Jul 16 What my dps should be at my ilvl? Currently 906 ilvl. Was doing EoA +7 yesterday and was only 30k or so dps ahead of 885 DH. i was 550k dps or so at the end of the dungeon. Does this sound about right? I feel as if my rotation is fine and optimal, but i could be wrong. 1-2 mobs = lava burst/Ele blast/Lightning bolt 3+ mobs = Ele blast/chain lightning/EQ dump? When chain lightning procs, should i just dump 3 EQs or should i just focus on keeping 1 up all the time and using chain lightning more?Electriik2 Jul 16
Jul 16 resto help for h avatar healing fallen avatar has been super tough for me. having to be in motion at least half the fight, and not having many people grouped up is killimg my numbers. ive tried both eoe and cbt, and it doesnt seem to make much diff. but when i look at the logs, there are restos doing just fine and putting up decent numbers. what talents are you guys taking, and do you have any tips that seem to be working for you? cheers, dAnthema3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Healer Assistance Please :) Hello all Farseer's! I need y'alls hand! I've read icy veins i've read and I keep going back to those sites for references. I still feel like i need some more player tips, and sucks when you don't know any other shammies for advice but here :3 -------------- I have a couple snags that are getting me stuck and as a healer i hate when someone dies while a painful 1-2.5 second cast that wont even save them. 1.) Do I need haste period? I can have a 120% mastery depending on what i wear while having 2% haste and when i first picked up my shammy my mastery was 88% and still now with a tidal wave + 120% mastery when the tank is getting slammed my HS/CH does absolutely nothing. 2.)Trinkets? What trinkets do shammies like to stack? Int/proc. Mast/use. Crit/proc etc (wearing crystal and switching 2nd between nagflar fare/amagalons' seventh spine.) 3.) Tidal wave upkeep. With AG keeps away from the double stack of tidal waves>> Rp with me Mythic+ dungeon vvv Tank gets hit 50%, add hits me 70% 1-2 dps get hit 60%>>Riptide tank - 1TW - HS to save tank - 0 TW & RT on CD one of the dps or myself is at deaths door while tank still getting wrecked.. Chain heal again will boost me and the dps up by 5-10% hp but when i turn to chain heal it feels like a huge waste of 2.5 seconds to gain 1 TW and sometimes at the cost of a life. 4.)Cloudburst Totem. Read on and heard from shammies they'll never let go of their CB ever it makes other healers cry. My CBT feels like s***, i drop the totem near the end of my HR, cast GoQ, CH like no tomorrow......*checks chart...CBT....600-800k* Other shammies oh yea mine gets 1-4 mill?! Da !#@~ 5.)Ascendance vs High Tide (Mythic +/Raid) Last question! xD i can't decide which one raid i hear High tide since everyones so spread out, but mythic + i've been using HT since without it I'll cast CH.....heal me and the mage next to me but forget the tank and melee.....(melee die/tank gets close)Wolfofstone5 Jul 16
Jul 16 Rip Mythic Progression for Ele shamans Anyone who wants to play elemental in Mythic progression is basically !@#$ed. Numbers don't lie. We started strong and now we're at the bottom of the barrel. Woo %^-*ing hoo. Idiot !@#$ing Devs. "But shamans are in a good spot and fun to play!" Jul 16
Jul 15 Enhancement Shaman Arena Strategy Tips? Note: I am still a casual player and come from a rogue background obviously As Enhancement Shaman, any recommendations for the following simple Arena situations, or others?: Setting up kills Pre-requisite: * Flametongue up and maybe a Frostbrand/Earthbind totem. * Stormbringer Proc * Hex another player other than target (this seems clunky as Enhancement - seems silly halting my movement to create a setup) Go: * Bloodlust + Skyfury Totem + Ascendance + Spam Stormstrike Survivability - When I'm being trained * Astral Shift * Earthgrab/Earthbind/Lightning Surge Totem + Ghost wolf away * Healing Surge * Sprint when rooted (can't remember shaman name of the spell) * Would love to have Gust of Wind on Enhancement Spec instead of Feral Lunge (Gust of Wind allows for more strategy IMO) Controlling Opposing team * EarthGrab/Lightning Surge totem + Hex (Sundering only seems to last as long as the GCD, so not sure if it is worth as part of controlling a focus) Is there any additional or more complicated setups and strategies for this spec in Arena? There's a bunch of combination of things for Subtlety rogue in PvP for setting target and rest of their team, especially when juggling a target and focus target. But there does not seem to be much for Enhancement Shaman as far as I can tell? I gather I am missing something - aware though that there is a difference in playstyle between the two classes. Perhaps it is just meant to be a stand there and trade blows kind of thing, blow for blow, like an old-fashioned slug fest, but that only lasts for about 5-10 seconds and doesn't last long enough to be enjoyable. Seems we have lots of damage buttons but not much utility buttons (again, compared to rogue POV). Situational Off healing - unfortunately enhancement healing seem very poor - is it even worth the global to help a team mate. Decursing - might be able to decurse a hex. Is decursing agony of pain even worth it? Others? Any other arena tips as an Enhancement shaman that makes it feel more like a game of chess, rather than a game of checkers? Sorry, I don't intend this to sound like i'm hanging crap on it, I do enjoy Enh, was just hoping to have my eyes opened to some more finer details to the spec that will let me get more longer term enjoyment out of the spec.Vonzy5 Jul 15
Jul 15 You must think you're such a good player! "Running around on the most overpowered, unbalanced spec in the game right now for PvP. It's cute thinking you could even do anything useful without your butt buddies or pocket healer to save you. But hey, everybody sucks at some point. You'll improve one day, just try not to use broken classes as a crutch. But really you can't even 1v1 a Warlock on the most OP spec. It's laughable really. Go run for your healer and butt buddy, scrub." So...after getting to 110 (last weekend) I decided to dust off the ole Stormheralder from TBC era shaman I used to play with. I ended up queueing a bunch for the Battle, and there was this Warlock that would just tunnel me in the first BG we played. He got me quite a few times and I started training him super hard. Anyway, the next 3-4 games he was there and we would instantly aggro each other. My wife came home from having dinner with her buddy, and I was finishing up and I was like "hey check this lock out we've been having a grudge with each other" and I whooped up on him again. So anyway, the moral of the story is, he created a character on Tich to whisper me this crap and I thought I'd ask... Is enh just super OP right now? B/c the damage feels good, comparable to my 58 point ~915 geared Arms warrior but it doesn't feel out of place, especially considering I lack a lot of the LOLstorm.Galvanism20 Jul 15
Jul 15 Ghost wolf mana bar Please consider changing this from displaying mana to maelstrom for enhancement/elemental shaman. I've ruined many a lightning bolt because I've been too lazy to set up an addon to change it myself.Blaisty1 Jul 15
Jul 15 RSHAM ARENA - 1900 MMR AND CR If you could review my footage and critique me that would be great. Thanks.Bensimmons0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Lava Lash at 40 maelstrom? I've been looking at all the guides around town and they all say to hit LL at 40+ maelstrom (assuming everything else is on CD). This seems really...weird. Hitting LL at 40 maelstrom leaves very little maelstrom left if I get a surprise SS reset. Is there something I'm not understanding or should I just do what the guides say and not question their knowledge?Zazloe3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Forum Downvote Button Removed "Yes, we’ve recently pushed an update to the WoW forums that removes the ability to downvote posts made by other players." Tuskini must be celebrating this. ^^Audit3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Ele PvP... When you get farmed by a rogue in a bg...feelsbadman.Fatalkontact17 Jul 14
Jul 14 Kill Magatha? How many Tauren shaman wish they could kill Magatha ? Like seriously I would willingly take the lose of a champ for the ability after or during her quest to just punt her into the maelstrom. Almost insulted blizz figured it would be cool to force us to take the traitor that killed Cairne and then slaughtered piles of other Tauren as she took over TB.Mirrass20 Jul 14
Jul 14 Magatha: Surprisingly Works This thread will contain spoilers involving the Champions of Legionfall quest arc. I know many of us, myself included, were completely freaked out by the inclusion of Magatha as our new Champion for our Order Hall. I mean, she killed Cairne! Why would many of us, especially RPers who play Tauren Shaman, even allow her to live? Was Blizzard going to give some cardboard excuse and just totally ruin our immersion by shoehorning her into our content? Honestly? The situation is okay. I don't know how many of you have done the questline, but having done it, I am satisfied. Her presence in the Maelstrom is a conflicting issue with other Tauren, yes, but having her there is better then having her out in the 'wild' where she could easily take the Grimtotem and go the same way as the Feltotem. But being willing to stand against the Legion, she has earned only a small bit of rope. Possibly enough to hang herself. Nobundo has decided that she remain, if only to keep an eye on her. And, as Farseer, I agree. Her presence is a danger, but far better then what she might do if left unsupervised. Further, her forces can be used as front lines against the Legion. Right where they belong. Further, her questline tied up a rather large plot hole left by the Thousand Needles questline in Cataclysm. You end up freeing her, her people, from the Twilight and liberate a powerful elemental artifact called the Doomstone. Those who did the chain know that leaving here there with her pet snake and the Doomstone was unsatisfying. We've been waiting a while to see what happened to her. Now we know. As a Champion, she is best served as a board champion. Her ability to summon new troops is useful. Following you around as a Guardian is okay, but only if you like DPS. She seems to be higher DPS then Rehgar is. Her damage and ability to help you kill things is excellent. Though otherwise she is lackluster as she offers no direct benefits to you like Rehgar does with his super ghost wolf. From a lore perspective, she has been stripped of the Doomstone and it currently is resting in the Maelstrom where it cannot do any more harm and may be of use one day. Or a plot point later for a future Old God expansion. Seems like its leading that way. Magatha herself is clearly aligned with the Twilight factions, seeing as she is using spells that mark her as such when you allow her to fight beside you. From a Lore standpoint, I feel this is a satisfying interlude into more detail in the future. I suspect after we deal with the Legion and have to deal with the remaining Old God... Magatha is going to be one of those who returns to the dark side in an attempt to conquer the Tauren. From a gameplay standpoint, she is useful as a champion and effective, though less so then Rehgar. But once Flight is gained, super ghost wolf might not be as useful and you might want a Guardian who can deal lots of damage right along with you. That will be Magatha. But for now? I am totally sticking to Rehgar and putting her on missions. From a roleplay standpoint, I can agree that its tough. Part of me would want to kill her. Part of me knows that the Legion is a bigger threat. For now, using her and her people to fight the Legion is better then having her possibly join them like the Feltotem if she has no options left to her(which she wouldn't if the Earthen Ring attacked her). Going to be keeping an eye on her, and the Doomstone. And Neptulon, for that matter... ...still, using it was pretty awesome. I wonder if it will have further use. Also, how awesome was it to see Therazane on the surface of Azeroth, along with Smolderon? I expected them to unleash more hell, but hey, that'd be too big for the plot. Time for the Elemental Lords to go to War. Now... if only I could just get those last few reputation points... NEED TO FLY!Ghostwalka12 Jul 14
Jul 14 Primary stat over Tier 20 ? Do you take your primary stat of Mastery over 2 piece Tier 20 Set? with set Im sitting at 99% master 30% crit 12% haste.. without tier pieces im at 112% mastery 11% haste and 28% crit... ilvl 909 Need help..Affro1 Jul 14
Jul 14 T20 4P bugged for SimC? I just got T20 4P and my dps increase according to sims was... 0 It only gave me 10k more when i switched to Totem mastery from Path of flame Is it that 4P is trash against single target, or is it bugged somehow? (like the simulation casting fire ele before pull, thus negating the bonus from 4P)Tzhary2 Jul 14
Jul 13 Couple questions Just got Eye of the Twisting Nether, so considering its effect, will I start using Frostbrand again with it, or is that only if you have Aikanu's? If the answer is Yes to the former, I assume I'll also need to swap over to Hailstorm to maximize its effect. Also, how much haste should we realistically have? I know there's a softcap ~25%, but should we keep going for haste as enhance's top secondary stat beyond that or treat any post-25% as a nice-to-have?Xhi2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Interesting find on Mythic Goroth Looking at logs for Mythic Goroth, since its the most reliable ST applied DPS I can find that aren't sims. I found something interesting with the top dps. Muffler on Goroth is leading by around 55k dps compared to the person under him. He runs Gloves + Eye which isn't a surprise. But, the most interesting thing I've seen is that he is using aftershock instead of Guidance. Now its not so odd with Gamble build but he isn't running the boots to put gamble together, which blows my mind on how he's even on top doing something along those lines. Any mythic Ele shamans that have more expierence then me care to explain how this even functions well enough to top the parses? TL;DR - #1 Ele Parse on Goroth is using Gloves + Ring WITH aftershock despite not using the gamble build, and out parsing his counterparts.Àscern5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Earth shaman themed mog? Hello there! As I just reached lvl 110 with this toon, I am looking for some transmog that would fit the theme of dwarf shaman a bit more. I feel that dwarves are more connected to the element of earth and fire than water and air. Fire themed set are plentiful, yet I can seem to find any earth themed ones. Any of you old timers remember any set that would fit that description? Thanks in advance!Rustshock7 Jul 13
Jul 13 Has Elemental improved since Cata ? Hello everyone, I played wow during cataclysm as a Elemental Shaman, at that time ele shamans were kinda sad, low damage, not very good at scaling, some very crappy talents, and kinda of a boring rotation involving no skill, but i enjoyed the fantasy of the class most of all those thing, like many of you. To me elemental gameplay felt really shallow carryied by great fantasy, lore and characters. Fastfoward to now, i am starting fresh, so i decided to get a grip of how the classes are doing and by reading the forums, warcraft logs and etc, and it seems that numbers whise things are still bad, so i will not bother asking about its viability in a competitive setting. So i would like to ask, no numbers involved, is the spec more fun ? has it gained more depth on the rotation and utility kit ? Thanks.Tzarnek2 Jul 13
Jul 13 pvp help hey guys im wanting to try and gear this toon up and do some pvp with it but so far from what i experience i just die in 2 secs. any big time youtubers/streamers of enhance out there i can watch and pick some ideas up off of?Castiiel10 Jul 13
Jul 13 Ascendance vs Boulderfist vs Earthen Spike I *need* some explanation right now. (( This link will send you to my characters armory on Mr Robot, which will show you everything about them. I should've done this to begin with and for others, sorry I didn't! Here ya' go! :] For reference, my shaman is Kharroon on the Thrall server (so you can pull him up and look at the gear if need be). Also, please not that I just started this guy up 3 weeks ago, so I've just been grabbing whatever gear is in front of me to meet guild ilvl requirements for raiding. Haven't gotten a chance to actually itemize yet. Alright, here's my problem. Standing Dummie DPS (3-4 minute durations) ---------------------------- 1) With Ascendance - 650k~ 2) With Boulderfist - 700k~ 3) With Earthen Spike - 660k~ I know every is claiming that Ascendance hits like a truck, but for long duration fight it just ends up being less DPS (in my immediate experience) than anything else. I honestly don't know if there are stat numbers or tier sets that I need to make Ascendance for more or what have you, but it just seems kind of crap. Tell me what I might be doing wrong, I'm looking for feedback and criticism!Duskz5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Elemental 100% Mastery Hi, I have 31% mastery now, and it says an extra 31% chance to shoot the same spell, which sounds incredible! When I played Wrath of the Lich King, there was also this item: which basically shoots free lightning bolts when you crit a few times. The item plus Mastery sounds like Zeus on crack, shooting lightning bolts like a machine gun! Now my question is, is there an item like this but ilevel 900+, and is 100% Mastery even possible? What's after 100% Mastery?Smokybacon2 Jul 13
Jul 13 +100% haste Recently, i got a 925 Charm of the Rising Tide. Thing is: i was already using Gul'dan's 895 Whisper in the Dark. Combining it with Totem Mastery and Bloodlust (and perhaps Elemental Mastery haste proc too), i have already managed to achieve 109% haste, with around 0,7 seconds cast time for elemental spells. What i want to know is: is there a point where haste is too much? Should i stop using Whisper in the Dark in favor of a 895 stat stick? Perhaps avoid using CotRT during bloodlust?Antônioluiz2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Shhh... they look good T21 Set bonuses posted today. Enhancement bonuses look pretty good. I don't play elemental/resto enough to judge those. Thoughts? Elemental: Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 2P Bonus - Lava Burst Buffs Earth Shock Each cast of Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Earth Shock by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 4P Bonus - Earth Shock Overload Earth Shock has a 30% chance to cause an Elemental Overload. Enhancement: Item - Shaman T21 Enhancement 2P Bonus - Rockbiter Buffs Fire/Nature Damage Rockbiter causes the target to take 10% increased Fire and Nature damage from your attacks until cancelled. Item - Shaman T21 Enhancement 4P Bonus - Stormstrike Resets Rockbiter Casting Stormstrike has a 15% chance to add a charge of Rockbiter. Restoration: Item - Shaman T21 Restoration 2P Bonus - Immediate Heal In Healing Rain Area When you cast Healing Rain, up to 6 allies within its area are immediately healed for 6. Item - Shaman T21 Restoration 4P Bonus - Heal Copies to Player in Healing Rain Healing Wave and Healing Surge casts have a 30% chance to heal a player standing in your Healing Rain for 100% of the amount.Rend20 Jul 13
Jul 12 We need numbers not mobility I've seen this sentiment around the forum that we need better mobility, and I hope to convince you that this is not the ele problem. The true problem is that even if you turret, you still only do mediocre dps. Even if you can dps on the move like hunters, your dps still caps out toward lower middle of the pack. What we need is numbers tuning. Specifically upping the base damage. We can see from max percentile that even the luckiest ele player isn't breaking the charts. So I think we can afford to buff some base damage multipliers. Ideally, we would fix secondary scaling too, but that's too much work to hope for.Umeshoryu6 Jul 12
Jul 12 Just a question Why is the 8% agility talent a thing? make landslide baseline plz put in some other talent that makes since only other complaint is idk why swelling waves not on enhance that etherael form !@#$ is weak and retardedPractice1 Jul 12
Jul 11 Top Enhancement Legendaries? I've looked up a couple sites for what Legionaries are currently end game builds and while I see recommendations they are pretty much what I would expect. Akainu and twisting nether are good for single target. Emalon's charged core is a staple AOE and while Spiritual journey is great for mythic + it's not so great for a lot of raid encounters where you won't be spending much time in ghost wolf. The thing is now we have smoldering heart and soul of the farseer on top of the other legendaries and I'm just trying to find out if there is anything definitive about the top single target and top AOE builds and which legendaries they use. I generally run hot hand and Akainu switching between twisting nether for single target and Emalon's for aoe in raids. For Mythic + I am usually running spiritual journey and Emalon's dropping hothand for agi buff and taking ancestral swiftness in place of hailstorm. I'm also still undecided on the final talent tier but I've been running ascendance since the buff to it.Poomachine6 Jul 11
Jul 11 well not surprised both shaman specs at the bottom like usual. I had hopes for a better tier this time around but our core mechanics are just dog**** for almost all of the encounters . Better luck next expansion. I'm honestly done hoping because I hoped this time around and nothing .Lolmaru1 Jul 11
Jul 11 915 Windstrikes or 930 Gather Maelstrom relic Which should I use? I know windstrikes is BiS, but I'm not sure it's worth the loss in weapon ilvl from Gathering Maelstrom. Opinions?Martenluther1 Jul 11
Jul 11 How is Enhancement PVP? I haven't see any yet in BGs or arenas.Simbi9 Jul 11
Jul 11 Bad luck and mage tower. I should preface this that I'm craving the mage towers artifact appearance. I am 914 unequiped and very well geared. But, without the legs I cannot complete the damn mage tower, after numerous attempts. I've gotten 4 legendary items. I've been using the BiS Belt/Gloves for the longest time and I'm contempt. I'm aiming for pyraz or legs, sephuz is good for it as well. But I've only gotten the ring next and its busting my ball. I don't want to be the guy to complain in this "Humble brag" type way because some people would kill for one of those, or hell a combination of both. But for what content I want I can't seem to get lucky. Its busting my balls.Àscern7 Jul 11
Jul 11 Healing raid as resto shaman My resto specific loot: Etraeus celestial's map, Amalgam's Seventh Spine, Elemental rebalancers (legendary) I heal a lot in mythic+ as resto shaman, like 800k+ on some hard pulls However on raids i can barely do arround 300k while other healers of similar ilvl do 550k+ I feel like healing is "stolen" from me since my haste is low, and i run out of mana without healing much What is my role on raids? Chain heal people, Healing surge tanks? Any help would be appreciated, only think keeping me away from deciding to main shaman is that i dont like resto in raids (mainly because i feel kinda useless) I heal only pugs, so coordination to make my healing tide totem is not possible, usually i use it and a druid pops innvervate and i end up healing nothingTzhary14 Jul 11
Jul 11 Prerequisites for class mount questline What exactly do i need to do to start the class mount questline?Amarra6 Jul 11
Jul 11 Dusted off my enh shah-man I feel they gutted the cool parts and now enh is just a (edit: melee) with 150 energy but without the ... fun parts. Compared to resto enh just doesn't seem to bring any utility. Windrush totem--woo. Ascendance is cool. The talent that knocks mobs to the side is a cool idea but doesn't have the range or knockback to be epic. And the cool stuff kind of ends there. I don't know how much the buff to random other people's damage does. But maybe I'm just missing stuff because I've only played it a little bit and have no legendaries. Are there any good examples of fights where a Raid Lead would really want an enhancement shaman?Twilightcult9 Jul 11
Jul 10 Quick Legendary Question If I have the shoulders and it procs, do I press earthquake even with one target? What is the limit of using the procced earthquake?Tutanshamun2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Fist Weapons (HURHUR ANOTHER THREAD??) Hello, I'm sure you're all very excited for this thread. I want to inquire as to if my beloved Enhance Shaman will ever have the pleasure of wearing or transmogging to Fist Weapons ever again? It was an essential part of my Shaman's persona and I have a big storyline behind my character. I understand artifact weapons are as they are now, but after this xpac can we PLEASE have them back? My Summer look 2017 fashion tmog is incomplete without my brass knuckles and glowing fists... What is your feedback on this my loving shaman community?Funky27 Jul 10
Jul 10 how to heal Grievous as resto how does one keep up with the dmg this stuff puts out? i feel like healing surge spam on the tank is not enough at all like i just dont got enough raw output needed for this affix how are you all dealing with it?Shameticzep6 Jul 10
Jul 10 4P T20 & 2P T19 Is it worth aiming for that combination? I've heard that works on other dps but im not sure about shaman, it does not look strong at all but i dont know much about sets Thanks :)Tzhary12 Jul 10
Jul 10 Ele stat ratio changes Hi ele shamans, Was just browsing storm earth and lava and noticed that for Ascendance spec they now have stat ratios of: Belt + Ring Priority: Critical Strike >> Haste >= Mastery >> Versatility and Gloves + Belt Priority: Mastery > Haste >>> Versatility >= Critical Strike Which seems like quite a change from last time I looked, when mastery/crit were around equal top with haste further down. There are no notes on there to explain the changes (that I could see), and I'm assuming these priorities are for 4-piece tier 20 only? Hoping someone can take the time to briefly explain the changes to me i.e. why haste has increased in value and why crit is so very low with the gloves? Thanks :)Saanrixa7 Jul 10
Jul 10 Order hall one minute cooldown reset. Testing at the dummies, Pop bloodlust, then wait 10 minutes until you can try again? Instead: Mount up, ride down to the proving ground NPC, Enter PG, start an event, then leave group. All CD's have been reset. Ride off the edge of the order hall near the PG, and you'll pop back up at the Maelstrom Pillar near the dummies, saving return trip time. Total time to reset: About 1 minute, depending on how long the PG load screen is for you.Fugubar2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Looking for Resto info I'm looking for good sources for resto. Appreciate any input!Fatalkontact2 Jul 10
Jul 9 Need help with enchanting. I believe I'm at the point where I need to start enchanting some of my gear with gems. I've never gem'd before so I'd like to know what gems I should be buying and which ones I should prioritize first?Àscern1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Please help my Resto Shaman So the more I search the various go-to websites for information, the more confused I get. Whereas Noxxic indicates I should throw all into mastery, ask mr robot tells me to gen and enchant for crit. Icy veins is so vague that I'm lost. Tonight I got tossed out on my rear from TOS for being lowest in heals (despite knowing the fights better than anyone, and being the only healer to not die via ignoring simple mechanics. I have no way (nor do I know how) to post logs. Can anyone look at my gear/enchants/gems, and tell me if they see something I could improve upon, or any general advice. Are my talents off (for raiding)? Is my gear awful? Help please...tired of being the s*it healer in the raid. Tia!Ihealupeel47 Jul 9
Jul 9 Official Petition to not change CL Graphics I know blizzard always want to improve this game but Chain Lighting is good as it is, leave it alone please.Shocknado14 Jul 9
Jul 9 Ele DPS lacking Our dps is great and is on par with many others.... Until we gotta move for any amount of time. Our lack of mobility is what is killing our dps...I <3 elemental but man its just annoying I cant even get a pick up grp @ ~920ilvl bc I'm a elemental shaman.... Can we get talent for LavaB on the go or even LB on the go again help us blizzard....Rouzy19 Jul 9
Jul 9 I'm really enjoying the casino build So I finished swapping some gear around and playing with it some on target dummy's and it performs pretty well. My biggest problem is finding enough haste gear to maximize it. Also since it favors haste it makes our rotation feel more fluid and not so restricted by movement. Also even after stacking haste and crit my sims show mastery as my worst stat which feels weird since I only have like 50% mastery. What are people's thoughts on using this build?Flashdecaf2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Resto Shm weak auras Hi my fellow Shamans! I'm having trouble finding a reliable script/code for weak auras. The ones I've googled haven't worked ;(. Does anyone have a good setup or know where I can find some? Thanks all!Dasboots8 Jul 9
Jul 9 Elemental needs love (blues read) To start I love my elemental shaman, I don't want to reroll to be competitive and I don't feel I should have too. This is just crazy, give us some love a hotfix, anything. We're not even top performing on fights where we should be. I'd be ok with being bottom ST if we were top on cleave fights but currently it's just not the case, at least in night hold with the hitbox change we were near top on cleave fights but this is out of hand. So please do what you can :) Much love <3 PS. I know it's early and we don't have too much representation in mythic yet, I'm hoping to see some big changes in the coming weeks.Sevenqt1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Ele change idea I don't play ele, but i know how you all feel because enh was just there. What if elemental focus caused your next spell that has a cast time castable while moving. Would this solve your issues?Martenluther0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Is my dps low I'm like a 891 enhance in mostly pvp gear I do like 480k what should it go up to gor tosStormsurgex6 Jul 9