Sep 22 Mage Tower I don't have the slow ring. Any tips on how to beat first boss with my current gear?They4 Sep 22
Sep 22 Demo Warlock + Affliction I was told my specs are all wrong from someone who said he was top 5 locks on his server or something like that. I'd like to ask my fellow locks - what is the ideal spec and talent layout for a lock who's breaking from PvE to PvP? Also, Demo / Affliction has always been my chosen spec and I've played it since vanilla and really don't want to change it to anything else, really. Could knowing your desire speck be enough to keep your spec from changing to what is popular amongst the servers? Thanks for any and all replies! -DDååth3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Most Fun Spec Looking for a fun warlock spec, I'm a lvl 12 warlock and I'd like to get into a spec and learn it before I get to late game stuff. Personally I have had the most fun with Demonology (Praise Hand of Gul'Dan) But have also heard it gets boring late game. I have also heard affliction is the "most fun" anyone got an reccomendations?Adriendeath8 Sep 22
Sep 22 Cancelling My Subscription UPDATE NOTHING TO SEE HERE BOYS Like many of you guys, i have had my share of problems with warlocks. i tried to reroll and wait out till legion drops, to see some changes or at least a blue post saying "working on it". but seeing as how legion is only 6 days away, and haven't heard a peep from blizzard, i decided to cancel my subscription. I used the invasions as my advantage to level up alts quickly as possible, but the fact of the matter is none of the other classes feel anything like a warlock to me. i can't stand playing other classes, just how i feel about it. my warlock was my first toon and the first to reach max level each expansion, because that is what i enjoyed playing. but after recent events and changes, and lack of communication, i decided i had enough. Anyone who works with clients and customers know that communication is the key to success. blizzard has failed on their promise for more communication. Since alpha, beta testers have complained and complained endlessly. Warlocks just aren't fun anymore. I'm not saying this because i lost a duel, or im not doing top dps in battlegrounds or raid(even though as affliction, all i have to do is dot everyone up), but because blizzard can't communicate with the warlock community. I saw a post on the druid forums just mere hours after the hotfix complaining about changes to the guardian spec, with a blue post as the 36th post. link: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748556856?page=2#post-36 while we have http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748575457 with 750 posts and another thread here with about 250 posts.http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748596134 so lets see, if my math is good enough, i think that's about 1000 posts complaining in just 2 threads about warlock playstyle, class fantasy, abilities that shouldn't be talented, etc, yet we still have not heard a peep from blizzard. although I could post this in the "calling all warlock voices" post, I felt I needed to make a seperate thread about this for better noticeability and distinction. Good job blizzard you failed us and you played your self. At this point, i really don't care what you do, at least let us know you hear us, and working on something. Honestly, that would be the one thing that would make me resub. I am tired of being kept in the dark. Till blizzard stops neglecting the warlock community, and keeping us on /ignore, my money will be kept in my wallet. I hate to do it, as I love wow, but I've had enough. I believe, now, the only way to make blizzard listen to us is with our wallets, and mine will be stowed away, and for others that have had enough of this, I encourage you to do the same. If you reroll to another class, they will not listen because their revenue will not be affected, but stow away your wallets, and they'll come crawling back. ONCE AGAIN, FOR CLARIFICATION, THIS IS NOT A POST COMPLAINING ABOUT PLAYSTYLES, CLASS FANTASY, ABILITIES, DPS, ETC. THIS POST IS ABOUT THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION WE HAVE HAD FROM BLIZZARD. upvote or downvote, what are your thoughts and plans fellow warlocks. Thank You for taking your time reading my rant and 2 cents Your friendly neighborhood warlock P.S lock candies around the back P.P.S it took me half an hour writing and editing this(site kept on crashing. Blizzard, you have my email. have hr send me an email if you need help with the ddos attacks), please don't delete because of my lock candies TL;DR Read the stuff thats bolded and underlinedMujixx47 Sep 22
Sep 22 Anyone interested in Aff pvp "guide"? based on what ive seen in discussions on the Warlock forums. Pmuch no1 has a clue how to play affliction or even what the optimal talents are. this is weird to me because aff is easier to play than ever. on youtube i see peoples guides and its only low rated players who have probably never qued a ranked game in their life. same with the people who give their insight on the forums about affliction. everyone is just wrong. so seeing how for some reason everyone that ive ever seen is wrong about at least half of what they talk about. Does anyone on the forums care for an Affliction pvp guide? i could run through some quick points about correct talents and stuff. at least the quick and easy basics. the spec is so simple idk why everyone is so confused about it and only the inexperience are giving their "guides" about it. and even when theyre right theyre right for the wrong reasons. so yeah if anyone is interested in a short guide from someone who is actually experienced with the spec, regularly plays at high ratings and knows the spec in and out let me know.Beamin33 Sep 22
Sep 22 Sin' dorei Spite (Destruction) So basically, i ve reading some guides and watching logs and all are saying that this wrist is BIS for almost all fights in ToS, but how do you actually get it? do you set up your loot specialization to Demonology? or do you still can get it as destruction?Aurigha7 Sep 22
Sep 22 No class rework Somuch for blizzards hype on fixing demo its been too longScarletråvën54 Sep 22
Sep 21 Eye of kilrogg and underwater breathing are these spells useful? eye of kilrogg i never really see people using this spell or similar ones anymore. this one in particular u have to move not like eagle eye which u place in one spot. underwater breathing i am wondering is it useful in pvp such as BG's few have water to swim in but even then the distance is kind of short. it might help the flag carrier get across the water faster but i assume it breaks when damage is taken. in dungeons or questing it can be really useful but idk about pvp. seems like shamans water walk or dk's have better things to offer compared to this. just wondering.Astura11 Sep 21
Sep 21 Low affli dmg I am at ilvl 915 atm and i cant seem to pass 800k dps even though rotation is the same as icy veins what im i doing wrong? [im fine at pvp tho]Belchanor7 Sep 21
Sep 21 New pet ofr Aff-locks Hello, i was wondering an a new pet for a Aff-lock not really a brand new pet more like a new melee pet . like a melee Doom guard instead of him being a caster more like a melee . (WHY) you may ask . well i miss the old green fel Doom guard an fell in love with the new broken isle doom guard's an was like be nice to have one like that again but melee, but why for melee reason's 1 when raiding my doom guard will not move while casting when he out of range it waits till about full cast an then move some time but not all the time's . an i rather have something stick to a target dealing damage then chases around a pillar or rock instead of doing damage . i would like a melee version of the doom Guard we have now that which deal melee damage an does more melee damage when the target is at a lower hp. it was just a idea . something to have fun withJarrhead7 Sep 21
Sep 21 WELP! Sure hope I see 'something' @PTR I mean, if they could seriously get away with it like other games, I wouldnt be surprised if they would copy and paste affliction set bonuses to a next-levels. Well... Aff community dont ever speak up on anything anyways. The white knights swat their complaints down and theyre discourage and content with their crappy, overbloated, heavily RNG mechanics with spells that make absolutely no sense, #COUGHPhantomSingularityCOUGH #HACKGrimSupremacyOverFelhunter. /spit #COUGHCOUGH Spending a soul shard for DPS cooldown, with a 3min cooldown, that's linked to another 3min cooldown that I can talent to remove the cooldown so its like "..." having a permanent cooldown available at all times. srslyCMON! Yeah... Affliction dont need anything I guess. What about those visual flares we're supposed to get? Say it once and hope we forget.Yahzarah0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Dark Apotheosis I would love to have this back as a new specialization for warlock. Don't take or butcher one of the other three specs to make this work for us, just create a fourth specialization like Druid. I recently watched a video that brought up adding new specs to some classes (not all) if the class warranted it through lore, gameplay, etc. To this day, my DA lock was the most fun I've had in wow. I love to tank, and I was pretty good with the lock. To those that say no to this, why? Will others having this create a "void" (like what I did there?) in your life. Knowing that others are happy ruins the warlock fantasy for you? I would like it back, who's with me!?Hasnards1 Sep 21
Sep 21 I love Versatility. Actually no I don't... but seems I'm being told so. Every piece of 910 gear I've bought from the Vindicaar trader has versatility on it. Am I missing something?... besides HasteDinkles4 Sep 21
Sep 21 I feel useless in dungeons I am so slow they all go through the mobs and i am left standing in the back even when i do begin to cast the mob dies before i get a cast off Fat Bastard: Of course I'm not happy! Look at me, I'm a big fat slob. I've got bigger !@#$%^s than you do. I've got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I've not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead.Arthand16 Sep 21
Sep 21 tier 1 affliction talent help currently running MG seems to be doing the best for me over WoA which is mentioned in a lot of guides. i had 2 questions though. when it comes to ST/burst which would be better for tier 1. MG or Haunt? 2. is MG any useful at later levels or is taking it over WoA a dps loss even on ST fights? i assume WoA is more for rot build but idk don't play locks much.Astura4 Sep 21
Sep 21 To level a Warlock Hello guys, I'm a young Warlock who is new to Legion. I primarily play melee classes but am looking for a change of pace so I've decided on playing the second best wielder of the fel (we all know who came in and took the top spot which is still a bit of a touchy subject). Anyhow, just wondering which specs are best for PvE and PvP at the moment. I really like Destruction and Affliction seems cool, which one performs best overall? Demo just seems a little lame to me since Metamorphosis vanished.Soulsnacks2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Question about Affliction Stats Good afternoon my fellow Warlocks, I have two questions about aff Stats since im getting some conflicting information. My Current Stats are at (Unbuffed) Crit 16% (5/5 Peridition) Haste 21% Mastery 145% (about 15700 rating) Now my questions are '' How much is to much Mastery?'' & '' Where does my haste & crit need to be?'' Thank youSmexz4 Sep 20
Sep 20 New warlock question I know as affliction you're supposed to run felhunter as your pet for shadow bites increased damage. I want to use glyph of observer because I think it looks cooler. My question is will this buff still apply with an observer because they technically don't use shadow bite?Boozzhoo3 Sep 20
Sep 20 Switching specs? If I'm trying to get haste is it better to switch to a different spec? Like ATM I'm demo and I switch to... idk destro would I have a better chance at getting haste instead of mastery and crit? Just wondering if anyone has tried this.Lillithia1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Destro Warlock vs Fire Mage 6.2? Greetings. I'm deciding to re-roll as either a Destro Warlock or a Fire Mage. I'm looking to do PvP. I see this question has been answered many times but the ones that I've seen were answers from a year or so ago. Any answers?Hashaddøx16 Sep 20
Sep 20 Affliction Trinket ?s Hey. So I have done a little research. People say the Whispers and Medallion trinkets are the best pair, barring crazy item levels. I lucked out with a 910 titanforged normal whispers. That one is staying for a while. I had a 900 normal Sentinel Medallion, but then I got a 940 Reality Breacher. The raw Int of the Breacher gave my spells more damage than the mastery of the Medallion, and the shadow tentacle proc benefits from Reap Souls. However, I have not heard much talk about the Breacher. Is the on use of the Medallion that dynamic? I know ilvls arent the be-all-end-all in Legion. The 940 Breacher "looks" better, but perhaps the 900 Medallion works with our dots in a way I dont understand? So is a 900 Medallion better than a 940 Breacher because of the on-use? If not, at what ilvl would it be better? 915+?Grimtoker4 Sep 20
Sep 29 <Focused Aggression> <Focused Aggression> is an alliance guild located on Drenden. We have been a raiding guild since Wrath of Lich King. We are a semi-casual guild that wants to kill bosses while still having fun. Our goal is to kill as many mythic bosses as possible while still maintaining a laid back atmosphere. Our schedule: Tuesday: 6pm-8pm PST Wednesday: 6pm-8pm PST Thursday: 6pm-8pm PST Current Progression: 6/9H Tomb of Sargeras We are currently recruiting: Tanks: Open for discussion (Druid)(DK) Healers: with a dps offspec: Resto Druid (preferred) RDPS: Ranged-Lock/Mage MDPS: Dk/Dh/Rogue/Warrrior PST Anyone in guild and they can direct you to the correct officer. Krymore#1929Shampion2 Sep 29
Sep 20 Telling you how I really feel about Destro https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759305737#1 bump it tyDzdz11 Sep 20
Sep 19 Demons need personality I like my Infernal but it just stands there. I would love it if it showed some form of personality. Looking around, scratching something, pulling a Baemax and wandering off after a butterfly... Speaking of wandering off. Do our demon friends need to be right on top of us? Can I get some space?Chrysâlis17 Sep 19
Sep 19 Grimoire of the First Necrolyte Anyone found one yet for the hidden affliction artifact skin from those eredar in azsuna? How many kills did it take you or does anyone know the drop chance or have and tips/info on getting it?Brownout37 Sep 19
Sep 19 demonology stats bug have demonbolt with active demons will increase damage by 10% with soul harvest and synergy, seems out of calc. with pops and buffsAmollam0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Soul Shards Does anyone know how many soul fragments it takes to fill one soul shard?Kaelstat2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Historically speaking... are Aff Locks good? Hi! I like my aff lock. No, I love him. After watching preach legacy of a warlock, he made it seem like locks were always awesome. Looking at the forums, seems like we are red headed bastardized children of Satan. So, which is it? I played paladin and warrior for most expansions and I know every time I saw a Mage, I thought @ooh easy kill". When I saw a lock I knew that Im going to die whether I kill him or not.Seregas19 Sep 19
Sep 18 Affliction Warlock Honor Talents Hi Warlock Community, i am trying to lvling a afflication warlock atm. Mainly running 3s comp with a dh friend of mine. However i have no idea which honor talent to take, espeically the last 2 row. please help! thank you!Kìsau1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Warlock bugs I haven't posted these on the bugs forum yet cause I want to confirm that everyone has noticed. So since the launch of Argus there are 3 bugs that have been annoying me: - Pet despawn: This one seems to come and go with patches and it's become permanent when starting a M+ or entering some instances/raids. Now it also happens most of the time when using the teleport devices in Argus. - Channel demonfire: I remember having to deal with this one a few months back. It got fixed but now it's here again. First time I noticed it a couple of days ago when shooting the dummy in dreadscar but after that it also happened to me in raid a few times. Channel demonfire gets stuck and it's either greyed out (while immolate is active on the target ofc) or it's cast with a big delay after hitting the button. - Conflagrate delay: This one is more rare than the above, nevertheless it happens from time to time. Although conflagrate appears ready to be cast, it takes several hits to finally activate. Like the button graphic and the cooldown timer are out of sync.Midnighter1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Void Fire? Disclaimer - I am not saying this is crucial and that the world will end if it never happens. Given the recent story developments and Warlocks prievous involvement with the void (some of our abilities, or general willingness to mess with volatile and dangerous powers) and the Proof of concept in that this was done before with our Fel fire quest chain (Ebonlocke) I think it would be swell if Blizzard gave us a void-fire option to get as well. Big blue VW looking infernals....Void Flame destro. Just thought it would be a neat idea.Aléister2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Horde race I can't decide between orc or undeadGronak5 Sep 18
Sep 18 Zpets Weakaura Hello everyone, just recently made a warlock and I've been trying to configure addons to see my demon timers. So I looked into zpets, and I saw on curse that the guy that made zpets uses weakauras with zpets hidden, using the conditions of the addon to configure weak auras. It works perfectly for imps and dreadstalkers, 100% amazing but... when I summon my doomguard/infernal or the grimoire: felhunter, the duration timer doesn't work, at all. (even though the icon stays for the whole 25s duration and the demonic empowerment updates the icon. Sooo... I looked into WA and it says this under duration: function() return zpetsinfernalduration, 25 end and on display text, the text is set to custom (%c) with the follow custom command: function() return(math.floor(zpetsinfernalduration)) end And yet, it doesn't show the duration on the icon. Does anyone know how to fix this?Nakysha0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Reverse Entropy vs Empowered Life Tap shouldnt u be rewarded for trying to actively apply a buff for damage, but u get the same damage passively for 10% less health, and 1 gcd less with reverse than empowered life tap so shouldnt empowered life tap be at least 15% if not 20% for making u spam a gcd, use 10% health, and not only this but why is this even an option at this point, we need a new talent for that specific slot yesterday. Is there an actual reason to take empowered over entropy? if so i wouldn't understand the pve behind it im 2 simpletonVinex17 Sep 18
Sep 18 Locks in the mythic+ Esports From what i watch AFF locks where showing quit well in the races the high light of witch was about 7:21:00 in the vid where they grab up a demon and use it buff in the rest of a CoEN+17. http://www.wowhead.com/news=272022/mythic-dungeon-invitational-china-and-apac Take a look we we got pleanty to cheer for.Necropotato0 Sep 18
Sep 17 AFF Lock in BGs I came back after taking a break when 7.2 just came out. I did a bit of randoms/rbg as affliction, and I remember just placing agony/corruption on everyone then soul harvesting. What has changed in aff pvp in bgs since then? I'm noticing some people with "seed of corruption" specs and I'm a lil' confused how to place some of my talents. So heres the scenario: BIG mid-fight in EOTS. How to play affliction? What do you do differently compared to earlier in the expackBloodfeast25 Sep 17
Sep 17 Rate the Warlock Transmog Above You There's a name thread, how about a transmog thread too?Jadella500 Sep 17
Sep 17 Fel and shadow Succubus glyphs. Are these in glyphs game yet? If so, how do inscriptionist get them? Can they be made to sell on auction house?Ylenaris23 Sep 17
Sep 17 New lock here! First time ever warlock...just curious as to what spec is most engaging but doesn't deal crappy damage late game content? So far, leveling as aff is a breeze..but it just seems to be lacking fun for me. Dot, dot, cast unstable affliction to burn through shards, drain...even looking through talents, it doesn't seem to offer much more than that higher level. Perhaps I'm wrong? Mainly doing PvP, if that helps.Gankypanky5 Sep 17
Sep 16 Been gone a while, State of Warlock? So, I have possibly returned from a hiatus that started in October (so almost a year away from WoW). When I left, Lock was in an absolute horrible state, basically all 3 specs were mostly broken and Locks were getting booted out of groups. I was around for the first tuning pass and both Ion and Whatshisface told us to quit whining. I spent my 153k of gold to up my sub for a month (which is !@#$ing nuts, it was 44k when I left) and want to know if WoW is worth the $15/month sub. My question is this.......... Has Lock improved at all? Mainly what is the state of Destro Lock? Is it viable now ? Are we still RNG based or did they ease up on that? How are the other two specs, do they perform well? Basically anything you guys can tell me would be appreciative. My return to WoW is totally based on the state of Lock. Thanks.Valdrane15 Sep 16
Sep 16 Which is better for questing? I still you my void walker as my Guardian when I quest , but I see a lot of people using Infernals . Is the Infernal better at mitigating damage and holding the threat?Awol2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Can someone help me with the aff rotation? http://lockonestopshop.com/#!/Affliction/Rotation I was reading here but I have a question, is the rotation more static? I.e do I keep my dots up then do 2-3 UA drain, refresh dots and rinse and repeat. Then when I'm out of shards I wait until I build up 2-3 and do it again? Like how do the drain cycles work? What do I do once I run out of shards?Defury9 Sep 16
Sep 16 Unstable Affliction WeakAura Question I'm trying to make a progress bar WeakAura for Unstable Affliction but if casting multiple UA's in a row the additionals do not show, or don't overwrite the duration of the first one cast and show the stacks of it (either of these would work for my purposes). Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advanced.Xathrá5 Sep 16
Sep 16 why so much versatility on gear rewards? Maybe it is just my luck but it seems all of the gear i get from turning in nether shards (5k kind) and quest rewards that are pushing my ilvl up is also having versatility on it that my mastery has plummeted down to 82%. Is it just bad luck or is this Blizz's plan as a cost for getting basically free 885 ilvl gear. Trying to get my gear score up is working but my stats are suffering through it. Just wonder if anyone else is seeing this issue.Tyraelina30 Sep 16
Sep 16 Loot Specialization I have two locks I play. Whenever I log on to either one of them, or when I change location from the class hall to Dalaran, I get this statement over in the chat area: "Loot Specialization set to: Destruction." Thing is, they're both Affl. I've tried and reset both to destr and then back to affl, but it always says Destruction. Is that going to cause me problems with getting the correct loot, or nothing to worry about? Thanks.Sixsixxsixx2 Sep 16
Sep 15 Demonology 7.3 Help Hello all, I have played this character here and there since Legion but has not been a main by any means. I logged on and switched to Demonology as I want to give that a try (had been primarly Affliction) but I am finding that my damage is fairly poor on most fights/pulls, occasionally on AoE I would get around 700K DPS. I have been throwing out the Dreadstalkers right after Doom, followed by Demonic Empowerment and then Demonbolt to 4 Soul Shards and then Hand of Gul'Dan followed by another Demonic Empowerment and then Thal'Kiel's Consumption. This is the "core" priority I have been following but feels very weak, pulls 200K DPS or so while on Argus and around that if not less in Heroic Cathedral. I am looking for a solid "rotation" guide for Demonology, any advice for dungeon runs, solo questing, etc.Zombielock2 Sep 15
Sep 15 What am I doing wrong pvp damage So I did some games last night with friends and at the end of every game my damage was just awful.Soezpk1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Missing warlock glyph Anyone else missing glyph of the fel touched soul shards? I had it equipped and several extras made, however, I noticed when i logged in that they were no longer floating above my head nor were there anymore in my inventory. I put in a ticket and was basically told they don't know why it's happening but that they know it is and they'll look into it. Then was referred to a support thread where someone else was having the issue. I guess i just want to know if anyone else still has theirs and or the ability to make them.Thuperdude1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Netherlight Crucible Results So I figured I'd make a post where all of us could post what we got today on the second tier first relic, I'm only at 62 points myself so I only have access to tier 2 on first relic, I had a option between 1500 versa during concordance or something that did proc light damage and proc for a shield, not knowing of any Sims currently I took the versa one...seemed better than the shield, although the damage/shield proc is affected by haste so IDK...anyways just thought I'd share my RNG for the day, and hopefully soon I can figure out how to make some sim math for them and post it! Feel free to share your thoughts on what you got and if you see that it is good or bad....Deimosana15 Sep 15
Sep 15 Is ritual of doom still daily? I noticed you don't get the quest anymore. Can you still only loot daily?Nezarim3 Sep 15