Aug 18 Elemental Shaman DPS I mostly run Mythic + dungeons, and my DPS is all over the place, mostly very low to mediocre. I'm 908 ilevel right now. I've completed a BRH recently with 950k DPS but I just finished an Upper Kara with something like 525k. I range anywhere from 500k to 900k depending on the dungeon( mostly 500-750k) I feel like I am absolutely awful on single targets but okay when fighting large groups. I don't want to change classes because shamans are my favorite. Do I suck or are ele shamans suffering right now?Firesphere16 Aug 18
Aug 18 Enhancement Relics So I have -915 Wind Strikes Fire Relic -915 Wind Strikes Iron Relic -915 Gathering of the Maelstrom Storm Relic I just got a 920 Iron Relic Weapons of the Elements. Should I replace the Wind Strikes Iron relic with 920? I know I may be splitting hairs, but just curious.Rakasan1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Re subbed only to unsub Shaman is a completely useless class. Ok healing but our 2 dps specs are complete garbage. I will never play this stupid game again lol. And i am happy about it. I will no longer fight for a game i loved. Pvp is an absolute mess. So ends the fun time i had for years. Legion is a joke. You devs should be ashamed of yourselves.Shazaaman32 Aug 18
Aug 18 Its ya boy ELEMENTAL LOOT BUG Also ELE PVP is damn disgrace it always has beenKnucklës12 Aug 18
Aug 18 I'm done. I'm saddened and angry at the same time. I love this class but the problems that it has and the complete lack of the devs fixing anything I just can't play anymore; it's not fun anymore. I know the community doesn't care, this post is for me. So that I can finally let go. Goodbye, ShootsShoots8 Aug 18
Aug 18 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Treasure Help I once read we only have 1 chance to drop the treasure for all difficulties is it true? Isn't 1 chance per difficulty for a total of 3 instead? I need confirmation. Does someone already got the set after already clean a difficulty and got it on the second difficulty? I just don't want to waste time on 3 difficulties if I can only drop on 1 attempt.Zhragar18 Aug 18
Aug 17 Keeping the Eye on the Prize Ok I am new to be a healing Shaman and quit enjoying myself HOWEVER I find myself staggering behind the tank trying to heal. I know that I am suppose to be the the tanks shadow and some times it more sprinting race through the dungeon instead of going through the dungeon on a normal pace. Any suggestions on how to better watch the tank and the group would be wonderful.Greengøblin1 Aug 17
Aug 17 PVP Talent Bug Not that anyone takes this talent but elemental attunement is bugged i believe. You get 150 maelstrom now. It still does only as much as a 100 maelstrom earth-shock when you have 150. Now that would make sense since maybe it still only uses 100 right? Well it zaps all 150 of your maelstrom to do the same damage as a 100. Also, when you run Aftershock, both the 100 maelstrom and 150 maelstrom offer you only 30 maelstrom in return. Anyone else notice this? Why would you pick that talent if that is how it correctly operates?Tutanshamun2 Aug 17
Aug 17 Which relics should I be gunning for? I've taken ilvl up to this point because this shaman is just an alt, but I'm trying to bring it into Tomb Normal and would love some insight. PS: I'm an Enhancement Shaman!Mitheltalla2 Aug 17
Aug 17 New to WoW and picked a healing shaman I'm new to wow completely I have maybe 4 to 6 hours game time and was wondering if anyone had any tips or could tell me how to get my ilvl up a bit I'm at 600 something ilvl which I know is trash lolBlankmoon5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Agatha Dark Fury Anyone figured out how to pop her bubble? is it just dmging through it or is there some fancy mechanics? Dps check seems like a boring test of my "spec mastery"Shelldin10 Aug 17
Aug 17 [Elemental] Legion Feedback With Legion coming to a close I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread giving feedback about Elemental in Legion. What we would love to keep or replace if given the opportunity. Personally I love the class fantasy of elemental shaman and the core idea of what it plays like. Less about tricks and CC, more about raw damage output and burst. However I think it didn't go far enough in the Legion rework and is left in a weird place right now where it's still a shaman first, Elemental 2nd, when all other classes in legion are spec first with a nod to their overall class in core moves. I think the major cause of issues with Elemental as a spec is it shares too much with Resto. The specs share the same dps moves and the same heal. The totems that are left to elemental are also shared, yet resto brings a bunch of unique ones. Hex is also shared as the caster spec’s CC. Resto also keeps the low cooldown spell interrupt. When you look at the unique moves to Elemental you are left with Earthquake, the elementals and thunderstorm. None of which are impactful enough to make you feel ok with all of the other things I listed. This leads to feeling that the most “effective” spec of shaman is resto in all content. Some key changes I would like to see: I would like to see more interaction with the Maelstrom bar outside of earth shock and earthquake, or the maelstrom bar just flat out removed if not. I don’t like earthquake much, it doesn’t feel impactful enough to my playstyle that currently I kinda like not having to use the spell at all. What about replacing it with a giant rolling boulder instead that explodes when it hits the target, with a knock down mechanic on it? Make it use 100 maelstrom and hit like a truck. I love lava bursts with overloads, but don’t like lightning bolt much as it doesn’t build to anything interesting, does no damage and has a long cast time. Would love to see more earth and molten abilities in the spec. They define elemental as opposed to enhance or resto. The abilities of Elemental should draw inspiration from those elements and what they stand for. Unmoving, implacable, powerful, raw. Lastly in PvP, the class desperately needs some tools to deal with the high mobility and control everyone else seems to bring that ele does not. There seems to also be an issue with being a caster that can’t setup instant burst either. Everything has a cast time and nothing protects you or distances yourself from interrupts or CC. End result is spending a lot of time taking high damage doing terrible dps / burst while casting a really weak heal on yourself. Since the spec shares all of its utility with resto, it's very easy to feel like resto does ele better.Zigz0 Aug 17
Aug 16 WTH? Thunderstorm in EoS! So in Eye of the Storm, it's me and one Horde Elemental Shaman. On the bridge in the middle, he landed EVERY SINGLE one of his Thunderstorms. He knocked everyone off every time he cast it. When I cast it, same spot, no interrupts or grounding totems -- NO ONE got knocked off. He landed it every single time, mine did not land one time on anyone. Not complaining, I want to know if anyone else has experienced this?Lothlôria6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Do y'all have trouble getting into keys? Like mythic + and raiding? Shamans I've talked to says it's a non issue since they run with their guilds, but what about pugging? Enhancement doing fine getting into groups?Nthulhu7 Aug 16
Aug 16 Enhancement Legos Specifically which ones should I be using? I'm currently rocking Akainu's Absolute Justice and Eye of the Twisting Nether because I've read that they work well together, but I'd also appreciate any other advice! Currently I have: Uncertain Reminder Emalon's Charged Core Akainu's Absolute Justice Storm Tempests Roots of Shaladrassil Spiritual Journey Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Soul of the Farseer Eye of the Twisting Nether Sephuz's SecretVuzeng6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Fixing Elemental's Talents I specifically wanted to address raid utility, survivability, mobility, and PvP effectiveness. -Gust of Wind baseline -Skyfury Totem baseline, cooldown increased to 3 min, duration increased to 30 seconds. Shamanistic Healing trait reworked: Shamanistic Healing - When you suffer from an attack equal to 6% of your total health, The Fist of Ra-den heals you for (412.5% of Spell power). Can occur only once every 30 sec. Talent to replace Gust of Wind: Stone Skin Armor - passive Summoning your Earthbind Totem grants you a shield, absorbing X damage. Lasts 30 seconds. Icefury moved to PvP Talent tree to replace Traveling Storms. Icefury replaced with: Thundersoul - Instant - 70 malestrom Hurls an orb of electricity at an enemy, causing X nature damage and then jumping 4 additional times to enemies with 15 yards. Replaces Earthquake. Lava Burst and Icefury cast while moving Or A new baseline spell inspired by the Bareback Brawl world quest: Ghost Rider - instant - 2 min cooldown Mount a ghost wolf (raptor with glyph), increasing your movement speed by 30% and allowing you to cast while moving. Lasts 20 sec. Purifying waters removed and replaced with: Astral Healing - passive Your Astral Shift now also restores 25% of your total health. Grounding Totem replaces Skyfury Totem. Control of Lava removed and replaced with Traveling Storms. Elemental attunement removed and replaced with: Electric Charge - passive After being stuck by a physical attack, your next Lightning Bolt will become instant and deal an additional 50% more damage. Can only happen once every 10 seconds. I created these just for fun in hopes that it will inspire Blizzard to address some of these long running issues. Please feel free to tell me what you liked and didn't like.Drini6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Am I crazy or... I haven't played in like 3 months or so so maybe I'm just hallucinating...don't eat expired food kids. But seriously, I could swear Flame Shock didn't have a cooldown (for Ele) till yesterday, But now it's like it was always there...?Ikken4 Aug 16
Aug 16 Agatha tips and Tricks I was thinking we could have a comprehensive place where folks place how they beat/are progressing with Agatha. I couldn't find a comprehensive ine here so I thought I'd make one I have not beat her yet so yes this would help me out too, but I have gotten her to 8%. Once I kill her I will let folks know what I did here.Nahir8 Aug 16
Aug 15 Buff Shaman DPS NOW Its not even close. Shaman can't compete with the other classes and need a huge buff for both Enhancement and Elemental. Until this happens the only solution is to re-roll a class that is competitive.Alastõr24 Aug 15
Aug 15 Shamanism as a merc Fired up my enhance spec again after getting my 10% trait and went to go in as a mercenary for the 1 minute queue. To my surprise my lust was still a 5 minute cd even with the shamanism talent. Is there any way around this bug? I presume it's caused by lust changing to heroism when mercing.Crypticokami2 Aug 15
Aug 14 Low DPS on my Enh Shaman Need help improving my Enh DPS Here are my logs from Tuesday night. I seem to be all over the place and need some fresh eyes on them and hopefully a little insight where I might be missing things Thanks!Thundahr15 Aug 14
Aug 14 Grounding Totem Can we please have it back? It was a key ability for Shamans in PVP and allowed us to outplay our opponents. Grounding Hojs, Traps, NS clones & Death grips. Right now the only spec that has it is Resto, why not give it to all the specs?Stenze11 Aug 14
Aug 13 Help with Skills I went into the tos raid, and was kicked due to pulling the boss. Which i was no where near the boss at the time. Somehow one of my skills somehow attacked it. Anyone help figure it out so it don't happen again.Marabere4 Aug 13
Aug 13 Are Enh Shaman squishy still? Hey Shammies, so I was wondering how is the state of the Enh Shaman? Are they still squishy like they were during launch? Thanks.Jwke10 Aug 13
Aug 12 Enhancement and Windwalker Hello shaman! I'm looking for a new character to take no further than heroic raiding and casual PVP. I have never played a shaman or a monk and want to bring one up. I'm not so much concerned about DPS equality because that can and does change all the time. What I am curious about is playstyle. When I see these two specs in raids and BG's, they seem fairly similar to me. Shaman don't have the mobility that monks have, obviously, but to my untrained eye they don't appear drastically different. Any chance you folks who know could give me the lowdown on playstyle differences? Global Cooldown Locked? - Are both frantic button pushers? I don't mind if they are but given an option, I'd prefer a class that is not micro-management. Punishing for bads? - I'm by no means a top-shelf player. Is either spec more forgiving than the other? PVP? - I just do randoms. I don't see either spec that often so I'm not sure if they are "jump in the pile" or if they have to pick around the edges. Survivability? - In both PVP and PVE, are the classes similar in their ability to survive on their own? I don't expect to be a guardian druid out there but I also don't want to go splat every time I'm in the wrong spot or someone decides to target me. I suppose mobility plays into this but I don't know much about either spec's defensives or self-healing I'll also post this over in the monk forum to get their perspective as well. Thank you for your time and thoughtful replies.Shii3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Rate that Mog Sham Edition 2.0! Old thread got capped, so here's a new one!Pyornthe32 Aug 12
Aug 12 Resto v MW Hey you snazzy shaman folk! So I have bit of a loaded question, but figured you guys are more classy than those monks over there. *grin* I'm kicking around the idea of playing a healing alt for pvp. It'd be casual 2s and bgs. I've only ever played a Disc priest in pvp. I'm just kind of wondering your thoughts about a Resto vs a MW Monk. Any big pros and cons? Advice considering the upcoming patch (any game changing nerfs incoming?) and so on. Thanks for any input!Emerus5 Aug 12
Aug 12 Why is Elemental Shaman so... squishy? So, yesterday I played my ele shaman and I thought "Wow, I'm having a hard time staying alive". Then today, I played my druid (boomkin), then back to my shaman and I realize "WOW. My Druid is tankier than my shaman." My shaman... with a shield and the second highest armor type in the game, is much squisher than my druid. And it's not hard to see why: 1. Huge nerf to Earth Elemental (Those 15 seconds mean nothing when you need them most). 2. Loss of Healing rain. 3. Loss of healing from Flame Shock due to glyph. 4. Weak healing surge. 5. Loss of mana, meaning less healing surges. 6. Loss of the Tier 1 defensive talents. 7. Loss of Healing Stream totem I want to say loss of Shamanistic Rage, but Astral Shift kind of replaces it. Now, this doesn't explain why we're so SQUISHY, but it goes to show we have nothing to keep us alive. We have lost almost all of our survivability. We have our not-all-that-impressive earth elemental, Astral shift, and a heal that heals 10% of our heal (at best) for 20% of our mana (I can usually only get myself to 50-60% health with a spam of healing surge). And I don't want to hear "Oh, Elemental's artifact weapon gives a bonus to healing surge!" Because that's so flimsy. My druid didn't need an artifact trait to not die... PLUS I'm already 105 and I only just now got access to it (and that's because I took the right trait), so it clearly takes a good while for shamans to get some semblance of surviviability. I have never before described a questing experience as "Soul Harrowing" until I experienced shaman... Just... so many mob-dense areas, and the second I have a third mob running at me, my chances of survival plummet exponentially. Frankly, this is unexceptable. And truth be told I probably wouldn't post this if I haven't seen other people experiencing the same thing... ...Okay, I would have post it still, but it makes me feel more justified doing so. Let Elemental Shaman live, Blizzard. (P.S. I am saying nothing about our damage because our damage is... okay. I am strictly talking about our ability to survive the questing experience of legion.)Windhowl80 Aug 12
Aug 12 "Why bring a shaman?" This is my gripe with shaman dps. We used to have utility that would merit bringing us along. Player base complained and blizzard decided it'd be best to streamline classes and remove utility... except they didn't. They gave litetally every dps class some sort of utility except for dps shamans. "Well, we have bloodlust."... Yeah, so do mages, hunters, and the auction house. Rogues: Mass stealth, cloak, high dps, mobile Hunters: Turtle, high dps, mobile Warrior: high dps, plate, taunt, shout, mobile Dk: Brez, ams, high dps, grip Dh: Aoe, mobile, darkness Mage: high dps, block, mobile Pally: Bubble, bop Warlock: High dps, portals, brez, cookies Spriest: High dps, dispersion Shaman dps: middle of the pack single and aoe, middle of pack mobility, no utility ...again i ask, why bring a shaman?Martenluther38 Aug 12
Aug 11 Ele Casino build For those of you lucky enough to have the gloves and boots, how many of you will be going with the casino build?Rockea21 Aug 11
Aug 11 4p t20 or higher ilvl? (Elemental) Right now I'm trying to figure out what's better for dps (ele). I have 4p t20, but I'm torn because I have a M+ 915 cloak that's better than the 900 t20 cloak, and I have a better pair of legs from Heroic ToS (Avatar Legguards of Siphoned Power). Should I just wear the two 900 piece t20 so I can secure my 4p or should I change out the legs and cloak for off-tier pieces until I get the heroic version? Simcraft obivously says the other gear are better due to stat optimaization and ilvl but it doesn't realize that this gives me 4p I don't think... thanks tldr: 4p t20 with two 900 pieces or 2p and 915 ilvl/better stat items...Bigs4 Aug 11
Aug 11 Cap Shaman Resto what's is the shaman restoration cap for all stats ? Thanks for attemption.Akiratsuyo12 Aug 11
Aug 11 Enhancement Solo One of the things that really got me into the Shaman class in prior Xpac's is how Tanky I felt with Mail armor and healing abilities. So far in Legion its no secret that we are much more squishy than before. I know that my Item level isn't that high but I have alts with lower ilevels who still have better survivability out in the world. I'm just looking for any tips of how to maximize this spec Solo capability. (Solo Broken Shore bosses, ETC.) in terms of Talents / Stats / and any other tips. Thanks in advance.Gorveign5 Aug 11
Aug 10 I don't understand the Shaman developers. I don't get why they are so intent on gutting this class. All of the iconic spells are either gone or gutted to such an extent they don't even resemble what they use to be. And now they are going to destroy chain lightning.Shoots10 Aug 10
Aug 10 Shaman healer help! Hey there everyone, so I am fairly new to the game. I just built my first pc a few months ago and wanted to play WoW!! I played for awhile to get a feel for the game, and I like playing a support class. After watching some videos I decided on the resto shaman healer class and was wondering if someone was available sometime soon to help me set up my bar and get a feel for the rotation? I'm still struggling with the movement in this game compared to using a controller like when I played elder scrolls and I would just really like if someone could take me under their wing so that I can stream this game in the near future and make it fun for my viewers!! Thanks for your time! :)Billwmusic8 Aug 10
Aug 9 Resto Artifact Challenge look question I'm wondering if the Frozen Fate look for Resto shaman spec leaves a trail behind the player as they move. It looks like it might leave a trail of snowflakes judging from the wowhead viewer, but I can't quite tell. I'm hoping someone will link a video of it if there is a trail, but a text answer would be appreciated too.Atenstein1 Aug 9
Aug 9 Thundercharge Math Thundercharge (the last of shaman PvP talents) states that it increases the CD recovery by 30% for 10sec. So if my math is right... normally skills CD at a rate of 1sec per 1sec With this skill my CDs would recover at a rate of 1.3sec per 1sec Since this only lasts 10sec that means I essentially shave off 3sec from my CDs (1.3 x 10 = 13, and normally I would have 10sec so 13 - 10 = 3 sec off) So for a 45sec cd I can reduce the CD of me and a friend by 3sec....that doesnt seem all that spiffy.Timat2 Aug 9
Aug 9 Static overlord change Static Overload (Rank 1) After using Stormkeeper, your next Chain Lightning causes Elemental Overload to trigger on every target. Thoughts on this? Seems like less rng which is nice, but might be less damage overallXpert9 Aug 9
Aug 9 Need help with enhance dps Hey guys, i was trying to up my damage would appreciate if someone could look at my logs and see what im doing wrong. Thanks! My Btag is BlackSwag#1340Qúikken9 Aug 9
Aug 9 Lava burst charges Why is it were forced to choose the stupid talent to give 2 charges of lavaburst...we have to. There's no other options. If you just have 1 charge and have no procs, you have nothing to deal damage since lightning hits like a wet noodle, and earthquake tickles them...this needs to be baseline...2 charges should be a given...not a talentGirthquakes5 Aug 9
Aug 9 Gearing Hey I just hit 110 and I was wondering what the quicker ways of gearing are. Any tips for a fresh 110?Shamannism7 Aug 9
Aug 9 Elemental Ideas I have mained an ele shaman since TBC and just like most people who play this spec i am not too comfortable with the current state of the spec. I have a few ideas, that may have been brought up before or may not have, that i believe would be balanced but helpful fixes to a few of the big problems with ele. This post is mainly to see feedback from others of the ele community on what they think could be done different or if the agree with what i say, let me know. 1. Ele mobility is suffering a lot right now which is one of the biggest problems with the spec. I think to fix this problem there are a few things that could be done, starting with simply bringing back spiritwalker's grace or the ability to cast lightning bolt while moving, neither of these were overpowered on their own and made us more viable for heavy movement fights. Another thing i believe would be a big help would be to rework gust of wind. I believe gust of wind would benefit the spec a lot more if it worked closer to a demon hunters fel rush in a way. Currently gust of wind is weak compared to similar spells such as blink or displacer beast as it is not immediate and we can take damage from floor effects as we travel with it. To make it still feel like a shaman ability and make it work better it could be used as instead of a gust more of a burst of wind that would work more like a dash. Another option would be to keep gust of wind how it is, but add a speed boost after the shaman lands, this speed boost would be short and just enough to make dealing with mechanics fair for an ele shaman. 2. The other big issue i see with ele is that we have very poor survivability. One simple solution would be to bring back shamanistic rage so we could balance out 2 defensives instead of feeling like paper whenever astral shift is on cd. The other solution that in my opinion is the better one is to give ele a form of earth shield that works like a mages shield kinda. It wouldn't be anything too unique, but it would fit the shaman feel and give the spec what it needs. 3. The two issues listed above are in my opinion the biggest ones but another big issue is of course dmg. I personally love playing ele and would hate to play anything else, but our st dmg is very low. I don't think this needs reworking, but more of just a flat buff that is more than what we are getting on ptr. These have been my opinions on the current state of ele, i'm sure someone has said some of this somehwere already, but i'm not constantly browsing forums so i am not 100% aware of what has already been said. If you play an ele shaman and agree with what i said or believe something different should be done let me know, but keep it constructiveOctopiee0 Aug 9
Aug 8 Soloing Old Content (Updated) I Saw the very old post and know alot of people are wondering if certain raids are soloable so I thought I'd put down what I personally have done and if people need help with certain fights me or other's in the shaman community will be able to help. I've solo'd it all as elemental. Ill Elaborate a little more. BWL: First boss is soloable with some HST and healing rains to heal the boss when u MC him rest is easy MC: Soloable like you said AQ40: First boss just Flame Shock him and use instant Lava Burst to kill him along with searing totem, viscidus can be solo'd with frostbrand/frost shock, then when he freezes pop lust and a elemental. AQ20: Easy Karazhan: Chess is a pain but their are some strats on the internet to make it easier Magtheridon: Easy Grull's lair: First boss can be a pain but easy Sunwell/BT/TK/SSC: Solo'd every boss, no boss really stood out as a pain Naxx 10/25: Solo'd everything on 10 man and only fight on 25 i cant do is patchwork (dude hits like a truck). Other fights is just using mechanics and CDs properly Ulduar 10/25: I've solo all of 10 man minus yog (i need to practice that) and 25 Man ive done a bit but just havent gotten around to trying alot more (Ill get back to you on that) Firelands 10/25: Only boss I've even tried is Alysrazor but she is easy Raids that werent included: Hyjal: Easy, DnD on first boss is the worst part ToC 10: Difficult but soloable Ony's lair 10/25: Both soloable EoE 10/25: Both soloable: just gotta know how to use dragon at the end. VoA 10/25: Both Soloable OS 10/25 Zerg: 10 Man is easy to zerg, 25 even at my gear was scary ICC 10: Solo'd everything on normal up to Lich King, on Heroic I've solo'd 10 of the bosses. (council and LK left) Raids that I haven't Done: Ruby Sanctum: Idk why I haven't tried this (Gonna have to get on that) 25 ICC: I know parts are soloable just never got around to trying That's just a little idea what is soloable.Totemrus18 Aug 8
Aug 8 "You guys just suck." ~ Devs ... Well folks, if you had any hope of things getting better, RIP those dreams.Drosie40 Aug 8
Aug 8 Shaman help! Hey there everyone, so I am fairly new to the game. I just built my first pc a few months ago and wanted to play WoW!! I played for awhile to get a feel for the game, and I like playing a support class. After watching some videos I decided on the resto shaman healer class and was wondering if someone was available later today to help me set up my bar and get a feel for the rotation? I'm still struggling with the movement in this game compared to using a controller like when I played elder scrolls and I would just really like if someone could take me under their wing so that I can stream this game in the near future and make it fun for my viewers!! Thanks for your time! :)Billwmusic0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Should i change spec to Enhancement? I have started playing by the end of Warlords of Draenor, right after the movies when they gave free wow keys. Since then, Shaman has been my only character and i made Elemental and Restoration my main specs (and i love raid healing). I have never given Enhancement a fair try. Considering that Elemental right now is in a bad spot for ST, should i start investing in my enhancement spec? I already have concordance, but only the first perk; and one of my relics is still lvl 870 (probably the iron one). How easy is to learn enhancement? Is it really more powerful than elemental?Antônioluiz12 Aug 8
Aug 8 Can I repeat the totem minigame? I know there is already a thread for this, but it's old and there are no clear answers within it. I want to know if I can redo that totem minigame you get from puzzlemaster Lo in our order hall. I completed all the challenges and got to the chest, and now I cant do it anymore. Is there any way to? I know many might have sen this as an annoying Minigame, but I thought it was tons of fun and would love to be able to do it while I'm hanging around in my order hall waiting for a battleground or raid to que up!Arcticpaw1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Tips for using Velens trinket? I just got it and we're going to be working on mythic progression later. How should I be using it? So far my plan is to macro it to ancestral guidance and basically use it whenever I feel pressure. Thoughts? I'm bad with on use trinkets.Phumbles5 Aug 8
Aug 7 How to stay competitive HPS but not go OOM? Basically I'm wondering how to appease the mindless meter loving fools that tend to exist in PuG's without being useless. If I spam chain heals my HPS can get pretty high but my mana pool drains fast. I look great on the charts but my actual effective healing is terrible. If I only heal when actual damage is going out my HPS is abysmal in Normals and older raids. Problem with this is meter junkies start complaining and have gotten me kicked even when nobody was dying. What is the secret to high HPS without being useless? I know other healers have it a little easier reaching high HPS but with my shaman it seems to be a real struggle between efficacy and HPS.Mokrawr14 Aug 7
Aug 7 Lava Burst sound effect Hello, i've noticed that the sound effect of my Lava Burst spell is different from other shamans. Other shamans' lava burst spell sounds like it used to be back in mop and how ele blast sounds atm. Is it only me? How can i fix this? thanks :(Hushox1 Aug 7