Jun 15 [Outdated] Destro Guide / Log Help Thread ... Introduction This guide is written to be a quick reference for those looking to get an idea of how to play Destruction and those who are looking to improve their performance with the spec. It is split into two sections, the first forming a short guide, answering common questions that are asked around the forums, including Talent choices, Stat priority and rotation. The second section describes how to log and analyse your performance. Foreword Heading into BFA and with the existence of LOSS, it feels like the longer Guides that used to exist on this forum are either redundant, because they echo exactly what LOSS has but without the sim data, or caused problems when they (the Destro guide I wrote) conflicted with what LOSS was saying due to late updates or errors. My goal with revising this guide is to condense it to the point that its easier to update when changes occur, it only focuses on common questions/queries that people on the forums have without stepping on LOSS' toes too much by trying to go super in depth about every point, whilst keeping this guide as a handy and informative quick reference for anyone in the forums who sees it and has some simple questions. Table of Contents 1 - Basics and Common Questions 1. Talents and Suggested Builds 2. Rotation 3. Stat Priority, Enchants and Consumables 4. Addons and Macros2 - Logging and Analysis 1. How To Log 2. Quick Log Analysis Points 3. How to Ask For Help3 - Sources 1. Data and Sims 2. Other Sources4 - Conclusion ... 1-1 Talents and Suggested Builds Talent Calculator: http://wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/destruction Tier One: Backdraft currently performs the best in this tier, with there being almost no situation in which Roaring Blaze and Shadowburn are preferable. Tier Two: In single target and 2 target cleave, Eradication is your best choice; 3 or more targets, particularly in dungeons, Empowered Life Tap performs better. Reverse Entropy is currently not useful compared to the other two. Tier Three: Demonic Circle is going to be your go-to for raids, unless you specifically require a stun. Shadowfury is good for dungeons, specifically in Mythic+. Mortal Coil's heal can be useful, but for the most part is too niche for general PvE use. Tier Four: Soul Harvest is your best choice for 1 and 2 targets. For 3+, Fire and Brimstone tends to outperform Cataclysm in all situations outside of burst AoE with very short windows that lines up very closely with Cataclysm's CD. Tier Five: Burning Rush tends to be the go-to given our limited movement options, especially in dungeons. When picking between survivability options, Demon Skin will perform well in situations with constant small damage, whilst Dark Pact performs better where you are required to soak mechanics or when damage is infrequent and large. Tier Six: Grimoire of Service is your go-to in ST, with Grimoire of Sacrifice beginning to pull ahead on consistent 3+ targets. Grimoire of Supremacy tends to be avoided due to its cumbersome interaction with Lord of Flames (being triggered by Infernal's Meteor Strike w/ Supremacy). Tier Seven: Wreak Havoc should be used when there are consistently 2-3 targets to cleave. In all other situations you should use Channel Demonfire; Soul Conduit can arguably out perform it in 4+ AoE situations. Suggested ST Build Tier One: Backdraft Tier Two: Eradication Tier Three: Demonic Circle Tier Four: Soul Harvest Tier Five: Any Tier Six: Grimoire of Service Tier Seven: Channel Demonfire Suggested Dungeon Build Tier One: Backdraft Tier Two: Empowered Life Tap (Eradication if boss damage is important) Tier Three: Shadowfury Tier Four: Fire and Brimstone Tier Five: Burning Rush Tier Six: Grimoire of Service Tier Seven: Any ... 1-2 Rotation Basic Single Target Rotation This subsection is intended as a quick reference for players unfamiliar with the Destro spellbook. More advanced tips can be found in the following sections. Keep Immolate up as close to 100% of the time as possible. Cast Chaos Bolt under either of the following scenarios: A) Damage increasing effects are active (trinket procs, Soul Harvest, encounter mechanics that increase damage, etc.) B) You are about to cap at 5 Soul Shards. Its suggested to cast Chaos Bolt at ~4.5 Shards unless deliberately building towards 5 for burst. Keep one charge of Conflagrate on cooldown, saving one for burst or movement. Keep one charge of Dimensional Rift on cooldown, saving two for burst or movement. (Save only one charge once you get Dimensional Ripper to ensure you get the most out of the trait). Cast Incinerate Basic Multiple Target Rotation Once you encounter more than one target, your priorities need to change. At 2 Targets: Keep Immolate up on both targets. Use Havoc to cleave powerful spells onto both targets eg. Chaos Bolts/Roaring Blaze Immolates. Continue ST rotation otherwise. At 3+ Targets: Keep Immolate up on 3-5 targets Cast Rain of Fire when 3+ targets are present, 4+ targets if you can Havoc cleave Chaos Bolts instead Keep one charge of Conflagrate on cooldown, saving one for burst or movement. Keep one charge of Dimensional Rift on cooldown, saving two for burst or movement. (Save only one charge once you get Dimensional Ripper to ensure you get the most out of the trait). Cast Incinerate Opening Sequence (~3 seconds before pull) Pre-pot Pre-cast Incin Pre-cast Immolate (Pull)Conflag Pet CDs Rifts SH Conflag Continue normal rotation Notes: You can fit a second pre-casted Incinerate at max distance, in which case you should start pre-casting at ~5 seconds. With CDF + Eradication, you should cast your first CDF after your first CB lands. Otherwise after SH is up. Advanced Rotation Roaring Blaze When choosing this Talent, you will no longer be saving Conflags for burst or movement, instead saving them to buff a Pandemic'd Immolate (18 sec + 5.4 = 23.4 seconds long). You will end up weaving Immolates like this: Buffed Immolate -> Immolate falls off -> Standard Immolate til all Conflag charges gained -> Buffed Immolate -> ... The number of Conflags you should use on a single Immolate varies depending on T19 2pce and Haste procs/cooldowns; generally you should use all your banked charges plus one additional charge as it comes off cooldown. You should use one extra charge (possibly 2 with T19 2pce) during lust/hero/warp or similar Haste buff. To minimise the time that Immolate is not on your target, you should cast Immolate with about 1 second left on a buffed Immolate, which will allow the buffed Immolate to get its partial tick out and have an Immolate reapplied soon after. Keep this Immolate rolling as normal until you are about to max Conflag charges, at which point you should apply Immolate such that you get the full duration, then cast your Conflags, rinse and repeat. Roaring Blaze: TL;DR: Your use of Immolate and Conflag should look like this (assume we already have a standard Immolate up): Pool all Conflags -> Reapply Immolate to max out duration (~23 seconds) -> Use all Conflags -> Use one more Conflag off cooldown -> Start casting Immolate with < 1 second left on Immolate (letting Immolate fall off) -> Pool all Conflags -> Repeat Movement Destruction has trouble dealing damage on the move, and in Legion we have very few options for something to cast when we are forced to move. Taking Demonic Circle and planning positioning can minimise the amount of movement you'll be forced into. When you are forced to move, your options are rather small: Havoc (only when you can benefit from cleaving spells with it). Life Tap (except when talented into RE) Dimensional Rift. Conflag/Shadowburn (except when talenting Roaring Blaze). Life Tap and Movement tl;dr: In encounters with movement, you should float low % Mana when not moving and prioritise casting it when you're forced to move. Life Tap is one of the few instants we have to use on the move, so its important that when we have to move we can cast it so that we have more casting options on the move, possibly saving more important instants and ensuring we can continue our rotation even when forced to move. However, it doesn't give us value unless it refills mana, because tapping when it won't is just hurting yourself and eating GCDs with no benefit. To make sure that we can Tap on the move and get value out of it, we should aim to float at reasonably low mana while not moving. This allows you to focus more on casting other spells while you don't have to move and gives you up to 3 more GCDs that can be filled while moving that isn't Conflag or DR. ... 1-3 Stat Priority, Enchants and Consumables These priorities will change based on Talent choices, Artifact progression, target counts, as well as gear and leggos you have. The priorities and enchants/gems suggested below will provide a good stat priority for most situations. Stat Priorities Generally: Haste >= Crit >= Vers = Mastery Stats end up being pretty close to each other in value, so you generally want ilvl > stats (besides rings and neck pieces). For more accurate stat weights for your character/gear/leggos, you should sim yourself. For more information you can read the following guide on how to use Raidbots to sim your character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OntnJ9ewxJ3L__iDn-R9qYukRBDW7429AJiv3NGZ_2M Note: If you invest heavily in mastery, you will experience swings in damage from fight to fight based on how lucky you are. If you would rather have a more consistent build, consider avoiding Mastery in favor of other stats Gems Currently, socketing Haste gems should be your priority. You may also have one Saber's Eye of Intellect in your equipped armour, but these are expensive, so socket these wisely. Enchants For Ring enchants, Haste should also be your priority. Cloak enchants are main stat, so use Intellect. Mark of the Claw is currently our best neck enchant. Food, Flasks and Pots You should be using Haste food, Flask of the Whispered Pact and Potion of Deadly Grace or Potion of Prolonged Power (these are about neck and neck in performance, PP pulling ahead on multitarget). ... 1-4 Addons and Macros Addons Addons can be an incredibly valuable addition to your WoW experience and performance when used correctly. While specific addons and functionality are largely preferential, this subsection will list some of the widely recommended addons to help play your character as best you can. WeakAuras 2: A very powerful addon capable of displaying auras for practically anything you can think of. Ability CDs, proc durations, fight mechanics and more, its easily one of the more important addons to consider using when playing any class. Whilst it's setup can be quite involved, you can import other people's WA setups using import strings. Not's Spec WAs: https://notsthoughts.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/weak-aura-hosting/ TellMeWhen: A simpler alternative to WeakAuras. Whilst its capable of less then WA, its far easier to get started without assistance. I've personally used this throughout WoD and would highly recommend this to anyone that feels WA seems too intimidating or hard to work with. TidyPlates: A simplistic addon useful for showing DoT/Debuff durations on targets and generally making it easier to play in a multi-target situation. Certain other addons include this function as part of their setup, i.e. ElvUI. Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs, or any other encounter-assistance addons: Not a Warlock specific addon, but these do help increase your DPS and survivability by making it easier to not mess up encounter mechanics. GTFO: A pretty simple addon, it will play annoying noises when you take damage, particularly to unavoidable damage in dungeon/raid encounters. Good if you want extra cues for when you mess up. Macros Warlocks aren't too reliant on Macros to perform well, but they are a useful tool to improve the usability of some spells in order to increase your performance. In this subsection, I'll be listing useful, common macros. Stop-cast Shadowburn This macro will cancle any spell being currently cast to cast Shadowburn. Useful when Shadowburn sniping for Shards. #showtooltip Shadowburn /stopcasting /cast Shadowburn Mouseover Havoc This macro will cast Havoc on a target your mouse is hovering over. #showtooltip Havoc /cast [@mouseover] Havoc Replace Demonic Circle This macro will remove your current Circle and replace it at your current location. Note: Due to the redesign of Demonic Circle, this macro will go on cooldown with the use of Demonic Circle since it has to cast it to replace the circle. #showtooltip Demonic Circle /cancelaura Demonic Circle /cast Demonic CircleAldeen286 Jun 15
May 4 Warlocks - Your class needs you! Thread List V0.71 I think it might be pertinent to keep a record of all threads supporting the cause of Warlocks having a fair crack of the whip or at the very least some response to the growing concerns. This is merely a starting point. If I have missed your thread, one you have seen or you feel a thread included does more harm than good please comment below. NEW UPDATE: Further to recent posts in this bread I will add new suggestions in this section: Blizz you owe warlocks an apology. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759262165 Significant Rework of Demo in Bfa https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759495907 Demonology Changes https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759162485 List of Bad decisions about Warlocks https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759147063 Demo feels awkward. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757707315 Warlocks-fun and good ideas for demo https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758226616 My only advice for Demo Rework https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759386670 Make Demonology Great Again https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759237339 This expansion turning into a JOKE https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759168385 MoP Vs Legion Warlock, Which did you enjoy? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758837845 Demonic Empowerment has to Go https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749305603 Felguard pet needs a new skin https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749837174 Demonology being fixed? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758708558 Battle for Azeroth Demo Design https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759387936 What would u like to see on demo in BFA? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759606343 Threads concerning the collation of warlock issues: Calling mechanics masters! All specs: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748845055 [Legion] Compilation of Suggestions/Bugs: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748805127 Unified Tuning Feedback: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748765378 We did it!: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748704898 THIS IS DEFLATE COMPRESSED VERSION OF OLD THREAD INDEX TO SAVE SPACE Quick link to uncompressed content here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748645930?page=9#post-163 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 DECOMPRESS HERE: http://www.txtwizard.net/compression ARCHIVE OF POST @0.69 HERE: https://pastebin.com/ucjYKgV6 https://web.archive.org/web/20171120155628/https://pastebin.com/ucjYKgV6 The purpose of this is to allow you, the concerned Warlock, to have a quick reference to threads which MAY get the attention of Blizzard. Please constructively contribute to these threads. Again, there will be threads I have missed. I will of course add relevant threads to the master list as they are provided. Addendum: PvE guides (I think this may prove helpful to some and give these threads the attention they deserve) Affliction: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438 (Cryptrot) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/affliction-warlock-pve-dps-guide Demonology : http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748656161 (Nakkiel) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/demonology-warlock-pve-dps-guide Destruction: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745707140 (Aldeen) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/destruction-warlock-pve-dps-guide Warlock Web Resources: Lock One Stop Shop http://lockonestopshop.com/#!/Home Change log: 0.71 Added a few more relevant threads. 0.7 Text compression used to save space. Post as of 0.69 archived. 0.69 Stardate 20/11/2017, Earth. Added new section of new suggestions. Will look at compressing old sections to save space in post. 0.68 Added web resources section, starting with Lock One Stop Shop 0.67 Added A long rational post about Affliction 0.66 Added Class Fantasy, and why we should Tame Demon Added Demon Variety and Customization 0.65 Added An In-Depth Look at Affliction 0.64 Added ~Warlock Dev Hotfix Suggestions Thread~ 0.63 Added To Ion: From Affliction Warlock Added Hotfix thread 0.62 Added On current and future Warlock design Added Warlock Changes. A constructive thread. 0.61 Added Observations from an 838 AFF warlock 0.6 Added EU Warlock forum threads where appropriate, same provisos apply 0.54 Added A list of what we have lost these last years Added Icy Veins PvE guides 0.53 Added Demonology changes hurt class fantasy. 0.52 Added Unified Tuning Feedback 0.51 Added [Legion] Compilation of Suggestions/Bugs 0.5 Added section concerning issue collation Sorted content alphabetically - should have done this from the start :D 0.44 Added Warlock Feedback! Attention Please 0.43 Added Legion PvP feedback section and included linked threads 0.42 Integrated Baalsamael post in format consistent with OP 0.41 Added Calling all Warlock Voices 3 0.4 Added Baalsamael post Added A Treatise of Destruction 0.34 Added Cancelling My Subscription 0.33 Added Short Analysis of Warlocks from Cata to now 0.321 Fixed categorization error 0.32 Added Where are these comments on hotfixes? 0.31 Added Calling All Warlock Voices 2 Added How I thought Demonology was gonna work 0.3 Added Demonology PvE guide 0.25 Added Mop Destro vs WoD/Legion 0.24 Added Destruction Warlocks in Legion 0.23 Added [FEEDBACK] Problems with Warlock Animations Added Legion Beta General Discussion Sub-forum section 0.22 Added Warlock Nerf List 0.21 Added PvE guides 0.2 Not Happy With Demo ATM - A Rant addedPoynty168 May 4
Feb 11 [7.0 Guide] to Logging (the only proven +DPS) Introduction Due to the recent patch and the changes that Warlocks, among other classes, have undergone, people are now more than ever concerned about how they are performing. I believe that the best way to evaluate performance is in evaluating your logs--and, without knowledge of how to analyze logs, or how to log, that's impossible. This guide should cover those sufficiently and allow interested players to improve their performance, or, if they would prefer, ask for help. Foreword Please feel welcome to dispute anything posted. I am very dedicated to making an accurate guide that keeps up with all the newest theorycrafting, and to that extent, I will be doing my best to keep up with recent information--but nobody is perfect. Table of Contents 1 - How to Log-1: WarcraftLogs -2: Downloading/Running Logs -3: Known Bugs 2 - Guide to Reading Logs-1: The Interface -2: The Tabs 3 - How to Evaluate Performance Using Logs-1: Basics -2: Destruction -3: Affliction -4: Demonology 4 - Conclusion-1: Afterword -2: Help with Evaluation Guide to Navigating the Thread: If you want to jump to a specific section in the thread, use Ctrl-F and type in the section number, then a dash, then the subsection number. For example, if I wanted to jump to the Known Bugs section, which is in Section 1, and is Subsection 3, I'd type "1-3" into Ctrl-F! ... 1-1: WarcraftLogs WarcraftLogs (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/) is a World of Warcraft fansite dedicated to hosting interactive combat logs and fight rankings for current and past raids in WoW. It is commonly used, to great effect, to evaluate how well someone is performing compared to other players of their spec and to optimal play. By the end of this guide, it is my belief that you will both understand how to evaluate logs and why we evaluate logs. -Why Warcraft Logs? Warcraft Logs is a lot more user-friendly and in-depth than World of Logs--not to mention that its developers (who I am wholly unrelated to) are continuing to update and build on its foundation, where World of Logs, to my knowledge, is remaining stagnant. 1-2: Downloading/Setting Up the Logs Client The WarcraftLogs website is fairly self-explanatory with regards to setting up the client, but in any guide for log analysis must be a guide for actually logging. I've broken it down into a 3 step system. 1: Go to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ 2: Find this [ http://puu.sh/dxBDb/3fed32d7d1.png ] section--it's in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. Click "Sign Up," and make an account! 3: Now that you're logged in, go to where you clicked "Sign Up"--your username will have replaced that option! Click your username, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select "Download Client" and install it! Then, start the client on your computer while playing WoW. This window should appear: [ http://puu.sh/dTL5x/25b02f7b54.jpg ] From there, hit Live Log, and you'll arrive at this screen: [ http://puu.sh/dTLcR/ad07786613.jpg ] Then, if you wish, you can select what page to record your logs on (the default, as you can see, is Personal Logs), and click go! Then, all you need to do is enter World of Warcraft, enter "/combatlog" and raid! All the combat you're doing is now being recorded in real time to Warcraft Logs, where it can be analyzed. When you're done, simply type "/combatlog" again in-game to stop recording combat logs, and click "Stop" on the client! Advanced Combat Logging: In game, to enable Advanced Combat Logging, access the main menu (usually by clicking escape), select System, select Network, and check the boss for Advanced Combat Logging. 1-3: Known Bugs Sometimes, when attempting to log, the client will record nothing, or state "Error - Bad Line". While this is not intended, it is more common than isolated--it can be fixed by simply restarting logs. ... 2-1: The Interface The WarcraftLogs interface is intuitive and user-friendly. An example of a log is one of my Personal Logs, found at [ http://tinyurl.com/k66hywk ]. I will be using this log for the purposes of demonstration throughout this guide. [ http://puu.sh/dxCDv/bb44cf32ef.png ] The image above is what you will first see when reading a log. The first page it shows you (the one shown) is a summary of the various measures of performance recorded by the service. Each of the different tabs (Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing) will take you to a page that details each individual type of performance. These will be covered in the following section. The Graph The Graph can be manipulated and modified to display only certain data--whether you wish to focus on a specific player, a specific damaging mechanic, or a specific portion of the fight. To access a specific portion, simply click and drag from one end of the graph you'd like to observe to the other--it'll automatically display only the information from that slice of the graph. To display a specific player or mechanic, simply select that option from one of the tables below the graph. The Options The options, located in the upper left hand of your screen, will look similar to these [ http://puu.sh/dxD8d/4b43537a58.jpg ]. Each of the selections (The Butcher, All Friendlies, etc.) have a small arrow to their right--indicating the presence of a dropdown menu. You can select these to choose which boss you would like to observe (selecting The Butcher, in this case), which kill of that boss (if there is more than one in a log), or which player/enemy you would like to observe (selecting "All Friendlies" in this case). Views Located just below the graph are three tabs: Tables View, Events View, and Fight Analysis. Tables View provides the standard table of values--useful in other sections for viewing uptimes, percentages, and other numeric values. Events View simply lists each combat log event by time, useful for determining specific cast orders or time between events. [ http://puu.sh/dxDDd/b792b43c05.png ] Fight Analysis is a handy, automatic, mechanics analysis of the fight. It's useful for determining who caused wipes, or what went wrong on a kill. 2-2: The Tabs Damage Done: This is likely your primary tab of interest. When evaluating warlock DPS, it is one of the main two tabs that you will actually be interested in. When you click this tab, it will default to taking you to a screen similar to the summary--a graph, with a tables view of Damage Done and DPS beneath it. [ http://puu.sh/dxDS9/076101ed08.png ] From here, you can observe how your DPS is compared to the rest of your raid for the fight. However, for evaluation, we must look at the specifics. From there, you would click on your name from the tables view--which would take you to a tables view of your abilities used and damaging effects. [ http://puu.sh/dxE0m/b583e10694.png ] Damage Taken This tab is similar in nature to Damage Done, but displays Damage Taken instead. You can use it to determine uptimes of damaging debuffs and other effects in the same manner you would with Damage Done. It is, however, not entirely relevant to evaluating Warlock DPS (very useful to determine who's draining your healers' mana, though!) Healing This tab is similar to both Damage Done and Damage Taken, but again, deals with healing and healing buffs instead. Useful to determine how much you're healing for with self-heals, but not relevant to DPS. Buffs For Warlock DPS analysis, the Buffs tab will be fairly invaluable. It is a graph -- which is less interesting than the preeceeding tabs' graphs -- and a table containing the uptimes of Damage, Defensive, Healing, Movement, and Raid buffs, in addition to stances and unknown buffs. The reason it's important to Warlocks is not to determine if someone had buffs--but to determine how they're reacting to Trinket Procs, using Dark Soul, using their potions, or even Fire and Brimstone in some situations. If you click on a particular player, it will take you to a screen similar to this one: [ http://puu.sh/dxEIj/ae75429356.png ] Debuffs This tab is less important than the others in terms of DPS analysis, but functions similarly to buffs--but with debuffs. Deaths This tab simply displays deaths and the time leading to those deaths--it can be invaluable in determining who is at fault for a given death. Interrupts This tab displays all interrupts used and can be used to fix issues in interrupt orders in raids. Dispels This tab displays dispells and can be used to determine which player is dispelling the most, or if someone dispelled something they were not meant to. Works for both Offensive and Healer dispells. Resources This tab allows you to view resource expenditure/generation over a fight. It can be used for Demonic Fury, Burning Embers, and Soul Shards and displays raw gain, wasted amount, and net gain. Casts This tab displays number of casts, time spent casting, et cetera. It's especially useful to assist in correcting an opening sequence or observing a particular set of casts (such as a Hand of Gul'dan 2-stacking mishap). Summons Shows all pet, minion, guardian, and demon summons throughout a fight. Replay This feature can show the positioning of players throughout a given fight provided the logging player is using "advanced combat logging," an option found in-game. ... 3-1: The Basics Before you evaluate each given spec, it's helpful to know what kind of things you're going to be looking for. -DoT/Debuff Uptimes: You are going to be looking through the Damage Done section of a Warlock's spellcasts, looking for Damage over Time or other debuffs effects such as Immolate, Corruption, Haunt or Doom. Different DoTs or Debuffs will call for different uptimes. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGe8/43d53f1d91.png ] -Cast Ratios: You may also be looking for ratios of one spells' casts to another. This can be done very easily by looking at the casts column and checking numbers. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGkX/81bd70a89b.png ] -Buff Usage: All specs have some degree of resource pooling for certain procs or cooldowns. You will be comparing the amount of certain buffs cast, such as Dark Soul or on-use trinkets, the times that randomly proccing trinkets activate, and more to determine how effectively someone is using their spells. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGsY/f960820817.png ] WAITING FOR 7.2.5, WILL UPDATE SOON! ... 4-1: Afterword I am not the best Warlock, and I accept this--however, I am passionate about this class, and intend to go forward in WoD with stronger progression and theorycrafting than before. I especially hope that I can help new or returning Warlocks--or even experienced Warlocks who want to brush up on their play--improve and perform better as time goes forward. 4-2: Help with Evaluation If you'd like for a more experienced Warlock to look over your logs and provide their insight, simply post a link to the logs and some basic background information in the thread below. There is a great number of experienced, skilled, and helpful Warlocks around who enjoy doing just that!Hedo110 Feb 11
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3m pvp wise I am unhappy I am basically have to play like I do on my mage for any of the specs I try and its really not what I rolled a warlock for. The damage is great but this fight and flight playstyle just isn't for me I hope it gets better in bfa. Just my two cents. I know its just prepatch but I have yet to see a radical difference between launch -prepatch and I been playing this game for quite a bit.Vonnetta2 3m
8m Warlocks, what the heck? I am sure it's just me. My lock is my main, and when I pvp it's usually one and only one bg, AV. Since Legion dropped I noticed ally is falling off hugely, used to have almost 90% win, now it's lucky to be 50% Since this idiotic patch, (8.0) I tried destro and aff. and both suck, as far as my opinion is concerned. I get top 3 dps at the end of each match, but I get one shot by hunters, any tanks, heck even a freakin frost mage. Especially aff. used to feel a bit tanky, like you could hang on for at least a min, IF not two, AND kill them, now I am dropping more then even a squishy cloth wearer. Just wondering if anyone else is getting frustrated with the locks spec changes. Thanks.Shybriwarloc6 8m
12m Warlock Mobility When? I mean, they gutted our tankiness viciously so it's only fair that we finally get a mobility ability to compensate.Thaenlan10 12m
13m Affliction requires too much micro now As I'm sure Blizzard is aware, players will pick the best talents regardless of how much they hate the playstyle because that's the best talent set. With affliction the current talent set for most raids looks like this http://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/affliction/cSQM https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/17#class=Warlock&spec=Affliction&combatantinfo=Talents With this you have 5 dots you have to micro. (Not including phantom singularity) Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, Unstable Affliction, Haunt. This ultimately leads to a playstyle that is not fun, engaging, or rewarding. Let me explain. My major complaint is with 2 talents; haunt and phantom singularity. Our 4th row of talents are composed of 3 talents, all AoE talents, that is basically Blizzards way of saying, "Here you go, here's some AoE choices now that we took away soul flame" The problem with this row of talents is that all of these talents just add another button we have to press on single target fights. They don't feel rewarding or good to have, just irritating. The only reason PS is used for Single Target fights is because it heals us and is an instant cast. Just another GCD. Haunt is the most arbitrary and useless talent I have ever seen in my life. In Warlords of Draenor Haunt was a 25 second cooldown and it lasted 15 seconds with a 20% damage increased (vs a 10 like we have now). The idea behind haunt is to reward target swapping and good add management, but most of the time it just feels like a baseline 10% damage increase you have to refresh every 15 seconds on single target encounters. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think these talents should be removed entirely, I think other talents should be buffed for single target fights so it doesn't feel like you're playing traffic control simulator 24/7. For Phantom Singularity, I think Vile Taint should be reworked/removed. The problem with vile taint right now is that it has a cast time, requires a shard and with the amount of micro aff has, nobody is going to waste time spending a shard to cast vile taint, when they could cast UA/seed instead. Haunt should be kept the way it is, but it's just silly to have this as the go-to talent for single target boss fights. An easy solution for this is just to buff Shadow Embrace. Make it 4-5% instead of 3% and it makes it a much more competitive talent for single target encounters. Just my two cents.Gubstep37 13m
2h Indefinite Burning Rush in Old Content "Fighter Chow was recently changed to a static value. It recovers 1942 HP every 5 second regardless of max HP. Burning Rush is still percentage based. If you take off your gear, it will keep you topped off. While not useful for current content, it greatly offsets the nerf to bear tartare with the prepatch." Taken from MMO-Champion forums. ...Fastboi2 2h
2h Demo Warlock? Where is the DPS Seriously, What is going on with this class. By the time I get the demons up or even cast my first AOE ability I am way behind on DPS and can't catch up. Is this a 110 scaling issue or is the class just useless?Tekathan29 2h
2h New Shadowbolt and Demonbolt look bad A new beta build was deployed recently. Updating demonbolt, and still not fixing how shadowbolt looks now. Can we please either revert these new spell animations or actually make them look good considering we had to wait many many months before even getting them when every other class got them. Shadowbolt doesn't have it's iconic skull and looks like a wimpy version of void bolt. Demonbolt looks like a straight up downgrade compared to legion. I'm not sure what the obsession is with making spells look less beefy when this game has been out for 14 years and need some visual flare. Some examples of what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/I9h9oQdDeathage6 2h
3h demo has fun,lacks dmg;aff has dmg,lacks fun. One of these problems seems more fixable than the other. lolDrainx0 3h
4h Macroing Dark Soul I use to always have my Conflag macro'ed with any trinks and Dark Soul. It seems in the latest patch that DS:I does not cast if in a macro. Anyone else experiencing the same or have a way to get it to work?Arlunden7 4h
5h Wrathguard Swords Hello all, Didn't Wrathguards have two swords? I feel like this just changed with the pre-patch, but I only see that my Wrathguard with one sword. It's not like it makes a difference, but I just feel like it made them look that much cooler.Vuul2 5h
5h Absolutely hate the new Glitter Bolt OMG it looks like a fairy bolt/missle from a Disney movie leaving a trail of fairy dust behind. so much glitter, feels nothing like shadow. what was the art designer smoking when he/she came up with this thing? it should have been more like a void bolt or something more bad-assy. I don't know. This one just ain't feel right. it is way too cutesie and why is Drain Soul still using old animation/visuals?Tandori16 5h
5h Summoning a pet in combat Didn't know if this is a known issue, but lately when my felguard dies in combat and I try to resummon is doesn't work. It takes a shard away, you can hear the felguard, and see the portal.Swolled3 5h
5h I enjoy how aff plays currently but... once I hit 116 and no longer have netherlord/belt + creeping death combo my shard generation is just gonna tank and I already know the spec won't be nearly as fun. to be honest I have similar feelings about how demo is going to function in regards to wilfreds ring I don't really see the spec being as enjoyable once I outlevel my legendaries.Twistedshade2 5h
6h Post your BFA UI thread! It's annoying but also refreshing when a new expansion hits and you have to remake the ol' UI. Finally got around to doing mine (next up is redoing keybinds, yuck) and thought I'd share in case anyone wants to pull from mine/has any suggestions/etc. Curious to see what y'all came up with. I'll give a quick rundown of what you see beneath my character, since that's where the custom stuff is. Affliction: as if this is getting used amiright https://imgur.com/BGtbeIR Boss health % (WA) Deathbolt value (WA) Unstable Affliction active bars (gnosis) Sl/Cor/Agony active bars (gnosis) Deathbolt CD on left, Embrace stack/duration and Phantom Singularity CD on right (WA) Soul Shard Bar (Ipse) Cast Bar (gnosis) Demonology: https://imgur.com/S5BdjXN Boss Health % (WA) Total Imp Count (WA) Imp Bar (WA) Nether Portal Active Bar (WA) Demonic Tyrant Active Bar (WA) Demonic Core Stacks on left, Felstorm & Demonic Empowerment CD on right. (WA) Subtle Felstorm active duration bar growing downwards beside those two icons (WA) Soul Shard Bar (Ipse) Cast Bar (gnosis) Dreadstalker, Soul Strike Demonic Tyrant CD's (WA) Destruction: https://i.imgur.com/TeFrAX3.jpg Boss Health % Infernal Active Bar (gnosis) Roaring Blaze Active Bar would be here, but wasn't specced into it) Eradication Active Bar (gnosis) Havoc Active Bar (gnosis) Immmolate Active Bar (gnosis) Grimoire of Supremacy duration and % increase icon, Backdraft stack & duration icon on left, Havoc CD on right. (WA) Soul Shard Bar (Ipse) Cast Bar (gnosis) Soulfire would be on left but not specced, Conflag CD & Stack, CDF cd, Infernal CD, Cata CD (WA) Everything else is Shadow Unit frames, KUI name plates, and Elv UI stripped down to only really being used for the bottom and side bars, mini map, and the chat panels.Dzdz12 6h
6h Nether portal Should just be a permanent passive, still a talent obviously, but it's damage gain is lackluster, even with max charge hoarding for it. If we gonna summon an army, might aswell go balls to the walls.Revlol5 6h
6h Felguard Bug? The Felguard will not use pursuit for me when autocast is turned on. This has persisted for days. If I manually press it, he will use it, but autocast is not working at all. I've tested it at multiple distances and toggled it on and off. I wanted to see if this a bug for anyone else? I typically just have his default attack hot keyed and he would use it when available, now this no longer works. I'm not the best with marcros and I know they have changed a little bit in 8.0, but is there some sort of cast sequence one I could use as a work around? Something along the lines of telling the felguard to use pursuit if available and if not the same key will just tell him to attack? Thanks!Fontaine2 6h
6h Seduce stuck on autocast My seduce is stuck on autocast, and I can't turn it off. Anyone else have this problem?Swagula1 6h
6h No More Self Healing? Do Afflic locks no longer self heal? Please tell me its a bug =/ But I doubt it. One of the draws to Afflic for me was self healing. It made questing easier, being a clothie is harsh - so having that self heal was great. Yeah, yeah. I know we have Drain Life back, but in a dungeon or raid it really dumps your DPS if you're forced to use it in high dmg moments. Soul Leech is really useless now, since it doesn't give us our heal and doesn't give us much of a shield. It has tanked our survivabilityRayne12 6h
8h Glyph of Ember Shards / Fel Touched Shards I really like the idea of these glyphs. As a warlock who misses burning embers every single day, why are these minor glyphs so... unsatisfying? For one, why are you the only person able to see the shards floating over your head? Why can't anybody else? Second, these minor glyphs should at LEAST change your shard UI from purple to red / green. It bothers me that my entire character is green, with green floating shards, but the UI is still purple underneath my portrait. There's a lot more important things they should be focusing on, I agree, but how hard would it really be to implement? I really wish Blizzard would actually make these little things matter for the destruction warlocks who are sick and tired of seeing the ugly purple rocks under their character every day.Mordrithad0 8h
8h Was their an affliction Mastery cap? Currently on 101% mastery without buffs/pots. Was their a cap on mastery or just keep stacking it when possible?Riickross5 8h
8h Give Warlocks a disarm and other things (PvP) With demonic circle still being a talent and gateway now like a 2 min cd compared to 45 sec cd back in the day, not to mention our self healing has been nerfed into oblivion. Blizz needs to give warlocks a disarm. Because rn warlocks survive ability is similar to a mage but without a mages toolkit. There needs to be some sort of small punishment for melee if they want to get on a warlock. Not talking big, but like an aoe close up disarm on 1 min cd. With melee having so many options of shutting down casters damage through kicks, cloak of shadows, ams, spell reflect, karma, I mean this is the least blizz could do to help warlocks with melee imo. Another thing to give warlocks more complexity in pvp, is by giving the fel hunter cs to the warlock and reduce the cast time between our demons by 1 second. I think it would be pretty cool if warlocks could demon dance like warriors did in wrath with stance dancing, popping out different demons during a fight for their specific utility. Lastly, give warlocks a passive physical damage reduction please, warlocks right now are super squishy and not tanky at all. So, either give us a passive damage reduction or make soul link baseline for all specs. ThanksWartonxl2 8h
10h Demonic Gateway 156: Back from the ded to cap I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he just does,So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes 1. post message in the room 2. LOOK IT OVER 3. dont report anything, i might get in treble :) 4. "Eppdawg" is not allowed to cep and 5. Have fun!! and 6. keep on truckin' ganksta http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19288699802 IndexSlappah416 10h
10h Demo talents too big of a swing? Seems like the demo talents swing dps a little too much for each pick. The amount of soul shard income and extra damage via extra demon bolts from power siphon push it way above the other two picks. That doesn't even take into account the utility of having more instant casts and more burst for movement, adds and dungeons. Other than that Nether portal doesn't supply any amount of extra damage even when used optimally (4 molten core procs, alternating summons and finishing with tyrant when max demons are out). Nether portal doesn't even come close to the damage you get from sacrificed souls, and that's when dealing with massive ramp up and gaming it as much as possible. Has anyone noticed any other oddities in the talent rows that just make other talents non competitive? TLDR Power siphon and sacrificed souls are strong, stuff like doom, nether portal, demonic consumption and bilescourge bombers add complexity without reward.Harlach9 10h
10h So...um...I am killing slow So I returned after a hiatus, I actually have 1 day of play time courteous of Blizzard so I could check out the changes. I really enjoy demonology, I am on the starting quest in Sithilus, killing the 110 goblins.... And holy moly does it take awhile to kill things. I know my gear is "ok" definitely not the best, is this part of the stat squish/slower leveling? Thank you!Fearoneoone2 10h
11h "Empower Demonic Tyrant" talent question(s) So it says he basically destroys any demons (or at-least your imps) when he's summoned, to empower himself. So here are my questions; 1. Doesn't this make him adding 15 seconds to their duration pointless? Or does he add an additional 15 seconds to the lifespan of ones summoned 'after' he's out too? 2. If he *doesn't* add 15 to the ones summoned after, then does he at-least gain a significant enough personal boost to make up for the loss of your entire army? 2B. If he **doesn't** gain a significant enough boost to make up for the loss of your army, since by the time you got your summons ramped up again ((As he only lasts 15 seconds)), he would be gone, so wouldn't this talent be pointless?Rìkku4 11h
11h no more life tap??? So I have to slow down my casting in any big fight because...warlocks had it to easy getting mana? Why was this necessary? I'm going to lose all of my mana in a few minutes with Creeping Death active if I cast as much as I need to for maximum damage, as is... Am I missing something?Larlock32 11h
12h Imp limitation? Is there a cap of Imps I am able to generate? Either I'm timing my Hand of Guldan's just as one pack fades or they're being forced to fade as new ones spawn implying there is a limit to the number of available Imps. I haven't seen anything confirming this on Icy-Veins, Wowhead, or any class change patch notes concerning BfA or the Pre-Patch. EDIT: Obv this is concerning Demo gameplay.Cronixx3 12h
12h Demo demons...underwhelming? My Nightborne toon is a Demo Lock, and while I am having a lot of fun playing her.... Demo feels fun again.......she feels decidedly under powered. Granted, I am still leveling her and she is only lvl 78. But comparing her to other Locks around my level, she feels very under powered. Does it get better at 110 then 120, or are our demons in need of a buff?Valdrane5 12h
12h Destro legendaries Which legendaries are S tier for destruction? Icyveins did not update this spec yet.Guldalf1 12h
13h Affliction: DoTs at low level ? Trying to level as Affliction. I enjoy the theme and also the mobility, but I'm just having a hard time to understand why the DoTs are so weak (at lower-mid levels at least). Agony requires 18 seconds to ramp-up enough so that it reach Corruption level, which is not that amazing in the first place. In open world, where you don't have time to ramp-up, Agony is just necessary to gain Shards (but I remember many years ago Agony dealing way more damage than Corruption). And Unstable affliction deals now around the same damage as Corruption, just quicker. TL;DR: What is bothering most is that Affliction is the king of DoTs, but if I switch to Destruction I gain Immolate, which deals *more* damage than both Corruption+Agony *together*. How? In theory, my idea of Affliction was instant casting DoTs and forgetting. Or loading my DoTs in AoE and then having time to heal my Voidwalker. But at my level I'm actually having to stand still a lot to hard cast too many Unstable Afflictions and Shadowbolts (which is then the same as Destro, wich I don't like). Question is: Does the spec only start to shine after getting the Mastery?Darkmor4 13h
14h Suggestion: Warlock Healing Spec Wouldn't it be cool if the Warlock had a healing spec (not self healing, but an actual healer)? They could steal health from the enemies and give it to teammates. Instead of Mana, they could rely on life force (which they steal from enemies). If the damage they would add to groups would be too op, then their heals could also debuff their teammates in exchange or something like that. Not only would it add another healing spec to the game (which I think it needs), but I also believe it could be very popular and fun.Eilah17 14h
14h My one problem with the new Demo This spec lacks any form of mobile damage. Every spell has a cast time. I kind of hope that Blizz will take things like Tyrant and Dreadstalkers and make them instant cast. Demonbolt is a great option but sometimes you can run into bad luck with procs. Just give us something we can cast will moving to help with this problem.Dårkside13 14h
14h WTB Blue Post About "Fear" Mana Cost Hi Blizzard, I just got done doing some arena today and for the first time in my 13 years of playing a warlock, I ran out of mana and was unable to replenish my mana bar. I wanted to know if the mana cost of "fear" is intentional? If it is, may I ask what the thought process of this change was? I am really hoping that the cost will be tuned down as that was the primary reason "Life Tap" was removed from the game. Any information on this would be appreciated. Respectfully, ChamChameetri1 14h
14h Demo Talents/bugs Second attempt posting this in a much shorter version because the other disappeared. .05. Baseline Implosion. Cool, It's a "targeted" ability but the damage can be walked away from. There's nothing more depressing than pressing implosion on a mage that just so happened to blink and 12 imps explode on nothing. Also something fun (make the imps explode on expiration) yeah that would increase xp tremendously but I can't decide whats more effective, letting them live or imploding them for dreams of mass pad. 1. Doom . 30 seconds 1 shard no bueno. I know they dont want demo to be affliction but either get rid of it or make it something that counts. 2. Soul Strike. Thanks for Felguard charge, but targeting system needs to be based off pet not warlock. similar to hunter Kill Command because I keep getting "no path available spam" also, sometimes using this ability doesn't generate a soul shard but still goes on cool down. 3. Demonic Consumption. Needs better tooltip. After testing , seems to have a max amount of consumption 10-12 imps. 4. Nether Portal. Needs better tooltip again. Does it generate 1 demon per shard? stronger demon for more shards or what? Clarity is needed as testing is not adding up. 5. We summon our demons at our side now instead of at the enemy target location, this means on maps where there are multiple levels, we suffer because our pets will spam the "no path available" and do nothing but walk in circles. 6. WE are accepting this Demon Zoo but we NEED for them to listen to us. The demons need to all listen to the single "/petattack" command so we can properly switch targets and not waste our pets uptime. Overall LOVE the new demo. I miss being able to pad on multiple targets but i'm coping. When we scale up to 120 i'm sure our damage will catch up to the other classes so i'm just patiently trying out the new game play enjoying the new changes.Aeero10 14h
14h Warlock 8.0 - Initial Impressions Greetings! Unfortunately, I never made it into the Beta...and the character copy option never worked for me in the PTR. So this past Tuesday was my first opportunity to play the new Warlock specs. I, like many people (I assume), was most excited for the new Demonology. I wiped my skill bar the day before of everything that was irrelevant and hastily talented into it to try it out. The rotation itself is solid, but the DPS right now feels severely lacking. I do not have the leggo that reduces the cooldown of Tyrant (yet), but still it just felt sluggish due to the inherent ramp-up nature of the spec being exacerbated by the low overall damage. Then I swapped into Destruction. Compared to Demo, it immediately felt more impactful and felt more rewarding...at least initially. Once I played the spec for 30+ minutes and the effects of the new flashy visuals subsided I realized outside of the 3 min Infernal cooldown the rotation was exceedingly simple (and for me boring). The DPS outside of that Infernal window wasn't very impressive, either. On top of that, the survivability just felt incredibly poor. Then I return to Affliction. I will admit, at first I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of DoTs that now needed to be maintained for the Deathbolt build. To some extent, I still am. But heck, once I rearranged my skill bar and practiced the rotation a little bit I grew to really love the new iteration of it. It felt very satisfying lobbing a giant Deathbolt after lining up all my cooldowns and dropping all my DoTs. You're rewarded for pooling your shards at opportune times, and honestly, with 6 DoTs there's very little time for your filler spell in Shadowbolt. The only thing that I'm currently finding frustrating with Affliction is AoE, at least in raids, feels lackluster. Without Soulflame and the reduced DoT durations I'm having a hard time pumping out great numbers in that regard. I also have to mention that pets seem useless without Demon Skin. They die really quickly and it's more-than-annoying, especially since Burning Rush feels mandatory in raids. So what are your guys' initial impressions of BfA Warlock?Veleno5 14h
15h Succubus auto-casting Seduce This is an issue I've faced multiple times in PvP: the succubus will automatically cast seduce on the target that has stunned you. Now, this is great and all if you want to be able to CC that rogue as fast as humanly possible, but more often than not for my case, it tends to actually handicap me by preventing a full fear to be cast to achieve extra distance between me and my target. Not to mention that, in bg scenarios, it has literally saved melee that have all-in'd at 30% hp on me with 7+ dots on them by dispelling all those UAs that one afflic lock had saved up for. I'd appreciate it if there was at least a right-clickable auto cast toggle option for it if Blizzard >really< wants seduce to act this way. That way I can finally play with my succubus in pvp without worrying that it'll use its Seduce on the warrior smashing on me instead of his pocket healer. But I'm curious: has anyone else experienced this issue? I've experienced this problem several times during the beta as well, but I haven't really heard anyone else talk about it.Lucron0 15h
15h Grimoire of Sacrifice Does anyone else's grimoire of sacrifice just randomly get removed? This has happened to me multiple times with multiple pets. More frequently it is when I sac the VW I have a higher chance of it just being removed from me.Irollmyface3 15h
15h Destro still using imp? I'm probably going to play destro for bfa, I didn't really play it much in legion. I realize the imp was stronger from the artifact thing, but does the imp still do better damage than all of the other demons? I can't really find anything since the prepatch is still pretty newVera10 15h
15h Legendary What is BIS for an aff. lock?Thadros7 15h
15h Did drain life/soul range get nerfed? I dunno maybe i am remembering wrong lol but wouldnt like drain life/soul stay in effect if you cast it and the moved out of range/los as long as you were still channeling ? Maaaaybe I am trippin but I feel my drains get broken way easier now .Vonnetta0 15h
16h Can't access class hall portal? I boosted a lock to 110, and for some reason I don't have a portal to my class hall available? I know where it is. It's in the sewer in Dalaran; I checked it up on Youtube, and even had another guy show it to me. For some reason though, there's literally no portal there? It's just a wall. I see people coming down and disappearing (so there's clearly something there) but I just have nothing for me... I'm wondering if others have had this problem or if I have to do something specific to unlock it?Jittys3 16h
16h WA Demonic Core Anyone have and WA to help track this?Mugoku4 16h
17h Demonic Core Visual On the Beta I have always seen an in-game visual for the Demonic Core proc, and and iirc I've also seen it in the live version of the game, but I'm not seeing it now. Anyone else missing this visual? Or is it just gone? I'm not asking how to make an aura to track the proc and stacks. I'm wondering where the in-game visual went.Zulayka1 17h
17h Final State of Warlock Animations With the pre-patch coming out on Tuesday, do you think our animations are done? Many of them look amazing, I'm in love with Destro's green fire, Affy spell effects are cool for DOTs, and Demonology has the cool new skeletons for summoning. But are the other two specs getting the new casting poses? Are we done with the animation changes, or are we waiting till 8.1 to have the rest filled in?Astantis17 17h
18h afflock in Bgs feels terrible i get that the balance is off at the end of expansion... but geez i get chewed by melee before stuns ware off... cant get away, if i have portal and gatw set up it barely gets me a second to get a cast off... drain life doesn't keep me alive, it just makes me die a fraction slower... if this how its going to be all expansion... i think i may be done =/Scruit3 18h
18h Don't worry about 110 damage values So as we all have seen, Warlock is looking fun for the most part but seems to be lacking damage (especially Demo). I know things can look bad since until BFA launches and we hit 120 and get the new gear its going to be rough. Blizz may buff our damage before then but I beleive that since classes are balanced around 120 play and not 110, that we will be much better off damage wise at 120. Where we can get nice trinkets, weapons and azerite gear and maxmize our stats better than we can at 110 with them reduced severely. So for now, enjoy specs and bring up any gampelay issues you may have, Blizz may address them (such as demo not being a mobile friendly caster atm).Brocthal19 18h