Jul 2, 2013 Destro: I Need Pet Help For the longest time, I have listened to Noxxic/Icyveins/Mmochampions who have said that the observer is the best pet for destrucion. However, I am postingthis thread to say that, with my stat distribution/glyphs, they are 100% wrong. The Observer, on a training dummy, does around 13k dps. This is decent, I think that he's a solid pet for when you need interrupts. However, the Fel Imp, on the same training dummy, with all of my gems/reforges going into haste and having the Glyph of Demonic Training, does about 30k dps. It's not even close. When I first pmed my gm about why the imp was doing so much more damage, he suggested that it was because in heavy movement fights where the Observer has to run between targets, the Imp would do better. When I told him that the fight I'm talking about is a training dummy, he did not have a good answer. So tell me, does anyone have a good answer for why my Fel Imp is pulling MORE THAN TWICE as much damage as the "best pet?" Or am I doing something wrong with the Observer that's causing him to do low dps? All of his abilities are on auto-use, Tongue Lash just doesn't hit NEARLY as hard as my imp's 3 burst Fire Bolt. This Fire Bolt 3 burst hits for around 120k (no crit) every 4 seconds, leading to about a 30k dps output. With crits, the imp can hit for up to 200k per burst, which is a lot more damage than the puny output the Observer does with Tongue Lash (12k MAYBE). Please tell me, how much dps should the Observer be doing, and am I doing something wrong that makes him bad? Please help.Topalov7 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Lei Shen help I recently did lei shen, pugging with a friend's guild and my dps was quite low - only 110k for the fight (compared to everyone else). I have mastery set up at the moment, as most of the fights it is better and I didn't really think to change to gosup for this fight, let alone reforging (also it was a last minute thing and it was amazing that I even got to do it). So I was wondering if anyone had any tips? I'm at a loss, except for possibly going to gosup with probably imp for more healing utility (I did use sacpact to solo the static shocks). Other than that, I've read icyvein's guide and really the bouncing bolts were dying to quick for me to havoc + shadowburn them. I was doing fnb + imm/conflag/incinerate with maximum uptime of rain of fire for bouncing bolts. Would it just be more beneficial to go demo, even with high crit (simcraft says it isn't really that much of a difference if I was to reforge). Or should I get a bit more haste to make talent swapping/spec swapping more viable. Sorry for the long rant, it's really early here :p any help would be appreciated. PS. The other dps was a hunter (not sure what spec, I think BM), demo lock, unholy dk and ele shaman.Evìll11 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Some Questions on Green Fire Is it totally permanent? As in, once you complete the quest, your fire spells are now green? Or is it a toggle or something, or you talk to an NPC to turn it on/off? Also, are there any fire effects it doesn't change, such as the Burning Embers aura etc? And to recall, the item that starts the quest is a rare drop on any/most Isle of Thunder mobs, yes?Trekhar10 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 destruction I have a lvl 53 lock and I'm switching from afflic to destro so I was just wondering what spells should I have on my bar?...... I need to get intellect gear right?Greonal4 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Best Transmog Sets I am looking for a Transnmog set that I can still acquire. I have been going with the Tier 10 PVP Relentless Gladiator set from the Dalran vendor but it doesn't look as good when I need to wear a tabard. It's bl;ackish and has Green skulls as accents. I like black, or purple, or green colors in it. I think those represent the best warlock feel but I am open to whatever people think are the best sets. I can't just go search for how they look online...or can I? Can anyone help with ideas and where I can aquire them?Aalida31 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Touch of Karma versus Archimonde's Vengeance So, there has been word of a buff to AV coming soon to make the talent less... well a waste in most pvp, BUT while we can all get our big boy pants in a bunch about the KJC nerf to filler or the Mannoroths Fury being take OFF most useful AOE spells like Hand of Gul'Dan, let's look at something else we can get upset over! The passive on AV returns 5% of the damage we take, and on the opposing end that is a flick on the arm, not a passive of any concern to any class with the upgraded healing. Though you're thinking 'Nobody gets it for the passive' because we want that 25% damage on our enemies burst. which still mind you, with the healing buff, hybrids and healers don't have to care. This tiny flick having a 2 minute cooldown on a 90 talent tier. NOW let us look at Touch of Karma, the dreaded Windwalker ability, that returns 100%! Not 25, not 50, 100% of the damage they WOULD take as a DoT while they are in a bubble of immunity. With this spell have a 1.5 minute cooldown, and being a non talent spell for all WW Monks. Comparisons: Archimonde's vengeance: Longer Cooldown, Less Damage, No Bubble, And takes a Talent Point Touch of Karma: Shorter cooldown, 4x the damage, a full absorb bubble, and its for all WW Monks Summary: The standard dps monk gets a spell that blows a 90 talent tier warlock choice out of the water in every scope of its utility, and unless the forementioned buff can make it compete, I do not think we as a warlock community should be satisfied.Fraen18 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Absolutely LOVE destro This is the first lock I've taken past 40 and I adore the new mechanics. Does it stay this fun, fluid and awesome at 90? Not caring all that much about DPS, I'm a perennial LFR no time to gear casual loser, but am diggin how the spec plays and might even give it some time in non-heroic raids once I ding. Also I'm a female dwarf lock which means I win a toaster.Shadowdolt2 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Enough with Warlock Clicking I'm so tired of all of the clicking with the rain of fire. It's hurting my fingers. Take it out!Aileena26 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Affliction hit for PVP? Ello lockies, Last night was doing rbg's and was asked to switch to affliction, no problem I can play both well. However they asked if I had 12% hit, which I don't. I have 6.01% from playing destro, and when switch to affliction obviously it's the same. My teammates swore affliction hit is 12%, but I read it's 6%. So what's the deal? Thanks all.Peccavi3 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Dem Locks It has come to attention twice that certain dubious warlocks are interpolating their desires rolling on healer trinkets with spirit procs during my search for Mom, apple pie and the boy you left behind. Stop it or i'll scream.Caisearbhán14 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Which Grimoire for Affliction PvP? And Why? I've been trying all three on my warlock. Having a hard time deciding which one is the best. I like the playstyle of any of them.Shadowblink19 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Am I doing it wrong or. . . I've been camping rares and farming mobs on the Isle of Thunder for 2 weeks now hoping to get the book that starts the green fire quest to drop. Am I missing something or do I just need to keep at it until I finally see it drop?Mephihsto5 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Fel Fire Boss VS Brawler's Guild So for you folks who have done both, if Fel Fire boss was to be in the Brawler's Guild, what rank would it be? (assuming no 2 minute enrage) I'm hoping that BG is training for when I get off my butt and go to the Isle of Thunder.Trekhar12 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 T15 4 piece consensus So have we come to a general conclusion that the 4 piece should be scrapped for every spec in favor of thunderforged off pieces? Or any off pieces with better itemization? Not feeling too sure what to do with the gear I have. Should I replace my helm with a 522 and hands with better itemized stats since I would be breaking 4 piece?Aym1 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Could someone explain to me how this trinket is any good for warlocks Unerring Vision of Lei Shen Item Level 522 Upgrade Level 0/2 Binds when picked up Unique-Equipped: Unerring Vision of Lei Shen (1) Trinket +1467 Intellect Equip: Your damaging spells have a chance to grant 100% critical strike chance for 4 sec. I have a destro lock and i dont see how this trinket would be very good for any class really. 4 seconds just seems to be blah. When would I use it? And does anyone know of a site that lists our best in gear?Bluej8 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Which Spec Should I Play? So I am looking to level a Warlock and most likely play it at an end game level (normal mode with a little bit of heroic raiding). The problem is that I know little to nothing about Locks and I'm wondering which spec would be optimal to level as, and which to raid as. I also ask this because I'm not sure which faction or race to play. I typically enjoy playing Frost DKs, Fury Warriors, Fire Mages, and Assass Rogues. I dislike playing Ret Pallys, Frost Mages, Moonkins, and feral cats. (hoping that gives help in suggesting a lock spec, rotation-wise) Thanks in advance.Hellborne3 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Fel flame nerf to Affliction With the 5.4 ptr updates I saw fel flame will deal 12% extra damage and cost 2% less mana *small cheer*. On the downside, it no longer refreshes damage over time spells (destro) immolation, (demo) corruption, and for affliction it no longer will refresh corruption, or unstable affliction. I think this is a huge blow to affliction warlocks, fel flame was a life saver to easily refresh most your dots without wasting time not dpsing. It might not seem like a lot of time, but to reclick every dot to refresh them every 10-15 secs is a pain *especially in pvp*. My idea is they make malefric grasp keep the dots from losing time while it is being channeled, that or it adds 2 secs for each time it ticks damage. Affliction is one of the weaker specs to pvp with, it doesn't suck but it is harder to use on average than the other specs.Sofferenza9 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 1930 lock LF ~2k RBG regular team looking for a late night PST team Im free after 11pm pst every night (occasionally earlier) and all day sunday-tuesday will transfer for a good team Warden#1117 [EDIT] Oops thought my previous thread post failed. My bad.Drakaeon0 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 1930 warlock LF Stable RBG team ~2k Looking for a team that plays regularly late night PST I am free every night after 11pm pst, all day sunday-tuesday will transfer for a good team. Warden#1117Drakaeon0 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Green fire and glyph of demon hunting Hey guys, I don't normally check out the warlock forums since my warlock is an alt so this thread could've been made already. When I got my green fire on him I noticed that while my metamorphosis changed from purple and black to green and black, yet with dark apotheosis (don't know know if that's spelled correct) the colors stayed the same. I'm not sure if blizzard just forgot about changing it or not but just putting it out there that a green dark apotheosis would be awesomeBrosephstali6 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Demonology PvP I was thinking of going demonology for my pvp spec any tips?Shyoga1 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Leveling a lock through LFD, what spec? I got a friend into WoW, so we have the refer a friend thing going. We plan on leveling through LFD. I initially went destruction, but I'm not really digging it much. I'm only level 19, so I'm wondering if(when) you guys think it'll get better. I'm looking at affliction very seriously, but having not played a lock since 2005 a whole lot has changed. Right now, I'm casting affliction, then conflag, then 2x scorch, incinerate, scorch x2, incinerate, and recast affliction. It just doesn't seem like it's doing much damage, and for the purposes of LFD especially the low levels, I think it'd be ideal to have a spec thats easier to do AoE damage...I really don't know which spec that'd be. Any and all advice appreciated. We plan on doing quite a bit of pvp(arena) at a later point, so he said he had done some research and though destruction was the way to go...so that was the main reason for this current spec, just to become familiar with the tree. Appreciate any and all help.Trapformer5 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Demo PvP: GoSac or GoServ? For PvP, do you guys prefer to use GoSac or GoServ in demo? Explain whyFelun15 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Kanrethad Ebonlock fight I didn't see this posted anywhere else in the forums so if I missed it I apologize. Question: Is there any way (without grinding for another book) to continue to "que" for this scenario after you turn in the quest after the kill? This fight was by far my favorite solo encounter to date. I enjoy the Brawler's Guild encounters, but this is the pinnacle of solo encounters. I enjoyed the mechanics and phase transitions...I want to do it again!!!Alystair3 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Over ego-ed So I have a fun little story for anyone that cares to listen. I was on Oqueue(PVE not PVP) to look for a group for nalak and a possible realm switch to do some rare hunting, and I see this guy wants to do warbringers says all he wants are the mounts if they drop. I agree and we continue he comes to my server and we go to the first boss. He's already ahead of me and tells me to come in and tag it when I get there. So he starts the fight with his voidWALKER out and tells me to pull my walker out also. So I pull out my voidlord and he lols and says should have used GoPet, so I respond while starting my rotation on the warbringer that I'm a demo and that upgraded pets are better for me(I think). So as his pet dies my pet pulls to keep us alive. I look around and say that he should have healed his pet since his was stronger(he had 500K health compared to my 300K), and he says you dont heal your pets you use portals to drop threat... I just said K and started healing my pet which was at half health. He starts yelling at me to use my portals, and then when I tell him that I wanted to keep my pet alive he responds as follows {"LMAO... if you dont know lock. i can teach u... but dont try to teach me. I'm not gonna wast my dps on healing a pet" Line break "!@#$ing dumbass lock"(this was towards me) "get green fire then we talk"} That is exactly what he said. he then rage quits the group after his pet has already killed a warscout that was on top of the hill leaving me with 2 reps plus a bag, and here I am thinking Why does he think he is so great? Any thoughts about this guy? Am I being weird for healing my pet. If so I would like to know. Edit:spelling-my grammar is probably horrible, but I'm no good at it sorryAoespam8 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 Best Warlock Transmog Weapons So which weapons do you think make for a good warlock transmog. You may like this sword because let's say it looks good but you like this staff because it fits in with the lore w/e the reason just post it.Dotrotten12 Jul 2, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Demo PvE lock LF answer to gear question HELLo FELlo locks. Take a look at my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuluhed/Lesangre/simple Currently using 483 2 set pc bonus. how do i find out at which point i benefit less from the bonus and MORE from higher i lvl gear. I have found shoulder and head epics at 489 but i think i do more damage as currently equipped. Help much appreciatedLesangre1 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Which GoSup pet is best for Afflic Ignore my current spec i was just tryin out destruction to see wat i like and im going back affliction but wen i play i like to use the upgraded succubus. Is there a big dps difference between that and the upgraded fel hunter?Sýnç1 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Locks will hate me for this suggestion ok so i think the green fire boss... should be changed.. not mechanic-wise but ilvl wise. so as your ilvl goes up, so does the boss. i dont think it should be easier based off you getting better gear.. example is next raid youll have what? a 550ish ilvl? making the boss a piece of cake.. or next xpac itll be a joke. i think it should be ilvl scaled i did it in last seasons pvp gear in 9 attempts.. why? how? because of 2 factors. 1) i knew the fight 2) i know my class if you have those 2 down, the boss is not hard i dont think ilvl and gear should make this boss easier.. this isnt something you NEED so why should gear effect it... you all will prolly disagree and rage at me but idc, this my opinion. i soimply think it should always be a challenge no matter your ilvl, gear, xpac, etcTurtlesrock10 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Green Fire Quest / Black Temple Bug Does anyone know if there has been any word on fixing the bug that doesn't let people on the green fire quest (I believe the bug also exists for people who have completed green fire quest) into normal black temple? I miss trying to farm Illidan for the felpuppy staff. :(Morcanna4 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Demonic Gatway 5.4 Demonic gateway debuff is going up to 60 seconds. That jsut seems ridiculous. I can see how that could be used to balance pvp. And i dont normally pvp. But 60 seconds just seems over the top The debuff from using a Demonic Gateway has been increased to 60 seconds (up from 15 seconds). From the latest patch notesVrazel2 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Haste and breakpoints..... I find it useless to stack haste until a breakpoint for Doom......we refresh it before it drops off and on aoe, the adds die before it ends but even then we might refresh it if its worth it. what I rather stack for is the shadowflame dot...anyone got any figures for that? its almost always on top for dmg done in an aoe situation.Salpsan2 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Returner lock need help Hello, I return to wow after 1.5 expension, just ding 90 2 days ago. so wow change so much, and I forgot a lot of thing too. now I need some help on pve question my current situation is: i'm a mining(600)/engineer(590), destruction as main spec, off spec be Demo(but I find it confusing), armory said I currently have 420ilevel, I got currently 3.8k Justice Point, 70 Valor Point, 10k gold. i'm farming Frostscythe of Lord Ahune staff now, it drop from Satchel of Chilled Goods right(wowhead didn't show)? and hopefully a Shroud of Winter's Chill too. so how should I gear up? how should i spend JP wisely? what is the spell hit cap again(number and % please)? should I keep to run normal dungeon til i have enough ilevel to run heroic dungeon then raid? damage role queue takes so long :( which easy raid should I start first? or LFR makes it all roughly the same. destruction spec stats priority: hit cap > int > crit > mastery > haste, correct? demo spec stats priority: hit cap > int > mastery > crit > haste, correct? should I go double engineering trinket? I can cast rain of fire in 3 different area, if I cast all 3 on the same area, the damage doesn't stack right? thank you in advance.Imbecile5 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Destro stats I read icy veins and it says int>hit 15%>haste>master>crit i am subscribed to mister robot and it says int>spellpower>hit 15%>crit>haste>mastery Soooo... which way should i go?Muramasa6 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Hitting 90 soon, Afflic or Destro for PvP? So I think I've got a crasp overall of the glass. Hit 85 today, bout halfway to 86. I leveled as Destro for the first 10-20 levels, then went Demo the rest of the way. Now from my own googling and forum searching I often see people say current patch status, Destro is the hot kid on the block. I can "kind of" see why, with it's burst but at the same time it seems kind of lackluster in the tools department aside from burst. I've also tested Affliction a little, as from a playstyle slash "flavor" view I would prefer Allifiction since I can pump out three dots very quickly on a ton of targets, four if I took the time to get UA on them. My healing seems ok with the standard lock toolkit. However managing dots on everyone, while keeping up with what CC's I have available, trying to wrap my brain around Soulburn, etc it doesn't quite "fit". Would prefer not to do Demo for PvP, I like pets and such but I never want to depend on my pet. It's a nice bonus but not something I should rely on. So with 5.4 on the PTR, which could take many many months to hit live servers, what would you say between the choices of Afflic or Destro? I like Arena's but I'm not so good at them, I tend to stick to random BG's and rated BG's so larger team pvp is preferred over 2's or 3's.Mavrickrolld4 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Green Fire help please? 2nd Felhunter Phase Let me start this by saying my problem is NOT losing my Pit Lord during the second wave of Felhunters. My issue is with dropping aggro off Kanrethad. I have no problem using Soulshatter just as he's about to summon the Felhunters the first time, but the second time it doesn't seem to do anything. I thought perhaps my problem was that I was damaging the boss after hitting Soulshatter, thus pulling aggro when he was done summoning. I've tested this several times and can safely say he still aggros to me regardless of being hit with DPS from me or not. What keeps happening is, right after all 3 hunters are on me, he casts a little Soul Fire at the Pit Lord (located way on the other side from me) then turns to RoF on my head, a few curses and then a nice fat Chaos Bolt. When I attempt to shield myself from it (with Sac and Unending Resolve) the Bolt goes right through it, I assume the Felhunters are eating them but cannot be sure. I have tried to DPS them down faster than he casts Chaos Bolt but can't quite swing it. I've tried having the Pit Lord attack him to regain aggro but it doesn't work, and more than once it's caused my enslave to get eaten. I suppose my option is to LoS the boss for this phase, however I'm not really looking forward to doing that unless it's the only way. After 75+ wipes, I have mastered my own system. Once I get past the second Felhunters, it's been smooth sailing through the rest of the fight. (I've gotten him as low as 10% before making a really stupid mistake like missing a Cataclysm or smacking a button I didn't mean to while my heart is racing). SO ... anyone have any tips for getting Soulshatter to work? Is my timing off? Is there a right time to use the gate before/after Soulshatter and before the Felhunters? Help! This is driving me very slowly insane.Lee11 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Green fire Q was amazing I loved every second of this challenge. From a TBC player it felt so epic to enter black temple with akama at your side, going through all of BT , so much lore involved. Even the last boss felt about as epic as fighting illidan. Im not a full time warlock so this encounter proved to be pretty rough but nothing I couldnt tackle in a days time. Ive done a lot of encounters in this game and Id have to say this was ,stand alone , the most gratifying boss kill for me. For those of you who havent finished this, dont give up. I def have a lot of respect for any warlock who completed this.Deuces0 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Destruction locks and ember regeneration Now they are nerfing ember generation with ROF are they doing anything to compensate for its loss? I have to work my !@# off to just get embers so I even have a chance to compete with top dps in my raids. Single target fights sucks trying to generate embers and warlocks shouldnt have to work so hard just to compete. Shoot I have a 514 windwalker monk and I barely have to do anything at all to sustain 125K dps, I could say the same with my 509 unholy DK as well. I hate the ember mechanic to be honest so i really hope they will make this better on single target fights. And dont even get me started on the KJC nerf.Grimsock12 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Archimonde's vengeance in 5.4 Please nerf AV, it's an OP talent when you compare it to the new MF and KC. I'd say, nerf it to only damage the enemy to a maximum of 5% of the warlocks health! It should be fair now, should it not? CynicismSerjaìme6 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 my affliction dps is really low while in demo i can get upwards of 100k but with the same gear in afflic im havving problems getting over 45k its reallly badNosfertu6 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Quick Destro Question Rain of Fire on single target. Yay or nay? And in case of nay, before you ask 'wtf y u ask dumb question u nab' it's because I wasn't sure if the time spent getting Rain of Fire going (aka 1 global) had a payoff in terms of Burning Ember generation, or if you're better off just casting Incinerate.Trekhar2 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Affliction guys... affliction... I'm a destro lock. I love destro same as all the rest of you great folk. It seems that this KJC nonsense is pushing more and more locks to try other specs if not re-roll. I've been testing aff with the new ACV build and honestly it's just not like playing a good ole destro lock. I'm finding some success with aff but it's going to be difficult to predict just how useful it will be because of imminent pillar humping we're going to need to do to cc. Getting Howl baseline just doesn't make up for the ridiculousness of losing just an integral part of what warlocks are in KJC. That doesn't mean that ALL locks use KJC, but what I do mean is that having the option is a vital part of the class. Restructuring the ability is illogical and silly given the reasoning that Ghostnoob has given. In conclusion, for my fellow destro lovers, keep killing mages mercilessly. Do it in demo,in aff or in destro I don't care. Maybe we'll make ghost qq so much that he quits =DÐüsk4 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Best spec for my ilvl? I'm sitting at a 498 ilvl and I'm really wondering if destro is my best choice for dps. I've seen demo's do a ton of damage and even afflic, so should I stay destro or re spec? Also I currently am un gemmed and enchanted for the most part, not me being bad just lazy at the moment.Tyrical3 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Which spec's doing better in pvp surroundings As soon as I hit 90, i'm gonna launch right into pvp and I just wanted to know, based on the communities understandings, which spec is doing better overall in pvp atm? Affliction? Demo? Destro?Narcøtic8 Jul 1, 2013
Jul 1, 2013 Confirmation on affliction dots please.. Hey all been away for most of the xpac and decided to pick up my lock again. Always loved affliction, however i noticed something in noxxic and was hoping for confirmation of the below which is taken directly from noxxic affliction "DPS Rotation and Cooldowns" DoTs: Refresh your DoTs when you receive trinket procs, weapon enchant procs, or use major DPS cooldown like Dark Soul: Misery. This ensures that you have the most powerful version of your DoTs active for as long as possible. If i recall correctly this was the case for spriests and their power word pain last xpac, and Blizz decided this was undesirable and removed this situation from the game. If this was the case for just 1 spell, i dont know im that keen to try to juggle 3 spell in this case. If anyone has some input id be glad to hear it Thanks in advance.Felmyst7 Jul 1, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 5.4 Seed of Corruption? WOW! It's so weird lol, Seed of Corruption seems to do a massive amount of more damage when it explodes on the ptr than on live, but there's no patch notes about it hitting harder. Anyone else notice this?Felun5 Jun 30, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 Affliction Lock Race Change Hi everyone, So I have been considering race changing with this warlock. When I first started playing her I was almost exclusively pvping but now I am starting heroic tot and haven't stepped foot in a BG or arena in a while and have no plan to start back up. The question I have is, is it worth race changing to an orc or troll for the racials or should I just keep my money and stay with the BE lock? I also wouldn't mind hearing what people think about the graphics/animations of those races, I am kinda picky about that stuff (which is half the reason I refuse to play goblins)Amerilynn10 Jun 30, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 Glyph of Soul Consumption bugged? My warlock is no longer receiving health when I kill mobs. I am in demon form and am supposed to get 20%, but nothing is happening now. Has anyone else seen this?Vorlox2 Jun 30, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 What is the demo warlock rotation? I leveled 10-89 as destro and trying to learn demo. The damage is a lot lower than destro I feel like i'm doing something wrong.Deadspots9 Jun 30, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 Green Fire suggestion I suggest that to keep the green fire an exclusive mark for a warlock, that the fight be limited in the same way that challenge modes are.Yes, by placing a cap on gear level.This way, any player who enters will have to do the fight a specific ilvl, ensuring that the fight is not overblown by gear alone and that the mechanics behind the fight will remainThis is an amazing encounter, it humbled me initially and made me give a lot to get it down, I would hate to see it trivialized and the exclusiveness loss simply by the ability to power through it.Xandraith8 Jun 30, 2013