Jan 6 Tier 21, 2-piece question. So the two piece tier 21 perk is "Casting Stormstrike has a 30% chance to increase the damage of your next Rockbiter by 100%" Is there any way to tell this is proc'ing besides watching my damage numbers pop up on my screen? There is no proc warning of any type, nothing in buff section or on my action bar. Just curious is all. Thanks.Kyth1 Jan 6
Jan 5 Low-Level Enhance Questions Howdy. I am very green on Shamans. So I decided to learn to play one. I like the idea of Enhance as well as the difficulty of the Spec. Just a simple question about which ability to open with. Do I use Flametounge weapon first? That way my other abilities will deal extra 'fire' damage as I use my rotation? I have been doing: Flametounge Windsong Rockbiter Maelstrom Rockbiter Repeat as CD's allow me.Atotem2 Jan 5
Jan 5 T20 vs T21 and the Sims... Ok, so this has left me a little confused and I'm reaching out to see what other Elemental Shamans are doing. I'm not a mythic raider first off. Nor do I want to be. So based on heroic gear only, which tier is better? 20(ToS) or 21(The Burning Throne). So far, the sims that I've ran are saying that I should stick with the t20. I do run the gambling build.Jilliebean3 Jan 5
Jan 5 Stormflurry track addon I like the Stormflurry trait so much! There is any addon that I can use to track when it procs? Thanks!Kargrath0 Jan 5
Jan 4 Totem Minigame in Class Hall only once? So, I did the totem "lights out" mini game the first day I stepepd on the class hall, earned the achievment and opened a treasure chest. After that the game became unavailable through Puzzlemaster Lo (Panda NPC). Is that intended? Is there a way to play the minigame after completing it even if just for fun or is it gone?Ancester7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Guardians Just a question on guardians: Sometimes while killing mobs doing world quests, a big bird named "StormBeak" appears and assists me then flies off. What spell or talent etc allows this to happen ? Recently while in raids, an elemental appears at the same spot i'm standing in and appears to casts spells at my target to assist me. Again, no idea how I'm getting this 'Guardian' to assist me, what is it ? Thanks for any information, been looking and can't find anything on these 2 guardians. OorcaneOorcane3 Jan 4
Jan 3 Can any 1 explain this? Wth? -> Jan 3
Jan 3 Raid dps in Antorus Is ele or enh typically better in Antorus?Cloudstock5 Jan 3
Jan 3 Ghost in the Mist doesn't persist The resto artifact ability Ghost in the Mist states that it lasts 6 seconds once fully stacked, however it simply drops as soon as you leave ghost wolf. This behavior is contrary to the wording. Making it this buff persist would provide shaman with a much needed secondary DR. The large throughput loss by staying in Ghost Wolf for 6s would easily balance the on demand DR, but go a long way towards helping shaman survive a bit more. Astral Shift is a great CD, but outside of it most of our toolkit revolves around being able to heal ourselves, but heals do not help against one shots, which are very prevalent in higher level M+ content. Looking forward to BfA, I would love to see this trait become a baseline buff to ghost wolf, as it is a very cool standalone trait and adds some fun to Ghost Wolf useage. Edit - For those unfamiliar with Ghost in the Mist: Reduces all damage you take by while Ghost Wolf is active by 4% (at 4/4 points), increasing by another 4% every 1 sec, stacking up to 6 times and lasting 6 sec once fully stacked.Stormaker1 Jan 3
Jan 3 Apparently we have always been op? LOOL Check the arena forums, people saying we have been op the whole expansion makes me cringe inside. Apparently some people do not know how the flow of time works, and apparently just because ele is KINDA in a good spot now it has been op this whole expac, all hell is breaking loose. Suckls i missed this period of '' being op all this expansion .'' I was looking forward to being more than a free HK or auto declined for anything but low end mythic plus and being whispered '' LOL @ ELE SHAM''Margrath14 Jan 3
Jan 3 Noob question for ele Hi all, sorry if this is a silly question. Lava Burst claims to always crit on targets that are flame shocked. My question is, is this crit chance calculated as the spell is leaving my hands or as it hits the target? Would i be able to Cast LB->FS and get the always crit?Killadelphia5 Jan 3
Jan 3 Which leggy wouls you take So I am currently about a 944 ele shammy if using my normal set up. Currently I am running uncertain reminder and prydaz with tier 21 2 set on shoulders and chest. Buuut, I've been getting lucky recently and pulled a couple more legendaries. I now have echoes of the great sundering, eye of the twisting nether, and insignia of the grand army also. Only problem is if I ran those shoulders I'd lose my 2 pieces tier 21 which stinks. Just curious what you would do in my current situation. Still trying to get tier 21 heroic to drop.Sanítyfalls7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Akainu's Legendary. Hailstorm and Hot Hand? Hello, I just got Akainu's legendary and was wondering if it's worth it to change my talents to Hailstorm and Hot Hand. Would this be an increase in DPS or is it too disruptive to my rotation. Talking pve wise of course.Nerc2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Possible help with dps I am a long time Enhance shaman and in recent patches I have felt that my dps has taken a turn for the worse. I know I am under preforming but I can't seem to pine point where I am going wrong. I'll post a heroic full clear(Which was an worse night than most) to see if anyone here can give me some insight to where I might be going wrong. This has and always will be my main but I am getting to the point where I am starting to think I don't know how to play the class anymore. ThanksSkychaserr0 Jan 3
Jan 2 Help my Enhance DPS! So I've fallen fully in love with Enhance. Despite the PVP limitations it has, I just keep coming back to it. The lore, the visuals, the artifact, the class hall, the gear sets, the spell effects are amazing. I'm struggling a bit in pve though, which is odd because I know Enhance is elite and can do 2 mill plus. Wondering if it's talents, L2p or gear? I'm assuming a combination. Ilevel is currently 888 and I'm doing around 500k dps. No legendaries yet. One thing I will say is Enhance seems extremely gear dependent. Until like 865 or 870 ilevel I couldn't even quest in Argus without dying every couple minutes. Now I can easily quest there. I'd appreciate any and all pointers!Kamikaze13 Jan 2
Jan 1 Boulderfist in BfA Baking antorus 2 and maybe a smaller 4 piece should happen in BfA. Maybe then I'd finally feel like theres a passive 3rd option in that tier instead of 2 talents.Zekthar0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Best Legendaries for Ele Shammy? Could i get some feedback on what legendaries i should be wearing for a Ele shammy? Choices are as follows. Uncertain Reminder other choice is 935 1211 crit 672 vers Pristine Proto-scale Girdle Other choice is a 930 534 to crit and 852 mas. Roots of Shaladrassil 935 1170 to haste 713 vers AlAkirs Acrimony 950 688 crit 432 hasteSanèsÿco8 Jan 1
Jan 1 Elemental vs Enhancement I'm trying to decide between these two specs. I enjoy both immensely but I don't know which to choose. I know Elemental is very good at AoE and cleave and mediocre on single target and bad at movement. I don't know much about enhancement but according to icy veins they have solid ST damage. I don't know anything else.\ Which is better for casual raiding (Not Mythic) Solo play, world quests etc. I don't want to hear about PvP because i don't play it. Tell me your thoughts.Blázêr14 Jan 1
Jan 1 Icefury vs. Ascendance pve Which do you prefer? I'm comfortable with using Icefury since I pvp a lot; however, ascendance does offer huge initial burst. I do feel that the tier set lines better with icefury as well though.Cloudstock6 Jan 1
Jan 1 New to PvP healing Hello mah fellow shamans, So I wanted to try something fresh and decided I might just give healing a go. First up I'm only a filthy casual so I'm pretty much just playing random bgs and such atm. I play both Enh and WW monk and am pretty aware in game and always try to cc, peel healers and do bg objectives. With all that said I find healing to be VERY daunting. I have tried maybe 2 or 3 times in MoP and WoD and wow, it is a lot to take in and quite damn stressful. I have a lot of respect for you healers and really need your help. To start with, do I need many addons? Honestly I really like to use minimal addons so must haves I'll definitely check out. I play Ehn and WW as I said and while this is the Shaman forums, obviously I am going to get mainly Resto Shammy support but, I am curious if anyone plays resto and MW and what and WHY makes one more enjoyable than the other? I always say I do not care about how strong a class is, I'm casual so for me its all about my enjoyment. Upon looking at MW I will say the resto toolkit did seem more appealing yet, I am a mobility addict. Lastly, what are some tips/tricks with resto that I should be aware of? What cool downs do you guys use in which situations? How do you guys heal others when you are getting trained yourself? I feel I want to have as much knowledge as I possibly can before giving it a go because I don't want to let the team down. I can't thank you enough for any input in advance.Torlin4 Jan 1
Dec 31 Is Insignia of the Grand Army a dps increase? Over my particular legendaries. I pride myself in my poor luck in world of warcraft, just curious if the insignia is better than my actual leggos.Winrawr3 Dec 31
Dec 31 Primal Elementalist vs Elemental Blast Which do you think is better and why? I personally use Elemental Blast, but i'm curious if Primal might be slightly better.Lunë6 Dec 31
Dec 31 Reincarnate needs to be better in PvP Simply put, if I reincarnate in a BG, I should come back with more than 20% health and mana. When you consider the fact that its a 30 minute cooldown, theres really no excuse. I mean I can't even use it more than once in roughly 3 bgs anyway.Kori2 Dec 31
Dec 30 Where is the Artifact Forge in Class Hall? Hi All: Where exactly is the artifact forge located in the class hall? I know, dumb question. But I've ran all over the dratted place and also checked Icy Veins and Google and can't find any clues. Please help.Rastlin61 Dec 30
Dec 30 Shamans don't feel weak at all Good afternoon all, After capping my warrior and gearing up a bit, I decided to level another class and did a fair amount of reading to see how the other classes/specs fared in Legion. I've always enjoyed the idea of the shaman class, wielding the elements themselves and also the sheer versatility of having two vastly different dps specs as well as a healing alternative. But I must say, I was quite disheartened when I took to the forums and other websites. It seems popular opinion is that we're weak or middle of the pack at best. As such, I wanted to come here and ask the community how their shamans feel at 110 after getting some semi-decent gear. Compared to my warrior, questing is a cakewalk and as enhance, I feel I have much more control on the flow of encounters instead of just blowing things up and praying they die before I do. That said, I do notice my Shaman is MUCH more squishy than my warrior, but the sheer burst I'm capable of delivering makes up for that. Not to mention the occasional Healing Surge is nice to have in the back pocket. Yes, sometimes RNG sucks. Other times, I feel godly. But as a whole, I feel that Shamans (enhance, anyways) are in a fairly good spot. What are your opinions of the class as a whole in Legion? I've always had a soft spot for Elemental and may give it a go once I get to 110, but I'm just having waaaay too much fun watching windfury crits and one-shotting equal level mobs with a 1500% increased damage lightning bolt as Enhance. It's almost silly :) So let's hear it! How do you feel about Shamans?Maèlstrom17 Dec 30
Dec 30 Lightning Rod? Is it viable in PvP or PvE? I am not a fan of Icefury. Also when should I use Earth Shock? Always at 100 maelstrom or no? Ty!Nalaaja14 Dec 30
Dec 30 New to shamans (also casting to extent) 104 atm and I'm not sure if I'm not doing something right in my rotation or what, but it seems like every mob is a fight to death, quest ! targets I have to blow all my cooldowns on and oom from healing. I will admit I am semi new to casting, I have some experience as boomkin here and there , however I never felt so weak on a toon. I know when I got my artifact weapon it took 3 hours and red armor repair to get out of that cave and to finish the quest line lol (at time 590 ilevel). I use the fire ice shocks to slow mobs and hit with lava surge and save my earth till 50% for stronger hits. It just feels like I need to cast 1k spells and if I get 2+ on me I just go splat. Trying to keep them off my char with lightning rod stun slows leaping with wind and thunderstorm, but idk.Mawhache3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Most fun ranged class? I'm picking WoW back up and i'm trying to decide what class to play. I'll mainly be doing PvE with some PvP. I think I've decided to play a ranged class since raids are usually melee heavy and ranged are always wanted more. Fun is subjective, but I would like to get other people's opinions on what ranged class is most fun to play! Thanks for any help!Shrimlol12 Dec 30
Dec 29 Shaman mains are amazing my shaman is ilvl 909 enhance with just the chest legendary. I can't survive a single encounter on Argus whether I'm enhance or ele. I love both specs beyond belief but I die nonstop and it frustrated me to no end. my ilvl 830 paladin survived and kills faster. I just don't understand how you guys do itWorldwarczar28 Dec 29
Dec 29 Who are highfather machination charges on? Does each ally get a charge of it when I heal them and each get up to 5, or is the 5 I see on my character the max? Does the heal go to anyone who tips below 50% or only who has the buff? Or is it just the caster who gets the buff?Sings2 Dec 29
Dec 29 Purify Spirit - Mouseover Macro Help Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your time. I've recently returned from a nearly 5 year break and am trying to get my old macros/addons/etc. working again, and I've run into one issue: I cannot get my "Purify Spirit" mouse over macro to work. Issue Description The macro works when I mouse over friendly target characters (not unit frames) and when I have a target, but does not work when I mouse over a unit frame. Macro #showtooltip /cast [nomod:alt,@mouseover,exists,harm][nomod:alt,exists,harm] Purge; [nomod:alt,@mouseover, exists,help][nomod:alt,exists,help][nomod:alt,@player][mod:alt,@player] Purify Spirit; I've tried simple versions of this macro as well (e.g.: /cast [@mouseover,exists] Purify Spirit; Purify Spirit). Additional Details It should be mentioned that I have successfully created similar macros for Riptide, Healing Wave, Chain Heal, and Healing Surge. These all work without issue (including on mouse over of my unit frames). Working Macros #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help]Chain Heal; [help]Chain Heal; Chain Heal #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help]Healing Surge; [help]Healing Surge; Healing Surge #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help]Healing Wave; [help]Healing Wave; Healing Wave #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help]Riptide; [help]Riptide; Riptide Addons Grid2 - For party/raid frames Shadow Unit Frames - For my general unit frames: player, target, etc. Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - For nameplates Bartender2 - For bars/keybindings This has been driving me crazy for over a week now. I've resorted to using the macro and just making sure I don't have my cursor over my Grid2 or unit frames when I cast. Any help would be appreciated. Note: While I always enjoy learning about new addons, I really like the setup I have at the moment, and would prefer to NOT switch to other addons. This works great for me with everything except this "Purify Spirit" issue.Nakorr6 Dec 29
Dec 28 Dopefriendx 2 2nd pvp movie, slightly rushed on making this one since I have to wipe my OS and didn't want to lose clips with how little I actually play. Hope you enjoy <3 I left audio in for most games this time since people said they were able to learn from it before. Dec 28
Dec 28 resto shaman coven Pulling from 700k- 1.1m hps every bosses except coven ( 380k -580k ) lol. Get kick by pug everytime at coven. Any tips? And btw, do we have stat priority like MW?Smasherino10 Dec 28
Dec 28 Resto drids - what gives I mean, really. As a shaman mostly relying on hard casts, it is frustrating going against resto druids who keep the entire team topped off all the time. is it a L2P issue or druids in general better healing class than shamans?Antz8 Dec 28
Dec 27 Trying to tweak DPS Hello, Recently I've been trying to use different tools to get a better idea of what counts as an upgrade as well as making tweaks to my play style. This puts me in territory that I'm unfamiliar with because I've never cared enough to try min/maxing. Right now I'm using Raidbots to generate stat weights and feeding those into PAWN. I'm confused though because it keeps rating Vers almost as high as Crit which doesn't really match up with SEL website. So I'm wondering if this method is reliable. Also, I've been using NeedToKnow to track buff procs and Flame Shock but it's kind of an eyesore tracking more than 3 items. I was going to try using WeakAuras to replace this, is it difficult to setup or are there templates to use? Third. I know each person will have a different mix of stats, but given a general glance is my crit/haste/mastery on the right track? Gear has made my mastery really high and looking at others I don't usually see it at that level. Thank you all for your suggestions and input.Biggymcpayne4 Dec 27
Dec 27 2handed weapon option I have always wanted to use a 2handed mace or axe, mostly mace to play a enhancement shaman dps. I don't want a new dps shaman spec to house this I just want the option to choose what I want to use in combat. We all know the legendary weapon Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and I always thought that as a shaman weapon. I would like more option for weapon choices for all specs I mean frost deathknights want to be able to use 2handed swords again and hunters got there melee spec but I don't feel shamans need another dps spec just for 2handed weapon this should just be a option the player can choose thought talents or just equipping 2handed weapon changes some ability to make it work. The new shaman spec should be tank of course because that would be badass as a master of earth. But the fact of the matter 2handed enhancement shaman is what I would want to play and it would be a option to be more creative not a lot but have some creativity back.Sinzabad15 Dec 27
Dec 27 Imp Mother Challenge Am I good to try it, even? I don't have any healing legendaries and I don't have very good stats :/ My weapon is at 72 traitsMarik5 Dec 27
Dec 26 Voodoo Totem Replacement Idea Considering that Voodoo Totem has been completely unused in PvE this expansion, I had the following idea for a replacement next expansion: Wind Draw Totem: Summons a totem at the target location that pulses every 1 second for 3 seconds drawing all enemies within 8 yards to the totem's location. The idea being that it acts similarly to Gorfiend's Grasp, though not nearly as powerful (obviously Blizzard would have to decide the actual range etc...). While it probably wouldn't replace Lightning Surge Totem as the default for that talent tier, I think it could have some really interesting niche uses with some Mythic+ affixes. It also synergizes well with both Elemental and Enhancement, as both accel in stacked AoE. I also think it sticks with the Shaman theme very well, and is very comparable to the other talents on that tier. What do you guys think? Any other ideas for Voodoo Totem replacements?Mãr7 Dec 26
Dec 26 Bolstering and grevious problums So bolstering and grevious was a pain in the butt for me to heal plus people standing in bad and the tank over pulling what can i do to help with some of thoes mistakes? Or any genreal tips would be appreciatedBraxattack4 Dec 26
Dec 26 Binkenstein's 8.0 Elemental Redesign Hi Shaman people, I wrote a thing about an 8.0 redesign: When the BfA feedback forums go up I'll post the whole thing there, but in the meantime here is the first section: ...Binkenstein25 Dec 26
Dec 26 Restoration Shaman M+ Guide / Discussion Hi there, I am currently looking to release a series of videos dedicated to all the different healer classes and specs in wow. Check out the video, and lets talk about resto shamans in M+ What tips/tricks do you have for dealing with the Grevious affix in m+ as a resto shaman?Taii0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Shamans & Portals Apparently "powerful" Shamans have the ability to make portals, as evidenced by Magatha Grimtotem during the Shaman Order Hall campaign. (She even chastises us for not being able to make our own.) There's also that portal linking the Maelstrom and Dalaran that leads to the Order Hall in the first place. Plus, we have that Astral Recall thing... Except, all it does is yank us back to our hearthstone. I think a master of the elements would be able to do more with it. PLUS all those portals in the Maelstrom leading to the different elemental planes. Those seem interesting enough for me to want to make myself. So, what gives? Why set up all this teleporting Shaman nonsense and then not give us the ability to do so ourselves? I think, after Legion, we are sufficiently powerful to out-portal Magatha.Quinzal15 Dec 26
Dec 25 Question for the resto shamans So i want to try out cbt i have yet to use it and was wondering the best way to use it in mythic plus. Do i use it on cd or try and time it with hard packs? Does all healing feed into it even overheal? Thank youBraxattack3 Dec 25
Dec 25 How much Haste until I focus on Mastery? PvE Question: Ive gone all in on haste, and am sitting at 38.26%. Read on icy-veins that a nice breakpoint is actually 25%... should i swap out my enchants, gems etc and get mastery at this point? Is this much haste overkill? edit: I'm EnhancementKahn3 Dec 25
Dec 25 Why cant we Stormstrike with a 2h weapon? I know this change was made a while ago but why did Blizzard make the change in the first place? It is not like 2h was ever better than 1h in the recent past. All it did was make it so Blizzard did not make 2h accidentally playable (not even viable) like they did in MoP.Itsmemikey6 Dec 25
Dec 25 2v2 help (Ele) As an ele shammy, what are some tips for 2v2? I feel so squishy and don’t feel like I get out enough dmg on my shaman as I am the primary focus. Feels like I’m spending all my time just placing grab, bind, gust, and thunder to keep things off of me. Should I run me/healer or is me/dmg for best results? I was thinking an offensive healer like hpally or MW or running a warr or dk for double dps. Thoughts?Zoolandar0 Dec 25
Dec 25 Astral Recall needs to be a separate Hearth Ever since the Astral Recall glyph was removed and we can no longer teleport directly to our faction's Earthshrine, this skill has been fairly worthless. With the regular Hearthstone at a 15m cooldown (if in a guild) and the Dalaran Hearthstone at 20, Astral Recall feels superfluous. If you could bind it to an inn separate from the classic HS, it would bring back some of the world mobility we lost when the glyph was deleted. Alternatively, just bring the glyph back. Why was it even deleted? And on that note, Glyph of Deluge is useless now but it's still in the game, and Glyph of Critterhex is unusable on every spec except Elemental (for some reason). Our glyph situation is whack.Aliaani8 Dec 25
Dec 25 Elemental feels so... weak I dont really play this character much, but I've been gearing him up lately and getting some transmog for when BFA rolls around and I make a Zandalari Shaman. I dont really enjoy Enhancement very much and I already have two other healing classes, so I pretty much only play him as Ele. In trash pulls for M+ dungeons, I do pretty well. Things melt in two seconds and I have no trouble putting down random world mobs. But every time I get into a raid, I can never seem to break ~850k. I dont know if its because I only have one semi-crap Legendary, or if my trinkets suck, or if I'm just not geared enough or what. But I never seem to be doing as much damage as other people of around the same gear level. Is Elemental just not a great spec for single target, or do I just need to get better gear?Thromox16 Dec 25
Dec 25 Self Healing as Enhance I recently started playing my Shammy again and remembered why I stopped playing - the self healing. When my abilities are on cooldown or if i am fighting more than 1 enemy i cannot regain health after falling low. I try healing rain but that hardly does much. The quick heal doesn't do much else. How can i improve my healing when questing?Nephilim4 Dec 25
Dec 25 Enhancement Shaman Talent Rework Ideas I recently pondered what the current talent set-up could be reworked as - Some talents are clunky, some are in tiers that make no sense. I came up with reworks of several talents and entirely new talent ideas, and I want opinions. -15 Tier- Windsong (Rework): Causes your auto attacks to have a chance to increase your attack speed by 15% for six seconds. Hot Hand: Same thing as now. Landslide: Same thing as now.-30 Tier- Rain Shield (New): While active, you regenerate 1% of your max health per 3 seconds. Earth Shield (New): While active, you take 3% less damage from all sources. Lightning Shield (Rework): While active, taking damage increases your movement speed by 10%, and your dodge chance by 15%.-45 Tier- Lightning Surge Totem: Same thing as now. Earthgrab Totem: Same thing as now. Voodoo Totem: Same thing as now.-60 Tier- Tempest: Same thing as now. Ancestral Swiftness: Same thing as now. Empowered Stormlash: Same thing as now.-75 Tier- Overcharge (Slight Rework): Lightning Bolt now deals 1,500% increased damage, but costs 45 Maelstrom and has a 12.5 second cooldown. Sundering: Same thing as now. Earthen Spike: Same thing as now.-90 Tier- Ascendance (Slight Rework): Increases attack speed by 35% during it's duration and causes your auto attacks to deal additional nature damage and ignore armor. Spirit Pack (New): Feral Spirits gains one extra charge. Cataclysm Totem (New): 2.5 minute cooldown. Sets out a totem that lasts for 8 seconds. When it's time expires, the totem explodes, dealing 30% of all damage you dealt during it's duration to all targets within 15 yards.-100 Tier- Blessing of Air (New): Replaces Stormstrike. Causes your auto attacks to deal nature damage and cleave in a 5-yard cone in front of you, and increasing your chance to trigger Windfury by 5%. Causes you to be unable to use Crash Lightning. Blessing of Fire (New): Replaces Lava Lash. Causes your auto attacks to deal fire damage and apply a fire DoT, stacking up to 5 times. Causes you to be unable to use Flametongue. Blessing of Earth (New): Replaces Rockbiter. Decreases your attack speed by 20%, but causes your auto attacks to deal 25% increased damage, gives your offhand attacks a chance to proc Windfury, and increases Maelstrom generation from autoattacks and Windfury attacks by 100%.-Notes- Combining Blessing of Air and Windsong decreases Windsong's effect by 5%. Combining Blessing of Fire and Hot Hand causes your auto attacks to have a chance to increase the damage of your next auto attack by 50%. Combining Blessing of Earth and Landslide causes your auto attacks to give 5% increased agility rather than 8%.Torako7 Dec 25