Apr 11 Enhancement Stat Priority I have been rather lucky and obtained my 4-set tier bonus, and was curious what others thought the stat priority for enhancement is for 7.1.5 with 4-tier set bonus. I know its was Agi > Mast > Haste > Crit prior to 7.1.5 and w/o tier set, but I have run simcraft to get stat weights and it weighs Haste more than Mastery. Talent wise I found Boulderfist, AS, tempest, CL, and LS to be best build for me with 4-set. Is simcraft wrong? Does the 4-set bonus really benefit more from haste than from mastery? What is the meaning of life?Khaldris8 Apr 11
Apr 11 Cloudburst Totem Hello fellow resto shamans, I require some help primarily with CBT. I feel like I could be holding my raid team behind since my CBT usage is lackluster at best. Any advice on improving my CBT usage? Thanks for reading and many more thanks for anyone who posts advice.Inflexxion3 Apr 11
Apr 10 Resto Shaman Trinkets Anyone have a ranking of available healing trinkets that we should be aiming for?Forceten15 Apr 10
Apr 10 Need help with bad DPS I am only doing about 180k to 220k DPS. Any help to improve would be appreciatedGhwene3 Apr 10
Apr 10 How to get more relics? I don't know if this is the best place to ask but I'll try anyway. Where can I get more relics for artifact weapons at? I leveled from 100 to 110 as Elemental, so that artifact weapon has solid relics in it. But after getting to level 110, I tried out Enhance, and am spending more time on it. The problem is, I haven't gotten any relics since starting Enhance that I could put in it. It is really bogging down my overall ilvl for Enhance. Any answers?Swingswing7 Apr 10
Apr 10 Ele legendary question So the legendary belt dropped for me yesterday bringing me to a total of 4 legendaries for my elemental shaman. I was a little bummed it wasn't the BIS ring but still excited that a decent single target leg dropped. Curious to see what the best combination of legendaries I had together I decided to sim myself with different legendary combos. The 4 that I have are: Pristine proto-scale girdle (waist) Uncertain reminder (head) Kiljadeans burning wish (trinket) Roots of shaladrassil (healing legs) Thinking to myself the waist/head combo would by far be the best but my sims showed the waist/trinket being the best simming at a little over 700k dps while the waist/head simming just over 690k dps. Now I realize 10k dps differential big deal right but this makes zero sense to me. The trinket has much worse mastery stats than the head piece and is an aoe designed trinket how is it pulling ahead on a patchwerk sim based fight??Excell16 Apr 10
Apr 10 Lashing Flames I just got Lashing Flames and it feels good, especially when it stacks up to 30+ during high SS up-time.Gormosh13 Apr 10
Apr 10 If I were to target a Legendary Say I was to get extremely lucky and get a legendary from nethershards, which would you suggest as a Resto sham 900ilvl.. My current legs are Uncertain Reminder lust helm, Sephuz ring, Roots pants, and Nordomus bracers, What would you spend shards on? Trinket, Ring, Belt, or Gloves?Fearthebeard13 Apr 10
Apr 10 Maybe a bit more range to resto? I have a monk, priest and druid healer and now I leveled a 870 shaman healer (yes, I am a healer main). But I am struggling a bit with the range of shaman spells, specially on 5man mythic/mythic+. While the Shaman heals are extremely fun, have the best "methodic controlled" healing of all specs that I've played so far, the range can be really tricky. Most of the time you have to position yourself between melees and ranged to get the max out your heals, but this is not very good, and feels forced sometimes. The main problem is chain heal range to link the targets. It is awesome in raids full of people because will probably spread because it have a lot of targets to proc. But if the chain heal fail on a mythic+ for example, because the primary target was 1yard away from link to the other targets could even get a wipe. Maybe +5y range would be a good buff? I don't get this trouble often with other healers, just with shaman. All the other healers have huge range for group heals.Bruxélo4 Apr 10
Apr 10 Order Hall Buff To The Broken Shore? Is it possible to bring the buff from order hall (10% crit/haste/mastery/vers) to the broken shore? For me it is automatically cancelled when flying through the Great Sea. I think Blizz should fix this since it's part of the Legion contents so we should benefit from it :(Omnomnimoo2 Apr 10
Apr 10 7.2 Enhancement Shaman PVP Guide I made a Video going over the best talents, pvp talents, and artifact path to take in order to boost your survivability , and damage just follow the link below Apr 10
Apr 10 Best Shaman names? Hey I was making a Shaman and I thought I needed some really super awesome name that is clever :D. Anyways, I wanted to share some that I have either thought of or seen and wanted to see what you guys thought were cool and funny Shaman names :) 1. Shamikaze 2. Shambulance 3. Shampoo 4. Cowwolf 5. Skywolf 6. Thunderduck 7. Thor What are some of your favorites?Skywolf432 Apr 10
Apr 9 Shaman King I think we should all appreciate just how kick !@# our theme song is Apr 9
Apr 9 Casting animation bug It seems that after the patch i often run into situations in which casting a shock spell or cancelling a cast results in the following non-instant cast spell to have no animation. Just wondering if this is a me thing, or if its a bug we all are experiencing.Itoki3 Apr 9
Apr 9 Shaman has no defence at all Why ele and enhance has only 1 def aability And some healing .... Shaman ffeels so squishy Compare to a mage block, barrier, absorbing shield.,spellsteal, cauterize... Not even mention a lock...Samiyam77 Apr 9
Apr 9 Enhance relic question I'm just wondering which relic would be better for me at the moment. I know that wind strikes is our go to, however I have a 890 wind surge equipped in my fire relic slot. I just received a 885 wind strikes fire relic from mythic DHT. Is it worth it to equip the the wind strikes and trash the 890?Windfuryz3 Apr 9
Apr 9 Enhac stats in 7.2.5 Enhacement shaman in 7.2.5 best stats is Mastery and CC? any test t20 in ptr????Seonni2 Apr 9
Apr 8 Mage Tower Appearance Challenge aside, what does everybody think of the appearances themselves? I personally think the ele one is a little lack luster compared to some. (I still use it tho) So with those that have got any of the appearances what do you think?Totemrus14 Apr 8
Apr 8 Forge problem Help needed, just got my elemental shaman to 100, did artifact quest line, have weapon, went to forge to imbue it as directed, clicked on forge,it opened, weapon floating in air and nothing happens? What do i need to do to complete imbue process at the forge, thx for you help...Miahero0 Apr 8
Apr 8 Tempest or Overcharge? For Enhancement. Which one is better currently?Alabastur2 Apr 8
Apr 8 Warcraft log: What am I doing wrong here. Looking for a bit of constructive criticism.. Two Enhance shamans in the raid, and the other guy consistently comes out ahead of me in the DPS race... I usually outgear him as well, but he's catching up.. I's there anything in the logs that indicate what I'm doing wrong, All fights: Apr 8
Apr 8 Artifact appearance .... Why do the all look the same for ELE? :cRecons2 Apr 8
Apr 8 Wind around your feet? What's that wind around your feet that I see some shamans have? How can I get it? I see it at level 110...Aeromatic3 Apr 8
Apr 8 PVP RESTO SHAM QUESTIONS Hey guys, Few questions: 1 - My heals are lacking, I am struggling maybe it is because I am only artifact trait level 33 and my ilvl is only 867. 2 - What is the rotation needed when your healing generally and what talents are best? 3 - What totem do you have all the time? Healing stream? 4 - Best 2's and 3's comp? 5 - Mastery or haste? CheersBensimmons1 Apr 8
Apr 7 Challenge Mode Artifact Appearence I wanted to know whatever else thought of the CM. I had a lot of fun doing it. I felt it had the right level of challenge for my gear level which was 902. I had to use everything in our arensel, switch targets, and do mechanics. It took me 44 attempts which equaled to about 4 1/2hours. I had a few close attempts about 2hrs in but then potatoed for 2 more hrs until it clicked. Here is a video of my completion if anyone wanted to see. Apr 7
Apr 7 Is Ele good in 3s? Just starting to gear and play Ele so far seems like fun but not sure how it lines up vs other casters. What is my role exactly as Ele? ThanksInhumanity3 Apr 7
Apr 7 Lack of mobility or just me? I havent played in a while and debating whether to play either my warrior or my shaman. I logged onto my shaman and i tried enhance in a bg at lvl 100 and i seemed to have problems getting to ranged classes. All i had was feral lunge and thats about it with the occasional stun to try to catch up. Does it change at 110 or does enhance have bad mobility? i didnt play much so maybe im just bad atm?Wrêçk4 Apr 7
Apr 7 Rotation question Sorry, new shammich here. Elemental with the boots Legendary. Currently icefury. Should I skip frost shock after icefury to save maelstrom for earth shock? Tia.Stormdowner2 Apr 7
Apr 7 ZerkinUI Competitive v1.04 Update! You may download the ElvUI Profile/Layout String here: New Screenshots: ========================= Party Frame Test : Raid Frame Test : Don't forget to download my ZerkinUI Frame Texture to make your ElvUI look exactly like mine! You may download it here: Apr 7
Apr 6 85-110 Ok so I've been levelling as ele, been running around flame shock+lava oneshotting stuff or pulling massively, chain lightninging and earthquaking... In mostly looms its quite fast. Someone suggested that i level as enhancement then switch to ele at 110. What do y'all think? Also feel free tp criticise my build etc. I'm a fury warrior main, bumbling along on this guy ad my altiest of altsNatesha2 Apr 6
Apr 6 BiS Legendaries This is mainly for personal opinions..I have the belt, shoulder, boots, and Sephuz ring. Which pair of legendaries would you suggest I wear? A fellow ele sham in my guild told me to wear the boots and shoulders. But I don’t have seismic storm yet. What would be the best pair to wear before and after I get seismic storm??Rockea11 Apr 6
Apr 6 Flame Shock bug? I've been making lots of attempts on Agatha today, and occasionally during an attempt flame shock will go on a 6 second cooldown after a cast, as though I'm resto spec. It !@#$s my attempt every time, any one else experience this?Chewer1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Cloudburst totem Anyone else notice that the icon doesn't work and display if it's active or not, along with not showing the cd at times? Not sure if it's just me or a bug and if there is a fix. Only started when 7.2 hit. ThanksSerenade0 Apr 6
Apr 6 [Ele] Fire Elemental pulling? Pretty much like the title says, but has anyone notice this happening or is there a blue post regarding this. I can't seem to find one. In raids I can't do my normal Fire Elemental pre-pull rotation because it's been pulling early. Is there a way to go around this? Does this happen to Enhancement shamans also?Hellacrazy1 Apr 6
Apr 6 The next leap- Resto I just hit 110 but since around 100, it feels my heals aren't very strong. I assume it gets stronger with ilvl and artifact wep filling out but just curious at about what ilvl did you feel resto take a leap?Boardwalk2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Agatha Dark Fury Anyone figured out how to pop her bubble? is it just dmging through it or is there some fancy mechanics? Dps check seems like a boring test of my "spec mastery"Shelldin8 Apr 6
Apr 6 Mage Tower Challenge Info The point of this post is to consolidate all of the various info out there about these challenges. As such this will be community driven and not simply me trying to dig through everything. The main thing will be for you to post your spec, equipped ilvl, talents (123 format), and legendaries that you used for your kill. This way others can get an idea of what is most successful and roughly what ilvl is needed, legendary dependent. Additionally post any guide YOU have either written or uploaded to Youtube along with which spec it is for (this is so that I don't have to constantly check to see if the guide has already been posted; I'll make an exception and let you post other peoples guides until there's 5 guides for that spec). ELEMENTAL GUIDES: KILLS: Chewer - 902 ilvl, 3212312, Prydaz+Sephuz Bouncytotems - 907 ilvl, 1213331, Protoscale+Spiritual Journey (enhance boots) ENHANCEMENT GUIDES: KILLS: Darigaaz - 901 ilvl, 2112112, Prydaz+Roots of Shaladrassil RESTORATION GUIDES: KILLS:Darigaaz2 Apr 6
Apr 6 If I ever see another imp... (killed agatha) Killed Agatha! Feels pretty good. I'm a dummy so it took about 50 attempts (a.k.a. all damn day.) Did it with 902 ilvl, using sephuz and prydaz. I have healing pants as well but I dropped them for sephuz to get extra burst on the adds. Took 6 minutes, about 800k DPS. I'm not a mythic raider or anything, my guild is 5/10 heroic (although I've been lucky af on titanforging).Chewer1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Ele Mage Tower & Spiced Wildfowl Omelet -Be 900+ -Watch Naesam's (Sham's) guide on youtube -Have the food [Spiced Wildfowl Omelet] I stacked more haste and crit for this fight, and had both Prydaz and Roots. The food itself gives you a 10% haste buff for a full minute after killing an add. You read that correctly, a full minute. It has no limitation so if you keep killing adds, the buff will refresh itself. I found that this, including knowing the stun strat (earthbind works as well, just not for me) is what lead me to getting the kill. Had 5 attempts today, 3 were sub-10% and the 5th was my kill. As frustrating as it was, it's an amazing feeling when you get it this early on. Good luck to the rest of y'all! Edit: I meant to say I had prydaz, not sephuz.Faminn2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Legendary Shoulders + Swelling Maelstrom With the new elemental trait increasing the cap to our maelstrom, how does this affect EotGS? Either it now scales less favorably per maelstrom spent or it scales up to 62.5% with the additional maelstrom. Anyone done this testing yet?Kirimin0 Apr 6
Apr 6 I feel squishy... Would be nice of we had some other form of damage reduction or small passive healing. Healing surge is cool and all, but it costs precious Maelstrom and uses a GCD. Would be nice if Rainfall were baseline or something. Anyone know what sort of changes we can expect for Patch 7.2.5?Alabastur2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Bug: Seismic Storm not being affected by EF It's only critting for 200%Elybrook0 Apr 6
Apr 5 Mage Tower: Elemental Guide I noticed today that a fair number of enhancement shamans have been successful in claiming their new artifact appearance, but there still seems to be a disturbing lack of elemental shamans defeating the challenge, so I have decided to do the elemental shaman community a great service and explain how to defeat Agatha and obtain this elusive skin while there is still time. So you've done your research, have your potions and flasks ready, belly full of sweet food buff and maybe even an augment rune. You let that first lightning bolt fly with absolute confidence in your mastery of the elements, but oh on, tragedy strikes! An ocean of imps cascade down your soft mail-clad butt hole. Where did you go wrong you wonder? A poor talent choice? Not enough gear? Forgot to put fresh batteries in the Fist of Ra-Den? I am come before you all today to tell you, with great relief, it is none of these things. The secret to why you always get overrun with imps, get crushed by fel boulders, and can't see to bring that pesky absorb shield down, is because you are simply using the wrong jutsu. Phase Ichi The first and probably most important thing you can do to overcome this engorged succubus is actually to not fight her at all, at least not yet. You are going to be weaving a lot of complex jutsu during the entirety of this fight so you want to make sure you have plenty of juice. After you chug that flask and stuff your face, you are going to want to meditate for about 15-20 mins and infuse as much chakra as possible. You are going to be moving around a lot and that tends to make weaving your hand signs more difficult which spends extra chakra. Once you are ready you can begin assaulting the grotesque she-behemoth as you normally would. Your first hurdle will be the Smoldering Imps. They may not seem like an immediate threat, but their damage ramps up quickly so you want to take them out as fast as possible. As soon as they spawn you will want to eliminate them with a quick Chidori before the Imp Servants come out. The Imp Servants will come bumbling down from the back of the room to Agatha so you want to stop them dead in their tracks or they will give her a chakra transfusion. At this point you want to use your Tree Bind jutsu to root them in place. Now you are free to weave your hand signs for both a Great Flame Technique and Fiery Rock Bullet jutsu. This combination should reduce them to ash allowing you to return your focus to the vile grease witch before you. Now while you are showing these lesser naive imps why you are going to be the Hokage one day, there will likely be a sneaky third imp in the mix called a Fuming Imp. These little guys will run up to you with fervor, promptly realize their mistake once they sense your power level and soil themselves in fear. This is unfortunate because as a true shinobi, you wear sandals at all times and you don't want to get poop on your toes. Turd sandals are not sugoi at all so you are going to want to wait until right before they drop anchor and use a quick Substitution jutsu to escape that sticky situation. You will thank me later. Even after executing each jutsu flawlessly like the proud jonin shinobi you are, the lard sorceress will still max out her chakra as she has been secretly infusing chakra this whole time. She will gain a powerful absorb shield and start weaving a forbidden jutsu called Darkfury that will ramp up in damage over time, becoming a huge problem unless you can pierce her shield and stop her hand signs. This is the second big hurdle you will face. Normally its business as usual and you could just use a few jutsu or even taijutsu to take down her shield. The problem is that there is a decent chance her shield will become completely immune to all forms of damage. If this happens you really only have one option unfortunately. You will have to listen to every Linkin Park album and possibly a few My Chemical Romance albums. This should cause just enough angst and pain in your soul to unlock your Mangekyo Sharingan in which case, you will want to use a Kamui to teleport her shield into another time-space dimension. Simply repeat these basic steps until she is below 50% health. Phase Ni In this phase the Dame of Diabetes will use a defensive teleportation jutsu to retreat to the back of the room. This is where things get tricky. She will use a summing jutsu to spawn a new foe called an Umbral Imp. These little dudes will infuse her with their chakra, granting her an absorb shield again until they are defeated. All of the other imps from before will continue to be summoned into the fight so just try to take them all out with a few more Chidori. The real danger is that she will often weave a Fel Boulder jutsu which summon a handful of large rocks that will roll at you. If you get hit by one it will stun you and nearly one shot you, so just be careful to avoid them with a swift back flip or Substitution jutsu. During this phase the Crisco Queen will also occasionally use her teleport jutsu to appear at the other end of the room. When this happens be sure to use Tree Bind and Mudslide jutsu to bind and slow the imps down as you make your way to the other side. This should give you ample time to continue your assault on the boss before they catch up to you. After a few trips back and forth you should be able to secure a kill and return to your village with a new artifact skin and the admiration of your shinobi pals. Side Note You need the Roots of Hashirama to unlock the Hundred Healings jutsu or all of this is impossible. Good luck my fellow elemental Shinobi. I hope this guide was helpful and you all get your new artifact skin before the Legion destroys the Mage Tower and wastes all of your Nethershards.Riotchan3 Apr 5
Apr 5 Mage Tower Enhancement Pretty easy fight. You can keep Sigryn cc'd for up to 30-60 secs most of the time. Protips here are: 1. Step on runes -Target the nearest one, then the smallest one 2. Dodge the Valkyrs -Found it easy to run towards the open gap they make 3. Focus the Runeseer - They have a shared health pool - Jarl will die first regardless 4. Interupt Runeseer at 5-3 seconds remaining on cast - I didnt have timers so I assumed he would cast the shield again soon - The less shields he casts the more damage you can put out 5. Always keep Hex up on Sigryn - Dont run Hex Totem, trust me I tried - You can Hex Sigryn after Jarl does his Whirlwind, (which usually hexes her for 60 secs) 6. Earthgrab Totem is life - Use it to position the three to however you like - Also use it to create distance between you and themTerrenar17 Apr 5
Apr 5 Enh wep ilvl vs relic trait Hello my shaman friends, as the title suggests I have questions concerning when ilvl outweighs the trait benefits. As I'm sure all of my fellow hancers know, there's a limited amount of relics with windstrikes. How many relic ilvls is alright to sacrifice for windstrikes? I'm sure it varies trait to trait, but as a rule of thumb. Any ideas? Thank you for your time and input!Martenluther2 Apr 5
Apr 5 Power of the Maelstrom question In pvp, when power of the maelstrom procs do I have to use lightning bolt instead of chain lightning? Or does it also modify chain lightning even though tooltip says boltSassybuns1 Apr 5
Apr 5 Siesmic Storm can't be better than LEmbued How is 1 point in the Siesmic Storm golden trait better than 1 point in Lava embued, Nature damage, molten blast or firestorm? Because I dont use EQ on most bosses and even if I did its a 5% chance of doing anything where all the other is a clear buff to the top of my meter. What am I missing here?Autumnstorms6 Apr 5
Apr 5 Legendaries for the "wrong spec"? I'm not 110 yet and I have a concern. I want to run as Enh, will my legendary drops be for Enh or are they just random and I could end up with Ele legendaries?Alabastur7 Apr 5
Apr 5 Resto legendary target Hello all. I just capped my resto shaman and was wondering what's everyone's take on what legendary I should try rolling out from relinquished tokens. Obviously I have no lego's at the momentAzurj3 Apr 5
Apr 4 Healer Alts Hey y'all. I've been resto on and off for a few expansions and I've grown tired of the "click things when they light up" class fantasy of shaman. (notably with enh, but healing stream, cloudburst, etc give me this feeling with resto too) I do like the overall playstyle of shaman, just this one factor somewhat annoys me. What healer would y'all suggest as an alt for someone like me? ThanksEdgereyn8 Apr 4