3d Detro falling off; Pyro goes Aff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ou379c3Lyw destro player in a top 50 guild explaining why he plays aff on multiple fights instead, despite stating he was going to 100% destro at the start of the tier. makes sense. at this point, there's no real reason to pick destro over aff for progression or for parsing in any fight unless you don't have the time to respec (or if you simply only enjoy destro). and we rightfully lose to demo in STDPS. bottom spec all around yet again booyysss. the margin of STDPS that destro beats aff by is not only getting smaller, but it was tiny to begin with. something like 10k to 20k DPS max on average with aff actually having higher max STDPS parses.. and we (rightfully) lose to demo in STDPS which is apparently our new area of focus.. for some reason... compare that to the handicap we're at everywhere else, hilariously including 2T cleave, and.. well.. why would you pick Destro, enjoyment factor aside, if you are a new player, a progression raider that could afford to respec, or a recruiter for a guild looking for warlocks? the gap is only getting wider because we scale horrendously compared to the other two specs. .. not looking good.. and with only one raid left, it's going to be a huge gamble to hope destro has at least one clear advantage/niche over the other two specs for at least one raid. mechanically, we are pretty bastardized. our cleave got !@#$ on because apparently high WH uptime would break us (despite the things aff is capable of as soon as adds pop up) and we got turned into somewhat of a STDPS spec.. which is demo's area.. with such a low ceiling for scaling that we can't actually be a competitive STDPS spec. yeah, we got "embers" back.. woohoo.. but now what? lel. (still viable, still can do whatever content you want.. but we are currently always the suboptimal spec choice. )Bearhugs40 3d
3d Whats demos current rotation Just wondering what is the current rotation/spec for demo in 7.2.5.Shaw4 3d
4d I love demonic circle in bgs I have been using mortal coil for a while, but the shenanigans possible with the teleport is too good to pass up. Once you get used to preemptively placing it before you know you are gonna fight, it fills the job of getting melee off you for a moment, especially if you lay it behind line of sight or z-axis. It also makes us a great flag carrier, just won a wsg for my team because of it alone. Mortal coil is certainly better in 1v1 but do not underestimate the power of teleport! Now if only it was baseline again....Lmfaobolt3 4d
4d Good newbie spec? Hi Warlocks, I thought I should try a warlock before 7.3 drops. I was wondering what's a newb friendly spec you folks would recommend I try. Thank you.Jwke2 4d
4d Horribly slow soul shard regeneration.. I am having horribly slow soul shard regeneration.. I have no idea why, when watching videos on youtube or whatever, it seems like their soul shards regen extremely fast.. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. My rotation is good (atleast I think), my gear is pretty decent, Stats are good as well. Crit 24%, Haste 26%, and Mastery 101% Rotation is: Agony, Corruption, Phantom Sing, Unstable Affliction x's 2, Reap Souls, Drain Soul, ect ect keeping DoTs up, use Unstable Aff when ever it pops up, (only because it would take FOREVER to get like 3 back.) Any idea's what could be the problem?Akoron3 4d
4d Sephuz's vs KJ's burning wish? What aff lock legendaries? I got my third legendary today, as far as I know the ones I have aren't very good and I'm not sure what to use. Norgonnons foresight, sephuz's secret and KJ's burning wish. Not sure if I should use sephuz's secret or burning wish. If I use burning wish where in my rotation would I fit it at. Thanks!Shadok5 4d
4d Rend Soul? Why the nerf? Dropped from 20% on PTR (was at that for the longest time) to 12% on live to 4% in less than 2 days (66 % nerf) with minimal testing data (with nighthold being bugged and not many people having the trait unlocked). On top of that you nerfed Rend Soul damage to not be doubled by reap souls. The question is WHY nerf it so much in such a short time with minimal data. The amount of people who have this trait unlocked is probably low as it is, so I am guessing the reason you guys nerfed it now was so once all the warlocks caught up and used it you wouldn't cause a mass forums appeal (if you nerfed it after everyone had it) like a few months ago. You guys remember that? Remember when Ion Hazzikostas said you would look into warlocks playstyle/mechanics/specs somewhere around 7.2? Let's be honest here the only reason warlock players have been kept quiet is because they were performing decently and not at the bottom of the meters like at the start of the expansion. But I am sure this nerf is going to bring some people out from that dormant state. Perhaps some more information should be supplied delineating why this nerf was warranted(66%), where you got your data from to nerf it, and why in the world haven't you mentioned the statement made previously that you guys were going to fix/look into warlock playstyle mechanics somewhere around 7.2. Let us once again UNITE warlock brothers like the last time and show them that we remember how we were ignored at the start of the expansion and were promised more extensive improvements and changes!Lhex54 4d
4d Essence warlock a new healing spec? (don't flame me to bad but here is my idea not as crazy as it sounds) Warlock Healer Essence warlock All classes in wow fall with in the alignment system good neutral evil good paladin, priest, druid,shaman neutral:warrior, mage, monk, hunter evil: death knight,rogue, warlock, demon hunter When i laid it out like this i noticed that there are no dark healers and with the recent death of gul'dan warlocks are in the best position to fix this it would fit the lore of the game well enough if the warlocks learned from his gul'dan's mistakes. Warlocks are famous for dabbing in fel and void energy's. fel dealing with Sacrificial magic. the movie showcased as well with gul'dan draining a nearby deer to heal thrall. How it might work core mechanic revolves around two resources fel energy's, and void energy's with small pools these slowly refill out of combat but in combat the warlock refills them by using summoning small demons. drain life could be used to refill the fel essence. drain soul could be used to refill void essence (Toolkit) fel infusion: std heal empowered fel infusion: greater heal heath stone shatter: std aoe heal (3 charges) fel infused healthstone shatter: radial raid heal long cool down can provide improved healthstone for the raid that heal >50%but at the cost of 2%of healing done as damage to the essence warlock per stone used theses would use fel essence void aura:raid wide bubble (but instead of an individual bubble its a shared bubble with no individual using more than x% of total be for pop ) soul stone now only for essence warlocks but will stay a combat rez void shift : debuff cleanse these would use void essence (Offensive Toolkit) should be aligned with demonology. hand of gul'dan would now targetable on enemies and yourself the imps that result from targeting yourself are non offensive and are the source for drains to fill resourcesSemivivus27 4d
4d Demo Leveling Seems Slow Hi guys, I have been leveling up this character, rather slowly, and I am wondering: is demo viable at all?Poobadoo8 4d
4d Master: Destruction vs Affliction I'm gonna get straight to the point!!! The Destruction Mastery system is a dang joke!!!!!! Currently I'm at 48% mastery with a gear score of 922! In the notes when you hover the mouse over master it says spells do 24% increase damage and "up to" an additional 24%. This is a total freaking crap shoot and you know what I freaking mean!!!! You can do 24% mastery damage and "maybe you will do an additional 24%.... maybe you will... and maybe you won't ...we'll have to wait and see!!! I'M SO SICK OF THIS BECAUSE IN REALITY MY MASTERY IN DESTRUCTION SPEC IS ONLY "24%" WITH A GEAR SCORE OF 922!!!! Switching over to Affliction wearing the same gear, but a lower affliction artifact weapon ilvl 909 (destruct art weapon 935).... my total gear score is 919 with a mastery of 74%!!!!! This will increase my spell damage 74% everyyyyyy time.... no questions ask and not maybe or up to an additional amount..... but all the time!!!! Why is it that afflection get 74% increased damage all the time and destruction get 24% ....and "maybe another 24%" depending on how the game feels???? Even if a destruction warlock got the full 48% mastery..... it's NOWHERE close to 74% that affliction warlocks get!!! Whyyyyyy???? Whyyyyy Nottt!!!!! I'M SO SICK OF THIS AND WARLOCKS BEING MESSED UP EVERYYYYYY EXPASION, THEN CHANGING IT HALF WAY THROUGH THE EXPASION WITH THE WAY THEY WORK!!!!! IT'S BEEEN YEARSSSSSS AND "THEY" STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT A GOOD SYSTEM FOR WARLOCKS AND KEEP IT! I'M SO SICK OF THIS ALREADY!!!!!Exiler7 4d
4d That can't be right, I'm a noob Uh... hi everyone. Total noob here. I wanted to ask a question, but couldn't find a Q&A section in these forums, so I figured this was the best place. I'm an Affliction warlock, and I only just joined the game, exactly a month ago (my free month expired yesterday). I got to max level about a week or so ago, and started doing stuff in the Broken Isles ( I also bought Legion when I reached level 100). I've been currently doing World Quests, after having finished the storylines for all areas but Suramar (Oh gods so effin boring) and postponing the Broken Shore. I'm mostly working on finally getting flying, since questing without it is absolute pain in the !@#. Anyway, to my actual question... while doing one of the quests for today's emissary, in Stormheim, I took on the "Soulreavers" (I think that's what it was called) World Quest, the one in that far off isle in Stormheim, Shield's Rest, where you face 3 bosses simultaneously in the deepest champer of that tomb or whatever (sorry, can't remember what it's called). After being done, I got a piece of loot with a much higher ilvl than anything else I have, the "Hood of Eternal Disdain". I've been googling around, taking a look at some guides, mainly the one on Icy Veins, and... apparently this is the 2nd best item Affliction Warlocks can have? I mean, I have that trait from the class hall that lets me wear 2 legendaries at once, so, does this mean I now have the best headgear I can get? Surely that can't be right? I only just started, and the best headgear available just randomly dropped while doing a normal (ok, fine, elite) world quest? What I am not looking at? There must be more to it than this, right?Augusto22 4d
4d Destro Troubles Hi I'm having some issues with my destro rotation. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong but my rotation currently consists of building burning embers and dumping them into chaos bolts back to back. I usually open by casting an immolate, then popping my second imp, doomguard and soul harvest. I then cast all three dimensional rifts cause I don't have the lessons of space time. Now, I cast conflagrate, then cast 2 incinerated then another conflagrate and another 2 incinerates and by now I have to recast immolate so I do but I then cast 2 chaos bolts back to back to take advantage of eradication, I also channel demonfire to take advantage of eradication. I then continue my normal rotation by building up soul shards to about 4 them cast a conflagrate if there is one off cd to cast two chaos bolts back to back. And I channel demonfire off cooldown, pop my second imp and soul harvest off cooldown as well. It just feels slightly clunky atm and I feel like I'm not following a set rotation most of the time I'm casting. Any thoughts?Skarmac2 4d
4d Nerf locks Or at least the damage that seed of corruption does..Necrophobia14 4d
4d Why No Troll Locks? Anyone here not like the idea of a Troll lock? If so I'd like to know why exactly. Just curious, not mad about it of course. One of my guesses for why they are so rare is that most that role a Horde Lock choose Undead since they fit the class so well. Opinions on look, racials and lore of Troll locks?Zulzomku14 4d
4d stuck in escape from jagganoth lair He's stuck casting.. firewalls block exits. Can't cast on him.. how do I escape? or is the scenerio bugged.Curlyzu5 4d
4d Flying mount for Ritssyn Any chance of Ritssyn getting a less obnoxious flying mount to ride on when joining me in the Broken Isles as a bodyguard?Carsongaines15 4d
4d demo, enough haste? Ive got 30% with no food buffs etc. Everything tells me to use food buffs that provide more haste. at what point should I consider other stats? In other words is haste just a get to where it feels good stat? (my simmed stats are - haste, int, vers, crit, mastery)Sorrowmourn2 4d
5d Found a decent guide for playing destro If anyone else is interested https://www.twitch.tv/videos/166058246 I like the fact that the info given is backed up by actual gameplay so you know you're not getting a bunch of bull.Moerae7 5d
5d Finally made implosion guide/recorded a game Hi guys, setup obs yesterday and made a guide (25 min) with an example arena game qued for implosion. hopefully people start running it a bit more and Im not all by my lonesome :] https://www.twitch.tv/videos/165621923 enjoy!Nazumar21 5d
5d Warlocks Still Using a Legacy System!! Why is there always issues and soooooooooooooooooo manyyyyyyyyyy changes with warlocks!!!! Over the years warlocks have been changed, rearranged, and debuffed more than anyyyyyyy other class!!!!! Why??????? It alwayyyyyysssss happen!!!! The begging of an expansion and in the middle of and expansionssss ...completely change how warlocks work!!!!! From soul shards to burning embers, to fractured soul shards. From being able to heal to not heal at all, except affliction locks!!!!! You can not depend on drain life to heal you in a pvp situation, especially when everyyyyyyy has shieldssss!!!!! .....DK, Warrior, Monk with karma, priest, Pally, Hunter, Rogue with cloak, DH with immunities Mage...... everyone hasssssss shieldsssss, yet warlocks are the onlyyyyyy class that must rely on getting past those shield to heal!!!!!! Whyyyyyy ......no other class has this struggle!!!!!!! JUST GO BACK TO BURNING EMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also why does "Backdraft" works as 30% reduced cast in pve and only 15% reduced cast in PvP Arena?????? This is completely stupidddddd!!!! Every other range dps class have sooooo mannyyy spells that are instance cast or can be used while moving, especially mages and hunters..... yet you expect warlocks to "stand still" then take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr to cast one spell!!!!!!!!! Warlocks are the only class that is still stuck on an outdated system where you stand still, get the crap beat out of you, while tryinggggg to cast long spell..... not to mention getting interupted, silenced, deathgripped, spell reflect, shield immunities, pet interupted again..... slowed, the Line of site...... it's completely stupid!!!!!! In PvE it's no secret.... Demo locks are the worstttttttt class in the game, followed by Destruction Warlocks!! You can not argue that it's not true!!! With all the new mechanism of raids and dungeons and having to move around alotttttt..... warlocks can not sit still and just cast anymoreeee!!!! The game has change, but nobody cared to update the abilities of warlocks!!!!! A 925 Destuction warlock or Demo warlock can not even out dps a 910 melee dps in raids!!!!! If people cant kill warlocks in PvP because they are not good then that's their problem, but warlocks should not be minimized or punished on the PvE or PvP side for it!!!!! Enough is Enough!!!!!! Give warlocks back ember healing, instant cast like all the other range dps, and instant ccs and sheilds without having to use talent points like every other class!!!! Other classes have speed boost or some type of teleport, charge, or leep without having to use a talent point!!!! Once again warlocks are the onlyyyyyy class who have to sacrific points when every other class just wakes up and get it naturally!!!! We are the only class that have to use a stupid pet for instant cc as well!!!! And if we don't have that specific pet out... then oh well!!! Why don't warlocks have and spells that proct?????????? Every class has some type of spell or ability that procts except warlocks..... warrior, dk, shamam, priest, rogue, huntet, monk, ....on and on except warlocks!!!!! WHY ARE WARLOCKS THE ONLY CLASS STUCK ON A LEGACY SYSTEM WHEN EVERY OTHER CLASS HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO A PROCTING AND INSTANT CAST/USE SYSTEM THAT THEY CAN USE WHILE MOVING ABOUT TO COMPENSATE FOR THE NEW DUNGEON AND RAID SYSTEMS????? WHY?????? I HAVE WATCH OTHER CLASSES GET BUFF AND GET BETTER ABILITIES WHILE WARLOCKS GET DEBUFFED AND CHANGED MIDWAY THROUGH AN EXPANSION!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!Exiler8 5d
5d ilevel for echoes of battle anyone can confirm what the ilevel of the gear that you get from "echoes of battle" is? i thought i could obliterate the pvp gear that isn't an upgrade and slowly slowly eventually i'd have enough to get an upgrade instead of the gold. it takes 100 echoes of battle for one gear piece. i thought it would be between 885 and 900 ilevel. i'm gear level 895... i believe all my pieces are 880 and above (i have a higher trinket but it has crap stats). i think wowhead says that the gear may be 870. i'm not sure why its worth it to shard 50 to 75 pieces of gear (sometimes you get 15, sometimes 1) to get a piece of gear that is below your ilevel by the time you have enough to purchase it. i don't care if the ilevel is low, but then i would have been better off just with the gold. i'm hoping that the ilevel scales depending on what your ilevel is, somewhat like bg gear and world drop gear.Taßoo3 5d
5d Felsteed(L40), when did the model change? Hey there evil people, I was just wondering if someone could tell me when the felsteed (level 40 mount) model got updated. I think I missed it in a patch note somewhere... Thanks! (Oh, I do realize it's in legion, just not when, ty.)Kreja3 5d
6d is it possible to shrink pets? curious if there is any available way. whether it be a toy or otherwise idc I just hate the giant doomguard lol.Twistedshade9 6d
6d Skull of Man'ari keeps disappearing randomly Anyone else getting this problem? I submitted it to the bug forums. We have to let the devs know this is happening, if anyone else's weapon disappeared completely they'd fix it in a heartbeat. The Skull IS our weapon. Also some weirdness, our dagger component of the weapon doesn't make any noise if you sheath or unsheath it if you haven't transmogged the dagger into something else. EDIT: This isn't him teleporting away to cast Discord, this is him vanishing and never coming back, period.Alasander50 6d
6d Well-rounded spec Hello friendly warlocks, I'm thinking about leveling my warlock, but since it's pretty late in the xpac I'm only going to bother with one artifact/spec. All 3 specs actually look very viable right now. Destruction looks like a good well-rounded spec for questing, raiding, and mythic +s. Does 7.3 look like all 3 specs will remain close? Which single spec do you recommend for fun, solo content, and viability in normal raiding?Ikilledkenny26 6d
Aug 12 Warlock Glyph Suggestions I have been playing a Warlock since I first started playing World of Warcraft back in 2009. At first, I didn't like the changes that were made to Glyphs but in Legion, with the introduction of artifact weapons, it kinda filled that hole that glyphs left. So I started really liking the idea of using glyphs as a way to cosmetically change spells so you can further customize your character. That being said I list a bunch of ideas I had for a few new glyphs. Maybe if a bunch of people like the ideas and we also have a good amount of positive votes maybe blizzard will run with a few of the glyph suggestions. This is just a little fix I would like Blizzard to make - When you take the [Grimoire of Supremacy] can you add [Summon Infernal] & [Summon Doomguard] to the Summon Demon Drop down tab [Glyph of Voidflame Abyssal] Summon an Abyssal from the Void (Color Purple/Blue)w White Flame [Glyph of Fel Abyssal] Summon an Abyssal from the nether (Color Green/Yellow) [Glyph of Hand of Flame] Changes the color of your [Hand of Gul'dan] to Red/Yellow and your [Wild Imps] to Red/Yellow with a White or Red Flames effect [Glyph of Fingers of the Void] Changes the color of your [Wild Imps] to Purple/Blue with a Blue/White Flames effect [Glyph of Hand of Sargeras] Changes the color of your [Hand of Gul'dan] to Green/Yellow and your [Wild Imps] to Yellow/Green with a Yellow or green Flames effect [Glyph Greater Voidlord] Changes the Voidwalker to look like one of the newer Voidlord forms Color Black/Purple with White eyes. [Glyph of Inquisitor] You summon a Inquisitor instead of a Darkglare [Glyph of Devour Soul] Infuse you Drain Soul with Fel-Energy [Glyph of Aranasi] You summon a Aranasi Warrior instead of your Felguard [Glyph of Mo'arg Brute] You summon a Mo'arg Brute instead of a Darkglare [Glyph of Gan'arg] You summon a Gan'arg instead of your Imp I think these Glyphs would be a nice cosmetic touch for warlocks. Would love to hear what the rest of the warlock community thinks about these ideas and I would love to hear your own suggestions for new warlock glyphs/suggestions. List of demons that could be added for warlocks. 1. Nathrezim 2. Incubus 3. Annihilan 4. Gan'arg 5. Mo'arg Brute 6. Void Terror 7. Felbat 8. Aranasi 9. Jailer 10. Inquisitor 11. Overfiend 12. Wyrmtongue 13. Terrorguard 14. Doom lord 15. Tothrezim 16. Vilefiends 17. Ur'zul 18. Wrathguard 19. Abyssal 20. Imp Mother 21. Terrorfiend 22. Darkhound 23. AntaenKalnazzar9 Aug 12
Aug 12 Grim of Serv? How good is the imp honestly I'm not seeing much dps difference in using the imp as destro vs the supremacy with doomguard. Thoughts?Crookedmán3 Aug 12
Aug 12 yo @blizz give locks teleport baseline and put something else in that tree so we can have port and spec into howl or coil or x make unending resolve 2min cd for aff, 3 min is waaay 3 long give healthstone a cd instead of this charges in combat stuff, we cant stop combat in pvp to get a second or third use as it currently is, i mean we can but that means we stop dmg and stop our pressure just so we get to have a healthstone thats now prob mega weak due to dampening anyway and at that point is it even worth it pvp post btw, i know the chances of blizz actually reading this are slim but id imagine if i started the post off saying it was a pvp post that the slim chance i did have with blizz seeing this would result in them immediately covering their eyes and closing the internet browserYatogami2 Aug 12
Aug 12 Staff transmogs Obligatory "my staff is a good one" joke aside, what are decent staves for warlock transmogs? The Voidcore staff from HFC goes surprisingly well with the T6 PvP/heroic T21 model, from what I've seen; are there any other staves that complement lock transmogs?Alzrian3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Demo and PVP Lend me your... well eyes I guess. Ive been playing demo lock, actually enjoying it. I had planned on maining it when legion came out but I realized it was going to be a rough go in pvp with it being melee stronk this expansion. either way I figure ill give it a go. I see there is an almost underground following of the spec. I dont care for arena at all but I like to tool around in random bg's from time to time. A few questions... what is the best way to setup kills? How can I best deal with melee? what is a good build/playstyle to start with?Sorrowmourn2 Aug 12
Aug 11 Want to go aff but.. I just hit 110 several days ago so I'm not very geared I know, only ilvl 880. I do great dps as destro, hitting over 1mil Dps then leveling out around 800k. As affliction, I slowly go up a max 550k. Now this is all test from a heroic dummy. I want to play affliction but my dps is so much better as destro. I have a problem in start not being able to use my artifact ability from no stacks, so I have no burst. I know the spec is capable of burst because I've seen it. How do you guys start your opener? I do like they do in some of the YouTube guides but doesn't help much. I know a lot is my gear and not being optimized but seems like if I can do that much as destro surly I could as affliction. I don't even want to talk about how poor demo is. ThanksTopsykret16 Aug 11
Aug 11 Fel Incinerate? Anyone know how to get Fel Incinerate and the fel rain of fire?Crookedmán5 Aug 11
Aug 11 Felguards, Two-handers, and Legion Invasions Anyone else wish that two-handed transmog weapons from invasions would drop for us even if we can't wield them? A friend of mine got a sweet looking legion two-handed sword from an invasion. Would love to equip it on my felguard with the glyph.Khiana3 Aug 11
Aug 11 Any horde race better for Lock? Hey all, I made this guy an orc for the command racial... but is that the best racial for lock on the horde side? I find myself wondering if that or touch of the grave (undead) is the better choice. Any opinions?Drèád23 Aug 11
Aug 11 Lock only class with no slow? Is warlock the only class without a baseline slow ability? I know there are pvp talents, but is that it? Or am I missing something. I have been leveling as Destro so maybe its just this spec, but I remember conflag slowing targetsAstaroth13 Aug 11
Aug 10 Warlock Discord? If anyone has access to the warlock discord it'd be much appreciated. Need some help with thingsThuperdude3 Aug 10
Aug 10 Lvl 90 Talents Have no Choices (Aff PVE) I'm more than a tad disappointed that the talent that dumbs the spec down (through the removal of our only baseline cooldown) is the only option for any sort of aff pve content. Supremacy wins out in every situation with the exception of 7+ target AOE. I miss sacrifice as a choice. I don't like running with a pet as the AI more often times than not gets itself into trouble by running off and pulling extra mobs because I tapped my strafe key in a hallway. Or god forbid I forget to dismiss him before jumping down a cliff. Or that he's not immune to certain AOE mechanics that gets him killed (i'm looking at you mythic gul'dan, demon within phase). But mostly I miss the aspect of having a dps cooldown it adds flavor to an otherwise static rotation of doing the same thing over and over again. Sacrifice used to offer much more than just + dps as well. I remember when I could choose between having bigger shield (sac voidwalker+dark pact) to soak mechanics with or having an interrupt, or a knock back effect. The subtraction of flavor and neat abilities from the class in favor of bland static passives really wears on fantasy of how people choose to enjoy their game play. Now more than ever with the soaking mechanics being the flavor of the raid tier do I miss sacrifice as a choice.Telronum6 Aug 10
Aug 10 remove lord of flame CD theres no time left for addresing the spec issues but if u remove the CD on lord of flames and revert the 5% kneejerk nerf pre ToS the spec at least be competitive. worse case scenario we could compete with aff best case scenario the spec could compete at a decent lvlPleasuregun23 Aug 10
Aug 10 Is Destruction viable? What's the level of difficulty for the spec? Affliction is very strong but is missing the fun factor. It's apply and refresh DOTs then Drain Soul while your pet does its thing. Generally you should play what you enjoy and that's what I should do. However, I don't want it to be at the expense of a huge damage loss.Darkmaster11 Aug 10
Aug 10 Sealed Tome of the Lost legion... WTF? Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion... WTF? Ok this tome is redonk at this point... All I want is for my Warlock to shot green flames. That shouldn't cost me 100k gold on the AH and be a near impossible farm. This is an item that really needs the drop rate made higher or perhaps 100%. It could be a toy that only Warlocks only get and turns their spells green for 2 hours. Please Blizzard Fix this. It is way past do. Thank YouLagwall26 Aug 10
Aug 10 Nameplate addon What's the best nameplate addon for affliction locks? Trying to find one where I can see agony and corruption counting down on top of the nameplates if possible.Johndaly2 Aug 10
Aug 10 Why T19 Still? Over 955? Okay so I sim gear i have on now (check profile) and it shows 1,194,348 DPS patch work on raid bots sim Both Tier are 905 Then i unequipped the 2 tier 19 back and shoulders for Shoulders Ver+Mastery 930 Back Crit and Haste 955 This sims at 1,175,422 DPS wtf? This is getting dumb fast. I feel when higher gear drops wth do i care :/ any help would be amazing i have tier 20 930,935,930 and 920. Plus 915 for back and shoulders. My luck has been amazing but i feel this tier 19 crap is holding me back.Gaiasend2 Aug 10
Aug 9 Soul Shards I never thought critically about it prior to now. Am I wrong in remembering that the reason for a "unified resource" was to reduce the confusion switching between warlock specs? I have the impression that this is largely a failure. Unifying the resource makes sense if the specs spend their resources in a similar fashion. Example: rogues build combo points and spend them on finishers. The more CP, the stronger the finisher. Warlocks build shards in different ways (not necessarily relevant) but also spend them in different ways. I can't cast a 4 shard UA. I can cast a 4 shard HoG. CB always takes 2 shards, RoF 3. It is this vastly differing method of spending resources that, if there is any confusion, is the source of confusion when switching between specs. I made a comparison to rogue, a class whose big moves are (envenom replacing eviscerate is the exception) shared between all specs. Even before MoP rework, warlock specs were not unified in a similar fashion. I know it's highly unlikely to get dev attention on this forum. Still, I can hope for it and hope that the idea of a unified resource gets re-examined for the next expansion.Cinna3 Aug 9
Aug 9 Need a little help on my logs. Hey guys i joined this group the other day to get logged so i can start really tweaking my dps https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/QTNXhJ7bMzW8jHtP/ Would really like someone with experience in destruction to help me out and see where i need improvement.Dippendøtz3 Aug 9
Aug 9 Health Funnel for Allies as well as Pets Thoughts? It'd be a neat health management mechanic. - At least for afflictionGrimhowler6 Aug 9
Aug 9 Chaos Bolt Nerf? After reset this morning my Chaos Bolt is hitting for half of what it did earlier. Anyone else noticing?Torakk14 Aug 9
Aug 9 Sephuz/Affy Is Sephuz's Secret good for affy?Thuperdude4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Lessons of Space-Time tracker? Is there an addon that tracks the cooldown and duration of the Lessons of Space-Time legendary shoulders?Impendium3 Aug 9
Aug 9 Affliction pvp lock guide. Hey guys its come to our attention that a lot of people are looking for guides and videos to see how affliction should be played in pvp. Here are some vods if anyone is interested in seeing the damage it can do and its capabilities. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164170556## More will be uploaded soon! If you guys have questions feel free to ask.Natixsphere7 Aug 9
Aug 9 How do I demo? can someone explain, because I'm really stuck. When do I summon my wolf guys, when do I empower, when do I use hand of guldan When do I use the AoE one I am so confusedDoraexplorer7 Aug 9