Feb 20 Chain Heal sound missing? Is it just me and some crazy dream I had, or didn't Chain Heal (unglyphed version) used to have a very calming, "distant thunder" sound to it when it cast? I could've sworn it did back in LK, and it totally just hit me now that it's missing. Tell me I'm not crazy.Tilly1 Feb 20
Feb 20 Relic Calculations Lava Imbued – 1.31% DPS increase (worth ~4 ilvl) Molten Blast – 1.03% DPS increase (worth ~3 ilvl) Call the Thunder – 0.90% DPS increase (worth ~3 ilvl) Earthen Attunement – 0.80% DPS increase (worth ~2 ilvl) Firestorm – 0.79% DPS increase (worth ~2 ilvl) +1 weapon item level – 0.31% DPS increase With the information above - I am not understanding how to accurately calculate for DPS increase for the bottom portion in which I have placed in BOLD. For Example: (I had this come up for me, and I am just not 100% sure) I had 2 865 Lava Imbued Relics – then received 2 890 Chain Lightning/Earth Quake Relics. How do I tell how much Ilvl those 2 890’s will give me?? How would I have calculated this in my scenario? As I feel I have lost DPS - but it could just be my brain thinking that bc of me losing the Lava Imbued Relics. Thanks in advanceGreeneßud7 Feb 20
Feb 19 Resto Sham Spec Hey all. Been awhile since I've played my Shaman as Resto (briefly touched it after first getting 110 but didn't have time for another alt). Curious what the go-to spec is these days for M+. Last I played it was generally along the lines of Undulation/Crashing Waves/Ascendance. Has this changed?Luniraa8 Feb 19
Feb 19 Uncertain Reminder and Sense of Urgency Is it only the blood lust effect that lasts 75% longer or does the bonus healing from sense of urgency last 75% longer as well?Bipst7 Feb 19
Feb 19 Nightblooming Frond SO our BiS trinket from nighthold got nerfed. Ninja nerfed. NIce blizzard, first they ninja nerf SA, now they ninja nerf frond. And guess what, each time it has nothing to do with us. They nerfed SA because it triggered something from warrior class that was deemed too OP. They nerfed frond because well, it made slice n dice for rogues OP. For shamans, SA triggered stormbringer, yes, but frond did not. Yet, they still nerfed it to the ground. I am not complaining saying it is end of the world, but why in every raid there seem to be a trinket that is focused on a certain class, YET we as enhancement shamans must share trinkets with other agility based classes such as rogues, surv hunters or WF monks. If you look at it, both SA and frond considers as physical damage, which is purely useless for us. At this point, I begin to think that blizzard created a mael (sh!t)storm named enhancement shamans, are they are literally just stuffing our class, our damage, our gear and trinkets whereever there are room. Good job Blizz! Way to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. <^>Backstabbér15 Feb 19
Feb 19 Lava Lash suggestion I think Lava Lash should have a baseline 10% chance to proc Stormbringer. The tier 19 would then increase that chance up to its current 20%. Right now it feels like that 4 piece bonus is an absolute must to have for enhancement for now, and the rest of the expansion. Thoughts?Kargesh0 Feb 19
Feb 19 Question about gear... I have the two (cloak 875ilvl &chest 900ilvl titan forged). I also have the cloak from kara (Drape of Shame - Increases the healing of your crit healling effects by 10%) and Herioc Dreadlord's Tattered Wingcover 890 ilvl. I hear the one from kara is bis slot, but I wanted more input bc that seems hard to believe with the amount of intellect lost between that cloak and a 890 cloak. Any help would be appreciated.Addèrall5 Feb 19
Feb 19 7.2 patch notes Shaman Elemental PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been increased by 5%. Enhancement Stormstrike deals 20% less damage in PvP (was 15% less damage). PvP Template Agility has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Stamina has been increased by 5%. Restoration PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 30%. Will it help at all?Janeen3 Feb 19
Feb 19 Something odd with my resto shaman The character in question is Smallscale (resto) on Grizzly Hills. I made a thread in Bug Report and got no replies, but did get downvoted, so I am hesitant to post there again. I have been around and around in circles in Support (not the forum, the link at the top right of the page) and Submit a Ticket in-game, and can find nowhere to ask for help on this. The problem is every time I log in or zone in to a new area, the character is OOM. I can be sitting in Org at 100% mana, not casting anything, not switching spec, not using mana in any way, but come off a loading screen and he's at 0% mana. Log out with full mana, log in to zero mana. This is the only character of mine that is experiencing this issue. I have 2 other shaman (one at 19, the other 110) that are also resto yet not having this problem, so I am pretty confident in my assumption that this is not proper behavior. Would any of you lovely shaman have any suggestions? Besides what I am already doing, of course, which is carrying a couple stacks of Pungent Seal Whey (restores a little over 12k mana over 30 sec) and sitting to drink upon zoning in, hoping to restore enough mana before the tank pulls. Thanks in advance!Oblivienne5 Feb 19
Feb 19 Enh log review As the title says, I would appreciate it if a few individuals would be able to look over my logs from H Nighthold and share with me where and how I could increase my performance. I've looked over them, but honestly the information looks like a third language to me. I'll drop a link and to anyone that reviews them, thank you.Martenluther1 Feb 19
Feb 18 Couple of resto question Hello shamans I am on of our guilds healers, and i chose to focus on my resto shaman this expac. About half through ToV i started to switch over to my Hpaladin, as i felt like my shaman wasn't pumping out what he used to. I keep gearing and trying to get the shaman rolling, but i continue to struggle. I run with a resto druid, and a holy priest. My questions are 1. Does anyone use undulation? I thought his might fit my play style better. As perhaps i am to used to the paladin type of healing. And it would fit my role as tank healer that i fill with the paladin. 2. I haven't been able to reach the magic 100% mastery. I am choosing to keep my I level lower as i do not want to lose crit or mastery on pieces where i have both. As an example i have 875 gloves with haste mastery, which i am reluctant to give up for the 860 i wear with crit mastery. I was wondering on peoples opinion on doing this. 3. I have Jonat's ring and nobu's bracer. I feel i should be using chain heal as my legendaries are both chain heal legendaries. So i have focused on keeping my talents this way. As an example, i here acendance is very good, but i still feel like high tide has the best synergy with my legendaries. Any thoughts or advice on this? Thank you for taking the time to read thisJestèr6 Feb 18
Feb 18 Resto: 2 & 4 piece set bonus, thoughts? I'm curious what the general consensis is on the 2 piece and 4 piece set bonuses for resto on the new armor is? 2 piece: tidal wave buff gives +15% to surge/healing wave. 4 piece: triggering tidal waves reduces healing stream totem cooldown 3 secs. The 2 piece seems kinda useful but the 4 piece seems ... meh? I mean healing stream doesn't seem all that great as it is. I tend to use echo of elements talent already (double riptide is great) so I have up 100% of the time already. Am I missing something?Stoút37 Feb 18
Feb 18 Ele - Single Target DPS Hello all, I was just wondering if single target DPS is reliant on really good gear? I'm 872 which isn't that great but I'd expect to do better than 260k-280k consistent DPS on single target. My burst hits 400k sometimes but it's difficult. My guild is requiring 400k+ consistent DPS to come to H NH. Just need some insight on Ele, thanks!Searox18 Feb 18
Feb 18 Fix Enhance Blizz Enough already. Yes you wanted to make enhance the bottom of the dps charts, quest complete. Now give us some damage back already. we are lightning wielding wrecking balls guys. why is our damage so low? I am sick to death of a class like Demon Hunter, lots of utility, escapes, cool spells, but when it comes to damage, it's off the charts. Why is DH melee dmg off the charts but a similar geared enhance does about half that. Quit messing with the classes. give us damage and our thunder sounds back., like wtf are you guys doing all day.Shazaaman17 Feb 18
Feb 18 Elemental stat priority From what I've read (at least the icefury build) it should be int>crit=mastery>haste. I just wanted to know what the "golden" number is for these stats. I feel like casting takes ages and that haste should take a higher priority but I don't want my dps to suffer by dumping too much haste into the build. So, how much of each stat is ideal? I know wit resto you're shooting for that 101% mastery, is there some number like that for elemental?Otoahhastis2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Nighthold Thus Far So for my fellow Shamans out there what specs have you guys been having success with the most in Nighthold? I have been trying Elemental and Enhance for all of 7.1.5 and i'm still torn on which i feel more confident in. I have leveled my Artifacts equally for both and have similar gear sets (890ish). I enjoy Elemental more i think, however in my last Heroic NH run i ended up having to sit out @ Tich because i just couldn't quite maintain enough dps (Asc Build). Although i could on some pulls others i wasn't up to snuff. This was for a couple reasons but mainly due to all the movement, and the adds getting killed so fast (AOE heavy group). Enhancement i used to love, and because of that i still use the boulderfist build even though i dont have the 4 set yet. I still manage fairly high dps considering, however it's much harder to earn a raiding spot as melee in my guild. This means i have to do exceptional dps to earn a spot. At this point i'm thinking i might just give Icefury another try, and redo my gear etc according. Anyone using icefury for all fights in NH or are most changing talents depending on the encounter?Dropg0 Feb 18
Feb 18 Dark Shaman Xmog still drop? Just wondering if anyone can confirm that the dark shaman transmog either does or doesn't drop anymore from SoO. Been at it for a bit now and haven't seen it drop yet.Viruliis2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Thinking of trying Resto Ello, at some point i want to try every healer and i'm wanting to know how resto shaman is doing. I first asked about mistweaver monks an how they are so i'm going around asking the certain class forums to tell me how it is. I mainly want to know if it's any fun, what are its weaknesses and how good it is, ill appreciate any replies ^^Itazurana13 Feb 18
Feb 17 Thinking about rerolling Shaman Tell me what you love and hate about each spec. My experiences Vanilla-Cataclysm were as Mage, Legion as Priest, both shadow and discipline. (PvP Focus Please) Shaman has always looked like a ton of fun and versatility - very different from the rest of the classes. I really haven't liked the playstyle direction of priests or mages in Legion - I care more about fun though than viability. Only reason I never rolled Shaman before was your billion totems, no offense but thank God they're gone.Rvr15 Feb 17
Feb 17 Astral Recall Why can't we have Astral Recall to teleport us back to the Heart of Azeroth? Since Monk and DK have their own teleports, is it a big deal to give us the same thing? I find my Astral Recall to be pretty much useless now. Am I alone to think that?Enjou12 Feb 17
Feb 17 Gul dan Its probably just me but I've been having a hard time on gul dan. Every time whether it's normal or heroic I just feel incredibly useless compared to other classes. What set up are you guys using for this fight in particular? I tried LR and ER because totem upkeep on that fight in particular can be kind of aids. Any advice would be usefulShamcrow15 Feb 17
Feb 17 logs? not sure how they work Need help understanding my performance, so my parse seem to greatly vary between difficultys altough i almost have the same numbers. Can anyone explain if its because im doing something bad in heroic by looking at my logs? here is normal, and first 4 boss of heroic. Feb 17
Feb 17 Enh T20 set bonus I just checked the released T20 set bonuses and for Enhancement it's centered around crash lightning: 2P: Crash Lightning increases your critical strike chance by 5% for 16 sec. 4P: Stormstrike critical strikes increase the damage of your next crash lightning by 30%, stacking up to 10 times. So rather than buffing our AOE baseline, we will need the T20 to increase it at the cost of ST. It seems to suck compared to T19. Am I missing something? Would we suddenly be AOE beast? The elemental one is centered around Flame Shock and Fire elemental, which sounds good.Murlocbane5 Feb 17
Feb 17 Interrupt on Gul'dan I don't know why, but my interrupt on Gul'dan's demons on phase 2 is not working. At all. Absolutely. Spell: Carrion Wave. NPC: different demons, Beltheris, Azagrim etc. It's not working if: - I am the only one who tried to interrupt, - I am the last player alive and tried to interrupt, - my macro say I interrupted, but it's not And if something is immune to my interrupt my addons (scada, recount) just say about it in their logs. But not this time. It's not immune, it's just not happening. I have 0 problems with interrupts anywhere. This is the only time and the boss when it happen. Any other players in our raid had no problems here. Any idea what is going on?Kiamato0 Feb 17
Feb 17 New Artifact Traits in 7.2? Article on MMO mentions new Artifact Traits, along with a gold ring one, for each spec in 7.2. This is to include some 3 point traits as well. I know this is a long ways off, but if you had your choice, what spells/abilities would you have modified. Example: 3 point trait for Resto that extends the distance chain heal can jump by 3 yards / point, totaling 10 yards (per jump) at 3 points. Gold trait for Resto, every direct healing crit reduces the remaining cooldown of Healing Tide Totem by X seconds...... Thoughts?Tonalt9 Feb 17
Feb 16 Gear choices and resto 4 set bonus I'm mostly asking because I have to make a hard decision about different pieces of gear I have. What I have on now I what I use(Edit: Wait, what's with the recolor? I have the green pieces). I have two pieces that would give me the 4 piece bonus but I don't know if it's worth the pieces I'd have to replace. The first ones are the shoulders. They are 10 ILvLs higher and people always say that makes them better but it's only +138 intel for 711 crit and 460 mastery which hardly seems worth it but Idk. I want to get my crit closer to 30% but that drops it to back down to 25% (from 27%) The second pieces is even harder. Since I have the 940 legendary pants I really doubt it's worth it to drop that for 875 legs and the 4 piece bonus no matter how good the bonus is. I do have the legendary resto belt but it's still only 910. Other than all that non sense, I am legitimately curious about our bonus in general. Thanks!Draneia4 Feb 16
Feb 16 Legendary for resto? I have enough essence to upgrade either, sephuz's secret or Prydaz Xavaric's Magnum Opus. Curious which would be better? I feel like the ring for the buff. But the neck has higher base stats so I'm not sure? Thoughts? Much appreciated!Granoss8 Feb 16
Feb 16 2 questions regarding resto! First, where does resto stand atm? Are they doing decently in PvE? Also, I really hate dual-speccing if I don't have to, can resto handle solo content well enough?Vyndrall6 Feb 16
Feb 16 Relic decisions Im currently using a 880 frost relic that increases lava burst damage by 15%. I just got a 885 frost relic that increases chain lightning damage by 15%. I strictly use the ascendance build because of my legendary shoulders. I spend almost all my game time raiding in nighthold. would you use the 885 chain lightning one just cause its higher level? or stick with the 880 lava burst. Im currently using a 865 storm relic that increases lava burst damage by 15%. I just got a 875 storm relic that increases nature damage by 3%. which would you use? Im not sure if higher level relics give you extra damage from item level or just the effect.Anacrusyss7 Feb 16
Feb 16 Drape of shame Drape of shame. This lovely cloak from maiden's in Kara has a 10% boost to the healing done by our crits. Considering that we are a heavy crit class this is a very nice cloak for us. I am currently just above 30% crit, with 40% chain heal crit. The unfortunate thing is the stats are not exactly perfect with heavy verse and only a small amount of crit, I have higher ilvl cloaks with perfect mastery/crit on them. I am trying to figure out how many ilvls the 10% boost to crits is. Anyone have any thoughts or insights in this? Edit: item link Feb 16
Feb 16 Boosted profession choices Hi guys, I am getting this toon to 60 and using my lvl 100 boost for legion on him and was curious as to what professions would be the best to get boosted to make the most money. I pretty much only pvp and maybe, maybe a few raids and this will be my only toon so I need money source. What would you choose and why? I can get 2 main professions boosted to 700 today. thanks a lotGehrin2 Feb 16
Feb 16 Volcanic Inferno loot bug, fix anytime soon? Its literally been half a year since the expansion came out, and this has not been fixed yet, as a life long Elemental player, I find it to be infuriating that I must wait 5 seconds after almost every kill to loot a mob, this makes farming and grinding halt to a stand still. Why is this still not fixed, what is the hold up on Blizzards end? Do they even care?Tiberium0 Feb 16
Feb 15 Is enhance still a dumpster fire? Trying out rogue and starting to miss enhance. It's just not as fun. Has enhance gotten a buff or are there plans for any soon?Broxiz6 Feb 15
Feb 15 Talk to me about ENH After reading around, I'm seeing a lot of people having a distaste for enh cause it's very proc dependent. I realized this also within the first few hours of leveling my shaman. Everywhere I go I see tons of ele and resto shamans. Hardly any enh. Is the spec really doing that bad? Ele is fun and all but enh is where it's at for me personally. My question is, would it really be worth the time and frustration to lvl and stay pure enh or should I just save myself from aggravation when I constantly get declined on M+ and pug raiding and just go ele?? Both specs are fun to me. I just find that much more enjoyment in enh. This frustrates me.Bigmonk10 Feb 15
Feb 15 How long did you have to farm sewer rares? I hate my server, the Dalaran sewers are almost always PVP and there are just a lot of jerks down there who take advantage of you when you are downing a rare. I'm getting discouraged trying to get my hidden appearance for my elemental shaman and I've probably killed around 20-30 rares (since I haven't been able to do a whole lot of farming). Are there any suggestions as to what I can do to be able to farm them better? Realm hop or something?Marott22 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mythic + question I know lightning rod is the best for Mythic +, however i have very little haste and lightning rod needs haste to be efficient. Am i better off sticking to Ascendance? Or is lightning rod still good even when it takes 1.75 seconds to cast a spell?Kwizzlix2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Gearing an ele I'm a casual pvp, so how can i keep improving my gear and stats? i would thank any recomendation, help, etc. Which trinkets should i be using, enchantments, where to get them, and all the information you can give to me. Thanks.Lilrath0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Why did Hailstorm have to die? Hailstorm was, at its peak, marginally stronger than Ancestral Swiftness. If used correctly it was a small DPS gain, but the trade off was a more complicated rotation. That sounds perfect to me. Then, in a single patch, they not only made Frostbrand too expensive to use, they also axed the damage of Hailstorm quite hard. Double whammy. Wouldn't an increase in damage have made more sense, when the cost is being increased? Regardless, both happened in one patch and it went from best by a little bit, to worst by a lot (okay, second worst, but that does not sound as good). It's a DPS loss over Ancestral Swiftness now, even without factoring in the Maelstrom is consumes. The one place is really shined with with the Legendary ring, which gave it a niche where it was fairly strong and the only option, but having Legendarys control your spec isn't something that was eliminated in 7.1.5, many classes still have talents forced upon them due to Legendary. Heck, look at the Resto ring, why would you not take High Tide when using it? Did Blizzard ever explain the massive nerfs to this talent? They do often explain their reasoning, but I never spotted anything about this. Heck most of the changes they did explain were obvious. Even if it WAS just a little bit more damage then they wanted, that only explains half the nerfs.Ayanama10 Feb 15
Feb 15 Enhanct sham help with dps with logs Looking for some help for one of my good Enhancement shaman friends. She feels like her dps is low for her ilvl if anyone could please give some advice it would be appreciated :-). Shaman is Benny. One of her best fights was on Krosus but the other fights were really meh. If someone could look at a few of the fights and see what she could improve on that would be awesome. I don't know too much about shamans so I leave it to you awesome people to help :-). Thank you for your timeSteezynun6 Feb 15
Feb 15 Ele Shaman Icefury Stat Weights. So, I haven't really been able to find this anywhere: what are the stat weights in 7.1.5 for ele shaman running icefury build? Should I be stacking mastery to 86.5 and then going Crit? Or should I just prioritize crit? And how bad is haste? Thanks a lot for any help!Argunon7 Feb 15
Feb 15 Elemental Shaman Performance I think ele is pretty good in M+ but currently lacks hard core in NH. The spec is way too based on RNG with procs and we are extremely immobile and lack defensives. Or is it just me? What do others think?Samarok11 Feb 15
Feb 15 Resto Sham PVE need HELP Hey guuys, I just recently made this resto sham and am soon going to be 110 and was looking for some input from some experienced resto sham players on this forum. While I have checked icyveins I just wanted to know what u guys personally use and feel works. 1. What build do u use for a) Dungeons and b) Raids 2. What main trait should I be aiming to get first? 3. Any tips on healing? Thanks in advance.Gumlar4 Feb 15
Feb 15 Chain heal doesnt thunder anymore? Is my client bugged? What happened?Tÿler8 Feb 15
Feb 14 The best or worst luck ever!?? So check this out.... Finally, I mean finally got some time to level my alt since the launch of legion. (Main is a ~900 fury warrior). Couple weeks ago I get him to 110 then flip back to the warrior to do all my normal routines. Go back to the shaman yesterday. Mind you, i am planning on playing elemental.... but I switch him to enhance to see if I like it in world questing, fly by the world boss, run over to him, barely graze him with a few melee hits and BOOM!! Enhancement hidden artifact appearance drops lol. So now I have such a dilemma on my hands. I want to play elemental, but now have this absolutely amazing looking doom hammer (which is my favorite artifact by the way) and I have no idea what to do now!! Anyone have something like this happen to you haha!? also, on a more serious note.... what would you do in my situation? Stick with Ele or wield the Doom Hammer!!!!Calibrate5 Feb 14
Feb 14 Enhance tips need help Hi all, Running constant bottom DPS since 7.1.5 nerf and wondering if there is any help that wan be offered. I am 875ilvl and can barely get over 300k sustained dps. Logs from normal NH last night. ThanksMoibur10 Feb 14
Feb 14 Mastery cap for elemental Right now, I have 85% mastery just from gear/enchants. I wonder if I should change enchants and stick with mastery food, which I benefit twice as much for being a panda, or if I should just switch food and keep gear as is. Opinions?Boongadinha18 Feb 14
Feb 14 Mithril Fist (Thrall Horde) Hey there Folks! Mithril Fist(Horde on Thrall) is currently looking to improve its roster and we are currently recruiting for our progression team! We are looking for a Enhance shaman, warlock, spriest and a quality rogue for our progression team, but also taking in any class that are looking to join a comical and fun community to do mythic + and such. Our guild is 10/10N NH and 7/10H NH. We are looking for people with an available schedule of wed and thursday for progression to do 2 days of progression as well as 1 day of gearing alts or running H EN/ H ToV or mythic difficulties on Sundays but it's not required. The time we have set is going to be 8:30-11:30 eastern . Our guild is a very close nitch guild. A lot of the guys know each other IRL or having been playing together for a very long time. If you are looking for a guild that takes progression seriously but also is not elitest serious, then we are the perfect group of guys and woman to play with. If transferring is an issue for you, but you are interested in joining use, please do not hesitate to post on here your real ID so I can get in contact with you to figure out a way to get you into our squad. "The Legion is not prepared!"Xkhan0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Shamanism question. So I've been playing enhance for a couple of months now, and unless I'm mistaken, I've noticed that you actually have to target a friendly(or add a name in a macro as I've tried just using focus and it doesn't work.) to share your bloodlust with someone when you activate bloodlust when using the shamanism trait. Maybe I'm wrong and someone can correct me if so. My question is though, is there a way to set up a macro that will just give the thing to the closest ally? It really messes up targeting, when I have to switch off to a friendly and then back onto an enemy... again this could be because I'm a newbie, but it is just very frustrating to even attempt to share it which just seems very wasteful. Keep in mind I mainly run random bgs, and just want to bring in a little more team utility. usually if I run with friends, I just macro them in, but there are times when I run alone, and would just like to share it with closest ally. Any suggestions? What do you do to share bloodlust pro shamans? Are you clicking, or is there a macro I need to know? Thanks, Garthug.Garthug2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Akainu's Absolute Justice Can this legendary get a rework already? Since Hailstorm got nerfed to unusable even with this legendary, the passive never comes into play. It isn't even a good stat stick with all that crit on it. There is nothing "legendary" about it. Possible solutions: 1) Make it only require Flametongue. 2) Add a source of frost damage to another spell that doesn't require a loss of dps (ie. taking Hailstorm). 3) Give it a completely different passive. Preferably one that doesn't suck.Khaldris23 Feb 14
Feb 14 Totems = No Path Available Why is it so hard to place a totem, If i'm standing on a table in HoV, If I'm standing on a rock in EoA, basically if i'm not standing on the ground level i can't place a totem, I really find it frustrating.Munchmaquchi11 Feb 14