Apr 7, 2013 Glyph of Meta A suggestion for a minor glyph. The idea is to allow us to choose between the purple and green Meta form. I think a single glyph might be enough, it just needs to consider whether we have the Codex or not. Like this: - If I got the Codex, by using this glyph my Meta will be purple. - If I managed to get the Codex but decided to take it away, my Meta will be green. I was even thinking about a possible customization, allowing us to choose which spell we want green, but I think that could be quite a mess. Metamorphosis, on other hand is a form, and the only one, so I think it makes sense to ask it. Btw, they should make Dark Apotheosis green too. This glyph could affect both.Osiria8 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 About Green Fire Boss >>This is NOT a thread requesting he be nerfed, for those who won't read it<< So, to start off, I thought he was an awesome fight, and I just got my kill tonight. I found him extremely challenging as someone who has been raiding since vanilla, and found him extremely unforgiving mechanic wise. I think all this is FINE. This is for a vanity effect to differentiate warlocks, and I like that it is hard. I wonder though if part of the reason for why we hear so many complaints about him is because of the way you get the quest. The quest can only be obtained by warlocks after they get a rare drop (~1% i believe off rare mobs on Isle) or a warlock who pays upwards of 20 000g. I think that in many ways this encourages the notion that anyone lucky or rich enough to acquire the tome is entitled to beating the boss and getting the green fire. Let's be honest, there are some people (the minority to be sure) who will never be able to complete this quest for the sheer amount of things it requires. For me the part I spent at least 10+ attempts on was the second felhunter phase, where you require extreme skill and 0 room for error. That too I had an easier go of it because of my gear level and the fact that I could 1 shot the first hunter and 2 shot the second, meaning I could kill all 3 by the time my pit lord got back to me. So my proposition is this - change the order! At level 90 have the pursuing the black harvest quest automatically available. You can read the book and search for the soulstones right away. Automatically this gives some lore to the new abilities we now have, Jubeka's journal in particular. After that, have the pursuing the black harvest scenario available, but do NOT allow warlocks to queue for it until a respectable ilvl (whatever blizz thinks is fair, but i'd argue no less than 480 if not 490). Once you defeat the final boss, only THEN will you be able to see the book appear on the isle mobs. They will remain tradeable etc... but you can't loot them until your ilvl is high enough. In my mind this would accomplish several things 1) It would take away the sense of entitlement acquiring a rare item gives players. Now you have to show your skill FIRST, then go for the drop or buy the book. 2) It will lower the cost of books - now warlocks who can't do the quest will not be buying out all the books, lowering the trading cost for those warlocks who do 3) By putting in the scenario ilvl requirement, it will ensure that warlocks who are grossly undergeared for the scenario cannot do it All in all this should allow some sense of difficulty to remain on the boss. Without people feeling like they deserve the fire simply for getting the book, they have to prove they have earned the right. Plus, this will let ALL warlocks do the quest, which to me is a big part of the lore of my character. It's awesome to know why and how all of a sudden I got these new grimoires and abilities! It's a shame some will have to miss out. Thoughts?Infin0 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Green fire - random stuns?? What are the randoms stuns that keep hitting me? They do plenty of damage, just wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent or reduce these?Kreeth4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Green fire fight - Soul leech or dark regen which one of the two?Kreeth2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Some general questions I've got a warlock at level 45 now, but the thing is, I know absolutely nothing about them. I plan on dabbling in both PvE and PvPing, so suggestions for which spec to play for both would be helpful. What's the most fun? What will hit !@#$ the hardest? I've got noxxic up already, but they don't have any information on PvP "rotations" or anything, so that would also be helpful. Pretty much any information you can give will help.Vilyathule0 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Haste and Mastery Afflict I have a question about re-forging/gemming. I have read a lot of conflicting answers on this regarding haste / mastery. Some say haste is significantly more important and some say mastery. Right now my haste is high, 19.5% (8,139) unbuffed while my mastery is at 48% (4,661) unbuffed. Intellect 16,429. Using simcraft I got my reforge scales and graph for haste and mastery and through that it tells me that reforging to haste always grants more dps then mastery, in fact it suggests reforging another 1000 haste into mastery would grant a dps boost. My question is how accurate is simcraft in terms of haste vs. mastery for locks. Would it be beneficial to reforge some of my haste into mastery? I'm pulling 80-90k right now on raid bosses that don't give you buffs on bosses like elegon 100-120. Any suggestions much appreciated.Terpthree2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 I have achieved perfect 6% hit It amazed me. Perfect 6% Spellhit -mind=blown-Styx14 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 PvP Trinket Question Anyone know if Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault is better than Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Dominance for affliction in PvP.Skend0 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Kanrethad... Why you so fun bro.Dieseldip1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Affliction not giving me the numbers I need. So I've been running Affliction spec since I turned 90 over 2 weeks ago. I've been following all the guides, choosing gear maxing out hit and haste over crit, and sticking with the rotation of agony, corruption, UA, haunt refresh etc... But I have not been seeing the huge DPS boost that I hoped to get as an affliction warlock. Generally, I average in the middle of the dps charts on most of my raids. I've been playing around with Destruction, but since I didn't start with that in mind, my gear lacks the crit that Destruction seems to require. So now I face a horrible choice, Do I stick with Affliction, and hope that with time and better gear it will shape up, or do I switch to Destruction, and have to start reforging, enchanting, and gear grinding all over again?Azagal3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Destro/Affl Lock Idea for GoSac alternative I recently read on the PTR notes and on one of those tweets that the devs do on mmo-champion that they weren't too happy about the majority of locks picking GoSac over others and wanting Locks to use pets. My idea is simple...why don't special attacks from our pets give us embers or if that is too powerful at least a chance of getting embers? Or for affliction a chance to get a shard? In Cata destro locks were linked to their Imp which was giving some extra damage but also proc Soul Fire to be instant cast. Why not make the Imp fireball give some embers...i mean our incinerate give embers why not having our little buddy give some part of embers as well. If the lock was an affl lock shadow bite or lash of pain could give the lock a chance to get a free shard much like corruption is doing right now. This would make our pet useful instead of just sit there and do some extra damage. let me know if you like the idea...the idea is mainly to give locks and the devs an alternative to Grimoire of SacrificeWolfsokar27 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Deleted ..Margotuk0 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Questions to the awesome Locks! out there =D Hi hi guys! So question. I have a lvl 85 lock, yes im gonna lvl him up.. (why) well they look like a lot of fun and the green fire calls to me. So whats the best spec to lvl and best early I lvl spec for raiding? as I have seen DEMO is probable the best at the moment. but id love to get into destroy or Afflec but the damage is just not there. So id like to know what your guys opinions is on this thank you in advance :)Sushpheria1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Loot Specialization Window in 5.3 http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2013/april/thumb/lootSpecMenu.jpg Glad they are implementing this, because it was always frustrating to be playing Destro and have Affliction gear drop for me!Methalos5 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 One change I rarely feel the need to post on these forums. But there is something that has been bugging me that I haven't seen anyone mention. Why is our dark soul instability still red even after we get green fire? It is such a cool spell effect, but burning green and being engulfed in a bubble of red demonic energy just doesn't make for an appealing look. Personally I think this is a rather big mishap that should be fixed, before a green mount and before a title or feat of strength. I also want to extend a sincere congratulations to all of those with green fire. It was certainly a very challenging fight, and I think those of us that completed it when it came out, with lower ilvls, and a 90 level cap, should be rewarded with SOMETHING different than the people who fly through it in 540 ilvl gear. Anyway. Please look at dark soul. I have a green fire, I want to be green. I don't want my cd to be a never ending reminder of what I used to have. Clearly I didn't want it anymore.Voldemört1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Senorsmelly is a sad warlock. C'mon tome! I am sad because I have been trying to get the TOME since 5.2 and STILL don't have it. I want to do it SO bad. Before a nerf. I am a poor warlock so I can't afford one. I am a busy warlock because finals are coming up and I have a ton of work to do. I am a sad warlock today. I want my fire to be green but alas the tome evades my evil clutches. If some magical fairy warlock has a tome and is on Kil'Jaden horde and wants to give it for 4k... I wouldn't argue! ;) I hope you other warlocks are happy warlocks. I usually am a happy warlock. But alas today I am a sad warlock.Senorsmelly28 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Quick piece of help would be great for Kanr So I think this is a fun and great fight. I just have one issue... When I move my pit lord to LOS the felhunters he will just come running out to try to fight. I have pet control macros and have him on passive. Sometimes he thinks it'll be fun to come and hit them and then well... it's gg.Senorsmelly8 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Infinite bubble? So recently I've realized something...we have tons of defensive abilities. (ok, I've know for a while, but still...it's awesome) Soul Leach: We can build a shield up to our HP value, lets say 500k HP bubble. Sac Pact also gives us a bubble for our HP value. (I like to paired this with Shadow bulwark, so that's 750k HP) and when followed by a healthstone it pretty much give us full hp again. So that brings the total HP value to:(750k+750k+500K=2 Million HP) I know that those are all on cd's, but they can be combined to avoid some hard hitting portions of boss fights. And if those shields aren't big enough, you can always pop undying resolve and more or less extend that HP pool by another 40%. In the 2nd lfr in ToT, on the green/red/blue head boss, once you down a head they always enrage and do some decent aoe damage. and everyone else stacks up and healers spam heal everyone to keep them up. What do I do at that point? Stand alone spamming the boss still, and completely ignore the enrage since I can simply pop Sac Pact to avoid everything it throws at me(with the help of a full Soul Leech bubble) I kinda expect a nerf to some of these abilities somewhere down the line, but as of now, I'm enjoying the crap outta them. Completely awesome.Urmomsaidwow6 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Blizz's cheats me out of Green Flames I beat the last boss i get to the part where you pulling it out of him and then i start spinning in the air and out of no where the pitlord pops up and kills me after they ran back in to the portal so i opened a ticket they write me back after 3 day and till me they can give me credit for beating the boss but we cant give you the green flames and asked why cant they give me the green flames they said that not for us to doOlivechu12 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Dark Apotheosis question. I was just wondering if anyone knows if gathering a second set of gear and reforging all into Mastery & 15% hit would be worth the effort just for fun and soloing old content. Would the extra damage mitigation even be noticeable? I know Warlocks aren't meant to be a real tank through Dark Apotheosis, I'm just trying to have my fun and was wondering how deep into messing with the glyph people have gotten, what they were capable of, etc. Thanks!Malerissa4 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 5.3 Patch Hints - Afflic DoTs ... I completely agree. A great way to solve this problem would be to shift most of the damage out of Malefic Grasp and into DoTs. Wouldn't increase patchwerk DPS, but would provide good multi-dots.Methalos32 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Green FNB+conflag... looks awesome!!!! I wish they made shadowfury look like this spell once you got green fire =(Dewkeyslap0 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 New Warlock with a question or two While my main is hunter and has been my Wow career, I have leveled other classes that I perceived as fairly easy to pick up, Mage (frost) and Warrior (arms) and, but while they are run on the battle grounds they do not come up to the complexity (anyone who knows a good hunter knows it is not the faceroll that people make it out to be) of hunter. I have no desire to heal, rogue does nothing for me, but I have always been drawn to Warlock. (Long winded I know, but by typing this I hope to get some good feedback ... ) So I rolled one at long last about two or three months ago and am now at 86. I only PVEd for Dungeons and did at best less than 30 quests. I don't PVE on my other toons and only do PVP. Having gone up against Locks in 3s with my hunter I know how difficult they can be when played well, and that is what I hope to do. So, now that I am closing in on 90 and the real action, I have one very basic question: what do you do as a destro once you apply a curse as far as rotation? I know with hunter there is no PVP rotation because each class has to be approached differently, e.g., knowing to hold Bullheaded on a pet before going after a lock or spriest so if the pet is feared it can break the CC (this also works if all pets in the stable a set to cunning and you main pet has Bullheaded up). So what do you open with on say another pure DPS class? Is there a good end game guide other than wading through the experts on arenajunkies and skill-capped (both very helpful, but I still need a bit of 101 before I get to that point). I babble. Thoughts on any of this?Marshstepper0 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Destro on Tortos So, my guild after many changeups in our raid lineup, has started on normal Tortos 10 man this week. Prior to this fight, I am usually either first in damage done, or barely behind first. On Tortos however, I am about middle of the pack if not one of the last two. So, my question to destro locks is any kind of tricks and tips in order to maximize damage. I am using a Havoc macro for Tortos, and RoF the bats as much as I can reach. Any other ideas?Elzrook9 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Demonology opener Tried looking this up.. can't find much. What is a good opener for demonology? It seems like popping Dark Soul is a total waste at the beginning, or is it?Gondolin13 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Warlock flying mount We deserve a flying mount already. Make it simple and allow our Dreadsteeds able to fly like the Headless Horseman mount. do itHindor12 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Ghostcrawler's latest GrimSac comment ... WHAT DID YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO DO?Vreivai58 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Any luck with solo'ing Primal Devilsaurs? Anybody managed to find a successful strategy for this yet? The typical SL/SL Voidlord strat isn't effective like it is for dinosaurs, it seems that anybody that has managed to kill it kited it. I'm however not very good at kiting, so has anybody discovered some intuitive way of doing this?Divergent6 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 QUick Kanrethed Question Does anyone know of a range on the felhunter Eat enslave demon ability, because i am getting tired of it eating from over 1/2 way across the map..., and always right when i need to either heal myself for chaos bolt, or interrupt cataclysmHinnita3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Taylor Swift's take on green fire I knew you were trouble when you walked in...Shame on meOldwitchlady1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Health problem, please help! So I was killed like 3 times in a row and when I looked up at my health it dropped over 400. Why did it do this and how do I get my health back up?Mêw3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Green Fire should be Feat of Strength This quest surpassed any difficulty i've ever faced as a Warlock before, and truly put my Warlock skills to the test. I passed the test, but this was no easy feat. 132 tries, 8,000g in repair bills, iL480, 1 success. This by far was the most Difficult Warlock quest to date, even more than the Dreadsteed one back in vanilla. Dreadsteed is a feat of strength. This should be too. This should be given to all the Warlocks that passed this trial when it was most difficult.Shékinah7 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 So, about our specs. A midst all this discussion about Kanrethad, how hard he is, blah blah blah, I wanted to prod some more progressed warlocks' brain. I just got done watching Blood Legion's video of Heroic Lei Shen. I noticed a really odd trend. Each and every single warlock was demonology. Now, I have been destruction since I obtained my green fire, but I sorta miss demo. Most guides are telling me Demo is simming the worst. I want to know why the best warlocks to my knowledge are playing a spec simcrafters are saying is the worst for us.Savaric19 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 delete GrimofSac and replace it with......... Grim of Demons lose your ability to summon however you can summon all your demons for a short time *aka like hunter's stampede give's us a Iwin button and we can stop the MASS QQ about grim of sac 2 demons with 1 stoneAloranna29 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Wrathguard Basic Attack Bug Why does the Wrathguard's AI work differently than the Felguard regarding its basic attack? The Felguard will Legion Strike several times down to about 60 Fel Energy and then space out its attacks so that it will remain around 60 Fel Energy just like the other demons. The Wrathguard, however, will use one Mortal Strike and then wait until it reaches full 200/200 Fel Energy, and then wait some more (wasting energy and dps) and then finally Mortal Strike again. Why is this different than the Felguard? It is very annoying because it requires one to manually cast Mortal Strike throughout a fight for maximum dps. Even if you manually cast Mortal Strike until he is out of energy, if you stop telling him to use Mortal Strike early, he will eventually get back to 200/200 energy. Please fix this!Omnimortis4 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Looking to improve Was just kinda hoping someone would take a look at these logs and let me know where I could improve. Lately I feel like my dps is just plain lacking. I am not sure if its my gearing or performance or combination. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-cr67vwb4onrvrme9/ The Iron Qon fight imparticular felt terrible. And please be blunt if you see something.Dragonala4 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Wouldn't it be cool if... ...We had a fourth spec... Something focusing on fel magic used to heal, shield, and buff? I'm always disappointed by the lack of healers in battlegrounds, and I often wish I could switch to a healing spec. But I hate all the healing classes - especially from a lore standpoint; I'd never devote myself to the Light or the fantastical fairy magic of nature... but siphoning life, sacrificing, and calling upon dark forces to bolster my allies, and myself, is very appealing...Sivaaszin40 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Leveling a lock Pros? Cons? Favorite spec to level? Favorite spec? Favorite thing about locks? Least favorite? I plan to PvE and PvPLief4 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Questions for 5.2 Warlock Raiding I am creating this thread in hopes of hearing opinions, theorycrafting, and advice from actively raiding warlocks. It is pretty easy to get a quick glance at WoL Heroic raider stats, but i'm interested on what you have to say. Post logs if you have them. Simcraft and unbuffed noxxic DPS tables aside, what two specs do you use for raiding? Are you progressing on Heroics? Do you roll in 10m or 25m? Are you gemming straight-up mastery or haste to meet 2nd tier soft caps? If so, how effective is this as opposed to gemming intellect in gear? What Grimoire choice do you use with your main and secondary spec and why? Our 5th tier came with a lot of theorycrafting, and i'm sure it will bring more in 5.3. At your best, how does your single-target damage done & DpS compare to hunters, mages, etc on kills? My two cents: I was an active raider towards the end of Cataclysm and am proud to say I was a part of the last main spec demonology raiders before the resource overhaul change in MoP; I took pride in playing a class and spec that demanded a 15 keybind opener (not including mastery set prepot macro) over other ranged classes that had a preposterously lax APM requirement than myself. for most encounters in DS. I have been in LFR/10 man pugs as destro and demo throughout 5.1 and 5.2 and have recently made the change to Affliction and I absolutely despise it. I find that hard-refreshes on procs takes away from my rotation in an annoying way, and I simply don't perform that well as Aff, despite the Log tables and armies of raiders screaming that Aff is the go-to spec for warlocks. Destro and Demo simply play out as more intuitive to me.Eckbok1 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Havoc Macro Help Searched the forums to little avail on an answer for this, so here's hoping old pro destro locks can help. What I would like is a macro that casts Havoc on my focus target if one is set and alive, but will cast it on my current target if I have either not set a focus, or my focus target is dead (or ideally, out of range, but that's asking for a lot). My alternative plan to this is to just have my regular havoc on a keybind and then macro a focus havoc macro to an alt+keybind, but this would be a far more elegant solution.... if one exists. Thanks!Infin3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Spec balance I wanted to get opinions on what spec you like and how you think it balances with the others. I think destruction is the strongest followed by affliction then demonology. Demonology is my favorite but it doesn't have the mass damage potential like destro.Hintofevil3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Green Fire Boss Can anyone give some help, Link a video or a good walkthru as I have tried the last boss for several hours and just cant get him down. Its rather frustrating.Darkvudoo7 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Q_Q 6 hours later the warlock quest boss is @ 30% i'm stuck on the second round of felhunters </3 But i love the boss and i love the difficulty ^_^ I wish i was going into this the way warlocks went into mop though, fight would be over in no time XD Anyone got tips for the second round of felhunters? At that stage my plans fail and they auto dispell my enslavement and then everyone hits me in the face </3Mattakis8 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Got my green fire today Did the whole quest in one day. Last boss is hard but not impossible. Def. have to think on your feet and prioritize between DPS/health with embers. Also, use the charge on the pit lord more than just to stun during cataclysm. It has a short cooldown, and when the boss is stuned you can get some insane CB damage. also spam the guys fire ability. Also, portal placement is key. Use demo gateway to LOS his CB on every phase except felhunter phase. Since the pit lord will be far from you, you won't be able to cleanse seeds off. Best to place your portal at a second LOS location so that if a seed pops the vortex won't be where you will gateway to next time. I'd make a vid but I don't have FRAPS, and there's a lot of things to keep track of...Khyden3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 thanks for all the help y'all edited post. big thanks to all who provided advice when i was going to give up and wait for nerfs. Was so worth it.Thegreatme73 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 What have they done to my Affliction? Something is horribly wrong here. I have zero self healing now, besides the Corruption Glyph. This feels very strange. Afflictions whole thing is supposed to be self healing. Haunt no longer jumps back to the warlock? That was the coolest part! I understand some classes have too much self-sustain, including Warlocks, but without self heals Affliction only feels like it's half a spec. Malific Grasp/new Drain Soul do a percentage of a total DoTs damage when they tick? WHAT!? NO! That means most of our damage ISN'T EVEN DOTs. The DoTs could just as easily be "Increase damage of Malific Grasp and Drain Soul by X"! This has a horrible feel to it. We're no long inflicting enemies with horrific magical diseases to slowly eat away at their being, we're not just buffing up these channeled spells. With the channeled spells being the bulk of the damage I no longer feel like some dark manipulator, sitting in the back being inconspicuous, and weaving magical spells to cause an opponents body to rot away while they live! I feel like a ghostbuster now. Waaah my feels are ruined! Affliction no longer feels great to play! But damn did they ever make Demonology awesome.Ayanama3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 GoSac as a Cooldown So GC says ... I say Screw you you SOB! any other opinionsDrakmor29 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 BREAKING NEWS! This just in: If you provide a talent that allows 'pet-less' play, some people will choose it! Blizzard Devs were completely confused by this, as it was never their playstyle intention to allow such a thing to happen for Warlocks, a class they claim is in fact a pet class. Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street had this to say: ... When asking random Warlocks about this, one replied: ...' You heard it here on the WNN (Warlock News Network. Really tho, we would not be able to make this stuff up)Methalos7 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Warlocks are not a pet class Warlocks are not truly evil. We are, more accurately, amoral. We walk the thin line between absolute power and total corruption. We have an objective, a pursuit, an ideal, a fascination, a drive, a motive, an ambition, which is power. While we dispatch foes in a manner that the common would define as horrific and cruel, it is to us merely the most effective. We neither seek to inflict pain without benefit to us or shy from doing so, as one would not seek out a fly to swat but do so immediately upon it becoming a nuisance. We sacrifice our own selves without hesitation. After all, in the pursuit of power any means is justified by the end...yet there is no end. Lesser beings are either tools to be used for our own means, momentary obstacles, or benign cattle. We enslave others to further our own objectives. We neither pity nor despise them. After all, would a blacksmith despise or pity his hammer? We use Demonic minions, slaves, because they are efficient and we are not afraid of wielding such power. Should we choose to sacrifice our slaves, empower them, or have multiple ones is the right of every Warlock. Limiting us to having to use a slave goes against the freedom that comes with being a Warlock and choosing an amoral life.Methalos21 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 extra honor What's everyone spending their extra honor on? I miss being able to buy uncut gems. ):Octahedron7 Apr 5, 2013