Apr 14 Anyone else dislike the ToS Affliction set? Man this is terrible. (4) Set: Fully channeling a Drain Soul grants you 10% Haste for 5 seconds. Sure 10% haste is great, but why force an already immobile build to become even LESS mobile in order to utilize this set bonus? Relying on a channeled spell for max DPS is bad enough, but forcing us to COMPLETE that channel is a bad idea imo. The only thing this will do is motivate players to ignore fight mechanics so they get the buff.Alphadoom1 Apr 14
Apr 14 chaos bolt dmg in pvp with firestone, or focused chaos does about 700k dmg. with reverse entropy AND a backlash proc, its a 2 second cast for me. So with all the right talents, i can hit someone for 1.4 mil over 4 seconds... when people are running around with 4mil+ hp. Blizz, I know the class changes are coming up in 7.2.5, but cant you just hotfix a +30% dmg to chaos bolt in pvp so it can be viable for now? Doesnt have to be permanent, just until 7.2.5 rolls around...Fusionbae4 Apr 14
Apr 14 shadowburn - any viable use? Is there any time I would choose this talent over the other two? Mythic+ ? raids with enough adds to get some benefit? I just tried it in a dungeon just trying to snipe the dieing mobs but it didnt seem worth it at all.Sorrowmourn4 Apr 14
Apr 14 Destruction warlock mage tower help Followed the regular interrupt rotation on tugar, Once he was dead and the worm appeared the next sonic scream 1 shot me for 16 million damage. Can the worm be interrupted/cc'd? Any reason why I took so much damage, Didn't think you needed to interrupt the worm or cc it after tugar was dead.Xelnaz12 Apr 14
Apr 14 Scrap all of 7.2.5 destro changes Don't change anything, just leave the class alone so we can continue to be bottom tier yet viable. Legion is far too off-spec unfriendly to change specs mid expansion; so just leave everything alone as the Devs have proven to be not competent enough to improve things. Ignore all those people whining for the nostalgia of burning embers, move on people.Sefferon23 Apr 14
Apr 14 Afflock Challenge boss Do you guys think i cam do it with my gear? The only legends i got are bracers/helm/cloak.Radell7 Apr 14
Apr 14 Help with affliction DPS Hello Warlocks! I am not in fact a Warlock, but my friend is, and we just downed mythic Anomaly tonight. His numbers look fine compared to the rest of the raid, but when inspecting logs he always has super low percentiles. Here are the logs from tonight https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fMqnBVNwKhrYJv3W/#type=damage-done&fight=15 He is Jerogie, I don't know if he will look for advice here, so I wanted to look for him. I know basically nothing about the Afflic rotation given that I play a completely different class/role. Would anyone mind looking at logs to see if there is any way he could be improving, or maybe just explain why his percentiles are so low?Gadgetpants4 Apr 14
Apr 14 Combat Allies Focusing on Effigy? Am I doing something wrong, here? I'm experimenting with Effigy in response to the upcoming Conduit nerf, and I notice that Kanrethad prefers to target it despite the Effigy's target being perfectly viable.Magzillas1 Apr 14
Apr 14 what i have noticed about destro ptr watching people test the changes on twitch, it not top tier damage but much stronger then it was CDF has longer CD but has buffed damage by 56%, and resource generation is actually insane, however i will still hold any reservations on how truly viable because even though the spec seems like its much smoother, but the first iteration of ptr are usually subjected to heavy change cata might be a shorter CD and faster cast time but i think the damage nerf will still make it suck all in all the from early testing i have seen the spec seems less clunky and better resource generation but cant say to much on how the damage seems much better but thats not saying much compared to its current state but its really early and other classes are getting heavy changes as well so its all relative until it gets close to 7.2.5 live launch when more concrete changes get tweaked and finalized anyone that has been observing the changes or has tested them yet what are your thoughts its far from perfect but seems at least an improvement mechanically from the current iterationXayath6 Apr 14
Apr 14 Tips for Affliction Challenge Okay so multiple Warlocks I've seen have whispered me for tips about my new toy. So hopefully anything I write down here helps you Affliction Locks obtain this beauty. This can possibly help some other classes but this is aimed directly for my fellow DoT lovers. FIRSTLY - We have the talent build. Now there are multiple talents you can run for this, but realistically, it comes down to what works best for YOU when on the move. Tier 1 - The most common option people go with is WiA. This allows your Agony spell to ramp up twice as high, whilst completely on the move away from the Boss that speeds up after you, a very solid default choice for the encounter. Option 2 (Which is what I personally took) is Malefic Grasp. The reason I decided to go with this is because I really wanted the ST damage check for the 1 shot hands to get them down quickly, and if not used to its MAX BENEFIT, can result in a massive DPS loss. Haunt is never worth taking. Tier 2 - Probably the most common, which I used myself, is AC. Absolute Corruption is disgustingly overpowered combined with the Legendary Ring Sacrolash's Dark Stride. Overall makes Corruptions damage a lot more jucier, and with the ring is a PERMANENT 60% slow, pretty nifty right? I have heard of some people using Contagion, although personally I tried it and didn't find it work using especially with the amount of GCD's you save with AC. As well as Haunt, Empowered Life Tap isn't worth taking. Tier 3 - Now, Tier 3 talents CAN vary DEPENDING on your legendaries. Overall I would recommend Demonic Circle 90% of the time. Being able to use that can be a potential life saver, avoiding a 1 shot from the Boss on the run. Mortal Coil is an alternate option IF you have Sephuz's Secret (Yes it's value is amazing). You can have a lot of uptime with this talent/Legendary combo, and can provide some nice DPS checks and survivabilty overall. Howl of Terror I wouldn't generally take. Tier 4 - For this, I believe it's player preference. Siphon Life worked best for me, providing a significant amount of self healing and decent on the move damage, also works smoothly with Soul Effigy (which we will discuss soon). Sow of Seeds is deadly on those little add phases removing them quickly, and accounting for a LOT of dps during that phase. The reason I didn't take it is because I did have Sacrolash, and I could kite without caring about the small adds. Soul Harvest is a decent DPS push, if you can get a few Agony DoT's onto things (works with Effigy). Probably would recommend to those who DO NOT have Sacrolash. Tier 5 - Now you might be thinking, shields shields & more shields. Unfortunately, they're 99% of the time disregarded for this encounter. Burning Rush is without a doubt in the top 3 life saving abilities you have, for the obvious kiting mechanic. Yes you do lose health, but can be re gained via Siphon, any Leech on your gear, and so on. Tier 6 - So the main 2 talents I've seen heavy debates on, but what most people including myself found working excellent, was Grimoire of Supremacy. It overall has the best ST damage, has a Ranged/Channeled slow on a 30 second CD, and a 24 second CD ranged kick. It fits in nicely for the encounter. If you are struggling immensely with the DPS check, and NEED 2 kicks then I would suggest Grimoire of Service, but you should be okay with Supremacy, especially if you're a Blood Elf with that Arcane Torrent. Grimoire of Sacrifice is NEVER worth taking. Tier 7 - Now probably the most debatable talents. This comes into 2 categories, skills, and preference. I ran Soul Conduit because I found myself being able to Shard Dump quite a lot throughout the entire encounter, and can be especially useful on the multiple add phase. Soul Effigy is probably recommended though, due to the synergy it has with your DoT's, the encounter, and ease of the talent itself. In multiple attempts when I did try Effigy, I found that the go to talents were WiA, AC, Siphon Life, and making sure that all DoT's were on BOTH the effigy and current target. Worth noting that UA is NOT worth chucking on the Effigy at all. Phantom Singularity can be used, it does do good AoE damage and healing you for 30% of whatever damage it dealt on a 1 minute CD, although again, comes to preference. Secondly - Gear, Legandaries, and stats. So you've most likely read, watched, or seen something about Sacrolash being a must. That's not entirely true, but for that I would heavily recommend being 905+ ilvl minimum. Overall you do want to try and be running 4 set, with trinkets like Whispers from Gul'dan, Icon of Rot from Tich, Urn from Nightbane, etc. The 2 Legandaries that I'd recommend if you have are Sacrolash's Dark Stride and Pillars of the Dark Portal, both with life saving benefits. Honorable mentions for lego's are Prydaz, Sephuz's. Briefly covering stats, you just want to be going with Mastery prey you have something with the Leech or Speed stat on it! Thirdly - Consumables! Yes that's right, you want to go all in for this. Both bosses have 65 / 70 million HP, so you want to make the encounter as easy as you can. You will want Flask of the Whispered Pack, a base 1300 intellect increase, not bad right? For food if you can afford it snack up on a Nightborne Delicacy Platter, an increase of 375 Mastery. Augment runs are also a nice intellect increase, although can be expensive. *Worth Noting* Drums of fury/mountain CAN be used in the encounter, so that means you can get that 25% haste for 45 seconds! Tips & Pointers! Overall this fight does come down to skill level and can be a pain. So a few things to help with this are.. 1. Your pet CAN stand on ritual of summoning to avoid the big ugly add chasing you. It's best to bind your pets "Move to" action to something easy to press, as you'll be doing it a bit. 2. Your Doomguard's Cripple STACKS with Sacrolash, so try and use it as efficiently as possible. 3. It's actually best to defeat Karam first, even though you need Raest (sorry if I spelt his name wrong). Karam is the reason for the hands spawning, so killing him avoids that mechanic entirely making the ONLY mechanic left being Ritual which you can easily move your pet to. 4. Lust on the VERY last phase, I made that mistake 1 too many times. I really do hope this helps you guys, people like Pyromancer and a Mage from Method HAVE uploaded videos so do check them out as well. If you have any questions add me on smudge688#1115 or just leave a comment. If I forgot anything don't hesitate to post it. Good luck everyone!Skiller22 Apr 14
Apr 14 warlocks: Please remove Soul Effigy! Blizzard: we hear what you're saying! Soul Conduit now causes every Soul Shard you spend to have a 12% (was 20%) chance to be refunded. (exception: Demonology remains at 20%) (aren't you thankful?)Furrý37 Apr 14
Apr 14 can someone explain soul effigy? I was destro in wod, and just finished leveling as affliction and im trying to get to a decent point where i can do some dps in raids. trash pulls i do well cause of aoe, single target i am hit or miss. but i can hit 300k (sometimes) Granted im only 857ilvl and 37 traits in with 2 relics. i know im no where close to being geared as ive only been 110 for 2 days. so with that said, how does soul effigy work? i know you drop it, other then that how does the mechanic work? Icy veins says to use it and i just dont understand it at all right now.Oledirteh6 Apr 14
Apr 14 Cry Havoc should be changed to Blood Pact Looking at other classes traits makes this trait look pathetic and with the havoc nerf it's should be just blank. At 905 ilvl equiped it crits for 130k. dosen't seem to scale up at all and is a horrible trait. Blood pact is a classic spell that has been around forever i don't know why it was removed this would make a great replacement and make us more ideal for groups if we can buff them with stam.Mcsaltypots5 Apr 14
Apr 14 The moment AFF gets good And suddenly people playing the class don't want it to be good and demand it to be nerfed.Looneyluna27 Apr 14
Apr 14 HAVOC CLOAK 15%!? are you kidding me no ones going to be using havoc it needs redesign not number adjustments, and wheres the wrist changes they should be at 50% proc rate at this point, the ring is horrendous and should be allowed to be deleted, and the belt is near useless now back to tanking neck Destro legendarys are so sad they get stomped on by crafted legendarys pathetic worst legends you can LOOT!Mcsaltypots10 Apr 14
Apr 14 The Destruction Hidden Appearance Issue Can one of the blues please address the Destruction's Hidden Appearance drop chance? This is getting ridiculous. There are loads of posts complaining about the same thing. Legion came out August 30th, it's now January 21st. I've done the Ritual of Doom everyday since launch (missed like 7-10 days at most). That's almost 5 months, or around 130 attempts, and i've seen it drop ONCE. I understand you guys tried several different ways of obtaining the HA's, and I think that was a cool concept. But it seems a bit off that some classes have a guaranteed drop off some boss, and others have a 0.5% drop chance on a daily. Even Aff and Demo which are also grindy and RNG based HA's aren't this bad. Can we please get some feedback on this drop chance?Silinor41 Apr 14
Apr 14 Demon Skin Bugged? So i noticed when I'm in arenas the demon skin tooltip says it recharges at a rate of 0% health per second instead of 1%.. Did i just miss something or is this just a text error or what? HAAAAAAAAAALPRagebiscuit2 Apr 14
Apr 14 Bodyguard: Kan vs Meatball vs Rits vs Moroes Who do you prefer for your world quests? I've used Meatball for the longest time because of his execute ability, but with Kanrethad's release I've been checking him out for a bit.Alasander8 Apr 14
Apr 14 Focused Chaos (PvP) + Cry Havoc = Null You have a PvP Talent that completely negates one of the new Artifact Traits. I'm hoping that when 7.2.5 is released and Soul Shard Fragments become a thing for Destro, that Focused Chaos will just increase the damage of Chaos Bolt OR reduce the cast time, since it is getting a significant damage buff. While Cry Havoc isn't a lot of damage, it is not very good design to release a NEW trait that is not usable in PvP at all because of an (let's be honest) necessary talent choice. I think, with the fact that Chaos Bolt no longer gets a cast time reduction from Reverse Entropy, Focused Chaos should read: Reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 20% and increases it's damage by 25%. This would "lessen" the single target damage it does, allow a cast time reduction that is being removed (for no reason) from Reverse Entropy and allow Havoc (which is no longer up 100% of the time) and Cry Havoc to both be useful for Chaos Bolt PvP damage.Zaef0 Apr 14
Apr 14 Demon Interrupt Macro? First off, I'm pretty terrible with macros. This is a plea for help. I like to bind my Doomguard interrupt to E, but when I need to use my Felhunter, I have to swap them out. Can anyone provide me with a macro that uses the interrupt ability of the demon available so that I might use it for the same keybind?Covin3 Apr 14
Apr 14 How much mastery is too much for affliction? I'm sitting at %118 mastery and %18 haste. What are my target percentages?Nigiri24 Apr 14
Apr 14 Using Jubeka to cheese mission durations? I've recently gotten several of the faster-mission items, and I'm wondering - has anyone tried hitting Jubeka up with a +15% and +10% mission duration reduction items to see how fast missions can go, especially with order advancement +20% duration reduction? Can you get them low enough to make the standard mission (4-8 hours) all less than 4 hours? With 7 followers i'm considering having 2 of them each with a 15% reduction (plus Jubekas innate 20) and giving each the 40% boost to short missions, but not sure if that combination will get most missions down fast enough. Anyone tried this yet?Infin3 Apr 14
Apr 13 Affliction pvp? Just wondering how Affliction is doing in both arena and rbgs, any input is appreciated.Beatrixx10 Apr 13
Apr 13 What's our new Class Hall Daily "buff" now? Since they removed our Doom quest -- what do Warlocks have in place of it? Every class has one as far as I know, or SOMETHING that's a daily refreshing buff for WQs etc... Did we ever get a replacement?Zaxn6 Apr 13
Apr 13 Reverse Entropy 7.2.5 Another talent threatened with extinction due to the upcoming changes in 7.2.5 and the much more infrequent casts of chaos bolt is Reverse Entropy. The talent should probably never have even had anything to do with rain of fire or mana regeneration to begin with, so what I suggest instead is that it maintains its .5 second cast time reduction on chaos bolt, but in addition allows for mastery(chaotic energies) to check twice and use the best result for chaos bolt damage. I understand that the t20 set bonus would make this non-viable, but often in game a set bonus or even a specific legendary makes a particular talent obsolete or preferred. Although there is an arguable difference between disorder and chaos, the talent is called Reverse Entropy after all, and a change like this would fit the theme and make our mastery a bit more desirable if this talent were taken.Daemoniac0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Eradication 7.2.5 With the upcoming changes in 7.2.5, the talent Eradication becomes near useless, so I suggest that not only does each application of the buff refresh but also stack, allowing one to pool resources and plan ahead for a 6 second +24% damage bonus. If lucky one could even get a +36% bonus! In extremely rare cases even more! This seems to fit blizzard's view of the class fantasy, setting up burst windows and the like...Daemoniac0 Apr 13
Apr 13 What happens when you have all legendarys? Do you just stop receiving legendarys for that particular loot spec? Or will it give you a random one from the other 2 specs? Can anyone confirm?Chaosfanatic5 Apr 13
Apr 13 Good job guys embers are back! You guys deserve these changes, im changing specs.Mcsaltypots0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Wrathguard Fixed? https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/20653889 They just posted a new hotfix where they fixed Mortal Cleave. But is that enough?Voshon2 Apr 13
Apr 13 I need some advice This is my alt, I've got the 4 piece at mostly 860 ilvl from lfr... I have 900ish items that I can use in place of the tier gear. My question is would it be better higher ilvl at this point or is the 2/4 piece that good? Thanks.Adonaiva0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Anyone get invasion scenario 2h weps yet? You know, for glyph of felguard/wrathguard xmogs. Would be nice if we could just buy them with nethershards at some point. Solo queueing and begging randoms for them hasn't worked out yet. I needs me a Blood Guard's Tooth and Wrathblade! Maybe that giant hammer too.Lysergicdeth3 Apr 13
Apr 13 do you think succubus will ever be useful after blizzard released 2 new glyphs for succubus fel and then shadow (released on a later date) made me wonder why make these if succubus is never used seriously, like ever other basic minion can be used seriously based on situation and spec except succubus. now I'm not expecting anything really to happen especially anytime soon, but what does anyone think could be done to make succubus a viable minion optionXayath21 Apr 13
Apr 13 Demonic Brutes vs Roster of Champions title. Get 3 more (I assume its 3) new minions who can possibly counter hazards or get one extra Champion, bringing the total to 7 (?). What do you guys think?Jakub4 Apr 13
Apr 13 (Dev) Jaws of Shadow Hotfix nerf. So this is getting nerfed from 20% to 10%. I just want to know the reason behind this change from the developers standpoint. Is it overpowered at 20%? I certainly do not feel overpowered with this trait and it basically turns it into a inferior rank of Infernal Furnace which is not in the realm of decent traits.Vuldanis29 Apr 13
Apr 13 Mission Duration bugged? Fellow Warlocks, Keep an eye on your Mission Durations if you have the tier 2 Ritual of Summoning research, I noticed my missions not receiving the 20% reduction like they should be.Tongorr0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Gearing with out a Raiding Guild Hey Guys When you use Group Finder for Raids the gear level is only 860 which is not that good. I noticed you cant queue for Mythic Raids? With that in mind with out being part of a Raiding Guild is the best way to gear just to do Mythic +s with mates? Is that correct? ThanksBlythy5 Apr 13
Apr 13 Cataclysm Buff, Channel Demonfire nerf Just posted on MMOCHAMP "Talents Cataclysm 2.5 sec cast. 30 sec cooldown. Channel Demonfire: Now has a 25 second cooldown, up from 15 seconds." 2 steps forward, 10 steps backGaland14 Apr 13
Apr 13 lol Demo nerf but not Affliction gg no re blizzMezzivezz55 Apr 13
Apr 12 concordance of the legion fall? how does that works lol or its not able yet?Pleasuregun8 Apr 12
Apr 12 Kanrethad outdoor follower This actually makes me sad now that this mofo has old school demo form :( http://i.imgur.com/FHfZWR8.jpgBâne25 Apr 12
Apr 12 Aff: Its the Wrath Hey warlock friends. Just want to go over what in particular is causing affliction inflation in certain st bosses in mythic NH. Anomoly: 1st Krosus:1st Augur:1st Trilliax: ...7th?! whats going on? Since beta for anyone folllowing affliction development Im sure you are aware of the gold trait complaints affliction had. "We have to kill targets to get a benefit?!?" Full circle to now Wrath of Consumption is resulting in large 20% to all DoT dmg buff uptimes on most fights in NH and is largely tipping fights in afflictions favor when they should rather just be tied among the rest of top level specs. Lets face it,NH is a melee friendly raid, with movemenr afflictions dps suffers because you have to be channeling drain at the right time to do your max dmg. This shows on trilliax but is bandaged/covered on other ST fights because there are adds present for wrath of consuption to trigger from. 20% dmg is alot. Yes mythic krosus has adds, you cant prevent them all. Wrath of consumption needs to be looked at (after playing beta I cant believe im saying this, but afflictions golds have turned into a secret powerhouse in NH) Thanks for readingDfgsdgdsg15 Apr 12
Apr 12 Felguard pet needs a new skin We have had the same Felguard skin for quite some time. As a Demo Lock I would love to see an updated skin for our pet or even a glyph version. I see the Fel Lord demons everywhere and they look amazing, their armor, the veins popping up all over them, they looks menacing and that is exactly what we need. Make it happen Blizz!Desync95 Apr 12
Apr 12 Demonic Gateway should be instant Is it the only ability that checks for pathing, yet isn't instant? Annoying to spend the time casting it, only to find that there is 'no path available'.Xerathos14 Apr 12
Apr 12 why is demonology trash in pvp i can see why 9/10 of the warlocks in BGs are affliction...Hoody12 Apr 12
Apr 12 Demonology PvP guide? About to start playing lock and I'm looking for a decent guild for demonology for patch 7.2. One that covers bursting and the main source of damage over all please.Istutter2 Apr 12
Apr 12 anyone been playing destro recently? (PvP) been playing demo since i got 110 on this guy, thinking of trying out destro. Just wanted to know if its in a good spot at all for arenas right now, or is the melee train gonna be too tough for an average player? I switched specs over and chaos bolts seem to be hitting like maybe 600-700k in pvp with focused chaos, my thalkiels non crits for that much with a shorter cast time :/ Anyone who plays destro a lot, could you let me know if its worth getting into?Fusionbae6 Apr 12
Apr 12 Looking for exp. Destro player for help Are there any destro players out there that are doing well? My dps is horrible. Like, absolutely atrocious to the point where I can't even really PuG anymore because I will get kicked pretty quickly for low dps. I'm following the rotation on Icy-Veins to the best of my ability but I must be tripping up somewhere and doing something wrong. I don't need a bunch of people to come in here and tell me what trash I am because I am cognizant of this fact. What I need is help figuring out what I need to change to fix this. I also don't want to hear that I need to switch to X-spec because I have tried the other 2 specs and I really hate them. I just hate the gameplay, I dont like any part of them. If I can't sort out destro I will retire the warlock. I would just like to try before I do. Any help from EXPERIENCED destro locks would be appreciated.Nolani42 Apr 12
Apr 12 Legendary System is a JOKE In case Blizzard didn't notice - yes it's true - the legendary system is a JOKE. Got my 9th legendary - PORTAL PANTS. That leaves the BIS Shoulders as my LAST legendary to drop. I'll basically be finishing the entire mythic Nighthold raid WITHOUT my BIS legendary. GREAT SYSTEM BLOZZARD. BTW, flying is awesome though. Holy sh!t feels like a new game.Hotpwnsta18 Apr 12
Apr 12 Someone have imp dispel macro? Would really appreciate it... with specific target.... FOr dispelling traps, polys, etc thanks!Clårissa4 Apr 12
Apr 12 Bug with my glyphed demons So since the new patch hit yesterday, something annoying has been going on with my glyphed demons. Whenever I summon them, they use their old, non-glyphed voice lines. So my Voidlord has the more quiet Voidwalker intro voice line, instead of the much louder Voidlord lines, and so on. The thing is, this wasn't happening at all the night before the patch dropped so that seems pretty suspicious to me. Just wanted to check if anyone else was having this problem and if anyone might have a solution, thanks!Cailias1 Apr 12