May 31 Did one of the weapon appearances change..? I feel like there used to be a more Tauren/Troll looking appearance but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. I swear it was either in the Titanborn or Totembearer spot...Imhotirl3 May 31
May 31 Smoldering Heart Earthquake will be part of your new rotation, go try it on the PTR. Literally go try, all Elementals will celebrate!Profien3 May 31
May 31 Icefury Tuning in 7.2.5? Any other Icefury players out there scared you'll have to drop it in 7.2.5? I love the rotation - managing Elemental Blast, Lava Burst, and Icefury, making sure Flame and Frost Shocks are empowered with 20 maelstrom and Elemental Focus, all while reacting to Lava Surge and Power of the Maelstrom Procs. I love the dynamic rotation and mobility it offers. It is also pretty decent for single target - I typically parse 90%+ on Trilliax and Star Auger (Heroic as I'm a filthy casual). Like most, I believe Elemental is in a great spot thanks to 7.1.5. The rotation is great, the feel is great, and all three level 100 talents were within a few % of each other in dps. Then 7.2 came and Icefury started to lag behind Ascendance and Lightning Rod. Now with the T20 set bonuses and more recently the new legendary, a lot of people feel like Icefury is being forgotten. To remedy this, I hope there is some tuning for Icefury in 7.2.5. I know the class balance team is very busy with major changes to other specs (including enhancement), so some minor tuning is probably all they can manage for Elemental. First suggestion: Make legendaries which proc from Earth Shock also proc from Frost Shock (at a lower rate, of course). I am a big fan of "The Deceiver's Blood Pact", "Echoes of the Great Sundering" and the new "Smoldering Heart" legendaries because they affect gameplay instead of simply adding passive dps increase. Unfortunately, there is no interaction with Frost Shock so the relative dps increase is much smaller compared to Ascendance and Lightning Rod. For the numbers see: Second suggestion: For Tier 20 set bonus, allow all Shock critical strikes to reduce the cooldown of Fire Elemental. Instead of just Flame Shock crits reducing the cooldown, why not allow all Shock crits to reduce the cooldown? Flame Shock crits could be 1 sec, Frost Shock crits 6 sec, and Earth Shock crits 20 sec (numbers are probably way off but this is for the sake of example). It would also give us more reason to Earth Shock instead of stack haste and use Earthquake even in single target - the "meme build" as some call it. Third suggestion: Add Frost Shock to one of the artifact traits. This one has been suggested for a while - put Frost Shock on one of the artifact traits. Probably on the "Earthen Attunement" trait (would need to rename the trait), let it increase Frost Shock damage along with Earth Shock. Then these relics would actually be desired, unlike now where all you want is lava burst relics, maybe nature damage relics. (Edit: And soon Flame Shock relics) Any other suggestions are welcome. Hope Blizzard will consider these tuning changes as I'd hate to have to switch away from Icefury, especially considering all the single target/movement fights in Tomb. EDIT: Added "For Tier 20 set bonus," to suggestion 2.Seiga6 May 31
May 30 Are we the weakest healer? So, i have mained resto shamance since wrath but only raided start of wrath despite playing in all the other xpacs (started playing like 6 months before BC). I love my totems and my chain heal. However this xpac i have been raiding a lot more and am in the mythic core team of my current guild. on our last Krosus kill i pulled 860k hps over the 5:55 it took to kill with an ilevel of 907, legendary is wolf helm and chain ring (only 2 i have) and i was over joyed i was able to pull out these numbers and have about 20% mana left(shoulda used a few more chains). however when i compared with other healers in the same bracket my healing is far lower to that of druids and paladins in equivelent gear. even when comparing the top players resto shaman is still sitting on the lowest end of heals and by 15% compared to druids. is it just that a larger portion of skilled players prefer druid and paladin over shaman? or is our kit worse then others. even a Disc priest can pull more in heals and provieds damage equivelent to a 3rd tank or more.Furrytotems35 May 30
May 30 Do you ever feel dirty? Sending both Magatha and Muln on the same mission? Poor Muln.Rend4 May 30
May 30 Brand New Resto Shaman--Stat Question please Hi all, I've done the theorycrafting on the stat priorities, and think I have that down. However, I'm curious as to how much haste I should shoot for...i.e. should I shoot for 12% haste then get the other stats going? Reason I say that is because I had some gear ready to go for when I hit 110, but it had pretty much zero haste on it..was rocking 3% haste and it felt incredibly sluggish. I know it's not our top priority, but I assume there is a minimum % to shoot for. Thanks!!!!!!Notahealer5 May 30
May 29 Addon Does anyone use a maelstrom bar addon i have been looking for one but cant find it ?Asapshammy2 May 29
May 29 Control of Lava needs a rework This talent seems to be a rather gimmicky pick instead of a sincere choice for pvping. Why not give it its current effect + the instant proc? I was a bit bummed when i reread the talent and understood that Control of Lava does give it the damage it needs, but takes away the mobility aspect of it. I feel like with the instant proc it would make the Lava Burst Spec a viable choice for rated environments again. I enjoyed that playstyle a lot in Warlords, dont know why it got gimped with Legion.Spinereaper0 May 29
May 29 Enhancment... confused with legendaries/build Hello my fellow enhancers, I'm stuck between 2 different builds on my shaman. mainly for ST build iv seen2 types of shamans, one group who use Wrist and Ring (eye of twisting nether) legendary and talent into Hailstrom and Hothand. the other group run with the old build, (boulderfis/tempest) even for ST. both these groups seem to have Bloodthristy instinct trinket, andi do not. so right now I'm confused and don't know which group to follow. when itry the wrist and ring legendary with hail/hothand build I do slightly better on ST , at least on dummy (around 40-50k more dps) than when I go Boulderfist/tempest (with ring and kaeljaden burning wish). also its much easier to play the old build and chances are much less to screw up. where as with hailstorm/hothand makes it harder to play. Any ideas or anywhere I can check what is the defnitly best ST legendary/build Combo? (leggos I have are the 2 rings (eye and sephuz ) the trinket, Chest and the wrist, if that helps ) thanks guys help me out.Tanquery3 May 29
May 29 How to raise my followers ilvl as a shaman? This is the first character ive played on this expansion that doesnt allow me to put in orders for follower equipment. Is my only option for getting items that raise followers ilvl getting them through class hall missions? Seems like this is a huge disadvantage.Reynnei8 May 29
May 28 Specing and Gearing Ok so I Just got to 110, and am looking to go into raids with my guild and all... as an alt of course... i want to be ready to do some TOS normal/LFR, and am specing Ele atm... Any advice on the type of stats i should be looking for? I've been told that at this point, lightning rod or icefury as i'm barely geared, and to avoid ascendance till i get around 85% mastery? also, any mythic dungeon gear that i should specifically try to target vis a vis trinkets/rings etc?Natesha1 May 28
May 28 Astral Recall Can we please make an option to have Astral Recall go to the Maelstrom instead of your hearth location?Aerisot10 May 28
May 28 Brawl! A Shaman PvP Montage Hey Everybody, I put this video out yesterday of my Enhancement Shaman doing Brawl PvP Battlegrounds captures over the past couple months. There is a mix of 1v1 1v2 and group fighting with an iLvL at ~875. This video was captured in 1080P and upscaled to 4K and has a Trance soundtrack I created. I'm still loving my Enhancement Shaman and hope I can eventually get Akainu's Absolute Justice trinket and test out the 50% increase in Lava Lash. Youtube 4K - For entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! :-) If you like please share.Kayumi4 May 28
May 28 Lower ilvl Healers beat my HPS Hi! Is it normal for RShammies to not be on top during raids? There's a HolyPally in my previous guild who is like 5 ilvls below me and still beats my HPS. I pop all my CD's during appropriate moments but I still stay behind either a HolyP or a Monk.Qiuqiu19 May 28
May 28 Spec question moving into tomb So to keep this concise. I enjoy enhancement, I've been playing it from legion outset. I'm most of the way to concordance. But the 7.2 numbers are not looking good and I'm not a great enhance to begin with. elemental preforms better, but on the other hand I'm kind of over casters with legion. I feel a lot squishyer without my wolves and stormstrike and if I'm being honest, looking at icy-veins there's a stupid amount of micromannagement involved with ele. So yeah, is it worth dropping the spec I enjoy for the better preforming one? I plan on doing pretty much nothing but normal pugs and maybe mythic dungeons.Kyjra4 May 28
May 28 leveling up is painful Leveling up as a Shaman in this expansion is not fun currently. Compared to most other dps specs I have played recently, including Affliction Warlock, MM and BM Hunter, Frost and Fire Mage, Unholy DK, Fury and Arms, Shaman takes the longest to kill mobs and are the squishiest. Elemental and Enhancement. MM feels so ridiculously powerful, I can literally 2-shot most mobs when Piercing Shot is off CD and have no problem with health while doing quests etc. Elemental I have to cast Healing Surge over and over until I'm out of mana after almost every fight. Anyone else feel like Shamans are just too squishy?Logrus15 May 28
May 28 Shoot me straight - should I level this Enh I have had this char in some version since the days of 2H WF and twinking with The Ravager, and every expansion I get nostalgic and wander back. But... when I play my other chars I don't.. ever see Enh in Randoms, and never see them in the top-half of dps charts (or on wowprogress), so should I keep going? The class feels so wonky and I am really on the fence, but I miss the crazy burst rng potential of Enh. Thoughts?Youjelly7 May 28
May 27 Need Gear Help for Resto I am having trouble choosing my best gear. If there is a tool I can use, please direct me to it. My original set I was using Velen's. Which isn't the strongest and I wanted to replace it, but wasn't able to until tonight when I got a good PVP trinket. My idea was to instead use Praetorian's, but then I would need to switch my helm to a slightly lower piece so I could keep my set bonus. After some juggling, I came up with the following. Can anyone help me decide which combination works best? The legendary I am keeping is Prydaz. Set 1 Stats using Velen's: Int 44,265 sta 56,055 spellp 44,265 hp 3,363k crit 27% mas 109% total ilvl 897 Set 2 using Praetorian's: Int 43,674 sta 57,894 spellp 43,674 hp 3,474k crit 23% mas 106.75% total ilvl 896Zubari5 May 27
May 27 draught of souls bugged for enhance? draught of souls bugged for enhance? ive tried it on a friend too see the damage...barely does a quarter of his health..where my brother uses his on me and does like 80% of me health...thats just standing there and pressing the trinket? anyone know anything?Rakazza4 May 27
May 27 Magatha needs to be fixed. In her Fall back mode its very annoying when she pops up cause she seems to fire 3 bolts that will target stuff that i'm not even fighting off in the distance and pull more to me. I like having her around but in suramar its extra annoying when i'm already fighting 8 enemies and for some reason her bolts will hit 2 enemies i'm not even near and pull them into the fight. EDIT: Yes Rehgar can be useful but with the high levels of dazing in the game atm to push people using use the barding. I'm getting dazed and slowed by anything i pass by. Dazing is a bad mechanic and seems to have been increased how much it happens. Plus unlike magatha i can't dismiss rehgar when i need to at time as he seems to draw aggro when i'm trying to pull things.Prasios11 May 27
May 26 7.2.5 is enhance going to be good or is ele going to be superior stillFfdsfsdf5 May 26
May 26 Elemental Blue Post? So when was the last time we had a Blue Post on Elemental? I can't seem to find any... Very concerning after reading everyone's views on the upcoming lack on changes in 7.2.5.Sarielleia22 May 26
May 26 Enhancement trinkets Currently I have: 905 foci 890 frond 885 memento 880 BTI And 880 arcano The 905 foci is a given but which other trinket listed should I use with foci?Shamcrow2 May 26
May 26 Indepth knowledge - Resto Good morning shamans. I come seeing aid and advice on the advance level I'm making this toon strictly for guild raid progression. Trying to push out the highest amount of hps that I can. That being said, and knowledge of stats, gear, rotation (even though healers are mainly about reaction)and everything else on the advance level that can be passed down to yours truely. Thank you in advance.Shagnbag22 May 26
May 26 Question about Shaman Leveling Hello. I'm playing a Shaman with actual intent for the first time since they were Horde Only. I'm very much so a novice when it comes to this class. I had some questions based on some things I've noticed while leveling with my buddy and was wondering if if is user-error, or class-specific. The big thing I've noticed is my DPS output is next to nothing. Playing with my friend (Who is playing a Ret Pally), his DPS output is more than double mine and he's not even trying. He kills things before I can finish off a cast, and he can close the gap between things before I can cast as well. It was not noticable in the earlier leveling areas (1-15 I clearly had the edge, but that quickly changed 18 and beyond). I'm playing Elemental (Not a fan of Enhancement). Between level 20, to level 30 my DPS output has gone up about 100, or less. My friends DPS output when from about the same as mine (140ish) to over 500, while mine barely overtakes 200. Is this complete user error on my part, am I misunderstanding something? I'm not bashing the class, or being bitter. Just simply trying to understand the class is all. The other question is (if it's not user error), does it get better, or will I always feel way under powered compared to him (and probably other classes). If this has already been addressed I apologize (It probably has).Kouzan7 May 26
May 26 Burning Wish mastery interaction Hello, I've recently gotten KJW as a cache reward and I was disappointed to see that it doesn't scale with enhancement mastery at all. I know the trinket itself is strong, but it should have at least some type of interaction, even at a reduced ratio. The reason I say this is because other classes (looking at you warriors) have abilities / passives that affect their trinkets. Looking for others to share their thoughts on this, thank you.Martenluther1 May 26
May 26 Let's look into the new ptr update. Updates to 20 tier pieces!? Flame Shock damage is back to 75% increased damage.... -_- Do you guys really not read the forums and feedback on how much most (if not all of us) hate the new tier and how horrendously bad it is in comparison to tier 19? If you do, do you just not care? That's okay maybe they gave us some nice changes.... Fixed some tooltips with pvp talents... Really? On a side note: Those new legendaries for both enhancement and elemental are things of beauty, just wish you could have continued along with that trend.Kargar10 May 26
May 26 Basic Enh Shaman PVP opener and rotation? Hey guys I just levelled a enh shaman to 110 I was wondering what the basic pvp opener is also the rotation with and without lust. Thank you in advance!Daynez6 May 26
May 26 yo bring back windfury replace it with rockbiter or something. all the veterans know how much fun windfury was back in the day. enhance just doesn't feel right no matter how you spec it.Glitterface0 May 26
May 26 Earthquake Issues I've been having an issue with Earthquake. I use a @cursor macro. The problem is in fights with a lot of graphics, I lose my cursor. Sometimes I'll yolo and cast it, and then find its in the middle of nowhere. Other times I'll look for it and take a 2-3 second dps loss. The other issue with the @cursor macro is I suspect its causing my target to drop. Every couple fights after casting it, I'll lose my target and can't reacquire it (I have to click on it instead of tabbing). My guess is this is from my cursor being on a melee when I cast it, but that's speculation. I'm considering going back to the old method, but @cursor is so much faster and despite these errors (which don't occur all the time) it still seems like the best way. Ideas?Roffleshocks2 May 26
May 26 Dismiss totems/pets Hi shamen Does anyone use a marco to dismiss their totems and or pets? We used to have an ability that would destroy and refund the mana for totems, but it was removed some time ago. I'd like to make one to help get myself out of combat in PvP. Thanks in advance, CreeksCreeks0 May 26
May 26 Fire Elemental & Artifact Fire Ele should have changed appearance to fit the theme of which artifact appearance you had equipped. I realize it's a little late for this kind of suggestion but I had just thought of it seeing as how Fire Ele is going to be a big part of our tier set (lul) next patch.Showmancer0 May 26
May 26 elemental shaman pvp still sucks it's been years of this. about the only thing i can do before i die is flame shock.Bornmad38 May 26
May 26 Cant gear my followers my followers just reached 850 each, but it was so slow and right now just bonus items quests shows up. Also, the shammy doesnt have a class hall perk to buy gear for your followers so I guess I wont be doing high level missions anytime soon?Zeneida0 May 26
May 25 Shaman AoE on Low LvL Trash So I'm leveling a Tauren Shaman as resto/elemental, and I think it's awesome. It's the one class that I've never really put any playing time into before. My question is, how are shammys in AoE farming situations? My rogue/mage/warrior can breeze through old content with instant cast aoe's that don't require any resources. The only spammable aoe I've found in the Shaman toolbox is Earthquake, but that costs 50 maelstrom. So how do you run old raids?Garrendal1 May 25
May 25 Resto accidentaly got Ring Twisting Nether I had my loot spec on enhance for Elisande because I wanted a convergance of fate and forgot and ran an upper kara 10 and got the Ring eye of twisting nether. How good is this? I'm in my enhance gear right now i guess you could say, but should i be using this for enhance/ele. I have Lust helm, Sephuz, Roots legs, and a couple resto specific legs. Any thoughts on how to use this in a dps spec.?Munchmaquchi4 May 25
May 25 Mage Tower: Elemental Guide I noticed today that a fair number of enhancement shamans have been successful in claiming their new artifact appearance, but there still seems to be a disturbing lack of elemental shamans defeating the challenge, so I have decided to do the elemental shaman community a great service and explain how to defeat Agatha and obtain this elusive skin while there is still time. So you've done your research, have your potions and flasks ready, belly full of sweet food buff and maybe even an augment rune. You let that first lightning bolt fly with absolute confidence in your mastery of the elements, but oh on, tragedy strikes! An ocean of imps cascade down your soft mail-clad butt hole. Where did you go wrong you wonder? A poor talent choice? Not enough gear? Forgot to put fresh batteries in the Fist of Ra-Den? I am come before you all today to tell you, with great relief, it is none of these things. The secret to why you always get overrun with imps, get crushed by fel boulders, and can't see to bring that pesky absorb shield down, is because you are simply using the wrong jutsu. Phase Ichi The first and probably most important thing you can do to overcome this engorged succubus is actually to not fight her at all, at least not yet. You are going to be weaving a lot of complex jutsu during the entirety of this fight so you want to make sure you have plenty of juice. After you chug that flask and stuff your face, you are going to want to meditate for about 15-20 mins and infuse as much chakra as possible. You are going to be moving around a lot and that tends to make weaving your hand signs more difficult which spends extra chakra. Once you are ready you can begin assaulting the grotesque she-behemoth as you normally would. Your first hurdle will be the Smoldering Imps. They may not seem like an immediate threat, but their damage ramps up quickly so you want to take them out as fast as possible. As soon as they spawn you will want to eliminate them with a quick Chidori before the Imp Servants come out. The Imp Servants will come bumbling down from the back of the room to Agatha so you want to stop them dead in their tracks or they will give her a chakra transfusion. At this point you want to use your Tree Bind jutsu to root them in place. Now you are free to weave your hand signs for both a Great Flame Technique and Fiery Rock Bullet jutsu. This combination should reduce them to ash allowing you to return your focus to the vile grease witch before you. Now while you are showing these lesser naive imps why you are going to be the Hokage one day, there will likely be a sneaky third imp in the mix called a Fuming Imp. These little guys will run up to you with fervor, promptly realize their mistake once they sense your power level and soil themselves in fear. This is unfortunate because as a true shinobi, you wear sandals at all times and you don't want to get poop on your toes. Turd sandals are not sugoi at all so you are going to want to wait until right before they drop anchor and use a quick Substitution jutsu to escape that sticky situation. You will thank me later. Even after executing each jutsu flawlessly like the proud jonin shinobi you are, the lard sorceress will still max out her chakra as she has been secretly infusing chakra this whole time. She will gain a powerful absorb shield and start weaving a forbidden jutsu called Darkfury that will ramp up in damage over time, becoming a huge problem unless you can pierce her shield and stop her hand signs. This is the second big hurdle you will face. Normally its business as usual and you could just use a few jutsu or even taijutsu to take down her shield. The problem is that there is a decent chance her shield will become completely immune to all forms of damage. If this happens you really only have one option unfortunately. You will have to listen to every Linkin Park album and possibly a few My Chemical Romance albums. This should cause just enough angst and pain in your soul to unlock your Mangekyo Sharingan in which case, you will want to use a Kamui to teleport her shield into another time-space dimension. Simply repeat these basic steps until she is below 50% health. Phase Ni In this phase the Dame of Diabetes will use a defensive teleportation jutsu to retreat to the back of the room. This is where things get tricky. She will use a summing jutsu to spawn a new foe called an Umbral Imp. These little dudes will infuse her with their chakra, granting her an absorb shield again until they are defeated. All of the other imps from before will continue to be summoned into the fight so just try to take them all out with a few more Chidori. The real danger is that she will often weave a Fel Boulder jutsu which summon a handful of large rocks that will roll at you. If you get hit by one it will stun you and nearly one shot you, so just be careful to avoid them with a swift back flip or Substitution jutsu. During this phase the Crisco Queen will also occasionally use her teleport jutsu to appear at the other end of the room. When this happens be sure to use Tree Bind and Mudslide jutsu to bind and slow the imps down as you make your way to the other side. This should give you ample time to continue your assault on the boss before they catch up to you. After a few trips back and forth you should be able to secure a kill and return to your village with a new artifact skin and the admiration of your shinobi pals. Side Note You need the Roots of Hashirama to unlock the Hundred Healings jutsu or all of this is impossible. Good luck my fellow elemental Shinobi. I hope this guide was helpful and you all get your new artifact skin before the Legion destroys the Mage Tower and wastes all of your Nethershards.Riotchan6 May 25
May 25 Need help for healing Hi guys I recently leveled up my shaman alt and tried to be a healer. I have healing experience on pally monk and priest, so I do have basic knowledge and addons for healer. However I found Shaman have a very difficult time healing spread out teammates in dungeons. First of all, dungeon mechanics force players to move around so normally it's just 3 people in my healing rain, if we have some ranged dps then they are normally outside my chain heal jump distance, how should I deal with heavy aoe in this situation? For example the snake in EoA, final boss of EoA, mana wyrm in karazhan. Do I spam healing surge?Okamrie3 May 25
May 25 Is ele shaman worth leveling? I like the way it plays but while leveling in dungeons at 78 till 100 it just feels bad because of how fast things die in dungeons and i 1 shot enemies out in the world while questing. Granted i am only lvl 78 and don't have all my talents but still i am unsure if it is worth continuing with but let me know.Elementiums5 May 25
May 25 resto artifact ability Resto shaman artifact ability in needs a rework, or needs to be changed. I swear it is rarely used in pvp, if at all... any suggestions on changes?Biofreaks1 May 25
May 24 New Legendary Ring What do you guys think about the new legendary shaman ring, that gives us a free talent. Ele and resto get echo of elements. Enh is getting landslide. Personally I think ele is lack luster the other talents in that row kinda blow. Lava totem is okay for mythic+.Onionrng17 May 24
May 24 Rate the Shaman Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Brook323 May 24
May 24 Why is enhance being ignored...again? Jan 23 Hot fixes are up...Hope I am not the only pissed off enhance shaman. Clearly mages and warlocks were in horrible spots needing immediate attention. Thank you Blizzard clearly time to change mains, I only wasted a few months time NBD. Would still be nice to get some confirmation that you are aware of the balance issues and fixes coming..."soon". I miss G.C. May 24
May 24 Leveling shaman 1-60+? How is leveling a shaman from 1-60 these days? I just started playing again after not playing from BC. Getting my barings and not sure I love the BM spec of a hunter (although I know it's only been 20 levels). how is leveling a shaman for a casual player? I get to play about an hour or two a night, really loving the dungeon finder so far once I unlocked it on this hunter. I cant see myself getting into any raids. Was planning on playing a bit, then eventually buying legion and boosting the char to 100 to experience that content if I was still enjoying it. Is there lots of down time? what's best spec? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated, thanks.Reavstone11 May 24
May 24 Empowerd traits questline question I was told at 35 traits, you get a quest for questline to unlock empowered traits i am 35 traits now, i did not get any quest.....for enhance shamanKrewèlla2 May 24
May 23 Vigilance Perch Is it good? Just stat wise for gloves not the owl form.Ross1 May 23
May 23 The legendary artifact skin for enh Is that rare or a guaranteed drop? Just curious.Ross5 May 23
May 23 For those stuck on Shaman Order Campaign Hello. This is for Shaman who cannot progress on their campaign, even after doing Quest to do the 30 world quests and the Fireland missions. I was having issues with the Shaman Order Hall Campaign. I had completed all the Worldmender quest (the 30 world quest quest). I completed all of the Firelands follower mission quests. Turns out, I forgot to take or got rid of the following quest: A Taste for Blood This quest is at the end of the Deepholm questline, given by Ma'haat the Indomitable, and requires 10 Blood of Sargeras. You should take the portal from the Shaman Hall to Deepholm to pick it up. The portal back doesn't exist at that point, so make sure you have your hearth off cooldown. Also as a note, when I went back to pick up this quest and turn it in, the yellow ! icon was not visible on my map. I don't remember if this guy gives a Cata daily, but, at least on this day, he did not have one. There was no mini-map icon. So, after you take the portal, he's on the right about 90-100 degrees from the direction you spawn in facing. Anyway, while wow-head is a great resource, it took me about a week of digging to figure this out, since it was buried on this quest page. The guide is not yet refined enough, at least for the Shaman Hall, for one to find the answer easily. If this is not the quest you are stuck on, I suggest going through the quest chains and seeing if you dropped or didn't pick up a quest. This seems to be the primary problem, and not a bug (which is what I had originally thought was my problem). I hope that this post can at least help others stuck on their class campaigns. Check the other quests in your campaign here: May 23
May 23 Empowerd traits questline question I was told at 35 traits, you get a quest for questline to unlock empowered traits i am 35 traits now, i did not get any quest.....Krewèlla0 May 23
May 23 So Vers on next tier Why does like every single piece have vers on it and a lot of vers at that? Blizz letting the interns itemize gear again?Profien1 May 23