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2m New Hotfix and... no Enhance Buffs Paladins are likely still gonna crush it after the Crusade nerf, but we're not even going to be good on cleave fights let alone Single Target.Flare4 2m
6m Al'akir's Acrimony Question I have a question regarding the legendary wrist. I only had it drop for me a few mins ago. Everywhere on the forums and on places like icy veins people say its terrible but it looks like it would be godly in mythic+ and the first couple of bosses of the NH. Can anyone confirm I guess how it works (how many does the +5% go upto) and if it is really good in mythic+ (and I guess if its bad - then why?). I was using shoulders + belt. I run Asc in raids so the belt is obviously staying, but I get very little out of the shoulders. Does anyone have any experience of when I should use the wrists?Shamanguyz5 6m
9m HUGE BUG Ok FOR one this is constructive not making problems! so after the huge pve nerfs we got iv been testing out alot of diff talents builds and in patch notes and in game it says SUNDERING (1300% AP) was 1000%, well it used to be 280k dmg for me and now it says 400k like its suppose to from the buff right? well im still hitting old dmg on sundering and earthen spike, please fix this because i am not using those talents due to the dmg not being buffed. Earthen spike: posts 360k did 245k Sundering: posts 426k did 203kInure8 9m
31m Enhancement Shamans Got straight wrekt Thought i would link this, Enhancement Shamans are performing under MM hunters.. this is a joke, blizz literally messed this up so bad . Everyone is so worried about the state of MM HUNTERS but the overall changes they made to enhancement plus the nerf to SA . On top of making HS completely irrelevant which trickled into the legendary ring or the wrists taking even that much harder of a nerf . Enhancement may have actually gotten screwed harder than hunters .... I honestly do not think enhancement will recover from these changes. Even with the buffs that come out tomorrow. Any thoughts ? cause I have played enhancement since MOP and i am ready to straight end my subscription..... PermanentlyAmörra62 31m
39m can enhancement please get an aoe buff Currently in NH there are a ton of fights where multiple adds are at play. This is terrible for enhancement because we are "good single target dpsers" and that has actually lost its meaning as there are a bunch of classes that are ahead of us in both single target AND aoe now. Not really sure why you nerfed FoA. if anything it needed a buff.Lolmaru17 39m
47m Biggest Elemental Nuke Hi guys, trying out ele shaman pvp at 110 coming from destruction warlock and im noticing elemental shaman seems to hit for alot less dmg. What talents would you suggest taking to hit the largest possible single nuke in pvp? Would it be lava burst oriented with control of lava? Thanks in advance, looking to learn from you kind soulsMarionette10 47m
1h Elemental's options are quite diverse Not joking, take a look. Top 10 parses of ele on a per fight basis in heroic. Lots of different legendaries being used, lots of different talents being used, all swapped around on a per fight basis. Every single talent row is being changed based on the person using it. Our options are diverse man! One of them even swapped in Sephuz's Secret AND Prydaz and got #3 in the world on Skorpyron! I'm at a loss of words of how awesome this is. God I love what our spec is capable of right now.Tuskini4 1h
1h Elemental pvp Hey guys, Looking for some guidance here, I used to love playing ele but I walked away from it when I could no longer compete with them in pvp, mind you this was quite a while ago. Are they still a hard class/spec to do well with in pvpHollygrove14 1h
1h Ele pvp dps sucks 20 casts of lava burst/lightning bolt to kill a 3 million afk hunter in AV. .... 20 casts... like literally WTF... Melee run around and smack people continuously for 200+k damage while my INTERRUPTABLE cast does 125-150k... yippee..Nicknack18 1h
1h Best Shaman Ever I'm pretty much the best there ever was. Please direct all Shaman related questions my way. You're welcome.Aggmuppet8 1h
2h Enh resourse add-on Anyone have enh maelstrom addon. Loved ragebarMartîllos10 2h
2h Which resto legendary will you upgrade first? I have the neck, gloves, and the pants. With the changes to the neck, I'm seriously considering upgrading the neck first now. Curious what you guys think the best legendary is and out of the ones you have, which will you be upgrading first?Tmoody5 2h
2h Resto Shammy vs MW Monk My Monk and Shammy are both at the same ilvl, both have all golden traits open, etc, but no matter how hard i try, my shaman cannot get anywhere even near my monk's heals. can anyone help me figure out why? My most common spells are healing surge, chain heal, healing stream/tide totems, riptide, and healing rain. (which i assume is the same for everyone) but i am still struggling to get near the HPS of my monk, which sucks bc i really like my shaman better ascetically/lore etc wise.Healingwaves3 2h
3h Shaman Tier 20! Heavily influenced by T6 - something I'm pretty happy with since that's one of my favorite Shaman sets. Also Taurens/Trolls get boots! What a time to be alive... 3h
4h Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook161 4h
4h New Enhancement Results So a lot like everyone else, I was very displeased with the new changes to Enhancement in 7.1.5. From maintaining over 400k with a solid rotation to a clunky, proc waiting rotation barely pulling 350k. With the latest hotfix, I think I found a build that makes us viable again. I ran normal Nighthold last night and cleared up to 5 bosses (1 shotted each one) and I was consistently in the top 5. I'm ilvl 880 with my 4th golden in Doomhammer. My current build is: Boulderfist Wind Rush Totem Lightning Surge Totem Ancestral Swiftness Overcharge Crashing Storm Landslide Crit 25.46% Haste 23.86% Mastery 58.35% I found that Lightning Bolt hits like a truck with this build and is my number one source of damage. Hope this helps other Enhancement Shamans. PS. I still wish they didn't change Enhancement and I am no way saying that this is a superior build to the old one. This is just a build that helps our damage out currently.Zarakii23 4h
6h BG PVP on enh shaman for a casual... First let me start off by saying, I am by no means a pro player, I'm a casual at best, however in previous expansions I have had very good success and fun with the shaman class(specifically enhancement in pvp). So I've been playing on and off since vanilla, I just came back after taking years off of this game. I used to really like the Shaman playstyle(enhancement), so I decided to use my advancement to auto-level a shammy. So Now I've been playing roughly 1 month, I've watched pvp videos, tutorials etc.. I've watched streamers play enhancement, and of the videos I see they appear to do well, but generally it just shows domination matches where they are never focused or they have a pocket healer the entire BG. They actually make enhancement appear fun in some games, and to be honest occasionally I'll get a healer and it can be fun, however.... most of the time I just feel like a free kill.... especially in group fights due to the large amount of CC and lack of stunbreaks and defensives. Seriously it is to the point if I see a DH or frost DK and even warlock solo protecting a node... I literally leave them alone or run(and these 3 classes are so very prevalent in random BGs atm)... In larger fights I am literally stun-locked and 100-0 in seconds... astral shift occasionally buys me an extra second or two, but generally I just feel very weak in comparison to other classes out there. As a person who plays DPS, I just feel like I am actually doing my BG teams more harm than good with this spec, as my damage overall is on the lower side during BGs... (again occasionally I'll get very close to the top of the charts, but it is rare, especially since I try to play for objectives or target healers the latter of which results in my 3 second untimely demise from enemy dps). If I hang back to peel from our healers I see very little action. With that being said, I love the feel of the shamans abilities, and the burst you can pull with lucky SS procs, however I honestly feel underwhelming about 90% of the time. I honestly never remember feeling this way when I played in WOTLK and MOP. So my question is, am I doing something horribly wrong? Anyone who mains an enhancement shaman have any pointers to increase survivability? I play this game to have fun, but lately the level of frustration when playing has just been getting to me, and I really am trying to improve my ability as a player Any advice is appreciated especially from someone who mains enh in BGs and does well. Thanks, GarthugGarthug45 6h
7h Windfury Totem? What does it do? The tooltip reads, if I am to understand it correctly, that if your melee swings a weapon they deal 8,000 damage three times at a 40% chance. So that's like lok'tar ogar hack hack hack? Or is that a 40% chance to do plus 8k (terrible damage considering how close it has to be) in addition to one swing? Is it significantly better for 2-handed classes (as you essentially double your swing times for the 8k bonus damage)? I don't know how to test it and I can't tell its full effects. My preference has been Counterstrike Totem just because I comprehend the meaning of the words, but I don't want to be limited that way.Kharthak1 7h
8h Enhancement AOE Question I'm a bit confused on the AOE rotation. I'm using the Hothand, Feral Lunge, Lightning Surge Totem, Ancestral Swiftness, Overcharge, Fury of Air, Landslide, build and I have the Legendary AOE chest. My question is with 3 or more mobs should I use Crash Lightning every time it comes of cool down or should I wait for the 10 second buff to fall off. I know I should keep Fury of Air up at all times, I'm just a little confused with this new spec. Also is there a way to turn Fury of Air off without waiting for it to fall off on its own, I am getting tired of pulling every neutral mob in a Instance. Thanks for your help.Blingy2 8h
10h Nighthold (Normal) Resto I am healing Nighthold tonight with my guild, any suggestions or specs? I've been searching on the web and reading a couple of things, but I thought I would reach out to the community and get some feedback. Thanks!Jasòn3 10h
12h Okay blizz jokes over! fix enh! Enhance damage. what do?Zeâl52 12h
13h Order Hall Campaign Bug? Im on the part of the order hall campaign where it says "complete 4 firelands missions" I think its called return to the firelands. I have looked in my missions, theres none that are titled "firelands" upon further research, apparently some of these dont have firelands in the title you have to actually read up to see which ones take place in the firelands. one little problem, i have no missions available that take place there. Ive tried abandoning and restarting quest, still no luck. anyone have this issue?Quakefist6 13h
13h New Artifact Traits in 7.2? Article on MMO mentions new Artifact Traits, along with a gold ring one, for each spec in 7.2. This is to include some 3 point traits as well. I know this is a long ways off, but if you had your choice, what spells/abilities would you have modified. Example: 3 point trait for Resto that extends the distance chain heal can jump by 3 yards / point, totaling 10 yards (per jump) at 3 points. Gold trait for Resto, every direct healing crit reduces the remaining cooldown of Healing Tide Totem by X seconds...... Thoughts?Tonalt7 13h
16h ASC or Icefury - what are you finding? Looking at the logs, it seems like the majority of top parses are running ASC builds, however personally I am finding IF to edge out a bit more DPS - no CDs on a dummy, IF is doing about 50k dps more over a 4 minute "fight" and I'm finding in raids, it is giving a lot more freedom of movement, how are you finding the two compare? I am wondering if the logs are full of ASC due to people not wanting to complicate the rotation with IF or maybe it pushes ahead a slightly higher gear levels and at 86.5% mastery. Just wanted to get some others experiences and opinions after the first shots at NH.Klerik24 16h
18h need a blue post regarding akainu's Currently these are effectively dead. They offer hardly anything. Bad stats, and requires us to take bad talents in order for them to activate the bonus. A blue post regarding if any changes are going to happen to this legendary would be amazing.Lolmaru8 18h
20h FoA and haste At work right now. Is FoA affected by haste or is it purely masteryThermaul1 20h
20h ZerkinUI v1.0 Public! [ENH|RESTO] Finalized Release Date ========================= Saturday, 1/21/2017! I am going to re-post the full thing tomorrow including the .zip .. be ready for the release tomorrow! Screenshot[s] ========================= RESTO: ENH: Re-Screenshotting tomorrow I thought I had a screenshot of the finalized ENH WeakAuras as well, but I guess not .. and I am beat. I have been making adjustments by the pixel and fixing some of the random problems with a couple of my WeakAura scripts. I truly hope you guys see the value in this that I now see, in that this UI/layout can be easily adapted for any spec with some fairly minor adjustments. By UI, I primarily mean my painstakingly-modified ElvUI/MSBT/Skada/WeakAura .wtf configurations that were built on trial, error, blood, sweat, and tears.Zerkin1 20h
21h Why is Elemental Shaman so... squishy? So, yesterday I played my ele shaman and I thought "Wow, I'm having a hard time staying alive". Then today, I played my druid (boomkin), then back to my shaman and I realize "WOW. My Druid is tankier than my shaman." My shaman... with a shield and the second highest armor type in the game, is much squisher than my druid. And it's not hard to see why: 1. Huge nerf to Earth Elemental (Those 15 seconds mean nothing when you need them most). 2. Loss of Healing rain. 3. Loss of healing from Flame Shock due to glyph. 4. Weak healing surge. 5. Loss of mana, meaning less healing surges. 6. Loss of the Tier 1 defensive talents. 7. Loss of Healing Stream totem I want to say loss of Shamanistic Rage, but Astral Shift kind of replaces it. Now, this doesn't explain why we're so SQUISHY, but it goes to show we have nothing to keep us alive. We have lost almost all of our survivability. We have our not-all-that-impressive earth elemental, Astral shift, and a heal that heals 10% of our heal (at best) for 20% of our mana (I can usually only get myself to 50-60% health with a spam of healing surge). And I don't want to hear "Oh, Elemental's artifact weapon gives a bonus to healing surge!" Because that's so flimsy. My druid didn't need an artifact trait to not die... PLUS I'm already 105 and I only just now got access to it (and that's because I took the right trait), so it clearly takes a good while for shamans to get some semblance of surviviability. I have never before described a questing experience as "Soul Harrowing" until I experienced shaman... Just... so many mob-dense areas, and the second I have a third mob running at me, my chances of survival plummet exponentially. Frankly, this is unexceptable. And truth be told I probably wouldn't post this if I haven't seen other people experiencing the same thing... ...Okay, I would have post it still, but it makes me feel more justified doing so. Let Elemental Shaman live, Blizzard. (P.S. I am saying nothing about our damage because our damage is... okay. I am strictly talking about our ability to survive the questing experience of legion.)Windhowl61 21h
21h Legendary Boots for Ele So, on literally my first mythic run on this character, I got the elemental shaman legendary boots. I was wondering how good they are in comparison to other legendaries. The 20% chance to refund earth shock maelstrom does seem really good, but is it actually? Thanks!Sarior1 21h
22h Rate that Transmog! You know what to do! x/10, and brief description of why in regards to the transmog of the person above you!Valayria484 22h
1d 50 traits in....... 50 traits in and havin a hardtime keepin up with most of the guild that are only maybe 38-39 traits .I know it dosnt make that much of a difference but im 886 and im havin a hard time keepin up with people that are lower geared in my raid also.Would really like some help with this new clunk y rotation for enhanced . thinkin of just goin to mage and usin my sham for heals now . using :windsong lightning surge totem hailstorm tempest FoA landslide Why is it that blizz always has to screw us shamans around all the time just not right might as well be a mage from now on . thx guys could really use some helpHorif7 1d
1d Most important stat for resto shaman. Hey guys, got my first legendary 10 minutes ago and I wanted to fill the socket. Whats the most important stat for a resto shaman? Also I got it from my first mythic run, opening the mythic crate a week later after someone told me about that ..Golarn5 1d
1d Earthquake question Nevermind. :pSixfootgiant0 1d
1d Add ons? Rolling a resto shaman and was wondering what add ons are recommended? Currently using recount, tidy plates, bartender, and vuh do. What should I add to these? The only add on I don't want to add is elvui due to personal preference.Bluzenblazen5 1d
1d WeakAuras help I'm trying to get the WeakAuras load from I have the addon installed and tried "copy import string" and pasting it in the "Import" tab in the in-game addon. Comes up with "Error decompressing: unknown compression method (26)". I really have no idea what I'm doing with addons like this, so any help would be great.Broxiz5 1d
1d 4 piece resto Shaman Any thoughts? I'm trying to find an actual active resto shaman community.Cinnch20 1d
1d What stat rating do you aim for as ele? So I've seen that ele is supposed to keep mastery and crit balanced (rating, not %). After switching from enhance my mastery is much higher so I'm in the process of regearing. What number is good to aim for? I have some gear with crit/haste that would replace some with mastery/haste to balance those numbers more, but it would be an ilvl drop. Is it THAT important to balance them?Broxiz2 1d
1d Shaman mount for each spec? Why don't shamans get a different mount for each spec like the majority of the other specs? So far the only specs that don't have different mounts is Shamans, Monks, DH, and Warriors is this the devs being lazy or something I just don't get?Daddyllama4 1d
1d Any difinitive Enhancement PVP Guide? Since 7.1.5 I'm seeing people all over the place with pvp/pve talents. Videos I search are either outdated or from random BG heroes with 0 rating. Anyone have a video or guide from top pvpers? Would be appreciated.Tingoodoo4 1d
1d do you use earthquake? In mythic + do you use earthquake in a LR build? or just flameshock everything instead?Babidi8 1d
1d Old SS look and sound pls Can we get the stormstrike double side smash to the head look and thunder sound back please? My enhance follwer still does it so why do i have this lame sounding and looking side swipe now.Waterstone0 1d
1d Legendary ring question Recently received the legendary ring which increases my chain heal Everytime I use healing surge. My question is should I talent into chain heal to make.this more effective. Thanks for any answers or adviceTwinzheal1 1d
1d ZerkinUI v1.0, Competitive Enhance UI ## UPDATE ## NEW YEAR's EVE ## .ZIP FULL ZerkinUI Core RELEASE of 0.92 Beta! ## ZerkinUI v0.92 is now available in it's entirety via a consolidated .zip which includes the 3-4 Core AddOns, Fonts, and the actual CONFIG FILES which include my extensive WeakAuras and custom functions for things like color-coding based on value! The following is a direct link to a .ZIP of the FULL CORE UI (essential AddOns included, no more)! URL: ** UPDATED WeakAura String ** for Primary Bars: PS. ONCE LOADED, type /ElvUI and load Zerkin-Illidan profile! ---------------------------------------- You will likely be able to find future versions at this Apache-generated index here: URL: ## ReadMe Update -- Font Fix ## if you need to manually set the fonts in ElvUI to match those in my screenshot, MY setup actually uses the following settings in /ElvUI || General -> Media Tab || :: // Default Font -- Expressway (Apply to All) || :: // Name Font -- Expressway || :: // Combat Text Font -- Arial Narrow (it's actually another font called Merriweather, but i have globally overwritten it with Arial Narrow's filename within WoW folder structure). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introducing ZerkinUI v1.0 for Public use! Technically this is an open-beta, as it has only been used by a handful of close friends. I will continue to release more of this pack as the days go on, depending on the type of response I get from the community. I have been a Front End + Back End Web Developer for almost 15 years now, meaning I can code with programming/scripting languages, but also do all the necessary UI, layout, and graphic design myself. Therefore I have put most emphasis on key variables that Enhance Shamans need to easily view at any time. I tried to keep with the ElvUI minimalist design style since that is where the internet is trending in general, and it is less cluttered. In some cases, this meant scripting a completely separate WeakAura function solely for color-coding, such as with the Maelstrom Bar. Understanding that we humans have absolutely horrible peripheral vision, I have also tried to minimize the need to read numbers, instead relying on color-coded icons which can be seen & understood out of the corner of your eye. .. // ----- See ZerkinUI Yourself! ----- // ZerkinUI Screenshot: ZerkinUI Combat Demonstration [video]: .. // ----- Methods to Install or Import ZerkinUI modules: ----- // --------------- Core ZerkinUI AddOns --------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- --ElvUI ------ --WeakAuras ------ --Skada ------ --Mik's Scrolling Combat Text ------ --Ideal Resolution: 1080p --------------- ZerkinUI WeakAura Strings --------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- |---- Primary Pack, includes all bars: |-------- |---- Secondary Pack, includes Stormstrike & Buffs: |-------- .. --------------- ZerkinUI Macros for Main Bar --------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- My Bind: E #default harm Stormstrike, #shift mouseover help Healing Surge, #shift harm Crash Lightning, #alt Hex #showtooltip /startattack [harm] /cast [modifier:ctrl] Astral Shift; [modifier:shift,target=mouseover,help][help] Healing Surge; [modifier:shift,harm] Crash Lightning; [mod:alt] Hex; Stormstrike; [] Hex My Bind: R #default Boulderfist, #shift harm Lightning Bolt, #ctrl Astral Shift #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift,harm] Lightning Bolt;/cast [modifier:shift,help] Chain Heal; /cast [help,nomodifier:ctrl] Chain Heal; /cast [modifier:ctrl] Astral Shift; /cast [] Rockbiter My Bind: Q #default Lava Lash, #shift @mouseover help Healing Surge, #shift noHelp Ghost Wolf, #ctrl Feral Spirit, /cast [mod:shift,harm] Ghost Wolf; [mod:shift,noharm,target=mouseover,help,exists] Healing Wave; [mod:shift] Ghost Wolf; /cast [mod:ctrl] Feral Spirit; /cast [] Lava Lash My Bind: F #default Frostbrand, Flametongue sequence.. #shift Doom Winds, #ctrl Feral Spirit #showtooltip /cast [mod:ctrl] Feral Spirit; [mod:shift] Doom Winds; [mod:ctrl] Stormstrike; /stopmacro [mod:shift][mod:ctrl] /castsequence reset=8 Frostbrand, Flametongue, Frostbrand, Frostbrand, Frostbrand, Frostbrand, Frostbrand .. // ----- Concluding Info ----- // For Those Who Need Credentials I have been Rank #10 Enhance SHA in the World over the ENTIRE Siege of Orgrimmar instance @ 13/14h 10man according to the front page of on my MOP Shaman Deoxis of US-Illidan. My guild at that point was only #500 US (Revival)-- meaning my personal rank was WELL ahead of where my raid's iLvl, and thus encounter duration (which affects Bloodlust uptime) should have permitted. IE: Most top ten ranks are from people in top ten guilds, or close to it. As Enhance in BC I competed directly with Blood Legion, Encore, and the legendary Team Ice on US-Illidan during Sunwell in a guild called Paranoia (#53 West @ M'uru).Zerkin29 1d
1d Elemental Legendary Analysis I've run a number of simulations regarding the value of our various legendaries. The gear set is an 895 set using almost entirely Nighthold items, including tier. There's 4 sims - ascendance, LR, icefury, beastlord, (edit: and AoE(5T)); each sim uses each possible legendary combination, and shows the values of the legendary effects and the items themselves. The sims include the hotfixes that will be coming out on 1/17. Here's the formatted data: Here's 940): And the actual sim files: And here's my commentary on each Legendary based on the results: Uncertain Reminder ( This new legendary is pretty good. It is a high-value slot (helmet), with a great stat combination of crit/mastery. Additionally, it has a decent legendary effect that will scale depending on kill time. This is one of the better legendaries you could get. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus ( After the patch, this item is actually over stat budget. That in addition to the shield it gives makes it not a bad legendary to have. Echoes of the Great Sundering ( This legendary is not great on single-target, but does have some added value on multi-target (up to a certain number of targets). Additionally, it has the potential for some synergy with the Blood Pact boots. The main downside for this legendary is that it has very little value if you choose Icefury. This legendary is middle-of-the-pack, you shouldn't feel let down unless your preferred build is IF. Al'Akir's Acrimony ( This is our first "AoE" legendary, only having any value in such situations. That said, it is actually very weak, despite its limited use-case. It would be reasonable to at least slightly increase the value of these. Unfortunately, despite CL being a large portion of our AoE damage, the low effect value in addition to the item being in a low-value slot makes this a pretty weak legendary. Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle ( Similar to Uncertain Reminder, this is another legendary that has both good stats and a good effect on it. Additionally, it has some positive synergy with Uncertain Reminder (increased ticks from haste), if you can manage to get that combination. This is one of the stronger legendaries you can get, regardless of build. Roots of Shaladrassil ( With pants being a high-value slot, these legendaries aren't horrible. Considering they have a legendary effect worth a good bit chunk of healing, these aren't nearly as unlucky as they would have been to get last patch. The Deceiver's Blood Pact ( This strictly-single target legendary has a very clearly low value. The nerf it got in 7.1.5 in addition to the reduced maelstrom we are gaining with the new builds hit it pretty hard. Also, as said with the Great Sundering shoulders, these work pretty poorly with Icefury. As it is now, this is one of the weakest legendaries you can get. Sephuz's Secret ( These don't sim very well, but the effect is really strong when you can proc it. If you frequently run dungeons or will have the ability to be on interrupt duty in a fight, these will be a strong choice. Eye of the Twisting Nether ( This legendary's effect value is very high, especially now that we're running elemental blast on single target. Not to mention, the legendary's effect works in all situations, making it one of the best you could get. Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish ( On a single target, there are definitely better options, especially if you are replacing a powerful trinket for it. That said, if it can be smartly used with add phases during a boss fight, this legendary will pull towards the top. This is a good legendary to have, but not necessarily to always have equipped (however, if you can't get a hold of multiple high ilvl trinkets, this will save you a lot of headache). Alright, well there's my wall of text. If I have missed something, go ahead and point it out. tl;dr: Bracers and boots seem to be overly weak, other legendaries are pretty decently balanced or at least situationally usable. The pants and prydaz are actually decent, despite being utility legendaries. If you can get some combination of UR, Belt, or Twisting Nether, you'll be well-off.Omajarn14 1d
1d +100% mastery proc Am currenly running Stormsinger Fulmination Charge (mastery proc trinket from EoA). Getting to 115% mastery, after 100% mastery do i get additional chances to proc for a third strike. Would i have a 15% chance to 3 proc an ability at 115 % mastery.Didwhatiwant1 1d
1d Old build > New build No? Seems like it, I'm doing 65k more DPS with the old build. How about you guys? I seem to get stuck at 370k dps with the new build and can't push higher than that no matter how hard I try.Icemist6 1d
1d No Maelstrom bar in Ghost Wolf form? Anyone hear if they're working on a fix for this? (Enhance) I suspect they don't display it because you can't use Maelstrom in GW, but it's useful to know for deciding what attack to use when you reach your target.Fugubar3 1d
1d What is the most important stat for Ele? IceyVeins has Crit > Mastery > Haste. For most builds, Yet for Ascendence builds the mastery is more important. Or maybe Ive got that upside down. Can someone clear up what is best? I'm running icefury with Elemental Blast and 1 Legendary - The Deceiver's Blood Pact, which makes Earth shock 20% to be refund all the Maelstrom.Cyth3 1d
1d xmog fist weap Can we please get a way to transmog the terrible fist weapons into something more fun and interesting? Ive spent years on this game, on this toon getting some great weapons. Id like to see those on my toon again.Arcwalker2 1d