Nov 2 simple question for enh shaman I have a simple question Should i be caring about the lashing flames buff stacking or just ignore it and use lava lash when I have nothing else to pressEsho1 Nov 2
Nov 2 How to survive world PvP as resto? Hi y'all! ^_^ I'm a new player of WoW, I just started like a week or two ago, and although in general I'm having a lot of fun there's one thing I keep struggling with. I was brought on by my girlfriend, and I'm playing on Emerald Dream because that's the server she plays on. The world PvP is giving me real trouble! I'm a resto shaman and I can't figure out how to survive for longer than maybe a second if someone attacks me when I'm alone. I have some ideas at least on how I could escape–like, I could throw down an earthgrab totem, astral shift+riptide myself, go ghost wolf and maybe at least get far enough away that I'd have time to get on my mount and fly off. I haven't actually succeeded in doing that yet but maybe with more practice I will. But people tend to hang around the area, and they'll often just kill me again if I come back to keep doing my quest or whatever. Is there any way I could even hope to win against a dps around my level or should I just focus on getting away? When I have company I find PvP really fun. I'm having a great time in battlegrounds. My girlfriend is leveling up a warrior with me, also, and when we're out in the game doing stuff together I feel like we can put up a good fight. It's just when I'm alone that I'm not sure what to do. It's mainly a bother because I'm often trying to do quests in some particular zone and if there's alliance who really have it in for me I'm not sure what to do except leave the whole area, which is frustrating because then I can't progress on my quests and stuff. Obviously I'm still new and learning a lot, so I probably just don't really understand how to approach this issue yet. I figure this gives me a good opportunity to get better, I'm just kind of stumped. :P Do y'all have anything you would suggest?Flowinens4 Nov 2
Nov 2 Do you enjoy maining ele? Thinking of making my shaman my main to avoid my altoholicism but I want to make an informed decision. Do you enjoy your shaman Do you enjoy ele Will you play ele next expansion no matter what changes? Would you recommend shaman Thanks!Defury40 Nov 2
Nov 2 Elemental screams inefficency Now I can only offer leveling input but at this point its my 7th class I am starting its by far the most inefficient experience I have had. I use that word because everything thing from DPS, Self Healing, Mobility and Survivability seems like it should be capable of more. - Why can't I take on 3 mobs? I mean I have the AOE toolset but I almost die every time. - Why can't I heal out of a fight properly? I have all this mana..why is surge so inefficient? - Why can't I have escape when being mobbed. I can turn into a wolf, and basically a tornado....but I can't because I just end up aggroing more mobs and prolonging the inevitable. - Why can't I just survive period. All my tools should be able to easily handle 3 mobs at same level. But everything is inefficient. There isn't a class that suffers as much as Shamans imo. I hope blizz gets this.Emberstone21 Nov 2
Nov 1 Artifact Weapon Help When I aquired my artifact weapon I only chose the Iron artifact and the Fire artifact. Is there a way to go back and get the Storm artifact too? Also, I just learned how to open my weapon window and the number in the upper left corner is 1 which I'm assuming is how many artifact traits I have? How do I add traits and where do I get them? Any other helpful advice on how to get this thing going would be much appreciated. ThxZorgon0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Ele pvp is back! Loved seeing all the Ele shaman in the tournament today! Anyone else notice all the thunderclave and L$D going on? Was really cool to see that for the first time since MoP!Risnik5 Nov 1
Nov 1 Recommended Elemental BG streamers? I've been focusing on my elemental shaman recently and I love battlegrounds (not a fan of arena). Any recommended streamers who I can pick up some battleground tips from? Thanks in advance.Cowtze2 Nov 1
Nov 1 Healing Question (kind of) So I've been considering rolling a resto shaman, but my schedule isn't always super open. Which makes me ask: what are healer queue times like? If they're like 15 minutes a dungeon, that's gonna add up quick, and I don't necessarily have all that time to spend waiting for PvE content. I'm asking about while leveling, and at endgame, for both LFD and LFR? Can anyone give me an estimate for how long they typically wait?Zenrao6 Nov 1
Nov 1 I'm new to Ele Shammy I am Bad. Logs inside I've done the research, I know I don't have the best two leggos or set pieces but I need to be doing better DPS than I am. WTF am I doing? I feel like I have a decent grasp on keeping flameshock up, rotation priority. But man my DPS. HELP! Nov 1
Oct 31 Enhancement dps issues Hello fellow shamans! I’m fairly new to the class and have noticed I’m not pulling the dps I thought I would be. I have read the rotation on icyveins as well as watched many YouTube videos on our rotation but still can’t seem to get it so I figured I’d ask the professions on this page. Basically what I do for single target is start with flametoungue and then 2 RB to gain maelstrom and then spam SS until I don’t have anymore and then CL , LL, RB. I will use SS whenever it is available. This goes without mentioning casing my spirit wolves followed by CL. For AOE I cast CL basically off cooldown and spam SS and LL with SS taking priority all while maintaining my flametounge buff of course. Any help on this would be great!!! Thank you in advance!Posèidon9 Oct 31
Oct 31 Glyphs for dropping Totems with abilities I was talking to a co-worker the other day, who also plays a shaman and we agreed, as many others I've heard and read, we miss totems. They were a big contributor to the class fantasy. If totems aren't a regular part of our rotations anymore, what if, at least for the sake of class flavor a glyph could be applied to various attacks that drops a totem cosmetically. Fire ability used, fire totem drops nearby. Water/Ice ability, a water totem drops and so forth (provided there isn't an actual functioning totem of that element out already) and rather than a new one dropping every time you attack, they just remain if you're in within say 40 yards, then disappear when out of range and summoned again on use of that elements attack. I think it's a fair compromise between what we would like to see and what's currently in game. Also, another idea I had, what about a glyph applied to Bloodlust/Hero that drops a large toon-sized totem as symbol that's inspiring the whole raid around us, while we begin to burst a boss down. I thought Horde could have a big Tauren headed totem with glowing eyes and surrounded by flames. While Alliance could have a big Lion headed totem, maybe with a roaring spirit lion beside it for a moment. What do you all think? And what other ideas along these lines can we voice?Wolfstrider4 Oct 31
Oct 31 rShaman needs help (bad) Hey, I'm a 7/9M Resto shaman pulling !@#$ numbers. If possible, looking for a high ranking shaman to sit down with me and help me figure out what's wrong with my life. I am very open to critisism, and you're welcome to call me out for how %^-* I am. I can supply as many logs as you'd like. Sausageboy#11633 - Callmedaddio-Mal'ganisCallmedaddio3 Oct 31
Oct 30 Loot Specialization Bug? Ever since 7.3 launched, every single piece of gear from looted chests, random items, rewards from the chests from weekly quests like the time walk, my mythic+ chest in my class hall, has haste/versa/mastery. I'm only getting crit drops from bosses in ToS rarely, but mostly get haste. I still get heal trinkets though. Is haste the new stat for resto? Or am I bugged some how. My loot specialization is set to Resto or current (which is also resto, that's all i play) but like I said, I use to get crit/mastery drops always up until 7.3 came out. And everyone else i talk to does not have this issue I thought haste was enhance stats.Kuora3 Oct 30
Oct 30 Got my ele shaman artifact challenge skin! It took me about 20-30 tries with the gear I have on right now but I got it. It looks so sick!Belakhor2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Ele PvP Question Last night I was running Assasin/Ele/Hpal, we did pretty good against caster teams, but when we went up against a melee cleave I'd get focused and spent all my time kiting and not having enough time to stop and cast anything (hex/icerfury/etc). Anyone have any tips on how to properly play against a melee cleave?Emcshammer6 Oct 30
Oct 30 Are DPS shamans the worst world PVP Class? I find arenas and BGS that i am overpowered, but in world pvp i am completely useless without the healthboost.Winrawr9 Oct 30
Oct 30 Shaman utility: Earth Elemental rework It's known that we currently bring no utility to raids. We lost all of our totems, we can't reasonably talent into more raid utility, we don't have out of combat utility (TP, food...), we don't have immunity which god knows is vital in ToS. I have an idea that could kill multiple birds with one stone. Let's rework Earth Elemental when in a raid group. Make it so that the Earth Elemental no longer aggro, and make it buff the tank in some way. It could... -Increase Armor -Decrease damage taken by X% -Take damage in place of the tank If tuned properly, this would... -Be very useful. You could pop it at the right time and really help out your tank. -Be unique. No one currently does that except healers (Like Resto Shaman who increases health by %). -Doesn't require a new spell. Blizz has been TERRIFIED of adding new spells in Legion since 7.1.5 . Obviously asking for more utility from brand new totems is scary, but reworking an existing spell that's ready with a model is much smoother. -Very simple. It's not some ridiculous totem with new mechanics. It's an easy effective buff I think, if tuned properly, this could give us an edge in utility, which we cruelly needElëda9 Oct 30
Oct 30 Make Elemental Blast & Icefury baseline Elemental Blast should be the spell that the entire spec is based around imo, it's the perfect spell. But it being a talent means that it can't have any other cool synergies with other abilities, and it also means that the other 2 talents on that row are dead because I'm never picking them. Icefury seems like the perfect missing 4th piece in a rotation based around the 4 elements, and it lets frost shock into the rotation too so it's basically 2 spells in one. But it's a talent for some ungodly reason! Meaning the only synergy it can have is with frost shock, and the other 2 talents can never be picked. Also, for me, world of warcraft is a game entirely about arranging the hotbars so they look cool. :P Oct 30
Oct 29 Ele pvp Question Can any ele that pvp's tell me how much Lava burst crits with the following conditions Path of Flame talent Elemental Blast crit buff Ascendance Skyfury totem 3 stack Control of Lava buff Arms warrior Pain Train crit buff I'm curious how much that could hit for, but havn't seen any info on it.Rtrs2 Oct 29
Oct 29 Shaman or Pally? Im a LONG time Shaman player, I started playing in WOTLK and played a Shaman from then all the way to middle WoD where I swapped to SPriest. I took a break around 7.1.5 and came back to said Spriest (she says hi) and now I’m debating on my main alt. Ive gone through every class multiple times in my head and I decided I want to choose between a pally and a shaman. Now i’ve always loved Shaman particularly Ele, its a spec close to my heart as ive played it for years but going around this forum ive seen so many negative things about Sham. Notibly some pvp bug where LB does horrible damage, an Enhancement bug where something breaks with their burst and even people saying they cant solo simple 2-3 man mobs in 910+ gear which is very worrying. Ive been able to just vampiric touch everything in sight and be able to wipe out 10-15 mobs in seconds unscathed, so the thought of struggling with just a few is worrying. Is the Shaman worth coming back to in its current state? Or should I just look elsewhere for my altCrucifixiôn4 Oct 29
Oct 28 Flame Shock shouldn't cost maelstrom thoughts?Kareemkubed12 Oct 28
Oct 27 EotTN + EEF As an enhancement shaman that has Entwined Elemental Foci, I just found out that when the trink procs the frost enchant Frost Enchant, It also procs Eye of the Twisting Nether's frost buff Chill of the Twisting Nether. It gives around 10%-20% uptime for the extra 1.5% damage increase even when you don't cast Frostbrand.Finalsigma3 Oct 27
Oct 27 How much Mastery should I stack on resto? Hi, as the subject says. How much stamina should I stack on my resto shaman? I already have 110% is that enough? too much or should I just go up to 100 and then start working on the next stat? Should I go for crit or haste? thank you for your help :)Valok25 Oct 27
Oct 27 Resto sham arena comps Just picked up my shaman again, what are the best resto sham arena comps for 3's right now? I don't care about 2's. Thanks!Depechemøde9 Oct 27
Oct 27 Rehgar Earthfury NMAkadi0 Oct 27
Oct 27 A Vital Fact about Agatha Hello everyone. I am going to write down about a vital fact about Agatha's fight which helped me a lot to beat her several hours ago. I would like to share it with you all, so that you can beat her as well. If you are having trouble dodging Boulders and sustain good amount of dps at the same time, THERE IS A SAFE ZONE FOR P2 and P4. on your right side in pool of lava where Agatha goes up, there is a rock where you can safely stand and fight boss, ONLY CASTERS like Ele shams and Fire mages can use it. YOU MUST NOT LET BLUE IMPS EXPLODE THERE.Otherwise, your safe zone will be nothing more than a puddle of mess left behind by blue imps. Melee on the other hand can easily move and fight boss. So there is a balance intentionally made by developers to lower the gaps between classes when the fight requires the highest focus. This Fight is like Lei-shen In Throne of thunder raid. No matter how fast you burn her through phases, At 50, 35, 20 and 5% , she enters new phases. Umbral Imps, Boulders, Dark Fury , Healing Imps and Immunity shileds will appear and could kill you at anytime. Whether you are 900 or 940+, Mechanics are there and the fight remains a challenge the entire time. The Gear will help you pass through phases much faster Which is a very important thing. The logic behind all challenges is designed very well, they get easier with better gear and Mechanics keep killing you if you ignore them. THEY ARE CHALLENGES, Range of challenge depends how good you perform mechanics and how good your gear is. Hope everyone gets their challenge skin in the end.Amanihexer7 Oct 27
Oct 27 T20 or not Someone in my raid group recently brought up that the Enhancement T20 4pc is junk and shouldn’t be sought after but you should min/max which pieces you’re using to accommodate using the 2pc buff. Is there any truth to this? I have a couple pieces in my bags that could push substantial upgrades if this is the case. I did a quick fact check online but didn’t arrive at anything conclusive.Marrendi4 Oct 27
Oct 27 ilvl vs Stat priority? When it comes to really crunching numbers, and potential for your spec, what is more important? For example if i had a 915 piece with higher ilvl but less of the sub stats i need. Or if i had a 900 piece with the perfect stats. which would be better?Foogus7 Oct 27
Oct 26 Ele dps help? I don't have any logs to provide, I won't lie I'm not even sure how to acquire those. I love my ele shaman, I really do. Last night was discouraging though, I ran a +10 Neltharion's Lair and I felt like I was underperforming. The top dps was an affliction lock who was 10 ilvls higher than me so I'm not surprised by that one I know they are pretty beefy right now. What bothered me was I kept getting beaten out on the boss fights by a ret pally that was only 5 ilvls higher than me. Armory I've got the pretty standard ascendance build, I know my legendaries aren't optimal but it's all I've got at the moment, I do have soul of the farseer but I read my current leggo ring outperforms it. I feel like my rotation is pretty standards Totems > EB > FS > Fire Elemental > Ascendance > Spam LB Using EB on cooldown and using ES when maelstrom is at about 90%. Using artifact and popping all 3 LB's in succession when I have a gap between EB and LB I was doing between 1.3 - 1.6M on most bosses in a few different runs last night but that ret pally pushing more than me just surprises me. **Note** I picked her back up recently after a short layoff and after reading icy-veins I realized haste is my top stat now not mastery which was a surprise so I'm in the process of procuring more haste since I had over 80% mastery at the time. Is there any advice that can be given without my logs or do you need something further, if someone could guide me on that it would be great. Thank you for any and all feedback and help.Kishijo2 Oct 26
Oct 26 Seige of Org Transmog anyone know if you can still get the Tmog from SoO for shamans only?Hyukin3 Oct 26
Oct 26 Shamanistic Healing Quite surprised to see Shamanistic healing heal me for 2.4 million today. Had to do a double take, especially since it's been healing for... less than a healing surge the entire expansion. Better late than never I guess!Periculum6 Oct 26
Oct 26 Enhance BG PvP Enhancement has always been an alt for me since vanilla through Cata but pvp with enhance was always rough. Except when windfury totem and a big 2h was a thing... it was beautiful!!! I currently main a Ret Pally with only 1 good legendary, the game play is easy and i'm efficient with the class. However, the pvp is so slow! So i'm considering gearing my shaman and making him my main. But because i enjoy pvp as much as i do pve, my class has to be viable. I understand it's more squishy than Ret but can it be just as competitive? In short, I don't want to get killed regularly by keyboard turners because my class isn't up to par or a bit more squishy.Trulos7 Oct 26
Oct 25 i miss totems does everyone else spam totems to pull everything and bug abuse the game or is that just meHaneth12 Oct 25
Oct 24 Feeling below average for DPS. ELE I've currently relying on the Lighting Rod build, Its AoE Dps is about average, i have absolutely no problem there. But when it comes to raids, or Cleaves i simple cannot keep up. Does anyone have a recommend build, or some links or guides. I'm all open for suggestion. Right now i get about 1M single target if i blow all CD's i can then sustain somewhere in 700K single. thank you!Foogus5 Oct 24
Oct 24 Looking for ToS Tips for Enhance Hello fellow shammys. I am looking to improve my dps numbers. During ToS I am hovering around 1 mil on most fights and I think I could do more with my ilvl of 930. Here are my logs from last night: Do most people run with Ascendance over Earthen Spike? Other then that swap and finding some better stats I feel like I have almost topped out.Leoman4 Oct 24
Oct 24 Elemental in Mythic+ thoughts? Hello all. I am trying to figure out if I would be better off with playing a warlock (likely affliction) or playing an Elemental Shaman for Mythic+ Content. I read a LOT of complaints toward elemental shaman on their survivability and single target damage output but they seem to have good utility and exceptional AOE damage. Lacking in the single target department will of course be a detriment to tyrannical weeks, but they seem like they could bring a lot of damage and utility to fortified with their AoE output and utility like Earthquake knockdowns and slows. Does survivability really cripple them this much in high keys (17+)? Warlocks on the other hand seem to be doing pretty well in high-end M+ with good AoE damage, good single target damage, and decent utility, but are likely to be incredibly boring in comparison, and I'm imagining that spreading DoTs on trash packs that die fast will result in not being able to display any real numbers on the Warlock's end compared to what an Ele shaman would be able to do up front. I know a lot of people will say "Play what you enjoy" but I don't enjoy being declined from groups because of the class I play. I want to feel consistently useful while doing dungeons at 17+ For anyone who plays one or both, what are the pros and cons in M+ for each class? What are some things I should consider when deciding between one or the other?Androcidis6 Oct 24
Oct 23 2nd Artifact Weapon quest 2nd Artifact Weapon quest simply won't show up! At level 102+ and in class hall... but nuthin' shows.Fordwagon0 Oct 23
Oct 23 resto stat help i am wondering what are the stats to stack and up to what %? leveling my shaman currently at 104 right now but looking at different guides and the builds are somewhat confusing me like chainheal shows 3 different builds but they don't state what % to stack the stats at. one person said crit to 15% and not above since resto doesn't benefit from crit much. but 2 of the builds are crit/haste crit/vers. maybe he meant haste idk i might have to look back at it. currently my stats are Mastery>crit>haste>vers idk the percentages but they will eventually fluctuate since im still low level and gearing. could i please get some help? im looking to do mythic+ and raiding if there are different stat builds fopr those. im a bit confused on this specs stat buildAstura7 Oct 23
Oct 23 Spirit Wolves to Air Elementals glyph Now, I know wolves are big for orc shamans, but what would you all think if we got a glyph that turned an enhancement shamans spirit wolves into a pair of Air or Fire Elementals. It just seems that everyone's stuck with wolves while that's mostly an orc thing. Meanwhile all the other elemental shamans can have something that's thematically appropriate (Elementals) that even makes sense mechanically (Crash lightning buffs elementals most likely to shoot lightning) I guess I just miss the elemental motifs in Enhancement shaman, and all the wolves feels like it's missing the point of the whole "Elements guide me" part of the class fantasy. A glyph that turned a shaman's ghost wolf form into an Air Elemental would also be pretty cool. Thoughts?Xantheppia3 Oct 23
Oct 23 Coolest class/race for Shaman Opions? Oct 23
Oct 23 Ele weakaura Hey guys, I asked this in the shaman discord earlier but didn't get much of a reply. But does anybody know/have a weakaura similar to this shadow one that shows procs and buffs? Oct 23
Oct 22 Stormbringer STILL bugged during Ascendance Blizzard, its been over a year of this trash, when are you going to fix this spec breaking bug?Mafek14 Oct 22
Oct 22 elemental hotfix? did elemental just get nerfed yesterday? I didn't play tuesday but just got on recently. Lava burst was hitting for 500k crits consistently and now they are at 280-300k consistent crits. I went from snapping mongo melee in half to getting bent over. Did something happen or whatOatman36 Oct 22
Oct 22 Rehgar's Legacy What transmog goes well with the mage tower appearance?Boredmann2 Oct 22
Oct 21 Ele pvp talent help Can someone show me a good Ele pvp build for both Pve & Pvp talents? I'm looking to do random bg's and want to be able to hold my own 1v1 in WPvp. Thanks in advance.Beerhaus3 Oct 21
Oct 21 Yellow Lightning There should be a glyph/quest to change the color of your lightning to yellow. Blue just feels like it belongs to ice/water abilities.Zafrebur10 Oct 21
Oct 20 When to break T20 (Enh/Resto) When is it worth breaking T20 for both Enhancement and Resto? I have all pieces at 885-890 ilvl, but have gear at much higher ilvl and better stats for each slot. Is there a rule of thumb or should I bite the bullet and just sim every possible gear combination?Shanawdithit4 Oct 20
Oct 20 Resto relics I haven't really known which site to trust for this. Does anyone have a solid order of relic priorities?Phumbles2 Oct 20
Oct 20 Chain Heal Animation Chain Heal Animation & Deluge Glyph Animation = Identical. Is this intended? A lot of us really miss the old, iconic 'yellow/green' original animation for Chain Heal that's been in game since WC3. Yeah I think it's cool Blizzard has leaned more towards making the animations more relevant to the class but man, sometimes change is not best. Is there a possibility of changing this obsolete glyph to something useful like the classic animation? Really hoping a Dev stumbles upon this post and can give some insight. Thank you!Bruh0 Oct 20
Oct 19 7/9M Recruiting Ele Sham <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa0 Oct 19