Nov 10 stuck in escape from jagganoth lair He's stuck casting.. firewalls block exits. Can't cast on him.. how do I escape? or is the scenerio bugged.Curlyzu20 Nov 10
Nov 10 Lock Raiding PoVs & Improve Your DPS thread! Ay dudes, as I do every expansion I'm posting up a PvE help thread for anyone who has any questions or is seeking advice that you may not think is worthy of an individual thread. My goal is to help you improve your DPS. For immediate help, you can come to my stream (only had it for a week or so. Hope y'all appreciate my Infernal graphics!) https://www.twitch.tv/itsdeezy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrxY8cnMkLE-rAKXtiZQlg/videos whenever I am live and if you have any questions or need any advice feel free to ask me there. I raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights from 9pm til Midnight Pacific Standard Time. I'll answer as best as I can without shifting tooOo much focus off of raid. If it requires more depth, I'll let you know to repost your question here (usually with logs) I'm going to update this thread with the best results I get on each boss with each spec for the purpose of compiling videos not as a personal library, but as something people heading in to these bosses can look over to see what Warlocks are doing in raid and to see if you can pull any tips or tricks from them. Paired with the videos, I'll answer any questions you have about what you're seeing - whether it be with my rotation, any mistakes, or any mechanics. Destro: Mythic Taloc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLl_GKgVv2A (09/28/2018) Mythic MOTHER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1aU0nm_DOw (09/28/2018) Mythic Vectis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkyrPA4jN7c (09/30/2018) Mythic Zek'Voz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkHHwwR7z2c (10/01/2018, Infernal wasn't off CD for Dark Pact, RIP) Mythic Fetid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbAFJkD5C3c (10/11/2018) Heroic Ghuun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_44u5N0dfbQ (09/26/2018) Heroic Mythrax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbIHIzMBHSc (09/26/2018) Heroic Zul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYDpR38KW4o (09/26/2018) Affliction: Mythic Taloc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XTW6cgcBMQ (10/02/2018) Mythic MOTHER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG7sfeWaTew (10/02/2018) Mythic Zek'Voz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj6__9of1MQ (10/24/2018) Mythic Mythrax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La_OQCQqhj4 (10/31/2018) Heroic G'huun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B034D2g_FCk (10/02/2018) Heroic Fetid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCW9QFuoNU8 (10/02/2018) Mythic+ Videos Atal'Dazar: Affliction +16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwCZu0ol1PU Freehold: Affliction +14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fRu-7-CKIM (2 chest) King's Rest: Affliction +14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzsWrSVrFbk Siege of Boralus: Affliction +16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sxtr_1v9gA Waycrest Manor: Affliction +15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_idYEFGWsgDzdz76 Nov 10
Nov 10 Need some advise new traits Got some pvp gear... Ended up with 2x wracking brilliance and 1x sudden I onset. Any idea how to optimize playstyle for this set of traits? I'm currently taking curse of shadows to abuse the root & decay mechanic when extension the dot time frame whilst draining life during damage window every 30 sec. So basically, all dots + 3-4 UA's + DB. Then pop curse of shadows and drain life to proc rot and decay to maintian dot uptime till curse of shadows drops off. Rinse and repeat 30sec later. Would this be optimal for these traits?Shadowcaster1 Nov 10
Nov 10 For Zandalari Locks Ya Gotta Speak Up If Legion taught us anything, it's that speaking up pays off. I think it can be reversed. There are a lot of ways in which this was a bad decision that I doubt Blizzard can argue with. There is the bait and switch of all official material up to and including blizzcon showing Zandalari Warlocks as a possibility. There is mocking the ridiculous justification that we had to be bumped for paladins (either lett ZTs be all non-hero classes nor dont give Paladins something, neither are the end of the world). There's the fact that ZTs being monks (or I guess their version of a monk) is incredibly lore unfriendly due to their mutual hate with Pandarens. I think every race can be a monk now, which seems silly to me, and certainly deflates concerns about ZTs being too many classes. There is the existence of Zandalari Warlocks in game AND an explanation for how it could work. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Al%27tabim_the_All-Seeing https://wow.gamepedia.com/Demoniac And probably more I am forgetting. I think they want the loa to be the patrons of each class. But honestly what that will mean is the player goes to meet a loa, quest for them, get powers, and then eventually this peters out and normal questing becomes the norm. For a warlock it wouldnt be different, just instead of a loa you make some secret ritual site to do the aforementioned demon binding. Still an otherworldly power source. BUT ABOVE ALL, this was all but promised and then reneged at the last moment. And it was a big feature of BFA and it would give the Horde two races that can be Warlock instead of one (which many are disappointed in on its own) Youtuber pyromancer voices a lot of the same complaints I have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yp_nWzEe8E The official "no fel connection" explanation is weak. Kul Tirans can be Druids without a connection to the Emerald Dream.Tresextas18 Nov 10
Nov 10 PvP Viability If I want to play a lock in RBG's and occasional arenas, what's my best bet spec-wise? And is there an ideal build? I've mixed and matched everything I can think of, and guides online haven't offered anything that I haven't already tried. I know, I know. Locks aren't ideal for PvP. Still, I'd like some feedback. Pretty frustrated by how squishy and slow this class feels. Thanks in advance.Nolephor19 Nov 10
Nov 9 PTP arena Is PTP viable or not really for 2s and 3s?Ellastre12 Nov 9
Nov 9 No locks for kul tiran OR zandalari lmao I'm done with lock ayeeeeeeHobiethecat87 Nov 9
Nov 9 Summon Demon Thoughts I posted this in the recent PTR Demonology thread over in Items and Classes Subforum but thought that others here might find it an interesting solution as well. Would like to hear thoughts on potential exploitative uses given the outlined restrictions and if others think like myself in that it may help resolve a number of weaknesses of the class as a whole. There is a solution to many of the concerns with instant casts that might help though: Baseline Demon summons being instant cast, upon summoning they try to use their Command Demon spell on the target (or mouseover/focus target). This way utility concerns such as spell lock are shored up some, could stretch to all Warlocks and not just Demonology as it helps them with their concerns as well. Some tuning adjustments to make it fair would be a 30s CD per demon summoned (that way you can't just spam Imp Cleanse) and active demons would need to stay alive for 5 seconds to give the new one time to get to the target and do damage. This proposed change would allow Demonology to dump some shards on the move for very minimal damage gains through Nether Portal talent, while being a very minor damage spell for movement (poor shard usage except in very niche situations). The utility gains speak for themselves and put Warlock utility on par with many other classes who get instant rewards when pushing their utility buttons (Warlock utility is linked to their demons). The arguments for instant summons is that the time for slow summons is long since past, lore-wise we have learned some new tricks during Legion, in terms of gameplay Warlock utility is mostly linked to their pet. Updates to pet demon abilities would be welcome and long overdue as well, VW taunt should act as a redirect for the next enemy ability as well as a forced target shift to them. Succubus slow should affect all nearby enemies (whips lash about hitting many targets when used). Imp cleanse should also remove physical effects (it's a singe, cauterize bleeds and other physical wounds like hamstrings). Felhunter should detect stealthed enemies (for finding those sneaky Zandalari's in Atal, among a few other places). All of those could be passively updated and none require new extra buttons, merely passive effects. Look, trying to keep things from being really overpowered here, but want some fixes that will actually affect both the utility and mechanical issues with gameplay. Elegant solutions like these require very little adjusting to keep them balanced as well (range on Felhunter sight could be quite small, could even just be added to Eye of Kilrogg like Demon Hunter sight).Delofasht0 Nov 9
Nov 9 PVP Dread Guard choices for LOCKS Hey Fellow Locks, Believe or not I enjoy PVP with my lock ( I also enjoy hangnails, warm beer, and girls with bad breath) Should I get the Silk Rainment or Silk robe? what AZerite choice? Thinking of Sild Rainment with Banner Proc Can you give laundry list of all Dread Guard Armor to Pick? and the proper azurite choice ? ThanksCentares7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Demon armor = current shadow form here is some math for comparison - locks soul leech assuming 8k dps in 385 gear is something below 1k per second so lets round up to 1k (and this assumes you can do 8k dps btw) - locks fel armor is rounded up to another 1k since we are getting a 20 percent hp buff overall with both talents which puts you at 180k ish hp which in turn makes fel armor 900 per second - locks armor reduc and hp buff from talent are equal to current spriests reduc/hp bonus with fort/shadow form - that means every 6 seconds you absorb 12k damage but also assuming you do REALLY high dps (which you won't being trained you need something like 12k dps). by comparison spriests absorb 13k every 6 seconds you just have to ask shadow priests what happens when they are not playing insanity pvp talent. Basically you are unhealable TLDR - the math on lock changes puts warlocks defensively WAY BELOW current shadow priests defensive ability without use of the insanity talent, life swap, vamp embrace, and disperse. It's literally idiotic to assume this change would be enough knowing what is known about spriests atmÇhriszz42 Nov 9
Nov 9 PTR: Bilescourge, Nether portal buffed Bilescourge was buffed to 21% of spellpower, up 7%. Nether Portal just had its shard count reduced to 1 but now also only lasts 15 seconds instead of 20. My thought is that I don't think the problem with Bilescourge is damage. It's the CD. Since all three Level 15 talents are essentially AoE focused, I think it would make more sense if Bilescourge had a 15 or 20 second CD and did the same damage it does now. It would double function as sustained AoE (I'd have to check the math) and would slot as more user-friendly to the clump up mechanics of both DS and Dreadlash (which should, in my mind, be the default single target talent for our class.) Dreadlash should lower the CD of Summon Felstalkers in addition to what it does now even if it meant lowering the damage bonus to Shadow Bite from 25 to 10 or 15%. Maybe drop the CD 3-5 seconds. DS is fine as a burst AoE talent. Bilescourge would work with a 15-20 second CD and should not cost shards. It's counterproductive to the mechanics of using Implosion. As for Nether Portal, essentially it needs its CD halved and Sacrificed Souls needs to be baseline for it to even matter. There is no choice here. There's SS and then there's two dead talents. To be brutally honest, Demonic Calling is also significantly better for your highest DPCT spell in Summon Felstalkers adding to both its efficiency, addressing demo's 2nd biggest issue (mobility next to ramp up). Doom is tied to those long 15 second intervals which almost assuredly will have a target die in between ticks and is a complete non option for up front burst. Sacrificed souls should not only be baseline, but its scaling should be tied to mastery. Demonic Calling should also be baseline and its charge proc rate should be tied to you and your pets' critical strikes with a small ICD of 2 or 3 seconds. You do that, you can plug true choice talents in there and then Nether Portal would be significantly more appealing because baseline necessity wouldn't be attached to talents. I personally would like Demonic Empathy back as a talent choice in some form in replacement of Calling and the addition of another Demon on demand at the level 100 tier that also makes Tyrant instant cast. Otherwise, I love demo as it is, and even if they didn't make QoL, I'd still be playing it over the other two dull specs.Tragik10 Nov 9
Nov 9 On Use Trinkets I am wondering what will yield better DPS. Would it be better to use my 1m30s on use trinkets when they come off CD or wait that extra 30s for DS? My thinking goes that over an extended fight I'll have a higher trinket up time which, numerically, should provide higher DPS, but it decreases the potency of my DS. It also means I can't use my trinket for Darkglare when that's off CD, instead I'd need to wait for trinket, DS and DG at the 4m mark before I can use all three again.Daenex2 Nov 9
Nov 9 What build are you going in Classic? Im going with this, seems like it will be really good with crit stackin. https://classicdb.ch/?talent#IZbtVuMxoxZxxMtb0z The big crit shadowbolt spam is what im going for with it. should be effective in both pve and pvp. It probably relies to much on gear to do its damage, but I didnt get to play at max level back then so i wouldnt know :P. Also, I didn't remember but corruption used to have a cast time of two seconds lol and afflictions end tier talent was the pet mana drain XD. this is crazy.Sathrago47 Nov 9
Nov 8 Does Demo Have Dots? Trying to pin point the casters without dots if demo does not take Doom do they have any dots?Rysing14 Nov 8
Nov 8 Aff feels too bursty Now that shadow bolt is our filler spell, haunt/deathbolt are the only viable talent choices, affliction feels like there is too much single target burst factoring into our rotation. I do like the concept of deathbolt and darkglare because it really makes the rotation vastly more interesting than just refilling dots and doing filler in between. That being said, shadow bolt just makes the rotation feel too mage-y. Affliction, after all, is supposed to be the master of drains and damage over time spells, however as of now we have no channeled drains in our rotation and a good chunk of our single target dps comes from several burst abilities(SB and DB). Here's what I propose: make drain life and drain soul baseline abilities again. Drain life will serve as our main filler while drain soul would be our execute phase. Make shadow bolt (replaces drain life) and nightfall as synergized talent choices for those that hate draining. SB/Nightfall build would be advantageous for, say, 2-3 target cleave encounters where you are multidotting and thus getting high nightfall procs (Also would probably be pretty good in high M+ for sustained multidotting for the same reason). Drain life/drain soul build would be advantageous for single target encounters. I do think that deathbolt is really cool and makes aff much more fun to play, but I think with drain life & drain soul being so useless right now and a good chunk of the rotation being single target burst, aff doesn't really feel like the rot dps it should be. What does everyone else think?Eldrìtch34 Nov 8
Nov 8 I Can Only Play A Few Hours A Day Help Considering the only things ive done are reach 120 unlocked world quests and completed the chapters for different zones. In order of importance. I don't have enough rep to continue story. I'm thinking: 1. Lfr/norm raid because its casual. 2. Keystone. 3. Cap conquest. 4. Emissaries. 5. Mission table. What do you guys think?Crookedmán1 Nov 8
Nov 8 No Zandalari Locks - straightback option? @Ythisens or any CM - If warlocks cant be Zandalari is there any chance that we can have an option to have the darkspear trolls stand upright like the orcs received. The standing tall troll is the reason I was going for it and now I'm over here with no chance of every seeing a straight back other then in an animation.Sefirosuwar10 Nov 8
Nov 8 haste against current target? wtf is this, I was doing uldir and something felt wrong so i look at my haste and under the normal haste it says "haste against current target" and it was set at 14.3% no matter what gear i chose, i relog in a few hours later and its gone. anyone else see this?Reallymagic7 Nov 8
Nov 8 New to class Curious what you guys think is best spec to lvl/pvE.......as well as pvP at 120. Prob looking for the spec that is good at aoe, but still has good single target for boss's......Datdarkorc11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Nether portal change a nerf? 1 shard cost, ok, cool. 5 seconds off it's duration. Wat So, you save 2 shards right? But does it matter? You can't save shards anyway for netherportal because it only summons 1 per dump, so it's not like you gain a benefit other then an insignificant less buildup to cast it. But at the loss of 5 seconds which Could, during a lust and haste proc environment dump more demons from the portal then shards saved with the 1 cost. That, and with the portal being a smaller shard spend window, you get pounded even harder should a mechanic force you to move, because guess what, you have 5 less seconds to make the magic happen. I like they know there's an issue with it, but god damn we've explained how make this spell competitive on this forum so many times. Demon per shard spent. And or Nether portal demons benefiting from duration extension via tyrant. That's it. That's all it needs to be a nice healthy burst CD.Revlol4 Nov 8
Nov 8 Demonic Consumption changes Blue Post just went up: In the current build up on the PTR (Public Test Realm), a few changes were made to the Demonic Consumption level 100 talent: - Any imp that the Demonic Tyrant consumes now has a chance to grant you the Demonic Core buff. If your Tyrant consumes six imps when summoned, you have six individual chances to get a Demonic Core buff applied to you. - The damage buff to the Demonic Tyrant from consuming the Wild Imps is now much higher. One additional note about the Demonic Tyrant: - In an upcoming build, the Demonic Tyrant will also extend the duration of any demons summoned from the Nether Portal level 100 talent.Nyhlia4 Nov 8
Nov 7 Mythic Vectis adds as Destro Progressing on him again tonight once we (hopefully) stomp our way through the first 3 bosses For you folks who have killed it, how do you prefer to handle Havoc? It is not up for every single fresh add so one is missed. Do you use Havoc on the first 2 (the 2nd add is usually around 2/3-1/2 hp by the time Havoc's back up) and dump everything you can into Chaos bolts? Or do you save for the full hp third add and then use it?Ghazgkul1 Nov 7
Nov 7 Is Aff the only choice if want Mythic raid? I know demo is a joke atm but if you are going for mythic progression can destro not cut the mustard? Considering lock for the next raid and am apping to a mythic guild. I would like to play destro if possible but I'm willing to play whatever is needed.Nevergiveup17 Nov 7
Nov 7 BFA season one. Im facing a lot of rogues this season, assassin doing 20% of its dmg as white dmg. How is that balanced? Im suffering to get a chaos bolt out, while i'm out damaged by a auto atk. Not complaining but this is getting really annoying...Oolei2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Some stuff for Destro New to the forums. Could you lower Chaos Bolt's cast time and increase Incinerate's damage? I didn't play MoP or Legion but I did enjoy WotlK Destro. Removing the DR on Entrenched in Flames and Fel Fissure would also be nice. Also baseline Soul Link.Rorrschach16 Nov 7
Nov 7 Vanquished Tendril + demonology Does the damage from the pet get increased by our mastery? I don't have enough gear to actually play around with it to find out, but mine seems to be hitting significantly harder than other specs with it.Rhiania1 Nov 7
Nov 7 No Demo Interrupt? Seriously, what is up with this? DPS are supposed to accomplish 2 things in PvE: Killing things, and interrupting nasty abilities. With a demo lock, you can't do both. You either have to lose your high powered felguard to bring out a felhunter who can interrupt, or hear your group whine at you for not interrupting the hard CC/stun immune mob. It would be (marginally) different if Demo was capable of delivering massive amounts of damage, but we're even lacking in that department. I thought Blizzard wanted to make Demo viable and fun this expansion, not kill any chance they have of a raid/M+ spot.Nöma14 Nov 7
Nov 7 Best Destro Azerite Traits? What are the best azerite traits? Also for raid what talents as well as pvp talents do we run? I'm trying to boost my dps think I got wrong talents or something.Crookedmán4 Nov 7
Nov 7 What am I getting myself into I'd like to finish leveling my warlock. But seeing all the forum posts about how much theyre struggling is making me hesitate. Im coming from playing an Ele Shaman... I dont want to go from one broken class to another. Id like to play Destruction. Like a fire mage with cool Demon Flavor =DIthil7 Nov 7
Nov 6 PVE and PVP Gear i've been searching for stat priority and optimal azerite traits in aff locks pve and pvp and its a bit different. people that do both content, do you guys have a completely different set for PVE/PVP? i just want some feedback :)Jentillak0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Best warlock spec for DPS? Best warlock spec for dps in battle for azeroth? Gonna start leveling to 120 but am unsure on what to choose.Fearøshima21 Nov 6
Nov 6 Desired graphical update Ok, so we recently got new casting animations, which are sweet, and finally got updated pet models last expansion (way over due) but there is one small update I would really love to see. Variations in Warlock pet skins. Stay with me here... Pretty much everybody I know IRL has different skin coloring, even if it is just a minor variation like a tan. My cats have different colored fur. It's a fact of life that variation exists, so I totally would expect the same to be true with Demons in WoW. Heck, the color variations exist already for all our pets. So why can't we access them (Succubus color glyph aside)? Given that they exist, it's not like the art department would need to create new assets. So over all it wouldn't be as huge a amount of work to add this in as it would be to build from scratch. I would LOVE it if upon summoning your first demon as a Warlock, you'd get a demon with a random skin color. Warlocks with existing pets, if you'd rather a different color maybe the scroll that is used to form a pact with a new demon, used to get a new pet name, granted you a color variation as well. Or a new scroll to change name/color independently. It feels like it would naturally fit within the game mechanics, it would offer greater customization and variety among warlocks in the game (if only a visual thing) but it would go a long way. I mean Hunters can go out and get unique pets and have a huge amount of variety, Druids have unique forms per class, I'd like a little more variety for Warlocks. Anyone else think this would be neat?Pernicious2 Nov 6
Nov 6 PVP Talent Idea Never-ending affliction Unstable Affliction now ticks additionally every time the target is healed but no longer damages the dispeller. P. S - Bring back Cataclysm soul swapElise3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Clarify if Zandalari can be Locks please From the Wow Panel at Blizzcon: https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2018/november/WOWNXT034.jpg But then the website doesn't show Warlock as an option for Zandalari. Can we get some clarification please?Raegon8 Nov 6
Nov 6 Fire mage vs destro I am stuck between Destro lock and fire mage. I would like to listen your opinions. Which class is/has better: 1.Pve 2.Pvp 3. Fun (engaging rotation, look and feel) 4.Mogs 5.Fantasy Please consider the changes that both classes Will receive in 8.1. Thanks :)Ivraa10 Nov 6
Nov 6 Mobility still bad Can we get kil'jadens cunning back as a talent. Maybe something like this. Kil'jadens cunning-passive-you may now cast shadowbolt while moving.Chåoslord10 Nov 6
Nov 6 Mine is bigger than yours So I was recently raiding against Mother and we set up gateways to help when the wind blows into the furnace. There were 3 Locks and my "gateway" was always the biggest. Now I know size doesn't matter(or atleast that's what my succubus tells me) but I was wondering if anyone knew why some gateways are bigger than others or if anyone else had even ever noticed. But I have yet to meet another lock with a "gateway" as large as mine.Torakk5 Nov 6
Nov 5 Optimal talent setup demo What are the best talents to run for raids/mythic+ for demo? For raids I've been running Demonic strength Doom * Vilefiend * Grim Felguard Sac Souls What does everyone else run? Checking out warcraft logs I think Demonic Calling and Inner Demons are top picks but I figured Doom would of been top for raids? is it really that bad?Aeondight3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Yipz BFA/Warlock rant youtube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SscZm4ZdXx0 Just putting this on here so more people can see and maybe Blizzard can too, a good rant video from one of the best warlocks in the world Pretty much hits all the points of how lock felt this xpac, I stopped playing lock 2 weeks into raid release just because of how uninteresting the lock gameplay was. Trash in PvP and boring/braindead in PvEDemonphile11 Nov 5
Nov 5 Money Lost from No Kul'Tiran Locks I was very ready to instantly drop $25 on that Race Change to Kul'Turin. I'm wondering how many others feel the same and how much money will actually be lost from this arbitrary restriction.Bonespirìt7 Nov 5
Nov 5 Is Siphon Life *that* bad? (PvP) Former 2200 Affliction here, haven't played him at all this season because Aff is dumpster tier. Still, going to level my Lock because he's been my steady go-to since BC. I noticed on thelootdistrict that the talent row is split 65% WiA and 35% AC, with literally no one taking SL. Is it really that bad? Playing Aff with only two instant cast DoTs just feels terrible. I mean the entire spec feels terrible, but that particularly felt bad.Theslash18 Nov 5
Nov 5 tired? anyone else tired of spending day after day trying to grind out a competitive, at least decent, damage dealer? and to no avail. tired of doing good damage, randomly, in specify circumstances, but failing in every dungeon and most raid fights? tired of unclear traits, small increments for massive grinds, and only having access to gear with unwanted stats? Tired of paying millions of gold for augment runes, flask, pots, and food ingredients? tired of spending hours of fishing, traveling and grinding for an astonishing amount of needed ingredients? my time is not valued. i assume no one wastes a second of effort on professions--worthless, low-level gear. Anyone else tired of be stooped by every pebble and stick on the path? objectives designed not to be found? I am! i am tired of my warlock.Agikus6 Nov 5
Nov 5 aff or destro for pvp? Probably asked a bizallion times, but feeling kind of lazy and wanted to say hi -- hello, and I hope you are doing well this fine evening! So, my question is, what are your opinions on lock pvp regarding either aff or desto: For 2's, 3's, and random bg wackiness... I am fully aware there might be better classes for pvp, but I am an altaholic who is finally getting around to playing is oldest vanilla toon, and frankly was missing it. Kind of want to get the hang of one of the two specs before I hit 120, which is why I am asking now. I plan to try them both out to see which I like more, but mostly looking at you, good reader, and your advice on the specs. Addendum: tried Demo recently and in legion, not really into it, I know some absolutely love it, just not my thing. ...unless the 120 demo is completely different?Zemodeous4 Nov 5
Nov 5 How did I summon Prince Malchezaar? i dont see anything in my spellbook about itExecutioner3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Viable Comps for Afflock As the title suggests i'm just curious what the best comps are currently for 2's and 3's while running with an Affliction lock. I would think we need to run with a class that has off heals since we just explode typically. Let me know what ya'll think! :)Letmecast5 Nov 5
Nov 5 Did anyone go to Blizzcon? If so, shame on you for not forcing your way up that Q&A line for our sakes in pvp. >:( Hell i would have been fine if someone asked why our class design is floundering and if they are actually going to do something with us. Note, This is mainly for destro and demonology in pve and all three in pvp.Sathrago2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Warlocks and rapid target switching As most Warlocks have noticed, we're not so crash hot at dealing with suddenly appearing targets in a fight, doubly so for targets with very low health that need to die quickly ( eg: Explosive in Mythic+) That's fine if it's for current content where you need a balanced class composition to deal with mechanics, but this has for a long time caused problems for Warlocks in solo content. For example: WoD Garrison invasions. Lots of extremely weak targets requiring rapid target switching. At this point, the most efficient way to deal with situations like this is rapid spam drain life. Also hits on the problem Ion mentioned for Legion that melee classes were killing targets before Warlocks had even finished casting their first spell. All of these problems could be fixed if we were given a single instant hit, instant cast, low damage, low mana, no soul shard ability. Not every ability classes have needs to be balanced around the top end simulated DPS outputs of high end raiding. TL;DR if for no other reason than giving us an ability to make sure we can tag a mob before a Demon Hunter flashes in and 1 shots a mob in under 0.5 seconds, please give us some sort of low damage, instant hit, instant cast, low mana, no soul shard ability.Specula15 Nov 5
Nov 5 Chromeweaver Keybinds? Hello community, As the title states, what are your warlock keybinds with the Razed Chromeweaver? I’m switching over and I have no idea where to start and feel really uncomfortable. Help!? Thanks in advance. :)Jackedkidney0 Nov 5
Nov 5 Long Breakso whats happened to my Lock Came back after a long break to find my belovered lock destroyed. In pvp my instant dots do little damage my big hitter have to wait till I get 5 shard up then have a long cast time. Why do also have to manage mana? I find it so funny in pvp to beat a lock all you have to do I walk backwards as the lock is trying to cast. Cooldowns again are like 3 mins. The rest has been said numerous times by so many other locks but falls on def ears as usual. Thank god I only subed for 1 month. Will come back in a few years again and see. Blizzard your greed for money has killed this game. Well that's my rant. Best of luck to all locks who will stick this crap out. Best of luck.Cleniee3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Demo Rotation I saw a couple of different sources and it's saying something different as far as the rotation goes. I was building 5 soul shards and just using Hand of Gul'dan as many times as I could before I used implosion and used my Dreadstalkers only when they lit up to use only one soul shard instead of 2. Well I saw another source and it was telling me build 5 soul shards and use my dreadstalkers the very first thing followed by Hand of Gul'dan. I use Demonbolt and Soul Strike on CD and use implosion when I have as many imps up as possible before they vanish or as the fight allows. So what exactly should I be doing first for the most dps output?Heedgert6 Nov 5