Jun 11 Secondary Stats for a Casual What would be a general ordering to secondary stats for: Elemental Resto Enhancment That can be considered, if not ideal, at least safe guideline to follow when gearing up a shaman? I don't intend to do much on her beyond WQs, rare pvp, and at most probably normal raids in the course of unlocking weapon skins.Medeoan3 Jun 11
Jun 11 Struggling in Raid. Need advice. Yeah so I've been struggling for a while now and my guild wants me for mythic. I'm wondering why the hell I'm doing sub 600k STILL at this point. During this raid I've tried 3 different talent builds and I've barely broken 600 on some fights. It's been frustrating and I'm at a point where I'm gonna throw my hands up and say "screw it" and switch to elemental. But I really don't want to do that because I'm going to have concordance by next week. I've put too much work into this character to reroll either. I've been playing enhancement since this expansion came out and this character since Cata. Jun 11
Jun 11 Buff Track - Enh Hello, i just got the legendary bracers and I'm losing track of my flametongue / frostbrand up times. Im looking for suggestions on a buff tracker to use, thank you!Martenluther13 Jun 11
Jun 11 Elemental rework Elemental will be renamed to Dumpsterfire. Lightning Bolt now laughs at enemies then tickles them. Lava Burst will now have the appearance of a tennis ball and do zero damage. Shocks will be completely removed and replaced with Salty Tears. Casting Salty Tears you will hear Blizzard laugh at you and lower your stats by 20%. Chain Lightning now throws wet noodles at enemies. Dumpsterfire Shamans are automatically not allowed in raids and soon dungeons entirely.Profien0 Jun 11
Jun 10 Resto crit or haste Every where i look it tells me one or the other sucksGinoatkins14 Jun 10
Jun 10 mount colors i might be the only one but it's really disappointing when all 3 specs, which i play at different times, share a lot of the same armor, and therefore share similar transmogs, but the same color theme.... yet the shaman mount has 3 different colors, for all 3 different specs, so there's no real way to match it unless you pay a bunch of gold each time you want to change your transmog color scheme. suggestion to fix, and the thing that makes the most sense, idk why they didn't do it this way in the first play, is let us choose what color we want active rather than forcing it to match the spec we're currently playing. idk am i the only one that LOVES enh/ele colors, but hates the dirty greenish color that the water one is mixed with gold? i get it, sharas'dal is that ugly color too. but i use the blue color for it. so it doesn't even match the skin i prefer for my artifact.Mephalá11 Jun 10
Jun 10 Mythic Dungeons as Enh Hello, my question is a fairly simple one compared to others I've seen I think. Which legendary combination is best for M+ runs?Martenluther5 Jun 10
Jun 10 Shaman class mount animation Have you guys seen the shaman class mount spacebar animation? Wtf is it doing? My shaman friend and I crack up every time we do it because it just looks so silly. Seriously what is it doing?Ivikatasha5 Jun 10
Jun 10 Resto hidden artifact from mythic plus? I've done reading and no one addresses this... can you get the hidden appearance from keystone dungeons?Karemel9 Jun 10
Jun 10 Crit or haste resto Hey I'm pretty new to the game only, started playing during 7.2 and every thing i read tells me haste but every1 i ask in game or rl tells me to max crit. Just looking for advice For resto shaman sorryGinoatkins8 Jun 10
Jun 10 Shaman's lore I just got the class mount and was totally disappointed with the story for it all. The scenario was utter ****. For lore it was just bad. Oh Thunderaan cant keep some people in check send the Farseer in. Once you put 3 air element guys in line get an elemental that you can ride around as your mount B****. The lore for it as I see it was terrible. Doomhammer lore was mediocre at best for this major lore weapon. There was no dipping it in lava like there was in the past. Shamans are not what shamans used to be. They took the totems away, keep reworks for the class, the lore is just going down hill, our numbers for DPS and heals are just middle of the pack at best. It seem Blizz doesn't want you to play shamans anymore. There used to be so much lore for Shamans that was rich are fun to know and made you love the class. I have been playing my shaman since vanilla and the class mount quest might have been the last straw for me to change my main. I love how it looks. It's just the lore and story are ruining it all for me. It just makes me really sad.Volmire3 Jun 10
Jun 10 The only saving grace? So on PTR I was using Blood Pact with Smoldering Heart and I had 41.5% uptime on Ascendance and sustained a million dps for a duration of 5 minutes. Granted it this is a huge RNG to use these 2 but it turned out really well, but you'll need both legendaries for it to even stand a chance. Still you will lose the additional 10% on Focus from T19, so Blizz still needs to buff everything across the board 10 to 15% to even still be viable.Profien0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Feast or Famine. Am I the only one who liked feast or famine style, I wouldn't even call it waiting on procs. I felt like I was never in Famine long. Then Lava lash coming into play to force proc when we hit famine should have just became baseline, something worth while to spend maelstrom on. I really felt like we needed to make an ability to proc stormbringer like Lava Lash that uses maelstrom baseline and up our damage on 1 target a small percent and tweak 2-3targets, other classes can have the 4+ If I wanted to have burst windows on BIG cds, or pull resources, chain things together, there is lots of other options for that play style. Maybe shaman just isn't for you.Hoodwinks1 Jun 10
Jun 10 Patch Notes Out Is it just me or did they miss most of the "buffs" for ele... And buffing storm ele? WutNuudelz8 Jun 10
Jun 10 TW Better Than BL Welp...there we have it. BL costing 21.5% of mana in 7.2.5, TW costing less. It costs them 44k mana, and it will cost a shaman 236500k in the new patch. DPS shaman wont blink an eye at this, but Resto shamans won't be wanting to use BL if it drains their mana that much. Blizz taking another classic Shaman ability, giving it to another class, and then making them better at doing it.Chazzwozzer10 Jun 10
Jun 9 Just boosted Shaman So I just boosted Shaman and I'm starting to regret it. I chose this class because it had a fun rotation and I thought having a heal, and mail armor would help me solo very well...I didn't realize spamming that heal was going to be part of my rotation to stay alive. Is this a armor thing? I constantly find myself below 50% and struggling to survive against 4 mobs or so, I'm also getting wacked no problem in pvp... :( Starting to regret it. Advice?Sokorri20 Jun 9
Jun 9 Elemental Changes in 7.2.5 Let's talk about these changes to our talents and spells coming in the new patch. Oh wait....Kargar33 Jun 9
Jun 9 Shaman: Remove Totems from the GCD in PvP! This is a post I just created in the class development forums if any of you guys want to go support it. Pasted here. Please remove Totems from the GCL in PvP. As a Elemental Shaman Totems on the GCL create to long of a setup for a class with such low mobility. It also limits our talent choices and combinations unless you want us to spend over 5+ seconds setting up before we can even begin to cast damaging spells. Let's say for the sake of my argument I choose a spec that includes Totem Mastery, Wind Rush Totem, Earthgrab Totem, Liquid Magma Totem, and Skyfury Totem. In a situation were every other class simply presses the 1 button "everything" macro, I have to 1GCD, 1GCD, 1GCD, 1GCD, 1GCD, 1GCD, 1GCD, before I even get a damaging spell off? I find that a little over the top wouldn't everyone agree? That sequence would be Fire Elemental, Totem Mastery, Earthgrab Totem, Wind Rush Totem, Stormkeeper, Skyfury Totem, and Liquid Magma Totem. So in order to utilize my class instead of instantly starting damage like others I have to cast 7 GCDs then comes my Flame Shock? I feel this is one of the reasons Elemental Shaman have a hard time in faster paced fights. It is one of the things that make us vulnerable in PvP. It also forces us to choose certain talent combinations in order to avoid a 7 GCD opener. That's my rant, thank you for reading.Blackwoman1 Jun 9
Jun 9 How is elemantals survival in raid/M+ Is the self heal good enough? how much does it heal for when 900+Prolapser10 Jun 9
Jun 9 Prydaz and roots together for resto? So i just got prydaz to drop today. I've read a number of places that these two legendaries aren't the best to use together? The only other legendary i have is eye of the twisting nether for eleAmarra6 Jun 9
Jun 9 Basic Resto Shaman Question I'm specced into Ascendance. Is there any no no's with regards to popping both ascendance and healing tide totem together for burst healing? Do people generally keep them apart?Earthfister10 Jun 9
Jun 9 Recruiting Ele Sham <Death of Irony> 3/10M is looking for elemental shammy to fill out our core roster. Raid nights are Wed & Thurs 7-10 with an optional raid Tuesday 7-9. Please have logs and be 25 or older. (Horde,Thrall)Skwatchin0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Intact nazjatar molting is very weak. The restoration shaman legendary belt is extremely weak and will be absolutely obsolete when the new legendary items come out. Here is why. I've had this thing proc about 3 times a fight during raids. If the new legendary item gives echo of elements automatically then that means by default you would have 2 riptide charges. I don't have to post numbers because flat out you know which one is better. Another problem with the belt is that if the entire raid is low you would never want to just spam riptide around, it wouldn't provide enough healing. It's only use in 20+ man raids is occasionally sniping a riptide on someone low and then getting to put one on a tank or something. This <=40% health requirement to recharge riptide is insane. Instead the health percentage should be higher, or reduce the cool down based on how much health the player had.Earthright2 Jun 9
Jun 9 I think path of flame is bugged. I have been testing path of flame lately because simcraft is showing it as higher dps than the totems for me right now. Im noticing that no matter how close together adds are and how many lava bursts i put out, the flame shock doesnt ever spread.Smashyz2 Jun 9
Jun 9 Enh Hidden Artifact Skin is unfair I hate to use the word unfair but it really is. Enh is in a good place right now so there are a lot of us but so far i have seen one guys with the skin. If you look at the other classes like Ret Pally, DH, Outlaw Rogues and Hunters, they all have a much easier time getting there's. Now i don't think it should be easy to get but the level of RNG we need to get past is nuts. I could see most people not getting it until Legion is over. The way you obtain all the Shaman hidden skins sucks really. No cool quest just run EOA or kill bosses in the underbelly or kill a world boss then wait another 10 weeks to try again. I don't know if it could be fixed, maybe have all world bosses drop it or god forbid have something cool that sends you back to the Troll dungeons/ raids.Lildave27 Jun 9
Jun 9 Earth Shock Changed Shaman Class Tools Elemental Talents Honor Talents Artifact Calc Enhancement Talents Honor Talents Artifact Calc Restoration Talents Honor Talents Artifact Calc Elemental Specialization (1) Earth Shock Instantly shocks the target with concussive force, causing up to (920%1100% of Spell power) Nature damage based on Maelstrom spent. Effect #1 School Damage Value: 0 (SP mod: 9.211) Thoughts?Hakawa9 Jun 9
Jun 9 Why does Blizzard hate shamans? Serious question.Kazmatics3 Jun 9
Jun 8 Please Delete Moving topic to class discussion. Please delete. Thanks :)Lokrathar0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Does enhance have any survivability anymore? Welp does it? It used to be amazing. I've dabbled on it at 100. I'd just like to know if it possibly gets any better.Brootality28 Jun 8
Jun 8 Enhance or Elemental I'm leveling a orc shaman right now, but I can't decide on enhance or elemental. Any advice?Gronak7 Jun 8
Jun 8 It is Time for the Million Shaman March. Well fellow shamans, we all know how we have been treated the last many years, over and over we get the shaft, left behind, nerfed, pruned, mechanically kicked in the nuts, mocked, and generally forgotten behind blizzards pet fotm classes! I say it is time! Time to organize, both horde and alliance players, time to get together to make our voices known! We are regularly ignored and left derelict in lieu of *insert class name of your choice*, and tossed to the side only to be offered the occasional scraps tossed by our arrogant overlords who ignore all of our feedback 100% of the time! I say enough! Our class has been one of the bottom specs for a long time now and its time for a chance! MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!!!Margrath18 Jun 8
Jun 8 Akainu's Absolute Justice I picked up this Legendary after an LFR raid recently, how dramatically does this change my rotation? Do I start prioritizing Lava Lash over Stormstrike? Should I change from Swiftness to Hailstorm? Are there any other Single Target changes or Rotations I should be aware of?Wroylen2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Enhancement AoE Just wanted to throw out a couple of things for the Shaman's here to talk about. 1) How is Enhancement AoE currently? At the moment my shaman is 108 and I haven't had much experience with AoE fights due to poor survivability past 3+ mobs. 2) If we have good AoE capabilities, how can we ...-enhance-... what we already have? Is the AoE dmg we currently pull good enough to stay competitive with elemental? I've been thinking about this because a few talents make no sense to me currently. I think there are a couple of talents on the tree that we could add some sort of AoE component to in order to bring our viability in Mythic+ up to a really high par. For example Rainfall is a decent lvling tool I find, but other than that it really serves little purpose for dps. Why not add a component that strikes any target within your Rainfall with 70% or 80% of stormstrike dmg. You get the feel of electricity being buffed by water and you get some really nice AoE burst with SB procs. Another talent is Lightning Shield. It's a fun concept sure but it's really underpowered and I don't know of anyone who is taking it over the other two options. This one I'm unsure of but it's talents like these that I think can be pointed out as being so niche that they're practically never taken for any reason, and I think with some small additions they could be viable options to take in Mythic+. Either that or I just wasted your time.Orcrates4 Jun 8
Jun 8 Enh shamans have no mobility This is something that needs to be addressed as we have classes like Monks and demon hunters who can literally roll away 2x before i even have feral lunge up... i suggest you either make feral lunge have the same cooldown and fel rush and roll.or give us a totem that removes all roots and makes us immune to them while in the 10 yard range like i have did over 50 games at 1970 cr in 2s and all we have versing is DH/MW and i cant even touch them all it is a of running for 6 mins til dampening is above 50%... like i have versed teams that dont even attack until 50% damp is up you have to do something this is just unbearable waddling for a whole 6 mins. just to get killed by a DH that is supposedly to weak and need to get buffedDranosh6 Jun 8
Jun 8 Enhancement RBG Is enhancement at all viable for 2k+ RBGS?Bootycheeker2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Enh PVP rotation arena What's the PVP rotation like for arena? Feels like there are so many spells after switching from ELEDistortiøn5 Jun 8
Jun 7 Are YOU SERIOUS?! How do you go from initial 75% FS increased dmg on T20 2P, to 100%, back to 75%, NOW DOWN to 20%?! Even the 4P went to garbage. That is it, I've stuck with this terrible spec for years. I'm completely done now. Screw this.Profien51 Jun 7
Jun 7 I want to make a deal with you Shamans Time to talk about trading class mounts. Ok, you guys are supposed to be in tune with spirits and stuff, with animals and all that crap. So, naturally, you'd think Shaman would want the Hunters wolfhawk dragon thing. You can commune with it all day, talk about spirit !@#$, maybe discuss how climate change is weakening Frost Shock, whatever. It's obvious that we Hunters were supposed to get a lava elemental mount, so I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to see justice delivered for both of us. I'll even sweeten the deal by throwing in one of our Spirit Beasts as another travel form for you, Banthalos?? Signed, All Hunters.Kushtaka6 Jun 7
Jun 7 Enh much better in 7.2.5? I really want to play Shaman (saw that insane class mount today). But I notice Enh is low on the NH and M+ logs. St is below average and AOE is trash. I see a lot of buffs in the PTR, does this help a lot for those who have tried it on PTR? Does the crash lightning buff help with AOE a lot?Superbanky3 Jun 7
Jun 7 Earthquake Nerf was worst possible solution So in the latest PTR patch Blizzard nerfed Earthquake by making it no longer scale with haste, possibly to fix us from using EQ on single target (or maybe for some other reason? blizz always gives no communication for ele changes). They gave it a weak compensation buff that doesn't anywhere near cover the nerf. It's problematic for several reasons: -You nerfed the only niche elemental was actually good at -You reduced ele's utility in M+ (less chances for knockdowns) -Less ticks means less chances at Seismic Storm procs, which adds even more RNG and makes our AoE even more volatile Combined with the fact that ST is abysmal and T20 which was so terrible it wasn't even worth equipping going untouched, not only does elemental have no place in raids, it will drop of heavily in M+ once people become ToS geared since ele will be stuck with a 5-6 ilvl penality wearing T19.Superlurker9 Jun 7
Jun 7 No Power Ascended Rewards for Shaman? Is this correct? Some classes get multiple options, but nada for those who commune with the elements (and Warriors)? No Dark Shaman Pepe? No walking totem pet? No Fel-corrupted flying Tempest skin? Say it ain't so!Reddbull11 Jun 7
Jun 6 Ele shams What am I supposed to do for mythic prog this massive single target tier? Reroll on alts who dont have BiS legos? Blizz wake the !@#$ up.Totembarbu8 Jun 6
Jun 6 Elemental Shaman 7.2 Hey guys, recently been playing my shaman as ele for the last month to change to range dps to help out my raid team, I've been hearing a lot about nerfs coming up for ele this patch, at this stage its to my understanding elemental is near the top of range dps for fights in NH, how do you think they will stand in ToS with these nerfs, if there is a link to the changes being made it would be awesome if you could link below for me and anyone else wondering. thanks in advance for your comments.Acelius3 Jun 6
Jun 6 What am I doing wrong? For clarification, I have completed the campaign on every class and all of them are ilvl 860+. A few are actually missing relics in their weapon, but my Shaman is not one of those. Out of all the classes, I do not struggle to fight things on any of them except my Shaman. If I get more than two mobs on me, I have to fight to stay alive, spamming heals on myself, regardless of which spec I play. I have looked at Icy Veins, looked at other guides, practiced on target dummies so my rotation is familiar and I don't have to think about it. And yet, I have to run away or die if I pull more than two mobs. What am I doing wrong? Apparently it's me because no one else seems to struggle on their shaman like this.Lorasia20 Jun 6
Jun 6 Proc notifications I use the default UI. I only play enhancement as of now, so I really don't need to alter my frames etc. I hope. When Stormstrike procs, I get a white arrow above my head. I didn't change any settings it just pops up on screen. Is there any way to get a notification like that when lava lash procs? I know I can see it on the bar but rarely do I ever look at my bar. Or, as I don't know enough about the addon(took me forever to figure out how to put two rows for crying out loud) is there a way to show the proc on the spell icon in tellmewhen? I can always throw the spell up there as I have an empty spot I can add it to. Thank you in advance.Mastadon2 Jun 6
Jun 6 Ethereal Form bug I have noticed a bug to Ethereal Form after I have used it a few times in a bg. It will become grayed out and unusable. I submitted a bug report and hopefully it will be seen. Has anyone else had this occur?Fallingpiano1 Jun 6
Jun 6 New Legendaries So are any of the new legendaries going to be BIS for elemental? If so, which of our current BIS do we remove?Kwizzlix6 Jun 6
Jun 6 Ele sham pvp Been wanting to level my ele/resto shaman for rated BGs. Wanted to see if the shaman community can verify if resto/ele sham is even viable for RBGs or 3v3?Badvoodoobro2 Jun 6
Jun 5 Another Trinket Question Keeping it simple: 890 Preserved Cake + Socket: 1287 Mastery total + active OR 890 Mastery stat stick + leech: 1879 int + 1137 Mastery + 511 Leech I sometimes find the cake active underwhelming because of the short range it seems to have and am not sure if int trade off is worth it. Thoughts?Primeministr6 Jun 5
Jun 5 Might level a shaman how is it? Particullarly in pvp. Im interested in the elemental spec only. Is it middle of the pack or weaker? On the fun scale how is it? Shaman gear looks the coolest do i wanna make one.Isco6 Jun 5