Nov 4, 2014 Stat weights t17+ How close are the stats in heroic/mythic gear realistically? Will it be practical to regem after simming and scrutiny based on the fights, or is the gain so low as not to merit attention?Coreuption5 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Green Fire will I still be able to get green fire after WoD? I don't care about the FoS or title just the cosmeticTamaki4 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Why use Grimoire of Sac and Soul Link? I'm a lock noob. How do you benefit from Soul Link if you don't have a pet. I don't understand.Vec7 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Level 100 demonic servitude. hopes? What do you hope for the perma doomgaurd/infernal IF they stay in? I'm hoping for perm-aoe if you sacrifice the infernal.Lilraven46 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 worth sealed tome of the lost legion at 6.0? Hello. I wonder if it is worth to buy the Sealed tome of the lost legion for the green fire chain quests now that we are at patch 6.0 and wod is coming. I just saw it at the AH in 7k gold. I hope your answers. ThanksMandriani2 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 PVP - need advice I've tried destro, I've tried demo. Haven't invested the coin into affliction. I feel like a turret in pvp, and my choices always come down to hide and not dps, or stand in the open and get blasted but at least be able to cast. Where's the middle ground? Need advice in how to be more mobile in pvp and still have an impact on the battle.Foulisfair15 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 ! What add-on for pop multi dotting!? What would be good to use for keeping track of dots on multiple player targets? Thanks guys!Vec7 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 How could Grimoire of Synergy be improved? thematically, randomly getting a rush from your combat partner doesn't make tons of sense to me So instead, what if it was a stacking buff? What if those stacks could be consumed like the burst brew for ww?Grape17 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Good addons. Whats a good addon to use to keep track of all your dots in a pvp aspect.Bobdole1 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Dying pvp spec Hi Blizzard, So far demon lock looks pretty good but one problem remain... If your pet gets killed, you have no way to resummon if you get trained, which is 100% of the time. Even if you fear the target, the summon cast is too long!!! So, No pet = Dead Should I switch to affliction or destro? Or this issue will be solved at level 100 with an infernal or a terror guard ? Or the guy in charge of the pvp demon lock is on a break? Or you just don't care since BC? (due to a poor representation of the class in pvp in all aspects) Kind regards, A demonlock who misses his Demonic Slash.Nerfplzz7 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Destro lock lack of frontload/burst I recently rolled this lock to 90 using the WoD boost (no, I would never buy the service, but I had it, so I used it), and while I am having fun with it, I have to say, destruction feels... uh... incomplete -- particularly compared to my paladin and rogue. The rotation is almost absurdly simple (yes, I know a lot of classes have this problem now). But, more striking, is the lack of any and all burst-on-demand ability, or even a simple spammable or insta-cast 'pull' ability. Just as an example, I've been grinding frogs on TI, and the only way I seem to be able to effectively get tags is to use RoF, which just seems... awkward. If I try to cast immolate or incinerate, 9 times out of 10 I'm beaten to the punch. What's more, though, in a good group I can't even get off much more than said immolate/incinerate before my companions flatline the mob. I feel like I'm contributing nothing to the group other than to be there, soaking up coins. While I think it's almost nostalgic to be playing a class based entirely around cast bar abilities 10 years after launch, in a world of hunters and mages, you really feel the inability to frontload in a number of situations. How do destroy warlocks get around this? (Also, please excuse the lack of gems/enchants. My set is in high flux while I push to normal mode, and honestly haven't bothered).Lunaris5 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 What horde race looks best as a warlock? I mean overall spell animations and stuff. I'd imagine undead make natural warlocks because..well..they're undead. I just can't really stand the undead swimming animation though. Blood elfs are really cool too, and then trolls and orcs were the original warlocks lorewise.Xyach34 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Rate the lock mog above starting a new Rate mog topic. go nuts peopleNightmarezx137 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Macro to keep pet attacking its target? Personally I can't stand the new pet stances. If I have it on assist, every time I switch targets, my felhunter will chase after the new one after a few hits. Doesn't matter if that target is clear across the room and it takes him 8 secs to get there, he's off running. I have also noticed that the new imps summoned by our new tier seem to follow a similar stance as our pet. When testing out some spells on a test dummy, I had my pet on passive. When a demon was summoned, he didn't attack my target until I hit the "pet attack" hotkey. On that note, when there are lots of mobs we are dotting up, watching our pet to make sure he's always attacking a target is just one more hassle to have to deal with. I'm looking to see if there's a macro that will: 1) Command your pet to continue attacking its current target if it has one. 2) IF it doesn't have one, it will attack MY current target, but ONLY if it doesn't have one. Made those words bold because that is exactly what I need it to do if the macro will work for what I want it for, which is so that I don't have to worry about my pet (for the most part) during a fight. This will additionally ensure that if my gear summons an imp, that imp will immediately start attacking as I will have this macro bound to all my rotation keys. Anyway, if there is a macro setup that can do this, please let me know.Asçendant13 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 New Lock here, tips wanted. So, i boosted this lock and after getting a few gears, i tried PvP. It wasn't pretty, warriors occasionally one shot me, a full combo rogue kill me before the stuns wears off, can't run away from the DK, Kitties and bears shred me like a paper, boomkin just kill me with their dots, Paladins are like juggernauts who don't seem to care how many spells i toss at them, hunters are just hunters, pew pew me to death. So i want to ask how to survive in BGs, tried all 3 specs and i sort of equally like all 3 of them. I used Dark Regen, Mortal Coil, Soul Link, Body Horror, G of Supremacy and Archimonde's Darkness on affliction and demo, execpt for Destro which i use Sacrifice Pact and G of Sacrifice. So i guess i am sort of tanky if i pop all my cooldowns but the problem is that i couldn't kill any classes during all the defensive cooldown spam . Is it just a gearing problem or is my build wrong, I pretty much just follow the PvE rotation on Bgs for all 3 spec.Belisha5 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 DESTRO needs pet heal now. really blizz? Can you fix this So I can use my pet while leveling. thanksSolarstrike9 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Anyone else kinda annoyed... That they remove our cardboard rp wings for stupid reasons and then like a month later add really badass looking wings that everyone can get? "Blazing wings toy" Killing me blizz................. They could at least be affected by the codex of xerrath..........Kanrethad2 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Skimisher Stance Idea Tannatoz2 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Glyph of Felguard I think this Glyph Need a Rework and needs to also effect a Shivarras 1hweps say u have only 1 wep in ur first bag it would equip it to all hands but if u have more they would equip randomly like they do nowFearlessdoom6 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 new lock, wondering what my DPS should be around? Currently Destro spec, freshly boosted and only non-boosted gear I have is from the iron horde event quest line which is leaving me at roughly 491 ilvl. So was wondering what my DPS should look like on recount as I practice and refine my rotations so I have bench mark to shoot for. Thanks in advance.Andronada3 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 burning rush is killing me dead i thought we were friends.Epicherøic1 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 I don't like destro. I'm sorry. I just can't, there is no more passion in the relationship.Foeralk21 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 It would be kinda nice If dark soul restored one charge of HoGGrape4 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Minor glyph request - Glyph of Old Friends ... Because Felhunter > Observer.Morgith4 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion Xrealm? Can the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion be tranferred across realms? I'm having quite the time trying to get one of these to drop, and there was only one up briefly on the AH on my realm.Felwitch0 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Broken Imp Hello my fellow warlocks! ^_^ I may either have found a bug/glitch or am just being really bad at this game due to still being new and learning. I have noticed that when I use either my standard imp or my fel imp, they don't use "singe magic" or "sear magic" whatsoever. Whether I have it on auto-cast on my pet's action bar, or in my spell-book, they do not auto-cast it whatsoever. In addition, I am unable to manually activate this ability as well. I have dueled fellow guild-members who have silenced me, polymorphed me, and stunned me. None of these have been removed from my pet's spells. Please let me know if you have also seen this or not. I had another warlock on my server tell me that it's a known issue and will hopefully be fixed when the new expansion comes out. I hope it gets fixed, I really do. Thank you for taking a moment to read this and let me know what you think! ^_^ ZekarukZekaruk4 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Is green Fire wod quest gone on wod? I just dinged 90 and i wonder if i still be able to get it. ThanksTannatoz2 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Demonology Sims for Mythic/M.Siege I'm getting gnome best race for demonology Also stat weights go Mastery>Int>Crit>haste. Anyone else getting same?Lildotsalot1 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 What add on do you use to manage dots in pvp? I'm having a hell of a time managing dots on multiple targets in bgs. Its stupid, i apply dots to multiple guys, then theres no easy way to get back onto the first guy to refresh dots. And i can't see how much is left on the dots unless I'm targeting the player. Theres gotta be an easier way to switch between multiple targets to refresh dots.Vec3 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Help nvm im dumbHanai0 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Buff Felguard Defensively As a spec that revolves around demons and a powerful pet I don't understand why my pet can get focused for 5 sec and die. This is ridiculous. You guys need to either significantly increase the HP / Resilience or give it a defensive ability. Other than that the damage is fine but dear god please make it tankier.Spooky23 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 BG targets add on laid out like grid? Is there an add on that can give me an interface like the BG targets add on but in a more customizable layout like Grid? It would be a fantastic thing to have for an affliction warlock. Any input is appreciated. -NickVec0 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Why are orc still warlocks? I've never understood why the orcs still become warlocks after what they went throughGibzz3 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Minion Health So, hadn't played in a while with my lock, but came back and redid everything for 6.0.3. I had heard we (destr) lost Drain Life, but didn't see anything else. Then, when I came back I noticed I can't heal my void lord. did we lose that, too? Or maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Thanks.Falconx2 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 KJC suggestion for Affliction In lieu of the WoD changes to affliction and soulswap, I was brainstorming ways to make soulswap a spell that has a valid place in the toolkit. At the moment, sb:ss is at best a trap spell, especially when sb:haunt is available. Since the design seems to be swaying towards a 5.0 style, I thought about ways to avoid another situation of one talent being dominant on most fights. This brought me to KJC, a talent that went from overtuned into a hamstring into spirit walkers grace. From small personal testing, I still can't find a way to justify ever using KJC as is at 100. Suggestion: KJC removes the soul shard requirement for soul swap during it's duration This will give warlocks a bit more input into playstyle and reward planning. You avoid a fallen protectors situation for the most part, in addition to a smoother opener/transition. I still feel AD and MF would be on equal footing with sb:haunt in play, and would make the talent choices less linear.Ezzy4 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Flying mount for warlocks? So warlocks should totally get a flying mount in WoD from another cool quest-line/scenario...Lifeburn11 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 sear magic doesn't work? Anyone else fel imp Sear magic abiliy doesn't work?Chaoticsoul1 Nov 2, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 6.0.2 Affliction PvE Impressions I'm loving it. Nuf said. Okay, maybe I can say a little more... cleared about 1/2 of H-SoO last night, and here's how it went: As foretold by the stickies, trash dps is in the gutter. Single target is not bad at all, and multidot bosses (shamans, siege, klaxxi) are pretty fantastic... I kept skada set to "current fight" and overall I was pleasantly surprised with the results (aside from falling WAY behind on trash, of course). IF you can overlook trash numbers... affliction feels pretty rewarding right now. It certainly doesn't feel as "plant and cast" as destro does post KJC nerfs. Sure, I clip a few dots for the sake of movement, but it's gotta be a net dps gain over doing nothing, right? I went GoServ for nostalgia's sake (been so long since I used a felpup, now I get to make up for it with a double dose :P), and it adds a small level of much needed complexity to the rotation. Sure, it's just one cooldown... but lining it up with procs gave me something else to keep an eye on besides dot timers and haunt management. I'm not a bleeding edge progression raider... just a middle/bottom of the pack silly little casual lock... but I'm having fun with affliction, and am thoroughly satisfied with my first test drive. Pretty sure it's going to be my spec of preference for WoD.Bhuta21 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Getting started playing an affliction lock I haven't played my warlock for 1.5 years. I never really played affliction so I'm pretty clueless about it. Are there any resources anyone can provide to help me get started? Appreciate it. -NickVec5 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Affl or Dest for lvl 100 rated bgs? I haven't played my warlock on 1.5 yrs. I'm interested in mainly just rated bgs. Should i spend time learning affliction or destruction? Thanks!Vec0 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Green Fire And Chieve I heard its all still attainable, the achievement at least until the expansion comes out. Right?Shikkari6 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 New to Lock. But wanting to stick with Aff I am brand new to lock, maybe four months with it. I would like to stick with affliction because I have more fun in the spec. But honestly I feel I am not doing anywhere near close to the amount of damage I should be. Any suggestions would be helpful. Sites, Videos, anything.Ishatar5 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Can't see demonic fury text numbers... Only recently have I not been able to see my demonic fury text numbers while my cursor is NOT over it. Before the major patch, the text was always displayed but now it doesn't seem to be. I'm pretty sure I checked all of the necessary interface options to show it as well. Does anyone have a solution?Soliouss2 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Whats the best lock spec for rated bgs? Any input appreciated.Vec4 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Affliction... Anyone else enjoying Affliction at the moment? I manually dot as snapshotting just cost to much anymore. However I am dominating both PvE and PvP(only bgs, retired from arena for now) Also drain life with talent/glyph and GoSec bonus dmg to Drain life. It's amazing! took on a pally/mage earlier in WPvP and took both out. Then a little later took on a Pally/Shaman/Priest also WPvP, they finally got me with well timed CC, however took them about 7 minutes to do so. All thanks to Drain lifes healing(with glyph/talents) What do you guys think? Affliction is in a good spot if you ask me. (at least at 90) I never took advantage of my beta key, so no idea what they are like at 100 lol.Chaoticburn29 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Affliction AOE rehash? Does anyone else agree that affliction AOE is almost non-existent in 6.0.2? I often have to check to even see if SoC is working. What is another way that affliction warlocks can aoe competitively? it seems we're really gimped on it at the moment. (Unless i'm doing things REALLY wrong lol). Single target dps i'm loving at the moment..very competitive in my guild with the top geared dpsers so no problems there.Voodoo20 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Why Removal of Curses? Forgive my lack of googling skills but why did they remove curses from warlocks? I know that they wanted to lessen the amount of CC in the game, but why curses? They were not what I would call CC at least not hard CC, and all it served was to add to their utility across pve and pvp.Seino6 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Affliction PvE - Simple Questions Hello! I am fairly new to the class in general, having only just leveled a warlock to max for the first time a year or so ago. Since then, I stuck to mostly destruction, with a little bit of demo. As a result, I have a few affliction-based questions: 1. Am I supposed to be helping the raid kill high-priority targets that die quickly? As an example, MC's and desecrated weapons on garrosh. I often found myself unable to offer any significant help. Should I ignore them unless I notice they are going too slowly, or always take the time to try, even if it ends up being a waste? 2. Additionally, I have a question concerning multi-dotting. I'll use the golden lotus fight as an example. I know I am supposed to keep all three DoTs on Rook, He, and Sun, but should I be haunting each one as well? I've typically been keeping dots on all three and then using haunt/drain soul on the focus target. I wasn't sure if I was doing this incorrectly, though, by not applying haunt to multiple targets. 3. AoEing - For large groups, is it as simple as SB->SoC, and then spam SoC on the target with dots on it? 4. More of a general question, but why is haste so good for affliction? Other than the 5% increase passive, I'm just a bit confused as to why it is their best secondary stat. Thanks for any help regarding these questions! I know some are a bit basic, but I really do have minimal experience with the specialization.Antarla4 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Suggestion for 90 talent tier Kil'Jaeden's Cunning has been removed and replaced with Fel Flame: Deals very small bit of damage, extends dots for affliction and demo by 6 seconds (15 second debuff for when this effect can occur again) gives 1/10th embers for destruction. Costs 10% mana but doubles the cost for each use in a row (this debuff lasts 6 secs if no other casts occur). Mannoroth's Fury: Removes the ember, soul shard, health, or demonic fury cost of fire and brimstone, soulburn: seed of corruption, hellfire, and immolation aura for 10 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. During this effect, resource generation from these spells stop. Leave Archimonde's Darkness as is. ------ This is to answer the "only 1 talent is viable" regime this tier has been playing all MoP. Maybe some parts are overpowered simply because of warlock bias, but it returns the possibility of fel flame in our rotation but with a cost system much like arcane blast to prevent spam. Also gives mannoroth some love by making it more useful than just rain of fire and the other aoes with an area and damage buff (I can see some use of old version on galakras adds, but thats it: Arch darkness all other fights). What do you think of this idea? Any tweaks you might add or remove?Wargrif2 Nov 1, 2014
Nov 1, 2014 Getting started with a destro lock I have a 90 destro lock that i played 1.5 years ago. Where should i go to learn how to play again?Vec2 Nov 1, 2014