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3h Is Icefury a viable Elemental spec? Not a big fan of being reliant on CD's and Icefury kinda looks fun. Is Icefury viable late game?Skim2 3h
3h OMG Where are the Shaman nerfs? They're too overtuned in each spec and make other classes totally useless.Might as well stack a enhancement shaman tank with full dodge because it'll be more effective than a guardian druid. Resto does too much sustain healing and slightly too much burst over healing for both PvE and PvP.It needs straight nerfs, a solid -20% healing overall reduction. Don't let me get to how broken Elemental and Enhancement are too please...Just nerf those too while you're at it.Koom8 3h
3h why does blizzard hate eles in pvp no reason to play shammy in pvp... seems blizzard hates elemental shammies... we dont hit hard.. heals suck and you have ZERO D and you cant get away from anyone every class will close any gap you get in less than 2 seconds.. on top of that every class can get away from you in 2 seconds if they need... DONT roll a shammy your DPS will be middle of the road.. at times if you stay off the radar you will do good damage but if any melee gets on you,,, get up get a beer and come back rez... the only classes you will own are other shammys druids (sometimes) hunters... nothing else just remember blizzard hates eles.. and they are taking away the only things we have to get away next expansion.. gust of wind is gone.. root totum gone.... shammies are easy targets now.. even easierUapenes5 3h
5h Are Enhancement Shamans still viable? ***TL;DR at bottom*** This isn't a troll question. I mained a shaman a long time ago back when I first played WoW and it was the only class I truly fell "in love" with. It is fun, to me, and I like the enhancement burst and if I get bored with smacking things I can heal. So my question is this: If I re-roll my shaman, as my old one is gone :(, will I regret it, hate myself or etc? I really enjoy shaman, and I know they're not "top of the board" right now, but can I at least do some PvP/PvE as Enhancement and get some enjoyment? Also, does anyone have a "build" for Enhancement, know the rotation(s) or can you point me to a guide for it please? I checked WoWhead and haven't seen too much as far as an "absolute" guide for it. Thank you all in advance for reading this and helping me out. TL;DR - Want to re-roll shaman. Is Enhancement good for PvE/PvP still and what's a good URL for a build/guide for them. Thanks. I found this post on rotations: Rotations: Is that accurate?Gamliel16 5h
6h Resto PVE survivability vs. HPriest I'm trying to decide between a resto shaman and holy priest for healing and wanted to poll this community to see how you would rate survivability between the two? Mostly in PVE--ability to navigate/survive mechanics so you can get those heals off. Ghost wolf vs feathers Astral shift vs. Desperate prayer That sort of thing. I don't honestly know if there are many of you that play both, so maybe a shot in the dark or if you have any observations absent actual experience with both? Any insight would be appreciated.Hiraeyth3 6h
7h Totem Mastery tracking addon? Is there an addon or perhaps weakaura that reliably tracks totem mastery? In a raid environment it's easy to forget to resummon them.Kagrathar3 7h
8h An Actual Idea for Shaman Tank Instead of all the forum ideas that are like "Ohhhh Blizzard should make a shaman tank!!" "When are we going to get our Shaman tank BLIZZ!!!" "Yeah give us our 4th spec!" And all that other not-really constructive feedback, here's ideas I got for the spec that I feel would actually be viable for usage in the game. I kind of agree that a shaman spec for dps should not be all focused on one element (Though resto is definitely water, and the ascendance for elemental / enhance is fire/air respectively), and earth does feel like the best element for a tanking spec. If a tank spec was made (Putting aside the name for now), i'd say the spec should be something like one that uses malestrom to cast tanking abilities Molten Earth > 2 charges, Baseline no cost,3-5s cooldown deals fire damage, makes a non-mastery shield of # amount (attack power scaling) Lava Lash > Filler to gain maelstrom, fire damage Lightning bolt > Like Enh, use to pull far mobs, high threat. Lightning Lash > Seperate GCD Maelstrom Spender: Strikes all enemies infront quickly for nature damage, Inflicts shock for 1.5s. Healing Surge > Like enhance, use maelstrom for instant cast, also heals #%max health in addition Eye of the Storm > Deal Aoe Physical damage around the caster while active for # duration, generate # maelstrom per target hit if there's more than one target Earth Shock > Deals # nature damage, consumes all maelstrom. Has #% increased effect for mastery Quake (Passive): Dealing nature damage has a #%chance to knock down enemies for 1.5s, not effective on boss monsters / cc immune enemies Lightning Orb (Passive): Every maelstrom used adds a stack. After 80 stacks, summons a lightning orb rotates around you until it impacts an enemy, dealing # nature damage in aoe and reducing the damage enemies hit deal to you by #% for 3s. Inflicts Shock for 2s Thunder Fury: Frontal cone cleave, deals #nature damage and stuns enemies for #seconds , Inflicts shock for 2s.(Cc ability) Shock (Passive): When afflicted with this debuff, enemies deal 15% less damage to you. Also has a 15% chance when attacking you to be stunned for 1s. Cooldown: Ascendance: Increases armor by #%, makes all attacks deal extra nature damage, heal for #% of all nature damage dealt. Mitigation: Mastery: Earthwarding: Gain a shield of #%max hp based on maelstrom spent. Damage taken is reduced while shield is active by #+#%, half of magic damage goes through the shield but is mitigated. Not forgetting the totems Maelstrom Totem: Drops at caster's feet, grants # maelstrom to the caster while in range of the totem. Probably something like a 30s - 1min cd with corresponding suitable duration. Buffeting Winds Totem: Targeted totem, Makes enemies within its aoe have a #% chance to miss basic attack swings (Defensive, maybe 1min -1.5min cd, with large aoe, ok duration 10-15s) Magma Totem: Drops at caster's feet, deals fire damage to enemies within it's aoe every 1.5s. Chance on dealing damage to cast a Molten Earth automatically on struck enemy, granting the shield effect to the tanking shaman but generates no maelstrom. Talents: Level 15 Twin Storms: Lightning Lash hits a second time 3 seconds later, dealing #% reduced damage Hot Hand: Lava lash cleaves up to #targets, dealing #reduced damage to non-primary target. Generates # additional maelstrom per target hit Molten Fury: A free molten earth charge is given on #% chance cast of lava lash. Adds 1 to charge limit of molten earth Level 30 Riding Storm: Increases movement speed by #% per maelstrom spent for #seconds, duration does not refresh but the effect can stack up Crashing Wave: Dash forward on a tidal wave, slowing enemies you pass through, knocks down non-casting enemies. Encumbering Heat: Dealing fire damage to enemies slows their movement speed by #%, stacks up to # times. Level 45 Lightning Surge Totem - Default Voodoo totem - Default Earthgrab Totem - Default (These 3 talents are not affected by the totem mastery row, can't be relocated) Level 60 Totemic Rituals: Spec's totems gain 1 extra charge Totem Relocation: Active to move your Spec's totems, Spec's totems also last #% longer. Off GCD Element Bond: Spec's Totems have #% reduced cooldown Level 75 Earthern Spike: Deals nature damage to an enemy, reducing all damage they deal to you by #% for #seconds Twin Stream: Healing Surge now chains to a second target, healing for #% of healing done, increases healing surge heal by #% Bulwark of Earth: Forms a wall of earth infront of you that has #% of your max health for #seconds. Attacks targeted at allied players behind the wall hits the wall instead. Reduces aoe damage taken of players behind the wall by #%. 5min cooldown? Level 90 Earth Attunement: Ascendance cooldown is reduced by 1s per # maelstrom spent Storm Attunement: Dealing nature damage has a #% chance to stun targets for 1s. May not happen on same target again for # seconds. Tidal Attunement: Dealing nature damage heals you for #% of damage done Level 100 Fire Elemental Totem: Summons a fury of fire, dealing fire damage (Extremely high damage) Earth Elemental Totem: Summons a fury of earth, with #% of your max health. It can be healed, redirects #% of your incoming damage to it. Does not taunt / increased threat generation. Water Elemental totem: Summons a fury of water, healing allies within its area of effect by #% of your max health per second. Can be manually controlled Maybe I'm too optimistic + carried away with my post, but it's something like a fantasy i'd like for shaman tanks if they ever get made. Hope blizz would read this for inspiration on the tank spec that desperately needs to happen. Many abilities seems like rip-offs from Enh / Ele / Resto, so the names can be changed if neededChihao3 8h
9h Ascendance model It would be nice if we could glyph this to look like something else. I personally think it's ugly (when used for this purpose,) and we should either have variety in how it looks based on spec more than it is now and a new model. Something more interesting, anyway.Onuris8 9h
9h blue t19 So I have been trying to get the blue heroic coloring for the t19 armor set. I know the helm was supposed to come from nithogg and the chest from ana mouz. However I looked at the appearance tab and saw the blue colors aren't showing up for me anymore. does anyone know if they have been removed?Uisce5 9h
9h Maining an Alliance Shaman for BfA? I love shamans, but I haven't mained one this xpac. I've also switched to Alliance so I'm thinking of using my free boost on it. Problem is the races.. they're bland compared to the Horde, AND HORDE ARE GETTING FREAKING ZANDALARI!! How are they looking for BfA though? Specifically Ele as I have way too many melee. Is Ele going to be shafted as hard as it was in WoD or is it still/will be worth playing? Is it worth maining an Alliance Shaman for the rest of Legion and BfA? Or would it be better to just have an alt Horde Shaman- BECAUSE ZANDALARI?Zraux14 9h
12h Earthshock question Been trying to get the hang of an elemental shaman over the past day or 2. Starting to get the hang of it reasonably well, but going through the icy veins rotations, it suggests you never use earthshock unless you are above 117 maelstrom. As far as I can tell, earthshock only consumes up to 100 maelstrom, so why is 117 the magic number?Aûri2 12h
14h BFA Shaman changes feedback I was anticipating playing a Shaman throughout the next expansion, I kind of regret not playing one for Legion. Although I did level one to 110, I am rerolling on a different server with this shaman you see. With the datamined changes to shaman for Battle for Azeroth, I am already disheartened... Many shaman abilities will have a cooldown. Although it already serves no good purpose to spam abilities like flame and earth shock, and no decent player would, the fact that I have no choice in the matter really detracts from the flavor of the class which got me interested in the first place. I need a class that is not limited by cooldowns... The shaman's limit was having enough maelstrom, now its limit is yet more CD's. This ruins varying play styles and makes for a more even playing field between good and better players by making game play yet more straight forward. Currently I have options depending on when I feel like having fun or playing seriously. I can spam flameshock on all adds then chain lava burst with procs, or I spam chain lightening and dump maelstrom with earthquake, or earth shocks. EDIT: And they have currently removed Icefury to allow for Frostshock being a viable dps ability, which made me want to play shaman at the start of Legion. Now Blizzard may take 3 playstyles and force it into 1 with cooldowns to shocks, earthquake and icefury removal. Plus chain heal is getting a cooldown too. Very disappointed already.Drakontas45 14h
15h What addons to get? Ok game is finally downloading right. I will be making a shaman hoping to dual spec between elemental and resto while a friend will be playing a warrior or pally. What addons do i want to get? Both shaman specific for elly and resto as well as general addons for all purpose?Quiktotem0 15h
15h "Best" LFR - Antorus Resto. Build? Evening all, I am an admittedly PvE nub, as I don't do anything other than the weekly four part Antorus LFR. That said (and I realize there is no "perfect" build, as it is most likely encounter-dependent), I'm looking for a solid "cookie-cutter" Resto. Sham. raid build. I have checked both icy-veins & noxxic, but the information slightly varies with several suggestions, but no definitive answer, etc. Ergo, I am looking to you all, my peers for input/feedback on what my basic build should look like, for the four different LFR Antorus raids. Thanks in advance for your respective recommendations guys & gals, it is very much appreciated! -CheersBentobox17 15h
15h Draenai or Panda and how to join friend So a friend and I are starting totally fresh. I am debating between Draenai or Panda so if anyone can shed some light. I understand Draenai have a 3 min CD decent heal which seems pretty limited, and Pandas have a bonus to food but not sure I remeember how food works LOL. Its been a long time since I last played. So I have 2 questions: 1) Draenai or panda? I love dorf but it seems that for PvE their special is totally useless. I also hear Draenai start with a better stat increase? 2) If I go Draenai or Panda, how quickly can I get them to human lands so I can join my friend who is going to play a tank.Quiktotem4 15h
16h Resto Mastery How broken would it be if mastery effected healing and damage against lower health targets? even if the damage was only to take a % of the effect your healing gets.Vitogobleone4 16h
16h WTB Spirit Moose form Glyph Come on, Blizzard. Give us more spirit animal forms. Starting with the Spirit Moose form in honor of our new Highmountain Moose brothers and sisters. But dont quit there. There are still several other animals (of which you updated in BFA) that you could include. More player customization, please. =)Vidaar0 16h
22h I don't want to lose Gust of Wind! It's my favorite spell! It's 100% of the reason I play Elemental rather than Enhancement. It's at least 40% of the reason I switched to Shaman from the Priest I played since vanilla. That little extra mobility, the ability to jump across a canyon, kill falling distance, hop out of an area of effect... I love it. It's not that it's powerful, it's that it's FUN. It makes me feel free and mobile. It makes me more aware of the environment because I can interact with it in interesting ways, rather than the gameworld just being a painted backdrop for a hundred thousand fights. The BfA preview info says Elemental is losing it. Enhance is keeping Feral Lunge, but who cares; it's only usable in combat, you can't explore the world or have fun with it. Resto is keeping Gust, so, whoop-de-doo, the healer can jump out of the fire in instances. But that's not what Gust is for. Gust is for leaping around the wider world. Gust is for enjoying the game. I'll enjoy the game a lot less without it. Seriously, put Gust of Wind on a talent line with "do 25% more damage forever" and "never die," and I'll take Gust every time. Big numbers aren't nearly as fun as being able to jump a canyon.Layou25 22h
1d Enh survival tips So i'm new to shamans and really like the play style of enhance so far. But I'm noticing how squishy the spec feels and would like some advice on it.Oroknag5 1d
1d ANY practical reason to roll Tauren shaman? Title. Everything I've read basically points to Orcs, but I'd planned to run an Orc warlock. Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything...Antorius33 1d
1d Oh My God (OMG) Nerfs sometime soon please? Shamans have too many totems and there are too many to count from.Each totem they have is overpowered and either (needs) major nerfing or entirely pruned.I hate seeing those ugly looking things on the ground.Each totem has like a billion hp, takes 10 years to destroy it, major re-working needs to be done for this class to be somewhat balanced.Thank you for your time.Fathermike23 1d
1d Anyone seen this Hydraxis bug? Right now Duke Hydraxis on one of my shamans has no Strength of the Tides ability available to unlock when it reaches Uncommon quality. It instead has a second Restoration trait (the one that counters certain bosses) that says it will unlock at Uncommon. My other shaman's Hydraxis (which is at rare quality) has his Strength of the Tides, and no second Restoration trait. So the bug isn't affecting every shaman... unless its affecting every Hydraxis that isn't yet at Uncommon quality? I'm hoping its a display problem of some sort. Has anyone else had this happen?Atenstein1 1d
1d Rsham Legion intro quest is awesome Shout out to blizz for this one, I've don't a bunch of Legion start quests for specs for multiple classes... Rsham is the best so far, great job.Brantxx0 1d
1d Shaman Tank Spec? Who would like to see an actual tank spec for Shaman, completing the four elements? It would be nice. I feel like we deserve it, what with all the Azeroth saving we've been doing lately. And no, I'm not talking about to almost-tanking you could do with Enhancement back in the day.Quinzal60 1d
1d Rate that transmog - Shaman! Last thread is at its limit so making a new one since I just got my artifact skin!! Let me know what you think! Rate the Shaman above youÆyéléss406 1d
1d Are shaman fun at cap? I'm trying out the HM tauren and thought why not shaman? I've just healed a few dungeons and it was pretty fun. I know fun is a subjective term so if you think they're fun what do you find fun about them? Talking about any spec for pve.Hooftotem9 1d
1d Leveling as restoration 100-110 So I have a 110 main, done pathfinders etc. and now leveling Alts. My shaman Is 103 elemental, I used to heal as a shaman prior to legion and was pretty good at it. I miss it. So...i went and did quest to get my healing artifact. Which I found to be very very hard to do on the last part. I switched to restoration spec, set talents up, and found myself going out of power, and my npc group down to zero health. I got through it and got the artifact, but it wasn’t I’m wondering if playing/leveling as resto is just a Bad a Bad idea. Or is just that I’m super weak till I get some points into my artifact? If the many points to make healing 5 man dungeons and leveling 103 to 110 actually viable? Thanks for any shares of experience here.Silvaris4 1d
1d Is there a way to find what my DPS should be? I'm a fairly casual player but I'd to not be dead weight in LFR and on the offchance I try my hands at some raids. I downloaded a DPS meter but it really only made me feel like I should have left the raid since everyone elses damage was so much higher than mine.Rheyia1 1d
1d New weapon dmg changes, and 2h enhance. Seeing how all abilities will be AP based, I see no reason why 2h enh can't be a thing now. Now it's just a cosmetic thing that wouldn't effect balancing because weapon dmg doesnt matter. And the fact that we get a little more windfury dmg will counteract not being able to use lava lash. I think blizzard is in a prime spot to bring it back seeing how our ss damage and everything else is attack power based instead of weapon damage.Vøltt1 1d
1d Cool-downs on Shocks coming back (Elemental) Am I the only one who thinks this is a giant step backwards for the spec?Parloma7 1d
1d Enh Shaman BFA changes These are the latest changes. I see a lot of good and some possible iffys but one really bad thing here. To start with the good: I am loving the new totem Mastery talent over the old windsong as I didn't really think windsong ever lined up with our burst properly being on a 45 sec CD. This seem like it could be better for over base damage and may even make fury of air less of a headache with the increased maelstrom. Less we forget 5% to SS and LL and 5% proc chance for Windfury Windfury totem is another really attractive talent as the 20 auto attack buffs coupled with a 1 min CD make this almost a 70%-90% uptime. And with its only competition being a slight enhance to a long CD and overcharge...well raid dps could make us feel more Team enhancement again instead of only self enhancement. Spirit wolf I am loving for pvp as it looks to be like an incredible survivability tool. Which is nice as our survivability in Pvp is lacking outside of astral shifts 8 secs. The one thing that is looking really really sketch right now for me is WHERE IS EARTHGRAB! I'm really hoping that EG makes an appearance in honor talents or something because it looks like resto received it baseline and we kinda lost it all together. Has blizz finally figured out how great it was? Let me know what you guys think, or if there is anything that is sending you spiraling specificallyTakk27 1d
1d Race Specific Ghost Wolf? Orcs got ghost wolf, Goblins get ghost crab, Trolls get ghost raptor, Pandaren get ghost crane, etc. I just think it would be coolJerlbays3 1d
2d Enh or Ele Shammy Hello my shaman brothers. I am about to start one of your own (HM) and i would ike you, ppl who play this class, to tell me if i should go Enh or Ele. Thank you and may the nerf hand never touch us again.Jareth3 2d
2d Need help, cannot get my resto shaman weapon Ok so i did something dumb. I got my enhancement weapon at level 100 my elemental weapon at level 105 and at 110 i was working on the resto weapon. The problem is the mobs hit too hard and i instantly pull aggro and take 30% of my health per second. I even bought 815 gear to help me with the quest and i still cannot do it. The resto quest line for the artifact weapon is impossible to do. My healing only heals like 5% of the giant's health, and the giant is taking like 15-20% of health every second. He doesn't hold threat and also i have to pop coldowns on the first pull (with the mukurara and the crabs,) and i am stuck on the naga sea witch. If you can nerf the mobs a little bit that would be good. I am not a noob - i remove curse the debuff frost bombs, i use healing stream rip tide spamming healing surges and use talents for single target focus. I tried to fight it out as enhancement but i am taking 40% of my health from the debuffs which i cannot dispel. The quest should be doable at level 110. I cannot do it because the scaling is broken. Thanks for the help, please nerf please. (my item level is 795 with all 780 and a few 815 peices and i bought specifically peerless (mastery and crit) gear and i still get destroyed) ThanksBattletap15 2d
2d Chain Heal Glyph is now default so... So yeah, those new 7.3 spell animations. Pretty cool. Okay. But I couldn't help but notice that chain heal now looks like it has a watery appearance by default, which has been a glyph for a while. Now I know Blizz has been phasing out anything not strictly element related in the class for a while, but I at least really enjoyed the old 'spirit-y' green stuff and I was wondering if anyone had any word/speculation on whether or not we'd now be able to glyph for NON-watery chain heal? I hadn't seen anything about it but I've been spotty on keeping up with literally everything since my work schedule shifted to hell mode.Hargrand24 2d
2d shaman best racial Im going to guess orc is by far the best shaman race when it comes to pvp due to orc stun reduction? I like trolls better aesthetically but i know their racial is not that great for arenaAllvegas14 2d
3d Elemental broken? I have soul of the farseer ring, when i talent into storm elemental and primal elementalist the primal storm elemental misses every hit, in pvp and pve anyone know anything about thisTimæus0 3d
3d Tips for parsing well on Vari and Coven? I pretty much only pug so I don't have much control over what the raid comp is.Sings19 3d
3d BFA: a senseless murder of elemental pvp RIP Fun. Gust of Wind is gone. Dramatically less mobility, takes away play making ability and severely nerfs us defensively. Icefury is gone. One less school of magic, interrupts on Ele just got a big buff. Also it was obviously an insane god tier spell, but we'll leave that out. Earthgrab is gone. Stormkeeper nerfed. Cap totem has been massively nerfed. 90 Talent Tier is terrible 30 Talent Tier has only one viable choice. 15 Talent Tier is terrible Elemental Blast which is a really cool looking ability, will not be used ever again, other talents are just better. (I'll remember it fondly from MoP) Spirit Wolf and Natures guardian are excellent talents BUT in a 3s game, if you're going to survive a double melee cleave you will literally be camping ghost wolf the whole game and running, good luck casting. BEFORE gust of wind was a thing, you used to earthgrab melee dps to generate enough space for 1 lava burst cast. But that is gone too. Path of Flame has been replaced by Molten Fury, which is pretty damn generic and very tastless. Coupled with the reintroduction of a flameshock cooldown, its a massive overall nerf to the way flame shock is spread. And oh flame shock does less damage now too. Earthquake has a really long cast time which is only reduced by chain lightning casts. Seismic Armor talent is a really cool idea for a defensive talent. But again, good luck casting that earthquake with a frost dk and dh on your face. Also instant earthquake was a very strong siege ability to force people out from hiding behind pillars. Tremor Totem is back so that's cool. Overall, its pretty clear blizzard wants Ele to be some sort of lightning warrior spec. And are forcing lightning bolt down our throat. BUT DONT WORRY WE HAVE LIQUID MAGMA TOTEM AS AN OPTION THANK GOD.Aitex23 3d
3d BFA shaman thoughts? Feel,lore etc Personally I've always loved lightning more than fire, it's why I played shaman in the first place. At the same time, I know lightning bolt spam is not the most interesting gameplay. Also, I wish they redid the spell effect on lightning bolt to be more like chain lightnings.. I'm not sure how i feel about the fulmination changesKagrathar3 3d
3d Restoration BFA Alpha: WHY So, disclaimer: I get that stuff is subject to change, what I'm mostly referring to here is the DIRECTION that blizzard is going with the spec. Why on earth is our spec in such dire need of nerfs? Cloudburst Totem only takes effective healing, replaces Healing Stream Totem, AG is being removed, Crashing Waves is a shadow of it's Legion version. I get that they are taking maybe a different approach with healing, but why isn't it consistent across specs? Druids are getting their artifact ability baked into a talent they take 100% of the time in raids, and Hpriests are getting more utility baseline. Compared to these specs, why is Shaman in need of nerfs?Watergoon15 3d
3d Shaman Should Keep Artifact Traits for Vanity a big part of shaman is the cool spell casts, and the artifact traits added so many cool things, like seeing the elemental rocks heaving themselves at enemies, seeing a tiny lava tornado fly around when you used lava lash, seeing a healing totem pulsing with cleansing waves whenever you used riptide, so many cool effects were added to shaman and it would be a shame to see them all go. I would like to see a lot of the artifact traits stay in as passives, even if they dealt very little damage/healing.Jerlbays1 3d
3d Primal Elementalist should be pet EleShaman Reposting here because you guys might care. So I've been thinking about Elemental Shaman and what could be done to improve it. Now don't get me wrong, it's a fun spec, but it could be funner and I realized that all of it could be centered around the "Primal Elementalist" Talent. But first, something really obvious: Take the Water Elemental from frost mages, and give it to shamans. I'm going to be straight honest, Frost mages don't really need a pet. It's not a pet class, and there's really no flavor for mages to have elementals like that. Most mages pick "Lonely Winter" so they don't have to deal with it anyway. Just take the Water Elemental, change its role to healing, and make it a third summonable element for Elemental Shamans just like the Earth and Fire Elementals. And also let it be the one elemental that Restoration Shamans can summon because that's just obvious. Now, I've played with Primal Elementalist a lot. It's a fairly amusing ability, but I think it could be better. The Primal Elementalist talent basically super modes all your summoned Elementals. Greater Fire becomes Primal Fire, Greater Earth becomes Primal Earth, even Greater Storm becomes Primal Storm if you picked the talent that replaced your Fire Elemental. Primal Elementalist also gives them each a new ability and a pet bar, but at a cost. Without Primal Elementalist, a shaman could literally panic button summon both the Earth and Fire Elementals, but if you have Primal Elementalist then you're limited to one. Which is fair since they're like 1.8 times the Elemental they were before. But if it's going to do that, it should go all the way. Make the Primal Elementalist talent be reverse Lone Wolf/Lonely Winter. Once you turn it on, the Elemental should stay with you until defeated and you have to resummon it. A Primal Elementalist shaman should be able to quest and run around with an elemental following them, much like a Warlock. P. Earth Elemental = Tank pet P. Fire Elemental = DPS pet P. Water Elemental = Heal pet This would let the shaman get a bit more usability out of these summoned elementals, which normally have lengthy cooldowns, fit the flavor of the class a bit better (Shamans and Elements fit together like Shamans and Totems, Demon Hunters and edge, Paladins and forcefully putting your faith in the Light), and implementing it through Primal Elementalist would allow for shamans who don't want an awesome Elemental hanging out with them (literally 'why?' but they exist I guess) to ignore it. I know I want to quest around next expac with a Primal Fire Elemental hanging out right next to me. I mean imagine, dungeon's going, healers getting overburdened, so the Shaman swaps their Primal Fire Elemental for a Primal Water Elemental to help with heals while still doing their job as DPS. What do you guys think? (If you want the tl;dr, just look at the underlined sections)Xanthezia7 3d
3d Enhancement Shaman Leveling under 100 What in the literal hell's is going on here? I have been plowing through Dreanor on a 95 warrior, a 93 monk. Just finished Draenor with my 100 mage, had no problems with my paladin or druid when they were in there 90's, but for the love of the elements, why in the literal hell's am I losing 20 to 25% health to non elite mobs in draenor from one hit as an enhancement shaman? None of the other classes I played took even remotely this much damage, including my cloth wearing mage, this is just complete insanity. I can't tackle any of the unique elite bosses because they completely demolish me in like 2 hits. I run out of mana a few seconds into a fight trying to heal myself and my heal doesn't even heal enough to keep up with the damage when i'm using maelstrom to instant cast it, I just run out of mana after a few casts. I would swear I have a debuff on me that increases damage taken by like 50% and healing reduced by 50%. Even normal level quest objectives like the all seeing eye which isn't elite and you get an npc to help you, almost killed me right off the bat thru my damage reduction ability and stone form! Is there some issue with damage and hp scaling in Draenor still? I did the Iron Horde frontlines quest and just kept getting two shotted by the foot soldiers, I had to stand way back and not do anything but hit the summon elemental device until the npc's finished the quest for me. I didn't have to do that with any other class, cause none of them were so utteraly completely weak. I've even had other shaman's come up to me in zones and ask me if it felt off to me too, cause they were also out there getting killed trying to do same level non elite quests, just to watch someone the same level of any other class just plow right through the mobs that are dealing insane amounts of damage to me. What in the hell is going on with this class? Shaman use to be one of my favorite classes, but I can't even play it for more then 20 minutes without logging off now in frustration, something is seriously wrong with this.Magnor1 3d
4d Does anyone miss Grounding Totem? I realize it was an oft overlooked item, but grounding totem with spell reflect (the glyph or talent or whatever it was that let it reflect spells) was one of my favorite Shaman abilities. Simple post, really. I just really want it back, am I the only one?Sundermoon2 4d
4d As much as I love my void elf... My draenei just looks away better no contest :( Makes me sad.Crimsonita3 4d
4d Restoration Macro Question I was wondering how to create a 1 button macro with different effects for targeting a friendly or unfriendly target. For example, targeting someone in my party/raid and casting the spell would be chain heal, while if I was targeting an enemy it would be chain lighting. Thanks for any help.Tetupu6 4d
4d Best race for Alliance Shaman? I want to change from Horde to Alliance on soon to be 110 Shaman. Any suggestions on best race, will be enhancement to start?Krazikat33 4d
5d Ethereal Form Hi guys, just curious if any Enhancement Shamans are having problems with Ethereal Form not working in instanced PvP? It just will not work for myself. The ability is dulled in colour and I do not even get the message of 'You cannot use this ability'. I had made a report on the bug forums; yet still have had no answers or seen a fix.Torlin3 5d