May 25, 2012 Enhance PvP Help... Hello, I recently came back from a 2 month break and i was wondering if some high rated enh pvp shamans can give some good advice because I currently just went enhancement for pvp, I have always been resto and even tho I reached high rating last season as resto I dont know where to begin with enh. I have been told and looked on forums people saying that enhance needs 21exp 7% hit for pvp? I currently try for more hit and exp because a good percent of are dmg comes from are melee and are maelstrom procs also which require to hit a target. Even no with the hit and exp I have i still have classes like rogues dodging alot my attacks without evasion up... Please help!Dreko4 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Look me over, please? Just want opinions on what I should retorted/regem/respec please. 4.5k resil 21 expertise 10% hit (I can't seem to reforge more out) As for spec - for arenas would it be worth it to go 3/3 in Toughness? As of right now I almost never lose 1v1 but I just started arenas with a SPriest (not the best comp but we play for fun). We are 4-2 only losing to a DK/Priest team twice. I can solo both but they take down my friend so quick, lol. Currently am 2/3 Toughness. I've really only dedicated this guy the past 3 weeks after I shelved him when he winged 85. I'm still quite new but learn fast. Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you!Saft6 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Some PvP tips? Anyone have some Ele Shaman pvp tips? bout to grind out some honor gear. Doing EoTS and AB >:D.Shamabamalam1 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Make magma totem fire on stealthed chars? Since we lost the totem-centered Fire Nova., we have no way to break stealth, such as when guarding flags. Would making FN fire on stealthed characters be all that overpowered?Fugubar11 May 25, 2012
May 24, 2012 Enhancement Shaman Help Hey everyone! So my friend popped me a Scroll of Resurrection, and I decided to claim that free level 80. As you can guess, I picked my Elemental Shaman, who was level 30. I decided to re-roll him as an Enhancement, since I've heard better things about them and their concept is just freakin' cool. Anyone, I'm totally and completely lost. If anyone would be kind enough to explain to me what moves to move, when, and what stats I should be looking out for, I'd greatly appreciate it. If anything, really, a link to a guide would be just as good, if not better. Thanks for any and all help! Cheers.Severuus2 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Old lightning bolt anmation glyph. I think they should add a minor glyph that makes lightning bolt look the way it did before 4.3 They could also do it for druids with wrath. I play with very low detail settings as my computer is not that great, and with these low settings the new lightning bolt looks absolutely TERRIBLE. I don't think i will continue to play my shaman this patch if there isn't an alternative (I'm not going enhancement!) to using this rediculous lightning bolt. I'm also aware that this is probably not the forum i should be posting in, but was unable to find a suggestions area. So, do you think this is a good idea or am I just being a change hater?Shammac20 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Hex macro Can someone please give me a hex macro non modifier it hexes my current target and while pressing shift it hexes my focusTikzixi2 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Why isnt EQ Instant Cast with a long CD? Simple question for the devs/shaman community. Why isnt EQ Instant Cast with a long CD? Why isn't EQ something like... Earthquake-Instant Cast 1 Minute Cooldown 30% Base mana Your mastery allows you to move the earth under your opponents feet,enemy units are slowed by 30% and have a 15% chance of being knocked down. Deals X Damage(Scaling well with SP,but doesnt work with mastery) Per second and lasts 10 seconds. Along with-Glyph of Earthquake Decreases the cooldown by 15 seconds, but decreases the duration by 5 seconds. For casting it more often in say a PvP Scenario like AB/Gilneas/EoS(RBG wise) for the flag guarding this skill has. ============================ Why the blizzard team has no love for shamans is beyond me, not a single competitive ele shaman is using earthquake yet they did nothing the expansion to make it wanted by anyone. Why does it have such poor usability when compared with other classes.Why does it have to kill our mana pool if we want to keep it up. Why oh Why did they not bother to fix such a nearly worthless spell. Discuss belowStreetguru8 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 PVP Resto hit rating - necessary or not? Got alot of conflicting opinions on this...can anyone shed some light?Scarlët7 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Pvp Ele stats. I don't know whether to stack haste or mastery, and I don't see a guide. Thanks in advance.Batmàn16 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 How gear dependent are elemental shamans? So i have been very very lucky in my raiding so far. Winning 3 pieces in my first ds normal run. In my second run i got 1 piece. And i have just done my third run and have gotten 2 more pieces. After each ds i notice a huge dps increase. So is this just natural for every class if they get a good amount of gear fast they see huge dps increase. Or is it shamans or What. Thanks NOTE: I have a feeling someone will take my explanation of how i got my gear as bragging, its just a simple explanation.Mortz1 May 24, 2012
May 23, 2012 Leveling Shaman and Priest So here recently i just got my 2nd level 85. My first being a dk and second being a Warrior. So needless to say im tired of plate tanking/dps. Im debating between making eaither a priest or a shaman. Also tired of the plate look so eaither leather or cloth will be a sight for sore eyes. Which do you guys find to be more enjoyable leveling. I will be rerolling it on a diff server so no BOA's. I just dont want to walk into something boring then have to back out halfway through cause of boredom. Id love your alls point of view on this.Overloled1 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Shaman MoP Talents Hello fellow totem peoples. How do do the shaman forumers / people who havent being invited to BETA feel about the shaman MoP talents so far? I've seen almost no threads about them and I'm curious. (The MoP talents page hasnt being updated in a long time, a talent calculator for MoP can be found here May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Am I ready for raiding? I have been been gearing up and getting advice from pro resto shammys and been practicing my healing "rotations" in HOT heroics with much success. I have run some LFR's and am generally number 2-3 in terms of HPS while staying above half mana by the end of the fight (with some lightning bolts to help keep my mana up on low damage phases). I am kind of hesitant on joining a real DS 10 run because if I'm at half mana at the end of LFR's then I feel like I would probably be out of mana in normal. Currently I am sitting at 380 ilvl and I use Healbot. I really like Healbot but some things that it either can't do (or I just don't know how to do it) like sorting by roles like with the Blizz raid UI. Does anyone know of any other healing UI's that work like Healbot that have more customization? But mostly important question is my gear high enough to handle normal DS 10? Thanks, ~BreifsBreifs14 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 remember this game? yo guys found this thing on youtube where once a week there is a clip of a random game, if you guess the game you get a free game on steam. help me out fellow thugs in harmony any one know what console game this is? May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Higher DPS Wep in MH or OH? I am leveling a shaman, and i just got into the 70s meaning i am going to replace one of my BoA maces with my BoA axe from Archeology (it has much better stats than the maces). The thing is, it has higher stats, higher damage, and a faster swing speed. Now i figured with the higher dps and stats it would do nice in my OH for lava lash, but i was reading somewhere that said enh shamans should have a slower weapon in their OH. I am just wondering, should i just keep it on my OH for the lava lash buff? (since stormstrike uses both weapons, i figure it doesnt matter which hand is which because they both hit)Gibbard4 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Some Shaman Questions Hey guys. I'm looking for a new project to work on in my spare time and I figured I'd give a shaman a shot. Before I take on this challenge though I'd like to ask a few questions to the shammy community. First of all, how do shamans look for MoP? I'm looking for a class that looks really nice for MoP. Secondly, I'm a avid PvP'er and would like to go far in RBGs and arenas with. Is shammy the choice? If I go Elemental, how do they compare to other casters such as mages/locks/boomkins? Do they stand a chance in the hands of the right player? Finally, I prefer to DPS so would elemental or enh be my better choice in terms of DPS in PvP?Spy3 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 [MoP] Proposed Changes Greets all. Former Priest Saft here again do discuss potential changes in a few mechanics to smooth out some rough edges in MoP. I am not in the beta but, as most of you, I've been following changes adamantly. I'm Enhance but will try to address the other specs at least a bit. First off, I'm happy with the totem changes except for Searing Totem. Why was this the only totem untouched? I thought the idea of utility totems were so that we used them by choice and not by set/forget. Not to mention Searing Flames, my first point: 1) Searing Flames: Get rid of it and the totem in its current form. I propose the following: Shamanism Stacks When you deal damage with a weapon imbued with Flametongue or Frostbrand (doesn't need to proc), you gain 1 charge of Shamanism, stacking up to 3 times. Lava Lash: Consumes all Shamanism charges to increase Lava Lash damage by 25% per stack and cause the Searing Flames effect which ignites the target in flames dealing 10% of Lava Lash's damage per charge of Shamanism over 6 seconds. -There's the LL damage, partially reducing front-loading damage but increasing overall output with a quick DoT. StormStrike: Consumes all Shamanism charges to increase StormStrike damage by 10% per stack and causes the Earthen Power effect which increases the damage of Earth Shock by 15% per stack and dazing the target for 3 seconds, lasts 8 seconds or until consumed. This provides choice to the Shaman on which ability to spend the charges on. Numbers can be tuned to be less/more OP, these are just examples. Now you're going to say "but with FB/FT imbues you will get those stacks mighty fast and working your cooldowns will provide huge burst!" - you are correct, my friends, however, without WF, your MW procs will come less often, leaving you without as much healing/LB/hex instant output. Again, these variables can be tuned. 2) Shocks: Remove the linked cooldowns. It was cool in 2004 but this is 2012 - time for this to catch up to other class mechanics. They barely do any damage, if every1 is worried about the damage output - it's not like we'd be spamming FS every 6 seconds since we want the DoT to tick and you can just remove Frost Shock damage and make it a slow/snare (talented). At the LEAST remove Frost Shock from the family of CDs so we can use it more effectively. It reminds me of LL AOE having to hold off on using it single-target when we know some AOE is coming... which reminds me... 3) AOE: Not "fun" by any means. 3 globals just to get started? 4 if we want an extra 30% increase with UE? How about just buffing Nova's damage and NO spreading but make it like my old Priest's Sear? Erupts from the target but does no damage to the target of the FS itself? 4) Haste: Do something with it. 5) Maelstrom Weapon: It's fun... kinda. It's a proc. In PVE it's not even used immediately, depending on cooldowns. It's not very rewarding to just sling a LB when it pops. Make it do more depending on which button we hit - add more into the mix which will spice things up, especially in PVP where it's used 99% of the time for a heal or a clutch hex. Make waiting for a 5 stack worth it: On consuming the charges of a 5 MW... LB: Finishes the cooldown of all your shocks. Heal: Increases healing done to the target party member (or you, if you used it on yourself) by 15% for the next 6 seconds. Hex: Reduces the Hexed target's movement speed by 80% Now for some Ele/Resto thoughts: I hear they would like some sort of survivability button. I agree. Flat mitigation is not fun or exciting - it's a button that reduces damage. Fine for some, but how about more fun stuff? Earthen Skin: 1 minute cooldown When struck by a physical attack, the Shaman's skin begins to turn to stone, gaining a charge of Earthen Skin and reducing damage taken by 10% and decreasing the cast time and mana cost of the next nature spell cast (with a base cast of 10 or less seconds blah blah) by 20% per charge, stacks up to 5 times. Lasts for 10 seconds or until Earthen Skin is consumed by a spell. This is like MW for my caster brethren but in REVERSE (backwards, people!) In not so dire situations they can hold off on the cast until the last minute, in "i need to do something NAO" scenarios they can pop a hex, heal, damage, at their leisure. Maelstrom is an interesting mechanic - why not have some type of it for the Ele/Resto? So ends my quick thoughts. Tear them apart, people. Tell me why or why not. ogogog!Saft0 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 What is the point of Rockbiter? i personally have never seen Rockbiter as useful, maybe its a hint to enhancement becoming a tank spec in future expansions? or to a 4th spec if they add one, idk i want shamtanking back, but im also wondering why rockbiter is in the game, and why it can be used as a taunt when using unleash elementsOpulênce48 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 need help with resto for raiding so i queued for a raid through raid finder and even though my ilvl is appropriate I noticed I was only doing 7k heals, whereas the other healers were around 15k (they severely outgeared me but still.) I know I should be doing more than 7k with my gear, my gear is correct, I have some pvp gear on, so don't look at my armory for that. However my healing spec for PvE is definitely wrong and I'm not even sure if I have even glyphed. I haven't been 85 for long, this is my first 85, and I didn't know glyphs existed until another healer in that raid whispered me and said my healing was terrible for my gear, which obviously I agreed with him. The group didn't want to kick me but I felt bad so I left so they could get a more efficient healer, I wasn't a problem for the group, DPS was, they weren't switching tentacles, so we wiped once before we beat it, but I left after because I still felt like I should be replaced, I didn't deserve to be there. Any advice? Thanks.Panqcho15 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Resto Shaman PvP Help Hey guys if you could help me out it'd be much appreciated. 1. which trinket is better in arena the one you use or the one that procs automatically to increase spell power? 2. I've been doing 3's lately and with 2 big burst classes hitting me at the beginning of the battle what am i supposed to do? It seams like i am either stunned or silenced until i die. 3. Is it smart to ever use Nature's Swiftness on Hex? thanks for any input guys :PVóodóomon1 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 this feels impossible for the past 2 months i have been trying to do the quest "through a glass, darkly" and after wiping who knows how many times and spending over 4k gold i give up trying to figure this out.... i can interupt/mitigate just about all the boss's spells and purge his bubble. however i can't ever seem to be able to deal with the adds. i can sit there and dps the adds but then the boss will kill me. i can put down an elemental but they either just sit there and do nothing or just attack the boss ignoring the adds. is there actually a way to do this fight or is it so based on RNG that it is nearly impossible?Xilzz1 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 The Next Level. Halp In need of top-end Enhance Shaman help! Hello Shaman community. I'm looking to take my DPS to a new level as an enhancement shaman. While I feel I do okay and I have ranked a few times in the top 200 on WoL I feel like I may not be living up to my full destructive potential. Looking for anyone willing to offer a few tips to take my DPS to a new level. For you old schoolers I want to achieve Barry Gordy's Last Dragon "The Glow". I have posted my latest log, unfortunately I only caught the last few bosses on it. I can a full log next Sunday or you can scour for some of my older logs. I have also provided a link to wow-heroes so you can check me there too (I know some people prefer heroes site for some reason). Thanks for the help shaman hopefully you can catch something I am not doing or could improve on. May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Resto PvP Totemic Reach For resto is this talent absolutely necessary for PvP or can I do just fine without it?Draethran5 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Shaman is the best class. And has been as far as I can remember, starting my first shaman character in late BC. Made it my main sometime during Wrath. Why don't more people play us?Mordahk5 May 23, 2012
May 22, 2012 SHAMAN help please.. Im bored with my other four toons. Time to look into Shaman. Leveling him from 80-85 , what spec would you go when solo grinding? Eh or Ele? Once 85 i ill heal in pvp. Pvp is my main objective here. I will go dps from time to time...any suggestions? Thanks.Meatballzz3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Glyph of Unleashed Lightning Broken Hi, I recently purchased and learned the "Glyph of Unleashed Lightning" which should allow my toon to move while casting lightning bolt. However, the glyph seems to have had absolutely no effect. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!Damoneymaker2 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Newbie Shaman help - Spec help I just started my first ever Shaman which is now level 10. Really like it so far, but now I must pick a spec. Resto is a No as a Primary Spec, I have tried healing and just could not get the hang of it. I have a lot of Melee fighters but recently I have been leaning more toward distance Dps, Buffs and Healing myself (and others when needed) such as this Balance Druid. I am leaning toward trying Elemental because I think that is more my style and then I could pick up Resto as a 2nd Spec and use basically the same gear. But I would still like to know which is better out of Elemental and Enchancement. Thanks in advance for any answers that are not critizism of what I would like in a a toon :) If it helps at all: my new Shaman is in a Pvp realm in which I have quite a lot of support with Gold and lower level elixirs.Justabella1 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 earthquake so my normal aoe rotation is drop magma totem + chain lightning spam..should i be throwing earthquake in upon cooldown and if so in which order should i do these 3 things? also: what about fire nova? should i be using that as well as elemental?Kardasha13 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 ele offspec I'm trying to get my elemental offspec going again, but having some issues with my DPS (posting in my resto gear sorry) My ele gear includes the LFR staff off madness (the haste proc one) full ele 4-pc tier13, and DPS trinks. I have read the sticky, but still not terribly comfortable with the rotation. is there anything more than: - FS 100% uptime - lava bolt on CD - keep flame totem up - ES when lightning shield is at 9 charges - spam LB honestly seems like a bit of a dull rotation, and I could only pull like 20k in LFR on everything but madness. what am i missing?Subdude3 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Enh or Ele for leveling? (I've read the sticky). I just can't choose, Enh seems more fun but Ele would let me have resto as an OS without having to manage two sets of gear. I also prefer melee but hear Enh needs BoA gear and that Ele kind of has mana problems. Also no "PLAY WHAT YOU FIND FUN" business please, if I knew I wouldn't be asking for suggestions. Thanks in advance.Knecrophilia11 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Shamans, just a healing class on PvP Ladders. Hello all, I decided to make this post after reviewing all the PvP brackets; I believe this should get a blue post and my question to blizzard is why, and I mean why, do you not see any, near no none, high rated enh shamans on any PvP ladder you look at? I believe this question should be concerning when you see that 75% of all PvP shamans are resto, whats the sense of having the other two talent trees? I am currently working on my enh shaman and for as long as I can remember, and use to play a different enh shaman when 2handers use to be beast and then turned into butter knives after being nerfed more times than I have body parts, but that is ethier here or now. It would seem that resto is almost the only spec you can pvp with, I am not trying to complain, I too enjoy resto resto, but it should not be the only spec compatiable in High END PvP. I am concerned, and not only am I concerned about enh shamans with the current patch but if you review the burst damage of other classes in Mist of Pandoria Beta people will see that Enh Shamans fall last in burst with a 10sec+ disadvantage from all other damage classes and specs, which is huge in PvP. I can only hope these days not not the end for the enh shaman....Dreko7 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Lava Burst for... Resto?!? On the MoP talent calculator I see that lava burst will be disponible for resto but not elemental, its a bug or is that really intended to be like that? O.oHagríd1 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Ele vs enh I know that enh does a little more dps in end game raiding, does enh dps more balanced though, as opposed to ele's burst damage?Skyrage6 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 How are the shamans looking? I have started to level my shaman from 80 to 85.... I have a few questions... How is Enhancment or pve? How is enhancement for pvp? How is resto looking for pvp? My main questions are how enhancement is looking.... i know restos good for pve, and ele is good for pve, not so much for pvp.... but i love enhance, and im wondering if its a good way to go.Sòren5 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Feral vs Enhance So...what is a decent way to start off a fight against a feral? Should you trinket the pounce then pop grounding totem? The only advice ive found is this... ... I find it rather funny.Legal6 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Shaman simple ideas. Since you gave Water walking to the Death Knights and you're putting away all of our buffing totems (as far as I know from MoP beta players), I was wondering if we could have a slow fall spell, working with the element of air (note that this element isn't used very much compared to others). I remember that quest in Undercity where Thrall made us fall slowly down the broken elevator. This is a perfect example of what I would love to have. That was my main subject. I also wanted to know if you could change the appearance of our Feral Spirit and the upcoming spell Ascendance. I've been extremely deceived in the pre-Wotlk patch when I saw the spirit wolves. They looked a lot better in Warcraft 3. I have seen that Warlocks will have glyphs to actually change the appearance of their demons, and I thought we could have that too, for our wolves. As for Ascendance, I don't feel like wandering around under the form of a bigger man-looking thing. I was expecting the new bad*ss Elementals you implemented in Cataclysm, just like these ones (Image found on google): My last request is about AoE Water walking buff (working just like Fortitude or Mark of the Wild). Of course both shaman's and death knight's water walkings have their own benefits and disadvantages but in some way we're still the original owners of the spell, and it also requires either a reagent or a glyph for shamans to use. Of course, the last subjects were only about aesthetics and time saving. But I'm pretty sure I'm talking under the name of all shamans when I ask for this, please give us a Slow fall effect! Deep thanks, looking forwards to some changes.Katrum19 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Bring back the old animation!!!!! dear blizz :O bring back the old lightning bolt animation, it used to be so much better xDYixx11 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 How can we make haste useful for Enh? Shamans Unite! We must amass a list of things that will make haste non worthless to our spec. Let the listing begin! allowing haste to affect the internal cooldowns of Wind Fury/Maelstrom and searing totem. Thus allowing the searing stacks to come up faster and letting us get more procs with windfury and maelstrom.Streetguru8 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Could the Diablo 3 devs work on MoP ele sham? Awesome is the only word I can use to describe my wizard, even at 25. I find myself wishing Blizzard would use some of the lightning / fire / frost Wizard abilities and apply some of that model to elemental. The way the D3 talents completely change the way a spell works, it makes those boring tiers in the MoP talents look even worse (especially @ level 45). They could even be implemented as glyphs... between that a lot of the good ideas / feedback on the beta forums, I hope some of that inspires whoever is developing ele for MoP.Duno5 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Lowbie shaman question I just started a shaman last night. Orc, to be precise. Anyway, she is level 13 right now and specced enhance. I mostly PvP and will start dungeons soon. Should I stay enhance, or should I go ele? How is ele in low-level PvP? I have heirlooms for either choice. I do plan on going resto once I get duel-spec, or should I try resto now? Thank you!Adarielia7 May 22, 2012
May 21, 2012 Rathrak VS Vagaries Heroic I have both of these Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind and Vagaries of Time both Heroic was wondering if anyone has truly figured our which is better for st dps! I have been playing with both and i just find that Rathrak dps proc overall just seems underwhelming! I think on heroic morchok it did 200k overall which to me seems very low! I'm wondering if the throughput of Vagaries would be better in st situations! Your thoughts would be welcomed! I know this has been posted before but im just not convinced after actually using Rathrak thats its really that good!Ignoredalot4 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Sentry Totem 142: The Shamtank Redemption ... >:DRude500 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 herbalism for alchemy? should i get rid of herbalism and take up alchemy instead? i am currently enchanting/herbalism...but is alchemy going to make me more $$?Kardasha3 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 I absolutely love playing my Shaman. I've been around since 2005, raided on and off, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed playing my enhancement shaman more than my rogue, my pally, my priest, my DK, my druid.. I could go on. I know Shammies may not be in the best shape right now, but I know I still adore playing as a giant axe wielding, lava shooting madman.Flamehart13 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Spiritwalker's Grace Betrayal .................. ;_;..whyBudlightning4 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Healing with Shaman Hi guys, I was away for 6 months and got a scroll from a friend and figured I'd try healing as a shaman. This toon was boosted to 80. Can anyone help with spell rotations or priorities on shaman healing? I mostly do 5-man... and I have experience healing with druid and priest. Druid playstyle, rejuv+swiftmend with lifebloom stacked. Priest playstyle, bubble+penance. But for shaman, after earthshield and earthliving weapon, what do i do?Blueling5 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Enhancement Question I realize this may belong in the Beta forum, but I didn't feel like getting flamed for disliking the current MoP talent tree, which (to me) seems to have nary an Enhance-esque talent. Having just made a shaman, I'd like to ask any beta testers: how is enhance? While only having played it for two days now, I'm loving my shaman, but I don't want to invest time just to have enhance end up like ret is now, being balanced around having too much healing or utility. While throwing massive heals around willy-nilly is fun, I'd rather be chopping people with some windfury crits. Any info is appreciated.Targarius3 May 21, 2012
May 20, 2012 new resto PVP healer Hey guys, I'd like to get some advice on how to begin pvping as a resto. I have not much healing experience, but I have been leveling via healing in dungeons. I know the basic resto mechanics (choose the appropriate heal for the situation, dispel, totems and shear) but not to any advanced level like you guys. I'd like to know about stuff like what addons (still a bit overwhelmed by Vuhdo, is healbot better?) I should be using, and any other tips and tricks experienced players can provide. Thanks much! Spec wise I am using : (the first one with Imp Ghost Wolf).Crimsontides7 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 Elemental gear question im gearing up my eleset. and i was wondering if i should use Normal mode Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind (403). Or the LFR version of Ti'tahk,the Steps of Time (390)Budlightning5 May 20, 2012