Sep 12 Warlocks - Your class needs you! Thread List V0.71 I think it might be pertinent to keep a record of all threads supporting the cause of Warlocks having a fair crack of the whip or at the very least some response to the growing concerns. This is merely a starting point. If I have missed your thread, one you have seen or you feel a thread included does more harm than good please comment below. NEW UPDATE: Further to recent posts in this bread I will add new suggestions in this section: Blizz you owe warlocks an apology. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759262165 Significant Rework of Demo in Bfa https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759495907 Demonology Changes https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759162485 List of Bad decisions about Warlocks https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759147063 Demo feels awkward. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757707315 Warlocks-fun and good ideas for demo https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758226616 My only advice for Demo Rework https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759386670 Make Demonology Great Again https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759237339 This expansion turning into a JOKE https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759168385 MoP Vs Legion Warlock, Which did you enjoy? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758837845 Demonic Empowerment has to Go https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749305603 Felguard pet needs a new skin https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749837174 Demonology being fixed? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758708558 Battle for Azeroth Demo Design https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759387936 What would u like to see on demo in BFA? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759606343 Threads concerning the collation of warlock issues: Calling mechanics masters! All specs: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748845055 [Legion] Compilation of Suggestions/Bugs: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748805127 Unified Tuning Feedback: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748765378 We did it!: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748704898 THIS IS DEFLATE COMPRESSED VERSION OF OLD THREAD INDEX TO SAVE SPACE Quick link to uncompressed content here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748645930?page=9#post-163 eJylWE1v20YQvfNXTNBDLrElfpMCCkOWrMZoPozEjQsEPqyolbgQySV2l1LVQ35735KyrABtinUOBgyKejP7Zt6bWX1dPr7jGyEbuuaG0W+84YpVNBe66LTG88nX0fLR874ubm7m19PZ7490p+Sy4rWmvTAlPTBVyWJL00bUzOALeuKVxrST0ajTl0tmTMUvG25Ga6m6Wo94M9rL/cjIVhSjYJxG8TiKgyBCiOXjf4afc21UV1h8ess0kuUNffp4fX0zJ7mmWcW0pgVrDNMHx/hpnkR5knwf43gqTaKhgR8HVD9PIz8YR0maed47Kbei2RBeBJgWm9LQcwBacTxyAbcpZ1Ecx3nsee9lS33aknaaHuR85Jxsj5fEMfL1vM+lVAalZNVBC22ZPRGxVrKmGUOPGEmN3DuHyJLE9z3vvuRUdErxxpA2zPDzKC/IOwryAfS8fID8k1cNM+VrbevHCteuyOJxHPio30PJFSeGP1NyjdxlXSN3bYtYCrMWf3F95QweJ0Ge9S3/1Aifu+VF//7Q8d+ens/5jt5KGwevbDY4pNUY3ZeKs9W3CTlGzsMkCVGGKVUSXal6yUJxrdSG2FJ2KP96XYmeR8dj5UGGcgQAb+i2uZjzFv5g+5/Yz6COgyTKUpuyrllVUVGyZsNtG5asa4wz+VGejqOBAoFDo1f2JRLcc+DtOHjBQ8ge5SbYiqEDZ8q1M/NxFKV+boPco1BG6L7Pz3rUNesMJOQAnIEC6ydTMPHUI1+kKLizeOI0juL0R4gUOGPmiR9GP8QMXTHTHCOiP3lji2RbgG0U51c0V8z6s1jzS1dQFAiMnkA33NCOqxWzrtRayWtasmLrruze6K5atuG/+j18wQcq3h+sxnWhRPuS+tuEfWhrdup+1itKGHesFL0UwX6+G5tviDUrSOFg+dCl7KoV3bPaGmv9AtGGWWitYAixHkIcYZvXhpacatawjWXG/uN8BOgrjezQruWE9Fa0rYVaWVfEWKm23FmzWQaK7cjuDyyKSmAKIjltuCJ95r2m995XzsMqgPP6R3hZyc3haGWayg5jtzinyrWh06Qn5YhOX5gS3Bz6ks46bWQt/mYvMV9/nPppelyOJKYp8GFmE+pH7sFyflMvuXLmOgIh6S927FyAk420SBIrBpa71YkgZ4rzKAuwyh0H5jAknY8cJHHUg+zpFsWWnd3Zhqo1fdn2SHIjm4bRXqrtCzYhPwk97xZOI7dHfYkCksBXOAnT4xdSVs6iCKNsjGLBamTDqR0W9WFP/wzlEV+vhTur1i5ytNYHabB8t+2BHiyizZum9+/pgqb0CW3rvHhHcZSOPe/jUnO1Gy4Pw54JU87CjKaLBbjop4dzEdM4SUHyx+a0bVotrDvTgeOf277zNAl8YN9LuoWiaGFTft5vntCdLROCSLDUPyW3lAqiuHIeQRm6wD/DGSaGvkSVZmB4WEB2/GhjrkYDR0iCMH2GX3C+sqPyFU2NAc+WgbuKM5iEa59l1heekT9wtcZ0166NhS0kjtN+d7d7XT/JDrI7WxytOeCJgtvuoEJeuJMMTYTRv2/wEATd/DFcXH+wCF3gpVNY3v3vrTLFauWj8+xd9YFbo2T9baRrBJx+LxABU7XEtrpyhg2DPIz70xx/Dbjb3Z0qO5zk+YM3g0j7HwxA5js00wTNdYfrFi2kgmKduwo32iTM4AWfcFlTK8uY3b9XQreYZDjekpu9vfPXvOK8l3LRD2bnXxv8PAnD5B9NBq5Y DECOMPRESS HERE: http://www.txtwizard.net/compression ARCHIVE OF POST @0.69 HERE: https://pastebin.com/ucjYKgV6 https://web.archive.org/web/20171120155628/https://pastebin.com/ucjYKgV6 The purpose of this is to allow you, the concerned Warlock, to have a quick reference to threads which MAY get the attention of Blizzard. Please constructively contribute to these threads. Again, there will be threads I have missed. I will of course add relevant threads to the master list as they are provided. Addendum: PvE guides (I think this may prove helpful to some and give these threads the attention they deserve) Affliction: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438 (Cryptrot) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/affliction-warlock-pve-dps-guide Demonology : http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748656161 (Nakkiel) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/demonology-warlock-pve-dps-guide Destruction: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745707140 (Aldeen) http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/destruction-warlock-pve-dps-guide Warlock Web Resources: Lock One Stop Shop http://lockonestopshop.com/#!/Home Change log: 0.71 Added a few more relevant threads. 0.7 Text compression used to save space. Post as of 0.69 archived. 0.69 Stardate 20/11/2017, Earth. Added new section of new suggestions. Will look at compressing old sections to save space in post. 0.68 Added web resources section, starting with Lock One Stop Shop 0.67 Added A long rational post about Affliction 0.66 Added Class Fantasy, and why we should Tame Demon Added Demon Variety and Customization 0.65 Added An In-Depth Look at Affliction 0.64 Added ~Warlock Dev Hotfix Suggestions Thread~ 0.63 Added To Ion: From Affliction Warlock Added Hotfix thread 0.62 Added On current and future Warlock design Added Warlock Changes. A constructive thread. 0.61 Added Observations from an 838 AFF warlock 0.6 Added EU Warlock forum threads where appropriate, same provisos apply 0.54 Added A list of what we have lost these last years Added Icy Veins PvE guides 0.53 Added Demonology changes hurt class fantasy. 0.52 Added Unified Tuning Feedback 0.51 Added [Legion] Compilation of Suggestions/Bugs 0.5 Added section concerning issue collation Sorted content alphabetically - should have done this from the start :D 0.44 Added Warlock Feedback! Attention Please 0.43 Added Legion PvP feedback section and included linked threads 0.42 Integrated Baalsamael post in format consistent with OP 0.41 Added Calling all Warlock Voices 3 0.4 Added Baalsamael post Added A Treatise of Destruction 0.34 Added Cancelling My Subscription 0.33 Added Short Analysis of Warlocks from Cata to now 0.321 Fixed categorization error 0.32 Added Where are these comments on hotfixes? 0.31 Added Calling All Warlock Voices 2 Added How I thought Demonology was gonna work 0.3 Added Demonology PvE guide 0.25 Added Mop Destro vs WoD/Legion 0.24 Added Destruction Warlocks in Legion 0.23 Added [FEEDBACK] Problems with Warlock Animations Added Legion Beta General Discussion Sub-forum section 0.22 Added Warlock Nerf List 0.21 Added PvE guides 0.2 Not Happy With Demo ATM - A Rant addedPoynty171 Sep 12
Jun 15 [Coming Soon...] Warlock Help Resources Since this thread will likely be stuck here for a while, I'm going to update this first post to be a hub for where you should turn when looking for help with your Lock. Expect an update within the week. ... Introduction This guide is written to be a quick reference for those looking to get an idea of how to play Destruction and those who are looking to improve their performance with the spec. It is split into two sections, the first forming a short guide, answering common questions that are asked around the forums, including Talent choices, Stat priority and rotation. The second section describes how to log and analyse your performance. Foreword Heading into BFA and with the existence of LOSS, it feels like the longer Guides that used to exist on this forum are either redundant, because they echo exactly what LOSS has but without the sim data, or caused problems when they (the Destro guide I wrote) conflicted with what LOSS was saying due to late updates or errors. My goal with revising this guide is to condense it to the point that its easier to update when changes occur, it only focuses on common questions/queries that people on the forums have without stepping on LOSS' toes too much by trying to go super in depth about every point, whilst keeping this guide as a handy and informative quick reference for anyone in the forums who sees it and has some simple questions. Table of Contents 1 - Basics and Common Questions 1. Talents and Suggested Builds 2. Rotation 3. Stat Priority, Enchants and Consumables 4. Addons and Macros2 - Logging and Analysis 1. How To Log 2. Quick Log Analysis Points 3. How to Ask For Help3 - Sources 1. Data and Sims 2. Other Sources4 - Conclusion ... 1-1 Talents and Suggested Builds Talent Calculator: http://wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/destruction Tier One: Backdraft currently performs the best in this tier, with there being almost no situation in which Roaring Blaze and Shadowburn are preferable. Tier Two: In single target and 2 target cleave, Eradication is your best choice; 3 or more targets, particularly in dungeons, Empowered Life Tap performs better. Reverse Entropy is currently not useful compared to the other two. Tier Three: Demonic Circle is going to be your go-to for raids, unless you specifically require a stun. Shadowfury is good for dungeons, specifically in Mythic+. Mortal Coil's heal can be useful, but for the most part is too niche for general PvE use. Tier Four: Soul Harvest is your best choice for 1 and 2 targets. For 3+, Fire and Brimstone tends to outperform Cataclysm in all situations outside of burst AoE with very short windows that lines up very closely with Cataclysm's CD. Tier Five: Burning Rush tends to be the go-to given our limited movement options, especially in dungeons. When picking between survivability options, Demon Skin will perform well in situations with constant small damage, whilst Dark Pact performs better where you are required to soak mechanics or when damage is infrequent and large. Tier Six: Grimoire of Service is your go-to in ST, with Grimoire of Sacrifice beginning to pull ahead on consistent 3+ targets. Grimoire of Supremacy tends to be avoided due to its cumbersome interaction with Lord of Flames (being triggered by Infernal's Meteor Strike w/ Supremacy). Tier Seven: Wreak Havoc should be used when there are consistently 2-3 targets to cleave. In all other situations you should use Channel Demonfire; Soul Conduit can arguably out perform it in 4+ AoE situations. Suggested ST Build Tier One: Backdraft Tier Two: Eradication Tier Three: Demonic Circle Tier Four: Soul Harvest Tier Five: Any Tier Six: Grimoire of Service Tier Seven: Channel Demonfire Suggested Dungeon Build Tier One: Backdraft Tier Two: Empowered Life Tap (Eradication if boss damage is important) Tier Three: Shadowfury Tier Four: Fire and Brimstone Tier Five: Burning Rush Tier Six: Grimoire of Service Tier Seven: Any ... 1-2 Rotation Basic Single Target Rotation This subsection is intended as a quick reference for players unfamiliar with the Destro spellbook. More advanced tips can be found in the following sections. Keep Immolate up as close to 100% of the time as possible. Cast Chaos Bolt under either of the following scenarios: A) Damage increasing effects are active (trinket procs, Soul Harvest, encounter mechanics that increase damage, etc.) B) You are about to cap at 5 Soul Shards. Its suggested to cast Chaos Bolt at ~4.5 Shards unless deliberately building towards 5 for burst. Keep one charge of Conflagrate on cooldown, saving one for burst or movement. Keep one charge of Dimensional Rift on cooldown, saving two for burst or movement. (Save only one charge once you get Dimensional Ripper to ensure you get the most out of the trait). Cast Incinerate Basic Multiple Target Rotation Once you encounter more than one target, your priorities need to change. At 2 Targets: Keep Immolate up on both targets. Use Havoc to cleave powerful spells onto both targets eg. Chaos Bolts/Roaring Blaze Immolates. Continue ST rotation otherwise. At 3+ Targets: Keep Immolate up on 3-5 targets Cast Rain of Fire when 3+ targets are present, 4+ targets if you can Havoc cleave Chaos Bolts instead Keep one charge of Conflagrate on cooldown, saving one for burst or movement. Keep one charge of Dimensional Rift on cooldown, saving two for burst or movement. (Save only one charge once you get Dimensional Ripper to ensure you get the most out of the trait). Cast Incinerate Opening Sequence (~3 seconds before pull) Pre-pot Pre-cast Incin Pre-cast Immolate (Pull)Conflag Pet CDs Rifts SH Conflag Continue normal rotation Notes: You can fit a second pre-casted Incinerate at max distance, in which case you should start pre-casting at ~5 seconds. With CDF + Eradication, you should cast your first CDF after your first CB lands. Otherwise after SH is up. Advanced Rotation Roaring Blaze When choosing this Talent, you will no longer be saving Conflags for burst or movement, instead saving them to buff a Pandemic'd Immolate (18 sec + 5.4 = 23.4 seconds long). You will end up weaving Immolates like this: Buffed Immolate -> Immolate falls off -> Standard Immolate til all Conflag charges gained -> Buffed Immolate -> ... The number of Conflags you should use on a single Immolate varies depending on T19 2pce and Haste procs/cooldowns; generally you should use all your banked charges plus one additional charge as it comes off cooldown. You should use one extra charge (possibly 2 with T19 2pce) during lust/hero/warp or similar Haste buff. To minimise the time that Immolate is not on your target, you should cast Immolate with about 1 second left on a buffed Immolate, which will allow the buffed Immolate to get its partial tick out and have an Immolate reapplied soon after. Keep this Immolate rolling as normal until you are about to max Conflag charges, at which point you should apply Immolate such that you get the full duration, then cast your Conflags, rinse and repeat. Roaring Blaze: TL;DR: Your use of Immolate and Conflag should look like this (assume we already have a standard Immolate up): Pool all Conflags -> Reapply Immolate to max out duration (~23 seconds) -> Use all Conflags -> Use one more Conflag off cooldown -> Start casting Immolate with < 1 second left on Immolate (letting Immolate fall off) -> Pool all Conflags -> Repeat Movement Destruction has trouble dealing damage on the move, and in Legion we have very few options for something to cast when we are forced to move. Taking Demonic Circle and planning positioning can minimise the amount of movement you'll be forced into. When you are forced to move, your options are rather small: Havoc (only when you can benefit from cleaving spells with it). Life Tap (except when talented into RE) Dimensional Rift. Conflag/Shadowburn (except when talenting Roaring Blaze). Life Tap and Movement tl;dr: In encounters with movement, you should float low % Mana when not moving and prioritise casting it when you're forced to move. Life Tap is one of the few instants we have to use on the move, so its important that when we have to move we can cast it so that we have more casting options on the move, possibly saving more important instants and ensuring we can continue our rotation even when forced to move. However, it doesn't give us value unless it refills mana, because tapping when it won't is just hurting yourself and eating GCDs with no benefit. To make sure that we can Tap on the move and get value out of it, we should aim to float at reasonably low mana while not moving. This allows you to focus more on casting other spells while you don't have to move and gives you up to 3 more GCDs that can be filled while moving that isn't Conflag or DR. ... 1-3 Stat Priority, Enchants and Consumables These priorities will change based on Talent choices, Artifact progression, target counts, as well as gear and leggos you have. The priorities and enchants/gems suggested below will provide a good stat priority for most situations. Stat Priorities Generally: Haste >= Crit >= Vers = Mastery Stats end up being pretty close to each other in value, so you generally want ilvl > stats (besides rings and neck pieces). For more accurate stat weights for your character/gear/leggos, you should sim yourself. For more information you can read the following guide on how to use Raidbots to sim your character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OntnJ9ewxJ3L__iDn-R9qYukRBDW7429AJiv3NGZ_2M Note: If you invest heavily in mastery, you will experience swings in damage from fight to fight based on how lucky you are. If you would rather have a more consistent build, consider avoiding Mastery in favor of other stats Gems Currently, socketing Haste gems should be your priority. You may also have one Saber's Eye of Intellect in your equipped armour, but these are expensive, so socket these wisely. Enchants For Ring enchants, Haste should also be your priority. Cloak enchants are main stat, so use Intellect. Mark of the Claw is currently our best neck enchant. Food, Flasks and Pots You should be using Haste food, Flask of the Whispered Pact and Potion of Deadly Grace or Potion of Prolonged Power (these are about neck and neck in performance, PP pulling ahead on multitarget). ... 1-4 Addons and Macros Addons Addons can be an incredibly valuable addition to your WoW experience and performance when used correctly. While specific addons and functionality are largely preferential, this subsection will list some of the widely recommended addons to help play your character as best you can. WeakAuras 2: A very powerful addon capable of displaying auras for practically anything you can think of. Ability CDs, proc durations, fight mechanics and more, its easily one of the more important addons to consider using when playing any class. Whilst it's setup can be quite involved, you can import other people's WA setups using import strings. Not's Spec WAs: https://notsthoughts.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/weak-aura-hosting/ TellMeWhen: A simpler alternative to WeakAuras. Whilst its capable of less then WA, its far easier to get started without assistance. I've personally used this throughout WoD and would highly recommend this to anyone that feels WA seems too intimidating or hard to work with. TidyPlates: A simplistic addon useful for showing DoT/Debuff durations on targets and generally making it easier to play in a multi-target situation. Certain other addons include this function as part of their setup, i.e. ElvUI. Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs, or any other encounter-assistance addons: Not a Warlock specific addon, but these do help increase your DPS and survivability by making it easier to not mess up encounter mechanics. GTFO: A pretty simple addon, it will play annoying noises when you take damage, particularly to unavoidable damage in dungeon/raid encounters. Good if you want extra cues for when you mess up. Macros Warlocks aren't too reliant on Macros to perform well, but they are a useful tool to improve the usability of some spells in order to increase your performance. In this subsection, I'll be listing useful, common macros. Stop-cast Shadowburn This macro will cancle any spell being currently cast to cast Shadowburn. Useful when Shadowburn sniping for Shards. #showtooltip Shadowburn /stopcasting /cast Shadowburn Mouseover Havoc This macro will cast Havoc on a target your mouse is hovering over. #showtooltip Havoc /cast [@mouseover] Havoc Replace Demonic Circle This macro will remove your current Circle and replace it at your current location. Note: Due to the redesign of Demonic Circle, this macro will go on cooldown with the use of Demonic Circle since it has to cast it to replace the circle. #showtooltip Demonic Circle /cancelaura Demonic Circle /cast Demonic CircleAldeen286 Jun 15
Feb 11 [Still True] Guide to Logging Introduction Due to the recent patch and the changes that Warlocks, among other classes, have undergone, people are now more than ever concerned about how they are performing. I believe that the best way to evaluate performance is in evaluating your logs--and, without knowledge of how to analyze logs, or how to log, that's impossible. This guide should cover those sufficiently and allow interested players to improve their performance, or, if they would prefer, ask for help. Foreword Please feel welcome to dispute anything posted. I am very dedicated to making an accurate guide that keeps up with all the newest theorycrafting, and to that extent, I will be doing my best to keep up with recent information--but nobody is perfect. Table of Contents 1 - How to Log-1: WarcraftLogs -2: Downloading/Running Logs -3: Known Bugs 2 - Guide to Reading Logs-1: The Interface -2: The Tabs 3 - How to Evaluate Performance Using Logs-1: Basics -2: Destruction -3: Affliction -4: Demonology 4 - Conclusion-1: Afterword -2: Help with Evaluation Guide to Navigating the Thread: If you want to jump to a specific section in the thread, use Ctrl-F and type in the section number, then a dash, then the subsection number. For example, if I wanted to jump to the Known Bugs section, which is in Section 1, and is Subsection 3, I'd type "1-3" into Ctrl-F! ... 1-1: WarcraftLogs WarcraftLogs (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/) is a World of Warcraft fansite dedicated to hosting interactive combat logs and fight rankings for current and past raids in WoW. It is commonly used, to great effect, to evaluate how well someone is performing compared to other players of their spec and to optimal play. By the end of this guide, it is my belief that you will both understand how to evaluate logs and why we evaluate logs. -Why Warcraft Logs? Warcraft Logs is a lot more user-friendly and in-depth than World of Logs--not to mention that its developers (who I am wholly unrelated to) are continuing to update and build on its foundation, where World of Logs, to my knowledge, is remaining stagnant. 1-2: Downloading/Setting Up the Logs Client The WarcraftLogs website is fairly self-explanatory with regards to setting up the client, but in any guide for log analysis must be a guide for actually logging. I've broken it down into a 3 step system. 1: Go to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ 2: Find this [ http://puu.sh/dxBDb/3fed32d7d1.png ] section--it's in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. Click "Sign Up," and make an account! 3: Now that you're logged in, go to where you clicked "Sign Up"--your username will have replaced that option! Click your username, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select "Download Client" and install it! Then, start the client on your computer while playing WoW. This window should appear: [ http://puu.sh/dTL5x/25b02f7b54.jpg ] From there, hit Live Log, and you'll arrive at this screen: [ http://puu.sh/dTLcR/ad07786613.jpg ] Then, if you wish, you can select what page to record your logs on (the default, as you can see, is Personal Logs), and click go! Then, all you need to do is enter World of Warcraft, enter "/combatlog" and raid! All the combat you're doing is now being recorded in real time to Warcraft Logs, where it can be analyzed. When you're done, simply type "/combatlog" again in-game to stop recording combat logs, and click "Stop" on the client! Advanced Combat Logging: In game, to enable Advanced Combat Logging, access the main menu (usually by clicking escape), select System, select Network, and check the boss for Advanced Combat Logging. 1-3: Known Bugs Sometimes, when attempting to log, the client will record nothing, or state "Error - Bad Line". While this is not intended, it is more common than isolated--it can be fixed by simply restarting logs. ... 2-1: The Interface The WarcraftLogs interface is intuitive and user-friendly. An example of a log is one of my Personal Logs, found at [ http://tinyurl.com/k66hywk ]. I will be using this log for the purposes of demonstration throughout this guide. [ http://puu.sh/dxCDv/bb44cf32ef.png ] The image above is what you will first see when reading a log. The first page it shows you (the one shown) is a summary of the various measures of performance recorded by the service. Each of the different tabs (Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing) will take you to a page that details each individual type of performance. These will be covered in the following section. The Graph The Graph can be manipulated and modified to display only certain data--whether you wish to focus on a specific player, a specific damaging mechanic, or a specific portion of the fight. To access a specific portion, simply click and drag from one end of the graph you'd like to observe to the other--it'll automatically display only the information from that slice of the graph. To display a specific player or mechanic, simply select that option from one of the tables below the graph. The Options The options, located in the upper left hand of your screen, will look similar to these [ http://puu.sh/dxD8d/4b43537a58.jpg ]. Each of the selections (The Butcher, All Friendlies, etc.) have a small arrow to their right--indicating the presence of a dropdown menu. You can select these to choose which boss you would like to observe (selecting The Butcher, in this case), which kill of that boss (if there is more than one in a log), or which player/enemy you would like to observe (selecting "All Friendlies" in this case). Views Located just below the graph are three tabs: Tables View, Events View, and Fight Analysis. Tables View provides the standard table of values--useful in other sections for viewing uptimes, percentages, and other numeric values. Events View simply lists each combat log event by time, useful for determining specific cast orders or time between events. [ http://puu.sh/dxDDd/b792b43c05.png ] Fight Analysis is a handy, automatic, mechanics analysis of the fight. It's useful for determining who caused wipes, or what went wrong on a kill. 2-2: The Tabs Damage Done: This is likely your primary tab of interest. When evaluating warlock DPS, it is one of the main two tabs that you will actually be interested in. When you click this tab, it will default to taking you to a screen similar to the summary--a graph, with a tables view of Damage Done and DPS beneath it. [ http://puu.sh/dxDS9/076101ed08.png ] From here, you can observe how your DPS is compared to the rest of your raid for the fight. However, for evaluation, we must look at the specifics. From there, you would click on your name from the tables view--which would take you to a tables view of your abilities used and damaging effects. [ http://puu.sh/dxE0m/b583e10694.png ] Damage Taken This tab is similar in nature to Damage Done, but displays Damage Taken instead. You can use it to determine uptimes of damaging debuffs and other effects in the same manner you would with Damage Done. It is, however, not entirely relevant to evaluating Warlock DPS (very useful to determine who's draining your healers' mana, though!) Healing This tab is similar to both Damage Done and Damage Taken, but again, deals with healing and healing buffs instead. Useful to determine how much you're healing for with self-heals, but not relevant to DPS. Buffs For Warlock DPS analysis, the Buffs tab will be fairly invaluable. It is a graph -- which is less interesting than the preeceeding tabs' graphs -- and a table containing the uptimes of Damage, Defensive, Healing, Movement, and Raid buffs, in addition to stances and unknown buffs. The reason it's important to Warlocks is not to determine if someone had buffs--but to determine how they're reacting to Trinket Procs, using Dark Soul, using their potions, or even Fire and Brimstone in some situations. If you click on a particular player, it will take you to a screen similar to this one: [ http://puu.sh/dxEIj/ae75429356.png ] Debuffs This tab is less important than the others in terms of DPS analysis, but functions similarly to buffs--but with debuffs. Deaths This tab simply displays deaths and the time leading to those deaths--it can be invaluable in determining who is at fault for a given death. Interrupts This tab displays all interrupts used and can be used to fix issues in interrupt orders in raids. Dispels This tab displays dispells and can be used to determine which player is dispelling the most, or if someone dispelled something they were not meant to. Works for both Offensive and Healer dispells. Resources This tab allows you to view resource expenditure/generation over a fight. It can be used for Demonic Fury, Burning Embers, and Soul Shards and displays raw gain, wasted amount, and net gain. Casts This tab displays number of casts, time spent casting, et cetera. It's especially useful to assist in correcting an opening sequence or observing a particular set of casts (such as a Hand of Gul'dan 2-stacking mishap). Summons Shows all pet, minion, guardian, and demon summons throughout a fight. Replay This feature can show the positioning of players throughout a given fight provided the logging player is using "advanced combat logging," an option found in-game. ... 3-1: The Basics Before you evaluate each given spec, it's helpful to know what kind of things you're going to be looking for. -DoT/Debuff Uptimes: You are going to be looking through the Damage Done section of a Warlock's spellcasts, looking for Damage over Time or other debuffs effects such as Immolate, Corruption, Haunt or Doom. Different DoTs or Debuffs will call for different uptimes. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGe8/43d53f1d91.png ] -Cast Ratios: You may also be looking for ratios of one spells' casts to another. This can be done very easily by looking at the casts column and checking numbers. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGkX/81bd70a89b.png ] -Buff Usage: All specs have some degree of resource pooling for certain procs or cooldowns. You will be comparing the amount of certain buffs cast, such as Dark Soul or on-use trinkets, the times that randomly proccing trinkets activate, and more to determine how effectively someone is using their spells. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGsY/f960820817.png ] WAITING FOR 7.2.5, WILL UPDATE SOON! ... 4-1: Afterword I am not the best Warlock, and I accept this--however, I am passionate about this class, and intend to go forward in WoD with stronger progression and theorycrafting than before. I especially hope that I can help new or returning Warlocks--or even experienced Warlocks who want to brush up on their play--improve and perform better as time goes forward. 4-2: Help with Evaluation If you'd like for a more experienced Warlock to look over your logs and provide their insight, simply post a link to the logs and some basic background information in the thread below. There is a great number of experienced, skilled, and helpful Warlocks around who enjoy doing just that!Hedo110 Feb 11
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1m Best Mythic + Spec? Which of the specs is the best for 5-7 keys? I haven’t done a ton of dungeons cause I raid on thee chars, but my 350 mage is blowing away my 354 affliction lock in mythic + dps I use the lockstop talents and rotation with absolute corruption and PS. Warcraft logs shows affliction is way better than demo and Destro in this key range. However, the few times I used demo and Destro they seemed better than affliction, but that was on +2 and +3 keys.Anacrussys12 1m
14m Cant even get into keys 800 io and cleared about 2 10's on time and done others like a min or so over cant even get into any pug 10s at all takes like an hour to get into a 8/9 i try push mine but i keep geting really bad keys no one want to do since week 1.. last week i got tol 11 :/ this week i got temple :/ mythic+ only reason i log on and i cant even do that hmmNânâ7 14m
15m Bringing warlocks into keystones is a gamble They bring good utility but A lot of them do 0 damage on trash and struggle to beat tanks on the damage meters.Justthegrip27 15m
16m Fel flame Remember that little diddy from MoP, the destro lock equivalent of ice lance? Bring that back, make it cost a crapload of mana like it used to. That'll help destro bridge the gap on movement.Razzil7 16m
53m Havoc progress texture Want to make a (weakaura) progress texture for my Havoc and Infernal which shows as a diminishing arc when the spell is active. Already have a cooldown icon to show when it's available. Problem is when i set it up as a debuff on target, it shows when i apply Havoc it but is no longer visible when I switch to a secondary target (which is the basic purpose of Havoc). Any suggestions?Kaal1 53m
57m Locks in bad spot? we playing the same game? Warlocks are in a great place and seeing so many of you say otherwise is definitely confusing. All 3 specs are competitive in their own areas and have their niche utility, afflic obviously being an all around winner. If you are playing a lock to play just one spec, that may be your issue. I find myself switching specs and talents multiple times a day depending on what kind of content i'm doing. Sitting on the forums complaining about the state of the class is not productive. Go practice, get better, stop crying. You can achieve anything with some hard work. If not, there's always rerolling.Reckoner17 57m
1h Demonic Gateway 159.5: pls no delet I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he just does,So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes 1. post message in the room 2. LOOK IT OVER 3. dont report anything, i might get in treble :) 4. "Eppdawg" is not allowed to cep and 5. Have fun!! and 6. keep on truckin' ganksta http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19288699802 IndexSaoren462 1h
1h Why does Chaos Bolt look worse than before? The new particle graphics of the spell look good but the way it travels is just awful. The tail end of the spell is so stiff that if the enemy strafes left or right quickly the end of the bolt jerks one way or the other without a fluid curve like it used to. Example of how bad it is now: https://i.imgur.com/0DoSmsq.gif Example of how good it used to be: https://i.imgur.com/rnoO5WV.gif Also with the new graphic it looks like the tail starts too close to the caster (like they're blasting themselves in the face with the afterburn.) and doesn't "grow" properly. Just some input from a once avid Destro main.Showtime21 1h
1h affli unable to participate in high level PVP can not find a team, so squishy, BM pet could kill me. Unplayable, can't enjoy pvp content.Baoxueshabii9 1h
1h Demo remakes? 3 or 4? How many times can you remake demo and it still underperforms in almost every way? This has to be the third complete remake of demo and it underperforms still. It’s fun as !@#$ to play but is barely viable in basically any format. You guys have spent hundreds of man hours redesigning over the years, time and money redoing animations and spell effects and for the past few years it’s just barely able to perform. I can’t recall any spec from any class that has been redesigned as often as demo warlocks. Can we get some viability before the spec is entirety absorbed by affliction, again (legion)?Drogenn8 1h
2h Tried so hard to get demo to work But.... It.... Is.... So.... Clunky :( With its AOE capabilities demo seems ideal for instances and mythics where clearing trash is the main job at hand. I imagine this rolling pack of demons going through the instance handling stuff. But the AOE dps is sub par, the single target dps is sub par, and it is without a doubt the most lead footed spec I have ever played. Why oh why did Blizz put all kinds of effort into the spec, only to !@#$ can it with a massive nerf just before release. :( It would be a lot easier to push through with Demo to make it work if I thought there was some light at the end of the tunnel. - PPahbi8 2h
3h Demonology adjustment ideas I've been having a fairly fun time as demonology in most content so far this expansion (except pvp, which is an entire other conversation) and think that there's more to the spec viability wise than most give credit. At the same time, it's obvious that we need some adjustments to make us more competitive to, well, every other spec in the game. Below are a handful of my thoughts on how this might be done. 1.) Flat damage buff. Most boring option. Would work, since the core toolkit and play style of demo is satisfying as is right now for the most part. 3-5% range would be enough I think, 8% would be my ideal value but would potentially be too much. 2.) Rework second tier talents. These are mostly unsatisfying and are apparently intended to be a semi-mobility row. I'd love to see Demonic Calling make the instant cast baseline, and instead of reducing the shard cost reducing the cooldown by 1 second per demon bolt cast. I like the concept of Power Siphon but think it should be off the GCD. As for Doom... I'm not sure how to make this more appealing without stepping on Afflictions toes. For PvP it should be made undispellable, at least. 3.) Improve lvl 100 talents. Sacrificed souls is fine number wise, but rather boring. Consumption is literally DPS neutral at best, and never worth taking. Nether Portal is one of my favorite spells in concept but needs to be buffed to give Demo a strong opening burst/3 minute cooldown option. 4.) More off the wall idea: Castable while moving shadow bolt, maybe tied into a talent in the second row. Overall, I really like Demonology and think it's in a decent spot from a spec design and play style, and would love to see it become more competitive without being ridiculously OP like some ideas I see floating around. Let me know what you guys think of these ideas, and add your own! P.S. I forgot the #1 change we need, hands down. Green fire Demonbolt.Chucklebolt1 3h
3h Destruction Lock Help I've done Destro since Wod, Destro/Afflic in Legion, and staying Destro in BfA. I've tried out Affliction on training dummies but haven't in Uldir runs. I just don't like the rotation. If anyone has tips on Destro, I'd appreciate it. Won't be able to reply though. Putting this here before some sleep. H Mythrax is a pain.Ignitheus0 3h
3h Demonology Bug Pre cast Demonbolt then go into hand of guldan, you only receive one soul shard instead of 2, happens more often then not and can be annoying as hell in raids when trying to do your dps opener and have to mix in a Shadow bolt to gain the missing shard. replicated in Nazmir, Uldir, Zul dazar, Voldunn, and Kul'tiras… very annoying.. have been reporting this issue for a while with the ingame bug report, but its been weeks...Pepino0 3h
3h Epicburn vs Ashzag Epicburn, multi-glad, demo warlock faces off against Ashzag, a fresh 335 ilvl, day 1 level 120, Mag'har Orc in an epic showdown in the best map for warlocks, eye of storm. Who will win? https://youtu.be/AO2b8gycUw8Azbolgz5 3h
4h Roast the transmog above you tired of the rate my tmog threads where everyone gives every full set a "omg i LOVE ur mog 10/10" we're salty disgruntled warlocks. there's no room for compliments here. I will take my roasting first pls be creative (and follow me on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrxY8cnMkLE-rAKXtiZQlg)Dzdz42 4h
7h Affliction need help with dps Hey guys, my damage feels low and I could use some input. Am I doing something wrong in my rotations, or is it just the subs are optimized well enough? I know I need more haste, but I'm just not getting anything with haste that's an upgrade. Want to be sure I'm not just sucking. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zpDQ7fPZ3jN4LVJq/Hypertellion10 7h
8h Affy haste caps Pretty basic question, I have looked all over the interwebs and have yet to find an actual answer what is afflictions soft haste cap and hard haste cap? anyone know?Turtlesrock4 8h
9h Just re subbed All im hearing is warlocks are trash and to make new class... Thats always concerning but since warlocks have been bad the last few xpacs maybe I will finally hang em up. What other classes do you guys find fun?Natixsphere3 9h
9h Soul Link 10/10 Bringing back Soul Link for locks, and drain lifes effectiveness would make warlock 1000 times more effective in pvp. We're not mobile, and have very little CC, shadow fury is almost always useless due to always getting kicked or stunned when casting it, and fear last about half a tick of any dot or aoe damage that touches the feared target. With soul link and drain life being more effective we'll be able to survive even when our current CC fails, or well have and increased chance of survival. Siphon Life being more effective would be cool too, I miss the SL/SL play style in BC. As I'm sure 99.9% of the long time lock playing community also does.Millkman2 9h
9h Calling all summoners Just taking the time to voice my opinion and yes this is a long read: - Ok so it’s been over a month since the release of Battle For Azeroth and according to every bit of data (logs, PVP representation, less saturated lock population) we obviously are not in the best shape ever. Some, if not most, would consider it to be the worst state of warlock. We’ve had warlocks cancel their subs, some reroll to other classes, and others shift their gameplay from a competitive style to more casual until further changes come into play. - All 3 specs seemed watered down, not as much from what I’m seeing, but from what I’m hearing (everyone’s voice counts). Our friends or previous teammates don’t even want to Q with any form of arenas with us because they know the outcome (-200 rating in an hour and a consistent 2v3 with you being the spectator). I mean, we only have like 3 warlocks representing us in high rated arenas, and it seems like one of them is retiring Q’s until changes are made. - We are NOT priority invite for M+ It seems. Even @ a 365 ilvl I’ll still get declined instantly from keys as low as +4 or +5. We excel in raids, yes, but in my honest opinion it seems like the only reason for that is this curse blizzard’s set upon us called “Azerite Trait Stacking”. Changes and fine tuning from blizzard’s side seem inconsistent, negligible, or just non-existent. It’s like they’re ghosting us. The only possible answers I could think of is that 1) They are low key working on some solid fixes for 8.1 or 2) They are truly delusional and see the class as “just fine” or “working as intended as Ion would say about any question he received in his AMA. Dude, I get it. This sucks, we were Gods among men (all 3 specs) at one point in time, and now it’s as if everything is crumbling down on top of us. All 3 specs were unique. There was this sort of flavor each spec had that made it so damn unique that you could TRULY play any of the 3 and still have a blast with the class. - Affliction: The God of Rot - Demonology: Master Summoner and Former Demon Metamorphosis (!@#$ I miss meta so damn much) - Destruction: The God of Burst and “you better LoS or you’re %^-*ed” Basically, it’s a solid comparison to once being rich and falling deep into poverty. You’ve seen the ceiling and now you have to sit on the floor for a while. Here’s the harsh and honest truth: Now, there’s an abundance of threads with just walls of complaints and warlocks playing “warlock dev” making suggestions to improve the class. All of which are phenomenal. However, let’s be honest blizzard isn’t reading that !@#$, and you’re just wasting your time as well as taking up space on the warlock forum. The warlock forum went from what was once a place for us to discuss class to what seems like complaints and toxicity. It makes you look bad because instead of at least trying to put In the time and effort to improve and adapt, you are just throwing in the towel and IMMEDIATELY jumping into the forum tilting your 6th complain thread with “OMG give me mobility now”. We get it. We know the class is kind of meh right now, but we are just complaining to a wall. Now for the pick-me-up: I’ll start off with addressing the warlocks that are deciding that excelled and defied all odds. You got guys like Chucklebolt playing Demonology in mythic uldir and actually pumping out respectable damage. Epicburb being epicburn and kicking %^- in 3’s as our iconic Demo lock. Obviously Snutz and Maldiva but they always excel so do they really count..? And many others. I myself am not doing too bad in raid performance so I’m proud of that. Here’s what I’m saying.. there’s never EVER been an expansion where we started off *!@#ty and continued to be $%^-ty. We slowly rise back up to the top EVERY *!@#ing time. So.. pick your head up. Adapt to the $%^-ty situation blizzard has placed us in, and just be patient as you overcome these god awful obstacles. Thank you.Menemies13 9h
10h Feedback: Legion Aff warlock was better Did BFA Aff warlock get dropped off in the Twilight Zone or something? While most other classes had their rotations dumbed down further/simplified even more in BFA, I notice that BFA Aff Warlock suddenly got more complicated?? It just seems like we are in a "weird" place right now (relative to other classes). Rotation This was the Legion rotation from what I remember: 1. Agony 2. Corruption 3. UA 4. UA 5. Drain Life 6. repeat from step 1 or Life Tap (if going OOM) It was a simple, but effective 4-5 button rotation that even casuals could pick up. This is the new BFA rotation for the most part: 1. Haunt 2. Agony 3. Corruption 4. Siphon Life 5. Phantom Singularity 6. Dark Soul 7. UA spam to dump shards (uses a few globals) 8. Summon Darkglare 9. Deathbolt 10. Shadow Bolt as filler 11. repeat from step 1 As you can see, it is a *much* more complicated 9-10 button rotation when compared to the more simple Legion rotation. It just feels like we are "working" more to achieve the SAME level of DPS that we were able to consistently put out in Legion. Survivability Legion Aff warlock had STRONG survivability and self-sustain, it was almost comparable to modern-day BFA Disc Priest survivability. In contrast, BFA Aff warlock is severely lacking in the survivability/self-sustain department. If you are focused by a melee in pretty much any PvP scenario you just start dropping fast, it's rough. You just feel "squishy" unless you specifically talent for more survivability or run away from melees/hide as much as possible. In contrast, during Legion we would still get killed by a competent melee player... but at least we could stand toe-to-toe against him with our increased survivability and self-healing. But BFA Aff warlock vs any melee class is such a one-sided fight (that melee always wins) it's a joke. I think they should reconsider some of the survivability nerfs they gave Warlock imo, even something simple like making Darkfury insta-cast would help alleviate the squishy-ness somewhat. Siphon Life should also be returned to it's former "heals you for 100% of damage dealt" modifier in my opinion, the measly 30% heal provided by BFA Drain Life is so tiny so as to be negligible. If Siphon Life is a talent that we have to spend a talent point on, I feel we should "get our money's worth" and it *should* actually provide decent healing like it did in Legion. Utility This is unchanged thankfully, it might even be slightly better now with the new BFA Warmode talents. There's some nice synergy with certain warlock abilities and some of the new Warmode talents. Demon Pets They seem squishier now all of a sudden, I'm not sure if that's just a scaling/gear issue or if they are *genuinely* weaker now than the Legion demon pets. I remember the Voidwalker was a tanking BEAST that I never paid much attention to in Legion (even with large pulls), but now in BFA I actually have to watch how many mobs I pull. Past a certain amount of mobs he drops like a bag of bricks or needs constant healing. Conclusion Legion Aff warlock was not only more simple and fun to play than BFA Aff warlock, but also felt "better" in a general overall sense. Thoughts?Gdtroll45 10h
11h Just lost to a ______ Playing 3s, everyone died but me and a resto druid. 1v1 of the century. went far enough into dampening that I couldn't outheal the resto constantly lining and spamming moonfire, he obviously could outheal the grand total of 2 dots that i was able to keep up on him. what a time to be alive.Dotsmon0 11h
12h We desperately need mobility. Please. Any base UNTALENTED mobility spells or abilities. Every ranged class has them except warlocks (affliction just happens to have instant cast spells). Essentially being forced to play affliction by the playerbase because the other specs are slowly moving turrets feels terrible. I can either A) Play affliction or B) Play affliction in the current raiding state. The fights are simply too movement heavy for me to do meaningful damage (compared to the rest of the DPS classes). Yes, I can "just play affliction" but that's not the issue here. It's just a fact that warlocks have no base mobility (Gate doesn't count, as that has a two minute cooldown and is extremely limited). Mages of all specs have blink. Hunters have disengage. Druids are druids (Catform dash, travel form, talented teleport). Shaman have ghost wolf. Shadow priests, like affliction, have instant casts and many DOTS. Warlocks' state in PvP is, I think, also heavily influenced by the fact that we are as mobile as dead cats as a feature of the class. I would welcome a nerf to damage or whatever other balancing I need just to be able to move around the world without sacrificing base survivability.Grogarra52 12h
12h Everything is going to be otay guys <3 https://www.wowhead.com/bluetracker?topic=20769069084 Hotfixes for Monday, Sept 24th. Also, lock/dk mentioning at the bottom. <3Tacotraplord6 12h
14h Dump Shards for Deathbolt? So Deathbolt is going to come off cool down in 6 sec. I have 4 shards. Do I dump as many of them as possible into Unstable Affliction before I cast it?Tannaril2 14h
14h it would be nice if... they revert the stupid nerfs to demoLamarider0 14h
15h Rate that transmog 2.0 Last Thread maxed out. Rate that mog!Affriction169 15h
20h Voidwalker...useless? Or Nah So I went the route of Destro and am really enjoying it, I honestly haven't had this much fun with it since MoP. It seems more fluid, easier rotations and skills that enable you to hit more mobs with Chaos Bolt for some nice dmg. Only problem I'm finding is I'm severely out agroing my voidwalker. Just curious if anyone else if having similar issues? Thx!Lhust18 20h
23h Demo and mythic dungeon So guys, I've always enjoy summoner classes, when i was thinking about leveling an alt to have some fun, now i could go bm who is in a very position now, but i though at giving demo a shot first, but i enjoy mythic dungeon more then raid and I'm afraid of one thing, he seems to lose a lot of dps when not using felguard to use felhunter, and in the actual state of mythic dungeon I'm not sure we can afford losing interrupt, not sure if felguard stun can interrupt everything that fellhunter can since some adds seems to be immune to stun like the add on last boss of shrine of tempest. What you guys think about it?Nightfangs3 23h
1d Clever warlock names? I was thinking Souled.Motgutra350 1d
1d Mage or Warlock? Hey guys I just came back to the game and am looking to play one of these classes. I don't know how either are doing in bfa so I'm curious, which class is doing well atm?Plumpdump7 1d
1d They are not going to fix warlock pvp. https://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/1101841-pvp-balance-tuning-september-24/ Nothing on warlock..... sigh.... HA baited.... see the last line of that post. :PÄsphyxiàté5 1d
1d [New Warlock] Help with Rotation Hey everyone! I'm a brand new warlock in BFA. I have a guild raid next Wednesday so I'm trying to gear and get my rotation down before then. I did a test LFR just to try and get a taste, and I might try and pug Uldir this week just for the chance of new gear. I hear Affliction is the way to go at least for now so I'm trying it out. I logged my LFR here. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FM4rQBgdpPRqk9mh/ I'm a bit disappointed with my DPS and I'm not sure what I can do to improve. I've looked at guides a bit but I'm hoping one of you more experienced warlocks can point out something I'm doing wrong. Thank you in advance!Struden6 1d
1d New player(Bought expansion /free 110) just finished 120 and i am kinda regretting the choice i made.. i started with my friend who is a hunter at the same time both quested to 120. He made it a day earlier then me but that doesn't really matter. I am not really liking the heavy casting with no mobility other classes seem to do more dmg then me... i sit there building a imp army/ casting dots that feel like they do peanut dmg (only decent sub that felt good in pve was destruction ,even then there is a ton of cast). I was really exited to play this class since i love the lore so much but i get aggro from any dungeon mob ,i get instantly killed. With literately no escapes and sht ton of heavy casting i feel like i need to switch to another class.. if i switch classes any recommendations? or wait and see if they get any buffs? what do you guys think i should do? Thanks guys! *Ps* I haven't tried pvp yet since people are saying warlocks are at the bottom of the charts :( lolFancyimp3 1d
1d Affliction PVP OMG, what happened? Does it get any better at 120? Melee destroys me in 2-3 seconds. WTH??Fearrari12 1d
1d Warlock Revamp Hi Warlock Family, I have put my thoughts out there in the arena forum and am hoping for some help from you guys. Please bump the post if agree or disagree. Here is the link: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769068931 Thanks!Chameetri4 1d
1d Is my rotation ok? Can someone please checkout to see if my rotation is ok? I'm always at the bottom of the meters. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/34129525Chamio3 1d
1d No Doomguard in BfA? Seriously? This is the most iconic spell for the Warlock. Would they seriously remove it? It's such an awesome cooldown. Is this a bug? It's honestly the most baffling change I've seen. They cant seriously expect this to stick aroundPearbutter50 1d
1d Does Cascading Calamity stack I have 2 azerite pieces with the ability to choose "constant calamity" Do the stack? the haste? Just wonderingCentares3 1d
1d BFA 120 Demonology PvP Talents/Tips/Tricks I made a updated 120 video that breaks down the build and what pvp talents to use for certain teams/why I also go over some of the hidden features of Demonology not discussed in tool tips regarding Wild Imps/Tyrant/Implosion. I even got a guest appearance by Prince Machezzar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7dYGt303QM If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I made this video to help people with the spec and obviously if anyone has questions I missed in the video I will be more then happy to answer. You can catch the build/spec in action in arena all BFA at Twitch.tv/epicburn.Epícburn81 1d
1d 3 balance changes Needed for PVP So far in legion ive played a Fair amount of Rated PVP and this are the main things holding Lock back from competeing Leave a Like if you agree or Leave a comment on why you disagree Shadowfury Instant Cast (1.5->0sec) Healthstone Personal Heals for double(25->50%) While using Grimoire of sacrifice keeping kick reguardless of what pet sac (picking voidwalker rallying cry) less imporant things Water breathing(count as a magic debuf again for dispel fodder) Casting circle casttime reduced (1.5->.75sec)Bpdoom8 1d
1d Destro pvp - GoSup? Is GoSup pretty much a must for Destro pvp? I don't like having so much damage behind a 3 minute cooldown. GoSuc and Roaring Blaze sound they like they provide some good thoroughput, but is it not enough?Gorgal4 1d
1d Azarite Traits Where is the best place to find current Azarite Trait rankings? Icy hasn't been updated for 2 weeks and I'm not really a "simmer". Thanks,Demoncal5 1d
1d Affliction aoe rotation mythic plus tips Ive started running some mythic plus runs and I’m finding destruction to be a more effective option over affliction. While my ST damage is higher with affliction, I struggle to keep up with the pull pace and AOE and I feel like I’m really just moving from boss to boss. With destruction, I lose some ST damage on bosses, but not as much as I thought. Overall destruction feels more useful in a run with a second aoe stun and stronger burst aoe. Anyone else finding this? Or are there better aoe rotations for affliction that can keep up? Any tips for improving aoe damage in mythic and mythic plus as affliction?Kihli6 1d
1d Does anyone find bfa aff boring? I just don't think it's fun, and it's not something they can really add more cool animations onto. ATM I think spriest is still the more fun and appealing dot spec. And it just looks better. What do you all think?Jackofdemons42 1d