Aug 9 Affliction pvp lock guide. Hey guys its come to our attention that a lot of people are looking for guides and videos to see how affliction should be played in pvp. Here are some vods if anyone is interested in seeing the damage it can do and its capabilities. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164170556## More will be uploaded soon! If you guys have questions feel free to ask.Natixsphere7 Aug 9
Aug 9 How do I demo? can someone explain, because I'm really stuck. When do I summon my wolf guys, when do I empower, when do I use hand of guldan When do I use the AoE one I am so confusedDoraexplorer7 Aug 9
Aug 9 I got the Challenge Skin :) yay i got the skin :) i did it guysUnstannimal8 Aug 9
Aug 9 Warlocks-fun and good ideas for demo what if blizzard made demonic empowerment a passive and gave demo [demonic calling][impending doom][improve dreadstalkers][hand of doom][grimoire of synergy][demonbolt][soul conduit] and get rid of these talents [shadowy inspiration][power trip][burning rush]grimoire of supremacy] ([implosion] since imp can get root or do no dps to certain classes) and maybe give all locks demonic circle][soul harvest] with the talents left you will have 15 [shadowflames] :30 empty : 45 stays the same but alot of locks would want [shadowfury] to be instant cast ; 60 still be [soul harvest] :75 [demon skin], [dark pact] : 90 [Grimoire of service] :100 [summon darkglare] 15: would be ([Greater Shard] you no longer have 5 soul shard but 6-10 soulshards) ([Shadow of souls] you have 10% chance for each soul shard you spend to inflict heavy damage to your targets. 30([master of time] your dread and imps stay for 22s instead of 11s) other talent will increase your dread and imp dps by alot more. ([implosion]change so now its a passive so before your imp goes away he goes to the target and blow up and cant be stoped and cause a dot to go on the target stack up to 10 and the dot is fel) 45: stays the same 60: 2 tal to replace the 2 gone is ([imp mother] summon an imp mother who last for 24s she summons so many pets and cant be stun or silance, imps count as your pets to, only way to stop her is to kill her or wait for her to go away, hes hard to kill) ([summon mo'arg] Deal havy aoe dps and protect lock last 30s he can attacks any one whos attacking the lock within 30 yards so if your attacking the warlock and you 30 yards or closer to him your gonna get attacked by him) 75: replace [burning rush] with either these old talents [Dark regeneration] [harrvest life] or a new talents. when your about to die you take all your pets hp to heal you hp to 100% hp, doesn't take main pet hp 2m cd 90: will be summon a very powerful pet of your choice and its not just the pets you have but new versions like inquisitor and jailer as your new main pet. other talent you now have 2 current pets their hp is higher so they cant die but their is a price your consumption doesn take hp from your main pets any more. 100: will be powerful pets ([Jailer] roots and slow your targets down if within 20 yards of itand roots all target near where it was summon by 4s-5s within 20yards and deals good dps ([inquisitor] summon eyes that maker the target take lazier damage) i had a hard time coming up with these but these are just ideas idk if i put all my up on here tho. its just gonna make the class feel fun with all the dif types of pets to summon and ... i just hope blizzard takes some of my ideas if not then oh well rip. i got some more ideas like summon a fel bat to carry your target away from you and make them take fall damage but ill save a lot of my ideas for later or never.Arexionah59 Aug 9
Aug 9 Demonic Gateway cancels fall damage Stumbled upon this sort of by accident. Not sure if intended behavior or not. If you have the Pillars of the Dark Portal ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=132357/pillars-of-the-dark-portal )legendary equipped, placing your Demonic Gateway on the ground just before you would go splat causes your character to do a slight bunnyhop that resets your fall height. Thus, you can use this similar to how mages will blink, rogues will shadowstep, warriors will heroic leap, etc., to erase nearly all fall damage you'd otherwise take. Give it a try.Ðeadbolt2 Aug 9
Aug 9 Why is demo so bad Let me start off saying I got legion a week or so ago after taking a break for a year so the last time I was active was mid WoD but I have always played the demonology spec in PvE and Pvp I've played around 2.2 mmr in all brackets most seasons since mop on this acc (usually through group find or pugs no serious push saying this before an elitist tells me I don't know how to play or understand the game) and done high end raiding mostly in mop but did a good bit of heroic in wod. I know the spec was entirely reworked obviously due to demon hunters getting meta form, but I was expecting them to make up for this by doing a great job however this is not the case. I find the spec entirely boring In almost every aspect the demons aren't that cool besides fel lord which I heard was nerfed and it doesn't take much of a brain to avoid anyway (not to mention its an honor talent). The spec is somewhat viable, but the rotation is a joke almost all abilitys have to be a cast and probably the worst offender is OUR MASTERY the demonic empowerment ability. To be completely honest demo is basically an affliction warlock with dots that can be kited and a few more utilitys such as stuns etc, it feels like Im getting casts off just to get more casts off to keep my crap dots up nothing about this feels rewarding even if you play your rotation perfectly. Now I know this sounds like a rant but its entirely true and the people who disagree with me might say it was bad in the past, but demo has never been worse than it is now in legion in terms not just of being viable but the play style in general.Bewitch67 Aug 9
Aug 8 Looking for a Warlock. 3/9 Mythic I am not sure if this is allowed on this specific forum or not... but if it is not, I will definitely remove the post. Toast, on Area-52 is 3/9 Mythic and currently looking for a good WARLOCK dps. We are the largest guild on the server, and we currently have 9 different raid teams, all with varying raid days and times... However, I am recruiting for team 1, which raids Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 server(EST). We have a great guild environment, and we always put on "Funday" runs on the weekend, where people can gear alts, or just stack up your bad luck protection. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me on here, or add my battle tag. Btag: ihealdrunk#1812Ihealdrunk2 Aug 8
Aug 8 So how big the gap between Lock Specs Hey guys I was thinking of playing my lock again, Is Demonology in an alright place or is Affliction just a mile ahead at all times? I've looked at logs for TOS and overall them seem relatively close, so whats the general opinion.Foxinhound8 Aug 8
Aug 8 Warlock DPS cooldown?? Why is Doomguard the only dps cooldown? Why isn't there a CD for each spec? Seems as if a super strong demon is perfect for demo and only demo. I'm coming from a main Rogue where each spec has it's own. Sin = vendetta, outlaw = adrenaline rush, sub = shadow blades.. Am I missing something or is Doomguard really all we get?Xanmaster5 Aug 8
Aug 8 soloable bosses in 7.2.5 aside from nythendra normal is there any raid bosses that warlocks can solo now?Twistedshade1 Aug 8
Aug 7 Fel Bat Mount http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/5389-Legion-Felbat-Mount-Preview-Pet-Battle-Bonus-Event-Blue-Tweets-Songs-of-Azeroth I will slay all the dragons. I will pay all the monies in the bliz store. I will kill all the lame !@# rares in some lame $%^ zone. I will get rank 1 gladiator. I WILL GET THIS MOUNT. SUCH WARLOCK. SO WOW.Lucìen6 Aug 7
Aug 7 Bis Destro? Just got Lessons of Space time today, have Kil'jaedens burning wish and soul of netherlord as well. With these 3 what would be the best two? Thanks!Crookedmán5 Aug 7
Aug 7 Fel Imp Glyph? With goserv the secondary imp summoned still has the old imp appearance even with glyph. Why is this?Crookedmán1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Arena Hey Guys Wondering in terms of Locks in Arena what specs seem to work best and what are the ideal teams in 2s and 3s? ThanksBlythie10 Aug 7
Aug 7 As a Destro lock, do I tank monsters myself? Everyone I've talked to says to use an imp pet as a Destruction Warlock. But I'm having problems keeping alive.Wonderclam10 Aug 7
Aug 7 As Demo, what's the BiS legendaries? I only have 3 so far, I just got the bracers that seem good. However; what are my 2 BiS legendary? Maybe list off the top 5 so as I get more I know what to look for/what to wear.Mistrusa6 Aug 7
Aug 7 Demonic Gateway Woes. It's a small thing, but for the love of all that is holy, can you please make it so if there isn't a clear path to cast it, it says so immediately vs going through the whole cast sequence and then telling you can't?Inovindyl3 Aug 7
Aug 7 Finally have all aff leggos And i can't sim my last one because it breaks tier FeelsbadmanLooneyluna1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Low dps question..again (good update!) Hello all! I have another question about my low DPS LOL I do have some good news! I have finally broken the 500k dps range (from 300k)!!! I added a few pieces of gear and changed a few things up. Though my current ilvl is still 889, I still feel like that's low.. compared to other people that are in my same ilvl "category". But finally..my question lol I have 2 relics, one is ilvl 865 and the other 855. If I raise these two, will that increase my DPS as well? I'm trying to get my last 2 relics in the 880 range and want to shoot for 650k dps, I'm happy with that! I recently learned about "stat weights" and have been doing some math, to see what gear is better then another, and it seems to be working! Thanks all for the previous help!Akoron1 Aug 7
Aug 6 Prestige Heroes, Welcome Three efficient ways to grind honor to unlocks those radical skins and get those cool mounts. If you are Alliance, solo queue for Alterac Valley. Since you have an enlistment bonus you gain 50% honor from all sources in bgs. Solo queue takes roughly 10 minutes, games last approximately 30 minutes if you force a turtle. If you are active in this bg and look for the skirmishes, winning will reward you with 750-1000 honor. Losing will reward you with 450-700 honor. So if you play well and force a turtle in every AV game you will farm a lot of honor per hour. For horde players, you can benefit from this too but solo queuing as a mercenary. Minimum 1200 hour per hour if you go the AV route. An alternative is Rates bgs. You have to form your own group which takes some time but queues are very fast. Losing will reward minimum 300 honor winning 800 honor. This all depends on how active you are in pvp combat. Another alternative is ashran. Ashran has no relevant gear but ton of honor sources. You got 5 daily pvp world quests similar to the warden towers 500 honor from all 5. Ashran dominance rewards 500 honor Slay them all rewards 200 honor Racial tokens can be turned in for 100 honor Artifact fragments can be turned in for .5 honor each. Kills= 1 honor PT per kill. Faction leader kills=50 Event victories reward 150 honor Now for the time investment. If you are good at leading people, Ashran is a great place for you.. people will flock to you if you show leadership there. One Ashran tour (complete Ashran dominance and slay them all) takes about 45-1 hour. Stronger your group is, AND the more United they are the faster you can efficiently farm honor. If it takes an hour to clear your quests, you should've gained minimum 1500 honor. If you want to learn more about pvp or Ashran or prestige, add my btag or join my discord channel: Btag: Meira#1501 Discord tag: mordecai1987#0431 Discord server: https://discord.gg/TKvGQ4Mordecaí2 Aug 6
Aug 6 Pvp affliction Just subbed after being gone since november or so. I see a lot more people are playing affliction and from a pvp perspective can anyone fill me in on what has made it viable now. When i quit playing the dps was terrible and relied on drain souling a 5 stack of UA before being able to kill anything. So how is the AoE rot and are we still pretty squishy vs all melee?Voodoobox5 Aug 6
Aug 6 Demonic Gateway...... Why is the cd 1.5 mins long? That seems a bit high to meAstaroth2 Aug 6
Aug 6 Fire And Brimstone + Havoc, do they stack? Are you hitting your secondary target with 2 incinerates?Astaroth1 Aug 6
Aug 6 T20 set bonus destro Worth it? -6% haste and -1k int +1%crit +3% vers worth the 4 set of t20? for destro?Moelock4 Aug 6
Aug 6 Demon Hidden Artifact Skin Guide!! FAST WAY I just got the Demon hidden artifact skin and i though it would be nice to share how i obtained it the fastest way possible. (2 hours) I got it at level 6 Artifact knowledge but you can start doing it at level 4. i am NOT exalted with anyone, and the whole rep requirement myth is false. Nor have i ever raided or killed any bosses. Now to obtain the artifact skin you need to loot 5 gray heads that drop of mobs, once you done that the 6th head that drops will be the skin. YOU MUST HAVE LOOT SET TO DEMONOLOGY FOR THE ITEMS TO DROP. I DID IT AS DEMON ALSO LETS GET STARTED!! SET ONE Fly here. http://imgur.com/a/HNFv8 one you make it to the base, go up the road and you will see a portal. one you see it, Go inside. SET TWO once inside on the space ship, go to the lower level. http://imgur.com/a/L30ky SET THREE Once at the lower level you will see mobs. Kill every Eredar Navigator for the skulls. there are 8 in there. Keep killing them till you get all the 5 gray skulls. (Note keep them in bag dont vendor) once you get all 5, the 6th head which is the skin will drop for you. http://imgur.com/a/ZMICR Now keep in mind; the drop rate for each head is low, but i noticed it gets faster when you get more heads. But its all worth it at the end ;) http://imgur.com/a/A1vdT Good Luck Everyone and happy Hunting NOTE: i highly suggest you use "Cross realm assist" addon to cross realm hope to kill more mobs over waiting for re-spawn. The heads will still drop if you're in a five man group or raid groupLmfaø61 Aug 6
Aug 6 Green fire VS Artifact relic challenge On a difficulty scale, which would you rate as a harder challenge? This can be any of the three warlock specs for the relic challenge and the black harvest quest at the intended ilevel (and expansion).Aalri6 Aug 6
Aug 6 Betrayer Regalia Wings on Jump I was wondering why the Challenge set Betrayer Regalia doesn't proc his wings when we jump like the T6 or the new sets from legion... I remember T6 wings used to proc randomly, then it was change to proc when we jumped.. I invite people to ask Blizzard to make this change to the Betrayer Regalia set. BLIZZARD PLEASE UPDATED THIS! :DMoelock5 Aug 6
Aug 6 Warlock Alt PVP Making Affliction Lock alt for nothing but the purpose of pvp eventually getting into arena with it. Honestly just wondering if anybody has any advice they are willing to share. And also I've been playing with destro a little bit and just wondering what everybody seems to like the most for pvp at max level.Ðishonored2 Aug 6
Aug 6 Demonic Brutes vs Roster of Champions title. Get 3 more (I assume its 3) new minions who can possibly counter hazards or get one extra Champion, bringing the total to 7 (?). What do you guys think?Jakub6 Aug 6
Aug 6 Raidwide summoning Could Warlocks get some kind of raid-wide summoning? Kinda like Have Group Will Travel, but exclusively for Warlocks and requiring two people? Just a bit of QoL to gather these groups faster.Vola3 Aug 6
Aug 6 2300 demo/rsham LF destro lock hi guys, we are 2300 current rating lock/rsham looking for a destro lock to push before season ends. our current lock is great but we are having issues as he isnt fluent in english and has no mic. please be 2300 cr or roughly around (nothing under 2250) and have high legion xp our playstyle is based on twin turreting, but well go into that after we find a good sub in post btag/cr/xp and will add based on that not posting on arena forums as its a toxic fest currentlyNazumar0 Aug 6
Aug 6 Mythic Goroth Dps Good Morning Doing Mythic Goroth last light and while we didn't get him down I checked up my dps parse and don't seem to be doing very well. I'm averaging 900k dps across this fight which seems to be a parse of around 45%. My opener on the fight is, UA (2 seconds before pull timer) Agony, Corruption, Phantom Sing, Reap, UAx2 Drain. After that well its upkeep Agony and Corruption followed by 2x UA, Reap, Drain and Phantom Sing on cool down. I have linked a couple of the fight logs. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/WMmxYtGpnhrBzTKk/#fight=16&view=analytical&type=damage-done https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/WMmxYtGpnhrBzTKk/#fight=28&view=analytical&type=damage-done If anyone has any advice that would be awesome. ThanksBlythie12 Aug 6
Aug 6 Troll Regen & ELT Does Troll racial regen help in pve when constantly using life tap for ELT? Asked a different way: do locks run out of hp constantly using LT and does being a troll help mitigate that? This is my first lock and first caster so forgive me for stupidity.Xanmaster6 Aug 6
Aug 5 Why is my dps so horrible in H Goroth? https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/THxMdRpBFgNf69aq#fight=3&type=damage-done Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong please? Here is my rotation... 2secs left on DBM I drink potion then cast Incinerate and then Immolate followed by an Infernal then Grimoire Imp. I then cast 3 of my dimensional rift use the trinket and then I use soul harvest, I then use Conflagrate then Chaos Bolt, conflagrate then Chaos Bolt, I use immolate and then Channel demon fire. That is my rotation for the beginning and then when anything comes off cd I use it. Thanks! My dps was this 618,646.8Quìll8 Aug 5
Aug 5 I am a master summoner But my summoned demons are weak and only last a few seconds. Cast to build shards Cast to spend shards Cast to have demons do max damage This spec is very frustratingChaaka1 Aug 5
Aug 5 @natixsphere apparently blizz removed the post you had with you and epicburns twitch channels, jus wanted to give a S/O tho cuz i saw ur 2s games and decided to try out coil because i had exclusively been using teleport and now im winning like 90% more games lmao. only 1700cr now but i was 1200 yesterday and im at 1900mmr now @anyone whos wondering im just a guy who was giving up on his lock kinda, ive been 2k on it before legion but this expansion kinda made me hate the class but i think im back babies. @epic jus watched ur destro vids and i appreciate it gonna be checking out destro once im at a comfy spot and dont wanna risk my rating that i built playing aff because destro and mlx looks fun asfYatogami1 Aug 5
Aug 5 Help with DPS please! Hello everyone! I'm kinda stuck on what to do.. My average dps is 300k, my ilvl is 883, Crit 21%, Haste 20%, Mastery 79% and Ver 4%. My typical opening rotation is, Corruption, Agony, Phantom Sing, Unstable Affliction x's 2 and then drain soul. And rotating on what spell to use depending on CDs after that. People with less ilvl then me are doing 540k, am I doing something wrong? I don't know how to post combat logs on here, I cant see an option. Can anyone please help? NEW COMBAT LOG BELOW.Akoron7 Aug 5
Aug 5 Stuck between Destro & Aff I like both specs a lot, but each has off putting things such as how destruction is legendary dependent, or how affliction needs multiple gear sets, one with lots of mastery and one with more haste. I also feel like at the same ilvl, and no spec defining legendaries, I'm doing around 100-120k more dps on destro than I am on affliction, granted I do have 49/52 traits on destro and 43/52 on affliction, but I feel like that doesn't equate to that much of a loss on single target. Is destro just better for undergeared locks with affliction pulling ahead at higher ilvls?Arcaelyr21 Aug 5
Aug 5 Ranked warlock question. Good afternoon. I'm returning to wow, and I've been looking into other classes since I don't enjoy the changes Bliz applied to hunters. I'm hoping that the warlock class fills my need for using pets. According to warcraft logs, the flict warlock is in the top 2 spots in the ToS. How accurate is this? Are flict warlocks the current best out of the three specs? I'm interested in a spec that I can solo with, do LF with, and eventually enter ranked with ( I'll be in need of a new guild, that does such events ). My interests are honest, so I'm hoping for the brutal truth. Thank you for your time and consideration. --- Edit* - Are there any races that have bonuses to benefit the class?Feelabreeze4 Aug 5
Aug 5 reading the current class changes coming 7.3 Noticing that most classes and spects have walls of texts of changes and for locks ( mainly demo) nothing at all :/Chaoticsoul6 Aug 5
Aug 5 Rate my mog I call it sexy noobChaoticsoul1 Aug 5
Aug 4 DPS/Parse Issue? Hey guys, I have a question about my logs/dps. Last week was my 1st week in heroic and we'll use sisters as an example. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Q62jTAKa3mFdtGgV#fight=13&type=damage-done - Last week, I had bad gear in combination of learning the fights, and had a terrible gray parse. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nvr7XQzghRMPyCTm#fight=9&type=damage-done - This week, I had much better gear, a better understanding of the fights, 99% activity, but only a 49 green parse? Am I suppose to be doing more DPS than what I'm doing? If yes\no why are my parses so "low"? Thanks.Kryticize27 Aug 4
Aug 4 Get a warlocks groove back Hey gang ~! I want to start by saying I've only been back to wow now about a month and a half. My itemlv is definitely caught up but my dps parses are beyond weak. Anyone able to check out my logs and help me improve ? Thank you ahead of time.Skyturd0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Destro locks: red or green fire? Hey guys, was just curious what my fellow destro locks enjoy using more, red or green fire. Personally, I think the green fire looks cooler, although it clashes a bit with my transmog atm.Jareddis27 Aug 4
Aug 4 2100 cr Demonology pvp Hi guys. Pardon for the crapilly written post, this is my first post here. I have been reading these forums for the past couple of months since I came back in legion and just want to say im seeing alot of hate on warlocks current state of pvp for all specs etc. This is not true in my opinion, as destro is broken in high rated 3's (brother is 2700 current rsham who plays with maldiva/xaryu etc running MLS) and demo is pretty damn close. Ill give an example using my own experience in 3's. (this is a 3's only related post) I started playing pvp seriously in legion as a demonology warlock running ONLY THE IMPLOSION BUILD. Yes thats right guys, after all the nerfs to implode (20% reduction), grimoire of synergy nerfs (20% reduction) I am still implosion spec, and plan on running it into 7.2 (stat changes make bursty better which may bring the spec back into fotm) The reason I did not switch bandwagons and run zoo style spec was simple; IF You are a good player, and with enough experience, You are still able to get 1 shot damage off, and feels extremely satisfying pulling off a raid/pve dummy rotation on players that are actively trying to do everything in their power not to get blown up from 100-0. I do not mean 60-70% of someones hp I mean fully one hundred to zero. I have tested my build with partners in wargames and depending on rng crit for artifact I have done up to 4.1 million damage in one global (roughly 2.7 mil with implosion and 1.3 mil with thalkiels. This is as recently as 05/03/17 (americans write their months weirdly on dates so this is written in 5th march 2017( Claims and statements Aside, I am currently 2100 cr in 3's and will be looking at a 2400+ push before end of season running only this implosion build, And would like to discuss with you guys, any questions about the spec or even any tips I could improve on (aside from 'go zoo' haha i get that alot) I'd secondly like to state that I fully understand this is an outdated underdog spec but with correct setup and not having a 'zomg woe is warlocks right now' attitude its easy to stomp your way into 2200+ bracket this way - most of the qqing and raging is below 1800 cr which i find ridiculous. I am considering making a youtube montage/guide of my spec in the future as this is a very tricky playstyle to pull off and has tons of different tricks and tips I have aquired through playing a !@#$load of games in legion (i started warlock in legion and have only played this build so please no hate) Anyways, Just thought id let you guys know that there is an underdog lock running around doin fine in 3's and that its more of a mindset on what state warlocks are in, YES empower feels clunky etc but most people %^-*!ing and trolling on forums about how underpowered their class is usually in my experience have not decided to play the game for themselves/give up very easily. ty for reading my crappily written postNazumar27 Aug 4
Aug 4 1 shot venruki implosion :D feelsgudman https://clips.twitch.tv/CalmPlayfulTrollMingLeeNazumar15 Aug 4
Aug 4 Little advise please Can you guys tell me if my stats are way off, if so what should I change? https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/emerald-dream/curselock I know little to nothing about simming through apps/websites etc. Aside from needing upgrades can you tell just by my armory profile? Thanks in advanced.Curselock0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Any other warlocks feel useless? I've just done a +17 with my friends who are equally or slightly better geared than I am, They were a frost DK, Ele sham and a Veng DH As destro specced into 1,2,1,2,2,3,2 (A spec that is supposed to be the best for mythics in terms of damage) mythic + dungeons i couldn't keep up in terms of damage during trash at all, I didn't have any silences or stuns and had absolutely zero mobility during trash pulls. i feel like that if i am going to bring nothing but healthstones to the table that we should be doing far higher trash damage or atleast shadowburn, shadowfury, rain of fire or something to be able to keep up with the plethora of useful skills other classes have. I feel a little useless playing my lock.Dependents16 Aug 4
Aug 4 Rolling an alt lock, questions. Hello friends, (hopefully) I'm interested in rolling a lock alt probably next week, and I have questions as boomy has been my first caster and it's rotation is well, a joke. I'm not really interested in demo, but curious about the difficulty differences between aff and destro, and which of these specs would probably be easier to "pick up" quicker. Also curious as to which one is probably more welcomed via PvP and mythic + as I'm a filthy casual. Thanks, appreciate the feedback would prefer to not be judged as I've literally no clue about warlocks other than they make cookies and can summon me via death coffin.Padfoot13 Aug 4
Aug 3 Destruction Warlock... simple question I haven't played my Warlock in years and now I've played with Demonology, but I don't like it. I just got my Destruction artifact. I was wondering what my DPS rotation should be? Which pet do I use? I have a single target locked.. which spell do I use first? second? finisher? is Haste the most important thing? Thanks, guys. Any help would be appreciated.Wonderclam9 Aug 3