21h Destruction to get Damage Increase in update I see a lot of unhappy destruction locks. Some good news in the link below. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614733752#1Trreacherous31 21h
22h Unstable Affliction WeakAura Question I'm trying to make a progress bar WeakAura for Unstable Affliction but if casting multiple UA's in a row the additionals do not show, or don't overwrite the duration of the first one cast and show the stacks of it (either of these would work for my purposes). Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advanced.Xathrá3 22h
1d Trinket choice Hi all, checking to see if someone can either check Mr robot for me (I'm on mobile, can't get it to work) or just offer general advice. I have 870 corrupted starlight & 865 brinewater slime (mastery version) equipped. I also have 880 swarming plaguehive (mythic Nythendra haste trinket, in case I have the name wrong). If I equip the 880 nyth item, my haste is up to 24% and mastery dips to 109%. Obviously I'd love to have more mastery instead of haste from my other gear pieces, but for now I don't have other options. Any opinions on if I should be using the 880 nyth trinket, or is someone able to check Mr robot for me? Thanks for any thoughts/info.Requim4 1d
1d Aff - 4 piece Was just wondering as affliction do we go for the 4 piece tier as a lot of the items have terrible stats or do we stick to 2 piece?Agnikai2 1d
1d Supremacy VS Service Affi Better to run straight doomguard or service for the fel puppy cd + doonguard cd?Zenìx7 1d
1d Double Affliction/MW So I ran this last night because I was bored and couldnt find a dk to play with and let me tell you... This comp was crazy fun! We went 6-1and ended at 2.1k mmr I stayed aoe spec and the other warlock went single target. Other teams healers couldn't even dispel due to all the UA's and dots going out and they were all just rotting away. Super fun and I would deff suggest giving it a try!!Natixsphere9 1d
1d Best DPS spec for bg's and dungeons Currently level 46 and wanting to level through dungeons with groups, anybody knows the highest dps spec for this? On bosses and adds. would appriciate. Also would like to know the rotation.Satanic4 1d
1d Destro: Why not just change the mastery? Looks like most of our gear (except for set legs) from NH is mastery/vers-based. Our two "worst" secondaries. We're all trying to piece together haste/crit right now so that we can have somewhat viable sustained DPS compared to other classes. (still doesn't happen, btw) So why not change mastery from an RNG-based "maybe you'll get some noticeable damage, but probably not" to something more along the lines of... just a straight increase in damage? Current mastery, chaotic energies, isn't where this spec needs to be. So why not have it buff fire spell damage? Chaotic Fire? Burning Energy? Something? Anything? Or make Versatility a viable option? Or just give our fire spells a flat buff and leave mastery alone? Or... maybe just make us DESTRUCTIVE instead of having to !@#$% ourselves out to haste? We'll take what we can get at this point.Allky8 1d
1d 7.2 duel wielding felguard trait? Wouldn't it be appropriate if we got a trait that made felguards duel wield? We've physically seen them do this ingame, and maybe they would be more susceptible to bringing our glyph of wrathguard back as well.Jackofdemons1 1d
1d i am getting tired of this I am seriously getting tired of these constant nerfs . 1 month ago we were broken in PVE-ST but in PvP we were alright. Right now we have decent ST PVE wise but they broke us completely in PvP nonetheless its extremely hard to go 1v1 against a warrior,rogue,dh,fire mage in a PVP-WQ OR TEMPLATE BATTLEGROUND because one stunlock/silence and you are dead besides DH and fire mages hit like trucks. Edit: it is also import to mention that suffery an stunlock/silence will cause all your Unstable Afflictions to fade wether plus our DoTs without Malefic Grasp dont do any damage by themselves AND besides that the dispell protection of UA doesnt feel rewarding or "protective" at all.Drajilrough8 1d
1d Demo stats/set bonus I find it hard to believe that losing 5-8% haste is worth a 8% damage increase from the 4 piece set bonus.Cashonly4 1d
1d Drain Tank Spec - Thoughts and Input Was curious on peoples takes on Drain Tank specs currently. Looking to MOSTLY PvE with world PvP stuff. Basically just wanna roam the world free of fear of people with 60+ ilvls on me trying to get some. I JUST got my Lock to 110 this weekend and some decent gear and I'm not new to the class at all, but there have been so many changes in Legion lately with us it's hard to tell what most people enjoy. I feel like my current spec in the armory is pretty ideal but I wanted to see what my Demonic Controlling brethren thought. As for PvP talents, I'm currently at rank 12/13 so I have the whole first row. There's a few talents in there I want and I should be set for "peak drain performance".Zaxan0 1d
1d Any reason to keep doing Whithered Training? I was thinking that the final chest was like a chest from a daily world quest, but I'm not sure. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't always feel compelled to complete the whole thing, as it takes some time to do a full clear. Any reason to keep doing it once your faction is max'd?Bhromhilda14 1d
1d Sin'dorei still worth? i'm affliction, but before 7.1.5 sindorei spite had 30%, now is 15%. So, still worth? or better legendary appropriate for aff spec?Albiondragon0 1d
1d Soul Shards Back in TBC I remember going into Terokkar Forest, just outside of Shatt, and Drain Souling mobs to fill my soul shard bag b4 raid. Oh... there's nothing more here, just sharing.Belthesar1 1d
1d Is warlock for me? I am making a new alt. At first I make an elemental shaman since I want to try caster after playing melee (WW) the whole expansion. However something turn me off about Ele, I dont know. How is destruction guys? How is the play style of destruction vs Elemental? Thanks alotWolfist2 1d
1d Kazaks final curse. Dont know why its a curse its more of a blessing. How do i use it?Demontune2 1d
1d Destruction PVP bug If you take Shadowburn and Entrenched in Flame, you will not root the target when you Shadowburn them.Manatyrant6 1d
1d Sin'dori spite as affliction How do I properly use this legendary as affliction.Swalls5 1d
1d How impactful will destro's buff be? I want to roll a new ranged dps, and i remember enjoying destro lock a lot. However he's at the bottom of the dps charts (according to warcraftlogs). While i do need something i enjoy so that my altcoholic problem does not kick in, i also need to pull dps because my raid is doing mythic raids So... tl;dr, is it worth it to roll a destro considering the buffs they will get? (i dont really like demonology, affli i could give a try but its not really my thing)Naaruk6 1d
1d Why Rot and Decay nerf should be reverted. Rot and Decay is the perfect balance between single target damage and counter play. In it's current state, Rot and decay is a poor choice in 2's and cant even be considered an option in 3's. It allows us to do meaningful damage between setups and still leave opponents with simple counter play mechanics. Stuns, kicks, fears, DISPELLS, reverse magic, spell reflect, Ams, Amz, cloak, and simply los to counter all our damage. I do recognize that the damage out put is high vs teams that do not understand the dispel/interrupt mechanic, but at the same time, cleave damage is higher if you simply let them go to town and don't peel their damage. I believe with the current amount of counter play and lack of finding the right balance of spell protection, Rot and Decay is the perfect concession.Zogs31 1d
1d Aff lock in random bgs How are Aff lock for Casual Random Bgs? for solo ques. can you hold your own 1 v 1 with most of the classes? are they worth to level this patch? Thanks in advance :)Aladdíñ8 1d
1d Request: Malefic Grasp Talent Visual 7.1.5 Dear Blizzard, With the awesome buffs and new talent Malefic Grasp coming out.. I've noticed that the Malefic Grasp spell effect in PTR does not have the cool visual from Panderia/WOD. I think it would be a really cool change to have that Drain Soul/Malefic Grasp combo visual when we have the talent. The talent could use a visual aspect to it and you already have it in the game somewhere :) to the Warlocks: Bring this to attention if you want it to ever happen. Its in PTR and they just messed with the 20%-80% buff. You know you want that cool spell effect when you choose that talent :PBabylðn117 1d
1d Fel Eyes Anyone know if theres plans to give the option for fel fire eyes? Lore wise it should already be here.Zdot1 1d
1d Video games are supposed to be fun But with all the insane changes with no testing, I'm done playing. My game time was supposed to renew tomorrow but I stopped it because I can't support !@#$ balancing anymore. 2.5s cast CB hitting for 400k in PvP while other classes instantly hit for more is just plain stupid. That's IF you can manage to get one off with our poor mobility, stuns, and other interupts. Good thing I can spam Incinerate or my 10 second CD 150k damage Shadow Burn for filler damage! jklol. I was really hoping this xpac was the one to turn the game around for me but it just seems more frustrating than ever. Even though I'm a nobody, I wish my fellow Warlocks the best of luck. Hopefully next xpac they'll have a better class design for us.Derpndots5 1d
1d Soul Shard and DPS help needed Hello fellow warlocks, This question is for Destro specifically. I come seeking advice on a problem I’m having with my soul shard upkeep. I am at 878 with 35 levels in my weapon. The problem is PVE raiding related. I am running Magistrike Resraints and Sephuz’s Secret for my Legendaries. The problem is that I can burst the initial DPS on a single target to about 450k when I pop my portals and the infernals. This is also with the initial reserve of 3 soul shards, so I’m able to follow it up with a few chaos bolts. Then, the portals expire, and I’m left with very few soul shards to maintain the DPS. I can do chaos bolts very slowly after that, so that leaves me with Incinerate, which is slow and low damage along with Channel Demonfire when it’s available, and maintaining Immolate. Conflag charges as normal. Soul Conduit helps with it a little bit, but not enough (IMHO) to replace Channel Demonfire, which also comes in handy in other situations. At this point, if the fight lasts 2-3 minutes, I’m down to overall like 330k at best I think. Sure, I can re-cast the imp after 2 min and pop off a few more portals, but it doesn’t make up the difference. I am running Backdraft for the talent, BTW. I’m not even talking about movement, adds, and other contributing factors at this point. I feel that this isn’t working out for me and I’m underperforming. I know my Legendaries don’t really help in this case. But I’m honestly not sure what else to do without being able to consistently cast Chaos Bolts to keep my DPS up. On complicated fights with a lot of mechanics I can drop even lower. I really need to either find out what I’m doing wrong here or somehow work towards improving this situation. Please ask me any questions you’d like and I am looking forward to your feedback.Atlantian4 1d
1d Affliction to good,destrolock cant get in LFG Blizzard plz fix destro lock dps i cant get into any groups now that the word has spreed that affliction is the new master race spec.Ziraxer13 1d
1d Easy Destro ST Fix Change Havoc so that when you cast it on a ST, your spells would be duplicated on the current target for a duration. Would require a slight change to Wreak Havoc (Like a cool down), but we would stay on theme and would be competitive in ST and still do great in 2 target cleave.Manatyrant20 1d
2d I see dead mobs Its unnerving to see the ghosts of the NPCs and mobs I kill standing over their bodies as affliction spec with its artifact weapon. I would like to suggest a glyph or an option to turn this off. Seeing a field of ghosts meandering over their corpses has ramifications for me personally. I wish to continue affliction spec for leveling and general world daily content, but this aspect has a deeply chilling feel for me.Onyks5 2d
2d is this a jape Rot and Decay now only increases the duration of the Unstable Affliction with the shortest remaining duration. am I being rused? is the wool being pulled over my eyes? am i being rustled?Yorick6 2d
2d Got My 4th Legendary Today! 1st: Neck @ 7 days /played 2nd: Belt @ 14 days /played 3rd: Wrists @ 30 days /played Patch 7.1.5 hits 4th: KILJAEDENS BURNING WISH trinket @ 40 days /played Dropped from heroic spellblade aluriel. The trinket is a BEAST on its own because of the stats (2k+ intellect w/ 400+ haste/crit/mastery) while the 800k AOE dmg you can do every 75 seconds is decent. Seems like it'll be useful for WQs, lower level mythic dungeons, and for raid fights with tons of small low HP adds like the Scorpion - basically for any situations where you want to kill numerous low HP adds. It's pretty fun to mix & match my 4 legendaries depending on the fight but I'm kinda sad though because I'll have to wait a loooong time to get a shot at obtaining the current BiS legendary for Destro which is the shoulders and there's no guarantee it'll drop either RIP. :\ If you have the shoulders, you're like the Destro god right now.Hotpwnsta2 2d
2d Fear should at least be a .5 sec cast time With all these crappy changes. I'm almost dead by melee by the time I get the cast off and they always break out like immediately. It's very irritating.Elderz4 2d
2d what happened to focused chaos in PVP? patch notes read like a 25-30% nerf but this feels like a larger nerf overall. hitting for 300+k in pvp, 400-450k+ on the high end, down from 400-700k+ on the high end. is this for real? we have for less than a shaman's 2x lava bursts now lolMarionette1 2d
2d destruction weapon question I haven't played a destruction in a long time and was wondering with leveling what boa weapon should I be using Grand Staff of Jordan or Dignified Headmaster's Charge ? one more question will I still be able to mount and pet farm and can they solo dungeons ( except legion ones ) and do world questing okay ? thank you lotsHotdogz1 2d
2d Affliction still best? So I was extremely happy when I read the patch notes for 7.1.5. I love affliction. But I'm worried about the hotfix. People were complaining a lot and Demo seems to be a better spec since its more of an AOE build.Jackalsqueën31 2d
2d Deaths Embrace still worth? Just as title says. Is it still worth to take this or would endless affliction be a better option now?Natixsphere5 2d
2d Ain't got no fire spells! Fire spells for Demo asap please blizz ie give us back soul fire or at least immolateBaalial5 2d
2d Phantom Singularity needs to SCALE This is a fairly substantial oversight with respect to Affliction. - Haste does nothing to PS but speed up its damage, it does not increase it, and the cooldown and damage are unaffected - Mastery has no effect whatsoever on PS Whereas both Soul Effigy (through the applied DOTs) And Soul Conduit (though either Shard spender) Both scale effectively with Haste and Mastery It's pretty bluntly just... well, laziness... that Phantom Singularity doesn't scale with 2/4 of your secondary stats when its competing talents do. Though it is not surprising since this is in the same talent row as Soul Effigy, which was fed secondhand to Warlocks because Mages didn't like it.Chromey24 2d
2d Fresh 110, Best spec for heroics? In heroics I feel the mobs are pretty much dead before I can even get fully ramped up. I usually pull around 110-120k on trash, and 140-160k bosses just cause they live longer. According to warcraft logs, Affliction is better in lower end mythics, then Demo starts to catch up, but I'm not seeing how affliction is good for things that die so quick. Could use some advice for talents/spec. Much appreciated!Syník7 2d
2d New trait for warlock [7.2 PTR] New Afflic Traits: Entropic Instibility (5 ranks): +1% crit chance with DoTs per rank Rend Soul (1 rank): Drain Soul ticks have a chance to proc bonus damage and spawn a Tormented Soul Sinister Seeds (1 rank): Seed of Corruption requires 50% less damage to trigger New Demo Traits: Left Hand of Darkness (5 ranks): +5% pet damage per rank Jaws of Shadow (1 rank): Dreadbite increases damage taken from your pets by (amount) Thal'kiel's Ascendance (1 rank): Demonic Empowerment can proc a buff making your pets to deal additional damage New Destro Traits: Flames of Sargeras (5 ranks): +8% Conflag damage per rank Cry Havoc (1 rank): Chaos Bolt will bounce to your Havoc target for (a lesser percentage) of full damage Tomb-Born Rift (1 rank): Dimensional Rift can now summon a Flame Rift Source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2155586-New-Warlock-Artifact-TraitsAlbiondragon24 2d
2d Aff: where should I be? So I just hit 110. I've been running timewalking dungeons, and I'm doing awful dps. So this leads me to a few questions 1. Is this due to gear, ap, or is it lack of skill, bad talents......or do a lot of Aff locks hit this issue when, by the time I've rotated my dots on the mobs, they're dead already. 2. If I will be PvE focused, do I wanna roll destro? 3. Is there a general dungeon spec to play with Aff? I've read through guides, but is there a way to find a nice mix of talents for trash and boss pulls I'm a bad warlock, but I'm trying to learn.ßlockbuster11 2d
2d Glyph of Wrathguard? Why is this not accessible in game right now? Have all of the other glyphs from what I have seen. Did they happen to state anything that anyone remembers or was this just an oversight?Veloxtus9 2d
2d Faction changing whats a prefered race for horde . I'm stuck between goblin , undead or orc ? any thoughts?Awol5 2d
2d And the Tuning kicks in Destruction Chaos Bolt damage increased by 9%. Rain of Fire damage increased by 30%. Cataclysm damage increased by 29%. Designer Notes: Destruction's damage isn't as high as it should be. In particular, some of its spells that should feel the most rewarding aren't hitting hard enough, especially in AoE situations. We're buffing the damage of those spells. It's something...Paindeliver8 2d
3d Nightelf Warlock It is time for Nightelf Warlocks. Horde only have one race that does not allow warlock, alliance has 2 .. It's time to be fair. With the overbearing melee ganking by horde on my server, it would at least help to be able to shadowmend . It is currently impossible to do world quests on my server as a warlock with roughly 10+ horde at every event or on the way and warlocks being a prime target. You might call this whining but it's reality . Game play depends on doing world quests , yet they can't be done.Neverbite5 3d
3d Destro: But not as destructive Blizzard please do not ruin the destruction warlocks anymore, we are one of the less mobile casters and it is not fair to drastically reduce our base of damage, the Chaos Bolt spell. I understand that you aim to balance the game to provide a better use of all players. However I've always played wow, for me there is another game that wins. My favorite class in the game, always was and always will be the Destruction Warlocks, but I do not see anything about balancing in favor of my main class, I believe you have escaped from the spec fantasy, the "Destruction" thing itself. I can not create another passion with the other classes of the game, so I'm afraid of not playing. I know it sounds a bit selfish but anyway I beg you, properly fix this spec, which is undoubtedly one of the coolest in the whole game. Our damage is nowhere near some classes like the warrior and demon hunter. Except that even before the Nerfs we were the least played class. In 2v2 arena, it was almost impossible to do anything with the absurd amounts of silence and interrupts the Destruction Warlocks took, yet I found it amusing. And you also made things like the Shadowburn build unfeasible. So, seeing the 7.2 patch notes about us, I still do not think it will be enough to literally support the name of the "destruction" spec, please blizzard do something to make the destruction players play again with pleasure. Thank You. Sorry about the bad EnglishMuambas4 3d
3d Affliction - Pet or Sacrifice? Hey affliction locks. Should I run with a doomguard or should I sacrifice a pet. I'm not sure what to do for mythical and raiding. Thanks!Hellcast2 3d
3d Blizzard Devs: You promised communication. You have absolutely wrecked this class in PVP in every way possible. The gameplay mechanics are god awful and the damage is pitiful. Stop staying silent. We want explanations. We want answers and to know why the fvck you are doing this to our class. AT LEAST LET US KNOW WHY YOU DID THIS !@#$.Gremgorr11 3d
3d Try Channel Demonfire they said... It's buffed they said... It's bugged they didn't said. You set the talent, the spell still in a "grayscale" and doesn't work. Nice job devs. Very nice job. You guys are terrific !Eloco10 3d
3d Affliction Or Demonology Just in the sense of damage, which spec performs better overall? Considering raids (nighthold mainly) and mythic+Tzhary7 3d