Aug 31 LB/CL graphics unchanged Just curious for the reason why they decided not to go with what they had - was it because of issues with something like spell travel time? Players largely disliking them?Borgna25 Aug 31
Aug 31 Elemental is back - wowprogress/warcraftlogs Opinions... Aug 31
Aug 31 Best Ele change in 7.3 Volcanoes no longer stop me from looting. Easily the best part of the patch. I am dissapointed lightning bolt didn't get its update but I'm hopeful that in the next round of updates there will be another rework. Wasn't sure how I would feel about the AoE changes but they are pretty great. Gambling seems to be working out quite well on ST fights for me as well. Overall feels good to be a shaman right now.Thunn0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Ele changes, good? bad? ugly? I've really wanted to get back on the shaman after getting frustrated a bit ago, so what is the general consensus of the Ele changes in live?Mulconroi7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Healing Rain animation Every race with broad shoulders (Orc, Dwarf, Tauren) I have heard complaints from regarding the new Healing Rain animation. It looks like a ballerina. A ballerina that folds in on itself with spaghetti arms. Having huge shoulderguards doesn't help. Pls gib better anim.Quinzal0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Resto animations too hard to see You can't see earthan sheild totem. Now you can't see the healing rain on the ground. And the chain heal watery thing is too transparent. I sometimes rely on the beam to know where certain players are. Please make things easier to see. Not harder. ThxThelws2 Aug 31
Aug 31 New Animations =( My main has been a shaman ever since i started WoW (forums won't let me post on him rn) and now more than ever I feel so violated. My animations are completely different and my resting combat animation looks like i'm about to sumo wrestle (looks terrible on a troll). I've hated so much of the forced "class fantasy" this xpac. I've been able to tune out most the stuff I haven't enjoyed and play in my own head canon, but this I have no choice but to watch constantly as I play. The slow "pull the elements from the earth" cast IMO doesn't really match with the speed at which we cast our spells. The whole thing looks so awkward to me and there's nothing I can do about it. And them some insult to injury. They didn't even add in the new LB/CL. The new chain heal looks like im shooting a super-soaker. I hope they add the options for the green, spirit themed animation. I will say the new healing wave and healing surge is cool (so i would prefer spirit theme for them too). Other than that though I've been majorly disappointed with these updates. The spell animations aren't as major to me as the cast animations though. Is this something the shaman communtiy was asking for? I haven't even completed the first quests on Argus cuz of how strange and unnatural the new animations look to me. I'm aware of how petty this all sounds but after 10+ years of animations that i really enjoyed (i love the troll cast animations) I can't even play with these new ones. I wish we had an option to toggle it on or off like the new and old character models. Until then I guess im only going to be playing enhance.Zulrohk15 Aug 31
Aug 30 Elemental Shaman Hey Guys I main a Warlock and am looking at a secondary raiding class (Elemental Shaman) is one i like the look of. Im wondering what do Elemental bring in the way of damage. AoE, Single Target, Cleave? What as a class do the specialize in. Please no winging and we are bad posts (Every forum as that) ThanksBlythyie13 Aug 30
Aug 30 WHERE IS THE NEW LIGHTING BOLT???? what happened here, they took it off because some cry babys from the PTR didnt like it??Aurigha1 Aug 30
Aug 30 healing rain looks like poo It's way to dull. I have to look twice to make sure i'm inside it during raids with all the crap on the ground these days . Make it brighterLolmaru0 Aug 30
Aug 30 "We're happy with shaman defensives[...]" A quote from Ion in this tweet: I find it hilarious that he said defensives like it's plural, when we have a single defensive and no talent options for another. Meanwhile nearly every other ranged either has talented defensives or passive healing/shields to fall back on while their defensives are on CD. We can either... stop DPS to spam heal or use our DPS resource to heal with. Sure am loving this shaman class fantasy. And even worse is his stance on Reincarnation. A 30minute CD that's not reset with boss encounters isn't a "defensive" Ion. If I use it every time it's available I can realistically use it 8-9 times in a raid night, while every other class has their abilities usable during every attempt. SURE AM LOVING THIS SHAMAN CLASS FANTASY. Yeah, we have mail. Sure helps when nearly every single raid mechanic/half of the specs in the game don't do physical damage.Zakrazia73 Aug 30
Aug 30 New World Bosses, Elemental Relics Horrid. I Thought they had a QnA and Ion said that there would be no healing surge relics for stuff like this. There are only 2 new 930 relics and both of them give the healing surge trait. This a intended? I hope they can change it, its pretty sad.Blvdsham4 Aug 30
Aug 30 Elemental PVP I really miss this class as it's by far the most unique class offered out of all others in my opinion. I know Elementals aren't in the best spot (I at least assume/heardso), but for the most part what feedback can you guys give me? I haven't played since WotLK.Discostew25 Aug 30
Aug 30 Ele Casting Animation for LB/CL First of all what happened to the new animation effect for lightning bolt and chain lightning? Secondly, my character is still using the old casting animation for lightning bolt and chain lightning. However, when i switched to Resto, he uses the new casting animation for chain lightning but not on lightning bolt. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???Tzheng5 Aug 30
Aug 30 Ideas for New Shaman Spells? Any creative ideas? Not purely something statistic oriented. Just a spell that you think would make the class fantasy all the more epic and could have a really cool animation. Do Shaman's have any abilities that use Ice in anyway? Because if not then that'd be my idea. We can manipulate water so shouldn't we be able to freeze it and use it offensively as well? Could just be something that's mostly copy and paste from a Frost Mage but I think it would make sense for an Elemental Shaman.Voodahn3 Aug 30
Aug 30 Resto Shamans in RBGs Hows resto in RBG's these days??Theladohr0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Did I Screw Myself? Hitting 98, I did the legendary quest and so wanting to heal at 110, I chose the restoration weapons, not realizing that I wouldn't be able to work on them if I level as elemental now? Should I have picked elemental first for leveling, then switched to resto?Nimicri3 Aug 30
Aug 30 MW Monk or Resto Shaman? I am trying to decide whether to make a Pandaren Mistweaver or a Dwarf Shaman. I have played MW before and it was fun, but I have never played shaman. The fact that they only use one element turned me off, until I realized they probably use the others for their offensive spells. So which has better lore, better artifact, better class hall, better viability, and is more fun to play (engaging, good animations, good ascetic)Jathel10 Aug 30
Aug 30 Why does Blizzard employ clueless devs? Look at this. Just look at this monument to cluelessness. First of all, Astral Shift is not a talent, it's a baseline ability. Secondly, there are no defensive talents for elemental or enhancement. Not a single one. Look! Thirdly, how in the ever freaking hell can Reincarnation be considered a defensive? It's a 30 minute cooldown that does not reset on raid wipe. Compare that to things like Cloak of Shadows, Divine Shield, or Ice Block and it's not even a competition. Hell, the Holy Priest legendary cloak is an improved version of Reincarnation. Why are these people employed at Blizzard? He's beyond clueless about the game he's supposed to be lead developer of. Pretty sure it goes right into willful ignorance territory.Adelphie153 Aug 30
Aug 30 Another LB/CL Thread Hoping that through sheer volume we can salvage our casting and spell animations for Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. The reason for their exclusion sounds ludicrous. (so this is what happens when blizz listens to the community?)Caveat3 Aug 30
Aug 30 Astral Recall bug Why is astral recall sharing its cooldown with the hearthstone after the patch?Tæara2 Aug 30
Aug 30 shaman with skulls armor I saw earlier another shaman who had skulls around their kilt and was wondering what causes that effect to appear on your characterDolium2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Healing rain seems invisible now I don't dislike how the new effect looks, but damn is it hard to see. Could it not be a bit brighter and more visible? With our tier set revolving around healing rain, I'd like for people to be able to notice it and move to it.Gadgetpants1 Aug 30
Aug 29 I got drunk then created a shaman First time shammy I'm going to roll enhanced. Do I weigh on crit? haste? vers? mastery? Any tip is welcome!Dfunction6 Aug 29
Aug 29 Ally Race? I have decided to play a Resto Shaman, and before i change my mind and use it as an excuse to, I want to choose which race to play. Iirc, its either gonna be dwarves, draeni, or pandas. I would just go with dwarves head on but idk how mogs look on them due to stature.Droe19 Aug 29
Aug 29 Elemental Shamans Are Elemental Shamans good? I hear they're not so great but they looks super fun. I also heard from a person that also heard that they were getting Buffs on Tuesday. Is this true?Arrudek11 Aug 29
Aug 29 Does Int increase Enh Shaman heals? Anyone know?Phumbles5 Aug 29
Aug 29 Returning shaman, some questions Hey all! Took a pretty long break a little while after 7.2 dropped to focus on work, freinds, mental health, etc and now I'm back and very excited to jump back into things. First I just have some quick questions, I'm at work on break so I'm on mobile so forgive me if this info is somewhere else. 1. Hows resto and enhance? I main resto and so far this xpac has been great for us and was just curious as to how we're doing now and how we look to be doing now that 7.3 is here. I os enhance and i very much enjoy it even if its been a little subpar. has it improved? 2. what are the new BiS leggos? ive got a lot of catching up to do as far as getting leggos and was just curious if the new ones introduced are looking to be the new top dogs. 3. gearing. im ilvl 900 right now so what should i be looking to do to progress my gear? can i do ToS? im guessing M+ are still an option as well. thank you in advance for any answers or help because i greatly appreciate it. i'll try to respond when i can :DStiggler1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Tuskini=Ion confirmed?? Literally the only two people who have ever said that Reincarnation is an acceptable defensive. Coincidence???!!!Umeshoryu10 Aug 29
Aug 29 Earth Shield Is it just me or is Earth Shield useless against melee? Or at least almost. With there being no CD on the trigger, strong melee teams can rip it off well before the 6 second CD is over and that's if they don't global it off. I get that it was changed last patch and it was written off as a buff but really it was a nerf. Doubled how often charges are consumed (honestly probably more than double) but only gave us 25% more charges to compensate. I just watched my rating tank from 1900+ to 1750+. Playing rSham/Destro/Arcane (lol) and so melee/turbos eat the warlock alive. Even with Earth Shield up, it's barely enough for heals to keep up. Earth Shield is one of the only ways to keep the lock alive and several times I hit Earth Shield and it didn't even register 4 charges, would just start at 1 or 2. More than a handful of times I put it up and it was gone before I even saw it and I'd double check to make sure it was on CD and not on someone else. My only other option is spirit link but that just moves the damage around and is mana intensive. Am I the only one who wishes it was just a 15% damage reduction? Cause that's all I really want it for. Is it so much to ask that it be given an internal CD, like at least a second or two, maybe three? Or is this just a case of I "need to git gud"?Orcmom0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Typo on Lightning Shield tooltip Just noticed it says "Surround yourself with a shield of 'lighting' for 1 hour". Gamebreaking.Stormhawk1 Aug 29
Aug 28 Buff them! So apparently they're going to buff Elemental Shamans on Tuesday. I was thinking about maining a shaman but apparently they're not so great. Anyways, I hope this buff really gives Elemental Shamans the boost they need. Because they really need it.Arrudek1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Class Quest: Where the Hammer Falls Hi, I've just completed the Firelands quests as per my shaman chain, as elemental. Now I have the quest Where the Hammer Falls, except, where it indicates the quest to be inside the Maelstrom and also in Dalaran's Kasus Landing.. the bird isn't there, nor is thrall. Quest requires you to fly into the Maelstrom with Stormbeak but they are not there? I know this was reported in the early stages of beta but why does it appear to still be bugged, what am I missing!?Eiluaq11 Aug 28
Aug 28 Resto Shaman ToS Set Bonus I've done a few PUGs with other Shamans that have their 4 piece set bonus and are using Echo of the Elements. It looks like the results are crazy good. Does Echo + 4 piece really outweight CBT right now, because I feel like I need to explore downgrading pieces from other difficulty levels to get the set bonus.Xianwae8 Aug 28
Aug 27 Northern Gale from MoS The drop chance for this thing needs to be buffed. It's the only source of BiS for enh shamans, and w/ over 100 Helya kills logged still have yet to get one higher then 910.Martenluther0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Netherlight Crucible traits on my PTR Enh. Finally got the Crucible up on PTR, and this what the RNG assigned for me in in order of row 2 (2 items), and row 3 (3 items) Fire (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: 1750 Vers while concordance is up. 2-2: Chance of 1- second 200K absorb 3-1: Gathering of the Maelstrom 3-2: Spirit of the Maelstrom 3-3: Gathering Storms Iron (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: Chance of 166000 shadow damage and heal 2-2: +650 haste and movement speed. 3-1: Spiritual Healing 3-2: Spirit of the Maelstrom 3-3: Crashing Hammer Storm (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: 60K to 300K shadow damage and heal chance 2-2: +650 haste and movement speed. 3-1: Spiritual Healing 3-2: Wind Surge 3-3: Wind Strikes So, in this case, I at least got a clear DPS choice on row 3 on each of them. Best arrangement would be to get something like Wind Strikes on 3-2, so you could choose either of the ones on row 2 to reach it.Fugubar1 Aug 27
Aug 27 Astral Shift needs improvement Given the fact other classes and specs have atleast 2 noteable defensives, I think if we're stuck with 1 along with our limited mobility, it should be more impressive. Recently I was playing a Demon Hunter, and noticed blur, which could be measured similarly with Astral Shift - but it's quite a bit better. Astral Shift - reduces damage taken by 40% for 8 seconds. 90s cooldown Blur - Reduces all damage take by 35%, and increases your chance to dodge by 50% for 10 seconds. 60s cooldown. So while this ability is 5% less damage taken, it also increases dodge, lasts longer, and is reusable 33% faster. On top of that it's on a class with additional defensive(s), and with higher mobility. That's fine and dandy that it's so strong for them, leave Blur as is - I'd just like to see some improvements to Shift, or an additional defensive option for shaman given our current squishiness.Rend24 Aug 27
Aug 27 Blue, Just Admit You're Clueless Nice 7.3 Nerf to Ele Shaman, a class that is already struggling to find a spot in raids. You need to fire whatever intern is looking at the logs and seeing these RNG Casino builds doing moderate damage and think that's representative of the entire class. The nerf to Smoldering Heart was fine, if your purpose was to keep players from using it, but why bother putting another broken RNG mechanic in the game in the first place. I just did a 2.3 minute Goroth fight where Smoldering Heart didn't proc a single time. And now you justify a HUGE nerf to elemental AOE by trying to give some more ST damage? Damage that may or may not be there based on how hard you pray to RNJesus? Come on, this is low tier development that isn't anywhere near the standard that a company like Blizzard possesses. Get your "A TEAM" in here and start fixing what's broke, and not just go "Oh, nobody is using EarthQuake because we nerfed it! We must now nerf Chain Lightning so people will use EarthQuake again!"Deathscythex25 Aug 27
Aug 26 Elemental Shaman Nerfs for 7.3 They nerfed elemental LOL Aug 26
Aug 26 I hate Stormkeeper I really wish Blizzard changes it but obviously its too late now, but i hardly use it at all because of its drawback Oh yeah its good to chain lightning and run but the way you have to stand still to cast it before even moving, it is annoying I would rather be instant cast or atleast castable while movingTitanbeard21 Aug 26
Aug 26 Enhancement Shaman Macros Need help on some useful Enhance Shaman Macros. List them below! Thanks! :Orkie20 Aug 26
Aug 26 Speculation about new Specs Was reading the DK forums and it was brought up that Blizz has mentioned adding new specs instead of new classes next expac. I had not heard that. Anyone confirm this has been brought up? Obviously, this would mean either Shaman Tank spec or "Enhance-like" 2 hander spec - I mean it would have to right?Auriga17 Aug 26
Aug 26 Casual pvp oriented I've been healing on my Druid in bg's mostly for an appearance. I wanna give it a go some on my shaman alt especially 7.3. Any tips or helpful guides out there? Haven't really played a healer since MoP, I know I've seen shaman in both rbg and arena and they look fun. But any help would be much appreciatedIfihaveto0 Aug 26
Aug 26 Elemental AOE/Cleave 7.3 Blizz, I like the direction of elemental in 7.3, but with the static overload changes and the renewed focus on earthquake damage, earthquake needs to be made more reliable so that our aoe finisher/spender isn't negated by movement. Please make the area larger and frontload the damage so that the spell functions more like an aoe earth shock with a small residual tick and knockdown chance. Also, our 2-3 target cleave is still very poor. I suggest making lava burst passively cleave onto secondary targets suffering from flame shock within a certain radius, a lot like frost mages' splitting ice. This'll help us damage wise while also giving us a little more maelstrom generation, which is generally problematic for us in cleave situations. I also think this'll help make Path of Flame an appealing competitor to Totem Mastery in certain situations, which is healthy given TM's dominance over the other two level 15 talents during t20.Laienne4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Bring back the original WF animation TitleRagingfire4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Returning Sham from MoP/WoD! Enh/Ele viable? Returning Shaman from MoP-WoD. I used to raid a lot in MoP ToT mainly and am returning after a while. I have a couple questions on the state of Shamans rn. I used to play a lot of Ele shaman back in MoP. They had a lot of damage, and in arena 2s I would be able to carry in 2s. Can Eles still do that? Towards WoD I switched to Enh, it was pretty fun as well. But now coming back into this Legion expansion, theyve completely changed the class. ALL MY TOTEMS ARE GONE TOO! :( I'm currently still an Enhance shaman, and have played it through WoD questing, but never managed to raid with. But now getting back into legion, I'm wondering which is strong. So aside from the above questions, which spec is strong in each PvE and PvP? Enh or Ele? Which has better AoE ? Better DPS? I remember back in MoP, with ele raiding, I would nearly top the damage charts. Can ele (and enh) still do that? Can enh/ele carry in 2s arenas still? Any feedback would be appreciated! TL;DR: Returning shaman from MoP raiding. Is Enh or Ele stronger in PvE and PvP? DPS wise? AoE Wise? Do we top damage charts? Arenas 2s carryable via any DPS shaman spec? Thanks!Stormhawk12 Aug 26
Aug 25 Why are enh shamans so squishy? And why is blizzard not addressing this at all. It's been a constant issue throughout the expansion so far. The damage mitigation and health for enhancement shamans is way too low. I feel like I take so much damage from everything compared to every other melee spec. Constantly spamming heal isn't fun, it takes so many global heal casts just to stay reasonably alive. Our only other defense cooldown is Astral Shift, and it has a reasonably long cooldown. Please blizzard listen to us and give us some kind of feedback on whether you think it's working out ok, or if you agree that something needs to be done about enh survivability.Usutu75 Aug 25
Aug 25 Elemental Looks Good! So with the patch notes finally being Released, we get to see what the final tunes for Elemental will be. Elemental Earthquake damage increased by 19%. Static Overload redesigned: After using Stormkeeper, your next Chain Lightning causes Elemental Overload to trigger on every target. Elemental continues to have strong AoE capabilities, but we want to help make their single target damage a bit more attractive. All damage abilities increased by 6% (with the exception of Chain Lightning). Earth Shock damage increased by 7%. Frost Shock damage increased by 13%. This set of changes gives Elemental much more room to benefit from their mastery stat before reaching the hard cap of 100% proc rate. Elemental Blast damage increased by 7%. Elemental Blast now provides 2000 stats at level 110 (was 2400). Elemental Overload now does 85% of base damage (was 75%) and its proc rate has been reduced by 17%. Totem Mastery: Storm Totem bonus reduced to 5% (was 10%). - I see this as a nice step in the right direction. the main thing here that I see is that 7.3 offers a relatively low amount of class changes compared to 7.2.5 . This is good news for Elemental bc we clearly have one of the better buffs happening with little competition in terms of buffs to keep us on the bottom end of logs. On top with the new Caster animations I am pumped for Arugs! Cheers, BennyBennythebull21 Aug 25
Aug 25 Enhance Rotation during Ascendance During Ascendance are we supposed to spend GCDs keeping Landslide and Flamtongue up? Almost seems like a waste during Windstrike proc chainsEmcshammer3 Aug 25
Aug 25 7.3 Enhancement versus Elemental So elemental is getting a 6% ST buff with the drop of 7.3? There is a 16.64% gap between my 922 elemental and 925 enhancement specs. But you know, you just keep doing what you do, Blizzard. *rolls eyes* Meanwhile, enhancement AoE still sucks, even with the T20 bonuses.Gormosh1 Aug 25