Apr 11, 2012 Resto's mana problems in MoP I know it is rather early beta, but Shaman regen is atrocious. Like I really love how the "ideal" healer model is one with players having active regen. Yet, everyone but Shaman are based off their intellect and they're just given one major CD. I really have no problem for that model because I think it is FAIR and makes healing something to think about. However, it isn't fair when you nerf a Shaman's big mana CD because it affects group regen too much. And it isn't fair that Shaman are stuck with regen mechanics like WS and TC. Why are Shaman the only healing class that has this? No other class has to waste as many GCDs for their regen, some don't waste any at all. In the beginning of Cataclysm Resto Shaman were the consensus worst healers in the game; Their heals weren't big enough, their regen was terrible, and they had to try super hard to be bad. With the latest build Shaman received buffs to their heals and their "ACTIVE" regen. A fine start but what about fixing MTT so we don't have to value Spirit so high. You said it yourself you want to value secondary stats more, and we're pigeonholed into stacking Spirit for regen. I am really okay with having to weave LBs for mana, the idea is good and a good mechanic. It is a real disadvantage when someone else can pop Innervate and still pump out heals AND get their mana back. Even if you stack 4000 Spirit MTT doesn't give you enough regen to actually gain mana while you heal. IDK I just have a real problem with how healer regen is handle specifically towards Shaman.Vish3 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Resto Shaman MOP Beta video Hey guys here's a quick video I threw together for those who want to know about the Resto shamans abilities as a healing in BETA. The mobs hit hard so mana disperses quick but lucky Shamans have a whole load of new abilities and tweaks to help out. Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Warriors are bearded. Pallys are fab.... What are/do the shamans have?Chevelle5 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Unleash elements and Elemental Hey guys, i´ve recently finished gearing up, (well almost) Now im learnign my rotation. And i was wondering if i should use unleash elements in PvE? it increases lava burst damage by 30% but the official guide here on the forums tells me not to use it, i dont know if it is outdated or anythingSyllus10 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Elemental heroic DS dps advice I just started doing heroic raids a few weeks ago and was looking for any tips to maximize my dps. Either ways to improve my playstyle or gearing, whatever helps. Here are logs from my guilds last raid. Not sure how to create a link in these forums. Some info: on the Morchok fight I actually did like 35k according to recount. WoL didn't pick up any of my totems for some reason? I go resto for Hagara, so I don't need any dps help there. I've been messing around with my spec, but when I'm raiding DS I generally use a 31/3/7 spec for increased totem duration. Thanks in advance.Drakuugo10 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 /Gasp!! They listened to some of our concerns Let's hope this stays: Spiritual Insight now also increases your chance to hit with Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, and Flame Shock by 15%. (This was found on the front page of MMO-C). This is for resto by the way.Jujubiju5 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 shaman pvp are shammys good at dps pvp because i don't really see any.Sauceböss9 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 2 hand macro? is there any 2h macros u can use for stormstrike? and then after a macro using ur duelhanders and lava lash? like instead of just using stormstrike, use stormstrike/2h macro combo, and then instead of switching back to duel wield, a lava lash/duel wield macro combo , or even a flameshock, earth shock or frost shock combo. basically the idea is to have a lot of ur abilities macro combos with duel wield, so u can utilize 2h stormstrike burst, while being able to viably switch back to duel wield with any ability.Teknohoofe2 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Shamans, I need your help! Hey guys, been working on my ele shaman and wanted to ask you guys how to get the most dps possible for my level. When a get a crit with lava burst its around the 550 mark I believe. Is there anything I can do to increase this? Not just the lava burst but damage as a whole. Also, is there a way to set up the game to tell me what other's damage is when they attack something? Just curious, thanksRhoggar1 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Enhancement Shaman PVP * PRIME GLYPHS* HELP So for enhancement shaman which prime glyphs is the must need 3 for pvp? i have 4 in mind but can't find which 3 to really use. btw i like doing dmg so can you guys help me with these 4 GLYPH of windfury GLYPH of feral sprit GLYPH of storm strike Glyph of Lava lashNastylock4 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Elemental needs hotfixing for PvP I can't tell you how impossible it is to actually engage another player that ISN'T a shaman under fair terms. CC is absurd, especially for mages and rogues at the moment and it literally breaks every fight. I cannot assault another point, flag, anything with another class sitting there because it will only result in being roflstomped. No class should be able to stun you entirely for the duration of a fight, and then walk away unaffected. I use everything: earthbind totem, pvp trinket, hex, and any other possible forms of CC. The results?: Absolutely nothing.I know that everyone that isn't an elemental or enhancement is going to immediately reply to this thread, "Nu-uh, you're just not playing your class right, my class is perfectly balanced" in attempt to actually make this discussion vain. So please, roll an Elemental and you'll see why it's the least-played spec out there.Nuggetfarm5 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Weapon question No'Kaled 10m in MH or OH Morningstar of heroic will in MH or OH?Xexion2 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Elemental Shaman Crits Hey guys i just started a youtube channel, my first video is me getting some big crits in random bgs (in full pvp gear) if you wanna check it out here is the link pls like, comment, and subscribe.Stingx0 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 Ele help for resto - my DPS is pitiful I've primarily healed all along, and rarely practice my ele spec. I've read the guides, and while my ele set isn't perfect, I have pretty decent gear. My guild needed me to come for heroics 3 weeks ago, and go DPS for 2 fights. They didn't yell about carrying me, but I do want to be able to contribute more if it comes up again, and to have more flexibility for my usual group. Any pointers? Here are some logs (they had me stay on boss for Yor'sahj): Best DPS attempt H Yor'sahj: H Yor'sahj kill: H Ultrax kill: I've gone DPS a few times since in dungeons, and usually am in the ~20k range (higher for AoE-heavy fights). I've asked a couple of friends who have shammies to give me a hand, but they didn't see anything obvious I was messing up.Hallany4 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 397 PvP weapon vs. LFR Rathrak for PvE So I just picked up Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind. I'm currently using Cataclysmic Gladiator's Gavel. My question is, which would be the best for raids? I'm assuming the gavel because of the pure SP increase, but I'm not entirely sure how the proc on the dagger is. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.Nafinator0 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012 trouble in heroics as resto need advice.. I started doing heroic dungeons yesterday I'm struggling with mana every trash fight Im down to 30k-40k mana and 0 on bosses. Healing Wave seems to cast extremely slow to get off a heal in time and it does 9k - 11k a heal. should i stick to regs till i get better gear?I didn't enchant or gem my gear because it's most pre-heroic, but do you see anything noticeable wrong with my toon?Ace17 Apr 11, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 HELP! Shaman pvp macros Are there any very very important pvp macros for resto shammys in arenas?Flowerpot4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 The Variety of Enhancement I used to have an enhancement shaman for a while back in BC, deleted him long ago after switching around alts a lot. I've noticed that Enhance has an incredibly limited variety of spells to utilize. Lavalash, Stormstrike, and.......... the rest are not spec-specific spells. For some reason we were given this spell "primal strike" and it doesn't do anything because it triggers the CD of stormstrike. Enhance has like... as many active spells as an arcane mage. I really do love the playstyle of a melee-caster with glowing punchy fists! But the complete lack of abilities really does bug me. So I'm asking the shaman community, is MoP adding any new abilities or making primal strike not useless?Mainsqueeze6 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 PvP/ Leveling dilemma I am currently leveling a Enhancement shaman but I want to PvP elemental once i reach 85. Any ideas for me to get gear so I dont end up going into a BG and tickling people with my lightning bolts?Posiontipped2 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 MH/OH BiS for Enhancement I've read on multiple sites that No'Kaled, the Elements of Death is BiS for enhancement shamans. I've been told by two people on my server that it should be Morningstar of Heroic Will b/c No'Kaled doesn't proc enough for us. After hearing that, I went back to check sites again and they all still claim that No'Kaled is still BiS. What are your thoughts?Memmnoc4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Just got Heroic Rathrak Heroic Rathrak is better than legendary for madness. It's probably better than legendary on Yorsahj too. My question is whether I could reach an optimal increase if I used legendary the majority of the time, and then swapped to Rathrak for the AoE portion of Yorsahj? Maybe similar thing on madness as well, but because of spellweave, i think Rathrak 100% of the time is probably better. From what I read, stuff like the ICD of Power Torrent gets reset, so I'd have to use my ICD tracker to only swap right when Power Torrent procs (or as close as possible), and ditto for swapping back. At the same time, 500 intellect for 15 seconds doesn't seem like it'd be that big of a deal, if I could get a couple rathrak procs during the big AoE phases. Any thoughts?Azloran1 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Regular Vagaries vs. LFR Maw. So, I am just wondering what would be better for a resto shaman... LFR Maw, or the Normal Vagaries of Time. I know Maw has that nice proc, but Vagaries has a gem slot and nice stats. I've gotten mixed answers, some people say it depends on the class, so... What do you guys think? :xRiot1 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Heroic Eye of Blazing Power or Foul Gift As the title says, which would be better? I'm leaning more towards the Foul Gift, any input?Smokedcheese8 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Enhancement PvP questions Hi, I already search some threads and they didnt seem to answer what I needed. I absolutely love this class/spec in PvE, but I am struggling with bordem atm moment as I think alot of people are. My main question is, if I start trying to pvp on this toon as enhance will it sour my enjoyment of it? Strange question I know, but I am sick of pvp on my warrior/ hunter and Dk. Has anyone started pvping on a shammy only to get disgusted by it and stop playing it? I attempted pvp with my mage and haven't touched it since.Livingstone5 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Need some advice (elemental PvE) I've noticed my sustained dps is falling behind drastically in comparison to pretty much everyone elses in raid situations and occasionally in 5 mans. i dont have issues in LFR keeping up but in 5 mans and normal DS I fall behind drastically. The most dps I can sustain in a 5man is about 27-30k which is the same I can pull on a dummy, but in DS10 I cant even break 26k on most fights. I could only do 27k on ultrax while everyone else was 32k+ and on DW I was 6th with 38k and 5th was 45k. My rotation is: 1. Searing totem (if its not up) 2. Flame shock (if its not up) 3. Earth Shock (9 stacks) 4. Lava Burst (when up) 5. Lightning Bolt (fill) Opening up with EM For AoE I drop EQ premptive and just spam CL but I dont have dps issues with aoe, just sustained single target. Whats being done wrong? (I dont interupt LB if FS procs Lava burst cd) (I don't interupt a spell if ES procs) EDIT: I know my profs arnt the norm, this was originally just an alt for farmingSkorma2 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 which pieces to get first (fresh 85) i'm resto, I have 3232 JP and 1000 VP. I was thinking of saving my VP for another two weeks this robe Ghostworld Chestguard good idea? which pieces should i buy first with JP? my main problem in heroics is mana, i don't have enough spirit to keep me up on boss fights. any advice?Ace4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 hurricane for elemental curiosity. snagged a new MH out of a heroic(have yet to have a new weapon drop in LFR dammit), looking to enchant.been using power torrent for a while now, eh it's cool and all. what about hurricane? haste = love for elemental, and an extra 3% haste ain't terrible to tack on... right now mine isn't as high as i think it could be in PVE gear, 21-22% with totems out.Jiynx8 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Who is giving up? How many of you are giving up on the shaman? What are you re-rolling for MoP?Ewglbakin70 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Still WF/FT? Just a question, Is it still windfury/flametongue imbues? I would imagine if you have two fairly strong weapons, the prospect of your mainhand being locked ou from dual wf wouldnt be as much as a problem correct? or does WF/FT offer more dps than dual windfury?Bramonn14 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Totem trouble Good evening, guys Over the past few days, Ive been having a small problem swapping out my totem bar in-game. The thing is, I keep mainly two sets of totems for different five-man groups: One benefits caster-heavy groups while the other benefits melee-heavy groups. Normally, I keep it on my caster one when Im not in a dungeon; yet, recently, Ive been noticing a problem with it...There are random points where I cant swap out my bars or individual totems. The messege I get whenever it happens is: Interface action canceled due to an Addon (or something similar to that. Im tired so I cant really think straight.) The only time it seems to fix itself is when I log in and log out. Now, Ive checked my addons and updated them (it didnt help). Ive also asked my guildmates who play shamans with similar addons to mine to see if they had the same problem. They didn't, unfortunately. Which is why I come here for help. :( I know its not a major problem but its a major annoyance. My addons: DBM Healium Elvui Tidy plates Could any of these be connected with my interface problem? If so, how can I fix it?Anvela1 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Can someone explain how searing totem works I have been told not to drop searing totem on the boss fight deathwings back,because it attacks the tentacles at random.I then proceed to only to drop it during the burn phase(armor opening). They saw on recount that i had searing totem up , and i got yelled at even though i asked them if I could do that.Anyone mind explaining searing totem to meInsanium14 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Datamined MOP Shaman Glyphs While waiting for MMO-Champion (or any other source) to get us the abilities in an organized fashion, I began to utilize their data-mined abilities site: site There are so many useless spells on the pages: boss abilities, old player abilities, and scrapped abilities etc. It takes time to find the gems, but when you do there is some pleasure. Keep in mind that some of these abilities may not make it to beta and/or that I may be mistaken. Possible New Abilities: Capacitor Totem 0 Mana Instant 45 sec cooldown Summons an Air totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster that gathers electrical energy from the surrounding air and then explodes after 5 sec to stun all enemies within 8 yards for 5 sec. This seems like it will work a little like the old Fire Nova Totem, but with a stun instead of the damage. Yes, I remember the old Fire Nova Stun too. (To be continued.) Datamined Glyphs: Glyph of Astral Recall Reduces the cooldown of your Astral Recall spell by (450000/-60000) min. Glyph of Chain Lightning Your Chain Lightning spell now strikes 2 additional targets, but deals 10% less initial damage. Glyph of Chaining [NYI] Doubles the jump distance of your Chain Heal spell, but reduces its healing done by 15%. Glyph of Cleansing Waters When you dispel a harmful Magic or Curse effect from an ally, you also heal the target for 4% of your maximum health. Glyph of Capacitor Totem Reduces the charging time of your Capacitor Totem by (2000/-1000) sec. Glyph of Earth Shield Your Earth Shield charges are no longer depleted when taking damage, but Earth Shield's duration is reduced to 45 sec. Glyph of Feral Spirit Increases the healing done by your Feral Spirits' Spirit Hunt by 40%. Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem Reduces the cooldown and duration of your Fire Elemental Totem by 40%. Glyph of Fire Nova Increases the radius of your Fire Nova spell by 5 yards. Glyph of Flame Shock Increases the duration of your Flame Shock by 25%, but reduces the initial damage dealt by 25%. Glyph of Frost Shock Increases the duration of your Frost Shock by 2 sec. Glyph of Ghost Wolf While in Ghost Wolf form, you are less hindered by effects that would reduce movement speed. Glyph of Healing Storm Each application of Maelstrom Weapon also increases your healing done by 20%. Glyph of Healing Stream Totem When your Healing Stream Totem heals an ally, it also reduces their Fire, Frost, and Nature damage taken by 10% for 6 sec. Glyph of Healing Wave Your Healing Wave also heals you for 20% of the healing effect when you heal someone else. Glyph of Hex Reduces the cooldown of your Hex spell by (10000/-1000) sec. Glyph of Lava Burst Your Lava Burst spell will always be a critical strike regardless of the presence of Flame Shock on the target, but it deals 5% less damage. Glyph of Lightning Shield Your Lightning Shield can no longer drop below 3 charges from dealing damage to attackers. Glyph of Purge Your Purge dispels 1 additional Magic effect. (It looks like Purge may be 2 targets base with a 10 second cooldown. Not sure here.) Glyph of Renewed Life Your Reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent. Glyph of Riptide Your Riptide no longer has a cooldown, but also no longer instantly heals the targeted ally. Glyph of Shamanistic Rage Activating your Shamanistic Rage ability also cleanses you of all dispellable harmful Magic effects. Glyph of Spiritwalker's Grace Increases the duration of your Spiritwalker's Grace by 5 sec. Glyph of Telluric Currents Reduces the damage dealt by your Lightning Bolt spell by 30%, but causes it to restore mana equal to 50% of damage dealt. Glyph of Thunder Reduces the cooldown on Thunderstorm by (10000/-1000) sec. Glyph of Thunderstorm Increases the mana you receive from your Thunderstorm spell by 2%, but it no longer knocks enemies back or reduces their movement speed. Glyph of Totemic Encirclement When you cast a totem spell, you also place unempowered totems for any elements that are not currently active. These totems have 5 health and produce no other effects. Glyph of Totemic Recall Causes your Totemic Recall ability to return an additional 50% of the mana cost of any recalled totems. Glyph of Totemic Vigor Increases the health of your totems by 10% of your maximum health. Glyph of Unleashed Lightning Your Lightning Bolt takes 5% longer to cast, but may be cast while moving. Glyph of Water Shield Increases the passive mana generation of your Water Shield by 10%, but Water Shield no longer activates when you receive damage. Glyph of Wind Shear Increases the school lockout duration of Wind Shear by 1 sec, but also increases the cooldown by 3 sec.Bosako83 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Resto PvP Stat Priority? anyone know what the stat priority is for resto shaman pvp? kinda confused on what i should be looking for exactly when gearing up/reforging/enchanting etc. any info would be greatly appreciated. gracias.Shniggy4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Can Earth Shield be dispelled? By priest Dispel Magic or shaman Purge? If it can, will the whole thing get dispelled or just one charge at a time? Thanks in advance!Beasteh3 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Earthliving Buff I was thinking maybe adding a heal on melee swings with earthliving could increase enhance's survivability.Tothaus3 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Shaman a Good choice? I always wanted to play a Shaman since vanilla and wondering if it's a good choice for PVE and PVP. I hear alot of complaints about them from other shamans how monks will replace them ect. I'm wondering are they getting better in mop and are they any good now?Bangol15 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 need some help with thyrinar just got the quest "through a gass, darkly" yesterday and i have been wiping who knows how many times on thyrinar and only getting him down to around 1mil HP left before my elementals are dead and i get obliterated by the adds. could someone give me advice on how to down this guy?Xilzz3 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Have you ever personally broken a stealthy? Personally...have you ever broken a stealthy out with your magma totem? i dont think i ever have in my 3 yearsStreetguru11 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Enhance resource discussion I made a post in the MoP forums to try to outline my concerns regarding Enhancement and the need for a resource. I'm hoping for some of the better shamans out here to help voice their opinion on the subject. Here's the thread: Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Hargoth Dimblaze Transmog set Hello all, so in my opinion Hargoth is one of the most bad a$$ looking dwarf I've seen in the game ( there's the link to him on wow head. I've currently been trying to obtain a set of gear to transmog so i can look like him but i need some help. his fist weapons are the set from Hyjal, His gloves and shoulders are the tier 5, his bracers resemble the Veterans linked bracers you can get with justice points, and his helmet is the Big Bad Wolf's head from Kara. Now i just need to find a chest and legs to complete the set. if any of you guys had some ideas id be very grateful for your help! -Thanks!Shampiece6 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Totems and MoP So I'll just be honest...One of the things I hate about my Shaman is totem management. It just seems very clunky and bleh to me and if I didnt have to lay totems every 30 seconds I probably would enjoy my shaman more. That being said, I heard rumor a while back in MoP that totems were changing and were going to "move" with you? That being said, I looked at our tree and saw they gave us a skill that calls whatever totems we have down to move to us...While this somewhat fixes the complete blah factor of it, it kinda doesnt. So are totems going to become mobile buffs on us that move as we move or are we still gonna be dropping totems ever 30 secs cause our group moved up?Trevalen0 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 alittle help please First off I want to thank people who are hear to help please no bashing. I've been playing wow for years but never really got into it such as maxing pros or learning what stats I really need It was more of a time waster. But now after lvling this shammy I've really become to enjoy all of wow my JC is almost maxxed and my mining is getting up there. But like the topic says I need alittle help. Is shammy healing worth it? or is dps more what they are going towards now. I know I bought the wrong chest piece was a late night and was really passing attention. Can someone link me some good videos for healing or easy to learn the basic's. I prefer watching its easier for me to learn than trying to read. Thanks for the helpKodiack1 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 How well does ele shammy do in 1v1? Against most classes?Lightstorm10 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Elemental Review of the MoP Talents Why I am choosing My Spec (As of 3/31/2012): 15. Astral Shift Astral Shift is just going to be more useful in PvE. Yeah, it's a wicked short cooldown, and it's effect is underwhelming, but generally speaking, it's big spikey damage that kills, not slow and steady damage. I also presumably won't lose a GCD with Astral Shift. I'd rather be able to eat a big attack every two minutes than have my healers overheal me for thirty seconds every minute. It's still a weak talent (and it doesn't do anything cool like clear debuffs) but it seems like it'd be the biggest difference between life and death among these options. I do like that Stone Bulwark Totem will work with Totemic Restoration and Call of the Elements, and that makes it a little more appealing. Ultimately though, I just feel like Stone Bulwark will eat more GCDs than Astral Shift, and it won't save my life as often. I'm sure that there will be some high mobility pulsing damage fight where this makes sense, and I'll consider to swapping to it then, but it won't be my default. Nature's Guardian as written just seems pointless. If it were to gain a passive, temporary heal (combined with a health and mana increase when Reincarnating), then I'd consider that option. 30. Earthgrab Totem Frozen Power is an attractive option, and I may even swap into that if they ever come up with a Kiting fight again. My opinion on this also might change if they unlink the Shock CDs for Elemental. With Frozen Power, an Elemental Shaman may never even be hit by mobs while leveling -- it's kind of hilarious. But, for now, I just love Earthgrab totem. It's a really cool totem. I like that the root is no longer a nova, but that it will root anything that comes through it once. This Totem seems like it would work really well with Chain Lightning, Thunderstorm, and Earthquake since it'd keep everything in place. Windwalk Totem's use is obvious, and I love that it is 40 yards, but for now, my default would have to be Earthgrab. 45. Totemic Restoration Call of the Elements' cooldown is WAY too long, and it looks like it will no longer work with Fire Elementals. While, yes, I would be able to Stun and Root more, I'm just not wowed by it. On the other hand, Totemic Restoration has the potential to be one of my all-time favorite talents. I really like the flexibility of being able to use my totem for half of its duration, like Earthgrab, and then remove the totem, and then have it up again in half of it's CD. For instance, I could have the Earth Grab Totem down for 10 seconds (so that it roots and slows) and then recall the totem. Then it'd be up again after 15 seconds (so really in 5 seconds) instead of in 30 seconds (so really 20). That's a huge amount of flexibility, particularly when appplied to Fire Elemental totem. If I only need a little burst, then I can do that. Like in the Shaman fight in DS, Fire Elemental could always be up during the burn phases. Further Examples: Tremor Totem: 6 second duration, 1 minute cooldown or with this talent (up to) 3 second duration, 30 second cooldown. Fire Elemental Totem: 1 minute duration, 5 minute cooldown or with this talent (up to) 30 second duration, 2.5 minute cooldown. Glyphed Fire Elemental Totem: 36 second duration, 3 minute cooldown or with this talent (up to) 18 second duration, 1.5 minute cooldown. Earth Elemental Totem: 1 minute duration, 5 minute cooldown or with this talent (up to) 30 second duration, 2.5 minute cooldown. Earthgrab Totem: 20 second duration, 30 second cooldown or with this talent (up to) 10 second duration, 15 second cooldown. Stone Bulwark Totem: 30 second duration, 1 minute cooldown OR (up to) 15 second duration, 30 second cooldown. There are other totems like Grounding Totem and Capacitor Totem that I am very unsure of how their CDs would be affected, but nonetheless the talent is interesting. As it stands though, Capacitor Totem has a 5 second duration and a 45 second cooldown. Will it go down to as few as 22.5 seconds if it fails to detonate? I hope so. Grounding Totem has a 15 second duration and a 25 second cooldown. Will it go down to a 12.5 second cooldown if quickly destroyed? I'm not so sure on that one, but obviously I hope so. Totemic Projection looks like it will be a blast with Capacitor Totem (right now on Beta it can be moved after armed and explode nearly immediately on a target). I'm just not sure that I'd need it in PvE. Maybe it'd be handy for ranged aoe, especially when used with Magma and Earthgrab. There's some potential in this talent, but with Totemic Restoration being one of my favorites, I can't really pass that up.Bosako20 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Enhancement shaman dps in mists...? From this post here Our dps is low? i dont have the beta and i dont see any youtube videos about the dps. this true is our damage bad now?Budlightning12 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Ehn Ability idea: Lightning Rush! Lightning Rush:The Shaman channels for 2 seconds then energizes himself rushing towards the target. While on the path he senses the heat emanating from his flame shocks striking all nearby targets. Deals X Weapon Damage+X Nature Damage and has a 40 second cooldown.Getting a critical strikes with your auto attacks reduces the cooldown by 1 second. The Shaman Gets into a ready stance weapon at his side. He begins to channel lightning around him the first second. in the second, the lightning rushes into his body and he charges at the target running at lightning speeds striking all targets with flame shock within 15 yards of the target but dispelling the flame shocks as well.Gap Closer, added AoE, awesome visuals What do you think...thought of it because were a melee class with 2 melee spells in our spell book....and there is seriously a lack of melee spells.Streetguru2 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Enhancement dps question. Hello everyone. So a few days ago I come to the forums looking for help on ways to improve my dps. I got some very helpful information and tips. Someone suggested that I download Rawr and that would help me with gear and such. I downloaded it and rawr says i should be pulling around 30k dps with my current gear/spec/glyphs. I am not pulling 30k. So either I am doing something wrong or rawr is wrong. Was hoping an experienced shaman could tell me how much dps I should be pulling so I know if the fault is on my end. Also any suggestions on ways to improve my dps would be appreciated. TyvmTazok5 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Elemental PvP-, Haste or Mastery?!? Just finished gearing my shaman for PvP and I mainly run BGs, I'm getting both answers as to which stat to get more of. Was wondering if some experienced Ele Shamans would have the imput on which stat is more effective.Btchnasty10 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Lightning Shield needs a new graphic... I mean, really. A tiny little ball of electricity? And we're masters of the elements? C'mon. I'd like to see something similar to a Priest's Shadowform, only enshrouding us with static. That'd be way cooler, I think!Shamanfx24 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Find a match for the mog! I've put together this future set for transmogrifying at 85: Can anyone find a matching cloak for the set? I would greatly appreciate it!P.S.: Bracers' nonexistence isn't particularly important.. can't see any past the gloves anywho. EDIT: Also, would like your opinions on the set :)Totalled3 Apr 9, 2012