Nov 29 These 2 new trinkets from kara.. Seem really great for enhance. Thoughts? Toe Knee's Promise Item Level 855 Binds when picked up Unique-Equipped Trinket +945 Haste (2.91% @ L110) Use: Create a Flame Gale at an enemy's location, dealing (25243 * 8) Fire damage over 8 sec. If Flame Gale strikes an enemy affected by Thunder Ritual, Flame Gale's damage is increased by 30%, and its radius by 50%. (1 Min Cooldown) Mrrgria's Favor Item Level 855 Binds when picked up Unique-Equipped Trinket +950 Critical Strike (2.71% at L110) Use: Mark an enemy with a Thunder Ritual, dealing 174,205 Nature damage after 3 sec. If they are affected by Flame Gale, Thunder Ritual deals 30% increased damage and stuns for 3 sec. Both apparently affected by our mastery, one does AOE damage? Seems very strong.Fsoklahoma7 Nov 29
Nov 29 Communal Flavor Spell So I'm not sure how many other shaman RPers are out there, but sometimes when I roleplay this guy communing with the elements, I like to use Farsight to have him continuously casting a spell. It's nice, but not much to look at. We've already been given Rain of Frogs for fun, but I'd like an actual spell that makes it look like the shaman is conversing with the elements. One thing I've noticed is Orono in the Heart of Azeroth swirling rocks above him as if he's communing. If we could get that as a fun flavor spell that would be sweet. And it could be a glyph that you have to purchase so only folks that want it can get it.Tåzjiin0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Shaman discord group I am in a all druid discord group that discusses and helps other players on all things druid. I was wondering if they have a shaman channel similar to that.Grindelwald4 Nov 29
Nov 29 wtb class designers who actually play So who can explain to me why any kind of shaman nerf is justified at this point?Katemoss0 Nov 29
Nov 29 PvP baffles me. Here's why. I love Enhance Shaman, to a point. It really depends on what I'm doing. Raids? I'm alright. It can be a bit irritating, if I get proc starved, which is rare but it CAN happen, waiting for 2 hard resets on Stormstrike or more during Bloodlust. Regardless of that, in PvP, its a mixed bag. World PvP is an absolute joke and I won't even discuss how much I HATE it as an Enhance. You are literally a free kill. Its pathetic. But in BGs, its a bit more fun. HOWEVER~ I despise seeing all these classes either A) Having ridiculous survivability. B) Having burst cooldowns if necessary. C) Huge mobility. D) Great offheals that don't destroy their DPS potential. I don't get why all the love for ALMOST most other classes, but not us. I don't even want much here, just a few improvements. Example: 1) Having Healing Surge benefit from our Mastery, sort of like Resto Shamans, just maybe not as potent. Its such a paltry heal for our HP pools, and spamming it reduces our resource down way too much. On top of that, if you need to use it that much, chances are high it isn't going to matter. You will probably still die. 2) Make the Astral Shift talent in PvP immune to all forms of damage. My biggest reason for this, is simply because what other classes have a sheer immunity of all damage? Paladins. And Paladins only. I'm aware of some other classes having basically "immunity", but still. Make it dispellable with Mass Dispel, much like Paladin bubble is, if necessary. And for god's sake, let us use it while stunned. Another acceptable alteration is buff the Dmg% reduction by 10% or so, usable while stunned, and increase the healing from Doomhammer trait by about 10~20% with a shorter time, like 8 seconds instead of 15. 3) Give Feral Lunge some sort of root temporarily, much like Charge. Or give us 2 charges, with a shorter cooldown. Or just halve the cooldown all together, and increase the "jump" speed. 4) Give us some sort of relatively high Maelstrom cost ability, that either A)Applies both FT and FB, and maybe even RB/BF buffs should you be spec'd into them, or B) Refreshes their duration as long as they are on. My biggest gripe with damage is the simple fact of for 4 seconds, or longer if unlucky, we can't do much damage. We need those buffs going for max potential. Other classes can literally run up to us, use a cooldown dmg buff, and do 3/4 of our HP in that 4 seconds. So what's the problem? All in all, I truly think it's not that difficult to balance some of these things out. I'm not asking for anything overpowered, as our damage is pretty insane in PvP, if you get lucky enough. Spamming Stormstrikes, with Bloodlust, and a CS totem down, with Ride the Lightning can literally MELT some people, and even groups. I did it to 5 people once on a flag. It was fantastic. But aside from pure mongo damage, that's all we can do. So many other classes have much more variety, its quite irritating to see the favoritism. I use my totems quite frequently, and strategically, but some of these changes need to happen. I just wish the Dev's would see it. Oh and give us Claw xmogs too. :^)Tetsnoobn3 Nov 29
Nov 29 Enhancement Trinkets I've searched a bit, but I can't find a definite trinket weight list, any help?Grabmytotem10 Nov 29
Nov 29 Doom Vortex - Worst Artifact Trait Available? Seriously, how is this that bad? Looking at logs for the night... Ursoc Heroic, 4:31 fight time. Unleash Doom, just over 4.5 million damage, little under 5% of my overall damage. Doom Vortex, 412k damage, 0.45% of my overall damage. I mean, maybe with the wrists and Hot Hand the ability will see more play and do a BIT more damage, but how much more?Demosthena8 Nov 29
Nov 29 Why is my healing poopoo Can someone tell me why my healing is so poopoo? Those are one of my logsHarleyquackr10 Nov 29
Nov 29 "Healing Basics" Guide for Restoration Shaman Hello everyone! I've made this YouTube video going over the "basics" of healing for restoration shamans. I hope that some people find this helpful. In later videos I will go over gearing, raid tips, and my user interface. This video focuses on Talents, Artifact Weapon Builds, and Stat Priority. Thanks for reading! Nov 29
Nov 29 Elemental - BiS Trinkets Is there a google doc for BiS Trinkets similiar to: Ret Paladin: WW Monk: but for Elemental? I have like 7 different trinkets in my bag, just trying to find out the BiSGozuk5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook148 Nov 29
Nov 29 Shaman enhancement Firstly Blizz love the expansion However why did u break my Shammy. Even Icy-veins says for Class, not much use and I quote "Squishy". If an elite winks at me I'm dead. In Emerald dream I cannot drop the debuff on the floor below me the tick kills me almost instantaneously I have to be running as it drops. Guildie reacted too slow ran past me dropped it and bang full health dead. Wipes on Hellscream I'd be the last standing now I get hic-ups I'm dead. Why have us so broken?? I lose so much DPS time using my maelstrom to give myself a heal. Please put us back the way we were, if I cant survive in a raid and die so very very easily little point playing.Rémymartin13 Nov 29
Nov 29 Where is the Artifact Forge in Class Hall? Hi All: Where exactly is the artifact forge located in the class hall? I know, dumb question. But I've ran all over the dratted place and also checked Icy Veins and Google and can't find any clues. Please help.Rastlin33 Nov 29
Nov 28 r sham pvp questions Got a few rsham questions for you. 1) Did our healing get nerfed or what? Can't keep up with most other classes in battlegrounds or arena for that matter. What's the standard path to take for max healing with Honor talents + normal spec + artifact wep? 2) Having trouble in arena immediately dispelling fears/polys/etc because my blown up raid-style arena frames don't show who is subjected to this. Is there an addon or some way to make the sheep/fear/dispellable magic stuff appear on arena frames? Thanks :DFéanor3 Nov 28
Nov 28 ELE Volcanic Inferno / Leg Ring Ok so I recently got 30 points on my Artifact AP and specced Volcanic Inferno. The only ones I don't have full is Flame Shock and Pet Cool Reduction. So I never see the Volcanic Ground on the target dummies and tested in Random Battlegrounds and it never procs. I hate doing PVE on this Alt so have not tested and never see it proc on World Quests.. I don't think it is my graphics as I see others player's it bugged? Will it put a DOT on the enemy that I can see- cause I never see it in their portrait. Also, I got this ring in a Random BG: Sephuz's Secret and it says: Equip: Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy grants you 70% increased movement speed and 15% Haste for 10 sec. This effect may occur once every 30 sec. I cant wear it yet- research is 2 more days as it is my second- Now I play ELE and Restro and the only loss of control we have would Be on ELE with Thunderstom as it knocks a crowd away? I think- not sure...I know it gets disabled in Arenas and BGs - but I do a lot of World PVP and think it might be awesome for kiting...anyone know for sure what spells ELE / Restro trigger it?? ThanksFroglicker14 Nov 28
Nov 28 A good problem to have (legendary priority) Hi all, I was lucky enough to have Sephuz' Secret drop from my weekly chest. However, I already have equipped Al'Alkirs Acrimony as well as the Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle. I wanted to ensure I don't damaging my potential DPS by mis-using them, so I was thinking of using them in the following way. Now (Pre 7.1.5 with mastery de-prioritized) Mythic+ / World Quests Al'Akir Acromony + Sephuz's Raiding (as most fights require ST) Pristine Proto-Scale + Sephuz's (Not sure about this, as Im talented to use as little LvB as possible, and am unlikely to maintain the DOT) After 7.1.5 Mythic+ / World Quests Al'Akir's Acrimony + Pristine Proto-Scale Raiding with emphasis on ST Pristine Proto-Scale and Sephuz Raiding with emphasis on AoE (dragons, helya?) Al'Akir's Acrimony + Pristine Proto-Scale My concern is that Sephuz is scheduled to get a pretty large buff in the 7.1.5 patch. Right now, however, the stat focus on Sephuz is perfect for an Lightning Rod build. Is there any master Shaman out there that has any insight on to this welcome dilemma? Thanks!Gudzenheit3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Don't Nerf Boulderfist, Make it baseline. Add a talent in its place that replicates the spammy playstyle, for those that enjoy it. Enhance as it plays now with Boulderfist feels great. With the nerf, you spend a lot of time waiting on maelstrom, and it feels terrible. Rockbiter has the exact same problem, except you're mashing Rockbiter over and over instead of waiting. Neither is fun. For those that don't know, Boulderfist was nerfed to a 7.5s CD from 6s on the PTR, and it sucks.Stormaker23 Nov 28
Nov 28 How would y'all feel about... *slams open palms on the table!* ...VIABLY BRINGING BACK 2 HANDED ENHANCEMENT!! *slams table again! MAKE IT HAPPEN!Bonersteel17 Nov 28
Nov 28 I hate totem mastery Totem Mastery is the top row talent for elemental shamans. It's a no cooldown, instant cast spell, that places four totems which each one giving a buff, and these buffs are rather powerful. I hate it because it completely overshadows the other two options in it's row. It's supposed to be the "powerful hard" talent on the row, but it's stupidly easy to use. Now, either the other two on the row should get a buff(maybe some Maelstrom generation for Earthen Rage?) or the totems need a good nerfing.Powermoney11 Nov 28
Nov 28 [suggestion] Astral recall glyph My idea is glyph for astral recall teleport us to Heart of Azeroth, shaman class hall. This class fantasy make sense and is useful, just like monk, dk and druid teleport.Döminus7 Nov 28
Nov 28 Ele or Enhance in 7.1.5? With significant changes to our class, would it be better to move from enhance to Ele in 7.1.5? I do love enhance but people freak the he'll out because I'm melee. At 870 people deny me for normal mythic sometimes after I say I'm melee....Trianna5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Did they nerf hex recently? Before i used to be able to hex mobs and ignore them, like a mob near a herb? Hex, pick the herb and move on. Now however the hexed mob seems to aggro me when i get within normal aggro range. When did this happen?Kwizzlix10 Nov 28
Nov 28 ReRolled to Ret Pally (Main enh) I've been playing Enh for a few years now and since I no longer have a raid group and there isn't much for me to do on live server, I rolled a ret pally. It's a bit slower and a departure from what I'm used to but, I have to say - Ret pally has survivability done right! This should be added to Enh shaman! So basically, as everyone knows as enh you have two ways to survive, the 2 min cd or healing surge. Healing surge costs 20 maelstrom if instant cast and you go oom in 5 casts while doing zero dps. This is trash, but I thought that was how it was in the normal setting. What pallies get is a talent. This talent makes it so you spend 5 holy power on a move that heals you for the dmg it does and it does double dmg on a stunned target. Essentially, you heal while also doing dmg... Sure, the dmg is a bit lower than what you would normally do, but the healing is super awesome. To put this in perspective, it takes 5 HP and when a target is judged and stunned, this move does 400-800k dmg (lvl 109). This means I get healed that much and it is a dps loss, but not a terrible dps loss in the scheme of things. Especially when you consider there is a talent that gives you a 20% chance to make a holy spender be free when you cast which means this can not cost you anything. Enh shaman NEED something similar! Holy pallies, just like enh shaman have a quick cast heal that can heal a bit of your health, but enh shaman need a damaging abilitity that heals for the dmg you do. It's not OP, it's something that makes sense, especially on a class that gets trained into the ground and needs everything there is to stay alive. Anyway, I'm going to stick with my shammy, but man, I've seen the light in what true survivability can be like.Fligmos11 Nov 28
Nov 28 Elemental AoE Question Is there ever a time where I'm better off just spamming chain lightning and earthquake and not using flameshock or lavaburst at all?Tubs6 Nov 28
Nov 28 Windwalker vs Enhance Seems like this fight is all defensive and I desperately try to get distance with EG and EB while trying to get buffs up and some props and also use my BF to heal. All the while trying to possibly land a hex and watching out for FOF, Karma and Serenity cool down while desperately keeping health high to negate TOD. I have a WW at this point if I am good I don't feel like I can lose to an enhance unless I stand still or burst into his karma. Just wish we had even a small extra defensive to use while stunned; I really love trying on this spec and can win but it's tough :)Tegernako7 Nov 28
Nov 28 Enh is free kill in pvp My enh shaman feels like a free kill in pvp... i get burst down so fast. Even the shield and self heals dont help much. No survivability at all. Does it feel this way for u guys?Nommi45 Nov 28
Nov 28 With Nerfs Whats Left 10% agi nerf into windfury totem nerf into even more shaman "changes" left us manageable damage.. But other classes that are manageable have Bubble Loh/Deflect Shields/ IMmune cd's What do we have now that our unmanageable burst is gone? Feel like thrall left the doomhammer for a reasonPannacake4 Nov 28
Nov 28 double earthquate prior to the current patch, when I put 2 earthquakes down on trash I could see on the mob 2 earthquake mini-icons, which I assume meant they were indeed getting hit by both of them what's happening now? I only see one icon on the mob?Zahruk1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Unlocking 2nd Artifact Weapon? (Annoyed...) Ok... forgive my ignorance please. If I read one more WowHead guide, or watch one more Youtube video I'll go crazy. Question: How do I get my 2nd artifact weapon (Resto) as a Shaman? I'm currently Enhancement, and I want to roll Restoration but for the life of me, I have no idea what to do, where I'm at in the quest like, or if I'm even on the right quest line. (This is either really difficult, or I need more coffee...) Current quests (Shaman Campaign) The Scepter of Storms Enemies of Air Thank you for the help.Superpaliman4 Nov 28
Nov 28 Deadly grace or prolonged power? why? This is what I've been debating for the past few days. Im sure people have already this one answered, but I still don't! Thoughts?Boongadinha3 Nov 28
Nov 27 Just got an 875 Eye of Command Currently using an 865 Appendages and 865 Swarming Plaguehive, is it worth using?Broxiz6 Nov 27
Nov 27 Resto Legendaries Since Beta I haven't found a definitive answer to what our best legendaries are, other then the boots of course. I got Focuser of Jonat, The Elder, a decent buff to chain heal but it ruins my stat priority quite a bit. Meanwhile I have the boots and the wrist, and the wrist while not exciting has the right stats. I already have more haste then I wanted, it's just the gear I ended up with until now.Maedelna25 Nov 27
Nov 27 Eye of the twisting nether - Enhancement Hey guys, I was wondering if I got this legendary, should I be getting hailstorm instead of ancesteral swiftness. I never really had frostbrand in my rotation before so I guess I need to include this in now?Windcalibur4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Gust of Wind for Enhance Notably absent for enhance. Feral Lunge 30s CD? Anyone else find this odd? Enhance engage too OP or what? Discuss.Gwaihir1 Nov 27
Nov 27 3s LF resto shaman. If you are looking to do tons of arena for practice + rating push this season and hopefully beyond in a stress free environment I'm your guy. No sore losers, please. I'm available daily for 14+ hours. So, be available at least 3+ hours, 5 days a week. We won't be playing 3 hours straight, cause we will do plenty of breaks between. I started arena late because I was too busy with the game enjoying PvE and new content, clearing mythic EN and heroic ToV. Kopogero#1122Kopogero0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Elemental/Enhance gear I just boosted this shaman to 100. I would like to level as enhance and switch to elemental main at 110. Is this feasible? My mage had no worries I went frost 100-110 then switched to fire, both used INT gear. I'm worried about shaman because enhance is AGL and elemental is INT. How far would that set me back gearwise if I switched specs at 110? I would most likely not put weapon trait points into enhance while leveling. If switching would mean a massive drop in item level at 110 then it might not be worth it. Thx.Anacrusyss8 Nov 27
Nov 27 Rolling an Enhance shaman for PVP What can I look forward to?Eclaire34 Nov 27
Nov 27 Looking to be a Caster/Healer Hey guys, so I've decided I wanted to try my hand at a Caster DPS and Healing and wanted to know the pros and cons of a Ele and Restro Shamans. Like, how well do they perform in the PvE side and in the PvP side.Armgasm3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Healer/enhance 2s viable ? has anyone had any luck with this set up ?Crimsonita1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Enh weaker Is Enhance possibly the weakest class/spec for world PVP? I'm being honest here. We are probably the easiest targets in the entire game and I just don't feel dangerous enough in PVP for how easy it is to jump on me, stick on me, and kill me through my 1 defensive CD. We need either better killing power or buffed defense.Poomachine4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Boulderfist Baseline: Yes/No, Discuss I vote yes, feels Epic, sounds Epic, 90% of shams speccing it and it just feels great! I didnt choose it because its the best option right now I chose it because it plays and feels great! When I use that ability it feels impactfull, and powerful I love it. When I hit rockbiter it feels crappy, just a light hitting resource builder, and such a small builder at that. Why does this spec out of all the specs have to be the resource starved? Community what are your thoughts? DiscussVíc7 Nov 27
Nov 27 Resto friends Which classes do you have the most difficulty with healing? I personally go crazy with monks and DHs. Is there any preferred healing style for agility tanks aside from spamming healing surge while refreshing HoTs?Baphometh8 Nov 27
Nov 27 How to get rehgar earthfury as a champ? Hi guys i just hit lv 110 5minutes ago and i really want this guy as my bodyguard cause he looks cool plus speed in ghost form! when do i unlock this guy? or how? thx so much!Fatalityx5 Nov 27
Nov 27 Resto has too many AoE Heals? Have a Resto Shaman and seems like there are way too many AoE heals? Stoneskin totem, Spirit link, Healing Rain, Chain Heal, Artifact Heal, Healing Tide, Healing Stream... That's like 7 AoE heal/shield type spells... I think it's a bit too manyNommi9 Nov 27
Nov 27 LF Shaman Arena Partners. You Complete Me. I play an affliction lock on both Horde and Ally. Just got my ally lock up in the last week (I've been 2200+ this season on my Horde Aff lock in 3s). Looking for more shaman friends of any variety on both Ally and Horde to Q 2s/3s with please. I love you guys more than you will ever know! Please add my tag or leave your tag below. NoPK#1886Nopk2 Nov 27
Nov 27 single target dps ele single target it noticeable in 2's I have done therees were it gets down to 2 on 2 and the dps is just flatout lacking to land a kill I know the changes I am pst to resure it is needed. i think melee in general needs to be knock down a knock, but the changes i see are on them are not going to be enough when ur ladder is mostly melee theres a problem. ele doesn't even show up as a percentage even thoe we know theres a few that pathetic and enhancement its self is at the bottom of the list and there all from before the nerf which is weird. bottom of list lets nerf it make sense. need to take the pve changes off of pvp.Mazathrakk1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Chain heal nerf on PTR Theyre buffing well spring and healing stream but nerfing chain heal. Last I checked we're last on healing already...I wish blizz would just buff well spring rather than nerfing chain ;(Diamondtíara25 Nov 27
Nov 27 Glyph of ball lightning? Please? I miss my little lightning balls. I do realize it'd make it no longer instan lt though ... but that'd be ok by me.Ursá5 Nov 27
Nov 26 Elemental shamans are TRASH. NEEDS buff Why is elemental ALWAYS getting screwed in every expansion/patch? How is it that a warlock can get 600-800k chaos bolts with instant cast proc's, Moonkins can solar beam for 600-800k, and a ret pally can justicar vengeance me over and over for 300-500k and yet our MAIN source of damage (Lava burst) CRITS for 50k without control of lava, with control MAYBE crits for 200-300 tops from what I've seen. Tell me how that's fair? I literally have to cast about 20 lava bursts just to kill someone, when a warlock and moonkin can wipe someone out in 3 casts. Literally the most disrespected class out there that is ALWAYS underpowered in every single expansion. Its the most fun spec to play but blizzard makes it impossible to play because of how garbage the damage output is.Flukezz28 Nov 26
Nov 26 Is the Devilsaur's Bite any good for ENH Is it worst than the Shock Baton? It has Mastery and does do close to the dmg as the baton with a stun, but it is phsyical dmgXamora10 Nov 26