Aug 29 Tuskini=Ion confirmed?? Literally the only two people who have ever said that Reincarnation is an acceptable defensive. Coincidence???!!!Umeshoryu10 Aug 29
Aug 29 Earth Shield Is it just me or is Earth Shield useless against melee? Or at least almost. With there being no CD on the trigger, strong melee teams can rip it off well before the 6 second CD is over and that's if they don't global it off. I get that it was changed last patch and it was written off as a buff but really it was a nerf. Doubled how often charges are consumed (honestly probably more than double) but only gave us 25% more charges to compensate. I just watched my rating tank from 1900+ to 1750+. Playing rSham/Destro/Arcane (lol) and so melee/turbos eat the warlock alive. Even with Earth Shield up, it's barely enough for heals to keep up. Earth Shield is one of the only ways to keep the lock alive and several times I hit Earth Shield and it didn't even register 4 charges, would just start at 1 or 2. More than a handful of times I put it up and it was gone before I even saw it and I'd double check to make sure it was on CD and not on someone else. My only other option is spirit link but that just moves the damage around and is mana intensive. Am I the only one who wishes it was just a 15% damage reduction? Cause that's all I really want it for. Is it so much to ask that it be given an internal CD, like at least a second or two, maybe three? Or is this just a case of I "need to git gud"?Orcmom0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Typo on Lightning Shield tooltip Just noticed it says "Surround yourself with a shield of 'lighting' for 1 hour". Gamebreaking.Stormhawk1 Aug 29
Aug 28 Buff them! So apparently they're going to buff Elemental Shamans on Tuesday. I was thinking about maining a shaman but apparently they're not so great. Anyways, I hope this buff really gives Elemental Shamans the boost they need. Because they really need it.Arrudek1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Class Quest: Where the Hammer Falls Hi, I've just completed the Firelands quests as per my shaman chain, as elemental. Now I have the quest Where the Hammer Falls, except, where it indicates the quest to be inside the Maelstrom and also in Dalaran's Kasus Landing.. the bird isn't there, nor is thrall. Quest requires you to fly into the Maelstrom with Stormbeak but they are not there? I know this was reported in the early stages of beta but why does it appear to still be bugged, what am I missing!?Eiluaq11 Aug 28
Aug 28 Resto Shaman ToS Set Bonus I've done a few PUGs with other Shamans that have their 4 piece set bonus and are using Echo of the Elements. It looks like the results are crazy good. Does Echo + 4 piece really outweight CBT right now, because I feel like I need to explore downgrading pieces from other difficulty levels to get the set bonus.Xianwae8 Aug 28
Aug 27 Northern Gale from MoS The drop chance for this thing needs to be buffed. It's the only source of BiS for enh shamans, and w/ over 100 Helya kills logged still have yet to get one higher then 910.Martenluther0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Netherlight Crucible traits on my PTR Enh. Finally got the Crucible up on PTR, and this what the RNG assigned for me in in order of row 2 (2 items), and row 3 (3 items) Fire (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: 1750 Vers while concordance is up. 2-2: Chance of 1- second 200K absorb 3-1: Gathering of the Maelstrom 3-2: Spirit of the Maelstrom 3-3: Gathering Storms Iron (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: Chance of 166000 shadow damage and heal 2-2: +650 haste and movement speed. 3-1: Spiritual Healing 3-2: Spirit of the Maelstrom 3-3: Crashing Hammer Storm (Primary: Wind Strikes): 2-1: 60K to 300K shadow damage and heal chance 2-2: +650 haste and movement speed. 3-1: Spiritual Healing 3-2: Wind Surge 3-3: Wind Strikes So, in this case, I at least got a clear DPS choice on row 3 on each of them. Best arrangement would be to get something like Wind Strikes on 3-2, so you could choose either of the ones on row 2 to reach it.Fugubar1 Aug 27
Aug 27 Astral Shift needs improvement Given the fact other classes and specs have atleast 2 noteable defensives, I think if we're stuck with 1 along with our limited mobility, it should be more impressive. Recently I was playing a Demon Hunter, and noticed blur, which could be measured similarly with Astral Shift - but it's quite a bit better. Astral Shift - reduces damage taken by 40% for 8 seconds. 90s cooldown Blur - Reduces all damage take by 35%, and increases your chance to dodge by 50% for 10 seconds. 60s cooldown. So while this ability is 5% less damage taken, it also increases dodge, lasts longer, and is reusable 33% faster. On top of that it's on a class with additional defensive(s), and with higher mobility. That's fine and dandy that it's so strong for them, leave Blur as is - I'd just like to see some improvements to Shift, or an additional defensive option for shaman given our current squishiness.Rend24 Aug 27
Aug 27 Blue, Just Admit You're Clueless Nice 7.3 Nerf to Ele Shaman, a class that is already struggling to find a spot in raids. You need to fire whatever intern is looking at the logs and seeing these RNG Casino builds doing moderate damage and think that's representative of the entire class. The nerf to Smoldering Heart was fine, if your purpose was to keep players from using it, but why bother putting another broken RNG mechanic in the game in the first place. I just did a 2.3 minute Goroth fight where Smoldering Heart didn't proc a single time. And now you justify a HUGE nerf to elemental AOE by trying to give some more ST damage? Damage that may or may not be there based on how hard you pray to RNJesus? Come on, this is low tier development that isn't anywhere near the standard that a company like Blizzard possesses. Get your "A TEAM" in here and start fixing what's broke, and not just go "Oh, nobody is using EarthQuake because we nerfed it! We must now nerf Chain Lightning so people will use EarthQuake again!"Deathscythex25 Aug 27
Aug 26 Elemental Shaman Nerfs for 7.3 They nerfed elemental LOL Aug 26
Aug 26 I hate Stormkeeper I really wish Blizzard changes it but obviously its too late now, but i hardly use it at all because of its drawback Oh yeah its good to chain lightning and run but the way you have to stand still to cast it before even moving, it is annoying I would rather be instant cast or atleast castable while movingTitanbeard21 Aug 26
Aug 26 Enhancement Shaman Macros Need help on some useful Enhance Shaman Macros. List them below! Thanks! :Orkie20 Aug 26
Aug 26 Speculation about new Specs Was reading the DK forums and it was brought up that Blizz has mentioned adding new specs instead of new classes next expac. I had not heard that. Anyone confirm this has been brought up? Obviously, this would mean either Shaman Tank spec or "Enhance-like" 2 hander spec - I mean it would have to right?Auriga17 Aug 26
Aug 26 Casual pvp oriented I've been healing on my Druid in bg's mostly for an appearance. I wanna give it a go some on my shaman alt especially 7.3. Any tips or helpful guides out there? Haven't really played a healer since MoP, I know I've seen shaman in both rbg and arena and they look fun. But any help would be much appreciatedIfihaveto0 Aug 26
Aug 26 Elemental AOE/Cleave 7.3 Blizz, I like the direction of elemental in 7.3, but with the static overload changes and the renewed focus on earthquake damage, earthquake needs to be made more reliable so that our aoe finisher/spender isn't negated by movement. Please make the area larger and frontload the damage so that the spell functions more like an aoe earth shock with a small residual tick and knockdown chance. Also, our 2-3 target cleave is still very poor. I suggest making lava burst passively cleave onto secondary targets suffering from flame shock within a certain radius, a lot like frost mages' splitting ice. This'll help us damage wise while also giving us a little more maelstrom generation, which is generally problematic for us in cleave situations. I also think this'll help make Path of Flame an appealing competitor to Totem Mastery in certain situations, which is healthy given TM's dominance over the other two level 15 talents during t20.Laienne4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Bring back the original WF animation TitleRagingfire4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Returning Sham from MoP/WoD! Enh/Ele viable? Returning Shaman from MoP-WoD. I used to raid a lot in MoP ToT mainly and am returning after a while. I have a couple questions on the state of Shamans rn. I used to play a lot of Ele shaman back in MoP. They had a lot of damage, and in arena 2s I would be able to carry in 2s. Can Eles still do that? Towards WoD I switched to Enh, it was pretty fun as well. But now coming back into this Legion expansion, theyve completely changed the class. ALL MY TOTEMS ARE GONE TOO! :( I'm currently still an Enhance shaman, and have played it through WoD questing, but never managed to raid with. But now getting back into legion, I'm wondering which is strong. So aside from the above questions, which spec is strong in each PvE and PvP? Enh or Ele? Which has better AoE ? Better DPS? I remember back in MoP, with ele raiding, I would nearly top the damage charts. Can ele (and enh) still do that? Can enh/ele carry in 2s arenas still? Any feedback would be appreciated! TL;DR: Returning shaman from MoP raiding. Is Enh or Ele stronger in PvE and PvP? DPS wise? AoE Wise? Do we top damage charts? Arenas 2s carryable via any DPS shaman spec? Thanks!Stormhawk12 Aug 26
Aug 25 Why are enh shamans so squishy? And why is blizzard not addressing this at all. It's been a constant issue throughout the expansion so far. The damage mitigation and health for enhancement shamans is way too low. I feel like I take so much damage from everything compared to every other melee spec. Constantly spamming heal isn't fun, it takes so many global heal casts just to stay reasonably alive. Our only other defense cooldown is Astral Shift, and it has a reasonably long cooldown. Please blizzard listen to us and give us some kind of feedback on whether you think it's working out ok, or if you agree that something needs to be done about enh survivability.Usutu75 Aug 25
Aug 25 Elemental Looks Good! So with the patch notes finally being Released, we get to see what the final tunes for Elemental will be. Elemental Earthquake damage increased by 19%. Static Overload redesigned: After using Stormkeeper, your next Chain Lightning causes Elemental Overload to trigger on every target. Elemental continues to have strong AoE capabilities, but we want to help make their single target damage a bit more attractive. All damage abilities increased by 6% (with the exception of Chain Lightning). Earth Shock damage increased by 7%. Frost Shock damage increased by 13%. This set of changes gives Elemental much more room to benefit from their mastery stat before reaching the hard cap of 100% proc rate. Elemental Blast damage increased by 7%. Elemental Blast now provides 2000 stats at level 110 (was 2400). Elemental Overload now does 85% of base damage (was 75%) and its proc rate has been reduced by 17%. Totem Mastery: Storm Totem bonus reduced to 5% (was 10%). - I see this as a nice step in the right direction. the main thing here that I see is that 7.3 offers a relatively low amount of class changes compared to 7.2.5 . This is good news for Elemental bc we clearly have one of the better buffs happening with little competition in terms of buffs to keep us on the bottom end of logs. On top with the new Caster animations I am pumped for Arugs! Cheers, BennyBennythebull21 Aug 25
Aug 25 Enhance Rotation during Ascendance During Ascendance are we supposed to spend GCDs keeping Landslide and Flamtongue up? Almost seems like a waste during Windstrike proc chainsEmcshammer3 Aug 25
Aug 25 7.3 Enhancement versus Elemental So elemental is getting a 6% ST buff with the drop of 7.3? There is a 16.64% gap between my 922 elemental and 925 enhancement specs. But you know, you just keep doing what you do, Blizzard. *rolls eyes* Meanwhile, enhancement AoE still sucks, even with the T20 bonuses.Gormosh1 Aug 25
Aug 25 Is there any gear sim user-friendly addon? Currently, i have been using ask mr robot to simulate my best equipment. It is quite easy and i always take it with a grain of salt. I tried using the Pawn addon, but once i equipped something, it would tell me to change it back. Is there any user-friendly addon to choose my best gear in bag or to give me a list of "best in slot" items? If you guys are going to say simulationcraft, please give me some basic introduction to it.Antônioluiz3 Aug 25
Aug 25 Elemental Shaman DPS sucks Elemental Shaman DPS is way too low - keep getting kicked out of raid groups. Blizzard needs to double or triple the elemental shaman's DPS (especially single target). This is very discouraging - I am seriously thinking of quitting because of this.Moredge40 Aug 25
Aug 25 RSham pve advice Hello, I feel like my healing is lackluster and run out of mana toward the end of fights. Can you give me some advice on how to improve? I know one thing I need to work on is healing rain, but my raid hardly ever stacks up enough for me to think it justifies the mana cost. Here is a log of my guild's most recent N TOS attempt: Aug 25
Aug 24 Where is the Armament Supplier? Can't find him and Mr. Google is of no help.Gnowann3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Trinkets advice for Resto Hello there, I was a little unsure about asking here, I am not a min maxer and I bet you can find lots of errors on my gear (unenchanted pieces etc), I just don't have much time to play unfortunately, but I do my best. I am looking for advice as a raid healer: my mana is going down too fast, and my hps isn't that great. I blame this on participating mostly on farm groups - with people taking less and less damage and on raiding with other good healers, my mastery doesn't have a time to shine, since I'm not having a chance to target my heals on people with low health. Thus, I'll try to fix both issues by going crit>mastery, since crit will also help with my mana. I am not a Chain Heal spammer. Due to my only Resto legendary, I am always applying HR on cooldown. I also do the "tidal waves weaving" thing, following Riptide or Chain Heal casts with a buffed Healing Wave. However, I don't have good trinkets. I'm using this DPS legendary trinket (I was on Elemental spec trying for a relic drop for OS when the legendary popped up! Ugh!) purely for the stats, but I'd gladly put it back on my bags if you guys say it's not good. Besides RNG, the other trinket source we have is crafting. I could have either the Alchemist Stone or the Darkmoon Card, as they are both good for mana, but I don't know which of them I should focus on purchasing. Also, I don't know which of my current trinkets I should drop for the mana one. Thoughts? --- I am also ashamed to ask this, but I've read some rumors, is it true that we will have Human Shamans next xpac? No, right? --- Thanks in advance for your input!Peridoto8 Aug 24
Aug 24 H ToS Resto Advice for Small Raid Groups To start, here is my Warcraft Logs profile so hopefully someone will see and know what I'm doing wrong: I have a problem where I have no idea how to heal smaller raid groups. I can heal our Normal group where there is around 15 people, but there's normally around 10 in our Heroic group and I am obviously not keeping up. These are the problems that I have noticed with my healing: I have an over-reliance on Chain Heal I don't use Cloudburst Totem to its fullest capacity I don't use Spiritwalker's Grace nearly often enough I don't use Gift of the Queen often enough I barely use Spirit Link TotemI'm working on the bottom four, but number one has me stumped. The fights where people need to be spread out like Demonic Inquisition (or Engine of Souls where there is just so few people on my side) I struggle to do any meaningful healing. I've been trying talents like Undulation/Crashing Waves/Echo of the Elements and it can be okay, but it's not near the level I should be at. Is there something that I'm missing that can help?Charmancer14 Aug 24
Aug 24 Elemental macros ? Hello fellow shamans i was just wondering what macros do you use for the elemental spec ? Thank you all shaman powerAsapshammy10 Aug 24
Aug 24 Are Enhancement Shamans still viable? ***TL;DR at bottom*** This isn't a troll question. I mained a shaman a long time ago back when I first played WoW and it was the only class I truly fell "in love" with. It is fun, to me, and I like the enhancement burst and if I get bored with smacking things I can heal. So my question is this: If I re-roll my shaman, as my old one is gone :(, will I regret it, hate myself or etc? I really enjoy shaman, and I know they're not "top of the board" right now, but can I at least do some PvP/PvE as Enhancement and get some enjoyment? Also, does anyone have a "build" for Enhancement, know the rotation(s) or can you point me to a guide for it please? I checked WoWhead and haven't seen too much as far as an "absolute" guide for it. Thank you all in advance for reading this and helping me out. TL;DR - Want to re-roll shaman. Is Enhancement good for PvE/PvP still and what's a good URL for a build/guide for them. Thanks. I found this post on rotations: Rotations: Is that accurate?Gamliel9 Aug 24
Aug 23 What legendary to use with Legendary Hands. finally got the legendary gloves, smoldering Heart. I have all legendaries now except bis ring ( I have, the other one, Sephuz) What is the best legendary to use in conjunction with the legendary hands ? Sephus ? Feet ? Trinket ?Quallan2 Aug 23
Aug 23 weak auras does anyone know weak auras to display flametounge and frost brand so can keep track of the buffs so they dont fall off as muchAdryxi3 Aug 23
Aug 23 Mmo champ has nerfs posted? So both dps specs for shaman are being nerfed? Are shamans not allowed to be good? Sigh..... Tseric and bus shock hurt us.Vanril15 Aug 23
Aug 23 Torn between Elemental and Enhancement This shaman is a fresh 110 with low ilevel and 0 legendaries. Here are my pros and cons for both specs: Enhance: I've played melee DPS my whole life so I'm comfortable with it. To me, it seems easier to pick up(maybe I'm wrong? maybe because I'm used to melee?) The artifact weapons look way cooler than the elemental ones Elemental: I've played melee DPS my whole life so it would be refreshing to learn a caster class. Since I'm low ilevel with no legendaries elemental seems like garbage as I struggle to kill more than 1 mob at the same time, but I hear once you get gear that changes. I've played rogue most of my life which is a class that is historically bad in AoE situations (I never played combat / outlaw), it would also be refreshing to play a class that has good AoE. Anyone want to help me make my decision? How does Enhance / Elemental look for 7.3? Is one spec clearly better than the other? Which one has to more complicated rotation?Quizixz9 Aug 23
Aug 23 Buff chain heal Anyone else think that chain heal is pretty weak and needs to be buffed? I use the echo of elements and crashing tides talents, which imo is much better than chain heal.Shamdunks2 Aug 23
Aug 23 Resto Advice Just looking for some insight on Resto, both for raiding and M+, though I suppose I'm more concerned for m+. Once getting around 915 ilvl, what balance of stats are you looking for. Maybe not exacts but just looking for what type of balance you want between Haste/Crit/Mastery (I know we love crit and mastery). I know how to spec for raiding but for M+, I tend to run: Undulation Graceful Spirit LST Crashing Waves EST EotE Ascendance I'm just bringing up my baby shammie now so I haven't hit high keys yet but I plan on getting this character to high keys (15 and then up) as soon as I can, so I'm more concerned for pushing high keys. Lastly, what are considered our BiS trinkets and Legos for M+? <3 Thank you all for any insight. :)Taiyiss4 Aug 23
Aug 22 Coil of the Drowned Queen droprate I really want this, I hit up eye of azshara multiple times every day to no avail. Am I just unlucky or is it very rare?Shirati18 Aug 22
Aug 22 Enhancement isn't flashy enough I kinda like all the shaman specs, but it seems like Enhancement is kinda of lacking in the visual department. Sure, its got some cool ui effects, like when your stormstrike procs come up. But I feel like there needed to be more flashy spell effects. While stormstrike and crash lightning look pretty cool there are some spells that don't have much going for them. Just take Flametongue weapon for example. There is almost no visual que for that spell, and hardly even an impact animation. Hell, it imbues your weapon with flame so why isn't our weapon covered in flame? And also the dated model for ascendance could definitely use an update. And lava lash in its current state should be re-named to Smack with Hot Frying Pan. Lava lash could be so much cooler. Like literally whipping your target castlevania style but with the lava pouring out of your offhand weapon. And last I checked the enhancement artifact ability has literally no visual element to it. When I play enhancement I just look like a warrior with a touch of lightning. With the visual updates around the corner for ele and resto, I just thought I'd point this out and wonder if anyone else feels how I do on this.Poolala12 Aug 22
Aug 22 Nearly impossible to level >100 as Elemental? I've been zerging dungeons as resto to level up and I'm finally in Legion. I had no trouble switching to Ele in WoD for questing and succeeding, but when I got into Legion, I can barely kill a single mob, and if I pull 2 it's a guaranteed death. It's actually easier for me to quest as resto than ele since I can heal myself. It takes forever to kill anything but at least I dont die every 15 minutes. I played around with different talents last night from a few guides I've seen without much luck. Since both specs favor Intellect I'm at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong since the gear should be similar, but I do piss poor damage and die in a few hits. Any ideas or am I just a bad player?Nixis5 Aug 22
Aug 21 Naga shaman Were they shaman before turning Naga or after? I think before cause night elf shamans would be fun.Terranox5 Aug 21
Aug 21 What is Resto Shaman like? I have been trying to figure out what healer to play, focusing on MW Monk (having played and enjoyed it before) and Disc Priest (due to dmg>healing). However I sort of forgot that Shaman had a healing class due to A. Wondering why there would be a class designed around using the elements but a spec devoted to using one and B. Having looked at enhancement and found dpsing boring. However, while looking into healers I have found out that RShamans are pretty good, so what are they like?Droe11 Aug 21
Aug 21 Enhance or Resto? I kind of want to try melee DPS (only ever done ranged and I don't like it) but at the same time healing is all I really know (even if it is starting to get boring and grating). Edit: Dwarf, of course.Droe10 Aug 21
Aug 21 Trinket opinions - Enh Hello, I currently have a 940 specter, 940 engine, and 935 cradle. Was just wondering what everyone's opinions are for which bosses I should use each trinket on.Martenluther9 Aug 21
Aug 20 Spirit Link Totem and Embrace of the Eclipse I apologize in advance if this question has been answered in a previous posting; however, I searched the forum and did not find any related postings. How does Spirit Link's redistribution of health work with healing the absorbtion shield from the Embrace of the Eclipse (Sisters of the Moon in heroic Tombs of Sargeras)? In other words, is Spirit Link Totem effective for healing the absorbtion shield? If yes, how does it compare to Healing Tide in effectiveness?Quisaut9 Aug 20
Aug 20 Elemental changes I have mained an ele shaman since TBC and just like most people who play this spec i am not too comfortable with the current state of the spec. I have a few ideas, that may have been brought up before or may not have, that i believe would be balanced but helpful fixes to a few of the big problems with ele. This post is mainly to see feedback from others of the ele community on what they think could be done different or if the agree with what i say, let me know. 1. Ele mobility is suffering a lot right now which is one of the biggest problems with the spec. I think to fix this problem there are a few things that could be done, starting with simply bringing back spiritwalker's grace or the ability to cast lightning bolt while moving, neither of these were overpowered on their own and made us more viable for heavy movement fights. Another thing i believe would be a big help would be to rework gust of wind. I believe gust of wind would benefit the spec a lot more if it worked closer to a demon hunters fel rush in a way. Currently gust of wind is weak compared to similar spells such as blink or displacer beast as it is not immediate and we can take damage from floor effects as we travel with it. To make it still feel like a shaman ability and make it work better it could be used as instead of a gust more of a burst of wind that would work more like a dash. Another option would be to keep gust of wind how it is, but add a speed boost after the shaman lands, this speed boost would be short and just enough to make dealing with mechanics fair for an ele shaman. 2. The other big issue i see with ele is that we have very poor survivability. One simple solution would be to bring back shamanistic rage so we could balance out 2 defensives instead of feeling like paper whenever astral shift is on cd. The other solution that in my opinion is the better one is to give ele a form of earth shield that works like a mages shield kinda. It wouldn't be anything too unique, but it would fit the shaman feel and give the spec what it needs. 3. The two issues listed above are in my opinion the biggest ones but another big issue is of course dmg. I personally love playing ele and would hate to play anything else, but our st dmg is very low. I don't think this needs reworking, but more of just a flat buff that is more than what we are getting on ptr. These have been my opinions on the current state of ele, i'm sure someone has said some of this somehwere already, but i'm not constantly browsing forums so i am not 100% aware of what has already been said. If you play an ele shaman and agree with what i said or believe something different should be done let me know, but keep it constructiveOctopiee11 Aug 20
Aug 20 Ascendance v Ice Fury So I was wondering how people felt about Icefury in ToS. Are people testing it out on any fights on any difficulties? Playing around with sims with it? I ask because I was accidentally trying it out on LFR (was doing PVP and forgot to switch talents back) and the damage I was doing seemed similar but with the obvious increase in mobility. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I will be doing some sims of my character to figure out what will work best in terms of damage output, but practice will definietly be needed since I am a little rustyNahir10 Aug 20
Aug 20 Experienced shaman/alt advice needed Quick wow history, I played vanilla (rogue/shaman) BC (warlock) WotLK (DK) then had a kid... Finally returned for Legion and have a 900+ DH with 20+ days, this monk with 9ish, a Druid with 10, a shaman with 10 and a host of other random 110s. I was never an alt guy until Legion. I got really pigeon holed into tanking because I was good at it and managed to do my +15 etc pre NH and then quit for Broken Shore. I want to come back as a healer and really focus on a main again that I can carry into the next x-pack. I really love shaman, but am skittish because my Druid was just so much better. When Kara dropped it was a real eye opener. On nightbane runs my shaman would struggle because of mobility a small a few fights DHT dragon and Kara Viz just really hurt but my Druid I could walk in with the same comp and walk over it. Am I just naturally a better Druid and should stick with it? Or is there a reasonable expectation that if I put in some real time with Shaman I could push keys like my Druid? For a benchmark I was 17+ pre NH. I love shaman, I just can't get the performance out of it and don't want to commit to dissapointment. I literally like them better for every other kind of content though.Nòvara1 Aug 20
Aug 19 New To Shaman Class - Starting One Today I have not decided on the race yet, I like Draenei minus the hoof foot thing going on but I am going to be trying out the class today. I have tried Druid, Warlock, Death Knight, Rogue, and Demon Hunter far enough to decide if I liked them or if they were not my style. I will be using DPS and doing mainly PvE. what I am here to ask today is which spec is easier to start with. Elemental or Enhancement? I do not know if both specs use the totems or not, and I am a rather new player and want the easest to learn and manage spec for now. Rotation and survival are important for me, I will be mainly doing quests and some dungeons with a friend who is going to be tanking. I do not like to tank or heal personally, mainly because I a new to this game in general and want the game play simplified with the easier to use spec while I learn the mechanics of things in general. TL:DR - For a new player trying out Shaman which is easier to use and understand, Elemental or Enhancement?Vaerth7 Aug 19
Aug 19 Gear Sharing Between Specs? Maining Resto for group content but I'd also like to keep up with Enhance for solo content and to dps in groups when I'm bored of healing. Do they share any gear at all or do I need to gear them up individually? If the latter what should I do to gear up Enhance while maining Resto?Shockrain7 Aug 19
Aug 18 Elemental Shaman DPS I mostly run Mythic + dungeons, and my DPS is all over the place, mostly very low to mediocre. I'm 908 ilevel right now. I've completed a BRH recently with 950k DPS but I just finished an Upper Kara with something like 525k. I range anywhere from 500k to 900k depending on the dungeon( mostly 500-750k) I feel like I am absolutely awful on single targets but okay when fighting large groups. I don't want to change classes because shamans are my favorite. Do I suck or are ele shamans suffering right now?Firesphere16 Aug 18