems like kind of a bummer if Lava Beam won't count.Pyornthe0 7h
8h Legendary question Been raiding with enhance for a while and I am pretty happy with the current state of the spec (I am usually top 3 in DPS). I have been using the legendary helmet for a while because I like the idea of a longer blood lust for most raid fights. The gloves are awesome and I just got them, but is the eye of the twisting nether a better dps output than the helmet? I know I'll have to cast frost brand (ew), but if the damage is worth it, I will sack it up and do it. Any thoughts would be great.Manntasticc3 8h
8h PvP Talent Idea Hey guys, I was playing my alt Resto Shaman in some rated arenas earlier and a thought came across my mind: What if we had a technique that dropped a totem right in front of us that serves as a pillar (LOS)? We would drop this totem in front of us and any enemy targets within its zone is pushed back. It's size in itself serves as a way to remove the shaman from line of sight of danger (ie casts, ranged abilities). Idk, just an idea. What do you think?Garsto5 8h
13h Shaman vs Druid, discuss? So, really want to push this shaman as i find so many things i really like about it, but having played a Druid is really struggling to justify it in terms of what it brings to the table that i dont already have. I certainly dont seem to have the same PvP options... and even PvE wise i kinda feel like Druid light. Help me out here, convince me please :)Maoloria20 13h
14h Primal Elementalist Can it be a thing in Tos with the tier 20 4pc? Im asking cause i'm droping 940 EoTN for 970 UR.Audit4 14h
16h Resto set not working? I just got a second piece or tier gear tonight and so far it seems like it's not doing anything. I sat in Dal casting for 10 minutes and never got any indication that Riptide's crit was increased. Doesn't it at least show a buff to indicate that it has proc'd?Gadgetpants4 16h
16h BiS resto legendaries? Sorry if this is a common question, but I can't seem to find a clear list of what our best legendaries are. I only have 3 so far: Praetorian, Sephuz, and Focuser of Jonat. I'd like to use the Praetorian/Focuser but the only other ring I have is 880 and the hands would be replacing normal ToS tier gloves. ThanksPhumbles8 16h
18h Elemental Shaman and PVP 7.2.5 Just curious how the community feels about the changes that are going to be rolled out for pvp (swelling waves) and the change to fire and ice. Leave your thoughts below if you want please.Tictactotems69 18h
19h Fist Weapons (HURHUR ANOTHER THREAD??) Hello, I'm sure you're all very excited for this thread. I want to inquire as to if my beloved Enhance Shaman will ever have the pleasure of wearing or transmogging to Fist Weapons ever again? It was an essential part of my Shaman's persona and I have a big storyline behind my character. I understand artifact weapons are as they are now, but after this xpac can we PLEASE have them back? My Summer look 2017 fashion tmog is incomplete without my brass knuckles and glowing fists... What is your feedback on this my loving shaman community?Funky19 19h
19h Tidal Waves does not work consistently! Tidal waves does not do what the tool tip says it does. It works sometimes and sometimes it does not work. I put in a bug submission. Please put in your own bug submission so we can get this fixed quickly. Thank you!Selenda0 19h
20h BC shammy I don't really miss lightning bolt spam but I don't really like the way lavaburst kicked lightning bolt to the side back in wrath and the way it dominates the rotation today. I rolled shammy back in BC specifically because Ele was the only ranged spec that got to play with lightning. and in wrath when lava burst became the focus it turned me off, I went resto through tier 8 then rerolled in tier 9. I like our artifact ability but I don't feel it's enough. Lava burst is still too centric to the spec, it's not just the priority spell but it's also the primary spell we cast. I wouldn't mind it so much if we couldn't give it 2 charges and the CD was like 3x longer. As mostly a proc I could love it more, or even give us a glyph to replace it with something that looks like lightningyWardonis0 20h
22h Ascendance or Lighting Rod Build for 100+ ? Which is best for a newb shaman leveling 100+ dungeons through heroics? Thx...Daahktor7 22h
1d Best way to lvl? I've been working on this Shaman character for a bit (was on a DK but am having a lot more fun with this character) and am wondering what fast ways there are to lvl (besides cheaping out and buying a lvl 100 boost)? Atm I've been queing for dungeons as a Resto Sham with 4 xp heirlooms equipped.Beldaiir2 1d
1d RESTO SHAM PVP HELP NEEDED! Hey guys, 1600 CR. Only been playing resto for 2 weeks now. I know I have heaps of flaws and things to learn. Yes I also know I need to stop being bad and clicking raid frames when I do have party1, party 2 and target self bound already lol If you guys have time please watch a short video of me queuing games and please be super critical and all advice is welcome. Thanks everyone.Bensimmons4 1d
1d Enh legendary combo When ranking the top 3 enhance legendary combinations assuming its correct talents and played at max proficiency, which combination is best for single target?Martenluther4 1d
1d Eye of the Twisting Nether/Hailstorm Hello all. I have recently changed to the shaman and having a blast as enhancement. I have the Eye of the Twisting Nether and because of that I am running hailstorm. However, I have read that the 1.5% damage is not worth using hailstorm over Ancestral Swiftness. Do I use hailstorm, or go to ancestral? Thank you in advance for your insight. P.S. Is there a shaman discord where I could learn the class better?Cityoffrance6 1d
1d How do I fix these stat weights? I'm sitting at 899/904 iLlvl and I do pretty great damage (Inquisitors I do 800k when bosses are seperated. ST is about 700k) But, my stat weights are all wack it seems. I don't think I should have as much haste as I do. How do people fix these things? I can't seem to gear up and keep my stats even at the same time?Àscern2 1d
1d Chromie scenario Is this even possible as enhancement without waiting for Chromie to unlock talents? It's not that I'm missing mechanics. Base melee damage from the dragonshire bosses makes me feel like warm butter against a brick wall. I just got hit for 1.6 million by the green dragonshire boss, which wouldn't be so bad if I could do anything about his DoT. EDIT: For anyone having a similar issue, get her rep to stage 2, and once she's healing you the entire thing is cake.Xiaoyichun10 1d
1d Best shaman quotes? *Stormstrike to the head* "The elements will crush you!" -Rehgar EarthfuryScragle0 1d
1d Enhance question for raiding Even if you're not running Hailstorm should you be keeping frost brand up along with landslide and flame tongue? I have been, i just wanted clarification if possible. Ive seen some mixed answers as I perused through here the other day.Cayno7 1d
1d Ascendance Ability text: ... So, I'd like some clarification on my understanding of it- If I cast healing surge normally, let's say it heals for 50k so if I cast healing surge with Ascendance active, it will heal for 100k but then it will distribute between nearby allies, so let's say there are 3 of us including me, and we are all at 50% hp. that 100k healing surge I cast is now distributed evenly among the three of us, healing each of us 33k. That's my understand of the ability. ________________________________________________________________________ Now, my next scenario & question- Let's say I'm in an arena, my two allies are at 50% hp again, but this time, I am at 100% hp. I move behind a pillar, to line-of-sight (LoS) the enemies, but I am also LoS-ing my allies. I pop Ascendance. I start casting Healing Wave on myself, let's say it heals for 50k normally, and 100k in Ascendance. I overheal myself for 100k, but this healing is distributed evenly among my allies, who are out of my Line of Sight, but within range of the Ascendance effect (which is how far by the way?). So each time I cast Healing Wave on myself, I am overhealing myself 33k, but also healing each ally 33k as well. Is this a correct explanation of what is happening? Thanks in advance.Creeks2 1d
2d Questions about frost spec Ok new to shaman completely..... Ok here is my question/s. I understand the uses of lighting rod spec and when were and how to use it. What I am wondering is on single target or situations were ascendence is used. Is that actually better than the frost spec thingy or whatever its called. IE: Is the frost spec worth learning and will it perform better?Hocustotem2 2d
2d Please help my Resto Shaman So the more I search the various go-to websites for information, the more confused I get. Whereas Noxxic indicates I should throw all into mastery, ask mr robot tells me to gen and enchant for crit. Icy veins is so vague that I'm lost. Tonight I got tossed out on my rear from TOS for being lowest in heals (despite knowing the fights better than anyone, and being the only healer to not die via ignoring simple mechanics. I have no way (nor do I know how) to post logs. Can anyone look at my gear/enchants/gems, and tell me if they see something I could improve upon, or any general advice. Are my talents off (for raiding)? Is my gear awful? Help please...tired of being the s*it healer in the raid. Tia!Ihealupeel27 2d
2d Best Alliance Race Lorewise? Hello Shapeople. I was thinking of starting a Shaman on the Alliance side. I know Orcs are probably the most logical choice in terms of lore, but do any of you know what would make the most sense in terms of Alliance races?Reyner3 2d
2d Ghost wolf/raptor easter egg On the boss fight Desolate Host, you can enter the spirit realm using a brazier. While in this realm, my ghost raptor form is a regular raptor, and not a ghost! It's just a solid blue raptor appearance. It looks quite nice. Check it out when you get the chance.Tuskini2 2d
2d The story of each race about the shamanism? Hello fellow friends shamans,today i have a big question what is the origins of the shamanism form each races?Orquina8 2d
2d Shaman SHOCKS Any news on how the artwork can be improved for these spells, or if anyone is working on them? Can't even really see them when they land and they are pretty important spells. Look at this video and skip to 5 minutes to see the shocks currently: I am saving up 125 maelstrom earth shock really does deserve better than a tiny poof. Similar thing with Ice fury and frost shock. Flame shock actually doesn't is the best of three, but can be better.Tutanshamun8 2d
2d Ele Sham or Spriest for ToS? hey all, I want to reroll from my destro lock to either an Spriest or ele sham. just wondering how ele is doing in ToS. abit about ele's pro's and cons. etc. and which class you'd recommend i should reroll to.Benafflõck5 2d
2d Resto What do you guys like/dislike about Resto shamans? All healers have their pros and cons. I am slowly learning the early game of a resto shaman and was wondering what everyone's​ likes or dislikes of the spec.Eviltotems4 2d
2d Healing rain Wouldn't it be nice if this was an instant cast for resto. Or if we had something that might proc an instant rain here or there.Roofuss11 2d
2d Mythic Plus Question! What is the best enhance M+ build? I usually stick to raiding but I figure I should stop bein a choch and start gettin them 930s.Pootypower4 2d
2d Enhance Opener I switched to enhance and I'm trying to find a good opener. This is what I am doing now pls give me input on changes. 1 Rockbiter, Flametongue, Fury of Air, Feral Spirit, wait about 10 seconds, Ascendance, Doomwinds. I am waiting to cast ascendance is because Feral sprit gives mana, and if I use it with ascendance I am mana capped the entire time. I figure in the beginning you need mana so feral spirts should go first. This is purely a guess. Lastly, has anyone been doing more dps with earthen spike instead of ascendance?Anacrusyss28 2d
2d Stats weight changed? So i ran a few sims this morning for stats wieght and i came upon this result ( im enhencement). Haste 22.05 Agi 21.7 Vers 19.75 Crit 19.21 Mastery 18.24 * 1 point of Haste will increase your DPS by 22.05 So is anybody else getting a similar result? Has the mastery nerf brought it to be our *worts* stat ( granted the value is not that low)? If so, that will change the gear ill ne after in tos.Lilhamster4 2d
3d SoO Shaman Tmog armor set So i have a question about the Kor'kron Dark Shaman Armor Tmog from the Dark shaman bosses. Is it off of the bosses or a trash drop? and also is it still obtainable in patch 7.2.5? Thanks in advanced!Çrimsonèlitè15 3d
3d Ehn pvp tips I think its about time we do this. Our class has had a rough go in Legion 7.2, now we're in 7.2.5 and recived some well needed buffs then saw some nerfs almost immediately after This thread isn't about what we need or want Blizzard to do. Its about what we do when we do well in pvp and how. So lets establish what our pluses and flaws are, and then talk about how we try to work around them in pvp match to match. I think we need to do this so there can be some cohesive thought to how Enh pvp works and what we should be doing to do wellAntaios11 3d