Sep 11 Make our resto animations darker already Like seriously. What's taking so long? It's already hard enough to get people to stand in healing rain. Now practically nobody stands in it. And what's with our invisible chain heal beam. Fix it guys.Thelws5 Sep 11
Sep 11 Bring Back Lighting (Helicopter!) As per the wise Shaman Wickidi circa about 2006-ish: "Please make lightning helicopter, it is a helicopter made out of lightning. When Shaman cast Lightning helicopter it mean helicopter-shaped lightning fly to target face and rip. When touched, the face rip. Lightning helicopter has special feature where ripface is shock into propellers and spin around shocking and spinning, At end lightning helicopter crashes into ground and victim crashes for explode lightning!! " I seriously can't understand why this was never implemented.Auriga1 Sep 11
Sep 10 Shaman "type" classes in other mmos to start, i love the shaman class! the tribal yet "native american spiritual" or "witchdoctor" feel to the class. is there any other classes like this in other mmos/rpg games? besides witch doctor of course in diablo ty!Girthvaderz3 Sep 10
Sep 10 using the old combo windsong and hailstorm anyone use the old windsong,hailstorm combo anymore?i see most are running hothand or landslide but i recently switched to windsong and its hitting like a truck along with my rockbitters at my current mastery windsong hits for 400k damage and my rockbitters are hitting for 320k thats before the buffs from flametongue and hailstorm buffs. i also run fury of air.this is just a lot of nature and fire damage that by passes armor.Thanen5 Sep 10
Sep 10 Bug or no? Forgive my ignorance. Do sham have some talent somewhere that shuts down all opponents abilities for a short time if a spell is reflected? Or is this a bug? TyHotfist0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Lava Burst Animation The point where the lava projectile gets propelled forward should have some kind of effect where the lava gets pushed backwards as the main projectile goes forward, as the previous animation did. It seems they tried to make something like that with the new animation, but the lava instead comes from behind the character models...which imo looks a bit weird. Also, previously the lava would also drop on the ground and make small pools for a second on so. I doubt many ppl noticed those details but still...i felt like pointing them out, since i think they looked pretty nice.Rokhnar2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Why does ele have windury seriously ..... give me groundingWoolly4 Sep 10
Sep 10 Shaman on Argus So exactly how are our abilities supposed to work on Argus? Garrosh "tortured the elements for miles around" and Thrall was completely powerless. Argus looks like it's corrupted to it's very core. Are there even elements left to channel?Shockrain14 Sep 10
Sep 9 Did I miss something? Was checking warcraft logs today and Fury of Air+ES are now the top talent on all fights in ToS, no longer Crashing Storm/Ascendance....did I miss something?Galvanism1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Shaman DPS (PvP) Hello! Looking to jump into PvP for this shaman. But looking at trying out DPS. I enjoy both specs but don't want to play ele if it's really gimped in PvP for example. Interest is mostly RBGs. But would be interested in information about arenas as well! So how do each spec hold up in PvP? Dps mostly but heals would be another option! Any and all info would be great! Thanks!!Razrohk10 Sep 9
Sep 9 Just cancelled my subscription! Just hoping to give others the push if they need it. Been an ele main for years, never did much beyond heroic so I never worried too much about damage and survivability, but this xpac has been enough. The new spell animations had me excited enough to ignore the fact that the damage buffs were not enough and did not address our issues, but then I saw Ion's little quote about our defensives (plural? really?) being fine, and including reincarnation as a defensive. Which is the last piece of proof I need that this spec will never be even remembered seriously, since the game designers don't really know what we do even now. They left us healing surge to justify the hybrid tax they will never remove. I feel like this game has been coming apart at the seams since MoP, visually, gameplay-wise, and in terms of community. I'm done giving them money.Graike34 Sep 9
Sep 9 Does Ele get faster? So I just came back to the game and have been playing this guy for a bit (he's my first char in legion). I've been leveling Enhance for my first broken shores and I have been loving it! I switched to Ele to try it out, but once I finished the artifact quest I was like aw hail no. Both Lava burst and Elemental blast have relatively long cast times that make the spec feel very slow to me. I think it may be because Im not capped right? So my question is, how does elemental feel in the current meta, is it slow, too fast, what are your thoughts?Ipatote8 Sep 9
Sep 9 Lava Burst -20% damage bug in PvP As a few people in the shaman PvP community have been pointing out, Lava Burst is bugged currently in all PvP instances. What should be happening is our Lava Burst Elemental Overload's should be doing 20% less damage, but instead our main cast does 20% less damage. This bug was on beta and was completely ignored, so I'm doing my best to circulate it as well as provide evidence for it being bugged. I have 23,443 int in the world, and 11.8% versatility. Lava Burst has a SP modifier of 210%, auto crits on targets afflicted with flame shock, and Elemental Fury causes our crits to deal 250% damage instead of 200%. I have the artifact traits that increase Lava Burst's damage by 9% and increase it's crit damage by 6%. ********************PvE Damage Calc**************************** 23,443 (1 int = 1 SP) x 2.1 (Lava Burst modifier) x [2.5 (auto crit with Elemental Fury) + (0.06 x 2.5) (Artifact LvB crit damage multiplier) ] x 1.118 (versa) x 1.09 (Artifact increased damage) = 158,981 Now the above number is without Elemental Focus, and to test it out I hit a target dummy for a few minutes, making sure to remove Elemental Focus whenever it came up on me. This was my result, with about 164k being the average LvB: And just so we have a ballpark estimate of what the numbers would look like in PvP, where I should be able to get LvB off a lot with Elemental Focus I did another test which I later compared to PvP. The average for this test was 176k, with a max hit of 181k: Now on to what the numbers should be like in PvP. I have 25,195 int in PvP without any buffs. I also have 18% versa. Crits deal 150% damage in PvP as opposed to 200%, so that makes our Elemental Fury go from 250% crit damage (265% for LvB with artifact trait) to 1.875% (1.9875% with artifact trait). So here we go on the math for that. *************************PvP Damage Calc*************************** 25,195 (1 int = 1 SP) x 2.1 (Lava Burst modifier) x 1.9875 (auto crit modifier in PvP w/ artifact trait) x 1.18 (versa) x 1.09 (Artifact increased damage) = 135,253 So our LvB should be doing about 135k in pvp. Funny, because that isn't what I'm seeing from doing skirms or bgs. This is what I encountered, notice the average hit of about 94k: Now there are two possible options here. If LvB should be hitting 135k (not even factoring in the potential 10% increase on a chunk of casts from Elemental Focus) and its hitting for 94k, either people have 30%+ versatility OR the skill is bugged. Now, I'll be honest when I say that I don't know what versatility other classes have in PvP, but I highly doubt that its 30%. Edit: My PvP sample from battlegrounds was without Skyfury Totem or Ascendence, as both have modifiers which increase the damage of Lava Burst and I did not want this data to interfere with my sample.Mustachex22 Sep 9
Sep 9 Resto Trinket Questions I recently got a 930 amalgam's spine from the mythic + cache and am wondering if the stat stick portion is enough to push it above either of my current trinkets, a 910 grand design and 905 socketed sea star. talents are I mainly heal mythic +, since our raid team has 3 good heals and too few dps.Naielle4 Sep 9
Sep 8 Did they change Earth Grab totem? Seems really bad in PvP all of the sudden. I used to be able to reliably throw it down for an instant snare, and now it seems pretty 50/50 - sometimes the snare is immediate, sometimes there's like a full second delay between putting it down and its first pulse. Anyone else notice this?Tinkertotemz8 Sep 8
Sep 8 Grievous So. Who is enjoying healing this crap affix with our mastery? I am not sure why an affix would be designed to only affect one spec in 5 mans. This one literally has no game play change on anyone but healers. I had a horrible time with Shade last night in upper Kara. Jumping during frost phase, everyone taking damage, and my mastery is essentially worthless at 85% health but everyone still has 5 stacks of this debuff.Jumbulaya37 Sep 8
Sep 8 Please do not put that rediculous Proposed chain lightning spell in for the love of god please blizz. I understand things need to improve in the game but in my humble ipinion i absolutely love the spell the way it is. It's honestly one of the main reasons i love playing a shaman. I even have videos displaying the awesomeness of casting it and getting it to overload and it is just so awesome on the eyes. I have been playing my shaman as my main since wrath. Played every other class and spec in the game. Please do not put that horrible proposed spell in.Blunta8 Sep 8
Sep 8 [Elemental] Earthquake idea. Hello Shaman community, Today I'm here to talk about our favorite AOE spell, Earthquake. At the moment it feels really clunky and inconsistent to stop what you're doing, use the targeting reticle, and then finally placing the earthquake. It stops us dead in our tracks and makes it less enjoyable (for me at least) to AOE effective and efficiently. Not to mention wasting all the GCDs to do this as well as setting down LMT... The Maelstorm gain is very spiky with our current "AOE" spec and I have some ideas to change Earthquake for the better. They should make EQ into a CD or a toggle buff like a combination of Stormkeeper and Enhancement's Fury of Air talent. The buff will gradually drain MP similar to Fury of Air. (Example) "Your chain lightning overloads have a chance to cause an earthquake at the ground of the enemy dealing x amount of damage and knocking down enemies blah blah blah costs 25 MP per second" (Example) This way we can provide a more constant flow of DPS without having to stop, look where to put EQ, and pick it back up wasting GCD time. I really, really, really wish they would do this. Please let me know if you think this change would help or if I'm just a big goofball?Funky3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Dwarf Shamans, show me your mogs! Looking to move my Shaman to Alliance and it's been really tough deciding a race that I'd be happy with how gear looks on them. I'm pretty sure I've decided on a Dwarf but I'd love to see some transmog out there of your Dwarf Shamans!Thorrosh27 Sep 8
Sep 8 Stormstrike third cast changed? Hey, I might have missed something, but it seems that the third SS in a row now uses the the side swing attack animation. I'm pretty sure it used to be a bit more badass and a used both hands? Bug? Thoughts?Kalarm3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Futility and Disparity Playing Elemental? Not sure what it is, but anything I try to do with Elemental just feels pointless/hopeless. Elemental, fantasy wise is probably the greatest spec Blizzard has ever made, but in reality the spec just doesn't perform the way you imagine it most of the time. The recent changes, completely destroyed all the work I had put into customizing the spec in the way I enjoyed playing it. Getting as close to 100% Mastery has always been fun for me. It eliminated the RNG chance of not overloading my skills. It also helped with consistent maelstrom generation, where I could say after X amount of lava bursts/lightning bolts I can use Eshock at max power. Reading some previous posts by supposedly "Good" Elemental shamans, I saw alot of them complaining about being able to cap mastery early on. In my mind, I was wondering why anyone would complain about being able to reach a hard cap on a stat since it meant you could focus other gear on the other 3 stats Crit/Haste/Vers without having to sacrifice mastery. The spec right now feels completely different, I went from 30-22-86(C-H-M) to 28-35-51(C-H-M). Blizzard, Ion especially, have been saying how they want gear to be an upgrade and to be able to equip it instead of figuring out the math. With constant changes like these that fluctuate weights greatly I end up becoming a hoarder. Instead of giving a piece of gear I don't need BADLY to another player, I often end up telling them "Sorry, I might need this. Not sure which stats will be needed and I need to be able to swap incase". (Though 9/10 I'll give to them, not that mean). TL;DR Elemental feels all over the place, and I there won't be any reworks until 8.0 most likely. What can I do to get rid of this feeling. No other class/spec is as enjoyable to play as Shaman.Blvdsham7 Sep 8
Sep 7 Healing rain suggestion Healing rain needs a better animation. Being virtually invisible is not acceptable at all. Since it's called healing rain they should make the base circle glow light bluish and fill it in like a puddle. And the. They should add actual visible rain. Blizzard gets a cool rune that's visible and ice shards falling. Healing rain is one of the shamans most used and critical spells. Our t20 is focused on it and so is our last upcoming tier. It's a slap to the face and an insult to shamans that they make healing rain such a crucial part of our healing and then make it virtually invisible...Eizzok1 Sep 7
Sep 7 MMOCHAMP poll Poll on MMOChamp has Shaman as "most ignored class". /discussRyyze6 Sep 7
Sep 7 7.3 Quick PvP Opinion I'll be swapping mains most likely from Destro to Ele this season and perhaps the rest of legion. Its been one my fav specs but never put the time into it. I've been 2600 on destro in legion. Looking to push glad on my ele this season. Just wanted a post to direct friends / people who ask what talents to run. I might expand on this info and make an actual guide once I get more exp on the spec. Talents : 1/1/2/2/3/3/3 - Often can swap out for cap totem depending on comp. Roots are instant and usually help teammates get games started and can be used to instantly peel for team. PvP honor talents: 1/2/1/2/1/1- I never change this layout. Spectral Recovery has great Synergy for the amount of kiting you do as ele atm. Ever Since swelling waves was nerfed I take this every game. The 10% additional movespeed helps a lot as well. You will notice it the most with rdruid comps. After pretty extensive testing in 3s I think Ele Blast should be taken baseline in all situations vs all comps. AS is needed for the amount of casting ele currently does with this build. You pull kicks with casting Lava burst / Ice Fury / Stormkeeper. Once locked out on those other schools you are still able to cast ele blast. If you get kicked on ele blast first it locks you out of all schools. Majority of players are accustomed to kicking both Ice Fury and StormKeeper. Ive had ele blasts hit for 840k with 470k overloads. It basically becomes a move on a 12 second CD that can overload and hit for 1mill+. Has 0 maelstrom interactions so you can use whenever. The 2k stats are great even without overloading. In general you will want to use your Stormkeeper when they stack and always use your first stormkeeper proc on Chain Lightning. You can then use more on chain lightning if they stay stacked or Bolt if you have Power of the Maelstrom proc. My general burst tends to be fishing for kicks on IceFury when Icefury cast will get me to max maelstrom. If kicked cast Ele blast . Stormkeeper (if available) , Ice fury , Earth Shock, (Stormkeeper charges if available into another ES), Frost shocks. PvP Comps: I think ele fits into a good variety of comps atm and might be one the stronger casters in the following Seasons of legion. Destro / Ele / Hpal , Affli !@# , Arms / ele / x , Ele / Spriest / x , Ele / Sub / x , Ele / Boomkin/ x , Ele / WW / rdruid. It could also work with mage / dk / dh but ive yet to test these comps much. I dont enjoy ele / mage much personally due to lack of stuns and polly healing the target when your better suited to pressure from keeping everything low. I think ele is one the harder specs to play atm but very rewarding once you get it down. We have a large amount of tools at our disposal and insane damage atm once played correctly. If we receive any buffs to survivability we will be in a very very good spot and might be the best caster in the game.Stickirikii8 Sep 7
Sep 7 Thunderstorm knock back bugged can someone explain to me why the hell thunderstorm for shamans gets bugged when i try and knock back enemy players? when im doing bgs such as silvershard mines ill be right in the middle where the carts spawn and ill try and thunderstorm (knockback) enemies that are trying to grab them, but when i do its like it doesn't work and there's some invisible barrier that doesn't allow them to be knocked back. It'd be nice if instead of just a knock back itd knock them away up into the air still sending them back away from you.Razydazy3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Need help with Resto trinket Hi all, I'm trying to decide between these 2 healing trinkets: My other trinket is Velen's. I reckon the heal effect is negligible, but ~2000 int vs ~1300 versatility seems to favor int quite a bit. The Anti-Toxin would really be a boost for my ilvl, but I'm not sure the haste buff is worth switching to it. Does anyone have any experience with the Anti-Toxin? Cheers!Shaipan6 Sep 7
Sep 7 Elemental Shaman Animations On the PTR about a month ago, Blizzard released new animations for most of the caster classes, elemental included. They added changes to both Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt, which, quite frankly, I found to look absolutely amazing. Since then, they reverted the animations to the ones we have currently in 7.2.5. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason they reverted it is because of the loud minority who cried about it on the forums. All of the other classes who have had updated animations have had nothing reverted, despite them all being in the same realm with a standardized casting animation. Mages have a single animation that every mage will use as their filler, yet shamans are now stuck with their old race-specific cast animation because some kids raged about it on the forums. It seems wrong to cater to those who whine about something that almost every other class has and enjoys. Please, Blizzard, don't listen to the very small number of people on the forums who disliked those animations. It doesn't feel right to take something so cool away from the rest of the player base who never had a chance to see what it looked like, simply because a couple hundred out of your millions of subscribers didn't like it.Rekai26 Sep 7
Sep 7 Weakness is not enough? / Shamanism Do they really want to remove dps shamans from a game? PvP talents. 7.3, not in an official patch notes or hotfixes: Your Bloodlust spell now has a 60 sec. cooldown, but increases Haste by 20%, but only affects you and your friendly target when cast for 10 sec. Was: Your Bloodlust spell now has a 60 sec. cooldown, and only affects you and your friendly target when cast for 10 sec. Yesterday I was killed by a guardian druid. Again and again, and again. With prydaz and healing legs I had 0 chance. After that I checked my PvP talents. And I saw this. Sometimes I think that one of a developer had A BIG problems from dps shamans before. Because I see no logic, only a hatred from Blizzard developers.Kiamato10 Sep 7
Sep 6 Looking for Healer with good ranged dps Hey title says it all I'm looking to play a good healer that can also off-spec to ranged DPS and do at the bare minimum decent / Middle of the pack DPS. I've tried Resto/Balance druid got to level 110 and was not a huge fan. I've also tried Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest I like healing on priest but not sure I like DPSing as shadow with the lack of AoE. I have a 71 shaman but hear elemental dps is bad for raiding but good for Mythic + feel like I don't have much options as far as Good healers with decent ranged DPS spec. How is Ele shaman? I do like though that the stat priority for resto and ele shaman are similar.Heshlon7 Sep 6
Sep 6 Lava Burst damage in pvp bugged fix ASAP Please people, help in the bug report section, Lava Burst damage in pvp is bugged, after the patch it got back to 75% and there was no patch note for this nerf so it has to be a bug. ThanksHushocks8 Sep 6
Sep 6 Shaman are the worst class in the game? Just levelled my last class to 110 (priest). At around the 850ish ilvl the shaman feels the worst out of them all as far as "raw power" goes. I tried both ELE and ENH I appreciate those who love this class and stand by it through thick and thin. You are a better person than me.Miremort15 Sep 6
Sep 6 Watery transmog for Resto I cant find anything i like in the sets and the one i do is alliance only so show me what ya got peeps i need inspiration!Mulconroi3 Sep 6
Sep 6 Lava burst and stop casting Were these fixed? Resto stopcast is game breaking. I heard LB was hitting for 75% as well, can anyone confirm the situation with this?Fadrozzy0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Can Rshamans /Stopcast yet? topic.Carlweezer0 Sep 6
Sep 6 ELEMENTAL STILL STRUGGLING IN 7.3 Excuse the all caps title. Shameless attention grab. Title speaks for itself. Elemental as a spec is in almost exactly the same position in 7.3 as it was in 7.2.5. Elemental's poor utility and dps performance has completely gutted Ele's population in Mythic and Heroic ToS, and while 7.3 makes some positive changes in terms of aoe rng, the changes aren't enough of an adrenaline shot to get the spec's blood pumping again. Blizz PLEASE. ELEMENTAL STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP. This week so far, elemental is still basically worthless in 7/9 fights in ToS. We have good parses on Heroic Harj and Mistress (but only on Heroic, Mythic Harj/Mistress are absolutely dominated by balance druids and several other classes) but we're still miles behind other dps specs in every other fight. We're still very weak defensively, and we still have fairly limited mobility. Blizz. We're not making this up. Elemental NEEDS HELP. My suggestions: 1. Partially reverse the mastery nerf. You'd said that your intention in 7.3 was to keep us from hitting the mastery cap. Well, congratulations. You did it. You dropped mastery's priority so much relative to crit and haste that it's now not uncommon to see elemental shaman with mastery proc rates in the neighborhood of 30%. This is a huge mistake in my honest opinion. Mastery is a defining secondary for the elemental spec. The "multistrike" feel to the spec is a lot of what sets it apart from other casters, and it's literally been chopped in half or more compared to how the spec felt in t19. I suggest boosting the mastery proc chance by enough of a percentage to make the stat competitive with crit and haste again. We'll still have a sufficient buffer to keep us from hitting the mastery cap in t21, and the buff should both restore some of the multistrike feel now missing from the spec AND help improve our still very lackluster performance in ToS. 2. Make reincarnation reset with wipes. There's just no excuse for the mandatory 30 minute cooldown on this ability.Laienne102 Sep 6
Sep 6 Resto Shaman: Ghost Nerf or Bug? Hey all, Progression raiding with my guild today, I noticed that casting CBT immediately after a chain heal no longer stores the healing from the CH pre-cast. The same thing goes for Gift of the Queen, as both of these worked this way in the previous patch. Is this an intended change or a bug?Dablord3 Sep 6
Sep 5 How do I setup Assist macro? I am trying to find an assist macro to help my focus when in dungeons. There have been a few times where I needed to dps between healing to help the tank out, but its not optimum to just click on the target. I would much rather have the tank already set as my focus, so that I can just hit a hotkey with a macro keybound to assist the focus in situations like this. I only have a few damage spells but trying to find the right target to hit with them is a challenge when there is a lot going on. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've done a google search but so much I am finding are complex setups with different things targeted that I decided to ask here. Just a simple way to swap to the target of my focus when I need to help out will do. Thanks in advance. :)Agnass0 Sep 5
Sep 5 7.3 PvP Ele Guides - Talents/Specs/Rotations New Edited version of the 7.3 Ele Guide Hope this helps and feel free to share your thoughts. I'm still testing a lot of stuff my self and will be posting updates as they come to me.Ndnsnorlax16 Sep 5
Sep 5 I am absolutely in love with Resto animation Makes me switch from MW to Resto. Absolutely amazing class. Amazing mount. Amazing depth. But, the new animation is the best. Just want to spread some love.Flamez1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Female Draenei, or Male Dwarf - Shaman? Hey guys, So I am currently wanting to roll a healer, and shaman seems to intrigue me the most... I despise the male Draeneis and the female Dwarves.. Both models are terrible to me personally, and its all about what YOU as a player like. Therefore, I would like to know for PvP, and raiding purposes, which race is better? Also, which one do you like more and why? I am legit 50/50 on which one to play, but never having played either race besides to lvl 10 (just to check out how I like the animations and feel of the model), any future information on either race would help greatly.... I am also recently starting to get into the LORE of WoW, its actually pretty rich, (im a lore noob) so which one would also seem better or lore purposes etc? Thanks!Mákjuice13 Sep 5
Sep 5 Leveling Resto - Heirlooms? Wanted to try leveling restoration because the only healer I've ever played was disc priest in WoD and resto seemed fun. Looking at the collections tab and seeing the shaman heirlooms, I got confused. I already have the traditional hunter mail heirlooms like the Champion Herod's Shoulder and Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate, etc. When hovering over them on this warrior I see they now have Intellect stats? I always assumed the Mystical set was the standard resto set, but maybe I'm wrong? To get to the point, my question is, does it matter what heirlooms to use this expansion or have they made them purely cosmetic now? Real sorry if this is a dumb question (feel free to call me stupid in the replies if so), but I don't want to waste precious gold on heirlooms I don't need.Spanzotab0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Macro help Can anyone help me with a macro for Primal Elementalist? Looking to cast the abilities off my st and chain lightnign with the fire ele aoe etc.Electrump1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Jinxed 1 Hey guys its your boy with a dank Ele shaman montage <3éd6 Sep 5
Sep 4 Blizzard - Give us the new LB/CL animation <3 title, resto has the new CL animation.. why not ele.Häzzy9 Sep 4
Sep 4 Struggling with Crit As a more casual player, I'm restricted to farming gear from argunite crystals, weekly caches and the occasional mythic+. I found that I'm really struggling to keep crit where it needs to be for the Lightning Rod build. I can't get anything RNG with crit on it to save my life. I know this has been a long time issue but what are some of your personal tricks to combating the lack of crit? I gem and enchant it where I can and stack up on crit food for runs, etc. I'm just tired of upgrading an 865 item to a 910 item only to lose a ton of crit along with it. Are there any specific high crit items I could go after? etc. I feel like as I progress my character and gear I'm watching it dwindle down further and further the point that it no longer balances any where close to where sites like stormearthandlava suggest. Ideas? I know this is kind of a dead horse with Elemental...but it's one I'm willing to beat. *edit - Mark of the Claw is not showing up. It's on my neck. Also Elemental Blast is typically talented. Messing with some things.Kaelsy4 Sep 4
Sep 4 Healing rain duration placement change Could we have Healing Rain moved from our buffs area to where totem timers are displayed (under the health and mana bar). Would really help not having to look at 2 different places to check remaining durations, not to mention if it's an intense pvp match or raid fight, it'll be hard to track where healing rain timer is. Just simplify it and bring it to where totem durations are. Thanks.Mìzù4 Sep 4
Sep 4 Trinket Advice for Resto Shaman Hi there, I'm looking for some advice for my trinkets for Resto. Currently I am using Velen's Future Sight (YAY!) and Barbaric Mindslaver (heroic, ilvl 915). However, my weekly chest gave me an item level 940 Horn of Valor (+1,370 Versatility and +617 Avoidance [meh]). Although it is a significant item level upgrade to go with the Horn of Valor, Versatility isn't really a great stat for Resto (as far as I am aware, anyway) and there is a distinct lack of intellect on the item. What would be the best option? For those who don't know, the two effects of the trinkets are: Barbaric Mindslaver Equip: Your healing effects have a chance to do an additional 218,946 healing. This effect occurs more often while you are at low mana. Horn of Valor (as noted before, no passive Intellect, but has +1,370 Versatility) Use: Sound the horn, increasing your primary stat by 7,188 for 30 sec. (2 min CD) Thanks for any help!Caliga6 Sep 4
Sep 4 Lava Burst scales with crit? Title Lava Burst has a 100% crit rate on flameshock affected targets. Does crit increase the damage of lava Burst? I ask because a warlock's chaos bolt does scale with crit and it also has a 100% crit chance.Xanatoss1 Sep 4
Sep 4 Please don't change chain lightning It looks like actual lightning and is my favorite looking spell. The new proposed one looks really stupid. Hey blizz devs go take a look what lightning actually looks like. It doesn't bend, it doesn't start and end, it looks exactly the way it looks the way it is right now! Leave it alone! Stop changing things that don't need to be changed. The new healing rain animation looks absolutely horrible! Stop messing with things until you break them.Blunta7 Sep 4
Sep 3 New Healing Rain is not functional New Healing Rain is hard to see, AND you can't clearly tell where it starts and where it ends. When I saw this a few months ago, I thought to myself "surely, they'll fix this", but nope. Do the artists designing spell effects play the game??Riksha10 Sep 3