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17m Would you recommend an enh sham? I know mythic raiders are a bit upset because of lack of defensives but I'm curious if it's still a fun spec, deciding between arms, DH and enhance for my main spec alt. I used to main enhance from tbc to cata and thinking of coming back.Boogiloo14 17m
28m Anyone else want humans? Title says it all. Anyone else interested in humans being able to become a Shaman?Trathos57 28m
29m Please add Human and Belf Sham For real. Shamans have one of the most aesthetically pleasing armor sets but does not live up to it's full potential due to the awful looking race options Shamans have. Give us Human and Belf Sham. Please.Clashtonus2 29m
1h Restoration Naming Oddness Hi all! So I play Resto Shaman. I splash people with that sweet sweet healing brine. But as someone who grew up surfing and living on a coastline, I have to observe something. The names of some of my spells do not make me think "This will make things better", instead being names that I was raised to be cautious and wary of. Riptide springs to mind as the most prominent example, but some other spells, abilities, artifact traits, and talents that spring to mind as things that I was raised to be cautious of include: Tidal Waves Torrent Crashing Waves Deluge Bottomless Depths Pull of the Sea Tidal Pools Floodwaters Buffeting Waves And in case people missed it in the above paragraph, with it being the most prominent example: RIPTIDE. Does anybody else get these vibes, or is it just me? PS: New animations are amazing, top-notch job, Blizz, although I wonder what the point of my Glyph of Deluge is now.Gongshe3 1h
3h Also Tired of Ghost Wolf I've been noticing that I'm in Ghost Wolf form somewhere around 60% of the time, as it's instant cast and ability to use indoors makes it way more enticing than riding your mount. Because of this, it ends up having the "druid issue" where you'll never really get to look at your own character. What do I suggest? Add in a glyph that instead turns Ghost Wolf into some sort of "wind enhancement" perhaps giving your character a wind effect at their feet while still having the same function as the Ghost Wolf form. ...or at the very least add more than a wolf or a blue raptor. Those two forms don't fit into almost any of the races.Cyrus13 3h
3h Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss93 3h
6h Let me tell you why Ankh is NOT a defensive One of the shaman devs seems to consider our reincarnate ability as a defensive. Maybe he will find this post and change his mind.... Maybe some day shamans will have more than 1 legitimate defensive. 1. It cannot be used in sanctioned PvP 2. When playing solo in PvE, the mobs reset when you die. If anything, its an advantage to the damn mob because they are healed to full and then they can pound you again, starting at half health. 3. It has a 30 minute cooldown. 30 MINUTES, REALLY?! This isn't Lay On Hands here. This ability should have a 10 min CD at most. 4. Completely useless if the environment has changed and there is a perminent AoE on the ground in your area (Example: Avatar in ToS). You die pretty much immediately after resurrection. 5. (And honestly if this isn't enough to convince you Ankh isn't a defensive, please seek help.) IF YOU FIRST NEED TO DIE TO USE AN ABILITY, IT IS NOT A DEFENSIVE. PERIOD. --- How can we solve this problem? Here's a suggestion (of course there could be many ways to change our defensives, this is just a simple and straight-forward way I thought of) 1. every time we use instant-cast Healing Surge (meaning maelstrom was used), it also heals for 10% max HP over 8 seconds. Using insta-healing surge multiple times can extend this HoT to 16 seconds. 2. Every time Healing Surge is cast (regardless of inta-cast or not), reduces the CD on Astral Shift by 2 seconds.Shazzaman20 6h
6h Astral Recall takes you to Maelstrom? Astral Recall is a really weird and unnecessary ability since its just a second charge of Hearthstone. What if it had 1 minute cooldown and took you to your order hall, the Heart of Azeroth, instead?Jerlbays13 6h
7h DPS shaman :( DPS shaman have some sweet transmogs, cool lore and are even fun to play IMO. But gosh-darn are they ever uber suck compared to every other class. I figured it would get better as I got some ilvl. I'm at 882 right now after grabbing a couple of world quest pieces yet I still fear for my life if I get an accidental add while trying to kill the one I pulled. So squishy... Funny to hear ferals complain about being squishy when they just brutal slash a couple of times and all the adds die. What are we? Glass cannons? or just glass?Miresham38 7h
7h Is Elemental Shaman worth it? Hey all! I'm currently leveling an elemental shaman (around level 105 right now) and just wanted a community opinion if you think elemental is in a good spot right now. Why or Why not? I love the elemental casting animations, the whole class identity, and I think the rotation is smooth and fun, but i'm worried about the low damage, and survivability, and lack of reliable CC which could mean being dominated in PVP. I've mained a destro warlock for quite a while now, and haven't really had any issues with it besides the fact thats its almost immobile, Anyway! Let me know please, and thanks!Toastii28 7h
7h Please return LB cast on movement From recent patch notes: Elemental continues to have strong AoE capabilities, but we want to help make their single target damage a bit more attractive why not just give back LB cast on movement? This being removed is why i pretty much stopped playing elemental (shaman altogether). I'm only barely playing it now because it's an alt I can dual-box through Argus stuff. Used to be my main...Betsylouann21 7h
7h pvp just seams so bad now why does pvp feel so much worst now then before?i can tell you im not liking pvp at all.this mite be my last re sub until next expansion.Thanen17 7h
9h Is Draenei a good race for Shaman? I'm thinking of a race change, but I want to make sure if Draeneis are still good so I won't have to change it ;pUkuleleninja3 9h
9h StormEarthLava Safe to Ignore? Was curious if it was ok to ignore StormEarthLava stat priorities. Trying to be the best I can be with my current available gear, finally amassed enough gear to try out every single stat prio combination possible from crit - haste with respectable mastery to straight up high haste max mastery and moderate crit. so TL;DR most of the stat priorities on the website all go haste crit with mastery as least focused, but if going Mastery > haste > crit is giving me more dps in all situations is it safe to ignore their stat priority or is there a specific point in which that stat priority wins over the traditional haste mastery? Note: With Netherlight crucible crit trait, mark of claw, infernal writ/ crit stat sticks and decent high ilvl arc/cos 2piece. Is there really a benefit from getting more crit? Especially since if you have gloves, the goal is to get maelstrom as fast as possible with as few casts so you can spam ES and get Ascendance procs.Blvdsham4 9h
10h Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens7 10h
10h Bring back [Glyph of Ascendance] for Legion Seems like this option is now gone for Shamans? Please bring this back because the current default Ascendance model is a joke. It can't even hold weapons correctly, and let's not even get started on how stupid it is to become a Twilight Cultist Ascendant lookalike.Amak61 10h
11h Troll or Tauren? Title. I have a lot of orcs and goblins are basically gnomes. Mostly for Ele or resto PvE although I'll take insight on anything PvP and enh.Xanatoss21 11h
12h TEMPLATES THE ISSUE WITH ELE PVP our mastery is to low for a lava burst proc spec. 41% is low for ele shaman.what do you guys think?our mastery is elemental overload we are supposed to be proc based and its just to low.Thanen0 12h
13h Why does Enhance dual-wield? This may be a really strange thing to have an issue with, but I don't understand why Enhancement Shaman is another dual-wielding class. I counted, and assuming you don't count the also dual-wielding druid specs and monk spec, there are 8 different dual-wielding specs in the game. In comparison, there are only 4 specs in the game that use 2-handers, and really only 3, assuming you don't want to count the completely abandoned Survival Hunter. So why is Enhance (and Frost DK, though this is about shamans) another dual-wielder? Is there some gameplay or lore reason? Since we're losing the Doomhammer next expansion anyways, I'd like to suggest that we gain the ability to use 2-handers again, and provide people with another spec that can actually use those fancy 2-hand weapons that only 4 other specs can use.Cyrus39 13h
14h Enhancement Guide / Website Willing to try and create one. Will need a bit of help though. Anyone interested?Martenluther5 14h
16h Enh shaman feels very squishy. More than any other class/spec I play, the enhance shaman's health bar just melts regardless of what im fighting. I had hoped that artifact power into its healing would mitigate the problem like it did with elemental but its just taken my healing from being insignificant to bad. Enhance used to be an incredibly durable spec, but I feel like legion has made it into a paper tiger. I suppose I wouldnt have a problem if it was in line with other dps specs but on both my rogue and my mage I feel very durable/able to mitigate damage. Its just frustrating as every fight I feel that im getting in a race with GCD's to get my health bar back up. Since heals are basically worthless I have to spam them to get any impact, and since they suck up a lot of mana you have to spam them early so if you need a burst of heals later in the fight you have replenished the mana bar. It just feels bad and ineffective.Anjin59 16h
17h Rate the shaman name On a scale of 1-10!Harmony27 17h
22h Enhance 921, sub 700 DPS in raids. Just finished host heroic tonight, and as usual, I was in the mid 600 DPS range. On the order hall dummies I can do up to 1.4 million with cooldowns, tapering off to the mid 900's but in raids, I rarely see 700 DPS. On the dummies, I can concentrate totally on my bars, maintain buffs, hit everything when it's up, and generate decent numbers. In the raid, I think the problem is that when I'm constantly positioning, finding targets, / avoiding stuff, I barely notice my bars and end up just mashing keys hoping something works.. How does anyone maintain our complex "rotation" and still manage to be where they need to be in the confusion..Fugubar13 22h
1d Resto Shaman Legendaries Hello! I have been raiding for a while running Prydaz and Focuser of Jonat with a chain heal build. Roots pants just dropped for me last night and I'm wondering what I should do at this point. Focuser is definitely good in my chain heal build so I lean more toward dropping prydaz (if I drop anything for these), but those stats on prydaz are just insane. My real questions here is: A.) Should I just stick with what I have? B.) Should I drop prydaz and keep roots to feed cloudburst? C.) Should I drop heavy chain heal build with Focuser and go another direction with Prydaz and roots? I am currently farming heroic with my guild but we are moving into mythic soon so I want to be on top of my game and ready! Thanks for any help you guys can give me! Edit: Side note I do not have Velens yet =(Piccosham7 1d
1d Shamen vs. priest healer - which is "tankier" I've got a druid and monk already. They can escape things sometimes, but I really want to roll the "tankiest" healer I can. I would have guessed that would be the paladin, with them having plate armor, but asking in that forum seems that is not the case! As between shaman and priest, which would you say is "tankiest"? ThanksPlayerVQCPYK13 1d
1d Anyone max prestige? Just curious who's got the highest prestige? Honor kills?Aik0 1d
1d Pick your favorite talents Just an exercise. I'm curious. Some talent tiers, I couldn't care less about, and some I wish I could take more than one. If you could choose any 7 current talents from your spec, with NO regard to DPS (that's right, EoE isn't mandatory) what would you choose? My personal favorites--buttons which I just enjoy pressing: TOtem Mastery Gust of WInd Aftershock (more Shocks! yes!) Ancestral Swiftness Elemental Mastery (EVEN MORE haste) Liquid Magma Totem Storm Elemental (30 sec is better than 1 min, remember when we had that glyph?) Honorable mention: Lightning Rod, Icefury, Ancestral Guidance.Esteemed9 1d
1d ELE PVP Nerf inc Overload insta cast CL QQ inc. insta gibbing 2-3 playersMadalynn18 1d
1d Scepter of Tides question (lore) Hi all! So I've been playing a fair bit of Shaman in the overworld, and being the healer at heart that I always am, I run around with Sharas'dal strapped to my hip. I love Sharas'dal, it's possibly my favourite artifact in the whole game. Then it hit me. This glorious splashy club is supposed to be granting me control over all the waters of Azeroth. Now, I get why I can still be water blasted in the face by a Naga. Conflicting magics, etc etc. But why on Azeroth can I still drown while using it?Gongshe8 1d
1d Resto Shaman Arena Tips Some of my guildies have convinced me to be their healer for then in 3s. I have not healed in arenas ever, I've dabbled in PvE healing, dabbled in casual bg healing, done arenas as emhance, and I main Elemental most of the time. My guildies have a few toons they play, but it sounds like the comp will be Feral Druid/MM Hunter/Resto Shaman. Anyone have any tips for healing Arenas, healing this comp, or resources where I can read up on that stuff? I already plan to watch a bunch of random YouTube videos of it so even recommendations of who to watch is helpful If there is already a post like this that exists, let me know and I will fix up my search terms. THanks in advance!Nahir4 1d
2d RSHAM PVE ADVICE NEEDED! Hi guys, Only started TOS this week and haven't pve'd in a very long time. I am 925 Ilvl with half PVE gear and half pvp so it's not ideal. On mistress I did 800khps. Is this good, normal or bad for my gear and heroic difficulty? What are my main priorities as an rshaman? Chain heal doesn't even equate to 6 percent of my healing. Also can somebody list for TOS the proper talents for each boss because icy veins is incorrect when looking at logs for best healers. Also what are the bis legendaries I need? All other help and Critisism is welcome.Bensimmons3 2d
2d Fury of air Hi all. Just noticed on wclogs for enh that fury of air is taken. For ST do I just leave it on the whole time? Thx.Stormdowner10 2d
2d Resto stats to aim for? I was wondering what people think optimal stats %s to aim for are. For example, I can go for 1. 25% crit, 25% haste, 111% msatery 2. 27% crit, 20% haste, 119% mastery 3. 29% crit, 19% haste, 115% mastery I mainly do M+, so I think haste can be quite nice. If you have any tips I would appreciate it.Shaipan8 2d
3d Can Totem Mastery just be a passive? It doesn't cost any resource, have any cooldown or cast time, Totem Mastery for talent 1 Elemental is really annoying to have to constantly recast whenever you move, I also frequently just forget about casting it because of how passive it it. All it does is incur a global cooldown. Can't it just be a passive?Jerlbays17 3d
3d Class Mount Cant find class mount. I completed the scenario and received the mount, but after dismissing it and then wanting to summon it, it isnt in my mount log. I even looked in the spell books for the heck of it and nothing. Probably something stupid on my part but any insight would be helpful. Thanks.Taskmaster1 3d
3d Squishy ele pvp Hello, just returning to the game after a cpl years off and I'm wondering why the heck we(ele's) are so squishy? or am i missing a defensive cd or something? Is astrall shift the only wall we have now besides racial? Can we still use earth elemental totem to reduce damage with channeling or is that gone as well? Thanks much appreciated.Eksalt7 3d
3d Artifact questlines I came back and started gearing up my shaman, I started as Elemental, and I thought I should pick up Resto/Enhancement and I can't find the quest givers anywhere. Were they moved? I asked someone from within the Class Hall to show me where they are at, and someone took me and there was no quest giver. I checked my quest log to make sure maybe that by some freak chain of events I accidentally started the quest lines but no, my log is empty aside from the new Argus stuff. Has anyone had this issue? What can I do to fix it?Hellmans5 3d
3d chain heal meme is it possible to only heal in pvp using chain heal? its a pretty iconic spell, and we have some talents that bulster it in pvp. obviously it can work in bgs, but has anyone tried doing arena with only the chain heal and its talents?Neosha0 3d
3d Fake Stopcasting delay by movement Shaman do you guys still have a slight delay from the time u hit the movement button (forward back or strafing left right) to the time it actually cancels the cast if u try to stop a cast or fake cast healing surge or wave by moving? i am still feeling this. i think the esc and /stopcasting is already fixed but not fake casting stopcasting by moving or movementJibai2 3d
3d Resto Shamans in m+ So I leveled this shaman with the intention to heal mythics. And so far i have healed up to a +8 (with a pug) and don't think I did too bad. I mean we at least beat the timer. But a few people in my guild kind of made me feel like I made the wrong choice. They were saying that they hated resto shamans in m+ and would much rather have something like a priest or paladin. I honestly wanted to call them out on that and say that i think they are wrong and that i think they are one of the better mythic healers. (None of them actually have or play a resto shaman) I really do love the resto shaman play style, like it's the only healing class that i enjoy. I was just wanting your guys's opinions on resto shamans in m+. Am i right?Krankenwägen6 3d
3d Enh Shaman Gameplay Hello all, I've noticed a lot of posts asking about enhance shaman gameplay, rotation, how it functions in raids, pvp, etc and I just wanted to share that I've started streaming. I'm currently 6/9m and 2175 in 3s arena, so I should be able to provide insight into both aspects of the game. I'll be streaming M ToS 8-11 central time tues/weds/thurs, and I'm inviting any curious shamans or potential shamans to stop by and ask questions =). 3d
3d Best Shaman names? Hey I was making a Shaman and I thought I needed some really super awesome name that is clever :D. Anyways, I wanted to share some that I have either thought of or seen and wanted to see what you guys thought were cool and funny Shaman names :) 1. Shamikaze 2. Shambulance 3. Shampoo 4. Cowwolf 5. Skywolf 6. Thunderduck 7. Thor What are some of your favorites?Skywolf440 3d
4d Elemental vs Enhanced So I recently made a shammy and rolled elemental for my first legendary. I soon found I couldn't tackle very much and was extremely hard to finish the quest chain for the legendary wep. IS Enhanced any easier?Grammaw20 4d
4d is wow pvp turning into a moba? yes you have talents but thats all you have no customization on your stats.i would like to see my mastery hit 70% and fire off a ton of lava bursts procs like before legion. do you guys think with the pvp templates wow pvp is just becoming a moba.pve can customize their stats how they wish.even tho wod was a bad expansion id rahter go back to the pvp because of no templates.Thanen6 4d
4d Addon totem bars not showing PvP totems? I use flo totem bars, have forever as i dont like the clutter on my actual bars, but ive noticed since i started pvping that it doesnt appear to pick up the pvp honor talent totems and they arent on the list to show. Im assuming the addon is out of date but im not aware of any similar ones. Can anyone throw me a hint on this?Mulconroi1 4d
5d PTR Chain Heal What happened to this amazing looking spell?? Look how awesome it looked in PTR-- Who thought removing an iconic shaman color for chain heal dating back to Warcraft would be a good idea? Are they bringing it back? what's the point of deluge glyph now?Celeste8 5d
5d Lava burst FIXED! Player versus Player Shaman Elemental, Restoration Fixed a bug causing Lava Burst and Lava Burst: Overload to deal less damage than intended in PvP situations.Théo16 5d
6d New resto animations Are terrible. Chain heal, an iconic ability, looks like a stream of dirty toilet water. Initially, we had this and I was STOKED at how awesome it looked: Can we please have this back? Make the glyph version be the exact same spell animations as above but with the old chain heal blue color. Seriously, I am really bummed that the thing I was most excited for in 7.3 was such a let down. Healing rain is alright but is hard to see, would prefer if the blue was more vibrant similar to the old animation. Healing surge and wave I can live with. Pls fix blizz. :(Shamownt30 6d
6d Shaman rp location? I' m looking for a location that would be good for a lesson on Shamanism. Help me out SHaman forum =)Tharzargus4 6d