Sep 24, 2012 I really LIKE Elemental Why's it gotta be so clunky? We have way too many GCDs we're trying to cram into a fairly tight rotation. And none of them are off the GCD. 1) I can generate 7 Fulmination procs in under 10 secs. This is a problem. For 2 reasons. --I always lose charges when I have to cast Flame Shock. With perfect timing, pressing Earth Shock with 5 secs left on Flame Shock, then Flame Shock 5 secs later, and within the next 5 secs be back up to a 7+ stack Fulmination again losing charges. -- Our MoP Tier bonus doubles the speed we gain these charges. This makes the problem even more blatant. It also means 1 Lightning Bolt can generate 4 procs (Actually 6 with Echo if we're ridiculously lucky) Honestly, our Tier bonus would be better if it were as something stupid and as simple as a 20% increased crit chance for Fulmination. 2) The level 90 talents are... not Elemental friendly. Elemental Blast -- Asking us to shove a 2 sec cast into an already tight rotation is asking a lot, particularly when our filler spell (Lightning Bolt) also has a hefty cast time (and you're making it longer for us if we want to move). Unleashed Fury -- Not great, not terrible. There's a couple things problematic with it... First, it is very difficult to fully benefit from both the effects of Unleashed Fury and Unleashed Elements. You're asking us to choose between Fire or Lightning Bolt. Neither Enhance nor Resto sacrifice the original proc for the new one. A solution would be to make the Unleashed Flame buff last longer. ~10-12 secs. Second, the actual direct dmg of shoving this into our rotation is pitiful. It also isn't effected by our Mastery which compounds the problem. We're always going to want to cast anything else other than it. FS, ES (with a full Fulmination), LvBurst, Lightning Bolt all function very well with the synergy of our spec. Unleashed Elements just feels jammed in. You got some choices here -- either up the damage and make it work with our Mastery -- or take it off the GCD (for Elemental) so that we can we it into our rotation easier. My personal taste is to up the dmg and have the mastery work with it -- but removing it off the GCD (with a longer duration Fire buff) could add something new and interesting to the rotation. 3) RNG You did a TERRIFIC job fixing Fire Mage's RNG. You actually made ours worse with a 6% proc chance Echo. I have no ideas for this, but the magic you did for Fire -- Ele Shaman need some of that luvin too. 4) Our dmg is late A large portion of our damage exists in this "already been cast, but not hit the target yet" void. On fights like Spine, where it closes shut and doesn't care about travel time, we lose a lot of damage. In PvP it is also slightly odd, as sometimes people will die because I am still Mastery procing on them while I've already been on another target. Not a huge issue, but definitely a factor in Burst phases. We also have to lead a Burst Phase with a low dmg dot (Flame Shock) to deal Burst. Again Spine, Magmaw, What's his face--Tantrum Robot in Ulduar, they delay our ability to Burst. Also, just to show how ridiculously late these can be -- I cast a single LvBurst, it travels, then deals dmg, then decides it has a Mastery proc (fires it), that Mastery proc now travels, hits the target, then decides that has an Echo proc (fires it--also noticed some lag on these ones), that then travels to the target -- then hits it. Not only is that a LOT of travel time for one spell, but it is a lot of damage in the air. If that target dies, goes immune, phase changes, whatever -- we lose that dmg. 5) Gear Scaling -- This is going to be an issue for us. A lot of the changes to our stats with MoP have been great. The 250% crit bonus helps give crit some added value. The real problem is our secondary stats all scale inversely proportionate to each other. The more we get, the less we need. There is a point (it may not be attainable) where we cannot benefit from secondary stats. But the value of the stats diminish the more we get. Most classes have an open-ended stat value -- something that will scale endlessly. It's usually Mastery, for Dot classes it's sometimes haste. Our damage numbers are likely going to be re-tuned every patch because of this. One solution would be to have a sliding scale of Mastery and/or Crit -- the more Mastery we have not only the bigger the chance to proc, but the bigger the Overload. Or chance Mastery to be a set chance to proc, and rather scale up the Overload. These are all little things. I really enjoy playing Elemental. It is really fun. It just doesn't seem to want to excel. It wants to hold itself back. I think going over Elemental like you id Fire Mages would get us on the right track.Act5 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Battle Ground Scores Since we have two more days to launch I figured I might as well just post this. It's just a compilation of scores from BG's. What i'm not understanding is how people have been saying it's all set up for lvl 90 and that's why the damage is so bad, but when you really look at the scoring why have so many classes either done the same or improved in damage? But my damage is almost half of what it used to be. Then you will notice that I'm practically the only Shamen that's scored an average score. Any Shamen that did play either did so as restoration or simply just sucked so bad their damage was to bad to view. However I guess we will have to hold the argument for now, but the whole lvl 90 concept sounds silly. It's almost like saying other classes are going to be nerfed when it comes to lvl 90 and Shamens are just going to blast right through.Havvokk7 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Enhance - Wolves stun gone? So basically i haven't played WoW for quite a while and one of the other days i logged on my shaman to check out more closely the 5.0 changes. The thing is im unable to find the old wolves stun (don't remember the exact name) we had on the pet action bar. I noticed we kept the sprint ability tho, i've double checked spell book, talents, glyphs but can't find the damn stun. Well my question is did we lose this ability? If so this kinda bites the big salami. As a casual PvP-er that stun was a big deal for me in BGs.Norby3 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Couple of questions about shamans Hello i just wanted to know what is the best profession for shaman? Should i just get the gathering for the money then change it when i hit 85? Want is the best race for shaman on horde side, i was thinking about goblin but then troll seems good also. Last what spec should i lvl with?Camaxtlii17 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 What lvl can enh duel wield? As above, finding so much dated info i dont know what to trust.Torpingo3 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Elemental Spec for PvE Hi guys! As Pandaria is due in some hours, I was considering about a reroll for raiding during this expansion. And shaman is a class that I've been always curious about. I've hit 85 with one a couple of days ago, and practicing inside dungeons I really liked the mechanics, rotation... (I'm used to saying that melting face with lava and performing the role of a Sith Emperor with lightning coming from my fingers is nice xD) But I don't understand much of DPS comparison among classes, and from information I researched, I've heard only bad comments and perspective adressing DPS for this class. So my intention here, from people who understand about it better than me, is to know if this information is true, and in case it is, how bad will DPS for ele shaman be. I know it's still early to consider it, as the expansion is still coming but it'd be nice you could give me some prospective data. Thanks!Luxord1 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 recommended talents/glyphs for enhance? i'm not too sure... i mean this is for my baby shammy who i'm working on lvling but i'm still clueless as to what to getDivinèblade8 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Enhancement shaman questions. Sup all hows it going =). Iv recently been trying to determine what melee class i want to play. Iv been messing around with warrior it seems ok i like the dual wield aspect just dont like not haveing a way to heal somehow. Iv tinkered with a paladin,like the ability to heal but not the no dual wield part.So by process of elemination shaman seems like a logical choice to try next lol.Im really curious on some of yalls specs/rotations see kinda how one plays short of me leveling one. Also the priority of stats such as crit/haste/mastery and the likes. Pretty much looking for all kinds info for enhancement to know what im getting into lol.Any info is good info so really appreciate yalls help. And please keep the trolling to minimum =P.Konda11 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Resto shamans and PvP? I feel that resto shamans are extremely good, probably too good compared to the other classes in healing. It seems to be the same in beta and since the patch was released. Never before has a totem been able to keep my entire raid alive by itself. I am not complaining obviously, but was just wondering other people input about this. In PvP I rarely need to hard cast...ever.Kazmera9 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Random leveling questions So at level 30 we get the ability to wear mail. From this point on are we required to wear it or should we still opt for leather if the stats are that much better (armor notwithstanding)? I ask because, well, look at my shoulders and boots from last night's fun with the guild.Trollaifina4 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Thank you. Thank you for making my weapon imbues and shields last an hour. That 10 minute thing wasn't going well. While enh remains unplayable(and I wasted my time gearing it through heroic too), ele is actually very very good now and made me fall back in love with my shaman. Instead of avoiding playing her at all costs it's not just bearable but actually fun now. Thanks.Teurastus6 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Can we get Theramore staves? I've done the Theramore scenario about 30 times on this guy and have gotten 2-3 of every drop except Archmage's Staff and Staff of the Faithful. Before I waste even more time spamming this one scenario, are shamans even able to loot these? Please link an armory to prove that we can, not speculation. While on the topic, I can confirm that loot isn't tied to spec. I got the axe as elemental and the shield as enhance numerous times.Vekter8 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 do u find ehancement nerfed in patch 5.0.5? my lava lash crits went from 60k to 40k and i cried the difficulty of my style of playing ehancement (heal spam lawls) now i find myself have to really focus on doing more damage than keeping my health above 60%.Beetroot22 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 B4 Panda Enhancement PvP - Mists of Pandaria Youtube HD - This video is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and please like and share. :-) If you get a chance please rate at Warcraft Movies These are some clips I captured to show off the new spells and talents you will see in the up coming World of Warcraft expansion of Mists of Pandaria. Since I had to relearn new ways to play my Shaman after the update, play style can be a little chaotic. Video was captured in 1080P with max settings. This movie is a mix of Battlegrounds and World PvP and you will see group fighting, 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 1. There are a lot of mistakes made while relearning how to play my character with these new options. The clips arn't in any particular order, for example, the duel with the Pally was the first day out using my new spells in PvP. I use Windfury on my MH and Frostbrand on the OH. I decided to go with the following talents. Astral Shift Frozen Power Call of the Elements Echo of the Elements Ancestral Guidance Glyph of Hex Glyph of Purge Glyph of Shamanistic Rage Music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast and include the following songs: Afraid of the Dark (Melodic Mix) Sunset Over Simplicity Never Coming Down (JPL Remix) The Broken Love (Invisible Brothers Remix) Te QuieroKayumi6 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 How are shaman's looking? Specifically enhanc.<br/>I have my 85 disc priest but now I have an 85 shaman I wondering what to main in Pandaria? <br/>So... Who can help me out?Reáper1 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Searing totem So one thing that has really annoyed me is passive damage like ret aura and lightning shield killing my searing totem, fix this kthx.Clemik7 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Needed add-ons for PVP Enh Hello Guys, I'm new in this and I really want to know the "must have" add-ons a good pvp shaman need, available for 5.0.5 patch of course. I really enjoy playing a shaman and I love PVP. I think the shaman is really useful there, and that is one of the funniest classes to play. My request here is because I realize that I need a better interface for PVP and I saw many youtube clips with great interfaces that help the PVP combat a lot. I'm happy with the new shaman for MOP, and I want to step to a new level and I think a good interface could help me. Thanks in advance Shamans!Khrell7 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Eley Shaman PvE DPS balanced? So from what I'm hearing is that Eley shaman DPS is Lower then most/all other classes with same gear level. Also pre patch Eley Shamms DPS was 5k-6k Higher. But People have been questioning the use of Stormlash Totem as an off set to our Low DPS. Raid wide DPS increase is attributed to the use of Stormlash and this is only provided by shamans. It's unfortunate that people Look at damage meters and attribute Damage with skill, but they do. Same goes with healing. So Everytime you look at the damage meters your last, or bottomish, you think, maybe it is you? Everytime any other DPS class looks at the meters and boast that they aren't the reason there isnt enough DPS, they are near the Top of the meters.. Look at that !@#$ty Shaman.. Maybe Shamans are balanced, and there damage is where it needs to be. What about taking "Stormlash damage" done by all players, and somehow counting that as Shaman Damage? Or any ability given by 1 specific class to help raid damage. Maybe Blizzard needs to come up with there own version of in game recount. It might help people understand. Comments? Keep the Flaming to a minimum please!Bambambeavr31 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Change bind elemental Does anyone really use bind elemental ever? It would be so much better if you could use it on players and give it a 15-30s cooldown, it could even be a silence if it loses the cast time.Clemik8 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Set down/remove totem macro? In short, is there a macro I can make that can either put down my totem if it's not out, or remove it if it is out? I tried "/cast !Strength of Earth Totem" and it just kept setting it out. "/cancelaura Strength of Earth" also won't work to remove the totem for some odd reason, even though right-clicking the buff dismisses the totem. Halp?Máirin14 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Enh- How to Fix Them Ok I realize the Enh shaman community is small but this needs to be brought up. I feel Enh shamans are lacking a bit, but not to far behind they just need a little bit more tweaking. Im gonna go over spells and talents and state what I think should change and what should stay the same. I would like to hear what you think of the ideas and or how you would change some of them 1) Lava Lash should be 8 seconds. This will close that gap and allow shamans to have a proper rotation instead of waiting for things to go off CD before used we only have 2 main melee attacks excluding unleashed elements. 2) Storm Strike should be 6 sec. This will help form a proper rotation and maelstrom stacks 3) Wind Shear base CD should be 10sec. It will allow Eng shamans to harass a bit better when it comes to healers and casters. Making them useful in arenas and rbgs. 4) Lighting Shield should just be a passive when specing into Enh. Its a self buff so instead of having to click it all the time why not let it be a passive. 5) Earthbind and grounding totem should be the same totem in one, it should slow and absorb one spell cast, them being separate totems is lacking when it would make more sense to slow targets around the totem and absorb one spell effect. 6) Remove searing totem, instead it should be a debuff on the target or a dot after the shaman uses lavalash the target should be inflicted with searing totem however it would be named something else. The last thing im going to talk about is unleashed fury the level 90 talent. I feel it falls way behind than any other level 90 talent FT weapon increases lighting damage? that hardly makes sense i don't understand how a fire damaging imbune can cause lighting damage increases as it is what? "Fire". I would rather proc healing surge since most of the time we are getting targeted and there's no time to waste it on lighting bolt as I need to heal up instead. Frostband imbune should always remain situational in arenas or rbgs thats heavily hunter/caster based. I shouldn't have to compensate with the lvl 90 pvp gear having 40% increase lava lash damage I still lose out on the 7% flametounge weapon imbune so blizzard needs to fix that. I no i havent gone over everything but these are just some things that could be incorporated to help Enh shamans become more noticed. I understand they are fun to play and thats why Enh shamans want to be on par with everyone else once an Enh shammy always an Enh shammy I feel they are the most fun class to playVayné6 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Enhance pvp How is enh looking in mop? i have a 70 shammy that i loved pre 5.0 (havent played since march). Starting up again for pure pvp and would like to know if enhance viable or if i should just roll a diff melee? ThanksFatekills7 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Stone Bulwark Totem Any reason why mages can absorb so much with Ice Barrier on a 24 sec CD but we're lucky to get 20k on a 1 min CD?Rakeem30 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 5.0.5 - 8% dmg boost to Lightning Bolts It appears even Blizz took pity on us Elementals... ... source most every other class got a nerf! Proof Blizzard regularly overlooks the shaman forum by default...Ackbahr31 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Glyph of Chaining Is anyone using this glyph regularly? I thought having the increased range on chain heal would be the greatest thing ever, but the added cooldown makes it a tough choice. I've been swapping it out based on how much stacking there is in a fight and whether I'm in a 10m or 25m. I'm really considering dumping it all together, since you can do without it if your positions and target choices are smart.Savvas2 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 5.0 elemental macros any suggestions?Teepeez3 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Glyph of Riptide: Yay or Ney? Advice? I'm wondering if it's worth sacrificing the initial heal. Also, it's starting to feel like we're sub-par resto druids.Alytha41 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 The actual state of enh... a pve perspective. Just to prove that not every Shaman is whining a QQer lacking not only critical thinking skills but even the basic ability to make accurate observations of reality.... The Enhancement shaman spec is probably in the best position in which it has ever been going into an expansion. Cataclysm wasn't nearly as bad for enh as people would have you believe. In fact 4.2 in particular was actually quite good. We had some issues going into and throughout the expansion, and while many of them were dealt with eventually, there were two big issues that we really needed to have addressed: lack of a quality dps cooldown and poor scaling with haste I'd wager any enh shaman worth his or her raid spot would tell you those were the two biggest problems rading enh shaman had in Cataclysm. As for cooldowns 5.0 and MoP has brought us Ascendance. That's a hole plugged from my perspective. But that's not all is it? Fire Elemental Totem has been changed to provide Searing Flames (more on Searing Flames in a bit). That makes FET a dps cooldown just like it is for Elemental shaman. So that's a pair of baseline dps cooldowns where before we had none (Feral Spirits in Cata don't count). As if that wasn't good enough news, in the fourth tier of our new talent 'tree,' we also have access to Elemental Mastery. That's a thrid dps cd if we want it. But wait... isn't haste a terrible stat for enh? Elemental Mastery is a haste cd so it doesn't really count, right? Wrong. Haste is now a good stat for enh. So good, in fact, that it surpasses mastery with certain talent configurations. Better than mastery? Yeah, pretty !@#$ing good. This was accomplished by changing the way Flurry works. Now, while you have any stacks of Flurry, you recieve 50% more haste from items. So, the more haste you stack on your gear, the more haste Flurry gives you. This a boring, sledgehammer of a fix, but I'll take it. The downside is that, while the change makes haste on gear more desirable and will open up our trinket options considerably, it doesn't adress the real problem with poor haste scaling. It's much better to scale poorly with crit or mastery than it is to scale poorly with haste. The reason is that Hero/Lust is a haste buff, and it's the most important raid cooldown in the game. Seeing most everyone else get a sizable performace increase during Hero/Lust while you barely get a bump is rough, but more than that the problem is that the cooldown is often popped during hard aoe healing phases or in final phases with a soft enrage, both of which need to be burned through quickly. When your performance doesn't go up in those kinds of phases, you're a detriment to your raid team, particularly in progression encounters. Unfortunately, the change to Flurry doesn't appear to have impact on this aspect of our haste problems. There is some good news on this front though. Fire Elemental Totem and Feral Spirits have been changed to dynamically scale with ouor stats. They benefit from our haste buffs now, so they'll be much more effective if popped during Hero/Lust. Ascendance also scales very well with haste. Plus, lightning bolt has gotten enough of a buff to make it our top priority spell with 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, assuming searing totem is down. MW5_LB as top priority automatically makes haste a little better. More haste equals more lightning bolts, and you never have to hold of on 5 stacks to Lava Lash or Stormstrike, so less wasted stacks. I'm not sure if our Hero/Lust problems are over, but these changes put us in a much better position than we have been in throughout Cataclysm. Those are the big 2 but we got some more love besides that. Searing Totem is kind of a clunky pain in our asses. As of 5.0 it still is, but it's a little better. Searing Flames, the reason Searing Totem is so important becasue it provides a damage buff to both Flametongue Weapon and Lava Lash, has been changed from a stacking debuff on Searing (or Fire Elemental) Totem's target to a buff that stacks on you each time the totem deals damage. This means you'll no longer suffer a dps loss if your totem goes awol and won't attack your primary target. As long as it is hitting something you'll get the damage buff. Not perfect, but much better. Remember when the Cata teasers were coming out and everyone found out the mages were getting their own version of our signature raid cooldown? Naturally, the shaman community being what it is, we handled the news with maturity and aplomb. Because of that Blizz decided to go ahead and give us a new unique raid cooldown, Stormlash Totem. It's kind of like if everyone in the raid had Static Shock and it procced on every attack or spellcast. Has straight up, easy-to-understand scaling with haste. The more you swing the more Stormlash damage you'll do. The way Ghostcrawler explained the mechanics makes it sound as though it might scale with our mastery as well. I'm not sure. It's sweet either way. Let's all count ourselves lucky that the wise men and women at Blizz listened to the feedback of shaman that knew what they were talking about and took steps to address the problems that needed addressing... which is just a fancy way of saying: It's a good thing Blizzard doesn't read the official shaman forum, otherwise we'd all be wielding 2-handers and tanking.Etherbeard6 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Rate that transmog! Part 2. Other thread capped! Lets get another rollin.Artista15 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 BUFF ELE DAMAGE PvP please buff ele damage in pvp, it revolves too much around rng and lava burst hits like a wet noodle. we also are extremely squishy. Grrrrrrrr...Deìty18 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Ground Totem GLYPH Use for PVE in MOP.. Has anyone found a use for the Grounding Totem GLYPH for PVE in any of the Beta raids ? Anything from the bosses we can reflect back for a nice dmg spike? Would be really nice.... ? QQuallanz1 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Just ANOTHER ele pvp/pve thread This is my favorite class/spec I really hope we're good at 90 after MoPs release. If I have to give up this class might as well quit this game for good. Please listen to this QQ blizz and fix ele, search your heart you know it to be true.Izen2 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Primal Elementalist question I haven't played the beta so I haven't seen this talent in action (other than a video just showing what the elemental looks like). Will the Fire Elemental actually be attacking our target, or does it just stand next to us channeling Empower on the shaman the entire time?Crowingzero13 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Ele pve tier bonus if each proc gives you 2 stacks of lighting shield charges does that mean one chain lightning can potential raise the charges from 1 to 7 if it procs on all 3 targets? and is it worth it? i think i'll take it anyway but i was just wondering because we might be getting 7 charges faster than we can spend if that's true like during heroism/bloodlust.Killahkev1 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Sentry Totem 161: Makin' Bacon Shamcakes! ...Hypernetic500 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Mount me! I'd just like to request the ability to have people mount me while in Ghost Wolf form - like how we can with druids now.Bigwoof12 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 What happened to this class....? PvP At 60 elemental was excellent. "NERF SHAMAN" was one of the most popular forum phrases. Because they were actually good. It was a simple class that hit hard and healed well. Just one of the things that is pretty upsetting to me - Earth shock - has been nerfed to the ground imo. It used to interrupt spell casting for 2 seconds or so.. then it slowed spell casting by 30% (this was disappointing even).. now it reduces physical damage dealt by 10%? LOL.. what a JOKE. yeah we have windshear but it's not as good. Only interrupts.. no damage.. longer cooldown. Not as simple. We used to hit like a truck! I don't have the best gear now (far from) but it's enough to test out spells. I feel like my lightning bolt is more like a dot that I have to cast continuously it's so pathetic.. Also, we just have to wait for that lava burst proc which deals a disappointing amount of damage. Elemental mastery used to be 100% crit.. which when our spells hit hard.. It was a big deal. That's how shamans worked.. slow(ish) stand still casters but when they hit you (with a crit especially) it was over. Instead of spells that hit huge we now just have a whole bunch of spells flying and hitting for nothing. It's just stupid. To those that say balanced at 90.. not from the videos I've seen. Still looks lame. This class needs a lot of work. Especially when we've got other classes zooming around the map / manipulating players (blink, charge, disengage, shadowstep, deathgrip, paladin speed & immunity) and theres the clunky shaman just taking a beating. waiting for that pathetic cooldown to cast while we move to hope we stay alive. There is so much more that needs to be touched on but I just wanted to post this just to state that as someone who played the class when it was good.. it has turned into possibly one of the worst classes.. unless you want to stick to healing... QQ? Nah. I don't care that much because I don't play as much now.. but I have to say it's disappointing seeing the class as it is now and knowing in the back of my mind what it used to be capable of.. It was simple design that worked. That was the beauty of the class.Devismo12 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Archmage's Staff Any shaman got Archmage's Staff on Theramore event? I don't want to farm it without being sure i have a chance. It is a perfect match for T7.5 shaman set.Aghator7 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 My Cataclysm Ele. As The Cataclysm comes to an end id love to share my experience with my Ele pvp shaman random bgs best of the best screenshots.!i=2093463146&k=MTFggtD it contains a lot of my best performances in the bg croud. If u have similiar experiences, or if u think u may have been involved with the matches post here and lets have a good look back at Cataclysm the expansion and our pvp shaman.Ikov5 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Quick question about first tier talents Posting on my DK because the game doesn't yet recognize my shammy (level 15). I keep reading to take stone bulwark totem as enhance, but if I take the 40% dr for 6 seconds, can't I macro that to Shamanistic Rage and take 80% less damage? Or does it not work like that? Thanks ahead of timeDenork7 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Astral shift is useless Would be nice if I could use this gimp Pain Suppression whilst stunned, being a talent and all. I can get that you can't use it Silenced but the fact I can use it whilst incapacitated (Dragon's Breath et al) yet not stunned is stupid. Please change this, it makes Astral Shift have an insanely high skillcap (which 90% of players don't have) which means it is pretty much useless (as you'll be sitting in kidney bombs etc when you need it) and should be changed. Signed; KarrakisKarrakis50 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 PvE Resto - Positive Thread - 5.0.4+ Hey guys, I lurk around these forums a lot and rarely post but I wanted to comment about how my 5.0.4 experience has been with resto. To start, I have been playing a resto shaman since BC and the wonderful CH spamming times. I have been through the ups and downs of resto especially when CATA came out and resto was greatly lacking compared to other healers. As of DS, I have noticed my heals were very comparable if not top of the charts so I read up and realized Blizzard made some god changes to help us out and put us where we needed to be for raids. Also, good blog to read for RESTO SHAMANS is Life in Group 5. The guy breaks down the class by the numbers and gives some great tips on how to improve your healing output. When 5.0.4 came out, my first impression was "This freaking sucks... I hate it." Why did I hate it? The obvious reasons, change, totems aren't just a drop anymore, lack of healing output, etc. After playing for a few weeks I started to realize how much of an improvement 5.0.4 brought to the table. Totems: I thought this sucked at first but now that I have things macroed down and know when to use what and how they will affect the entire raid, I love the new totems for resto. HS is great, that thing is on CD every time it is up. Why; because it is never a wasted heal unless no one is taking damage. It is a smart healing system that picks up the lowest group/raid member. HTT is an amazing cool down that I think shamans needed to compare to priests and druids raid wide auto heal (tranq, etc). I use this thing when I know big dmg is coming to the raid like the bolt in DS. The other totems aren't used much though which does sadden me but for healing we have HS, HT, MT, and SL which are great CDs to have. I use my fire ele on CD now too which adds some nice damage to fights with BL and SL! (BTW, love SL!) I run with an ELE sham and having two SL tots to use in raids is a lot of extra pew pew! Healing output: I notice I was low on the first raid I did with the changes but that was in big part to not knowing just yet how to adjust to the changes. This last HDS we did, I was behind a druid in full heroic gear by about 1% and im only ilvl 400. That's not bad! I am very happy with my numbers and output right now and my mobility. I hope at 90 I will be mid to top heals on charts. I hope the style of play doesn't change much because I find myself using every heal I have given certain situations. Better than HR I was spamming in initial CATA raids and CH back in BC. Getting to use everything in my arsenal is nice for a change. Mana Regen: As far as regen goes, I find my regen on par with my expectations. In DS currently, I find myself holding strong between 50k-80k and am good with keeping my MT on CD. As long as this scales well at 90 with the 300k mana we are going to have, regen shouldn't be a huge issue. The change with WS was a nice one but I constantly find myself hitting my keybind to refresh it still lol! PvE Stat concentration: For my MoP raiding stats, I am looking to hit the second haste cap and keep above a 55% mastery rating. I read some good reports about crit on Life in Group 5 and I think will aim to have around a 19% crit chance. I don't know mana regen numbers yet but I hope to keep a good regen rate, especially in the beginning of MoP. Top Stats: Int > Spirit Secondary Stats: Haste (26.7%-30%) >= Crit (19%) | Mastery 50%-60% Haste Break Points: At 27% we get 3 extra ticks to HS. At 30% we get 2 extra ticks to HR and HT. 30% will be my top goal to have after getting to my other stat levels. Feel free to give me some constructive criticism. I won't get butt hurt over it. I like to hear everyone's opinions on the changes and goal points for MoP. Thanks for reading.Bajabaca3 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 PVE Resto Shamans + Totems I know this is going to sound very very lazy but is it possible or even heard of for a addon or macro to possibly time your totems and cancel them 1 second before they are supposed to expire? Specifically for Healing Stream Totem and would also help out alot with the talent Totemic Restoration. Only reason I ask is because I find my shaman gimped over the other healers and pretty sure if I dont have to worry about doing some extra steps and can focus more on other stuff it will help alot.Miscape10 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 Enh AOE Damage. While MOP is set in stone, Ive never liked the ramp up needed to do effective AOE damage. IMO it would be nice to add the flameshock spread to Unleash Elements in addition to having it with Lava Lash (or just added to Unleash Elements and not on Lava Lash at all). This would allow us to have the UE buff up as well as letting us AOE from ranged by applying flame shock to a ranged mob, followed by UE on same mob to spread FS and novaing away. It would be nice to make Frozen Power not totally useless by making it a Frost Nova or to a lesser effect, Frost Trap effect off of the Frost Shock target.Vim1 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Tier 14 Bis list for elemental. Have anyone compiled a reputable bis list for tier 14 elemental spec yet? for both normal and heroic. I seem to have problem finding one. Greatly appreciate any help.Jubali4 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Ele & Me for MoP I'm currently entertaining the idea of switching to play an Elemental Shaman for my guild's progression raiding come MoP as we're down grading to a 10 man raid team. However, I've noticed a slight lack of an active theorycrafting community (or one that's more difficult to find) than among the Shadow Priest players. First, what appears to be simming as the best profession choices for Shamans? Should I stick with the standard caster professions of Tailoring + Enchanting / Engineering / JCing / Inscription for the first tier? Second, other than the typical elitistjerks, noxxic, icy-veins, and totemspot, are there any other websites where an active Shaman community is discussing Elemental?Dazbekzul13 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Need help with mages I play elemental I can never even come close to 1v1 with a mage (i gave up on s preists) Battle goes as follows: 1. insta silence 2. deep freeze 3. I trinket 4. frost jaw 5. I totem 6. cold snap 7. silence 8. frost bomb, deep freeze 9. shatter dead Fire mage is even worse 1. Silence 2. I see alot of !@#$ coming at me 3. drop totem for heals 4. dead Anyone figure out how to beat a mage?Healstuff10 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Capacitor Totem idea? So I might be crazy (probably am) but anyway I was thinking of a fix for Capacitor totem to be: a) Reduce charge up to around 3s 1)Or have it based on how much haste u have to reduce how long the charge up isb) If the totem dies before its suppose to have it stun for that long (more PvP situated) 2) If I drop it and a melee comes up and wacks it after just 1 second of being summoned it would stun for 1s Any other constructive ideas?Tötemsrus8 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 are resto shamans auto hit capped? the tool tip only states a few spells but are they hit capped for wind shear also?Gotbubbles7 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Ele Shaman = Too much RNG = Poor Dmg/Burst So I have played ele shaman since the beginning of Lich king and I loved how they had amazing burst. They could light you up if left to free cast. Well with the new Xpack around the corner I have to say I'm very disappointed with the route they are taking ele shaman. I really liked the 75% dmg proc idea, but now it appears that our class revolved around that ability. If it happens, we do good dmg. If it does not, well we suck. And right now is really the best its gonna be, with 50+% mastery. That will change once we lvl to 90. So here is my beef. Ele shaman are only true threats if we get 75% cast procs and lava burst procs, and if our earthshock ability crits (we all have like what, 18% crit?) Ya ya, we will get transcendence, 15 seconds of pure win, if we are not shutdown by a stun or such. With the procs, our spells do slightly more dmg then other classes and their base spell attacks. Without we are severely lacking in dmg. I would much prefer if they removed the mastery proc and gave us straight dmg like we use to be. I am tired of seeing a GREAT lava burst with a 75% proc doing 30k when a chaos bolt crits me anywhere from 50-70k or one to two instant pyroblasts for 40-50k each, lets not talk about ice lances for 25-30 all the time...Scaenky21 Sep 20, 2012