Nov 14 New main guilt So I've been leveling this warlock up to be my new main for the coming expansion. But does anyone else ever experience a feeling of guilt over moving away from a character you've spent so much time on ? Am I the alone in feeling this way?Ithil6 Nov 14
Nov 14 Green Fire I just started playing with this lock and after reading a few posts here I am seeing a lot of people mention a green fire quest. Can someone explain what this is?Merdyth14 Nov 14
Nov 14 I just had a great Idea For BoA what if they re-vamped all the specs with short dots? For example, CoA lasts like 20 secs, Corruption lasts like 18, and so on. What if each dot only lasted 5 seconds? They could have some small, initial damage and the rest could be over those five seconds. The class would instantly be more engaging because it would require a lot more user input and there would be less of a need for draining/spamming the same spell as filler. The damage isn't important since i'm only talking style. This would also bring dots more in focus for demo and desto. Doom probably needs a rework but immolate would work fine. There was a time when all three specs could use Corruption and CoA as well. If the identity of each spec needs to remain super unique we could get new dots. Each spec should probably have 3 anyway. Demo technically has Doom and HoG but a shadowflame dot would be easy to squeeze in. Destro is a little different. It would probably need dots created specifically for it.Infernus4 Nov 14
Nov 14 Best addon to track dots on a target? Im looking for a non-intrusive addon to track DOTs on a target and display them on the screen. THANKSCrucifilith9 Nov 14
Nov 13 27 Million Sweet Souls Proc My rocket boots backfired as I left the Class Hall and when I used a Healthstone, Sweet Souls decided to heal everything in Dalaran for a total of 26,787,113 HP ...Psyche6 Nov 13
Nov 13 ETA for making Demo Locks great again? Do we have to wait for summer 2018? New player here, who used to play wow 10 years ago on private servers. I always had a thing for Locks and i really got excited when i heard about making your demons "super demons" at a certain level . Now, after returning to play, i just discovered that this talent had been completely changed LOL Now i have to deal with puny and disgusting imps, that 2 dogs that last 10 sec, spamming demonic empowerment every few seconds etcTuamãe21 Nov 13
Nov 13 warlock imp will not attack targets warlock pet will not attack targets. need help. This has been an issue for a very long time, since the very beginning of legion at least. Figured it would be a bug that would get fixed after a couple patches. i have come back to my warlock and have realized this is still an issue, and i cannot get it fixed in game. i have of toggled all of the passives and assists but it wont work. Specifically its my imp that wont attack any targets, my other minions will work perfectly fine. But even if i specifically tell it to attack a target it will stand still and not do anything. that Attack icon will flash red as if it is attacking but it doesnt. Again this is a bug that has been happening for a very long time, and i dont know what to do to fix it. Someone please help.Jujoo1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Class Raid Buffs? So I stumbled across this neat article on Wowhead. http://www.wowhead.com/news=275398/class-raid-buff-abilities-returning-in-battle-for-azeroth. And I was reading all these neat buffs other classes can provide. Some seems to be passive, like demon hunter 3% haste. Death Knight 5% leech. All neat. Then I read the warlock one. Curse of the Elements Your damage curses the target, increasing magic damage taken by 5% for 1 min. It's neat we get another ability but why does it only have to last a minute? Is it going to be applied to all targets within a certain vicinity or am I going to have to individually apply this curse to all targets while every other class boosts their dps from my curse and I'm over here wasting a gcd every target while applying my own dots to it. Why cant we just have an ability like Dark Intent where it's applied to myself and a target for 30 minutes instead of having to add another weakaura tracking this 1 minute debuff. Or possibly turning it into a 5 minute debuff where we could just apply it to the main boss and some giant adds and just forget about it for most of the fight.Ithziel2 Nov 13
Nov 13 BLIZZARD FIX DEMO if your fine with how the class is then leave a comment but if you want demo to be change by a little or a lot please visit these forums and link other forums down so we can connect each one and keep them alive keep in mind please read every thing I said and other players said. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758316662 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758226616?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759188413?page=1Arexionah11 Nov 13
Nov 13 Warlocks-fun and good ideas for demo what if blizzard made demonic empowerment a passive and gave demo [demonic calling][impending doom][improve dreadstalkers][hand of doom][grimoire of synergy][demonbolt][soul conduit] and get rid of these talents [shadowy inspiration][power trip][burning rush]grimoire of supremacy] ([implosion] since imp can get root or do no dps to certain classes) and maybe give all locks demonic circle][soul harvest] with the talents left you will have 15 [shadowflames] :30 empty : 45 stays the same but alot of locks would want [shadowfury] to be instant cast ; 60 still be [soul harvest] :75 [demon skin], [dark pact] : 90 [Grimoire of service] :100 [summon darkglare] 15: would be ([Greater Shard] you no longer have 5 soul shard but 6-10 soulshards) ([Shadow of souls] you have 10% chance for each soul shard you spend to inflict heavy damage to your targets. 30([master of time] your dread and imps stay for 22s instead of 11s) other talent will increase your dread and imp dps by alot more. ([implosion]change so now its a passive so before your imp goes away he goes to the target and blow up and cant be stoped and cause a dot to go on the target stack up to 10 and the dot is fel) 45: stays the same 60: 2 tal to replace the 2 gone is ([imp mother] summon an imp mother who last for 24s she summons so many pets and cant be stun or silance, imps count as your pets to, only way to stop her is to kill her or wait for her to go away, hes hard to kill) ([summon mo'arg] Deal havy aoe dps and protect lock last 30s he can attacks any one whos attacking the lock within 30 yards so if your attacking the warlock and you 30 yards or closer to him your gonna get attacked by him) 75: replace [burning rush] with either these old talents [Dark regeneration] [harrvest life] or a new talents. when your about to die you take all your pets hp to heal you hp to 100% hp, doesn't take main pet hp 2m cd 90: will be summon a very powerful pet of your choice and its not just the pets you have but new versions like inquisitor and jailer as your new main pet. other talent you now have 2 current pets their hp is higher so they cant die but their is a price your consumption doesn take hp from your main pets any more. 100: will be powerful pets ([Jailer] roots and slow your targets down if within 20 yards of itand roots all target near where it was summon by 4s-5s within 20yards and deals good dps ([inquisitor] summon eyes that maker the target take lazier damage) i had a hard time coming up with these but these are just ideas idk if i put all my up on here tho. its just gonna make the class feel fun with all the dif types of pets to summon and ... i just hope blizzard takes some of my ideas if not then oh well rip. i got some more ideas like summon a fel bat to carry your target away from you and make them take fall damage but ill save a lot of my ideas for later or never.Arexionah106 Nov 13
Nov 12 How to gem/enchant multi spec legendaries? Hi. Questions basically in the title. I don't know what to do with the prydaz I just got since from what I get from research, the enchants are different across specs. If I put +600 mastery, affliction gets good use out of it, but apparently it sucks for destro. Gems I guess haste is a safe bet?Bwuahahahaha2 Nov 12
Nov 12 How m# of u prefer demo over the other 2 spec blizzard said that every one kept on complaining saying demo is to hard to play and that their force to play demo because demo is the best spec every expansion. with that being said blizzard basically said that nobody wants to play demo besides a very very few amount of player and that every one wants to play destru or aff. they also said that every one or mostly every one is force to play demo. they also said demo is always the best spec in every expansion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-4u6gn1r4U&t=29s theirs a lot more sources from blizzard saying they don't want you to play demo and bad things about demo. aff can use a tiny bit of tweaking but destro needs a lot of fixing and also demo needs extremely a lot of fixing or a lot of fixing. here's my forums and other forums. ik my ideas will be ignore because a lot of player gave up on warlocks and blizzard doesn't care about warlocks their lazy because to them at the end of the day it doesn't matter how hard you work to do as long as you get paid the most in the end. if they really wanted to they could of made legion the best expansion of all times but no they paid people to say it is the best expansion and all that other !@#$ you can search it up. i came up with a lot of good ideas and other player did to but blizzard keeps on ignoring us so rip locks. please help save me and my kind from total annihlation by visiting theses and other sites. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759188413?page=2#post-30 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758226616?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758316662 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758416371?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757707315?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759251639?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759251639?page=1 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759386670?page=1 a lot more to... to many to list and search for these are mine and other people forums that you need to look at i couldn't find them all but i got some. i also hate the artifact weapon and the new thing their doing in legion that is a neck piece. it just means that if you have no life and play 24 7 you will be a god since nobody's weapon trait will be close to yours in result with that and legendarys and the %^-* going on in legion with tal/class//this and that, it makes it 100% requires no skill at all. i'm a pvper and i honestly hate wow because mop was alright/good but wod make pvp unfair and .... and legion just destroyed pvp for me. all you do is sign up and get a noob with you, this game is all about the class/spec you play not skills or anything. they take so many of our abilities and .. away. they try to reduce our abilities and make us play certain class/specs. all specs should be equal with one or so being slightly better and have dif benefits not how it is in legion where one spec or 2 and a few classes are extremely op while others just suck balls. i edited to add this last part their so many players who don't even know how to play their class and don't even know all their abilities even their main/important abilities and so much to say but they still get above 2k and one shots every one easy just because of the class they playArexionah10 Nov 12
Nov 12 Aff or Destro for PVE content? Keep bouncing back and forth. Not sure which one is better. I'll be World Questing/LFR/Mythics once geared at 110. Which in you all's opinion is the best? Thanks!Sullytude5 Nov 12
Nov 12 Demo class fantasy Hello! I have been trying to pin down what was really bothering me about the Demo changes. Losing many QoL abilities (Dreadsteed water walking, Falling Meteor, etc), and losing Meta. But it was deeper than that. Those were symptoms, not the disease, so to speak. So I stopped and looked back, and realized we had turned from our class fantasy to the antithesis of it. To start, we were mages who turned to Fel to make life lazier. In Classic, we coasted on our demons who kept us alive until our cool downs and proc were up, then we laid waste for a few, then coasted on our demons again. In BC, we got a better demon to coast on. Then in WotLK we got a better cool down to lay waste with. Then, we switched to the rage mechanic, cementing the play style., and finally we started getting imps popping out just by doing what we do. All through that, it was our demon minions doing the work of keeping us alive until cool downs were up, or triggering most proc, or building most of the rage. These minions came out and served us, so we could coast along until it was time to be an orgy of destruction. Now, we are the enslaved. We build the resources. And we summon demons for us to serve and placate (DE), or they won’t do the job well. Then it’s like they realize how pathetic we are, so they leave, forcing us to summon a new set of demons to placate to get them to do what we summoned them to do. They don’t stick around long, either. We went from a class who’s fantasy was summoning demons to make life easier, to one where we work our butts off to summon demons, and then serve the demons we just summoned. I don’t care about the specific mechanics. Meta or not, dozens of small demons or a couple big ones. I just want to go back to making the demons buy the time and building the resources so I can be that orgy of destruction I was for all the game before Legion.Dabruck0 Nov 12
Nov 12 MoP Demo Bring it back .....Damaldris2 Nov 12
Nov 12 Finally Created My First Lock LF Tips! Well after 10? years of playing wow and always thinking that this class was the coolest things in the game I finally took the plunge and created one! I know no one cares but, but I am really digging this destruction spec so far and just want to say hello to the lock community and get to know some of the regulars here, as well as just wondering if you all have any helpful tips for a noob!Zalutish18 Nov 12
Nov 11 Advice on logs? I know that I am pretty far behind, but I finally got to PuG N ToS and clear it for the 1st time. (took a long break after ToS launch due to old guild dissolving). One of the guys in the guild logged the run, so I come here seeking advice to push myself further with my spec. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TAfMmY4yzW7JGKhP/ I would like to know what I can do better and what I need to do less of. I feel like I did well on some bosses, not so well on others. Help a scrub warlock out? Edit: Armory is accurate for my talents, gear, etc. This is exactly what I used.Orthoclase5 Nov 11
Nov 11 Affliction advice Hey all, Can you give me advice on Affliction? I've been playing warlock on and off since vanilla but i've been having a hard time finding love for affliction post-BC. I remember affliction becoming really strong in WoD and I know it currently is considered strong, but I can't seem to find that true. During WoD and now, i've been testing Affliction and Destruction on training dummies and I always pull about 50,000 more dps as destruction as I do affliction (at level 100). About 310k vs 260k in poor gear. What is it that makes people swear by affliction? Is there any advice or rotations that you can give me to make me see more equal dps or enough to at least justify trying to level 100-110 as affliction? Right now i dot mobs and they die so slow. My warrior or DH could destroy the same mobs in a quarter of the time. I'm on the quest to choose my artifact weapon so I am desperately trying to understand affliction as a class before making my choice.Kame4 Nov 11
Nov 11 WoW Classic: What was best Lock Spec? So with the announcement of WoW Classic servers, I got to wonder, what was the best spec during that period? Not saying I am going to necessarily go that spec, just want to know for reference if I decide to give WoW Classic a try.Vendall49 Nov 11
Nov 11 2400 implosion :] finally! got 2400 running implosion, got ma enchant so nice n happy i achieved my goal. will record further push from shammans perspective nowNazumar96 Nov 11
Nov 11 So new expansion and no new animations yet Why blizzard? :(Mandrix29 Nov 11
Nov 11 Good ol' days I played a warlock from the day of release untill the first couple weeks of BC. My buddy recently convinced me to come back to the game, of course I rolled lock. As always with this class from my experience anyways one or two specs are viable and one is always broken and hard to make competitive. Keep this in mind I never played a meta lock apparently they where close to being gods to hear people talk. I play demonology and actually enjoy the spec, however DE needs a rework in my opinion. The variety of demons summoned could/should be more diverse, but hell it's the first generation of a completely reworked spec if I'm correct. So it will take time to work out. My biggest complaint is the fact we are locked into our specs and aren't allowed to utilize the vast toolkit that locks had to offer. Such as using our dots for mobility during movement intense encounters. Demon wrath does the trick in most cases, but it is very mana intensive. I miss the old curse of elements/shadows utility so we could increase all ranged casters overall dps. Now it seems most just want us for the sumooning closets (BTW thank god the shard mechanic being changed farming shards before a raid sucked). I'm looking forward to seeing how the new demo pans out. Edit: GrammerZarthros2 Nov 11
Nov 11 2x Legendary Questions Hey Guys Just trying to understand a couple of things. Sacrolash vs Hood So most fights you don;t see the Hood anymore as for Shards best is better and for AoE Sacrolash pulls ahead, On Avatar a lot of people run Hood tho is this because Phase 1 has 2 targets so dont really need the Belt but with Phase 2 only have single Target the Hood gives best of both? Master Harvester People seem to run this on AoE fights, why? You dont spend any more shards that normal so why are people running it so much in the top logs? ThanksBlythyie1 Nov 11
Nov 10 Vanilla Fear Mechanics In the good ole days, maybe mid Vanilla after WSG and AV launched, affl. locks dominated pvp. Why? FEAR. It did not break on dots period. You could just chain fear, dot and watch all your foes helplessly wither away. It was stupid easy. Throw in succubus charm and it was even more OP. Combat rog trying to get the drop and chain stun you? Say hello to my charming stealthed little fiend! It was beautiful, the happy hunting days. Only issues at all were dwarves and fury wars who had fear resistance mechanics. Blizz finally wised up and nerfed the hell out of fear. Wonder what the mechanics for fear will be this time round? Infernals were also awesome. Getting three or four locks to all summon infernals at the same time in AV to storm the bridge, back when AV could take several hours...stupid bridge gauntlet...not sure if I miss that or not...going to bed and night and waking up to the same AV match the next morning...ugghhZorkoro7 Nov 10
Nov 10 Nightwell Arcanum set vs 2pT19 affliction currently running 4p T20 2p T19 with belt/ring for single target but this week I completed the set for Nightwell Arcanum(CoS and Arcway set) and am trying to figure out if I should switch to that over 2T19 my T19 pieces are helm/chest both 910 ilvl and both of my NA pieces are 935 sim wise I'm about dead even either way just looking for a second opinion see what others think about the NA set.Twistedshade1 Nov 10
Nov 10 war attack videos See big videos fighting between Warlock or mage or paladin with monsters. New videos https://youtu.be/Ez_fvptRIdw https://youtu.be/vabyoxyFETA https://youtu.be/I1vr-5jSzWI https://youtu.be/ovGUbTjd5V0 https://youtu.be/HftYO1ZGnxk https://youtu.be/JsJ43M7yAKQ https://youtu.be/4jUSj_QKTO0 https://youtu.be/Y1tB4hPnDFo https://youtu.be/aLR-RbYlJBk https://youtu.be/6FkB1JuJFN4 https://youtu.be/grB0muza04MNickpappas2 Nov 10
Nov 10 DarkPact vs demonSkin in arenas and bg? Which is better in each situation? I have been using demon Skin and I die super fast by demon hunter or warriorMandriuz1 Nov 10
Nov 10 wArlOckss? any one knows if warlocks will be good in battle for azeroth or still be ... :( and gotten no changes? do they still care about warlocks or are they preparing the mass extinction?Arexionah12 Nov 10
Nov 10 Tough decision: mage, warlock and priest I have a mage 880, warlock 888, and priest 885. I am having a tough decision since I want to choose two classes and leave one behind. I really enjoy all 3 classes but I dont have time to invest on them if I want to be competitive. I enjoy the healing role but not as much as dps (I like to do it for convenience) My question is: what classes would you take? and what class would you leave behind?Dotlady9 Nov 10
Nov 10 Why is demo so bad Let me start off saying I got legion a week or so ago after taking a break for a year so the last time I was active was mid WoD but I have always played the demonology spec in PvE and Pvp I've played around 2.2 mmr in all brackets most seasons since mop on this acc (usually through group find or pugs no serious push saying this before an elitist tells me I don't know how to play or understand the game) and done high end raiding mostly in mop but did a good bit of heroic in wod. I know the spec was entirely reworked obviously due to demon hunters getting meta form, but I was expecting them to make up for this by doing a great job however this is not the case. I find the spec entirely boring In almost every aspect the demons aren't that cool besides fel lord which I heard was nerfed and it doesn't take much of a brain to avoid anyway (not to mention its an honor talent). The spec is somewhat viable, but the rotation is a joke almost all abilitys have to be a cast and probably the worst offender is OUR MASTERY the demonic empowerment ability. To be completely honest demo is basically an affliction warlock with dots that can be kited and a few more utilitys such as stuns etc, it feels like Im getting casts off just to get more casts off to keep my crap dots up nothing about this feels rewarding even if you play your rotation perfectly. Now I know this sounds like a rant but its entirely true and the people who disagree with me might say it was bad in the past, but demo has never been worse than it is now in legion in terms not just of being viable but the play style in general.Bewitch69 Nov 10
Nov 10 Need Advice Hi, lovely people! I'm an Affliction Warlock, new to Legion (and for the most part, Warlocks in general) and would love some advice. To start things off, I've read and re-read Icy Veins about 800 times, trying to learn my rotation/priorities, and just generally get a feel for the class with a bit of research beforehand. I'm well aware that these types of sites can't always be trusted, so my first question is: how accurate is Icy Veins ATM? If not at all, then how does the rotation differ? Next up, being a DoT class, Haste is always important, that's a given. The new Mastery seems ridiculously awesome, and so those are likely the two best stats for Aff Locks. But, how should I balance these? Haste to [x] breakpoint, and then as much Mastery as humanly possible? Third, and final for the moment, how much stock should I put into ilvl in the early gearing stages? None, right? It should be 100% about the stats from the moment I start getting purps, and this hasn't changed, correct? (Seems obvious, but just to be safe.) Thanks, in advance, for any and all advice.Boomerino9 Nov 10
Nov 10 My only advice for Demo Rework Make demonic empowerment cause your currently summoned demons to be permanent until killed. This works into the fantasy of summoning hordes of demons, and makes not having to cast the crap spell more than once (either give it a fat cooldown or make it a huge manacost or something)Nazumar34 Nov 10
Nov 10 More Demon customization please! Could us warlocks please get access to the different models and colors of our controllable demons please? Also, any chance we could somehow just access our 2H weapons we have collected in our appearance pages to use for our felgard without needing to actually have the item in our bag or get it on our warlocks?Ajora9 Nov 10
Nov 9 Infernal looks sweet http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2015/november/WoWCine113.jpgForums12 Nov 9
Nov 9 Destro and Mastery Hey Guys With out current Tier 20 we stack a lot of Mastery. Going forward into the new Tier 21 we will not longer require Mastery so is it just me or do we have to kinda re gear.Blythyie2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Eradication talent question Hi all, I just started using Eradication instead of empowered life tap. With ELT a buff shows up with a timer letting me see how much time I have on that extra damage. With Eradication, nothing shows up. I'm assuming I am getting the 15% extra damage for 7 seconds, but cannot confirm. Is that working as intended? ThanksOpensore4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Perhaps a silly question... ...BUTT! When running G:Service or G:Sac do you us the imp (as Desto)? Reading all the guides I can, but not finding anything that suggests what pet to use. It's probably obvious and I missed some #tooltip or something, but I'd rather ask and look stupid now than later on :) Also...why is Fel Imp glyph so expensive? LOL! Caveat to the main question...fresh 110 really, but got a legendary on my first emissary turn in, which turned out to be Alythess's Pyrogenics. Works well for me as I run WQs and what-not (RoF+FnB), so I assume it's worth one of the more expensive enchants and gems? Thanks in advance!Kobri6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Feretory of Souls or Sindorei Spite? I've got Lessons/Magistriek restraints/Soul of the Netherlord. According to Onestoplockshop it says the demo leggo is the best single target for us. Icy Veins ranks Feretory as top with Lesson. I've goy the Feretory and Shawl left for Destro legendaries. Should i just keep hunting for feretory or should i switch loot spec to demo for Sindorei Spite? Thank you and have a good day.Carpathià9 Nov 9
Nov 9 Too much mastery? Is it possible to have too much mastery for affliction lock? it was at 121% and my crit strike was at 9%. I ask because for a while i was doing really crazy damage, leading dps almost always, but for the last few days since moving some gear around my dps has not been that strong (according to Skada). Even the same mythics and +keys my dps seems less than, even though mastery is top stat. I dont know why skada represents my damage in such varied ways. It seems like i do less damage on mythic 0 than on mythic 10 for example. Really frustrating. Any thoughts?Fyreopal9 Nov 9
Nov 9 Curse of elements returns! http://www.wowhead.com/news=275398/class-raid-buff-abilities-returning-in-battle-for-azeroth?webhook%2Fclass-raid-buff-abilities-returning-in-battle-for-azeroth Super hyped for this change, Can't wait to have curse utility back for raiding. Hopefully with this change we see some more changes to Warlock that our community has been very vocal about. Ie burning embers, Dark Soul, Shadowburn, Baseline F&B with toggle, Soulswap, Viable grimoire of sacrifice with pet utility, Soulswap. All the stuff that made our class fun to play. Fingers crossed next expansion is one of the best yet for class design. I have good faith that blizzard will do the right thing with locks.Xelnaz18 Nov 9
Nov 9 Destruction DPS I started playing just after the WoD S.E.L.F.I.E. patch; Wilhame here was my main, spec'ed destruction. When Legion pre-patch dropped I switched to demonology, but eventually switched to a death knight and then demon hunter main. Recently, I decided to give destruction another chance, and I'm really enjoying it. On raiding test dummies in Dreadscar Rift, I'm getting DPS bursts over 1 mil, and sustaining in the high 800k/low 900k range. Although if I slip up in my rotation, I can dip down into the 600k/700k range and it's hard to get back up. Is that decent DPS for destruction? On my DK and DH I was tanking, so I'm a little fuzzy on what's "good" DPS these days. Before you look, there is a bug preventing the Armory from updating Kul Tiras/Bladefist characters. So the Armory is very out of date for Wilhame. Currently, he's at iLvL 912, with 20% critical strike/24% haste/68% mastery, and 5% versatility. He's got Prydaz at 970 and Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish at 970, and I'm in the process of re-gearing to support destruction stats... some of his gear favors demonology. For talents he has Backdraft/Eradication/Demonic Circle/Soul Harvest/Demon Skin/Grimoire of Service/Channel Demonfire. Rotation usually consists of Soul Harvest/Kil'Jaden's Burning Wish/Immolate (which gets to the mob before Kil'Jaden's because Ki'Jadens is slow moving)/Chaos Bolt/Conflagrate/Conflagrate/Incinerate/Incinerate/Chaos Bolt. I keep 100% Immolate uptime whenever possible, I throw in Channel Demonfire and Dimensional Rift whenever they're available, and I throw down Grimoire: Imp and Summon Doomguard on cooldown. If I need to quickly tag a mob (like in world content), I'll start the rotation with a quick Conflagrate, then move on as detailed above. Normally I'm using a voidwalker when I'm on my own, but I'll switch to an imp if I'm in a group. Any feedback for me?Wilhame12 Nov 9
Nov 8 CAGED HORROR TRINKET Hey, i just got the caged horror trinket i lvl 940. But I am not sure if I should swap it to terror from below 910. Can any1 give their thoughtsTirò7 Nov 8
Nov 8 Rotation help I just changed my Lock to my main and am still trying to iron out the rotation. Build: MG AC circle SH (or STS) Rush Supremacy Soul Cond (with the ring) I’m not the fastest clicker (older) so I am using AC instead of Corruption, it works for me. So do I let the UAs totally fall off while draining or do refresh them before they fall off? Is it wrong to refresh Agony earlier than the window to refresh it? Just so I don’t need to stop draining? Thanks for any help. Been asking in Lock Discord, but they don’t like questions I’ve been told.Faballa7 Nov 8
Nov 8 A Fel Flame dilemma I've been leveling a warlock to main in the new expansion. I enjoy affliction the most but I am very excited to do the Green Fire quest. It only effects destruction. I'm torn. Help!Stori3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Demo Lock Hello I started a new Warlock today and I was wondering if Demonology is worth trying to play now a days, I have heard it is not as good as the other specs for Locks like Dest and Aff, is that true.Thunderviper3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Affliction and Simcraft Simcraft always has Affliction at or near the bottom. Is Affliction single target really that low?Iceform6 Nov 8
Nov 8 Screw Demon Hunters Legion is OUR expansion. It is OUR time to shine. Screw those phony rogues on steroids. Demonology ftw, Metamorphosis ftw, RIP Dark Apotheosis.Felstorm20 Nov 8
Nov 8 Demo or Destro for PvP? Anyone have opinions on which of these two specs would perform better/easier in general PvP areas like BGs, open world and arena? Not looking at rated level stuff. Appreciate any opinions on which to roll with going forward. Thanks!Essedess1 Nov 8
Nov 7 Reap of Souls and New Expansion Does anyone know if Reap of Souls will be maintened ? I don't see affliction locks competing without that, since other classes are prob going to receive their artifacs weapon abilities as skills... PS1: I don't know if this subject was target of previous topics, if it is, just link me please. PS2: If this topic was the subject of somethingo n blizzcon, I'm sorry. I didn't search too much about it...Irenikus16 Nov 7
Nov 7 Why don't in game locks use fel magic? Recent lore, the movie, and the guldan storyline stress that warlocks get their power from fel magic rather than shadow magic. So why don't the in game abilities reflect this?Drkdestro9 Nov 7