May 7 Demo Question, Why Is my demons so weak? Title says it all, when I am in Affliction or Destruction my VW takes damage incredibly well however when I am playing demo, he is weak and dies insanely fast as well as the Felguard, am I doing something wrong? They both die in a couple of hits? For a spec focused on demons why are they weaker? I have to be doing something wrong.Zaellus6 May 7
May 7 Where is the scouting map? Where's the scouting map in the Warlock class hall? Edit: Disregard, I'm an idiot. It's your mission table, tab on the bottom.Kazzgrin9 May 7
May 6 Chaos Bolt Animation Am I the only one that doesn't like this thing? Why is it this super slow dragon head that looks like it's from Vanilla with how low poly it is, when we have an artifact weapon that does that same move (1/4 chance to do it anyways) and looks 100% better than the current animation?Goricton20 May 6
May 6 Demonology skull artifact quest bugged? I have run this quest 3 times, beaten the bad guys and cannot seem to acquire the skull. Am I missing the pickup point or is this thing bugged?Duckodeath5 May 6
May 6 Old Abyssal Graphic for Infernal available? Hi, is there any way to change our Infernal graphic to the old firery Abyssal graphic? I'm going to start playing with my Warlock alt again, and was disappointed to see the new graphic for the Infernal. It's got fel green veins in it, but doesn't have all the fel green FIRE coming out of it the way my old Abyssal had. And I can't seem to find a glyph that would set it back. Anyone know? Or are we just stuck with the new crappier graphic now?Ilexivant10 May 6
May 6 Glyph of Voidaaller Please blizzard would be really nice to have a "Glyph of Voidcaller" on the Void walker. I love those lanterns!!Chogarn0 May 6
May 6 Demo, Hand of Doom, and Doom Nonbo? So I've got a fresh 110 Demo lock that I'm really enjoying but I'm running into a little problem that is confusing me a lot. So most of the guides out there talk about taking Hand of Doom for for AoE and replacing Dreadstalkers with Hand of Gul'dan and Implosion. The thing is I'm finding I've got enough shards for another cycle of HoG *well* before Doom is ready to pop on a pack yet if I cast HoG again the Doom is refreshed to its full duration. It seems like a Nonbo (non-combo) to me or am I just missing something in this play style. The main reason I ask is I got [Kazzak's Final Curse] and I like the idea of making sure I have as many demons out as possible when Doom is about to pop yet bringing out Imps will ruin it.Cestus3 May 6
May 6 How much dps does Legendary give Aff? So I really wanteed to play afflock but my first two are portal and sephuz... Will this be a major set back? How much DPS loss?Superbanky10 May 6
May 6 A sincere thankyou Greetings world of warcraft players and blizzard employees, I see my thread for the floating soulshards has not gone unnoticed. I would just like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the new glyphs appearing in 7.2.5 for our floating soulshards. This is something I've wanted back so much since they were removed! It's going to be great having a core part of what made us look like warlocks thematically and visually. Once again thankyou blizzard it's good to see you do care about our class and read the threads here.Xelnaz38 May 6
May 6 No demo warlocks change in 7.2.5? Unless i miss something, that sucksBladesoul30 May 6
May 6 We ride single file to hide our numbersFfobia3 May 6
May 5 plz help my dps! https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mMLpKD1tVwx7ncTq/#fight=30&type=damage-done&source=7 heres my logs . im doing terrible. 40th percentile or lower. can anyone look at it and tell me wtf im doing wrong? i keep dots rolling, get 4 shards and blow my load, MG rinse repeat.Gainzoclock7 May 5
May 5 Did they nerf warlocks? Specifically Afflication? So.. My Health stones barely even restore my health anymore.. wtf?Håste12 May 5
May 5 4pc + 2pc (T19/20) When ToS drops, what combo are you planning on running? Which legendaries? 4pc T20 + 2pc T19 with belt/bracer combo sound like the best? If you're lucky enough to have some titanforged T19, maybe run that 4pc with T20 2pc? Edit: my thoughts are on aff gear.Vaix11 May 5
May 5 Old Malefic Grasp animation? Anyone miss the old Malefic Grasp animation back when it was an active spell? It would be great to see this as a glyph.Makoren4 May 5
May 5 Please Change destro mastery And Swap burning rush and mortal coil for afflictionWardbane0 May 5
May 5 PTR Shard Gen? The shard gen literally feels terrible with DE or SL. I'm still running t19 4pc which - especially considering t20 just got nerfed from 2.5 to 1.5 ppm - I'd actually imagine nets more shards than t20 will. I think at the very worst both set bonuses net the same shard gen. Like if you have to give us basically the same set bonus 2 tiers in a row to buff our shard gen, maybe that says something? Kind of lame we don't have something new and interesting to look forward to in this regard. But anyway, trying to run a contagion build and keep 100% uptime on at least one UA felt impossible, let alone getting a good shard dump off during reap. With a haunt build, it seemed like I was getting 2 maybe 3 UAs during haunt, and that was with pooling whatever shards I got oustide of haunt. Without even talking about the output/DPS, does anyone else think this feels terrible? Or have any thoughts on whether or not they want this to be our playstyle in ToS?Vynnessa9 May 5
May 5 Why is our Class Mount an Undead Mount? You call this thing a class mount? It's a zombie horse. That's cool for Undead but what about us Orc, or goblins, or Worgen. My Orc Male is going to look retarded on this !@#$ horse. Thanks for giving ALL warlocks a zombie horse as a mount that's basically a re-skinned %^-* undead piece of garbage. Would be nice if you spent a little extra time on locks once in a while. #notmyclassmountGothie13 May 5
May 5 there needs to be more change! so 7.2.5 looks like a step to restoring the class we all love but tbh they still got a long way to go. like do they honestly think drain life is ok for destro lock? lets be real here it is completely trash. cant even really heal with it tbh and it does not fit destro lock at all. blizz should bring back ember tap and burning Embers as well. I mean destro has no class fantasy anymore burning embers were a big part of that I really want to know why they will not bring them back. I mean that is what everyone wants. and this mastery we have is so bad. but like for real I do like that blizz is trying to take a step into fixing it but for real we all know its going to take a lot more then just changing shards to shard bits to make people happy! my main problem is the heal destro has it really is complete garbo and is useless in pvp tbh so I really do hope there will be way more changes then just shards to shard bits! I'm not asking to be op I just want the destro spec to be able to stand a chance in fights cause right now it really does not. locks are not wanted in legion content and it makes me sad!Kellindil1 May 5
May 5 Sigh am I dumb? My warlock playing experience has not really been anything before and during cata. I went demo this expac, I love it and all but I really do not like to use addons for numbers. With demo I have read it is almost a must. So should I go for it, err I guess are other people enjoying it with or without mods? Just curious. Hell I am staying demo, lol changed my mind while typing.Audaela6 May 5
May 5 Aff vs sims? I am a demo main and that isn't changing. But considering that I have 48 traits and don't have any more damage boosters other than the infinite coming up, I decided to start leveling up my offspecs a bit. I now have 42 traits in both my destro and affliction weapons. I sim very close to 1 mil dps in my demo set. On a dummy, I sustain 830 - 850k without buffs. In Heroic, I am able to achieve 950k on chrono, 880k on krosus, and 850k on star auger. In this affliction set that I am wearing now, I sim 804k dps (815k w/ siphon life). On a dummy, I only sustain in the low 600k's. What kind of numbers should I expect in heroic nighthold if I play well? Should I be able to get close to sim values? Or exceed with lucky RNG?Impcole5 May 5
May 5 Demo weapon disappearing? Anyone else having an issue with with Thal'kiel phasing out of existence randomly. No issues before 7.2 so maybe it's a tech issue? At any rate I've tried everything I can think of, newest windows update, newest driver for GPU, and did a file repair. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.Ranathis5 May 5
May 4 "I hope this game gives me the ring soon" I should of been more specific. Because now i have Sephuz's.Looneyluna3 May 4
May 4 Demo VS Aff in 7.2.5 Hello fellow locks, I have been looking and testing around the PTR for awhile now and have been very worried about where I see Aff going. There are a lot of scary nerfs coming Affs way and even though I love the spec I have started to wonder if I should just shift gears and level up my demo weapon (as demo has been testing very well in most of all the places I have seen, they are getting a nerf as well but that mostly applies to pvp). I have been Aff from the start of the xpack and really like it, but I just don't see it keeping up with demo any more if all these changes make it to live. It also seems like its going to have at least a slight game play change to try and stay competitive. I am happy to see SE go away, but no so much to see SL get put to a level 100 talent as well as receiving a nerf for its trouble. Right now I pull around 550K ~ 600K DPS in our H NH runs (sorry no logs to link but doesn't really matter) and would like to not take a dip in those number especially heading into tombs. With tombs being much more of a single target raid I worry about being able to gen souls fast enough to maintain reap for the numbers that I believe Aff should be doing, its seems like they meant for the new major weapon talent to be a stop gap for that, but it just doesn't seem to be making up the difference that is needed. So I guess this is just an opinion post, but I would like to hear from other aff and demo locks on what they might think of this and if I should just refocus now and save myself the trouble later.Mekenshi2 May 4
May 4 Thal'kiel's ascendance I only unlocked this trait last night before heading off to bed so havent had time to sit down and look closer at it but the damage seems abit !@#$, is there something that im over looking with this ability? CheersZâvv3 May 4
May 4 Demo lock nerfs 5-1-2017 Demonology PvP template Stamina reduced by 15%. Soul Skin increases Soul Link's split to 30% in PvP situations (was 40%). http://www.wowhead.com/news=263313/patch-7-2-hotfixes-for-may-1st-and-mistweavers-in-7-2-5Hyukin21 May 4
May 4 Am I the only one? Who thinks the hidden Affliction skin looks dumb? We've got this cool scythe thing going and then...this right angle looking mess? Given, Blizz redeemed themselves with the challenge appearance but this hidden skin looks mailed in.Xylrath2 May 4
May 4 Demonology Soulstones Affliction has improved healthstones, how about demonology gets some improvements to soulstones? Casting it on yourself could mean you rez with your last summoned demon, or whichever you had active when you died. You could rez with full hp/mp too, or maybe a some maxed soul leech instead of flat hp. Destro even has the speed buff from DEMOnic gateways. In short I think soulstones need a little love for the demonolgist aspect. I would even be happy with some baseline tweaks, giving affliction and destro and demo these buffs, as long as its cast on yourself. As a demonologist, its terrible to get ganked by some scummy alli and then if I ss, i have to recast my demon. Two seconds can be a long time. One and a half seconds can be a long time too. Show us some love blizzard, <3 you know we love you. It wouldnt create imbalance in the game, since SS cant be used in BGs, it would be almost inconsequential in a raid, and it would make ss a bit more useful in world pvp. Not to say that it isnt already, but unless you have the fight on lock, and your enemy was already almost down, it isn't even always worth using the soulstone. Please keep de Trolling to a minimum. We are de master race.Sharmat1 May 4
May 4 Spriest or lock Sick of this mage honestly. Just sick of every spec being completely RNG burst based. No consistent damage whatsoever, all damage is reliant on stacking CDs + random procs, then you hit like a noodle outside of CDs. Like arcane, rune of power 45 second cd +40% damage, overpowered 60% damage and 60% reduced mana costs, + mark of alune. Just pure cd stacking then you go back to hitting like a noodle, especially if you don't get missile procs. I despise playing melee in general, just feels claustrophobic having to run up to things to damage them. I need something edgy so I am going to go either spriest or affliction lock. Don't REALLY like demo too much + it got nerfed anyway, destro sucks apparently, plus I like dots. Tried boomkin but the dots and starfall tickle now that they got nerfed 50% in pvp, + starfall getting nerfed again next patch. So what would you say overall isn't "better" per say, but what are the pros and cons of both? Ramp up times, pulling more mobs out in the world, solo queueing BGs, 2s viability (lol melee). Just general quality of life stuff. For example I find it terribly annoying on my lock the whole reliance on the artifact ability to do damage, but I like being able to never die soloing stuff and ignoring occasional mechanics because you can heal through it. ThanksKämi8 May 4
May 4 Anyone having aff healthstone issues in PvP? I have a thread I made on the bug forum https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753787161 In it I explain how for some strange reason I just can't use my freaking healthstones as affliction nearly 90% of the time. The icon darkens as if it's on cooldown even though I never used one and won't let me use it. Results in my death over and over and over and over again. If anyone else experiences this, can you please post there so maybe it can get more attention and they'll look into it? Thanks.Soliouss11 May 4
May 4 Streamlining Demonology Some small improvements for the spec: - Demonbolt baseline. Remove Shadow Bolt. - Shadowflame baseline. - Demonbolt applies a self buff on player that empowers all demons he/she summons. Lasts 9 seconds. Spell removed: Shadowbolt, Demonic Empowerment - New Spell: Call Legion. Summons two dreadstalkers, succubi or inquisitors to attack the target for 12 seconds. Roots target in place for 1 second. Random demon combination with equal damage for all summons. 12 second cooldown, 2 shards. 2 second cast time. Spell removed: Call dreadstalkers - New Spell: Call Pitlord. Instantly sacrifice your felguard and all other demons to summon a bloodthirsty Pitlord. Pitlord's have the same spells as a felguard, with increased functionality. If an observer is sacrificed, all targets with doom will be damaged as well. Stun remains the same, and felstorm replaced by fel cleave which has a 1 second knockback effect. The Pitlord's health and damage is proportional to the demons sacrificed, however, when empowered with demonbolt, it will have 3x more effect and make it immune to snares or fear. Lasts 20 seconds, 2 minute cooldown. 0 Shard cost. When the pitlord dies, you have to resummon your felguard. - Hand of Guldan has no cast time, however it now requires 4 shards to cast.Bloodfeast18 May 4
May 4 7.2 deaths embrace I noticed we're getting deaths embrace as a regular talent in 7.2, so what's replacing it in the pvp tree?Guljoshua7 May 4
May 4 Fel succubus glyph now working As per thread title, Just checked to see if the fel succubus is now working and summoning and to my experience it's now summoning as intended.Xelnaz3 May 4
May 4 more demon variety for demo we seriously need more diversity in demons. i dont know why as a warlock i am wasting time summoning imps and dogs. why can't we actually have a felguard with a voidwalker and a succubus all at once. that would be way more appealling. why are infernal and doomguard demon cooldowns tied together? i want to be commanding a powerful army of demons not these laughable weaklings. why on earth does it take 4 soul shards to summon a small group of imps......IMPS!! the most costly move summons bloody IMPS. i cant stress how stupid this sounds. the cost should be reduced to 2 shards and make it to where we can summon both infernal and doomguard but balance it out by increasing their cost as well. this way we can have more summons out and we have more diversity in our choices. these are just suggestions in case adding more demons to our arsenal isn't an option.Deathshine3 May 4
May 4 Destro logs on heroic Bot. So I was checking my logs from my last heroic Botanist fight where I did my best parse so far (at 905 equipped) and since I placed rather low on the meters, I wanted some feedback from people who are more accustomed to logs than I am. First of all I placed 8th out of the 13 dps present on the fight while parsing above 90% so I was kinda curious what classes and ilvls were above me in a fight where destruction is supposed to perform its best. Here's what I saw: - 3 players parsed orange with ilvl gear of 907+. Probably mythic raiders who have the fight on farm and perform it on heroic with their eyes closed. Nevertheless they must be really good too. - A boomkin just above me on damage, 5 ilvls lower than me parsed 82%. - Ret pally same ilvl as me, 2 places above me on dps, parsed 89%. - A hunter and another ret pally, both at 906 ilvl, well above me on dps, both parsed 94%. So I was thinking: Am I reading it wrong or are we just mediocre even at sustained 2-3 target cleave nowdays? Unless my 93% on this fight is considered somewhat low for my ilvl. Tried a similar analysis on my other purple parses but it was a disaster. Here's the mentioned log btw: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Fv6ZX9c3wty4aYW1#fight=9&type=damage-done Any thoughts?Midnighter8 May 4
May 3 demo 4peice change for t20 Rip the dream of auto casted DE... thanks for the haste? (added link) http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6590-Patch-7-2-5-PTR-Build-24026Lavalock6 May 3
May 3 Why are warlocks weak? So I love the flavor of lock and was strongly considering maining one during legion, since level 1 i felt well behind the curve of many classes. In bgs, I can usually come out with most kills, top 5 dps, or win a bg on a healer. On a warlock im usually near the bottom in all respects. So maybe its just me, maybe i should just pick a new class. But here are some of the issues im having. *DPS, I cant burst dps or out dps heals. Not just on tankier characters but weaker ones as well. Affliction is way too damn slow at killing people, demonology is the same deal. Destro can do decently well bursting people down but otherwise most of the time if there is a healer, i cant kill anyway. Without a healer, it takes too damn long. Crowd Control: I have little to no ways to keep people from running away from me if they start to lose. I have little to no ways to keep people away from kicking my teeth in if they are a melee class. As demonology i can use a combo of fear, felguard stun and infernal to cc them maybe like 8 seconds if they dont just trinket out. No way to stop move speed. Maybe they should give felguards hamstring or something. I know i dont have gate yet but its a one time use thing. Self Heals: I guess this is the only thing im decent at if i can cast em. But between counterspell, kick and whatnot most of the time makes it more challenging than shadow priest to stay alive. DKs also have my beat on self heals. Movement: Holy !@#$ warlock the least mobile class in the game. For a classs that specializes in DoTs or letting demons kill people for you i am pretty %^-*ing stationary. Makes me very interuptable. Basically the only thing keeping my interest in this class is the theme. I like the theme, i like the idea of having 3 very unique specs but holy !@#$ are they just sucking in every department. So maybe im doing something wrong, maybe they are an end game class and just cant bg at low levels. Thoughts?Cairebelis24 May 3
May 3 Demo Shards Issue in clearing Trash I tried out Demo last night and I was having difficulty maintaining shards if they ran low/out towards the end of a trash clear, several spells became un-castable at the beginning of next pack and it cripples my output. Does anyone have tips on how I could manage shards better?Xorothus10 May 3
May 3 Affliction AoE I feel like there is an exactly perfect amount of mobs and how much hp said mobs have for affliction's aoe to be strong, but that sweet spot is rare. Would instant cast Seed (and a small cooldown on seed) along with it already costing a shard, be too strong?Aecheon10 May 3
May 3 Question about Warlocks I'm thinking about playing a Warlock as my alternate toon for my raid when we need a DPS over a Healer since we have 6-7 Healers in our guild. How good is Warlock going to be in the New Raid once it comes out? I plan on playing Affliction since that's the spec I enjoyed the most when I played the 100 Trial.Rrezz3 May 3
May 3 Demo Crit/Mastery Issue So I have been raising my ilvl just like everyone else in this game its at 901 which is great but I noticed my Crit went down from 36% down to 20% and my Mastery is now at 46% and my DPS has stayed the same from when I was ilvl 885 so I'm guessing something is wrong here and hoping some of you fellow locks can help me figure out the issue. ThanksRozypalm3 May 3
May 3 Is there any way to shrink infernal/dg? I was hoping there was a glyph, but no go apparently. Is there any way to shrink them that wouldn't get me banned for doing it? They take up way too much screen real estate.Alekhine3 May 3
May 2 Icon of Rot I recently got the Icon and just was wondering what some of you thought. It's between the Icon with 1016 crit and the DoT versus another trinket with 1421 intellect and 1016 mastery. With Icon my enhanced stats would be 23% crit, 14% haste, and 121% mastery, the added damage from the Icon's DoT, but the lost int. The other trinket would change my crit to 21%, no change to haste and raise the mastery to 129% with the benefit of the int. Personally, I like the stat line I have running with the Icon, but I'm just curious what any of you may know about the DPS difference between the two trinkets. Thanks for the help.Wwyzzerdd4 May 2
May 2 7.2.5 Affliction Discussion On MMO-Champ a couple days ago this was posted: Warlock Multiple specs Death's Embrace Name changed from "Soul Effigy" to "Death's Embrace". Row 7, Column 1. Spell: Soul Effigy Death's Embrace Phantom Singularity Name changed from "Siphon Life" to "Phantom Singularity". Row 4, Column 1. Spell: Siphon Life Phantom Singularity Siphon Life Name changed from "Phantom Singularity" to "Siphon Life". Row 7, Column 2. Spell: Phantom Singularity Siphon Life sorry for no embed/hyperlinks but ill sum it up. Soul Effigy is now "Death's Embrace" which increases DoT damage by 50% on targets under 35%. Is it just me or is this an absolutely massive dps buff? 35% execute phase for 50% additional damage? Will this stack with Malefic Grasp? Even with DoTs getting an overall damage increase of I believe 15%? and MG being reduced down from 70% to I think 25%, this talent will be a complete no-brainer for PvEAecheon19 May 2
May 2 Warlock Arena problem? So it has came to my knowledge that I really do suck at arena with the lock. Like when I get targeted I'm not for sure how to handle that nor do I know exactly how to move around arenas. I just feel clunky. Any advice for what to do ? My cast are always getting interrupted is this a thing where only practice will help or am I missing a key element?Istutter33 May 2
May 2 Aff Golden Traits - A Joke? Just dinged my Aff (my main for many years, but not in WoD or Legion yet) and I'm confused by just how unrelentingly awful the Golden traits for Ulthalesh are compared to every other spec in the game. 2 of the 3 Goldens (not counting the 4th one yet for this convo) are essentially leveling talents that you change out immediately upon max level. I don't know any other spec where the Goldens just aren't even active during single target boss fights. Just clicking around on the calculator at other specs shows pretty much the same theme - all Golden traits empower one of your abilities in some cool way, either with a flat damage increase or a chance to do something cool. Except Ulthalesh. Ulthalesh just helps you... what... aoe farm quest mobs slightly better? Am I taking crazy pills? Has this come up before and I just wasn't paying attention? 7.2.5 has all these changes to Affliction, and it seems like maybe replacing the two vacant slots where Golden traits should be with *actual* Golden traits would be a good start.Snaredlol5 May 2
May 2 Affliction dps Hello! I am new to warlock and love the affliction playstyle! I hit 110 last night and have been working hard to get to night hold level, but I am struggling really bad on dps... I need help, I'm only 840 ilvl and I haven't even unlocked my 3 relics (only have 2 and they're lvl 789 or so each) and I can't manage to pull more than 150k dps, I've been trying hard to read guides and my artifact tree is lvl 33 (it's the points I have in it at the moment). I've been messing with talents to try and get the best dps on dungeons and when I can raids, but I feel like at 840 I should be a lot higher in dps, can anyone help me out? Feel free to look at my character, I know it's not good but it's what I got in a like 4 hours or so... I am sorry. Any tips would be amazing! Also adding if I should get any! Thanks for helping me I'm so happy to join the warlock community! Ps: is demonology a fun off spec if I don't wanna play affliction all the time and what is like? I haven't been able to test all the specs. I will try this coming weekend. Thanks everyone you're all super! :)Kimenzi8 May 2
May 2 Demo Lock Stam Nerf Is this nerf a real big deal? Most of my arena partners are Demo locks so I was wondering about it. I really don't want to go back to TSG comps. lolZingfer4 May 2
May 2 I finally got it! So after 3 weeks and at least 180 attempts (yes I know I'm a bad), I finally downed Sigryn and got my challenge appearance! I used the talents 2123111 with the legendaries Wakeners and Calumbra. I was hoping to get a Prydaz and just go full defensive but it didn't happen that way. I ran with the doomguard for Crippling Jarl when he enraged. I macroed MC to use on Sigryn's empower phase to interrupt her cast and kept her feared while trying to break the bubble on the 3rd add. For the longest time I was consistently getting through about 3 - 3.5 mins and then exploding on some random mechanic that I wasn't focused on, or combination of mechanics that I simply couldn't handle (eg. bladestorm + empowered Sig + Valkyr). After managing to get past the 6.5 min mark when extra mechanics from Sigryn and Jarl drop off, it was just a matter of managing CDs and health until finally "Wait, what am I doing!?" Excitement, relief, near heart attack. Okay, you can go about your day now :)Falanoria1 May 2
May 2 destruction artifact challenge destro challenge i completed the afflic one working on destro so far i have to say tugarblood totem i keep failing after the 3rd or 4th interupt cause they are not lining up is that intended or am i interupting to late or to fastDesbs8 May 2