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18m Resto Help in Mythic+ Hello! So I've been iffy on jumping into any sort of mythic+ on the shaman all xpack long. But I no longer raid and don't want to leave this character behind. I tank Mythic+ on a 903 Prot Pally, and heal them on a 900 Resto Druid. This shaman is 899 Resto, and I raided on him. But when I tank on my paladin I DREAD getting a Resto shaman, because they all seem to be weak. My build is Undulation, wind, lightning, Crashing waves, vigor, echo, ascendancy. (Haven't tested anything major, as I don't want to waste pls time if Shaman isn't in a solid place for mythic+) So is my opinion of Resto shamans just wrong because I've been grouped with poor playing Resto shamans and I also play a Resto Druid (who feels so fluid and nice).Razrohk7 18m
35m All Else Aside, Please Fix Magatha's Mount... A Tauren model riding a nether drake flying behind you all the time is extremely invasive... I know, you can turn it off so she doesn't follow you all the time, but I like having my followers...following me. It just makes it feel more impactful. But it is so insanely annoying to be flying and no matter how much you zoom in or out her giant netherdrake is constantly taking up half your screen. Please put her on a different mount. Anything that isn't enormous.Vyxas3 35m
44m Fix my healing - 901 ilvl Resto Shaman My healing raid team consists of a resto druid, mistweaver monk, holy priest and myself for progression. When we have things on farm we tend to 2 heal most fights to speed up the kills. We tend to have good raid healing and the HPS is competitive even though I am a lower ilvl than my co healers. I have the gloves and ring for my legendaries. I also have the boots, legs, and neck. I realize I have more crit than needed at the moment but I can;t lower it with current gear without sacrificing ilvl/Int. I have the ability to equip the 4 piece but was told that value is around 15% stat gain and my other gear is a 20%+ stat gain so I am only using a 2 piece. As far as rotation, I try to keep HST on cd, since I have echo and the gloves it is a good sources of healing. I am not a fan of the cloudburst build considering we tend to top most people off before the CBT can trigger or have enough heals to matter. I put Riptide on tanks unless someone is delaing witha mechanic or needs quick healing and it will trigger Tidal waves. I have been working on weaving HS and HW into my rotation so it is not a CH spam and also so my ring can buff my CH. Other than that, I use HR if we are grouped up along with EST. I use AG for a mini burst cd. Please help me find what I am missing. Ever since patch I feel my healing has been weak. Am I doing something wrong or are druids stronger healers atm. The jokes of being a weak healer are starting to get old. Thank you in advance for your help. Armory link:ùcker/advanced Resto Druid Armory (Raid lead and co-healer) - Logs: 2017-04-21 Heroic NH -ùcker1 44m
50m resto shaman 4pc Is it worth it? I have better gear with +mastery vs. the haste/vest that my shoulders give let me knowScrogglez5 50m
1h Fel Lightning I've just now discovered, since the legion invasions, that this spell exists and I now realize that I've always wanted it. So Blizz please give us a green fire / lightning quest that gives us this effect, it's the coolest !@#$ I've ever seen. 1h
2h Rsham PvP, getting burst down? Just started playing this toon a bit Is it normal that I'm constantly the main target for the enemy team in RBG/Arena and getting killed in stuns? How big a factor is gear in rated PvP? Is resto strong at the moment or not? I'm struggling.Creeks3 2h
2h Way to show Icefury frost shock charges? I'm looking for something that'll show the icefury frost shock charges real big on my screen like a proc with possibly a sound, because I forget to use all of the frost shock charges a lot of times do to trying to survive/heal or CC and I'm missing out on lots of dmg. Any addons that can do this? thanksDistortiøn1 2h
2h Am i the only one who likes magatha? i guess since i'm a warlock main i like a lil evil chaos in my life since being good all the time is boringZombiespells5 2h
3h Elemental PvP Is there a way to play this class well in PvP with its sluggish casting speed?Queldrin20 3h
5h Shaman World Quests? Anyone seen any of these yet? There's a certain WQ on the Broken Shore that is marked as a Class WQ while I'm on my Warlock and awards about 1million more AP than when I do it on my other characters. Was wondering if anyone has seen something similar for Shaman, as I have not.Voljah4 5h
5h hypothetical enhance changes (for fun) The changes to enhancement in legion are cool in concept but in practice can feel a bit tedious and hectic, from reliance on RNG stormstrike to keeping up flametongue which could definitely use some visual flare. But lets take this one step further just for the heck of it. I wanna brain storm a bit see if I can give the spec some for flavor. But I won't argue numbers here. The state of enh shamans on Warcraftlogs is irrelevant here. I wanna offer some ideas to help further refine the game play of the class. I'm no game designer so my ideas might be a load of *#(@ but I'll say it anyway because I'm just one random guy with crappy ideas and I feel like talking. Flametongue in it's premise is pretty cool. Instead of just being a 1 hour buff in the past, FT is now a temporary buff that you must keep up. However it takes a gcd, and runs out fast. Thus causing additional ramp up time in a spec that already seems to have too much. Also it's hard to notice the damage numbers from flametongue. This spell need one important thing, a bit of visual flare. And potentially turn it into a longer more powerful CD and talent swap (or 3 abilities sharing the same CD) between frostbite/ flametongue/ windfury, all providing different visuals and affecting spells in slightly different ways. So if we hypothetically remove the the current iteration of flametongue and have say a 45 sec cd lasting say 20 seconds, with the choice between the 3 elements. Flametongue weapon could turn all your base skills into flame versions, in the same way ascendance turns chain lightning into lava beam for ele. And a majority of moves will leave some kind of stacking dot on enemies you hit. Frostbite would slow enemies obviously, and as you build up maelstrom increases the cost and damage of Stormstrike (turned into Froststrike or something). While frostbite is active Maelstrom generation is slower but the payoff is a huge hit spending all the maelstrom at once. Windfury would increase movespeed, and attack speed. In this state we could be just in a perpetual state of windfury procs (visually) wailing away at our enemies, causing auto attacks to cleave everything in the vicinity. Windfury could have a shorter duration but also be a great option for mythic plus to deal with tough aoe fights. (probably replace fury of air? and be much burstier than fury of air) Overall the frost and fire options could be mathematically identical in single target, but provide different playstyles. And windfury be ideal for aoe. Aside from that we could potentially keep the fundamental aspects of this version of enhancement the same but with a different interaction with weapon enhancements. Thanks for wasting your time reading this. But if you DID read it what do you think? Stupid idea? Or a cool idea?Poolala0 5h
5h Storm Tempest's VS Eye of the Twisting Nether For my enhancement build, I have the four set and aikanu's. The belt is a big ilvl boost over my 875 belt wheras I have an 885 ring to replace EOTTN with. I guess Storm Tempest for AOE? Not worth it for single target? Also, with Aikanu's equipped, does lava lash take priority over stormstrike? Or should I be using SS procs and then using the free lava lash's to hopefully trigger more SS?Imhotirl5 5h
5h HH/HS 4 Piece Ability Priority Finally got the ring and bracers as my last two legendaries. I'm interested to switch to HH/HS, but I'm having trouble finding any resources on the ability priority. I can't seem to find a list specific to HH/HS with 4 piece. Do I hold HH procs until the end of the buff to maximize 4th golden or use asap to not waste procs. Do I SS until it's on CD when you get a HH proc or do you weave it in? Just looking for someone to point me towards a resource for HH/HS 4 piece usage.Akoras17 5h
5h Enhancement artifact power question where to spend next Artifact power after getting Lashing Flames for Enh Shaman?Grindleson13 5h
7h Bath'rah the Windwatcher This guy has promised to help us since the start of Legion but we haven't appeased him yet. Will Bath'rah the Windwatcher ever stop waiting? 7h
7h In your opinion... Which DPS spec is more fun to play atm? Elemental or Enhancement?Vexidin11 7h
8h is earthbind totem bugged? just made a new shaman and for some reason in some bg's i can't even place the totem down it keeps saying "no path available" or something like that even on a flat surface. i was playing arathi basin and at farms around the flag area and it kept saying this. i've never had this issue until todayCelbrise3 8h
10h Enh DPS Lessons Learned Let me preface this by saying I am by no means an enhancement DPS expert. However, I have finally collected enough lessons learned to provide a lay-player with some tips to produce reasonable DPS results. These tips are meant for people who just want to produce good DPS and don't want to put in a crazy amount of effort (e.g. swapping gear every boss fight, perfecting their timing, analyzing parses). Get your Tier 19 4-piece, even if you have to resort to wearing raid finder pieces I spoke with Wordup, the person who produced the Icy Veins Enhancement Shaman guide, and he said to take the best in slot guide with a grain of salt. His list is limited to pieces offered by raids and not dungeon or warforged gear. Make no mistake, it is almost always best to choose gear, in any slot, that has mastery>haste (provided it doesn't disrupt your 4-piece). Download two addons: WeakAuras2 and Hekili Import this guy's Weak Auras setup: and put Hekili as one icon in the black space on your screen Following Hekili's recommendations when dealing damage will only get you partially there, in terms of "good" DPS. When you hear the stereotypical punching sound effect that Weak Auras produces, it means you have a Stormbringer proc. Immediately mash Stormstrike no matter what Hekili says. Only interrupt your Stormstrike frenzy to refresh your buffs, which the standard UI should display under your character.Syslog0 10h
10h Help Shaman Race (Horde) Hello people, May someone take me an advice for what race i play on my enhanc shaman? Must be relevant transmogs lookalike, habilites animation, voices, racial, everything :)Phoenixwill6 10h
10h New Gold Trait So I just got the new elemental trait that allows EQ to have a 5% chance to proc a storm. I am wondering, since I have the boots and shoulders legos, is it worth incorporating EQ into my single target rotation or is it not worth the global?Zalmara3 10h
11h Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook259 11h
12h Rate that Mog Sham Edition! Last one was capped and old! ( I wish i had dyes for all the non matching green on mine. Loots alot better color wise ingame with that lighting. Armory is so diff :( )Arahkan281 12h
17h Glyph of Grimtotem please. So Old Lady Mag has some cool purple stuff on her chain lightning. I would pay for that. Also some purple when Lava Burst launches and lands would be cool. Having your Shock target look like he got hit with a bucket of purple would rock. Purple chain heal? Some purpleness in Stormstrike and Crash Lightning maybe? Just throwing it out there. ~Redd.Reddbull3 17h
21h Why are enh shamans so squishy? And why is blizzard not addressing this at all. It's been a constant issue throughout the expansion so far. The damage mitigation and health for enhancement shamans is way too low. I feel like I take so much damage from everything compared to every other melee spec. Constantly spamming heal isn't fun, it takes so many global heal casts just to stay reasonably alive. Our only other defense cooldown is Astral Shift, and it has a reasonably long cooldown. Please blizzard listen to us and give us some kind of feedback on whether you think it's working out ok, or if you agree that something needs to be done about enh survivability.Usutu34 21h
23h Shaman Discord? I have been searching but I haven't found it yet.. is there a shaman discord?Cirkasurvive1 23h
1d Wana let me cast lightning on my Shaman? Shaman main since vanilla... aside from the time periods where Shamans were so bad that I had to give up and play my warrior. I picked a shaman because I like lightning... Why do i fling fire around 80% of the time now? Aside from having poor single target DPS, ele shamans were in a pretty good place before the 7.1 or .15 talent changes... We COULD use lightning as our primary damage source and be viable. Why did they buff fire to the point where it was the only way to compete on a shaman? It makes absolutely no sense. We needed buffs, but they didn't have to put them ALL into making fire the absolute only choice... This idiotic focus on lava burst as our primary damage is killing the identify shamans have always had as LIGHTNING CASTERS. TLDR; I want to throw lightning on my shaman, there are already enough classes that throw fire.Omiron26 1d
1d Enhancement Shaman PvP Video Hey All, I put this video up on Youtube last week and thought I'd share it here too. It's nothing hardcore, just some relaxing 1v1 and group PvP on the weekend turned into a video with a Trance soundtrack. Video was captured in 1080P and upscaled to 4K. Still loving my Enhancement. :-D Youtube HD - Warcraft Movies - Enjoy!!! (^_^)vKayumi2 1d
1d Should I always use Tidal Waves? Hi all nooby shaman here. I try and use all my tidal waves but I wonder if I am over obsessing over them too much. Sometimes I feel I am spending too much time making sure I am using tidal waves than using for example chain heal or something when the raid is taking a lot of damage. I guess I just recently did some raid finders and am wondering about a few situations. So is it ok to waste some tidal waves to chain heal more if the raid needs the healing, or is it always worth it to try and sneak out tidal wave uses in these situations? Also is it worth delaying a cooldown on riptide as well just to make sure I don't waste a tidal waves activation Also, any good advice on using healing rain, just use it whenever there is a big group that needs healing and if there is just keep it up again and again, or only use sparingly? Thanks for your help.Zval1 1d
1d Icefury suggestion It doesn't seem like many elemental shamans play icefury build. I think icefury could be a great talent in high movement fights but Icefury should be castable while moving and the the 4 stacks of frost shock should last the full CD of Icefury. This would make it the preferred build in high movement fights like it should be.Brogahn7 1d
1d Shaman 4th gold trait is dumb I really don't get how a 5% chance of Earthquake doing a 409k damage ability is any benefit worthy of being a gold trait for elemental. We only use EQ on AOE fights, unless you have the shoulder legendary, and you only use it if you don't have 2 of the 3 that are better than it lol. Then, even when you do use EQ, you only have 5% chance, 5% that's all, to get 1 damage of 409k, which all your other abilities do way more than that 409k damage, so what's the point? It seems we got screwed on this 4th gold trait. Anyone else feeling like me, or am I just misinterpreting somethingSporkchops28 1d
1d Ele shaman nuke leveling and wquest is painful. enemy, if pull 3+, kill me easily. so, is this spec weakness or just me?Döminus10 1d
1d Rehgar's Legacy Skin A minor rant/suggestion pertaining to the Challenge Skin "Rehgar's Legacy." Firstly, finally getting this skin doesn't feel all that rewarding in terms of "eye candy-ness." All other specs, save for Wind Walkers, get to have their weapons out for show 24/7. Fists weapons don't have that luxury. So I was thinking that, since the skin revolves around Rehgar, why not have it alter our Ghost Wolf form to match his from Heroes of the Storm? Thoughts or other suggestions?Harime3 1d
1d must have professions for rshaman? going to be focusing on pvp but doing pve as well and i can't really think of many beneficial professions for a resto shaman. i usually go alch/herb because flasks and pots but i was wondering is there any other extremely useful professions? LW and skinning you can craft gear great for xmogs but i mean if you pvp/pve a lot you end up getting better gear then what you can make. enchanting is decent but they don't work in pvp i believe and it is pretty hard to level and time consuming without tailoring and can be costly if you buy all the mats. engineering is cool and somewhat useful in pvp with goblin kits but i haven't leveled it up before to know what else i can benefit from it besides mounts and knick knacks that probably waste GCD like bombs probably or do very little dmg to even be extremely useful, idk. any ideas and why?Celbrise0 1d
1d Elemental PVP Honor Talents I haven't seen any ele PVP guides for this patch and I can't check honor talents on armory so what are you all rolling with? In arena, in BGs?Distortiøn1 1d
1d Ele Arena Streams Does anyone have any links to some good ele shaman streams out there? Preferably ones that typically run L/ele/Rdru or Thundercleave? thanks guys.Dagalur0 1d
1d Stormbringer Fix Proposal As others have stated here: Enhance suffers from an overabundance of resources (maelstrom) and a feast or famine play style that leaves us GCD capped with one ability or lots of down time waiting for that one ability to proc. So here’s my proposal to help solve these issues without getting too crazy on changing how the spec works. Stormstrike (SS) Changes- SS CD reduced to 12 sec (And is still affected by haste) SS now has 2 charges Stormbringer (SB) Changes- Stormbringer can now trigger from offhand attacks Stormbringer no longer resets the CD of SS or reduces its cost. Instead it grants 1 charge of SS and causes the next SS used to deal pure nature damage. This should solve several issues by allowing offhand attacks to also proc SB you’re nearly doubling the proc chance as well as giving Lavalash functionality similar to the current 4 set bonus. By making SB one big attack that scales off mastery you keep its core functionality without requiring people to be stuck for 3 GCDs. With the charge system you even allow for extra SS’s to build up in the background during back to back procs so you aren't forced to lose dps if your mastery is playing out too well, Yet, lets you still do have SS (now with a double chance to trigger SB) at a reasonable rate when your mastery is not being cooperative.Nephtes20 1d
1d doomsayer baelresh %$*&$%%^*(^(^^(&*% how the hell am i supposed to do this a restore shaman....cant dps im cosntantly being pushed and then knocked off the platform even on a bridge...there is no room to move and if i fall off its over... one fracking hour of attempt after attempt and I CANT DO ITMäd1 1d
1d [About Lore] Thrall lose elemental power? shaman can't kill? can't be killer? i can't believe that all shaman are good guy.Albiondragon10 1d
1d Codex of Ra I just boosted an Elemental Shaman, comes this quest and I am so discouraged. How the hell am I meant to get past this? Even the ads are ruthless, not only the bosses. I've tried everything, is there any possible way to get passed this? I am at 645 ilvl?Orekk1 1d
1d A little dissapointed I'm a little sad to see that shamans are pretty much the lowest tier in healing. - Mythic - Heroic I was going to make one since our guild has 2 Holy and 2 Druid priests and we need a little variety. I was planning on switching from my Shadow/Holy combo to Ele/Resto.... but the more I look into it the sadder I get that it's pretty mediocre and sub par in basically all of it's specs. Any big 7.2.5 changes coming to help boost shaman healing/dps?Kozzierugarr28 1d
1d Bugged Armor Stands I've seen a few threads about this here so I figured I would post the blue response I got on this. In short, yes armor stands are bugged and Blizzard is apparently aware of this. They didn't tell me an ETA for a fix or anything but had acknowledged it as a known issue. Below is the actual blue response I got. 1d
2d Resto Shaman Questions Just came back a long break - shamans have changed a little bit since I last played. I was playing in a hardcore (weren't we all ) raiding guild - we would clear all the raids on mythical or whatever the hardest diff. was in panda - now im just playing casual but I feel like i am missing something. I just hit 110 3 days ago and I am struggling to break 200khps on fights vs. other players that are 10ilvls higher than me. My build seems to be the cookie cutter build - I know I dont have enough mastery but i feel like I should be able to hold my own. What is the general thing to do while Rain, totems, queen , and riptide is on cd? SHould I be spamming chain heal, spamming HT on the MT - doing whatever...idk I just feel like I have lost touch a bit. Also Cloudburst is pretty cool but I am finding it hard to manage. Should I break it early during a big burst - let it tick out? Also timing it to burst to early - watch timers vs. dmg then proc it - idk lots of random thoughtsScrogglez9 2d
2d Enhance Bloodlust party macro Im doing 2s and im trying to get this macro to work to cast lust on party member and its not working This macro should work right? #showtooltip /cast [target=party1] BloodlustElectriik3 2d
2d Playing Enh again makes me cry... Use BF, apply FT, use CL, then hope for SS Rinse and repeat and keep up with the 3 buffs. It is crazy that I have to go through 3 globals to apply buffs and then WAIT for a random proc to do serious damage... Worse if u need to add in FB which I dont. Playing other melee classes like Fury Warrior, Frost DK, Ret pally, Havoc DK is so much easier than Enh Shammy. No need to keep buffing every few seconds or dps will drop. Totally shelving my Enh shammy or maybe just turn her into Elemental.Nommi16 2d
2d Follower Armor. So there seems to be a dry spell for follower armor and the class hall perk Ancestral Gift doesn't seem to work. I can't bring my followers ilvl up cause shamans don't get a perk to have an NPC make armor like others.Prasios13 2d
2d Elemental Shaman (Raid) So the best talent specs are.. (Single Target / Raids) 1-1-1-2-1-3-3-1 (Multi Target / Dungeons) 3-1-1-2-1-3-3-2 My shaman is currently sitting at, 24% Critical, 16% Haste, 69% Mastery, 8% Versatility. What the actually stat weights I do need and how much for each of those specs and are those specs correct, can anyone help me out?Whistlefoot5 2d
2d Build question for Elemental I have had my Sham alt for awhile and I am finally looking to explore Elemental. On Icy Veins it looks like it has a lot of versatile builds with potential for confusion to a new person. Especially since each build has different stat priority. Do Ele shams keep separate gear sets based on encounter or mythic+ vs raid? For now I will be focusing on just doing solo content and mythic+ but will be doing alt raids in NH sometimes as well. Is there any advice in starting a build that is most well rounded? Ascendence, lightning rod, or ice fury? Once I get a better hang of it I can start specializing more.Demodred11 2d
2d Searching for a specific addon Hi all, I recently saw a nifty shaman CD addon which displayed a long, thin, white bar as a timer. When a shaman spell with a CD was cast, its icon would show up on the bar and slowly scroll to the right as the timer of the icon CD ticked down towards zero. When the CD was almost up, the icon would scroll faster to the right for the last second or two of the CD. And finally, when the CD reached zero, the icon would get large for a second on the screen before disappearing to help indicate that the spell was ready for another use. Does anyone know which addon that is? I hope I described it accurately. Thanks!Lyanne2 2d
2d Recruiting Grimtotem warriors? So it says I have 0/1 Grimtotem Warriors at the top of the class hall bar, but I can't see anywhere to recruit any, I've searched everywhere. Am I missing something?Usutu11 2d