Nov 2, 2013 Pvp question Hello fellow warlocks , I'm currently playing affliction and its one of my favorite specs. I mostly do bgs and 2v2's with a feral druid / death knight friend. My question is I feel that affliction is a tad underwhelming when it comes to hurting people. My dots hit for a average of 3-6k each and crit for around 10k my stats at the moment and bear with me im not extremely geared but I find it "decent" spell power : 20.8k Haste 10.86% mastery 66.68% PvP Power : 37.42% I've been aiming for mastery haste as my reforge priorities. For what I mostly do should i be running destruction or is their something I'm doing wrong with affliction? I'm using haunt and dark soul to try to pump out as much as I canMeanbèan3 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 Affliction/Destruction pvp question I am only level 87 atm but am struggling in pvp. How do you deal with melee? I cannot get distance on them at all. They break every CC I use or are immune to it. With Destruction, I cannot get spells off due to the cast times. Affliction has more instant casts but the dmg seems to be so low it is like I am hitting melee with pillows. Are there any websites with tactics to use vs various classes?Culan7 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 Healer Killers? I'm posting this here because if this were ever done, this is the class that should get it first. I recently asked a friend who PvPs seriously, "So even after they added Battle Fatigue, is it still just a healer count and if they have more everyone drops group like it was in Cata?" "Yup." So how would you feel if there was more counterplay to healing? Yes there are already interrupts, but I'm thinking more in the debuff area. Maybe even a debuff you place on the healer, so whenever they cast a heal, they take that much damage on themselves.Aliandrin11 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 Enhancement Shamans Are they just natural counters to warlocks? I seem to have great difficulties in taking them down (specifically enhancement) as affliction/destruction. Between Wind Shear, Grounding Totem, Stone Bulwark, and Tremor Totem it seems very difficult to get any real up time on them and when I do, it's often short lived. I do destroy these totems when I see them and I do juke their grounding/wind shear when I can but it's overall very frustrating to go against them. Any advice?Tyrannaus15 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 help me get better? I know im not full pvp gear but I feel I am absolutely getting destroyed as aff. even in destroy I feel I have more ways to survive and do some sort of competitive damage. I know my spec is a little off and I haven't gemmed as I have been replacing gear but is there something I am missing? my biggest issue is mages atm. and hunters.Coasmorte3 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Destruction Trinket Question Hey Guys, I currently play destruction with a demo offspec. I'm not very good with theorycrafting, or tracking, so I was hoping to get some input from people who have used these trinkets, and have an idea of which is better. I have Bindings of Immereus, Kaldris' Toxic Totem, Shado Pan Assault Insignia, and Breath of the Hydra. Right now, I'm using BOI, and KTT, however, sometimes I switch out for Shado Pan trinket over the Toxic Totem.Duriel15 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 so... should i warlock...? So ive been off for a few months. Played the PTR a bit a couple months back and locks seemed strong. Ive always wanted to main a lock, just shelved this guy for awhile lol. So that being said i wanna random BGstomp and Rated Bgs, so what specs the best for it? I like destruction, afflic is ok and im not a fan of demo. Ill learn it if i have to. If theres already a link to something like this then just post that, you dont have to retype anything. Copypasta it if u want.Lockapopadot5 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Soloing Warbringers. Need help!! First off I want to say that I am a relatively new warlock. This lock hit 90 a few patches ago and I pretty much shelved it because I only leveled it up in the first place for the guild achievement. Now I'm playing it and having fun. So just keep my overall warlock newbiness in mind. I've seen plenty of warlocks solo the Warbringers pretty much ever since they came out in 5.2. I knew way back then that it could be done and pretty easily at that. Now I'm trying to get into it but I am having a crazy difficult time doing it. So far I've had no success. Not even close. Plain and simple... my VW just gets beat to death really quick. There have beens times that I've sent him in and the WB will knock off a quarter of his health in one hit. From there it is downhill. It's not even the special attacks that seem to be killing it. It is the WB's normal attacks. About the only thing I've read concerning the WB's special attacks is try to keep the spirit away from your VW. Either move him when it is summoned or get the spirits attention and kite it around yourself. But everything else should your VW should be fine with. But no... my VW seems to be getting killed by its normal melee attacks. So I took the last two and a half months of 5.3 off and came back about three weeks into 5.4. Did something change during that time that made this much more difficult? I don't know warlocks well enough to know if anything in the patch changed and affected a warlocks ability to solo the WBs. So please please please help me out. First off has anyone been solo farming these guys since 5.4? Give me some advice please. Check my gear, my glyphs and my talents if you need. My gear is really good. Can I not do it as destruction? Any advice on this would be helpful.Maevynn10 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Why is every lock I see ingame demo? Is there something tragically wrong with leveling affliction or destruction?Hâgakure28 Nov 1, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Soulshatter Has anyone else seen Soulshatter just glitch out and do nothing. Watching adds threat and using Soulshatter the threat does not move no focus or anything was on me This has happened to me on the Isle of Thunder and the Timeless IsleFeisightu18 Nov 1, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Garrosh fight DPS Tried Garrosh on flex last night. Good group but we couldn't get him down after many tries. Seemed like the most troublesome mechanic was the minions that spawn from the empowered whirling storm (?)... A few of them always found their way to the tanks in the middle. That along with MC's at the same time was a wipe. Anyway, my DPS was horrible, but I figured that was only because I was on Engineer duty at the beginning. My thinking now is that that was a horrible use of my DPS. I am usually top 3 in LFR and Flex wing 1-3, pulling anywhere from 180k to 200k+ on fights where I can really pull out all the stops. I recently went from ilvl 534 to 540, so I feel like I should be really starting to see some big numbers. Garrosh fight I was struggling to cover 120k, so I wanted to get some feedback, and maybe some tips and tricks that you guys have found for this fight so I don't feel like I'm holding the next group back. Thanks in advance.Athrend11 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Green Fire...Another Thread..Really?! Hello fellow locks. Having recently joined the ranks of locks with fel-tainted flames, I just wanted to write a post to encourage those attempting or thinking of attempting the quest chain. It is okay to struggle on this quest. For every person who inevitably posts after reading this that they found it to be extremely easy there are easily 2-3 people who will say they had to work at it and even more who won't post their story and had difficulty. Here is mine. After the timeless isle inflated my iLVL to the point that I could use LFR with my alt lock here, I found new joy in playing my warlock and she has become my most played toon. I've always loved locks but with the alt unfriendliness at the beginning of Mists and the overall lack of time I have to play the game my lock just sort of sat with all my other unused alts. I decided to go for the green fire even though I play as affliction and would rarely see the labors of my hard work except when mounted on the felsteed. I started passing through the isle of thunder killing rare mobs for the Tome. It took a few passes, which meant a few day as I only passed through once a night before the Tome finally dropped. For those thinking of trying, just let me say the quest delivers on the epic feel of the chain quests of old. You fly all over Outland and if you read the quests and books and watch the visions unfold you will get a pretty health dose of warlock lore. Then you get to THE scenario. The scenario is more than just the end fight as you may or may not be aware of since most comments are about the end boss. Let me just say, getting to Kanrethad is pretty fun in itself. You utilize some spells that you may not normally use. Then you get to THE fight. If you are like me, you wanted to do some research on the fight to know what to expect and get a strategy that works. Again, I play as affliction and everything I read was telling me that, sure the fight can be done in any spec, but every guide I read was for Destruction. I could have respeced into Destro but all the guides said it was possible in all specs and I didn't really want to spend my time mastering Destro, if I was going to come out of this with a masterful control of my lock it was going to have to be as affliction. Read the guides, they regardless of spec they say to use, tell you basically what the fight will be like. As affliction, the fel imps swarms gave me trouble in the beginning. This is an alt, and as such I don't really PVP or raid, and as such I had never used certain abilities such as the demonic gateway or soulshatter, so it took some getting use to remember I had those abilities and to use them appropriately. If you spend an hour or so wiping on the fight, take a break. I noticed that I would have a good attempt, then a series of increasingly worse attempts until I took a break and then I would come back and get that much closer. There is now a repair anvil in the scenario, and don't worry, if you log out, you can just fly back to the Black Temple and queue for the scenario again. You may have a stomach lurching moment thinking you have to make your way back to Kanrethad, but it will remember you are on the fight and you will be ported right to the repair anvil, your new friend. You will get excited when you start to get Kanrethad lower and lower. Don't ignore mechanics to burn him down...at least not if you are affliction. Finally should you die and Kanrethad is really close, you can still use the Pit Lords abilities and hopefully you can still kill Kanrethad with him...I did. I got excited when he started dialoging and I thought the fight was over, but it was just getting close...silly me. I was really proud of myself when I did finally beat the fight. I have been reading that others are just as proud and are concerned that the fight will become trivial in the future when gear makes the mechanics a non-issue. That does not change your story or your achievement of the fight. Does that mean the you will see more locks running around with green fire...yes it does. But your story and trial will remain the same. Let me just remind you..or enlighten you that waaaay back in the day the Dreadsteed that everylock is sporting as a spell that you can just learn at the trainer use to be an epic quest to achieve. Those that have gotten their mount that way still have a good story about what they endured and occasionally when they mount up they are reminded of it. TL;DR Sorry didn't mean to get into mechanic strategy. Don't be discouraged. You can do it just keep at it and follow the mechanics. They become easier and easier the more you do them. Take breaks and have fun..this is a game and if you aren't having fun playing a game, why are you playing. Don't hate if the future holds more locks with green fire it is inevitable and does not diminish your personal story of triumph. They will add new challenges so you can stand out.Syntasia12 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Havoc and Curse of Elements Hey guys, I've noticed that Curse of Elements uses a charge of Havoc. I've macrod a bunch of my cooldowns together into a single iwin button, and curse of elements is in that macro, and when I use havoc first, then hit the macro, it burns a charge of havoc. Admittedly, there are several very easy ways to sidestep this issue, which I have taken into account since I've noticed it, but I was just wondering if I could get the general consensus opinion on whether or not CoE should burn a charge of havoc, considering it already hits up to three mobs in a close area. Just wondering what you guys thought about this.Apoxiosis4 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Less Flamin' Hello fellow locks, maybe I missed something in the patch notes, but since 5.4 I've noticed the fire effect on my lock has been much less visible when gaining embers. None of my graphics options have changed, so I'm assuming this is something Blizzard did to reduce spell clutter on screen? Is there any way to return it to it's former glory? Would appreciate any info you may have!Myrkskog2 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Log/Gear Analysis of Zenfoldor So as much crap as I talk on these forums, I know now that I am underperforming as Destro. Problem is I never really learned how to play well as Destro. My lock has been affliction for most of its career. Now I feel like my DPS is sucking compared to the rest of my raid. A few things I know for a fact: My priorities are not optimal. Also, during these logs I am learning mechanics and tend to be much more focused on not killing anyone and doing my job than dpsing until the boss is on farm. They may not be much use. Check out my reforging strat, its directly from askmrrobot, and also make some gear suggestions for me. I'm mainly concerned about how I'm falling so far back on Thok opener. This is last night: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-n4k7hyrtpen3jlim/sum/damageDone/ We got 2 first kills and wiped on thok a few times. Judge me but don't judge me. I feel like Tony Romo.Zenfoldor91 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 LF quick Demo/Destro PvE. Evening all, just hoping someone around could toss a decent PvE set-up and rotation for either of those spec's or both. Enjoy Afflic for PvP, but would enjoy knowing where and what for a decent PvE spec.Belmont5 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Looking for Ahoo'ru videos Trying to kill him on my destro lock, I can't find any vids without pre nerf demo locks. I have 535 ilvl and I get em to 500k +/- at best on most fights. Today I had a "best case scenario" where going into P2 he stayed on my pet the entire time and not me.... and I still couldn't kill him in time.Avarä3 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 5.2 PVE Complete Destruction Guide Now that Destro has become more popular I've been seeing a huge influx of questions on the forums about the best way to play the spec. I'm not the best player by any means, but I have been playing Destro for a while now and I figured I would put some effort into making a decent guide to answer as many questions as I can. It'll at least give me something to link whenever questions come up so I don't have to type the same answers to the same questions over and over! Starting information: simulationcraft.org is a good place to start for looking up your own stat weights and theoretical DPS. askmrrobot.com is a great site for looking up BiS items, enchants, reforges, gemmings etc. Make sure to use your own stat weights from SimC or other custom weights as much as possible instead of relying on mrrobot being perfect. wowreforge and reforgelite addon are nice tools for reforging. I particularly like wowreforge more than mrrobot, however if you have any upgraded gear you have to make sure to change those gear stats before you do the optimization http://www.totemspot.com/vb/entry.php?b=44 for DoT thresholds. Not as big a deal for Destro since we only have immo, but good to know regardless Keep in mind that none of these sites should be taken as scripture, and you have to use some brainpower to make sure things make sense. SimC can't give you exact fight statistics, and it is pretty off for Destro anyway due to it's lack of CB pooling. Knowing the fight and how you will perform mechanically will change how you reforge a lot. Addons: Other than the normal mods (DBM, Bartender, elvui, xperl etc) I specifically recommend having weak auras or power auras. You really want something to track your procs. I have a row of proc portraits in the middle of my screen with timers on how long until they come back, as well as Bloodlust and battle pots. Knowing how long you have left on your procs will help you determine how many CBs you can get in, or when you want to refresh immolate. It will also help you know how powerful your CBs will be. Additionally, a DoT timer such as Quartz (which I use for my cast bar) or ForteXorcist (which I also use for the cooldown bar) is important. Affdots works really well with Destro now, and Affdots plus Tidyplates is nice to see DoTs on multiple targets. Talents: Tier 1: Soul Leech: Works extremely well with Destro in raid situations. Your healers will love you and your full HP shield making you take no damage. The amount of utility you can bring effectively having more HP than tanks is incredible. I take this talent more often than not. Dark Regen: Any time I don't take SL I take DR. The cases for this would be situations such as Megaera where almost all of the damage comes when you're stacked up. You are going to get the AoE heals whether you have a shield or not, so the shield isn't as crucial. It's nice to have the DR along with a healthstone (esp with the higher HP command demon from saccing your VW). Harvest Life:Might take as Affliction on occastion but as Destro you really don't need it. Your health regen is good enough with all your other tools and you can do MUCH more AoE DPS with FnB and RoF. Tier 2: Howl of Terror: Not all that useful in PvE. It has uses such as Lei Shi to get adds off of everyone, but it's generally not a good pick up. Mortal Coil: My default choice. Not so useful for the horror, but having a 15% HP regen on a 45s CD (esp with Dark Regen, Bulwark etc to boost your heals) is useful in tight situations. Shadowfury: Any time you can stun anything, especially AoE stuns such as bats on Tortos or sand things on Council, you want to take Shadowfury. Tier 3: Soul Link: I know some people like this in conjunction with Soul Leech, but I don't like Soul Link especially considering your other options. Sacrificial Pact: My default choice. Huge shield on a pretty short cooldown, it's really hard to beat that utility. Dark Bargain: Useful if you need a full damage immunity. Situations like Heroic Elegon or surviving enrage on Heroic Garalon DB was nice. The 3 min cooldown and the fact that you eventually take some damage makes DB a bit worse than SP on this tier in my opinion. Tier 4: Blood Horror: Not usually useful for the same reasons as Howl of Terror. If you need an instant fear though go for it. Burning Rush: Default pick. Don't always want to use it since it does bring your HP down a bit, but it's nice for those situations where you need a speed boost. Especially nice since your KJC will slow you during movement. Unbound Will: If there's a fight with a decent stun such as the sand pools on Council, take UW. Save your healers from needing to dispell you and don't waste time stunned when you could be DPSing. Tier 5: Grimoire of Supremacy: Single target Grimoire. In single target fights, you will usually get more DPS out of GoSup than any other choice. Unforunately there are instances where pets like dying or despawning or just don't get benefits. From what I understand, your pet doesn't get the buff from pools on Jin'Rokh, and I've had issues with despawns on Durumu and Ji'Kun. Ideally, those would be Sup fights but if your pet can't survive then don't use one. Grimoire of Service: Pretty sure this is never going to be used as Destro. Grimoire of Sacrifice: Even after the nerfs, this Grimoire is amazing on cleave fights. When you are using Havocs mostly on CD, or find yourself with almost unlimited embers (Horridon, Tortos, Primordius etc) then you want GoSac. Tier 6: Archimonde's Vengeance: Probably never useful. Theoretically it should be better on extreme patchwerk low movement fights where you won't need KJC, but it's not a big enough boost to make it worth taking. Kil'jaeden's Cunning: Almost always take this. Moving while casting, even with a movement penalty is beyond amazing, especially when you rely a lot on long casts. Mannoroth's Fury: If you need more AoE and don't need to move much then take it. Probably won't happen much. Glyphs: Glyphs aren't that huge of a deal anymore. I like the healstone glyph and the Soulstone glyph is good if you don't have other rezzers in your group. Siphon life is nice for a little more healing, but just take what you think will work best for you. It's hard to go too wrong with glyphs. Gemming/Enchants: Go to askmrrobot.com for enchants, they're usually pretty spot on. Gemming is usually correct as well. With gems as they are now, giving 2x the secondary stats as intellect, you have to look at your SimC stat weights to decide what's best. If a secondary stat (other than hit) is more than half the weight of intellect (e.g., int = 1, crit = 0.65) then you'd want to gem for +320 crit instead of an 80 int 160 crit gem, or 80/160 instead of a 160 int red. That being said, I have been gemming int reds and non-pure secondary gems even though SimC tells me that my secondary stats are above 0.5 normalized weights. Reason being that stat weights change depending on your Grimoire and even depending on fight, and I don't intend to change gems out every couple fights. You aren't missing out on much by going with int gems as Destro, and that is what I would generally suggest. Reforging: SimC will give you weights, but you want to think about the fight. As a general rule, I follow: GoSac = Haste (2021) > Mastery >= Crit > Haste (past 2021) GoSup = Haste (~20%) > Crit > Mastery > Haste (past 20%) On fights where you are using GoSac but you aren't planning on being ember capped a lot then you want more Crit than Mastery. On fights where you plan on being ember capped a lot as GoSac (Horridon, Tortos, Primordius etc) then You will likely get more use with Mastery > Crit. It's not going to suddenly boost your DPS by 5k DPS with going Crit > Mastery versus Mastery > Crit, but it will help. On GoSup fights, Haste is more important due to how your pet benefits from Haste. Crit is helpful for more ember generation to help keep up with your faster incins and more un-backdrafted incins. Rotation: Destro rotation is fairly simple, but somewhat difficult to perfect. Essentially, it relies on proper CB usage which I will try to explain as well as I can. Do not use CBs when: You have 3+ stacks of backdraft unless you absolutely have to. Wasting the backdrafts on CB means you lose more mana on incins and will need more CBs for mana regen later on. It might feel nice to shoot out a quick CB, but it doesn' work out in the long run You have no procs. Sometimes you may need to if you are oom, but if played correctly you shouldn't find yourself oom ever Do use CBs when: You are capped on embers. If you find yourself around 3.5 embers you want to let a CB go to avoid capping. Ideally this only happens when you have procs and DS up, but sometimes the timing doesn't work out. You are oom. As said before, this shouldn't happen if you're keeping your rotation under control, but it does happen sometimes. You have DS and/or your procs up. Ideally you'll have 3.5-4 embers when this happens so you can launch 4-5 strong embers and burst your target. Kind of the same as before, but when you have a good number of procs up even without DS. This is when an addon like powerauras is extremely helpful. Having a good number of int/crit/sp procs up means your CBs are going to hit hard. You want to use CBs during these heavy proc times to avoid going oom while also having strong CBs while waiting for DS to come back up. You want to think of it as a slow pool. Your goal is to pool to 3-4 embers for your DS, but you want to hit that 4th ember around the same time your DS comes off CD. To do that, it means you have to burn some while DS is down to help with mana and keep your damage up. If you find yourself oom and you're forced to burn CBs without procs you're hurting yourself. Pre-emptively use CBs if they're strong so you don't ever find yourself in a bad mana situation. Keeping immolate up as close to 100% as you can is important. Affdots will help you see when you should refresh immolate, so use it. Don't let conflag hit 2 stacks. Basically you want to use it whenever it's available unless you plan on launching a CB soon and you don't want to have 3+ backdraft stacks for your CB. You just don't want to ever be capped at 2 conflags. Keep incinerate going as your filler. CotE should be up on your target. Under 20% you want to use Shadowburn instead of CB. Try to follow the same rules for SB as you did with CB. On add fights, make sure you are getting SBs off for kills to gain embers. Rain of Fire is something that's a really tricky subject. Obviously on AoE fights you want to keep it up, but on single target fights it has it's uses as well. Even though it is very high DPET, and that generally means use it as priority, the amount of mana it takes is very limiting. As gear gets higher, RoF might be more useful as a single target spell, but for now you want to make sure to use RoF sparingly for single targets. The ideal situations are if you need a quick influx of embers (DS is coming up soon and you don't have many embers yet) or you are planning on being mana capped. The latter usually happens during DS burns, since you aren't burning any mana while unloading CBs. I like dropping RoF and keeping it up during my CB burn which usually allows for more embers and more CBs during the DS time. It's up to you and up to the fight whether you think RoF and the mana it takes is worth it. If you find yourself oom then using RoF as much as you did was the wrong choice. AoE fights make sure to use FnB immo, FnB conflag, FnB incin, FnB CotE, shadowfury, and RoF. Shadowburn and tab shadowburning is a big DPS boost, especially in conjunction with Havoc on a boss while you SB 3 low targets. Havoc is a big deal. Make sure you use it in every opportunity that you can. Any cleave fights you want Havoc used on CD with CBs or SBs when you can manage it.Loktronotron128 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Warlock Thread: Demonic Gateway ... Lets goRourky500 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Is this worth it? Is it worth it to use Arcweaver Spell Sword and Fetish of the Hydra instead of Gaze of Arrogance?Demicton4 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Best 3s comps for warlock? So I just finally started playing my lock again and was wondering what are the best lock comps right now for 3s I'm assuming its WLS/WLD or Shadowcleave but was wondering how viable RLS is right now?Majiinx5 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Isle rares Which are the ones that we can't solo? Managed to kill quite a few in my 471 geared lock as afflic.Irøh24 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Green Fire, yes I'm serious. To all those who said it can be done, that all you have to do is keep trying and get the mechanics down. I have but one thing to say to all of you. Thank you, got my green fire not 20 minutes ago. Thank you for posting strategies and thank you for encouraging your fellow warlocks to get better to get this this milestone. I'm no hardcore raider, I don't even consider myself a LFR raider. I'm a casual through and through, so it is possible and all it takes is a little patience, a good amount of practice, and a willingness to beat your head against a wall till the wall breaks. My only regret is that no one in my guild was online. Guess that means they get a surprise at our World Boss raid tonight. Again thank you to all those warlocks who helped by posting strategies. You guys are awesome. Edit: here's the strategy I used for those who are still trying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cRZpiNBIQANormory5 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 LF 2.2k+ Lock I want to play WLS, but am struggling to find players. Warrior is Solvexo-Frostmourne. My battletag is solvexx#1738 Please add me, or reply to this thread with your btag and I'll add you. :)Solvexx0 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Why can't I summon my greater demons? Why is it that we cannot summon our doomguaard/infernal in arenas? when hunters can pop stampede, and shamans can summon there elementals one after the other. just curiousVaelr8 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 lvling .. I'm tired of melee, (my fps can't keep up atm on my rig atm.. wish to try a ranged) This lock sat passively on the shelf till now(bank alt).. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/queldorei/Olac/simple All I wish to know.. what are are good addons that some use for dot tick tracking? I plan to lvl as Demo. Don't judge me as being a DK :)) I've been around along time. Just will not/can't come to rolling a mage.. pffftt edit: purchasing the heirloom pants is all I lack/or wish for such. I'm not an alt player.. i tend to stick to one char,,... been playing this DK since 09 as main. Im a very casual these days(work is a demon).. I'm far from hardcore.. I think Lock is the best choice.Nobul8 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 BiS items I'm looking for help with trinkets in particular. i can't seem to find a list that has them in order from best to worst. My current 3 are all from LFR. Black Blood of Y'Shaarz, Kardris' Toxic Totem, and Frenzied Crystal of Rage.Shamestick3 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 i miss my..... spell stones and abyssal bag.Ifstar24 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 staffs for destro flex gaze of arrogance or warforged lever? no mastery on lever, but i figured the int and red gem slot may make up for it. what say you?Musstybone6 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 Petition for Glyph of Demon Hunting Over the course of time it has been proven that warlocks have the ability to sustain a tank role with this glyph. My petition is simple add crit immunity back into the glyph as it was originally designed and add in vengeance to the glyph. I mean seriously I have been able to reach 84% damage reduction on my warlock so why couldn't I tank. Outside of that with as many utilities as we have now why was this glyph ever implemented if we aren't allow to utilize it? Vote this post up if you'd like to see warlock tanking become viable. For the no-sayers I know you'll disagree but there is still a large mass of us lock players that would like to see this happen, so leave your opinion if you'd like but don't take offense if weight is not given to it.Spitzen17 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Confused on Gear Hello, I`ve been attempting to gear my Warlock up and I`m not sure whether or not I should be using the 535`s from the Isle or the LFR Gear I am wearing now. I want to start Flex Raiding and at this point I am not really sure what I should be using to raise my DPS. The gear I am wearing now is the best gear I have available to me that isn`t from the Isle. I do need to do a reforge to get my hit down because I upgraded with a burden recently. Thanks for the help! Edit: Also, if any of my reforges/gems are wrong, could you please give me suggestions for these as well? That would be great. Thanks!Mistiere2 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Legendary Cloak you are my Illidan What is the hunter without the hunted? I've been working on this thing, min/maxing my attempts, running ToT in full every week in LFR, and suffering, oh suffering, thru that LFR. I'd rather stick a lit match up my butt than do LFR again, but I will struggle on. I have 6 more secrets then on to the Runestones, but I stop and ponder: What will I do next? The vast majority of my playtime is spent each week running the aforementioned hellhole. Will I only log in for raid time? Will I fall to obscurity? What will the end of the rainbow bring? Perhaps I will start you, Legendary Cloak quest, on an alt.....it reminds me of a poem by Kipling(excerpt); If you can dream---and not make dreams your master; If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same:. If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools; Do I need you Legendary Cloak? Or do I just need the idea of you? You are my pot of gold, but once I have you, is my journey to conclude? Discuss.Zenfoldor8 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Demonology; Molten Core Stacks Out of Combat So, I shared this back in 5.3 but little took notice. It still works in 5.4. This trick is not on any online guide I have seen, but it is very important and beneficial, in my opinion. Using the following glyph: http://www.wowhead.com/item=42453 Will allow Hand of Gul'Dan to be targeted at a location. The trick is that this glyph also works for Meta's Chaos Wave. Chaos Wave will always generate one stack of Molten Core, always. The glyph will allow you to cast it out of combat, at no target, providing an effective means of generating stacks of Molten Core out of combat. Casting Chaos Wave once every 15 seconds, since Molten Core has a duration of 30 seconds which will refresh when a new stack is gained, will allow you to reach the cap of Molten Core (10) before the pull rather easily. Casting Chaos Wave once every 15 seconds will also guarantee that you have HoG available on the pull. The result of starting the fight with 10 stacks of Molten Core is pretty large. Increased damage, of course, but also increased fury generation for more time in Meta. Lastly, starting with 10 stacks of Molten Core means you'll usually be in the position of getting stacks back before you run out. If you don't like positioning HoG, you can build the stacks and reglyph, and you'll keep them. However, I recommend using the glyph.Altairius5 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 5.4 Herbalism/Engi BiS for Destro? I'm seeing a lot of the top end destrp DPS using Herbalism as the second prof. I totally understand Engi (and I use it), but why Life Blood???Töllo2 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Warriors are OP Anyone agree?Monstrfacial15 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous, from what I've read about the actual quest and boss fight is that it should stay how it is, because it is a challenge and makes the warlocks that actually know how to play their class stand out. What is annoying me is the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, 1. the drop rate is extremely low, when you put into factor that it drops from rare mobs and even if it does drop there is still a chance you won't get it as and warlock there can take it, the server I'm playing on there is at least a minimum of 7 warlocks every kill, lowering the chances even more. I've lost count how many rare's I've killed, easily in the hundreds now, I've been farming since release (obviously not 24/7, but alot of hours farming). I put in a ticket 2 days ago and still no reply from Blizzard, They are clearly useless, they make millions how hard is it to hire a few more people. Anyways enough of me complaining, I just think they need to up the drop rate to atleast 10-15%.Fúse72 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Affliction AoE I cannot for the life of me figure out what the proper "rotation" for Affliction AoE is. I try Seed of Life spamming but I notice that my DPS is high but not a lot of damage done. I tried following http://www.noxxic.com/wow/pve/warlock/affliction/dps-rotation-and-cooldowns However whenever I apply the rotation the mobs are already dead or under 50%Paranoialol11 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 How important is 4pc for destro? I can get 4pc with 2 pieces of LFR gear that are lower ilevel than what I'm wearing Upgraded shoulders are pretty much equal to the haste/crit timeless isle gear I have already, but on the chest I'd be going from 567 to 536, just a huge loss of statsSolacia5 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Electronic music fit Warlocks? When I play mine I usually listen to Hard rock such as Disturbed/Metallica/Godsmack/Rammstein. But I listen to trance on my fury warr and rock. So my question is does electronic music fit warlocks?Chaucere36 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 warlock stats priority right now im at 4700 haste unbuff 62% mastery hit cap crit 15.84 destro build saw many variation of stats priority on many forums.is this set up any good or do i need to rearrange somthing ?Jalayna5 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Destro help I just made this lock my main in 5.4, I've been reading a lot of the help posts as well as guides about the class. I currently pull about 190-220k single target and depends mostly on how well my trinkets proc. I don't think I am horrible, but certainly not as good as I want to become I feel like my dps is low, as i am 555 ilvl and people of a similar ilvl can do significantly more. My questions are: 1) How significant are weapons and the legendary cloak for destro 2) Am I reforging/geming right? I've noticed some other locks with similar progression going pure intel with their gems, is that better than my current mastery build? Also, any tips are appreciated. ThanksShadøwhex2 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Glyph of Nightmare *** Glyph of Nightmare makes our class mount to walk on water *** My first problem with Glyph of Nightmare is that it DOES not make a green path of fire for those who completed the green fire quest. its looks really stupid well a green fired up fel steed is leaving a trail of red fire lol. Secondary; many times I trying running onto water and Glyph of Nightmare just doesn't work. I keep falling into the water lol. i dismounted and remounted many times and it never worked. Thirdly; while mounted on water, any damage (attacks, including DOTs) breaks the water walking spell. This was not in last patch. while the Glyph of Nightmare tooltip says nothing about it like other classes similar spells do. for an example; path of frost (tool tip says; any damage will break the effect) and same goes to shamans. is this a bug or this is how it should be? thanks for reading :) hope blizz gives a green fire trail and makes it clearLmfaø4 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Can someone please post pvp macros for afflic Been looking for some great pvp macros for affliction locks... Is there a burst macro? All that good stuff... please and thanky ouValfrison7 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Green Fire experience I just today beat Kanrethad, and I have to say, that fight was one of the most exciting fights i've ever done. I got my tome yesterday, and started working on it around 5pm. After a few hours, I was at Kanrethad, ready to fight him. I didn't watch any video guides, I just read a few threads about him, and I wiped around 5 times. The 6th time, I knew I could get it, I was pumped. Got my purification potions, I did everything I could, the best that I could....I had him at 2mil. Shadowburn lit up, all my cooldowns came off of CD, and I started shooting a giant chaos bolt right at him... ..then the server crashed and I couldn't get on til this morning. :( So sad....but, after I made breakfast, I decided to try again, and after wiping once more, I managed to do it. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kiljaeden/Kaust/simple ^is the lock I did it on. Too bad I can't seem to get a tome on this alliance lock. :/ I have to say, the thing that killed me the most, is that I would forget to purge the Seeds, and when he would start casting a chaos bolt, I would port, just to be thrown right back out into the open by a black hole explosion. I would have been angry if it wasn't so darn funny! I'd be sharing my screen on skype, showing my friend how I was going to "pwn kanrethad," and then I'd be trolled so hard by a seed, and everyone would start laughing. xD Although, I have to say, it didn't feel quite as fulfilling as it would if an achievement, or AT LEAST a "Scenario Complete" brown box had of popped up. Overall it was exciting and I can't wait to do it on another lock.Snope0 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Relatively new to Affliction lock Lf macro Hey im relatively new to affliction. Was just wondering some good macros to use? And is there a burst macro or something for locks. It seems affliction to me anyways is just about sustained damage, as where destro is bursty *if you can get ur chaos bolts off* Im not looking for smart !@# remarks, jsut for a genuinely good person to hlep me outValfrison4 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Best Talents for Warlock's (PvP) Hey guys! I wondering... what do you guys think would be best Talents for a Warlock on PvP? I'm a Destro...Drudarius3 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 A quick question from a new lock. Hello! Brand new 90 with bad gear haha. I am able to pull about 50-70k in LFR was my bad gear. I was wondering how much of a dps increase do you think I would see with a weapon upgrade. Like a 522 LFR weapon. Thanks. Any other words of advice also welcome. And I know I am not enchanted. I don't usually do that till I have gear I won't replace very soon.Scaryguy8 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Returning Lock, Need some advice. After a long break, I'm returning back to the game. I left right as Cata hit, however never leveled past 80. Now that I've returned, I've noticed a lot of change in the game play, and specs for Warlocks. I was just as curious as to the main leveling spec for quickly grinding to 90. Is it demo or Dest?Boktai4 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 I KNOW I'm not the only one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiTgzDBMN1E This is a video I made regarding my thoughts on the current state of the green fire quest chain, and the future state of the green fire quest chain. If you don't want to watch it, don't, I'll give a brief run down of it here and the point of it. Basically, I recorded this fight a few weeks ago to show my bro how I did my green fire quest, to help him finish up his (that's why I show my spec and glyphs in the video.) But anyway, my point is, at a 524 ilvl, I was able to down the green fire boss in ~3 minutes, and without getting a single doom lord out, as well as avoiding a second wave of imps or fel hunters. Now, I've had my green fire for quite some time now, and I know that most of my Lock friends also managed to earn their green fire before they had this kind of gear. So, I think in order to keep it as a challenge, or a feat of some kind, blizz should either scale down the max ilvl of the scenario for the quest to 496 at the highest. So that it's still more than enough to down the boss, but not so geared that you're completely avoiding certain mechanics, after all, it is supposed to be a mechanic fight that challenges us Locks. Or remove the quest when the next expansion launches. I think it'll be pretty lame if next expac people are going in there and killing him with just a few chaos bolts. I don't think scaling the scenario up would work well either, but that's just me. It What are your thoughts? If you have a minute, feel free to check out the video, or leave your comments there. :)Afflictd28 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Confused on when to cast Chaos Bolt v.Procs So I have the legendary meta, lightweave embroidery, Shadow pan trinket, Immersus trinket, and Jade Spirit and of course DS:I. So when am I supposed to cast CB? Also, what addons do you use to keep track of all the procs?Fataldamage9 Oct 29, 2013