Apr 12, 2013 Ideas on Affliction PvP Affliction's damage and playstyle could use some change. Currently it is too easy to keep the enemy team dotted, but the damage is not high enough. This is not fun. In WotLK you had to cast UA on a target and after getting a target fully dotted, you got to Soul Swap those dots onto another target. That was satisfying. I felt rewarded for getting one target dotted by using a short cd and getting another dotted. Right now burning 3 soul shards on soul swap to get everything dotted in 3 globals is not satisfying. And there is no reason not to. Because affliction damage isn't high enough, you have to decrease the ramp up time as much as possible and get your dots rolling immediately. This mechanic should be reverted. Soulburn: Soul Swap should be removed from the game and the glyph of Soul Swap should be baked into the spell. The glyph was aweseome, but mandatory. Interesting choices in talents/glyphs is what we want. Once SB:SS is removed, getting the entire enemy team dotted will become more challenging, and this should be rewarded by the enemy team really feeling like they're rotting. This will make affliction pressure a real thing again, and increase the skill cap of the class. I understand buffing dot damage will create imbalance in PvE. The 25% corruption nerf at the beginning of the season was supposed to bring down lock damage in raids. There are many ways this could be addressed. The most straightforward would be to change how much damage players take from dots (this is how nether tempest's dps in pvp was changed). I don't know if this is how Blizzard prefers to handle this, but if UA, Corruption and Agony did 120% damage to players (just picking a random number), it would help affliction in pvp without affecting pve. Another idea is buffing dots that are spread with Soul Swap. Soul Swapped dots could hit some % harder on the target you cast Exhale on etc. This would not increase affliction single-target pve damage, and with the 30 sec cd on soul swap, only marginally increase multi-target damage. There are other issues with affliction pvp but this seemed the most pressing. What do you all think? --------------------------- TL;DR - Remove Soulburn: Soul Swap to make dotting the enemy team challenging again. Buff dot damage to reward this. Change how much damage players take from UA/Corr/Agony so as not to imbalance pve.Malfaerious1 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Hit cap buff for Kanrethad How about a hit cap buff for the green fire scenario to help put PvPers on a more even playing field.Aleyria13 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Trinkets? ok so i havem all.. like. all of em. i play affliction mostly and I cant decide which 2 to use... i find the leishen trinket awesome.. other times not. evrelia uses wushoolays and cha-ye's but i feel like breath of the hydra is better. idk.. so... thoughts? oh and sims dont really helps :/Djakamoe0 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Streaming some Warlock Heroic Tortos @8:30est www.twitch.tv/fearuFearu2 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 SB:SoC Snapshotting So when an SB:SoC explodes, it puts a Corruption on surrounding mobs in an area. Do these corruptions use the snapshot from when SB:SoC was cast, or when the SoC explodes?Annorroth5 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 [DEMO] Challenge mode GEMS & REFORGE help! Somewhat of a noob warlock here. He is one of my alts that I don't really raid on, just trying to get the cool CM gear for him. I'm planning on going full Demo for my runs and just curious what I should gem for and reforge to! What I'm guessing is.. gem for int, and reforge to mastery? While obviously keep 15% hits. Do I need haste? Any other tips?Scarsixteen2 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Demonology pve uses... Grim of Sac? O.o Heya, I was looking at the Simcraft and saw that Demonology is the top lock spec now and it is using Grim of Sac. Is this just a random thing or is Grim of Sac actually the best option for Demo locks now? I dunno, just seems so odd that they went with Grim of Sac and got more dps, makes me wonder if they'd do even more dps if one of the other Grims were taken.Relsyn7 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 -This warlock right here- My haste point is relatively low. (no tier pieces and no b/s trinkets) Would respecing out of haste and only using the amount of haste I hold atm be enough because since I'm using [item="Volatile Talisman of the shado-pan assault" /] ???Piedd1 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 So this is what bugs me about our Demons We are classified as a pet class because of them. The only other pet class is Hunter, and compared to them our pets are pretty bad. They have entire talent tree choices for the pets. They bring a lot more utility, they have more pet options, escapes, better movement, even raid buffs/CDs. Several specs in other classes use pets, such as Unholy and Frost mage, and incorporate them into their playstyle. Warlocks pretty much just auto attack with them and forget. Frost gets procs off of their ELemental, and Unholy is constantly empowering their Ghoul. and another thing, our Pets take a major resource to summon or a 6 second cast. It is incredibly annoying when getting Brezzed or when our pet dies that we then have to spend more time getting our Demon out. Mages/DKs instant summon their pets, and Hunters have a free Brez on theirs.Methalos38 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 spell hit bugged? Ok so in game it shows my hit is at exactly 15% but both wow heroes and my battle net profile show my hit is at like 15.71% am I missing something here or is it just calculating my hit rating improperly?Resantha4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Warlock getting back into the game ?'s I haven't played since about mid cata, and just bought the new expansion and am looking for some what I hope are simple answers. This will all be PVE related, I am terrible at pvp and do not find it fun. Talents I have mostly figured out, other than the demon tier which provides the best DPS? I read the sticky but could not completely understand it. As far as specs go is Demo the top spec now? (seems to be what guildies think although locks are rare.) How are locks compared to the rest (this will not sway me from playing my lock, just curious.) Is Felguard the best demon for dps? (Again the sticky was not crystal clear, or I missed it in there.) Thanks for your time, I am really hoping this is a good time to come back, and I can get back to raiding.Gralinn1 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Brawler's Guild I haven't seen too many posts on the Warlock forums about Brawler's Guild. I am curious as to the communities thoughts on Rank 7+.. What ilvl/spec did you complete the Brawler's Guild at? I've read about suggested raid buffs, but Brawler's guild seems to be completely dead on my server. Looking for any general comments on their experience with BG as a Warlock. Thanks..Magoon3 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Dear Blizzard- Thanks for Warlock Green Fire! I just wanted to take a moment to say that was one of the single best quests I have ever experienced in this game so far. The final stage was one of the most challenging encounters I have defeated so far out of any content including vanilla. You made me think about the encounter, master my class mechanics, and preform near flawlessly to get something that I am proud to have earned. After completing this quest I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, and I honestly think it made me a better warlock. Every class deserves a quest line of this magnitude, and please do not change a single thing. No nerf. No tuning. Nothing. When I see someone with green fire, or people see me, they understand the difficulty and skill needed to accomplish this feat. Hours spent wiping: ~6 Flasks consumed: 6 Jade Serpent Pots: ~50-60 Gold spent on tome: 3k Gold spent on repairs: 1500g+ Forum posts read: 5+ Videos watched: 5+ Times I nearly broke something close to me: 20+ Hate for felhunters: Overwhelming Profanities screamed: Countless Sense of satisfaction when I beat it: Euphoric To everyone else who is still working on this encounter, don't give up. Don't ask for a nerf. Don't buy into the fact your gear isn't good enough. Tips from a terrible warlock who finished it: - Flask the entire time. Pre-pot Jade Serpent, blow Dark Soul on opening. - Glyph of Enslave is critical. Talent adjustments for this specific fight are too! - Felhunters are the biggest hurdle. The Pitlord charge is AoE, so use that once the puppies are on you with his breath and you will leap right over them. - Watch videos, specifically this one, if you think this cant be done with a gear score below 470: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmZYhh2WZ5w (468 w/ Greens lol!) - Talk to people who have done it, or who are trying. - Be prepared to use all of your skills as a warlock: Demo Gate, Demo Circle, Pet Micro-management, dispells, stuns, AoE, Soulshatter, Doomlord, LoS.... use it all. - Lastly, I suggest a POTION OF PURIFICATION! When you feel confident you can reach the end of the enrage timer, use these potions with no debuffs on you (Stand in the Pitlord breath) and this will REMOVE THE CURSE OF DOOM. From here, its really simple to keep up with the mechanics of the fight and get him down. Thanks again for this experience blizzard. Black Temple is one of my favorite raids, and spending a few more hours on Illidans perch was thoroughly enjoyable (while I wasnt losing my mind and raging). Please dont change a thing about this fight, people deserve the opportunity to face this type of challenge! - DygDygnity1 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 pvp resources Hi guys, Coming back to my lock and leveling her, the plan is just to pvp at 90. I am wondering if anyone could share links to some of their favorite warlock youtubers. Im a big fan of Cobraks content, but I haven't located any affliction content creators that compare. If your a fan of somebody, or know of a channel that puts out useful resources for new warlocks, please share!Qqforfears0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Should I get the Pledge out of the cabinet... ...and dust off my lok or look for another alt to lvl? I have not seriously played my lok since WotLK and I realize a lot has changed. I just do not see a lot of loks around on my server. Crazy playstyle this tier/xpac? I have some down time at work today so I will catch up on the how to threads here shortly. Anything off the bat I should shoot for after lvling? Any rep I should focus on while questing/quing? I used to focus on PvP but have no desire to continue that these days. Due to a new baby PvE is my time sink when I have one.Hefferweizen2 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 So when can I start playing affliction again? Would like to play affliction again, I'm just not getting any answers as to what my stats/gear should be like before I can play it again. Thanks in advance. edit: play it when it can actually perform better than destro.Curious4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 I'm BORED! Will it always be like this? This character is boring. I switched to Destro because things in instances died so fast my DOTs would never tick. Destro is better, but I feel like this is a one-trick pony (CHAOS BOLT!!!!) and the rotation is kinda meh. Does it get better as I level up?3 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 I did it! Nope, not another green fire thread. I did that, it was a great personal accomplishment, but there's enough of that on this forum. Instead, I managed to reach rank 8 in the Brawler's Guild! This has been a personal goal for me since they announced it (I wanted the heirloom fists) and I was even more pumped to get it with the changes coming to the Brawlers Guild in patch 5.3. On a personal note, the last fight is super easy compared to the first 3 on rank 7, but even then I found Battletron easier than Dark Summoner. Good luck to everyone else who is trying!Gorbilix1 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 If I can do it, so can you. Just got my green fire in this gear (473 with a few quest greens even) and I just thought I'd share what I did. Not here to brag, just saying that if I can do it in this gear and less-than-stellar skill level (I've only played a week or two at 90) in 2 one-hour sittings, then you definitely can too. I used pretty much this guy's exact strategy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8jZcA2GUWo except I put both portals as close together as possible along the middle ring so as to use it as often as possible to keep aggro off me. I also used the pit lord's charges a bit differently and was able to keep the Doom off my until during the first fel hunter phase (not that it mattered, I had the purification pot). The only macros I used were for enslave and /petmoveto. One thing that I found useful is to simply write down exactly what you need to be focusing on each fight, specifically things that you don't have down exactly, in a sequential order. For instance, I would try to perfect the imps before even thinking about the fel hunters. This strategy is proven to be the most efficient learning and memorization tactic. Identify what you are failing at, separate it from the concerns of the rest of the fight, and tackle it on its own without even concerning yourself with other things.Caledor10 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Green Fire boss can the boss be done with my current gear?Fuze7 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 An easy solution to Green Fire fight Having trouble with the Warlock Green Fire Fight? Have you spent hours and hours watching videos and dying countless times? Have you asked for nerfs only to be insulted by other players? Tired of people telling you that you need to work for the quest after you put plenty of effort in? Here is an easy solution: Just quit this game. It's the only leverage you have. Forget the stress, forget the nerdragers, forget blizzard ignoring your pleas, save your 15 bucks a month. None of this garbage matters anyway. Why argue with people or watch them passive-aggressively display their vanity pets/gear/mounts/green fire in your face? Don't give them a forum to do so. Go outside, meet new people, learn new skills, play new games. Stop stressing yourself out and putting in effort like you should at a job or school into a video game.Benderlock5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 A Radical Idea for Demons What if, instead of being a Perma-Pet class, Warlocks instead summoned Demons as Cool-Downs for their abilities? Think of it like this: Mages have counter-spell. The Warlock equivelant would be Summon Fel Hunter, which would Silence upon entering the field of battle and attack for a short time before leaving. Void would Taunt and Disarm, Succi would Seduce, Imp would dispel, Fel Guard would Stun. So basically what Grimoire of Service is now would be what Warlocks would have baseline. However, Grimoire of Service would be changed to allow a Permanent Demon for those that prefer that playstyle, while still allowing a 2nd Demon to be brought out for its abilities (but on a temporary basis).Methalos23 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 5 Hunters and Apotheosis Roar of Sacrifice rotation and warlock tank. My friend is trying to convince me that it would be possible in a normal raid. I know nothing about warlock mechanics and would like to get more information about this.Greendle10 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Warlock and friend 2 manning Uld25 Come hang out and keep us company, and stuff. See the nub where m arm used to be http://www.twitch.tv/1armmanny/ Might also go solo Aly after as well as some pvp! Look forward to chatting with some of youArmanî0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Keep Kanrethad difficult Finally got my tome last week and I just downed Kanrethad with a 486 ilvl and about 50 attempts over 4 days. Honestly, I really truly hope that Blizz keeps the fight this hard. After the hotfixes it's not buggy or glitched anymore, it's just complicated and technical, and takes practice and execution. I stopped raiding after wrath because of work, and this has just ousted killing the LK for the most fun and satisfying experience I have had in my 6 years in Azeroth. Please Blizz, keep this fight hard. It's just a vanity reward, so it is in no way mandatory or even related to gearing progression. But in the past month, when I've seen a lock with green fire, I immediately know that they are a skilled player that have mastered their class. The sheer difficulty of the fight has created a kind of solidarity among warlocks that no other class understands. I see warlocks readily sharing strategies and experiences with the fight, genuinely congratulating the new green locks on the server. Blizzard did not just give us green fire with this quest, they gave us a community. It is a great time to be a warlock. Blizz already has developed the tech to scale up and down player and item levels. I really hope they use that tech on toons that enter the scenario through further patches and expansions. Lower players to 90 when they enter, and scale gear to 522 or whatever the ToT bosses are dropping. Keep green fire like challenge mode gear: something that takes skill and determination, and a rite of passage for warlocks. Not something that anyone with a warlock alt can faceroll 9 months from now.Albert0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Destro stat weights Confused as hell about what stat weights should be... At the moment im mastery>crit>haste 21** I know that mastery is better for cleave and crit for single target fights... but mainly for tot progression where do I want to be I have 7.5% crit and 60% mastery. I destroy AoE fights and haven't tried and single target fights as destro yet considering we just started throne and i switched to destro for horridon, after first boss was already dead. and I go demo for council where we are currently. So basicly im asking should I listen to mr.robot and go straight crit? or should i stay where I am stacking mastery with crit as my 2ed priority or should i try and find a happy medium? or is that even possible, destro is completely new me. as affli or demo i have stat weights down to a science. I'm really enjoying Destro as of right now im planning on switching back to affli when my gear gets high enough and keeping destro because it seems alot of ToT fights seem to cater alot more to Destro then demo this tier(horridon, tortos, magera, primordius, animus)Loches57 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Discussion : The Future of the Warlock This post might run longish... so read if you like. Please contribute with your thoughts etc etc. I wanted to bring up some things i've noticed about warlocks this expansion and the future. Overall in raids and such we have some pretty sexy dps numbers and can compete for top dps positions with the current state of our damage. We've gotten little spurts in special treatment like having a new green fire quest line.. i got mine... i luv it... goes with my blood elf and her xmog set to look pretty fierce xD I want to talk about the few things i think need to be addressed for warlocks other than cosmetics. Mentioned in another post most warlocks will agree partially if not fully about our pet system. Its varying degrees of messy if not inferior compared to hunters pet system. Hunters can tame new pets... name them... spec them.. and when used in mass spam say like a beast master pose a real threat to most classes in terms of their damage, annoyance, usefulness... Warlocks get 4 demons, 5 with Demo, can't change names of them (not important nor lore friendly) and can't spec them or specify how we want them to operate.... i.e use succy/shivar for cc and control... felhunters for antimagic... imps for a touch of more dps... void's for pve tanking..rare... unless soloing older content... or leveling. With Pandaria about nearly at mid expac now i'm already starting to look ahead to see what blizzard is going to throw at us next. Personally i hope the next expansion will be our push against the Burning Legion as I feel wow is ready to bring this whole story into the main climax.... no Illidan and Kael'Thas were only lackeys and wannabes compared to the taste we got in Sunwell ( Kil'Jaden... the Eredar... the demons of countless number....the powerful Demonic Lords who dwell in the nether.... all that... sounds like a warlocks bread and butter... like Shadowmoon valley on proverbial crack....to pull a diablo reference.... the Prime Evil's Playground.... What are the thoughts going around about this stuff... Say what you like etc...Be constructive.Âmbròsià8 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 The problem with Flames of Xoroth Whenever i use this spell to revive my last pet (like if he was just killed) the Command Demon ability glitches and doesn't work (it will stay in its "inactive" mode... the form it takes when there isn't a pet active). This has become irritating.. my pet doesn't die very often mind you... but in the few cases it does using the Flames of Xoroth doesn't help alot sense I can't use the Command Demon ability until i summon the demon properly. Anyone else seeing this problem (or am I the only 1?) and if so... should we all make a bug report ingame? or is there a place we can post this problem on these forums?Zinstorm5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 I want to be a frost warlock Remove frost from Death Knights because I want it, then let me be shadowfrost magic! Druids get four trees! Why not me :'( It'd be awesome, casting shadowfrost demon stuff, pew pewStillmatica22 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Destro or aff for pvp? What makes Destro stand out? What makes aff stand out!?Snowypeak4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Thunderfury Club Did someone just say..... All these warlocks and tanks hating lock tanks...course we can tank, when we got this blade handy.Onivex5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 To pay respects I respect each and everyone here who has NOT complained about this greenfire quest. I could care less about green fire but I want to get the tome and get to this quest before the QQers get it nerfed I hate seeing good, challenging fights get nerfed to the ground because its not handed to you. If it wasn't hard it would not be rare and would be boring, The harder it is the more accomplished you feel after you EARN the reward. PvP aside this game is already unbearably easy for the Warlock class especially. Its nice to have a challenge.Styx20 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Demonology: Pet Spec? Or Burst spec? In terms of pvp, I'm not quite sure whether or not to take supremacy over sacrifice or service. I compared my wrathguard to my hunter friend's pet, and I only got his pet down to half health, no kill command or command demon. Sad part is that I have 3% more resil and 2% more power, and my pet was glyphed for more health. Then again, my fel imp glyphed completely obliterated his pet from full to half with one fel imp burst. Then we look at sacrifice plus burst mode, and I'm hitting fully geared players for 90k+ with soul fire, 60k+ chaos wave, and 40k+ touch of chaos. I'm quite confused, are we a pet spec, considering the wrathguard is cool as !@#$ and would appear to do more damage than a wimpy porcupine? Or are we better off just killing our incompetent minions for better damage. Sorry for terrible grammar, posted on a mobile deviceRaggert15 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 3s team idea Was wondering, would something like Hpally, Hunter (pref BM), and afflock work? In theory, there would be little DR and between the cc from both the hunter and lock, as well as the burst and pressure respectively.Hauntær2 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Kanrethad, Post you're tips & tricks! G'day everyone, just wondering if others who have/ haven't downed this difficult boss yet, could share there knowledge and tips and ideas as how to down this guy, I am struggle abit, but it's a challenge! anything will help :) the strat that I use, is to use my demonic portals close to each other and use them as much as possible, to drop threat and make Kanrethad attack the pit lord instead of me, I have no problem downing the imps, just roll immolate and RoF, and the pit lords green fire breath spell. the hellhounds, are abit more of a challenge. I can and do get past them, but sometimes it takes me 3-4 try's to nail them, and then once I do, the second set just trounce me. that mini-stun similar to the mage's in the Kael'thus encounter is quiet annoying is there anyway to clear the mini-stun? becuase sometimes I don't even get it at all until way later on in the fight, sometimes alot earlier.Leru27 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Affliction Help So I need some help. I have been reading and testing and reading and I still can't seem to get my dps in Affliction up with my Destruction spec. I don't have a Log yet because I am just doing lfr. With full buffs I get to about 65k. If you wouldn't mind taking a look over my gear maybe and see if I am doing something wrong there. that would be appreciated.Tenebrefigo4 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Affliction Healing Really That Bad? I have some toons between 60 and 80 and am playing around with them. One is a lock, mid 60s. I'm not trying to troll yall or anything and admit up front I'm not a whiz at any class, let alone lock. Not even 70 yet heh. But I am kind of curious about the claims that affliction can't self-heal for hardly anything. What I am doing now seems to work pretty well for survival (well for a pure dps class). Is it going to change at higher level? Because presently I am getting health back with this stuff: Mortal Coil - 15% of my hp back every 45 seconds Dark Regeneration - 30% of my hp back every 120 seconds Health Stone (buffed with glyph) - 40% of my hp back every 120 seconds Drain Life - 12% of my hp over 6 seconds whenever I want When I need to heal up badly I will use Dark Regen which gives the 25% bonus to all healing and then use Health Stone right after, and if I'm really in trouble then Soul Burn and Drain Life, so that Drain Life healing buffed 25% from Dark Regen and 50% from Soul Burn. When I get glyph of Siphon Life then combined with Mortal Coil could be two little sources of health like maintenance but with the stuff above for oh shoot moments. My thinking has been that I can fear, curse, seduce and just in general be annoying in pvp but also be able to heal myself pretty well every couple of minutes if someone gets sick of me being a pain in the butt. Right now in pvp (only level 60s) it is working okay. Not like I never die or anything but I can fear and coil and seduce and curse a group of enemies while standing in the background and if a couple enemies rush me I pop Unending Resolve and Sacrificial Pact and then heal up pretty well if needed. Goes okay about 2/3 of the time unless I am getting hit by a train. Will this not work out so well anymore at higher level? I'm not saying Affliction is okay right now or anything. Don't even know enough to comment on that but have noticed that I am more useful being a pest than trying to kill people much of the time in battlegrounds. But as far as the healing specifically, is it going to get worse? Honestly confused as to why people say the healing is terrible.Zweifel2 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 some affliction pvp needed changes IMO Passive self healing. Siphon life needs to be buffed dramatically, and made completely passive. Im thinking 50% of corruption. Haunt having the health return again. Removing the shard cost debatable, but deff needs the health return again. Fel armor damage reduction. sure we get the extra stamina. But its nothing compared to the extra 5% damage reduction that mages boomkins and priests get. Drain life needs to be substantially buffed. its a complete joke outside of soulburn, and if you have to use a shard to burn drain. LOL, just LOL. Cast time of Chaos bolt needs to be lowered and made not effected by backdraft. just like the good old days. theres no reason why a 2.7 second cast needs to be that long if its going to do less damage than instant pyros / starsurges / abushes / obliterates / mind blasts and so on. Haste should be a thing again. Haste is fun haste is cool. I like haste. Theres more but thats a start.Waracle0 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Demonology PVP 5.2 How is it? Is it better or worse than destruction? I am getting into pvp on my lock and was hoping for some opinions from veteran warlock pvper's. Any info will help! Thanks.Timekills5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Green fire is mine and it can be yours First off I apologize if none of this makes sense , since im trying to jot this down with shakey hands and a racing heart. I orginally started doing this in 476 gear, green trinkets and all. I watched all the videos, read all the write ups (Which id like to thank all of you) Only problem I had in 476 gear was enough dps to bring the fel hunters down 100% of the time using the suggest way and getting Kan into the 20% mark without the "2nd" curse of doom going off... thats 15mins of pure adreneline. Now I seen the video of the person in less gear, but I'll admit I just didnt have that skill level. I'm probably too old at this point. lol. I hit 485 gear just by getting the Shado pan Wrists and getting rid of one of my green trinkets, im still wearing a blue head. my advice 1. Go into the mission without the mindset of "im gonna blow through this" learn the mechanics as they suggested. Know what killed you last time and prevent it from happening again. I did this mission over and over, not counting my deaths and not even using pots or food until I finally mastered Kan's routines.... when he summons, when he casts what , when exactly to move the pit lord and get ready for Fel hunter phases, etc 2. Gear isnt as important as knowing the mechanics...however I will say that having better gear will smooth the transistions. Mainly the Fel hunters. I.e whether your havoc+ Chaos Bolt + Charge+ fel breath kills two fel hunters instantly and gives you two conflagerates to put the third into shadowburn range versus having the third fel hunter at full health and trying to beat the chaos bolt to kill the puppy, which with RNG could still happen. 3. Manage your debuffs as a first priorty, dps the boss second, even near the end. 4. Re-enslave the pit lord during the first doom lord summon. On the second doom lord summon, just use a banish macro to keep one on the out to lower your pit's incomming dmg. Let him tank one to keep yourself from having to fear+banish, unless thats what you like. 5. once you get both doom lords out and your basically at that point just doing the imps , if your dps isnt up to par on boss, you'll need to re-enslave your pit lord again, nothing worse when the boss hits 7m health and your pit starts to kick your butt, two doom lords, and even a few imps out. What I did was waited for the next Cataclsym to use up the pit lords stun, re-banish one doom lord, fear the other, drop my pit lord and re-enslave and then at that point, just dps the boss as fast as possible while keeping an eye on those debuffs first hand. 6. AND MOST IMPORTANT..when you see that shadowburn light up, stay cool ,dont get tunnel vision and die to something you should of seen comming. Enjoy the green.Torlon5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Soul Shards has anyone broght up that fact that our shard Reg is RNg compared to every other specs that have our type of resource system ie: Destro, Shadow Preist, who are able to reg with out Rng. MB gives Orbs, Inc,Rof give embers. It really just hit me today how !@# backwards Aff has become with regaurds to certain Spells and what they do. Compared to past Versions of the spec. if anyone who speaks to GC via Twitter can bring this up it would be nice to see what he saysTraze12 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Warlock Anthem What's your lock's theme song? Mine's "Devil Inside" by Tim Skold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2tYjVdN8DwRozael31 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Minor Glyph: Old Demons with Supremacy I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who liked the aesthetics of the old demons a little better. This would be all the glyph would do. Still get the damage buff, still get the ability buffs, now with 100% less eyebeast.Jethraz5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 Still love affli locks? :D So i just would like to say even though affli locks arent in the best place (pvp speaking) and other specs are better, i loved them in cata and even though the mecaniques changed, they are still a ton of fun. anyone agree?Fallentricks5 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 LFR loot sucks I've been running ToT LFR since the week it was released and I have yet to get a single piece of gear, even with the tokens. Meanwhile, I have collected almost all of the valor gear that I can use. This is dumb. -.-Natalie8 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 11, 2013 SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT, Alright so after 2 weeks of LFR Gathering some PVE Gear after multiple attempts at the Kanrethad quest approx 34 with Full Tyranical pvp gear. I have completed the first phase of Fel Hunters, I am doing quite well until. The Second wave of fel hunters approaches I begin casting Hell Fire ( Rain of fire whatever) I agro the Fel hunters and begin running where i placed my soul portal thingy and i keep agro on the fel hunters i down like 1 of the fel hunters struggling to get the next one it goes down depending on how long it took me i will banish the other one but there is one issue as im killing the 2nd phase of fel hunters my agro resets on kanrethad causing him to come charging at me and casting chaos bolt right next to makeing it unavaoidable NOT saying this needs nerf 2 hard or whatever! I LOVE THIS FIGHT I feel like when i finally overcome it i will feel so rewarded, It's made me a better warlock in general i am learning to usethe banish skill alot more frequently in PVP Just looking for some tips ThanksKarnicle8 Apr 11, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 I miss Demonology pre-MoP :( Does anyone else? I find the new system for Demo rather mind numbing and boring..you just keep 2 dots going while going in and out of the clunky Demon Form...I LOVE the introduction of the random Imps/Imp Swarm, harvest life is cool (although thats open for all specs) and the spell animations are decent...but I sorta wish they had just been added onto how Demo already was. I know it was a bit complicated to keep all those dots gonig but......that's kinda what used to make a Warlock a Warlock...and now Warlocks just sorta feel like Mages... :(Teepeez43 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Affliction < Unholy http://i.imgur.com/15Ck5a7.jpg This happened. 63.5% resil. Hit for about 50k damage every 3 seconds. Our DoTs hit for a tenth of that. EDIT: They weren't affected by resil! Fancy that! ;pOblivion9 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 DKs. I know the game isn't balanced around 1v1 or dueling, but are DKs the counter to Warlocks atm? I mean, it used to be Rogues, but I can't remember the last time I lost in a 1 v 1 scenarios vs a Rogue. I do fine vs literally everything other than DKs, Frost or Unholy. My biggest problem is that even if you force a grip before you port away, they can still silence you from a ranged distance, which is basically another gap closer in itself. Not to mention their immunities to fears and AMS. Every class has counters, it seems like the DK is ours, yes?Octahedron6 Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013 Destruction Build - Extra Interesting Hey there guys I do a lot of different builds and find some interesting things with Warlocks. So here I got a Destruction build that makes use of Harvest Life, Kiljadens Cunning and burning rush, with Glyph of Drain life. I am having a lot of fun using this build in RBG's and BG's, not very optimal for Arena's though. I made a video about this build: http://www.youtube.com/itsmother5 In it I demonstrate the build some and along with this I am wondering what some of you guys think:) Thanks!Ohmother1 Apr 10, 2013