Dec 27, 2014 Doom dot dropping prematurely Anyone else that plays Demonology noticing this? Times between 8 and 15 seconds it will just randomly drop off with 100% up time.Nocifer3 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 I hate my character now. I am so close to deleting my 'lock. Rain of Fire is pitiful. lack of movement is lame. It is nothing more than a crippled mage with a pet now. It used to be my main, now it just sits in the garrison crafting. Total waste of a character space on the server now.Nyaa15 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 is the chaos bolt buff live now? If it is does it even matter to those of you holdouts who are still suffering through destruction pvp. It's a shame how demo out nukes destro now.Iwinlol1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Affliction pvp 1v1: possible? So... I'm not a great affliction warlock. I'm not even a great warlock. In 5.4, I played destruction and felt that I had a pretty decent chance at fighting off someone attacking me, considering the self healing destro is capable of and the baseline howl that we no longer have. Now, I'm playing affliction. I'm in decent PvP gear, all honor gear at minimum, some conquest, and fully enchanted. A level 100 rogue in no gear just schooled me as I was out questing. It was pretty humiliating. I only lived because a BG queue popped. So... is there anything I can do 1v1 to a class that can shut me down when it's in my face? I tried to juke him but he didn't fall for two and then kicked me at about 75% on a fear. Even if I had juked, he still has a variety of other ways to shut down my casts. I know this game isn't about 1v1, but is there anything I can do here? Feel very useful in team fights, feel very weak when alone.Etienne26 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Dark Soul glyph still broken So the glyph was broken in the beta about 3 months ago. And its still bugging with the Archimonde talent.. After a few uses of Dark Soul it just tells you "spell not ready yet" when it has 2 charges that are fully charged.Mynameismuse4 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Warlock spec for level 100 PVP Afflication? Demo? Dest?Coupdegrâc4 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Warlock UI Hey guys thought I'd share my UI, if there's enough interest I'll package it and keep it updated for people. It doesn't use any Weakaura's or Tellmewhen - everything is already made fairly visible. More or less designed for a Warlock, but could be used with other DPS. Don't recommend for healers. Screenshots ...Methyi80 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Give us back incinerate while moving. Give warlocks the ability to cast incinerate while moving. The spec feel sway more clunky and way less fun without it.Sakor0 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Tectus demo build? Which Grimoire would be best on this fight?Kiingtone5 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 question about Improved Drain Soul It says it deals 100% extra damage when the target is below 20% hp. so the original damage it deals is 40%, when the target is below 20% hp, does that means all dots deals 140% or 80%? OR just the drain soul damage itself and dots still only deals 40%?Mygatt4 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Need Help Please: Lvl 80 Twink Hi, I'm trying to gear up for Herald of the Titans. I'm reading it's really no joke anymore since the stat squish, and I was wondering the following: 1) Is Destro the best spec to maximize dps? 2) After Int, do I prioritize gemming/enchanting Crit or Mastery? Any other help is appreciated. Thanks.Calys1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Thanks Blizz I'm sure the 14.99 loss won't matter as the classes that faceroll will keep the numbers well enough for you. Warlock since 2006.Demonide1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 What addon is this(looks really good for Aff) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xME0YYCAjs, the one thats tracking his dots. Looks like ElvUI, if it is, how fdo you set it up like that?Narcasius2 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 In dire need of pvp advice I've never really pvped a whole lot in WoW but this expansion I decided I would try it out with my warlock. The only time I pvped much before was late cata, as a frost mage, in randoms with my buddies. I don't really have any super ambitious goals, I would just like to at least get conquest capped via arenas each week, I tried Ashran several times but it was a horrible, laggy mess. Obviously my gear isn't that great but the bigger problem is that I simply have no idea what to do in arenas. I put my dots up, or try to, but I'm the first thing that gets murdered. Would destro or demo be better than affliction?Focalor5 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Affliction Warlock WoD Changes (PvP) I have never played PvE so I don't have much of a say for how this is going to change affliction playstyle but in PvP you are completely destroying Afflictions chances at doing anything. Drain Soul now creates 1 Soul Shard (down from 4 Soul Shards) when the target dies. (Ok, I guess) Soul Swap now costs 1 Soul Shard (up from none). (Eh.) Soulburn: Soul Swap costs a total of 2 Soul Shards (up from 1). (TERRIBLE) I can't believe you are going to do this. If you are going to do this, the following changes need to be made: All DoTs last 25+ seconds and cannot be dispelled to make up for the fact that we will now have to run around the arena and chase after people to cast dots. Unstable Affliction now slows the target so they can't just pillar/run while we have to take 3 globals to reapply dots. Affliction Warlocks now get a root. Affliction Warlocks now get blink and a spell similar to blazing speed. All spells have their cast time reduced by 25% to make up for the time needed to cast dots instead of just using soul swap. We, as the most dependent dot class in the game need soul swap due to the fact that we are the only class that relies completely on DoT spells to do damage and with all the interrupts in the game it will almost be impossible for affliction to be a threat at all or to be able to ever have full dots on multiple players to any comp with: Classes that have a blink/leap/speed buff. A melee Shadow Priests. Wait which comp is that? none. Shadow Priests and other dot classes don't need this because they have other spells when all we have are dots, and without an effective way to spread all dots between enemies without getting stopped by interrupts, LoS, etc is with soul swap. Please don't do this it's already hard enough to get all dots out with a warrior or a rogue on you but now that you have to cast unstable affliction on all 3 enemies will take affliction out of the game for good. Please listen!Swagmastax39 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 its been awhile for my affliction warlock hey guys i just reactivated my account since cataclyism i am noticing some big changes in spec and talents i was at level cap with some of the best pvp gear and was comfortable playing affliction i know how the new talents work but need some help on my build i plan to do the same pvp stuff and was hoping the affliction warlock is still a good pvp spec and if there is someone out there to help me pick my talents and give some insite into why you picked them that woud be much apprecatedSparkitup1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 healthstone bug? not showing cd I cant see the cooldown for my healthstones. Is this a problem for everyone, or just me?Tríx3 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Food for thought affliction pvp This is by no means a QQ post about warlocks being bad in WOD. WoW has always been an up and down game for all classes (unfortunately) and currently warlocks are probably the strongest CASTER in the metas that *matter.* With that being said this post is more about ideas to improve the fun feeling that a warlock has. Generally I think that the RNG of soul shard generation is the biggest thing holding us back. I believe that it would only take one major change to fix that and the change would also bring back an element that we used to have that was heavily enjoyed. I'll start by giving my logic behind shard use so that my idea makes better sense. Our job is to keep the enemy team dotted up with the strongest version of our dots that we can with the most uptime possible. Ideally we do this by hard casting each of the three dots and haunting with soulburn to keep up our 20% dmg buff. Sometimes (often) we are trained and it becomes incredibly hard to get UA's and haunts off. It can be done by doing things such as soul swapping, SB:SS and SB:porting, but this quickly leads to shard starving, making it hard to keep up haunt debuff/bufff. I don't disagree with this scenario. If an enemy team is playing well then there has to be some kind of repercussion for getting your dots off anyway. In a way we are being punished for not finding another way to get the dots applied. What I don't agree with is the two shard cost of SB:Haunt. That is simply a necessary part of our rotation in arena to get out a competitive amount of damage. The two shard cost feels like a punishment that the enemy team doesn't have to earn and we then lose access to much of our other utility because we have to be able to use SB:Haunt. My idea: Make Haunt cost no shards but turn it into a stack-able debuff. So hitting an enemy with one haunt gives them a 15% debuff and hitting them with the second would give the full 30%. Then make SB:Haunt cost one shard and do its current level 100 buff. Then to make it interesting and add a little fun to the class bring back a shadow trance like element where the proc makes the 15% debuffing haunt an instant cast. Those instant cast procs would help make up the damage from only having one stack of the haunt, they would add some burst potential to the class that doesn't involve channeling an interrupt-able spell, and I think it would add some interesting AOE damage setups in BG's. Again, I'm not complaining about our viability. I just feel underwhelmed in terms of how the class currently plays. I need something a bit more engaging and less clunky. This was just a my 2c post, but it's always nice to hear what others are thinking.Horgasm4 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Weakauras For Warlocks Multiple Weakauras for locks, check them out. Dot Timers: Target + Focus Target only - Progress Bars ... Trinkets, Potion, Bloodlust Tracker. Just copy the trinket according to what you have. It's mostly a baseline for bloodlust/potion and you can just add in your own trinkets. ... General Warlock Spells, Haunt/Immo aura hellfire, Dark Soul/Troll Racial. The basics. ... Afflicton Dot Trackers - For Under 7 Seconds left on the dot! Target + Focus Target Two Seperate Ones, first the target then the focus target. two seperate boxes of string ... ...Skidward1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 I cannot decide! Lock vs Mage So coming back to wow after a long 3 month break, and decided for this xpac im going to main caster dps. I completely understand this is a Warlock Forum, and im sure everyone will say warlocks obviously. But im stuff in the middle of lvling either this warlock or my mage. I'm not leveling both, I read a little bit of the patches, but i want active players opinions on which class i should choose between the two. PS: Oh i mainly pve by the way, just want to put that out there.Shiroe16 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Need help squeezing out more damage https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Q1q8ZNkVHDnfcpaF#fight=2 My twins was pretty awful since i was eating during trash pulls and i forgot to summon my pet when i swapped specs so i had to soul burn summon, though i could use haunt usage advice on that fight, Imperator was just a herpaderp since pug had weird positioning and I stepped on a mine like a derp and ate stunsDemues1 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 so warlocks suck what should i play What class is fun like a warlock but doesnt blow massive !@#$?Coldburrito15 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Affliction help. I don't feel that I am putting out the amount of dps that I should. I have a 638 GS, 60% mastery and my rotation is CoA, corruption, UA, then start the rotation again then haunt and drain soul. On single targets I'm pulling 10 to 11k. So please my fellow locks, take a look at my gear and see if it is causing me to lose dps. Any advice would be welcomed.Dallawha2 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Please tell me... Hello! I just need someone to tell me, preferably truthfully, that Affliction's damage in PvP gets better....that eventually when you blow your cooldowns, you're actually a threat. Thank you!Mcdottersin4 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Staff vs 1H+OH Hey guys, so for pvp what's considered better, staff or 1hand+off hand?Tyrailz12 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Heroic Twins Logs, good rng? for me to be 99th percentile on 0-647 ilvl range for heroic twin ogrons as affliction warlock specifically It seems like rng was on my side, or I had some very lucky crits. is in general, my dot crits, a little bit higher than normal? or am I doing normal for 645 ilvl? I ask because it seems like after replacing 1 item yesterday my dps went up 3k and I know that makes no sense and can't be right at all. Considering I took the most dmg outside of tanks because I did intentionally stand in fire alot, but nothing that my self healing couldnt compensate for... Hell I mean my gameplay was sloppy because there towards the end I was even resorting to drain life because the healers were dying for some reason. But I think I did alright. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TL6Q41fM8dCHGaAF#type=damage-doneSkidward20 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Health added per person Can anyone give me an actual number of HP added per person over 10 players in highmaul please. Thanks, PopsPopsnlocks0 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Rate The Warlocks Name! Okay... let's go!Toxiktraktør499 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Need help with trinkets So I just got shards of nothing heroic. right now I have copelands clarity and sandman's puch. I dont know which 2 to use out of the 3. I play destro so crit is really good for me. copelands clarit gives crit and on use spell power but the on USE shares a CD with shards of nothing on use for like 20 secs Shards of nothing has way more int than sandman's pouch but it shares on use CD with copelands clarity and sandman's puch gives crit procHumanìty11 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Destro Or Demo? I have played destruction on my lock ever since the launch of cata (before i leveled it affliction and played my dk at max) and loved it, and even with the changes in patch 5.0 i still loved it. I am still enjoying destro but when looking through level 100 talents i noticed Demonbolt for demo. So i decided to give Demo a try, i mean who doesn't like to transform into a giant green demon? So now my problem is i am enjoying both specs. My dps is roughly even in both, 13-20k depending on the type of fight, i did a couple of LFR runs in both specs to get the numbers. Demo beats destro on some fights with destro doing the same to demo on others. So right now i am stuck somewhere in the middle not really knowing what one i would like to play. While switching back and forth based on the fight is an option, i would prefer to focus on one to master, and to optimize my gear for. So leave your feedback below! Any is appreciated!!Darkphiend5 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Best Wrathguard Weapons? Picked up the Glyph of Felguard Ideally Id like double Cats Edge on mine but would take awhile to farm for those :/ What weapons do you have for yours? Other good options?Archönite16 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 need help with my affliction lock so i love affliction but i cant ever manage to get even 14k, i get 11k if im lucky (and thats with raid buffs). is there something im missing? my rotation goes as follows: dark soul as soon as the fight starts apply all my dots and a single haunt use drain soul until i get a soulburn proc cast soulburn then haunt reapply my dots repeatNoxeternal10 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Chaos bolt and crit So I recently decided I am going to twink this lock at 91 for the lolz (140k chaos bolts w/o maxed wep/trinks on dummies self buffed). My question is this: Does chaos bolt damage scaling with crit go beyond 100%? I currently get about 110% crit with cd's and procs, does chaos bolt do more damage beyond 100% crit? I ask this because I am debating whether or not to 3/3 upgrade my sandmans pouch trinket.Soulspec2 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 What's the best Warlock spec? What's the best Warlock spec for PvE and PvP right now?Lottie22 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 need help with demo During a raid boss and a second enemy appears, like in tectus or bracken spore, do I enter meta for a sec and apply doom and then I exit straight away?Narcasius1 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 At least things can only get better.... From what I hear we Warlocks are in a bad state right now... Things can only get better... RIGHT??Osira7 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 A Murloc'n Warlock'n Jolly Fistmas ^Skidward1 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 a good addon to track dots? some addon that track dots on multy target i forget the name of the one i was usingNukynukes2 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Question about PvE Affliction Gear Right now i have 630 Gloves. 126 int 189 stam 70 haste 92 mastery 72 leech But i got 670 BoE gloves now 182 int 273 stam 135 crit 98 multistrike As affliction i don't really need crit or multistrike . so i was wondering if its worth putting them on, or if i should just sell them. PS. Im pretty poor too, so any extra gold is good.Guldrek9 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 I cant pick a spec i wanna play.. So im gonna play spec/talent/glyphless. XDEyraine5 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Affliction Trinkets I just got a Warforged Shards of Nothing in a raid the other day. My main issue with it is it's on use thus can't be used with Copeland's. What should I use as a BiS set?Czechrz3 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Demo needs some help to keep up. I'm not here to qq or cry about other classes. However last night I fought a frost dk in blood presence in arena. I was unable to phase him. I am an exp player and I'm sure destro and aff are better choices ATM for specs. All that I ask is for someone to look at demo. Sure demonbolt hits like a truck (when it crits) but we need some damage in the middle to even things out. Other classes can sit back and laugh at the damage soul fire and shadow bolt are doing. Thanks and do not reply if you have anything negative to say such as your not playing it right. Only constructive advice to better the class and spec. Thanks in advance.Haddouken2 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 merry critmas and a hendo awendo new year keep the locking on lockdownHedo8 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 PvE Aff, how much haste is good? How much % haste is enough?Kidhype1 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 delete deleteSkidward5 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Pet Silence, how is this still broken Use pet silence while casting UA/Haunt - interrupts my casting Priest dominate minds me, pet silence unusable rest of match or til resummoning Random arena matches, oh it's just going to be greyd out and not work until you resummon.Nyxtro1 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 643 destruction warlock needs help low dps http://www.wowprogress.com/character.../M%C3%A8ditate my profile So my damage has been to the ground , if am stattionary and i dont move i am holding 16 to 18k but if fight needs mobility dps drops top 9 to 11k , and thats me using draenic intellect flask and augment rune My rotation on Raid boss is : poping CDS : summon terror guard,DS,Draenic intellect potion,cataclysm then rain of fire, immolate,conflagrate,incinerate X3 then chaos bolt X2 , cataclysm rinse and repate . would you please recommend what is best rotation if the above is a fail. thanksMèditate5 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 End the DB QQ It really rounds out the spec. No matter how many ppl nerdrage over "zomg it's like destro!bliz get it gone!", it's still the best part of demo. Either use it or don't, less qq more pew pew.Idotchu16 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Text on Pet button - how to turn off? on my pet's action bar - the text 'c-1' to 'c-0' is showing up, and this is annoying for me any option/idea how to turn those text off?Fairyland2 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Use Dagger? i don't see why the warlock use dagger? mmmm did i miss something about dagger for warlock?Xreva5 Dec 25, 2014