Oct 23, 2014 So what do you guys think about new hot fix? My opinion is quite frankly that of utter dismay. Monks got damaged buffed big time. Ferals? Anyone else make sense of the almost across the board damage buffs to Feral of all specs? Frost mages got buffed while Fire got hit again? Yet Afflocks and Demo got kicked in the nads again. Can anyone explain this to me cause I am utterly miffed at this point. What is going on?Rougaroux29 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 Is ANYONE Playing Destruction Now? Destruction was rather bland before the patch, but now... Barely any abilities left, and absolutely no glyph choice whatsoever. Is anyone who plays for fun and not to min/max still actually playing destruction spec? Or is demonology pretty much the only option now for warlocks who want to use fire-based spells and have various fun abilities?Malanis51 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 destro total lack of mobility is it just me or is destruction ridiculous now?Pithos34 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 Warlocks! Share your PvP Tips and Tricks What specs, talents, glyphs, rotations, etc. are you finding some success with as we start this new expansion?Javah6 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 Damage Snapshotting.... Has this affected the damage of chaos bolt in relation to when the damage is calculated? Meaning the way I know it chaos bolt damage is calculated at the moment you finish the cast. Now.....is it calculated when it hits the boss?Fearocious1 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 Green Fire: Glyph of Nightmares The flames created by Glyph of Nightmares do not turn green when the Green Fire quest is completed. This is lame. You should fix it. Thank you for your time. Signed, WarlocksTrephina4 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE SO UMM, I AM A FULLY SICK DESTRO LOCK. i got the green fires an stuff. but i join the 6.0.2 patch and find my bloody kil'jaedens cunning ha s a 1 minute cd. so it is useless. What is the best pve spec for locks atm??Amaterasuh11 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 How many people didn't get green fire? Before 6.0? I for one didn't due to me maining a different character and just not caring enough to get it. I do though regret not trying harder to get itGibzz32 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 The Lock Hate is Real..... Seen Simcraft Lately ? I thought it was bad when they took away KJC, one of the most fun and dynamic abilities of locks I've seen in 5 years. Now.... 3 DK specs, 3 Rogues Specs. 3 Hunter Specs, 2 mage specs.........all doing significantly better DPS than even the Best Warlock spec If I didn't know better, I'd think Blizzard was trying to run locks out of the game. http://www.simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T17M.htmlTaobender29 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 afflic still gem haste? or na?Feardumpster1 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Will Green Fire quest be available in WoD? Hello, I was just wondering if Blizzard has said anything about the quest line being still available with the same difficulty once WoD comes out. I love tackling all sorts of challenges the game has to offer, but due to time constraints, I won't be able to level a warlock to 90 anytime soon. Thanks for any input.Fanyfluffy9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 So what act of god will it take to... ... let me use the legendary War Glaives. They would look too cool with the betrayer set. Running BT they both happened to drop for me and now... I cannot bring myself to delete them. They would look incredibly cool and they just sit in my inventory... ... mocking me.Ðauxe9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Viable 3s comps with locks come WoD Now I know that there is no way in knowing for sure how different classes and specs are going to be performing until we actually get to level 100, but I was just wondering what people's consensus/predictions for effective comps with warlocks is going to be? I for one think that L$D 2.0 is still going to be kicking $%^. Is there anyone else who would like to throw in their 2 cents?Felcrit1 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 -[Green Fire Legacy]- -Lets keep this thread here to keep a recording of everyone who has gotten green fire In this format- ...Lílïth19 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Green Fire Attempt, Post-Patch After getting myself a bit more geared (first time I tried was when I mostly a mix of boost/timeless gear. Bad idea 0/10 would not recommend), I'm gonna make another attempt at the Green Fire solo-scenario, and hopefully get it done by the end of the day. I've done a bit of research from reading other posts about those that did it successfully after the patch, but if anyone has any tips for the encounter, they'd definitely be appreciated. May or may not track any really close attempts here and come back with questions for those that have succeeded. Wish me luck!Nodika9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 100 lock talent Sick of all the crying over what has been done to the warlock class, no I don't like/agree with the wound that has been left by the nerf bat....SO! Lets talk about end game 100. Any thoughts or opinions on what will be the viable talent to choose for raiding? I like the odea of perma infernal.Feldot7 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 2 specs - RAF - Dungeons only Hello, I am currently leveling with RAF in dungeons only. I wanted to ask the lock community which two specs as of 6.0.2 would seem viable to play with decent dps in this situation. I am currently Destruction, but have yet to play since the recent patch. Things are dying so quickly in these dungeons, that I feel some of the dots won't even have a change to tick. With that said, which spec would you recommend now and what secondary spec would you recommend at 30? Thanks in advanced! ^_^Saiko1 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Request : Celastalon to talk about changes I feel as though Celastalon needs to talk to lock players and really understand the frustration of missing some crucial spells for our DPS rotation. It's not just one spec - it's all three that have been stomped on heavily. For me personally? I don't understand why we lost Fel Flame - a key spell in any lock dps rotation. Another major point is losing the curses and losing some of the uniqueness of our class - if we lost dps but kept the debuff's I could have understood - but we lost both are now a 'press button to kill target' class. It's pretty boring. None of the level 100 talents seem to really rectify these problems also. The two passive abilities and the cataclysm spell don't seem to really fit into the whole lock play style. Like why would we use cataclysm when we have rain of fire? The whole thing doesn't seem well thought out.Autismhorse3 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Chaos bolt needs a redesign. Make Chaos bolt to where it is a finishing move, which most people would enjoy a insane high crit spell that ignores shields again. make it work like execute as far as mechanics go, and have it deal a 50k crit dmg or more. I'd love it if chaos bolt was like that. It would have to be on a cooldown, and with havoc it would only crit if the other player was low as well. If you like this idea, bump this post.Xeldor1 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 what spec? with demo nerfed six feet under, is affliction looking to be the top dos for pve in warlords?Shatterlock1 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Chaos Wave And go!Daemonology29 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 hstone changes? yo wtf why this do. useful pvpness stone is now useless rock to shove up my !@#Thaney7 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Green fire quest chain Hi all, after some research, I'm thinking of getting the spell effect for my warlock. She is 520+ atm ( not sure if it's too low to even bother trying? ). I will be buying the tome ( as I don't have time to farm atm ), reckon it's enough time for me to get the achievement before WoD land? I heard Blizz is removing this quest chain once WoD lands, is it true? Reckon it's worth spending the golds/time to start the quest ( I don't want to stuck in the middle of the chain, and not able to finish it ). Thanks heaps.Gathrendil25 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Warlock Spec after hotfix? Due to the new hotfix where does Demo stand in the warlock charts and is it still a competitive warlock class to play.Cavalry9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 I finally did it! I have Green Fire!!! Bwaaaaaaa im so happy took months to do it. If anything I think it got easier since 6.0 :OMefhisto9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 lock frusterated I suppose this could be a side effect of the tuning process and class changes however, does anyone else seem to be bothered that other classes stomp us with ease when we have to work harder then them just to stay alive a little bit longerKerpina3 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Should I roll a lock? Hello all, I'm a casual player now, but I played a Paladin as my main roughly 90% of WoW since Vanilla launched. I'm looking to change mains for this xpac and I always liked playing a lock and I briefly played/raided in WOTLK on mine. I see they are getting beat up with nerfs though. Are they going to be good in WoD do you all think? Or should I maybe think about a hunter instead? I definitely want a dps class as healing has taken it's toll :PAlphaomeqa14 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Punished for playing a demonology warlock? I feel like I am being punished for playing a demonology warlock. FYI, I did not play alpha/beta/ptr etc. In 5.4, in my opinion, demonology warlocks were somewhere in the middle. I performed decently against most classes. I had difficulties against warriors and hunters. But that was me, your experience might have obviously been different. Many people pointed out that a well played demo lock could defeat a decent warrior. But why do I have to play well to win, while a warrior or hunter can win even by being lax? Anyway, 6.0.2 hit and I felt the taste of power... for a week. I felt, how I imagine, warriors must have felt during most of 5.4. But after a week, its back to doing very little damage. To quote a 9gag meme, " Warriors and hunters are overpowered for a whole patch and no one bats an eye. Demo locks are overpowered for a week and everyone loses their minds!" :) I admit that I enjoyed being overpowered, even for a week. It was nice to see warriors running away from me in bgs, rather than the other way around. :P However I know that this is wrong. The best case scenario is that both warlocks and warriors have an equal chance of defeating each other, depending on skill. But I recognize that balancing all classes might not be so easy. In this case it might be an idea to rotate the class having the upper hand. Warriors the previous patch, warlocks this one, maybe priests the next one and perhaps mages after that. This sounds absurd, yes. But what's the alternative? They try to balance all the classes but fail miserably or deliberately reward some classes while punishing others. Perhaps more players play warriors and hunters? Maybe it makes more business sense to keep warriors and hunters (who might be the majority) happy, rather than demonology warlocks who might be a minority? I don't know, I am just trying to make sense of why demonology warlock players are punished so much. Only then can I come to terms with all the nerfs.Drahr8 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Carrion Swarm Removed?! According to the Patch notes: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/15682579/the-iron-tide-602-patch-notes-10-13-2014 There was nothing stating that Carrion swarm was being removed. My question is why is it not in the game? I also have taken the liberty to grab the patch notes for the link provided above for those that think that I have lost it. It is listed below. Warlocks received some polish but remain relatively unchanged. They saw the most change of any class in Mists of Pandaria, and so were in need of less revision this time around. Ability Pruning See the Ability Pruning section above for discussion of why we’re pruning class abilities. For Warlocks, that primarily focused on removing niche abilities. •Curse of the Elements has been removed. •Demonic Rebirth has been removed. •Drain Life is no longer available to Destruction Warlocks. •Harvest Life has been replaced with a new talent called Searing Flames for Destruction Warlocks. •Searing Flames reduces Ember Tap's Burning Ember cost by 50%, and increases its healing by 50%. •Health Funnel is no longer available to Destruction Warlocks. •Metamorphosis: Void Ray has been removed. •Seed of Corruption now replaces Rain of Fire for Affliction Warlocks. •Twilight Ward has been removed. Ability Consolidation and Refinement Soulburn had several extremely niche spell amplifications which were removed. We distinguished Hand of Gul’dan and Chaos Wave further by removing the snare from the former and improving the snare of the latter. Beyond that, there was a simple consolidation of some abilities. •All of the various Soulburn effects are now learned together with Soulburn, instead of at different levels. •Drain Life no longer gains a benefit from Soul Burn. •Unending Breath no longer gains a benefit from Soul Burn. •Hand of Gul’dan no longer snares the enemy. •Chaos Wave now reduces enemy movement speed by 50%. •Decimation’s effects have been merged into baseline Soul Fire and Shadow Bolt. •Fel Armor’s effects have been merged into Blood Pact. •Grimoire of Supremacy pets now generates 20% more Demonic Fury. •Malefic Grasp has been removed. Its effects have been merged into Drain Soul, which Affliction Warlocks should use in its place. •Nightfall’s effects have been merged into baseline Corruption for Affliction Warlocks and now has a 6% chance to trigger (down from 10%). •Pyroclasm’s effects have been merged into baseline Backdraft. •Seed of Corruption and Soulburn: Seed of Corruption can no longer both apply to the same target. Raid Utility We felt that Warlocks brought too much unique Raid utility, so decided to tone down Healthstones and Demonic Gateway. We moved Healing Potions and Healthstones into a cooldown of their own, and made them usable once per combat. •Demonic Gateways no longer have charges (up from being limited to 5 charges). Every Party or Raid member can use them once every 90 seconds (up from 45 seconds). The maximum distance apart they can be placed is now 40 yards (down from 70 yards). •Healthstone's cooldown will now not reset until the player leaves combat. Healing from this ability is now a flat amount (instead of a % of maximum health) and can no longer be a Critical Effect. Affliction Changes For Affliction, we're happy with their rotation. But, Drain Soul was causing them to be too strong in situations where they had a steady supply of small creatures to kill. We reduced the effectiveness of its on-kill effect in order to solve this. Additionally, Soul Swap was changed to cost 1 Soul Shard to push it into its intended role of being a more expensive but faster method of applying your periodic damage effects, and better balance it against Haunt. •Drain Soul now creates 1 Soul Shard (down from 4 Soul Shards) when the target dies. •Haunt now increases periodic damage by 30% (down from 35%). •Soul Swap now costs 1 Soul Shard (up from none). •Soulburn: Soul Swap costs a total of 2 Soul Shards (up from 1). Demonology Changes We were unsatisfied with Grimoire of Sacrifice for Demonology. Fundamentally, it did not fit Demonology’s theme to sacrifice their pet, full time. We had toyed with ideas where it acted as a temporary cooldown for Demonology, but have decided to replace it with a new talent, which is more theme-appropriate, and fits well against the competition in that talent row. We also tweaked the design of Master Demonologist, in order to solve some edge cases, and simplify and clarify its effects. •Mastery: Master Demonologist has been slightly changed. It now passively increases all damage by 6% regardless of form. While in Metamorphosis, it further increases the damage of Touch of Chaos, Chaos Wave, Doom, Immolation Aura, and Soul Fire while by 12%. •Demon pets controlled by Demonology Warlocks now deal 20% more damage. •Grimoire of Sacrifice is no longer available to Demonology Warlocks and has a new talent, Grimoire of Synergy in its place. •Grimoire of Synergy: When the Warlock or their demon deals damage, there is a chance to trigger Demonic Synergy, granting the other one 15% increased damage for 15 seconds. Movement Abilities We've reduced the ability for ranged damage dealers to deal damage while moving in Warlords. Kil'jaeden's Cunning became a problematic talent because its mobility made Warlocks much stronger compared to other casters. We redesigned how the ability works to be more powerful in bursts instead of always affecting only some spells. •Kil’jaeden’s Cunning has been redesigned. Kil'jaeden's Cunning calls upon the cunning of Kil'jaeden to permit movement while casting Warlock spells. This spell may be cast while casting other spells and lasts 8 seconds with a 1-minute cooldown. •Fel Flame was removed. Miscellaneous Finally, there are a couple of miscellaneous changes. For Drain Life, we reduced the base healing somewhat, but massively increased the effectiveness of the Glyph which increases its healing, so as to help open up more potential Drain Life use in ideal situations. And lastly, we simplified Shadowburn a bit. •Drain Life now heals for 30% less than before. •Shadowburn no longer generates any mana. •Glyph of Drain Life now increases the healing of Drain Life by 100% (up from 30%). Come on Blizz wth?!Endymios9 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Searing Flames seems this talent choice is acting odd with the ember tap glyph. without glyph I heal myself for 17.1% of my total life. with the ember tap glyph I end up healing for 54.5% of my total life over 10s even though the tooltip says it should only heal me for 16.5% of my life.Twistedshade3 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 Breaker of the Black Harvest Currently intermittently working on the questline. I'm not too practiced with this character, but it's coming along. I'm curious as to the deadline to get the feat. On beta it specifies "before the expedition to Draenor set out", does this refer to the pre expansion patch or the actual expansion launch?Popdropnlock20 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Glyph of Felguard Is there any chance of this glyph including 2 handed maces. Seems like a great addition for little work, just thought by now they would have incorporated 2 handed maces into the glyph. Is there an official reason why they haven't?Herecomedots13 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Best Affliction Xmog? We've got so many great sets it's hard to choose. The CM set feels destro/demo themed to me... as do many of my other favorites (T1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10). What tier screams affliction to you? I'm leaning towards T7.5 but maybe I'm overlooking a better option... what do you think?Bhuta9 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 WHY?! why did blizz destroy locks?! im sure most of you will disagree with me but I honestly wont care. warlocks have had abilities taken away from them and for what reason? because we apparently didn't use the spells they took from us. I USED curse of elements, I USED curse of enfeeblement (curse of weakness) I USED shadow ward. all these things have now been DUMED DOWN for people too stupid to learn an MMORPG. the game is showing less and less of a challenge because it seems you don't have to figure out the stats you need for your character, no longer use a talent tree to build up your characters power, or hunt down gear. I remember when we had to work our asses off in the game to get epic gear but now its as easy as 1, 2, 3! and its just complete !@#$! blizzard may not have "nerfed" everyone but they took vital things from us. they took a good sense of adventure and hit it with an F5 tornado thus creating an idiot proof game. sure I know they want to bring in new blood but don't ruin it for the veterans who are loyal to the game. the veterans are the ones that helped the new blood through the hard times of BC,WotLK,cata, and pandaria! but I feel WoD will be the loss of ALOT of veterans. (ive been on since vanilla) im not saying I want the old days back, I want blizzard to quit dumbing down every little bit of the game for someone who complains that its "too hard" and "i don't know what im doing!". its just not right. I have tried today to play on my lock and I...just cant! the loss of spells and glyphs are making me feel my warlock wont amount to what it used to be. but im sure MOST of the people that see this will either start trolling or try telling me how wrong I am. but if you really look at it, how many people were pissed when blizz allowed riding at lvl 20? does anyone not remember how pissed the people who had to WORK for their lvl 40 riding skill was? the time and gold they put into it? I remember. just remember all these changes that keep dumbing down WoW will soon be the end of the game. veterans, people and more will lose whatever excitement they had for the game and WoW will die. so bring it on trolls and people who think im wrong. these are all facts and if you think they aren't, go do a history check on the game.Buzbee125 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Of the Black Harvest for all levels of Lock? Hello, sorry if this has been addressed already but as of yesterday, I had undeleted a level 70 Worgen Warlock to obtain back a few lost items and to actually have an Alliance toon I can raid with in the future. To make a long story short, once my Warlock was rezzed from the dead, I started setting him up for play (grabbing gear, filling out MRP, etc.) but I found that I couldn't set "Of the Black Harvest" next to his name. I asked trade if maybe I needed to be level 90 to use it but I was told by someone that they had tested this theory on a level 2 warlock, although I'm not sure if that was a troll which is why I'm asking here. Anyone know?Aelastar3 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 The original warlock concept This was basically why I wanted to play the warlock. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/class/warlock Warlocks were the one of the most incomparable and unique class in the game. The debuff class! No matter the spec, curses brought flavor to Warlocks. ... They can make enemies slower or weaker, through their once iconic abilities. Groups sought at least one warlock for the utilities they brought. I was imagining I'd go into a bg\dungeon and ruin their day as if I was the Bubonic plague. I would've support the ability bloat fix. Merge a few abilities? Sure. Completely remove abilities? Questionable. It didn't had to mean removing the essence of playing a warlock. It's gone from unique to homogenized. I may as well play a priest or mage, I wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. I expect to never love this class that I used to, but doesn't mean I don't want to. I want Blizzard to update this webpage to accurately summarize their new concept of the Warlock, or to fix their mistake and pay homage to their original concept of the class. Curses! Curse them all!Mcbones9 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 So I've decided on a Warlock Now what spec should it be? I plan on using it for PvPDogofdecay15 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Warlock Ramp dmg (afflic) Is it me or does anyone else hate how we need to keep haunt/Channel Drain soul and the chance to get locked out of every spell we have and be a sitting training dummy :o.Our utility got hit with a nerf bat can we at least get some decent dmg output nerf our haunt and drain soul and spread the dmg to our dots that would help our mobiility and yes i understand that we are a dot class but to do dmg and keep up with other classes we have to sit there and channel drain soul. Spriest dots hit harder and they have an amazing toolkit due to being a hybrid class they do everything better than a Lock.Ciown1 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Best spec for warlocks now? Hey all I am not sure if this has already been posted or not, but since the patch was released last Tuesday and destro was significantly nerfed...was another spec buffed? I feel like I do absolutely NO damage whatsoever on my warlock now :'(Emmalyyne6 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Quick question about dots I just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly. If I have my dots up on my target (or multiple) and my trinket procs and I pop dark soul, then I don't need to reapply my dots as they automatically gain those buffs?Felcrit2 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Remove KJC I would to start to this post not because I am mad about pruning or nerfing of abilities but to be constructive. I believe in general that the changes and adjustments in patch 6.0.2 have been very good and look promising in Warlords of Draenor. Abilities and skills are being balanced for level 100 and not level 90. This is good considering that the current content is irrelevant and nerfed. However the change to Warlocks Level 90 talent Kil'jaeden Cunning (also known is KJC) once again is pointless, uncreative, and bland(too much like Icy flows for Mages). Lets face it, the ability to cast and move has been a controversial topic and skill that Blizzard is trying to stray away from because it is too valuable(overpowered) in multiple situations. So why on Azeroth have a talent that even allows it. KJC in its current state is the same talent it was when Mists of Pandaria was came out. KJC has changed so many times that it has become redundant. The talent that it would be better off replaced looking at the new content and where it is headed. Now, I know it is impossible to balance every class, spec, talent, and gypth but I believe there is an easy fix if you consider the following. Remove KJC and replace it with a signature spell that changes depending on what spec (just how meteor works for Mages). Here is an example of what could be done. Affliction - Soulharvest: Siphon enemies within 8 yards for X Shadow damage. Each hit increases the chance to proc Nightfall by X% per hit (Max 5 hits). 30 sec cooldown instant cast. Demonology - Shadowflame: Targets in a cone in front of the caster take X Shadow damage. Each hit generates X Fury (Max 5 hits). 1 min cooldown instant cast. Destruction - Backlash: Causes your next 2 incinerates to be instant and do X% more damage. 1.5 min cooldown instant cast. Those are just some ideas. I'm sure there are far better ones then that. The possibilities are endless and I think Blizzards lead devolopers and community would agree. So offer what you think and lets get this topic rolling. (excuse my grammatical errors)Fóurshadow21 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Pre WOD Demonology Guide (pvp) Hey guys been getting a lot of request for demo guide but as you know, with wod still not being released yet, it's going to be an unofficial guide until wod is realeased then I can make an official one. But anyways, I am posting this here to get opinions and thoughts on personal preference set ups as far as talents and glyphs. What to use what not to use, how do you burst, what is best way to gain fury, gemmung and all that good stuff. I will be testing every possible way to play demo and figure out which is the best ATM. Please let me know :) Thank you -eviaaxEviaax10 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Problems with optical blast and arena macros Observer only responds like 1/5 of the time. Anyone else having issues with this? Worked just fine in 5.4Iamtheshaft0 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Warlock out HPS healers in BG's I don't know what the devs were thinking every BG i had been in this one Warlock healed more than any of the pure healers and i tried killing him his hit point bar kept bouncing back up after every crit i got on him took 4 of us to take him out. And no there was no other healer around healing him i double checked combat logs he was healing more than pure healers that is just not right.Azgor8 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 How To Afflock PvP in 6.0.x Affliction has always been a difficult spec to master, though simple to learn. But you don't have to fret over it anymore. You no longer have to worry about Haste Breakpoints, so just stack all the Haste you can find. You don't have to worry about dot snapshotting, so as long as your dots are up, you're okay. You don't have to worry about dot clipping anymore, either. In your first PvP row, only one talent doesn't share DR with your main cc, and that's Shadowfury, so take it. Howl and Mortal Coil are both useless for Fear effects since you can achieve Fear through other means without losing an AoE stun in the process. Beyond this, you're pretty much ready to go. Find a target. Cast all your dots, then cast them again so that you've got additional time to not do anything. Then cast Haunt and keep it on the target. Now Drain Soul until you die of boredom or the target dies. Cast Fear liberally. And now you are a 6.0.x Afflock Pro! Congratulations!Æníma11 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Newest Raid Sim for WoD, demo among the worst http://www.simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T17M.html#player33Kanrethåd13 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Green Fire Quest Anyone else having more trouble with the green fire quest after 6.0? It seems with the scaling that it is much more difficult now.Bïgmac35 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Warlocks Current State (Mostly Affliction Related) also (Wall of Text) Hello, I am going to get straight to the point with this thread and I encourage all feedback. Please be respectful and mature in your replies to myself and others on this thread. Thanks in advance for input and opinions. Please read the entire post before making quick comments, if you do not bother reading the entire post before commenting there is a great chance that you will nerd rage/bash me, therefore you will be corrected later for not reading properly and may suffer from the "I feel stupid" syndrome. I think that the majority of the Warlock changes came from a very biased point of view in terms of Blizzards ideas for the class. I will go over several changes that were made to the class and explain why It seems that Blizzard made these changes bearing heavy thought only in the PVE aspects of the game and pushed the PVP aspect aside (so it seems). I will also compare some other classes in comparison to the Warlock to see if abilities line up and to ensure that we all have the same fairness in enjoying PVP at a competitive level. First lets cover some of the abilities that were changed. Fel Flame was removed -This ability was removed and in doing so affliction warlocks have only 1 option in killing shaman totems and that is by using your pet to attack the totem. This also creates a problem in PVP when you are not able to get a cast off because of melee training you. Blizzard is trying to reduce the mobility in casters and I understand that, but in doing so you have to be 100% sure that the class can be "effective" considering all of the other classes. Demonic Gateway reduced to 40 yards. -This was another big change and I have read several post it seems on here and other places of warlocks begging for it to be returned to 70 yards (obviously). However, that does not seem realistic to me. I do agree with the majority of the Warlock community in that 40 yards is not enough range but it is what it is I guess. The problem with having a "max" range of 40 yards is that most gates will not actually be put up at 40 yards. Most warlocks in a Arena based setting may get a 35-38 yard range out of it, due to time constraints and an inability to find that "niche" max 1 yard drop. This may seem miniscule to non-warlock players but to the Warlock class that literally has very little survivability it is much needed attention. My recommendation is to give the Gate a 55 yard range, or even a 50 yard range. Howl of Terror is talented -This wasn't a big killer but I am just listing it as something that changed. Considering the changes to how CC works in PVP and Fear specifically I don't think it is needed as a talent, I think it can still be a base spell. Fear doesn't work the same way it use to anymore. I'll explain later. All Fears, including Mortal Coil, Howl of Terror, and Fear share DR -This as of MOP did not share DR. All 3 spells had different DR's and would effectively make the Warlock class able to chain CC all on its own if timed correctly. Dark Regeneration was reduced to 20% health restore from 30% -Again, this spell doesn't seem like its too much on its own as a big deal but I will look at the bigger picture as we make our way through the list. If you have been playing a Warlock for a little while and aren't one of the "I know warlocks, because I just 90 boosted one" then I am sure your getting an idea of where I am going. Only 1 Healthstone can be used in Combate -This change isn't a huge killer to the class, just listing it, trying to make sure your see all of the changes. Blood Horror CD increased by 30 seconds -This chance made the CD 1 min as appose to 30 seconds. This was a great spell for facing melee classes that did not know how to counter it. This spell did not need to be made a 1 minute cooldown, it just did not have to happen. If you play a melee class such as a warrior or rogue then you by now should know how to counter this spell. If you do not I will let you know so you know when you go into arena from now on. As a rogue prior to opening just pop- cloak of shadows and then do your opener. As a warrior just prior to charging make sure you cast spell reflect, then hamstring, bloodbath, bladestorm. 3 Curses removed from affliction -Curse of exhaustion which slowed enemy movement, curse of enfeeblement which reduced damage dealt by 10% and casting speed of casters, and that last is curse of elements which just increased spell damage by 5%. CO elements doesn't seem like a big loss to me but the other two losses do. Again, those two changes alone aren't that big of a deal but taking into consideration all of the changes as a whole do. Again, 1 change in itself may seem small, but when you reduce all of the other abilities along with it, it does not add up. Its like when you added a 25% damage reduction to all classes at level 90. That may seem effective up front, but in reality your gimping the classes that already aren't dealing that much damage. This thread is not about damage, that's just an example. Drain Life buffed -We all know by now that drain life got a huge buff, especially if talented and glyphed. I have not played on the Beta so all of my Ideas are solely Live server based, But currently this spell seems very effective as long as you don't have melee training you. Again, it seems effective as long as melee are not training you. Again, it seems effective if melee are not training you. Lets talk about a warlocks CC, Fear. Fear is a Warlocks only form of CC, unless your talented in Shadowfury then you now have one 3 second stun on a 30 second CD. Blizzard changed the way fears works in PVP now, if you haven't played a Skirmish or BG yet since patch I recommend you go try it out and test this for yourself. In MOP fear would be 90% effective even if the enemy was taking damage. However now in WOD fear will break if you have full dots rolling on the target. Now I already know what most people are thinking right now, "OMG, F U, stop QQ! fear is so OP!" etc etc, but when fear is literally your only way to get someone off you, it is put into a different perspective, I still expect to see those^^ comments on this thread. Lets compare the Warlock classes to a couple other classes and see how their survivability and CC match up. Lets look at the mage. Mage CC consist of Poly and Freeze/Frozen/Deepd etc. So you can polymorph a target and while that DR is wearing off you can ring of frost, Deep freeze, or perma-slow. Lets compare that CC again to the warlock. Warlocks have fear (similar to sheep in WOD) or shadowfury. There is no slow in affliction, there is no repeated slows or stuns like the mage. So you say to me well that is just affliction and your only talking about the frost spec. Well, we can also look at destro lock and fire mages.Fire mages have blast wave that as 2 charges, slows movement speed by 70% for 4 seconds, combined that is 8 seconds slowed. Dragons breath disorients for 4 seconds, Ring of frost, polymorph, alter time for a 10 second window of free unlimited health basically. not to mention blazing speed, and blink. Again warlocks have fear only, or a 3 second stun on a 30 second CD. Warlocks also have portal on a 25 second CD unless glyphed to 21 seconds. I also play a mage so I am fully aware of their mobility and survivability. Mages also have Ice block which I believe if talented heals them 4% max health for the duration, Also immune to all spells while in iceblock, Forcing the target to switch to another target for the duration unless dispelled. Again warlocks have Portal, if you want to take into consideration all things then sure we can mention the gate with a 40 yard range, but we all know gate doesn't save lives 90% of Arena games, it just adds about 5 more seconds to their alive time. Okay so I have "briefly" covered the mage class in comparison to the warlock. Now lets look at a melee class, Deathknight. The deathnight I think is a warlock in the form of a melee fighter. He has 3 dots to manage while playing. So lets look at his survivability and CC. Dk has a perma slow, chains of ice. that can be spammed and is really fun to use on my DK. They also have esphyxiate which is on a short CD. Lets look at some other tools he has, Desecrate ground makes him basically immune to all loss of control/stun effects for 10 seconds within it, bone shield reduces damage by 20%, conversion converts runic power into healing, pet stun, AMS that lasts for 5 seconds, ice bound fortitude becomes immune to stun again and reduces damage by 20%, Chillbains which makes frost fever slow, and DK's have2 interrupts and 1 silence. That's a quick look at some of their a Now lets look at these abilities and compare them to the Warlock, unending resolve reduces damage by 40% for 8 seconds, 3 minute CD. If talented into dark bargain instead of soul link, dark bargain will prevent all damage for 8 seconds then deal 50% of the damage back to you after effect fades on another 3 minute CD. but remember you didn't take soul link so basically your already taking 20% increased damage. Sacraficial pact is another option in the same tier as Soul link, that provides you with a small shield (VERY SMALL), but again your replacing one of the other 2 and not passively taking 20% less damage. Those abilities are about it. So you automatically get unending resolve which reduced damage by 40% for 8 seconds but then have to wait for 3 minutes to get it back. You can chose 1 of the 3 other options as your other survivability. they do not provide healing, only "reduce" the amount of incoming damage I am tired of typing at this point so I am going to take a break, I hope this brings up some interesting discussion on the matter of warlock survivability and CC. I just wanted to put a few things into perspective for those who enjoy the warlock class and are upset about the changes that have come. I will continue to play warlock throughout the next expansion because I enjoy the class as a whole. Please continue your thoughts and have a good morning. To sum it all up, to many, it may seem warlocks have a mass array of survivability tools at our disposal but in reality (PVP wise) there really isn't. One last major note as well is that ALL ranged classes and specs have at least 1 instant cast spell (obviously not talking about Dots), except Affliction Warlocks.Onedown5 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Any Chance? I was just wondering if PvP demonology can get something like demonic rebirth back. I just realized that when the demon dies, the cast time is eternal and very easy to interrupt. The Demonic Fury generation is very low when the demon dies :( So hard to resummon in the middle of an arena or BG. What do you think? Or im just another noob that doesnt know how to protect my demon?Rizzrak3 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Demo nerfs, what can we do now? I mean in MoP we at least had burst we could rely on .. which worked pretty well in raids, still not to the extent destro and aff were able to do though. so... what can we do now? ToC is even MORE of a joke to cast in a raid, and shadow bolt will do nothing.. and our burst is gone. we barely have anything you can call a burst on beta. feels like we are heading to an even worse state than what 5.4 of MoP was like. also LOL @ the indirect nerf to affliction again with corruption dmg reduction.. nice one blizz. killed two birds with one ston--- GIANT NERF BOULDER there. My last SLIVER of hope is that they nerfed these changes with hopes that some non fotm rerollers would still use it so they could see the dmg that should be changed rather than the spiky dmg they were experiencing with demonbolt so they could improve more on the aspects of the class. OFC this shouldve already been obvious if they bothered to look at any threads by experienced players detailing the condition we'd be in.. all theyre doing now is just turning ppl away from even trying. Im still not switching from what is the only lock spec iv come to know so well in my time in WoW.. but gosh.. was honestly just expecting a demonbolt nerf.. the 2 set tier bonus was over exaggerating hoG dmg if they were basing it off of that. if it was based off of lvl 90 play... then thats even worse since thats almost nothing like beta gameplay. just leaves me so disappointed and upset.Kanrethåd53 Oct 21, 2014