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3m New Enhancement Results So a lot like everyone else, I was very displeased with the new changes to Enhancement in 7.1.5. From maintaining over 400k with a solid rotation to a clunky, proc waiting rotation barely pulling 350k. With the latest hotfix, I think I found a build that makes us viable again. I ran normal Nighthold last night and cleared up to 5 bosses (1 shotted each one) and I was consistently in the top 5. I'm ilvl 880 with my 4th golden in Doomhammer. My current build is: Boulderfist Wind Rush Totem Lightning Surge Totem Ancestral Swiftness Overcharge Crashing Storm Landslide Crit 25.46% Haste 23.86% Mastery 58.35% I found that Lightning Bolt hits like a truck with this build and is my number one source of damage. Hope this helps other Enhancement Shamans. PS. I still wish they didn't change Enhancement and I am no way saying that this is a superior build to the old one. This is just a build that helps our damage out currently.Zarakii29 3m
55m Is the new wolf trinket worth using? Don't remember the name of it. But chance on hit to reduce CD of wolves by 5 seconds, 880 ilvl. Dropped my 875 Eye of Command for it as it simmed better. Had anyone used it yet?Broxiz9 55m
59m Solo Leveling 100-110 what Spec? Hello Shaman community. I am relatively new to shamans and wow too for that matter and have a few leveling questions for levels 100-110. I'm a busy fella and my play times are all over the place so I usually solo. I'm used to playing my Druid and soloing in bear form where I can pull lots of mobs and burn them down slow while sustaining myself. Now I know Shaman has no tank spec, but what spec have u guys used to level yourselves? If I get more than 2 mobs on me at once I get smoked. i thought maybe resto. It would be a slow killer but at least I'd have all the heals needed to keep myself up, but no still smoked. Granted I do not have my artifact weapons for resto or ele yet just enhance so that may be part of it and also just inexperience. So yeah that's it. What specs/strategies have u guys used to solo grind from 100-110? ThanksVhain9 59m
1h Resto Shaman PvP In my opinion, healing BGs on a resto shaman is very difficult. Almost every class has a stun, most have interrupts, then there is silence/fear/horrify/sap mechanics. Between all of that it is quite common for me be DPS'd down to <25% before I can get a single heal off, and forget about healing anyone else. There isnt really enough mobility to effectively kite/heal, and there are too many mechanics to prevent planting and hard-casting heals. Calming waters honor talent used to be the saving grace that made shamans playable. The current version is basically worthless, it is not the duration of the interrupt that matters, it is the interrupt itself. I dont care that I am interrupted for 1 second instead of 3-4, because it is always woven into a chain of stun/sap/fear/horrify/knockback. This is why you almost never see shamans healing in BGs. Maybe it is just me that is the problem, but I certainly do just fine on my monk healer. Shaman healing is a totally different experience... So to whom it may concern, please revert calming waters to its previous version. thank you, that is all.Buster2 1h
1h enhancement pvp need help Sup guys, i recently started playing my sham enhancement in pvp and I don't know how to deal damage. Sometimes i can do good burst dmg but 90% of the time my damage are really bad. Im new to this class. My artifact is at 24 AP. Whats your ''rotation'' in pvp?Klîce0 1h
1h Question to Devs This is a question to Development, are you guys working on shamans or are we being looked at to be fixed because if u guys think we're ok and no buffs I will reroll. Thanks. Stay postiveInure7 1h
2h Windfury vs Counterstrike for random BGs Title says it all. Which do you prefer and why Counterstrike vs Windfury. Personally I've noticed more a difference running Counterstrike, specifically when put in 1 vs 1 situations, it has been a tide changer, or when a teammate is being burned down, I can pop it and watch the damage roll. I've tried windury out, but havn't really noticed to big of an improvement overall to be honest and the 10 yard range just seems to low, but as always I am looking to improve my gameplay. So for all the pro shamans out there which do you prefer?Garthug4 2h
2h Elemental or Enhance for PVP Hello, so i was playing elemental and still getting a beat down, and a thought occured to me (yes i think i have a brain... still?) is enhancement still better off for PVP then elemental? i was checking on this site: and was wondering why elemental is still low even with all the buffs... i know i am not playing elemental to its full potential, but i am still wondering why its still low and enhancement is high... FYI, i usually try and do 3v3 or BG's, any thoughts, maybe enhancement is better, especially pve as well?Xeonheart7 2h
2h Resto Shammy vs MW Monk My Monk and Shammy are both at the same ilvl, both have all golden traits open, etc, but no matter how hard i try, my shaman cannot get anywhere even near my monk's heals. can anyone help me figure out why? My most common spells are healing surge, chain heal, healing stream/tide totems, riptide, and healing rain. (which i assume is the same for everyone) but i am still struggling to get near the HPS of my monk, which sucks bc i really like my shaman better ascetically/lore etc wise.Healingwaves4 2h
3h All Hail The Screwface He's like The Scorpion King if the Scorpion King had a rideable badass mustache instead of that silly ponytail. He's the limo ridin, meatball flyin, time of day postin, Earth d*ck tossing F*ck boy King of the Shaman. First there was Thrall, now there is Screwface. Bow to him or prepare to have your sh*t pushed in and and your girlfriend f*cked. I am merely the messenger. The Screwface cometh.Thrallsac4 3h
4h Nighthold (Normal) Resto I am healing Nighthold tonight with my guild, any suggestions or specs? I've been searching on the web and reading a couple of things, but I thought I would reach out to the community and get some feedback. Thanks!Jasòn7 4h
4h Rate that Transmog! You know what to do! x/10, and brief description of why in regards to the transmog of the person above you!Valayria490 4h
5h Make LB arc to every target hit by CL. There you go, Blizzard. I just fixed Enhancement AOE for you.Olarienn4 5h
7h Best Enhanc AOE Build Hey folks! Going straight to the point: Which build would be more optimized for Enhancement Shaman in your opinion? I can only see two now a days (considering the hotfix): 1) Boulderfist + AS + Tempest + FoA + LS 2) Boulderfist + AS + Tempest + Crashing Storm + LS I've been testing both of them in mythic+ and I felt that Fury of Air brought me the best overall damaging result (normally keeping 510k+ overall). With Crashing Storm I have the feeling that we are dependent on stormstrike procs to AoE, while with FoA we have a more fluid and consistent aoe damage. For Nighthold I'm not pretty sure yet, cause i've ran it only one time since started. But for Raid Scenarios, and heavy AoE situations in Nighthold (like Aluriel Spellblade and Scorp) I still think FoA is better than Crashing Storm. What is your opinion about it? Any other suggestion? PS: I have only the legendary waist to helps in AoE damage).Orcuda10 7h
8h Elemental...I love you! These changes are amazing and it seems the rotation doesnt bog out. I have been sustaining 500k or above on bosses in raids. I'm so excited and stoked. Please dont nerf or mess with us Blizzard!Profien42 8h
8h Enhance PvP Any Good? So, I've been trying enhancement in casual bgs and the occassional arenas, but it seems to be a highly ineffective spec. Not only do I not deal a lot of damage (870 ilvl), I have much less survivability than in the past with only one (or two) defensives. What are some tips to playing this spec, if it is even viable in any pvp? I don't want to give up enhance, but it doesn't feel the same as it used to. :(Decaiden11 8h
9h Lost codex of the Amani Lost codex of the Amani Seriously does this even drop from the underbelly bosses? I farmed this for 5 hours and didn't loot it. Can a blue please confirm this correct? Is it jut super rare drop rate?Soulshox349 9h
9h Okay blizz jokes over! fix enh! Enhance damage. what do?Zeâl55 9h
10h Arans ruby So I finally got arans ruby, but no NB chest still. Does anyone know how many targets there has to be for an 860 ruby (with no chest) to beat an 860 padawasens?Shamcrow3 10h
11h Enhancement's Niche What role do we do better than any other class in 7.1.5?Calgrok7 11h
12h New Hotfix and... no Enhance Buffs Paladins are likely still gonna crush it after the Crusade nerf, but we're not even going to be good on cleave fights let alone Single Target.Flare12 12h
12h Enhance: H NH Dps req. Pulling all the stops bu Enhance damage still looks like poo. Stormbringer starved babyThermaul19 12h
13h Info on Ele Shammies. I am currently levelling an Ele shammy to switch my mage and looking for people's advise on what I should build with my shammy (secondary stats wise), rotations and useful macro's (if any)Ayukama5 13h
14h Can barelly pull 300K dps on normal NH I'm enhancement with ilvl 874 atm (no enchants) and i was being able to pull a constant 330K dps on most NH bosses, but for some reason now i can barely get to 300K leaving me at the last spot on DPS on my guild. Without food buffs or flasks i have the following relevant stats: -26 888 Agility -25% Haste -60% Mastery I think i'm not getting as much stormbringer procs as i should. At this pooint i'm pretty sure it's me doing something wrong or was our nerf THAT big?Hadoukken4 14h
15h SV Hunter Traps in 2s/3s Curious how everyone is playing against survival hunters in arenas? Cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong, but they seem to absolutely murder me with traps. If I try to keep moving, I am rooted, then trapped. If I try to play grounding totem and they're playing with a druid/pal I typically try to keep grounding for HoJ or Clone, should I be trying to save it for trap instead, as this is less avoidable? I have thought about possibly playing with voodoo totem as well so that when I see them root me, I can get the totem down on them to buy me some time to move. If they play with a MW, sham, or Priest, I try to play with voodoo mastery/earthgrab totem so i can keep them in LOS of my dps and CC'd a lot more. Maybe I should play with grounding still in this instance and try to force the other team to oom themselves more by having more time to cast? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks :)Sebaceouss11 15h
15h Heroism Macro wont' work when mercenary?? Hi guys, I've been queing Mercenary a lot in battlegrounds lately due to the shorter ques, when I'm on horde my macro looks something like this. #showtooltip /cast Bloodlust /cast Blood fury /cast Doom Winds Now this macro tends to work fine, activates lust every single time no problem. However when I go merc it changes my skill to heroism, and strangely I have to pull it onto my bar because this just doesn't work. #showtooltip /cast Heroism /cast Doom Winds Also it's weird because the one in the class specific spellbook does not work either, not even when I attempt to click it, I have to actually pull it out of the general spell tab. So is there a way that I can macro it differently so it works? Thanks a lot guys, Garthug.Garthug3 15h
15h Resto hidden weapon skin Anyone having as much trouble getting this as I am?Alfödr11 15h
16h Uncertain Reminder and Sense of Urgency Is it only the blood lust effect that lasts 75% longer or does the bonus healing from sense of urgency last 75% longer as well?Bipst0 16h
18h SHAMAN CHAMPIONS - I only have 2 My shaman is lvl 110, 853 item level, has completed every quest in every zone just a few left in suamar, done all the world quests, dones all mythics, some raids, completed everything available in order hall, only 1 quests comes up on my champion board and I do that every 3 hours. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: I cannot get any more champions than the 2, I unlocked ages ago, I have tried everything, there are no outstanding quests anywhere. I have no idea how to get more champions. please help.Wízbasky11 18h
18h Ele pvp dps sucks 20 casts of lava burst/lightning bolt to kill a 3 million afk hunter in AV. .... 20 casts... like literally WTF... Melee run around and smack people continuously for 200+k damage while my INTERRUPTABLE cast does 125-150k... yippee..Nicknack20 18h
20h Shammy!! I've played wow since BC but i never really played a shammy i just hit 110 on this guy and the enhance spec is freaking awesome i can see that people are angry with the "nerfs" that the spec received but i'm actually not worried about the dmg since balancing will still be done. The class hall and story behind the class is dope as well and having freaking doomhammers is awesome!!! P.S may the elements be with youYungtotemz0 20h
1d Tier/talents question So I was running Kara a few days ago and there was another enhance in the group and She was saying that when we get our 4-piece we go back to the "Old spec" Of BF, Tempest and CL and That there are sims that show the BF/Temp/CL coming out on top in DPS -- So my questions is, Is this true And where are these Sims They spoke of?Styck6 1d
1d Does enhance have any survivability anymore? Welp does it? It used to be amazing. I've dabbled on it at 100. I'd just like to know if it possibly gets any better.Brootality19 1d
1d Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook169 1d
1d Which resto legendary will you upgrade first? I have the neck, gloves, and the pants. With the changes to the neck, I'm seriously considering upgrading the neck first now. Curious what you guys think the best legendary is and out of the ones you have, which will you be upgrading first?Tmoody7 1d
1d Enh resourse add-on Anyone have enh maelstrom addon. Loved ragebarMartîllos11 1d
1d Aran's trinket Is this even any good for Mythic+ anymore? I know it dropped like a rock in the Elemental trinket ratings and I'm trying to determine if it's even worth trying to get still.Silverseraph2 1d
1d Shaman (Enhancement) Class Trial Hello all! I recently decided to try out the Shaman class, and did so through the Class Trial feature. Got myself the Doom Hammer and everything. It was rough though; I died at least twice and I was always near death's door in every fight during that scenario. I like the idea of Enhancement; channeling the power of the elements directly into your weapons to smite your foes. The trial though, leaves me feeling that the Enhancement Shaman is missing some quality of life features, such as better defense and maelstrom generation. I always felt energy starved, and the only two(?) maelstrom generating attacks made the class feel spammy and stale. Once I had that maelstrom though, I didn't really know what to do with it. Of all the Classes I've tried out, I've always been able to get a feel for the rotation, but not with Enhance. I couldn't feel out a pattern or combo that made my rotation feel smooth and satisfying. Enhancement also seems to suffer from very poor AoE attacks as well; I was getting constantly surrounded in that scenario and felt like I could barely survive. At one point I just left caution fly to the winds and started bashing buttons until everything around me died. It felt weird and counter-intuitive. Now this may not actually be a problem with the Class itself, but with someone completely new to the experience. Plus the Trial starts you off at, what ilvl 640 gear or something? Decent, but nothing great. Is the the Enhance Shaman gear hungry? Are its defenses as raw as I think they are? AoE weak in general? I know a lot of the misfires are from me being new to the class, but honestly, I've never tried out a Class and felt this much disconnect before. So I'd be really interested in hearing the thoughts and opinions of those Players who actually main (or alt!) a Shaman, and what they think of the Enhancement specialization in general. I'm still in love with the idea of playing one as an Alt, but with Legion's current grind content, I want to make sure I pick something that I won't regret later on. Does the experience get better with proper gear and max level? Thanks!Mahjøng2 1d
1d Crafted trinkets for elemental shaman Good idea to use the versatility and Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire trinkets for elemental shaman until I get better ones?Chantakore1 1d
1d Biggest Elemental Nuke Hi guys, trying out ele shaman pvp at 110 coming from destruction warlock and im noticing elemental shaman seems to hit for alot less dmg. What talents would you suggest taking to hit the largest possible single nuke in pvp? Would it be lava burst oriented with control of lava? Thanks in advance, looking to learn from you kind soulsMarionette13 1d
1d ASC or Icefury - what are you finding? Looking at the logs, it seems like the majority of top parses are running ASC builds, however personally I am finding IF to edge out a bit more DPS - no CDs on a dummy, IF is doing about 50k dps more over a 4 minute "fight" and I'm finding in raids, it is giving a lot more freedom of movement, how are you finding the two compare? I am wondering if the logs are full of ASC due to people not wanting to complicate the rotation with IF or maybe it pushes ahead a slightly higher gear levels and at 86.5% mastery. Just wanted to get some others experiences and opinions after the first shots at NH.Klerik28 1d
1d Fix Totem Targeting Area! Having serious trouble putting down totems and a couple of other healing area effect spells (LST, EBT, Healing Rain, Gift of the Queen). Have had trouble in the past using each of those in raids/ dungeons and even in PVP. I would think dropping the totems at the players feet could work instead of having to put a target area but that would be pretty bad, better to be able to fix it so the totem/healing areas could be put anywhere! Any other tips on how to fix would help!Crazytides5 1d
1d Elemental's options are quite diverse Not joking, take a look. Top 10 parses of ele on a per fight basis in heroic. Lots of different legendaries being used, lots of different talents being used, all swapped around on a per fight basis. Every single talent row is being changed based on the person using it. Our options are diverse man! One of them even swapped in Sephuz's Secret AND Prydaz and got #3 in the world on Skorpyron! I'm at a loss of words of how awesome this is. God I love what our spec is capable of right now.Tuskini13 1d
1d For your nostalgic viewing pleasure... I present to you Deity, the Switcher. Complete with frost shocking action! 1d
1d A guy named Screwface He is a Youtuber and he plays Shaman, Ele and Enh. You should look him up he is funny guy and has a lot of insight to the class pvp wise and he has a hell of a time doin it. He also has a glorious mustache.Hupz9 1d
1d Purgeable buffs in pvp? So I was wondering if there are any shamans out there that would be willing to list out what you feel are the most important spells to purge on a class by class basis. Or possibly link to somewhere that has it listed? Thanks, Garthug.Garthug8 1d
1d hunters,arcanemage,destrolock all seem to be getting a hot fix soon from what i read on wow head. and shammys get nothing...Evilhart5 1d
1d BG PVP on enh shaman for a casual... First let me start off by saying, I am by no means a pro player, I'm a casual at best, however in previous expansions I have had very good success and fun with the shaman class(specifically enhancement in pvp). So I've been playing on and off since vanilla, I just came back after taking years off of this game. I used to really like the Shaman playstyle(enhancement), so I decided to use my advancement to auto-level a shammy. So Now I've been playing roughly 1 month, I've watched pvp videos, tutorials etc.. I've watched streamers play enhancement, and of the videos I see they appear to do well, but generally it just shows domination matches where they are never focused or they have a pocket healer the entire BG. They actually make enhancement appear fun in some games, and to be honest occasionally I'll get a healer and it can be fun, however.... most of the time I just feel like a free kill.... especially in group fights due to the large amount of CC and lack of stunbreaks and defensives. Seriously it is to the point if I see a DH or frost DK and even warlock solo protecting a node... I literally leave them alone or run(and these 3 classes are so very prevalent in random BGs atm)... In larger fights I am literally stun-locked and 100-0 in seconds... astral shift occasionally buys me an extra second or two, but generally I just feel very weak in comparison to other classes out there. As a person who plays DPS, I just feel like I am actually doing my BG teams more harm than good with this spec, as my damage overall is on the lower side during BGs... (again occasionally I'll get very close to the top of the charts, but it is rare, especially since I try to play for objectives or target healers the latter of which results in my 3 second untimely demise from enemy dps). If I hang back to peel from our healers I see very little action. With that being said, I love the feel of the shamans abilities, and the burst you can pull with lucky SS procs, however I honestly feel underwhelming about 90% of the time. I honestly never remember feeling this way when I played in WOTLK and MOP. So my question is, am I doing something horribly wrong? Anyone who mains an enhancement shaman have any pointers to increase survivability? I play this game to have fun, but lately the level of frustration when playing has just been getting to me, and I really am trying to improve my ability as a player Any advice is appreciated especially from someone who mains enh in BGs and does well. Thanks, GarthugGarthug46 1d
1d Al'akir's Acrimony Question I have a question regarding the legendary wrist. I only had it drop for me a few mins ago. Everywhere on the forums and on places like icy veins people say its terrible but it looks like it would be godly in mythic+ and the first couple of bosses of the NH. Can anyone confirm I guess how it works (how many does the +5% go upto) and if it is really good in mythic+ (and I guess if its bad - then why?). I was using shoulders + belt. I run Asc in raids so the belt is obviously staying, but I get very little out of the shoulders. Does anyone have any experience of when I should use the wrists?Shamanguyz6 1d